Rangers host Flyers


Forget the almost goals in the loss to Philadelphia yesterday, the Rangers have another chance at the Flyers today at Madison Square Garden.

Every game from here on out has playoff implications.

Had they won yesterday, the Rangers could have been tied for fifth, but right now sit in eighth place. John Tortorella is 4-3-1 with the Rangers and, given Nikolai Zherdev’s reaction to his benching in Nashville, the honeymoon is over. The Rangers were 1-2 on their road trip, and home ice must look pretty sweet.

Henrik Lundqvist will start in goal, and the lineup is expected to be the same even if Tortorella tinkers with the lines again. I’ll be back after the game with quotes and notes.

UPDATE 12:37: Torts has switched up the lines again, and will start Naslund-Drury-Antropov and Mara-Rozsival. The Flyers are sitting goalie Martin Biron and have put Antero Niittymaki in front of the net.

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  1. Undisputable truths (IMHO):

    1) Redden is possibly the worst signing ever
    2) Zherdev is exactly what Colombus traded… inconsistent
    3) Dubi has not been the force we had hoped (yet?)
    4) Drury is NOT captain clutch
    5) Gomez (while better recently) has been dissapointing
    6) Naslund… ugh… another past-his-prime player comes to NY to retire and cash a paycheck
    7) Roszival while not as bad as Redden is way over-priced
    8) No matter who coaches, this team has no PP
    9) The defense of ours that’s supposed to be soooo good is prone to at least 3 or 4 “brain-farts” per game

    Hard to win games with those truths.

  2. Riche
    I was just thinking about your “truth #1” trying to compare it to the Islanders Yashin signing

    I think its worse because the Rangers best player; franchise player, is Hank-the goalie and to support that goalie you need to invest in defense first in front of him…these idiots ( Renney and Sather)put two notoriously weak defensemen in front of their best assett and expected to trap their way to success by having their offense hang back and do the defensive work

    Colossal failure…I was all for rebuilding and letting Jags and Shanny and Straka go…but to let 10-12 million a year salaries walk ( when all would have been short term…1 or two year deals) and replaace them with Redden and Naslund at the same price…and then re-sign the other weak dee man Rozival is just plain idiotic

    Renney admits to “not pushing” for the re-signs…

    Sather let him have his way ( and dont forget the Pearn-Renney-Redden alliance)

    They both need to be fired

    we cant get out from under this rock without trading #1 pix that wont be that alluring anyway becaise we wont finish 25-20th…we’ll be 12-18th


    Wait two years for new CBA

    either way we’re screwed

  3. onecupin69years on

    Riche’ you get an A+

    This team is a crap shoot and hodge podge of talent.

    Gomez and Drury make better players better but can’t excel here in ny because of the sub par talent .
    If you expected Drury and Gomez to have 25+ goal years here in NY well I don’t see it happening.

    The Sather years in NY suck ,with exception of 3 years ago when Jagr scored 50+ and the team lost to the sabres in the playoffs.

    I don’t see any glory or light at the end of the tunnel when this team makes the playoffs and gets booted out in the 2nd round.
    Instead of getting better and progress they regress every year.

  4. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    More undisputable truths (IMHO):

    10) Whether he has the best or worst game of his career today, Wade Redden will be depositing another $83,000 in his bank account.
    11) Although Michal Roszival is immensely more likeable than Redden, his is error-prone, overpaid, and afraid of his own shadow.
    12) Chris Drury has been invisible for months. Can you remember the last time he won an important faceoff, much less showed any leadership?
    13) Talented or not, Zherdev and Antropov’s half-hearted efforts will make them someone else’s projects next year.
    14) Although Henrik Lundqvist is a world-class goaltender, his butterfly style makes him vulnerable to high shots — AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

    In the 40 years I have followed this team, this has been one of the most frustrating, joyless ones. When they win, I’m not happy. I’m just relieved time ran out.

    This team is far more talented (on paper) than many others, but at the end of the day, all that matters is results — and the next 14 games are as likely end with a 4-10 record than 10-4.

    I hope I’m wrong. Let’s start with two points today.

  5. NY Rangers Examiner on

    I can’t agree more with you about Lund’s vulnerable high glove side. He has been beaten on that far too often this year and I believe you’re right when you say Everyone Knows It.

    Lund is great, but he needs to strengthen his glove side

  6. onecupin69years on

    Yesterday Sam Rosen said that today’s ranger game is the 150th straight sell out. The garden is seldom packed ,except for Adam Graves night and a few other games and playoff games, but the Rangers “sold out” years ago when they signed Sather and Dolan bought the team .

  7. I love Hank

    But every year I pick my own “all-Kaspar team”..you know first and second teams like the NHL allstar teams,..

    Hank has been #1 twice for me and #2 once (06-07 I took Luongo as #1)…this year ( so fa..barring a miraculous finish) he’s off it…Mason and Thomas are in…

    I know he’s been abused by our management and I’m still counting on him ( and him alone) for our playoff drive but the truth is he is going down too soon and his puck handling skills set up 1 or 2 plays a game against him…

    Dont want to be viewed as beating him up but…all things considered he went from a #1-3 goalie to maybe a 5th or 6th best…he’s still hand or hand our best player and highest rated at his position on the team ( except maybe Orr as a fighter)

  8. Honeymoon is over? I guess that doesn’t apply to Redden who led all D in minutes yesterday. He’s awful. Please buy him out!

  9. Give Lundqvist a chance. He can’t win every game, he’s not surrounded with defensive stalwarts and Torts aggressive style means he’s going to face a lot of scoring chances. While I don’t agree with Sather giving him such a big contract so early on, if he brings us even one cup over his career it will be worth it.

  10. Just for the rest of this year…try doing this

    While watching Ranger games tell yourselves Mara and Staal are being paid 11M a year…and tell yourselves Rozi and Redden make about 2 and change

    It lessons the pain a little…short term

    Of course if they lose those two guys because they cant afford them…then all bets and delusional rationalizations are off…


  11. Taken form the manic ranger:

    – Wade Redden is absolutely going to destroy this franchise and waste the best years of Henrik Lundqvist (I’ll explain later). As always is the case with Redden, just when you think he couldn’t get any worse, it gets much worse and causes a Rangers loss. He decided in a 1-1 game he was going to pinch (by slowly skating to the puck on the boards) and caused an odd man rush. Being as slow as he is, he couldn’t even get back in the play before Ryan Callahan who with a diving play nearly broke it up himself. After Lundqvist made a great initial save on Mike Richards, he banged home the rebound. Then on the first Aaron Asham goal (really? Aaron freaking Asham?) Redden did his best not to try and make the play difficult for Claude Giroux (great young player btw) by flailing his stick (because skating and using the body is out of the question for him) like the lazy player he is. Forget the contract for a moment, he has played absolutely horrible. If he had an entry level deal, the Rangers still wouldn’t be getting any value out of him. If that was the case, he would be in Hartford.

  12. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    riche- i like your #8- no matter who coaches the pp still sucks. funny how nobody seems to be talkin about it that much anymore. they all just satisfied with watchin torts yell at reporters. i see that this team can do great things but is very afraid and inconsistent. i watch them play and they look better from rennys days but theyre still a 500 team with torts. i think we got better with antro and morris and avery, yet we cant win consistently. only against teams worse than us. now i like torts and think that its gonna take until next season until we see real results, and to see them playing with some edge now is much better but our defense is horrible. and hank can only win so many games for us.

  13. The PP sux

    It sux worse when you score 2 or less goals in total; in 40 out of 60 games

    It doesnt suck as bad when you score 3 or more

  14. I just turned the sound off

    dont need to hear every pass and dumpin analyzed

    I’m gonna listen to Leon Redbone

  15. They have one fore-checker attacking and one hanging back and we can’t figure out how to get out of our zone….j*sus, you are professional hockey players adjust..or carry the puck and force the fore-checker to chase you…don’t just sit flat and try to pass around him…

  16. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i hear ya kaspar- emrick ruins it. hes like a ranger voodoo doll when he opens his mouth.

  17. I’ve never seen as bad a power play unit since I’ve been watching hockey than this current ranger team, they stink and are clueless.

  18. I don’t care what system is used and who coaches this team, it is what it is a mediocre team with mediocre players.

  19. MAKO
    March 15th, 2009 at 12:42 pm


    The more important question is WHY IS REDDEN STILL GETTING ICE TIME!?!?!?! OMG this guy has to be the most horrible player this team has ever given a jersey to.

  20. I dont get it. They look so disorganized and looks like they all have their head up their collective a$$es….

  21. NY Rangers Examiner on

    Can’t go one broadcast without him saying something stupid…and we don’t even hear him all that often (thank god for that)

  22. I’m just waiting for the blowfest for brodeur…you just gotta know emerick is DYIN to bring that into the conversation after he squirrels some nuts in his mouth.

  23. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    examiner- yep, pierre is a freakin fool. he talks too damn much for someone who is half retarted

  24. Linda

    I KNOW!!!! But there is no way that Torts is going to bench him. NO WAY. At least keep him off of the power play. Linda, I like ya, but I have to disagree, one other name comes to mind. Sandis Ozolinsh. He was downright G*D awful!!!!

  25. RICK..i seriously meant nuts as in acorns and cashews and peanuts…dont wanna be vulgar or obscene!

  26. NY Rangers Examiner on

    LOL Linda I was wondering when that was going to happen too

    He’s itching to mention Brodeur

  27. omg i must’ve blacked out and forgotten about the big O!! LOL They must share the same DNA somehow!!!

    WOW, they are really wussifying the league. When are the gonna get MEN in charge of this league lol!!

  28. NY Rangers Examiner on

    Thats such BS the instigator call…

    and seriously Pierre is really pissing me off….

  29. NY Rangers Examiner on

    I like what Girardi did and don’t fault him at all…gotta stick up for your players

  30. well, pierre has to talk up the game to anyone who might be watching this who is not a regular hockey viewer.

    this looks like one the King is going to HAVE TO STEAL

  31. Oh jeeeeeze which defenseman is gonna get more ice time. Please Lord dont let it be Redden.

  32. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    kern- zherdev will score 5 more before dru or doobs even gets a post

  33. okay. after computer finally booted. i’m here
    and need to know how did Girardi get 17 minutes????

  34. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    why cant we have this old guy amped up on aleve instead of redden?

  35. NY Rangers Examiner on

    Mike Richards leveled Zherdev, and Girardi went right after him fighting him. Both got 5 for fighting, but Girardi got 2 for instigating and then a 10 minute misconduct.

  36. i really hate how they change the rules part way through the season! wait until next season to institute the further wussification of the league!

    Mike i don’t think the cameras panned up to section 206 because I was jumpin up and down like some kinda psycho each time they scored! Don’t think they’d wanna show that lol!! I did some kinda crazy dance when Aves scored, I was screamin like a knucklehead “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAVES AAAAAAAAAAAAVES” I even called my daughter the traitor and screamed AAAAAAAAAAAVES into the phone. The Preds fans were NOT happy he scored lol!

    They look like sCRAPple today boys!!

  37. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    naslunds too soft. hes not effective against big tuff d. he needs to play against little 150 lb swedish defensman

  38. Wedden ad for Aleeve: “I will never stop giving up the puck and making slow decisions whenever by sheer luck I do have the puck”

  39. first,
    i agree iwth LINDA that it’s stupid to change the rules DURING the season. i thought it was something they were just talking about, not doing.

    what exactly did Girardi do for 10 minute misconduct?!?!?!?
    he barely hit the guy, didn’t gouge his eyes….

    hit post………..sems typical so far.
    at least we’re getting the puck by Niti

  40. LAMO @ Miami…wedden!

    I swear, each time him or roszi were on the ice in nashville, i actually shuddered, and twice hid my eyes!

  41. Jerkins Perkins – you were wrong about Drury hitting the post! Haha!

    Linda – it’s only PBR. It just feels lucky.

  42. you know,
    the sun is out today
    temp in 50s
    a taste of springtime
    there are movie theaters around….places to hike…friends and family to visit….
    and i’m thinking
    what am i doing here?
    watching this?

    am i nuts? do i need an intervention?
    meetings? 12 steps?

  43. Mako, great point.

    I told Carp that Avery was just as good a leader as Dreary, if not better (since being in NY).

    We can now definitvely say Avery’s defintely been a better leader than Drury.

  44. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    capn clutch has less goals in 23 games than avery has in his last 3!!!!!!

  45. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    at least when aves isnt scorin hes doin other things that leaders do

  46. Don’t know if you could hear it at home, but when the MSG announcer gave credit for the Rangers goal with two minutes left in the first period, it went something like this:
    “Avery with the goal”
    “Morris with the assist”
    Crowd: Yaaay!
    “Redden with the assist”
    Crowd: (boooo)

  47. the way that such things work on me
    i’d be pertty useless for the rest of the day.
    possibly blissed out

  48. Nice to be up by a goal, but I gotta tell you, drury is looking downright bad. 2 goals in the last 20+ games, he can’t win face-offs anymore, doesn’t play D well, doesn’t carry the puck, doesn’t lead or inspire, we all know is not clutch….why is this guy here?

    That giveaway on the PP was disgusting. It could have easily led to a goal, and then I think the Garden Faithful would have made our captain pay!

    To me his play is geting past the point of my being pissed at him. I am beginning to feel sorry for him!

  49. Jane

    Oh yeah I heard it. I didnt want to comment on it LOL

    True Fans
    Yep, I would even rather Gomez (he’s growing on me now) have the “C” than Drury.

    No doubt Avery is a solid player. He showed us that during his first tour with us. Avery was made for NY PERIOD!

  50. NY Rangers Examiner on

    Yeah Jane, I was laughing at that. I knew they were going to boo Redden lol and rightfully so

  51. Is it possible that Drury has some undisclosed ailment/injury that is preventing him from making the plays he needs to be making? I was wondering that the other night, maybe Captain Stonehands has a wrist problem or something.

  52. Lobster

    Yep you are right. There are players who are meant to be captain. Drury just isnt one of them. Just like when Leetch had the “C” he was uncomfortable and his play was effected by it. Quite, Mild-mannered men arent meant for that job. You need something with snarl, bite, confidence, a touch of arrogance & skill.

  53. What the HECK on


    Agreed. I almost feel bad for Redden. Its not his fault Sather waived money in front of his face like that. I know I would have taken it. What do you want from him? Sather just grabbed a sucky sucky defenseman.

    And it doesn’t help his confidence to boo him, except that Sather might hear it and might trade him. We can only hope

  54. Linda

    I thought he might have something physically wrong with him that has caused his rotten play also…… but for the last two years!!!!!

  55. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i dont fel sorry for him lobster- hes got a helluva lot more money than i do and he sure as hell isnt earning it. he doesnt have to worry about this crap economy.

  56. way to go, Aves.

    btw, can that stinkin’ NBC get the camera any farther from the ice? they actually look like they are purposefully trying to alienate hockey fans, trying to get low ratings

    with crappy announcers who can’t tell the difference between Staal and Avery (schlock Emrick) and the other 3 buffoons chuckling, and the players looking like the size of ants camera angles, it really is disgusting.

    NBC= no broadcasting competence

  57. What the HECK on


    Coming from his perspective though. You suck at hockey. Somebody waves 6 mil for 6 years in front of your face. What do you do?

  58. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    maybe Captain Stonehands has a wrist problem or something.

    lol linda- do u know something we dont? is avery stealin his sloppy seconds?

  59. Heck… Malik was booed and he’s gone… Poti was booed and he’s gone…hopefully the trend continues. He may be the nicest guy around, but when you make that kinda coin, you really have to justify it, and his play hasn’t even come close. It’s 90% Sather’s fault for waving that kinda loot in front of a guy who everyone knew is on the backend, but damnit boy, you sign for that, you really need to prove something. Maybe all contracts should be performance/incentive based with a REALISTIC base to start with.

  60. Colonel Kurtz was just quoted
    “Give me one division of soldiers like Avery and our problems here would be over”

  61. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    heck- no doubt im talkin about drury. redden was already bad and gettin worse. drury just came off his best season in buff and totally got overwhelmed here it looks like. i think the c should be taken off him and he might play with a little less stress. but then again, hes been around awhile and was co captain in buff, so idk.

  62. NY Rangers Examiner on

    LOL Tv, I was wondering the same thing. There were a couple of plays where the camera angle was absolutely horrible, and it was displayed for a good 30 seconds before it was switched.

  63. tee hee mike, I don’t think Drury’s wife is an actress or anything, ya know Aves has his standards (ie…one of the olsen twins… guess he’s into trolls too lol ;-) )

  64. What the HECK on


    Even if I suck, I’m still taking that money. Ill play my hardest, but my hardest may be not what we need. Its all Sathers fault. The only problem with Redden is nobody will take him at his price. NOBODY.

    So we are stuck with him for years to come and at this rate, he will keep cracking under the pressure and will probably be found one game in the corner crying.

  65. “Somebody waves 6 mil for 6 years in front of your face. What do you do?”

    I play a hell of a lot harder than I have been so far. EARN the gd money !

  66. We MUST buy-out Redden. I’m not a CBA lawyer for sure, but someone here mentioned that it would get 4 million off the salary cap books, PLUS it would GET RID OF REDDEN. Don’t overlook that. The hard part is the two million cap hit per year we go forward with for 10 GD years, twice the remaining time on Redden’s contract. God help us!

    Of course to do this would be the candid admission by the GM that he royally screwed-up, and we all have pride, so he figures not to want to take a public bashing, here, by doing the right thing. But, damn it anyway, how can this team have any playoff aspirations with a mental and physical ZERO out there on defense, night after night. I say pay the price NOW, rather than continue to pay a steeper price in terms of team performance, for another FIVE years. Get Sauer or Potter up here NOW, and let’s move on. For sure, Sauer or Potter will blend in and help stabilize the D, rather quckly.

    I made my case re an Anisimov promotion, a couple weeks ago. Really horrified that such a big, productive and talented kid with nothing more to prove in the AHL, at 22 years of age, cannot get a permanent ticket to Broadway. Guess keeping Orr / Betts and winning the AHL championship ranks as a higher priority. If he were in the Chicago organization, he would be in his 3rd NHL season, by now.

  67. Chris from Albany on

    Linda, do you remember the XFL? That was one thing they were trying to do. Players would have a base and would get “bonuses” for winning. I think the slogan was you get paid to play, you get paid more to win.

  68. Redden had at BEST 3 SOLID games this season. His first 2 games, and the game where he had those 3 assists. That is IT. He is an absolute waste. Give me the money and I’ll bust my ass out there.

  69. HECK, i pray every night the guy retires at the end of the season!!! When my birthday comes, that’s my wish, and I’m even gonna ask the Easter bunny for that too!!!

    I’m kinda impressed with how avery turns his back on a lot of stuff. Ya just feel that one game he’s gonna snap, but i think he knows he’s gotta take a lot of crap and just keep truckin. Guys are so focused on making him screw up, that it’s gonna affect THEIR play. And it will make the officials/league look hypocritical if they don’t call the blatant things being done TO avery.

    I gotta say, I was watchin Betts a lot in Nashville, and damn I thought he was pretty good! I have no problem with the guy, he does what he’s here for and does it well and occassionally chips in a goal. I kinda hope he’s still here next season. I was also impressed with Morris, not so much with Antro.

  70. how does Emerick say that Richards won the face off against Dubi when the puck goes behind Dubi.
    just a matter of their player moving quicker to the puck.

  71. NY Rangers Examiner on

    I’ve said it before, but Avery has a huge target on his back. I think, for the most part he has handled himself very well since returning to the NHL. We all know the league is just waiting for him to really step out of line, while refs are constantly keeping an eye on him and his opponents are always trying to stir him up with slashes and such.

    He is very composed in most of those situations.

  72. i’m so sick of Knuble.
    just another player who does little more than average here and goes on to greater things elsewhere.

  73. Chris, I think I was one of the eight people who actually watched XFL games. HE HATE ME!!! TEE HEEE

    damnit goal by the damned flyers…grrrrrrrrrr

    Cakewalk, from your typing fingers to God’s eyes!!!

  74. Boy you got to wonder if Redden is getting sick of being on the ice for all those goals LOL

  75. I would trade Redden for Malik at the same price just to rid us of Redden. I am not joking.

  76. “what a block by Wade Redden”

    lololol WTF, Redden had no clue what was gong on

  77. Can NBC show a replay? My god. Flyers goal happened 10 minutes ago, and no replay yet!

  78. Offseason

    Take an offer sheet for Zerdev

    Keep Antropov

    Waive Redden

    Go For A Star winger with the extra 5-6 mill from letting redden and zerdev go

  79. Hey Rick, is Eddie O really this bitter over sitting in the stands in ’94 or is he just dumb? The guy can’t help but stumble all over himself saying stupid stuff. It sure sounds like he is bitter.

  80. sorry i’m late but

    BEHEMOTH SCORES!!! WOOT WOOT!!! Hopefully they keep this up today! Gotta get that 2 points!

  81. Girardi got an instigator penalty, which is 2+5+10

    the GMs just tweaked the rule, so that if you go after a guy who threw a legal hit, you get an instigator

    let’s see if it is called both ways

  82. “The refs are letting Avery do what he wants”

    LMAO!!! Is their head coach on drugs?


    i was about to say that we looked slow just before we scored.
    actually we look more like we partied into the wee hours and the flyers got a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast.

  84. Pierre and Redden together at a bar after the game:

    Redden: “Pierre, do you think the Cherry Mojito is good or should I go for the Appletini?”
    Pierre: “Both of those sounds delicious, but I’m definitely having a cosmopolitan”

  85. the flyers coach is stoned!

    Letting him do whatever he wants… are you effin kidding me!!!! He’s getting slashed and hooked and punched every freakin shift. I swear how do these guys sleep at night when they have guys on their teams who throw elbows to heads and slewfoot and do other crap that’s worse than words!!! The hypocrisy just infuriates me.

  86. I bet in the 2 minutes he’s in the box, Avery can find a hot girl in the crowd, stare her down, convince her to come into the box, and do her

  87. Does anyone else think that Milbury sounds like Larry the Surrogate from Arrested Development sometimes?

  88. NY Rangers Examiner on

    I 100 percent agree with you Linda. I just shook my head in disbelief after I heard him talk about Avery and the refs like that. He obviously is blind if he can’t see all the things his dirty flyers teams is doing and getting away with.

    What a joke.

  89. Does anyone else think that Milbury sounds like he’s going down on Pierre sometimes?

  90. Linda!!!!

    i was going to comment on the Flyers coach

    i wondered if he spoke English, English with a French accent

  91. “This is such a hard league to play in …. the quality of play is so high”

    Ummmm, and Redden is playing in this league???

  92. jpg..its mumble with a canadian accent lol

    they way they pronounce gagnes first name makes him sound like a woman! sheesh the wacky french!!

    LMAO @ u old homo…classic


  93. okay.
    this goes to anyone who watches other games besides Rangers.

    do you know of ANY other team(s) that shoots wide on such a consistent basis?

  94. honestly, who wants to see naslund interviewed or profiled? Do a freakin story on the Rangers player of the year (in my mind) CALLAHAN!!!

  95. Hey does anyone have an extra ticket to the Sabres game next weekend? I’m gonna be back in the city and I’m DYING to go to that one.

  96. loser!!!!! loser!!!! BEST BABY IN THE WORLD!

    that’d be me if i had another kid LOL!!!

  97. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    remember that ot blast against buffalo. hes just savin up all his offensive weapons

  98. Blowszival should have had that one. He’s another guy thats dead wood on this team. And another “has been”. What happened to this guy? three years ago he was such a good player. To me he just seems awfully slow – and the perpetually dopey look on his face doesn’t help either

  99. MAKO
    March 15th, 2009 at 2:08 pm
    I smell a suspension for Coburn

    MAKO do u think he’ll have to go through anger management as well? :)

  100. I saw Antropov on the ice, what exactly did Coburn do? Intentional stick to the face??

  101. bull dog line on

    betts is underated, blah, blah, blah. betts is good on faceoffs blah, blah, blah. betts screwed up another 2 on 1, blah, blah blah.

  102. So far today morris to avery for a goal and antropov with a goal…deadline deals looking good-

    what a joke pierre is, came into the game saying they “thought Torts would help the powerplay, but they are only 5-32” now he is saying wow this powerplay has improved with Torts…what a clown

  103. I think maguire (don’t care about sp) and milbury (same here) should do their between periods analyzes from a king size bed…vanilla candle light… under fluffy little blanky completely naked…they hold hands… Maguire sheds a little tear… milbury wipes the tear with NBC contract… they look in each other’s eyes and murmur to each other … and WHO CARES what they murmur about… what’s important is that they r in love

  104. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    man what was sather smokin? how could streit choose the fishsticks over us??? redden vs streit??? if we could only go back in time

  105. CCCP

    and as the surprise intermission guest, Redden appears coming out from the underneath the blanket in between the two

  106. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    bulldog- betts made a great pass against nashville to get shoey a shorty, hes not good offensively, so 1 outta 2 aint that ad even though wade redden probably wouldve made a better play

  107. okay
    now i’m really confused
    i’m agreeing with Milbury in regards to his analysis on
    Redden and Laraque

  108. CCCP
    March 15th, 2009 at 2:13 pm
    I think maguire (don’t care about sp) and milbury (same here) should do their between periods analyzes from a king size bed…vanilla candle light… under fluffy little blanky completely naked…they hold hands… Maguire sheds a little tear… milbury wipes the tear with NBC contract… they look in each other’s eyes and murmur to each other … and WHO CARES what they murmur about… what’s important is that they r in love


    CCCP that is just soooooooooo wrong on soooooooooo many levels, but SO DAMNED TRUE. Watching intermission on NBC NHL telecasts is almost like watching skinemax!!

  109. Naslund. is it really about the Cup?
    because i can understand Hossa signing with the Wings
    but we were iffy last summer with all the players leaving and new ones coming in.

  110. Great piece on Naslund- jeez louise NBA is awful- Nazzy is a pro, him getting along with Torts won’t be the problem- he’s just gotta produce

  111. MiamiPimp
    March 15th, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    and as the surprise intermission guest, Redden appears coming out from the underneath the blanket in between the two


    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH~!~! my brain has officially melted and my eyes have burned out from that visual!!! WOW!!! Betcha brodeur watches that with his sister in law frequently!

  112. Ok, 5 minute PP is great, but I can’t help but get that sinking feeling in my stomach about it. We have to play with urgency on a 5 minute PP. I can totally see the flyers getting a shorty here. I hate to sound negative, but I am just being realistic. I hope we can get two here. I like the way we are playing. We have given up a few too many odd man rushes, but we are right in this game, and pretty much controlling the pace. We need two points, we need this win. Let’s go boys. Big third. What is our record this year taking the lead in to the third? Anyone know? I don’t, but I feel like it isn’t a great record. Well that is my nasty take on things. A little of this a little of that. The glass is half full and half empty, ha. I just want to win.

    Took the family to Red Robin last night, and it was good, real good, but a Ranger win could have made it even better. I live in Jersey, and had to sit right near some douchey looking guy in his Brodeur jersey. All I wanted was for him to drip onion ring sauce all over it. It didn’t happen, but I wish it did.

    Quick funny story. I had to take my son in the bathroom to change his diaper, because the ladies bathroom was packed, and while I was in there, I saw this High School aged kid, that I had seen earlier with is girlfriend, kind of making out while they were waiting for their names to be called. He looks in at me, and I am changing my son, who is not really cooperating. So I look this kid straight in the eyes, and say, “Look man, let this be a lesson to you, be smart, be safe, wrap it up, ok?” The kid looked right back, and said, “Definitely man, every time.” Ha. He passed my table when he left with his girlfriend, and stopped by my table, and said,”We definitely want kids one day man, just not yet.” I kind of smiled and he walked off. My wife and I laughed. And Mrs. Nasty 1 says to me, “Notice how he said WE want kids?” And I said, “Yeah, what a fool.” And she said back to me, “Yeah, WE, haha, they will probably break up right after they go see the Friday the 13th remake that they are probably on their way to see.”

    Sorry for rambling on, but I just thought it was funny.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!

  113. just a wild thought since
    Betts has the offensive abilities of a Dman
    and Redden pinches now like a Forward
    be less of a problem coming back to his zone than he has been.

  114. great story Nasty!!

    5 minute pp….please NO SHORTHANDED GOALS boys!!!! Get it right, put at least 2 in the net and keep bringin the action!! Ya think Richards and Dubi scrum today???

  115. did this linguistic lunatic just say “waffleboarded”??? what in the blue hell…just talk normal

  116. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    wow talk abot zherdev not hittin anything today. his shot needs work

  117. unlike the rest of us who bring a magazine or uncle johns bathroom reader into the potty… freakin emerick brings rogets thesaurus

  118. Linda loves THE AVERY FACTOR on

    this place will go absolutely apeshizzy if Aves gets the hat!!!

  119. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    6 minutes in still on the pp. if anything these pps will kill off alot of time for philly to get anything goin

  120. amazing the amount of shots our players give up!!!
    i mean, disgusting the amount of shots our players give up!!

  121. Linda loves THE AVERY FACTOR on

    Sally hows the PBR going!?

    I just appreciate how you can see how much Avery loves being a Ranger!

  122. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    id like zherdev to hit the damn net too jpg. hes missin alot of shots today. hey at least hes tryin harder

  123. that’s why we needed to have scored more on the 5 minute power play because Philly can turn it on like a switch

  124. Linda loves THE AVERY FACTOR on

    lol mike dont wanna be obscene after my nuts comments from earlier! Rick might suspend me and send me for counseling!

    By the way, how does one become a bonehead lol ;-)

  125. it just blows my mind
    how our players can miss the net sooooooooooooooo many times.
    watch a fair amount of other games via NHL network and Center Ice and i do no recall ANYONE being remotely close to us.

  126. WOW!!
    i thought Sho was going to get a penalty.
    part Sho, part Flyer diving.
    like the goal

  127. i dont get how the can say sjostrom should have been called? I thought u couldnt block off a player like he was getting blocked.. it should have been interference

  128. Linda loves THE AVERY FACTOR on

    I’ll start the SALLY LUCKY BEER fund so we can keep ya rollin in the PBR all season!!!

    Hell, all the calls that have gone against this team this season,I’ll take that, and the guy lost an edge also lol

  129. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    shoes been great on pk and just his hustle lately. hes been twice as effective as our cpn. lol thanks boss! guess torts commands more respect thanb renny. after a goal in rennys days they probbly said, hey tom, dont bench me please

  130. TODAY:

    Avery is having the best game by a NY Ranger this season.

    Rosival is having the worst game by a NY Ranger this season

  131. Rangers do good when they stop the fancy crap and play basic hardworking forecheck hockey.

    when they start the fancy weaving and drop passes and that crap is when they get in trouble

  132. Linda loves THE AVERY FACTOR on

    holy crap they sound like US when they score lol!!

    Sally, do ya think $20 will do it for the PBR for a season?? LOL

  133. Chris from Albany on

    I know it may not look like it, but when a team is taking a lot of penalty’s, it usually means that team is getting outplayed. Any truth?

  134. why is Korp on 4th line?
    someone should explain to Tortorella that he showed offensive abilities when given the chance.

  135. damn you guys mentioned Korpi – I didnt even realize he was playing. Another sh*t call.

  136. How is it that the people who win these “get out of the cold” promos all live in the southeast as is?

  137. damn computer running so slow
    i know find out it’s boarding after i hit ‘submit’

    notice how the flyers know where their players are at so that a crisp pass can be sent off.

  138. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i guess they caled the play dead before he shot it. but i didnt see any rangers protesting. o well, at least were gonna win

  139. I’d love it if Olczyk was like “my name is Ed- not Edso…I’m not going to respond to Edso anymore…you weirdo…”

  140. Jenkins, I thought the same thing. The Rangers let it go because it wasn’t going to make a difference. I’m going to watch the replay, looked like it went right in and no ranger hit nittymaki.

  141. awful that NBC is going away before the salute and stars of the game.
    let the rest of tv watchers know
    who are the 3 stars?
    Avery should be 1 or 2

  142. NICDIP

    Yep. That was just a fantastic rush up the ice.


  143. Linda loves THE AVERY FACTOR on

    what i meant to say was drury must be hangin out with redden and roszi!!

    WOOOT WOOOT nice win boys!! Like how the stoned flyers coach kept the goalie in so aves couldnt score on the empty net and get the hat!! WUSS!!!

    And after 5 damned days, the sun has come out in Alabama! Even the weather is happy the Rangers won!!

  144. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the Bench!! says Greg L. on

    Sweeeet Caroline ….BABa bababa ~~yessss!!!! Big Ranger win and it seems the team is playing the new style to a tee.

    Sean Avery is pritty good on the PP ..I remember a few posers on here said Avery wont do nothing for the PP ..maybe Carp said it too..Looks like hes fitting in quite nicely to be honest hehe.

  145. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Bravo, Rangers, Bravo.

    The penalties sure helped, but the power play stepped up, Drury finally won a big faceoff (on Antropov’s goal), and they showed some balls.

    Now tune your sets to Boston – Pittsburgh and root for the B’s.

    To all posters — enjoy the day!!!!!

  146. Linda loves THE AVERY FACTOR on

    after walking around nashville in the rain for 3 days, I am now gonna go celebrate a Rangers victory in the sun and blue skies of Huntsville. Catch you crazies later! Sally, beer fund has officially be opened!

  147. it looks like Avery has learned that he can be mouthy at times
    but the main thing is to PLAY HOCKEY.
    hopefully that lesson sticks with him.

  148. The only I heard pro-Avery and Fire-Renney sentiments being sounded was right here on this board by Ranger fans..

    There was no local media or national media support for either of these things..maybe Brooksie forced the issue a little…but only here did we know the Rangers problems were Renney induced and that Avery would be a help

    We were right

    they “all” were wrong

  149. onecupin69years on

    Good win for NY ,all Avery.
    I didn’t see Gomez or Drury today did they play?

  150. AVERY !!!!!

    How can you not love this guy. I bet Dallas fans are crying that they have to pay half his salary for the next three years after this season, and he’s doing for Nyr what he wasn’t doing for them. Mwahaha screw you !!!

    Big win, Hank was perfect, Rozi, Redden, and Drury sucked. We got the two points, and now we gotta hope the B’s step up and finish off the Pens in REGULATION !! ot OT or the shootout.

    Next up the Habs, gotta win. We need to finish these losers off, and get closer to home ice advantage.

    Slats sucks, but so far Antro has 3 goals, 2 assists, and is looking pretty good, Aves has 4 goals, 1 assist, and Morris has 2 assists, both on the PP i think, and defensively he’s a lot better than he was in the first, and second game. So his moves are so far so good. But obviously Drury, Redden, and Rozi are the bad moves that continue to haunt this team. They need to get it together, and start stepping up.


  151. Kaspar

    The place I used to post “Blue Seats” the NY Post blog was pretty anti-Renney. But their Typekey security log on hasnt allowed me to post. I dont know why. I’ve tried at least 25 times LOL

  152. Kaspar,

    No one here was “right”. People who post things openly do so because they don’t have to back up what they say. If anyone here knew more than the pros, why are they on a board? Why don’t they work their tails off and get in the NHL? Armchairing ticks me off. If you say something, and you are wrong, you will must not post.

    For example, if the Ranger gets creamed again today, do you sit here and say “Renney wasn’t the problem?” NOOOO. You sit here and bitch about Rozy or Redden or some other player.

  153. Gomez did SOMETHING today. He’s been decent the last couple weeks.

    Drury is a ridiculous waste.
    I’m sorry, get that dreary fruit out of NYC.
    “I’m happy we got at least one point.” That quote really resounds loud now. Almost out of the playoff picture and he ain’t doing anything now to fix that.

    Ship that moron out. I can’t stand him and all who loved him owe NY and the Rangers a policy! That must start with the media and resonate through all you suckers who believed the MSG commercials.


  154. “I’m happy we got at least one point.” That quote really resounds loud now. Almost out of the playoff picture and he ain’t doing anything now to fix that”

    Well said. And that says it all. Id be a hell of a lot more forgiving if that idiot would step up and do SOMETHING.

    BTW – Why is Renney’s name still on this blog ? Forget aboot that guy, he’s gone with the fuggin wind.

  155. TrueFans,

    That quote will/should haunt him for his entire Rangers career. I know I won’t forget it. At the time it pissed me off beyond belief… it makes me angrier now.

    I was thinking “This is our Captain saying this?!!!”

    That’s about when I realized that we’d be in this mess and I’d be thinking about the one point we lost and cursing him for trying to look on the bright side.

  156. Do we give Sather just a teency weency bit of credit for his deadline aquisitions of AVERY, ANTROPOV, and MORRIS??

    I know the free agent signings prior in the past couple of years have been terrible, particularly Redden, but you gotta give the old fart a little bit of credit for bringing in these guys. They’ve been good and HOPEFULLY it continues!!

  157. Totally agree Kern- on tsn canada they all killed those 3 moves, now all of a sudden pierre loves Avery. What happened to a “not Torts type of guy?”

    Edzo- still hate the antropov move? I mean its only been a few games but they have been 3 of our best 6 players-

  158. This was a must win game and they went out and got it. Henrik deserved to be one of the stars of the game.

    we need to go 7-5 to make the playoffs, with a chance to play either Pittsburgh, Philly or Carolina in the first round.

    WOuld love to beat Cindy the little cry baby in the first round.

  159. Drury is a waste. Hope Torts takes the “C” off his chest as soon as the season is over.

    2 goals in his last 24 games. Do your job Drury!

  160. I’m glad other people are seeing what I’m seeing.

    But here’s my bigger problem… Drury’s not even getting assists! He’s not doing much of anything actually! And almost anyone who gets put on his line becomes a waste! He’s such a handicap to this team. At least Gomez’s line produces… getting sent to Drury’s line is worse than being benched for a game.

  161. now the media climbs on board the Rangers Report posters bandwagon……..

    from Jay Greenberg of the NY Post,

    Wade Redden, who either needs to have his attention caught at the end of the bench or simply can’t play in the NHL anymore, probably would be helping the Rangers best from Hartford, but there is no alternative to him in the system and, with five years to go in a depressing, cap-killing, six-year, $39 million deal, surely no takers. So what is a new coach to do besides what the old coach did?…

    On Arron Asham’s back-breaking first of two goals, Redden, a defenseman of 12 years NHL experience, mindlessly put his stick blade to the outside, allowing rookie Claude Giroux’s pass out to go inside for a slam dunk.

    Redden didn’t lose this game by himself, but do you need a full hand to count one he has helped the Rangers win?

  162. Chris

    Nice world you live in…can I buy some?

    All professionals are right

    Non-professionals are wrong

    Goes for politics, business and religion too?? None of those professionals are ever wrong right?

    If you dont read the history of the individual posters here then you have no right to generalize…there are quite a few of us that dont “disappear” when things dont go our way

  163. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on


    you said our pp doesnt work no matter who coaches this team. are you not going to amend your statement.

    nbc, no matter how valueless they are, said we’ve scored something like an average of 1 goal per game more with Torts than under Renney. 3 pp goals today while getting treated fairly. couldnt ask for any more.

  164. Today was a must win and they got it. Love the new system and the concept of forechecking as well as the new players. Naslund and the other screwballs better pick it up. What’s up with fatboy Drury? And why is Naslund getting more icetime than Z?

    LOL dreadden even i was wondering why the hell the Rangers didn’t go after Streit. HELLO MCFRY?

  165. the new system is great because the Rangers get 4 goals and win as opposed to 1 or 2 and playing not to lose all the time

    and it would work almost all the time if they had a couple dmen with better decision making and hustling skills than Redden and Rosi

  166. Oh yes you do. There is ALWAYS a reason here or someone to blame. I bet I have been watching this team a lot longer than most here and it’s always been this way.

    Never just admit defeat. Either blame the refs or blame the GM or some player or some coach. It happens in other cities but NOT AS MUCH as in NY and Philly type cities.

    And yes, no FAN knows more than a professional. Do you go to the practices? If so, enlighten me on the drills and how much time was spent on them? Enlighten me since you thnk a fan can know as much as the people INVOLVED. Have you ever personally spoken to Renney or Rozival or Torts or Sather or any of these people? I’m guessing not.

    Fans here like to armchair. They like to predict things. And when it doesn’t go as they say, they have to blame someone. And almost all of the time, they are not here to take the blame when they are wrong, which is most of the time.

  167. jpg

    YOu have picked upon a sore point of mine about this Ranger team for the past two years or so.

    The answer is NO. There is no other team who shoots wide of the net as often as Rangers, because they don’t practice it.

    I believe that this stemmed from the Jagr Inc. days, when they were always trying to pick fine points, and small holes instead of driving the puck at the net. And it’s the same reason why so many of them insist on the wrister instead of the hard slap shot. They are not looking for rebounds – they are AFRAID of them. Stems from no confidence in their point men ( and with good reason.) Oh the days of Renney and Jagr, look what they have wrought.

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