Sabres vs. Rangers


Madison Square Garden needed about two hours to convert a basketball court into an ice hockey rink for tonight’s matchup with the Sabres (34-29-8, 76 pts.). The PSAL boys and girls basketball championships were held this afternoon.

A win tonight would effectively mean that Buffalo won’t be able to keep the Rangers (37-26-8, 82 pts.) from a playoff spot, although Carolina (73), Montreal (71) and Florida (71) still can.

The Rangers have won six out of their last eight games. The game is on Channel 11 tonight, don’t go to MSG Network and injure your remote when the game doesn’t appear.

The Rangers lost to Buffalo 4-2 last time they met, but try asking coach John Tortorella about anything that happened before he got here. He may turn green and flip the podium upside down.

OK, that’s overstating it, but not by much.

And don’t forget to tune in to our LIVE VIDEO CHAT on Tuesday at 1 p.m. We will take your questions and attempt to speak in coherent sentences.

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  1. Rangers will win this tonight and Dubi will score a goal. Oh, I think you meant convert and not covert :)

  2. “Orr, you’re absolutely right. Hockey players are definitely not saints. Ed Belfour punched out a cop last year, but that makes him even more awesome in my book”

    Haha, yeah i got no problem with that. Most cops suck anyway, im sure the cop deserved the punch in the face.

    This game tonight is a big one, the Habs lost in regulation, so we gotta pick up another two points, especially with the Panthers up our ass, and the Canes a point ahead of us.

    Dru needs a goal, and Dubi as well. Antro needs to continue his goal scoring ways, along with Nicky Z. Also Aves needs to continue the good stuff ! He was pretty damn good in his last game against the Sabs last year.

    One of my favorite plays of last year Aves and a Sabs D-man chase the puck down, and Aves hits him and he goes flying into the boards and is down, and Avery passes it up to Jagr who rips it from the slot behind Miller. I LOVED that Avery-Dubi-Jagr line.

  3. Should be an awesome game tonight. I won’t be able to watch it though. I will be checking every ten minutes on my phone. Let’s go Rangers!!!

  4. Great. Ice will be sloppy tonight … Even worse than the usual crappy ice at MSG since they just had a basketball game there.

  5. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Gametime is hereeee!!!! Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!!

  6. hey guys!

    Mike, looks like we have the crazy buffalo announcer tonight….another resident in pominville…oi vey!


  7. is what his face still out or is this another example of teams putting in their back up in for us to boost his confidence?

  8. back from internet hell!! have i missed anything from the goal up until 2 minutes ago???

  9. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    buff announcers are bunch of pansies. ohhh poor vanek got his facemask pulkled

  10. Sabres announcers are whining excessively about Avery. “Why doesn’t somebody drop the gloves and take care of this guy?” “Why don’t the Ref’s do something about this guy?”


  11. OUCH onecup! I thought i had it bad payin 150 for the season, then again my current computer is 50% of the problem lol.

    Is there even a crowd there? Way too damned quiet

  12. Oh god, Buffalo announcers saying that Avery is getting away with murder and someone should sucker punch him.

  13. DanTheRangerFan on

    ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??
    March 21st, 2009 at 5:57 pm
    “Orr, you’re absolutely right. Hockey players are definitely not saints. Ed Belfour punched out a cop last year, but that makes him even more awesome in my book”

    Haha, yeah i got no problem with that. Most cops suck anyway, im sure the cop deserved the punch in the face.

    As a cop myself I saw these comments and couldn’t help but say something. Let me ask you who do you call when your house gets robbed or you get assaulted or you ned help on the roadway when your in an accident and so many other times….Exactly 911 and who shows up The police show up to help you. How many cops lost their lives on 9/11 trying to save people out of the towers with the fire dept.. So before you go bad mouthing cops…I ask you to think a little……..

  14. Haha i love Aver. Im so happy his “therapy” hasn’t ruined his on ice antics. Like when he hit Clarkson in the face with his stick during a faceoff. Lol he’s back to his old tricks once again. Pulling on Vanek’s face shield, and slashing Kaleta, which was needed in my opinion.

    The Sabs are full of wimps. McCarthur < Visor, Kaleta < Visor. They all have visor’s. Fuggin losers, don’t act tough if you’re gonna use one of those. It pisses me off.

    Anyway, good period, it was a fun one to watch. Just like the last Pix 11 game against the Avs. Hopefully the end result is the same.

    Hank got lucky with two post shots, but overall he was good. Gotta continue that, and he cant give up softies.

    Go Caps !! And im on the fence over the Panthers game, cause i want them to make the playoffs, but they’re right behind the Rangers, so i don’t know. Hopefully the Leafs don’t blow the two goal lead.

    Fugg it, Go Rangers, Capitals, Leafs, and Panthers !

  15. DAN

    Im sorry, most cops i see don’t take the job as serious. Here’s a good example, i got a ticket for riding my bike on a side walk, while at the same EXACT moment, some moron ran a red light. maybe i should ride my bike in the street and get hit by a drunk driver, like a 6 year old did last month. You know where he is ? He’s dead, and supposedly there was a whole lot of blood and guts on the street that they took over an hour to clean up.

    Cops are unreliable, they suck, and that’s how i feel aboot it.

    BTW – Don’t ring up 9/11 that shouldn’t even be a part of the topic.

  16. holy crap these announcers are the biggest bunche of freakin wimpasses i’ve ever heard! I guess it’s ok for their guy to hit Mara high last year and bust up his face, but God forbid Avery tug on Vaneks windshield! These guys should have put their big boy pants on this morning instead of their skirts! Their wives must be soooo proud they married a bunch of whining, cry babies!

  17. Linda I LOVE YOU
    based on your last comments on the sabres announcers.
    they are soooooooooooooooooooooooo pathetic!!!!

  18. Dan, chill the frig out. I’m on your side of the law too. Too bad a bunch of bad apples can spoil the whole bunch. For example, my coworker was assaulted by some customers at the diner I used to work at. The assailants said they were coming back. Police took almost an hour to show up (in a small college town), took a report, but failed to track down the perps despite us providing them with a name and relative location. What happened? The dudes showed up the next night and stabbed someone. Police took another report. I got my permit to carry my .40 concealed.

    Stop pulling the 9/11 card. We get it, you’re heroes…

  19. Dan,

    I agree, that comment was a bit out of line but honestly, what you said, its their job. When I have a plumbing problem, I call a plumber. When my house is robbed I call the cops.

    I have family and friends that are cops. I know there are some cops who do the job to genuinely help people, but there seems to be quite a few more that just get off on the power trip. Just like there are good cops, there are also good people, cops seem to forget that just as much, maybe more. Thats probably whet the OP was responding too;

  20. watched the last two minutes and i nearly released my Red Lobster dinner. shees those announcers are pathetically homers.

  21. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    exactly what i was talkin about in the last post. callys really startin to establish himself on the team as a well rounded 2 way player who can score that big gfoal. hes got some good hands too.

  22. wow!
    i’m waiting for the announcers to blame the economic meltdown and an increase in teenage pregnancy on Avery’s presence on the ice.

  23. nice bit of stick holding on buffalo. oh wait! they can do no wrong. that must have been Avery holding on to his teammate’s stick.

  24. Dan,
    you can’t use 9/11 as an argument with Orr, he was 10 years old back then. No sense of reality or respect.

  25. what was going on behind the Rangers bench just before the commercial break?
    somebody was getting ice in a cup and a can of coca cola.
    hmmmmm…..some like gatorade and some like….

  26. jpg…sorry so long to respond… but sheesh, I may be a girl but this is a mans sport and i just hate what they are turning it into. These announcers should be kicked out of the guy club because they are just too soft! I think their testosterone was removed the minute they signed their announcer contracts! Stop the whining and find your ballz damnit!!!

    btw, i think i’ll ask for a callahan jersey for my birthday!! Man that kid is just the kind of player i love! Fave guy on the team two seasons running!

  27. lmao jpg… the economic meltdown is a bit far reaching… but I’ll back you on the teen pregnancy angle!!!! That Avery is just a stud!!!!

  28. no problem Linda.
    seems like this is an awful lonely place tonight.
    not too many voices.
    oh well.
    as for Callahan, right now i think he’s going to get my vote for the Steve McDonald award.

    we’ve got to start running around in our zone!!!

  29. Dubinsky could go scoreless for the rest of the year if he keeps making plays like that..and i’d be quite pleased.

  30. I like how the Rangers are playing tonight. I think most everyone is having a good game but Gomezhas gotta step it up and stop taking lazy penalties

  31. omigod!!! he said Stevie Wonder could have made that call.
    where’s Don Cherry to complete this duo.

    what a great bit of acting against Gomez….who should not have had his stick up anyway.

  32. jpg, i’m with you there on the SMA! Cally just does it all and never stops. I just appreciate the fact that he knows his role and trys to play within his skill set and the system. I think the coaching change, for some reason, boosted his confidence because he has been even more of a force on the ice since then. He’s gonna get 20 goals this year…Ryan Callahan, a 20 goal scorer..I just love it!!

    Not only is it quiet here, it seems pretty subdued at the Garden also.

    Uh oh watch out, Avery’s getting away with stealin the baby AND the bathwater…. Uh Oh, he just talked to the president of Iran…Aw damn, he’s also responsible for the farce that is global warming!!! Avery is omnipotent… he is the Overlord of all that is bad and evil. But Kaleta nearly decapitates Mara last year and that’s A OK!!

  33. maybe i need to see the replay again but from the angle they showed after the commercial it looked like the side of Gomez’s stick hit the sabre’s side and no hook was involved.

  34. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    theres the FU goal to the buffalo announcers from Aves~!


  35. how sad for the announcers that Avery scored. i’m surprised they’re not sobbing right now and demanding that he be suspended again.

  36. for some reason we’re doing more standing than skating tonight. don’t know why but i DON”T like it

  37. just on a side note, i wonder when Hockey Rodent will get over losing Prucha. i miss the guy and think it’s terrible that he wasn’t given a better shot after his rookie year
    but boy has he been sounding extra bitter.

    he usually knows all kinds of behind the scenes info i’m surprised he doesn’t know and/or reveal what happened after his rookie season that Renney failed to use him as much and kept putting in the doghouse.

  38. jpg, i wonder how the buffalo announcers are enjoying the bile that just rose up in their mouths, sifted around for a while, and went back down!!!! AVERY!!! AVERY!!!! AVERY!!! The charles manson of hockey according to these guys! Holy crap, if every guy who said something bad about a female was exorciated the way avery has been, there’d be a TON of lonely women out there! Can you imagine if he pulled a Brandon Davis and called them firecrotches!!!! OH THE HORROR!

  39. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    isnt zherdev and staal the only 2 plus players on the team? kinda funny how especially zherdev is a plus when just about everyone else isnt and hes not known for great defensive play. although he is on the ice either creating assists or scoring or just makin good plays that turn into goals

  40. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    lol linda. i remember seein that dumbass say that. wasnt he paris hiltons boyfriend makin fun of nicole richie or lohan?

  41. let’s see the announcers sounded defeated when it was scored and then said something about they heard that it wasn’t Avery’s goal…….right after the replay definitely showed Avery tipped it in.
    then, when it was announced they sounded defeated again.

  42. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    jeff, no our goals were all from hard work. but it would be a tighter game if hank wasnt havin himself a game. hes been pretty solid. of course if miller was in net it probably be 2-1

  43. Torts has them in high gear, firing on all cylinders. they are skating with speed and confidence right now

    what a difference a coach, a system, and 3 players can make.

  44. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    nasty- i know this guy should just become a right winger or somethin hed probably have more than ovie!

  45. DanTheRangerFan on

    March 21st, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    I agree, that comment was a bit out of line but honestly, what you said, its their job. When I have a plumbing problem, I call a plumber. When my house is robbed I call the cops.

    I have family and friends that are cops. I know there are some cops who do the job to genuinely help people, but there seems to be quite a few more that just get off on the power trip. Just like there are good cops, there are also good people, cops seem to forget that just as much, maybe more. Thats probably whet the OP was responding too

    Yes your right it is a job like any other job…there are good cops and bad cops like in all jobs… but to say a general statement like the cop should get punched in the face when noone knows the circumstances.The fact is most cops are good hard working people that get a bad rap because they do the right thing by giving people tickets when they do stupid things.. Then to say the 9/11 isnt revelant is just another dis. My point is some people have no respect. I will leave it at that. Now we have some hockey to watch

    Lets Go Rangers

  46. hey Linda!

    how come every time i attempt to vote for Ryan in the SMA my vote keeps going to Wade Redden.
    what is this, an election for president?!?!?

    jk….ryan got my vote.

  47. “We’re a 2-1 team.” R.I.P.

    R.I.P is right !

    Good period, i hate the fact that they always give up a goal seconds after they score, but at least they got two more and got out of the period with it. I love it when Aves scored, it’s a big F-U to the opposing team, their fans, their announcers and the whole city, an for all the Aves haters.

    MSG might as well retire his number, cause Aves is and always will be a Ranger. He just cant play this kind of hockey anywhere but here. Fugg, it’s so awesome to have him back.


    Actually i was 12 when it happened, how old were you ? 62 ? Or am i being too nice ?

  48. Checking in from my phone. I’m in PA, no channel 11. Looks like they are kicking a$$ from what I’m reading. Are they really playing that well? Man, I wish I was watching the game :(

  49. yea mike, it was lohan!

    I gotta give avery props for not using the C word. I’d have been disappointed, I just hate that word. But ya know, the guy speaks his mind,is NOT politically correct, and is just his bad self. Gotta give him props for not being a robot of the count bettman regime! All these people creating such a brouhaha over his comments are probably the same people who go to church every sunday and cheat on their spouses the rest of the week, OR have said/ done worse things but in their need to make themselves feel better, rip into some guy they wouldnt have the guts to say these things to his face. Hypocrites, I can’t stand em!!

    Damn, is there something in the water up in Buffalo that make the men lose their macho????? OI VEY!!! Thank God i was born in Coney Island!!!

  50. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    harry neale givin our d props for tyin up buffalos forwards. gotta admit, all of them are playing better even though a few of them should be better. cant complain though cuz were scoring goals. i love this new system. i love torts! im eatin the tortellini!!!!!! im no longer drunk on the rennyade

  51. oh!!! got another one
    apparently, to the sabres announcers
    Avery’s comment was so horribly worse than
    mr. celebrate goalie in wins committing adultry with his
    that’s okay, i guess, cause it was all in the family.

  52. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    damn were gonna have a tough game tommorow. it looks like ottawas found their game lately.

  53. onecupin69years on

    I’d like to see Staal play LW, I bet he’d be a good one.

    Does any body miss the too many men on the ice, short handed goals and shoot outs that we’re common before Torts?

    renney should have never been the coach in the first place, I hope he never coaches in the nhl again.

  54. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    habs cut the lead in half but only got 1 period left to do somethin. hope they lose and like orr said, florida replaces them

  55. Mako, I’d suggest if there was any way you COULD watch the game, to put it on mute so you didnt have to hear these eunich announcers!!!!

    ORR… GREAT POST as usual!!! But that’s some kinda burn…62…ouch!!!! LMAO thats just crazy!!!

    LMAO@ Redden for president! Couldnt do any worse eh???

    WOO HOOO MORE CRYING FROM JEANETTE THE SABRES ANNOUNCER…lemme refill my diet root beer for the festivities!

  56. DanTheRangerFan on


    Jason was just making a good point, about the level of your maturity and obviously hes correct. Case in point with your childish comments. So grow up a little and think before you say things.

  57. jpg….i didnt know until yesterday that the fine moral fiber of a being BRODOOR actually MARRIED the sister in law last summer! My daughter and i were crackin up with that yesterday!! AUNTIE MOMMY…they should be living down here!!!

  58. This better not be a bedshizzing third. They have played a great game up to this point.

  59. you know, when that one announcer’s voice gets excited it’s like fingernails on a chalk board.

  60. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    rangers lookin bad so far. cmon guys dont blow this lead. show us you can hold a lead and win without givin us a hearttack

  61. they got married!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
    where did you hear that?
    wow! it gets even better!!

  62. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    jpg i know i hate that guy. theyre both sooo one sided its ridiculous. at least sam n joe arent homers like that

  63. i read he’s wearing a depend tonight because he soils himself whenever a sabre scores and his wife was gettin annoyed doing his laundry. OMG, I think his viagra just kicked in with that levevling of avery comment!!!

  64. DanTheRangerFan on


    I have no problem with most of your posts, I get a chuckle from most of them. You def are a character, and that is great to have hear. I was just asking that you be a little more sensitive about certain things..the 19 card can only go for so long lol

  65. so, FU these asinine sorry excuse for announcers
    Gomez gets taken out like he stars in a deleted scene from Slapshot III
    and all they talk about is Avery getting checked.

    i’m beginning to wonder if it’s a league directive that they have to talk incessantly about Aves.

  66. i’m disliking where we’re taking our shots. would feel better if there was someone in front of the goalie to tip it or be ready for a rebound but we’re making it too easy for the sabres goalie

  67. i bet if they dont get it together soon Torts will call a time out!

    jpg, it was in either the daily news or the post, in the article about his losing his divorce alimony stuff.

  68. please correct me if i am wrong, but if the league has a directive singling out one player, wouldnt you think that player could complain to the NHLPA that he is being held to a different standard than everyone else?

    Damn they look like crap this period. Are they having a Renney flashback or what????

  69. uh, staal tried to make up for Girardi getting hit and did the wrong-o with the arm around the guy.

  70. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    damn buffalos gonna tie it if we dont start hustlin. if this was a better team, it would be 4-4 by now if we keep playin like this.

  71. buffalo is desperate, they know this period could mean their season. so I expect them to make a run.

  72. Ugh what’s going on??

    Linda. I’m glad I’m not watching then. Last time they televised the ch 11 game it was an MSG broadcast with Sam & joe.

  73. Betts is in the box. i saw a double digit uniform with a 1 in front. just thought it was Staal. oh well.
    let’s kill this PK!!!!

  74. yeah, we look a bit nervous with a bit of no-help from the refs…..lots of nice stick holding there in front of the sabres net.

  75. btw, those who are watching the sabres announcers
    when did we get this new player named

    from Hartford?
    trade deadline?
    free agent??

  76. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    yea rigurE!!!!!! sweet. as long as either fla or car lose i’ll be happy. looks like car gonna win though

  77. what the hell!?!?!?!?!
    it does look like Renneyvile with the team tightening up as each second passes.

  78. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    rangers suckin it up bigtime. this game if they win, is not a confidence builder from my pov

  79. yeah, Ruff is a very good coach and Buffalo has
    a helluva system
    he is one helluva whiner and that not only
    drips down to his players who were more than happy to
    dish out a lot of cheap shots
    but also to its fans
    who, after tasting some success, became obnoxious louts.
    i used to LOVE attending games in Buffalo but the last time i was there it was a whole different scene.
    nothing good natured as it used to be but more threatening.

  80. damnit!! I lost the feed at 10 minutes left, got it back with 20 seconds left…what the hell happened????? 5-3!? WOOOO HOOO i am ecstatic they won, but what did i miss??? LOL

  81. Great game. The Rangers battled through not having their legs and Buffalo’s physicality and got the job done.

    The 3rd period is precisely the reason why I chose not to go to a party that started at 7. Nothing comes easy. Non hockey fans didn’t get it.

  82. Huge win, unfortunately the Crpas couldn’t step up and beat the Canes, but the Jackets got a big win late against the Cats, which helps, along with the Leafs winning.

    We have a shot at tying 4th place tomorrow, and we have two games more than the Pens, i think, so that can be huge if taken advantage of, and obviously they need to destroy the Flowers in regulation in the final two games.

    Fun end to the season. I week ago it looked scary, but im really liking the way this team is looking. Everyone played pretty good tonight, even Redden, Drury, Nazzy, and Rozi. Hopefully they keep it up.

    Sabs suck, season’s over, if i was a Sab i would have went after Hank, or at least Gomer. Nothing but wimps, they let Gomer ruin their season, ahahaha THAT was Gomer’s best goal of the season. Sorry Miller.

  83. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    yea sabres suck but we gotta be able to hold leads and not let the other team back in it. i love torts new system, but thats one thing i really wish could be worked on because better teams wouldve tied it and possibly won , and theres no shootout in the playoffs. still we are winning and i’ll take it. mikeA- its funny you say that the rangers still won won while not having their legs yet they had 3 days off and buff played last night. you mean they were a little rusty?

  84. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    orr- im glad they didnt go after hank! please dont ever say that lol

  85. holy crap!!
    i agree with Don Cherry
    he shows how the pens’ malkin
    gets away with an elbow and a high hit

    i’ll never forget the slewfoot on Mara
    what a pile!

  86. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    wow callys got 19 goals now? this guys kickin ass!!! hes a ny’er too!!!


    Im glad they didn’t either. I was worrying aboot it the whole night. Why couldn’t Redden, or Rozi injure Miller, then maybe they’d take one of them off our hands. But i cant complain aboot them, they were decent.

    I didn’t even notice Rozi tonight, lol that’s a fuggin good thing !

  88. Another huge win against a desperate(and they played like it) as can get Sabres team. This team is so much more fun since the coaching change and the trades and waiver pickup at the trade deadline. This team offense and battle level has improved ten fold. The Rangers of a month or two ago would be turning away from checks and backing up and unable to get any offense going. Today they battled it out and matched hit for hit with the Sabres lead (not surprisingly) by Avery and Mara(who was mean and nasty all night long) and (shockingly) by Zherdev(who was as engaged and gritty as ever)You had a guy like Antropov just drill Kaleta as well. A while ago they had no line that can score. These days they have two lines that can score(and a third with energy and some offensive upside)Hank was good throughout but he was under siege in the third at times(the only period the Rangers struggled a bit in)It was a frentic finish in the third and really the goaltending was one of the biggest reason for the win. Hank was excellent while Lalime was pretty bad again. I am shocked that they didn’t go with Tellqvist tonight. This was as hard fought a game as can be and the Rangers got some superlative games from guys some of their top players and their role players were excellent too. Antropov was very impressive again he made some good passes threw the body and showed off his magic hands. His country mate Zherdev was as inspired as he has been all year. He mucked and grinded and he got into a couple of scrums as well as scoring. Avery was really good again. He used his speed to create offense and agitated as always. Loved the game Mara played. They need to find a way to re-sign him. The Staaal-Girardi pair is easily one of the best young d pairs in the league. Girardi is back to his 06-07 levels and Staal has taken his game to an even higher level. He can get the puck out of trouble easily he hits and now he’s added an offensive element. He has an incredle future in front of him. The third line of Sjostrom-Dubi-Cally adds good speed great energy and some offense. Dubi looks good on the pk and creates plenty on 5 on 5 would love to see him score. What can you say about Cally? He plays with more energy and grit than anyone. If he doesn’t win the extra effort award it’s a joke. Imo he’s a future 30 goal guy. Good games by Drury and Gomez too. Only complaint is the third they can’t play a third like that against the red hot Sens tomorrow and expect to win. Fun game and hopefully teams like Carolina and Pitts cool down so they can move up to the 5th seed maybe even 4th.

  89. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25) on

    jpg March 21st, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    holy crap!!
    i agree with Don Cherry
    he shows how the pens’ malkin
    gets away with an elbow and a high hit

    i’ll never forget the slewfoot on Mara
    what a pile!””

    Malkin is dirty s.o.b. I can’t stand him and the whole Pittsburgh team.

    Great Ranger win tonight!!

    It got a little hairy there at the end but they held on nicely.

  90. i was thinking maybe gomez takin out miller was payback for mara gettin his face broken last season! Paybacks are a beyotch! ;-) Wow, I’m pretty evil today!!

    good post cally!

  91. btw .. peter puck is has 3 assists in 8 games with the yotes … keeping tabs and he isn’t doing much under Coach Pensive

  92. hey Zherdev13 — do you have a link for the Don Cherry vid? I’d like to see him rip on Malkin!

  93. LINDA

    Damn right. come to think of it, that does even things up.

    Does anyone know how Bell is doing in Hartford ? Lol, i cant believe some people were thinking aboot keeping him with Nyr instead of getting Aves. That’s working out great, isn’t it ?

    Im actually happy that the goal tonight was Nicky Z’s, he needs to keep shooting the puck, it doesn’t have to be perfect, his last two goals were deflections from that same area. Like Joe Mich says every game to Sam, put the puck on net good things happen. That line is working out, and Gomer is finally starting to show signs of life.

    Im loving this new team. Id love to get Morris back next season, but most of all, im really hoping we can bring Antro back, cause he’s been pretty damn good so far. But he needs to show up for the playoffs.

  94. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25) on


    No, sorry, I don’t have the video. I wish I’d seen it. I’ll be checking the CBC website tomorrow for it.

  95. anybody know where “won’t make the playoffs” is? or tom? or mhurley? Or gargoyle? Or sean? Or any of the other brilliant minds who told everyone torts would make no difference, that renney had actually overachieved (hah!) in his job with a roster that was “bottom seven” in the league? where are those Mensa grads?

  96. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on


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