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Thought I’d post early in the morning because I have a lot to do today, and because I know a lot of you guys start blog-surging with the roosters. Don’t get used to it, though. I’m a late sleeper.

Some thoughts on the victory last night:

1) Was that really Wade Redden making big plays in both ends?

2) Capt. Drury finally showed up in the skills competition. He made an awful giveaway that Lundqvist complicated by allowing a terrible bad-angle goal.

3) Like them or hate them, this team needs Drury and Redden to play better. Much better. They are not going anywhere for a long time, and they are going to play every day. So they’d better start contributing. Or else.

4) When Alexei Kovalev plays that way, it makes you (me) think, “Why doesn’t he play like that all the time?” And that’s what has always been so infuriating about him. 

5) You know what Iron Mike Keenan would have done with a player like Sean Avery? Double-shift him. Give him a few shifts per game with Colton Orr and Blair Betts, and use his energy and edge to stir it up even more.

6) I mentioned this in the comments last night. Some of the referees aren’t biased against the Rangers as much as they are just incompetent.

7) Why is it that the Rangers continue to give up goals right after they score?

8) Lundqvist’s third goal allowed was awful. The second, though, it looked to me that he had one eye on Ryan Callahan who was about to run him over. I mean, Hank sure looked as if he moved his right leg to avoid the collision even as the puck was coming from his left.

9) Tortorella just loves it when somebody asks him a dumb question after the game, doesn’t he. And if it’s an out-of-town writer, he loves it even more. And even more if it’s after a loss.

10) Martin Brodeur broke Patrick Roy’s record last night, and still nobody in New York (except Chico Resch and Ken Daneyko) know how to pronounce his last name. The second part is “der” not “dure.”

11) What if Antropov sees the light and lives up to his ability and becomes a keeper and the Rangers don’t have the cap space to re-sign him?

12) Have I mentioned how I feel about the skills competition deciding NHL games?

Here are the official game summary and event summary from last night’s game.


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  1. Carp

    The second goal was not on Hank. Girardi completely misplayed the sequence as the lone defenseman back, first by overcommitting to the puck carrier …… and then whiffing on that overcommitment once it was made. He permitted Lapierre, not exactly Lafleur or Shutt, to toe-drag untouched into a primo scoring area, and that simply can’t happen.

  2. Antro has been huge. Obviously, he hasn’t gotten as much attention as Avery, but I think his scoring has been just as important in the Rangers’ resurgence.

    That’s not to take anything away from Avery. He still f’ing rules.

  3. lucky green LIQUID on


    Was it Freddy The Fog Shero who is credited with the following quote-

    “The most important shift in a hockey game is the shift right after you score a goal”………

    I always think about that when the Rangers let the opponent score right after we score

  4. 4. Philadelphia 69 84
    5. Pittsburgh 72 84
    6. NY Rangers 71 82
    7. Montreal 70 81
    8. Carolina 71 79
    9. Florida 70 78
    10. Buffalo 70 76

    movin’ on up

  5. Carp,
    Good question about Antropov. He is a bigger version of Zherdev and seems like less of a head case. In off season let Zherdev walk, trade Naslund and if there is any way to rid the team of Redden, do it. Should free up money to sign Antropov and maybe go after a crease clearer like Komisarek. What do you guys think?

  6. “We should have had a 3-2 win,” said Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist. “I let in a terrible goal…just sloppy. But we didn’t panic.” The goal, a wrister by Andrei Markov that snuck over Lundqvist’s pad and the post while down on one knee, tied the game at 3 with 4:53 to play in regulation.

  7. Ford,

    You hit the nail on the head about the second goal. Granted, Hank was beat high glove side as per the usual, but Girardi completely misplayed the attacker. He gave him the open lane instead of forcing him to take a bad shot..

    And i don’t care what anyone says, but Drury’s giveaway at the end wasn’t “terrible”. Sure, he could have done more, but Hank pooed the bed on that shot. He cost them a full two points (by giving the Habs one) on that goal.

    Still, the team answered the bell and got two points, so in the end, that’s all you want.

    Let’s hope they can win at least 7 of 11…

  8. This is a win that simply would not have happened under Renney this year…plain and simple. Yeah, it sucks they gifted a point to Montreal, but getting the 2 was of paramount importance.

    While this isn’t a Cup-contending team, they have become extremely fun to watch, and seeing them take on the Devils or Caps in the playoffs would at least be fun to watch.

  9. summer:
    -let zherdev walk. mara will likely go too, which sucks.
    – sjostrom can go too.
    -trade either rosvizal or redden
    -re-up dubinsky and calahan
    – re-sign antropov
    -sign komisarek
    -trade naslund
    boom, we get bigger, younger and have more cap space.

  10. from Pierre LeBrun of ESPN,

    “Hello, I’m wondering if you can guess who I am?

    “Before Tuesday night’s games, I had more goals this season than Jarome Iginla, Phil Kessel, Evgeni Malkin, Alexander Semin, Vincent Lecavalier, Henrik Zetterberg, Sidney Crosby, Pavel Datsyuk and Martin St. Louis. But I’m pretty sure if you ran into me on the street, you wouldn’t know who the heck I was. Which is fine, because I don’t crave the attention.

    “My name is …



    Louie Ericksson of Dallas Stars, with 32 goals

  11. Tex's Rangers on

    im a diehard rangers fan, have been going to rangers games for 20 years and while i think the garden has great fans, they arent necessarily the brightest bulbs in the drawer, look at les habs fans, they know exactly how they have to cheer to get their team back in the game, the old ghosts are housed not in the forum but in the people that fill the seats of any home arena

    we as rangers fans should take it upon ourselves to learn something from their fans

  12. Mikey McD!CK on

    i feel bad for dubi, 22 games without a goal and he looks like the hardest working forward on our team (besides callahan).

  13. I think it’s possible to resign Antro if they can trade Rozi and if one or of the other UFAs don’t come back. Sjo is thriving under Torts so he might come back, but I don’t know about Valley and one of Mara/Morris.

    Regardless, they’re gonna have cap problems and if they resign Dubi/Cally/Zherdev/Antro then they’re gonna have to go to Hartford and use guys like Anisimov/Paranteau/Sauer/Potter/etc. to fill cheap roster spots. For Wade Redden’s $6.5 million there is Michael Sauer’s $850,000.

  14. Miked your your suggestions are good,BUT you need takers for those players, I would dump Roszival and Redden.

    And I would entertain offers on everyone except Stall and Hank.

    Jane the officiating like the level in the NHL play is a by product of expansion, not enough quality people .

    I may be wrong, but the guys who are still having trouble scoring , especially Dubi , Girardi , Staal and others may be imprinted subconsciously by Renney’s crappy system.
    Like a baby lion being nursed by a dog thinks and acts like a dog.

  15. And about Brodeur breaking Roy’s record,
    I didn’t care when Roy did it and I don’t care who will break Brodeur’s .

    He may win another another 200 games but not another Cup.

    Records for the most part, are useless, selfish stats for the individual,its championships that count.

  16. Too bad Cablevision didn’t take any TARP money.

    I’d like to tax Wade Redden at 100%.

  17. DanTheRangerFan on

    Bring this guy in…

    Package dredden with Dubinsky in offseason maybe a team will do it?

  18. onecupin69years on

    Naslund is useless and sinking like a lead weight, last night his age showed,he was slow skating and shooting, always a step behind the play. He can’t play a full season.
    another great signing.

  19. Didn’t Naslund score in the shootout?
    O yea…I forgot he has 20 something goals too, right?

  20. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    onecup- i agre naslund wasnt the best signing but he certaintly wasnt a bad one. he is only the 3rd guy on our team with 20 plus goals, and if we didnt get antro, hed be the goal leader on the team. at 4 mil per for 1 more season he is definitely not the problem here. it would not even be an argument if we brought up a potter or sauer instead of paying ungodly amount of money for a washed up, slow, inneffective redden. rozy was enough!! i think hes been ok not great the last few games, but he still won a few games for us in the shootout and a few times late in games. i did expect more from him but if he can help in the playoffs i’ll be fine with him. drury and dubinsky(even though hes still played very well) are the guys that underachieving bigtime. i know naslund is old but at this point hes still a bigger scoring threat than either of those 2.

  21. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    dan- the only way i ship nazzy(hes only here 1 more year) is if we cant get rid of redden or rozy to be able to sign antro. if it comes down to 35 year old naslund or a 29 year old 6’6″ 238lbs antropov, yea i go with the russian robot, but naslund is a good supplemental scoring winger on the 2nd or 3rd line and id keep him and also keep zherdev. torts will get this guy goin consistently because he has dealt with young gys who are like him before. he can seriously make a star out of this kid.

  22. Naslund hasn’t been bad this year (yes, he’s had terrible stretches). However, if it they can deal him to make room for Z or Antro, it’s a no brainer. If Naslund will waive his no trade clause (which he very well might depending on the deal), he is definitely tradeable. He has one year left with a cap hit of $4 million but a salary of $3 million. A team without cap problems will take him for one season at that price.

    As for Z vs. Antro, Antro is making the decision harder every game. Antro is better than Z but he’s 6 years older and Z hasn’t reached his potential (Don’t know if he ever will). Hopefully, they can deal Naslund so they can sign both (or sign 1 and Komisarek). We’ll see if Sather can get himself out of the mess he made.

  23. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Yea and I like Antrapov too, big man that can stick handle nicely. And he has a quick shot there is no winding up all of sudden it’s on net. Ave’s has the same kind of shot. It would be nice to see a few of our other players to shoot like that. It seems like some of our guys have to wind up get on there stick then shoot. Takes to long, the defender and gaol tender are already there. Yep it should be a interesting July.
    Pretty good game last night although I think the Irish Luck was with the Habs. We were out shooting them like crazy and they still were keeping it close. But like Carp said we had to HAB it. Rick is clever first thing in the morning maybe you should get up with rooster more often Carp, it made me laugh.

  24. Speed Ranger on

    re: 5) You know what Iron Mike Keenan would have done with a player like Sean Avery? Double-shift him. Give him a few shifts per game with Colton Orr and Blair Betts, and use his energy and edge to stir it up even more.

    Yes and no. Iron Mike would double-shift him but not on that line – Avery draws attention to himself and therefore away from his goal-scoring line mates.

  25. We played a perfect game last night in my estimation. Every single player contributed, save for the man wearing a goalie mask in our crease who hails from Sweeden.

    If you want to be Martin Brodeur and you want to win the Vezina and get all the accolades, you make the big save on goal #2 and you NEVER EVER allow goal #3 unless you’re up 10-0.

    Henrik can be a bit of a headcase and he’s still a LONG ways from being an ELITE goaltender. Elite in this league, maybe, but elite by standards of history, definitely not.

    He’s going to have to steal a win down the stretch and last night he almost gave one away… well, one point.

  26. Also, I dont know what they’re smoking in Toronto but Antropov is an abosolute beast who makes the Rangers 10 times better, just by size and shot alone.

    If that’s anyone else on the team last night on that first goal, they probably shoot it wide.

  27. Brandon,
    Please, stop before you hurt someone.

    Go back and watch 1997, Brodeur actually re-directs a puck in the net which was going wide. I’m pretty sure it was a Messier shot. Great goaltending, huh? Go back last year and watch one of the Rangers games where Dubi shoots the puck (very lofty shot) at Brodeur and it BOUNCES off the glove and trickles in the net.

    Please dude. Just stop. Nobody’s perfect, not even Brodeur. Hank let up an AWFUL goal and had a shakey 3rd period and shootout, but they still won. It doesn’t mean he’s any less of a goalie.

    Some of you are really spoiled.

  28. if the SJO fits on

    TrueFans – You gotta realize that Hank is 27 and Marty is 36. I’m sure Hank, ten years from now, will play enough games where he’ll have plenty of time to rack up horrible plays. You just can’t compare these two at all just based on age and experience. I’m a die hard Ranger fan, but if I’m picking a goalie for a Game 7, it would be Brodeur.

  29. McFans,

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Brodeur is overrated for all his greatness and could go on and on with my usual hate monologue I tell my Devil friends when they speak of him.

    But, lets keep it real for a second, the dude has 3 Cups and the most wins in NHL history. Clearly, he’s a little better than average.

    Everyone is always giving Hank a free pass. Let’s call a spade a spade; he had a dominant first period, faced limited shots in the 2/3 and didn’t come up with the big save.

    I’ll go on record to say that I like Hank, but don’t love him. At this time in the year, he needs to be perfect.

  30. hey rick and others who might be able to answer this, what happened with the out of town reporter. also known as pt number 9.

  31. Nice solid effort last night. I don’t know how much of it was the Rangers playing great or Montreal still in a funk? Isn’t it fun watching a game?

    Rozi is definitely on my radar again. The guy is back to timid play with the puck and getting overpowered. Why he’s still on the PP, I don’t know. When he skates out of his zone with the puck, he stops skating and desperately looks to dump the puck off to somebody else.

    I’ll give Redden credit for a real good game last night. Can we get rid of Rozi and keep Morris and Mara?

    What about that play by Staal, in the corner, where he had 2 Habs on either side of him and just took the puck right up the middle. Watch his stick play, especially when he’s about 4′ from the puck. He’s not a Leetch type of D, but definitely a keeper to build around. He’ll score 20 at some point in his career. Great win last night!

  32. UESBlueshirt on

    I’d still take Roy over Brodeur in a game 7. Aside from Roy winning the head to head matchup in 2001, Brodeur never won the Conn Smythe in the 4 times they made it to the finals. You can argue as well that Brodeur was never always the clear-cut best during the different stages of his career:

    – Mid through late 90’s you’d have to say that Hasek was at least as good if not better in the regular season and then Roy was just as good in the playoffs.
    – First half of this decade you could make the argument that Brodeur was on average the best. You had some good individual season performances but Brodeur’s consistency maybe puts him over the top.
    – Post-lockout he once again falls into the pack of other goalies like Lundqvist, Nabokov, Luongo.

    His record is what it is. Just like wins for a pitcher in baseball, wins for a goalie are a tough stat to completely attribute to the goalie himself or to his team. Now I would have loved for Richter or will love to see Lundqvist collect the 3 Cups that Marty has, but I think it’s far from a done deal that he’s the best of all time just because he set this record.

  33. if the SJO fits on

    Does anyone know what the dumb question that was asked (to Torts) last night? I didn’t catch post game.

  34. Richtersgirl on

    “But, lets keep it real for a second, the dude has 3 Cups and the most wins in NHL history. Clearly, he’s a little better than average.”

    When you count “real” wins…Roy still has Brodeur beat by about 30. You really can’t compare goalie stats like this among different NHL generations…and this isn’t just my hate for Brodeur…even Lundqvists record breaker of being the first NHL goalie to win 30 or more games in his first 3 seasons is not comparable either.

    Brodeur is a good goalie…even great….but he is still terribly overrated. Being the backstop for a Devils team, which hasnt been a bad team since i have been watching which is about 17 years makes getting wins a little easier.

  35. Matt R, somebody asked Torts what the Rangers did differently this visit to Montreal than they did in their previous two. Torts said something like, “I wasn’t here.” Then the guy re-phrased the same question and Torts said something like, “I didn’t see those games, I wasn’t here.” Then he looked the other way and said, “Can I have another question please.” It was pretty funny.

  36. F@CK Habs Fans
    And there is nothing we can learn from them.

    They are some of the most overzealous cheering fans I have ever witnessed. They cheer and scream when the team wins a face off, skate on the ice, put there gloves on, etc.

    They think there better than every other franchise and are stuck up French snobs.

    There are only four teams I utterly HATE in the NHL:
    The Debbies
    THe fishsticks
    and le Douche bag habs!!

    F the Habs
    Lets go Rangers!!

  37. thanks rick, i really do enjoy torts attitude. id consider him the avery of coaching. and why no big hoopla over torts becomming the all time us born winningest coach. i care a lot more about an american breaking a record than a canadien.

  38. You gotta love Torts…..I was looking at Mathieu Schneider and noticed that he resembles one of the Vampires in 30 Days of Night.

  39. MikeyNJ,

    In a less demonstrative way I agree. Although I think the fan pressure is starting to get to the Habs. When it was noted last week that they play a ton of their remaining games at home, I didn’t think that was necessarily home ice advantage for them. I would love to see them miss the playoffs in their 100th season, if only as some sort of karmic justice for those horrible uniforms they’ve played in this year.

  40. Fischler's Ghost on

    I think resigning Antro should be a priority, and while trading players away is one way to free up some cap space, what about if Gomer/Drury/Redden restructured their contracts an took less money for the next 2 season and deferred a lot of it until the years were up on their deals? Might be a classy move for the “leaders” of the team to sacrifice some dough so we could retain top talent.

  41. Glad to read that Hank thanked the team for bailing him out and took responsibility for that last goal…I had to walk out of the room after that one and scream out the window…

    Anyway..someone please tell Zherdev that in the final 5 minutes of a game never never never make a cross ice pass at a congested blueline while trying to gain the zone…

    He did it twice last night…

    Whats infuriating about it is that was one of the first lessons I remember being taught when I was like 10 years old!!….

  42. Great game to watch last night, and obviously it was awesome to see them finally get a win over the Habs. Watching Kovalev and Zherdev play in the same game was like having double vision. And sure, Hank let in a soft one last night, but why are so many people writing him off as an overrated goalie? Without Hank, I really don’t think the Rangers would have gotten to the post season any of the last three years.

  43. Anyone still arguing that Brodeur is overrated needs to give it up. The guy is a machine, plain and simple, and while we are justified in hating him because he is a Devil and made some questionable comments regarding the Rangers in the past, we shouldn’t be questioning his greatness. His resume speaks for itself.

    On Naslund. I think the guy is a floater and an opportunistic goal scorer and would really like to see his salary shed somehow during the offseason. But, I thought he played his best game in weeks last night and if he can maintain that level of play I might have to reconsider my stance.

    On Kovalev. I don’t think he played particularly well last night at all. He made a nice shot on his goal, but that play was all Markov. Amazing pass. Kovy was unimpressive otherwise to me, and he’s among my favorite players of all-time (yeah, I know how ridiculous that is).

  44. The thing about BroDOOR, you cannot argue that his record is great but when a career minor leaguer like Clemensen looks great between the pipes, it says volumes about the team and “system” that’s in front of him. I will always admit that he’s a great goalie, but I’d still take Roy.

    With the Torts system, similar to the Keenan system, the goalie has to steal a game once or twice in a series. Lundqvist hasn’t exactly shined in the playoffs. He’s paid as one of the best and often referred to as one of the best, I think it’s time for him to be one of the best. Letting in that 3rd goal reminded me of a typical Kevin Weekes softie. And what happened to his shootout advantage? Until he stops those shots under the cross bar, he won’t be stealing any games.

  45. As far as I know, Rick, tell me if I’m wrong, but the CBA prohibits restructuring contracts so even if they wanted to be “classy” and take less money (which they definitely would not, they would not be allowed to.

  46. No one is taking our garbage out in the off-season… Redden though competent last night(fine… he had his best game as a NYR) will have to be bought out.

    Is there any other way? I doubt it.

    Unless, he decides to up and quit.

  47. Whew!!!!!!!!!

    I have been saying that Lundqvist isn’t the same player for a long time, and many of you guys have been killing me for it. I tell you what though, if Drury doesn’t score that shootout goal, we don’t win this game. Lundqvist was shaky at best, and I don’t know about you guys, but if you are being honest, you cannot be confident with Lundqvist the way he is playing lately.

    Another game where the Rangers for the most part, dominated but it seemed like whenever the canadiens put some pressure that you got the feeling that Lundqvist was gonna let one in. That 3rd goal was a killer! Remember we are talking about a “world class” “elite” goalie, and whe under pressure, he gives me the nervous feeling that I feel when Valley is in the net. He has given up way too many soft or average goals.

    Overall, Drury you stepped up big time after another one of your miserable games. I am very happy how just about everyone has raised their game ever since the Torts takeover – especially Gomez, Cally, and Sjostrom.

    Lundqvist….. we need the old one if we are gonna make any kind of run at this thing!

  48. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I think Hank still has something to proove with palying in this type of a system. Obviously it is no more with the D-play of Renney’s. I have been saying this since Torts came on Bd Henrik has to play big, bigger than he has ever played in my book.
    And as far as Brodeur goes I don’t care who you compare him too, or what anyone says he is ONE and will always be one of the greats. Congrat’s Martin Brodeur.

  49. Carp or anyone else who may be able to answer this question, what are the rules regarding buying out players contracts? Does it still count against the cap?

    If not, I think it would make sense to buyout Redden’s contract and perhaps Drury or Rosi. I could see them being able to trade Naslund, but they will not be able to trade Redden, Drury or Rosi.

  50. No buy-outs, they still cost money against the cap. The better solution is to make him the richest man in Hartford.

  51. Carp – another point on those contracts, I believe the CBA prohibits renegotiation of contracts.

  52. Dan
    You’re correct about that…Those guys you either pay to play in the NHL, Pray that you can trade some of them, buy them out or waive them to the AHL…thats it

    I think we can agree that with Torts system everyone (including Hank) has gotten what they need…a team that can compete and score a little…now its time for him to step it up a notch…he “is” the reason we were “competitive” under Renney…now he needs to be the difference maker; taking a competitive team to the next level…IMO thats what will stamp him as an elite goaltender..

  53. Dan

    Without Hank, I really don’t think the Rangers would have gotten to the post season any of the last three years.

    That is in the past! If you have been watching the Rangers you know that Hank is not the same player he used to be. Of course they would not have made it to the post season, but what does that have to do with how he is playing now? Or, playing the las month an a half? He has been average at best – not what you would expect compared to how he has done the last coulle seasons!

  54. Rick

    Thanks for that post. Many good points you made.
    I think the only two players on the team who are expendable are Roszi and Nazzy. That’s $10mm right there.

    RE: Brodeur. You have to remember that the Devils had the best defense running for the last 10+ years. So when you have the best defense your goalie really doesnt have his work cut out for him. There are games that a TEAM wins and there are games that a goalie “steals” or wins. Most of his wins are TEAM based wins. I still give him credit for his accomplishments (I have to wash my hands after typing that) but I would take Roy over him anyday.

    Funny thing:
    A fellow co worker said to me this morning when I walked in “you have the best hockey sense out of every one I know. You’ve been calling for Renney’s head for over a year now and I thought you were out of your mind. They play so much better under Tortorella and they are fun to watch again, dont have a problem scoring goals when they need to”

  55. Lundqvist certainly has things he needs to work on…such as not being so deep in his net and not leaving the whole top of the net open. But to say he is not one of the best in the league right now is crazy in my mind. He is in his third season and has been a finalist for the vezina each season. Granted he hasnt won any of them (which is correct…he prolly shouldnt have), but to be noticed like that in each season says a lot.
    Its funny to me how so many people are turning on Lundqvist after a less then stellar performance in one period of last nights game. It happens to all goalies…even the almighty Brodeur and Roy. This is the guy that will take this team to the championships so lay off him a bit.

  56. Glad we beat those arrogant socialist jerks in Montreal.

    If we see these guys @ MSG in the playoffs totally going to have to taunt them with their stupid OLE OLE OLE OLE! chant. MORONS!

    Lundqvist better stop letting in the soft goals they aren’t going to score 3-4 every game. I was praying for OT.

  57. Ok, if we’re really going to talk about overrated goalies, how about we talk about one that really deserves it…Carey Price.

    I mean, if he let those juicy rebounds loose or lost sight of the puck that many times against someone like Ovechkin and co. they would have burned out the red goal light.

  58. oh yeah noonan…sorry thats what i meant.
    Maybe my mind is running from me here….but has there been that many soft goals that henrik has given up? I thought he has been playing really well lately with the exception of the third period last night and the shootout. He has never played well in Montreal so it was prolly just a bad game. What other games do you guys think Lundqvist did not play well in the past couple weeks?

  59. I dont think anyone is turning on LQ

    I think we all know that he’s been a very good goaltender and if the recent Richter/Hank and Brodeaur/Hank posts tell you something its that we are all waiting; holding our breath, for the big moment to come…the moments that came to the Richters, the Brodeaurs, the Roys…when he leads us to the promised land…

  60. Ok, Hank is 3rd in total games with 60. He is 3rd in minutes played with 3555. His season Save % is .914. Now, look at the goalies that have started at least 50 games this year and only 3 goalies have a better Save %. Ryan Miller 50 games has a save % of.919, Dwayne Roloson 81 games has a save % of .915, and Niklas Backstrom 60 games has a save % of .921.

    Now, how can you complain about our goalie? With the exception of Backstrom, Hank is still one of the better goalies this season.

    All goalies let in bad goals, this is still a team game and everyone needs to help out each other.

    Oh, if you judge a goalie by GAA, he is 3rd best with 2.49 against Goalies with 50 or more games started this season.

  61. I say dump Naslund, Rozsival and Korpikowski at the very least. I’d rather have Antropov than Zherdev, but Z is younger…. Sather has ruined this franchise with Dreary and Reddone.

  62. Fischler's Ghost on

    Rick and others…

    It’s a shame they can’t/won’t restructure their contracts because there’s no way we can trade any of them, unless antro loves NY so much that he’ll take less money to play here.

  63. Henrik is good, could be better but has kept us in a lot of the games since he’s come to town.

    Decent game last night, we got 2 points but gave Montreal a point as well.

    Redden made some good plays but also some terrible ones.

  64. Wins and playoff wins are all that matter; screw the GAA and the other stats

    Its the old Montana/Marino thing..

    You want to win a superbowl who do you start? You take Joe

    You want to own all the regular season records…you take Marino..

    the great thing about Roy and Brodeaur is they did both..

    I really like Hank alot..I just think its a little too early to call him great…

    and its WAY TOO EARLY to have to shy away from asking him to step it up to another level…

    I made all the excuses for him under the last coach and his idiotic game plans…no more excuses

  65. Another good game to watch,as I said Torts games will be alot of fun to watch .Thank goodness renney and his style are gone. Dubi played a super game last night along with Callahan.did you hear nosen last night I thought he was going to orgasim any min everytime he spoke about marty which was way to many.Did he forget he was on a Ranger broadcast and we hate marty?But what do you expect from a hack like nosen.

  66. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    there’s another way for Redden, if he gets seriously injured, we can do with him what Philly did with Briere and take him off our cap space. Here’s hoping for a career ending injury to Wade Redden in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals as we sweep away that former Bostonian, still scumbag Joe Thawnton!

  67. I don’t understand the negative comments about Korpikoski over the course of the last couple of months. He’s done everything he’s been asked to do and then some. He has been one of the best forecheckers and has drawn a lot of penalties with his strong effort along the boards. He even managed to rack up some points. Since January 1, he has 5 goals and 6 assists in 28 games. Compare that to some other guys on this team and some that are playing somewhere else. I’m not saying he’s a top player. But for a rookie, playing out of position (most of the time) with new linemates every night, I think he’s played well above and beyond what’s expected of him.

  68. Coming off illness and over-work, Lundqvist is obviously tired, maybe even exhausted. Zero goals allowed in the first period, one goal allowed in the second period, two goals allowed in the third period, the pattern is clear – he is wearing down. And he is giving up a soft goal, every game he plays, now.

    Can we give him some rest and get Vally starting in there, for better or worse, in two of the next four games?

  69. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    **although there’s something to be said for if we win the cup with him, maybe he had a part in it, why ruin a good thing** but Wade is never a good thing.

  70. Kaspar, you are telling me stats do not matter? Well, the reason we are still in the playoff picture is due to our Goalie and his stats. A QB is only as good as his Offensive line and his core of receivers. If you put a goalie in a situation where his team was only averagin 2 goals a game and the defense can’t keep the crease clear, well you are going to lose more games. Great teams have great players (plural) and teams that make it by have one or two good players.

    You need to score goals (a stat) in order to win games. Something the Ranger were lacking for quite some time and that is what hurt this team. I never said he is the great one, but people need to cut him some slack. He is well above average as a goalie and he will only get better.

    You could have had Roy playing for us the previous few years and I do not think he would have brought the cup to us.

    You think we would be in the playoff picture if we had a .890 save %? Sorry, but no way, since we could only score 1 or 2 goals a game. But why worry about stats.

  71. One more observation, regarding the 2-1 points win in Montreal. The Rangers played in Philly Saturday, played Philly in New York on Sunday, flew to Montreal on Monday, then played their third game in four days on Tuesday. That they played so well, surprised me. Usually the third game in four nights with some travel thrown in syndrome kills all teams.

    Under Renney, they would have taken the night off and never had their heads in the game. Torts is getting through to them, whereas they and Renney were on a different planet.

  72. I dont care if they win 1-0 and Hank gets his Vezina or they win 7-5 (like Grant fuhr used to when he was winning cups)

    Thats what I think of STATS

  73. EspoforParkwhatwasEmilethinking on


    With the salary most likely coming down in the next year or two, do you see players taking less money because of the teams willingness to free up some space in order to stay well below the cap? Also if this is the case will the escrowed money taken from the players contracts be greater than what it is now due to the fact that the owners will be making/taking less money?

    Let’s Go Rangers

  74. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    i am positive the Rangers are better off with Torts than Renney, but to say things like we would have taken the night off or like others say ‘we wouldnt have done this or that’ under Renney, that’s not quanitifiable unless you actually go back and look up the information

  75. I love the energy and they are fun to watch again, but these odd-man rushes against are going to kill them at some point (as they did in Philly). Something has to be done about them short of going back to the Renney style of hockey. I guess it’s growing pains in Tort’s system. But if not rectified, teams like Wash and Pitt will take advantage and kill them in the playoffs

  76. Last night seemed that Wade Redden was playing like the kind of player we were expecting to see. Keep up the strides, Wade. Nice shooutout goal Captain Clutch

  77. Carp, I’m not sure if anyone has brought this up regarding Wade Redden being sent to Hartford. Obviously this would involve Sather admitting he made a mistake, which I don’t think he is as reluctant to do as people might think. It would also involve Dolan paying out the remainder of a big contract. Here’s what I think:

    Sather signed Bobby Holik to a huge contract (5 yr @ $9 million per), then bought him out prior to the lockout first chance he got. He also signed Kasparaitis to a large deal (5-yr @ $25 million per?), when Darius fell out of favor with Renney, he was sent to the AHL and eventually given permission to play in Russia. Sather obviously admitted to another gaffe when he brought back Sean Avery after failing to re-sign him in the offseason. My point is that Sather has recognized his mistakes and it seems that he will rely on his coach’s judgment. It is my firm belief that if Torts says Redden cannot help the team that Slats will put him in Hartford.

    What about Jim Dolan you ask? Would he be willing to pay the 5 years @ $6.5 million per that Wade has on his contract? My answer: without a doubt! Dolan obviously was willing to pay for the Holik buy-out, he also paid the remainder of Kasparaitis’ deal (which I believe was only two years, but it still counts) while he sat in Hartford/Russia. But maybe MOST importantly, Dolan was willing to pay most, if not all of Stephon Marbury’s $20 million contract to have him sit on the bench the entire season! In this scenario, Redden would be helping the younger players in Hartford and helping the Rangers win by not playing for them and eating cap space. This would cost Dolan $30+ million, but also frees up space for the team to retain our youth and eventually sign a Kovalchuk or another scorer in the future (if more space is opened up – Naslund or Rozsival trades are definitely feasible.

    Let me know what you guys think. I really don’t believe Redden being sent to Hartford is as far-fetched as some might believe.

  78. Actually, there’s no English-language equivalent of the French “-eur” sound, either for the “eu” diphthong or the subtle “r” pronounced at the roof of the mouth. So it gets rendered by some American announcers as “BrodOOR” and others as “BrodER”. The latter’s a little closer to the French, but I don’t think you can criticize either one too harshly.

  79. Pavel

    Right on. I think the same exact thing. And I would absolutely believe they would have won that MTL game probably 5-1 or 2 not that horrible debacle 6-5 loss in OT

  80. you guys are underestimating the fact that NO TEAM wanted Antropov at the trade deadline (even most of you)!! Antropov and Zherdev know that they were run out town by their former teams, and i think that will be a big time “negotiating chip” for Sather when its time to resign them.

    We took a gamble on these guys when no one really wanted them and they know that, and they are playing their best hockey of their lives because of it.

    I expect Z (2.5 mill) and Antro (2 mill) to make between 3 and 3.5 million a piece next season.

    Plus Dubi and Cally will get a raise to 1-2 mill a peice

    I dont think the raises will be that significant to have to dismantle the whole team to squeeze everyone in

  81. First, this is my last post about this issue. Kaspar, I hate to break this to you but scoring 7 goals is considered a STAT. Grant also should thank Gretzky, Kurri and all of the Oiler greats for their great STATS in producing enough goals per game (a stat) to win his cups.

    Also, when was the last time we scored 7 goals?

    We need a goalie with good STATS to win games here and not Grant Fuhr.

  82. green lucky LIQUID on

    Personally, I think their is no way that Redden gets sent to Hartford. Torts will have to deal with what the best scenario is for Wade….Look @ his icetime. Their is a reason that the Rangers dont carry 7 dmen and we dont see a guy like Potter or Bobby Sangs up with the big club. As much as we think Redden sucks, he is obviously better than what is available in Hartford.

  83. 22figure8-Spot on with your comment on Lunqvist. The word’s out on shooting high on Henrik. His magic in shoot-outs has disappeared. Lines looked great last night. Antropov seems to have given a new life to Drury and even Naslund. Avery is a keeper and plays his ass off every shift, every game. His new demeanor is incredible;a quiet non-stop spark to this team. Gomez has even lifted his game.Got to love Dubi, Cally and Shoestring as a third line. Last (11) games should prove interesting.

  84. I hope they can work on that this offseason with Hank. But, I think it is true that he may be exhausted, but when you get paid like he does, there are no excuses.

  85. I heard that the next game is on WPIX again. Can anyone clarify this new relationship? Does the Dolan’s battle with the Centre Ice package have anything to do with this?

  86. Doc, it is not available for you with the Center Ice Package? I have it and the game is being shown on Sat.

  87. green lucky…I think the failure to call up Potter or Sanguinetti stems from the fact that they both have little to no normal NHL experience, let alone a playoff race.

    The intensity right now is so much higher than in October/November that it would be unfair to subject young and inexperienced players to it – especially d-men. It’s one thing where Potter or Sanguinetti is with the club from the start of the season or around the Christmas break where play is less intense, and another to put them into a playoff race. Also keep in mind that Potters game has tailed off a slightly in recent games and Sanguinetti isn’t defensively ready to make the jump.

    I really don’t think it’s impossible for Redden to be in Hartford next season. The tough part is that Sather needs to make the decision in July in order to re-sign current players as opposed to December, where it would be easier to do.

  88. Doc

    I was scratching my head at that one too last night. Is this going to be a new trend? You all remember when the Rangers away games used to be on Ch 9? LOL

  89. Mike D.
    March 18th, 2009 at 11:34 am
    What about Jim Dolan you ask? Would he be willing to pay the 5 years @ $6.5 million per that Wade has on his contract? My answer: without a doubt! Dolan obviously was willing to pay for the Holik buy-out, he also paid the remainder of Kasparaitis’ deal (which I believe was only two years, but it still counts) while he sat in Hartford/Russia. But maybe MOST importantly, Dolan was willing to pay most, if not all of Stephon Marbury’s $20 million contract to have him sit on the bench the entire season! In this scenario, Redden would be helping the younger players in Hartford and helping the Rangers win by not playing for them and eating cap space. This would cost Dolan $30+ million, but also frees up space for the team to retain our youth and eventually sign a Kovalchuk or another scorer in the future (if more space is opened up – Naslund or Rozsival trades are definitely feasible.

    Of course Dolan will pay. All he’ll do is raise Cablevision rates, again, to cover any loss. Dolan takes over Newsday, what happens? Newsday now costs $.75 for weekday edition and is threatening to take away free internet. All Dolan knows how to do is raise rates from his customers, then blow it somewhere else.

  90. “12) Have I mentioned how I feel about the skills competition deciding NHL games?”

    Yes, more than enough times. You’re a real traditionalist there, Rick. Oh yea, until you argue that you do not like fighting in the game. Not so traditional there I guess. Now your just another in a long line of PC media types jumping on the bandwagon. The same “I-hate-the-shootout” bandwagon that people try to jump on to defend the ‘traditions’ of the game.

    You cannot have it both ways. You can’t call for the traditional “tie” some days and then denounce fighting the next. The NHL is not a goon sport by any means anymore. We’ve already seen how players react to playing “wuss hockey.” Tom Renney lost his job because the players quit on him for it.

  91. How do Markov and Lapierre get 1st and 3rd stars? Their team lost and was outplayed and they get stars….If there were a team I hate to lose to more than Montreal I’d be hard pressed to find one. And no I do not want to start acting like their crybaby fans…..

  92. I looked at the schedule a month ago while we were all under the iron defensive curtain of Renney and I, a simple devoted fan, was afraid of what was to come (i.e. back to back against Philthy and then up to to play the Hab-nots).

    Now I look at the tough April schedule and I say, BRING IT ON, MOFO.


    I guess Torts in rubbing off on me

    Any other questions? Good Now get the F**K out of here

  93. I would give Hank a little time to adjust. He has been playing on a team where most of the emphasis has been on keeping offensive chances down and keeping the other team to low percentage shots.

    The style has now changed. It takes time to adjust to a new style and mentality. Doing and preparing for something one way for 3 years isn’t erased in two weeks. Also, Hanks seems to be having an off year. Every player has one. I still think he has what it takes to be a cup goalie. This is just an off year right now. He is still running 2.49 GAA and .914 sv%. If he can get his head back in the game, he will steal a few games. I have no illusions that this team is a cup team, so stressing about Hank is pretty far down on my list of Ranger concerns.

  94. I am going to have to change my name since there is another Dan here. That last post was mine.

  95. Just finished an email with a friend. Looks like the Rangers hopes on the road to the playoffs will involve cheering for regulation wins for our local foes as well. Take a look at this:

    Philly has 3 games in hand on Pitt and is tied for points. I know they’ve played up and down lately, but I think with those extra points in hand will help them secure a higher seed at the end. Unless of course the Rangers sweep them in the home and home at the end of the season in regulation thus allowing the Rangers to probably leapfrog over the Flyers. Philly’s last week of the season is pretty intense with 4 games in 6 nights. While the home and home is the last games of the season for the Rangers, the Flyers play a game in between vs the Islanders.

    Apr 7th vs Florda
    Apr 9th at NYR
    Apr 11th at NYI
    Apr 12th vs NYR

    Florida may or may not be out of the race by then. Those 2 games vs. the Rangers should be an all out war.

    The Isles are one tough team to play against these days. It might be one of those late season, no pressure anymore confidence surges but I could see them throwing a monkey wrench into a lot of teams plans the rest of the way. They have some games against a number of bubble teams:

    Mar 20 at CRL
    Mar 28 vs PHI
    Apr 2 vs MTL
    Apr 7 at CRL
    Apr 9 at PIT
    Apr 11 vs PHI

    So as much as we’d want the Rangers to win their games, I know I’ll be hoping the Isles pick up as many regulation points as possible in those games above. In fact, in about the last month, the Rangers are one of two teams to beat the Isles by more than 1 goal (Feb 18th and Mar 5th, the other team was CRL Feb 19th).

    And since the Devils are pretty much a lock to win the Atlantic I have no problem hoping they get wins against the bubble teams the rest of the way. Their most relevant games are:

    Mar 18 at CRL
    Mar 23 at PHI
    Mar 29 vs CRL
    Mar 30 at NYR
    Apr 1 at PIT
    Apr 4 at BUF
    Apr 11 at CRL

    As far as I’m concerned they can win all those games except for the Rangers game.

  96. “Hank needs some 5 hour energy!”

    No, 6 Hour Power. The commercial is better, and has a hot chick. Enough said.

    That game last night pissed me off, too many times they blew te lead, it should have ended 2-1, or at least 3-2. It’s good to see Cally, Hank, and Dru own up for their mistakes, not that im blaming Cally, he did what he could do, but he kind of threw off Hank a bit, not his fault though, but he popped in a goal, so that was good enough.

    Hank hasn’t been good in the shootout, he nearly blew the one last night. If not for that freak twin shooting a little bit wide, even though Hank got a tiny piece of it. I think we got lucky that Price was horrible. It’s damn good to beta the Habs at home again.

    And i love Torts post games when he flips out on a writer. Lol what kind of dumb question was that ? Lol, i was laughing so hard. I don’t waa bring up Renney since he’s long gone, but its just good to have a fiery coach both on and off the ice. I usually didn’t stick around for Renney’s post game comments, but Torts is a hell of a lot more entertaining, and you can learn a few things from him, and he doesn’t make excuses or tell lies, which is much appreciated.

    Anyway, the standings are looking great right now. The Sabs in my opinion are officially out of it, they blew a lead with 0.4 secs left and lost, then blew a 2 goal lead and lost in regulation. They blew their season. Im hoping the Panthers replace the Habs, cause i hate them.

    Just gotta keep picking up points, and we’re good to go.

    Go RANGERS !!!

  97. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    One of my friends from jersey said after win 552 last night that Brodeur was the best goaltender of all time. Then after going back and forth for a little of me telling him he’s crazy, and him flouting his 3 cups, 4 Vezinas, the win record, the soon to own shutout record, and his Olympic gold, this is what I had to say in reply (I know I’m preaching to the choir on this forum, but I’d like to hear some objective responses):

    How can anyone talk about this era alone and not come the immediate conclusion that the best was Dominik Hasek? I’m not touching Dryden or Sawchuk because really, it’s a different league now than it was then. I’m also not going to touch Tretiak since we don’t really have a fair basis for comparison, but he should always be mentioned in the “best goaltender of alltime” conversation.

    But look at Hasek. He never played for a half decent club until LATE in his career. His prime years were spent on a lousy Buffalo squad. You want proof that the Devils made Brodeur and not the other way around? Look at Weekes’ and Clemmenson’s numbers this year.

    Now let’s look at the hardware. Consecutive Harts, consecutive Pearsons (both of which Brodeur has never won). 6 Vezinas to Brodeur’s 4, in about half the playing career.

    Better career GAA and save %.

    Wins is probably the least relevant stat for a goaltender. You could give up five goals a game, but if your team scores 6, you get the win.

    So he didn’t have Brodeur’s longevity. Bobby Orr didn’t have longevity. Is there any debate about him being the best defenseman of all time? Brodeur is a great goaltender, don’t get me wrong. But Hasek is the best from this era, hands down.

    And don’t even mention cups, because if Ward and Khabibulin can win them, that’s proof that you just need to get hot at the right time, and have the right team in front of you.

  98. I wonder how the “shots against” compare with Brodeur, Hasek, etc.

    Hasek was by far, better. Brodeur had Stevens.

  99. Does anyone else notice how Since Renney and Pearn were fired we have barely discussed or debated the line combo’s?

    I mean Im happy about it, and love that fact that we all kind of know Torts is putting what he thinks is the best units together.

    And look at the D pairings? No way in hell Renney would be putting Redden on the 3rd pair, and Staal and girardi together.

    Im jsut so happy about beating the Habs last ngiht, and everything that has transpired since Renney and PEarn were shit canned!

    What ever happend to Renney and Pearn?
    Im sure Pearn is completey out of the organization, but is Renney still within the Sather Dolan empire?

  100. To add to Mikey,
    Notice that players have gotten benched?! Zherdev missed 40 minutes of hockey. Naz and Drury have rotated through the 3rd lines. Voros is no longer in the lineup! We don’t have to bash the PP night in and night out.

    I’m so happy Renney’s gone.

  101. “Does anyone else notice how Since Renney and Pearn were fired we have barely discussed or debated the line combo’s?”

    Yeah, i haven’t noticed that since reading this. That’s just a sign that things are working out.

    Love the Torts !!

  102. Rozsival is still angering me whenever he gets the puck at the point. He waits too long and rarely gets a quality shot.

  103. Tort’s system has effectived everything on the Rangers (I wasnt a renney-hater, but…).. all that was going backwards is now going forward – literally – defense pinching; the forecheck; Redden’s game (better, certainly not $6.5 mil worth); even the skills comp.. everything was an agressive shots to the net (naslund made a nice move).. thankfully – he has made the team watchable again…

  104. UESBlueshirt on


    I agree that Hasek was better during the years where their careers overlapped.

    For me the most glaring omission on Uncle Daddy’s resume is no Conn Smythe. I know it’s a subjective award and reputation can sometimes trump over actual performance, but Marty’s been to the finals 4 times and never won it (95 was Claude Lemieux, 00 was Stevens, 01 was Roy, 03 was Giguere). Had Buffalo won in 99 I’m pretty sure Hasek wins the CS.

    As I said earlier, in the first 5 or so years of Marty’s career he wasn’t the stand alone best goalie in the league. The next 5 you could say on average he may have been the best but there were other single season performances that were better and then since the lockout you can say he is a top goalie but not THE top goalie.

    Part of the reason why Orr was remembered as the best D despite his curtailed career was because when he was healthy there was no doubt who the best D in the league was…that is not something you can conclusively say about Brodeur.

  105. “How do Markov and Lapierre get 1st and 3rd stars?”

    This is a city that tries to burn itself to the ground after WINNING a 1st round playoff series.

    They boo the refs for calling (or not calling) offsides in their favor. Their self-entitled attitude is shameless. Just look who they voted into the allstar game.

    They are also arrogant soclialist losers.

  106. Chris Q, get your facts straight, junior.
    I didn’t denounce fighting. I hate the shootout because it’s an idiotic way to decide a team game. Not because I’m a traditionalist.

    To all, the thing most seem to be missing re: Redden and others being bought out: Nobody in the organization seems to think they’re playing poorly, especially Redden, who still gets sent out on PPs, never sat out a shift that I know of. I don’t think that Slats and the coaches think there’s any reason to buy him out or send him down.

    And, no, nobody’s taking any less money for any reason, not as long as agents still exist.

  107. bull dog line on

    Roy,Hasek, and then Brodeur. if you want to put Hasek 1, im ok with that. the one thing i think we learned about Brodeur, is that he is very much a product of the Devils system. Clemenson winning 25 games this year, shows that. I still think he is great, but the system certainly does not hurt.

  108. I wonder how many of Brodeur’s wins came against those awful Ranger and Islander teams of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. I wonder if Patrick Roy had a steady stream of easy conference wins like Brodeur has had.

  109. Carp, I was thinking of getting rid of Redden to clear cap space, nothing to do with his performance.

    I also hate the shootout for that reason. First off, the goals do not count against the goalies, nor does it count for the scorer.

    How can you reward a team for losing by giving it a point?

    I agree with giving each team one point when it ends in a tie, but not for losing.

    Shootout is a horrible way to decide a winner and should just be left as part of the skill competition.

  110. No Country For Old Rangers on

    You guys are all smoking crack if you think for a second that Redden will ever suit up for the Wolfpack. He’s here, we’re stuck with him, get used to it. Can we stop talking about it yet? He actually played a decent game yesterday. Instead of talking about number 6, let’s talk about the 6 seed which we are in sole possession of

  111. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Regarding Zherduv is it possible that Zherduv gets nervous with the puck?? YOu wouldn’t think so after being in the league for 4 years now. I have said this before, he brings the puck up ice weaving and bobbing with out any problems. And then he crosses the blueline and all of sudden he loses the puck. Ok I undertand that is where the most pressure is on him but it just his body chemistry(??)or something there that indicates to me he is getting nervous. I could be way off on this one. And it seems to me, when we had Kovaluv he did the same kind of thing stick handled like crazy but then was not a finisher obviously now Kovy has over come this. And this may be where I am going with this maybe Zherdy will also????

  112. UESBlueshirt on


    Yes Roy had the Nordiques, Whalers and pre-Hasek Sabres in his division for a number of years.

  113. “To all, the thing most seem to be missing re: Redden and others being bought out: Nobody in the organization seems to think they’re playing poorly, especially Redden, who still gets sent out on PPs, never sat out a shift that I know of. I don’t think that Slats and the coaches think there’s any reason to buy him out or send him down.”

    – I agree. However, if there’s no way of trading any of our big contract guys that are ruining our cap situation and ultimately ruining our ability to build a cup contending team, I think that sending someone down or buying them out for economic reasons opposed to as a punishment for playing poorly, is at least worth discussing. And, as much as it would suck personally for the recipiant, for the team it could be better off.

    Take Redden. Yea he’s been playing better since torts came in. But honestly, if you take into consideration the amount he’s getting paid and the duration of his contract, he’s been a seriously large dissapointment, and is going to handcuff the team for a long time.

    He’s not the only one. But I believe he is the one that teeters between playing well enough to stay and bad enough to be benched the most out of all of them. Possibly Roszival too. Yes, nobody in the organization seems to think they’re playing poorly enough to miss a shift. But for the amount they’re getting paid, I expect a whole lot more from them than “not playing poorly.”

    So long story short, if I had a choice between:
    1. keeping a guy like Redden in the lineup, eating up that cap space therefore dibilitating the clubs ability to resign others on the team who’s contracts are expiring, not to mention dibilitating the clubs ability to sign any free agents that could fulfill roles the team still desperatly needs
    2. sending a guy like Redden down to hartford or buying out the contract, in order to free up space for others REGARDLESS of him “not playing poorly”

    I’d chose choice 2 but that’s me, and I’m not a GM nor do I pretend to be one. I’m just a guy that is pretty damn tired of accepting someone playing “just good enough” when they’re getting paid to be one of our best players on the team. I’d take a downgrade from redden to potter/sangs/delz next year if that meant redden’s salery isn’t counting against the cap.

  114. Yeah, when Roy was in Montreal he racked up plenty of wins against bad Quebec teams, bad Hartford teams, bad Buffalo teams.

    JOR, I don’t disagree with you. But if Sather thinks he’s an asset, he’s not going to buy him out.

  115. UESBlueshirt on

    You take the old Adams division and it was really only the Habs and B’s. Top to bottom it was probably the weakest division most of the years.

    I did go to a couple of Whalers games in the early 90’s. They were quite fun but it felt nothing like going to a game MSG or even Nassau. The Whale these days is sort of a cult phenomenon in Conn. though. I bought my fiancee a retro Whalers hat at the NHL store and we had people while we were on a trip in Puerto Rico asking us about the hat.

  116. So if it was game 7 most of you guys would pick Brodeur or Roy? What no love for Richter? Was he not good in the clutch? C’mon folks, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more mentally tough goalie than Mike Richter in his prime. The guy simply made every big save he had to when the chips were down.

  117. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    And when he went to Colorado he was able to beat up on bad Canucks and Flames teams. Later in his tenure it was Flames and Wild.

    Did you know that the Flames made tha playoffs only once in Roy’s entire tenure in Colorado? And it was in 95-06, when he joined the team halfway through the season (and led them to their first cup).

    Also, the really bad Vancouver teams during that period? Tom Renney was the coach of most of them (until he got canned).

  118. Rememebr…no body from Ranger land ever said anything bad about the job Renney was doing… but he’s gone..due to performance

    I dont wanna go on and on but Roy played 1/2 his career non-trap,,,,Brodeaur spent 90% in trap happy Bettman land

  119. I completely understand everyones argument regarding the gimmick aspect of the shootout (standings, stats) but do people remember how boring ties were?

    You would pay all this money for tickets to see a tie 10-20% of the time and that sucked.

    I personally like the shootout, I enjoy watching a Zherdev or Kovalev put down a sick a move. I also equally like seeing the goalies rise up to the challenge.

    Shootouts are a way better bang for the buck for ticket holders than ties.

  120. you know what really tells you that the debbies system is what helps Marty more than anything?

    it is the fact that he took LESS money to STAY with the devils. he did that because he knows that he would be badly exposed on many other teams.

    he did not take less money out of charity, in fact the union was pissed at him at the time. no, he took less because he knew the system gave him more wins than he could get on his own.

    that is not to say that he is a bad goalie. no, he is very good, but keep it in perspective as to how he benefited from the way his team played.


  121. Kaspar
    March 18th, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    I dont wanna go on and on but Roy played 1/2 his career non-trap,,,,Brodeaur spent 90% in trap happy Bettman land

    yep. point I was trying to make last night. And how many shoot out wins does Marty have? Roy had Wins – Losses – Ties. COL won the Cup with Roy coming to the team mid season. But lets not forget the shortened FIXED schedule the Devils had and they won the cup.

  122. Rick Carpiniello on

    Smarty, I’m not saying Brodeur is the best ever or that he didn’t benefit from the team … but he took less because he wanted to stay in NJ and win Cups, not because he feared being exposed.

    You’d be kneeling at the Brodeur altar if he was a Ranger.

  123. STF

    Some idiot asked him what was the difference between this game and the last two against the Habs, and Torts just said “I wasn’t here”, and the guy asked for his opinion, and Torts kept saying “I wasn’t here, somebody ask me another question”

    It was funny, the writer was probably embarrassed to hell n back. Fonze made him look goofy. That’s what happens !!

    He’s been moody lately, he got pissed at Giannone for asking him so many questions after they beat the Preds. Funny stuff !

    Must be annoying though, answering questions people already know the answer too.

  124. LIQUID,

    At some point it doesn’t matter if Redden is better than the alternative in Hartford… especially when you can’t sign guys that do matter! Especially in the discussion about Dubi, Staal, and Z or Antro.

    We need cap space and we can’t keep playing/having his ridiculous slary against the cap him if he’s craptastic and making 7M.

  125. Rick Carpiniello on

    I’ll give you a few other Game 7 goalies: Parent, Dryden, Smith, Fuhr. Heck, Richter did pretty well in Game 7s, too. Undefeated if I’m not mistaken.

  126. Rosi is starting to take Redden’s old place as the worst D-man on the team. His play over the last few weeks has been putrid, timid, indecisive, and just a total abomination. I also do not get the criticism of Korpikoski either, how about bashing Dubi, who has not scored in 21 games. I do not feel bad for him, he might have the worst hands on the team. He may try hard, but hey effort doesnt account for everything, results do. And Naslund… he is the teams second leading goal scorer, enough said, he is what he is a decent winger who can give you 25 goals.

    As for the game, another great game by Antro and Avery, even Derek Morris is starting to play really well. Since I have been bashing Redden most of the year, I have to give credit where credit is due, he has not played all that bad the last few games. Hopefully this team is starting to mesh at the right time, but the KING is going to have to play much better and the stupid penalties need to be held to a minimum.

  127. no, Carp, you cannot explain away the 25 wins by a career minor leaguer while he was out. nothing points out the system factor more than that.

  128. Carp,

    With reguards to Redden… Didn’t Sather make a mention (without naming names) of Redden and possibly Drury, Rozi, Gomez after the coaching change? I seem to remember him saying somthing about players not playing up to the level of expectation.

    Just a thought.

  129. JJP, don’t have a heart attack but guess what? I agree with you on the shootout. KUMBAYAH!

  130. Rick Carpiniello on

    So you’re saying Marty’s below average, or what?

    I’m saying, you put a guy with the wins record, the shutouts record (soon), a couple of Vezinas and three Cups in New York, and he’d be as big as Messier and Jeter.

    If you think it’s all system, that’s just dumb.

  131. I also agree to a point, jjp. but the shootout has become too commonplace. they should do what they first proposed, go 4-on-4 for 4 mins, then 3-on-3 for 3 mins, then the shootout.

    that way, most games would end before it got to the shootout, and the shootout would be more rare and dramatic and less commonplace.

  132. Rick Carpiniello on

    How about a 10-minute OT first. Or 15? That wouldn’t take much longer to play than a five-minute OT plus shootout.

  133. bull dog line on

    when did you resort to name calling? I do not dismiss Brodeur’s greatness, but having watched him play his whole career, the system and the D men he has had play in front of him are a large part of his game.

  134. UESBlueshirt on

    3 shots from fans on both teams shoot from center ice into a puck sized slot out of a board covering the net. What a way to get fans truly interested in the game.

    I wouldn’t mind shootouts or OT as much if they simply revamped the point system similar to a Euro soccer format.

    3 pts regulation win
    2 pts OT/SO win
    1 pt OT/SO loss
    0 pts regulation loss

    I know Slap Shots at NYT likes to re-adjust the standings that way.

  135. never said he was below avg, in fact, I said he was VERY GOOD in my post.

    in fact I respect him more than most of today’s goalies, because he does not play the current in vogue style of just going onto his knees and letting the puck hit you, which I think is a non-athletic way to play.

    so, I have plenty of respect for his style of goaltending, but I am realistic about the trap.

    btw, did anyone see the series vs the Canes in ’06? Marty was beaten several times by shots from the goal line and below. that is a major weakness in his game that more teams should exploit.

  136. Is it just me or are the Montreal fans the most winney bunch less knowledgeable–(is that a word)–ass-wipes you ever heard.

  137. Yep, he is with the San Antonio Rampage and not looking good. 25GP and gave up 79 goals. 5W 16L.

  138. Holy crap did you guys see the poll on the bottom left of the page of Rangers On Demand? Check out Domi28’s link.

    The poll question is “Which of these 4 Rangers players have exceeded your expectations?” The possible answers: Betts, Dubinsky, Mara, and…(drumroll)…VOROS!!!

    I love it.

  139. Considering that Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur had several years of beating up weak teams within their divisions while playing for Championship Caliber teams it gave them a nice advantage to accumulate those record statistics. Not that I am trying to demish either of their accomplishments, they both truly deserve to be considered all time greats.

    However, it puts Lunqvist’s accomplishments into perspective considering he that has played against mostly tough teams within the division, and the Rangers have not been a Championship caliber team during that time. Certainly the shooout wins have helped Lundvist’s statitistics, but I don’t think Hank’s streak of consecutive 30 win seasons is as trivial as people are making it sound, especially when considering the team and division he has played in.

  140. Its funny
    Dubi leads that poll but he has not exceeded expectations…I was lookin for 18-40- 58 PTS minimum

    what is he 8-30 38??

  141. He is 8 26 34 -5 (I am not a fan of the +/-). It is kind of a dumb poll, Betts has been stellar (defensive forward) for a few years, I expected a little more from Dubi (but this is what happens when you take Jagr from the equation). Paul Mara has been ok and Voros, no need to say anything about him.

  142. Hey Domi, Lets calm down about the Captain Clutch, Chris Drury comment. This guy has been in hibernation all year long!

  143. Anyone else think that Cally was going to get the “Luck of the Irish” Game Winner last night?!?! DAMN YOU HANK!

  144. The one aspect i really can’t stand about the Habs fans was the constant booing everytime Avery touched the puck. Like him or not he is good for the sport. And if this is “their” sport they should be able to recognize that he is good for it. They give Marty a standing O and guess what hockey was a national story for one day.

  145. When I was a kid I “sprained my ankle” a couple of times…

    But in hockey Syndey Crosby or Ryan Miller get “High ankle sprains”…is that something having to do with their paychecks; this “high” sprain?

    A buddy of mine once got a puck “in the face”…thats what we told his Father

    But in hockey you get hit “in the facial area”…isnt that just a 5 syllable way of saying “face”??

    But I dont want to just complain..here is a good thing (and its Islander fans doing it…sorry)…playing poorly in the playoffs they chant “we suck” to the tune of the organist…
    I give them tons of credit!!


  146. Carp

    YOur question: “why do Rangers give up a goal right after they have scored one?”

    I addressed this earlier today in another blog…
    All teams seem to be victim,s of this phenomenon, and it stems largely from an almost reflexive and automatic let down for a few key moments as an entire team, and this happens when the opposition is exceptionally disciplined and presses the attack.

    With Rangers however – it is almost automatic. You can set your watches by it.

  147. fran. my watch is set for Saturday’s game. The big question is why you address something on another blog first. Just kidding. We don’t hold grudges here, do we guys?

    Kaspar, I have to take a couple of Tylenol for an upper body injury (used to be a headache).

  148. Man I should have bet my 403b that the Devils were not gonna help out the rangers tonight (albeit it’s prob at or close to 0 right now)

    Oh and Brodeur is the beneficiary of the best GM in ALL of sports (Yes, die hard rangers fan here and I can admit he’s the best). Roy did it with pure skill and a couple GM’s. Brodeur has skill as well but had sweet Lou’s well oiled minions in front of him year after year after year…

  149. Roy was tremendous in 86 when the Canadians went all the way and again in 93. He got some great breaks both times; in 86 (I was five that year but during the lockout I watched all the 86 games when MSG showed them to get some kind of a fix) the Rangers took out the two top seeds in Philly and Wash and in 93 the Islanders were the hot low seed who took out Wash and Pitt in that crazy series.

    It’s tough to say who is the best ever as hockey is a team sport.

  150. Whoever came up with the idea that people must work for a living is not a good person! Why can’t we just stay in bed, eat in bed, watch TV in bed, do laundry in bed, shop in bed, make love in… oh yeah… well… I’m so lazy today! Do u guys know what I mean? And there’s no Rangers game for two more days! Someone is gonna get hurt today!

  151. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    so theres no more rennyade drinkers here huh? everybodys eating the tortellini

  152. “so theres no more rennyade drinkers here huh? everybodys eating the tortellini’

    Tortellini and hot sauce!

    Find an elevator with a Flyer fan in it:)

  153. You really can’t say which player is the best goalie of all time because the game has changed so much over the last 90 yrs. What you can to do is identify who is the best goalie in a certain period of time. Go back in time and you can pick one goalie that dominated the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000+

    In my mind that list in order would be:

    Smith. Fuhr would be a real close 2nd.

  154. Some of us DO NOT root for the New York “Football” Giants. lol. New York “Baseball” Giants. Are they still around?

  155. MikeA, the biggest break Roy got in ’86 was when the linesman knocked down James Patrick in overtime of game 3 and let Claude Lemieux score the OT winner.

  156. I’m sure I qualified as a “rennyade” drinker according to some here, so here are some observations –

    1. I enjoy watching this team more under Tortorella then Renney, straight up it’s more exciting.
    2. Tortorella is doing a great job and not to take anything away from him but similar to my thoughts on Renney, I reserve judgment until the season is over and we see what the end result is.
    3. The team needs to win a playoff series before I drink the Tortorella-ade, getting swept in the first round will reinforce my previous thinking that team composition is more of a factor than coaching for this year.
    4. Torterella has benefited from being named the new coach one week ahead of the trading deadline, the “i need to play for my job/impress the new coach” factor and
    5. Antropov and Avery have been huge upgrades over Prucha and Dawes (Morris and Kalinin are washes in my book).
    6. Dramatic, in your face accountability still seems to only apply to one person – Zherdev. Although the reductions in ice time to Naslund and Redden have been refreshing and are an improvement.
    7. Callahan and Staal developed nicely under Renney and it looks to continue under Tortorella. Dubinsky is still struggling under the new system so I find it hard to pin that on Renney and not the absence of Jagr.
    8. Wd40 and I actually agreed on something this week, it’s a bizarre-o world.

  157. czechthemout..... on

    Jjp~ at least you are stand up enough to admit some things and stick to your guns on others.your partner in “crime” Beer ME is not.He ran away over to zips blog and now likes to be known as a “level” headed poster who was victimized on this blog.He is what I call a coward!

  158. Although Dubinsky isn’t popping the back of the net, I don’t think that he’s struggling. The guy is strong on the puck and keeps it in the offensive zone to create scoring opportunities. He’d be a monster if he scored.

    I’ll take Morris over Kalinin even though he’s probably a rental.

  159. JJP

    Great post…thanks for sticking around to try and talk us down from our hallucinations

    Always had fun sparring with Beer me! too…too bad about he left the blog…Czech is he still “Beer me!” there?

    Wouldn’t you just love Dubi to get some freak goal like off the glass, off a refs head, hits the goalie in the ass and plops in the net??

  160. “Antropov and Avery have been huge upgrades over Prucha and Dawes (Morris and Kalinin are washes in my book)”

    Agreed, but since we upgraded in the “size” department with Antro, and got sloppy seconds with Avery, wouldn’t you rather have your healthy scratch be Prucha rather than Voros???? Just in case of injury…

  161. I love that the team is doing better under Torts, but I still don’t think it’s not a playoff caliber team. There hasn’t been a solid solid line.

    With Pitt’s finally playing their potential, NJ being NJ, Boston and Philly going somewhat decent… I don’t think the Rangers will make it past the first round.

  162. Hey guys, did you really chase away Beer Me? Is there anything we can do to get him back (and anybody else who left)?
    This is a better place when we have more opinions and discussions, right?

    Also, Jane’s at practice and should be filing something soon.

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