Rangers lose, 2-1


The Rangers had just four shots on goal in five power plays and, as somebody said after the game, you aren’t going to win many games if you only score a goal. Ottawa won 2-1 after Ryan Shannon gave the Senators the winning goal with 1:09 gone in the third, off a pass from Nick Foglino.

“We definitely had our chances to get the game going on the power play but for some reason we had a tough time getting the power play going tonight,” goalie Henrik Lundqvist said.

Little trivia for you, Shannon (right) grew up a Rangers fan, and watched the Wayne Gretzky retirement ceremony here. It was the first regular season game at the Garden for the kid from Darien, Conn. Look, I know you might be mad after the Rangers lost, but it’s a cool moment for him.

Back to the Rangers. With the loss, the Rangers (38-27-8) missed an opportunity to spring into a fifth place tie with Pittsburgh, and remains in the seventh spot with nine games left to play. Ottawa is 32-30-8 and has now won five straight.

“It clearly wasn’t our night, but it’s over and we’re back at it tomorrow,” Drury said. “They played well, they’re aggressive. They kind of take half the ice, pressure the wall. By the time we kind of figured things out, it was too late.”

“I don’t think that back-to-back has anything to do with it,” Sean Avery said. “(Ottawa) played back-to-back. We could have played a better game.”

Rangers coach John Tortorella tried to spark the Rangers by switching Ryan Callahan and Nikolai Zherdev, pulling Callahan to play with Sean Avery and Scott Gomez.

“I thought we were a little stale offensively,” Tortorella said.

It didn’t work, but the coach said he wouldn’t panic about one loss.

“This isn’t supposed to be easy,” Tortorella said. “It is not going to be and you are not always going to be at your best.”


The Rangers played much of the game without Michal Rozsival, who was injured in the second period on the same play that sent Colton Orr to the penalty box with 3:44 gone. Tortorella said he hadn’t spoken to the team doctors yet and would update the defenseman’s condition in the morning. They have an optional skate in the early afternoon.

Here’s the game recap.

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  1. * Please lets not put this loss on Henrik….

    the fair weathered NY Rangers fans here sometimes makes this blog unreadable…..

    Rangers had 1-0 lead, and chances on the PP to improve their lead…..

    Rangers were down 2-1 and had chances to tie this game up…

    If the Torts started Vally tonight, with same outcome, everyone here would be playing the other side of why Henrik wasnt in net…

    The effort tonight was not on par of previous last few weeks…..Its one bad game, the team will refocus and get going on Tuesday night.

  2. Hello everyone, i just got back from the game. What a crapy game it was! My Jewish Luck…first home game in almost 3 month and they had to lose the game today! The whole team looked outta synch after the second period… no real chances besides that break-away by Antro… other than that the rangers didn’t play well at all! Crowd was frustrated lol… since Torts took over i guess people expect every game to be up-tempo, exciting and end in out favor. The funniest moment came in the first or second period i think when Rutu got in a little scrap with one of the rangers players (don’t remember who) the crowd started to chant ” Rutu SUCKS, Rutu SUCKS” and as the they keep chanting that Rutu stayed on the ice and was going along with the crowd kinda pumping his fists and nodding the head to the Garden chant! I thought it was pretty hilarious! Oh, and i got to see HL (not Henrik Lundqvist) Homo Larry… he learned some new moves… other than that he is still pretty lame, but funny!

  3. CCCP- Actually the best scoring chance was with less than 10min to go in 3rd period…..Gomez slid the puck from behind the net towards a crowded crease and it landed right on Antro’s stick…..He quickly shot the puck and hit the Sens Dmen right in the skate. The puck was going into the net…..Tough break

  4. CCCP

    Yeah, MSG showed Ruutu getting in rhythm with the chants against him. Pretty funny.


    Anyone else notice Callahan’s interview on MSG Saturday night after the game vs. Buffalo where he seemed to wish that the game tonight vs. Ottawa wasn’t so soon?

    I forgot about it until this game was almost over, when it was apparent they just weren’t sharp in any way. Hopefully just a down game and the fire will be relit on Tuesday——- without emotion, the Rangers are just another team.

  5. The power play lost this team this game. For people to try to lay this one at HL’s feet is the definition of missing the point.

  6. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    riguere- no doubt, the team failed to do anything offensively, and i jumped on hank a litle too much before., but for some reason, i just feel like henrik needs some time off. he hasnt looked good lately. and you can argue that he has and he has made some great saves, but he just doesnt look playoff ready. at least not up to our standards of seeing him shut teams down in past seasons when we could nt score. im not mad at hank, in fact i thought torts shopuldve played vally, and even if we lost, hank couldve gotten a much needed rest before the playoffs. its not really a big loss. i just know that as good a coach as torts is, this team isnt gonna score 4 or more goals every night, and hope hank starts playin like he did 2 years ago.

  7. Phil….Corey Potter & Bobby Sangs are the only dmen in Hartford that have an NHL 2 way contract….

    My money is on Harry Potter…..hopefully he brings his bag of tricks to the game on Tuesday night

  8. hahah Liquid, good stuff…

    Yeah I think it’s obvious they’re not used to Torts style and thus can’t handle it every night… Renney and co killed them condition wise, remember how outta shape Voros was while playing and Prucha was in the best shape of his life despite not playing? Yeah this team’s lazy but I expect them to rebound nicely on tuesday and own Minnesota for that embarrassing night last year

  9. Liquid-Don’t forget Sauer. He’s been the best Hartford DMan the last month and change. Very steady, good positionally, and has a very good shot. Sangs really isn’t ready, I saw him play a few weeks ago. He needs to work on his puck rushing and one on one game.

    jerkins-It’s all good. I don’t want to give them excuses. I think they spent a lot of emotion on the Buff game with Kaleta and all the scrums and the turnaround time caused them to be a little flat, however, no excuses.

    Look, it sucks,Hartford lost today too after being up 3-1, and even the U.S.A got knocked out by Japan in the WBC so it wasn’t a good sports day. There will be better ones. They weren’t going to go 10-0 so maybe this will help them sharpen up.

    Also, for all you metal heads, the new Mastadon is out on Tuesday (so is the new Doom for hip hop aficionados) so go buy/download/etc. the album and then watch the Rangers.


  10. A few bad bounces, every game that has been lost under Torts has been because of a few bad bounces. Hopefully Rozi isn’t too banged up, would like to see Vally play and expect Tuesday to be a make up for tonight and put the beat down on a team thats barely .500

  11. Rozi’s getting an MRI tomorrow as per Andrew Gross and Steve Zipay, not to scare anyone. Hopefully he’s day to day.

    Here’s the stats for Potter:
    60 9 19 28 -8 78

    59 6 16 22 19 35

    70 5 30 35 -15 40

    All three shoot righty which is what Rozi is. Potter and Sangs have played together on the top pair and Sauer has been mostly a 3rd pair but has been second because his game is back following his late start to the season.

    I’d go with Sauer but they’ll probably go with Potter.

  12. “My money is on Harry Potter…..hopefully he brings his bag of tricks to the game on Tuesday night”

    That’s so cheesy, but i cant help myself from laughing like psycho.

    That game last night was pathetic, they just looked lost, and Hank gave up a softie in my opinion. I don’t care how good the Sens are playing, they are where they are, we’re where we are, which is fighting for a playoff spot, a fuggin team that is trying to clinch a spot in the top 8. WE should be the dangerous team. We needed to take advantage of the Pens losing, and we didn’t.

    Gomer is a moron, he continues to make idiotic passes, and he blew the game for the rest of his team with a stupid pass. I wouldn’t blame Aves for that play, he cant read Gomer’s mind.

    As for Rozi, i really don’t mind if he’s out for a few games, i wanna see Sangs, or Harry, but more importantly i wanna see two fuggin points in the next game.

  13. They will definitely go with Potter; who has at least some NHL experience. Personally I would love to see Sanguinetti or Sauer get an opportunity to show their stuff, but it’s unfair to throw them right into the middle of a playoff race.

    Remember, these are defensemen, not forwards! It’s a lot easier to introduce a new forward into the NHL late in the season than a defenseman. The forwards have their two linemates and the defense to back them up on the ice if they make a mistake.

    Who really knows though? The Rangers never cease to surprise me – watch them recall Fahey.

  14. Wow…03/23/2009 Michael Sauer (D) Hartford DEL Recalled from loan by NY Rangers (NHL)

  15. I was at game…but felt like I was at an away game and the postgame scribe was that they played a decent road game but fell short.

  16. PP was pathetic.

    Funny to see Shannon scored (think maybe Henrik should have stopped it but he did have a good game); I played a bit of hockey with him back in the day. The kid is small but has an insane work ethic.

  17. PP was pathetic.

    Funny to see Shannon scored (think maybe Henrik should have stopped it but he did have a good game); I played a bit of hockey with him back in the day. The kid is small but has an insane work ethic.

    100% right. HL will do cart wheels and hand stands on some nights but he’ll always get beat up high and glove side. One of those goals were his fault.

    Liquid, If you start a post with Henrik wasn’t to blame, guess what?? Henrik was to blame.

  18. the pp had some serious issues last night.
    i think there were just too many shots from the point that were just passed up. staal and redden both were refraining from blasting it at the point.
    the shots that did come from the point were missing the net significantly.

    thats just my two cents

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