Playoffs, Devils and emotion


The Rangers practiced today on their home ice after losing a tough one in Pittsburgh. The two-game road trip yielded just one point, but captain Chris Drury said he thinks the Rangers can still make the playoffs despite the two losses and tough schedule.


In the audio clip below, coach John Tortorella answers a question about the low-producing third periods and how that has got to change.


I asked him about his 30-second interview, the one where he used some colorful words to describe his team after a shootout loss to Atlanta. Maybe you can tell from the clip below, but he has become a little more relaxed around us. Some of the other beat writers say it started in Pittsburgh, after the outburst. Hmmm… teachable moment?


Sean Avery, who had an epic blowup with Devils goalie Martin Brodeur, won’t talk to reporters until the Devils game is over tomorrow night. Tortorella said he was not sure if someone from the Rangers had contacted the league about the differences in officiating that he sees Avery subject to — Torts asked if someone else making the same moves would get the penalties Avery does, and he thinks they wouldn’t. …Paul Mara’s eye injury wasn’t the reason he didn’t play more yesterday. … Corey Potter was at practice. He’s the in the white jersey above getting ready to shoot. … Tortorella expects that Michal Rozsival will be back on the ice early this week.

Here is Henrik Lundqvist talking about New Jersey and Pittsburgh.


And that’s it for now. I tried to post a lot more audio because you have said you like the clips and I had the time to edit. I have noticed that if I try to upload something longer than about 1:30 I get a file-too-fat message. So alas, I will not be able to post an entire Tortorella presser — unless he storms out again after two questions.

And here’s the video of the screening tactic that gave birth to the Avery Rule.

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  1. Jane, I was beaten again to be No.1 on your comment list..

    That makes really sad !
    probably can´t sleep the whole night..

  2. are you guys in grade school?
    I think Torts is dead wrong with the Sauer thing. Why doesn’t he send Deadden down because he’s been terrible all year.Morris stunk it up yesterday too is he being sent down? No so why do this to a kid that has looked good in his previous games and had a bad couple of shifts. I thought Torts was different but it looks like only the young kids get to pay the price for mistakes. Torts You get a Big Booooo for that
    The referring was terrible with all the non calls on Avery and that brutal call by a linesman of all on Orr. The guy was losing his feet when Orr hit him but i guess if your the rangers thats 5 and a game ,just effffing brutal.Hank is not absolved of guilt ,he made some tough saves but all four goals were stoppable by the leagues best goalie.He again was out played by the other teams goalie which has happened way to often.I am the first to say without hank we are 10 or 11 but this is the time of year when the best are suppose to get better.If things don’t change we might be on the outside looking in and that would make buttman very happy since he seems to have a hard on for the Rangers

  3. Benching Redden a game would be the right thing to do. He was awful on 3 of the goals yesterday. Sauer didn’t have the best game, but he’s not the $6.5m mistake.

  4. good Job, Jane !

    But was that really Torts ? When you asked him about his rants in Atlanta, his voice got really soft and it seems that he wanted to apologize for his behaviour to the media !

    Is that really true ?? Do you have the same impression ???
    And is this just possible when a woman would ask those questions ?? Would he really react the same way, when Brooksie had asked him ???

  5. ‘seems like he wanted to apologize’….but notice that he didn’t, not once…lol yup that was really Torts.

  6. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    my god drury just instills you with so much confidence. the guy seems just unfazed at whats goin on. he seems just content and it drives me nuts. why does he suck so much??? with his salary he should be scoring a goal a game for the rest of the season. hes just a lump. i sware, if he is still captain of this team next season, i will be shocked. he has no emotion. torts should strip him of it, and put it on cally

  7. VinceA

    We all think of scenarios on how to get rid of Redden. Eat his contract, Trade him, send him down etc. I have been guilty of it too. But HE ISNT GOING ANYWHERE. WE ARE STUCK WITH HIM AND HIS SH*T CONTRACT. Sorry for the caps, I think I needed to see it like that more than anyone. Its surreal – I have seen some pretty God awful contracts in my NHL watching life and he is in the top 3 of them. DeePee being #1. The only thing we can do is hope he plays better.

  8. Pavel

    I wouldnt be surprised if Redden has a “Cant bench or No healthy scratch” clause in his contract LOL

  9. I agree… a captain should look at someone like Messier and play with his emotion and drive. I guess it’s just his personality, but Drury is nothing like that. You never notice any emotion in his voice. He isn’t the “captain” type, it’s a fact.

  10. Yeah, Drury is really bomb of emotions!!!:):):)
    If he would tell me a good-night-story-, I would fall asleep right away :)

    Yeah, he is really the right guy to motivate his;):):)

  11. I would rather Dirty Sanchez as captain LOL There will NEVER be another Messier. And it will be hard for anyone to come even remotely close on this team…

  12. I said I would not have a beer until the Rangers clinch a playoff spot; I did that two weeks ago( hitting it too much, pants getting tight…again)

    I was planning on this week being the clincher, I even had some Canadien beer brought down for me by visiting associates from work

    …now? They will be lucky to still be alive heading until that final weekend vs Philly…I dont know if I can make it..

    Technically I still have an out…I said “beer” not whiskey, wine, brandy,furniture polish or vodka

    God! Its just so hard being a Ranger fan

  13. How can you be motivated by someone, you barely can understand ???

    You always hear a lot of backround noise, —no offense to you Jane, as I am not a technical guy either;— but it is so soft spoken, and kind of not caring, yeah we go to playoffs or but we don´t it doesn´t matter know what I mean ???

  14. the best hope for Redden is long term injury (LTI). you hate to see anyone get hurt, but he is hurting the team, the fans, and the franchise (because you can’t pair him with a kid, so they are held back too)

    I am NOT hoping he gets hurt, but if he does, I won’t be upset

  15. Question?

    If Drury broke in on Redden one on one what would happen?

    A)Goal captain crunch!
    B)A crunching hit by Redden that leads to an odd man rush for his side?
    C)No goal, No shot, No hit, No check, No rebound, No pass, No penalty, No battle into the corner…..just a staring contest until someone else comes along who cares

  16. Oh man Kaspar you are poor guy !:)

    How can you survive without …?? Did you ever try our real white beer from bavaria…??? That would make you happy even beeing a fan of the NEW YORK RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!!


  17. VinceA
    I can understand your frustration but every guy is going to have a bad game here and there…look at Staal against ATL.
    But I think Morris has been a great surprise, I’d keep him over alot of guys.
    Some guys…uh…like Redden have an “fair” game occasionally and continue to make ungodly amounts of money.
    Sauer did nothing that Redden hasn’t done all season

  18. Dreary’s words just make me more nervous. At first i was laughing during his Game 365 special, but now it just pisses me off. Colton Orr is a better leader than him.

    IF this team makes the playoffs, he better show up, cause this whole season, he’s been pathetic.

    Shows up for one game, then takes the next ten off. What a loser. He needs to get a shoulder to the head, in open ice !

  19. Jane !

    I would really like to know how Sather would respond if you would request an interview ???

    ” I am the ruler of this franchise and I don´t need to talk to someone of the public because I rule everything and there is no other opinion allowed !!!”

    It just remembers me on a tyrann and it just amazes me, that those things are possible in a modern world..!!!

    These days even the highest president or general manager of any sports franchise talk to media from time to time…

  20. That game yesterday took a lot outta me…..

    All I can say, looking ahead is, we may catch a break because alot of these teams are already in…they me be jockying for position but thats a different kind of intensity than trying to make it in to begin with…except possibly the Habs

    I dont know…its a crapshoot

    Anyone getting on Hanks case?

  21. Buff
    You’re right about Sather; I have heard Brian Cashman interviewed this spring more than I’ve heard Sather interviewed since the lockout ended…good luck Jane

  22. But you know what Guys ???

    We banging heads here cause of a hockey club, when skating on ice can be so nice. I am just looking on TV to see some figure skating from Los Angeles and it is so nice so soft so sweet…

    When I just think about it, Drury just missed it he would be such a huge figure skater with those skills in skating and balancing…!!!!

  23. You know what Guys ???

    When you think about a leader or a captain of a team, he either leads by example (means scoring goals and assisting) or is loud and vocal and motivate ???

    Well Drury is obviously doing both to hundred percent !!!

    But on this team I don´t see anyone who would make a good captain either anyway or would you ????

    There is no one really who would go to the forefront to confront..

    The only would be Avery but he is marked and has changed after his anger management lessons…

  24. You know what Guys !

    It is always said hockey fans don´t like figure skating, but when I watch this…huge jump, !!!!, I feel that is not true at all….

    I will probably leave it at that at all…

  25. You know what guys ???

    No I leave it at that all, too many mustard spilling around for today………………

    Good night to everybody !!!

  26. You guys need to try Chimay Ale. It is brewed by monks. It is sooooo good. My mother got me a sample set for christmas and it came with a really nice glass and all. I am hooked now. Look it up and read about it.

  27. I am really sorry for this because I didnt want to post again but the only thing I need to say is this :

    PAULANER WEISBIER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Buff

    I’ve been there a few times. The place has the best German food and their beer is outrageous!!!!

  29. There are actually three rules in effect in the NHL. The well-informed fan should know them. The general rule as it applied to Maxime Lapierre.

    “Forward Patrick Kaleta suffered a concussion just three minutes into the Sabres’ 4-3 shootout victory over Montreal on Saturday. Kaleta was playing the puck in the Buffalo zone when Maxim Lapierre hit him in the back and drove the winger head-first into the boards.”

    That’s a two-minute minor.

    If the perpetrator is Orr, then it’s a five-minute major and a game misconduct.

    If the victim is Avery, play on.

  30. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    March 29th, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    If Drury broke in on Redden one on one what would happen?

    A)Goal captain crunch!
    B)A crunching hit by Redden that leads to an odd man rush for his side?
    C)No goal, No shot, No hit, No check, No rebound, No pass, No penalty, No battle into the corner…..just a staring contest until someone else comes along who cares

    hahaa good one kaspar. id normally pick choice c, but i think a choice d should be there too. choice d would be, drury skates by redden with ease, but as soon as he is in the clear, he stops, skates to the right wing circle, then takes a bad angle slapper that is goin wide but just as that happens, redden tries blocking it, but accidentally gets hit in the head with the puck, falls back into the goalie and pushes him and the goalie into the net with the puck slowly crossing the goal line. thats about the only scenario in which drury would score and redden would actually use his body(his head)to try to stop a scoring chance

  31. Mako !

    I was told about this place from a german-american Rangerfan in Toronto two years ago, when I was there to see the Rangers for the Hockey-Hall-of Game vs the Leafs.

    I ve been a number of times to N.Y but the last one was in 2003 and I didn´t know about this place at that time…

    Ouuaaaah, now I am going now for today otherwise Jane will get rid off me for an offensive remarks which are off related to the NEW YORK RANGERS :):):):)

  32. Leetch is the Man on

    I still think Sather relays to the coaches who he wants benched and who plays. Its to obvious becuase Torts in his past would bench Redden. Sather doesnt want to look bad for that 6.5mill mistake. He should be fired in JUly.

  33. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    other than that, drury would skate by redden with ease and then stop, skate to the right wing circle, then take a bad angle slapper but fans on it and breaks his stick(for the 500th time this season)

  34. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    buff you confuse the hell outta me buddy. lol get some sleep pal. u need it!

  35. Chimay is great beer. You guys should keep an eye out for Atwater Block vanilla java porter, from the Atwater Block brew pub in Detroit. Un-frickin-believable beer. I bought a case of it when i was out in detroit a few weeks ago

  36. Buff

    Me and a friend stumbled upon this place a few years ago bar hopping. And we had such a great time. I cant remember what it was, but the bartender blended a few beers for me in this GIGANTIC mug – it was out of this world. Then we got pretty lit and started singing with some German rugby players LOL

  37. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    i liked what i heard from torts today. thanks for the audio clips jane. they rock! i dont get to watch postgame or any pre or post practice interviews on my comp. sounded like he wont stand for anymore half assed efforts and hopefully he starts benchin the “untouchables” as they seem to have a no bench, no healthy scratch clause in their contract like mako said before

  38. Shouldn't Make Playoffs on

    For those of you who didn’t see it on the other board:

    People need to stop acting like this team is a lock for the playoffs. I posted an interesting website below (stolen from another team’s boards) that lists the percentage possibility of each team making the playoffs. Currently, the Rangers sit at 62.9%. Sorry, I wouldn’t bet the house if I only had a 3-of-5 chance in winning. Also, click on the Rangers link. Towards the top of the Rangers page, it shows what will happen to the team’s chances depending on the result of their next game. If we get 2 pts against the Devils, we’re over 77%. If we lose in regulation, we’re at 50%. By far the biggest game of the year.

  39. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    oh we know this team isnt a lock for playoffs. but one game they dominate and they give u hope that they got their game together, and then the next game they are back to their old sloppy ways and dont play a full 60 minute game. so you can never tell which team youre gonna get on any given night.

  40. You know what guys ?

    Those GIGANTIC mugs filled with Paulaner Weißbier are very popular over here and I think you guys should bring the entire squad of the Rangers on an offday to the Schneider and I tell you even the toughest Rangers would really become a nice and enjoyable to-talk to-guy..:):):)

  41. and I even say this because my last or die girl-friend called Schneider which is a very popular lastname over here in Germany..

    Prost und Gute Nacht !


  42. all you Redden haters out there have to realize that although way over paid our boy Wade is still the best we have on any given night. With that said I still think he plays to soft most of the time. I wonder why Mara didn’t play much last game. Is he in Torts dog house? I also though Sauers played pretty good,I guess torts saw something he didn’t like. They can’t go with four defencemen for any length of time, not with the goaltending their getting. Rozy—Get Well Soon!!!

  43. I’m soooooooooooooooooooo glad that Drury thinks that they can still make the play-offs… that was the goal all along right?

    Who cares about winning… just get into the post-season so that tix will be sold and they won’t look dumb on the sides of buses while 16 other teams compete for the prize.

  44. Jane, do you really read all posts?
    would you please delete all my posts with this name in it???

    I would better refer to this place as “the place” instead of…

    Good night definetly now!!!!

  45. hockeymon
    March 29th, 2009 at 4:05 pm
    all you Redden haters out there have to realize that although way over paid our boy Wade is still the best we have on any given night.


    HAHAHAHAH are you kidding me?

  46. Drury is also over paid, but it was Sather that threw the money at them, you really can’t blam them for taking. Drury is there working hard game in game out.He will never svcore fifty goals, but he will score twenty, and they wouldn’t have as good a penalty kill without him. All in all I think he does a lot of good things. As far as what he says about making the playoffs there is no educated answer. I personally don’t have much hope, judging by the way things are going.

  47. Zum Schneider is good times.

    Kaspar you are 100% right that game yesterday was very draining especially with only 4 D.

    I don’t know, I thought they were definitely gonna get in but Spider Sense isn’t feeling too great about their chances.

    No hockey from May until late September=tolerable no hockey from April until late September=agonizing pain.

  48. hockeymom-Drury and Gomez have their legacies and pride if they can’t get the job done. Yes both have won Cups but not as the main guys. If they can’t get into the playoffs it will really show that these guys are not main guys but just really great sidekicks to superstars.

    I don’t really see the Rangers being dominant in the Drury-Gomez as the main guy era. Maybe a middle of the road team. Th next time this team contends for a Cup Drury will either be in his final year or be gone and Gomez will be completely bald.

  49. Thats the wa0y I see it, the defence is young, Staul and his partner have been good at times but they get burnt a lot also. Redden is way to soft but he does a lot of good things thats why he’s getting the playing time. Look I get pissed at him almost every game to. But thats the long and short of it.

  50. I’m a little bummed Sauer got sent down but it was cool to see him this season. I hope he has a great end to the year for the Pack, stays healthy, and comes into camp next year as a man on a mission.

  51. Jane

    Go back and look at the tape and see where you got it wrong on Sauer’s performance.

    Mara was out of position, nobody came back to help. Sauer took the man which is exactly what you are supposed to do.

    It was Mara who made the bad play on both goals not Sauer.

    If you knew hockey then you would have seen that and known better than to write what you did.

  52. I think Torts had a very fair quote on Sauer in Zipay’s blog this morning. He wasn’t pissed or anything just realistic about where Sauer is at now. He has the tools and all.

    It’s cool that we got to see AA and Sauer up this year albeit only for peaks. It’s going in the right direction.

  53. Sorry I guess Jane posted the answer for Mara, and I missed it. I gotta pay more attention.

  54. Prospect,
    I think you have me confused with someone else. I wasn’t at the game and haven’t tried to diagnose any of Sauer’s play. What I did was report that Sauer was sent back to Hartford. Apparently his bosses didn’t think he did such a great job yesterday since he played less than 2 minutes and was on the first bus north.

    I don’t need to be able to diagram a forecheck for that one.

  55. Jane – prospect park is jess from the blueshirt bulletin family. he talks that way with people as only his opinion matters. pay him no mind with his caustic comment.

  56. Jess, Dubi are still existing ?

    I thought they are both retired as no one had paid attention any more to the Blueshirt Bulletin…

  57. joioi
    March 29th, 2009 at 5:32 pm
    Jess, Dubi are still existing ?
    I thought they are both retired as no one had paid attention any more to the Blueshirt Bulletin…


    LOL yeah and to have to pay to read what they have to report. But they are both tools. I used to read and post there from time to time until I got a “NO-NO” email from one of them because I said after an Islander game what DEEPEE and another Islander player did that “q*eer” ( that is exactly how I typed it ) chest bump after a win. So after I got that email I was like eff them.

  58. Dubi and Jess were the best informed writers on the Rangers beat and no one was entitled to have another word as they deleted any negative comments at all right away…

    The last time I was on their site, I saw always 0 comments after every post, so I thought every post was deleted or either nobody tried to post something different…

    So I thought they have finished it off from the web…

  59. they went to a pay site so only those who pay are allowed to comment in a seperate section

  60. Oh man, tonight is so difficult to fall asleep…

    I started a little bit but just woke up after dreaming that the Rangers started to play with pink boots instead of black skates…

    What is it now ??? almost mdnight !

    Damned next time one fewer P, and then everything will be fine..

    You guys have all a nice next week !!!


  61. They had really subscribers ???? Dubi always repeated to ask people to subscribe because the best is only for those who would subscripe…

    Wow, I thought I heard Dubi on the conference call of Sather asking a useless question and I really thought it was a ghosts voice….

  62. Anybody comment on how brutal those goals that lundqvist gave up were? IF not, I will, they were brutal. How much money is he making? All that being said, the team is still fine and will pull ahead.

  63. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I too am a little bumed that Sauer got sent down. I think that Torts is only trying to give his boss some rope for the rest of this season as far as Redden goes. I bet next season,Redden will in fact not only be benched but also sent down to the Pack as that is the only place that he truly belongs. I hope Potter shows something because just like Sauer before him last preseason,this year,Potter was outstanding in camp and should have made the team. I also don’t fault Sauer for the goals Pittsburgh scored,it was indeed Mara who was out of position hence he got benched as well.I don’t think his eye had anything to do with it.

  64. alex b

    Im kinda curious as to why Mara was benched and Giriardi and Staal werent the other night against ATL? We cant argue that Torts has something against young players from benching Z twice now, because if that were true, then, he would have benched either Girardi or Staal.

    I hope you are right about Redden if he keeps up his horrible play into next season. They have a few good young studs up and coming. It will be interested to see the Rangers next year with a full year of Torts and possible AA?

  65. HockeymanRangers on

    Nice work Jane, I like the audio.
    YES I can see what Tort’s is saying, they have to learn how to put a game away in the third. Have enough confidence to know they can. You can do it men, keep up the hard work.

  66. Mako, i think it’s evident they have some dead weight they gotta try and move and the roster could look drastically different next year. I hope they can find a way to get Naslund off the cap.

    I really wanna see what AA and a few of his Pack buddies can do under Torts.

  67. I’m not a big fan of Redden’s but I see where his reputation on the offensive side comes from and why coaches keep throwing him out there.

    I think one of the players made a comment a few weeks ago about Redden’s ability to make the breakout pass, tape to tape. Watch for a full game Redden make the first pass on the breakout compared to Girardi or Mara and you’ll see what I mean. He’s also always sneaking down for the weak side, backdoor pass (which none of the other defensemen do) but the forwards either never see him or don’t get the pass through.

    It doesn’t forgive his defensive gaffes or lack of hitting or make up for his contract but I can see why Torts keeps him in the lineup.

    I would actually argue that Rozsival is the most complete defenseman the Rangers have. Staal is great for his age but he still makes positioning gaffes that we cane others for. I think he’ll be the shutdown, physical guy for years to come but I’m just not seeing him being able to add much on the offensive side.

  68. Can we all just take a minute to mentally prepare for the Versus coverage of this game? How many times will they show Avery screening Brodeur throughout the telecast? I’m setting the over/under at 6.

    Hopefully Doc Emrick will do the play-by-play (since he does the Devils) along with Olczyk. I know a couple of you have problems with the MSG boys (myself not included, I love Rosen) but after a game with some of the clowns at Versus you’ll be begging to hear, “It’s a powerplay goal!”

  69. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    all you Redden haters out there have to realize that although way over paid our boy Wade is still the best we have on any given night.

    hockeymon- are u wade reddens wife?

  70. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    honestly, i know its a pain in the ass sometimes, but at this point, i dont care who does the play by play and color comm. as long as we win!!! at this point in the season, i could care less who broadcast the game. just win damnit!!!

  71. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    what i dont get, is wade redden used to be good. he actually was pretty damn good. maybe hes just havin an off season and maybe adjusting to the new city, teammates, styles, whathave you. but maybe we should actually give him till next year to get goin. i know i just contradicted alot of what i say about redden, but i had a change of heart. lets all give him till next year. he at least is playing a little beter since torts arrived. at least if he can improve his shot and add some pp goals and points, and get his offense game goin, m,aybe it can make up for alot of his defensive shortcomings. that said, if he just doesnt have it anymore, then he should focus on playing better d. if he cant do at least one of those by next season, then lets consider demoting him or trading him.

  72. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    speaking of production from our backline, when the hell is girardi and staal gonna start chippin in some goals. im not defending redden but what do they have 5 goals combined? thats pretty sad for a top d pairing. but yea redden needs to start scoring or become at least a reliable d man that can rush up the ice and create some offense even if he isnt scoring that much.

  73. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    who herehas redden on their nhl 09 team? lol i do. its funny because he actually body checks like a madman. and he scores alot!

  74. I think this whole first pass/breakout pass whatever you wanna call it is so overrated. When has any other team ever payed a guy $6.5 million to make a first pass? That’s like paying a winger $4 million because he’s the first one in on the forecheck.

    The outlet pass is fundamentals 101 for Dmen. I’d rather have somebody be positionally sound and tough along the boards

    and how many of the first passes have lead to points all year for Redden? 5.

    The guy’s not Warren Moon for crying out loud.

  75. “When has any other team ever payed a guy $6.5 million to make a first pass? That’s like paying a winger $4 million because he’s the first one in on the forecheck.”

    Wow, I never thought about it that way! Nice!

  76. Jason and Joioi – I subscribe to BB+ as do a lot of people. I particularly like that they post links to every story from every online source after a game.

  77. JagrGal

    They used to do that for free until they started charging and begging ppl to pay for BB…

  78. Mako-to be fair Blueshirt Bulletin charges like $2.50 a month or something like that which even in this recession is nothing. 3 months subscription=one bar drink in NYC nightlife.

    From a music standpoint fanzines died and there’s not many places to play live anymore even in NYC because of prices. BB doesn’t make any money and the cost is fair if you wanna go that way. If not, hey that’s the beauty of our society.

  79. If people are happy with BB+, then it serves a purpose.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the money because the things they claim to have exclusivity on, I’m just not interested in. I can get the info I’m interested in in many free places.

    The problem with some of these forums are that the administrator and moderators have an inflated opinion of themselves and think that they know everything and you know nothing and if you argue, you are insulted and belittled and eventually thrown off. I know, I’ve been thrown off a few sites. Here’s my caution list:

    Blueshirt Bulletin – Dubi Silverstein – thinks Ranger fans owe him a subscription fee and claims that you can speak freely but if it’s not what he wants to hear…you are gone.

    Blueshirt Bulletin – Jess Rubenstein – a former friend who is trying to build a career as a hockey writer and does work hard covering the prospects but beyondtheblueshirts does it better without the ego which is Jess’s forte. You are stupid if you don’t agree with him and ridiculed in a very immature kind of way. I don’t need that kind of individual to deal with.

    Blueshirt Bulletin – Mitch Beck – A psychopath who threatened me with nasty e-mails. He should be removed from society.

    Rodent – Laughs at his own jokes and if you don’t laugh along with him, you are in danger of being banned. He has rigid standards, most quite silly, has paranoid tendencies towards posters like me so if you are not prepared to be totally under his command, don’t waste your time

    Rangerland – Pete Rocha – Claims to be fair-minded but is not. Allows certain people to throw all the insults they want, while others, who aren’t in his click like myself, are held to a different standard. It’s a site dominated by kids who battle each other to see who can post the funniest avatars, challenge each other for the honor of being the funniest, and throw the best insults. If you are not in to this, again don’t bother.

    That’s about it. Either I haven’t been on a site or I enjoy the site if it isn’t mentioned. I expect to get comments on this post so fire away.

  80. lennynyr March 29th, 2009 at 11:30 pm

    Blueshirt Bulletin – Dubi Silverstein – thinks Ranger fans owe him a subscription fee and claims that you can speak freely but if it’s not what he wants to hear…you are gone.

    Blueshirt Bulletin – Jess Rubenstein – a former friend who is trying to build a career as a hockey writer and does work hard covering the prospects but beyondtheblueshirts does it better without the ego which is Jess’s forte. You are stupid if you don’t agree with him and ridiculed in a very immature kind of way. I don’t need that kind of individual to deal with.

    Agree 100%. It’s not the $2.50 fee it’s the way it’s done.
    All the info they give you on BB for a fee available here for free. The fee is too have printed magazine to have press pass or the way i see it a fee season tix for Dubi.

  81. Carp What is the deal here on

    Carp – pls see the 11:30 posting. I hope you’re not going to allow that kind of defamation here – especially the 6th paragraph

    jane and you are doing a nice job here but some policing is advisable

  82. @11:47

    It’s not defamation if it’s true.

    Jane and Carp do better than a fine job here, honestly bette than any beat writer with a blog has done at all.

  83. I BLEED TRUE BLUE — MY NEW NYR BLOG — Written by Rangers fans, for Rangers fans. Updated daily with commentary, video, and scores.

  84. DanTheRangerFan on

    Carp What is the deal here
    March 29th, 2009 at 11:47 pm
    Carp – pls see the 11:30 posting. I hope you’re not going to allow that kind of defamation here – especially the 6th paragraph

    jane and you are doing a nice job here but some policing is advisable

    Dude, You need to get a life. Lenny made some good points there..(Its deamation I tell you ,pure defamation) you must be one of the losers paying for the info we get here free.

  85. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    pavel- mike A is a pretty smart guy. when you put it in context that he did, as paying him 6.5 to make a breakout pass, it puts into better perspective. i think he does it as good as rozy but when he pinches in or comes in on the rush, he doesnt seem to follow through with a good shot or even a good pass. once in awhile he’ll come in and do the backdoor thing but his shot isnt good enough to score. that shot from the point in toronto was perfect. i dont know why he cant do that more often.

  86. Blaze
    thanks for the hilite package for UVM win

    Go UVM!!!

    We were going to stop at a bar and watch the game friday night but my girlfriend was under the weather

    I like your addition of choice “D” for the Drury Redden hypothetical showdown…Redden useing his head..LOL

  87. lenny no need for all that BB stuff, you’re like a dog with a bone ( to pick). Stop crying, move on. What you are doing is as bad as what you’re accussing them of.

  88. @ Kaspar

    They play BU on April 9th.

    Unfortunately, I don’t get ESPNU. What’s a good sports bar in town?

  89. Blaze
    I couldnt watch either…once I got home I tried finding it online and couldnt ( I listened to radio a little bit)

    We were gonna go to the Poor House ( across from Ace hardware on Rt2 on Williston/S burlington border)but the Ms was not feeling up to it

    I heard “the Upper Deck” was also advertising itself as a UVM bar for showing game

  90. Just adding to the discussion bklynblue. I didn’t bring it up. Why not give an evaluation of other sites? Haven’t seen anybody do a review. If you don’t agree with me, post your own, it is a free country.

    There are reviews for restaurants, hotels, stores, merchandise etc. so why not a review of hockey forums?

    I don’t include the reporters blogs because that’s a different animal. Rick and Jane do a fine job here and contribute often, Andrew Gross also does a fine job and contributes often. Zipay does a fair job under his limitations of being employed by Cablevision but hardly, if ever, contributes except when he has his live sessions. All three stay pretty current with Ranger news which is appreciated. Obernauer at the Daily News writes a good column but is usually behind a day or two.

    I want to thank the reporters involved for bringing this feature to us.

    At least you didn’t say what I am doing is worse than what they are doing, just as bad.

    All those sites have written reviews about me so turnabout is fair play.

    You are my bone bklynblue and I’m going the bite you real hard. :)

  91. NYRanger4Life on

    Peter: Great read, thanks for posting that link.

    I have to say, this is probably the most amped I have been to watch a regular season game all season. There are 6 games left on the schedule, and in my mind, I think this is the most important one of them all.

    A win here will hopefully give us the momentum we need for the next few games….

  92. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    damn lenny, your last sentence directed at bklynblue which i wasnt gonna copy n paste, for obvious reasons, was kinda wierd. lol u like bones huh? j/k, but about the blog discussion of whos good and whos not, i started reading bb, zips, ranger rants, dellapinas old blog, i dont know the new guy, forgot his name, and finally this one. im not saying this because im posting here, but i rarely ever visit the other sites now. i pretty much love this blog and the people here. i may disagree with some people and its because i do change my mind on things alot, but i dont dislike anyone here. alot of guys here are very smart, funny and just crazy ranger fans like me. plus, carp and jane are very involved with the blog and join in the discussions alot which makes it much more fun and interesting. to me, this is my first stop when i get online and its where i get most of the news on the rangers.

  93. I’ve subscribed to Blueshirt Bulletin+ for almost a year now. Not sure why people feel the need to bash it.

    We are all fans of the same team, yes? If you dont enjoy a certain blog, just dont visit it. I dont read certain Rangers blogs out of preference. I prefer to read Carp and Jane for up to the minute news, recaps, practice info, etc.

    I like to get BB+ for in depth articles, analysis, links to news from the other Rangers sources, as well as from the papers of the visiting teams. Its also nice to get the print copy to give me something to read on my commute into the city each day.

    If you don’t want to pay 2 or 3 bucks to read BB+, then dont. Not like people are forcing it upon you. But to say the guys are out of control for asking for a small subscription fee is a little crazy. Carp/Jane work for a big newspaper, who can cover expenses to go to games, practices etc. I read BB+ everyday and think the 25 cents a day or whatever they charge is well worth it.

    Enough of a rant for me, just incredibly excited to watch the game tonight. Somewhat depressing that there are only three home games left to enjoy from Section 418, but havent been this excited for a game all year. LGR!

  94. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    this is THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME of the season unless were still teetering on a playoff spot by the last game, this one and the last one against philly are defintely must wins. i still wouldnt mind facing boston or jersey. the caps, even though their goaltending is an issue, i would not wanna face, besides jersey, philly would be next. then boston because they arent playing too well lately and we also know we can beat them. but it looks like tonight might be a preview of round 1. id actually be ok with staying in 7th or 8th.

  95. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    hey jive i agree, i dont like bashing another blog, i just choose not to visit them. also, the print copy is worth 2 bucks and it would make good bathroom reading material. and, if i ran out of tp, i could always wipe my hiney with it. that wasnt a diss on bb, just tryin to be funny. but yea, i visit other sites once in awhile and have no problem with any of them. i dont post anywhere else but here, and dont really read the posts either, just checking for news. but this blog usually is up to date and if not, jane or carp usually add links in their post for more in depth news

  96. jerkins perkins Esquire of Rohan on

    hope cally scores again tonight and gets as many as he can this season. hes been awesome. like someone said before, hes a gazelle in all 3 zones. he could be future capo or alternate with doobs being capo. i like doobs because he fights and sticks up for teammates. eh, hes only got 10 goals this year, but he’ll be alright next season. anybody notice that even that staal is very good and has tons of potential, he seems a bit slow. is it me? sometimes it looks like he isnt skating hard enough. maybe its because hes kinda lanky, but idk, hes still awesome, hes young he’ll only get better

  97. If the cool thing about BB s that it inks all the other articles several sites do that. Between the coverage and discussions of the Rangers here plus the articles, links and discussions of the Rangers at the main page and forum I am generally pretty set with my info. Updates eithe in this blog or the forum of Ranger Nation include whatever may be missing. And most of the time the forum at RN is like the blog here, a really cool group of folks who know a lot about hockey (not just Rangers) and manage to not be asses all the time.

    I never got into BB I saw people mention it but never saw what was so great

  98. I have never done any blogging ever before. I started a few months ago, mainly because I’m sitting around the house here with not much to do, and lots of time to do it. I have allways visited 5 or 6 sites and read their stuff. Sam was my favorite, and after he left I wondered if the site would be as good. I am pleased to say it is, and I would like to thank the press writers for keeping up the good quality. Lots of good info, and lots of fun.

  99. the only players that play with any emmotion are avery dubby, shoe, the rest are like robots

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