They go south, I go north


Don’t forget to write those Thank You letters to the Florida Panthers, who are making it awfully simple for the Rangers (and Montreal Canadiens, and others) to make the playoffs. The Cats’ collapse last night leaves your NYR in a good spot, up five with eight to play, no games in hand.

Everybody else who matters in the East won last night, and it looks like 5 through 8 or at least 5-7 are going to fluctuate daily.

Here’s a great site that charts the races for you in graphic detail. Check it out.

And for those with greater minds than mine, who want to get into some serious formulas and percentages about the Rangers’ (or other teams’) odds to make the playoffs, try this one.

I’m not going to try to figure out anything. All that matters, to my thinking, is just to get into the top eight. From there, does it really matter whom you play, or where? You might want to avoid Pittsburgh with all its weapons, but really Philly, the Devils and Boston are all the same type of poison. None of them scares the heck out of you in a short series, but they are all very, very good.

Anyway, while the Rangers are finishing up their morning skate in Atlanta, I’m at blog headquarters talking to you guys (I haven’t mentioned the boneheads in a while; Hi boneheads!). And I’m getting the suitcase out again, heading back upstate (Glens Falls, former training camp home of your Blueshirts) for one last time. I know the New York State Thruway better than I know 33rd and Seventh these days.

Jane and I will try to piece together info and updates during this little trip through the South and the ‘Burgh, but we probably won’t post as much as usual. Sorry.

Enjoy the game.


NOON UPDATE: Just got word from the deep South that Valiquette will start in goal tonight, and that Naslund is fine and will play, as expected.

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  1. I’m worried about the refs, not any team.

    Detroit won the President’s Trophy in 05/06 and they were just as dangerous as they are now.. but what happened? The lowly Oilers beat them in 7… and I think no team is even close to the danger that Detroit was in 05/06… and I also think that the Rangers are exponentially better than the Oilers team of 05/06.


  2. I forgot who asked (sorry) about Voros … he cleared waivers but was not sent to the minors. He remained with the team. Technically, it’s as if the whole waiver thing never happened. So, yes, he’s the Rangers’ only spare player and if something last-minute happened to one of their other 18 skaters, he’d be in the lineup. Unless they had time to make a recall from Hartford.

  3. repost:


    Did you ever have the experience of a family member or friend being unable to turn off or get off of a treadmill or some kind of exercise equipment, and have them yell, “Jane, get me off this crazy thing!!”

    Ha, sorry, just felt like being funny in a stupid Spacely Sprocket kind of a way.

  4. Valli playing tonight makes sense. Probably his last regular season start unless by the at Philly game to end the season the seedings are already finalized.

  5. I think the Rangers should start writing themselves thank you letters for doing what they need to do to maintain pace and make the playoffs. I am very proud of the way they have reacted to the new coach and his system. In the end, we control our own destiny. And I am sure Torts smacks anyone on the team that starts looking into other teams controlling our fate :)

    Lets go Rangers!

  6. Separated at birth: Sean Avery and the guy who plays the new Terminator. Sam Worthington.

  7. inhankwetrust on

    i’m not sure why you start vally….it’s not back to back, and atlantas been hot (won 7 out of 10), and you’re on the road— these are all important games…

  8. Hi Rick !

    I think it is good opportunity for the Rangers to give Henrik a rest before the huge game Saturday at Pittsburgh !
    And it is always good to have the second guy some playing minutes especially when he needs to fill in when nr one maybe out of sync for a game or so..

    But I have another question concerning Glen Sather ! We talked about his few appearances in the media…Is he really with the team all the time on road trips and it is not on common sense with other GMs to give kind of opinions about the state of the franchise which direction they want to go ?? I am reading very often the NY Papers and very rarely Sather is quoted in stories there, almost never !

    Is he never available to the writers ??? Is that the reason that he some more responsibities than other GMs in the league ????

    Buff from overseas :)

  9. inhankwetrust –

    It makes sense to rest him. We usually rest Hank for road games, its the only non-playoff team left on our schedule, and Hank has played 20 of the last 21 games.

  10. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    I’d rather have Hank rested. This is the best opportunity to give him rest. They’ve won 7 of 10, but they’ve lost 3 of their last 4, with the only win being a shootout win against the Lightning.

    The Rangers have 4 divisional games left, and everyone of their remaining games is against a playoff team. Rest Hank for those.

  11. I don’t expect Rangers to make past the first round. For that reason, I’m hope they can manage to avoid playing the Devils; I’d rather lose to other teams. I’d like to see us end up 4th, 5th, or 8th. Finish sixth or seventh and we risk running into Bro-door.

  12. Wow, just realized that all of the Rangers remaining games are against Eastern Conference playoff teams. Tough schedule the rest of the way.

  13. Buff, Sather is almost never available to the media, even when he travels. The only time we get him is when they make a major trade or fire a coach, then he does a conference call.

    Most GMs do not operate that way. They see a need to tell the fans, through the media, what the plan is, and address the state of the team.

    Nasty, great job with the Jetsons reference. R’Astro.

    Section, he earns that $7 million. But it’s more critical to have him 100 percent the last couple of weeks and then in the playoffs. Plus the team usually responds in front of Valiquette — the Dallas game being the obvious exception.

  14. I’d prefer HAnk in net tonight, but Valli needs to earn his check as well. Plus he hasn’t won a game for Torts yet, I know he’s only played once, but he needs to show him he can be solid like he was last year.

    If by some chance we can finish this month with three straight wins (4 if you count the Wild game) I think that would do untold wonders for the entire team not ot mention the standings

    To beat Atlanta – it is very possible but a 70/30 shot
    To beat Shittsburgh – 50/50 we just have to play extra Hard against them.
    To Beat the Devils – 60/40 Were due to win this game. Plus you Know the whoel games going to be billed as MArty Vs. Avery. But I bet Avery is SUPER effective against the Debbies, snce they havent really seen him all year (I predict Clarkson trying to start shit with him every shift)

    Long story short if we win three in a row, we have 92 points going into the last 5 games, and that would be a fantastic place to be


  15. Mr.Doodie

    Thank you for sharing that funny cats site on the previous thread! Really cool pictures with funny comments! Although comments in Russian were funnier than those in English…thnx!

    P.S. Kaspar… i didnt know you like pussy… pussy-cats that is… i have one too… maybe one day ill show it to you. :)

  16. How can someone survive to live in the past sitting of accolades twenty years ago in almost another part of the world, where hockey is the most important thing in the world ???

    How can you treat sport fans of a team like this in todays economics ?..Is this only possible in a market like the big apple or would that work also in Nashville, Colmubus or Minnesota..????

    I follow sports scenes all around the world and even the biggest sports icons talk from time to time to the media,
    ( some simply too often:):):) but Sather is like a ghost in the background or a ruler, who rarely appears….

    It is so old fashioned and it simply wonders me that it is even working….

  17. Vally needs to step up tonight. I would prefer Hank in net, but there’s two big games left coming up against division rivals, that NEED to be won, he needs to focus on those games, and not this. Hopefully Vally can come up huge, and the team backs him up, unlike the Canes game.

    Go Rangers !!

  18. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Come on guys, Valliquette is a very capable backup, I have no problem with him playing tonight. We’ve been riding Hank all season, he needs all the rest he can get going into the tournament.

    A win tonight and maybe a point in Pitt and we can really start to look towards the playoffs.

    I would not mind taking on the Devils first round, even though they’ve been the better team most of the year. I think Avery is still very much in Marty’s head.

    I”m actually most nervous about drawing CAR in a 4-5 matchup, they are flying right now.

    This is all speculation of course. The only thing that matters is the 60 minutes in Atlanta tonight.

  19. Hank needs to play and continue to improve on the weak glove side that he’s been getting beat on all season. Many of the goals he wishes he could have back were low, glove side.

    Personally, I’m ok if Valli never played another game for us.

  20. Looking toward to tonight game. Recently I haven’t been too comfortable with Vally in net. I hope he has a big game. Let’s go Rangers!!!

  21. I should have mentioned Washington and Carolina as possible first-round opponents, too. Washington has the big guy and Carolina is playing well, but neither one is Detroit of the late 1990s. Or 2008 for that matter.

    I still think it will be more important how the Rangers play than who they play.

    I’m headed north. See ya.

  22. Valli needs to play from time to time to have Hank rested and focussed for the more difficut games and be fresh for the playoffs hopefully..

    no goalie can play all the 82 games beeing at his best…
    no doubt about it…

  23. I agree, I don’t think Vally should step foot between the pipes until we clinch (if that’s even possible).

    This is the end of March and we haven’t locked anything up. We can’t afford to give up 2 points tonight, in hopes of winning tomorrow.

    Every games is a game 7… there’s no “saving up”.

  24. anyone get the impression that Nasulnd was actually hurt bad

    I never got the ice time checked but I didnt notice him play alot of minutes after the hit other than powerplay minutes….

    well have to see later

  25. # Pavel March 26th, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    In unrelated news, California has banned the sale of black cars.


    Why? Huge game tonight, I trust Valliquette, he played great every game he’s been in so far except that game against Toronto where we blew a 2 – 1 lead to lose 5 – 2

    But regardless I think we get it done tonight and undress Lehtonen

  26. Longtime Lurker on

    I love this blog!

    You guys really do a great job here.

    I too have a bad feeling about Vallie starting tonight…just a hunch.

  27. Those two sites a great!! Thanks Rick.

    Yeah give LQ a rest – all the teams are playoff teams they are playing against and he has to bring is errr “A” game. I would love it if they went HOT in to the playoffs. Caps arent looking so good, and they have an easy schedule the rest of the way…

  28. Pavel
    March 26th, 2009 at 2:14 pm
    Because black cars contribute to the global warming hoax. That state is so bass ackwards.


    OMG are they for real?????

  29. And this one will last a lifetime on

    First of All , I am Sweet on Sauer.
    Nice NHL debut. Solid and poised.
    Secondly, I like the idea of Vallie getting a start, but why not when they had the back to backers? Any way, with a brutal schedule of teams after tonight, lets get two points any way we can.
    Third, I am Sweet on Sauer
    and Finally , every fan should vote for Callahan for the McDonald Extra Effort Award. No other player is more deserving than him!

  30. I wish Naslund was hurt bad.

    He looks slower than Shannahan in last years playoffs.

    Any truth to the rumor Naslund is having skate blades attached to a wheelchair so he doesnt have to skate so much?

  31. The rangers just need to continue to bring the effort they have been bringing most nights under Totorella. Guys are starting to score again, and King Henrik gives the team a chance to win every single game.

    As I posted on here yesterday, I would be writing an article on my hockey blog,, about our beloved Sean Avery. Give it a read and let me know what you think! (There are also some good pics of a few of the younger Habs partying it up pretty hard)


  32. Y do ppl always cry when Vally gets the start? He’s the best backup in the league IMO.

    Lundqvist isn’t superman; he needs a rest and has been letting some shots in that shouldn’t get by him lately.

  33. I was at the Steiner Sports – Q&A with Mark Messier, Brian Leetch and Mike Richter, last night.

    (won the tickets, $450 a ticket is absurd)

    During the Q&A, they answered all sort of questions related to them on and off ice. Someone asked Messier about coaching but he didn’t reveal much. The consensus between the three of them was that they were enjoying time away from professional hockey and taking full advantage of their retirement.

    (shocking fact of the night – Mike Richter is a partner at a Private Equity firm in midtown. wtf is that about? lol)

    I managed to ask a question – “What would you guys do to fix the current Rangers power play?”

    While I was interested hearing their thoughts, I have to admit, half of me just wanted to get a laugh out of them. (which I did)

    Messier gave the best answer. He talked about how before the trade deadline, the Rangers lacked a defenseman with a hard shot. He praised the Morris’ acquisition, his slapshot and how that will help create more quality opportunities. He went on to talk about their lack of a pure scorer, etc.

    Case and point, all three of these guys knew what they were talking about and seemed to be genuine New York Ranger fans.

    That’s f’n awesome!

  34. Coach –

    Great pics LOL Now we know why MTL is sucking it up. Price is so overrated.

    BTW anyone know what Fatso said to Avery when he put his head on his chest & kept it there for a few seconds?

  35. There are actually more pics coming tomorrow…those young guns in Montreal might be a little too out of control!

    I would pay money to know exactly what was exchanged between those two.

  36. “No, but I’ll add that to my amazon shopping list!”

    Youtube him first….

  37. noonan

    looks like we were both thinking the same thing. minus the cow farts.
    you wouldnt happen to have watched a 2 hr long video on youtube in the last week ey?

  38. Yea, Richter works for a private equity/vc company that I believe focuses solely on “green”, environmentally friendly companies

  39. “(shocking fact of the night – Mike Richter is a partner at a Private Equity firm in midtown. wtf is that about? lol)”

    He’s trying to become a politician or something. Started taking classes at Yale (Law?) after hockey.

  40. True fans Bleed RW&B on

    Not much for me to chime in about these days. The team is running smooth and the riff-raff on this board has made its way to Zipay’s blog, so all’s good in Rangersville.

    *Carp or Jane,* I am confused by one of your comments “neither scare me in a short series” because all NHL series are best of 7 (unlike baseball which has a first round best of 5). I can only assume that was the reference?

  41. Yep. He is running on the DEM ticket for Congress I think. When I was at the Graves viewing party. PPl in the crowd where razzing him about it. Someone screamed “why a DEM ricky!?!?!?” he said “is there any other choice?”

  42. True fans Bleed RW&B on

    Just saw a reply you had to me a few days ago (sorry, been busy). But I agree on Renney. I think he’ll be coaching again sooner rather than later as well. He was successful with the rangers (in terms of playoff appearances) and he was even in the Jack Adam’s trophy running in 2005. I know the ‘good ol’ canadien boys (Sather, Muckler, and those cronies…) would give him a chance as soon as an opening is available.

  43. Washington is the only team that scares me. Big O and Mike Green? I’d take that tandem over Cindy and Malkin. Cindy n Malkin are both forwards, harder to keep your eye on a defenseman pinching in, and Mike scores just as many goals as Cindy anyway. Big O is just lethal. Pittsburgh doesnt scare me. They got lucky Avery got hurt last year, otherwise that series was our’s. I think it’s gonna end up us vs Philly. Hopefully we’ll have an Avery Brodeur showdown!

  44. Oh, and Valli is garbage btw. Avery is right that he’s a minor leaguer. Never before has anyone made being bad look so good. It’s like Yogi said…kinda…My goaltending is deceptive, I’m worse than I look.

  45. Thanks Noonan. Its tough b/c my buddies who started it are die hard bruins fans, but they let me do what I want. I will be taking on the rangers, as well as other atlantic teams and my own opinions. we all post some pretty interesting stuff, so check back from time to time. and that goes for everyone in here! LETS GO RANGERS!

  46. Carp
    I went to visit that site with the statistical analysis of the rangers chances …

    After reading it ( or trying to)..I now see no possibility of them doing anything worthwhile…I mean what are the odds??? Its all so daunting…everything is stacked against them by these evil numbers!!!

    I’m moving onto MLS Soccer league

  47. “you wouldnt happen to have watched a 2 hr long video on youtube in the last week ey?”

    Other than For Love of the Game, no sir. Great movie!

  48. NOONAN

    That’s cause his last two starts, he gave up ten goals, and in the last one he gave up some softies, even though the team got shut out, and sucked in both games. He’s a good backup, but i am back to being nervous when he’s in net.


    Vally isn’t a starter, but he’s a good enough backup goaltender. I don’t know if you’re being serious or not, but if you are, he must have done something to you, cause you’re talking out of your ass. Id rather have Vally then some of the real garbage backups in the league, that are getting are really getting paid to lose games.

    If there was a Veina for backup goaltenders, im sure there’s a good chance Vally would be up for that nomination. But that’s my opinion.

    Go Rangers !!!

  49. Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee on

    Let’s get a big win tonight for good old Esteban

  50. Speaking of movies, I want to thank some the people here for talking about In Bruges. I rented it and it was an awesome movie.

    “A lot of midgets tend to kill themselves. A disproportionate amount, actually. Hervé Villechaize off of Fantasy Island. I think somebody from the Time Bandits did. I suppose they must get really sad about like… being really little and that… people looking at them, laughing at them, calling them names. You know, “short arse”. There’s another famous midget. I miss him but I can’t remember. It’s not the R2D2 man; no, he’s still going. I hope your midget doesn’t kill himself. Your dream sequence will be f@$!*d”

  51. Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee on

    I agree. Good movie. I also recommend “Let the right one in”amazing european vampire film

  52. Jor71

    If u liked “In Bruges” check out this short film called “Six Shooter”…this is sort of prelude to the “In Bruges”…you’ll love it i guarantee it… i mentioned this before, but since the topic came up again……i just think this is a must watch if you like the In Bruges… anyway …here is the link

  53. Pavel the South Park title is “Margaritaville.” I think they play it again tonight at 10:00, or you could just watch it online.

  54. noonan-south Park last night topped a new level of ridiculousness and political satire. Brilliant.

    If anyone wants to watch it go to Southpark Studios and they even have the curses.

    In Bruges was a cool movie.

    Alright no slacking, let’s keep this thing going tonight. Respect Atlanta but be aggressive.


  55. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS GO !!!!!!! Lets Thrash those low life thrashers!!! Win at all costs ….all costs!!

  56. WOOOOOOOOOO LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!! SOOOO happy I am home to watch the game tonight!!!

  57. i bet atlanta cant wait for this season to be over… i dont think they’ll put up much of a fight tonight…

  58. UESBlueshirt on

    Wow, the place looks empty. I’ve been there before it’s a nice arena but I guess ‘lil commish Gary figured why pass up a chance to prove once again hockey won’t catch on in Hotlanta.

  59. Jesus–Sauer makes a great defensive play to move the puck up then which dummy passed it back to him right between his skates?

  60. Z made one ill-advised pass. Whatever.

    The guy who Sauer tried to give the puck to sucked bigtime!

  61. The Rangers need to stop crapping themselves.

    On another note, how come Yahoo never has the widescreen broadcast of MSG? They have the black bars there, so they should have the capability.

    Now Atlanta craps themselves.

  62. omg are you kidding too many men
    but mara was skating across to the bench ive seen that happen dozens of times

  63. i think if a guy is skilled enough..has that great hand eye coordination goals like that should count

  64. yeah you can tell he tried to wait… too bad bc that would have went in even if he didnt tap it in….

  65. they should give it to us anyway the puck would have dropped in even if dru didnt hit it.

  66. I don’t understand why this is so hard. It was clearly touched above the crossbar. Maybe they think it touched an Atlanta stick instead?

  67. BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the one angle showed the possibility of him hitting it high but ALL THE OTHER ANGLES SHOWED OTHERWISE!!!!!!!!!!

  68. anyone else watching the Atlanta broadcast?
    it’s what Center Ice is giving me.
    imust admit the announcers aren’t being idiots but still….
    not the same

  69. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    jpg- im watchin atl feed too. before the stupid penalties and 2 non goals, atl was on a roll, so hopefully this gets the rangers back into it

  70. Im watching the Atlanta feed jpg, it’s definitely not the same.

    Judging by the looks of the arena, they didn’t advertise that there was going to be a game.

  71. Yup watching the Atlanta broadcast and agree, heard much worse…like the Buffalo.

  72. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    jpg- i wished it was in too, but drury of course, mr clutch, hit that puck wasy too high

  73. All you can eat seats = clutch!!!

    Went to an all you can eat steak place in Atlanta… forget the name but they do it right.

  74. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    yea sally, but the penalties should of given the edge to the rangers but atl looks like its comin on again. another bench minor too. now someone clarify this for me, is it the coach or the players fault??

  75. Hey I didn’t make the marketing campaign.

    For the slow ones, its all the hot-dogs and grits you can eat when you buy that ticket. ;)

  76. UESBlueshirt on

    Hot dogs and grits? I hated that about the south (went to school in Va), just make things with hash browns damn it!

  77. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    we really need to beat the crap out of this team. theyre not even clost to makin the playoffs and theyre playin like we should be

  78. Rangers really need to shoot lower on Lehtonen

    Hes too good and wont give up those rebounds

  79. Whatever, perkins, you better get your couch ready for me next time the Des Moines Bucs do Jimmy Buffet Night.

  80. its a shame that some deserving cities in Canada don’t have a hockey team… and here, in Atlanta fans dont appreciate the game at all! Las Vegas and KC are next on Buttmans map…

  81. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    nas needs to be on the 4th. move korpi up. nas is becoming useless. almost as bad as shanny was late in the season

  82. how dare they blow the whistle there that was bs i realize let ten in is hurt but they didnt know that when they blew it

  83. UESBlueshirt on

    Wow, Avery and goalies it’s no contest on penalties. You can get a penalty for shoving a player into his own goalie?

  84. omigod!!!
    it wsa the Atlanta player who ran over his goalie.
    pathetic officiating…………again!

  85. deja
    March 26th, 2009 at 7:44 pm
    i love how we’re calling domino effect penalties now


    Yep!!! That means just like we said before about Drury’s goal. It was going in anyway, why not call it a goal.


    perkins just remembered to change his name back,
    why didnt betts drive the net???

    easy, because he’s blair betts


    He can play offense and not worry about being the 3rd man high

  89. deja, little is gonna be a 50goal 100point man in a year or two

    kids sick

    If atl gets Taveres they are better suited to make noise than the Kansas City Islanders

  90. UESBlueshirt on

    Man, Staal just completely eliminates guys from the play. And he does it so smoothly that he doesn’t completely take himself out of the play either. That was my biggest gripe with D like Beuk, he would make glass rattling hits but he would usually take himself out of the play along with whomever he crushed.

  91. haven’t been able to comment on comments, etc.
    been going through a round of computer hell!!!!!!!!!

    yes, i agree Buffalo’s broadcasters are the worst.
    haven’t heard the pens in a loooooong time. they used to be horrible.

    i saw that All You Can Eat seats…..that could be scary with some of the food they serve in arenas. good food at MSG
    also at Buffalo’s arena……..get me some beef on weck and an order of Anchor Bar Wings (not really served there but a mile or so from the arena)

  92. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    mako- lol yea the puck probably wouldv went in if not for drury!!

  93. i hope that a Ranger cant come to the phone right now cause Torts is going off on them for how they started

  94. UESBlueshirt on

    jpg, there’s some decent food at MSG, but like most NY sporting venues they take the airport approach of “where else are you going to go?” when it comes to overall quality and price.

  95. perkins, if renney is coach its his fault, if its torts it must be the players…. what is this the 3rd or 4th too many men on ice penalty with torts as our coach?? at this rate in a full season we would have more with him than with renney…juss sayin, sweet goal by my man nicky z

  96. I think its either the 2nd or 3rd “too many men” penalty. In one month Renney would have had 10. A few in one game.

    SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!

  97. True, I just meant that anything can happen in a playoff series, as we’ve seen before, and none of the teams in the East is so overwhelmingly good that you need to fear then, even in a 1 vs. 8 matchup.

    I got to my hotel in Saratoga Springs in the pouring rain, and they have free chicken and eggplant parm in the dining room, and they get MSG!!! So I’m chomping and watching the game. Can’t beat that.

    I missed something sifting through the comments … what’s the significance of black cars and global warming? I’m being accused of perpetrating global warming, for some reason, and yet I drive a black car, so I’m confused.

    PS, with Zherdev, this is what you get. Awful turnover, really good goal. Torts will make him his star pupil, and get the most out of him eventually. Book that.

  98. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    jpg- lol pissburghs announcers are the worst. whenever piss scores, they scream and are soo happy n giddy, but when the other team scores, if not for the tv showing a goal happened, you wouldnt know. lol, they go” and they score all depressed sounding with noo emotion whatsoever. maybe its not as bad as im makin it out to be, but its funny to hear nonetheless

  99. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I do like that song (State of Love and Trust) but PJ is way WAY over the hill. They should have hung it up after yield (no pun intended)

  100. UESBlueshirt on

    Hm, wouldn’t black cars absorb sun rays? I would think white/silver/metallic grey cars are the ones that would reflect sun rays leading to global warming? Either way it’s pretty preposterous.

  101. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    ues- yea the shorties against have disappeared, but most of them happened early on. but if youre goin to make a case for that, why dont you make the case that our pp still sucks.

  102. mmmm Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings…now im hungry. Hell I would eat taco bell wings if I could but being 3000 miles away I cant even do that. :(

  103. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    im not bashing torts when i say this. its obviously the players. because both him and renny cant get them to score on it with any consistency.

  104. i live in Ohio so i’ve given up on listening to pens games many years ago. stopped going to ranger games in pittsburgh as well because it was too stupid and i didn’t care to support mario.
    interesting that if the pens were located in canada they would have been moved but mario was given close to a decade to get a new arena……and it’s based on casino money!!!!!!!

    as far as food at arenas, been to a bunch over the years.
    finally made it to MSG for a game last April. thought it was going to be the usual so i had a sandwich and a slice before i got inside but the good in the Garden seemed pretty good….better than most places.

  105. No country…

    You seen them in concert recently? If so you’d say nothing about over the hill.

  106. Yep, Torts was definitely yelling at the guys during the break.

    I’m gonna say Dubinsky has played the most consecutive because Orr was a healthy scratch sometimes last season and I think Girardi was out for a couple. Dubinsky I’m pretty sure hasn’t missed a game since he started last season.

  107. Rick
    I accused you of being a part of the global warming “hoax”…not causing global warming..
    Either way it was for no good reason…enjoy your Eggplant…eat it out of Styrofoam for all I care

  108. UESBlueshirt on

    perkns, uh yeah it still sucks, but it’s a slight upgrade from really sucks when they’re not giving up SHG.

  109. black absorbs… so the car gets hot(car on the earth, etc)… white reflects… sending the radiant energy back out into space?

    guessing here… not saying that I believe it.

  110. that was barely a trip it looked like he went down more on his own then from callys stick

  111. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    these refs are retarted im serious. wtf is wrong with these guys????

  112. did i miss something? why is Joe making fun of “upper body” injury thing? has he been reading this blog?

  113. HockeymanRangers on

    These refs suck real bad, calling non calls and not calling crap they should call.

  114. is it because Valley is so tall that he regularly looks
    odd when he’s making a save? he just seems wobbly or something that i can’t quite put words to….

  115. CCCP

    you caught that too LOL

    What are we drinking tonight girl?!?!?!?!


  116. UESBlueshirt, blue moon from the same batch worked on Tuesday. BTW, we used to be neighbors! I lived near the mosque on 97th & 3rd.

    Ugh saw that one coming, Atlanta was attacking hard.

  117. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    damnbit!!!!! cmon rangers u look like crap out there!!

  118. hey gang….anyone have a link…nhl game center wont open for me?? what have i missed??

  119. ummm…..well, it was less than a minute after we scored….


  120. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    now lets score on this pp its getting ridiculous. torts better get this thing goin cuz its gonna kill us in the playoffs.

  121. Riche’

    But they will call Avery for not touching the goalie – goalie interference. Go figure….

  122. an uninspired game… yet again.

    they deserve to lose to a team that isn’t even in the hunt.
    They don’t get up for these games, at all.

  123. Lloyd Braun.

    I had the parm in a cardboard takeout tray, then in a dish in my room (Residence Inn, with kitchen). Probably recyclable.

    Is global warming a hoax? Should I paint my car another color?

  124. so, redden was leading all dmen in playing minutes after first period. Does that mean he is playing well and Torts rewards his… (cough-couch) effort?

  125. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Saw them at the Fleet center in 06 i believe. I had a blast, the show kicked ass. They can still bring it live but I think the records have gotten progressively worse since Vs.

  126. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    it wont matter we wont score on the 5 on 3. this is lookin as bad as rennys and pearns

  127. we gotta get mara a full face shield he takes way to many sticks and hits to the face

    should be a double minor

  128. i swear i’ve totally had it with this crap!!! missed half the games this season, between the crappy connection and gamecenter only having radio feeds for about 15 games.

    I’m guessing Avery was within 20 feet of the goalie, who was knocked down by his own man and Avery got the penalty? Just trying to read your posts fast, doesnt seem like I”m missing a well officiated game.

  129. No Country… I can respect that. I thought Yield was good… and their recent album was good.

  130. Torts is gonna go nuts tonight.
    the players are not thinking about tonight
    and are tooooooooo focussed on sid on saturday.
    bad bad bad

  131. ROFLMYO….this is not hockey, fkin bockey, the refs might aswell play the whole game themselves…

  132. what did drury do there that you hate him…i think youre looking at the wrong guy to blame

  133. I know that dark colored cars have more heat locked inside them that lighter, not good for people to leave their pets/kids inside….

  134. i think Torts is going to petition for Sather to get rid of Naslund during the summer. Big Time!

  135. Does anyone have a good site to listen because the NYR website stinks? Keeps going in and out constantly.

    I am not wacthing, but listening. Sounds like a poorly played and called game. NYR sounds out of sync.

  136. huh?!?!?!
    i need to see that again.
    didn’t see a penalty.
    why did the Thrasher guy get 4?
    i didn’t think Mara was bleeding.

  137. theres the make up call..

    a ranger never gets the benifit of an intent to inure penalty..

    the refs must have realized it was a weak slashing call

  138. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    carp- your probably right even if they win. this doesnt look like a team ready to tear it up in the playoffs. theyre barely surviving against the thrashers

  139. wtf is this, cant wait for Torts to go nuts. ffs scratch naslund for the remainder of the season….

  140. sorry but that was an elbow to the side of the head.
    my sister hates Kozlov…..blames his hit for starting the bad blood between Avs and Red Wings….no one talks about what he did.

    NICE GOAL!!!

  141. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I’m watching on Center Ice, you guys should hear the Atlanta announcers. It’s hilarious. They are killing the refs for every call on the thrashers.

  142. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    lol i got both calls on dru wrong. the pk and the goal.

  143. computer is screwing up again
    so i don’t know if my comments are coming up in real time or 5 minutes later. sorry everybody

    catching up
    way to go BamBam for sticking around the net
    and hopefully Drury is waking up with that goal
    now the atlanta broadcaster have turned sour like kozlov is such a saint.

  144. lol can’t remember the last time I heard Sam Rosen’s patetented “It’s a power play goal!” shtick twice in one game.

    Did he say it on the Drury no goal? THAT’D BE THREE HOLY COW

  145. I hope they kept that puck for Valiquette, but what a great shot by Drury, as well! Two in a row, including the assist on Antropov’s tip.

  146. Now put this this piece of shiate team away….

    and then go after Kozlov in the 3rd period and bury him under the ice

  147. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    lol ues blue. the patented bad angle drury blast!!!! that shot goes in like 1 out of every 300 tries

  148. statik – Drury actually does shoot a lot but he was snake bitten for a long time. During he’s droughts he had a lot of solid scoring chances he just wasnt catching any breaks.

  149. Dru looks like a midget next to Antro.

    And what’s with the Atlanta DJs? Phantom of the Opera? Really?

  150. damn that last replay you can barley see Dru’s body, but his stick was like 3 ft into the zone LOL

  151. Rick

    Any new news on how LQ is feeling? Did the medical staff or doctors figure out what was wrong with him?

  152. NAZZZZZZZZZZZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. wts is goin on did hell freeze over???????????? at this rate the cubs r guna win the world series

  154. sally: haha 3!! nice

    Hope Mara is okay. Would really like to somehow keep this guy and Antro or Z + all UFAs/FAs (Cally, Dubi, etc.). MAKE IT WORK!


  155. why cant we send out aves and orr and just start to kick some ass show every one how tuff we relly are

  156. theres the difference between hank and vally

    vally isnt fast enough to move side to side like that

  157. Ok, Kovalchuk is fast, but please explain to me why Vali is taking a full step behind the goal and around the back of it? He plays great and then gives up a Snuggle goal like that…gross



  159. Lets not talk up Exelby like he is a prize fighter…

    the guy is a turtle and I hope dubi rips his head off and craps down his neck

  160. Nah. I think he thought to protect the left post, thought Kovy was going to shoot on him there…

  161. Rick !

    I am watching the Atlanta feed of the game and they have announced a longer interview in the second intermission with coach Tortorealla !

    Why is he doing such stuff with an opposite TV station ????

    As a hockey fan that was huge goal by Kovalchuk, a special quick wraparound !!! 4-2 after the second..


  162. Kinda weak goal on Valli’s part but that was probably one of the sickest wrap-arounds I’ve seen. Kovalchuk is an absolute best

  163. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    whoever said valleys legs are 10 feet long, thats funny stuff, but it also makes him lumbering and slow. and girardi was too slow gettin back, or staal, i forget

  164. Deja 1 Spiderpig 0
    i hadnt gotten a trivia question wrong since the return from the lockout until maybe the second to last game last season. havent missed it since…even if i have no clue i somehow guess right.

    Mako – Kovy….Kovalev is there?

  165. MAKO, I’m not on the trip … but Hank said he felt pretty good the other night at MSG.

    Looked like Drury was straddling the line, with the back foot in the air, when he too the pass on the replay they showed during the interview.

  166. UESBlueshirt on

    I was going to say before he scored but Kovalchuk looked pretty disinterested after the Thrashers fell behind 4-1, it’s a shame that he’s been stuck down there but to trade him would almost seal their fate in terms of the arena being more of a ghost town than it already is.

  167. At least the Rangers haven’t been blowing two-goal leads in the third like they did last season, but that’s probably because they haven’t had to many two-goal leads going into the third!

  168. Buff, I can’t believe Tortorella is doing a live between-periods with the home-team broadcatsers. Must be taped from the morning skate. He did the thing with Versus the other night and it was brief and he wasn’t thrilled doing it, but Versus pays the NHL for the right to do that stuff.

    No way the Atlanta broadcast is getting Tortorella between periods.

    Maybe Slats. “Piss off.”

  169. Tortorella: “We really need to have the right type of arrogance”..he is talking about beeing a sports commentator with TSN…

    talking about the new situation in NY….
    most important…


    Segment wasn´t as long as I exspected only between three to four minutes sit in with Darren Elliott from Sports South !!!!!

  170. UESBlueshirt on

    Dan, everyone on the Naslund/Antro/Dru line has scored. Antro and Dru scored pretty close together on PP’s, one with a deflection and Dru’s pony express-telegraphed slap shot found the back of the net.

    Gomez-Cally-Avery have looked the best overall although they haven’t scored. Kovalchuk scored a long wrap around goal toward the end of the period that probably shouldn’t have happened.

  171. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    aaron voros was definitely to blame on that goal. you know what sucks about that goal? that it happened so lae in the period and gives the thrashers some confidence now. we better start attacking like torts said in his detailed interview lol.

  172. UESBlueshirt on

    Yeah, Aaron Voros being out of shape robs the rest of the team of precious oxygen. Vally probably being the least conditioned since he doesn’t play is the one that most suffers from Voros’s hogging of breathable air.

  173. perkins: don’t worry about the canadians. they are a joke and will choke

    wow Montreal has 20+ shots on goal and Tampa has 5 it says halfway through the game. 5.. Way to test Price!

  174. nice to see that the Captain is contributing with a goal and two assists with two blasts…

    oh man it is 2.02 am, what a luck, I just need to work only tomorrow from 7.30 am to noon :):):) and getting a thai massage tomorrow after work:)

  175. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    man this game could change very fast. im not likin atlantas comeback attempt. we better get the forecheck goin stop dumpin it in

  176. oh man cant believe it 4-1 to 4-3…
    oh man vally, started shaky got better as the game progresses but this was his fault again…

  177. thats two from behind the net Valley needs to learn how to hug the post.

    remember when aves pissed off Kovalchuk in the playoffs and got him to fight.

  178. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    vally sucks get him outta there now. please torts they know how to score on him. its too damn easy for atlanta.

  179. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    yea this game is goin to ot i fear. too bad hank couldnt jump in now. torts should change him out for vally

  180. HockeymanRangers on

    You know if a non hockey fan turned on this game, I wouldn’t blame them if they never watched hockey again, this is a wacked out game.

    I missed the Alanta goal who got it???

  181. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    with all these pps we better win this damn game.

  182. Even as a Rangersfan I dont like what Avery is doing to a such talented player like Kovalchuk..
    I know the Rangers will probalby go because of the 5-on 3 now but the Rangers should be able to beat the Thrashers on other ways..i know this is the way you play these days, but…

    yeah 5-3 they need to score to make it 5-3

  183. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I defended Valli earlier, I stand corrected.

    Will NASLUND f-ing do something? the guy just stands in front of the net barely moving his feet. Get him off this team. I’m starting to hate him more than Redden

  184. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    this is pathetic. torts better get these guys fired up. they gotta play much better teams after this

  185. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    kovy! this 1 player is gonna singlehandedly dismantle this puff team. damnit rangers attack!!!!!!

  186. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    colton orr should not see the ice again in this game. why is he out there?

  187. How the hell do you have a 5 on 3 pp and have both pointmen positioned on their forehands? You gotta have your guys positioned so they can shoot one-timers.

    That two man advantage looked dreadful.

  188. The PP has absolutely no movement…they’re like 5 statues

    Are we “crapping our pants a little?”

  189. Yeah the PP sucks…yes we need a point man, yes we need a quarterback…but come on, this isn’t midget hockey, the should know not to just stand around like that willing something to happen.

  190. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    kaspar- not yet, the turd is halfway out of their ass, just waiting for the final ummmph push

  191. Hater Of All Things Naslund on

    Kaspar- they definitely are crapping their pants. Cant you see the load they are carrying in those red diapers?

  192. Whether it’s a one or two-man advantage, you gotta have your points always playing the off-wing so they can tee up one-timers to one another.

    First Renney and now Torts can’t seem to grasp that simple fact. It’s unreal.

  193. Well in defense to that, we cant keep a damn puck in the zone on the PP so maybe that’s why its set up like that…but damned if you do, dammed if you don’t.

  194. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    staal and girardi are both -3. i think that says it all when our best d are havin a bad game

  195. perhaps its not the coaching maybe…just maybe it might be the personal on the ice that causes the power play to be epic fail

  196. Mako it looked like he was trying to shove z down but he swung his arm out towards his head as he was down. it was away from the play i think im the only one who saw it.

  197. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    hey kasp, maybe they’ll get constipated and not crap until after the game

  198. UESBlueshirt on

    Yeah gotta say that Vally has been less than impressive but this game shouldve been pretty out of hand with a couple of PPGs.

  199. good points is amazing what they doing at the powerplays..

    Why cant torts teach them to move on the pp, and do something extrordingary bring some people infront of the net..

  200. wow,,,atlanta brings the puck behind the net and we have trouble stopping them

    siiiick way to blow a 3 goal lead to a non playoff team.

  201. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    this team is pathetic. thats it. so when is torts gonna put hank in????? cmon torts i thought u were good

  202. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    yup, staal lets kovy just skate around him. hes sucked bad tonight

  203. Jeez, 30 sec after a goal and there are 3 Thrashers standing in front of the net with only 1 Ranger.

  204. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    why bench z? bench staal and girardi. triple shift morris and mara

  205. maybe gomez can take out hedberg like he did miller. i wonder who atlanta’s emergency goaltender is lets hope its kovalchuk

  206. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    they look so slow out there. wtf is wrong with them? it looks like atlanta is the one goin to the playoffs

  207. Hater Of All Things Naslund on

    There’s gotta be a more capable backup goalie somewhere who needs a job. Valli will never be the same after that Dallas game.

  208. Rick Carpiniello March 26th, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    I thought I saw a dinosaur skating.

    Aaron Voros is playing?

  209. We are without question giving Atlanta something to think about tonight.

    PS Prucha wears down. Voros? The next Parise if he gets the ice time he deserves.

  210. ok hank is not in goal and renney is gone why are we still playing for the shoot out?????

  211. WTF kinda melt down is this….

    i guess what Torts said to them in between pds didnt sink in.

  212. I think Steve is playing a solid game. Sure he caught a couple bad breaks but that’s hockey.

  213. Anyone here starting to realize Hank cleans up a lot more mistakes than some people give him credit for?

  214. You know what the problem is tonight? None is willing to stick their neck out there and score the big goal. At all.

  215. This game should have been in the bag. I hope there’s a overhaul of this crew this summer, this is unacceptable.

  216. comments @ 9:32 and 9:33 were made by imposter! I am the real Tom Renney. No doubt about that.

  217. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    lets not jump on vally too much, yea he sucks but he hasnt played for awhile and theyre scoring from behind the net. hes too big and goofy to do splits. o well, this one cant be over soon enough. i just wanna see torts rip em in the press conf. o crap, i cant watch on gamecenter. damnit!

  218. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    crap if this goes to shootout we lose. vallys bad in shootouts

  219. HockeymanRangers on

    Hey crew just b/c the Thrashers are not in the running for the playoffs don’t make them a bad team NOW. Yea they sucked early in the season but look at their record as of late. Yes we are playing a sucky game but think positive for the next point we need NOW.

  220. The Hetrodox Economist on

    Nothing satisfies me as much as seeing the MSG press corps, especially John Giannone, caught with their collective feet in their mouths by claiming Staal and Giradi is the ‘shutdown line’ or that Staal is somehow ready to be an All-star.

    While that’d be a delightful reverie, as long as Staal’s not contributing much to the offense, he has to at least shut down superstars like Kovalchuk to be considered an all-star. Otherwise, we are simply ruining a player’s future by raising unrealistic expectations and unnecessary spotlight.

    In other words, let’s not fluff Staal’s abilities just because his last name is Staal and let him quietly play his game. The press from Versus to MSG to even this blog is guilty of this. Come up with more compelling stories and leave the kids alone to do their thing.

  221. I said it before and I’ll say it again
    If girardi and Redden switched contracts we would all hate girardi

    Tyutin rules by the way

  222. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    i think staal is awesome, tonight, no. dont come here and talk all that crap because hes havin a bad night. hes still only 22. and his d partner is pretty crappy. girardi is slowly becoming the worst next to redden

  223. top defensemen go against top offensive lines..kovy has had a great game therefore it might be hard for staal and girardi to stay positive

  224. Girardi is a luxury this team cannot afford: A sixth defenseman playing Lidstrom minutes. Not good.

  225. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    wtf is wrong with these guys its hedberg!!!!!!!

  226. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    holy !! deke or something wheres zherdev???

  227. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    torts just moved down a few notches in my book

  228. I defended Vally too but what the hell he got us a point. Our team played like slop for more than half the game what do you expect.

    oh wellz.. WTF tho jeez light up the backup goalie and can’t keep it up ARGH!!!!!!

  229. The Hetrodox Economist on

    I like what Riguere said because there’s a lot of truth to what he said: let’s face it guys, the best defenseman in this team is Michael Roszival (way overpaid at 5 million).

    I know, you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry about that, but it is what it is. And fluffing Staal’s potential is not going to replace this sad fact.

    And CCCP, as long as consumer spending is down and investment (from savings) is also down, the only way to effectively stimulate the economy at this point is through more government spending.

  230. was zherdev benched in the 3rd? didnt someone mention that?

    attention torts – the shootout is not the time to prove a point…and it certainly isnt the time to LOSE a point…

  231. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    u suck torts. u bench z in the shootout?????? dude i hope a reporter smacks some sense into your head

  232. wtf is this.. losses like this just makes me NOT wanting the rangers to go to the playoffs.. this is embarassing…good night

  233. Well guys its obvious Zherdev and Torts do not get along. Think about it, in the beginning of the season when Zherdev or his line-mates scored he would celebrate and look like a little kid falling down, now when he scores he’s just like whatever.

  234. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    these sick f*cking f*ggots Joe and Sam. These perverted losers. I am so tired of listening to their garbage and drivel. All they do is yell about everything, ratherthan just yelling for our team, these losers. i heard peverley and hainsey fifity million times tonight. I am going to start some kind of petition to get Michael kay off Yes and at the very least Joe M off MSG. that sick loser Joe M analyzes everything, even a loser goalie turning his head to see if the puck went in.

  235. i don’t know about Torts moving few notches down … but this was definitely a winnable game… with Henrik in the net this game would’ve been over at 3:1… I hope :)

  236. Only good news is that the lead over FLA is effectively five points still because the Rangers lead in the wins column. But this was a dispiriting game.

    They need to pull off what the Panthers did tonight (in beating the Flyers after a hideous loss in Buffalo) when they go on to Pittsburgh.

  237. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    this game falls squarely on the 2 loser msg f*ggots. It’s not over at 4-1, this team can score. Yea, they can score so well theyre out of the playoffs. These two bums should be thrown out of MSG next time they step foot in there. LOSERS

  238. Hetro, watch the game next time instead of posting what you have absolutely no knowledge about.

    Indeed, Staal didn’t put Valiquette in net, Staal didn’t let in an awful wrap around goal, and Staal wasn’t the idiot who forget to put a stick on White for the tying goal.

    In other words, get a clue.

  239. Nice to see that have gone backwards about 20 games and blow another game. No excuses. They forgot how to play 60 minutes.

    I don’t understand it. They’ve played the game since they were four years old. How do you all of a sudden forget how to forecheck, how to move on the PP, how to do the basics?

  240. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Way to implode guys…just like the good old days

    Try watching Carolina and Pittsburgh play…at least they have some balls (and a power play)

  241. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    this was a tom renny game. if torts cant get this team ready for the playoffs against a crap team, an easy 2 pts, not only blow a 3 goal lead, but puts gomez and drury in the shootout??? even renny knew to put his best scorers out there. torts shouldnt have called his to on the 5 on 3, he shouldve called it before the damn game started.

  242. Can anything ever come f’n easy for this team?! WTF is this?! Now they gotta go into a place they can’t win in and pull off something incredible.

    Vally was horrible tonight. He MAYBE gets one more start.

  243. Well oh well… all the haters are here (i hate using that word) but here they are, in alllllllllllll their glory.

  244. lol and montreal is finding a way as usual to not win an easy game..Tampa just scored 2-2 now

  245. I don’t understand how Valiquette has a steady NHL job. Obviously he’s here because of salary cap constraints, but he doesn’t have the mental focus to be even a backup in this league.

    God what I would do to have Kovalchuk on our team. He is such a talented player who can take over a game.

    The real killer tonight was the PP. The lack of a quarterback and top end talent has haunted this team all season, and will continue to haunt them in the playoffs.

  246. This is one of those game where Torts’ arrogance proved to be a detriment to the team.

    I really hope a report out there has the guts takes him to task over some of his awful decisions tonight.

  247. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    NOTHING will ever come easy to this team as long as our 2 msg worthless losers root against us and hope for the other team to win.

  248. Wade Redden is the Bernie Madoff of the National Hockey League…the guy should be locked up!

  249. The Hetrodox Economist on

    Hey Phil, let’s not mix things up here. I didn’t claim Staal put Valiquette in net or that he somehow forgot to put a stick on White’s.

    I simple suggested people stop spotlighting Staal like he’s some perennial all-star. Some day maybe, but still a long ways to go in my opinion.

    And spare me the ‘watch the game’ rhetoric, I watch every Ranger game I can and have been doing so for the last 10 years or so.

  250. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    Seriously Joe M. can give us all the drivel he wants about Atlanta being tough, we’re fighting for a spot and we need to beat them because they’re crap, period. 0 for 6 in the shootout against Johan effin Hedberg.

    No excuses, gotta bounce back from this.

  251. Why did Torts have Drury-Gomez on during the 5 on 3 and 4 on 3? Those two can’t work well together.

  252. Redden must be thanking the tiki or hockey gods that it wasnt him on the ice for those 4 GA LOL

  253. Hetro, FYI Staal IS going to be an all-star whether you like it or not. Actually, if he would get some effin pp, he might already be one. You singled him out in a couple of posts then claimed Roszival is better than him? Are you out of your mind?

    We lost this game because of the terrible decisions made by the coach, pure and simple.

    Now go back to playing NHL 09 on your xbox instead of pretending you know wtf you’re talking about.

  254. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    cccp- well torts was brought in to whip some guys asses into shape, get the pp goin, and start scoring. so far, they score more, still give up more too, but hey,hes not whipped anyones ass except zherdevs it seems like. hmm, didnt renny do the exact same thing. and yea the pp is still horrible. and he passes over zherdev to put gomez and srury in the shootout???? wtf. i see torts is gonna do wonders for zherdevs confidence. well, i guess when it all is said and done, this game just made me lose a little respect for him. ya know not even the blown 3 goal lead, but the failure to get the 5th goal in reg or ot. that 3rd period was awful and in the playoffs we’ll be out in the 1st rnd. this team still cannot hold a lead. we coulod be winning 15-0 and still lose. well, no wed win 15-14. but the thing that pissed me off about torts was not playing zherdev in the 3rd and shootout where he scores almost every single time.

  255. “noonan they scored 4 goals”

    Very well aware of that. They also played like slop and didn’t give Vally a whole lot of help. At least he helped in the shootout.

    He’s the backup goaltender so you have to play good D and the whole team almost let up.

    Some guys slowed down even near the end of the second period. Tortorella needs to use the fourth line more. I know Mara being out for a while explains much of that but was Antropov off for that long?

  256. how can you waste that point against one or two player team Thrashers..

    oweiah pens on Saturday

    it s about 3am in the morning good night…

  257. another nugget for thought ie how pathetic the ranger power-play is Atlanta is dead last in PK% in the league at 75%. Rangers were 2/10.

  258. Torts must have something against Zherdev. I was calling him every time I saw someone miss. sjostrom? when I saw Gomez I knew we were done. This game was lost in the third period, but what the hell was up with the shootout? Vali was awesome.

  259. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    You just knew that tying 4th goal was coming, like a sick sense of dread. It isn’t coaching, it’s the players.

  260. The Hetrodox Economist on

    Okay Phil, according to your logic the old guy behind the bench single-handedly wins or loses games. Great. You’ve got nothing to back this silly assertion up or your prediction that Staal will be an all-star but you want to run your mouth off anyway. Perfect.

    Then maybe you wanna make a wager in front of all these other posters and predict exactly when Staal will become an all-star? I never said he’s a horrible player that deserves to pushed off the cliff (heck I even mentioned that Staal is probably the best asset the Rangers currently have once) but since you can tell predict the future, do tell when you think this going to happen. Back your words up with some conviction or just shut up.

  261. well, it’s probably a good thing that my computer went
    bat**** because just about everything coming out of me for much of the 3rd period would have been enough to make a room full of nuns blush.

    (trying to be pg-rated now)
    was that AWFUL OF AWFULS!!!
    that may have been less than Renney era awful.
    it looked like these guys were already eating their Permanti Brothers sandwiches AFTER the pens game on saturday.
    they didn’t look like a team that’s played together. they didn’t look like a team that knows how to play this new forechecking system.
    they looked like a bunch of drecks!!!
    a bunch of drecks who, as of right now, i don’t care who is back and who isn’t. yes, i’m sure when my anger subsides a bit……okay, it’s gonna take a lot!……..i’ll think otherwise
    but that was the definition of PATHETIC.
    i don’t care that Avery’s hit (and i only saw one replay so i don’t know for sure if it was a stupid knee on knee or an accident but no matter what he woke up Kovalchuk….and apparently he’s learned to use that anger in a different than when we faced him in the playoffs)
    Valley looked like a minor league goaltender
    and………..i’m just sick of it……….

  262. onecupin69years on

    The Rangers are a much better team under Torts,
    but this is a Sather edition of the rangers ,so the real ugly personalty rears its losing head when you least expect it.

    Until sather is gone ,there won’t be parade.

  263. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    miked- i know, i called it earlier. i said kovy will singlehandedly take over and that late goal in the 2nd was the catalyst. he scared our d into little girls out there. but i have to disagree with not being able to score on the pp. we scored 2 pps tonight, even though our pp still sucks bad. we had like 10 chances. thats almost a full period of pp time and we still lost. our problem, and under torts, its worse, is containing teams offense late in games. our d sucks. it seems every team that weve had a big lead over, just comes out and scores at will on us. its painful to watch. id rather see low scoring wins than high scoring, exciting letdowns. but thats 1 thing that has cost us so many times this year. they need a kick in the ass, and looks like they might be getting a little tyoo comfortable with torts. maybe he should pull a renny n have them do sprints all night

  264. in all honesty, if i hear maloney say in all honesty one more time, in all honesty i will throw my tv out the window, just in all honesty, is that honest enough for you? in all honesty…

  265. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on


    Good point. Our D blows too many leads on the road. Girardi is brutal especially.

  266. MAKO

    yeah, i saw your post above… very interesting stats… by the third period these guys run out of steam… not good. Sure it was a bad game to lose…but, let’s not forget who was in net.

  267. onecupin69years on

    Zherdev will not re-sign in NY.
    Players have ego’s, and I think he’s resistant to Torts.

  268. CCCP

    I hear you. But you cant lay ALL the blame on him. There still are two defensemen out there who should have pick up players and not been so star stuck to watch Kovy dance around with the puck. But him on his a$$. And again two D men -4. That is just flat out BAD. Vally gave up two really BAD goals.

    Again, Torts really shot himself in the foot not putting Z out there.

  269. Hetro, in case you missed it, Staal has been in the young stars game two years in a row. How about instead of me predicting when he’ll be in the official all-star game, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and say once and for all whether you think he’ll ever be all-star?

    Another thing, if you don’t think the coach plays the biggest role in whether a team wins or loses, then you’re even more clueless than I thought.

  270. Giannone: John, did you see a common theme from when they went from 4-1 to 4-4?

    Torts: Yea, I thought we sucked.


  271. Chris from Albany on

    Seeing and hearing Torts say that “WE SUCKED!!” makes me feel so much better. Good to have a coach with some friggin fire.

  272. Drury such a leader . . . everyone looks up to him . . . he thrives on pressure . . . blah blah blah.

    He sounds like he’s about to fall asleep while talking about the little league world series.

  273. HAHAHAHAH sorry man.

    Yeah no sugar coating, no “well Atlanta is a darn good team”. But “WE SUCKED”

  274. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    well maybe torts can warm up to our LEADING SCORER AND 1 OF OUR ONLY PLUS PLAYERS!!!!!!!! i hope he resigns in ny.

  275. Drury didn’t have a good game at all. how many ATL goals was he on the ice for?

    The one good thing the Rangers have going for them on Sat; we don’t have to listen to Mike Emrick.

  276. I mean other than winning the cup with the Avs. Is that the only shining moment for Drury? I mean come on, the little league world series?

  277. Staal and Girardi had a bad game, no denying that. But for MSG to give Chris Drury some team contributor award..c’mon!

    I found this on another message board and am still laughing:
    “Does Markus Naslund lead the league in the “taking penalties while your team is on the PP” category?”

  278. I know Agravaine, I just really don’t like Drury. Show a little fire. Make a play. Do something.

  279. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    saying we sucked and saying atlanta is a darn good team is as opposite as you can get. but the result was exactly the same. o well, i still like torts. it seems he just screwed up in not putting z in the shootout. that couldve gotten the 2nd point as all of their 3 shooters missed.

  280. MikeA

    I totally understand what you are saying man…

    yea the two reactions pretty much sum up the difference in the men who have coached this year…

  281. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    yea where was aves tonight? didnt really see him do much.

  282. They should play the clip from Waterboy where Duece Bigalo goes ” OH NO WE SUCK AGAIN ” how appripoe

  283. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    phil what bad decisions did you think Torts made besides no Z in the SO? Not disagreeing, just curious.

  284. Do you guys see the ice time Staal is getting? He’s getting like 24 minutes a night at least, and you think he’d be able to play on the powerplay too?

  285. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    well, it seems as though hank has really saved our skins more than we realize. this game wouldve been a 4-2 win with hank

  286. Staal had two minutes of pp time tonight, usually he gets a lot of pk and ES time Shoenfield must be seeing something in his offense that leads him to believe Staal should concentrate on his defense for now…

  287. So Drury and Gomez have a decent few games, and all of a sudden Tortorella thinks they’re amazing offensive players. In reality, they’re both minus players on a top defensive team. The boredom factor on this team is the only thing that’s consistent.
    And Zherdev scores a cool goal, and then he’s benched? What did Antropov or Naslund or Dubinsky or Avery do that was so dominating that only Zherdev deserved to be benched? Good thing for the Rangers that most of the rest of the league is lousy as well.

  288. perkins just remembered to change his name back,
    March 26th, 2009 at 10:44 pm
    well, it seems as though hank has really saved our skins more than we realize. this game wouldve been a 4-2 win with hank


    Maybe 3-1 or 3-2. LQ never would have made that pass up to the offsides Drury LOL

  289. Porr Vally; I think he just played himself out of any kind of raise he was gonna get from any team.

    The motto of the NY Rangers; Nothing EVER comes easy.

  290. kc

    yea Torts said something about benching z because he expects more out of him, but I don’t think now is the time for that… right now we need what he gives us…

  291. Shoryuken:

    1) Starting Valiquette instead of Lundqvist when we need every point we can get at this critical time of the year.

    2) Not recognizing the pp units weren’t working (particularly the point pairings) and needed to be shaken up.

    3) Singling out Zherdev AGAIN. Your most talented offensive player. One of the most productive guys on the team, benched for most of the 3rd and not being used at some point during the shootout.

    4) Going with Gomez in the final opportunity of the shootout, with the game on the line.

    Like I said earlier, Torts is an arrogant SOB. And the fact that he didn’t even take responsibility at the end for his atrocious coaching performance, is another glaring example of that.

  292. Vally had to get in at sometime so this was a good time.

    Torts better lay down the lay tomorrow at practice and rip these guys and their pathetic play.

    Typical rangers trap game. Seriously, is the NHL like WWE and fixed where they have to make it soooo interesting. i’m sick of this “oh this team in on Broadway it has to be dramatic” crap. Show up, kick ass, and take names later. It’s really simple.

  293. Staal doesn’t have to be the main shutdown guy anymore than Mara has to be a pp specialist.

    Tonight would’ve been a perfect game to flip the pairings and put the shutdown guys on the pp and the pp guys on the pk.

    But no, Torts felt the best thing to do was make an example out of Zherdev. Putz.

  294. Benching Z in the shootout is cutting off your nose to spite your face. What lesson does that teach? Maybe, it’s about the coach’s ego, and winning comes second? So kiss up to the coach, like the American players do, and then you’ll get all the playing time you want? Why is it European players all have to live up to different standards? Whether it’s Prucha or Zherdev, or Ovechkin vs. Crosby, it seems like the Europeans can’t have success unless they act like Americans or at least the way American/Canadian coaches want them to. And I’d trade Gomez or Drury or Redden any day for Kovalchuk or Malkin or Gonchar.

  295. Talk about crapping the bed. Sure a point is nice, but this is something I didn’t expect to happen with Torts behind the bench. Valli is a pretty good back up. But once he lets in a goal, he seems to get rattled. I know Hank has been letting in softies, but he wins us this game.

    I am not going to let this ruin my night, but damn! That sucks.

  296. And I am going to have to agree with the people here that are annoyed with Torts for benching Z in the shootout. Look, if you want to show someone a lesson for making defensive mistakes or whatever you do it during the game, not in the skills competition. You definitely put in Z before Drury, Gomez, Cally. I don’t know. That was poor judgment on the part of the coach tonight.

  297. true kc…

    and true nasty… I’m not letting this ruin my night, but I do want to see something about a very hard practice tomorrow with a lot of improvement in the next game.

    I don’t think its fair to put all the blame on Valli (he deserves some though) he had trouble with wraparounds but the d didn’t help there…

  298. I agree. I would say that two of the goals he let in tonight should not have gone in. Kovy and Armstrong’s goals. I said earlier today that if we could score a few goals and contain Kovy that we would win. We scored a few goals, but could not contain Kovy.

  299. they had plenty of chances on the PP, some with 2 man advantage, to put this one away, and they did not do it.

    they are so reluctant to shoot from the point that it is ridiculous.

  300. Joe, when your point men are repeatedly NOT playing the off-wing, and instead accept passes on their forehands, it shouldn’t be at all surprising that they pass up shots on the pp.

    By the time they accept the pass, tee it up and shoot, either the D is already standing square in front of them or the goalie is set in his crease.

    The one-timer is one of, if not THEE most effective pp weapons in a team’s arsenal. The fact that we didn’t shoot a single one-timer from the point on the 5 on 3 (or seemingly any pp tonight) was pitiful.

  301. Awful game. This benching of Zherdev is getting ridiculous. Why doesnt he bench Redden for making bad plays, damn wait that happens almost every shift. Why doesnt he bench Dubi, Oh I guess its not his fault he has stone hands and makes dumb plays. Is everyone going to blame Renney for the PP? Oops he is not the coach anymore.

  302. thanks Blaze…

    shots by D
    Girardi 1 on the PP in the second period
    Redden: none
    Staal: 1 ES in the 2nd
    Mara: 1 PP 3rd
    Morris: 2 ES 2nd & OT, 1 PP 2nd
    Sauer: 1 PP 2nd

    that is on goal… they may have had more MS…

    Girardi had one shot blocked
    Redden 2 blocked
    Staal 1 missed the net
    Mara 1 blocked
    Morris 2 blocked and 2 missed the net

    I don’t know when any of those not SOG’s happened…

    Also for any paying attention the faceoffs were somewhat better with Dubi at 79% Betts 67% Drury 58% and Gomez 50%

  303. f u trapping tommy on

    all the Renney droolers come out of the woodwork with glee if the Rangers lose even one point.

    take your Renney and shove him where the pink slip don’t shine.

  304. I know we kind of just watched one, but anyone in here into horror (and I don’t mean slasher) movies… I have heard mixed reviews on this Connecticut one opening tomorrow (and I don’t care about the based on true events thing not being true… I don’t often go to see movies for reality I can turn on the news and its a heck of a lot scarier than some ghosts or demons most of the time…)

    thinking I might see it but ticket prices are so high…

  305. Jane & Carp – Somebody has to post the entire audio of Torts’ short & Sweet press conference!

    “Yeah, I thought we sucked,” Tortorella said. “Right on through the game. I think we’re fortunate to get a point, very fortunate to get that.”

    The follow-up was about Rangers players saying how hard it is to flick a switch – they started poorly in the first period and, even when they were up 4-1.

    “I don’t give a &*$#(@ what the guys talked about,” Tortorella said. “We sucked.”

    And with that, Tortorella stormed off,


  306. Sorry all this did ruin my night. I’m pretty pissed. A horrible performance all around.

    The only positive thing I have to say is Sauer was a +1 and looked like he knew what he was doing on the PP.

    Redden actually played ok. The one who should have been benched was Naslund for his stupid penalty and the Drury line for their stupid play. I like Antro, he’s cool, but that line has been on the ice now for important goals in the MTL game, the Minn game, and tonight.

  307. and right on boys/gals, bencing Z was BS

    yo CCP playing a game of nhl09 now u peep out the team play stuff? bout to get superstar stats

  308. I think Tort’s little bitch-fits are going to get old real quick. In fact, considering how poorly they responded to his first intermission ‘blow up’, we might already be seeing his antics becoming stale.

  309. He has a closed door meeting for playing like crap and poor John Giannone didn’t get an interview.

    If Torts’s screaming is gonna get old, then get some new players. I know half of you will have no clue what I’m talking about and half will hate me for this but next year I’m all for Torts going Ted Sator and sending down vets to the minors if they can’t be traded.

    Wow today sucked. Work sucked. Rangers game sucked. Veronica Mars movie (very underrated TV show)not gonna happen. :(

  310. Bye ZZZZZZZZZ, was fun watching you while it lasted.
    Guess you’ll sign some 4mill a year contract somewhere and score 40g/50a playing on a legit 1ST LINE, with legit 1ST LINE ‘LINEMATES’, not being benched or capped by coachs with defensive dreams or coachs with self ego’s.
    It AMAZES ME how anyone brought to NY cant figure this out. Enuff talking bout lack of talent, this, that, bla bla. Do best with what you have, and what you have isnt that bad. God these lines and Dcombos are HORRIFIC! A team has to be put together with a role for everyplayer. Not a generic roll for everyplayer on the team. Our top scorer CANNOT BE PLAYING ON A 3RD FKINGGGGG LINE. Our 2nd line might be the slowest, old man line of all time. Seriously, drury Naz and Antro?????? Yet throw the same type of player (Avery/Cally) on the same line. Balance your players, give them roles and responsibility for what they CAN AND NEED TO DO. If they dont pull through, then give someone else a shot. Yes it comes down to the individual players, playing to what they do best, together. Teams need players to not be encompassed by a group, but stand out and dominate. We lost tonight because Kovi WOKE UP end of the 2nd and took over. Etc etc, im tired F U every ranger coach ever. Hire me!!!

  311. Anytime Agravaine.

    Remember everyone Zherdev is Rangers property unless he bolts for the KHL. If someone signs him for $4 million the Rangers are gonna get 3-4 picks. if he does bolt for the KHL Sather should be fired but that won’t happen because I don’t run the Rangers.

    I really don’t like the Drury line. I mean Antro is cool, but they need a little more strength. I’ve been a fan of Markus Naslund for years but the guy shouldn’t be back next year. He just doesn’t fit into Torts system and is too much finesse.

    The D combos are fine. Staal and Girardi had a very bad game, it’s gonna happene as both are still very young. Even Phaneuf has bad games.

    On to my favorite arena in the entire NHL, the place the Rangers play oh-so well in. I can count all the Rangers wins at the Igloo since 1989 on one hand. (King’s OT goal, Jagr Hat Trick, Strudwick OT rush).

  312. Columbus goes to the playoffs for the first time by getting rid of Zherdev’s tiresome act, so Hitch knew exactly what he was doing in benching his ass and telling the Gm to trade him away.

    if he leaves, big deal. the rangers will get a couple good draft picks out of it.

  313. Columbus also got Mike Commodore who the Rangers should have got on July 1st instead of Redden.

    Zherdev’s been fine. He’s been the least of the problems. Same with Dubi who is gonna have like 45 points. That’s not too bad.

  314. Agravaine-Naw, the only way Zherdev becomes a UFA is if the Rangers don’t give him a 10% offer on July 1st. The only guys they’ve done that to since the lockout have been Rachunek (rightfully so) and Liffiton, poor dude was really banged up.

    From an organizational point of view, it would be stupid to do that. And Z has two benchings? How many did Vinny L have with Torts? Like two a week for three years.

  315. yea I said it before Torts is benching him becuase he said something abut expecting Z to do more, saying the kid clearly has talent for more and he wants him to use it… I just hope it works and I understand principle and all but in the shootout no way Z isn’t out there….

  316. does that ten percent mean over what he made this year? or over what his average was…

    he had a 2.5 mil contract for three years, but it was weighted so he actually made 3.25 this year… so so the Rangers need to offer his 3.5 a year for his next contract?

  317. btw, we were facing the ATL backup for most of the game, as well (and the shootout)…

    Im too tired to go thru the numbers, but who stays and who goes next yr? appears as if Antro is Tort’s Russian of choice and he will command a similar number to Z…

    ..I really respect mara for his effort and desire to stay a Ranger, but I dont know if he is a “torts guy”.. I hope he dosent go, but that’s the position that “Spaz” has put the team in…at least redden has improved to “below average” from “way below average”…

    ..insanity later

  318. Z will be a goner… if it means keeping Antro, I can deal with it.

    Hate to say it, but even Renney wouldn’t have been so stubborn and put Zherdev in at the end and SO.

    And Torts has watched that Drury special too many times, you can tell.

  319. Agravaine-Don’t know which ten percent. Very good question. It’s a formality though and all GMs do it to all RFAs who promptly reject it but their rights stay with the team though.

  320. Broadway Roe on

    You guys wanted Torts and you have him. The benching of Z is something you KNEW was going to happen.

    Listen, don’t get me wrong, I wanted Torts too. But these are things that are bound to happen under his watch. I do agree he should punish others as well though.

  321. I don’t care if Scotty Bowman was coaching this team, there are a mediocre team maybe good enough to make the playoffs so dolan can make money in the first round. Darth Sather builds this team so they can at least have one round of playoff hockey and Dolan is satisfied.

  322. Don’t blame this loss on the coach boys. Z being benched was well deserved. Tortorella now needs to take the gloves off and kick some arse. We will not make the playoffs worrying about the fragile egos of this overpaid and underachieving squad. Losing a 4-1 lead to a non playoff team is embarrassing.

    Should have started Hank. Valiquette is done.

  323. perkins just remembered to change his name back, on

    suction 407- dont blame the loss on the coach??? if renny was in there the whole city wouldve went down to georgia and shoved jonnys fiddle up his ass. im not defending renny, but it seems that some people here are quick to defend torts but in fact, he made a few bad decisions out there last night, and benching z was the worst one. yea vally sucked, but our d was 10 times worse. our pp had numerous chances to score and stood still making bad decisions and torts runs the pp!!! its still the same!!! even though putting z in the shootout wouldnt garaunteed a win, its just bad for the kid. he is our leading scorer and needs to be out there scoring. gomez as the last and final shot on the shootout waas mindboggling. you know if we had the devils record id say ok, no biggie, but we could concievably lose out on the playoffs. if it waS early on in the season, yea ok, maybe hes tryin to prove a point, but its not!, we have 7-8 games left. i still like torts much better than renny. im not tryin to blame him directly for the loss, but its not his 1st day on the job. hes been around for awhile. he should never put drury in the shootout ever again. or gomez. just a dumb move. that plus not puttin hank in after the 3rd goal was his only mistakes last night. o well, in a week we’ll forget about this and hopefully have an x next to our name in the playoff bracket

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