Let’s do this now, and again later


Fourteen games left. Home-and-home against the Flyers today and tomorrow. Home-and-home against the Flyers April 9-12. And 10 games in between.

I think it’s safe to say that these four against the Flyers are going to go a long, long way in determining the Rangers’ fate.

In between:

at Montreal Tuesday (third in four nights).
Buffalo March 21.
Ottawa March 22 (rare back-to-backs at home). 
Minnesota March 24 (the only non-conference game left; shootout or OTL points allowed don’t matter).
at Atlanta March 26.
at Pittsburgh March 28.
Devils March 30. 
at Carolina April 2.
at Boston April 4.
Montreal April 7.

So some games against teams more desperate or as desperate as the Rangers are/will be; some against teams they can’t catch; some against teams who are their direct competition for playoff spots.

I know, that’s Mike Milbury-esque analysis. But it’s reality, and to try to emphasize one game over another is idiotic at this point. Also to try and determine which games might be Rangers wins or Rangers losses makes no sense, especially since we know they can beat top teams and lay eggs against bottom-feeders.

But, obviously, having four against an arch-rival in such a short stretch makes them crucial. 

PS, I expect Nik Zherdev to react positively from his benching the other night, and to be a force down the stretch. Don’t mis-read Tortorella’s intent. He’s not saying he doesn’t want or like Zherdev. He’s saying he expects much more from him. This is his way of getting it.

Is anybody else looking to an annoy-athon between Sean Avery and the Flyers’ new pest, Daniel Carcillo?

I also think the NHL’s GMs might see a staged fight or two, and perhaps even one of those late-game donnybrooks if any of these four get out of hand.

Finally, I wish I was in Philly even if only for Lauren Hart’s national anthem, the best in sports.


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  1. It’s just ashame the Rangers don’t have enough guys with mean steaks that can go with the cryers. Orr should be very busy in these games.Don’t the Rangers have a tough guy in Hartford they can bring up?Maybe next year we will have enough toughness to go heads up with the cyers and devils.

  2. i am truly looking forward to this at home, home series against the Flyers. If we can take both games, it will be a huge momentum shifter for us.

    I do not see it as impossible, but it will not be easy. I believe Torts need to roll 4 lines this weekend and keep those shifts short. We also have to play 60 minutes of hockey against them.

    Let’s go Rangers!!

  3. Rick,
    I think its tues.
    that would be Flyers tomorrow, Sunday and Montreal monday?

  4. Carp….

    Nothing new from the Rangers ? I heard about that Zherdev didn´t talk to the media yesterday after practice after smashing a stick at the boards..Seems to be that he is little bit under the weather probably demoted to the third line…

    Do you have anything about that..it is still 53 minutes left…..

  5. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    VinceA- How are you my friend? Nice to see you posting here. All we need is Lennynyr and we’re in buisness. To answer your question,they don’t any healthy tough guys down in Hartford left. Justin Soryal is injured and Dane Byers who was sent down for no reason by the old regime and promptly injured by a knee on knee by some no talent goon is out until the second round of the AHL playoffs.

  6. Torts is also very hard on Naslund, didnt play to his potentials. Torts said that he saw him on other teams and that he should upending his play…

  7. 8 point game this weekend. Im going to the game April 9th – I think. My gf said she was getting me tix for my bday LOL We’ll see how that goes.

    Anyway. Im excited to these games. I think they have a great chance of winning now with Torts behind the net. Man, if there was a man who would be perfect to coach them for these two games its him.

    I would really have loved to see him with the team the entire year and see where they would be going into today’s game.

    Any news on how LQ feels? If he is going to play in the back to back games?

  8. very good news from the Rangers…

    King Henrik had a full plate of Spaghetti Pasta for pregame meal and he enjoys having a full meal before the game :)

  9. Rick,

    Don’t tell John Amirante about your anthem thoughts. We need him if we make the playoffs.

  10. Adam from Chicago on

    I think Rancourt in Boston and Cornelison in Chicago are better, but to each his own.

  11. big news in canada is that glen sather bailed out the oilers owner, pocklington (SP) by throwin up a piece of property worth 1 mil bucks as security.

    link provided in name.

  12. TSN Has A Crosboner on

    Forget about keeping your fingernails this weekend boys and girls, this weekend will make or break the season!

  13. I think this is their second real test under Torts… the first being the 3-0 debacle against Carolina (Don’t mention Boston… they didn’t have a goalie… it was a garbage win).

    How they respond in these two games will tell us everything.

  14. TSN Has A Crosboner on

    Paul – i’m in Canada too and its funny how everyone on TSN’s site jokes about how Sather expects to pay Redden if he keeps bailing Pocklington out of jail…

  15. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone know where I can find the game online? I’m stuck at work today. adthe.net and channelsurfing.com both aren’t carrying it. It also looks like justin.tv doesn’t have anyone hosting it either.

  16. Tony Bennett on

    Jim Cornelison in Chicago is great too when it comes to the anthem. he and Lauren are the best

  17. tsn –
    you in toronto?
    im up here today and tomorrow and then going to niagara for a couple days.
    gonna hit up rom and the island for a few (i have friends w/ us) and then prolly go skate @ the square.

  18. NY Rangers Examiner on

    Two very important games for the Rangers…need at least 1 win, but 2 would be huge

  19. Unfortunately, the wig cant carry a note anymore. Its a shame. They really should get someone new. I know they have their loyalty, but when you sing the Anthem off key and shaky its time to retire. Sorry John.

  20. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the Bench!! says Greg L. on

    Let’s go Rangers!!!!!!!! WHOOHOOOOOOOOOO gametime!!!!

  21. tsn
    in my head i do
    im here quite often
    at least 2x a year
    i work up here on occasion doin body modification.

    hamilton is nice. id really love to live up here. if i did live anywhere it would be forest hills but i think thats anyones dream place to live. niagara on the lake is a close second. but i can only afford mississagua (sp)

  22. TSN Has A Crosboner on

    Yeah, depends on where you work really. Burlington/Milton are awesome too.


  23. NY Rangers Examiner on

    I thought so too Mako, but it really couldve went either way, since he did catch the puck and the skates

  24. What the HECK on

    Does anyone know where to find the game? Or the password to Puchheaven or Rags?

  25. HockeymanRangers on

    Has any one tried the link that is on the NY Rangers web site. I havn’t tried it in a while, my only suggestion,
    What the heck.

  26. TSN,

    I was born in Hamilton (Or the Hammer as I’ve heard it called) and now live in Orlando, FL. I still have tons of family up there though.

  27. Mako,
    I second that. Morris has really been solid for us and has been a smart and effective defensemen

  28. funny.
    all thep positive talke about Morris
    and then he doesn’t make the simple play
    and we’re on the PK

    otherwise, i’ve been happy with him.

  29. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Some thoughts on the game thus far-

    I hate that freakin brillo-pad mullet sticking out of hartnell’s head

    Has Dubinsky scored this season? I can’t remember.

  30. TSN Has A Crosboner on

    Copps Coliseum, yes!

    We just had Nickelback and Motley Crue thru in 1 week…still very active there. AHL Hamilton Bulldogs play out of there (Montreal affil)

  31. TSN,

    CHML… used to be a country station right? My Uncle used to be a DJ for them… hated the coutry music though.


    Copps coliseum right?

    Yeah, I still keep in touch with most of the family up there… You know any Monte’s or McDonald’s.

  32. TSN Has A Crosboner on

    I don’t think CHML had been a country station, its been news/talk for like 80 years, but did play tunes before the government regulation forced them to choose a side.

    820 CHAM was the country station, its now a talk station but they kept the same DJ’s from the country format – its awful.

  33. No Country For Old Rangers on

    “We just had Nickelback and Motley Crue thru in 1 week”

    I’m sorry to hear that TSN

  34. TSN Has A Crosboner on

    Haha, sad but true.

    However its always nice to get 15,000+ in the city for a night.

  35. hmmmm,

    Could be wrong about the CHML. My uncle was also the arena PA announcer for the Ti-Cats for a bit.

  36. Three things about Lauren Hart, for those who commented:
    1) She’s the late Gene Hart’s daughter (I know, that is not endearing to you guys).
    2) She has recovered from very serious cancer, and her voice isn’t as great as it once was.
    3) She told me to promise to never, ever tell anybody that she’s a fan of another team, not the Flyers (so I won’t tell you which team, and you can’t tell anybody else. Let’s just say, you’d like her for this. But don’t tell anybody).

  37. I have found myself surprisingly agreeing with Carp on a lot of things but Hart’s anthem? Having to suffer through that Philly skank’s rendition was infuriating. She wasn’t particularly good, and why did MSG show it? They rarely, if ever, catch the anthem. You want good anthems look at Amirante, the cop who usually does Yankee games that they had in the Garden once, or tapes of Roger Doucet. This woman had nothing on any of them and definitely was a far cry from fat Kate Smith.

  38. Carp,

    I’ve read Gene Hart’s book (one of them if he has more) and have met him before. He’s a real legend… even though he was a Flyers guy… he was still a class act.

  39. Morris needs to just get it out of the zone on that penalty… he had a play maybe not a great play but you go north…..

    philly has more firepower then us, we cannot give them as many opptys…..

  40. Dapuzzo looked like he was real scared after what he just said about Renney. Ha. He was thinking to himself, “Did I just put myself and my family in danger?”. Haha.

  41. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the Bench!! says Greg L. on

    I usually get to hear the versus ( Lame) anouncers but today i’m getting Joe and Sam on MSG…have to admit when I heard Sam and Joe say ,when Philthy Philly scored…” It’s that quik!!”…yeah with 3 mins left in the first…!!?? Come on…If Torts can tell his players to not over respect the other team , why can’t those two bozos do the same? Torts should go down there at the intermision and slap both those two knuckheads. Other than that and a few other things it is a refreshing game to watch when MSG plays the game..

    Torts is so cool that he benches one of my fav players and wont use him on the PK anymore and barely on the pp…buries him on the 3rd line … and I still think hes doing an awsome job!!! Torts is the kinda guys that if he slept with your sister , then your mother and then cheated with your wife , you would still borrow him $5 for condoms!!

    Time for more action coming up in the second period…

  42. HockeymanRangers on

    philly has more firepower then us, we cannot give them as many opptys…..

    Your right that and Hank has to play REAL big

  43. hey TSN

    stepped away during intermission.

    saw the Grateful Dead at Copps Coliseum back in 92
    loved the place and atmosphere!
    ended up parking right across the street both nights
    and because they blocked off the one way road before the show
    i ended up leaving the lot andturning the wrong way after the show
    both nights!

  44. TSN Has A Crosboner on

    Riche’ – who was your uncle? I’ve been in the Hammer my whole life…

  45. nice to know that Copps is still around
    and not replaced by some sort of glass structure,
    corporate dome

  46. Scotty

    WTF is wrong with you? The woman survived cancer… No reason to call her a skank.

  47. Dapuzzo was always class, I rarely remember calling for his head. And I thought that was a nice, respectful thing to do to thank Renney. I hope Dap ends up doing something good in administration …

  48. what really blows my mind while watching this game is
    that it looks as if all the Flyers players are Antropov size yet they’ve got skills.

    my sister has nicknamed Antropov
    Bam Bam

  49. TSN Has A Crosboner on

    Yeah, Copps has a great atmosphere for Hockey too. Saw all the ’87 and ’91 Canada Cups games there, and watched the Bulldogs win the Calder Cup a few years ago. Great when its sold out!

  50. TSN,

    His name is Bill Kelly (maybe Kelley). Ended up being a Congressman or whatever the Canadian equivalent is.

  51. Copps was friken loud during the Pearl Jam shows I saw. Back in 2006 I think. The way the crowd sang every lyric to Jeremy was insane!!! I hate hearing that song live becuase it’s so overplayed but that version was one of my all-time favorites.

    By the way…


  52. TSN,

    funny huh? I really like Hamilton… I know people call it the armpit or whatever but hangin out in Hess Village is a blast. The people are nice and I love how the city is set-up. Half on the hill, half off.

  53. Don’t lose it here, boys!

    Also… Morris, please shave your chin thing. It looks stupid.

  54. What the HECK on

    Does anyone know the password to get into Rags site? I crave hockey right now.

  55. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Man, Naslund SO doesn’t have it anymore. What was Sather smoking in the off season?

  56. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Did you see Naslund ask the Flyer if he was ok?

    Come on man, this isn’t a rec league. So what if you clipped him? It’s part of the game damn it.

  57. bullshit call, it went from his hand, deflected off his knee and into the net

    f’ing stupid call

  58. anyone remember when girardi was the only defenseman besides mara who could get the puck through to the net from the point? i miss those days…every one of his shots gets blocked now

  59. HockeymanRangers on

    Yep it’s going to happen, Zherdy gets one today he is really handling the puck. NOW HE HAS TO JUST A FINISH THROUGH.

  60. i, on my 42 inch lcd tv, can see that it went off gomez’s knee after his hand, but toronto can’t…amazing

  61. i’m surprised they’re not calling a penalty on avery for being smashed face-first into the boards

  62. I hate refs… all of them.

    In every sport.

    In every decade that has been or will be.

    On every planet in the universe.

    In every dimension over the course of time itself.




  63. Really putting some pressure on now. Someone’s gotta get something soon if they can keep it up.

  64. Anyone else screaming at their TV for the last 2 hours! I swear I have to watch games like these alone.

  65. that was a goal. it was off GOmez right knee. the war room are friggin morons.. when have the rangers ever gotten the benefit of the doubt.

    IT WAS OFF HIS RIGHT KNEE. Even when the PP looks great they cannot score.. can redden be any more casual????Dubinsky could not score if they had no goalie….

  66. Dubinsky told Carter, “I am coming after you.”. You could totally read his lips.

  67. looks like my computer froze
    right at the same time that
    the goal judges in Toronto all took a
    gulp of a slushie and received multiple
    Brain Freeeeeeze

    the angle from the face off circle showed that it hit Gomez’s stick.

    besides, i thought, as we learned the other day in Carolina, that you can’t score a goal when a hand pass happens and there is no call on the ice
    but i didn’t think that a goal could be disallowed if it bounces off of you, even if it is glove.

  68. Bench Redden!

    Bench Blowszival!

    Bench Zherdev!


  69. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Sure would be nice to see our fearless leader, Captain Houdini do something in the 3rd

  70. how come michelletti cannot see it was off his knee?????

    I am watching it on non HD and I saw it. BTW I am watching it on none HD because cablevision screwed DirecTV.

    that was a friggin GOAL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  71. Nasty

    He said it to Richards. Richards elbowed him in the face. And yeah LOL you can completely read his lips. LOL

  72. omigod!!
    switched over for a second to see what’s up with
    the Bruins/isles game
    and the organ grinder just played
    The Chicken Dance

    ooooo, embarassing!!

  73. I have a bad feeling that we take an early penalty, probably a careless one, and the flowers score on the PP. I hope I am wrong. We needs win! We need points! Bad! Let’s go rangers! Prove me wrong. Please.

  74. Rangers should be ahead 3-2. a bs call on Gomez, and then Z should have scored

    they outplayed the flyers the last half of that period

  75. Redden is atrocious, but that’s just stating the obvious…

    and if there was any game that SCREAMED for a big time clutch goal it’s this one, but I guess “Captain Clutch” Dreary must be saving them for the playoffs…I mean it’s not like we’re paying him $7 mill for regular season goals right?

  76. im going tomorrow, lets hope we come back today and im looking forward to a few fights tomorrow. tomorrow should be a playoff-like atmosphere right?

  77. You guys need to take off the blue glasses. There was no conclusive evidence whatsoever that could overturn the call on the ice. None. That was the correct call by the video people. It might have been wrong on the ice, but it couldn’t be overturned based on what video showed.

    But the ref needs to explain it better to the home crowd and those watching on TV.

  78. They need points from this game. Great effort at the end of that period, but of course an odd-man rush that Redden allows ends up in our net. They teach this crap in mites to the D. Pinch only if someone is covering for you. He’s horrendous. Good thing we only have 5 more years left. ouch!

  79. This is pathetic, they’re making Biron look so much better than he is, it’s sad.

    Unfortunately if Nyr manages to win this, it will be in OT, or the shootout, i cant see them getting a regulation win in this one. Not with morons like Rozi, Redden, Dreary, Naslund, and company screwing it up for the guys that are working their asses off, led by Hank. Pathetic.

    I hope Torts is ripping these losers apart, cause this is ridiculous. How many open nets did they miss out on ?

    I cant argue Gomer’s non goal, maybe the ref saw that he punched it in, so what are you gonna do ??

    Hopefully they have a better 3rd period and capitalize on their fuggin chances. We need these two points.

  80. Rick

    No way,, Again off a regular non HD TV I saw it clears as the day go off GOmez right knee…

    WHy have toronto if they f-ck up all the time?????

    Bull crap, montreal gets that call all day long………

  81. i’m still stumped that toronto didn’t see it go off gomez’s knee into the net

    hand -> knee -> net

    that’s a goal. sorry, toronto is incompetent

  82. Am I the only one who thinks Zherdev isn’t responding to his benching with a lot of positive energy? A couple poor decisions, slow to back check, not skating into the corners…. etc. I hate to pick on the guy but I’ve definitely keyed into his play all game.

  83. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i hate redden. he is so soft he should be a frickin figure skater. doobs, please score a goal soon!!!!!!!!!! its too long man. zherdev- with all your fancy moves, can you figure out how to lift a puck off the ice?????????? ok now lets tie it up in the 3rd. torts runnin the pp huh? looks like crap even though that last 1 wasw good. cmon torts get these guys mad!!!!!!!! i know they’ll tie it, i got faith in torts and the boys. get naslund outta here hes garbage

  84. orr,

    it doesn’t matter what the ref sees when it’s reviewed…it matters what toronto sees

    the only thing the ref has to do with a review is his call on the ice

    toronto should have seen that it went hand -> knee (no kicking motion) -> net


  85. now we will hear all the friggin excuses for calling off the goal… non conclusive…..

    what do the yneed an affadavit?????????


    toronto blah blah blah, company line crap..IT WAS A GOAL.

  86. it’s not directv. it’s ahole Dolan. he stopped them from showing the HD feeds on the Center Ice package, even to people who live far outside the cablevision area, like Calif.

  87. I live in Calif. and I had the HD feed turned off about a month ago. Like I can buy cablevison here in LA…WHat a joke..

    Almost as abig a joke as the officiating in the NHL… Non conclusive why not look at the 5 feeds you already have>>>>>>>>>>>>

  88. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    orr- they need a damn sniper and zherdev is not one!!!!!!!!! youre right, we need to pop like 2 or 3 of those in. we’ll tie it, but dont know about winning. hopefully at home tommorow they can be better. im not talkin about their effort. im talkin about puttin the damn puck in, and also givin staal and morris more ice and less for redden and girardi

  89. HockeymanRangers on

    Yea we definitely got rooked on that goal

    But we are ok we have to continue the pressure,keep it in our end and Hank has to stay big.

    You know this is not good to say but here it goes, win or loose this Rangers team is really playing good hockey right now. Tort’s system is really working for us, maybe it’s just the system I like. But this is fun hockey to watch win or loose.

    They are showing the replay I am not so sure it hit his glove first, but maybe that’s it if it had been called a goal to begin with they probably would not have turned it over to no goal. The difference is what the ref called it on the ice. But it still sucks could have gone either way

  90. at least avery rocked coburn (who is about a foot taller cleanly) after coburn picked on him last period

  91. since we’re on the subject of

    isn’t Kovalev a UFA this summer?
    do you think it would be Sather move to bring him in since he, like Avery, loves New York?

    Z or Kovy?

  92. HockeymanRangers on

    You see how fast the get a shot on net, they don’t pause and set the puck up they just shoot. That is what we have to do more. Avery does get a quick shot off, the rest of the team needs to start.

  93. Rick,
    all due respect.
    i’m not being a homer here.
    it looked like it went off the stick not glove
    when you looked at the angle from the blue line.



  95. isn’t biron going to tie the wins record tod-…oh wait, he sucks playing any team against the rangers

  96. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i cant watch this crap. im baffled how redden can suck so much. then zherdev gets a nice chance cant score. we lost this one.

  97. okay
    now i realize that the forum will not print
    sighs if i put ’em in less than/more than signs

  98. waive Redden

    bring Anisimov up for Korpedo

    I love Dubi, but someone with 8 goals should not be leading our forwards in ice time

    I’d love to see Torts call out Drury

  99. Anyone think the Rangers can make a case to get a share of the Obama relief package to buy out the remainder of Redden’s contract? He is a natural disaster.

  100. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    at this point i would love if zherdev and redden and naslund all got canned . they all suck

  101. i’m guess something must be wrong, physically, with Drury that the team is not reporting.
    makes no sense that he wouldn’t be at practice
    and possibly a reason why he’s given up some shots.

  102. If Zherdev can get benched why not Redden- he is the difference in this game, and not in a good way…

    I mean, imagine being his D partner, wouldn’t you be totally P*ssed at him?

    This is utterly unacceptable play…and the sad thing is that it isn’t new…what is wrong with him?

    Now, fine Biron has played great- but good teams find a way around that. But, with Redden’s horrible play there is no way to win in this type of game. Seriously, why not send him down.

  103. Hey, at least Redden is consistent. I can’t stand watching that guy. If he’s around for another 5 years, I’m going to request to be traded.

  104. Drury hasn’t been much better for his price…someone posted this in another thread- take away his points against the Isles and he has like 33 points this year

  105. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    aaron freakin assham scores on hank but our best players cant buy a freakin goal against this turd goalie.

  106. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    every goal philthy scored was an odd man rush either by redden pinching or just screwing up

  107. That replay. Redden coasting… ok hit in the corner. STOOD THERE AND WATCHED the play unfold in front of him and acted when it was too late. SIT THE BUM TORTS!!!

  108. Nik Antropov is, and always has been a pylon. Remember that Lays commercial where Messier joins the pylons? That was based off of Nik Antropovs life even though he was only 10 years old at the time.

  109. HockeymanRangers,

    you are right to an extent- but you can’t have a top D guy play that way…

  110. HockeymanRangers on

    As to my last post I should have said ” Avery get out there and do your job” LOL

  111. biron also got the benefit of a crappy call by the ref

    gomez did NOT direct the puck into the net with his hand. biron deflected the puck up into gomez, the puck hit his hand while he was gripping the stick, and then it bounced off his knee and then into the goal

    sorry, if war room can’t see that, then they are biased

  112. okay
    since only person is biting on the Zherdev vs. Kovalev thing….
    and it really wouldn’t surprise me if Glenn get him, based on previous signings.

    i’m looking at the Rangers vs. Flyers vs. Devils vs. Islanders
    and i just look at how pathetic our scouting staff is
    as far as getting young talent and talent in general.
    yes, i know we’re pleased with work ethic of Dubi, Calahan, Staal, Girardi…..
    we don’t have a Parise, Carter, Richards…..

    man, it’s just frustrating.

  113. The Wolfpack play tonight @ 7pm at home….please tell me one of the D-men is a healthy scratch…

  114. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    we better come out tommorow and kill these bastards. im sick of losing

  115. Hockeman,

    Avery is doing his job- everyone is doing their job (more or less, and you can debate that).

    But Redden has led to the difference in this game… it would maybe be 1 to 1 or even 2 to 1 without him….

    But this might be a hill too high to climb…he should not play.

  116. True Blue

    10000% agreed. You have to wonder though that to save Sather’s ego and bad signing he probably told Torts to play him no matter what. There is NO reason why Redden cant sit. He has been AWFUL today and that horrible play was the direct result of 2 goals.

  117. Well… there’s always tomorrow lol

    Now on the tee… from New York City… The Rangers.

  118. Do they one of those “Hockey Condo” things on MSG tonight- we should all just write in: why is redden playing? like 3,000 times…

    well, that goal didn’t help….

  119. HockeymanRangers on

    I would love to see a Hartford player brought up, even if it’s just for one game. Maybe it would get the Dubinski, Drury, Nausland going.

  120. Redden has to be waived, bought out, beaten or something this off-season.

    I can’t watch this jack-hole play for 5 years in a Blueshirt.

  121. look
    i’m not a Redden fan
    but he did what Torts wants
    he pinched in on the plays.

    first one, he did but no one backed him up
    second, he pinched and wasn’t able to keep the puck in
    the zone.

  122. HockeymanRangers on

    That’s were Lundi needs to step up, I know we can’t blame him 100% but if we continue to play this style those are the ones he has to stop.

    Hate to give in here but, we HAVE to get them tomorrow.

    OH my god I take it back. AAAVVVEERRRYYYY. NICE

  123. seriously.
    did Girardi party too hard in Nashville??

    paying no attention Carter going past him!

  124. Game is over, but playing strong here matters.

    Again, no matter the final score Redden handicapped us by 2 goals. He should not play, he should not play…

  125. It is a damn shame that NHL has that idiotic last five minute rule because the Rangers sure as hell should pick a fight right about now. Go out and leave a message going in to tomorrow …

  126. HockeymanRangers on



  127. for those who want Redden benched.
    ain’t gonna happen.
    Tortorella likes something about him
    and with his dislike of having extra players around
    there’s next to no chance a d-man is going to sit during a game.

  128. jpg,

    I’d contest that. Torts isn’t insane or blind, it’s not his call on Redden….it’s Sather.

    I’m quasi-literally sick losing this game because of him…Hank let up one soft one, Biron played well…ok fine, Redden’s ineptitude has no place on ANY NHL team in playoff contention…

  129. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    They suck, plain and simple.

    Every game is a nail biter, waiting for a lucky break or overtime.

    Maybe Zherdev needs eyeglasses if he can’t bury those two gifts he had. Naslund has earned his reduced playing time. Redden made another $83,000 today.

    And I’d give Lauren Hart’s national anthem a C+.

    Enjoy the rest of the day. I won’t.

  130. They didnt come out and bang like they did in Nashville in the 3rd. They had moments. But no killer instinct. Their D shut them down. Cant wait to see the Torts interview.

  131. uggg, we have to route from Fatso to win tonight…

    I’d rather miss the playoffs this year with a good team that gives a good effort and needs some improvement than make it with a c*ncer like Redden around….how can someone in the room not hand it to him? How can they not go code red on him….

  132. My observations. Again toronto is full of cr-p and anyone giving me this conclusive bull is full of cr-p. that is the easy answer.

    ragners outplayed them except at goal.. dubinsky has ano offensive intelligience. watch him play, he passes when he should shoot, shoots when he should pass, and just has no vision…

    redden sucked today, got caught on 2 goals and offensively can he hit the net in my lifetime???Redden had a 3 game renassaince and now he is back to being the worst signing in ranger history by far. roszival is better then redden drunk…

    the rangers cannot score they had a bonanza today they scored 2 should have had 5 but hey they scored 2, whiptydoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  133. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    well, i think with this loss, hopefully we bury them tommorow. at home too. we need a win badly. we should get it. tighten up redden!!!!!!!!!! hank was ok except for the 4th goal. our d is at fault for the other 3. still. hope hank can shut it down and get us a big win tommorow. doobs needs to score its gettin pathetic at this point

  134. philly is a tough team to pinch on, because they have lots of forwards who like to leave the zone early and look for a break, just like they do on their PK

    Rangers have to pick their spots better tomorrow

  135. I’m glad that Drury gets paid like $6.8 million more than me or whatever to do nothing but figure skate. He was useless today. Good for him and 1/3 of his points coming against the Bridgeport Islanders.

    And all of those who want a Hartford player up; Ain’t gonna happen; the Pack played last night, tonight, and tomorrow. Sauer is the most ready out of all of those guys now FYI.

  136. hank got beat high by aron asham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the 1st goal was on a 25 foot rebound right to Hartnell.

    hank got outplayed by a hack and throw in redden and our inept offense and you get a L….count how many shots in a game the ranger d shoots wide or get blocked… redden you figure in 11 years of NHL play he would figure it out, but he sucks.. I do hate redden that is for sure…….

  137. Joe

    Yeah, tell that to Redden. LOL I dont understand why he pinches when he isnt a fast skater. Today’s flubb has happen to him about a dozen times this season. He pinches, players catch him, blow by him and puck is behind LQ.

  138. Fischler adds nothing- they aren’t using Biron tomorrow, the coach already announced Nitimaki (sp is wrong i know) is playing tomorrow…

  139. is there some way for those of us out of metro area and without MSG network
    to watch the post-game interviews, etc.?
    some online site?

  140. Lundqvist made some nice saves but he made 2 big mistakes….

    these announcers are watching another game 1/2 the time..

  141. I love Girardi and he was pretty good today, but did he so something really terrible in the offseason like steal an old lady’s wallet because he’s been getting some bad karma this year.

  142. What a pathetic loss. It seems like Vally is the only goalie that can beat the Flyers, Hank just cant get the job done/ And it’s a proven fact that Hank sucks against Ashams shot, i don’t know what it is, but for some reason he cant stop it, and when he does, he cant control it. And once again he gives up too many goals against this team, which has been his problem against them his whole career thus far. He was good tongith, which sucks, but he gave up on that 4th goal.

    Redden needs to overdose on cocaine and miss the rest of the year. He ruined this whole game with his retarded decisions. What was it, three fuggin times ? What an idiot.

    Naslund sucks, once again he’s invisible for the fifth straight game, and once again Dreary is sleeping. Captain “Clutch” is back to normal, stealing money from the organization so he can spend it on his big house in LA. Fuggin loser !!

    Anyone who is still bitching aboot Avery, you’re an idiot. He’s been one of the best players on this team, and just like he always does, shows the most fuggin heart, everyone else play like they got something better to do.

    They beat the B’s, Preds, and these other teams that they’re not even close with, but they fali to beat the teams that are right next to them in the standings, like the Canes, the Flyers, and maybe even the Habs.

    These losers better hope the Pens, Panthers, and Habs all lose in regulation.

    What a sickening start to the day.

  143. redden is hopeless. he is too slow to recover if he does get caught, so when he pinches it is all or nothing. he needs to sit

  144. philly had 25 giveaway only got 29 shots and gave up 41 and win.. the rangers literally have no finishers NONE.

    yeah asham is underated 7 goals on the season you think he was cam neely based on these bozo’s

  145. BTW I can’t wait for more NBC goodness tomorrow watching the Captain and Tenille oops I mean the amazing Milbury and Macguire while shoving Crosby down our throats and talking about how great a leader Chris Drury is every 20 seconds.

  146. Drury with 2 goals in 21 games since the all-star break…

    Drury with 2 goals in 21 games since the all-star break!

    THOSE 2 GOALS WERE VS. THE ISLES AND COLORADO! they were up by 3 goals when he scored vs. Colorado too…

    we were DYING for a clutch goal today while down 2-1…

    how does “Captain Clutch” still fly under the radar (for the most part) as far as criticism from the media/fans?

  147. Are you kidding Stan, one disallowed goal and one save, that was the difference? It just doesn’t matter if your D pinches at the wrong time and coasts back into the D zone…you could score 5 goals and still lose…

    and MikeA agreed, Girardi has had some rough luck…

  148. One positive note: Avery is ABSOLUTELY the best player in the New York Ranger organization.

    Without a doubt.

  149. stuart, are you seriously suggesting the first Flyer goal was HL’s fault? Carter was in alone, all you can ask the guy to do on an extremely high quality scoring chance is to stop the first shot and he did that.

  150. these team has no finsishers they are 28th or so in scoring..

    they had that 1 or 2 nice PP when Roszi hit the post etc. but there first 2 PP they could not even set up in the zone…

    yeah let’s hear what our new tough guy says, see if dredden see’s less ice time…….I will believe it when I see it………………………….

  151. and Torts- PLEASE call out Redden…you’ve already said Rozsival has been “up-and-down”, it’s time to stop sugar-coating what a disaster Redden is in every aspect

  152. rich

    i want drury gone

    i want gomez to stay

    i want redden gone

    i want morris to stay

    i want Z to stay

    korp can go

    dub should stay (as long as his RFA status doesn’t get him a stupidly huge offer that the rangers have to match)

    cally can stay, 1.5 mill maybe

    ros can go


  153. Orr-haha, that’s tough on Redden and i feel bad laughing at it but haha. True story; I met Redden’s cousin and she’s hot and a hockey player and when she told me she was related to him; i hadda put on the fakest; “oh that’s cool” I have in years.

    Rangers are usually pretty good against Nittimaaki so that’s reassuring.

  154. yeah Rob give up on Korpedo after all he is 22….that is the ranger logic for most of the last 50 years and it has been so so succesful……

  155. Redden, and Rozsival is why this team needs a 7th D-man. Redden stepped up for ONE GAME and that was Torts first game, but ever since then, he is back to normal. Rozi is his same old retarded self, playing scared.

    Bring up Potter, or anyone to push these sad excuses for hockey players.

  156. Redden’s dogging it back into the zone after his stupid pinch just in time to get into the frame as Richards started to celebrate makes me want to puke.

  157. Not to beat this to death … there is no way anybody saw conclusively that that puck hit Gomez’s stick with the replays they showed on MSG. And if it hit the glove then the knee, as some of you claim to have seen conclusively, it still is not a goal.

    Plus I still can’t believe there are consipracy theorists who think the NHL doesn’t want the Rangers in the playoffs … especially since NBC obviously wants this seventh, eighth, ninth-place team on TV as much as possible.

  158. Brain surgeons goals overwhelmingly are scored from 5 feet away..

    look at the philly goals; hartnell open net 10 feet away, richards from 2 feet, asham from a foot, and the softie henrik gave up from 15 ft away with no screen.

    you can count the goals that score from 20 + feet away with no screen…The rangers have not figured this out… How complicated is it??????????

  159. Rob @ 3:50- agree with all…imagine the future of this team with Redden/Roz/Drury all gone, the roster we have now, and that $19.5 million of cap space to spend…I think almost every NYR fan would take that

  160. 13 games left, we have to play 8 and 5 or better to make it, by my rough estimates…this game really hurt.

  161. Yeah Orr you’re right. After Torts had his “talk” he had one good SOLID game and started to play a little bit better. These last two he was awful.

  162. stuart, look at the replay. Carter took the shot right inside the faceoff dot. That ain’t 30+ feet or even close to it.

  163. rick you telling me that Montreal does not get the calls?????

    No friggin way I have the package for 5 years they steal more home games then Madoff stole money..

    Again I saw it hit off GOmez right knee, I am 20 100 in 1 eye.. how complicated is it??WHy continue to make excuses for hacks who are incompetent??

    And to say it had no affect on the game is laughable………….

  164. “And if it hit the glove then the knee, as some of you claim to have seen conclusively, it still is not a goal.”

    Wrong, Carp. Just plain wrong.

  165. Strtreit is so much better then Redden it is staggering. That 1 change Streit instead of Redden would mean 8 points or more..

    Imagine how bad redden is really how can anyone be that bad and have 5 more yrs. on a huge deal….STAGGERING……

  166. and when I agree with Korpedo going, I’m not saying we should get rid of him, but he’s not ready to be a 3rd line center in the NHL yet…would anyone be opposed to seeing Anisimov get a shot in Torts system on the 3rd line in place of Korpedo at this point?

    regardless, the REAL problems (Redden, Rozsival, Drury, Sather, Dolan, lack of Cap space) aren’t going away anytime soon

  167. At one point, when it was 2-1 Flyers, Sam said it that it was a battle of two goalies, but we never seem like we win the battle of 2 hot goalies!!! We always give up 1 or 2 when the other guy is better. Hank is great, one of my favs, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t steal wins for us when our the team leaves him out to dry! Biron had a pretty damn good game; robbing Z-man and made a lot of real good glove stops. But the Flyers have far too many shooters & goal scorers than us!!! And Gomez’ no goal was no goal. He was clearly bunting at the puck but Joe M. said they changed the rule that even if it hits ur glove while you’re bunting at the puck, it’s no goal!! So, if that is the rule, we lose!!

    Wonder how a Renney coached Ranger team would’ve played that game? I mean, the Asham goal in front should’ve been stopped, first by Dreaden and then by Hank. Didn’t see the 4th goal but I hear Hank was toasted up high. Just not enough big saves over 60 minutes to steal a game. Yet, was that even our game to steal???

  168. If he intentionally hit it off his knee you are correct rick there is no way he intentionally hit it in off his knee……

    2 goals in the last week the rangers got screwed but I am paranoid because NY is a big market and how can the bozo’s who run the NHL not want them in the playoffs…..

    Look at the tape of Montreal vs the kings in Montreal about 3 weeks ago, that game the refs stole, literally stole the game…

  169. Carp,

    You are totally incorrect in your assertion that the goal would have been disallowed from hand to knee. Period.

  170. Mako your thinking is not selfish it is tupid.. brain surgeon is fatboy going to tie the record? The answer is yes so why have a team the rangers are fighting with win..

    the irrational hate of the other local teams is just idiotic….

    Newsflash the debbies are winning the division so if they win by 1 point or 20 what is the difference….

  171. Mako, come on- no one wants to see the Devils win, but it helps us…the enemy of your enemy is your friend…

  172. riguere and carp you are wrong if the puck hit his stick not his glove and if it was not a pronounced hitting motion….

    here they go again standing up for the hack ref’s of the NHL….HACK but our announcers are milqutoast …

  173. Torts is tip-toe’ing around it…he’s referenced Redden obliquely about two times…he won’t say his name..

  174. just want to point out one last thing…

    there always seems to be a lot of Gomez bashing (maybe not as much lately) relative to the amount of Drury bashing…

    Gomez is averaging a point-per-game since the all-star break…and he’s a +5 in that span too

    Drury has 2 goals in 21 games since the all-start break, vs. NYI and Colorado…and “two-way” Drury with his fabricated stellar defensive game is a -9 since the ASB, and a -13 on the year

  175. Yep, Gomez has played well- and he got some more chances after the disallowed goal.

    Play better D, score more goals- it takes care of itself…

    See you all tomorrow…

  176. rich you are right gomez has played much better then drury it is not debateable.

    gomez is not a problem now……..

  177. Carp,
    i have never heard of a goal being disallowed because it went off someone’s body.
    a kicking motion from a skate — No goal.
    tossed in to the net — No goal.

    wasn’t it Phil Esposito who joked that a bunch of his goals came off his rear end because he was always in front of the net.

    does anyone have a URL for NHL rules. i can’t find my old Bill Chadwick rulebook.

  178. TrueBlue & Stuart

    I get it. that is why I said for my own “selfish” reasons. Meaning I know if MTL wins it Fs us. I just hate seeing fatso get his record LOL

    Oh and BTW stuart. I dont hate the devils, I dont hate the Islanders. I dislike Brodeur because he is an arrogant d*ck who cheated on his wife with her sister. Do I think he is one of the best goalies in the game – Yes. Do I think the Devils are one of the best teams to play in the last 15 years. You bet ya.

  179. Just a few thoughts…

    Is there really any legitimate reason for putting Redden out on the ice in an NHL game on defense?

    The only time that would be justified is if all the remaining defensemen save one, came down with the flu simultaneously.

    Why do so many of our D men still use the wrister instead of the hard slap shot? ( Listening Girardi?)

    Why is the Ranger passing game so poorly executed?

    What is the psychological masochistic urge that Cote on the Flyers has that he goes out of his way game after game to force Orr to push his face in?

  180. Tomorrow is no doubt a must win. I hate, absolutely HATE having to rely on other teams losing and scoreboard watching. This team should be in control of whether or not it makes the playoffs, not on other teams losing. It is a helpless feeling, because there is nothing they can do about it. You have to do your job and hope for the best. Now, I realize we are not going to win every game, but we have to win games like this. The Flyers are a good team, and I will give a shout out to Doodie who said that they would be in the beginning of the season, but they were definitely a beatable team today.

    Well folks, enjoy the rest of your day, go do something fun. I will be taking my family to the local Red Robin for some good eats.

    And let’s go Ottawa, Tampa, Washington, Atlanta, and I guess Montreal. Well, I don’t care who wins that game. Farty is going to get the record this year anyway. I hope he wins tonight and breaks his ankle celebrating at the sound of the buzzer, then goes in to a depression, and starts eating Ben and Jerrys all day long and turns in to Dom Deluise.

  181. Mako so Brodeur is a sc-m bag. WOW so novel in life and sports…Someone who succeeds even though they are not a good person, shocking…how about letting the debbies get about 110 points in the regular season and lose to the rangers in the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs.

    Making the playoffs gives you a chance, you want a chance…

  182. Stuart

    Yeah I give him the accolades he deserves. Maybe you forgot that the Rangers dont have Jagr and Shanny anymore. Team is a bit different with a vortex like Redden on defense. Hey I would love to see that more than anyone. Lets just hope they make it in the playoffs for that CHANCE.

  183. True Blue and Everyone else-It sucks they lost today but remember this season is now NFL rules; so far the record is 1-1 with 13 to go so they gotta go 8-5 now. Forget the Flyers and playoff positioning; one game at a time.

    Also, I get really pissed every time I see Giroux out on the ice for Philly. If he can get playing time with Philly, AA should be up for NYR.

  184. CARP,

    here’s the site http://www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=26489
    (skipped parts and only kept those that pertained to Gomez’s goal. if you want to read the whole thing, you have URL.)

    now, if you want to claim that Gomez “batted” the puck into the net. first, the puck hitting his glove touching the puck has no merit whatsoever. it wasn’t thrown in.
    second, as far as batting the puck. it was touched but it eventually hit the post and bounced into the goal. thus, it was not “batted” into the net. if that were the case Gomez would have caught nothing but twine.

    “If an attacking player has the puck deflect into the net, off his skate or body, in any manner, the goal shall be allowed. The player who deflected the puck shall be credited with the goal.”

    “78.5 Disallowed Goals – Apparent goals shall be disallowed by the Referee and the appropriate announcement made by the Public Address Announcer for the following reasons:
    (i) When the puck has been directed, batted or thrown into the net by an attacking player other than with a stick.”

  185. jpg

    Thanks for that link. Yeah I thought that’s what the rule was. And you can clearly see Gomez put his hand BACK on his stick and direct his stick to push the puck in the net. but it hit his knee….

  186. i don’t recall the knee part because i was concentrating so much on the stick/glove
    again, the best angle for that was the one from the face off circle.

    even so, i don’t believe he “twitched” his knee to direct or bat the puck into the net.

  187. Canes will lose to Caps tonight. but unfortunately, both Sabres and Fla have chances to win with home games vs bottom teams

  188. The fate of the season rested on these two games. The Rags played themselves into this hole, and this was their chance to really make statement. Tomorrow is as much a must win as a playoff game.

  189. So I said this was a good test… the other one being the Carolina game.

    Failed miserably on both.

    I hate to say it but this is the start of a losing streak. They didn’t play all that great against Nashville either.

  190. Small point, this may be, but I noticed Morris first teeing up a pass he received, before firing a shot on net. Not to target Morris, exclusively, him, I think virtually ALL shots on net from the point should be off the pass, not off the tee up. The difference is about one second – that is one additional second the opposition D and the goalie has to get into position.

    I think teeing up the puck before making a shot is self-defeating. Basketball has a similar problem. All the time you see guys receiving a pass under the net, first bouncing the ball before going up for the shot, which is then, so often times, blocked. What the hell good is a quick release in any sport if you are telegraphing your intentions?

  191. fire the new hyena in Torts. Lol at him benching Zherdev and playing Redden, Rozsival, Gomez and Naslund. I want Lavilotte.

  192. This team sucks! It really does!

    I am really down on so many players on this team, and some of you might think I am nuts but I think I gotta add Lundqvist to the list also. I know we would not be where we are without him, and I would still play him in a heartbeat over Valley, but his play, for a long time, as just been average. I mean I think the word is getting out, that he really has trouble with the glove. Aron Aham? Aron Asham? Yea it was a decent shot, but too many of these are going in lately.

    Also, Captain Dreary/Clueless/Invisible/Houdini – where the F are you and how did you score on us with 7 seconds left? I can’t let this go.

  193. To all the Antropov critics, it looked like, to me, the D had the angle, yet Antropov still outskated him to get into position to then score a picture goal. High marks for what he brought to the game, today. I like him. One helluva lot more physical presence than the two munchkins who moved on, too, a dimension we sorely need.

  194. Rick, it CLEARLY went off Gomez’s knee. The genius’s in the booth (Sam and Joe) didn’t realize for days it seemed.

    Regardless, the Rules on that type of goal are EXTREMELY vague, i’ve been struggling with this for the past 2 hours because I don’t know any rules which blatantly disallow it. So here it is, the best I could figure out from the rulebook…

    *Rule 39.4:* (instance for review/no-goal) “Puck directed into the net by a hand or foot. With the use of a foot/skate, was a distinct kicking motion evident? If so, the apparent goal must be disallowed. If the Video Goal Judge determines that it was put into the net by an attacking player using a distinct kicking motion, it must be ruled NO GOAL. This would also be true even if the puck, after being kicked, deflects off any other player of either team and then into the net. This is still NO GOAL.”

    The rule states that if it’s a kicking motion, off another player, it’s disallowed. But not necessarily if you bat the puck off another player (or another body part).

    *Rule 78.5:* on types of Disallowed goals:
    “(i) When the puck has been directed, batted or thrown into the net by an attacking player other than with a stick.”

    Again, it says it should be disallowed when they’ve been directed in without a stick, except that goals off other body parts of other players are allowed by virtue of rule:

    *Rule 78.4:* “If an attacking player has the puck deflect into the net, off his skate or body, in any manner, the goal shall be allowed. The player who deflected the puck shall be credited with the goal.”

    So the answer is… Who the hell knows if it was legal? I don’t actually think there is a rule saying it’s illegal, but it infers it is. What’s worse is that the MSG crack-analyst team didn’t address it. I’m not sure how they didn’t try to pull up a direct rule to quote on the screen and (if they didn’t) say “We’re looking for the rule, but we can’t find it in the rulebook. We’ll speak to Steven Wacolm and get an answer for you folks.” I know JD went overboard before getting the position with St. Louis, he’d call Colie Campbell every game (so it seemed), but it was nice getting clarifications like that. Oh well… more disappointing evidence this is a mickey mouse beer league.

  195. 5. Montreal 68 80
    6. Pittsburgh 70 80
    7. NY Rangers 69 78
    8. Carolina 70 78
    9. Florida 68 77
    10. Buffalo 68 75

    Rangers are 2 pts behind Pitt and have a game in hand on both them and Canes

  196. rosen and miccheletti almost never have a biting comment or offer any sinshigt. the ytell you who played well after the game based on stats… do the yever say the rangers had 41 shots but not many high quality?

    After reading some addtl. posts I am even more convinced the REFS AND TORONTO F-CKED UP AGAIN ON THE Gomez goal. what a shock they screw up again….

  197. Fischler falt out said it was a bad call but not the company flacks..

    just like carolina game.. if the ydid not call the paly dead for the dubinsky hand pass they must allow the subsequent goal..

    2 missed calls right there that cost the rangers..Man hockeyrodent has gone off the deep end since his buddy Prucha got traded…..

  198. I still think if he bats it with his glove, then it’s no goal even if it goes off the goalie or off his knee or whatever. It has to be stick first, then it can go off a body part and in legally. If the rule was he punched it in, then it doesn’t matter that it went off his knee …
    And I’m completely unconvinced that there was any conclusive evidence that it even hit his knee, if that would matter.
    I think they got it right. The ref on the ice may have messed it up (only if Gomez got his stick on it, not his glove). But the video review made the correct call based on the evidence.
    Now I’m headed to Utica. So you can all be jealous.
    And consider the source on Fischler’s remarks.

  199. Its’ funny, I think the no-goal was legit in Carolina. You cant hand pass it to Zherdev… and that’s what he did. The play on the ice was called no-goal and I don’t even think that’s a reviewable call (technically).

    However, I’m like 99% sure they screwed up the gomez call.

  200. Rick, how about this instance…

    Hard rebound off the goal, hits the player in the chest while he’s skating at the net, goes in. Goal! Definitely a goal. That type of goal never goes off a stick, but we all know that it is a goal.

    I don’t think it’s as cookie cutter as you’re making it out to be. I really haven’t been able to find the rule for anything like what happened.

  201. Safe is death. Redden has really taken that statement to heart yes

    If Z buries one oh two glorious ops then this is a different game all together. Asham cannot be the reason we lose to the flyers. By the way, when has Orr last scored. Seems like a quality chance/shift every game with no finish.

    They need 2 tomorrow, even if in OT/SO

    Hockey Rodent walked a very fine line, but you wonder if Prucha was his drinking budy or brother by the way he is blogging.

    How many goals do Prucha and Dawes have v. Avery and Andropov?

  202. gee, since Sather is so wealthy and so interested in bailing rich crooks out of jail, maybe he will also vouch for Madoff, and of course, Dolan too

  203. It is as cookie cutter. If the puck is ruled to have been batted in with the glove, it’s no goal. That simple. If a rebound or a deflection or a pass goes in off any other part of the body, as long as it’s not a distinct kicking motion, it counts. If it’s batted in with the glove, no goal.

    I saw the same telecast as you, and it did not conclusively hit his knee on any of those replays, nor would it have mattered.

  204. Rick,

    first off, have a nice safe trip to Utica
    for whatever reason.
    as far as your reasoning, 2 of us posted the rules from the NHL site and it says nothing about what you bring up:

    “I still think if he bats it with his glove, then it’s no goal even if it goes off the goalie or off his knee or whatever. It has to be stick first, then it can go off a body part and in legally. If the rule was he punched it in, then it doesn’t matter that it went off his knee …
    And I’m completely unconvinced that there was any conclusive evidence that it even hit his knee, if that would matter.”

    in fact, it doesn’t even talk about the idea that the stick has to touch it first. just a matter of whether the puck was batted, directed or thrown into the net. which it clearly was not. even if the puck bounced off of his glove, it shouldn’t have mattered because he didn’t direct it INTO the net.

  205. okay.
    on a complete different note.
    what happened post-game????

    what did Tortorella say?
    or anybody say?!?!?!

    (i imagine that the beat writers are anxious to get home. kind of surprised that no one dropped a post. i guess i’m just happily spoiled. thanks Jane/Rick and the rest of the Blueshirt Bloggers!!)

  206. but it wasn’t BATTED in with the glove, Carp. it was deflected off the goalie stick and then HIT gomez in the glove ON his stick and then went off his knee.

    bottom line, he did not BAT the puck with his glove. he ABSORBED the deflection off the goalie stick

    apparently, semantics doesn’t fly in the war room

  207. Carp writes “….and it did not conclusively hit his knee on any of those replays, nor would it have mattered.”

    Yes it would have mattered, if there is no intent by the action of that knee! If you are going to keep posting on this subject, know what you are talking about. In this case you don’t.

  208. I dont know about you guys but I hate these days games…yea especially if we lose…gotta go all day long praying idiotic teams like Ottawa and Atlanta win….but I hate day games anyway…if they started at three or four it wouldn’t be so bad…but its practically morning

    Gomez got screwed…off the knee and in on a deflected puck but…we lost by two so…..

    Get em tomorrow…

    At 12:30 for chissakes…

  209. it absolutely hit his knee, rick. Which replay were u watching? The question was weather it hit the glove or the stick………..You keep saying that it was inconclusive that it hit his leg. How did it gain that momentum? You clearly see the change in direction after its going down(from the contact with the glove or stick)…..

  210. the rules should be changed anyway. if the league wants more scoring, then why punish a skill, which is handeye coordination. goals scored by a high stick should be allowed as long as you don’t hit an opponent with your stick, and goals scored off your hand should be allowed too, as long as you don’t take your hand off the stick and bat it

    forget changing the fighting rules, and get busy on changing the damn goalscoring rules.

  211. lol crapanello making excuses for the idiot refs.I hope Avery bashes their heads in. Trade Gomez and drury and make staal captain and call up Anismov and put him on the first line. Get rid of Betts and Sjostrom they suck and won’t hit bring back Dawes and prucha they hit.

  212. Ok, why so many posts on one goal / non-goal. Seriously, the bigger issue here is Redden- I can’t believe that Hank hasn’t had it out with him at practice…inexcusably horrible play.

    Count Gomez’s goal in your mind if you want, we still lose and Redden is to blame for several of the goals today- and this is a trend that hasn’t improved…you think if his jersey said “Prucha” he’d be benched…

    instead it says “sunk cost” and he still plays.

  213. Btw, as for the refs;

    Note Dapuzzo’s comments during the intermission talking about reffing game 6 btw NJD and NYR and not enjoying it because he didn’t want to “mess up a call” – these guys do a tough, thankless job- and maybe they messed one up in this game, they’re still a few ahead of #6.

    Also, note what he said about Renney “one of the smartest coaches he’s heard” – while we are considering sources, consider this guy hears what every coach says (and over a long career that is many coaches). Like Renney, hate Renney- you’ve got to think that that type of compliment means a lot.

  214. Carps,

    I used super slo mo and frame by frame replay…

    sorry to say,

    100000000000000% , the puck hit Gomez in the thigh (hockey shorts) and went into the net

  215. TrueBlue

    i think that some people are griping about the refs or using the word ‘ref’ when they really should be going back to the War Room folks in Toronto. if LIQUID could go through it “frame by frame” and others including me were able to find the rules for Allowed and Disallowed Goals
    then it shouldn’t be that difficult for the War Room to make a decision in the Rangers’ favor.
    with the speed of the game, i don’t doubt that the ref viewed it as Gomez knocking it down with his glove but
    replays showed he did not bat, direct, throw it in there.

    as far Dapuzzo’s comments about Renney. very nice of him but c’mon i’m getting sick and tired of the Renney as a saint stuff going round and round. if he was as fantastic a coach as Dapuzzo and some others are putting out then he’d be coaching us right now.

    i’m NOT saying that Renney is trash, but his style worked for some time and with certain players. could this year have been different if Jagr remained. possibly? but remember, we went through multiple frustrations with Renney’s coaching in the past — no accountability, power play problems, lack of shooting, lack of scoring. it all came together in a surprisingly positive way after the lockout but slowly ran into the ground after that.

    good luck Tom in whatever you do but it was time.

  216. If Scotty Bowman could shift gears and change his coaching philosophy in the mid nineties; as the game and his team changed -and he had already won 6 cups–then Renney could have let go of his genius system too…

    Bowman had six cups when he changed and then added three more

    Renney’s biggest fault was his unquestionable faith in his own system…that never won anything in the past and now wont win anything ever

  217. Aside from the result, a good/fun game to watch, playoff intensity evident as was mentioned.

    I’m surprised to see some of the comments on Hank above, as I think the same, unpopular though it may be. When was the last time he stole a game for us, like oppposing goalies have been stealing games against us, like Biron today? I can’t remember a recent case. He’s got to step it up. Although its Sather’s fault, he’s getting paid too much money NOT to steal a few games. What’s he got, 2 SO’s??? Come on. Speaking theoretically, what kind of trade offer might you bite on for Hank? 2 No. 1’s and a No. 2? Kovalchuk plus something? I think I might.

    Philly beat us because they are a better team. They have skilled, big guys, and we don’t. And that is all on Sather.

    Redden is playing just about as badly now as he was Pre-Torts – he’s hopeless. And Naslund has nothing left.

  218. it’s possible that with Tortorella’s high tempo game
    Jagr would have a little more room to work.
    as long as he didn’t have someone around like Rozy or Nylander who would be enablers and allow him to attempt to do it all himself or pass pass pass pass…..

    as for Renney, the team wasn’t high tempo to this degree
    but the games in the first several weeks showed that they could put together a tempo that was more aggressive that was still responsible. for some reason they started to tighten up/slow down and Renney regressed to an even more strict disciplined strategy. i think it really turned a lot of players off.

    and as for Hank, i don’t want to see ’em as trade bait but
    it’s true for someone who has been up for the Vezina twice and is being paid as one of the game’s best
    he needs to steal a game or two or three to solidify his position as one of the game’s best goalies.

  219. yeah, let’s trade our top goalie, who is the first to get 30 wins his first 4 seasons. brilliant.

    let’s go with Vally for 70 games a year. brilliant.

    they traded Roy, and that worked out just great too.

    hell, Staal did not have a good game. lets get rid of him too while were at it. and that crappy AA, he had one game and flunked, let’s get rid of him too. also Grachev while we’re at it too

  220. Sure,

    Man, you cleared the Grand Canyon with that jump to conclusions…

    Grachev, for me, is untouchable right now. The only pure finisher we have in the organization – plus he has SIZE.

    Re. Hank – its all about making the team better. Would they be better moving him for a superstar scorer, or 3 top draft choices? Maybe. We do have 2 pretty promising guys in Hartford, who could play well enough, cheap enough to possibly make the team better.

  221. czechthemout!!!!! on

    The bottom line is that this is a very flawed team. There are many bright spots on it but there are several dark blotches as well. The biggest of wich is Blowzival and Dredden,with captain croch coming in close behind those two “dmen”. We lost this game becuase our defense is very much inferior to the Flyers d and most teams d. As I’ve said before,you cannot be taken seriously as a team with Redden and Rozy as your two highest paid dmen. I love what Torts is doing with the team. I love his agressive nature. The problem is he does not have a Dan Boyle type dman on the team right now.Manybe soon with MDZ.

  222. benny

    Are you kidding me? Have you watched any of the games this season? LQ had NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO help in most of the game he’s played in during their slide. Kalinin & Redden mistake after mistake after mistake. He is our franchise goaltender and writers, GM’s and on lookers cant be wrong about him when they say he is one of the best goalies in the world with 3 Veznia nods. He will only get better. Bet.

  223. Re. Hank – its all about making the team better. Would they be better moving him for a superstar scorer, or 3 top draft choices? Maybe. We do have 2 pretty promising guys in Hartford, who could play well enough, cheap enough to possibly make the team better.


    That’s right. So who do you suppose plays in goal for the Rangers genius?

  224. Mako,

    Well, “genius”, I’m actually trying to stimulate some thoughts here. Maybe that’s beyond your 8 year old mind.

    Jezzus, is there any intelligence left in this world?

    Well, “genius”, look at the stats. LQ is consistently 14th-16th in the stats that matter. GAA, Save %, etc. Maybe you’ve heard of them?

    If I’ve got the most expensive goalie in the league, his stats better approximate his paycheck. Got it, “genius”? Its called “Value for Dollar”, which is key in a salary capped sport.

    Put down your d*** and the comic books and learn something.

  225. LOL Oh Benney

    Stimulate thought? You half ass theory of trading LQ for anyone isnt going to fly here. He has had a bad year this year because of the team that plays in front of him. 1 bad season doesnt constitute trading him. Then what cant you say about Redden. LQ isnt the problem on his team, if fact he is the LAST player on this team you should be worried about. Try Drury, Redden and Rozsival.

    I post a thought provoking question right back to you. You trade LQ, then who is our goalie? LOL

    Shows you who has the infantile mind when they’re response is slewing juvenile insults of male anatomy and comic books. My my you are touchy…

  226. I’m glad a couple people here were able to check the replays and confirm it hit Gomez’s thigh. By the second replay I had seen it 100% hit his (I thought knee) right leg. Carp, are you watching on one of the studio monitors? I know sam and joe don’t have a big screen. I watched on a 17″ TV and I saw it clear as day.

    SO, *CARP,* if it had hit his knee could you see how that might change the rules? Two of us couldn’t find anything on a glove to knee to the net combination. Thank you.

  227. YEOW Jokinen with a Hat Trick – 5 point night for him…

    Damn how many points does he have since the trade?

  228. Give the disputed Gomez goal a rest, Carp doesn’t call the game and Philly still went on to score two more goals.

    I don’t think it matters that it hit his knee as the motion that started the puck in that direction was Gomez pushing away from his body like a push-up. Also, watch the replay again where they show the play from behind, his stick was right at the cross bar.

    So the ref had two choices to disallow the goal – using the hand to direct it in and if not the hand, the stick was above the crossbar.

  229. onecupin69years on

    The rangers most over rated stat is their shots on goal.

    The rangers seem to out shoot their opponents, but the majority of their shots are just inside the blue line to the top of the circle .

    Their size is a problem , they can’t muscle their way to net,and most of the goals scored on Hank are in close ,often on rebounds.

  230. 5. Montreal 69 80
    6. Pittsburgh 70 80
    7. Carolina 71 79
    8. NYR 69 78
    9. Florida 69 78
    10. Buffalo 69 76

    it is really tight now.

  231. The brilliant JJP chimes in everyone! [applause]

    I get your point, except that they rule it hit his glove. Now, since it hit his glove, then it COULD NOT be a high stick. And then if it goes off his glove and someone else’s body, is it no goal? I don’t know. There is no clear rule on that.

    And, JJP, since when is having your stick level with the crossbar a disallowable goal? I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of allowable!

    People, please think about what you’re writing. Don’t just write to see your own words… thanks.

  232. You basically suck True Fans, I wasn’t even talking to you. I love that you come out with the name calling like a child, can’t you come up with any sort of logic?

    Learn to read too. I said that it was distinct motion that Gomez pushed away from his body with his stick and gloves, not incidental contact with his glove which is different. If you read the rule it says “batted into the net by a hand…” which Gomez undoubtedly did with his hand or stick. I also said his stick was right at the cross bar which implies that it’s a judgment call by the ref whether it’s over or under.

    Sorry you can’t understand that there were multiple reasons why the ref on the ice might have ruled it a no goal.

    Get over your bromance with me, I don’t go that way.

  233. “I don’t think it matters that it hit his knee as the motion that started the puck in that direction was Gomez pushing away from his body like a push-up.”

    Nope. Wrong. It makes all the difference in the world.

  234. “Nope. Wrong. It makes all the difference in the world.”

    Great, another fan. Do explain as the refs and Toronto obviously didn’t feel the same way? Not that they are infallible.

    I believe the rule is meant to highlight the intent of the motion preceding the goal. If you intend to bat it in with your glove or kick it in with your skate, the goal will be disallowed regardless of who or what it bounces off of.

    Gomez obviously stuck his hands/stick out with the intention of hitting the puck either down or into the net.

  235. JJP.
    I never made any reference to it being incidental or intentional contact, so you need to learn how to read buddy.

    As far as your judgement that Gomez had intent to knock it in the net with his glove… ummm, really? His glove was still on his stick! He hit the puck down and it was going wide! Then it hit his knee and went in. So if directing the puck wide with his glove (and then re-directing on net with his knee) is the definition of intent then put your helmit on and get on the short bus NOW!

  236. True – So you could tell the puck was going wide of the net from the direction it took from his glove to his knee on your 17 inch TV? Really?

    Also, why would you deflect a puck wide of the net when you’re right on top of the goal crease? You deflect it down and try to get your stick on it.

    It doesn’t matter if his hand was on the stick. Goals are always disallowed when it pops up in the crease and the player punches it in with a hand on the stick.

    Gomez intended to hit that puck, that much we agree upon right? The ref saw it go off his glove – it’s bad luck that Gomez didn’t get a stick on it right in the crease as then I think it would have conclusively been a goal on review.

  237. “Great, another fan.” WTF does that mean? Take the time and read the posts above that explain why.

    Batting the puck into the net means a direct route is taken by the puck from the glove INTENTIONALLY into the net …. and occurs almost always when that glove is not affixed to the stick but is independently seeking to INTENTIONALLY reroute it in a “non-hockey” fashion.

    Not only was Gomez reacting to a sudden deflection off Biron, but the puck did not proceed directly into the net. Therefore it ought to have been counted.

  238. Wd40 – I meant another fan of mine.

    From the IIHF rulebook –

    a) No goal shall be allowed:
    1. If an attacking player deliberately kicks, throws, bats with the hands or otherwise directs the puck by any means other than his stick into the goal net even if the puck has been further deflected by any player, goalkeeper or official,

    From the USA Hockey rulebook –

    Situation 7
    The puck is batted forward with the hand, hits the shaft of the stick of the player batting the puck, then goes directly into the opposing goal. Does the goal count?
    No. Rule Reference 615(e).

    The deflection off the stick does not alter the fact that the puck was propelled into the goal by the hand.

    While the NHL rule is not as clearly defined, I would be willing to bet it is called the same as the above two examples.

  239. reginald dunlop on

    hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm……..maybe it wasn’t the coach??????? yep it’s alot more entertaining losing 4-2 than going to ot and shootouts only getting 1 point…maybe the coach thought with the lack of finishers the best strategy would be to defend????? attacking system is great if you have the horses to do it and the defenders to defend and the goalie to stop the puck….like the oilers did in the 80’s and tampa did when they won the cup with the buhlin wall standing on his head….but if all those pieces aren’t in place, maybe you have to play defense and keep it close and get your wins and your single point games…like the Devils in the 90’s…..hhhhhhmmmmmmm

  240. JJP, in professional bowling you can’t step over the foul line. But guess what, that ain’t the NHL! Neither is the IIHF or USA Hockey.

    Watch the replay bro, that’s all I can say. He deflects the puck straight down. It isn’t going in the net from his glove, not even close. It only goes in the net when his leg redirects it in the direction of the far goal-post, which it barely clears. If that puck doesn’t hit Gomez’s leg, it doesn’t go in. The main point of our argument is that the NHL does not have any disallowed goal rules which talk about redirecting a puck off a stick or body part from the glove. All the rules are about kicking the puck in (either directly or off another player) and throwing the puck in the net or directing it right into the net. There is no rule for what Gomez did and, perhaps, it “SHOULDN’T” be a goal but *SHOULD* have been allowed because it was not illegal as defined by the NHL rulebook.

    *Until you find the rule, our stance is infallable.*

  241. From the AHL rulebook –

    67.6 Disallowed Goal – A goal cannot be scored by an attacking player who bats or directs the puck with his hand directly into the net. A goal cannot be scored by an attacking player who bats or directs the puck and it is deflected into the net off any player, goalkeeper or official.

  242. My thoughts…(as noted earlier, I frame by frame viewed the Gomez non goal)…

    The ref to the side of the net had a very good view of the play.

    Gomez tried to knock the puck down to his stick. He had both gloves on his stick. It hit either stick or glove but play was so fast the ref saw a hand motion and the puck QUICKLY flying into the net.

    Immediately, the ref motioned that it was no goal.

    Play when to Toronto for review. Since the call on the ice was NO GOAL by the ref, Toronto would need perfectly clear evidence to overturn a disallowed goal.

    MSG had 3 different angles.

    #1) Angle had no evidence of the puck going off knee. The camera was blocked by Gomers back.

    #2) Overhead angle. This one unfortunately was about 12-16″ from showing puck hit knee. When I froze the first frame of overhead, you see the puck has been already hit Gomez knee and you needed the camera to have slighty bigger field of view.

    #3) This angle was from face off circle into the net. You can see the puck come straight down off of either Gomez stick or glove (that was on his stick) and hit Gomez hockey pants…Right leg…..

    Now here is the problem that Toronto had with review #3…you dont see the actual puck hitting his leg. Viewers can only assume that it did because the puck obviously flew off his leg but the camera doesnt show it. Puck dissapears basically because Gomez back is turned to camera angle.

  243. JJP, not to go all law school on you, but the wording is important in each case you cite. “Deliberately” is a huge qualifier in your first excerpt; in Gomez’s case, his intent was anything but clear. And in the second, note that the word “batting” is qualified by the word “forward.” Again, if that qualifier were absent, your argument would be much stronger.

    dunlop, the scoring chances against are down so vastly since Renney left (not to mention they are scoring more than a goal per game more on offense) that it is very hard to buy what you;re selling.

  244. True – there’s probably not a rule in the rulebook for a lot of things but that doesn’t make them legal in a game. While the NHL doesn’t clearly spell it out, other leagues do and I like I said, I bet it’s called the same way.

    You’re kind of missing my point, the leg piece doesn’t matter. He did intentionally hit it with his glove and the puck did wind up in the net. Whether he meant to put the puck in the net with his hand doesn’t matter in calling it a no goal.

  245. JJP

    How do you know he “intentionally hit it with his glove”? He reacted to a sudden deflection, put both hands on his stick and attempted to contact the puck with his stick parallel to the ice. This was a “hockey move” —- the idea of directing it seems to me to have been pretty far down the list Gomez was presented with in that split second.

    Batting the puck has always meant that intent was explicit and obvious to score by an illegal method. Gomez’ action to my eyes didn’t come close to showing that intent.

  246. JJP,

    The leg thing makes the world of a difference man! There is a rule that says you can’t hit it in the net with your glove. Therefore, if you hit it off your leg, from your glove, and it goes in then the rule for “batting it in the net with your hand” does not apply!

    It’s a different situation and there is no rule. You can’t assume things are penalties unless they’re in the books! Don’t give me this “the players should know better” nonsense.

    NO LEAGUE has rule-books in order for them to have different interpretations. Rather, they’re wordy and annoying to read so that they describe the exact plays which are legal and illegal. And when an instance comes up that hasn’t been addressed, then you add it to the rule book! But until it makes it in there, it’s a legal play.


  247. I’m done with this subject. Most leagues have rule books and then case books which spell out just about every possible situation. I’m sure this situation has happened before and they know how to address it.

  248. What the HECK on

    “Obviously I have the ability to play more, but the reality is look at who my partner is,” current backup Kevin Weekes said. “He wants to play, and it’s difficult to say he’s not playing. That’s just the reality of it. He deserves to play given who he is.”

    This is about Brody helping us out by getting his record-tying win. I just thought it was funny that Weekes thinks he deserves more playing time

  249. I love how people say gomez is better than drury…drury may not be scoring but at least he’s in the game. – have never seen anyone who disappears for long stretches like gomez. There are games when he plays all around the perimeter and you don’t hear his name at all. Look they both are underachieving for the money they get but to call out just drury is insane. /omez isn’t half the player he was in jersey and we are running out of new faces to throw on his line to create a pairing he can “mesh with”. – hope avery and cally work out because I’m sick of hearing gomez’s excuses. For years I watched asa he used his speed to rush down the ice and take it to the net against us game after game but now he does that only when we are trailing…gomez and drury were both reaches by sather for that kind of coin but at least drury gives it all on every shift and if you don’t see that than you are as blind as the refs who missed gomez goal today and the announcers who said Zherdev had a good game…a good game would be lifting that puck and burying it like a real sniper (or anybody skating for the flyers even asham that scrub, did today).

  250. Dennis. Hate to break it bud, but your rant on Gomez could be changed to a rant on Drury; swap their names, [insert Buffalo instead of NJ] etc. etc… My personal feeling is that Gomez has been a much better offensive player. He at least makes plays. Drury has been absolutely awful. If you take away the 11 points he has against the Islanders he’s only got about 34 points on the season! He loses the puck in the offensive zone almost 100% of the time he gets it. The only thing he’s been good for is one-timers on the PP. That’s it.

    Both are a waste, bud. It’s a sad truth.

  251. If some how some way we could get rid of Redden and Drury,ok so long as I’m dreaming throw in rosi too.That would open up what 12-15 million A YEAR…….My god would that be great.
    Just imagine what we could do,providing that Sather is gone.
    because if he isn’t he’ll just sign 3 more losers to replace them.

  252. The only thing I’m looking forward to as a long time ranger fan (1967) is the day Darth Sather is no longer the rangers GM.

  253. How the mighty NY Times has fallen. Do they even have fact checkers there anymore? At the end of today’s Rangers article – “Donald Brashear, a veteran enforcer with Montreal, …..” It’s a shame how shoddy hockey coverage is.

  254. jpg – all good points (esp on the refs).



    i think that some people are griping about the refs or using the word ‘ref’ when they really should be going back to the War Room folks in Toronto. if LIQUID could go through it “frame by frame” and others including me were able to find the rules for Allowed and Disallowed Goals
    then it shouldn’t be that difficult for the War Room to make a decision in the Rangers’ favor.
    with the speed of the game, i don’t doubt that the ref viewed it as Gomez knocking it down with his glove but
    replays showed he did not bat, direct, throw it in there.

    as far Dapuzzo’s comments about Renney. very nice of him but c’mon i’m getting sick and tired of the Renney as a saint stuff going round and round. if he was as fantastic a coach as Dapuzzo and some others are putting out then he’d be coaching us right now.

    i’m NOT saying that Renney is trash, but his style worked for some time and with certain players. could this year have been different if Jagr remained. possibly? but remember, we went through multiple frustrations with Renney’s coaching in the past—no accountability, power play problems, lack of shooting, lack of scoring. it all came together in a surprisingly positive way after the lockout but slowly ran into the ground after that.

    good luck Tom in whatever you do but it was time.

  255. I dont want to start a fight but…remember how during the end of the Renney era we debated how if we didnt make the playoffs then certainly Renney would be gone?..and maybe we’d be better off “long term”

    REMEMBER THE “GOOD FAN” – “BAD FAN” debates…

    Its that time again; this time for Sather

    If we miss the playoffs (and Dolan misses playoff dollars)and at least contemplates axing Slats.. is that better long term for the Rangers??

    Or does making it justify Sather running the draft and free agent signings indefinitley?

    Just perusing some thoughts here

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