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Hi all. Don’t forget that Jane and I are doing a live video chat with Rangers fans today at 1 p.m.

You can access it by clicking here, or by using this link:

So bring some questions. Then it will be back to blogville for tonight’s game against the Wild.


PS, the Rangers are mad at me for ranting about the “lower body injury” stuff. They claim it’s a league mandate. It’s still silly and stupid and dishonest to you fans, who deserve to know. If an opponent wants to target Rozsival when he comes back, it can simply look at the video of the injury. It’s not hard to guess what part of the lower body was injured.

If they told you Lundqvist was going to be out two weeks, wouldn’t you want to know why?

Minnesota’s Mikko Koivu had an MRI yesterday on his knee. He is out tonight and doctors can’t determine the severity for a few days, until after the swelling goes down. But the team admits it’s his knee. Not his lower body. Minnesota fans appreciate that. And Rozsival is no Koivu.

Update: Jane here chiming in from practice. Looks like Mike Sauer will be skating with Paul Mara tonight.

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  1. I disagree with the injury stuff. All I as a fan care about is how long the player will be out of the lineup. The Rangers have to protect their assets and many times, especially in the playoffs, it isn’t clear what the exact injury is.

  2. I’m curious… do you get a call from the PR department when they are “mad at you?” Or is it someone higher up? Interesting…

  3. i really dont care what a player is out for if its a short time like 7 to 10 days. if its a few months then i want to know the exact body part that is injured

  4. Rick: When the Rangers call to tell you that they are mad at you, tell them, on behalf of us, that we are quite angry as well about only winning one cup in 67 years. Thanks.

  5. Carp,

    In all honesty, i couldnt give two sh*ts about Roszival’s knee or calf or hand or shoulder. This will give somone like Sauer an opportunity to show what he’s got and replace the over rated czech defenseman. Rosi is supposed to be an offensive defenseman. His numbers this year are what exactly? Don’t think too hard now.

  6. Thanks Carp for calling it like it is. Its amazing how many times this league forgets that its the Fans that make the NHL what it is. We care enough to continue shelling out big $$$$ during a recession to see our beloved team because we care so much about them. It would be nice to get some honesty and accountability in return. And even though Rozsival is no Lundqvist, he’s still nearly 10% of our cap payroll. A pretty important player in that regard if you ask me.

  7. I agree with Steeve. I care more about length of time than injury. It doesn’t matter to me if Rosi has a sprained toe or tweaked a groin (obviously it’s not either), but I just know that he’s out for 7-10 days. That’s all I need to know. I admit it does ridiculous, the vagueness of the information given. Yet, I just wanna ask: why do fans need to know about each injury?

  8. “Dan… It doesn’t matter to me if Rosi has a sprained toe or tweaked a groin (obviously it’s not either)”

    How do you know?

  9. And Rick, I don’t buy that league mandate excuse at all. This is an organization that filed a lawsuit against the NHL for taking control of all team websites and “stripping the Rangers of their exclusive rights to market to their fans” or something to that effect.

    I do think it’s a little much to not disclose injuries anymore, but the fact that the Rangers insult our intelligence by crying “league mandate” is pretty annoying considering their past history.

  10. NY Rangers Examiner on

    Fans need to know about injuries b/c they invest so much time and concern for the team all season long. Loyal fans stick by their team’s side through the good times and the horrible struggles. Their loyalty never wavers. It’s only right to keep them in the loop about the players.

    It’s the fans that make the game b/c without the support why would their be a game to play if nobody was watching and coming out game after game to give their support?

    So the Rangers and other teams for that matter owe the fans something at least. Let them know what type of injury it is rather than some vague description of a lower body injury.

    And if this case was different…i.e. Lundqvist being out, you can be sure I’d want to know what was ailing the No.1 goalie and our best player on the team. As for Rozy, his salary is enormous. Don’t you want to know why this overpaid defenseman will miss X amount of games b/c of this injury.

  11. I think roszival may do more than you seem to think he does. He has been solid lately and losing him is not good for us at the point in the season. I hope Sauer plays well but i think the difference will be noticeable.

  12. Rozsival is soft. I don’t care if he’s the highest scoring d-man. He has 30 points and that’s pathetic, as is Redden’s 3 goals for being brought in as our PP QB.

  13. I also agree with Steeve. Why do the fans need to know what body part is injured? It makes no difference to us. The knowledge is not going to make us take precautions against the same injury in the same situation. All I need to know is he’s out, and he’ll be back in 7-10 days. Anything beyond that is superfluous.

  14. What we really need to see is a D-man who is going to hit something and make the opposition look up each time they get near our zone – Sauer could be that guy.

    On the other hand – we also need to see an Orr vs Boogie match-up tonight. Bring on the heavyweight championship matchup!!

  15. “Redden 30 points. Mike Green 28 goals, 64 points.”


  16. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Rick, can’t blame the team for being mad at you. Can blame the team for covering it up in the first place.

    League Mandate? That’s a bunch of BS. The league says you CAN just describe the injury as upper or lower body. You don’t HAVE to.

    The Mikko Koivu example you gave is perfect.

    I can understand them being mad at you for wanting to blow up their spot by reporting its his knee or his ankle or whatever the injury actually is. But the point is they put themselves in the position to get angry by concealing it for a reporter to uncover. So while I can’t blame them for being upset (Lord knows I would be if I wanted to keep something hush hush), I can blame them for wanting to keep that quiet in the first place.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to make some of the chat today.

    Keep up the good work.

  17. If it protects a player and helps the team to keep an injury private, keep it private.

  18. I also don’t care AT ALL what the injury is … in passing, I care about the length.

    Rick, just curious, why is it such a big deal to you that the organization should let us know? If not releasing the information protects the player to any degree, I could care less about knowing …

  19. Here is the problem with too much information with a specific injury. Let’s say we’re in a race with the Flyers for 4th place. Antro gets injured and we reveal it’s a left leg injury. He and the team decide it’s not that bad and he can play through it because he’s a valuable player and we need him in the lineup. Now the Flyers have this information….. You don’t think one of the Flyers won’t take a slash to the left leg of Antro hoping to take him out for the rest of the year?? – I really think that is why this information is kept to a minimum. Any thoughts???

  20. Why do you need to know exactly where he is injured? Are you a doctor? How does it effect your day to day living if you don’t know EXACTLY what part of him is injured. He’s not playing for 7 to 10 days . Get over it, move on.

  21. I love the clowns that bitch at every star the ragners did not get. how about no crosby, malkin, orovechkin, why did sather not get them???? After the fact all the expert GM’s on this site complain about who the rangers did not get.
    Sauer and Korpedo for a aging Leetch, still a bad move? I don’t think so. ANd Sauer is 21 he is younger on Staal so the usual patience from ranger fans and critics in spades.

    Need the win tonight. Cam Ward has been better lately then Henrik and that is why carolina is ahead.. Henrik is a great goalie but when is he going to carry this team for a stretch? Has he done it yet?

    roszival is a good 2nd pair d men and a much better player then redden….

  22. Wild offiicial site says that Boogaard is injured and won’t play.
    Clutterbuck has 302 hits, nine off the record set last year by Dustin Brown.
    Fritsche is now playing centre, and on the PP and PK.

  23. Boogard being a fighting beast has really paid off for Minny. Detroits bigger fighter is?????

    NJ’s big fighter is? Clarkson can play and fight for a middleweight. If you have team toughness you do not need a goon.

    Looks like Torts has relegated Korpedo to very low minutes, I do not understand why I play him on the 3rd line instead of Sjostrom.

  24. Boogard is the best fighter in the league, but he’s also dumb. He takes some of the worst penalties, but he can throw a fist.

  25. Carp –

    I hope they don’t bug you everytime someone here takes a cheap shot at Slats. That would be a full-time job.

    I hope Sauer plays like Brad Park and Bobby Orr in their prime, just so I can complain when Slats sends him back. Slats would have sent Babe Ruth down because he was only 32 when he hit 60 home runs in 1927. (Not enough experience.)

  26. There is a reason the NHL doesn’t have to disclose injuries like other sports agree to (mostly due to sports betting I’m told). HOCKEY IS A DIRTY, CHIPPY SPORT!

    My right arm is sore as hell; feels like tennis elbow. I would play through it, but if I hurt it and had to miss some games, would I want someone on the other team knowing exactly where I’m hurt so he can hack at it?

    Now don’t get me wrong–there are teams that go about it the wrong way like the Patriots who wouldn’t say what it was even with Brady out for the year. But I just want to know how long the guy is out for.

  27. On EA sports hockey game sometimes defenseman play without a face in their helmet….or after another players stick goes directly through there stomach ( and the endborad too!)

    How come Rozy cant play because of lower body injury

    Just curious

  28. Hockey is a rough dirty sport, I would not tell my opponents were it hurts, why so they can whack me with the stick all game long, no thanks. Some information should remain vague for the well-being of the player and tactics.

  29. rosis doctor on

    Carp…don’t flatter yourself.

    Unless a fan needs to know for the pro select pickings of the night, why do we need to know about someones injury??

    It is far better for our team not to disclose the exact extent of an injury.

  30. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Ha, I tried submitting like three questions to the live chat, and all they posted was when I put “FIRE RENNEY.”


  31. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Jane sounds like Ana Gasteyer doing “Delicious Dish.” Carp isn’t exactly Molly Shannon, but he does sort of sound like Alec Baldwin when he was selling his “Schweaty Balls.”

    I guess Sam could be Molly Shannon.

  32. stuart
    March 24th, 2009 at 12:32 pm
    I love the clowns that bitch at every star the ragners did not get. how about no crosby, malkin, orovechkin, why did sather not get them???? After the fact all the expert GM’s on this site complain about who the rangers did not get.
    Sauer and Korpedo for a aging Leetch, still a bad move? I don’t think so. ANd Sauer is 21 he is younger on Staal so the usual patience from ranger fans and critics in spades.


    The fact that Sather passed on Mike Green TWICE is documented if you did your research. It would have been great to have him and if the Rangers would have threw the last 12 games of the season, they would have had Ovechkin. So, its a nice “fantasy” to think about. The Rangers arent going to have either one of them so we are fans of the players. Hardly make believe GM’s – because you know – Sather has done such a STELLA job at drafting players.

  33. Jane!
    Move to Vermont…winter will end eventually; like June

    You stay there man…you’re doing great

  34. @ Kaspar,

    Then we’ll have to arm wrestle.

    …she’s with-out a doubt my kind of woman.

  35. LaCrackrock and Brash aren’t in my top 5. Throwing a couple wild haymakers and going for the takedown (LOL this isn’t MMA yoy don’t get points for takedowns) doesn’t indimidate anyone anymore.

  36. NY Rangers Examiner on

    Thanks for doing the live chat today!!!! I hope you guys do this again some time, I really enjoyed hearing what you had to say.

    Keep up the great work!

  37. I can’t wait to see the replay of that chat…I only caught the last few minutes of it. There’s nothing better than a hot chick talking hockey.

  38. I’m already watching replay with the guys…

    Jane, when you visit, my friend Verne wants to show you all the photo-slides he made using his $500 micrpscope; ameoba, bacteria, drinking water parasites etc etc……it’ll only take 5 minutes or so; he’s a PIA but he wont go away without an answer…so I said OK

  39. I read this blog everyday, first great job carp and jane, second Id like to see who you guys rate as the top 5 fighters in league

  40. LOL… he could have been trying to read teh screen… or watched the replay…just sayin

  41. It’s tough to tell who the top 5 are, they have to be fighters that rarely get their ass kicked, but are not huggers, and take down artists, and connect with the majority of their punches. So that eliminates Brash, and Lacrackhead.

    Orr is in there, Boogeyman, maybe McGratton, you can make a case for Peters. I don’t know aboot Cote cause that guy gets the sh*t kicked out of him, every time he fights. Eric Boltsforbrains is another good one, Eric Godard as well, he stunned Orr in their last fight, so you gotta give him credit. Andre Roy, ehh i don’t know if being a psycho makes you a good fighter, but he’s decent, and another Orr victim. Jodie Shelley, he’s pretty good. Obviously Wade Belak, and i know im missing a few, but my top 5 is..

    4)Eric Godard
    3)Wade Belak

    Maybe im being biased, but Orr has the hardest punch in the league in my opinion. He has aboot 4 or 5 knockouts since 05-06. He’s knocked out Godard, Boulton, Fedoruk, Boulerice, Rupp, he mangled the faces of Shelley, Godard, Roy among others. He flat out has balls of steel, and seems like he’s the only fighter int he league that makes the first move, and he always has the balls to switch arms during a fight, if the fights not going his way. Colton “Balls” Orr. Number 1 !!!!!!

  42. Carp-

    Thats easy. Next time the Rangers PR calls you and tells you that they are mad at you, simply say that your entire audience is mad at *them* for letting that no talent a$$ clown Sather make such ridiculous signings…..


  43. You guys are so mean!! Some of us ladies actually like sweaty looking bald guys with beer guts.


  44. Orr
    there’s a minor league video of Fritz just smacking the hell out of Orr…from like 2004 or so

    To Orrs credit he never stopped coming back at him….then this year Orr got the best of him

    I agree…Orr is one of the best

  45. I miss Sam but jane is very cute – nice smile. As someone else said the id picture does not do her justice.

    Anyway does Rick or Jane ever see or hear from Sam. Does he go to any of the games with his oldest son. How is old Sammy doing.

  46. PS, the Rangers are mad at me for ranting about the “lower body injury” stuff.


    Badass Rick, you are badass, you too Jane

  47. Jane's Addiction on

    jane you can pull the jersey over my head and beat the living crap outta me anytime you want and twice on sundays

  48. Great chat today Carp and Jane. Keep it up! I hope it’s a good game tonight, I’m going to be there. Let’s go Rangers!!!

  49. 2 of my questions during the live blog were censored out!! im gonna complain to the higher management…if I can get through. :)

  50. “I don’t know aboot Cote cause that guy gets the sh*t kicked out of him, every time he fights.”

    LOL @ anyone including that punching bag. He fights with a visor on = not allowed on list either.

    Brash and LaCrackrock excluded as they are huggers for sure.

    Forgot all about McGrattan–that guy is a beast. I heard he had an issue with droogz.

    We aren’t biased–Orr should make the top 5 on anyone’s list as he never hugs, backs off, and will fight and possibly knock out anyone.

  51. Weird stuff… I refreshed the page and i got nothing but an Equifax Credit Watch banner and Rick’s and Jane’s photos! I thought I was being audited by Carp and Jane!

  52. “We don’t need a government study on Mexican border safety conducted by newly installed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. We need action now!”

    – Chuck Norris – as seen on

    This is not a Chuck Noriis “fact”, it is an actual quote.

    Janet, if I were you, I’d get on that real soon. :)

  53. Idk maybe its just me, but I dont see as much in Jane as you guys, sure she’s nice but… idk..

  54. Kaspar

    Here is a short list of my needs:

    1. New NYR Stanley Cup Banner at the MSG.
    2. Free Lunch.
    3. A place to sleep.

  55. CCCP

    The answer to all three issues is the same…sign me to a new Ranger contract ( I’ll take Reddens spot at half the amount)

    That should take care of your new Stanley Cup Banner
    I’ll buy you lunch (I got a gift card at Rays Pizza)
    and there is always an inflatable mattress for a comrade the garage

  56. If a player is going to be out while he is injured and he plans to come back after he is healed, there is no harm in revealing the specific injury. However, during the stretch run, Rozsival will probably come back a little early. I didn’t see the injury, so maybe it is easy to figure out in this case. If that is so, they might as well admit what it is. It’s not a league mandate; it’s just a new rule that allows the teams to do this.

    At least the team is reading your blog, Carp!

  57. Great Job with the live feed! You guys really go above and beyond with the up to the moment hi tech coverage. Keep it coming, and go Rangers!!

  58. Kaspar
    March 24th, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    The answer to all three issues is the same…sign me to a new Ranger contract ( I’ll take Reddens spot at half the amount)

    That should take care of your new Stanley Cup Banner
    I’ll buy you lunch (I got a gift card at Rays Pizza)
    and there is always an inflatable mattress for a comrade the garage


    a comrade in need is a comrade indeed!

  59. Rick and Jane !

    I tried to watch your podcast as I have missed it at 1pm !
    But It didn´t work with me..The quality was poor, the pictures kind of stop and go, and it stopped after around fifteen minutes….!!

    I am using this computer to watch games live online as I am from overseas and I already have tried to see some archives now and it is working well with me so the problem wasn´t obviously on my side…

    Did you have some technical issues ????

  60. NOONAN

    Cote doesn’t use a visor. He’s just so ugly he makes your eyes see things.

    Did anyone see that cheap shot Malkin threw at Simmonds from LA. He threw his shoulder at his head, and Barry Melrose just said he got fined for it, but not suspended.

    Idiot Melrose was using some BS excuse aboot why he shouldn’t be suspended. Just cause it’s the mother fuggin end of the year, and they’re fighting to make the playoffs.

    Alright, so i could go kill someone, and i wont get suspended cause my teams fighting for a playoff spot.

    Either Colin Campbell is racist, or the league really is backing up the Pens 100%. How pathetic. I hope someone ends Malkins season with a hip check to his knee’s. That idiot Melrose says he’s not a dirty player, yeah watch the playoffs you stupid moron, all those slew foots on Mara.

    Ugh, i hate the way everyone kisses this teams ass. I hope Crosby, and Malkin crack heads like Shanny and Knuble, but they DON’T get up !

  61. Rangers need to hit Gaborik. he is fragile as hell. but he can light it up ( 5 goals the last time they met in Minny)

    Owen Nolan and Gaborik are their scorers, and Gaborik can be intimidated. he floats, looking for breakaways.

  62. hey guys if any of you can post video of the game tonight that would be great, im going to be in my philosophy class talking about god, so if i cant watch this game i might jump out the window and i know u dont want that on your conscience ha. thanks

  63. Thanks for clarifying, I had thought he wore one maybe it was Downie

    “Did anyone see that cheap shot Malkin threw at Simmonds from LA. He threw his shoulder at his head, and Barry Melrose just said he got fined for it, but not suspended.

    Idiot Melrose was using some BS excuse aboot why he shouldn’t be suspended. Just cause it’s the mother fuggin end of the year, and they’re fighting to make the playoffs.”

    Did not see it but will look for it.

    Did Malkin get suspended for slew footing Mara TWICE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION in the playoffs last year? Just doing it once is an automatic suspension, so of course he won’t get punished for this.

    While, if Sean Avery sneezes near Crysob, this he’ll get suspended this weekend.

  64. Never hated the Pens before…even when they had Ulfie and Mario and Jags…I would always root for them vs Philly, Islanders, Devils ( as long as it helped rangers too)in other words they were my least hated eastern team

    But now…I’m watching the other day and I’m pulling for the Flyers against them…


    Are Crosby and malkin so disgustingly bad that they could actually make me cheer for the Flyers?

    I think so

  65. Kaspar: I used to have NO PROBLEM with the Pensys. Even when they had Jagr, Francis, Lemieux, etc.

    Now I find myself rooting for Philly, or any team over them as well. Crosby is a diver and a whiner and the refs let him get away with murder and Malkin is a dirty dirty rat bastard.

  66. What I don’t get is why are we playing team like Minnesota at this stage of the season? Why not play Metallurg Magnitogorsk few times next month?

  67. Rick, ease off the injury reporting thing. Fans too.

    IF YOU WERE, or EVER HAD BEEN a player you would know why -teams do target injured areas. And if nothing else, it is psychologically MUCH easier for a player to attempt to play if HE BELIEVES his injury is hidden. It’s hard enough to play hurt or come back from an injury. Knowing that everyone is targeting that sore (insert body part here) makes it worse. You need every edge you can get.

    This league demands a lot -hurt or not, you are playing unless it is impossible. No player is faking injuries either, or they will get called out by their teammates and coaches, which no one wants.

    So no, as a fan I don’t care what’s wrong with player x, nor do I believe it’s my right to know as a fanatic. I am such a fan I don’t want other teams to know where these guys are hurt. Yes, it may be obvious, but don’t give it away. Make the other teams work to find it. And just tell us when will he be back…

    “Loose lips sink hips”

  68. KASPAR

    You, and me both. It’s sad to say this, but i kind of like the Flyers when they’re not playing the Rangers. I just like the way the team’s built. It’s a fun team to watch.

    Im not saying i root for them, not at all. I just like watching their games. Same with the Bruins.

    I still hate them though !!


    I don’t know why Jane added that new picture. That’s dangerous, you could be sending some people the wrong message. Lol, there’s a lot of lonely Ranger fans on here. You may cause major stalking.

  69. Hey guys, a couple of things.
    First I want to thank you GUYS who think I have a face for radio, or that i’m not very good looking … Seriously. I would be worried if you thought I was good looking. So thanks. And it’s not a beer gut. It’s a pasta gut. Let’s be accurate.

    Second, Sauer is wearing No. 56. They didn’t have to take it down from the rafters. Maybe he’ll play like LT.

    Third, I get it that a lot of you would rather the team protect its players than tell you what the injury is. But I maintain if it was Lundqvist, you’d want to know. And by saying “lower body” or whatever, they’re saying, “We’re lying to your face.” I find that insulting. I’d rather they not disclose at all. At least that’s honest. As a reporter, when somebody lies to my face, I want to find out the truth. So it has now become my mission to find out what’s wrong with Rozsival, even if I really don’t care, or you don’t care, or even if it really doesn’t matter.

    I’ll be back with some Tortorella stuff pregame.

  70. Hipbone, do you think opponents don’t know which leg it is? Or have a good idea from the video exactly what the injury is? C’mon. If they want to target Rozsival, they can and will. Though some on this blog would ask this question: Why?

  71. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Rangers!!! It ‘s getting close to gametime!!!! Yeah , I was a lil upset after the Ottawa loss and stayed under my rock mostly until today…you see when the Rangers lose I find it hard to be happy and the heck do you guys ( Rick & Jane ) do it!!?? Well I know how Carp does it , he just doen’t get emotional involved but then Jane maybe a lil more sensitive and may find it harder to report after a loss. Jane is it harder after a loss or you more like Carp?

    Great live chatt , im watching the video now , both you two are doing a perty good job I must say. Rick looks younger than I thought and Jane is quite smart about my Rangers .
    I think Jane will find out now that she has a larger fan base because of her looks and cute demeanor but she does show shes one smart lady that knows her Rangers…wow , im impressed.

    I am with the injuries and salaries being private. These personal things should be kept private for the saftey of the player BUT if Rick wants to get us the scoop…HELL YEAH!!! GOOD GOING RICK !!! Your the Man!!!

  72. I didn’t have a problem with hiding injuries to keep the player safe from dirty players. But someone mentioned that they could just watch the footage of the injury, so in the end it really doesn’t matter.

  73. Carpy,

    I have a great idea….run a creative contest on this blog of some sort, and the winner gets to join you at a NY Rangers game this year. Then the winner can blog the next day about the experience.

  74. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Scoop it up Rick!!!!! SHOW THOSE guys that they are lying to the wrong dude !!!

  75. Kaspar – Good spot on the new picture of Jane!

    Didn’t Dubinsky wear 56 in his first six-game stint with the team? Or was it 54? I know it was something in that area.

  76. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Yeah Orr ya maybeee a lil ill help ya out here…

    #1 Laraque – no one wants to fight him and he is the top heaveyweight but has diminished a bit in Montreal

    #2 Boogaard – Big and bad , very bad

    #3 ORR – Orr is a mean nasty fighter , he attacks and switches up hand quite well.

    #4 parros – Mr Moustashe is in the house

    #5 Zdeno Chara – What can’t this monstrostity do?

  77. it’s not lying to your face if the rangers just say it’s a lower body injury if in fact one of his knees is hurt. they are not revealing the whole truth but they arent lying either. it would be a lie if he hurt his arm and they said lower body injury, but even that i dont really have a problem with b/c replays dont always reveal what is hurting. if rosi limps off the ice it could be his knee or it could be his hip. at the end of the day it may not matter that much b/c a hit would presumably disturb either, but there is at lease some method to the madness.

    and i think most fans would argue that the rangers (dolan/sather/players etc) owe us a lot more than simply telling us what part of a players body is hurt. id prefer that the gm/owner/players were held accountable for poor performance (either by being benched/fired or demoted). on the grand scale of suffering dolan/sather have put the fans through over the years this is a non issue

  78. what i find more troubling is the recent praise by torts for rosi who has been our worst defenseman since torts began coaching

  79. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Jane …are you related to the CFL football quarterback Danny McManus ?

    GOOOOOOO RANGERS !!! Lets Slaughter dem dare “wanna be North Stars again!!” Pritty sad losing your hockey team and then getting another team back…pathetic. The WILD have a great fan base , too bad they are all idiots!!!…haha

  80. Have they lost 2 in a row under Torts? I can’t remember (I mean outright… not OT or shootout losses)

    Need the bounceback win tonight.

    LET’S GO NYR!!!

  81. Sorry Carp, don’t agree with that rationale. Sure we pay for the product but I don’t see how they owe us an explanation beyond what they give. Excuse the horrible analogy but if I go to my favorite restaurant and the main chef is out sick do I demand to know the exact reason why he is sick? I pay his salary by eating there. Do they really owe me more then that? In the end we are just the customer.

    But I do understand how some people get emotionally attached and want to know a bit more.

  82. Miloslav Mecir on

    Hmmm. 127 comments??They should take this show on the road??
    When is LOHUD streaming audio going to start up. You can compete with Mike & Mike in the am.

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