Rangers vs. Ottawa


Henrik Lundqvist will start in goal tonight when the Rangers host the Senators (31-30-10) at 7 p.m. at Madison Square Garden. John Tortorella will use the same lineup as his did last night in the 5-3 win over the Sabres. The Rangers (38-26-8) in seventh place in the Eastern Conference standings and are a point behind the Hurricanes. With a win the Rangers would be in a tie for fifth place with Pittsburgh.

Tortorella said he realized the danger of overplaying a goalie, but that Lundqvist wanted to play and the Rangers need him. “This is crunch time,” Tortorella said.

And the other news, Torts has done a 180 degree turn on Sean Avery. “I never realized how good a skater he is, and he’s explosive,” the coach said.

But Torts said Avery needs to continue to keep it in check. “I watch him all the time to see that he stays within the limit of that line,” Tortorella said.

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  1. I know Ottawa is playing better as of late, but I think Hank needs a game off.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!

  2. to be honest we can prob give hank two games off this week against the wild and atlanta if not both at least one. and get him ready for sid the crybitch and euginie ill kick you in the back of your skate malkin.

  3. Avery is a Torts player in and out. At least when he’s a NY Ranger. Definitely glad to see Hank in net. We have not had a hard schedule lately, lots of off days. Only concern would be that he was sick, and says he’s still a lil sensitive. As Torts said, it’s crunch time, my love affair for Valli ended long ago. Guy is a serviceable backup, not someone you throw in against a 8-2 in the last 10 games team when your in a playoff hunt this tight. Even if he plays every game for the rest of the season he is right on par for games played for the previous two seasons, one game over two seasons ago, one game under last seaon. I don’t think anyone is going to say he entered the postseason overworked then, don’t think so now either.

  4. Ill be there tonight. My 3rd game actually vs ottawa. First time was in 06 when we handled them I belive 6-1? And then the last home game of 06 we dropped it like 5-1? Anyways, anybody know if fakes are safe at the garden?

  5. I stand by what I’ve said in regards to Avery. If he remains with the rangers for this entire contract and continues to be the same Avery…he needs to have his number retired, period. No if ands or buts. Guy is a fan favorite, a talented player who is high impact in every game. Cup or no cup, this guy has defined Rangers hockey for three partial seasons now, and will continue to do so for the remainder of his tenure if he continues to play his game like he is.

  6. the power plays are a lot better than they used to be, even when they’re not producing at all…

    ottawa is just doing a very good PK job

    do you guys not remember not even being able to control the puck in the offensive zone on the PP? dump, chase, chase puck back into defensive zone. wash. rinse. repeat.

  7. Nobody is going to score from the perimeter. Rangers need to muscle their way into the slot and start firing and crashing the net. A sharp angle shot is acceptable only when there is no other play available or if there is another player barreling down the slot to slam home a rebound.

  8. blueshirt – thanks for the link . I forgot I was even a member there. Way better feed. 3.99 is worth it

  9. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    rangers look like shat. they only have 10 shots games halfway over. i dont know the last few games even though we won, it looks like theyre comin back down to earth from the coaching change. i know ottawas been better, but theyre facing alex auld!! we got hank! we better score a few more at least

  10. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    tomB- you should try gamecenter n nhl.com. its cheaper than 4$ a game

  11. Johnny LaRue on

    What the heck is going on? Did Tom Renney sneak back behind the bench this period?

  12. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    rangers are takin this game off it looks like. not that they have that much room for eror. still more than enough games to be knocked out of the playoff race

  13. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    why is redden and morris getting more icetime than staal n girardi?

  14. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    they cant be that tired. damn buffalo was outplayin us the whole 3rd period last night after playin the night before. maybe they partied too hard for callys birthday. if thats the reason they really deserve to lose even though i dont want them too. teach ’em a lesson. they are playin like crap.

  15. Johnny LaRue on

    Rangers have to score at least two to win this game. Hank is right on his programming schedule of zero goals in 1st, one goal in 2nd. Sens on track to get two in third.

    I hope they aren’t feeling like they’ve clinched a playoff spot yet.

  16. they need to actually start challenging auld..he’s huge and will stop everything that comes right at him

  17. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    wtf is wrong with them?? they gotta at least get a pointoutta this. freakin pathetic. theyre not that good that they can take games off. our pp looks like renny is coaching it

  18. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    rob- hank has been suckin lately. if renny was still coach wed never win a game with his half assed play. givin up 3 goals a game on average and if not for the aggressive forechecking we’d be out of the playoffs already. i hate this crap. alex freakin auld is playin better than hank? i hope he gets his shit together soon!!!!

  19. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    rob- rangers feel a little too comfortable now, they need to get into this game, because tonight is probably the easiest game they’ll HAVE THE REST OF THE SEASON.

  20. HockeymanRangers on

    They look like the are tired out, they don’t have enough energy to give it the their all.

  21. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    my god torts start benchin guys man! i thought this guy is an asskicker. get the dead wood off the ice, double and triple shift the young guys

  22. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    quadruple shift cally, shoe and doobs. screw the rest right now

  23. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    i wouldnt count on it rob. weve been lucky to do that as many times as we have this season. were due for a loss like this. a little wake up call.

  24. sorry..i usually don’t do this..but this one is on henrik

    there’s no way a goalie of this caliber a) let’s that 2nd goal in and b) gets outplayed by ALEX AULD

  25. and i know the rangers didn’t score and yadda yadda, but it’s not like ottawa had amazing chances and hank was standing on his head

    the same chances were had at both ends (naslund at the end was very similar to shannon’s goal) and henrik flubbed the game

  26. Game was definitely not on Henrik. Granted he should have had the 2nd one, but you’re usually not going to win when you can only score 1. We should be well aware of that. Hank played well and kept us in it. The team looked tired and was kept to the outside all game.

  27. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    wont blame henrik for the 1st goal, but the 2nd was garbage, thanks hank.

    and the ******* loser Alex Auld pumping his fist at the end of the game. you’re a bum, i wonder how many times you’ve beaten the bruins. i bet hes given up 5 goals per game in his career v the bruins. what a dirtbag and a loser Auld is.

  28. got kicked out of the room so i missed the end of the game.

    didn’t hear a cheer so i figured out the inevitable.

    Henrik should have that.
    he was screened by Redden but still………..
    as for
    a goalie can look REALLY REALLY good
    if you keep shooting the puck into his chest or
    shooting it wide.
    don’t know why Ranger players do that soooooooooooooooooo
    but they do.
    it’s something Jane can dare ask.

  29. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    The game turned on Orr’s penalty against Ruutu, when will that dumbass learn to ignore him already?

  30. The game may not totally be on Henrik but he cost them a point. He has not been making the big saves in the 3rd period lately. That has to change

  31. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    are u kidding me? if we cant beat this crap team we aint doin jack in the playoffs. we need to have drury, redden gomez, naslund and zherdev do laps for a half hour. and hank needs to start playin like mike richter. he is suckin bigtime lately. bad game. i know hank is world class and all, but how many times this year has he played against a backup goalie or an ahl goalie and lost? this has to be his worst season as a ranger. that 2nd goal was vintage hank this season. bad goal at a bad time.

  32. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    look at this loser, and our losers giving this guy an interview, enjoying it. henrik let this bum ryan shannon score a gw on him. I guess it’s no different than yesterday when our losers were excited that they got a shot in on Henrik. I guess that’s to be expected, and it is better than that douche Michael Kay always insulting the Yankees.

  33. Bleh. Well, you can’t win ’em all. Still, there were points on the line. It doesn’t get any easier with the Wild coming up. I hope they use last year as motivation.

    I hope Rozi is ok, if not…paging Michael Sauer who had another goal and an assist today but was -2.

  34. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    MSG loves to kiss our opponents’ asses for some reason. He had a solid game, but listening to Joe you’d think Auld played like friggin Dryden.

  35. Auld plays well against the Rangers. Sometimes guys play well against certain teams. Still, they were probably shot from that game against Buff, not an excuse but it showed in their skating. They need to go 5-4 over the next nine to get in. Doable yet it will be a challenge.

  36. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    NY has the only loser commentators who suck our opponents asses. there’s no bias in favor of our teams unlike when you watch NESN, ESPN, NBC, CBS, FOX all biased in favor of their team, Boston.

  37. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    I dont buy that. We have a completely different team than before. Auld decided he was going to play well because he’s a fat loser who probably gave up 10 goals to the Bruins.

  38. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    rob- the game was a combo deal of hank not playing good enough to win,(cant remember the last game he dominated in), and us not being able to score/playing good enough to score. hank looks like, and it sucks for me to even think this, but he looks like like an average goalie. im not sayin he isnt good or he isnt good enough to get us to the finals, but this season, he just doesnt have it. maybe next year. but if i was to pick a goalie to make it deep into the playoffs with, he isnt even in the top 3 right now. 2 years ago, yea, last year, yea but not as much, this year, hell no. the rangers arent going to score 4 goals a game every single game. it seems thats what it takes to even think about winning with this team. i think he really needs a rest, even though hes young, he still needs a rest and vally shouldve played tonight.

  39. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    sorry for the ranting, but there’s only one way to describe tonight’s game, MSG, Auld, bum Ryan Shannon, and the goal given up by Hank. WEASEL, it fits for all.

    none of our guys deserve any blame. referees treated us fairly, ottawa played very good pressure style, just a lot of blocked, missed shots and that bum Auld.

  40. Henrik really needs a rest. It should come in one of the next two games to get him ready for Saturday when they go into my favorite arena.

  41. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    hey sammy boy, dont be sry for ranting, im not. if i didnt vent out my frustrations here id probably be wanted for assault with a hockey stick on these iowa rednecks. rant on my fellow fanatic.

  42. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    mikeA- i like and respect you, but they still shouldnt have been burnt out from last night. they didnt play as good as they shouldve and if miller was in net, wed probably lose 3-2. but yea i have no patience and hate seing the rangers lose. i guess you can say im a litle irrational and just want perfection, but i hate losing!!!!!!!!!!

  43. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    especially to alex freakin auld!!!!!!!!!!!! who is thsi guy?? its funny because im playin nhl 09 on the 360 and the sens just beat me 5-4 after going into the 3rd up 4-0. lol damnit hank sucks in the video game world now too!!!!!!!!!!

  44. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    i hate the senators. but i wont let them ruin my night. hey, this loss might be the 2 points that get us into the 8th spot instead of 4th!!!!!!!!! right drury!!

  45. Meh, its ok. I would rather them lose to a team that isnt making the playoffs, than the Devils, Pens, Philthy.

    Prucha scored for phoenix

  46. i dont think Rangers played too terrible tonight. Ottawa is on a roll right now and played well. That being said, Lundqvist is not at his best and Valiquette should have played tonight. He should play on Tuesday for sure. We have too many real important games coming up against teams we are really competing with. We need lundy rested for the real big games.

  47. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    ya know what rectums girl, i agree lungfish really needs a rest, he needs a mental health day. he needs to get into playoff mode because were not gonna score 4 a game every single game. hes gonna have to steal one once in awhile

  48. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    i dont know if anyone noticed but the 4th line looked bad tonight. i think shoe has played good and corpseikoski needs to be sat. they should bring bell up to try out

  49. Hank needs to step up bigtime, playoff games are sometimes 1 -0 affairs. He is either tired or has lost focus, he’s been beaten by average backups all year.

  50. I knew it and that is why I said Hank needed a rest, but he is not the one missing the net and taking easy shots from the perimeter. This team needs some type of jump in their game. This is totally unacceptable, especially if you want to win in the playoffs. You do not get three days rest between games in the playoff.

    We can’t score goals with Auld and expect to score off of Backstrom on Tues.? We better wake up and get our legs back into the game.

  51. Sometimes you get what you wish for…..

    and that is probably the case with Rozy, who got hurt tonight and was limping pretty bad after the game.

    The Corey Potter expirement takes center stage…

    coming to a movie theater near you starting Tuesday night

  52. Please lets not put this loss on Henrik….

    the fair weathered NY Rangers fans here sometimes makes this blog unreadable…..

    Rangers had 1-0 lead, and chances on the PP to improve their lead…..

    Rangers were down 2-1 and had chances to tie this game up…

    If the Torts started Vally tonight, with same outcome, everyone here would be playing the other side of why Henrik wasnt in net…

    The effort tonight was not on par of previous last few weeks…..Its one bad game, the team will refocus and get going on Tuesday night.

  53. Hello everyone, i just got back from the game. What a crapy game it was! My Jewish Luck…first home game in almost 3 month and they had to lose the game today! The whole team looked outta synch after the second period… no real chances besides that break-away by Antro… other than that the rangers didn’t play well at all! Crowd was frustrated lol… since Torts took over i guess people expect every game to be up-tempo, exciting and end in out favor. The funniest moment came in the first or second period i think when Rutu got in a little scrap with one of the rangers players (don’t remember who) the crowd started to chant ” Rutu SUCKS, Rutu SUCKS” and as the they keep chanting that Rutu stayed on the ice and was going along with the crowd kinda pumping his fists and nodding the head to the Garden chant! I thought it was pretty hilarious! Oh, and i got to see HL (not Henrik Lundqvist) Homo Larry… he learned some new moves… other than that he is still pretty lame, but funny!

  54. Anyone else notice Callahan’s interview on MSG Saturday night after the game vs. Buffalo where he seemed to wish that the game tonight vs. Ottawa wasn’t so soon?

    I forgot about it until this game was almost over, when it was apparent they just weren’t sharp in any way. Hopefully just a down game and the fire will be relit on Tuesday —– without emotion, the Rangers are just another team.

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