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I was actually thinking abut this during the third period Thursday night, and now even more so as the Rangers prep to face Evgeni Malkin (notice I list him first) and Sid the Kid (a.k.a. Cindy, in the Festivus blog).

Where does Kovalchuk place among the best offensive players in the game today? And how much of your right arm would you sacrifice for him to come to Broadway to wear No. 17 (sorry Dubi, give it up)?

OK, he’s not the goal-scorer Ovechkin is, and Ovechkin is the best player in the league, IMO. He maybe isn’t the overall offensive player Malkin is, and perhaps not even as good as Crosby. Then again, you have to wonder how good Kovalchuk would be if he had Malkin or Crosby playing with him, as Malkin and Crosby do. Plus he’s got a little bit of nastiness in his game.

Kovalchuk is sixth in the league in points on that lousy team in Atlanta, and we all saw how he can take over a game by himself — especially if you let him, as the Rangers did. Yet the Rangers don’t have any two players who combined can give you the offensive punch this guy does by himself. 

The Rangers, by the way, are still terribly flawed under Tortorella, who refuses to explain how he can sit out his best goal scorer during a shootout his team needed to win. They don’t have the offensive players to play his system, they aren’t good enough on defense to survive his system, and even though they are way, way better than they were a month ago — partly because they have added Avery, Antropov and Morris (two of whom may be departing July 1), partly because of the coach — I could see them making the playoffs and getting swept in ugly fashion, or going out in five in the first round, because they can’t stop anybody consistently and they can’t score consistently and their power play isn’t good enough to be called dreadful.

This is becoming a rant I had no intention of posting at this time. Wasn’t I talking about Kovalchuk?

Well, the next couple of games ought to be an interesting little test, if not a season-making/breaking portion of the schedule, if not a complete exposure of this team’s legitimacy of lack thereof.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. Kovalchuk! No way!!!! He shows up when he wants to, and gets in moods where he doesn’t play. We already had Kovalev… TWICE! No need to get him a third time.

  2. Drury , Gomez , Andro ,Cally ,Aves ,Nazzy and Dubie all score tomorrow …..But we loose 8 – 7 due to 5 consecutive
    calls against for looking at Cindy the wrong way

  3. Wow Carp with the all out blast. SO now you are hypothesizing guys might not resign because of the coach!!!!If that is the case adios guys. If Tortorella is unreasonable to ask for a total effort and that is asking too much, then adios players….There are players that will give maximum effort most of the time ..

    Kovalchuk is very very good a better goal scorer then cindy but does not play hard all the time and has many lapses.

    Rolosen just stole 2 points for Edmonton how many times has the King done that this year?? Don’t get me wrong he is good but he has not been great for any stretch at all this yr. He has 2 shutouts on the year…

    for a team that has so many flaws the rangers have a lot of points and have beaten many good team this yr; philly 2 and 2, nj 2 and 3, pitt at least 2 times, etc…t

  4. No Country For Old Rangers on

    BRING THE PAIN. we gotta take care of business against cindy and the boys today.

  5. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    easy Carp …easy …swept?, ugly? HAHAHAAHHAHA yeah ,sorry to disagree but I do and Ill bet you on this one…come on Carp lets do it!!! Bet bet bet!!!

  6. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    It’s all about the win in the playoffs with Hank in net and Avery ,Dubinsky ,Callahan and Zherdev attacking in the offensive zone …

    Boys are just tired , we should be resting some players and playing AA and others to bring in fresh ,fast and hungrier attack!! Can’t really rest the players we need but bringing in young legs may help here…

    Rangers need to harpoon a few Penguins and feed the remains to the dogs…Go Rangerssss!!!

  7. The team needs more of a physical presence. While the hitting has been nice, no competitor has been laid out Scott Stevnens’ style.

    I wanna see Staal wreck Crosby’s life.

  8. Carp, I agree with your assessment of the Rangers, but only sometimes. I think it largely depends on which team decides to show up that day. It seems they’re just as likely to come out flat, lethargic and sloppy like they did in ATL as they are to come out guns blazing.

    This team confuses the hell out of me. As much as I expect a one and done, playoff drubbing at the hands of Boston, NJ or Washington, I wouldn’t be totally shocked to see the Rangers play spoiler, make some noise and make it through a round or 2.

    Only time will tell

  9. Oh man Carpi,

    You are as late with your post like me but you went to bed now and can you imagine to start watching games at this time of the day ???:)

    Yeah I know I am crazy watching the only averaged 7th placed Rangers from midnight to 2.30 or from Sunday on as we start your daylight saving period from 1 am to 3.30 am over here !
    Do you know guys how to cure this sickness ?:)

    I ve been over almost any second or third year to see some games live over there and since a couple of weeks ago when I have started to have access online to all of the Games online, this sickness getting more and more worse..:) and in part also because of the great coverage and Rick and Jane providing us with this blog…!!!

    In mentioning Ilya Kovalchuk playing for the lowly Thrashers Carpi is putting a lot of water to my wheels, when I say for years that the NHL is carrying way to many teams around the league, and they would even provide more fun when having fewer teams and guys like Kovalchuk at Atlana, Rick Nash from Columbus, or Shane Doan from the Coyotes would play for a household team in the NHL..As I really watch a lot of games, I really don´t see any fun to tune into a game between Nashville vs Florida etc….!

    I almost agree to a lot of points you made about the Rangers…Yeah it is true that they playing better under the new Coach but I doubt that Torts is the right pyschologist to lead the ship, as it showed with his rant down there in Atlanta. And you know what guys, did you really see in the last couple of games that the Rangers are not able to have the same speed in the last period that they are running out of gas and I am sorry that is a testimony due to the former coach.. I really like that attacking psycial style as well but if you don´t have the resources, then it´s getting difficult to win games…It will be very interesting to see how the team will respond especially the next two games against the Penguins and the Devils…

    really like Buff so I stay with it:):):)

  10. I am from a place where NHL hockey is so popular like nowhere else in our nice country of good old Germany, that is Eidengesäß northeast bound 50 miles away of Frankfurt/M.

    No I am kidding:):):)

    I have Central European Time at 8.40 am on Saturday morning eating a little bit of breakfast, butter and strawberry confiture and about to start archive game from last night between the Blackhawks and Devils. and awaiting a lot of soccer action with the Qualification Games for the World Cup in South Africa including the huge:):):)game between Germany and Liechtenstein throughout the whole day in between the Rangers and the Pens at 6pm local time over here…

  11. Carp.

    Excellent as always.

    The Rangers will never be good enough because Sather is a moron…letting Avery go should have gotten him fired…signing Redden to the worst contract in the history of the sport should have gotten fired.

    We will always be respectful but never great.

    When the year end and it will be so enough.

    With Sauer’s sound defense…Sather will not resign Mara…but keep Rozy and let Morris go as well…because we have no cap cap space because of all the crappy contracts.

    We have a lot of talent in the system that will be blocked by Redden and Rozy for the next 5 years…how insane is that.

    Will Parenteau get a shot or will they just let him walk because we are so “loaded” on the big club..that is good enough to get into the playoffs and then exit in the 1st or 2nd round.

  12. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I was just thinking about this and discussing this with one of my buddy’s (A more frequent poster than I)… Ever notice how the Wolfpack always seem to have good teams and the Devils minor league teams always seem to stink, yet, the Devils routinely have good young talent on their team who develops? I realized it’s because if they have a good, young player he actually goes to the Devils! Anisimov and Parenteau and maybe Sauer and Sanguinetti would be on the Devils roster right now; that’s how the Devils stay good while letting so many others go. They PLAY their young talent in the NHL so they learn and develop! Crazy thoughts I know.

    I mean, wouldn’t we rather see a third line of Anisimov and Parenteau than a “Second” line of Drury and Naslund? Heck, AA and PAP might actually IMPROVE instead of watching Drury and Naslund’s careers diminish right before our eyes!

  13. You forgot about one major item. King Hank is the best and he can cover up a lot of sins. So much for you comments. You can throw out all of what you said.(All of it valid) Once your in the playoffs, look for a very good hot goaltender to lead the way.

  14. I agree that if the King had started they would have won in Atlanta, and Zerdev’s in the shootout odds are better to score. What Torts did makes no sense.

  15. Dubi or not Dubi on

    To continue with my displeasure with captain clutch… He has 50 points this season, subpar by his salary and playing time, but it gets worse.

    Out of his 50 points, Captain Clutch has scored 20 points (9 g and 11 a) against teams in the bottom 5 in the NHL! That’s right folks 40% (Easy Math :)) of his points have come against the the 5 teams who will likely enter the lottery. So I guess the 30 points he has scored against the top 25 teams in the league must have been SO clutch… It’s time to get over that crap, we hate ARod because he’s not clutch but he puts up huge numbers and wins MVPs, why do we tolerate Drury, who doesn’t even put up decent numbers and certainly isn’t scoring any big goals for us?

  16. Dubi or not Dubi
    I agree 100% = we don’t give our young players a shot. we hold them back , much to long

  17. I just put up a new poll, so vote in the next few days so we can get a good sample of what you think the Rangers will do in the next few games.

    I don’t plan on having this one stay up for long. (Famous last words… )

  18. Rick-I don’t want Kovalchuk in NY. This team has too many free agents already. I’ll take my chance that Grachev becomes the Rangers version of John LeClair or Thomas Holmstrom. It pisses me off that Drury and Gomez get this royal treatment and get to do these I Am A Ranger adds. Yeah, you guys were Rangers for money. Henrik/Cally/Dubi/Staal/Girardi/Saeur and even Avery and Dancin Larry; those are the guys who would do the adds if I was running the show.

    PA didn’t have a great training camp, he looked a second behind the play and because he is subject to waivers is why he hasn’t been called up.

    Sauer had the injury. Sags needs to work on his defense, and AA has improved this year x2 and is on a mission for next year when the Rangers lose Betts to a West Coast team who “overpays” and doubles his salary.

    CAN THEY PLEASE WIN AT The IGLLO? I don’t care if they lose all three games there next year just please win today.

  19. I say keep everyone except Sather.

    Bring in Shero as GM. Keep Schoney in the same role…

    Clark should be given the keys to kingdom..the man knows talent…just look at his Islander draft record.

    Dane Byers should have been on the 4th line this year..maybe he wouldn’t have gotten hurt with the big club.

    I like Freddie…but all he has is speed and penalty killing…u can replace him with Brodie least he has an edge.

    but the real problems are Redden, Drury, Gomez, rozy, Naslund…which is stating the obvious…replace those four stiffs with our youth and the right mix of trades and free agents…then we are in business…but instead…you will be looking at these stiffs for the next 6 years.

    Man, after the lookout..i really thought Sather was heading in the right direction…but then bam..the flood gates open and we are stuck with the aforementioned baffons.

  20. Larry Brooks today:
    “Defenseman Wade Redden, regressing dramatically, did not get on the ice for so much as a second of power-play time in the third period, though the Blueshirts worked with the man advantage for 3:15”

    I liked Renney overall but this is what should’ve been occuring all along…accountability

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, if we’re talking just pure goalscoring, Kovalchuk is a top 3 player. If we’re talking just offense, he’s top five. If we’re talking complete forwards, he’s top 10.

    I wouldn’t give my right arm for him to be on Broadway, but I’d gladly give both of Drury’s, Redden’s, Gomez’s, Naslund’s, and Rozsival’s arms.

  22. Carp-“Enjoy the game.” Ha. After that rant.

    That’s like saying to somebody, “You know your favorite restaurant where you are going to dinner tonight? Well, none of the food is fresh, the new chef still makes some crummy meals, the wait staff doesn’t know what’s going on and I wouldn’t be surprised if the board of health closed them down in a few months. Enjoy your dinner!”

  23. Stuart, I didn’t mean to imply that Antropov and/or Morris might not resign because of Tortorella. I just meant that they might not re-sign. Why? Because they’re going to want a lot of money and the Rangers are up against the cap. Simple deduction from that. Nothing to do with Torts.

    Doodie, I find it more comfortable speaking with you when you’re not “The Esteemed.” Just kidding. Question, if you gave up both of Drury’s, Redden’s, Gomez’s, Naslund’s and Rozsival’s arms, would you be able to tell any difference in their play?

    And ZzZ, I didn’t predict they will be swept. I just said I could see it happening with the way they play, so inconsistent in both ends of the ice.

  24. If we slip and stumble into the playoffs thats fine..but its all about next year for me….

    Having Torts replace Renney has been refreshing, not only in actually getting to see some goals scored, but in getting to hear some truths ( his bailout in Atlanta not withstanding)

    We sucked…and then stomping off is not very mature and you dont want to get that every night but its still better than hearing Renney go on for 5 minutes about how the other team is so good and having to win 2-1 and etc etc….Negative re-inforcement over and over again…Torts expects to win, to score and to play hard

    There is a hell of alot more accountability when a coach says you suck then having someone doubletalk the media into a snooze

    I know the Carps and Janes and Brooksies need quotes but let me tell you Torts bail out was more newsworthy than all the things Renney said all year combined

  25. Ely

    You were OK up until you said that you liked Renney but…

    It’s fine to have “liked” Renney, he was an engaging and
    affable person. But if you meant that you liked him as a Coach…..
    for what reason pray tell? Was it his flagrant deferring to the almighty Jagr, he of the “gosh I was tired” when he overstayed his time on ice to the point of exhaustion, and
    devastated his team mates with his endless circling, circling looking for the perfrect pass or shot, until at times after 18 passes on the PP and no shots on goal he
    watched as the opponents filled his net?

    Or could it be his total confusion as to what the other coach was doindg to his team with excellent player moves and line matchps? Whiel he ran steadily with the same identical lienups game after dreary game>

    Msybe it was his PP philosophy that had dainty wrist shots ( we don’t want any of those bad rebounds that are going to spring breakaways against our infallible point men – do we?

    I know – it was his defense first all in the tub together theory about winning while avoiding losing, where 75% of the game time was spent in his own defensive zone…against everybody,while his goal tender was bombarded mercilessly.

  26. Kaspar,
    I agree with you, as much as it pains me. If you are a fan, you want to see your coach care about what happens, and even though Torts was stormier than my six-year-old, at least he cares enough to be emotionally clubbed by the loss.

    As someone who needs quotes on deadline however, to quote Torts, it sucked.

  27. Question to everyone concerning Naslund; do you 1. buy him out (2 million next season but also 2 million the season after his contract is up), 2. pull a Tampa on Dan Boyle and basically be really nasty to him to get him to move his no trade clause 3. Go Ted Satorand waive them (a very nasty Rangers coach in 85-86 who demoted Fotiu, Larouche, and Rogers to the minors because they were aging to start fresh) 4. keep him one more year because he’ll probably still score 20 something goals.

    Variables; he’s Henrik’s buddy and has an “A”.

    Second point; if they make the playoffs they’re more likely to bring more people back, if they don’t then a lot of these guys are gonna be shown the door.

  28. Jane
    I’m actually happy that he (Torts) gets roasted for his behavior… and as one of the many people on this board, who had been on Renney watch since the summer; who knew he didnt get the best out of the 07-08 edition of the team and then watched him float through most of this season I can tell you that it took almost two full seasons of spineless coaching, and cordial double talk for the media to catch on ( or catch up) and question his demeanor and point a finger at him….

    It takes one tirade by Torts and he gets all the heat Renney ever got

  29. All everybody remembers about Sator is how he demoted those guys, and I remember how the friends of those guys did nothing but complain about Sator all year. I also remember Sator’s team going toe-to-toe in a 500-PIM exhibition game against Keenan’s Flyers, how everybody in that game made the team including Terry Kleisinger, the backup goalie who brawled … and mostly how that team, if I’m not mistaken, made the conference final that year.

    Sator was a good coach, a hard-ass. Not unlike Torts, minus the resume.

  30. ps, I don’t care that much that Torts didn’t feel like talking. But that night or the next day he owed some form of explanation to you guys — who were quite ticked off, I might add — why Zherdev was absent from the skills competition.

  31. Carp,

    No offense but I don’t think you are making very much sense. I admire Torts for not answering that question. Let what happens in the locker room stay there. I saw Zherdev make a couple of very boneheaded offensive plays during the Atlanta game where he turned the puck over and then dropped his head (rather than backchecking hard). Maybe that was why he didn’t get in the shootout. Who knows? Let that be between the coach and the player.

    When they are facing a Kovalchuk. I would love if they use the Pandolfo/Jagr situation where one fast forward would just be used to shadow him. Like Korps or even a Betts (though tougher from center position). One home ice, with the last change that should work. He is too good to let roam free against the young Dmen. Then again, I do trust what Torts does as he has been doing this a long time.

    I could see this team losing in the first round but not being swept unless something drastic happens. I could also see them sliding by to the second round. It’s not about who is the best many times, it’s about who gets the bounces.

  32. And honestly? Having Zherdev in there wouldn’t have made much of a difference. The team was shook up over giving up the lead. It’s all about momentum and confidence on those type of nights (which EVERY team in the NHL has had).

  33. 2009-10 team planning:

    You can keep Tortarella or Zherdev…who do you keep?

    Just playing a little Rick…I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t miffed at Z not being a shooter…hell it took four guys to finally shoot didnt it?

    Problem is with 7 games to go you really cant think long term…like Sator did in early 1985 (?)but long term whatever Torts does, or thinks he’s doing, with Z has to be considered…no other coach could ever maximize his potential…short term? yeah he’s gotta be out there in your top six shooters

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie, I find it more comfortable speaking with you when you’re not “The Esteemed.” Just kidding. Question, if you gave up both of Drury’s, Redden’s, Gomez’s, Naslund’s and Rozsival’s arms, would you be able to tell any difference in their play?”

    I’m only “esteemed” when I’m at work.

    And yes, there would be a difference. They would all be much improved.

  35. Rick… those were my thoughts when the coaching change was made. I didn’t disagree with bringing Torts in, I just thought that the problems with this team was player personnel and not so much the system or how it was run.

    The moves before the deadline were definitely good ones, but this team is in desperate need of a sniper… and it may be a long time coming til that happens!!


  36. Kaspar, Renney never got much heat for what he said because he didn’t say much. The media was often kind to him because he was always willing to answer questions whenever asked.

    But, many fans can’t be mad at Torts when they were asking him to come in as Tom’s replacement. We knew he was going to be loud, stubborn, and wouldn’t give a rats behind what anybody thought about him. As long as his “we sucked” message got through the players, I don’t care that there was a thiry-six second press confrence. (Yes, I know that it puts the beat writers in a tight spot, but you guys are creative!)

    And though I am a big fan of Russian hockey players and guys that wear the number 17, I’m more interested in a certain number 10 to be donning Rangers blue (and no, not Nigel Dawes again; he’s wearing 14 now in Phoenix).
    This certain Slovakian player is very interested in playing an up-tempo offensive game and to play in a big city. But, knowing Slats we’ll get less than nothing this summer.

  37. I think everybody has a bad opinion of Sator after watching the Nick Fotiu profile. I remember Sator taking the “smurfs” to the semi’s until Roy stonewalled them.

    Greschner will always be my favorite Ranger, Leetch a close 2nd but who doesn’t love Fotiu? Plus he wore a great #. Anybody remember Fotiu storming through the stands looking for the guy who yelled “drop dead” to JD after he got hurt?

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Torts can kick this team into storming out today after the last fiasco. The playoffs start today!

  38. Carp, thanks for giving me another perspective on Ted Sator. I was 5 in 86 so I only know what I read about Sator via chronicles. A lot of internet sites like Hockeybird were pissed at how Sator also forced players like Pavelich and Reijo R out and how his tactics got old in a year and he got canned…something I do worry about with Torts.

    Sator is now in Slovenia coaching juniors and he helped out Anze Kopitar to make it to the NHL and continue to be the best player to get no press.

    I really don’t want Gaborik here unless it’s like a Hossa deal. Oft-injured players coming to NY has never worked out. But we all know this is like when the Mets could have got Vlad Guerrero; the Rangers get Gaborik and he misses 60 games with a groin pull, but watch him go to NJ and score 45 goals.

  39. Rick thanks for the clarificaton.

    RFalling in love with a player like Zherdev will lead to disappointement. he is a kovalev clone… 20 to 30 goals and a copperfield disappearing act on occassion, I already know the ending to this story.

    guys relax we finally have some prospects in the system, even sather cannot totally screw it up…again if cherapanov was a live then the young high end offensive talent would be very strong…

    get at least 1 point today…

  40. Hey Carp,
    “IMO” your really pessimistic. Give it up. Bring back sam weinman! We want Sam! We want Sam!

  41. Carp, I am not going to sit here and thank you for doing these blogs when all your going to be is negative. Really? Is that want the fans want to hear? Not really!!! The inside scoop is great, but when you are just going to kill the positive vibe and thinking for us then don’t even bother. Let Jane do the work! D! W ! Do Work!

  42. Guys, you all bitch and moan at Sam and Joe M for sugar coating everything, and then when Carp says what everyone pretty much already says on here, you jump down his throat? Make up your mind fellas.

  43. One more thing; I think what Sator did was bad@ss. When do the Rangers ever waive older players? I wish they’d do that starting next season.

    The Rangers are too nice of a franchise. They have a tough team in 81? Go to the Conference Finals! A tough coach in 86? Go to the Conference Finals. 94? Need I say more.

    I’d love it if the Rangers could turn into the S.O.Bs of Broadway and just pound every other team. You look at Henrik the wrong way? BAM!

    Of course that would never happen under Sather.

  44. Actually, me personally, Nasty1, I think this team is fine. You have to realize, Valli was in net on Thursday and in the words of Sean Avery, he is a “minor league goaltender”

  45. Jesus Carp

    Why dont you try and be negative for a change?

    Someone not get there wheaties this morning?

    That was honestly your worst post since taking over this blog. HAd nothing to do with anything. New LInes? Hank’s Thoughts? Words from the players? – Nothing?


    And for god’s sake Carp have SOME faith

  46. Bro, I am not saying that I agree with Carp. My feelings are somewhere in the middle. But, what I am saying is, I would rather have someone running the blog that has a personal opinion and not someone who is forcing us to drink piss and telling us it is Sunny D. My last post wasn’t an attack on anyone, just my own personal opinion. Keep up the good work Carp and Jane.

  47. Nasty1

    I just leered at my mailman as he drove away…he had the nerve to pull up to my house and not drop off the PJ Cd/DVD???

    “Thats it!” I yelled…”Forget about that $5 xmas tip I’ve been meaning to give you the last three years!”

  48. HA, nice Kaspar. That is a shame. I swear to you that I am watching the Unplugged DVD right now. Good stuff. Isn’t there something fun about ordering something that is going to be coming in the mail. Makes you feel like a kid waiting for the Sweet Pickles bus to drive up to your house. Ha. Please tell me that some of you remember the Sweet Pickles bus.

  49. some positive news AA is top 10 scoring in AHL and the only guy under 24.. I think he is 20…………..

    Can Henrik steal a game?????

  50. MikeNj…thats it! Call Rick “Sweet Pickles” very good Nasty1..enjoy your Unplugged…

    OOPS!!..I just remembered…I owe that mailman an apology…Amazon shipped my order UPS

  51. Jane, Did you see the Malkin Clip on Penguins TV when he tried to cook some russian specialities ….?

    When he is playing today like he cooked the russian prerogies the Rangers will have a quite a good chance to win the game :)

    I am really missing those kind of funny stuff with the Rangers Website on the section video on Demand (:

  52. Orr needs more ice time. He’s good at throwing the crybaby off his game. Avery too he needs more!

  53. Maybe that is a reason that the Rangers once in a while playing kind of clenched, they are lacking a kind of looseness which is not good for their game !:)

    Let them play and don´t put them into much of a system…
    Buff the psychologist:)

  54. This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    Easy, relax a bit. Before we the coaching change we had become pathetic. Now we are young, exciting and full of potential.


    I voted win the cup! We are fans, not NHL players or coaches.

    We have young, fast exciting players (Callahan/Zherdev/Dubinsky/Staal/Lundquist/Korpedo)
    proven high caliber winners (Drury/Gomez)
    a new sniper (Antropov)
    OK, we are missing some great defenseman, but maybe get a couple next year.

    Also, we were a magical performance by Fleury last year away from making it to the finals. And we are better this year.

    The glass is half full, not empty.

  55. Oh man this soccer sucks really..

    First I had the wrong matchup out of the Computer because I couldn´t understand the language, then the Russian played like that they had tried Malkin´s prerogies and now this Wales matchup with Finland (same group like Germany) makes me sleepery…!

    Come on drop the Puck at the Iglooo !!!!

  56. Go Rangers !!

    Kill these LOSERS !!! Someone throw an elbow into the head of Crybaby, and Malkin, and Staal needs to destroy Jordan, and Guerin needs to break his hip, Orr needs to knock out Godard !!!

    And we need two points.

  57. Need to bring it today. It’s now or never. Carp is 100% right, Torts needs to answer why he didn’t put Z in the shootout. Bench him for a period fine, but to cost the team a point in a race like this is suicide. Also there should be a pact not to talk about next year until this one is finished.

  58. watfching the pregame i want Mara back so bad… oh man if only a way to keep all the UFAs/RFAs and Antro or Z and this guy….

  59. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    CAN THEY PLEASE WIN AT The IGLLO? I don’t care if they lose all three games there next year just please win today.

    hehe mikeA- i’ll remember that next year when were 1 point out of the playoffs and all we have to do is beat the pens and we get in.!!! j/k, but it would be funny though

  60. Noonan
    Imagine what Torts feels when he was thinks back to being “burderned” with having long term, hi dollar deals for Richards, Boyle, St Louis and Lecavlier???

    Now he had Redden and Rozi and Drury…

    I leave Gomer out cause I still think that Torts style will bring out his playmaking on the rush abilities

  61. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    noonan, mara will be back. all we gotta do is chant we want mara at all the games and hold signs up and light up our lighters like at a concert. orrrr, if somebody just happens to ahem, beat the crap out of redden and put him on i.r. for 3 years. im talkin baseball bat beating like nicky(joe pesci) got in casino

  62. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    kaspar- i agree, i think gomez is playing better and is one of our only guys that actually skates the puck in on the rush, and on the pp

  63. I got a wood 38″ in the back o the car but that’s for baseball. Excluding Renney, Redden is the only Ranger player I’ve ever booed. Or wanted to fail (not at the team’s expense, but personally. we know this guy is just a complete piece of garbage and a 0 or even -1 +/- rating is a good night out of him)

  64. Carp = Whichever Way the Wind is Blowing That Day (or the Day Before)

    They’re good … they’re bad … they’re good … they’re bad.

    He’s like Faye Dunaway in Chinatown. “My sister, my daughter. my sister, my daugher.”

  65. Kaspar, that could be a good thing. Hopefully Tortorella gets so tired of Redden sucking so bad that his ice time shrinks to the point where Sather and Dolan realize they have to waive him (or get a new coach). Or he demands to be traded, something crazy like that. I just want him unhappy and wanting out enough to where it is made possible. Wolfpack his A$$

    Oh man I hate this team more than any other team I’ve ever hated.. I root for PHILLY over this team now, I never thought I’d say that.


  66. So…Ovechkin, Malkin, Kovalchuk or Cindy? Yeah, Russians are soft, North Americans are tough. Ha. Those days are gone, eh?

  67. Pitts looks much much faster to the puck than we are. If that keeps up, we are dead in the water.

  68. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    staal and morris both gettin undressed game just 5minutes old

  69. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    nasty- they still seem a little scared after that blowup in atlanta

  70. Not a comforting or inspiring start. Dubi had Z on the 2-on-1 but didn’t recognize it fast enough and then threw him a bad pass.

  71. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    wow i hate cindy but his passing skills are awesome

  72. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    so do we really want mara back that bad? lol

  73. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    yea i can already make a prediction. rangers lose.

  74. worst NHL goalie at BREAKAWAYS ever?

    Jane or Carp please one day do an article as to why Lundqvist is such a great goalie, particularly at shootouts and penalty shots, but cannot handle a breakaway to save his life.

  75. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    noonan- this commercial always comes on after a goal against hank!!! also, hank has been bad in shootouts and there hasnt been to many pen shots

  76. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    hash browns??? we gotta get marc to a good pizza place in ny. hash browns?????? lol

  77. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    i might be turnin game off by the time this period is over

  78. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    looks eerily similar to when renny was coach

  79. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    yea wheres this teams hunger? they dont look like they care enough

  80. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    so is this mara and sauers night to be -4? were they jealous of staal n girardi?

  81. Shouldn't Make Playoffs on

    Rangers Team MVP: Scott Gomez

    For hurting Ryan Miller and causing the Sabres to tank. Otherwise, we’d still be in major trouble.

  82. anyone notice redden standing there looking for someone to help him as talbot gave LQ a spray to the face after he just scored a goal? .. soft and sucks he is awesome

  83. I’m leaving the game on but I have begun to do house/yard work…I’ll leave it on just to hear more interesting crap about all those very nice Staal boys,,,

  84. I posted when the rangers fired renney and everybody was drinking the torts Kool-aid that Scotty Bowman couldn’t turn this team around. The rangers are nothing but a team with over paid players that are in the middle of the pack talent wise. That sound you here is there playoff chance fading away.

  85. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    jonny- thats why i really dont want to make the playoffs. it will maybe get sather or dolan to do some drastic things to this team. we will only be a 1st round exit, why bother putting us fans through it all over again. torts hasnt been able to get these guys goin for the playoff push. i’ll give him till next year but so far he isnt impressing me like when he first started. i think maybe one thing will be to get a goalie to backuyp that will challenge hank for his job. he might be getting too comfy knowing hes the man in net. we def need to do something or this process will just repeat year after year. we havent been able to make the jump from playoff team to playoff contender in 4 years now. im still givin torts till next year

  86. I hate Darth Sather. This team will never smell a cup as long as darth sather is the gm.

  87. “Rangers Team MVP: Scott Gomez”


  88. At least have the stones to post when the team doesn’t look bad. Like at any point in the twelve games before ATL.

  89. DUBI!!! I’m going to the Devils game today with some family. I think I’m going to wear my Dubi jersey! muhahahahahaha

  90. DUUUUUBINSKY WIGGGGGLESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  92. Johnny LaRue on

    Holy moley. Penguins stopped playing in the last half of the period. We’ll take it.

  93. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on


  94. I got offered free tickets to take my little cousin to the Devils game tonight, right on the glass. I just don’t feel like going though. If we win today, maybe I will go. If not, then no way. Ha.

  95. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    sry for caps. it happenswhen im excited and posting at the same time

  96. jerkins

    You’re almost as bad. The heart of gnat. Whichever way the wind blows. Ridiculous. Read your posts over the last twenty minutes and tell me if you’re not embarrassed.

  97. I’m getting Cally jersey once he re-signs. Extra Effort award should be his but usuaully goes to more under the radars…

  98. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    nasty- lol i know the feeling. my day is great after a win, but after a loss i feel like sitting at home listening to pink floyd drinkin scotch. no lol but i do get down after a loss

  99. Avery is a big reason for that turn around in the period too. He is already under their skin. Every player is going after him.

    We are not out of the water here though. I can see Pitts come out flying next period. Especially considering the two goals scored were by their 3rd and 4th line players.

    They need to play with urgency and intensity for the rest of the game. The game is winnable, but we need to play like we want it and like we ARE going to win it.

  100. If by reading perkins posts through the 1st period, you would have figured that 60 were played, we didn’t contend and got killed.

    Good thing they play 60.

  101. NICDIP,

    If he doesn’t win it, something is seriously wrong with the fans who vote for it.

  102. Johnny Larue, keep ’em coming. Pigman!

    Riguere, I think I’ve made it pretty clear I’m not a big fan of this flawed roster. I haven’t really flip-flopped on that, I don’t think.

    This One, isn’t that a bit presumptuous putting last year’s Rangers in the finals if not for Fleury?? The glass is half full, alright, which means it is half empty. Which is what the Rangers are: Middle of the pack, a playoff team, but barely.

  103. Is Tyler Kennedy the “Pig Man” that Kramer saw in the hospital ???

    Anyway, crappy first period, im amazed they tied it up, great job by Cally, and Dubi.

    The first goal was pathetic, Sauer gave Talbot way too much room, but at the same time, the kids a rookie, Mara should know better. Don’t leave the kid all alone.

    Im guessing Godard is wishing he would have just fought Orr. Maybe none of this would have happened.

    GO Rangers, step up in the 2nd, and start playing !

  104. Alright!!! I made myself a white russian (not an endorsement for Malkin) and I’m ready for the second period!

  105. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    no im not embarrased. the way the game was goin it was lookin very bleak. no rigure im not. they started forecheckin and i said finally, theyre gettin somethin goin. they hadnt scored the 1st goal yet and i was praising them for gettin into the game. i guess patience is not a virtue of mine. but ya know what, they still started the game badly. they looked like they were still a little messed up from the atlanta game. lets hope they keep it goin

  106. NOONAN

    Im thinking the same thing. I was originally gonna get one back in 07, or Girardi, but then Cally got sent down to the minors the next season, but he’s been awesome this year, and hopefully he only gets better.

    It would be nice if Dubi can step up his game and pop in more goals. When Dreary is sleeping as usual, we need other people to pick up his slack.

  107. And without Conlkin the Pensys maybe don’t even make the playoffs last year. MAF needs his yearly injury sabbatical.

  108. With the way the Rangers play so inconsistently, I don’t really get how you can get on a fan for having roller coaster emotions…

    Stop fighting each other! Come on! Crosby sucks!

  109. “Alright!!! I made myself a white russian (not an endorsement for Malkin) and I’m ready for the second period!”

    ..that’s funny – the dude

  110. thanks for catchin me up on the game boys…and what the hell is up with the audio????? of course i’m not watchin…got it on yahoo, but the audio is just horrible….it sounds like every few seconds, they are attacked by a vibrator!!

    I see my boy Cally scored his 20th… EXTRA EFFORT AWARD baby!!!

    Sally, you got the lucky beer???

  111. Sally Can't We All Just Get Along? on

    Linda, it’s actually Vibrator Day at the Igloo.

    No lucky beer today! White Russians!

  112. Carp

    You had this flawed roster making serious potential trouble in the playoffs not even a week ago. Then today, after the ATL game, your hair got on fire again.

    They may win today, they may lose today. But this coach is so far superior to the one he replaced it isn’t even funny, and it is amusing to see so many retreads of the back-and-forth that went on this board after Tortorella’s first three games.

  113. ORR !!

    I really think Dubi will put up bigger numbers. Sure he benefited from playing with Jagr, but we see him hustle and work and get on the puck and sometimes the puck just doesn’t bounce your way.

    The way I see it, Dubi has been unlucky this season.

  114. is it too much to ask supposed mr “clutch” Drury to score a winning goal for a change, huh cap’n?

  115. white russians!! you go girrrrrll!!!

    what is it with Mara and injuries to the noggin area??? Damn even the yahoo feed stops! I just can’t win!!!

    I see that Sauer only had a little over 2minutes of ice time, did he make a few bad plays?

  116. anyone see that fat drunk guy with nachos who tried to slap his friend’s hand away for trying to get some cheese on his chip? right before whistle when they were showing Tort. and Rangers bench

    he had a full mound of chips and cheese LOL

  117. Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee on

    I love that the NHL is trying to crack down on fighting and in the meantime the pens ring a bell before fights and play danzig during it. gotta hand it to them that’s awesome

  118. noonan, that guy is the reason Sally said its Vibrator Day at the Igloo!!!

    OUCH Orrs catchin some hefty bombs there!! YEA DANZIG lol

  119. I miss JD, I really do. Joe can’t shine his shoes and Rosen has lost a few steps without JD, I’m at the point where I’d rather watch the TV coverage and listen to the radio feed.

  120. Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee on



  121. 2on1 whatever. tired of seeing all these oddman rushes and breakaways go in EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  122. Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee on

    I also miss JD a whole lot. He should have been the first color commentary/general manager

  123. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    damn gomez shoul;da had that cant blame hank on that one

  124. No, Chris, it wasn’t. If the refs call penalties on Pittsburgh, Mario whines to Bettman. I hope Gill is hurt.. but that would mean Joe was right about something.

  125. Telegraphing shots

    I’m shooting see?

    I’m cocking the stick back see?

    Take a photo, I smile for you see? I will shoot…everybody ready?

  126. Vroom Vroom Party Starter on

    I hate how sam and joe always throw out superlatives and accolades like 100 times a game. “great play” “excellent job” when guys are missing the net or ultimately turning it over.

    blowmenz sucks should have had 2 by now.

  127. ok pavel just making sure

    i was almost positive that dragging a player down is interference

    i mean straka got interference for skating near crosby game 1 last year


    ok that was interference NVM

  129. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    well actually, when is the last time hank stopped a 2-1 or breakaway?

  130. Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee on

    Dubinsky needs to work on a shooter tutor for a while and learn to hit corners. Then torts can take him out for a happy meal after practice.

  131. Redden got caught pinching on 2 of the 3 goals, this guy almost gets caught again and takes a penalty. Funny thing is, the next ranger pp he;ll be on the blueline. Send him down to hartford for a couple games already

  132. is anyone else having this horrible audio??? its driving me insane!!

    someone on this team ( besides Cally )needs to bury the effin puck in the net.

  133. Wouldn’t it be easier to swallow having not lost the 4-1 lead the other night?

    Oh wait, I forgot, maybe that’s the one point they’ll need to get into the play-offs.

  134. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    yea vroom, but scuderi saved a goal. gomez wouldve had it if he any shooting skill, but he doesnt and scuderi knocked it out

  135. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    yea pavel, i agree. hank hasnt been too good today. in a game that we really need him to be.

  136. Why does Redden take 7 years to shoot the puck… and when he does it’s a floater that never gets to the goalie!?

    The last time he slapped it, it was his 3rd goal of the season.

  137. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    my god they cant handle the puck at all!!! bouncin around everywhere

  138. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    drury cant you ever score a c lutch goal?????

  139. “imagine if zerdev had the work ethic of cally or avery”

    Just noticed that comment, Sally.

    Zherdev would have at least 40 goals if he put in that kind of effort.. Antropov as well.

  140. “What a play by Crosby!”? Shut up Sam! It was an angle that you cannot score from.


  141. Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee on

    Crosby is Canadian for “to cry”



  143. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    much better improvement over dawes pru and kal

  144. Sally, it gave Joe a funny feeling in his pants.

    That was a penalty? Damn. I forgot you’re not allowed to prevent Crosby from breakaways.

  145. Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee on

    this is when the rangers like to lay down and hank likes to let in softies

  146. Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee March 28th, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    Crosby is Canadian for “to cry”


  147. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    jason- he does doesnt he? hes awesome, i dont know who id rather keep now, antro or z

  148. That’s y we need Antro back maybe even moreso than Z. Jagr provided that big forward presence we now miss so much and the kid can shoot and has good hockey sense

  149. wtf jesus the puck was right there isn’t there such thing as coincidental contact in this sport?

  150. 2 many pp’s not fun watching this new nhl anymore. there are less whistles in college basketball

  151. the only saving grace is that this isnt a nbc game…

    the rangers would have been defending 5on3s all game

  152. Someone should remind refs this game isn’t on Nothing But Crosby Network. The Penguins don’t have to win!

    did Cally get a stick on that? SWEET

  153. These GEICO commercials are retarded. They’re absolutely pointless to run in NJ because GEICO is the most expensive!

  154. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    well, now e cant take any more penalties. i fear that late in the 3rd theyre gonna give the pens a pp. i hope we at least get a point out of this because these refs are killin us. but if it goes to ot i wanna see z in the damn shootout!!!!

  155. the 3rd goal against was reddens fault also. look at the damn tape.. why was he pinching on the other side of the ice? after getting knocked down 7 seconds earlier on the other side of the ice..

    this guy is a gambler when there is no reason to gamble..

    sauer did not see the ice that period, I think…

    hold on get at least 1 point please g-d.

  156. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    i sware antropov is a t-800 model terminator. he should be the new aaaahhhnold in the new terminator movie this summer. hes a machine!!!

  157. Bring Antropov back this summer…please Glen. He looks like a machine going about his business.!

  158. oh my gawd i can’t take this anymore!!!

    LMAO @ Crosby is Canadian for cry…thats great!!

    Sally, I missed it because the audio went from vibrator like to darth vaderish…it was kinda demonic…

    But i gotta say, Antro’s hand is bigger than that dipstick Giannones entire head!!! They should have made that dweeb stand UP to interview BamBam!!

  159. all i want to c is crosby try to split the defenders and staal pick his ass up n power bomb him down wwf style

  160. Ranger Profiles Chris Drury? Can someone dvd that for me, I have a feeling that and a few shots of Jacks will help me fall asleep on those nights this team give me major agita!!!

  161. 2 pts will be great, 1 will be acceptable today

    they basically need 7 more pts minimum to get 94 and a pretty good chance at a spot

  162. Anyone notice earlier in the game, the puck seemed to disappear, yet the players were still battling for the puck, and Malkin skated out, dropped the puck to the ice, after he had his hand closed over it, dished it to the front of the net for a Pens scoring chance. Hmmmm, I guess that is not a penalty anymore.

  163. at this point i’d take an OTL but i want that two. I want Philly round one DING DING

  164. Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. At this point in the game, given how we have played, I will take 1 point today. I always want 2, but I will “deal” with getting 1 of that is possible. The way our thirds have been, you have to figure if the Pens score first we most likely lose this one. If we score first, well who even knows. Let’s go boys. Let’s take something positive back home for our Monday night tilt with Farty and the boys.

  165. sally, time to give dubi and gomez the lucky catnip!! my cat’s asleep, she saw drury on the screen earlier and fell comatose.

  166. Alright, I ran out of kahlua but if the Rangers win this one I’ll have a celebration toast of vodka and half n half!

    Haha! FU Orpik!

  167. please god make something happen all i want is to have a good saturday just one more goal please ame

  168. noonan
    March 28th, 2009 at 2:59 pm
    i like how sauer and mara are punished. you should always have to fight for icetime.


    unless your name is Wade Redden

  169. Will do, Linda! Dubinsky’s still a little shook up from seeing a squirrel outside today. She’s pretty sensitive.

  170. Aight I’m off to my cousins. We’re leaving for the train station around 4 so I’ll probably catch the end of the game there.

  171. Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee on


  172. u aren’t allowed to hit players who are able to touch the puck? is that a rule tho? whatever screw it

  173. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    that was called cause torts said he was gonna send orr after him after the games over

  174. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    still a 3 minute pp for the pens. i hate them, i hate bettman, and thne whole bs new nhl

  175. how can this league further itself when they make such hideously insane calls as the last 2! they should freakin be embarrassed

  176. does anyone notice every shot girardi takes finds its way through traffic its unbelievable

  177. if we can get through this i think it speaks volumes for our pp and wil to win today

  178. Joe in DE
    March 28th, 2009 at 3:09 pm
    Orr should have run Crosby, broke his legs, and made the 5 minute major worth it

    dont you know boys arent supposed to hit girls

  179. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    how can this game get any funnier? ppo is over and were still shorthanded? lol whos fault is that?

  180. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    thank u hank for makin a sav to get this line off the ice

  181. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    my money on doobs too. cindy is only good at suckerpunchin people

  182. That’s on the coach. I haven’t seen that since Roger Neilson did it.

    You gamble that there will be a stoppage during the five-minute penalty, and you put somebody in the box late in the penalty. But what’s the point? It’s a bad risk, and it nearly burned them this time.

    Rangers killed that penalty … coaches say you always kill the good penalties, and you usually kill the undeserved penalties.

  183. I thought Dubi was gonna get a penalty right before they went to commercial with his stick in Cindy’s groin… though I guess if he had balls then it’d be a valid call.

  184. Can anyone remember the last breakaway he stopped? I’m serious. His % must be 20% stopping them.

  185. Before you blame Hank on the Crosby goal, maybe you should blame the 2 Ranger defenders that got torched by him on the way to the net.

  186. and now another penalty! holy effin sheeit!! UH OH I think we’re gettin a tornado warning brb

    tornado watch until 930… send good thoughts this way cuz those things are nasty!!!

  187. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    another pp. this kinda crap is slowly turning me off of hockey. the nhl. i cant stand the way games are officiated. and damnit has hank made a good save all game???

  188. why doesn’t the coach just tell them to yank them down Roy Williams style if they can on a break? They have the best PK in the league!

    not to be a downer but Lundqvist lets in more breakaways per chance than any other goalie I can think of. it’s not rocket science.

  189. Torts should have called a timeout after the PK. All the momentum is going Pittsburgh’s way. Should have been time to slow the game down and get back to playing even hockey.

  190. HockeymanRangers on

    I think you better rethink that Lundy has had plenty. I think you all have to chill a bit. First thing the game ain’t over yet, and it not the end YET.

  191. why in gods name did torts not put mara or sauer in the box for orr, they are not playing any way????

  192. I know it s a moot point but the Nhl will rescind the penalty on Orr like the hit on Cullen last year. The officials have been terrible in many , many games this year.

  193. Joe,

    you’re right, but I blame Redden more than Morris on it. Crosby made the play on Morris to get by him and Redden did nothing but stick check him twice after he was well past him, he didn’t skate hard at all on that play to try to catch up with him. Then again, Redden has never skated hard.

  194. Joe DE: Henrik needs to stop one out of the two of those. And the first one his fivehole was open wider than well lots of wide things.

  195. Great point, Joe. Especially going with only four defensemen. Those guys were gassed.
    Wonder if Mike Sauer survives this benching, or if he’s in Hartford tomorrow.

  196. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    hockey, im pissed because of all these pps for the pens. it eventually tired us out and they got the 4th goal.

  197. On that 4th goal, what about Dubi getting his stick lifted in the Pens zone allowing the momentum rush heading the other way? Crosby at full speed with both Morris and Redden flatfooted thanks to not completing a simple dump in.

  198. hockeyman: check the stats bro.

    he is the worst established goalie at breakaways and oddman rushes ever.

    why is he so good at shootouts?

  199. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    yea ya know what, i hate the pens. why do they always get the calls?? 9 pps for them??? the refs are definitely being bought off

  200. take care Linda….

    and if they rescind the penalty and we lost what does it matter, they still shorthanded us which gassed our players and led to a tired team when that goal was scored… so they can screw up as much as they want to give the game up and then say… my bad deal with it?

  201. Hey guys, I’m going to be stuck in the car and out of ESPN-radio range during the postgame. Can somebody please sum up what Torts has to say today? Thanks.

  202. hockey in the igloo is played 8 on 6. 8 home players 6 away. I feel for the team that draws pitt in the playoffs

  203. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    rangers better tie this and at least get a point. they need to get pissed and go balls out!!!!

  204. honestly, besides the canadiens,it seems the pens get the most calls for them from the refs. Its obviously nothing Count Bettman is concerned about. Why should he want games officiated correctly when his girlfriend is on the pens?

  205. because they are skating faster on breakaways than on a shootout, and Hank plays deep in his net which leaves a lot of room upstairs.

  206. hey agravaine!!! havent seen ya since before the nashville game!! Did you have a good trip? Did you enjoy the game?

  207. rangers will miss the playoffs, it feals great to say it… this fkin team is fkin ridiculous…wtf?!!?

  208. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    i think were gonna miss the playoffs. were not getting points when everyone else is. gonna be tight, but i doubt we make it. especially if carolina wins

  209. ok guys chances are we’ll be in 7th place come playoff time, so would you rather have devils or capitals? i myself wont asnwer this question until i see the game on monday, want to see how they match against devils with avery

  210. They just can’t win a $#$@# game in this building. There will be none happier than me when the stupid Igloo gets torn down.

  211. crosby is the biggest wet pussy i’ve ever seen. I can’t stand this guy, how anyone outside of Pittsburgh can respect this guy is beyond me.

  212. is it mandatory if this fruitcake gets a point in a game he’s the player of the game?????? So sick of his uglyass mug its ridiculous!!!

    Agravaine, in our row at the game, there was a lady with reddish hair, a white Rangers jersey and an awesome camera, then another lady with dark hair and a blue jersey, and their husbands, i thought one may be you lol. That would’ve been funny.

  213. “because they are skating faster on breakaways than on a shootout, and Hank plays deep in his net which leaves a lot of room upstairs.”

    So he can’t cut off angles and plays too deep in the net and his timing is on all breakaways and odd man rushes?

  214. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    we got cheated by the refs today……………

    but sorry guys, henrik is a loser! bottom line! all he had to do was make one save with the game tied and we at least get a point. i love torts, glad we have him, but maybe renney was onto something, playing a defensive system knowing that Henrik cant win games for us like the loser Clemmensens of the world.

  215. Lev they’ll be lucky if they can even make the playoffs with this tough schedule.

    I f-ckin hate this team right now other than the usual two or three.

  216. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    ya know what, it wouldnt hurt so much if we were able to beat the teams were supposed to beat. atlanta twice. if we had any kind of desire to finish a game, this gme wouldnt be so bad right now. we would still only have 88 points, but maybe if we had won in atlanta, we wouldve went into this game on a better note, and who knows, maybe we get to ot for a point. idk it just pisses me off that we blow games and then a game like this, maybe wouldnt have mattered as much.

  217. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    our penalty kill is good without a good goaltender, imagine if we had a good one.

  218. Did not see the Orr penalty driving my kid..

    to many penalties.. they never win these games, never get big goalsNEVER.




  219. Staal
    on Penalties: PK was great we killed a lot of penalties but you lose momentum using so much energy to kill, you get behind that way and can’t take penaltiies

    Orr: don’t know why, it looked like the guy just turned, didn’t get an explanation

    1 of four points: we know its a big loss we showed character and battle in the game just got to look ahead to Jersey

  220. Refs were awful but these games are must win. And it doesnt seem as if they have any interest in trying to finish in the top 4 or 5 seed. I do like the idea of playing the devs or caps in the first round. From what i’ve seen the Flyers, Pens, and Bruins are the toughest.

  221. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    the pens will get screwed on the calls if they face BOSTON!!! mark it down.

  222. holy cow!! Yahoo shows the post game!!!! Wonder what kinda mood Torts is gonna be in ;-)

    Sam, that’s a very provocative statement. Not saying its right or wrong, it’s just that you don’t see many people calling out Hank. He DOES need to steal us a win though.

  223. Fire Torts!

    Seriously, it was a nice attempt, but let’s face it, the guy blew his load in 04. He’s nothing but a mere caricature of his former himself.

    His benchings make no sense, his line combos leave a lot to be desired. He shows no composure when the team could use confidence instilling. They still takes dumb penalties, including bench minors.

    Torts is not the man that’s going to lead this team to any type of success. Let him finish out this year and bring in a completely unknown next season.

  224. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    sam- u notice hank has only 2 shutouts this season. he lets in a softie evry game. and wasnt it funny last night when we all said, oh we miss hank givin up only 2 a agame. lol. yea right, more like 2 softies a game. he isnt what he used to be, thats all. thats why we ned to get a goalie in here that will actually challenge henrik for the #1spot. i think maybe if we get a decent backup that will play more games than vally, hank might feel some pressure to play better

  225. ANtropov

    getting offensive flow with penalties: we have to stay out of box I got a stupid penalty to and we lost momentum sitting oin the bench

    extra energy for defense: yea it was like they played two games. It was huge. Wasting energy we ran out of gas.

    how difficult getting one out of four points: we did some good things, though didn’t play a good game in Atlanta we battled here. we were close to tieing it at the end of the game. We need to build

    Orr: I just saw he hit a guy I don’t think it should be five minutes but its my opinion I can’t comment…

  226. Everyone gotta root for Dallas, Montreal, and the Devils now.

    I know some people want Buff to win but the gap between the top and bottom 8 needs to stay as wide as possible.

    I hope Sauer stays up, if Mara can’t go then they’re in trouble. Even though he had a bad game, it’s fine, he’s young. He’ll learn.

  227. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    With Henrik playing like this, we might make the playoffs but we have no chance of getting past the 1st round. No chance. He hasn’t made a big save in a while.

  228. Nasty… yes we are… I wish we could keep him over Redden, but in all lieklihood we will lose one over the off season it will be Rozi

  229. mike, every season they ride henrik too much. he should be given games off more regularly during the early part of the seaso, this way, come february, he’s not worn down. But they are always fighting for a playoff spot and it almost seems the coaching staff has not enough confidence in the backup to actually have him start more. Henrik usually kicks it up a notch from Feb to the end of the season, but has yet to steal us a few games. I just wonder if, besides being worn down, (which you KNOW he wouldnt admit to) there is something physically wrong with him.

    Damn just lost the post game!

  230. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    linda- ive ben callin him out too. its not cooincidence. he just isnt as good as we thought. he hasnt stole us a game in alonggg time now. our pk was excellent. no goals against and we still lose it makes it hard to believe in hank when he mostly gets outplayed by the other teams goalie. ive noticed that in rennys system, he gave up less goals, but we scored less, now we score more, and give up alot more. just cant win. our whole team is just not good enough to make it far in the playoffs let alone just barely make it. its been this way for 4 years now, and we havent progressed from good to great.

  231. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    btw memo to MSG: take your mouths off crosby’s nads…please. Everytime he flips a 10 foot pass Sam has a damn orgasm.

  232. they should bring up sangs just for the PP. I know he is not ready to play D at this level, but he could help on the PP

  233. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    that’s what i said to my friend while watching this. vally shouldnt be a backup on a peewee league team. im sorry for insulting henry, but i get so tired of seeing him sometimes, he makes me sick. i think that henrik needs to make adjustements to better himself and our team, but like everything else in life, it’s easier not to change.

  234. Linda… well he went into his usuall slump later than normal so maybe his turnign it on will be a little delayed…. dunno but this team needs him to be great for certain…

    maybe playing more would help Valli too, he becomes rusty sitting so much…

  235. Antropov80 (formerly Prucha25) on

    What a joke of a job by the refs today. It amazes me every time I see the Pens favored in such a blatant, in-your-face way. I wanted to break the tv set.

  236. Four days off for Hank, and he cant even make a save today ? Pathetic. Nyr kept doing what they could to get back in this game, they came back from down 2-0, and 3-2, and still Hank was letting in everything.

    This is pathetic. The call on Orr made absolutely no sense, and the non-call after Antro got tripped by that french loser Dupuis was just BS. This is how it is in the NHL, the Pens get the breaks, call me paranoid, but everytime i think otherwise, something like this happens.

    Hank is really annoying me, cause this system is working, the team is scoring 3-4 goals, sometimes only 1-2, but they’re scoring, and he’s not stopping the puck.

    You can say MAF sucks, but last i checked he was in the Cup finals, and today he blew Hank out of the water, and was ten times better. HE made the saves, that needed to be saved. When Nyr tied it up, HE didn’t let them back in it, but Hank did. MAF made a huge save in the final minute, and Hank couldn’t stop Crybaby on a breakaway. He couldn’t stop a couple of 4th liners from scoring.

    This teams going nowhere, if he plays like this.

    Redden, well, what else is new, HE FUGGIN SUCKS. This guy needs to OD on cocaine, and miss the rest of the season.

    Now, home ice is officially out of the question. There’s no way they’re gonna get it. Because they’re too busy blowing three goal leads against garbage teams, and losing to teams they need to beat, like the Canes, Pens, etc.

    This game ruined my fuggin day, but im sure Dreary is gonna have a great time tonight, and tomorrow, and hit the clubs, and have a couple of beers, watch some stupid Spring baseball, and not give a sh*t.

  237. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Tough loss! Just want to make a couple of points about the game.

    –Let there be no doubt that the NHL has given the officials the word to help the
    Penguins. This was game was an utter disgrace perpetrated by the league against the Rangers.

    –And yet with all that said,where were the Rangers so called “franchise”? Drury wastotaly invisible.Redden is a joke on skates! It is still mind boggling how Sather could give this clown 39 million dollars!!!!!!!. And for the first time since he’s been here, I am now questioning LQ’s big game ability. He wasn’t terrible today,but he did not make one big save either and for 7.5 million per year,he cannot be outplayed by Fleury in such a big game.

    –On the positive,I thought Cally,Dubi,Gomez,Avery,Staal,Antro and to a somewhat lesser extant,Morris stepped up today. I ‘m sorry to say that I can now envision a scenario where we quite possibly may only get 2-4 more points the rest of the way and nopt get in the playoffs.

  238. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    msg is a bunch of scumbags. their injury health report is on ryan miller, not even one of the metro ice challenge teams. who give a flying about ryan miller, i care about roszival

  239. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    linda- hank is 26 or 27. martin brodeur is what, 36?? how can he play 70 somethin games a year and hank cant. i dont believe thats the problem. hes just not as good as everyone makes him out to be. i think its partly because since richter, we havent had any good goalies and all of a sudden here he comes and plays great his first year so we all are starstruck by him. but in reality, hes pretty average. hes gotten steadily worse in the last 2 years. his first 2 were great. this year hes been average. stats dont lie. his 2.5 gaa is average.

  240. well, there are only what, 6 or 7 games left?? He better start performing miracles come Monday night, or I won’t have to worry about missing my guilty tv pleasures, Prison Break, Fringe and Deadliest Catch!!!

  241. Phil has his mouth on Renney as sure as Sam R has his on Cindy.

    yeah sure phil. bring in espo to coach. maybe phil is espo

  242. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    Any way you look at it, Lundqvist needs to be better or we’re on the golf course. No, he wasn’t bad, but he needs to be great with this defense corps.

  243. it’s not the coach’s fault that his goalie didn’t make the saves when needed.

  244. just saw the Orr play, aNOTHER PITTSBURGH GIFT.

    5 Minutes for that.

    IS ANYONE SUPRISED THAT PITTSBURGH GOT ALL THE CALLS?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Cindy always gets all the calls, NHL refs Suck……

    CaRP why don’t you ask the league lackeys about that CRAP???????????????????????

  245. good point mike. then again, brodeurs had that ‘system’ in place pretty much the whole time there, and a GM that knows what the hell he is doing when it comes to cultivating players, signing his own important players, and picking up final puzzle pieces. Meanwhile, Daddy Warbucks Sather gives mad loot to Redden. Anyway, i went off on a tangent there.

    I think you’re right when you say Hank needs a backup who is going to push him to be better. Valli is NOT that guy. Hank knows he’s not gonna lose his starters position to Valli, but if they brought in someone who would be deeemed serious competition, that could be very very interesting. Do you think the 15 year old girls would riot??

  246. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    alex b, sam and orr,thank you for agreeing with me and finally some posters here see what i see in regards to hank and our defense.its like, half the team has a good game, the other half sucks, then next game, our team plays great and our goalie sucks, then the next game we score 1 or 2 and our goalie blows it. idk it just seems that its one or the other. we cant just have the whole team play great.

  247. gotta head out, will check back later to see any updates on Mara’s condition and if that vein in Torts head exploded! Try to enjoy what’s left of your Saturday! Catch ya later!

  248. “With Henrik playing like this, we might make the playoffs but we have no chance of getting past the 1st round. No chance. He hasn’t made a big save in a while.”

    That’s what it is right now. If the so-called King can bail out this team like we know he can, they can do anything.

    We have some coaching stuff too though. I understand benching 2 of our defenseman this game for a bit but we only have 6.

    I agree with most of what he’s done but in his short time I can criticize more than a few things strongly: team runs out of gas yet still less 4th line time (which owns with guys like Betts and Orr), Z as whipping boy (and no shootout BEFORE NASLUND +diminished icetime) when he needs to be encouraged, less Avery time, etc.

    Not to be a downer AGAIN foolz

  249. HL needs to be better, but all you need to know about Redden you saw on the 4th goal. Morris got beaten, yes, but Redden was in touch with Sid and HAS to leave his feet and try to sweep check Crosby. HAS TO. Instead he coasted and did nothing to make the guy change his shot. 1000% lack of effort.

  250. it is up to Allaire to get Hank playing at the top of his crease, instead of being so deep in the net that he is giving way too much net to shooters.

  251. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    hellz yea linda, we need to dump vally and have a tandem goaltending that will be a 60-40 ratio of games played. hank isnt good enough to cary this team without better d or a jagr type player to help.

  252. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    After seeing the last goal again…please Torts put Redden’s ass in the press box for Monday night and teach him a lesson. That “effort” was disgusting.

  253. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    so what did torts say in the press conference? did he even answer 1 question? or did he stomp off mad like a mad 5 year old

  254. Very tough loss to take. This was one of the worst officated games I’ve ever seen par the coarse for a Pens game. Avery gets elbowed, crosschecked, and mugged nmo calls. Antropov is tripped up late no call. I can take a loss if the team is outworked and outplayed but when the refs have sucha huge part in the game well it’s killer. The Rangers are now only 2 points ahead of the Habs with the Habs holding to games in hand. Because of how the refs tilted the ice to the Pens the Rangers are now back to the brink of maybe not even making the playoffs. That call on Orr was deplorable. If that’s a major than how did Gill not get one oh wait………. This loss wasn’t all due to the refs seemingly having money on the Pens. Wade Redden was a turnstyle for the opposition yet again. The first penalty of the game was because he was flat footed. He also got out of position on the third goal(he went to the boards instead of getting back) He just let Crosbitch walk past him on the 4th goal without so much as hitting or even hooking him(Morris made a soft play too) Did Naslund play? If he’s hurt sit him and call up someone from Hartford that can add offense(Anismov or Parentau)The loss is also on Torts. Hello Mara’s eye is swollen shut if he can’t see in one eye he can’t play. Someone should have been called up for today’s game. He didn’t put anyone in the box on Orr’s penalty(and that could have cost em)I thought Hank gave up a couple of weak goal(the first and third) he did play better and got stronger after the third goal. This team showed character coming back from being behiong 2-0 early. Callahan had a great game and imo was easily the best Ranger on the ice. He hit got to the net and was strong at both ends of the ice and on the pk. Avery got beat up but he got up and created offense and havoc in front on the net. Gomez was pretty good too. They couldn’t get much flow in the third due all the b.s penalty. Paretty quiet game for Antropov but he did score a nifty goal and had a great chance in the third. Outside of the nice pass to Dubi on the tying goal (in the 1st)outside of that he was way way too quiet. Girardi and Staal rebounded wonderfully and were great. Funny how the one time they weren’t on the ice vs Crosby he scored. The league will reward the refs I’m sure after today’s disgrace. Another huge game against the Devs(who has struggled lately) still they have played well vs the Rangers.

  255. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    Torts sticking up for Avery with the refs right now in his interview.

  256. Torts

    Orr: No explanation they said it was an interference call, you guys make your call. Its frustrating two teams in the position we are in I just hope we let the teams determine the result

    all the PK: It wears you down. We did a lot of good things today we had a chance to tie it at the end. We;ve done some great things. You just need to let the teams determine the results. THe players play hard.

    Avery: Sean makes his own bed on some things prior BUt I think he’s done his penance. I hope he’s given a fair shake. If he does somehting stupid give him a panlty but he is trying to concentrate on the game and I hope he is treated fairly.

    anythign postive? we did good things. Chance to score Hank played well. They scored a big goal when we gave up the middle of the ice and we shouldn’t have btu the guys stayed with it. We had a chance at the end with the goalie pulled but Fleury made a good save.

    thats all I got…

  257. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    if torts benches redden, then i will be very satisfied with him. until the supposed “accountability” starts with redden getting benched, and naslund too, and stop benching z, then he has done nothing different than renny. please torts, get mad at the people who deserve it. redden!!!!

  258. The refs sucked, but come on, the Rangers sucked worse. What a joke.

    Where the heck’s legendary winner “Captain Clutch” Drury? Where’s Scott Gomez? Both of them have turned out to be what the negative posters were claiming early on: offensively iffy guys who are good when playing with great players and irrelevant as forces in their own right. Sad.

    Nice goal by Dubi, but he’s bumming me out. Get better and smarter! He’ll never wear the “C” with Staal on this team.

  259. Unless they pull a Renneyesque-April-2006-nosedive, they’ll get in. Remember, their lead over FLA is effectively 5 points right now because they have the first tie-breaker in number of wins.

  260. the Debbies game is the season. if they get a big win, it should give them enough confidence to make it. if they fall short, it may well spell doom for this year.

    LGR ! beat the crap out of the debbies and fatso

  261. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    so torts was pretty much okay with the effort. well, the effort was ok, the 3rd period we were lucky enough to still be in it after all the calls, but still, its a loss, and we just cant afford to lose anymore. this is what pisses me off so much about the atlanta game. we absolutely have to win those games. we deserve to be in this position after that debacle in atlanta.

  262. To the little bitch named ‘F U Phil’… Listen fuckwad, I was calling for Renney’s head after we got swept by the Devils 4 years ago while everyone else, including you probably, was busy sucking his dick simply because we made the playoffs. I give no one a pass, including has-been, one tick pony coaches like the arrogant blowhard prick we have behind the bench now.

    You’re right, Lundqvist gave up a shitty breakaway goal and overall didn’t have that great of a game — but the reason I blame the coach is because Lundqvist should’ve never been given a break the other night against Atlanta to begin with. Lundqvist wins that game and his confidence carries over and he stays in his ‘zone’ through the next game.

    See how the coach is to blame now, douche? My guess is you don’t see shit with Torts’ prostate blocking your view.

  263. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    i hear that crunch, what home games do we have and who do we play against at home?

  264. I was thinking we for sure would make the playoffs. Now, I am thinking we probably will, but I would not be surprised if we finish 8th now.

  265. Frickin PJ Cd due to arive April 2nd…I went cheap; free shipping…

    Lets Go Buffalo?

  266. Everyone’s ready to crucify Henrik now but remember what Jane said in the live video; he’s still not right from that stomach thing and is showing some wear and tear.

    Remember when everyone was ready to kill Richter after that goal against Pitt in the 92 playoffs? That was Richter’s 3rd year and this is Henrik’s 4th. Chill with him.

    Drury again does nothing. I just don’t like him.

    By the way I didn’t want to bring this up but Derek Morris has only played in like 6 playoff games in his career. I hope I’m wrong but the guy is mush.

  267. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    phil- i agree that hank sucked today, bu we still shouldve won that game even with vally in net. and also, whoever is poster “f u phil”, are u a new poster or just someone who changed their name? im guessing ur not new, and if so, thats pretty weak man. if i dont like someones pov or something they said, i dont change my name like a biatch to tell them what i think. i remember when everyone called me a renny lover just for the fact that i thought the team gave up on him and it was so obvious. i thought renny sucked but the team sucked worse

  268. I’m pretty surprised to see people throwing Lundqvist under the bus. The Rangers wouldn’t even be in playoff position if not for his play over the first 20 games of the season. And the only reason the score was 3-3 was because of the multiple saves he made on Crosby in the 2nd period. I hate Cindy as much as anybody but if you give the guy enough open looks, he’s going to score eventually. If you want to call the 4th goal soft, that’s fine but the guy has built up a head full of steam from the red line and is third in the league in points.

    Also, it’s tough to play a high energy game when you spend 1/3 of your time on the PK. No Gomez and no Avery for extended periods of time minimize your scoring opportunities and that’s what happened tonight. I thought Staal and Girardi bounced back nicely and Morris had a solid game but Redden is basically a pylon; it’s brutal to watch.

    I can’t wait for the Rangers not to be able to lock Callahan down because they are overpaying for Redden, Drury, Gomez, and Naslund.

  269. Rigure-Florida plays Dallas tonight and Dallas stinks this year.

    Kaspar-I’m rooting for Montreal because if Buff gets hot, it’s someone else the Rangers need to worry about. I’ll take the 8th seed if it means Flo-rida and Buff stay like 5-7 points behind.

    They need a real backup in the offseason. Get a veteran like Kolzig (not him but someone like that). This is the only time I am ever for bringing in a veteran.

    With 6 games left it’s time that Captain Clunk, Dredden, and Gomez show a little leadership and step up. Wow do I hate Drury. I almost dislike him as much as Rachunek and Shane Churla.

  270. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    How much would you pay to see Torts put a stone cold stunner on Redden? Me personally, $50. I’ve got tuition to pay, otherwise it’d be in the hundreds.

  271. Perkins, on know what you mean about the Atlanta game. Even though I would’ve played Lundqvist, you’re absolutely right that we should’ve put that game away.

    And as far as that coward who didn’t have the guts to post under his regular handle, that’s exactly why I unloaded on that prick.

  272. ZZ-C’mon that’s not gonna happen. Cally will be back and so will Dubi.

    If they’re not then I don’t give a sh*t about this team until Sather is gone.

    Shoryuken on Redden-great name. Street Fighter IV is cool but did they have to name the boss Seth? Real evil.

    Here’s some others:

    Spinning Pile Driver to Drury, Hundred Hand Slap to Naslund.

  273. A guy walks into a bar and says to the bartender “get me and everyone in here a drink…and get one for yourself”

    The bartender serves everyone and says”thanks; that’ll be 36 dollars”

    The guy says “I dont have any money”

    The bartender smacks him up side the head and kicks him out

    Later that evening the guy comes back in and the bartender asks “what the hell do you want?”

    The guy says “get me and everyone in here a drink..but I’m not buying one for you this time; cause when you drink you get nasty”

  274. Shoryuken-I’ll pay YOU $500 if I can give a Stone Cold Stunner to Redden and Sweet Shin Music to Drury.

  275. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    NCAA hockey tourney on ESPNU and ESPN2 right now


    How about $1000 for a pedigree on Bettman?

  276. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    Wow New Hampshire forces OT against North Dakota with 0.1 left, 5-5.

  277. Need both Florida & Buffalo to lose tonight. Right now, the other games are meaningless….

    Rangers will open up playoffs on the road playing against :

    New Jersey Devils


    Washington Caps


    Boston Bruins

  278. jesus, just stop dwelling about vally being in net in thrashers´s simple, Torts thought Atlanta would be easy win for us and let Vally get a chance to touch the puck one last time(hopefully), he obviously thought it was a given 2 points right away, it´s not weird, i thought they would beat atlanta aswell, but ofc they didnt.

    PS. there wont be any playoff hockey i MSG this season, so Dolan can already get ready to kick Sathers butt out of here. Honestly, lets start thinking about next season; this is totally freaking me out..

  279. this team is in trouble. with the schedule we have i feel something similar to what happened to the mets and jets in the past seasons.

    another COLLAPSE


  280. Has anyone else noticed the strong resemblance between Jane’s promo photo here on the blog and Cindy Crosby? Is it true that Cindy is Jane’s long lost sister? Judge for yourself . . .

    No offense meant Jane. Just a stab at humor after a disappointing loss. You look good as a woman. Cindy looks like a woman as a guy. :)

  281. RetireBrad{ark's#2 on

    In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a king punished by the gods. His punishment was to roll a huge boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this throughout eternity.

    Today, Sisyphean can be used as an adjective meaning that an activity is unending and/or repetitive. It could also be used to refer to tasks that are pointless and unrewarding.

    Kinda like wasting your time watching the Rangers, Mets, and Jets.

  282. Antropov80 (formerly Prucha25) on

    Henrik is still has that stomach problem? Why? Doesn’t he have access to some of the best docs in the world? It doesn’t sound like a run-of-the-mill stomach flu to me. I don’t have to be a doctor to know that.

  283. Id love to give Redden a stone cold stunner. Better yet, ill give him a tombstone to hell n back. End his season.

    Anyone who blames the officials for this loss is delusional. Lets face it, they were BS, but last i checked they didn’t score a PP goal. Yeah, it took out momentum away, but GOOD TEAMS find ways to gain momentum, and in most cases a good PK could really fire a team up.

    This loss is on Hank’s shoulders. That’s all there is to it. Yeah, Redden, and Morris let that pillow biter blow by them, but Hank didn’t come up with the big save. Enough said. Hank should know by now, his D rarely ever makes life easy for him, he should expect things like this.

    I really thought this was the year we would finally see home ice advantage, but once again, it wont happen. Not only that, if they’re not careful, they might sit in 9th when it’s all over.

  284. UESBlueshirt on

    What a nauseating game to watch today on several levels.

    The 3rd period was the stereotypical period that will turn hockey fans off from the NHL. I’m not talking about casual hockey fans since most of them don’t fully understand the rules of the game. Conspiracy theory or not, the refs revealed their anti-Avery bias the 1st period and an explicit pattern of inconsistency in the 3rd period.

    The PP is still a disaster. They usually are good for one PP a game where it looks like they’re doing all the right things with puck movement, player movement and creativity. Simply put, the Rangers lack of offensive creativity is what stifles the PP.

    I still don’t get how Henrik is so good at the SO but is really poor on breakways and odd man rushes. It’s tough to blame a goalie on creating either one of those, but stopping Talbot, Fedetenko or Crosby on their goals would have been clutch. He might be too patient sometimes with letting the shooter glide in on him, I think if he was more aggressive with his stick then it might change things

    Thank god a Rangers-Penguins matchup in the playoffs is unlikely. How is they can now win at Nassau, at the Rock, enough of the time in Philly but Pittsburgh continues to be a hosue of horrors?

  285. ORR
    agree totally however does anyone querstion torts for putting orr out there in the first place. he saw 2:40 of ice time for the first 2 periods. you didnt see godard out there in the 3rd.



  286. Officiating was awful. Our PK was great, but the team was so gassed running on 4 dman that we couldn’t expect to win that game.

  287. gomez has been the best ranger for weeks…

    reden gambles for no reason.. check out the 3rd goal his being stuck on the wrong side is insane stupidity.

    the penguins always get the calls it literally is a joke. Will our esteemed press corps of the big city every call the NHL on this garbage??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  288. last time i checked shoenfeld runs the d,any reason staal and girardi came off right before cindy blew by redden? terrible job if u ask me.

  289. gomez hasn’t been great in my opinion, he may be skating fast, but he doesnt do much else (excluding the goal against the Wild)

    clearly this team has major flaws and the personnel needs to be changed over the summer thru trades, waivers not resigning, etc

    sauer may not have had a great game, but not sure he deserved to be benched the whole third period while redden kept going out there.

    and while the game was by no means henrik’s fault the crosby goal wasnt great. i think hank is a good goalie but he has not yet convinced me that he can steal games on his own like richter did and marty, etc still do. he is young so no reason to panic but i dont think he really deserves his contract yet, he was fortunate to have such leverage on the rangers when he became a restricted free agent

  290. sauer was benched 2 periods. the guy played 2 minutes.. the first 2 goals were Mara’s fault.

    they are calling up another D man per ranger rants..

    Check out on anyother no hockey blog and see if any of the dopes complain once about the calls!!!!


  291. I meant any non ranger blig.. the pitt fans are so stupid they do not even know they get every call…all the time….

    eaton was falling….5 minutes my a–

  292. “Fire Torts”, “trade Henrik”, “sue the officials”….lol that the least of this teams problems.

    The majority of our forwards can’t play Torts’s system and the defense is not mobile or smart enough to cover for their screw ups. Passing in skates is something you learn not to do in midget hockey. Not only do they not pass where the player is going to be, they pass where they were 5 min before.

    Everyone should be on their knees praying that Henrik gets his A+ form back because without it, this team is going nowhere faster then Z going around the outside only to stop, try a button hook and lose the puck.

  293. Mara is back to his crap level of play of his first 1 1/2 years here, starting with the dumb-ass “too many men on the ice” penalty when he jumped over the boards at the same time a teammate was released from the sin bin. Damn, that takes REAL brains. Sauer got a minus 2, in two minutes of total play all game, thanks to Torts benching him and his partner, Mara, who is already on summer vacation at the fishing lodge.

    No one likes it when a forward line, or a D tandem is playing poorly, but to shorten the bench and exhaust the rest of the team, is compounding the situation. Of course Staal and Girardi did not take reduced minutes after their horrible Atlanta performance, it’s just the marginal players who are never allowed to have a bad game. Sauer and Korpi are getting shafted on the mintues end of it. At the very least they could help by playing more and giving more rest to the rest of team.

    If this team makes the playoffs, well, they look spent, like it’s deep into the playoffs, already. The goalie is playing on exhaust fumes, his back-up belongs in Harford, and pukin Rozsival will be coming back, all too soon. Redden = stealing the club’s money, as usual. What I want to know is what he REALLY does for a living?

  294. Staal

    That’s one weak and overpaid group of of Dman, I’m sure if we generated a dollar to productivity ratio to that group, they’d be last in the league. Henrik hasnt been great (I suppose it’s hard to maintain Vezina Nominating seasons, which he’s done the past 3 years), but the guy has such subpar dmen. With that said, he has let in some real softies the last couple weeks.

    It also doesnt help that we have Captain “Clutch” also taking up 7 million of cap to stymie our offensive.

  295. Re the above comment that “Gomez has been the best player on the team for weeks,” I see it as CALLAHAN has not only emerged as by far, the best player on the team down the stretch, any more improvement and production and he will be taking his place among the best players in the entire league.

    He scores 30 goals, he is a lot more valuable than many guys with 10-15 more goals, but with major flaws and shortcomings in their overall game. Callahan is a gazelle in all three zones. Fast becoming my choice as the next captain. Been in Duby’s corner, for a long time, but Cally is now the man.


    I have been saying this for a while now. I love how under Torts uptempo that he acknoledges that we are gonna have more 2 on 1’s but that we have a “great” goalie that will neutralize those sorts of things. BULSHI@^$(*&. Hank has not been great since the first two months of the year.

    I’ll put it to you guys as simply as this regarding Hank’s play, not of late, but for a ling time:
    1. He lets in way too many soft goals

    2. He doesn’t make the unbelievable saves like he used to.

    I know that we don’t have any options, and I am not saying to bench him. I still believe he is a good goalie. But, lets not kid ourselves, this guy has been just plain mediocre for a long time.

    What the hell happened to him?????

  297. ***LUNDQVIST SUCKS!!!!!

    I have been saying this for a while now. I love how under Torts uptempo that he acknoledges that we are gonna have more 2 on 1’s but that we have a “great” goalie that will neutralize those sorts of things. BULSHI@^$(*&. Hank has not been great since the first two months of the year.

    I’ll put it to you guys as simply as this regarding Hank’s play, not of late, but for a ling time:
    1. He lets in way too many soft goals

    2. He doesn’t make the unbelievable saves like he used to.

    I know that we don’t have any options, and I am not saying to bench him. I still believe he is a good goalie. But, lets not kid ourselves, this guy has been just plain mediocre for a long time.

    What the hell happened to him?????

  298. Cakewalk, you have no idea about hockey…mara has been there best dman all year. One gaol today was his fault and his was not him jumping over the boards for too many men, he was coming out of the box you idiot. Mara has been great for all his partners this year, Brought kalinin from -17 to -9, brought rozi from -13 to -9 and staal has gone from +8 to -9, figure it out, Mara is the most solid d they have and if they keep playing redden they will be finished soon

  299. first off,
    agree with Lobster in regards to Hank. he had periods in the past couple of years where he wasn’t Vezina-like. and, with his dad’s illness, it’s possible his mind wasn’t completely focussed. but, Hank seemed to be happier with the coaching change because the entire game did not depend on him
    he stopped MANY 2 on 1s and breakaways during previous years. so, something is wrong!! either with Hank’s focus and/or his coaching.
    i really hate to bring this up but i’m mad enough to say it
    but brodeur has played a lot and has been much more consistent. and if Hank wants to beat him in awards and in games and win Cups then he’s got to step it up.


    I also agree with RetireBrad{ark’s#2
    Sisyphus comment. yes, Sisyphean (adjective meaning that an activity is unending and/or repetitive. It could also be used to refer to tasks that are pointless and unrewarding.
    Kinda like wasting your time watching the Rangers, Mets, and Jets.)
    is definitely true with this team. i have spent so many nights this season wondering why i wasted another few hours of my life watching a game and then trying to get rid of the anger of another bitter loss.
    it seems as if the fans are taking it much harder than the players. and Rick/Jane, if you think otherwise then they’d play differently. i’m seeing much more passion from other teams in the league as well as this Ranger team a week or two ago.

    because of that, i skipped today’s game. dislike the pens and the NHL’s overall favorable actions to the team more than i do the devs/isles/flyers put together. sidney is only continuing a pens tradition started by mario (yeah, i said it! because i used to watch enough pens games to see the same whine/penalty, Ranger inability! i was behind the goal and watched the puck hit the boards, bounce behind a kneeling Beezer who couldn’t find it and sit there in the paint for an easy tap in for the pens win.)

    saw I Love You, Man (recommended! funny with a little of that Judd Apatow sentimentality thrown in) and an early dinner.

    from what i hear, i made the right move.
    as far as Sauer
    just typical of Ranger world that a rookie’s mistakes are multiplied by 1,000 and a veteran’s are nullified by 1,000,000.

  300. the goals when sauer was on the ice were not his fault. mara was on the damn wrong side of the ice on 1.

    look at what redden did today again why gamble on every play, is he mike green?

    also Carp how about the great ref’d game.. Why do the cindy’s get every call at home every game???Why, educate me????

  301. do you guys know when playoff ickets go on sale and how much more expensive they are compared to a regular season game. im looking for like a Game 3 or 4

  302. Lundqvist doesn’t suck. He is an All Star. He did play a below average game, but he isn’t the reason we lost this game.

    Our Defense sucks. Mara isn’t that great, he got beaten badly on that goal. Redden can’t skate backwards. Morris and Redden got abused by Crosby on the breakaway goal.

    I have played hockey all my life, I don’t care who is in the goal, on a breakaway I’ll bet on me. All you guys blaming HL for this loss probably never skated in your life.

    I kind of liked Mike Sauer’s game. I don’t know what he did today to get benched, but I hope he learned something because I bet heis in Hartford before Monday.

    I cussed out my TV many times today when I saw the REf’s calls and non-calls.

    WE will make the playoffs. I’d rather be eighth. We will beat Boston, again. We got their number.

  303. Wait. I just heard this hot rumor, trust me:

    1. Hospodar February 26th, 2009 at 11:42 pm
    I am hearing that Gomez is gone – he’s being dealt to Edmonton within the next 48 hours and we’ll acquire Cole and Shremp for him and a pick – we’ll then land Tkachcuk and Hinote for a pick and Stepan , and spin around and add Derek Morris for Girardi &Voros or Dawes – if not Dawes , Dawes and Prucha are going to Calgary.
    We’ll also be making a big run at Bouwmeester , who did not impress MSG brass tonite BTW
    We’ll have 4-7 new faces by next Wednesday.
    Trust me.

  304. I would like to get a catch phrase started, I`m kinda stealin this from the movie Kingpin but can we change the phrase from being MUNSONed to being REDDENed I think its fitting for all who saw the movie and can relate to the way the zombie Redden attempts to play hockey

  305. Listen to the devils announcers complaining about calls but our kiss asses never complain except Maloney.

    The NJ announcers were probably right but out primm and proper announcers try to be SO OBJECTIVE..

    again 5 minute penalty on ORR is it even debateable.

    scoreboard is a disaster tonight…

  306. They are toast!! Schedule is to tough down the road. I think we are going to miss the playoffs this year. There just not good enough.

  307. ouch ! all teams get 2 pts, Mtl gets one

    and WORST of all, Fla is leading 4-2 late in the 3rd

    a win on Mon is vital now

  308. Rob, we actually only have 6 games left. I would expect us to win the 3 home games we have against NJ, Montreal, and Philly. I would also think out of the 3 road games that we have with Carolina, Philly, and Boston, that we could win one of those games, but after the last two games, anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

  309. The one positive, if the Rangers miss the playoffs, is that Sather might get fired. This team is a collection of misfits and some good players. This team is so poorly constructed that any new GM will have to waive at least 4 players if they cant be traded. A new plan and team is needed. Sather is a fraud and has haphazardly crippled this team with his ridiculous contracts with really no plan at all. It’s ironic at this stage of the season that we are hoping to back in to the playoffs. Sather and his signings should be ashamed for insulting the Ranger sweater with poor play and planning. Sathers team has found its level and unfortunately this is it, they might miss the playoffs.

  310. pens fans are all over the recap on saying that the orr penalty was completely warranted…i was so pissed i almost posted then realized it’s not worth it, and came here to vent instead lol :)


  311. I can guarantee you that sather will not be fired. if they miss the playoffs, he might move upstairs to pres only, and they will get a new GM with sather overseeing him, but dolan loves him and has said he will not fire him.

  312. if the rangers just win there home games they make it end the story..

    throwing away a point in ATL, lising the 2 to 1 at home henrik disaster to florida, the Ottowa joke all kill.

    Henrik is a very good goalie but he has not played that well this year. Ward in carolina has played much much better. it happens but Henrik has not carried the team, I do not see it.. His save % is good but not close to great. Watch Roloson the old man he is carrying a terrible team on his back…..

  313. Zipay says they are blaming Sauer for the first 2 goals, and that either Potter or Fahey will be called up

  314. why not sanguenetti? give him a chance to do something on the PP

    hes got the shot and nobody on this team(save mara healthy, and morris) want to shoot on the PP

  315. I just got back from the Devils/Canes game. I made several children cry and almost got in a few fights with all 7 of their clueless fans.


  316. “Zipay says they are blaming Sauer for the first 2 goals, and that either Potter or Fahey will be called up”


    Sauer is more defensively responsible than Redden. Put that coke head’s ass on a bus to Hartford and NEVER LOOK BACK! That worthless sack of guwno was at fault for 3 goals.

    Oh, and Hank SUCKED today. 4 softies! $7 million! WOOHOO!!!!!!

  317. Hmmm, sounds like “Bang on Henrik Day”, kind of what I did a week or so ago. I like the guy, he’s a good goalie, but Sather (that f*&%!) threw way too much $$$ at him, among others. He’s done nothing as yet to earn it.

  318. my opinion on hank

    hes been off by like a fraction of a second since december…

    i think we need to get a decent backup to give him rest next year

  319. read Meltzer a penguin hack on hockey buzz how stupid are people? saw nothing wrong with the Orr penalty call, the guy was vulnerable… He was vulnerable because of his own fault moron. he was slipping down as he got hit..

    this is a violent sport of collisions if they won’t to make collisons illegal play it like girls lacrosse. I have a daughter who plays it, great sport, no contact…………

    these people watch thousands of games and have absolutely no clue…sam rosen never ever criticizes anyone or anything I use to like him but I am starting to think he is a corporate lacky moron………….

  320. Carp,

    anytime man, I did my best there…

    how is Rozsival doing? and is Sauer really being sent down? I didn’t see the first two goals I have no clue what happened there or if he deserves the blame, but if Mara couldn’t see right that is a real wrong situation to put a kid in to…

  321. Observations: (1) worst officiating I’ve seen in years. Antropov was tripped without a call. Orr never should of gotten a 5 min. major. Poor Avery’s between a rock a a hard place: he’s a human target for opposing players and officials. (2) Although, Lunqvist made 5-7 fantastic stops, he’s not stopping the breakaways and inside the post shots that he did last year. He become just a very good goaltender but not exceptional like he was last year. In order for the Rangers to go anywhere Henik has to be at his very best every game.. (3) In the 2nd period Gomez had a chance to put us ahead 3-2. What happened, he couldn’t finish and they came back to score. Chapter and verse with the Rangers. They’re very difficult to watch if you have a heart condition. (4) You need to play with (6) healthy defensemen not (4). Whe didn’t they bring up Potter from Hartford. (5) As much as I like this all out aggressive play installed by Torts, we really don’t have the quality of players to execute and sustain this type of play, particularly in the 3rd period. (6) Where would we be now if we had Jagr and Straka instead of the two washed up overpayed players ie. Naslund and Redden. Jagr literally carried the Rangers on his back for the last three years. As hard as we play we just don’t have impact players that can score. We just may not be that good.

  322. If it wasn’t for the salary cap the rangers would have never made the playoffs under Sather’s regime. The cap forced Sather to clean house of the over the hill over paid bums and start from scratch and rebuild the farm system and the team and because of that the rangers made the playoffs since the cap. When we (ranger fans) thought finally Sather is now forced to build the team the correct way because of the cap he throws stupid money again at players who aren’t worth have that much and now where back to square one. It will be a very interesting off season for sather. The way I see it is we will lose not only our ufa’s but most likely our young rfa’s and ufa’s.

  323. I mean I simply don´t get it. How you can you recall a defenseman from the minors, I really don´t know like in the case of Michael Sauer…I followed all the discussions here on the board, because I do not know about good defenseman from the Wolfpack and they have mentioned different defenseman there…

    And how was the result: you end up playing the game with only simply four defensemen..
    Torts how can you call up a guy, you don´t know about ????
    I may go over videos or talking to the coach of the Wolfpack or doing some different thing, but I wouldn´t handled this way just saying that Schoenfeld knows about those guys he should have made the right call..

    I simpy don´t get it…

    And now it will be speculated that Sauer will be sent back to Hartford…

  324. Positives from last night

    -WE killed 9 penalties last night
    -Girardi and Staal played for about 31 min each
    -Antro scored a sick goal
    -Cally scored a huge goal
    -Dubi Scored and is hopefully found his scoring touch again
    -Officiating dictated the end result of this game, period.

    these were the positivies I took from this game. And Shittsburgh is the team I HATE THE MOST

    We are goign to get into the playoffs, no home ice advantage, but I feel like everything htis team has been through this year, it’s only going to make us tougher to beat.

    PLus Devils lost there 4th in a row, so there goign to be out for blood on Monday. HUGE GAME


  325. This team is out of shape due to the coddling by Renney before Torts showed up. Torts demands a certain level of play and if you don’t provide it, you are gone. If Renney was still running this team, they’d be out of the playoffs already.

    I’d like to see what Torts will do next season when he can shape them up from day one.

  326. I went over the tape and I can say that you can´t fault Sauer a lot because he was comitted to his man on the first goal when Mara got away from Talbot who scored the goal. On the second he was behind the goal, and the forwards failed to backcheck on Cooke´s goal…

    Redden and Morris made a even more bad figure on the winning goal by Crosby. When you see as a defenseman that Crosby is coming on with such a speed you need to help your partner as Morris did and let Redden without a chance to deal with Crosbys speed. Morris already admitted his mistake but those were much crucial at this stage of the game as Sauer´s, when in the first part of the first period the Rangers were not in the game…!!!!

  327. Yeah Zipay is reporting that they sent Sauer down to Hartford and recalled Potter…

    It is just ridicoulus because on the Rangers website they having a story about Sauer and his quite a good impression on his first days with the Rangers…

    You know what ? Once in a while you can´t take this organzisation serious , isn´it ???

  328. We’re 2 points out of 9th with 6 games to go, every single one of them against a playoff contending team. If that isn’t HUGE, then I don’t know what is. No help from the other teams last night, Flyers and Panthers both won, and Buffalo beat Montreal in OT. Looks like other teams in the race are taking this seriously

  329. Shouldn't Make Playoffs on

    People need to stop acting like this team is a lock for the playoffs. I posted an interesting website below (stolen from another team’s boards) that lists the percentage possibility of each team making the playoffs. Currently, the Rangers sit at 62.9%. Sorry, I wouldn’t bet the house if I only had a 3-of-5 chance in winning. Also, click on the Rangers link. Towards the top of the Rangers page, it shows what will happen to the team’s chances depending on the result of their next game. If we get 2 pts against the Devils, we’re over 77%. If we lose in regulation, we’re at 50%. By far the biggest game of the year.

  330. Joe, the Panthers getting hot and they have four out of six at home including games against teams which are not in plyoff contention any more…

    Buffalo getting hot as well winning the last two games…

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