Rage, rage against the dying of the light


If you wanted an idea of how rotten last night’s 5-4 shootout loss to the Thrashers was, all you need to know is that Rangers coach John Tortorella couldn’t keep it together for more than 30 seconds before storming out of the postgame.

“I thought we sucked right on through the game,” Tortorella said. “I think we’re fortunate to get a point, very fortunate to get that.”

And that was the composed part. How I wish I had audio of the whole thing for you all. The Rangers were up 4-1 in the second period before letting it all slip away. The NHL.com game recap is here. Andrew Gross of the Bergen Record has a first hand account of the debacle here. Larry Brooks of the Post asks some fine questions here. And Steve Zipay of Newsday asks why the system keeps giving up third period goals.

As for the standings, the Rangers are in seventh and a point behind Pittsburgh in the Eastern Conference standings. And next up: the Penguins, tomorrow. The Canadiens are sneaking back up and are two points behind the Rangers in eighth place. Fasten your seatbelts…

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  1. Jane,
    You are Carp are fun. I feel like you two are fans like the rest of us and seem to be having a lot of fun with your job. Thank you for that. Is it true that a reporter followed Torts down the hall after her walked away and Torts shot him with a crossbow and then tied him at the wrist and ankles, carried him on a hockey stick, and then cooked him over an open pit of fire, where all the players watched in horror. Only Voros seemed to be excited and licking his lips. Is that true? That is what I heard. :)

  2. Jane –

    Tell us what he said that wasnt captured on audio! ;)

    unless its too many expletives!! haha

    Anyway, the team deserves a good tongue lashing after last night’s debacle.

    time to focus on Pitt

  3. Welcome to New York, Torts. Where fans and media expect championship miracles from average, highly flawed teams (see this past years Rangers, Mets, Yankees, and Jets).

    I still think Torts should have used Zherdev in the shootout, but that alone hardly cost the Rangers this game. Poor play throughout the game and poor efforts on PP opportunities are the culprits.

    They need to push the pace more from start to finish. Obviously it’s impossible for a team to completely control an entire 60-minute game, especially with so many talented clubs around the league. However, it is quite possible to take charge of most of a game and weather the opponents storms.

    Three things worry me heading down the stretch: (1) this team’s intensity drop in third periods, (2) lack of resilience when blowing leads, (3) failure to consistently have strong puck movement and shots on the power play. It’s impossible to completely fix all of those flaws, but they must at least minimize them or they’ll be out of the playoffs in four!

    On a lighter note, what a great game by Ilya Kovalchuk. This guy is truly a superstar; he was all over the ice last night! I wish we had a player with just one quarter of his talent.

    Saturday’s game in Pittsburgh is huge!

  4. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Thanks for the shout out / props you gace me for my “sweet on Sauer” phrase.

    More importantly, Girardi/Staal have a nightmare game, the top forwards cannot execute on the PP and Sauer and the 4th line cant’t get on the ice. Yes, our Blueshirts had a bad game. So did our coaches.

    Rear view mirror and we move on to Pittsburgh . Last year’s playoff saw Fleury out play King Henrik. Time for the opposite to happen

  5. I fell asleep at the end of second; evrything was going alright, under control…I felt safe for the first time since my embryonic days

    what happened??

  6. Brooks was pretty rough on Torts in his article today. I would love to see those two battle in pressers the rest of the year.

    I do not understand sitting Z for the shootout at all.

  7. This Ranger team, for whatever reason, take lesser opponents lightly and show them no respect. They then play teams that are higher in the standings or better than they are much tougher. They should play every team the same. You can not take any opponent lightly. Not in this NHL.

  8. Simple explanation for Tort’s post-game. He sucked!
    Poorly coached game, period.

    Bad decision to start Valli – every point is critical, ride Hank until he drops.

    If Orr or Avery didn’t take it upon themselves to spark a fight (and try and wake up the team), why didn’t the coach send them out to do it?

    This team is not in shape to play 60 minutes of Tort’s system – that’s why you get those ugly third periods. Andropov looked like Lurch in cement boots in the third. Coach should have lengthened the bench, not shorten it.

    If Girardi and Staal were having such a bad game, why did he wait until almost the end to break up the pair?

    And the obvious bonehead decision – where was Zredev in the S/O?????

    That said, this team is what it is. No need to get lulled into thinking they can be any more consistent than they are. Best hope is string a couple of good ones together, expect a clunker every so often, hope that’s enough to get into the playoffs and have some fun. Expect more and you’re not being realistic. Bad loss, move on.

  9. Girardi and Staal easily had their worst outings in the past 25 games. Everyone but Callahan and possibly Zherdev was invisible last night at even strength. Vally let in 1-2 soft goals.

    My only gripe with Torts right now is his ice time distribution. I’m not really sure how Avery gets 15:00 of ice time yet Gomez gets 26?? To do what, fly around and cough the puck up in the neutral zone??

  10. Not the best day to be a Ranger fan but at least it’s Friday!

    This game played with my emotions last night. And the officiating was a joke. Zebras need to swallow the whistle sometimes and let them play.

    The Canadians are a joke and choke artists. If they get into the playoffs and Rangers don’t that’s on the Rangers.

    Lundqvist better be big if the team gets tired like they have been. And I hope Tortorella realizes he may need to use the 4th line more.

  11. Personally, I side with the writers here. Mike D., this isn’t about fans and media expecting championships…this is about answering questions about the decisions you made. That’s part of your job as a coach. To do what Tortorella did was immature and not fair to the people whose job it is to cover his team. And it’s also cowardly because usually when someone does something like that, it’s a form of defensiveness because they know they screwed up.

    Personally, I’m glad there are no teams like Atlanta left on the schedule. The way the Rangers play down to their competition is maddening. It’s so freakin’ annoying how every player gives the cliche about not taking the opponent lightly, and I’m sure the coaching staff endlessly reminds them, AND THEY STILL DO NOT RESPOND. Ugh, ridiculous.

    Well, Saturday is less than 30 hours away…not much time to worry about this one. Pittsburgh is SO DUE TO LOSE, and the Rangers are OVERDUE to win one in their building. Hank will be back in net, so I’m confident. Let’s go.

  12. Brooks has to stop making this personal and just report the news. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Torts yelled at me.

  13. Its games like last night’s that make me wish the Rangers miss the playoffs by 1 point. Make it hurt! To be honest – this team does not deserve the playoffs and I hope for the sake of all the season ticket holders that get jammed if we make the playoffs that we don’t.

  14. I don’t have that great a feeling about the game tomorrow. When you look at our games against Pittsburgh this year, you can’t say we dominated any of them. That come back game in the beginning of the year was a very exciting one, but they always play us hard. I hope we can pull out a win tomorrow. Is it just me or do day loses on a Saturday, especially to a division rival, really take the sweetness out of the rest of the day?

  15. Jeff, thanks and fixed. Nasty, we do enjoy this! But we aren’t fans exactly. You can’t be after seeing how the sausage gets made. And Kaspar, nap during the first and set an alarm for the third! And we didn’t get audio because we weren’t there.

  16. And to whoever it wad that said pearl jam need to hang it up. Go buy their DVD from the MSG performance. I was there. They are one of the best bands out there, especially live.

  17. well, if we all conclude that the Rangers play bad teams bad and good teams good, we should be okay through the last 7 games of the season. Right?

    By the way, this is a real pet peeve of mine: the announcer from the penguin’s home games pisses me off so much. Not looking forward to hearing this guy…

  18. WOOOOOW!!!!!! Quote of the year by Jane.

    “We aren’t fans exactly. You can’t be after seeing how the sausage gets made.”

    I love it.

    I guess you can call Sather Oscar Meyer. Ha.

  19. bull dog line on

    this game was about poor goaltending,(two goals from behind the net and one whiff with the glove) this was about Girardi being a give away machine, and the coach being stuck on certain players. Naslund is just to slow to play this way, and Orr has no purpose. play 7 d men, call up sanguinetti let him just play power play. the power play is killing them.

  20. I like Pearl Jam but they get all too preachy in between songs. Go see moe. mang they throw down.

    “Brooks has to stop making this personal and just report the news. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Torts yelled at me.”


  21. Nasty 1

    I have that PJ DVD from MSG
    Its great…makes me want to open up bottels of wine and watch again

    I think what the critcis might mean is that they havent had a good album since Yield…I kind of agree

    But..they are still a great performing band

    I like alot of Eddie Vedders solo stuff too..he had a couple of good tunes on that Into the Wild soundtrack and there is a great bit where he sings Doors songs with the other Doors members

    all in all
    still my favorite post 1990 band

  22. OH STFU BROOKS! I like the guy and he was spot on when the Renney era I mean error was dwindling down. But this article is “bush league”. Go cry and hold your needs and rock in the corner Larry.

    I dont agree with the benching of Z or that Torts passed on him during the shoot out. If you have a problem with a player fine. Get your message across. But dont spite the team and not play a guy who consistently scores in the shoot out. If Z had a bad give away and he was benched what about Girardi? You cant just hold ONE player accountable all the time.

    ps. I thought Drury was the best player on the ice last night. That D pairing and Marmaduke lost us the game.

  23. Jane

    Im sure if we all know what you guys know, or have saw what you have seen like all reports are privy too. We probably wouldnt be fans either LOL

  24. They needed to win last night whether in regulation or the SO. Z could have won the game for them. Bad move Torts. Bad move.

  25. The team lets up in the third period. You can blame Valiquette, maybe Lundqvist bails them out. They also give up a goal quickly after they score one. They did score four goals and the power play worked. Said to see that go to waste.

  26. The Rangers were woeful, but Tortorella can’t get a pass here. Have to Zherdev on the ice more in the third and in the shootout. PP has been better, but still small at the big times.

  27. I will kind of agree. I like their newest a lot. But if you back and listen those studio albums Binaural and Riot Act, you will have more of an appreciation for some of the songs after hearing them live. That is if you buy the bootlegs that they release on their own.

  28. Nasty, you didn’t like the last album?!?! Come on man, they went straight back to their roots and the original sound! And able to do it without sounding ridiculous. I think the latest album is their best since Vitalogy.

    I was at the MSG show that’s on the DVD. It stands as the greatest concert I’ve ever been to, no questions asked.

  29. Blind Melon > Pearl Jam

    Or would have been if Shannon Hoon didn’t go so early.

    Speaking of 1990s bands I was at Harvest Fest last fall and stumbled upon the Spin Doctors playing a stage. I was laughing when they were announced and about to go to another stage but THEY THREW DOWN and were VERY GOOD, no joke I couldn’t believe it was those same dunces from MTV.

  30. I was at the MSG show also man. I have seen them at MSG 3 times and seen them a total of 10. They are the best live back I have ever seen. And Rob, I agree about their last album.

    If I did rank my top three though, it would be Yield, Vs. No Code. Yup, call me crazy that Ten doesn’t crack the top 3, and I love that album.

  31. Self titled and Nico are really good too, Nasty1. Sucks they only got out three albums.

    If anyone can, get the DVD Letters of/from a Porcupine. It’s great.

    The new Blind Melon is scary. The guy looks, acts, sings, and dresses like Shannon Hoon. Will probably end up ODing too. They were good but whoah too much to handle.

  32. Brooks thinks Torts needs anger management but he’s biased. There’s history between the two.

    When Torts was coaching in Tampa,Brooks pissed him off with some of his questions and Torts told him to get the eff out of the room.

    You can see the hate bias in Brooks columns towards Torts. He should excuse himself.

    Actually don’t blame Torts from getting upset at Giannone’s questions. That guy asks the dumbest questions and should get another job.

    Jane, if you find out why Torts didn’t use Zherdev, please let us know. If it wasn’t for Giannone’s stupid questions, he might have hung around to answer it.

  33. Yeah, I like all of those albums by Blind Melon, but Soup just holds a special place in my heart. And if anyone is a fan of the Beastie Boys, the reissue and remaster of Paul’s Boutique is simply amazing! I always loved that album and didn’t think it needed to be touched, but the volume always seemed way too low. Well it is crystal clear now and you will hear it the way it was meant to be heard.

  34. Who caused the too-many-men penalty last night? I didn’t get to see the game.

    Where are all the guys who two months ago were screaming that too-many-men penalties are signs of poor coaching?

  35. LOL u can see the rage in Brooksie’s article

    After all the “Would you like to know why” buildup:

    “Well, that’s too bad for you, because Tortorella was not in the mood to answer questions following the game. Instead, the head coach delivered a bush-league, obscenity-filled rant before turning his back on reporters and walking away into the night. “

  36. Dylan Thomas, eh Jane? In the words of Darth Vader, Impressive, most impressive.

    And Pearl Jam rocks.

  37. Some things are important and other things minor. Why didn’t he use Zherdev in the shootout? Who cares, why did we play sh!t all game is a more important question. Why is there no fallback when the “system” is not working? I agree that you ride the hot hand but surely after Staal and Girardi (and Vally) got roasted a couple of times you try and give your other defensemen more minutes or vary the match-ups more?
    I couldn’t care less if we have no quotes or sound-bites from Torts after this mess – we played bad, get over it and make sure it doesn’t happen on Saturday.

  38. Brooks is a muck raker but thats what he’s supposed to do….

    You want someone to kiss these guysb a**es watch the MSG weasles lile Trauthead and Micheleti

    They loeved Renney, they loved Avery
    They hated Avery
    They love Torts and Love Avery

    Brooks serves a purpose…you want a dictatorship?

  39. Step 1: Wipe out the poor coach. (check)
    Step 2: Wipe out the poor captain.
    Step 3: Wipe out an awful contract.

    Best live acts right now:

    Radiohead and Phish

  40. jjp

    i think it was naslund cause he served it. under renney it was usually orr or prucha that would serve that

  41. bull dog line on

    brooks calls them like he sees them. and i believe that brooks and torts patched things up after that incident. torts and brooks are friendly.

  42. I’ve yet to see Phish 3.0 but got tix to some shows. Ticketbastard sold out in less than a minute.

    Peep out Dumpstaphunk they always seem to play latenight.. went last weekend in NYC @ Highline Ballroom and they are the bomb confirmed.

  43. Does anyone think that maybe last night was on Valiquette? I know nobody ever wants to blame the backup goalie, but come on. Henrik could’ve at least stopped 1 or 2 of the Thrasher goals. Maybe Valiquette was so good under Renney for the same reason Brodeur was good under Lemaire. The defense was suffocating then. If we’re going to play a run and gun game, the Goalie has to be up for it, Lundqvist is, Valiquette isn’t. He’s not Glenn Healy, he’s Stephen Valiquette. Thankfully he won’t be playing in the playoffs, but that’s what we get for playing him.

  44. do you serve the penalty if the refs determined you ’caused’ the too many men on the ice?

    i know Naslund served it (thank god.. he sucks) but does the coach choose a player to sit or is it the ref?

  45. Graves09: I thought about blaming Vally but last night was on the whole team. They played like pig slop.

  46. Hey, question for you all:

    Usually when things are going bad there is lots of talk about AA, but what about Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau from the Wolf Pack? Is it because of the 5 year difference and the fact that he plays W and not C that he is never mentioned? He has 75 pts in 71 games and is 4th in the AHL in scoring this year. He also has (wow) 142 penalty minutes…

    What’s the skinny on this guy and why isn’t he playing in the big leagues when he’s 25 years old?

  47. Yeah, our coverage in front of the net was horrible, our defensemen did their jobs, they kept Kovalchuk to the outside most of the night. The tying goal was all on Dubie’s backcheck and picking up the wrong guy, but the wrap around is all Vally. His left leg should’ve been on the post, that way he could push off to the other post, and the Kovalchuk goal doesn’t happen. 1 of those 2 don’t go in, no OT

  48. JJP
    It was Mara who jumped on the ice to make it too many man.
    Naslund just served the minutes.
    Vally sucked. I’d say 1-2 goals on him.
    But Torts not using Zherdev was a huge mistake.

  49. Parenteau played only 5 NHL games, where he had 1 point… and that was for Chicago before they had Kane/Toews.

    I’m still angry at Shanny for ruining Parenteau’s NHL chances. He was called up last year because Shanny was day-to-day.. instead grandpa decided to play and Parenteau never had his chance… oh and Shanny reinjured himself anyway… ugh.

  50. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Yea I think a good question is why Torts didn’t give Zherdy a try at the shootout. Instead he let Nausland who just had a horrible game, talk about NO EFFORT, I can’t believe we actuallly have to pay this guy. And what kind of a shoot attempt was that form Nausland he stoped completely and then tried to shoot.
    Ok a have a remedy to get our minds off of the Rangers for the weekend. The College hockey playoffs start tonight they have 16 teams and will be down to the Frozen Four by the end of the weekend. ESPN 2 has some games and ESPN U also are carrying some games. I know there will be some good games. Maybe Nausy should watch and learn what playiong with some passion is all about.

  51. Jeff S
    I’ve never quite understood the deal with Parenteau

    he’s been scoring like that for the last two years; he’s never listed as a prospect; I just saw the PIM the other day and thought…if this guy has some tuffness and can score then they need to get him here

    I think he may need to go thru waivers so…next season he needs to make the team or else they could lose him trying to call him up

    I think

    But look at my lin I posted above…he is nowhere to be found

  52. “Brooks serves a purpose…you want a dictatorship?”


    No but I could do without the whiney “Torts had a temper tantrum, he needs anger management, he didnt want to answer our questions” sissy session.

  53. Noonan,

    my understanding of it, and I could be wrong, is that the coach selects a player who was on the ice of the time of the infraction. Since it is a bench minor, the ref doesn’t care who it is, as long as it was someone on the ice.

  54. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think i’d rather see a coach pissed off about a loss like that, b/c it’s inexcusable. L. Brooks needs to stop crying about it. At least I know he took that out 100x worse on the team, and people should be held accountable. Naslund needs to get benched, he plays with no pulse since Torts came in.

    Can we get Jed Ortmeyer back for him?

  55. Kaspar…yeah I just checked out your link. I only wish we had a sure fire prospect that we could play right away. It’s frustrating to be locked in the same group of players for years. I think we’d all like to see what else is out there.

  56. I usually don’t post, but yesterday I caught Deja Vu of pre-Tortorella regime. Didn’t we see it somewhere?
    First, Great pressure games, followed by 2-1 win, then 2-1 loss, and after a winnable game slips away with OT/Shootout loss
    Second, Nik Zherdev is benched(He should be called escape goat). How about sitting some vets especially Naslund, whose lazy ass penalties are just killing the team.( not worth of talking about Dredden
    Third, power play doesn’t click and the last 5 on 3 that we couldn’t capitalize on costed us a game
    Fourth, too many men penalties still an issue.
    This list can go on and on and on. So what we exactly changed? The coach, the system? Then how come results are the same?

  57. Nasty, that story about Torts and the reporter is all absolutely true. Cooked him media-rare.

    Thanks for digging up the “entire” Tortorella interview, Jane. Good job.

  58. Pavel
    I know…I didnt understand how 6.5 could rank ahead of 7.0…probably the eveil larry Brooks messing with our minds

    How dare you describe our good friend Brooksie as a sissy…dont you remeber how he helped us overturn the last government?…he’s not a sissy he’s a maggot!!!

    exactly!!! remeber “well we really showed them something tonight”…now we get “we crapped our pants” or “we sucked”…gotta love it

    Jeff S
    I know…too bad about Cheri…RIP

  59. Naslund SUCKS. Why does he have a NTC!?

    Torts can only do so much. This team is so used to playing on their heels in the 3rd instead of attacking. That game should’ve been 9-1.

  60. Kaiser Permanente on

    Did anybody notice that it looked like Vally had something like glow sticks underneath his sweater? It seemed like on certain camera angles there was actually a robot in net with lights turning on and off behind the sweater.

  61. HAHA, glow stick. That is funny. I knew that story about Torts eating the reporter was true. You could see it in his eyes last night. He wanted blood.

    You have to think that he was mad at himself as well, and maybe that made him extra PO’d. I hope he comes out and takes some of the blame on this one too. Don’t get me wrong, I will take Torts as our coach over anyone, any day of the week. He is the right guy for this team. Should have been done sooner. But, he is going to make his mistakes as well. No coach is perfect. I don’t care who you are.

  62. I don’t always agree with Brooks, but he was right on the money when he said “The head coach talks about discipline? He should look in the mirror.”

    Indeed, the post-game bitch-fits, much like Renney’s lack of emotion after every dreadful loss, gets old very quick. Show some leadership. Take some accountability for the poor decisions you made. Stop dumping everything on the team, and stop singling out individual players when you acknowledge afterward that the entire team ‘sucked.’

    I was elated when Renney finally got the boot, but at the same time I had serious reservations about Tortorella. After last night’s coaching performance, I’m starting to believe more and more that Sather will eventually have to find a balance between Renney’s monotone personality and Torts’ hysterics. And in that sense, I would be very surprised if Torts last a full season next year.

  63. Where is Doodie? Doodie, I started to grow out the beard. This is just like the playoffs right now, and I just said screw it. If you are still going to do it come playoff time I will break out the clippers and shave the zz top right off and start over again, but if you are not going to partake, I will just rip van winkle this thing.

  64. valiquette is absolutley horrible with plays from the faceoff dots in. He’s a blundering goof on plays at his feet.

  65. Just please please please win in Pitt tomorrow. I am watching the game with my friend who’s from there and while she’s one of my best friends, she is such a Crosby kool aid drinker. The good thing is that whenever we go to games at MSG the Pens always lose, in fact that extends to whenever she goes to see the Pens on the road anywhere. Maybe tomorrow since we’ll be watching the game in NY that will channel some of her Pens losing karma.

    I don’t know which team has let me down more the past two seasons with snatching defeat from the jaws of victoy the Mets or the Rangers. For every late inning bullpen disaster there’s the MTL game from last year or the game 1 of the series vs. the Pens.

    I get a weekend off of planning things for my wedding and my fiancee is out of town, couple this with the game being a day game (gotta love springtime daylight drinking) and if the Rangers lose and you happen to be in the Upper West Side tomorrow you’ll see one very disgruntled and probably disorderly Ranger fan tomorrow at around 4 PM.

  66. Kaspar
    March 27th, 2009 at 11:18 am

    How dare you describe our good friend Brooksie as a sissy…dont you remeber how he helped us overturn the last government?…he’s not a sissy he’s a maggot!!!


    HAHAHHAH I have no problem with him. That article was WAY too much of a whiney b*tch fest. BOOHOO you didnt get your questions answered. I actually wasnt calling him a sissy just his article. It was like a little girl sissy session when they all pout and whine. LOL

  67. I haven’t had a chance to carefully read eveyone’s comments today, but am I the only one who thought that Hank should’ve been in net last night? He can rest when this is over- that’s what he gets paid the big money for.

  68. whoever it was that said Valli had a bad night was absolutely correct. He let in two soft goals..yes he should have had Kovalchuk’s wraparound, it wasn’t that unusual…he was just too bloody slow off the spot, and if he doesn’t stop trying to goal tend from his knees he’s going nowhere fast! That late goal where he was on his knees, with the entire post unsecure and the upper corner wide open was just asking for it – and he got it!
    Girardi has been over rated for far too long. He is constantly taking over for Roszival for the giveaway prize in his own end, and he does it a lot and gets away with it – not last night! Here’s a guy who is 6-6 and makes himself 4′ -0. How I hate that “butterfly”.

    I know that I’d be looking for a package deal with Girardi in it, come trading time. ( Too bad they missed out on Campoli when he was being tendered.)

  69. awwwwww, is the poor coach upset? Use your words, Torts, use your words.

    The guy takes that attention off a bad loss by throwing a temper tantrum. This is the side of Torts I was hoping we didnt see.

  70. Broadway Roe,

    I was just thinking the same exact thing. Valliquette is flat out horrible this year and should not get another start for the rest of the season. With only a hand full of games to go we need to play only our best players. Valliquette has no place in our lineup right now for the same reasons Aaron Voros doesn’t. We are in a mess right now and only our top guys, if you could call any of them that, are the only ones who should be playing.

  71. NY Rangers Examiner on

    It was a good move not starting Lundqvist, since the Rangers need him against the playoff contenders down the stretch. Lund simply needed a rest and that’s why Vally came in.

    Vally should have been able to handle the Thrashers, a non playoff contender. Unfortunately he simply lost his confidence when he surrendered a couple of goals. This happens to him too much when he gets a start. It seems his confidence breaks all too easily.

    My main concern was the lack of intensity for the Rangers in this game when they desperately needed the two precious points. That along with the questionable decisions from Torts…especially when it came to the OT and shootout.

  72. Damn, what Sauer, Anisimov, Parenteau and Korpikoski getting quality minutes on a decent line could have meant to this team, this year. And we have no right to bitch about the power play until AFTER we give Sangs a good shot at quarterbacking it. Betts, Orr, Sjostrom, move over.

  73. The only thing I have a problem with is that he didnt play Z in the shoot out. Other than that. Good that he is pissed off his players didnt perform 100% and had a sloppy game. Gotta crack the whip. They are fighting for a play off spot. They need the points. They let the game get away from them. Difference between Renney’s Rangers giving up a big lead. They simply stopped playing. Torts Rangers bone head plays and too much star gazing coupled with 2 softie goals.

  74. Hey I know that Girardi and Staal wer minus 4 on the game but 3 of those goals were mister softies that Valli was responsible for. Naslund is looking old and slow. He was the cause of the to many men on the ice penalty. I guess they count different in his country. Why was Z not used in the shoot out??? Not a good coaching job either. Oh well just kiss it up to a bad all around game and hopr for better against the Penguins…..

  75. Some thoughts…randomly:

    1) Does anyone else think Torts looks like a hamster? I mean I see beady eyes like one when the other team scores and you can see the smoke coming out of Torts’ ears? He has that evil glare and you know it’s like someone just stole his gerbil food.

    2) I didn’t think the team was physical enough at all last night.

    3) Staal had one of his worst games of the season last night. Girardi too. Why is it that the team turned into zombies when Ilya got the puck and everyone just watched…forwards too. No one had the brains enough to just get physical with him. Avery tried I guess, but they should have been shadowing him the whole 2nd half of the game.

    4) Random music stories: Pearl Jam….the year was 1995…I lived in Tokyo at the time. My buds and I were in the Philippines in Manila. We were in a cab headed somewhere and on the radio came an ad for Pearl Jam at the local arena in 30 mins. We directed the cab there, scalped tix for 5 bucks, and were in the 20th row in the mosh pit. It was the sickest thing ever. But after 45 mins, we decided to lower the risk on our lives and move a little further back. Was a sick time. Best concert I ever saw.

    5) Second music story….Spin Doctors….I used to see these guys at the Wetlands downtown in NYC. This is back in late 80s, early 90s when there were 100 people in the Wetlands watching this band. I became friendly with them. The drummer Aaron Comess is a real good dude. The bassist Mark White is a totally cool dude too. I nearly had them come play at my fraternity that one Spring in the 90s but we got kicked off campus so the party got canceled. In any case, a year later they are on MTV and sold out like any other sucky band. It was a real shame because a lot of their “less catchy” tunes were really good. But the fame chase really made these guys go mainstream and they never got anywhere because they sold out too fast. They were really poorly managed. Good guys though.

    6) Anyways, tomorrow’s game is huge. Just HUGE.

  76. Of that list i can see Ansimov and Sauer here next year with one of Del Z or Sanguinetti the year after (outside chance one of them makes it next year), Grachev will likely also get a season at Hartford, Byers might have a chance depending on which 3rd/4th liners get brought back. The rest of the list is too young or not good enough yet to make an impact at NHL level (IMO).

    No mention of Fahey or Parenteau on the list either….why?

  77. another game they gave away i say they have given away 7 wins and stolen 2(columbus and Pitts.)… they play down to the competition and Valliquette is avg at best.

    they had 3 penalties that negated PP’s last night. Zherdev had at least 7 turnovers in his own zone. They have the worst PP points in the league…..

    Redden should not be on the PP, he SUCKS….

  78. Sauer will be on the rangers next year.. the guy is 21 and getting his feet wet and looking just fine. now he has a barometer of what he needs to do to play in the big’s.

  79. I will take a horrible road game and an OT loss to Atlanta rather thant one to Shittsburgh, or The debbies.

    Torts is pissed, the players know it, it will be corrected today and the ship will be righted in SHittsburgh.

    Valli wasnt terrible, but he wasn’t spectacular either.
    He’s a backup for a reason, and that is probably , hopefully, the last time we see him play this season.

    Not that it all fall son his shoulders, but like above posters said, two of those goals were softies he could have had.

    Basically if Hank is in net we win that game 4-2 or 4-3

    But he wasn’t, its over, we move on.

    I still LOVE Torts as our coach 10,000 times more than idiot Renney who would have said we played a great defensive game last ngiht and gave Atlanta something to think about.


  80. Apparently Torts really didn’t watch the team before he got there because the one thing they did do right was win shootouts. We get it, you don’t like Zherdev’s effort, but what is more important making a ideological point, or costing the team a point in an extremely tight playoff race. I dont think Vally played that bad, the team let him down with a shitty effort. Could have used that as a statement game. The last games are all against teams in the top 8.

    Phish is the best band going. And Jane is hot.

  81. redden and mara cannot hit the net on the PP. I think Morris is actually there best point man on the PP, that is sad.

    Staal needs to work on his shot accuracy……..

  82. Regardless of howe bad Valley was – with the exception of Drury they looked like crap yet had a 4-1 lead. Sometimes you play like crap and get lucky – You want two points you put your most talented players in the shootout no excuses, Torts screwed up!

  83. ok Rock ‘n’ Roll fans… there is a new band in town!

    – Infected Mushroom –

    They’ve been around for more than 10 years now mostly making Psychedelic Trance music which was absolutely amazing! Now these boys are into Psychedelic Rock which isn’t less amazing! Their live shows are insane
    Check out this YouTube clip… I hope you will like them… I do! would like to hear what you guys think…



  84. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Just read the Brooks article. Way to talk about bush league when you obviously have a personal vendetta with Torts and make no effort to hide that in your writing. Way to report the story instead of being the story. God I hate Brooks.

    I think it’s safe to say that Valli is done on Broadway, and likely the NHL. I think next year we will probably have MiiWii backing up Hank. If not MiiWii, look for a vet that will play cheap, like Boucher.

    PS, Al Montoya now dresses for the Coyotes since they traded away Tellqvist, but he has yet to play.

    Nasty, I don’t know about the beard thing. I’ve got a much different job than I did last year… not sure how that will fly.

  85. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    To expand on the beard thing: Since I don’t expect the Rangers to get very far, it’ll look like I just didn’t shave for a week and a half. And if they get farther, I’m going to have to groom the beard, which is against the spirit of the playoff beard.

    Last year, my job didnt care what I did, so I didn’t shave for a week at a time anyway, out of laziness. So when I extended that by a few weeks, a couple of people just asked if I was growing a beard, and I would explain it was for the playoffs, and no one batted an eye.

    Here, I remember not shaving for 4 days because I kept forgetting to buy razor blades and my boss asked me if I was training to be a monk.

  86. Mr. Accountable on

    How about taking some of the blame for sending a team out on the ice that clearly wasn’t prepared to play the game?

    Getting mad and RUNNING AWAY is no way to coach a team.

    Take your medicine Torts. As a dedicated fan I won’t stand for that. “We sucked”. You bet ya…that’s all you got?

    Maybe completely abondoning team defense wasn’t the best strategy after all.

    Maybe protecting a f*ckin THREE GOAL LEAD doesn’t equate to “safe is death” all the time.

  87. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    As for the game itself, I missed all of regulation, so when I looked at the box score, I saw 4-1 with 2 PP goals and thought “wow, they were playing a GREAT game and just got tired late” Then I listened to all the postgame and read the post game reports and realized they were just lucky to be playing a bad team.

    The OT was the Kovalchuk show. God I covet him.

    I was also wondering the Zherdev snub in the SO.

    Lastly, even though Torts gave what Brooks called a bush league postgame interview, at least he was honest. Way better than Renney’s “They’re a good hockey club!” on Adam Graves night.

    What was “we gave them something to think about” from, St. Louis?

  88. Doodie, come on man. Is Steinbrenner your boss or something? As long as you keep that thing groomed it will be fine.

  89. Mr. Accountable on

    I hate larry brooks more than an ingrown hair in my butt crack.

    But he was right about the interview.

  90. Kovalchuk is overrated. Anyone could score if they were allowed as much room as that guy. They just stand there and let him skate untouched.


  91. Newman –

    When I was at Columbia in the late 80’s, you couldn’t throw a stone without hitting a sign advertising the Spin Doctors or Blues Traveler playing on campus somewhere. Loved both bands but am a much bigger fan of the latter – $1.50 and your srudent ID got you 3 1-hour-plus sets of Blues Traveler with about 40 other people sweating it out and drinking beers. And fWIW I’m sure I weas standing right next to you at the Wetlands on many a night. Great scene.

  92. I don’t think Kovalchuk is overrated. They guy is a goal scoring machine. He hasn’t done anything in his career in the playoffs, but he is a great goal scorer.

  93. when the playoffs are over, as long as we make the playoffs, I will shave it off and leave just a mustache for a few days. Nothing screams Welcome Back Kotter like a crappy mustache.

  94. Jane,

    Thanks for digging up the whole interview. In the future, I was wondering if you can put up the audio of Torts entire post game press conference, no matter how long or short it is?! Some of us don’t live in the area and can’t get MSG’s post game coverage, and often the clips i see online don’t seem to include the entire conference.

    Not sure if this is a big issue or not but since you guys often post sound clips of Torts and other players talking after a game, I hope its not too big a deal. (IF it is don’t worry about it!)

  95. I guess overrated is the wrong word. Overhyped? He gets too many easy chances against us. Someone should Lindros him.

  96. Kovalchuk isnt overrated at all. He is on a sh*t team. Just imagine what he would do on a really good team like DET, WSH, BOS, SJ dare I even say THE DEVILS “HISSSSSSSSSSS”

  97. Also, wonder why Avery wasnt put to defend Kovalchuk or at the very least throw him off of his game?

  98. What the rangers need next year as a backup goalie is someone who is good and at least a mild threat to hank when he does his December to feb dooooooozzzzzze

  99. UESBlueshirt on

    Kovalchuk was Ovie before Ovie was Ovie. Now certainly Ovie has taken it to another level, but outside of Ovie there’s not too many other wings I’d take than Kovalchuk. Not his fault he’s been on some bad teams down there. I have to imagine that he’ itching to get out of ATL.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Pitt make a run for him maybe even try to pull a trade in the off-season. They’ve got Guerin, Satan and Fedetenko coming off the books and if they could include Jordan Staal as part of the trade the salary cap part would certainly fit. Kovalchuk and Malkin on the same line? Yikes.

  100. Whoa, did anyone read this on TSN?

    A man from Central Ohio has been arrested after threatening phone calls were placed to the Columbus Blue Jackets, reports the Columbus Dispatch.

    According to the newspaper, the man placed at least three phone calls to the team that threatened goaltender Steve Mason during a 5-0 win over the Calgary Flames.

    Columbus police said 52-year-old Peter Stenzel was arrested and charged with inducing panic and menacing. The police report also said Stenzel was wearing a Flames t-shirt at the time of his arrest.

    He will be held at the Franklin County Jail pending a hearing on Saturday.

  101. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    last night is nobody’s fault but those 2 scumbags in the booth, Joe M and Sam Rosen. They are the 2 biggest losers I have ever heard in all my life… beside Michael Kay. I despise NY commentators. They are all sickening.

    Nice picture, Jane.

  102. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    why not can micheletti, reduce rosen’s role and get maloney to some of the broadcasting. all i have to look forward to is hopefully the playoffs and listening to nbc and versus, which are worse, but at least they’re the away broadcast and you can laugh at them.

    150+ games of Michael Kay, oh god, what am I going to do. Why cant someone just offer Michael Kay a better job or god forbid, just dare i say rip his voice box out.

  103. Kovalchuk is anything but overrated. The guy can stick handle and has great hands, and can unload a one-timer from the left circle that is sick nasty. It’s unreal, he’ll almost drop to one knee to load the stick, the puck comes off like a missle. Plus he’s big and not soft. His only problem is that he has a tendency to become unhinged, usually on Avery.

    I won’t pin the whole loss on Valli, but he needs to stop some of those softies. If he does, the game ends in regulation. Rangers offense puts up 4, that should be good enough to get a win in regulation.

    Regarding Torts: bad move to bench Z in the shootout. Points are crucial and you’re only hurting yourself to exclude him. We miss the playoffs by a point, everyone suffers. But, good for him getting pissed and emotional after a collective bed crapping. Would we preffer a Renney-ism, “It’s nice to get back to the prairies”? Curse, scream, flip over some tables… do whatever it takes to get this team to compete and win.

  104. I won’t get too attached to the stache, but it is kind of funny to do it for a day or two. I am 31 and still have kind of a youthful face, so the stache doesn’t really fit me. A beard does though.

  105. Next year we could have a line of Avery Gomez and Kovalchuk and call it a “love the one your with” line. Kovy fought Gomer and Avery at different times. Ha.

  106. ATL management already stated they arent moving Kovalchuk. “He is the face of the team” They trade or move him, then the Thrashers might as well fold up shop.

  107. we’ll never win the division when other teams in it have quality backups, for example, weekes is 100x better than valli, how come the devils have him as a backup and we didnt hang on to him. whats that about? hedberg is 100x better than vally. i mean, if lunker ever gets hurt? we are getting the first pick in the draft

  108. That game last night was pathetic. Vally was o good early on, then he just gave up. Then he stepped it up in the shootout making some saves, giving Nyr THREE chances to win the fuggin game, and these stupid idiots can even score a goal on a loser like Hedberg. Unbelievable.

    Im sure Dru was just happy that he had 3 points, and got a point out of the game.

    We just blew home ice advantage. We couldn’t take advantage of a Flyers regulation loss, and now that’s over with. Good job, losers !

    Hank should have played that game. I like Vally, but ever since that Dallas game, he’s been bad. Too many softies.

    This next game is huge, they need to kill the Pens, in regulation. The Panthers got a win, so who knows, maybe they got their crap together, so that’s something to worry aboot, along with Miller coming back for the Sabs.

  109. UESBlueshirt on

    Well if Kovalchuk walks after next year and they get nothing for him they’ll pretty much be stuck in the same situation.

    Then again their GM hasn’t exactly run the team that well in the past. They essentially did Dany Heatley for the package that they got from Pitt last year. And the Heatley for Hossa trade was when Heatley was by far a better player than Hossa. Let’s not forget the Coburn for Zhitnk deal…come to think of it maybe Sather can swing Voros for Kovalchuk on draft day.

  110. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, sure I could grow a beard if I groomed it, but isn’t the whole idea NOT to groom it and just let it grow?

  111. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    our magic number for the panthers is i think 11 points and the sabres like 5. so we are in good shape, just have to have Henry be Henry.

  112. When I say groom, I just mean make it look neat, like on the neck area and such. You can still grow it out though. Not all Joquim Phoniex looking. You know what I mean?

  113. Hockeyman Rangers on

    1) Must play real big tomorrow.
    2) Lundquist has to be above solid in net.
    3) Tort’s MUST SIT veterans that are not doing there job.
    4) All Rangers have to go 110% every shift, play and second.

  114. boss of boss on

    hah. Brooks talking about discipline is completely laughable. where is HIS discipline when he constantly MAKES UP trade stories during the season because he hears something from a little birdie who is a rumor monger.

    Brooks is more of a PUCK-raker than a muckraker.

  115. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    UES, they had to move Heatley because Heatley couldn’t stay in ATL anymore after the accident. They got the best possible return they could for him which was Hossa and Greg De Vries.

    They didn’t just want a draft pick, they wanted a high caliber player. Who had a player good enough to move for a young Heatley? No matter what, the return wouldn’t be enough.

  116. JJP

    No question, if one is going to blame Renney for the bench minors then Torts cannot be given a pass either.

    Saturday is going to be a very interesting game. My sense is that they will respond in a big way. But I fear the zebras —- based on evidence I’ve seen from recent Pitt games, they are getting into post-season Crosby-enabling form.

  117. I think Avery is going to have a big game tomorrow. On the score sheet and under the skin of the Pitts players.

  118. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    aside from a couple of recent games and getting treated fairly by the inhuman referees, when postseason rolls around, if we happen to be there, the inhumans will be getting into take any chance of a stanley cup away from the Rangers, try to hand the bruins a stanley cup, form.

  119. Nasty

    Man I would LOVE to see him against Cindy!!! Just completely throw him off of his game, he retaliates and gets suspended :)

  120. Remember the game that Orr totally got Cindy off his game, I hope Avery can do that to Cindy and to Marnie on Monday night.

  121. I love Torts, Renney was good coach, Torts is a very good coach. Renney obviously lost the team, but he also didnt have Avery, we all know would have changed the team into a competitor, he didnt have Antropov, a BIG body in front of the net and currently our top scorer, he didnt have Morris who has been a very good addition. Not to mention Redden had slowly been getting better and better, I think it was more a matter of time than Torts coming in. The team that Torts has and that Renney had is completely different. But yes, Torts is undeniably a better coach. And I like this Sauer kid. Time to find a trade for Rozi.

  122. You have to think that in order to sign our key guys, we are going to have to move 1 big contract. If we want to add a scoring threat, we are going to have to move 2 big contracts. Simple as that. If they are confident in a full season with Torts and the team we have now, then we sign everyone and trade Rozi. Nobody is taking Reddens contract.

  123. But nevermind the next year talk, we need to just get hot and roll in to the playoffs a consistent and dangerous team.

  124. And we need to hope that Hank has righted his botchulism, or whatever it was that he had, and can be the King that we all know he CAN be.

  125. Nasty 1
    March 27th, 2009 at 2:11 pm
    But nevermind the next year talk, we need to just get hot and roll in to the playoffs a consistent and dangerous team.


    Agreed. But if they truly want a “scoring threat” then the only 2 contract which would allow that are Rozsi and Nazzy.

    Just think if the playoffs started now we would have some CLASSIC hockey to watch. Bos vs MTL, NJ vs NY, AO vs Cindy.

  126. guys there points on the PP are horrible…They have no bog shooters on the point that allows the other team to pack it in.. Mara cannot hit the net and neither can dedden. this is the main problem with the PP.

    Vally as someone else posted is a backup bottom line.. the armstrong goal to make it 4 to 3 was horrible… When the rangers were up 4 to 1 I was thinking man how can you play so bad a nd be up 4 to 1.

    Kovalchuk was by far the best player on the ice, we have no one in his stratosphere talent wise… The rangers have not had a talented player like that since 94 a long time ago.

    BTW Gomez has picked it up quite a bit..

  127. the problem now is the schedule. all the remaining games are tough ones. no room for any error at all.

    Sat, Mar 28 at Pittsburgh 1:00 pm

    Mon, Mar 30 New Jersey 7:00 pm

    Thu, Apr 2 at Carolina 7:00 pm

    Sat, Apr 4 at Boston 1:00 pm

    Tue, Apr 7 Montreal 7:00 pm

    thur Apr 9 Phil

    sun Apr 12 at Philly

  128. playoff

    the only game they can “afford” to lose is to Boston. No real threat of catching them. Every other game is a 4 point game. I doubt they will go 6-0, I would love it if they did. But like I said, that would be the only game I would give them a pass if they lost.

  129. “Kovalchuk was by far the best player on the ice, we have no one in his stratosphere talent wise… The rangers have not had a talented player like that since 94 a long time ago.”


    Just curious – who was comparable to Kovalchuk on the 94 team?

  130. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, if Slats and Dolan were serious about competing, Redden would be in the minors next season, and they would eat his contract. Plain and simple. That’s the only way this team can improve, if his contract comes off of our books.

    The thing is, he’s actually been playing a lot better under Torts, but still nowhere even remotely approaching his salary. He’s playing like a 1.5 million defenseman right now. Which is fine, just not when you make more than 4 times that amount.

    Earlier this season he was worth the cap floor.

    But wipe Redden’s contract from the books, reup Zherdev and Antropov, let Morris walk, stay patient this year in free agency (nobody worth big bucks), wait for the cap to drop in 2010, and then work with the space you’ll have then. Put guys in the minors if you have to clear up cap space (Rozsi is next in line). Make a pitch for Kovalchuk if he’s available, which I have to imagine he would be.

    But there aren’t that many franchise UFA wingers around over the next 2 summers besides Kovy. Hossa this summer, and maybe Frolov in 2010. Nash is in 2010, but I’m 99% he gets resigned.

  131. 94 pts should guarantee a spot, because Fla would end up with 93 if they went 5-2 in their final 7 games. so, giving Fla a better than expected finish still gives the Rangers some room to go 3-3-1 and still end up in the playoffs.

    but, the Rangers have a tough sched ahead, so nothing is for sure, but it will be a struggle.

  132. UESBlueshirt on

    Yeah I remember the reasoning behind the Heatley deal, but the Coburn for Zhitnik deal was pretty bad and they’ve had a lot of good draft picks for basically their entire existence and have very little show for it and you really place that on the GM.

    Just saying, the Voros for Kovalchuk deal is on the table and we’ll throw in Valli just to sweeten things.

  133. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    MAKO, none of our forwards had that level of talent in 94. Leetch and Zubov were at that level of elite player on the point.

    Graves had a ton of goals that year, but they were largely garbage goals, not the kind of goals that Kovy just conjures up out of thin air.

    And I like how stuart conveniently forgot about Jagr and how amazing he was in his first two full seasons in NY. ESPECIALLY the first one when he only set the Rangers’ single season goal and point markers. No big deal though. He was just OK.

  134. Im assuming your name is Richard since I refrain from using obscenities on this blog. But if you are just talking about goals then yes Graves equaled the same amount of goals Kovalchuk has scored. If you are talking about all around talent and scoring threat. Then Graves cant come close to Kovy. Graves scored most of his goals in front of the net.

    ps. I wasnt being sarcastic btw
    pss thanks for being a douchebag :) Have a nice day :)

  135. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto
    March 27th, 2009 at 2:33 pm
    MAKO, none of our forwards had that level of talent in 94. Leetch and Zubov were at that level of elite player on the point.


    Oh I know. the guy is being exactly what his name implies.

  136. Mako no one in 94 had the offensive skills of Kovalchuk but of course Messier was a better all around forward and Leetch was an elite elite D an, Graves scored 50+ goals, and Kovalev was a very young very talented guy.

    Also richter was an elite goalie. SO offensively Kovalchuk has no peers but he is not a complete player like Messier etc..He is a notch or 2 below Ovechkin and Malkin and better goal scorer then cindy..Kovalchuk doesn’t always play hard and he also sometimes shows his bad temper and makes mistakes but on the rangers he would score 50+ goals…

  137. I do stand corrected after reading some posts Jagr was definitely elite and in kovalchuks class. My bad how we forget so quickly. Jagr carried the rangers the first 2 yrs after the strike absolutely..

  138. Stuart

    I wish Kovalev really turned it on playing for the Rangers, he probably would be captain of the team. What a great person for all of our young guys to learn from and to have a player from the 94 cup team would have been really special.

    Too bad… :/

  139. stuart
    March 27th, 2009 at 2:38 pm
    I do stand corrected after reading some posts Jagr was definitely elite and in kovalchuks class. My bad how we forget so quickly. Jagr carried the rangers the first 2 yrs after the strike absolutely..


    HAHAHAH got ya! That was the answer I was looking for ;)

  140. “Just curious – who was comparable to Kovalchuk on the 94 team?”


    How about Brian Leetch
    who, by the way, didnt hide his talent in Atlanta and make great plays…did it at MSG..big stage…didnt get goaded by idiots like Avery either

  141. Lets talk PP… How many FKIN times do we send out our even strengh units out there? EVERYTIME. Ummmmm maybe that why our PP sux bigger ballz than Dolan sux on sathers. Maybe put people where they should be. Antro in front of net, gomez passing, zherdev shooting, redden doing coke, etc.

  142. Kovalev is a enigma and Zherdev is moving in that direction also.Kovalev never ever reached his potential..

    Zherdev is in his 5th season already at 24 and he is a head scratcher. Imagine Zherdev’s skill with Callahans head and heart, that would be a site to be seen.

    I resign Zherdev because it will not cost that much and the guy is 24, but expect more or less what you have seen this year; 20 t0 35 goals, a dissapearing act on occasion etc…That is Zherdev…

  143. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    The Coburn for Zhitnik was financially motivated, not hockey. They NEEDED to make the playoffs that season.

    Same reason why the Panthers didn’t move Bouwmeester at the deadline, even though he’s definitely going to walk in the summer. Unless they got a return that would get them into the playoffs, they weren’t going to unload him. They need the money too badly.

    Now, the big problem for the Panthers is that they might miss the playoffs anyway, which would just about seal it for them as a franchise.

    And besides Heatley and Kovy, Atlanta hasn’t really drafted that well. Stefan first overall in 99? One of the all time worst draft picks. Lehtonen 2nd in 2002? Coburn was a good pick at 8, but was traded to make the playoffs. Valabik? Bourret? Little is a good pick, and Bogosian is turning into an excellent choice as well.

    But the point is, bad draft choices cripple your franchise. Look at our team for proof of that!

  144. Leetch was an elite mega stud D man.. If the Leetch of 94 was on the rangers there PP would hit at 20 % not 14%, I think he had a 100 point in 92 and 80 points in 94.. He was the best skater on the ice and redden couldn’t hold his underwear on his best day..

    94 team had a few huge stars that carried the team…the rangers today are not bad but there stars are not stars and therefore they need to role 4 lines, score by committee etc.

    this team is starless and Henrik has only 2 SO’s this year, he has been good this year but not elite.

    They need Henrik to be elite…..

  145. Torts can say what he likes about last night’s loss, he owns it big time. A game as poorly coached as played.

  146. “Leetch was an elite mega stud D man.. If the Leetch of 94 was on the rangers there PP would hit at 20 % not 14%, I think he had a 100 point in 92 and 80 points in 94.. He was the best skater on the ice and redden couldn’t hold his underwear on his best day..”



  147. Doodie look at nashville made a move a few years ago like atl to get Forsberg. they gave up a ton of young talent for the quick fix and it also has hurt Nashville. Nashville looked loaded a few years ago and now the yare a medicore 8th place type team.. the short fix, make the playoffs to make money play never works.

    I think columbus made those moves the last few years and they did not work out but this yr. they will make the playoffs for the first time mainly because of there defense is so damn strong….

  148. UESBlueshirt on

    Yeah the Zhitnik and Tkachuk trades were done because the Thrashers needed to get over the hump but Zhitnik’s trade was still a pretty big miscalculation.

    How is that the Rangers are a team that is usually on the wrong side of those types of trades whereas you look at the Flyers with that trade and then going back to the Recchi for Desjardins/LeClair/Dionne trade and they’re set at premium positions for a number of years.

  149. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Not just Leetch in 94, but Zubov as well. How Neil Smith could fail to make Zubov a franchise defenseman is beyond me.

    In fact, I think the Zubov trade is the worst trade the Rangers have made in the last 15 years.

  150. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    stuart and UES,

    I wasn’t saying that they helped the team in the long run, just that they were commanded from ownership to make the playoffs. If Waddell had his way, I’m sure he would’ve rather kept Coburn and his draft picks.

  151. Leetch scored 20 goals or more 5 seasons and over 15 4 addtl seasons..

    I think dedden has 3 goals and roszi has 8 goals..

    the only good news is they definitely have some d men prospects… sauer 21, staal 22, and girardi 24, that ain’t bad…

  152. UESBlueshirt on

    I looked back at the Forsberg to Nashville deal and found an ESPN headline that said:

    “With Forsberg deal, GM Poile may have saved Preds”.

    Yup, sure worked out well for both parties.

  153. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    I’m thinkin that Torts is taking some of his anger out on my buddy Zherdev …do I like it?..no ..would Z have scored?..prob not..I thought he didn’t use him because everyone ahead of him had reasons to shoot ahead of him .

    Weird game , at the start , looks like were gonna kill these guys and coast to an easy win. End of the 2nd period Kovalchuck gets a weak wrap -around on Vally and it still looked like we were gonna coast the rest of the way.

    Our boys are tired from all that attacking and like someone said earlier it makes for a let down in the 3rd period. We need to be in better shape and watching our boys swirl around , I get tired too …

    Vally , I agree too , is done in NY . His butterfly has a huge hole in it and the guy talks too much for a guy who sits on the bench and proclaimes to “be ready” maybe Vally should shut up and actually make Hank feel not “sooo comfy” Vally is content to be a back up and If Hank ever went down in the Playoffs …WE WOULD BE SCREWED!! Curtis Joseph is wayyy better at his age…I’d take anyone over Vally , HE LOST US the game .Not by himself but he did lose it for us.

    Torts beats on my guy Zherdev and do I hate him now!!?? NOWAY !! Torts maybe preaching “control” to Avery and is freaking out himself…so what , he is the coach and I am sure glad hes more upset that I am. I’t only 1 point and as dumb as the loss was we can still can redeem ourself tommorow.

    Herb Brooks should realize that us readers are not stuiped and see through his hate for Torts. People think Torts was upset well that was nothing and were gonna see more. Our players need thier azzez kicked more often and I’m thinking we have the right guy in there. Heck I’m scared just looking at him , wonder how the players feel. Missing the playoff is devastating to me and you can see it is to Torts.
    If I was Torts I would tell the reporter to go piss off too!! Losing aint fun and when a bunch of Vultures hover around you after a loss would be just plain annoying!!

    Suck it up you say ? Nawww …going down with out a fight would n’t be any fun would it? BTW alot good posters today , I read ’em all and to single out just one person…Graves09 , I agree with yer comments and though it was weird you thinkin like me!!

    GO RANGERS GO GO Tomorowww!!!

  154. kaspar

    You missed my post yesterday… i was asking if you like pussy-cats? and i was offering to show you mine…

  155. Zhubov was such a smart player it was scary. Smith got in his head that the small d men; zubov and schneider could not play in the new style NHL…

    Size is always prefered but guys who can play can play in any league..Zubov trade was bad but what about the nordstrom and others trade with LA?

    Don’t ridicule me I think sather has actually drafted well the last few years and his trades have not been bad but bottom line is teams are built thru the draft. cherapanov would have been a star and of course that really hurts but staal is a stud, grachev and AA have a chance and sauer, sanguinetti, and del zotto do not seem like montoya/ jessimen moves…

  156. czechthemout..... on

    Torts is right. They did suck last night! However, they still had a three goal lead late in the second. They lost this game because they had a minor league goalie in net who gave up three shitty goals.

    It’s also nice to see all the renneyaiders out in force posting under different names.

  157. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Nordstrom doesn’t even approach Zubov.

    First, Zubov is and has been a better defenseman than Nordstrom. Second, we also traded away a young Petr Nedved, who, while he will never be confused with an elite player, is still a multiple 20 and 30 goal scorer, and actually had 45 goals and 54 assists the season after he was traded (although, to be fair, he was playing with Lemieux, Jagr, and Francis).

    We got Ulf Sammuelson and a washed up Luc Robitaille.

    Nordstrom went pretty much by himself (unless you count LaFayette, LaPerriere, or Ray Ferrarro as having any value) for Marty McSorely and a washed up Jarri Curri. Oh, and Shane Churla. WOO!

    So yes, we gave him up for nothing also, but like I said before, Zubov was a better player than Nordstrom, both at the time he was traded, and throughout the rest of their careers, not to mention that Zubov was also traded with Petr Nedved. Also, the Nordstrom trade was a deadline deal, trying to make the team better for a cup run. The Zubov trade was during the offseason, so that was a move he thought would build the team for the future, not just playoff rentals like McSorely and Kurri (who actually had 8 points in 11 play`off games that year).

  158. bull dog line on

    trading Zubov had alot to do with Carps favorite coach Colin Campbell. Campbell hated both Zubov and Kovalev.

  159. Here’s what I think is a potential scenario this summer if the Rangers don’t make it past the 2nd round of the playoffs or god forbid, miss completely.

    We know the cap impact of the big contracts makes it impossible to be active in the free agent market and difficult to resign players already on the roster.

    To retool the team and alleviate the cap pressure Sather trades one of the centers (Gomez, Drury) plus a young legitimate NHL player (Dubinsky, Korpikoski) plus a bona fide prospect (Anisimov, Del Zotto, Sanguinetti) to either the Islanders or Colorado for the #1 or #2 picks.

    The Islanders/Colorado instantly gets better, with depth and still retains a prospect in their system. The Rangers get cap space and by all accounts Tavares or Hedman will be opening day roster impact players.

    Food for thought.

  160. Doodie you are right again.. Maybe we had another bonehead trade with LA because I thought the trade was much worse…

    Zhubov was a terrible terrible trade.I live in LA for most of the last 30 years so until about 5 yrs. ago ranger info was harder to get then it is today..

    bottom line ranger management over the last 30 years has been far from stellar and that is why the rangers are a middle of the pack franchise from the on the ice results….

    it is amazing how most franchises actually make so many mistakes.. look ovechkin, cindy, and malkin fell in those teams laps.. stamkos may be a very good player but really is he in there league? The ranger 1st round draft mistakes really have hurt over the years…

  161. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Zubov is by far the worse trade we have made. Ever.

    As sick as Marty Mcsorley was and an aged Jarri Kurri , I loved that trade because it brought over more old Edmonton boys…I loved see Jari as a Ranger and wish good ol Gretz was here sooner. I know ,I know we lost a young quality defenseman for them but the memories of have those other guys weighs in over Norstrom. Mind you if we Had Norstrom instead we may have done better thoise years? Nawwww I doubt it.

  162. JJP how about NO…

    From what I have heard AA is a 1st round talent so why trade him and dubi or korpedo(young and already playing in the NHL) and addtl pieces. also take into affect the fishticks will no way take on a older player at a big dollar amount…Colorado’s owner Kroenke(Walmart mega money) is just as cheap and they need even more help then the fishsticks…

  163. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    BTW Jane …you cant say ” First!!” not fair …you wrote this article!!! Yeashhh talk ’bout cheating…hahaha

  164. Been busy today and haven’t paid attention to the board but I’d like to bitch about MSG Network. I worked till 10 and wanted to watch the game in 60 at 11. At 11 pm, they were showing one of the “best of” Rangers shows, great saves or something. I thought OK the game went long so I’ll watch until the replay starts. I’m watching the scores on the bottom of the screen and they show the Rangers score. Now it’s after 11, don’t you think somebody should have maybe thought to not show the score like they do during the Rangers in 60 replay? So I was pissed and went to bed without watching.

  165. Doodie

    Oh you are so right about Zubov. When him and Leetch were on the ice together is was poetry (yeah yeah I know). I mean they were perfect match for each other’s skills. Just sooooo damn good.

  166. Never in my 30 plus years of sports have I had to watch a more gutless, heartless, group of athletes. They give choke a bad name. What is it with this jerk*ff’s????? They are the only team in the NHL that can completely bitchslap a team for two periods and then not only get beat…but get embarrassed, humiliated, and just abused!!! That is a serious character flaw that can’t and won’t be corrected.
    (See Montreal last year 5-0 lead)
    It’s just incomprehensible for the average fan or averange human being to understand why..why.. are these world class athletes just so lacking confidence and are almost paralyzed with fear. JUST GO OUT AND PLAY!! WHAT IS SO DAMN HARD ABOUT THAT? When they blow these leads..they just stop doing everything…no hitting, no checking…losing every important draw, not competing…what causes this..Basic human instinct should will you to compete when you’ve been humiliated…It’s so GOD D**N puzzling. When the Rangers were good in years past and went on the road..Their opponents would be flying…PRIDE..in front of their home fans…PASSION….not going to let someone beat them in their home building…CHARACTER..HEART. The current rangers have none of it…no leadership…no passion. This is turning into a miserable season and I hate even more what it’s turning me into to…a pissed off…foul mood..sports fan.

  167. UESBlueshirt on

    What really irks me is that even though Neil Smith made some very ill advised trades and gave up a ton of future talent for over the hill players they had decent talent to give up in the first place. At some point in the 2nd half the 90’s their talent just started to dry up and it didn’t recover until the most recent seasons. Weight/Amonte/Kovalev/Zubov/Norstrom/Savard, outside of some of the current crop of players like Lundqvist/Staal/Dubinsky/Callahan, the farm system in general has been pretty poor. I know it is looking better because there was frankly no other direction it could have gone in, but look around the league at the elite teams (even those that haven’t picked high in the draft for several years) and you’ll see they have steady pipelines of at last serviceable talent if not the occassional star.

  168. I don’t want to hear about Vallie being the “best backup goalie” in the league like we heard the first half of the season. I know the Rangers had some big problems last night, but Vallie let in at least2 softies (the one where Kovalchuk came around and put the puck in on the short side was pathetic. Why was he so far from the post? I think Vallie is slow and can’t handle rebounds. They need to upgrade this position big time next year.

    I also couldn’t understand why Zherdev wasn’t in the shootout either.

    As for the third period breakdowns, are these guys just too far out of shape to handle 3 periods of pressure? They didn’t train for that type of hockey for 60+ games and now at the end of the season, they have to up their tempo EVERY game. That said, one freakin more pp goal OR Vallie plays decent goal, and we’d be celebrating this win.

  169. Larry Brooks will zing Torts any chance he gets because Torts told him off a couple of years ago.

  170. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Pittsburgh would be a much better team if they had drafted better.

    Crosby and Malkin literally fell into their laps. There was no thought involved; those were the players you take, end of story.

    MAF? 1st overall in 2003. That’s even worse than Jessiman at 12. Not only did they miss out on all of the great players we constantly think of that came after Jessiman, they also missed out on Eric Staal (2), Nathan Horton (3), Nik Zherdev (4), Vanek (5), Milan Michalek (6) Suter (7), Braydon Coburn (8) Phaneuf (9), and Jeff Carter (11). I take every one of those guys over MAF in a heartbeat. The only guy in that first 11 I wouldn’t take over MAF is Koystitsen at 10.

    Jordan Staal is really overrated. He’s being paid way too much. I think he’s the third best Staal brother. But, they took him second overall over: Toews (3), Backstrom (4) Kessel (5), Okposo (7), Frolik (10), not to mention likely better centers (although not proven yet) in Mueller (8), and Brassard (6).

    I mention Okposo and Frolik especially since they are wings, and they already had Crosby and Malkin in the middle; what the hell did they need another center for? They should’ve traded down a couple of picks and taken Okposo or Frolik. Even Kessel played a bit of wing at that point.

    So, they don’t draft well, they just got lucky.

    Washington has drafted well. Mike Green 29th. Backstrom. Semin 13th in 2002. Alzner in 07 might be a good pick. Carlson 27th in 08 is a better pick than MDZ. Karlamov looks like he’s going to be a good goaltender once Theodore’s contract ends (the only bad contract they have).

    2005 is the only year they’ve done badly in the draft in a while. So while Ovechkin fell in their laps, a lot of other good picks didn’t.

  171. UESBlueshirt on

    I’ve read that Staal was chosen by the Pens because they weren’t 100% sure that Malkin was going to be able to play in the US so they hedged their bets. So far, Staal hasn’t been all they hoped, but maybe you put him as a #1 or #2 center on a different and give him the best wingers to play with and he’ll do better.

  172. LOL @ Jordan Staal’s contract. He’s probably the 4th best.

    Hope he gets KOd by his bro a la last playoffs!

  173. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Dude, you don’t hedge your bets when you have Sidney Crosby. You find him a winger to play with. Period. Malkin was in their system and if he came, great, if not, too bad. But you don’t just pick up another center and say “Well, let’s hedge our #2 center position” instead of going out there and finding a #1 wing for your franchise center who was billed to one day be the best center in the game, especially after his brilliant rookie campaign on that awful Penguins squad.

  174. This is the information from the practice today when somebody has missed it….

    After a 50-minute practice at this suburban Southpointe Iceoplex —-not the Igloo, where Brittany Spears performs tonight—-Ranger coach John Tortorella was in better humor except for one moment where he was visibly P.O’d after learning from a staffer about problems with some video.
    The coach, who walked out of the post-game media interview session Thursday night (and also blew off MSG after the first intermission) finally offered some responses to unanswered questions that he refused to take in the wake of the ugly 5-4 loss to Atlanta.
    Underline: Some.
    Tortorella declined to specify why he didn’t use talented Nik Zherdev in the six-round shootout and then evaded the question why the right wing played only 5:30 in the third period. “I have my reasons and they’ll stay with me. Yeah, the guys we went with (in the shootout) we’d go with again. I think he (Zherdev) probably got 18-20 minutes.”
    Actually, he played 16:55.
    “You’re throwing a lot of stats at me,” Tortorella said. “You got a stopwatch there?”
    The coach was a little more forthcoming about Sean Avery’s 5:41 in the third and Markus Naslund’s 4:14.
    “I don’t use Sean four-on-four,” he said. “I have three groups I like using there, there were some power plays, some four-on-threes that I don’t put Sean on…Naz, he lost some ice time along the way because I thought some other guys were going. He may get 20 minutes tomorrow night, he may get eight minutes, depends on what goes on, that’s just the way it is.”
    He did agree that the Rangers were “a little tentative” in the third period in Atlanta.
    “I thought we were on our heels. Most important goal was the second goal (Kovalchuk’s wraparound), giving it up at the end of the second period. It gives them some life. When a team’s out of it, not playing for anything really and you have em down 4-1 going into the third, they may give a little bit. We simply didn’t forecheck well enough…. we get nervous when they score that third goal, we get a little tentative….we’re just not consistent.”
    “Kovalchuk was outstanding. At times, I thought we checked Kovalchuk very well and then we got so involved in him, we watched him, especially on the fourth goal, we watched him and no one picked up anybodyin the slot, we had two guys skate right by the guy who scored the goal because we’re all glued on Kovalchuk.”

    On the ice, the coach flip-flopped Naslund and Fredrik Sjostrom; the Swede moves up to skate with Chris Drury and Nik Antropov. Naslund skated with Brandon Dubinsky and Nik Zherdev.
    The other lines remained the same.
    “Shoe adds some speed,” he said. “I hope he kicks in a couple goals along the way there, he’s played well with the puck as far as forechecking and he’s been pretty good defensively as far as the battles and playing away from the puck.”


    Paul Mara’s left eye was swollen from Marty Reasoner’s high and almost shut, so he didn’t skate but will play tomorrow. “More of a precaution,” said Tortorella.


    President and General Manager Glen Sather observed from the stands at the rink, which is in Washington County, a half hour drive from downtown. No quotes from him, but his presence at this far-flung site indicates his interest/unhappiness…The players basically echoed this sentiment from Ryan Callahan about the loss. “The point’s gone, we can’t get it back. If you dwell on it, it can only hurt you.”

  175. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    noonan, he’s definitely better than Jared. Jared might not even crack the NHL, and even if he does, he’s likely just to be a fringe player.

  176. yea messier and campbell had a lot to do with trading zubov, i know carp may disagree (citing campbell had a legit reason to dislike zubov and kovalev) but there is no way to defend that trade.

    and sather let schneider be claimed by columbus in the expansion draft in 2000, really stupid

  177. I am really surprised to hear about the presence of Mr. Sather !

    I thought he would never leave for a road game against an opponent out of the playoff view…!!!!!!!

    Haven´t heard of very nice golf points in Pennsylvania !:)

  178. UESBlueshirt on

    Doodie, it wasn’t my theory, I just said I read it somewhere.

    And look at the really great teams of the past 30 some odd years like the Isles, Oilers, the Wings and even the early 90’s Pens. They had two star to superstar centers. Yes they had good wingers as well, but a 1-2 punch down the middle is pretty valuable.

  179. No words to describe last night’s game better than Torts’s own. So let me lighten up your day (or make some of you jealous) by telling you that I got to hold a Giants Super Bowl XLII ring today because one of their employees was at my school for marketing career day. So happy!

    As for hockey, the team is still not in too much trouble of dropping out of the playoffs, but it would be nice to actually move up in the standings by the end of the season and give us some hope that they could make some noise.

  180. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    No, those teams had big time play from their wings, high above the centers, leading them.

    The Isles had Mike Bossy, among others, but the highest goals per game in history? ‘Nuff said.

    Oilers had Kurri being the perfect foil for Gretzky, not to mention Anderson, and later Tikkanen.

    Pens had Jagr, Recchi, Stevens, and Mullen.

    You need good wingers to win, no matter how good your centers are.

  181. I think Jordan Staal is better then most of you do. also marc andre fleury is nota top 5 goalie but he is far from garbage.. he is no Luono but who is?

    pittsburgh was horrible for years and therefore they got so many high picks that sooner or later you will get some right..The Caps are a good young team but they are no dynasty in the waiting… The league is so watered down it is scary..No great great teams anymore…

  182. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    I think actually that the Caps ARE a dynasty in waiting. If they had a top flight goaltender, they would be the #1 team in the league. And they are still young and getting better, with two GREAT defense prospects waiting in the wings in Alzner and Carlson.

    Money might eventually become an issue, but for right now, they are solid everywhere now and into the future except between the pipes. And Varlamov might turn into that franchise netminder they need.

  183. wash is not solid on D. they are soft with Poti, and morrison schultz, and erskine are nothing to write home about

  184. THE ZUBOV TRADE: I’ve posted it on this blog like 8 times so here it is again (I can take a hint but I love talking Zubov): As per Sam Rosen and JD-Zubov was traded because the league was going the way of the Devils with clutching and grabbing and obstruction and Neil Smith got worried that Zubov was going to be a soft dman who coughed up the puck and couldn’t handle one on one battles. He had a bad playoffs in round 2 of 95 which all but sealed his fate according to Smith. Add this to Campbell’s hated of Russians and he was shipped out. Pittsburgh also gave up on him for Kevin Hatcher/

    Nostrom went with Laperreire and Ferraro because Mess didn’t like Ferraro. Those two could have helped and Laperreire should have been that checking center in the late 90s.

    Maybe Carp could help me out but I’m still confused if Smith just lost his marbles after 94 or was pressured to “win now” by the Dolans and made all of those stupid moves as he alleged later on and was called psychologically unstable by the Dolans. I’ll still always appreciate what Neil The Deal did for this city. He even drafted Okposo for the Islanders so those fans owe him too.

    As far as Rangers management being bad the last 30 years..well

    Craig Patrick-Good job and drafted Leetch and Richter (and Reijo/Dahlen/Sandstrom/etc.) not his fault he ran into the Islanders and Oilers.

    Esposito-Horrible. I know he was a great player but i don’t like him for what he did to this franchise.

    Smith- 89-94-Excellent but post-94: I think a UFO who was an Islanders fan abducted him and posed as him.

    Sather-Arrogant and unlikeable but if some of these young kids pan out, all of a sudden he’s not that bad.

  185. News from the Blue notes, especially for those fans living direct downtown New York City….

    Think this could be a tad premature? Or wishful thinking?

    Sports Business Daily reports that with the NHL Playoffs starting April 15, the Rangers are taking their “I am a Ranger” ad campaign to city buses.
    Chris Drury, Scott Gomez, and G Henrik Lundqvist are among the players featured in those wrap-around ads on buses, bus shelters and some telephone kiosks.
    SBD writes that ads should be up for around a month.
    So let’s see, that presumes the Rangers get into the post-season, and make it through the first round?


    I can´t live without live hockey so I have selected tonight
    N.Y. Islanders at Red Wings from Joe Louis Arena 7.30 pm…

  186. root for thesabres tonight. if they win tonight they will be primed for the habs manana.. they lose tonight they are toast. they are toast anyways but they do not know that yet.

    Mike nice insight. Like I said hours ago they did not like Zubov’s size in the east.. rangers were gettting pushed around…

    Wash I am not buying the dynasty. the southeast stinks so a playoff team absolutely but goaltending is a big big ???? and alzner looked good in his brieft stint but time will tell.. there blueline besides green is big and slow…

  187. Vallie said sometimes you just say wow, when asked about the wrap around. I can’t remember seeing a slower reaction to a wrap around ever. His right skate looked like it was two feet from the post. he let in another softie, but not his fault. He should not have been in there. You have to play your best this time of year, and he’s not it. Torts is responsible for not playing the best goalie. Maybe he thought he would play the odds against a team low in the standings. He should know better.

  188. Are you guys nuts? Kovulchuck on the same level as Mess in 94? The guy guarantees a victory goes and scores a hat trick. Who is second all time in scoring? Granted he played with Gretzky, he was still a monster. Lets throw the two of them in the corner, see who comes out with the puck and scores, mess makes pretty plays, helluva shot. Youre nuts, I know Kovul was big, but we all remember Mess “fighting” Blake. Looked like David vs Goliath

  189. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Why are people so down on Staal and Girardi after yesterday? The goals scored when they were on were two from behind the net and one where my boy Dubi didn’t pick up his man in front. So were those goals really because of them? That game is a win with Hank in net, Vali is a minor leaguer…

    Also, this team hasn’t taken on the persona of its coach, they’ve taken the persona of their boring captain. Drury has a few good shifts and has a GREAT GAME yesterday? Are you kidding me? This guy is the WORST captain in the league. He is incapable of putting a team on his shoulders when they need him too (Read: Not like Jagr). He is a QUIET leader but doesn’t play hard every shift, so how exactly does he lead? Problem 1A with this team is Drury, not Redden or Rozsival or Gomez, but Chris Drury.

  190. CCCP
    I saw your “pussy cat” offer yesterday…I didnt respond because, well, to be honest I’m a little bit scared

    Dubi no Dubi
    Yeah..Staal and Girardi they did what they were supposed to do in theory right? prevent a shot from the wing, drive the winger wide and off the net…it was actually good defensive work at the beginning of each play anyway

    Mike A
    Didnt Espo draft the second of Richter and Leetch??? and then Amonte?…and as far as Smith goes; you know if we lose either of those game 7’s he did a terrible job…I know we won but man oh man…if we didnt that was how not to manage and build a team…strip them of assetts for like 5 or 6 guys who wound up retiring within 2 years of winning the cup…and then like you said post 94 was abysmal…just goes to show you how some twists of fate can effect your legend….

  191. Oh
    and when Kovalchuk does something wonderful in a meaningful game we can start comparing him to superstars and hall of famers….until then he might score as much as Luc Robittaile..or maybe not but you know after all those goals no one’s gonna pick Luc on their all time team

  192. and Doodie
    Great posts today…

    Never thought about the Staal draft and passing on a wing for Sid….Some people think that Staal has to be a wing…that they need ( both dollar wise and ice time wise) to have all three of those guys in the top six fwds….

    I could see him getting traded..you can get a good defensive center for less than him…maybe he brings them the young winger…

  193. Gen. Sherman on

    Kovalchuk has never won squat, is a floater most of the time, he played like crap in the Rangers sweep in ’07, and he could not even score on an empty net to put the Rangers away in reg earlier this season, which would have hastened the end of renney.

    lots of talent, but a loafing headcase without the puck

  194. hockeymon
    “Vallie said sometimes you just say wow, when asked about the wrap around. I can’t remember seeing a slower reaction to a wrap around ever. His right skate looked like it was two feet from the post.”

    I could not believe how slow that was. He should have just not bothered, like running for a bus you can’t catch, just stay where he was and save the energy, that’s how slow he was. I’m not hard on goalies, but that was just weird how slow he was.
    What I do find a bit strange also is the expectations for a guy who almost never plays. Quite honestly, I think he is rusty.

  195. Kaspar-I just looked it up on Craig Patrick was Rangers GM until July of 86 so he drafted Leetch. Espo did draft Amonte which is pretty much the only good thing did.

    I know Smith’s legacy would have been changed if they didn’t win. Arguably the 91-92 roster was more talented than the 93-94 roster but that team was viewed as playoffs soft hence Keenan’s disposal of very popular Rangers Turcotte, Patrick, Gartner, and Amonte of whom he destroyed his confidence. But he won and still had a lot of assets (Sundstrom, Cloutier, Zubov, Laperreire, Nedved part 1, Norstrom, etc.) which he mismanaged.

  196. Come on you lowly Avalanche, beat the snot out of Vancouver.
    It has nothing to do with the Rangers. I just hate the Cancucks.

  197. isles played their hearts out tonight, red wings did have bad luck though, 4 posts i think it was? and 1 brilliant save by Mcdonald…. probably top 5 or 10 of year

  198. Buff, I thought I posted this before, but in case I didn’t … When you, ahem, borrow somebody’s information like that please give them credit. That was from Steve Zipay’s blog. It’s not only OK to, but it’s mandatory that we give him the credit for the information. Otherwise I have to delete it. So please do me a favor and keep that in mind. We welcome all sources of info here, as long as the info is properly credited. Thanks.

  199. Marty let’s in a blue liner in OT! Canes tomorrow and MSG Monday! Cooling off for the playoffs again?

  200. Damn those Canuckleheads. They won. Oh well, I hope they run into the Blue Jackets, that’ll teach ’em!

  201. Dustin Penner gets serious about earning his pay stub tonight. Can’t remember Penner being noticeable in a long time.
    Go Oil Go.
    The Ducks…another team I hate.

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