I told you it was a good move …


I was the first aboard the “Bring Avery Back” bandwagon. I told you all, but you wouldn’t listen, that Sean Avery would be great for this team, would play not only like an all-star but also a captain. I told you he would turn this team around and single-handedly pull them into the playoffs.

I told you so.

Didn’t I?

Ok, maybe not.

I had my doubts. I admit it. The guy has come here twice, and been nothing but a difference-maker both times. OK, he’s ticked off some teammates here, but he really hasn’t terribly misbehaved as a Ranger. Everywhere else he has worn out his welcome, but not here.

So I am here to admit my mistake. For $1.9 million the guy is a bargain, especially compared to some of the other people on the payroll making AIG executive-type money and doing less than AIG executives have done to earn it.

Give it up to Slats for getting him at half price, and believing Avery would do this if given a second chance. Give it up to Tortorella for changing his tune on Avery, too. I will withhold my long-term fears about Avery for now, and my main point against bringing him back — that the Rangers are so close to the cap already that another $1.9 M might hamper any off-season moves they try to make.

I doubt they could spend that $1.9 M and get a player who brings more to the table that Avery has brought so far. Too bad so many guys who make so much more don’t follow his lead.

I’ll address Avery more, no doubt, in the future. But I wanted to get it off my chest that I was wrong. (not the first time, not the last).

Now let’s see if he can drag them into the postseason.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. O'TSN Has A Crosboner on

    I talked to a co-worker today about Avery. My co-worker is a Dallas Cowboys fan and said he loves the team, but never liked Terrell Owens.

    I think in some cases you could do both, but when Avery pots 4 goals in 7 games you have to love him.

    Especially when your Captain has 2 in 26 or whatever the stat is.

  2. welcome on board the Avery express, Carp. he is getting 1/3 the cap hit, and doing 10 times as much as those who ARE really a cap problem to the future of this team. like dredden and dreary.

  3. Rangers No.23:Drury is on MSG right now…

    “if you want 50 goals and 100 point guy, dont call on Chris Drury… But if you want a guy to win a big Face-off or score a big goal… then call on Chris Drury because he is your guy”

    were they talking about our Chris Drury? u know…the guy that has a “C” on his jersey… whatchamacallit… the captain

  4. The single biggest problem with the Rangers is that Wade Redden is on the team. I was at the game in Philadelphia on Saturday, and it’s even more obvious in person what a waste that guy is. He probably doesn’t even break a sweat in a game. How can someone expend so little effort? The Flyers fans got a kick out of a guy in a Rangers jersey yelling at Redden the entire game. It felt good to at least scream at him in person. In less than an hour I’ll be yelling at him on TV again. Any bets on how many goals against he’ll be on the ice for?

  5. good post Mr. O’Carp!

    anyone have a link to the game…i really hate game center live lol!!!

  6. Leetchhalloffame on

    Aves is crazy, but we love it. He plays with a passion and pride that this team was missing big time all year long. Avery should be wearing the C – can you imagine what Bettman would have to say about that?

  7. Johnny LaRue on

    Reminiscing about Jagr yesterday. I’ll admit that I was fairly annoyed with him last year at times and he got some criticism for how he handled his role as Captain, but as the saying goes…you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

    Drury is a good guy, but Jagr was ten times the captain that Drury is.

  8. Carp, thank you for man’ing up. It adds to your character and the respect I have for you. Well said…

    All, isn’t it about time Drury does something? He hasn’t had a standout game since January 16th against Chicago? Could this guy do any less? Seriously. I feel like Colton Orr might be the only Ranger contributing less than Drury and you could make that case that Orr might actually give more for this team.

  9. Carp, i love this quote:
    ‘I doubt they could spend that $1.9 M and get a player who brings more to the table that Avery has brought so far. Too bad so many guys who make so much more don’t follow his lead.’

    It’s so true.

  10. aw crapola McCCCPahan!!!

    I’m in Alabama, and it seems our friend Ratboy Bettman has shut down all our game streaming sites. Damn him to an eternity of listening to the greatest hits collections of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

    I guess I’ll just have to ATTEMPT to watch it on NHL.com, although I’ll miss all the fun of our lovely blog here. Damnit!!! I cannot stomach, stand or take Count Bettman anymore!!!! Evil man with a napolean complex and bearing a scary resemblance to Count from Sesame Street.. a thousand poxes on his house!!

  11. I had to get an epidoral shot in my back this morning, and I’ve been groggy and sore all day today. Let’s go Rangers! Win one for a very sore Nasty 1.

  12. True Fans

    I think Drury is gonna just snap one day and take Redden with him…

    Oh sorry, I was day dreaming about that again… ;-)

  13. ouch Nasty!!! God bless ya! That’s gotta be brutal! The boys’ll win one for you tonight, maybe even with GOOD contributions from #’s 23 and 6…

  14. My liquor store was out of Guiness, so I went with Harp, which is made by Guiness and 10,000 times better than the liquid bread.

  15. Yikes Nasty!!! Man, hope you feel better!!! Hope our boys pull out a win so you can be blissfully happy!!! Come on we need ya on the team!!!

  16. Thank you Linda. Wasn’t very comfortable. After watching that MSG Profile on Drury, it would make anyone get a throbber to have him on their team. I think being a captain in NYC is just not for him. I think his numbers would be slightly, or even a good amount better if he wasn’t carrying that weight around with him. You don’t just automatically suck like that. I think he has better hockey in him, not 6 million dollar hockey, but better hockey. Put a C on Hanks mask next year.

    And much agreed about Harp. So good.

  17. Nasty

    Cant agree with you more about Drury. I mentioned something like that a few days ago. Like Brian Leetch wasnt exactly fit for the “C” either. Mild mannered, quite men just arent cut out for the job. Gomez would be better suited. Or like you said. Slap it on LQ!!!! IN HANK WE TRUST!!!!

  18. Can we start an Avery for Capy petition? Or atleast can we take Naslund’s A and sew it on Avery’s forehead?

  19. Sally, even though you havent posted yet, I am hoping you got that LUCKY BEER with you tonight!!!!!

    Ok guys, hate to leave the partaaaay but I have to watch the game on NHL.com and can’t do anything else or the game freezes up, catch ya later!


  20. I for one wanted Avery (and Jagr) back all along.


  21. I hope they keep Morris. He’s been really good. Smart subtle correct plays. Not afraid to take the body either.

  22. i have a feeling this is going to be one of those games where we have a million chances but get shutout

  23. aaaaaaaaaargh damn frustration! missed the first 10 minutes and I can see by your posts I’ve missed a stellar shift by Redden!!! OI VEY!!!

  24. UESBlueshirt on

    Jeez can’t take “real” penalties in MTL, have to save up for when the imaginary ones start getting called.

  25. krispy – oh i think we can win this too but the start has just been so reminiscent of those games where we play and play and play and get nothing from it

    and what a save by hank

  26. i think antropov just tried to play hanks water bottle it looked like he was ready to clear it down the ice.

  27. Who called it Nazzy getting a goal? Nice call !!! Looks like he wants it bad. Maybe the players really do read this blog LOL

  28. UESBlueshirt on

    4 sets of officials (I know only the 2 refs can call penalties) but no one saw that on Avery?

  29. now now chris, don’t insult the inventors of the game!! they are protecting the honor of a 2 bit hollywood ho doncha know!! ;-)

  30. UESBlueshirt on

    They need to bury a few of those chances, Price has pretty poor rebound control and awareness.

  31. one period over
    and it’s apparent Rick
    that we’re going to have win
    while playing against Montreal
    referee rules.

    i’m talking specifically about the
    vicious elbow from Markov on

  32. not one PP for the Rangers. Aves gets elbowed in the face, no call. those refs are so tilted toward Mtl that it is not funny. just ask the LA Kings, who recently had a game just stolen from them by the refs in Mtl.

  33. These refs are scum bags. I cant wait to see what the league will do, which is basically nothing.

    The NHL is so great. You can get away with anything, just as long as the name on the back of the jersey isn’t a superstar.

    Pathetic, i hope the refs get a slap shot to the face, cause that’s what they deserve. Harsh or not, they deserve it.

  34. Leetchhalloffame on

    Forgot that each time we play punky Habs the ref’s swallow their whistles every time a penalty on the home team should be called. The only time they’ll send a homer to the box is when the game is no longer in doubt, one way or the other. Fire Bettman!

  35. Kevin

    If there was no suspension after a match penalty was called for a high stick/cross check to Antropov head’s, what makes you think they are gonna give Markov a suspension for an elbow to public enemy #1? refs = dou*he b*gs

  36. what a nice period… Rangers need to put the puck in the net.

    Great PK and good puck movement when even strength.

    Might the Rangers get a PP tonight?

    Dubinsky needs to pick his game up on the offensive end.

  37. O’MAKO

    Exactly. Amazing league. Simon gets 30 games, Pronger gets 5. That says it all. It’s pathetic, Buttman needs to get into a car accident and lose the use of his legs for that decision alone.

    Simon’s no saint, but that’s just fugged up. And he knew it.

    Anyway, hopefully Nyr can fight off the refs BS, and just play hard, they were pretty good, and Hank actually looked good against the Habs, which these days is a surprise. This is a must win, need the two fuggin points.

    The Trashers, Wings, and Craps gotta help us out tonight. The Sens wont, they’re already down 2-0 against the Sabs.

  38. Vince Macmahon would be proud of these Refs…..

    You could bring out a table and these idiots would look the other way…and everyone would still call them impartial

    We need a big hit early in the second…

  39. marty is going to get a shutout on his record breaking game

    elias just became the all-time devils point leader on gionta’s goal

  40. Johnny LaRue on

    That guy with the paper bag on his head behind the Montreal goal was hilarious.

  41. i only thought that penguins fans were that gullible to fall for this type of anti-Avery idiocy
    but apparently the lemmings have bitten into the Bettman era of the NHL Bad Boy.

    i could see if the boo-ing happened in Calgary or Toronto (based on what Avery said in the past) or even L.A. where Avery’s ex-girlfriend lives but……ridiculous.

  42. TomB, thanks for the frenchie link, it’s the ONLY one that works on my computer!!!

    McCreary, when is this magoo gonna retire??? Horrendous just about every time I see him.

  43. its so funny hearing all this french and then LUUUUUNDQVIST…or GIRARDI…too funny. Too bad the names are the ONLY thing i can understand!

  44. i thought Canadien fans were supposed to be
    oh so intelligent.


    HAHAHAH jpg what made you think that?

  45. this is like a milder version of the Chicago game. HAHAHAH how can Korpi get a hooking penalty when AK was falling down when Korpi was looking down going for the puck?

  46. McCCCPahan – 75 and sunny. I’m not complaining!

    jpg – Montreal has booed Avery ever since the French Canadian comment in ’05. They love to hate him.

  47. nice leveling by Morris there!

    what did korpi get called for, it was in french lol!

    JPG, it seems as if the fans have bought into the alternate universe that is known as Bettman

  48. O’MAKO

    i guess it was that dang librul sports media that gave that impression that this was Canada’s game and that the fans would be more intelligent in what they’d cheer and what they’d boo.
    then again,
    xenophobe Don Cherry still gets to have his hate on for Europeans each week on Hockey Night In Canada

  49. McLinda

    excuse me but that’s BamBam you’re talking about
    (my sister’s name for Antro!)

  50. Spot Watch Update:

    BUF 2 OTT 2
    ATL 1 PIT 3 :(
    PHI 2 DET 0 :( Phi hasnt won at the Joe since 88

  51. Shasta McNasty 1 on

    I gave a fist pump and I have to say it hurt my back. Ha. It was worth it :)

  52. jpg is that his official nickname…cuz it’s pretty funny

    Ok the french is starting to get on my nerves now!!!! I’d take emerick over this!!!

  53. Scouting Report on #33: He’s slow and stupid. Otherwise useful as a 7th defenseman.

  54. staal is really starting to become reminiscent of leetch…if he can start getting some points…dayum

  55. Johnny LaRue on

    Would Brodeur win his stupid game already so Sam won’t have to keep updating us every ten seconds.

  56. True, we’ll always have Sather lol ;-)

    veeeee agra lmao!!!!

    Shasta ya gotta be careful there buddy!!!

  57. “solid 6?? i’d say solid 4 and a half…maybe”

    HAHAHAHAH I thought the same thing.

  58. the thing that sucks about playing in mtl is that one goal WILL change the game…we need to get 1-2 more soon

  59. what did Sam say about Staal?
    mentioned someone who complimented Staal and
    that he should be adding scoring to his workload.
    i thought Torts made the comment but i was just told it was someone else

  60. none taken JPG! I like bam bam too, i remember you saying your sister called him that a few games ago. I’ll officially pick up the mantle.

    Morris has done pretty well since coming over, still impressed. Hasn’t really pulled a Redival yet.

    True i wish i could hear sam and joe right now!!!

  61. lol antropov is such a doof sometimes…i like him

    about time they called a knee on knee on mtl

  62. jpg

    They were talking about Girardi. Said he really picked up his play since he’s been paired with him.

  63. thanks. had a phone call at the time.
    btw, why do Ranger players wait for the opponent to reach ’em before taking a shot?

  64. Correction… THREE TIMES. Did the planets align? Man Im on my couch and made the save with LQ LOL

  65. lmao @ all the Irish names…good one True!!

    Sather is always in my doghouse…I just can’t get him outta there. I give him credit when he makes good moves, but it just seems as if he’s made more bad ones than good. I’m just a female with issues where he’s concerned lol!

    HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!

  66. ya know,
    montreal touching the puck would get the whistle
    but what a stupid pass to make

  67. that boy just broke the penalty box camera!! big baby lol

    LMAO @ deja fitzpatrick…. the curse of the former Rangers lives on

  68. deja fitzpatrick on

    staal so just got slashed OMG OFF THE BAR how appropriate for st pattys day

  69. That period got away from rangers the moment Micheletti said the rangers were DOMINATING! Shut up ya donkey!

  70. does kovalev always have to do the roll onto his back after he scores? he did the same exact thing last year on that 5th goal of the 5-0 comeback

  71. man this state is soooooooo backwards sometimes~! they actually have a committee to stop illegal (LMFAO) electronic bingo!!!! They want to legalize and tax it to make money….but they forget that 75% of the state drives to TN or GA to get lottery tickets every week, putting money into the schools in those states…DUH

    Anyway, Aves scores in the 3rd!


    you better not come back and tell us how slow
    the Rangers are skating tonight or
    wonder why their using the Fox Sports
    Glowing Puck

  73. you know its amazing the game is only 1-1 with all the make up calls Mtl gets(see the korpikoski penalty) and the non calls they always are allowed to do too

  74. No Country For Old Rangers on

    “does kovalev always have to do the roll onto his back after he scores? ”

    i hate it when players do that. It happens in basketball constantly. goddam chauvinists. like billy says in white men cant jump: they rather look good and lose than look bad and win

  75. Who here is out of morbid curiosity is actually going to watch the end of the Devils game to see fatso break Roy’s record.

  76. UESBlueshirt on

    Ugh, the NHL Center Ice commercial with the goober wearing the Pens jersey…once again the Pens LOST that series. Why not showcase the team that, you know, won the Stanley Cup?

  77. O’Carp today.

    Hope the Rangers get one for Nasty in the third.

    Some refs aren’t as biased as they are incompetent.

    I disagree totally about Leetch not being a good captain. He just had to deal with all the Messier fallout in his one stint as captain. He’d look pretty good with the “C” on this club, wouldn’t he?

  78. deja fitzpatrick on

    leetch had to deal with so much crap on his team the days of over paying for guys who dont produce…oh wait

  79. No Country For Old Rangers on

    “He’d look pretty good with the “C” on this club, wouldn’t he?”

    Couldn’t agree more.

    My brother and I are watching our first Ranger game with my son and his newborn boy. The next generation, I hope they can experience at least 1 NYR cup.

  80. lucky green LIQUID on

    I just packed a huge bowl of Lucky Charms for the 3rd period….

    cmon boys

  81. Rick

    While Leetch was captain from 97-00 he had some of the lowest point totals of his career 97 – 76 games 50 pts, 98 – 82 games 55 points, 99 – 50 games 26 points. I remember him saying that he was uncomfortable with the “C” and happy when Mess came back so he can give it back to him.

    With this club? Yeah I’d take him over Drury :)

  82. deja, are you insinuating that the team is like that NOW???

    LMAO@ No Country

    and i wouldnt be surprised if they cut from the game and went to fatso getting his win….

  83. Missed part of the game.. saw that pathetic POS Redden who just gets worse every day and some nice play by the young kids.

    Looks like fatso gets his win.


  84. McCCCPahan
    March 17th, 2009 at 9:20 pm
    Chico (between my buns) Rash* is eating outta Brodeur behind… and praising him for a good flavor!


    Just when I thought Voros naked on the logo eatin ben and jerrys and lard was the limit, along came redden between the sheets with macquire and milbury… but no

    CCCP, YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!! WOW that is just beyond vision!

  85. who cares about Brodeur??????????

    leave it alone already. Plenty of time to discuss after the game!


  87. How many times does Staal have to miss he puck at the line? It’s been a few games in a row now.

  88. man…i gotta break out some drink now too

    who is bambam?

    that rocket richard statue is creeping me out

  89. showing the riots for Richard.
    same town where they rioted when Guns N Roses wouldn’t play.
    i guess they’re good like that.

  90. lucky for me the computer froze when they went to martaaans highlight


  91. When will Drury score THE BIG goal? The season will be over soon and we’ve yet to see the clutch-ability.

    And as I was typing that Cally scores a clutch goal!!! Who needs drury?


    worst fans in hockey

  93. 2 things i thought i would never hear in my life —

    good hit by Redden…

    still waiting for
    “you won the Lotto!!”

  94. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    im so pissed, they did nothing to deserve that goal. nothing. we were shuttin them down perfectly, this team cannot hold a damn lead

  95. Ugghh, Lundqvist has to make that save. I can almost hear Kovalev sitting on the bench thinking “I’m going to win this”…..

  96. how pathetically STUPID!!!

    Drury — once again, NO REASON why the puck should not have sent deep. who does he think he is Zherdev that he could have gone by the Canadien who was right on top of him?!?!?!

    Henrik!!!!! dude, c’mon
    you want to be compared to the best then start acting like it.
    maybe he needs to stop making so many commercials.

  97. Im sorry..but everytime i hear Latendresse i think Sam’s saying “lets undress” haha.

  98. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    thank drury for facing it? oh yea that was such a difficult shot.

  99. im sorry but the montreal fans are f**king annoying. They boo every faceoff lose..i mean yeah they love hockey but if somebody breaks a finger nail they f**kin want the guy that caused it, dead.

  100. lucky green LIQUID on

    Rangers need atleast 1 point tonight with Buffalo and Florida losing….2 points would be excellent

  101. at least when Drury isn’t producing (as usual- 2 goals in the last 25 games) we still have his stellar defensive play, remarkable two-way skills, and smart decision-making

  102. i still can’t believe that damned puck went in. Damn you!~

    I still thinks aves scores tonight. IN REGULATION~

  103. was is high to the glove side….and the def wasnt short side WTF are you watching

  104. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    yea i know drury shouldve gotten it deep its just how his season is going. im just pissed that it took such a weak shot to tie it. we had this game. i never feel safe with a lead with this team. they seriously have to stop givin up leads. oh yea detroit scored its 3-2!!!!!

  105. jeezus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what in the hell is the matter with these players?!@??!

    Carp or O’Carp
    help me out here!!!!!

    have you seen other NHL players/teams consistenly WAIT to make a pass to the point where it is broken up by the opponent?!?!?!?!

    it’s not even as if Montreal is making a great play or doing things fantastic positionally. we consistently hold off until the opponent is on top of us or skate up to ’em before we pass or shoot!!!!!!!

  106. great…another point probably GIVEN away, and Drury can look at how the point we got is the one that gets us into the playoffs….


  107. Should have been 2 points Rangers, 0 for Habs. Hank blew this one. The Habs had 6 shots on goal in the third and 2 of them went in.

  108. You know, the guys went out and worked hard tonight. I’m not going to let it ruin my St. Patty’s day! We got a point, we’re not in bad shape. I think it’s important for our guys to keep their heads up about that.

  109. someone step up, score the goal, and then hank better shut the damned door and not let another horrendous goal in

  110. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    reddens havin a good game because hes not in the garden hearin boos constantly

  111. O'TSN Has A Crosboner on

    Good stuff ‘Chris Drury’.

    And with Florida and Buffalo losing tonight, we are now at least 3 points out of 9th, so that’s good!

  112. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    peter no doubt hank got nervous. played great all game, then wets his pads in the last few minutes

  113. Linda, I know you’re confused because you’re watching my Little League World Series MVP performance, but overtime in hockey is sudden death. Don’t worry, I can’t wait for this game to be over so I can go home and watch the same thing you are.

  114. lucky green LIQUID on

    I will tell ya what…

    Getting rid of Kalinin and bringing in D. Morris is like trading in a Yugo for a Benz

  115. sorry guys, it took about 3 minutes for that to post!!! there was about 3 1/2 minutes left when i hit submit!

  116. jpg b/c you have to put zerdev and gomez out as much as possible if you want to win with that open ice

    also naslund didnt see ice time etiher

  117. Go get’em boys. I really want to give them something to think about! Perfect game so far!

  118. Go get’em boys. I really want to give them something to think about! Perfect game so far!

  119. the refs are gonna screw us with the shootout

    1 Goal
    2 Goal
    3 Miss

    1 Goal
    2 Miss
    3 Miss
    4 Miss
    5 Miss

    Refs : Its ok..we play till montreal wins.

  120. O’MAKO March 17th, 2009 at 10:05 pm

    what’s with the idiot with the bag on his head behind LQ?

    He’s obviously an islanders fan

  121. yes, ironic joe that we just gave Montreal a free point, and they still have a game in hand

  122. Joe stole my line
    isn’t ironic????

    i’m telling you now
    Henrik betting get his act together
    because he doesn’t look better than that
    guy across the river. he looks around B to B+ for too long this season.

  123. I love that Torts celebrates. That other MOMO couldnt even watch the shoot out when his players would be up.

  124. Guys! I told you. I told Torts to put me out there. I was really happy with one point, but I just couldn’t wait another round of shooters to get home and watch my World Series MVP performance.

    Ok, i’m off to the showers… Picking up Renney in 20.

  125. if sather knew what was good for him he would go down and ask Antro if hell sign again at his current price

  126. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    man the real hero is antropov.this guy cant miss. he is a goal a game guy so far for us. notice zherdev wasnt in it? drury gets a chance to be clutch. zherdev earned the right to shoot. drury didnt. either way im happy. still though, i cant take the drama anymore. and redden did have a good game. i think he gets nervous at home cause he gets booed constantly. its kinda messed up, maybe if they stopped hed play a little better

  127. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    this game should show why henrik lundqvist is a real ***hole. I am so sick of this guy. The one thing he was good at, shootouts, not anymore. He has great performances, like much of tonight, and still gives up 3 goals and 2 shootout goals. I am utterly sick watching this guy. Maybe if he stayed behind and worked after practice like marty biron, instead of going out , he might lead us to a Stanley Cup. I say put Valiquette in, not that he’s any better, giving up 5 goals in five minutes, etc., but maybe it will get henrik to start acting like a king… again.

  128. chris drury,

    you are awful.

    it was your turnover in the neutral zone that tied the game. again.

    you are no captain.

    you gave montreal a point tonight.

    you are useless.

    please bench yourself.

    … or off yourself.

  129. sam you are a moron.

    do you want to go back to the Mike Dunham era? Or when we thought Keven Weekes was out #1?

  130. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    deja fitzpatrick,

    then I’d be an a fairweather fan like yourself.

  131. I could read Rammers lips when they were walking off the ice, he turned to Torts and said, “Congrats on the win, it was nice to get one for the Nasty 1.” Torts said, “Thanks Rammer, what are you doing after the game?” Rammer responded, “Getting piss faced, it’s St. Patty’s Day coach.” Torts said, “You are damn right it is, save a stool for me at the bar, and Rammer, tell Voros he is not allowed to come.”

    Ha, I am definitely liking watching this team again. I think Antro is a keeper, and Morris looks good too. Rozi just can not seem to make the right play at all. He always overhandles it and gets his pocket picked. If Morris can keep up this play, you have to trade Rozi in the summer. We are not going to be able to move Redden. Rozi has to go if we can make a deal.

  132. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    on a side note, i was kinda happy for marty tonight. im gonna feel even better when hes 47 and 280 lbs and henrik beats his record. he cut down the net after it was over. it wasx kinda stupid he took like 5 minutes tryin to cut it down wit a pair of scissors. everybodys waitin for him to say somethin, and hes just tryin his hardest to cut the net and he barely got it done too.

  133. deja fitzpatrick on

    i cant believe more people didnt call out Rosen for screaming rangers win after the antropov goal

  134. Outshoot them 16-5 in 3rd

    Hank almost handed it to them

    I guess the team owes him one…Price 39 saves Hank 26

  135. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    obviously henrik is better than weekes or dunham, but somebody has to give this guy a kick in the ass, or he aint gonna lead us to no stanley cup. he’ll stop us from winning it like on the 3rd goal allowed.

  136. sam he had a bad game. if you want marty biron instead of hank, do us all a favor and get the fcuk out of here.

  137. Love Hank

    but after the second period unless they shot the puck right into the “G” in Rangers on his jersey he let everything get by him…even Callahan got under the blocker LOL

    Love that voom voom party starter Conan O’Brien commercial

  138. That game felt like 4 hours long. I’m still laughing at that bag head guy. What a dope.

  139. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on


    you’re a loser. i didnt say i want biron over hank. i said i want hank to get off his sorry ass and work for something in his life, stay after practice and show a commitment to excellence, like the loser biron did. last 10 games for biron, 950 save percentage because of all the extra work. hank, too busy scr**ing women.

  140. Dubi and Cally looked great tonight

    Torts was laughing it up all night wasn’t he?
    Maybe Aves was crackin wise on the bench

    I’m trying to watch some Brodeaur stuff on NHL network but there is way too much Chico….a little too much Danyecko..and whats up with Steve Cangelosi? I think he used to be Eddy Munster

  141. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    hey nasty i agree rozy has really sucked. but its a toss up each night between him and redden. tonight redden played a solid game. made a good play to set up drurys shot n antros goal, next game rozy will probably score and reden will suck.
    lol im watchin versus, and theyre showin highlights from the shootout and brian (the biggest geek in the world)engblom was like”and last shooter for the rangers, who else would you want shooting for you, chris drury,yess he gets the game winner”. these freaktards are hilarious on versus. they are so goofy, all of ’em.

  142. that is a team worth watching.

    even redden played well.

    they deserved 2 in regulation.. this is now a legit team, the yare not winning the cup but that is a real team NOW.

    philly on sunday the whacked them and outplayed them on saturday and they dominated the canadiens tonight.

    I will give them there due, they deserve it.

  143. At least Hank —– UNLIKE FATSO —– takes responsibility and tells the truth about his play in the post-game. Brodeur is constantly pointing the finger elsewhere, which (to say nothing of his personal sister-in-law issues) makes him such an unlikeable figure.

  144. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    kaspar- yea even in the shootout he didnt make one save. hes lucky koshitsin missed the net

  145. No offense, but are half of you guys even fans?

    You blame Renney, then we lose under Torts and you blame Torts. You bitch about Gomez, about Drury, about Rosi. Henrik sucks and will never be Richter. He gives up soft goals lets get Marty Biron instead. Zherdev doesnt care let him go. Antro isnt worth a 2nd round draft pick. Girardi gets out of position too many times. Staal doesnt do enough offensively. Mara isnt a top 6 defensemen on a contender. Dubi cant score lets trade him before his value goes down. Orr can only fight. Betts and Sjos are taking up a young players spot. Avery isnt worth a 4 year contract. Naslund is over paid and useless

    No offense, but I have never come in contact with more pessimistic, fair weather fans in my life, regardless of the sport.

    Thank you for reminding me why I spend the majority of my time at other blogs. Half of you are NEVER HAPPY. We just got 2 points. Sure we shouldnt have given the Habs 1 point, but the comments about Hank just set me off. Recognize a good thing when you have it, and sorry Carp for swearing, but shut the #$%$% up if you want to complain about it.

  146. Kaspar

    No he cheated on his wife with her sister. That is why they call him “Uncle Daddy” LOL

  147. we need a Legitimate goal scorer “eye head gaborik” and a big time defensemen “Komisarek” Komisarek wants to play closer to his family too in West Islip.

  148. yea sam, clearly i am a loser for disagreeing with you about a sport. grow up. take biron’s manhood out of your mouth and enjoy cheering for philly. you are a goddamn fraud.

  149. Yeah because the ask him the most obvious retarded questions. Gotta love how frank he is.

  150. Nasty 1 March 17th, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    Did you just hear Torts getting snappy during his post game interview?

    Torts: “I wasn’t there.”
    Reporter: “are you sure?”
    Torts: “I wasn’t there..gimme another ****in question!”

  151. Where is Gargoyle?? Where is Sean “Renney is Top 5!??” Where is Beer Me?? Where is Timbo?? Where are all the DROOLERS???

  152. Guys! Guys! Hank had a bad night! No goalie can be 100% every game. Even Brodeur lost 5-1 last week or something like that.

    The team still pulled together and got him a win! How many games has he had to do that for them?

    It was, overall, a very stressful win but I’m really happy they were able to pull together and get this one for Hank. He’s still got that stomach thing too.

    And every person on here saying Hank should be traded or that Richter was better is insane. Check into Bellview now!

  153. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    well kaspar- at least we know when hank has a bad game, we still have a chance to win. its a lot better than when renny was the coach. i remember renny in one of his last games, we were of course in the shootout, when the other team was shooting the last shot, game was on the line, he closed his eyes and looked down. he was so scared. obviously he was worrying for his job but damn the more i think about it, he was so weak. he couldnt even watch the game. he had to look away and hope for the best. i actually kinda felt bad for him for a minute.

  154. I thought it was a great game, with a few exceptions. I must say, I regret making fun of Redden this afternoon, he played well tonight. I hope this is a turn around game for him and make me eat my words.

    Antro looked great (again) and the Rangers should try to get him signed to a new contract at the season end.

    What a game…….Bring on the Sabres!

  155. a 5-0 lead was blown by Renney in Mtl, and they lost that one in OT 6-5

    big difference under Torts. you heard Antro say that they were confident of winning all the way.

    no fear=success

  156. Thanks Mako…er…I mean O’Mako

    I wish I could see the press conferences….I wonder if they’ll put his tirades on the website

  157. the fact that a guy wins a cup doesnt make him better

    thats like arguing trent dilfer was better than dan marino because dilfer won a super bowl

    can we get an IQ requirement for posting?

  158. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    again jive, loser is the only word that adequately describes you. i’ve never complained about any of our players on our team, i mainly attribute our mishaps to refereeing and being cheated. i take issue with a guy who in hank who has all the talent in the world and refuses to grab the bull by the horns, instead, he gives up cheap goals and now acts like a weasel in shootouts.

  159. I don’t care if Blodeur broke the record. He’s still a snobby, fat POS. I can’t wait to see Avery “congratulate him”..

    “So, fatso, did you and the rest of the swamp rats celebrate the record breaking at the NJ Turnpike Edison rest stop Roy Rogers?”

    F Blodeur.

  160. Jerkins

    I remember Renney looking the other way when Hank was getting shot on…what a negative-ion that guy was…seems like a million years ago now doesn’t it?

  161. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    I dont have the Derek Jeter or Mike Krzyzewksi syndrome like some of you. I’ll criticize whomever deserves criticism, no matter how great theyve been or even are. noone deserves a free pass

  162. Kaspar

    No problem ;)

    “I remember Renney looking the other way when Hank was getting shot on…what a negative-ion that guy was…seems like a million years ago now doesn’t it?”

    Yeah it really does. I love the way they are playing under Torts. Even when they lost, they still compete. Well, that Carolina game was a head scratcher.

  163. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    true mcfans- hes still got that stomach problem?? jeez what kinda crap has he been eatin. hes probably got an ulcer worying about redden playing in front of him.

  164. guy lets in a bad goal after standing on his head for most of the season – tough call on criticizing the backbone of this team right now.

  165. Well the Pens play the Kings on Friday and I would love to see them lose to a WC team so no other team in the hunt gets the points.

  166. Yea sam, loser describes me because you disagree with me over a goaltender. you dont know me, so refrain from personal insults.

    noone is saying hank didnt have a bad game. however, to act like you know the guy and he played poorly tonight because he was at theclub banging women last night is ridiculous. i suppose he slept his way to a gold medal? if a guy has a bad game, call a spade a spade. dont suddenly question his work ethic and have a wet dream for a goaltender of the flyers who’s fans were ready to toss him to the curb two weeks ago.

  167. “i mainly attribute our mishaps to refereeing and being cheated. i take issue with a guy who in hank who has all the talent in the world and refuses to grab the bull by the horns, instead, he gives up cheap goals and now acts like a weasel in shootouts.”

    ok, so clearly you are an intelligent hockey fan…its obviously been the refs and being cheated as the reason we lost all these games. not poor play from a lot of guys on certain nights…definitely a conspiracy and bad officiating. so im the loser?

  168. Carp, sorry man, gonna have to disagree with you again. It started with our disagreement ON drury and avery, but let me know if you get sick of being wrong.

    Richter, number of seasons in his career with SV% greater than .910 = TWO! IN HIS CAREER!

    Lundqvist has done it every season.

    Lundqvist is a better goalie, no doubt about it. Richter was more nimble and had a better glove. But Lundqvist is far superior in positioning, rebound control, and tracking pucks through screens. People don’t appreciate how good he is. There’s a reason he’s been nominated for the Vezina 3 times.

  169. Do you think Torts asked Drury if he was feeling comfortable tonight to take a turn in the shootout like Renney used to do with Jagr?

  170. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    mako- that was me that said that. lol i was just responding to kaspar.

  171. “kalinin? oh damn why we trade him??????? i hate u sather!!”

    whats everyone think of Morris so far?

  172. McPerkins – the stomach this is bizarre. He was still on that antibiotic (or some medication) during Jane’s last post here.

    Carp, my comment earlier was meant to be light-hearted (hope that translates through text). But if you go by the numbers, Hank is a better goalie over the past 4 seasons than Richter was in his prime 4 seasons.

  173. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    oops sorry mako. im twisted right now. i actually wrote a long post about the idiot guys on versus and then the sports soup show but when i looked up there was nothing on the screen. dont you hate when that happens!

  174. Sorry Mike

    i didnt scroll up far enough LOL. But I said the same thing when the SO ended. It was great to see Torts look up and afterwards celebrate when his team won.

  175. LOL I take back my apology then :P LOL jk

    Whatever it is or was, we are in agreement. LOL

  176. Thank you prayers going out tonite to:

    The Sens, The Caps, The Wings

    A prayer that your sorry-a** franchise folds goes out to Atlanta and their kiddie-pajamas baby blue uniforms

  177. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    mcfans- i was watchin the nhl channel a while back and they were showing the top ten goalies of a certain era and richter was one of them. his gaa was like 2.56 or somethin like that. that was his average i think for most of his seasons. alot of goalies back then had higher gaa’s then they do now. its funny that its supposed to be higher scoring but the goalies have much better stats now. idk

  178. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    mako im blitzed right now, im surprised i am even having conversation with anyone.

  179. Ol’True, I didn’t take it badly. I’m just saying, Richter was an all-time great Ranger. Let’s wait until Lundvist does it for a while before we put his number in the rafters. LQ’s numbers are terrific.
    Richter had to come in and take the job of the incumbent, Vanbiesbrouck, and didn’t get that opportunity until ’94, when he was the best on the planet. And in ’96 at the World Cup, that may have been the best goaltending by anybody over a short series, ever. in ’97 he took a nothing team to the conference final. And he was the best ever on penalty shots.
    So, no, Hank doesn’t have to win a Cup. But he has to have more than four good seasons, and he has to have more postseason success (I know, he has Olympic gold, comparable to that World Cup) before we put him ahead of Richter.

  180. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    ohh damni jus saw the funniest commercial with ovie singin some dumb song. sports soup is pretty funny. you guys watch it? sometimes the host guy is dumb but the clips he shows are pretty good

  181. I think Richter’s lifetime GAA was 2.89 and Hanks right now is 2.32. Richter’s lifetime SV% was .904 and Hanks’ is .916 (which is obviously going to go down when he wears with age). Richter had 24 career shutouts in about 16 years. Over 4 seasons Hank has 19 already!

    I mean, come on, there’s absolutely no comparison.
    Hank has a gold medal.
    Richter has a gold (or silver from team USA World hockey?) and a Cup.

  182. They somehow got two points here. Three game homestand. They need to take all three games.

  183. God, I loved Vanbiesbrouck. I cheered hard for the ’96 Panthers b/c I really wanted to see him win a Cup. I’ll always wonder if the ’94 Rangers win it with him.

    I’m really sick of this MSG special on Captain Dreary. I just wanna see Rangers in 60.

    Sean Avery rules. (just sayin’).

  184. I’ll be listening to Montreal sports radio tomorrow morning driving into work…love doing that after they lose close ones….

    If someone starts like 1000 games shouldn’t they win 550 just to be considered good? I’m just sayin

  185. Sorry, Ol’True. You cannot win this one. Not with only four years in the books. Richter played on that dreadful team for the last five or six years of his career. A team so badly coached, and trying to play up-tempo without the ability or work ethic to pull it off.

    But more to the point. Four seasons and two playoff series isn’t enough. That doesn’t even put him up there with Johnny V at this point.

  186. Carp, I see your point and I think there is a lot of weight in Richter’s ability to be *VERY GOOD* for a long time in NY. However, to say 1997 was all Richter was not just a far stretch, it borders a lie. That team Had Messier, Gretzky, Leetch, Graves, Kovalev, Jeff Beaukaboom, Russ Courtnell aquired late (who was a decent player), and Esa Tikkanen. That was a real team.

    Richter’s ability to go 13 for 14 on career penalty shots was remarkable as well.

    I agree with all your points, but if you had a team with Lundqvist playing the exact same team with Richter (as if it were a video game) I’d bet my life Lundqvist’s team wins 4 out of 5 times.

  187. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    rick- i hear that. i agree richter was a great goalie, he was a much better athlete than hank. he could make some saves that had me thinkjin he must have no bones in his body. he did acrobatic saves and made them look really good. i think henrik is great too, i think he’ll get better too. hes still only 26 right? i think he just needs work on some things and if he did he could be better than richter. but as it stands now, richter was the man for us when we got the cup, and sometimes its not fair to judge talent on that but i think hank will get us a cup. i sure as hell know hes good enough.

  188. Carp, I’m not speaking to Lundqvist the “legend.” He hasn’t made himself a name in NY, not by a long shot and it sounds like that’s the barometer you’re using. Certainly, 4 years isn’t enough to put his name on any map of NY.

    I’m saying, on talent, Lundqvist has been a better goalie over the past 4 years than any 4 years during Richter’s prime.

  189. One more thing before I go back to Seinfeld — Kramer and George are discussing “duty free” on the Van Wyck — if Hank plays this way for five more years and wins a few more playoff series, he will be better than Richter. If he wins a Cup, no doubt about it.

  190. Hey

    I haven’t thought of Petr Prucha in like a week or so…

    I wonder what ever became of him?

  191. Silver lining of the MSG Drury special: Avs beating the Devils in the Stanley Cup Final.

    Sean Avery rules.

  192. RIchters lateral movement was just downright spectacular. I remember only a few times where LQ made the splits. Richter’s glove hand was pretty flashy and quick. Well we know where LQ’s weakness is. So there is room for improvement.

    I think he just celebrated his 27th b-day. He has many many years great years a head of him. No doubt he will be one of the best goaltenders the Rangers ever had even if he never wins a cup (which I hope he does, many)

  193. It’s like the girl who got away… it could’ve been oh so good and you wonder “what if” from time to time…

    And then you find out she gained 25 lbs after your break up and starting digging chicks.

    * Kaspar
    March 17th, 2009 at 11:09 pm
    I haven’t thought of Petr Prucha in like a week or so…

  194. I’m pullin’ for Drury boy. If he gets hot now down the stretch and into the playoffs, those timely plays and johnny on the spot winning goals are inevitable.

  195. Lundqvist through 3.75 seasons: 136 wins.

    Brodiva through 4 seasons: 117.

    Enjoy while you can

  196. When I watch Richter highlights, I find it shocking how little of the net he took up. He was good as helllz. Amazing he could do a full split. He really had to given how small he was.

    Drury played for the Flames??? Why didn’t I know that?

    Sean Avery rules.

  197. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    kaspar- yea you would think. with the way henrik is goin though. if he continues winning 35-40 a year, even though hes never gotten 40 yet, he could surpass that except if he has a bad injury that cuts his career short. no doubt someone will break the record again.

  198. Chris,
    As Carp pointed out after the last win, that stat is tainted like the Home Run record… the shootout has inflated everyone’s win totals (including Brodeur’s own record breakers).

    * Chris
    March 17th, 2009 at 11:13 pm
    Lundqvist through 3.75 seasons: 136 wins.
    Brodiva through 4 seasons: 117.

  199. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    yes jive, i’ll refrain from personal insults, as birons’ manhood is in my mouth. YOu’ve just won the award for stupidest post of the year.

    in regards to referees, yes, tom renney played a part in our struggles, and with Torts and Jaro together, who knows, we mgiht have won a stanley cup, and our players play poorly sometimes, but overall..

    hank doenst play well probably because of all the times he gets run over by the opposition with nary a call from the refs. The rest of our team gets hooked, elbowed, sexually harassed by other players, and the calls dont come. See the Philly game from Sunday, treated fairly and we win. The more we get treated unfairly like the Blackhawks game and by the Bill McRearys and Kerry Frasers of the officiating world, our guys get it ingrained in their head they are going to get cheated regardless of whether we get cheated or not. it’s psychological, it takes its toll. it takes its toll on me just watching the games, hearing joe m. all the time saying ‘they just missed that one’ and john davidson a couple years ago saying they just missed that one, but you gotta continue playing the game.

  200. Fatso needs to get 20-some-odd more wins before he gets the wins title in my mind. Roy didn’t have the benefit of these BS shootout wins.

    It’s weird watching these pre-NYR Drury highlights. It’s amazing how the blue sweater sucks the talent out of you.

    Sean Avery rules.

  201. All the guys in the top ten on the win list have win totals that are slightly higher than 50% of their total games…and alot of those guys like esposito and sawchuck never got OT and SO wins…

  202. Thanks Perk.
    Good discussion tonight all.

    Hank was off, but they pulled through for him. BIG win tonight. Not pretty, but good teams win some ugly games from time to time. And I leave you all for the evening with one final comment…

    *55 22 and 16 with Avery in the lineup!!* hahaha

  203. hardly think i can win the award for “stupidest post of the year” after youve wished henrik had more in common with marty biron. sorry, you locked that award up before i had the chance.

    my personal insult was a direct result of yours, so sorry you didnt enjoy it.

    again, if you think the league has a conspiracy to referee games against the rangers, i feel sorry for you. no fan of any team will ever admit the refs do as good a job as possible. the chicago game was a joke, but im sorry…didnt we win that game? poor example. games are officiated poorly as often as they are officiated correctly. if you want to blame the majority of your team’s losses on officiating, than i feel sorry for you. no team, in any sport, loses the majority of their games because of referees. we have one of the best penalty kills and worst power plays in the league. i could make a strong argument that poor officiating hurts us the least out of any team in the league as a direct result of that. calls that dont go our way dont hurt us since our PP isnt good, and calls that are against us arent that bad because we only let in goals 13% of the PPs we give up.

  204. Lot to digest from tonight’s game, and from all the posting on the board this evening.

    I thought the Rangers deserved 2 points tonight. They dominated this hockey game in territory, shots on goal, and just in tempo and rhythm. The third Montreal goal was the perfect storm of an AWFUL, AWFUL turnover by Drury and equally dreadful goaltending by Lundqvist. I’d say 95% of the time, that goal does not happen. Either Drury does the right thing and skates to the middle of the ice (or just dumps the puck deep), or Hank makes the save on the other end. I hate to give the Habs a point, but they have some magic on their side at home (read: OFFICIATING).

    Still, I’m very happy with the win. It really seems like everyone has settled into Tortorella’s style, and it’s starting to show on the ice. The Rangers really did dominate 45 of the 65 minutes tonight, I’d say.

    If I may, I need to sound off a bit on Drury. He has just been brutal. And I want to like him, I really do. He’s the captain of this team. He’s scored 37 goals before. He’s great defensively and works his tail off on most shifts at both ends.

    BUT HE IS EFFING KILLING US. My goodness, how many times do we need to watch him fail to make the smart, simple or right play? The turnover tonight was so typical of him. The puck was already rolling off his stick when he tried to pass it. Does he EVER have control of the puck? He really just doesn’t have great hands, I guess that’s what it is.

    And if I need to watch him pull up and take a useless slap shot from 50 feet out on the wing, I’m going to throw something at my television.

    I just hate how ineffectual a player he is. He’s a really good skater, and I think he has decent hockey sense. So Carp, what is it with this guy? Is he just having a bad year? Is the pressure of New York too much for him? I’m growing increasingly frustrated for many reasons, the most important of which is the fact that I know he needs to be playing his best hockey if the Rangers have any chance of winning a Stanley Cup while he’s around.

  205. again, for those saying roy didnt have shootout wins, did you forget about the entire season brodeur lost because of the lockout? he would already have this record, just let it go. its his. i hate him but its true. its not the shootout rule, its him being really really good.

  206. Rob C….right on the mark about Drury. He belongs on the 3rd or 4th line. Had Zherdev made that turnover he would have never seen the ice again.

  207. Granted Fatso is going to blow away Roy’s record no matter what. Even putting aside the lockout year, Fatso still has many many good years ahead of him, so making up those 20-some odd shootout wins will be no problem at all. I just don’t want to give him a single inch.

    Sean Avery rules.

  208. true fans, that record means with Avery the Rangers have gotten 126 points out of a possible 186.

    pretty damn good is right.

  209. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    didnt really care about your personal insult, it didnt make any sense, much like most of your other posts.

    if wanting henry to have a better work ethic means you’ll continue saying i want him to be like that loser biron, then so be it.

    being on the penalty kill expends more energy, whether the opposition scores or not. with our new coach and our new found ability to score on the pp, we probably wont be seeing many in the future. after Jaros 54 goals in his 1st year and great PP that year and getting treated fairly, the referees had to put a stop to it the rest of his years. Jaro also got cheated out of the MVP by the writers, or whomever votes for it, otherwise he’d still be a ranger this year. again, i didnt blame the refs for each game directly, i blame them indirectly because hockey is much like anything else in life, its psychological, and when hank gets run over on a weekly basis and there have been maybe 3 goaltender interference calls at best all season, then its not really hank’s fault.

  210. I missed the game tonight, but am watching Rangers in 60 now. I know everyone is saying Hank had a bad night, but he looks awesome right now on MTL’s powerplay 10 minutes into the first.

  211. deja fitzpatrick on

    Incredible night for me Rangers win then team usa comes back to win it in the bottom of the 9th to eliminate puerto rico yeah baby! happy st pats!

  212. you didnt blame the refs for each game directly? weird…can you break this down for me?

    “i mainly attribute our mishaps to refereeing and being cheated”

    you seem to be so smart, i would greatly appreciate how that word “mainly” fits into the comment.

    thanks in advance.

  213. sean avery is officially my new favorite player.


    he took a high stick to the face with no call. got up, and instead of skating to the bench, joined the play. he could be a captain once he’s much older, more mature, and a bit wiser. if they buy out naslund this summer, i give avery an “A”

  214. bedtime for me sam, although i do look forward to waking up and reading your response. sweet dreams lover!

  215. Great win. My heart was pounding pretty fast in the last 10 minutes and especially when Kovalev walked in with that shot on the PP with like 1:04 left.

    Jerkins-Sorry I couldn’t respond to you sooner about the prospects; I can only surf the net at my job occasionally and can never post because I got in trouble for internet use a few years back. That’s why I never post from 8-6 (aka normal people hours).

    As for prospects in Hartford and what they need to work on:

    AA-Has all the tools and talents. Great skill. He needs to work on his shot and faceoffs this offseason. He’ll bulk up and get even more confident as that will come with age. He’s a hard worker so I trust him.

    Bobby Sangs-Very good on the PP, great passer and good shot; he needs to work on his puck rushing, playing 1 on 1, and especially when he’s under pressure with the puck. He still fumbles the puck occasionally which leads to turnovers.

    Sauer-Very Girardi-like with a little better shot and physically bigger. He just needs to stay consistently healthy which he’s done so far and if he can finish the year off like that, he’ll challenge for a spot and surprise a lot of people in training camp.

    Paranteau-Needs to show he can adjust to the NHL speed and get the puck that extra millisecond quicker in the NHL. He needs to control his temper too.

    Dupont/Weisse-Keep developing their size and offensive skills, the toughness is there. Dupont is little ahead of Weisse.

    Jordan Owens is another prospect no one really talks about. He has good speed and has gotten better at puck control and shielding the puck. If the Rangers are cap strapped I think he can be a very good hard working 4th liner.

  216. I’ll leave you with this Kaspar….

    listen to the bell–Grossbard, it tolls for thee..

  217. BTW for all you Seinfeld fans, I hear the entire cast is going to be on Curb Your Enthusiasm in some way this season so enjoy if you watch that series.

  218. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on


    mainly has nothing to do with directly or indirectly. i mainly blame them indirectly for the psychological state our players sometimes have, such as henrik and getting run over all the time with nary a penalty.

    Good night all! Good result, something to improve on.

  219. I repeat: Where are the genuises like Gargoyle and Timbo and Sean and WD40sucks and Lobster and the ridiculous Beer Me who told us this roster could not be coached by Jesus H. Christ and win?? Where are those Renney-drooling LOSERS?!

    Unreal that they do not have the balls to show up and take the hits they have coming. Effing pussies/!

  220. Antro’s been playing some great hockey. I hope he likes it here enough to stay. They should force him to give the smaller players a tussle every once in a while on the bench. It would make for great TV.

  221. Girardi did some really nice things tonight …. but the ECHL-grade whiff he made on Lapierre’s goal was horrible. You cannot let that guy toe-drag into the slot without being touched! Especially when you are the only man back! An Ole matador move straight out of the bull run from Pamplona. No good.

    I want to see consistency and improvement. But for every step forward, there is at least a half step back.

  222. Techincally Hank is so much better than Richter it isn’t even funny. I saw a clip on the NHL channel from when Iginla scored his first NHL hat trick —– Richter looked so crappy on each one it took your breath away. Hank on his worst day ever doesn’t look as bad as #35 did when it wasn’t going well for him.

    HOWEVER! it is absolutely true that when Mikey — who I love — got hot, he could put a force-field shield up to bar pucks from entering the net that Hank has yet to show, esp. when it comes to stealing a series in the playoffs. So I do not quibble with anyone who puts him over Hank overall so far.

    P.S. God what a relief that Renny is gone. What a pleasure to see attacking, aggressive hockey…

  223. Unfortunately I’m on the road again and couldn’t find a place to watch the game (lousy Palm Harbor, FL… sports bars are supposed to show SPORTS).

    I saw the highlights though… Bad goal by Hank but come on… he’s the only reason we have any shot whatsoever at the play-offs.

    Forget it and move on.

    Avery is proving a lot of folks wrong!!! I couldn’t be happier with him.

    Antro might be a keeper huh?

  224. jerkins MCperkins(mike in ia) on

    thanks mikeA. ive tried finding ahl games online but couldnt find any.

    ford-yea he was awesome but still made some mistakes. still, im happy hes getting back to his old self

  225. @Jive

    Yeup, this blog is fair-weather fan central. Nothing’s ever good enough, no win is ever worth two points to these people. I frequent a bunch of Rangers blogs and this one has by far the most annoying comments. On that note, I’m out!

  226. Speed Ranger on

    CARP —

    There is absolutely NO POINT in having long term fears about a player with a short and affordable contract.

  227. I always knew we need Sean Avery back, from the minute he left, I was upset.. Im so glad he’s back playing his game, I really dont think he knows how good a player he is…Keep up the good work Seanie!!!

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