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So thanks to Nasty 1’s question I got to talking to people about watches, and found out that when Henrik Lundqvist signed his last contract, he gave the six Rangers trainers Breitling watches, the Chrono Superocean series. (From some Googling I see they are about $3K each.)

Lundqvist included a card, complete with a cartoon of the goalie, thanking the trainers for everything for checking his equipment to watching (washing?) his car and joking that they got to keep doing it. “You could tell he put a lot of thought into it,” said one of the lucky recipients.

Today was a voluntary practice, and Steve Valiquette guarded the net against Aaron Voros, Lauri Korpikoski, Colton Orr, Blair Betts, Marc Staal, Fredrik Sjostrom and Sean Avery. That’s right, Avery. He said he likes to skate in the morning and the voluntary practices give him a chance to work on things at a little slower pace.

And he is looking forward to the atmosphere for a night game at the Garden. The last few weekend matchups have been afternoon contests, and Avery says he loves playing in front of a good Saturday night crowd.

UPDATE: Carp and I will be doing another video chat Tuesday at 1 p.m. Cancel your lunch with the CEO and tune it to LoHud with all your Rangers questions!

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  1. You have to give credit to Avery, showing up during optional skating says alot about his character.

  2. NorthCountryRanger on

    Jeez i think Hank is more generous than the entire Rangers organization… the watches they got Bathgate and Howell look like crap compared to the Breitlings…

  3. For someone from overseas like me it is more comfortable to start the game earlier around noon, but on a Saturday there shouldn´t be a problem like today for a midnight start…

    Sean Avery seems to become a rode model for an ideal player in the nhl, taking part in any optional skate trying to make the effort for all the coaching staff, getting the perfect son-in-law..

    It´either Torts or his anger management, which causes this difference…

  4. Rangers trying to focus one game at a time…

    “You’re going to look at the standings. You’re gonna see the scores, but to focus on that is the wrong thing to do because then you forget about some of the things you need to be doing,” Coach Tortorella said. “If we do the things we need to do, we’ll win our fair share of games and I think a good result will come out of it.”

    As Scott Gomez added “The mindset is we’re just worried about the one game and we’ll go from there, I think it would be pretty dumb of us to start thinking about what’s going to happen after this homestand. Definitely Buffalo is our only focus and has really been stressing that for the last couple days.”

  5. interesting quotes…..

    The Rangers, who go into tonight’s Garden match against the Sabres (7:00, WPIX, WABC 770 AM) in the middle of the seven-team pack between fourth and 10th place in the East, don’t seem to be any the worse for the changes.

    “Nothing really has changed,” said Henrik Lundqvist. “The three new guys have all kept a low profile and blended in, so the group seems exactly the same to me.”

    The three low-key new guys, Lundqvist was quickly reminded, include Avery.

    “Sean is who he is, and he’s going to get a lot of attention from the media and the players on the other team, but he has kept a low profile in the room,” said The King. “He has said himself that he’s different and I think he is, as a person and a teammate. He’s more quiet, more relaxed. We were a good group before we made the changes and we’re a good group now.”

    Chris Drury, meanwhile, was lauding Antropov and Morris for being “pros” and Avery for being himself, or maybe the new himself.

    “For two weeks before Sean got here, it seemed like almost everyone on the outside was so worried about whether he’d be welcomed back and how he’d fit in,” Drury said. “But he’s been great as a teammate.

    “I think maybe he’s a little more focused on hockey. There’s no doubt that’s his No. 1 priority. He wants to play well, he wants to make a difference, he wants to win, and he’s been competing like crazy.”

  6. From here on out, every game is a must win.

    Figure winning 6 out of 11 should clinch a playoff spot.

    Looks like Buffalo & Florida are gonna be on the outside looking in come April.

  7. I watched the Sabres-Flyers Game from last night and the Sabres had some holes in their defense losing 6-4..There should be good chance to beat them with steady pressure on their D!!!!

  8. If the playoffs would start today, there some intruiging matchups..

    Boston 1-Montreal 8
    Devils 2-Rangers 7
    Washington 3-Carolina 6
    Philadelphia 4-Pittsburgh 5

  9. Would anyone happen to have a link to a free stream of tonight’s game? I’m on vacation in Arizona and far away from my Center Ice subscription.

    Thanks in advance!

  10. I’m expecting a close game. The Rangers always seem to NOT come out flying at home after a big road win. Hopefully Torts can change that. WPIX again? I like that, kinda like the old days with all the road games on WOR. LGR!

  11. Greecian – Game is on 3 channels on Direct TV.
    Try one of our many sports bars. They will show every sport on TV.
    What part of Arizona are you in ?

  12. I’m actually in phoenix, but I don’t even have a car! All I have is my precious internet!

  13. Hank is such a class act. Watching his car makes sense. From what I’ve heard, he is fiercely protective of his Maserati so maybe the trainers keep an eye on it to make sure nothing happens. As a car guy myself, knowing that your pride and joy is being looked after by trustworthy people takes a huge load off your mind and I’m sure allows him to focus on the task at hand.

    I recall a practical joke one of the guys played on Hank last year when they swiped his keys while he was in the bathroom and moved his car (he had just gotten it) around the other side of the building during a team dinner. He almost had a heart attack. Pretty funny though.

    I wouldn’t count Florida out of the playoff race just yet. I think Buffalo will be outside looking in when the music stops. The wheels are falling off of Montreal, and the firing of Guy Carbonneau has not thwarted their slide. I would say Carolina is going to be a playoff pretender, but they seem to be playing their best hockey of the year right now. That leaves the Rangers, Habs and Panthers for the last 2 spots. I think we’ll get in since we’ve been playing much better as of late. I think it’s a crap shoot between Montreal and Florida. I’d take Vokoun over Carey Price any day, and goaltending may very well be the Habs’ Achilles heel.

  14. Greecian – from you can listen to the game live, for free. Actually you get to listen to Dave Maloney, he’s not bad ! Go to the score section & hit the listen tab

  15. Who Needs Lohan on

    I like what Avery said about Saturday nights. Sometimes as a fan and even as a player you forget what sports is all about.

    An escape from reality and entertainment!

  16. JOE IN DE

    I think last summer, or the summer before, somebody played a prank on him and grabbed the keys of his car during that Rangers golf thing, and moved his car and pretended it was stolen, and supposedly he was flipping out, until he found out it was a joke.

    Nice to know he has a sense of humor. If it was another sport, the guy probably would have punched the guy, and asked to be traded if the prankster wasn’t traded. Because outside of hockey, athletes have ZERO class, and when they do show some class, it’s all an act to score points with the media, and the fans.

    Point being, Hockey players = class, other athletes = scum bags !

    GO RANGERS !!!! Briere score two goals against the Sabs last night, so Dru better FINALLY step up against his former team and play for us instead of them, like he has been !

  17. Awesome story on Strudsy. I wish he was our 7th d-man. He was awesome in his time as a Ranger.

    Game tying Shootout goal in the 14th round or what ever it was, OT winner against the Pens last year, and busting up Neil after he threw a cheap shot at Pruchs, was some of the memorable moments that come to mind.

    He’s the man !

  18. Orr, I like most of your posts, but to say every other athlete in professional sports is a self centered jerk is a bit too wide of a generalization lol

  19. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Thats right (ORR) Drury better step it up tonight against his former team!!!

    Sean Avery is exactly what I thought he would be …the guy is pritty dam skilled and with a good spleen this time …I know he will be a factor this spring.

    The Ranger DO have the tools/skill/coaching staff to make some noise come playoff time , we just have to get there thats all.

    GO Ranger GO GO GO and Slaughter some Buffalo meat tonight!!!! 2 pts tonight is on the menu.

  20. Awww Jane you shouldn’t have. Ha, thanks for the watch info. I love hearing stories about things like that. That was very generous of Hank to do that. I will say though, that the watches that Howell and Bathgate received were Panerai watches, and they are VERY nice, and “The Rammer” received was a TAG Heuer Monaco McQueen Edition, and it also a pretty expensive and sought after watch. I have the same watch he got, but I have a black leather and brown leather stap, and he has a brushed metal bracelet on his. I am looking for the bracelet, because that thing is just sick looking. If anyone knows where I can get one at a decent price, let me know. I will even buy one used.

  21. JIVE

    Maybe i went a little bit over the top with that post. Not everyone is like that, but you cant deny that the majority of the bunch are like that. EVERY FUGGIN WEEK it’s something else. Someone retard football player just killed an innocent person because HE decided that it’s okay to drink and drive. Then there’s the steroids, the shootings, the night club fights, the fights with teammates, the jealousy. Fuggin pathetic, it makes me sick.

    Hockey players are NOT saints at all, but even so, at least every week you don’t hear something negative.

    It’s all aboot money, and that means it’s all aboot them. Nothing more nothing less.

  22. Orr, you’re absolutely right. Hockey players are definitely not saints. Ed Belfour punched out a cop last year, but that makes him even more awesome in my book

  23. Johnny LaRue on

    If those watches ever need repair, Jimmy Sherman over on Columbus does a good job.

  24. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    orr- i know and whats more sad is these kids actualy look up to these punks and think its cool to emulate them. they should be setting an example instead of acting out like a spoiled 5 year old. what makes me sick is that all this bad press the other sports leagues get, makes them more popular with kids. they think its “cool”, well not all the stuff like the drunk driving and killin someone but the guys beatin up regular guys in bars and gettin drunk, partyin and steroids. bein shown gettin arrested with possesion of guns. these guys are human i know and make mistakes, but there also in a position to be responsible not only for themselves and their team, the sport itself, but to the young kids who think its cool and are deeply influenced by these athletes. its just like those stupid rap videos. materialistic punks

  25. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    hey greecian- for some reason, alot of nhl games werent bein broadcasted online for me, so i bought a months subscription to nhl.coms gamecenter and its awesome. i can only watch blues games cuz im out in the midwest, or games on versus n nbc so only a handful of ranger games a year, so i got gamecenter. u need a credit card but it was like 20 bucks a month and 80 for the season. obviously the seasons almost over so i only go month by month but its def. worth it if u dont have satellite tv.

  26. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    but greecian- some of the perks of gamecenter is multigame feature which allows you to watch up to 4 games at once, but only can listen to one(obviously lol), and also it has a highlight feature so if u miss a big save, fight, goal, or hit, you can watch them at the end of the game. and theres also a stat tracker on the right side of screen that shows players minutes played, goals, assists, pm’s, shots, etc… i think its worth it and the picture is pretty good. good clarity.

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