Avery and the Rangers


Full disclosure, I’m not crazy about focusing on the designated matinee idol. So when NBC put a camera on Sean Avery and called it the “Star Cam,” well, let’s just say Avery would have had to do a lot in order to make me want to write about him.

He did it.

Two goals, a couple skirmishes and then Flyers coach John Stevens says this about him.

“We got emotional and used it in the wrong way there,” Stevens said. “I think (Avery’s) probation period is over and now he’s back up to his old antics and we got sucked in to be quite honest with you. We started worrying about him instead of playing the games. He draws your physical attention  and allows their skilled people to play and then we play the whole game shorthanded.”

The Rangers scored on three of those power plays — final score 4-1. Andrew Alberts got a penalty for charging Avery in the third period. So much for letting the skill players take over, Avery scored two of the goals himself while playing on a line with Scott Gomez and Nikolai Zherdev.

“He gets the puck, five guys on their team want to kill him,” Scott Gomez said.

Avery said he felt like the Rangers were starting to realize how good they can be, and why he is playing better now than when he first got to New York. Avery has scored in the last three games, and has five points (four goals and an assist) in the last five games.

“I think it has to do with my mindset and where my head is more than anything,” Avery said. “We talked about, after the first couple of games, how I was just so nervous and kind of playing a little too hard. So I was just trying to slow it down and think of the plays and where they are going to end up and try and anticipate it.”

Then he talked about what it’s like to be coached by John Tortorella.


“I think he has been outstanding in trying to keep that concentration but it has to be all of the time,” Tortorella said. “We don’t want any cracks. We want to keep him concentrated on what he has to do.”

*Three Ranger goals were on the power play.

*Rangers are 36-26-8 overall.

*Next game is Tuesday in Montreal.

*I asked Henrik Lundqvist about the stomach thing, and he is still taking medicine for it but says he feels better, as long as he doesn’t eat any meat. Uh, paging Dr. House, we need a diagnosis…

*The call on Dan Girardi (2 minutes instigating, 5 for fighting and 10 for misconduct) was because he went after Mike Richards in retaliation for a hard but legal hit on Zherdev. That’s a new rule, and Tortorella responded to it saying, “I’m more concerned about the hockey club then how the games are going to be called.”

Here’s a link to the official box score.

Lastly, I got my official season credential today! I’m legit!


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  1. Kaspar

    Excellent response to Chris. People forget how much the tide was against those who questioned the status quo, how much abuse we took, and how we showed up each and every game regardless of the outcome.

    About 1000% more than I can say for some other posters, who all but disappeared when their opinions proved wrong.

  2. NYRanger4Life on

    Just got back from the game, sect 115. This was without a doubt one of their most complete efforts of the season. Avery was flying.

    Quick story: I made the mistake of BOOING ( i know i know) after Redden was given an assist on the first goal. As soon as I did it,this smoking hot blonde (couldnt tell if she was swedish or finish) who was sitting next to me says “Why the hell are you booing after we score a goal?” I responded with a simple ” bc Redden sucks.” (it was too early for me to be witty)

    It turns out I was sitting next to the players wifes / gfriends…and the chic who confronted me was Sjoestrom’s girl (found out after he scored and she went bananas) and Reddens wife (who was hot too) was 2 seats away…

  3. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    stephens, why dont you try and beat the bruins if you face them in the playoffs. im sure hell more concerned with what avery’s doing, what a weasel.

  4. so Redden has lots of money and a hot wife. I hope they will be very happy in Hartford Connecticut

  5. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    Redden squirreled the puck around and stoked the puck to the point and debilitated the puck in his own zone, etc.

  6. Avery threw so much static into the flyers game today,all the names you heard yesterday were silent except richards, great game to watch, my best friend is a flyer fan and it was good to be able to call and talk. hated the call on girardi , what’s next?

  7. What Stevens said was off the mark in one important aspect. He forgot to say how consistently good Avery is. His antics? What was he talking about? Does he mean like the ones Mike Richards trots out every game?

  8. awesome story about Reddden’s wife- impolitic, sure; but correct. The thing that gets to me is that you don’t see any hussle any sort of remorse or compensation for playing horribly…. even Rosy has stepped up his game- or tries to after making a bad play….you just don’t get that effort…so she shouldn’t be too surprised to hear it, and heck- what is she getting $83,000 for going to a game- not a bad trade off.

    Also, it’s great that Stevens is saying stuff like that about Avery- the more coaches we have focused on how their teams shouldn’t focus on Avery the more teams he can throw off… but it has its limits, and as even the NBC announcers noticed on the goalie interference call- Avery will not be getting the benefit of the doubt on most calls….

  9. Also, I love the sports announcer maxim, “he’s one of the unsung guys in the league”. In this case, about Blair Betts. Now, no knock on Betts- but if you are an announcer on a national broadcast lauding someone- how is the object of your praise unsung, you’ve just talked about him on national tv…

    underrated is what I think they mean to say…but something about “unsung” gets to me….

  10. I was very hesitant about picking up Avery.

    Not because I thought he wasn’t the right player for this team, or that he couldn’t provide what we needed, but for other variables that I was a bit concerned about.

    #1- Torts — Didn’t like that the 1st player move that Sather made seemed to go above Torts’ head. We all know the Tort’s TSN comments….whatever…. but I just didn’t like that Tort’s had to seemingly “suck it up” in his 1st week on the job.

    I was wrong.

    #2- 3 years 1.9mil – A bargain? yes. Still we have such little breathing room that if Avery didn’t work, that’s another 2 mill down the drain. 2 + years is a lot of time to have Avery on your team, so we’ll have to see on that one… like I’ve said earlier, I’ll know how I truly feel about Avery sometime next year.

    But. Didn’t think he’d be this good this time around (still only 6 games) so I will absolutely admit that i was wrong to be so hesitant…

    Avery makes the Rangers MUCH better.

  11. NYRanger4Life on

    Quote from Captain Clutch after todays game:

    “Rather than booing us they’re chanting ‘Avery.’ I’ll take that any game.”

    You know what CAPTAIN – we’d be chanting your name TOO if you actually gave a damn.

  12. Nothing but a parade to the box for the B’s, from what I read. I’m still counting on them to win it in regulation, but the refs do like the waddlers…

  13. Ford

    Thanks for the back-up…I remember people like you and others having their “loyalty” questioned for doubting the coaching staff that needed to try to win a lot of 2-1 games

    The difference between now and then is night and day…and thats win or lose.

    One day I’m going to dig out my post from the summer where I said that the player changes that were made; though they were important were secondary.. that the most important change the rangers were in need of was the coaches philosophy changing…

    The bottom line for this year is we are a middle of the pack team..with a usually very good goaltender who may lead us further then middle of the pack…if everything else we have is maximized to its fullest potential..and it wasnt being maximized it was being suffocated

  14. That’s right folks.

    Sean Avery… give him the W today! Carp, have you changed your opinion on him yet? You had a great post about him a couple games ago, but today he was absolutely the essence of NY and the team the Rangers need to be. He IS a Torterella style player. Carp, I hope you’ve warmed up to him. I fear the next 3 years we may be “stuck” with him, but there’s no denying now that Avery is a HUGE improvement for this team.

    Carp, you also praised Drury the very first game Avery was in the lineup… ummmm. What do you think now? I think Drury has been the biggest bust in NY since Bobby Holik.

  15. Ford and Kaspar,

    Great posts… you remember those days? We all know the posters that were here bushing us (along with Salty, and wd40). Greg L and Beer Me are at the top of that list. Unfortunately, Greg L’s still here and won’t ever admit he’s wrong. But he’s called us, many times, “Islander fans.” Oh well. There’s an awesome satisfaction in knowing we had it right all along. There’s an even greater satisfaction in now knowing which fans here actually get it and which don’t, saves me a lot of time picking the posts I’m going to read.

    RIP Beer Me!.

  16. i really believe sean avery would be a better captain for this team than chris drury, given time i think sean avery can become a leader. why do we need a quiet under performing figure as our captain? atleast take away the A from Naslund and give it to Avery. im not saying this season, but if Avery shows that he does mature, he would be perfect for this team.
    call me crazy but i believe a captain should inspire his team by calling them out and pushing them to work hard every game, and the captain should work the hardest on the ice. the player thats worked the hardest since he came here has been sean avery. call him an a hole if you want, but hes a good hockey player, he works hard and gets the job done, thats what a captain should do. or as i repeat, give him the A, because he deserves it more than Naslund on this team. this team needs an edge.

  17. just to add, every person deserves another chance and people do grow up. hes taken the chance and is showing a huge improvement.

  18. I just remember LI JOE being a real DEEK about the possibility of Avery coming back well before it was even on the table…..

  19. OK as Milbury kept repeating it was a “clean hit”. The refs agreed, and just about everyone agreed. Except me.

    It may have been a “clean Hit” but it was delivered after racing across about 15 feet of ice to deliver it.
    Perhaps one of the most obvious charges since the Light Brigade at Balaclava. But then again…charging seems to have gone by the boards as a penalty.

  20. LOL funny you guys mention that. Im new here and Greg L called me an “Islander fan” too because I said that the Rangers arent winning the cup this year. I guess the truth and reality arent what some people want to hear.

  21. Well, Boston lost to the Pens. I would not mind one bit finishing 7th or 8th and facing the Bruins in the first round. They are going in to the playoffs on a real down note.

  22. NYRanger4Life on

    Salty – Sect 115 Row F….they seemed to be regulars, chiming in during the Potvin chants (only 1 today thank g-d) and generally knowing when to cheer…

  23. Nasty

    Man, I dont know. I get what you are saying. But they are a damn good, DEEP team.

  24. Rangers have a much better power play under Tortorella. They need to use it on the road more. They also take more penalties on the road. Need to play with more discipline there.

  25. NYRanger4Life on

    Nasty – something tells me going against Washington would be the WORST possible scenario….

  26. Yeah, I kind of agree, but I am not sure I want to play the Devils in the first round either. To me, and I hate to say it, but they look like the best team in the NHL right now, and have for some time now. I hate it, but it is the truth.

  27. I guess I just have this thing about the Devils. If we do make the playoffs, the last thing I would want, would be to lose in the first round, but even worse than that, to lose to the Devils.

  28. “Rather than booing us they’re chanting ‘Avery.’ I’ll take that any game.”

    Wow. Drury needs to keep his fuggin mouth shut, cause this guy sounds so pathetic. I hope he was joking, cause if he was serious, he’s an idiot.

    Ugh, i never thought id hate Drury as much as i did when he ruined our chances at taking a 3-2 series lead back to the Garden against his Sabs.

    He’s been pathetic. You gotta love the 365 special or what ever it’s called. Lol, they say he doesn’t have a great shot, he doesn’t have dazzling play making skills, but he’s a defensive specialist, and a born leader.

    Could have fuggin fooled me.

  29. nyranger4life

    Yeah..agree about the Caps…our new uptempo game would meet its master in the Caps…be like getting new sneakers and showing up at the neighborhood BB court to find Lebron and Koby smiling at you

  30. By the way..right now on the NHL.COM home page…down aways under the “three star” listings from last night…there is a picture of Olli Jnokinen…I swear that he doesnt even look human…


  31. It was a cold, blustery day in New York City, in early December. My wife had always wanted to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show, so I negotiated a deal where we would see that one night, and go to a Rangers game the next. We decided to drive up on a Thursday so we could have at least one full day of sight-seeing. Friday was to be the day we would see as much of New York as possible, starting with a bus tour. Saturday would be Radio City Music Hall, and Sunday was the Rangers game. We arrived around noon on Thursday, and after checking in our hotel, we decided to walk around, just a few blocks, and grab a bite to eat. Our hotel was only two blocks from the Empire State Building, and we toyed with the idea of going to the top that afternoon, leaving more time on Friday for other things. That idea didn’t last too long, as there was a line completely wrapping around the building, and we were told it would be at least an hour before we would be able to get inside. Well, it was cold, and we were hungry, so we decided to eat lunch. We could make an early start Friday morning, and hopefully, not have to wait in line as long. After having lunch we thought we would take a less direct route back to the hotel, letting our enormous servings of roast beef digest a little. I guess I was looking all around, like a typical tourist, and bumped right into my wife, who had stopped dead in her tracks. She was staring in the window of a hair salon, and I new I was in trouble. After making a weak attempt to talk her out of getting her hair styled, I agreed to go in with her. Like I said, it was cold outside, I didn’t want to get lost, and I knew it wasn’t a good idea to argue with her. It would ruin our weekend; I knew that for sure. When we entered the salon we were greeted cheerfully by a young man with a definite lisp. I knew I didn’t want to be there! My wife checked in at the desk, and was told it would be about a thirty minute wait. “Great,” I thought, “now I’m stuck here for at least two hours.” Settling back in my seat, I was prepared to let myself doze off, when happy boy at the counter said, “Excuse me, but I noticed you’re wearing a Rangers jacket. How would you like to get your hair cut by Wade Redden?” He seemed absolutely thrilled to ask me the question. I’ll never understand gay men. Thinking this was his idea of a joke, I said, “Sure, why not?” I figured this would be the end of it, and he would leave me alone. Again, I closed my eyes, and leaned back in my chair. The kid at the counter now cleared his throat, getting my attention. “What’s the problem?” I asked. Clearly impatient, he gestured for me to follow him. “I thought you were joking,” I said. “No, Wade actually works here in the afternoon of days that the team doesn’t have a game.” Even though he wasn’t my favorite player, the prospect of meeting a player from the Rangers was shaking me out of my lethargy. Getting a hair cut from him was something that just didn’t make sense, though. “Isn’t there a waiting list? Don’t I have to make an appointment?” Becoming more impatient, he replied, “Mr. Redden only takes walk-ins.” Thinking this just a little bit strange, but figuring I still had a lot of time to kill, I began to toss this around in my mind. “Go ahead,” my wife said, “you’ll still be done before I will, and it will give you a chance to talk hockey with a real player.” “Ok, lead on,” I told the kid, who by now was almost doing a little tap dance, like he had to go to the bathroom real bad. I followed him to the back of the salon, and there was Wade Redden, sitting in a barber chair with his legs crossed, staring in a mirror. My guide boy cleared his throat, and whispered, “Mr. Redden, excuse me.” Seeming to snap out of a trance, Wade turned around. He leisurely stretched his legs, and lifted himself out the chair. I couldn’t help notice, that as he did, he caught a quick glance in the mirror, and winked. He never said a word, but the young man who had led me back there gestured towards the seat, so I sat down. I could tell that Wade was in no hurry. He moved very gracefully around my chair, as he spread out the barber’s smock over my clothes. Strangely, every time a took a step, he looked at himself in the mirror, and winked. This was getting too weird for me, but I felt trapped, so I sat there. As he began to work on my hair, I figured he would strike up a conversation, like other barbers. I should have realized he wasn’t like other barbers. Other barbers don’t wink at themselves in the mirror. Finally getting up the courage to initiate a conversation myself, I mentioned that it was nice to see him play for the Rangers. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I saw him flinch. “I’m not here to talk hockey,” he hissed. “Hold on there. I was just trying to be be friendly.” He stopped, and looked me right in the eyes. “Who do you think you are?” “What do you mean?”, I asked. “I come here on my days off to get away from hockey. I don’t need some fan coming in and claiming he likes me. Hockey is just a business, and I’m getting as much money as I can before I start my next career.” I couldn’t believe how rude he was, but I didn’t want to make him madder than he already was. He did have a sharp object in his hand, that was pretty close to my neck. I eventually lost track of time, and must have dozed off. When I snapped awake, Redden had just cracked the hair smock, and was folding it into a small square.
    “All done,” he almost screamed. Needless to say, I was out of the chair in a flash. By this time, I was less than thrilled with Wade Redden, so I stopped, turned around, and said, “You get paid over $6 million. Why don’t you play a little harder? The team needs some defensive help in front of Lundqvist.” He looked at me and said, “Why should I? I’m a great looking guy. I don’t want to get my face messed up. After I retire from the NHL I’m going to have an acting career. I’m already an accomplished actor, can’t you tell? I have fooled so many people into thinking I’m a hockey player that they actually pay me a lot of money. My one and only true love is hair styling, but it just doesn’t pay enough, especially when I only do one customer a day.” Afraid that I would explode, I quickly turned, and made my way to the front of the salon. As I approached the waiting area, I could see that my wife was already finished. Stunned, I asked her how long I was back there. “Over four hours,” she replied through a yawn. “Just for a normal hair cut?”, I asked incredulously. “There’s nothing normal about a Wade Redden hair cut!” It was the kid at the counter again, pulling his coat on. “What time is it, anyway?” I asked. “It’s almost 6 o’clock. I’m going home,” he replied. I paid for my wife and I, and we headed back outside. It seemed like it had been a week since we had entered the salon. “That was really weird,” my wife said. “That guy on the Rangers moves so slowly, and he constantly looks at himself in the mirror. I watched for a while after I was done, and I couldn’t believe it. You were sound asleep. I’ve never heard of a hockey player who thinks he’s a hair stylist.” Catching my reflection in a restaurant window, I stopped dead in my tracks. Not one to look at myself in mirrors very much, I was amazed at what I saw. It was the best hair cut I have had in my entire life! I looked at my wife and said, “You’re wrong. That’s a hair stylist who thinks he’s a hockey player!”
    DISCLAIMER: Although, based on his play on the ice, Wade Redden would probably make a better hair stylist than hockey player, this was complete fiction.

  32. RangerRick –

    Redden’s contract will be up before we have time to read your post. Hope it was good.

  33. Hey! Sorry I haven’t been on in awhile!

    I was fortunate to be in nyc this week and got to go to the game! It was very comforting to be back in the garden again. This had to be one of my favorite games I saw in person. The crowd was great (including some great fans calling an over weight Flyers fan wearing an orange shirt a pumpkin), the tenacity was there, and we completely tamed a high scoring hockey team. Sean Avery is great, but please leave him where he does best: as just a regular player. He is like many other players in this league: they only perform when they are put into the proper position. A perfect example of another player like avery: Bobby Holik! Great in NJ, terrible everywhere else, back in nj doing pretty good!

    The Canadiens game is goign to be another huge game. Here’s to an intense playoff run!

  34. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Great effort today. What more can you say about the way Sean Avery has played since his return that has alrady been said. I for one always wnated him signed so that he could stay on the Rangers where he belongs. In hindsight,I would have signed him first and for the 4 million he got just so that they would have less cap room to sign Redden and Blowzival. I still cannot beleive that any G.M. with half a brain woulod give these two clowns any thing close to what they got from Sather! Rozival in particular was absolutly horrid today!!

    To those who did not want Avery back and you know who you are,you should be man enough to come to this blog and give us a mea culpa. I would also like to add how much enjoyment I get again watching hockey since Torts has been our coach.
    If Sather has one thing to be remembered for in his time as Ranger coach it’s his decision to bring in one of the best coaches in the game.

  35. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    btw not totally sure what the hell Stevens is talking about. What exactly did Avery get away with today? Maybe he got away with like one brush on Niittymaki, but seriously, the refs get him for everything so Stevens’ whining is weak. Richards got away with far more yesterday.

  36. A good win. The team is now 2-1 with 12 to go by NFL rules with a big one coming up Tuesday in MTL. I hope Avery can get the Canadians and their fans off their game and not singing Ole every 30 seconds. They did OK today, very satisfied they split. I’m really liking Antropov, I know he could be more physical, but he’s scoring.

  37. No way. Richards got away with a heck of a lot more. Slashes and punches to the head and that charge on Zherdev. “Clean hit” yeah when the guy charges at you from 20 ft away.

    BTW that brush on Niittymaki was called. A BS call because he was pushed into him.

  38. i know kept asking why the misconduct on Girardi was called during the Ranger Report Comments during the game.

    i thought that the all the discussion of new rules
    was just that……not being enforced until the players committee put in their two cents.

    that’s why i was confused by the misconduct.
    then again, i thought that they were going to call a two minute instigator on fights that started up as a result of a clean hit
    but that
    the 10 minute misconduct was going to be enforced when 2 players set things up and fought immediately after a face off.

    if anyone has a link to this stuff or can explain it, i’d be very appreciative to hear what’s the deal.

  39. Tough win by the Blueshirts…would’ve liked to have seen the same friendly bounces yesterday. Antropov and Morris made contributions and Avery stole the show. Oh yeah, Jagr is in Russia, but Mike Milbury continues to pollute the American airwaves. Does he even watch hockey anymore? My biggest hope is that he’s Lou Lamoriello’s replacement…

    Anyways, congrats Jane! Welcome to the Show!

  40. the call on Avery — running into the goalie — was probably called, in part, because Niti complained to the ref about Avery being too close to him earlier in the game.

    while i do think that close calls may rarely go Avery’s way
    it seems as if the refs normally side with the goalie in regards to a player bumping into him — even if a player is pushed into the goalie.

    i think we saw that on more than one occasion called against us this season. and i’ve seen the same thing in non-Ranger games.

  41. jpg

    while I agree with you. How many times was LQ barreled over and nothing was ever called? On the flip side, I remember Cally grazed a goalie (dont remember what team it was) and that was called.

  42. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Mako- Colburn will gvet 1 game. If that was Avery, he would be banned from the sport. The intersting thing about Avery is that in all the time since he’s been a Ranger, I’ve yet to see him make a dirty play like that or even a cheap shot of any kind. Avery runs his mouth and that’s it.

    The Flyers coach is a duche bag for saying that Avery is getting away with things during the game. I’d like to know what things was he talking about? It’s almost like every coach or G.M. in the league has these default talking points about Avery,it’s just mind boggling!

  43. HockeymanRangers on

    I watched the game but did not have a chance to chime in regarding the game.

    First I had to laugh at how many penalties Avery drew b/c Flyers were head hunting him and trying to piss him off. It was at least 2 wasn’t it?? OH the many benefits of having Avery ha ha. And the Ave’s call for goaltender interfearance was crap.
    I thought they played real well,actually I didn’t think they played that bad yesterday myself. I see the confidence in the team really building up, if the ENTIRE team can play they way they did today we will contend. I was hoping that Ave’s would have gotten a hat trick. Hopefully the play continues.

  44. Mako, the NHL believes in punishing only when a player gets hurt or when it is a hit to a poster child like Crybaby. Oh yeah, also when you use harsh words like sloppy seconds.

    But, let us focus on the true problem of the game, like “Staged Fights.”

    I agree that a suspension should be a little more if someone gets hurt. But, it should be close to the same amount. You may not of hurt them, but the intent was there to hurt them. I can’t see how you could say that you did not want to hurt someone when you use a stick as a weapon.

  45. Jerkins Perkins,
    I watched the replay and Orr wacks Nitty in the face with his stick, Nitty falls backwards and his goalie stick bounces off the back of the net (which is what I thought was the puck)… but he kicks the actual puck out right at the goal line. Right call.

    I’m still waiting on some clarification on the Gomez goal/non-goal though.

  46. alex b

    Yep. I dont ever remember Avery playing dirty. Dirty mouth yes, dirty play no. He absolutely plays within the rules of the game. Does he embellish a few falls to get a call his way, perhaps. But he is no way near the diver than Cindy is.

    Stevens is a complete a-hole for saying what he said. I was screaming at my screen when I heard him say that. Beacuse it is completely untrue. Well, Avery got the last laugh. As long as players go after him and he doesnt retaliate then he is a winner. And was a HUGE instrument in the Rangers win today. So again, he has the last laugh. LOL

  47. Doodie

    Have the sack to come in now and comment on Avery. Don’t wait till he effs up and jump in then, OK? Even though you slap yourself on the back continuously, I thought you were better than the Beer Me’s of the world who blow hard and wrong, then duck out when the facts on the ground show them to be clueless.

  48. oh no True Fans!!!
    a clarification on Gomez’s non-goal

    you’re going to get in hot water with the Rick of Rangers Report!
    he didn’t see things the way many of us saw things.
    some of us even brought up that the rule book showed that it should have NOT been disallowed.

  49. JOR71

    LOL yeah I know. Its pretty pathetic. Isnt it? But something that is serious like hits to the head like what Richards did to Dubinsky yesterday doesnt matter right? Bettman seriously needs to go back to the NBA.

  50. So nice of Pierre Macguire to say Dubinsky was faking getting hit in the face. Yeah, Dubi’s really an embellishment artist. I don’t like Pierre Maguire. He thinks he’s cute when he announces French names with his cute little French accent like it’s gonna draw ratings. I remember how badly he trashed the Rangers on draft day 04 and how he threw poor Dan Blackburn under a bus after his injury. I will always remember that. If I ever meet him I’d call him out and force him to respond.

  51. What about MacGuire saying how Sjo took down the D behind the net before he scored? I don’t care how pissed off Philly was, Sjo didn’t take the guy down.

    What can you say about Avery. Sather gets big pass if Avery keeps this up. What a different team from 3 weeks ago.
    Let’s go Rangers!!!

  52. McGuire is the flip flop king. He has so many opinions, and he loses track of them as the current events and weather patterns change.

  53. didja notice this quote from Flyers Dman Coburn in regards to hitting Antropov:

    “It was retaliation,” Coburn said. “I was kind of protecting myself.

    “I thought he was going to come at me again.”

    you clearly see Antropov just skating down the ice looking ahead not even paying attention to Coburn until stick hit the side of his head.

  54. Watch the replay guys, I think Nitty’s stick catches the defensman and that’s why he falls. Can someone confirm this? His stick was really close to the defensman’s feet on the replays.

  55. That warrants a suspension. At least a game. I love that Dropkick Murphy’s song too. Very happy Daniel Murphy chose it for his batting music.

  56. I must be losing my mind, because I don’t understand how the Girardi situation is confusing. He jumped the guy, that warrants an instigator. Since when do instigators not come with a 10-minute misconduct?

  57. Mako, thanks for posting that link. I’d be very surprised if Coburn didn’t get suspended a game or so. That is exactly the kind of hit to the head that the league is cracking down on. Sure, high sticks happen, and I can attest to that from personal experience. Not all get called. Last night in the Phoenix game there was a high stick I saw, and everyone else in the building saw, but the refs missed. It happens. No excuse for that kind of retaliation.

    Big props to the Rangers PP today which actually scored and took advantage of penalties like that. Most of the time, teams can run/slash/trip/whatever to us because if they take the penalty, they know we won’t score on the PP. It takes away the deterrent effect.

    Avery is a monster. His physical play generates chances. Most impressive of all: Avery is one of the only players I can think of that has played his best in a NYR uniform. Most people come here to retire, or play like crap to the point that we trade them for a bag of pucks, only to become stars on a subsequent squad. Avery plays his best for us.

  58. in response to:

    March 15th, 2009 at 10:01 pm
    I must be losing my mind, because I don’t understand how the Girardi situation is confusing. He jumped the guy, that warrants an instigator. Since when do instigators not come with a 10-minute misconduct?”

    i always thought that the instigator rule was just that, an extra 2 minutes for the person who goes after the other person and STARTS the fight.

    what was it? just a game or 2 ago, Orr gets in a fight, gloves pop off at the same time and it’s just 5 each.

    i never thought the instigator came with an automatic 10 minute misconduct, unless something else happened that warranted it. in the case of Girardi, what i saw wasn’t much of a fight or take down. so again, i don’t understand how he got the extra 10.

    maybe i need to pay more attention to the box scores, but there haven’t even been too many instigator penalties being called in games i’ve watched this year.

    at this point, i’m over it. happy with the win. too bad Boston didn’t help us out.

  59. Quite honestly, I still think we gave St. Louis something to think about a few weeks ago. Oh, and at the end of the day? Atlanta is a good team.

  60. Joe in DE

    Very good point about Avery being one of the few who has come to NY and excelled when so many other bigger names have arrived and tanked abysmally here.

  61. Rule 56(a) of the NHL Rulebook (http://www.nhl.com/rules/rule56.html):

    “A player who is deemed to be the instigator of an altercation shall be assessed an instigating minor penalty, a major for fighting and a ten minute misconduct.”

    One could make an argument that Richards’ and Girardi’s gloves came off at the same time so there should be no instigator, but since the refs considered Girardi to be the instigator, a 2, 5, and 10 is the correct call. Regardless, I applaud Girardi for standing up for his teammate and think he did the right thing, and they said on NBC that he got “a standing ovation” from his teammates when he returned to the bench, so I’m glad to see they felt the same way.

  62. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    mako- richards didnt hit dubinsky in the head, it was shoulder on shoulder. they showed a replay of it during todays game. it was actually funny watchin doobs grab his face like he got hrt. hey at least he got us a call.

    March 15th, 2009 at 6:23 pm
    By the way..right now on the NHL.COM home page…down aways under the “three star” listings from last night…there is a picture of Olli Jnokinen…I swear that he doesnt even look human…

    lol hey kaspar- he is weird lookin. alot of hockey players from europe are. look at afinigenov he looks like a grey alien from area 51

  63. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    truefans- yea the gomez non goal was bs too. the replay shows it hit off his stick. the overhead view showed it but the other camera views made it seem like it was off the glove.

  64. thanks for finding the NHL rule on instigator.
    did not know that it included the extra 10.

  65. My understanding about the instigator call is that at the GM meetings the league decided to crack down on the rule, meaning that you are more likely to get the 10 now than at the start of the season.

    I think that’s why it’s confusing, because it’s a change in enforcement.

  66. Hey Ranger Rick,

    Any notion of changing your name to Tolstoy?


    Your new ID photo is very cute, and so is your reporting.

  67. sorry if this has been posted already.

    “The biggest mover is center Evgeny Grachev, taken 75th overall by the New York Rangers in 2008. Among 2008 draftees on the Future Watch top prospect list, Grachev was 10th. Re-do the draft now and he’s surely go in the mid first round.”


    15. Michael Del Zotto, N.Y. Rangers, 20th overall, 32nd in FW09, minus-2

  68. So, if refs are now enforcing the instigator penalty more; please send Redden out to start a fight- that way he can’t be on the ice as much…

  69. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    Mike A.

    Nice find, been looking for the name of that song since last summer when Dan Murphy was using it as AB music.

  70. Joe in DE

    No prob. It was kinda hard to see, but surely a cross-check to the head like that shouldnt go unpunished. I’ve been whacked in the head once a la McSorley style. I’ve checked on NHL.com to see if he was suspended. And nothing so far…

  71. Hey gang,,
    Dont know if anyone else remembers hearing or reading about this but…

    During the GM meetings there was this short item; mixed in with several other items that the GMs were discussing

    I cant remember which site I was on (NHL>COM< TSN< ESPN??)

    but anyway…it said they were discussing the possibility of paying a portion of a players salary when attempting to trade them….

    I wonder if there was any headway on that..or if it was for the next CBA

    Jane or Rick do you crazy kids remember hearing anything on that?

    I’ll search for the article if not

  72. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    I have to admit, Avery has been very, VERY good.

    Coming from me, an avid Avery detractor; I’m left eating a lot of crow. I hope he can keep it up.

  73. Two things baffle me these days…

    1)How did Mike Mibury go from worlds biggest idiot to one of the respected voices of the NHL??

    2)When and how did Doodie Machetto get a royal pre-fix added to his name??? (The Esteemed)…and yes…notice how I do not question how he got the name Doodie in the first place

  74. Kaspar
    March 16th, 2009 at 10:26 am

    its mentioned at the very bottom of this TSN.ca article



    Reading all of that makes me wish they would just leave the GD game alone. Why should teams pick up a balance when they trade a player? That is hurting the cap on teams even more. But in a case like Redden, it would be perfect.

  75. Kaspar
    March 16th, 2009 at 10:36 am
    Two things baffle me these days…

    1)How did Mike Mibury go from worlds biggest idiot to one of the respected voices of the NHL??

    2)When and how did Doodie Machetto get a royal pre-fix added to his name??? (The Esteemed)…and yes…notice how I do not question how he got the name Doodie in the first place



    To answer your questions #1 Milbury is still a bonehead and no one I know likes him at all. Im sure everyone in the NHL thinks he’s a joke too. He’s like the NHL jester.

    #2 I think after Rick quoted him a few times in his posts he felt a little self pat on the back and gave himself that name LOL

  76. I called Doodie that. He made an observation that I mentioned in a post without attributing it to a specific poster, and he said I could call him Mr. Machetto if I felt uncomfortable using the word Doodie.

    I edited the post to call him “the esteemed Doodie Machetto.”

    He earned it.

    And now, off to practice!

  77. Jane and Mako

    Once agian…all confusing events, all mind-bending riddles and all chaos gets settled on this hockey blog

    Now…Where should I put my tiny 401K??

  78. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    I only have “The Esteemed” on my work computer.

    I have to admit, as much as I miss Sam’s occasional wry commentry, Jane and Rick are doing a fantastic job.

    Carp does the editorials, Jane does the facts. It’s a GREAT 1-2. Hat’s off to both of you.

  79. yoyoyo


    After last season I wanted either Avery or Jagr back and got neither :( Then Renney and his gameplan and lack of accountability started to annoy me and I really wanted him fired.

    Now Renney is gone and Avery is back!

  80. Adam and his Apple on

    might just be me but how many of you want jane to post a picture with her and nothing but a rangers jersey on?

  81. Adam and his Apple on

    might just be me but how many of you want jane to post a picture with her and nothing but a rangers jersey on?

  82. Not a big fan of NBC or Versus, but I did like Eddie O (Edzo?) giving the Rangers props by saying how they’re a different team now, not only with a coaching change, but by adding 2 top 6 forwards and a good defenseman. As a fan, they are fun to watch again.

  83. A handful of the people here should be respectful towards Jane and quit the chauvinistic comments.

    This is a NY Rangers blog, not a construction site.

  84. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    noonan- just think back to about 2 months ago. when renny was the coach and our skill was only exceeded by our size and grit(thats a joke). now look at where we are now, with just a few minor trades, avery and torts as our new coach, it seems like we are a whole new team. i used to watch games nervously and waiting for time to run out. i knew that the team at any time was fragile and could give up 1 goal and it could turn into a blowout. i had no faith in renny even though i did like the guy, i just thought he didnt have what it took to get the team to the playoffs let alone past the 2nd round. i do think we wouldve gotten out of that bad slump but still he was no way getting this team to play hard as they could every night. i honestly believe the team coasted thru games to get him fired. still, im glad he was now, because even if we lose a game now, i feel good knowing torts is back there and he wont let guys get away with anything. and when was our last ot/shootout win? most games we score 3-4 and somebody said that under torts we are scoring an avg. of a gpg more now. and we still have some weak links on d but weve been able to get thru it most of the time with gettin that extra goal or 2 now. now when i watch games, i am not hopin for time to run out, im waiting to see which ranger is gonna score next. even our 4th line has gotten more production. now i dont know how far this team can go in the playoffs but with a full season next year for torts to work with, i think if we can dump reden, naslund and maybe zherdev if he gets an offer sheet i take the picks, even though i like him hes too unreliable, that we can sign some new guys and get grachev, anisimov, dane byers, and sags up here and kinda start fresh with a new coach and system. i think even drury if stripped of the c can maybe play a little easier. hes not cut out for it, give it to gomez. anyway, im very excited bein a ranger fan again, and give truefans, kaspar, ford, wd40, salty, credit for bein right about some things here on the blog.

  85. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25) on

    Carp or Jane:

    What is the Ranger’s powerplay percentage now with Tortorella as coach vs. under Renney. I’m curious and am clueless at math. Thanks.

  86. czechthemout!!!!! on


    They are 8 out of 42. That translates to 19.04% vs. I believe about 14% under the old “coach”.

  87. Watching this team is like night and day now. Its the same team but they are playing like they were at the beginning of the season. And like noonan said, I kinda have a sneaky suspicion that they coasted to get him fired too. Other than the Carolina game they are scoring goals and getting better chances. They are scoring on those loose pucks around the net too, as they didnt before. I really like what I see from them. Someone said that many ppl are saying the Rangers are going to be the “Dark Horse” of the playoffs if they make it in. Im hoping he is right.

  88. 1st off…one of the best games I’ve seen the Rangers play.
    2nd…I swear I will loose my flippin mind if I ever see a poster complain about the Esteemed Sam and Joe. We are lucky to have them! The morons calling the game are an embarrassement. Horrible! How on gods green earth does Emerick win awards? He sucks!!! I can’t wait to see the game on MSG tomorrow! I can’t wait to hear Sam call the game and Joe to comment…I can’t flippin wait!
    The absolutely camera angles NBC used esp on the PP were enough to make me throw crap at the TV!!! What the hell is wrong with just showing the game, why these fancy stupid angles on the PP?
    Don’t even get me started on the absolutely gay “Star Cam”
    How freaking pathetic are these people?

  89. Based on goaltending alone – I would rather face Washington in the first round rather than Devils or Boston.JMHO

  90. Based on goaltending alone – I would rather face Washington in the first round rather than Devils or Boston.JMHO

  91. NYRanger4Life
    i have seats in 115
    the players wives/girlfriends/goomah sit in that area, i had a similar story when i booed Malik last season and his dad was sitting right in front of me.

    PS gotta love what avery brings to the table every game

  92. Quietly hoping the Habs make the playoffs as I am gonna be in Montreal the last week of April for Can Am Tourney – Awesome atomsphere up there when the playoffs roll around- But, we have to kick some Canadian A** on Tues- LGR!!!

  93. Tex's Rangers on

    they are my rangers, they are your rangers, they are OUR rangers, if we make the playoffs, we win the cup, its that simple

  94. Gerry

    yeah on goaltending alone LOL I think Washington is the LAST team I would want the Rangers to face in the playoffs.

  95. Agreed. Provided we get in (which I think we will), I’d prefer to play Was and Bos over the Devils or even Pitt. That being said, I don’t like picking opponents b/c you should always be careful what you wish for.

  96. No Country For Old Rangers on

    NBC- Bring back fox’s glowing puck and laser slapshot trackers!

    Is Avery eligible to win the Hart?

  97. Richards hit on Zherdev was clean – the puck was sitting next to his skates! Zherdev needs to keep his f’en head up and throw an unexpected shoulder back at him…

    Also, I’m glad obviously that we got the call, but those shenanigans that Dubi pulled are crap. I would expect that kind of crap from Cindy not Dubs.

  98. I wonder which Hab is going to make a statement by going after Sean? You know, they’re at home, they got booed off the ice by their own fans last game and they are going to want to win them over again.
    I think Greg Stewart or Komisarek.

    When Avery scores and contributes, it amplifies their hostility. Reading some Canadian (as in the nation, not the team) sports blogs on Avery, lots of talk on how Avery ‘ruined ‘ yesterday’s game, but not a single mention of the dangerous stick to head hit on Antropov.
    Kind of shows where the minds of the Avery haters are, and there are a ton of them in the stands at Bell Centre.

  99. As a fan…all you ask for is that your team plays in meaningful games at the end of the year…and that they are competitive in them…

    We got that…this is the playoffs..Montreol, Buffalo, home and home vs Philly…its great stuff

    Keep up the good work Jane and Rick

  100. No Country For Old Rangers
    March 16th, 2009 at 1:08 pm
    NBC- Bring back fox’s glowing puck and laser slapshot trackers!

    Bring back Peter Puck!

    Rick and Jane-great job.

  101. ORR – yes, he’s been sidelined with a back injury. Somehow I don’t see Laraque getting involved, he seems to only bother with heavyweights, but if he is back he might want to re-assert himself.
    I’m totally in agreement on Sean’s impact and hope the Habs get a bit bent out of shape. So many of his detractors will simply not admit he is a good hockey player, and that shows that their bias is over the top.

  102. 22figure8

    If you remember peter Puck maybe you remember this..

    The NBA used to have a series of 1 on 1 games that were done in the pre-season and aired at halftime all year long..until they showed the grand finale..( this was satired hysterically on SNL with a Connie Hawkins VS. Paul Simon match=up to “me and Julio””)

    One of the years NBC had the NHL they tried to duplicate the NBA with a 1 on 1 competition between skaters…they had a year long competition on NHL goaltenders as well…I’d love to find out who won that…If I’m remembering correctly they called it “the Shoot out”

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