Rozsival: Not a major injury


Apparently not, anyway. 

Rozsival had an MRI this afternoon and the team has announced he will be out just 7-10 days.

Here is the official announcement from the team:


            New York, March 23, 2009 — New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defenseman Michal Rozsival is expected to be sidelined for seven to 10 days with a lower body injury.  He suffered the injury in the second period of last night’s game vs. Ottawa at Madison Square Garden.


By the way, this is Carp, back from NYS’s Northlands.

I personally hate it when these idiot teams — who follow the leader on stuff like this — treat their fans with such disrespect and call it “lower” or “upper body injury.” We all know it’s his leg. Why not say it’s a hip or a thigh or a knee or an ankle. It’s going to come out anyway, and I promise if I see Rozsival, or anbody, with a “lower” body injury and I see that his knee is wrapped or his ankle, then I’m putting it up on the blog immediately.

You guys pay their darn salaries, and you are forced to pay those crazy ticket prices, and you give them nothing but your loyalty … and they can’t tell you the truth? That’s just wrong.

The Rangers have actually been lucky in the injury department this year, with not a single long-term injury and only a handful of short-term injuries (of course, there are some players many of you wish would get injured, and we won’t mention any names).


Another reminder: Jane and I will be doing a live video chat tomorrow at 1 p.m. Here is the link:

I’ll post it again in the morning.

PS, I’m somewhat excited. After traveling the map of New York State, I get to go to a game tomorrow night.




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  1. First?


    Its that new rule that any team reserves the right NOT to tell the media about an injury, no matter how serious or non- serious. Like you said, its BS.

  2. Good to see some input carp.
    Who peeeeed in your coffee today? :)
    That was blunt! good stuff

    And I agree! The cost of these games and dealing with insane salaries for the big 3 who don’t even equal 1 big guy in the league….. Give us an answer what happened to him already.

  3. What the HECK on


    I disagree. What you would be doing by putting it out their is letting others know where to attack our player. Take Johan Franzen for an example last year in the Stanley Cup Series vs. Pittsburgh. Gary Roberts knew that he had a head injury and attacked him. This is the reason that it was put into effect. They dont want other teams knowing whats going on, so they can attack that specific area. By you putting it out their, you are completely going against the Rangers. I strongly encourage you to keep away from the subject and let it be.

  4. Glad to see Sauer play more than 1 game like most of the other call ups this year… Let’s see how this guy is and if we can use him next year.

  5. Despite Rossival not being the player he’s getting paid to be, he’s still better than 75% of defenseman in this league and will be missed.

  6. Cakewalk-To be fair about what you said in the previous post Sauer was recovering from a very serious ACL injury so he wasn’t ready to be promoted at all this year. He missed training camp and didn’t start playing until after Thanksgiving.

    This is a great chance for him as if he can be that shut down physical presence, he’d save a lot of cap room for next year. He’s a very good player. Also, he has a lot of big game experience from a Memorial Cup run in 07 when his team went deeper than anyone in the entire Rangers organization.

    I’m the biggest Anisimov fan and I wanna see more of him but he’s only 20 and it really won’t hurt for him to get a little more experience in the AHL and to add a little more upper body strength in the offseason so he can win all the corner battles in the NHL like he does in the AHL. He knows where he needs to be, now he has a goal.

  7. HECK

    Exactly. I have no problem with the lower / upper body injury crap. Unfortunately there are a lot of losers out there that are too lazy to defend a guy legally, so they just decide to go after a players weak spot. Just like you said, last year with Roberts on Franzen. Completely classless, but if a Ranger decides to do it, then i don’t care, lol. But anybody else who does it is classless !!!!

    Im happy that Rozi is doe for 10 days, im dying to see how Sauer looks up here. Hopefully at the very least he makes Slats strongly consider trading Rozi this summer to give him a shot on the big club.

  8. What the HECK

    And i will disagree with you. Do you think other teams don’t know who had what injury before they play that team? Sure they do! All they have to do is just watch the game to see that it was his leg that was injured. I think it is disrespectful to the fans calling it “lower/upper body injury” and I respect Carp for always calling things what they are… bull, in this case. If I know that I’m playing against the player that just came back from a lower body injury, u can be sure that is where i hit him… left side, right side…from hip down to the ankle… I’ll make sure I get it all.

  9. Orr-Exactly! If Sauer can play well, then it will help out cap wise soooo much. I’m really rooting for this kid, he’s like the forgotten son in the Rangers organization with his injury problems. He comes from a very athletic family so he has the genes. And he’s a tough DMan so he can play bad cop with a puck rusher.

    I think the whole “lower body injury” thing is pretty funny. It’s like, stop trying to be shady guys. I’ve used it at work a couple of times for when I was sick, all the hockey fans got a chuckle out of oit.

  10. The vague injury-language policy is mandated by the league, isn’t it?? Straight from Bettman in all his wisdom.

  11. Last night’s game was a perfect time for Gomez to take control and score a goal or, at least, set one up. I realize he doesn’t have the skill to take over a game, as Jagr could, but he’s a veteran now, and in a tight game, we could’ve used one of his rushes up ice to set something up. Or, he could’ve tried to really work and manage the PP. He used to do it against us all the time when he was playing on the other side of the Hudson.
    He has been better under Tortorella (as has the whole team), but he still doesn’t play with enough emotion. Compare how hard Callahan skates and playes with Gomez. If we used to get on Jagr for just skating through games, then I think it’s due for Gomez as well.

  12. Johnny LaRue on

    It was Gomez’s stupid attempted drop pass that he never managed to drop that led directly to Ottawa’s second goal. That was one of many bad puck handling moves he made last night. I blame him for the loss. And Renney too, wherever he is.

  13. DanTheRangerFan on

    This team lacks that key leadership and I dont see that changing until moves are made down the road…but you got to play the hand your delt the best wat possible something Renny never did.

  14. Johnny LaRue on

    BTW, if you watch 24, Dave Barry does some funny running commentary on his blog during the show. Not that anyone should ever leave this blog, but…

  15. Addition by subtraction! Maybe watching from press box will help this clown realize the only way to score is to SHOOT!!!

  16. Gotta say I completely disagree with the idea that a team is “lying” to their fans if they don’t disclose the exact injury a player has.

    On top of the fact that disclosing specific details of an injury can put the player in more danger in his first game back, and possibly give opponents a competitive advantage… what the hell gives you the right to know what specific injury a player has anyway? What difference does it make, if the team says he’ll be back in 10 days, then he’ll be back in 10 days. You don’t need to know exactly why (vaguely I understand, but not exactly).

  17. Rick Carpiniello
    March 23rd, 2009 at 7:36 pm
    CCCP, wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhat?


    LOL… in my early comments @ 5:52pm i was giving you props for calling things for what they are regarding injury language policy… and i said it was “bullsh!t”… then a bit later i saw that word was edited and it became just “bull”… so, then i thanked you for editing that word… you know the bulls bowel movement aka as bullsh!t. LOL

  18. Good thing it wasnt Redden that went down or else our season would have went with it!

  19. Perkins the Terrible on

    cccp- u try to explain it to your wife, then you’ll really have a lower body injury. worse than before!! make sure you say hi to john bobbit for me while in the intensive care unit

  20. nasty were are rooting for a regulation win

    also- why not give potter or sanguenetti a chance too?

  21. Perkins the Terrible on

    crazy/nyr- yep, u r crazy! say hi to gary busey in the psych ward when ya see him

  22. Brad Richards from Dallas, cant catch a break this season! He had just come back from a broken wrist, didn’t play in Saturday’s third period; he broke his other hand, and is now out indefinitely.

  23. Nasty 1
    March 23rd, 2009 at 7:53 pm
    Who are we rooting for tonight, Florida or Carolina?


    I say, go Canes!

  24. Perkins the Terrible on

    hey, as far as im concerned i dont care what injury he has. what difference does it make? as long as we get a timeframe for when he returns. lets say for example wade redden got beat up by a coked out, tranny hooker, im sure theyre not gonna tell us exactly what happened. even though wed all love to know. next thing you know, all the freaks in grenwich village start goin after wade and thats not fair to him.

  25. Perkins the Terrible on

    cccp- hey, richards should stop playing with little richard so much. its his own fault

  26. CCCP-I say go Canes too. If the top 8 now widen the gap between Buff and Florida it helps with the breathing room.

  27. hey! there’s no game tonight.
    what am i doing here?!?!?!?!?!

    you have been off doing other things.
    this “extension” of the playoffs “rule” of
    not saying what an injury really has blended into the regular season. don’t know if it just started this year or
    and i’m wondering if it was Anaheim that possibly used such a term and now it seems to be the accepted approach.

    maybe someone else knows where it started, but i know it’s been recent.

    i agree. this isn’t the playoffs where you’re trying to save a banged up player from getting hit in the sort spot. it’s just stupid.

  28. If Rozsival is sidelined 7 to 10 days, would that translate into a return to the game of 10 to 14 days?
    Do they mean the time til he is ready to rejoin the roster, or do they mean until he is ready to practice again?

    Just wondering.

  29. if you look at the tape of the injury to Roszival, it looks like he got hit from the side causing a slight inward bend of the knee. That mechanism of injury usually results in an injury to the MCL… the MRI was probably mainly to determine the degree of injury (though these days it is almost automatic for sportsmedicine physicians do one in athletes, even if you can make the diagnosis without one, to cover yourself.) So, 7-10 days means it was a first-degree sprain. Trust me, I’m a doctor.

  30. Perkins the Terrible on

    if anybody is really that concerned with rozy, go to the hospital he is at, and steal his medical records. who gives 2 flying elephant turds what “exactly his injury is”? hes hurt. he’ll be back to screw up our pp in no time. ok

  31. Perkins the Terrible on

    yikes, it looks like the dreaded 3 point game between the canes and the puttytats is a reality!!! yea as i speak, canes score in ot-3-2!

  32. Hey, I was just wondering what the bottom line was. Anybody who does not like Rozsival, fine, but there is still something to be said about having players available. If somebody else on the backline gets hurt before Rozy is back, not so good.

    I still don’t have an answer as to when he might be expected back in a game, if all things go well.

  33. Perkins the Terrible on


  34. Perkins the Terrible on

    top- wasnt speaking to you buddy. i like conversing with you on alot of topics. i just dont understand why people get mad at the fact that the team doesnt want to indulge that kind of information when we all know that certain players on other teams would like to exploit it and use it to their advantage in a game.

  35. Sooooo, if things go well, and as expected, would he be back for a game in 7 to 10 days, or would he start the job of getting back into game shape in 7 to 10 days?

    Thar’s my question.

  36. Okay, probably a dumb question and one I should already know the answer to!
    Get better Rozy, you big lug, get better so we can trade you in the summer.

  37. Dammit Jim, the second I saw it was 2-1 Canes I knew it was gonna be a three point game; at least the Canes got the extra point. I’d rather have the top 4 teams beat the 9-10 teams so it gives the Rangers more breathing room.

    Rozi will probably chill for the rest of the week and be re-evaluated when the team gets back from Pittsburgh before he can begin skating.

  38. Dammit Jim, I’m a Rangers fan, not a medical doctor!!
    I don’t agonize over these three point games, as Doris Day said in a more interesting language – “whatever will be will be”. It’s all up to NYR right now.

    Instead I dream of Sauer doing well and making it next year, and then Potter, and that is just the star of the defensive juggernaut…MDZ and such.

    Trade Rozy for an injured player still fit to push Redden’s wheelchair between games, and we are laughing. Laughing I say!!

  39. topcorner-Very nice! Wrath of Khan is the best movie ever. This new one, well, it’s not real Star Trek to me but we shall see. Pretty funny that Harold (John Cho) from Harold and Kumar and the dude from Hot Fuzz are in it.

    Rozi is definitely a candidate to be traded. It all depends on the market and if guys are making like $5.5-6 then Rozi’s contract and length doesn’t seem too bad. A team like Florida, if they lose Jay Bo for nothing they’ll need a Dman. The problem is that someone underachieving and expensive will have to come back. My spider sense still sees a Rozi for Penner deal as they have comparable contracts and the same length.

  40. MikeA – Maybe Penner could get his head out of his nether regions, and stop being a lazy bum. So far it is the worst deal Lowe could ever envision making. And, come to think of it, Sather is due for a deal with another old friend.
    I just never can get even mildly excited about Rozy, try as I have. He’s like a piece of stone, he won’t improve much. He won’t grow into his $5 mil, I don’t think. Hasn’t so far.

  41. topcorner-I totally hear you dude. Penner has been a huge disappointment for EDM. He needs a change of scenery (not the good kind like the Dream Theater mostly cover album) and needs a new workout routine. I don’t want him but I can totally see Sather taking on reclamation project #750 because the difference between Penner and Rozi’s contracts is like $750,000 cap wise (although in reality rozi only makes $4.33 million the next three years as he made $7 million thos year).

    That extra $750 million is huge for guys like Dubi and Cally where a tenth of a million may matter and also if could be the difference in bringing someone like Betts or Sjo back in they so desire.

    I know it’s too early to even think about this stuff though. I bet someone like Chi or Colo who is desperate to improve down the middle is gonna offer Betts like $1.3 million which will be too much for Sather to match.

  42. Wow, Montoya is still a young guy, maybe he can crack into the NHL after all. It just seems that guy has been around forever. Good luck to him, Prucha and Dawes.

  43. Perkins the Terrible on

    hey boobs n sausage- lay off the boobs n sausage. it seems as though you have become what you eat

  44. they should call the coyotes the jr. rangers and they should have called the rangers the jr oilers

  45. Perkins the Terrible on

    boobys n sausage- i totally get what youre saying especially the dogsh@# part

  46. Perkins the Terrible on

    messiavery and they should call the islanders the rangers unwanted redheaded stepchildren

  47. Teams are not specific about injury locations because the injured area can become a targe area for opposition goons. Simple as that.

  48. Perkins is hung over this moring and i going to work still drunk on

    i shouldve stayed home last nighty. now i feel bloated and tired, witha little dash of the sh#$’s goin on

  49. Perkins is hung over this moring and i going to work still drunk on

    canes won, panzers got a point though. we better beat the hell out of the wild tonight. i wanna see carnage!!

  50. Carp!!
    In honor of your angry post I just shot a paper clip at my coworkers neck

    thank you Rick!!

  51. I can understand being pissed at how Redden is playing but he didn’t give himself a 39M deal. But you guys knew that already. You did, right?

    and Brandon hate to burst your bubble, Rozsival is not better than 3/4 of the defensemen out there.

  52. Haha Carp thanks for the injury update but I have to rag on you for your rant on the way the NHL discloses injuries. Hockey is a chippy sport–why literally tell the other team what body part is vulnerable?



  53. Cake – I agree, you’re right, but when you read the next day in almost every online report “Roszival left the building with a brace on his knee” – is it worth it? Just ‘fess up and if anyone “targets” Roszi’s knee – have Torts send Orr out to target that players face.

    I’m really hoping we’ll see Sauer do a Kaspar-esque hip-check Sindy or Malkin into their own bench this weekend – reports from Hartford used the words “he’s been hitting anything that moved” and has even grabbed a couple of goals recently.

  54. Section 407 – I’m not saying Rozsival is a Lidstrom or a Niedermayer but I agree with Brandon.

    There aren’t a whole lot of defensemen in this league who can play 20+ minutes a night and contribute to the offense. Rozsival has done it for seven seasons with a bunch of different coaches. They keep sending him out there, which isn’t a fluke.

  55. inhankwetrust on

    Roszi is definitely better than 75% of the d-men in the league, but I’m also intrigued by Sauer and am excited to see what he can do…i agree about gomez, it’s time for him to step it up, not because he is a first line center, but because we pay him 7 million a year to pretend to be…

    who cares what they call it? I get what the league is trying to do when it comes to injuries, but I have to agree with CCCP, if you see a guy was injured, you’re damn sure to find out where. Like Carp said, as soon as he sees an idea of what it might be he’s going to publish it. Other teams would find it out regardless of what we call it. What are Sanguinetti’s numbers this year? Is he worth looking at?

  56. Rozy has the “potential” to be among elite top 25% of deemen

    but dont confuse that potential with his happy footed ways…he turns the puck over; stumbling around like Cosmo Kramer, 5-6 times a game and forget about his non-decisions to shoot….freakin legendary wastes of oppurtunities and waste of a guy who can really fire it

    He needs to get fearless and soon…even a shot of Tortarella didnt help him

    Just sayin…I mean we’re not overly loaded with great dee men ( Redden and Girardi are Giveaway artists themselves) but Rozy plays like the most frightened player I’ve seen in a long time

  57. Interesting note, for all the oohing and aahing done over Bouwmeester at the trade deadline, he’s got a whopping 6 points more than Rozi this season.

    However, the biggest red flag with Rozi has been his +/-. I know, it’s a not a great measure of defensive efficacy, but for every year since the lockout his +/- has been 35/10/even/-9. A variance of 5 or 10 wouldn’t have been too alarming, but -45 difference?

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