Happy Birthday, Ryan


For reals, Ryan Callahan scored two goals on his birthday, No. 18 and 19 on the season as he turned 24.

“Personally, it was a good way to spend my birthday,” Callahan said. “It was a good birthday gift at the end, the empty netter.”

He joked that when he blew out the candles he’d actually wished for a hat trick. Maybe next year. (I love the internet, this cake is on the Rangers website.)

With the 5-3 win (after a 4-1 lead going into the third) the Rangers fall to seventh place in the Eastern Conference. That’s because a Carolina win gave them a boost, but on the flip side the Rangers are three points in front of Montreal. It’s a little bit of distance with 10 games left in the season, and the Rangers are streaking, winning seven of the last nine.

Up next is Ottawa, in about 20 hours.

Chris Drury scored on a power play, Nik Antropov had two assists and Henrik Lundqvist had 37 saves and played tight. The third period was a bit a let down for the Rangers, and Lundqvist kept it from getting ugly. John Tortorella called him the best goalie in the NHL.

It got a little chippy. Nikolai Zherdev defended Scott Gomez, who said he didn’t feel targeted after what happened with goalie Ryan Miller in an earlier meeting. Sean Avery went back and forth with Insert Sabre Here, and Brandon Dubinsky got a 10 minute misconduct with a minute left with Paul Gaustad.

This time of year, there will be drama.

Here are the official game summary and event summary from the game.

Lastly, Carp wanted me to link to this article about the death of Walt Poddubny. And props to Spraystop for putting it up at the bottom of the game thread.

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  1. happy be day to the rangers was well as Cally. Good game very physical and we were going after everyone. Staal played a great game as well as Redden who has been solid since torts as been running this ship. Drury nice job getting a sweet goal tonight!!! Hank was solid again and tomorrow will be a big test vs ottowa. They have been on fire the last 2 weeks and could be trouble for any team trying to make the playoffs

  2. 2nd!

    they have to put up 2+ in the 1st tomorrow, back to back games are rough and they cant afford to not have the upper hand all game

  3. Never heard of that Walt guy before, but regardless of who the guy played for, whether it’s Rangers, Devils, Isles, Flyers, it sucks when someone dies at an an age like that. Real shame.

    Anyway, did anyone see Maloney bashing Don Cherry. I love Maloney, he’s hilarious, and tells it like it is.

    He was making fun of Don Cherry’s suit, saying that he shouldn’t say something aboot someone when he’s wearing something like that.

    Don Cherry is a moron, calling OV classless cause of his goal celebration. He celebrated a goal you idiot, he didn’t shoot heroin, or steal a chicks purse.

    And now that gnomey looking SOB Tocchet is saying that he shouldn’t have done that, and how he lost respect for him. Lol, coming from a degenerate gambler, that’s fuggin hilarious.

    If i was OV next goal i score, id skate around the rink take off my jersey and swing it around, and do back flips. Id love to see Aves bring back his push-ups celebration. But then again, the refs will probably give him a penalty, cause they hate him.

    Eh, go Rangers, big game tomorrow, gotta tie Philthy and Pissburgh !!!

  4. repost

    anybody know where “won’t make the playoffs” is? or tom? or mhurley? Or gargoyle? Or sean? Or any of the other brilliant minds who told everyone torts would make no difference, that renney had actually overachieved (hah!) in his job with a roster that was “bottom seven” in the league? where are those Mensa grads?

  5. I was skeptical of the coaching change but bottom line they are playing real well. tort gets quite a bit of the credit, the Sather moves also turned out well.

  6. what happened with dubinsky at the end to get a misconduct? is it that “last minute of the game instigator” rule thingamajig? they didn’t talk about it at all on the air

  7. Petr Prucha has 0 goals in 8 games with the Yotes. He is probably getting screwed by Gretzky, or maybe Maloney, or maybe Renney ruined him, or maybe he just plain sucks.

  8. Captain, Prucha does have 4 assists though, including one tonight. It’s not as if he’s been Marcel Hossa ineffective.

  9. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    estuary- why do keep posting that? why do u wanna know where they are?

  10. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    theyre probably hiding in a hole in the wall somewhere until the rangers slump again

  11. Happy Birthday Ryan!!!!!!
    Don’t celebrate too much, you’ve got a game on Sunday.
    R.I.P. Walt

    Hockey Night In Canada had a nice little tribute for him, showed Walt contributing on several of the team’s he played for during his career.

  12. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    hey that sucks huh? when did he play for the rangers? he doesnt seem too old. early 80’s?

    so pruchas not scoring in phoenix either huh. they beat the nucks tonight and he got an assist. well, its a new team and all, so hes probably a little nervous. it really sucks he coldnt find his game back here in ny, he was always gettin his ass slammed on the ice and ya kinda wondered if he was ever gonna just get hit so hard it breaks him in half and ends his career. i dont know why the guy just didnt put on like 20 lbs of muscle. maybe he just has such a fast metabolism or somethin, but yea, hed be better off in europe on an international size rink with smaller less physical players to play against. i hope one day he will come back to the rangers but i doubt it.

  13. Poddubny was one of my favorites NY Rangers. He played here for 2 years at a time where us Rangers fans were starved for goals (sounds familiar this year)……

    RIP #8

  14. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Big birthday present for Ryan , nice going Cally …Walt god reat your soul . Pissburgh …hahaha love it!!!

  15. Poddubny is actually tied for FIRST all-time with Jaromir Jagr for highest points per game as a Ranger (over 100 games played). He had 175 points in 152 games played, which comes out to 1.151 points per game. Jagr had 319 pts. in 277 games, which is exactly the same PPG figure.

    He was a very clutch goal scorer who had good speed. His Ranger career didn’t last long enough. He was traded away for defensive help.

  16. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L.
    March 21st, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    It’s namesake not name.

  17. Stinks about Walt. 49 is too young to go. I hope they do something for him before the game tomorrow. I’m not really familiar with him but he was one of the better Rangers in the post Herb Brooks pre late 80s youth movement Rangers.

    Jerkins-Yeah, whether or not they were rusty or Buff was just desperate, they were out skated for lengths in the 1st and 3rd but hung in there.

  18. little green men on

    Who are the CLOWNS that picked Cally as the third star last night??? Zherdev as first star? You gotta be kidding me.

  19. Anyone interested in two tickets for tonight’s game vs Ottawa? Section 416, Row B…face value (35 each)…in the zone where rangers shoot twice. I will email the tickets to you, you send cash via paypal.

  20. Little Green Men- I was thinking the same thing. Z had a good game, but first star? It was all Cally.

  21. I will admit being vocal against the trades.

    I thought Antropov was a stiff…but he has tons of talent and Morris is what Redden should be.

    IF we can dump Rozy and Naslund..we can resign both.

    But for now…I eat my words.

    The biggest difference is the heart and soul of this team…Sean Avery.

  22. Good morning folks… no rest for the weary another big one tonight (they all are I guess this time of year).

    I liked what I saw last night (finally found a sports bar that had the hockey game in Palm Harbor, FL… actually Dunedin… kinda a poop-hole but whatever).

    I loved the physical game… Hank looked sharp… Cally and Aves looked great… Captain Clutch? What a nice deflection!!!

    How about Staal in the corner in the offensive zone?!!! I had to rub my eyes… thought I saw #2 on his back for a second.

  23. Again, Hank zero goals allowed in the first, one goal allowed in the second, two goals allowed in the third. He is wearing down. Needs some relief.

  24. anyone see the defensive play drury made at the end of the game with under a minute to go? If he were on the sabres that would have gone the other way. That is what drury brings to the table folks..

    Under a minute to go in a tight game, you want him on the ice

  25. I’m not making excuses for the Rangers in the 3rd period…its a little scary how we were off for three days and the Sabes were on back to backs…but

    The Sabres,at the start of the 3rd period last night, were the most desperate team the Rangers have faced ALL YEAR…their season was basically on the line

    Think about it…FLA was winning..a Panther win and a Sabre loss and its lights out on their season…they are already closer to 12th place then they are to 8th place…they were facing the prosepect of being 5 pts out of 9TH PLACE, 6 pts out of 8th…down 4-1 at this point you had to fully excpect a full frontal assault

    We bent but did not break..( Oh GOD that’s Renney flash back!)

    A little bit Lost in the Torts-Avery-Renny-trade deadline excitement is Mark Staal stepping up to another new level…all I can say is that all the major hockey sites left him completely off their projected Canadian Olympic squads back about a month ago

    They will have to re-think that soon

  26. I just bought tix for a Suite for tonights game for 60 bucks a piece on StubHub. I hope tonight’s game is as good as last nights

  27. Poddubny was acquired in the summer of 1986 from Toronto for Mike Allison. It was an Espo-regime trade. He was a good scorer at a time when they needed a scorer, and they got him from Toronto — a guy with great hands, not much of a skater, who you wouldn’t notice most of the night, and when it ended he’d have a goal and an assist. (the kind of player they could use right now, actually). In two seasons he was 40-47-87 and 38-50-88 for the Rangers. Also a very, very funny guy and a popular teammate. A good man who was called away too early. No. 8. RIP.

  28. The ol’ Nasty 1 is an uncle of a beautiful baby boy as of 6:54 this morning! I have two kids of my own, but I’m so excited for my bro and sis-in-law. Let’s go Rangers! Win one for the little guy tonight!!!

  29. So we’re rooting for the Flyers in this one, right? Especially since we play them twice more.

    I got to watch the whole game last night because of the fact that it was on WPIX, which for some reason I receive at college in PA, along with WWOR and FOX and NBC from New York. I didn’t get to post because I was watching with other people, but I loved the game, except for the two goals in the third, of course. It’s the first game I got to watch in a couple of weeks because I was away last weekend when they actually played Phiadelphia which would have been on here. :( Anyway, I really like what I am seeing. Despite the fact that they play defense a little worse in this system, their high energy seems to make up for it, especially when they make plays like Callahan and Dubinsky combined for to create the breakaway goal.

    Kaspar – I never thought Muir was too smart. It’s funny; ESPN actually has some decent hockey writers despite not having any regard for hockey on their television coverage, except for maybe Wednesday and Thursday nights. Forget Saturday when there is a full slate of college football or basketball.

  30. MA Fleury looks really shaky out there. He’s fighting the shots and can’t seem to control the rebounds

  31. Congrats Nasty!

    Other than his goal, I thought Zherdev was one of the worst Rangers out there last night.

    Is this the case where the writers wrote “winning goal” on their ballots?

  32. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    cakewalk- yea its been a pattern for 2 straight games now with hank giving up 0 in the 1st, 1 in the 2nd and 2 in the 3rd. i think he needs a break too. vally should start at least tonights game if not any other one till the playoffs. i think vally is decent enough and trains regularly so that hes always game ready. he always steps in after not playin for awhile and does fine, except for dallas, but the whole team gave up that night.

  33. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    mcbob- yea unfortunately, thats how it goes. most of them put game winner way before the game winning goal is even decided and its really lame that they dont change that. the montreal game, drury got the”game winner” but he certainly wasnt the 1st star.

  34. Uncle Nasty… nice ring to it. Like…

    Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re Nasty lol

    Congrats bro.

  35. There might actually be some unbiased reporting on NBC today. Pierre McGuire called Mike Richards “the best young captain in the NHL” while Crosby is skating in the same building!

    Wow, what a 4 on 4. Apparently, Doc needs some new glasses that improve his depth perception, but it was exiting nonetheless. Biron is awesome right now. One of the best games I’ve ever seen him play, as he gets peppered with slapshots.

  36. FYI, on the three stars voting … First of all, it’s usually done with a few minutes left in the game, so Callahan’s ENG didn’t factor in at all. Given that, it’s pretty good that he actually got a star at all, because most of the time, some of the voters have no idea what they’re watching, and to many of them the voting is an afterthought. They get a ballot late third period and all of a sudden they go to the scoresheet looking for candidates. And sometimes, things change at the end of the game, and somebody fixes the ballots.

    Sometimes a guy will get two phantom assists and people notice that on the scoresheet, and he gets a star even if he stunk.

    That’s why I haven’t voted for three stars in years, and won’t anymore. It’s a dumb process. In the old days they’d choose one person to do the stars and it would be his responsibility from before the game, so he’d pay attention to that duty that night.

  37. Thanks for that insight Carp. The three stars thing even though the voting may not be perfect is one of the coolest things in sports. One more connection between the fans and the athletes. It was the coolest thing when Korpikoski got one and his parents were in the house from Finland. That’s pretty special.

    Valley should start either of the next two games. If all goes well tonight, I’d give him Minnesota.

  38. Carp – Yeah, Sam told us about that earlier in the year, that if the game is tied, the first star just has to go to game-winning goal. I find it fascinating when some games have a star who did not score any points; you’ve got to believe that the voters were actually paying attention in those games. I think I was checking out a game boxscore in the past week or two which had the final score of 2-1 that a player with no points was awarded first star (if I remember correctly)! There wasn’t even a shootout goal involved.

  39. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    hey spider- thanks for indirectly reminding me about the piss- philth game

  40. I’ve got news for Milbury: we don’t need him in hockey either.

    As usual, it’s hard to believe any criticism from his mouth. Like I said before, Ovechkin’s celebration would have been better if his teammates were involved; apparently, they were supposed to be around the stick with him (according to an interview afterward), but they stood by and watched.

  41. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Congrats Uncle and Aunt Nasty. I’m sure the kids will love having a cousin.

  42. Oh yeah, Prucha and Dawes really lighting it up for the ‘Yotes. So much for them not having a chance to play regular shifts. They ain’t nuthin’!

  43. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    lol pierre as annoying as he is, just talks circles around milbury. id love to see milbury just get up and slap the back of his shiny circumsized head one day.

  44. OMG STFU MIKE!!! Maybe NBC should roll tape of you climbing into the stands and cracking someone over the head with a shoe!!!

    Alex Ovechkin’s goal celebration isn’t bad for hockey, these two a-holes are!!!

    It’s like watching the hockey version of “the view”. They absolutely suck!

  45. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    yea spider- i dont blame them, it was pretty much a meaningless goal. i could see if he had broken the goal record for a single season or the goal record itself, or like milbury said, an ot playoff winner in game 7, but it was just a little too much. it really doesnt bother me as bad as some other people, i just thought it was kinda lame.

  46. So Milbury criticized Jagr for not celebrating enough when he scored a goal, but now Ovechkin celebrates too much? Maybe he should describe exactly what the proper celebration is — can two arms be raised simultaneously? How long can the hugging go on? May the player jump in the air with both feet or only one? How big a smile should the player have?
    Aren’t there other problems in hockey, such as head injuries or low attendance? Why is goal celebration even an issue? Milbury and Cherry are xenophobic dimwits.

  47. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    kc- good points made. i think hes just biased against europeans like cherry is. hes an old jealous terd

  48. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    Imagine a Flyers board about now, they always think everyone’s out to get them in Philthy and a couple borderline calls didn’t go their way.

  49. NBC couldn’t find two other commentators? Renney would be good for that job, give it to him. Hire Mess for the opposite of Renney. Passive & Passion LOL

  50. I think one thing we have overlooked is that the rangers have been incredibly lucky with injuries this season. I don’t know where we can see man-games lost, but I would say the Rags must be down on the bottom of the list.

  51. MAKO – Nobody watching would be able to understand a damn thing that Renney is saying unless they ran closed captioning with simplified sentences. The amount of academic words that he uses combined with the fact that he ust strings them together combines to make no sense. Sometimes Pierre is good, when he’s not stuck on one topic for the whole game.

    septemous – Definitely. I think we’re right around 20 games lost to injury, probably still less than that. And some of those were the unimportant Rissmiller and Reitz.

  52. Prucha and Dawes still 2-3 years younger than Mike Knuble was when we traded him for Rob Dimao….Knuble’s 5 year hi for Goals was 15 before that…then the guy averages 25G per year for next six years…

  53. God almighty I hate Pittsburgh, but much props to them for starting the game with Slayer – Raining Blood…damn that song gets me pumped up

  54. Did anyone hear Sam Rosen have an orgasm after Staal made that play behind the net. I never seen someone get so excited from that. I hope his hands were upstairs, and no downstairs.

    It was nice to see the Philthy vs Pissburgh game end in regulation, now hopefuly we can get to fifth tonight It’s another must win.

    Vally, Hank, doesn’t matter, who ever it is needs to step up and get the two points.


  55. Orr is a Schmuck on

    My god is Orr an annoying poster. Awesome job Orr reminding me daily why teenagers don’t know their head from their a**.

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