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(Shhh…. Playoffs.)

Rangers coach John Tortorella doesn’t want to hear about it. He is trying to get this team to focus on the Sabres — on the first period specifically — and doesn’t want to talk about sixth spot or ninth or whatever is happening in the horse race.

But that’s a lot to ask considering that the Rangers have three home games coming up, with a 21-10-4 record on the Madison Square Garden ice. That’s decent, especially considering that Buffalo has a 14-16-5 away record.

The Rangers are in sixth place in the Eastern Division, a mere two points away from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, tied for fourth.

“We’re in a great position, we can get to fourth that’s what we’re shooting for,” backup goalie Steve Valiquette said. “If we can get to fourth then we can get home ice advantage.”

The Rangers worked on faceoffs today as the team prepares to host Buffalo. The lines were the same as yesterday’s practice and, given the chemistry they showed in the win over Montreal on Tuesday, it’s hard to imagine Tortorella breaks them up for tomorrow. Here’s the coach on faceoffs:


By the way, Tortorella would not comment on the fact that he is the winningest American-born coach in the NHL after the win in Montreal. With 245 wins, he moved ahead of Peter Laviolette. Nice little milestone, but he didn’t want to discuss it. Tortorella cut off a reporter’s question about it saying, “it’s not about me.”

Valiquette said newcomers Derek Morris, Nik Antropov and Sean Avery are fitting in:


Sean Avery said there was some initial confusion about the new system, something that Morris corroborated, but that everyone was getting it down now.


Finally, Antropov stayed out on the ice after practice to play goalie for his son at the practice facility. The 6-foot-6 Russian played the net on his knees while his 8-year-old son Daniel shot the puck. Awww, what a good dad. And you can look for him in the 2018 draft.

(Carpy suggested we put up head shots so you know who is writing a post, hence my blurry credential shot.)

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  1. It would be great to get some home ice advantage during the playoffs. But, I am sure Torts is just taking it one game at a time.

    How big is Antro’s kid? 6’4″?

  2. UESBlueshirt on

    Need to avoid the season sweep by Buffalo, they’re another team that seems to play well against us and so-so against everyone else. They’ll be coming off playing the night before so hopefully the Rangers run them ragged.

  3. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Let’s Go RANGERS!!!

    The audio bits kick arse jane!

    cant wait for tomorrow night

  4. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Before Gomez started scoring, taking out Ryan Miller was the best thing he did all year

  5. What do you mean? That Ovie Celebration is what this league needs more of. Hockey is entertainment and stuff like that is funny. also it pisses off the other team which makes rivalries. Alex the Great is awesome. The only thing about him that bothers me is that he is a Charging machine and it never gets called.

  6. My dream recap of tomorrow’s game:

    “Well, Ludqvist and the Rangers special teams were the difference in this one.”

    We’re do for a dominant LQ performance, and hey, 3 pp goals while we’re at it!

  7. If I was on the Capitals still I would knock Ovechkin into oblivion for celebrating like that.

  8. Jane

    Just wanted to let you know your doing a great job for when Carp is away.
    LOVE the audio additions you always throw in!

    Cant wait for tomorrow nights game, even though I wont be watching it until I get home with the Mrs. from a wedding.

    At least I’ll have something great to watch when I’m piss drunk and having the 1am munchies!!

  9. Kaspar, I agree with you 100%. What is next, let us celebrate after a big hit, win a faceoff, draw a penalty? All this does is anger opposing players and I am sure some teammates. I do not mind the hugging, the glove tapping and so forth. But, what are we Kendal Grove (UFC), we going to start doing our burial celebration after each goal?

    This is the NHL, not the NFL or the NBA. I cannot stand it in the NFL when someone lays a hit on an opposing player and they start to celebrate it. Especially when they are losing!!

  10. BillyDeeWilliams on

    i understand the argument that this isn’t the nfl and players shouldn’t be celebrating like AO did after his goal, but guess what…the nfl makes a load of money. hockey needs a bit of flair, cause the shootout sure isn’t cutting it.

    obviously that’s not the only reason the nfl does so well in the US, but I get kinda tired of the “hockey is a sacred” sport stuff. avery showboats in a slightly different way, and we all love him.

  11. Antropov plaing goalie is really something I don’t want to read. Personally, I don’t need him being a good father.

    We’re talking about the Rangers here. The odds of him taking some remarkably hard 8-year-old shot right on the bone and fracturing a wrist is very high.

    Ever hear of a shooter tudor?

  12. Antropov plaing goalie is really something I don’t want to read. Personally, I don’t need him being a good father.



    what if antro did a little AO dance after evry save he made on the said 8 year old?

  13. Brandon…maybe you’ll change your tune once you have a kid. These guys are not made of china. Relax.

  14. Brandon
    March 20th, 2009 at 2:58 pm
    Antropov plaing goalie is really something I don’t want to read. Personally, I don’t need him being a good father.

    We’re talking about the Rangers here. The odds of him taking some remarkably hard 8-year-old shot right on the bone and fracturing a wrist is very high.

    Ever hear of a shooter tudor?


    LOL ok. Jane was showing the “softer more human side” of our players :P

  15. CARP

    The thing i was talking aboot was a preview of what you’re typing. A little robot voice comes up and reads what you typed, it’s pretty hilarious on one of those boring work days, or boring life days.

    Anyway, Nyr better destroy the Sabs, that’s huge, if they’re not out of the playoffs already, a win in regulation against them would bury them even more.

    Hopefully Nyr comes up with a couple of wins, and the Habs continue to lose, and the Panthers replace them.

  16. You guys overreact like crazy. ALL players should Celebrate after they score as much as possible. and i wouldnt mind if a player flexed to the crowd or something after a fight ala Domi going for the belt like he did way back after beating Probert in a fight. If you remember the next fight between them was classic as Probert KICKED THE SHIT OUT OF HIM. Stuff like this is great and fun to watch. Maybe if Crosby celebrated a bit better then no one would bitch that he is a crybaby all the time and that he is really boring in interviews. or maybe if Malkin did it we wouldn’t notice so much that he looks like Frankenberry.

  17. I had a wet dream fantasy re the Rangers – Sabres game uniforms. First, I dreamed the Sabres wore the real Buffalo + two sabres uniform they never should have junked, in lieu of the present monstrosity which looks like a chipmunk logo. Nothing against cute little chipmunks but a chipmunk is NOT a buffalo.

    Second, I dreamed the Rangers had the balls to wear a real hockey uniform that doesn’t look like the Bettman-mandated “dish towel” joke. So distracting it is, to see these apron-like rags draped over the back-side of real men, as though they are just taking a break from doing the dishes. Year after year goes by and we can NEVER get rid of this sick-puppy little commissioner with the “The NHL is a shinny league” mentality. How I despise this cunning, cagey little mouse of a man.

  18. AO is the best player on the ice right now. His celebrations are good for the sport and I think what he did last night was hysterical. He’s going to get so much crap for that though.

  19. UESBlueshirt on

    Would love to see the Panthers face and beat the Devils in the 1st round. I would almost consider buying a ticket to the crackRock for a game.

    It was pretty easy getting tickets last year when it was Rangers-Devils, I can only imagine it being easier for a team that won’t make up the other 50% of the crowd.

  20. billydee

    Encourage elaborate celebrations to bolster revenue?

    ok good. just wanted to make sure I got your point.

  21. Jeff L.
    March 20th, 2009 at 3:12 pm
    Mako, aren’t you dead?


    HAHAHAH alive and well buddy. Hey I tried 25 times to get a post through there and finally gave up. So I stomp here now ;) Good bunch of guys here. Fran posts here from time to time – bring em all by… Good to see you!!

  22. I honestly doubt that people watch games because of players celebrating. People are drawn to games for hits, fights, scoring and high tempo. I for one would take a great 6-4 game where no one did a dumb “oh, my stick is hot” dance after scoring.

    But hey, to each his own :)

  23. If you can change the website so that the posted by: Jane shows at the top of the post I think that would avoid the confusion as to who is writing.

  24. people dont watch because of it. I just think that richens the intensity and makes the game more enjoyable. I hate when Jagr used to score and look disinterested all the time. Its good to see the players have fun because then it means that tier confidence is high.

  25. Abdul
    March 20th, 2009 at 3:32 pm
    If you can change the website so that the posted by: Jane shows at the top of the post I think that would avoid the confusion as to who is writing.


    and if it posted by Jane on top, you wont read it? :)

  26. BillyDeeWilliams on


    you don’t need to encourage it. but you don’t need to cry about it if it happens either. is it really bothering anyone besides the die-hard naturalist hockey fans who can’t stand to see the game soiled by a slightly exaggerated goal celebration by a kid who just scored his 50th goal for the 3rd year in a row.

    how about not looking down on the games best player for doing something that shows hockey is a fun game and people can have a good time playing it. it’s recognition for the league, and IMO not in a bad way.

  27. Hi All—– Just been reading lately with nothing much to say and I want to thank Brandon for making me want to chime in once more, Brandon YOU ARE THE MOST FLAMING A-HOLE that its ever been my displeasure to read. Dude you talk like you are a wanna be GM–Coach–Hockey Guru but by my read you`re wineing little Biatch.Tell your mother to change your diaper and put some Desinex on that rash which is probably oral as much an anal affliction

  28. No Country For Old Rangers
    March 20th, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    Before Gomez started scoring, taking out Ryan Miller was the best thing he did all year

    – That one made me laugh out loud.

  29. Biilydee

    ok, ok, i see. thought you were going all out devils advocate, but I see your point. And it is all about the hockey purist on this issue, and that’s who’s gonna complain about it for the next 2 weeks. Just wish AO could tread the line a little better. But, that’s just cause I don’t wanna hear Don Cherry call for a United Canadian Player assault on AO.

  30. BillyDeeWilliams on


    trust me. i’d get just as sick of it if it were happening all the time too. but a little bit here and there is fun.

    nelson…good point. 46 that first year. i’ll go for the “close enough” defense on this one.

  31. “What’s wrong with enthusiasm in the NHL, canned as it was, getting shown on every sports highlight show in North America last night? There was a time when the same thing would happen, but it was Chris Simon or Todd Bertuzzi attempting to maim or cripple someone rather than Ovechkin warming his mittens over faux fire. Isn’t this a little better for hockey?”

    From Jeffs’s link

  32. Let’s hope that we can increase Torts win total by atleast 9 regular season this year and give him 23 wins this playoff season!

  33. I agree with the Don Cherry remarks. I am sure if it was a good ole boy from Canada, it would be fine.

    Please note, I enjoy when the entire line goes and hugs each other, tapping the players glove at the bench to even jumping and banging the glass. But IMO, the whole “stick on fire” to me was a little too much for my taste……enoght of that for me….Let’s go Rangers!

  34. Tyree, Yes. Want to try it again without the vulgarities? … I don’t mind a little Don Cherry-bashing.

    Salty, you were right. That wasn’t Beer Me. I’m so easily duped sometimes. Beer Me, you are a dirty imposter.

  35. About the ‘celebration’ of goals……….

    If you’re not old enough to recall Tiger Williams with the Leafs ( and others),you missed a real crowd pleaser. Oh sure, he dropped the gloves at the drop of a sneer, but to watch the innovative way he’d celebrate his ( infrequent) goals was a real fun thing to watch. I used to like it when he would drop his stick between his legs like a kid’s toy hobby horse, and then glide in a big circle around the ice whil flogging with his off hand behind his back like he was goadng a horse.

    And when he got really creative, he’d grab his stick like a lever action 30 -30, and recock it, and yell RELOAD!

    A good guy to have on your team, because he kept other teams players heads up when he was on the ice. Sort of like an Avery without the speed or hands.

  36. Just one other thing about the old timers….

    Eddie Shack. The “entertainer”. This guy would wind up behind his own net and charge hell for leather through the other team, ( sometimes with the puck), and he was absolutely mad. I recall him stickhandling right trough an entire team, close in on the goaltender blast it past him and then unable to stop charge head first into the end boards and bounce back flat on his back stunned. A very funny guy and nuts nuts nuts.

  37. Here you go Rick,
    Lets try this way.
    BLEEP DON BLEEPING CHERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is a hypocritical BLEEP-hole who wears PIMP SUITS!!!!!!!!! If he really believed in being humble he wouldn’t dress like a cross between DEON SANDERS and Government Program Question Mark Guy! ooooo look at me , I’m Crazy Don Cherry and I wear Wacky clothes while my journalistic counter parts dress like the agents from the matrix.
    He is a zenophobic BLEEPING BLEEP BLEEP mother-BLEEPER!!!!!!!!!

  38. lets play a game. the game is called “if i was real Beer Me! what would i say next”

    Rick, you go first.

  39. Old time hockey??

    …..by the time Dereck Sanderson came to the Rangers he had cut back to one martini per period due to weight problems

  40. If you were real Beer Me, you’d say:

    I never actually “said” I liked Renney. I may have alluded to such a notion through my typing, but no one ever heard the words physically come out of my mouth…

  41. The real Beer Me! never posted after 4pm when he left work. I don’t think he posted unless somebody was paying him.

    Rick-the imposters took over the board during the summer and would imitate alot of poster’s names. There was a big call for registration.

    The Eddie Shack-Slap Shot ref was a joke.

  42. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    i guess since ovie is a likeable guy and doesnt come across as selfish or egotistical, it doesnt seem so bad, but if it were other players like crosby doin it, it would piss me off a little more. if he had done it at msg, id have to scream for girardi or mara to go take his head off. i actually dont think its such a big deal, but i did think it was kinda lame. what exactly was he celebrating? 50 goals in 3 seasons? ok. thats great and all but its not like he broke the single season scoring record or even the goal record itself. idk as long as he doesnt start doin stuff like this too much i dont care. i guess if he did it all the time it would get old fast and start to get annoying, but like the allstar game i thought it was kinda funny with the hat n glasses but hes still young and enjoying himself.

  43. Wasn’t the reference Eddie Shore not Eddie Shack? It has been a while since i’ve seen it.
    btw why is Eddie Shore Celebrated when he had a Bertuzzi moment? Why isn’t he hated like Evil Todd Bertuzzi?

  44. “Kaspar-I don’t think Sanderson cut down on the coke.”

    Probably not 22figure8….
    I was speaking only of his weight problem…and team player that he was he did his best to get into shape for the team..the coke probably helped with that weight problem as well

  45. If Crysby did that it would bring my Hatred of the Penguins to a level unseen on this planet. It would be GREAT!!!!!!!

  46. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    oh yea kaspar- re-in bruges, yea remeber the part where he asked him why he didnt wave back and the midget goes”dude, i was on a very strong horse tranquilizer yesterday, i wasnt waving to anybody, maybe a horse.” colin farrel(all coked up and got the blank thousand yard stare goin), says”wha??!!/1/, midget replies,”eh nuthin, just horseshit”

  47. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    one of these days a bunch of us from the blog are gonna have to meet up at the garden for a game. that would be cool to meet some of you infamous blog superstars

  48. the best movie ever made “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay” i got it on DVD, VHS, Bu-Ray, HD, and i even have the movie sountrack! I am so cool! who wants to touch me?

  49. Jerkins

    That whole midget thing was classic…I dont wanna give away anything if some of the crowd here hasn’t seen it but..
    that was great

    Off to NY

    Go Rangers … beat Lindy Ruff!! Ruff!!

  50. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    tyree dont worry we’ll get tavares when hes 35 in exchange for a first round pick that the team will use to draft alex ovechkin jr.

  51. Anyone ever watch the kids in the hall? remember the contest where someone got to touch a fat guy in a towel? it was classic

  52. yeah. he can’t skate now, just wait till when he is pushing forty in a rangers uniform. it will be worse than Jari Kurri

  53. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    beer me- if youre the real beer me tell me where you andrenny first went to on your first date. wait no, thats too easy, only the real beer me would know this. ok, if youre the real beer me, tell me what was the first song you and tom danced to? and what is your guys “song”?

  54. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    tyree, kids in the hall was funny as hell. especially when they all dressed up as old women lesbians.

  55. For all you Renney Bashers,
    Tom Renney deserves Credit for bringing back winning hockey to the new york rangers. He just lost his focus somewhere along the way. in the beginning when we had Ortmeyer and cullen Prucha Callahan on a line the team was an up tempo team that worked hard. Give the guy a break he gave us 3 great years with an overrated roster.

  56. That was mainly Scott thompson who is like an Old Lady Lesbian except that he likes men and has a Penis

  57. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    yea tyree, he was the ugliest woman ever lol. but he was funny asa hell. the other guys dressed up like women too but not as much, and yea scott was cookoo for cocka

  58. jerkins

    Well, since Tom is really into Johnny Cash (and yes, I would know that) our favorite song was “A Boy Named Sue” as it was the pet name Tom gave me. Our first dance was back in 2006/07 after game 5 loss in Buffalo. It was a dark day, but we were together, the life was good.

  59. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    one of the guys on the show, dave somethin i dont remember his last name, actually was in a few movies and was on celebrity poker i think. funny bunch of canadians.

    ok enough of that, back to hockey! damnit, saturday cant come fast enough! i wanna see doobs score a damn goal tommorow. i cant take it anymore. hes too good to be slumpin like this. i hope he at least scores afew before the playoffs start. he was good for us last year he got like 4 goals i think. we need him to start scoring he really is more important to our offense than alot of our so called “stars”. lets all pray for a dooby goal tommorow.

  60. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the First line!! says Greg L. on

    Tyree, you calling Cherry names because he wears his flamboyant clothes? Dude , he been doing it for over 20 years man!! Who care a punk like you hates it!!?? For a guy whop like kids in the hall , ( bunch of flamers) who should like Cherry!!

    BTW Tyree , Renney never was the coach we needed ,He did good cuz Lunqvist and Jagr!! Renney sucks and is where he belongs…fired!!!

  61. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    aww beer thats sweet. im glad you guys have each other to share the good times and the hard times. tom needs you now more than ever beer. take care of him ok. sing him sweet caroline when he gets down on himself. hey at least he can devote all his attention to you now, no more 5 in the box, just 2 snugglebugs in a bed

  62. Cakewalk-I read your thing on Sauer; once again I can’t post while at work so sorry for the long delay. To answer your question Sauer didn’t start playing until late November-early December as he was coming off a torn ACL and started as a 3rd pair. It took him a few months to get his endurance back hence the Rangers not calling him up. Now he’s taken on a bigger role. He has the tools and the talents (good shot and has been used on the PP lately) and I spoke to Mitch Beck who said he’s like another Girardi but is built more like a football player (his other brother played in the NFL for the Falcons I think). He’s had a lot of injuries like a shoulder, concussion, and the ACL, his mission is to stay healthy and become a top shut down dman for Hartford in the final leg of the season and playoffs. Should he succeed I think he has an excellent chance for a callup now or to make the team next year out of training camp.

    Kaspar-In Bruges was very funny. Happy the great character actor Brendan Gleason (Gangs of New York, 28 Days Later) got to show off his acting chops to the world.

    It’s nice that Antro’s son is playing hockey and having fun; hehe, maybe it’ll convince Antro to stay in NY if his son loves it here so much.

  63. Waiting for the game feels like eternity! I can only imagine what it’s going to be like in the off-season.

  64. Jane – I know on some other blogs around here, the head shot (from the profiles on the right) shows up with the date on the left. There’s got to be a way to figure that out. However, it doesn’t seem to appear once you click into the post. Take the Giants blog for example.

    I think the Ovechkin celebration would have been better if all of his teammates on the ice crowded around the stick, as well. It’s definitely out of line in terms of hockey law, but I still like it. I bet hockey purists don’t, though. But they don’t like the shootout either.

    I find it hilarious that Brodeur has to pay his ex $500K per year until 2020, since that’s when their kid will be out of high school.

    I swear that I read something earlier that talked about Lundqvist having the most shootout wins since 2005, but now I can’t find it.

  65. Anyone think the Sabres will be coming after Gomez for what happened to Miller? Even though I thought it was nothing Lindy Ruff cries about everything.

  66. Btw, speaking of “In Bruges”… u guys MUST check out this short film called “Six Shooter” Remember in the “In Bruges” Brendan Gleeson saying something about his wife being dead, so this is a story about it…sort of. This short film won Oscar and is as insane as the “In Bruges” Highly recommend watching it.

  67. If try to come after Gomez, the Rangers have enough guys (Orr, Cally, Mara, Dubi, Avery) who will make sure things are in check. If that doesn’t work Schoenfeld can start yelling at his old teammate Ruff.

  68. Let’s see:

    The new face of the NHL= Sid crying after every shift, jumping a guy during a face off, or punching a guy in the nads. . . .from behind no less

    The new face of the NHL= AO celebrating a goal, the most exciting player in the NHL, THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NHL, toasting marshmallows on the rink, having fun.

    I dunno. You decide.

  69. MIKEA

    Forget aboot Gomer, what aboot Hank.

    If they try something, send Orr out on Vanek. Or someone else, fuggin clip him, and end his season. Nobody !!!! goes after Hank.

    Gomer potentially ruined their season, so who knows what they’ll do. You just never know.

  70. I love Don Cherry. Coaches Corner is the best hockey segment on TV. But Cherry is a Xenophobe. No doubt about it. AO embodies everything Cherry loves in a player: Physical, skilled, fast, clutch. But he is not Canadian.

  71. brodeurstillsucks on

    Wow, Im actually rooting for the Isle’s tonight, For some reason I have a lot more hate for the Devil’s. Maybe it has to do with playoff’s last year. The Debbies were such frikin babies when they lost in 5, wost sportsmanship ive whitnessed while losing a series.

  72. its funny how people know so much about Beer Me! i wonder if he knows so much about himself. I just don’t get this obsession with him. Are there not enough posters on here? If not, I can bring my 80 year old grandma… she doesn’t know much about hockey but she can post here under Beer Me! name and you guys can act as if it is real Beer Me! And I guarantee she will stand by her words.

  73. BAH Im gonna miss tomorrows game I have to go out of town. I’ll have to check in on here for my trusty info ;)

  74. AO did what he did just to rub it in the face of Cherry. If Cherry would have kept his mouth shut last week, AO would have just gone on and done the same thing he always does after he scores. Cherry is a putz and AO is good for this game. If you are on the other team and want to goon it up, first you have to catch and second you better be prepared because he can dish it out as well. AO is solid.


  75. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I think the Canadian announcers are just upset that at least the top 2 players in the league are Russian. I don’t want over the top celebrations to become common-place, but isn’t it nicer to see that on sportscenter rather than someone slandering our sport with someone swinging at someone’s head with a stick?

  76. Naah…us Canadians are nice. We know our Canadian players are good. Just like you know your American players are good.
    Don Cherry is a different story when it comes to his views. So many times I would just like to tell him “remember Don, you’re not speaking for me”, but what the hell can you do.

    I would be surprised that the good sportscasters covering hockey at TSN, Sportsnet etc. are biased. If they are, then I am surprised.

  77. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    ues- jeff carter- what shouldve been, guy got his 39th goal tonight. what does doobs have 8-9? damn i wish hed start scoring more and maybe become one of our go-to guys on the team. hes so strong on the puck and does so many good things out there. hes offensively gifted and should be buryin them left n right. i want this kid to dominate. him , cally, zherdev, korpikoski, anisimov, grachev, del zotto, staal, are the future of this team. hell of a start, lets hope doobs gets to the next level like carter and alot of other guys have done

  78. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    even cally is a surprise this year. hes becoming a valuable asset as far as work ethic and getting the hard workin crash the net type goals. hes even becoming great defensively. his stickwork is nice. even though he kinda crashed into the net and in a way distracted hank for the goal against, he makes up for stuff like that as he scored a timely goal shortly after. i think cally, doobs, and zherdev would make a killer line. thats the future of this team. slats better leave them alone, along with staalsy and girardi

  79. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    jane since doodie was granted the title”the esteemed doodie macheto”, can i be granted the title of KING PERKINS, OR JERKINS THE GREAT?

  80. Dubinsky is never going to be like Carter. Love Dubinsky but uhh uhh, Carter is a natural goal scorer.
    Rangers scouting/management better be better now than it was, because it means that at the time, they did not think Carter was all that great.

    And he is.

  81. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    top- im not surprised like he just caqme out of nowhere. i knew he was a grinder who would occasianally score. i think im just more impressed at the way his game has progressed as far as scoring more, and his dfensive awareness. i knew he was a workhorse but its not so much surprising as it is just refreshing that he has evolved into a more complete player and it gives me hope that the rangers will continue building from within and not trading away or giving up on our youth. thats why i hope zherdev and duby can grow into their roles and take on more responsibility as timne goes by.

  82. jerkins – so, I guess you’re saying he has progressed faster than you thought he would. Sorry, I guess I read your message the wrong way and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

    I do agree with you there about Cally. He’s got better hands than I thought he did, but the more he goes to and hangs around the net, the better he looks.
    And last season, I would have said that Dubinsky would be putting up 20 goals this season.
    I look at Dubinsky’s size, his competitiveness and his puck carrying skills, and I hope by next season it comes around a bit more.

  83. Imagine how many more goals Cally would have scored this year, if Torts system was played all season?

    Cally has been a pleasant surprise for us this year.

  84. Pop, Me laugh.
    Jerkins, I’ll have to wait for the muse… perhaps during two straight days of Rangers, she will strike me.

    Speaking of being hit — Suburbia Roller Derby plays tonight in Yonkers! 7 p.m.! I will be at the game, but my team plays on!

  85. HEY everyone Jimmy here in Florida now I’v been a Ranger fan since 1967 thats right Long time but there are fans around alot longer, was lucky when i was in the hill country in Texas, I also followed the Srars from 1988 to the present and the moved here in 2000 and followed the Lightning also but neither could ever replace My NY Rangers 2 great teams when they one the Cup very much like the 94 Rangers, but my beloved Rangers are the Best. Torts is the Best Couch in the NHL!! Why because he lites fires under his Players Arses Some players really get to hateing Him I seen it here When he coached the Lightining, and tell’s the player’s and Mangement just how he feel’s thats why its him and Shouenfeild sorry for the spelling.But everybody overlookes maybe the best dman in the NHL and that is Dan Gardie Steps up all the time bangs and makes great little plays that if you look back later they become much bigger! yea he gets beat now and again like the rest are and will with Torts coaching!! just needed to reconnect with You ALL lol and put my 2cents in from the peanut gallerey GO RANGERS SOMETHING GOODS ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN NY GOD BLESS to you All

  86. tyfor the read I loved it and find your comments really insightful uve given me a lot of ideas. I really love the way your blog is laid out too. I have bookmarked ty.

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