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Here’s something that LA Times NHL writer Lisa Dillman wrote about the relationship between John Tortorella and Sean Avery. Torts had some not-so-kind words for Avery when he was a commentator for TSN, and has of course backed off of them now that he is coaching Avery. They seem to be getting along fine now — Avery got a ton more playing time last night — but it’s an interesting read on a topic that might come up again.

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  1. i wont say i am FIRST even if i am…

    * The Esteemed Doodie Machetto March 13th, 2009 at 5:22 pm
    Kaspar is slightly Russian because he’s actually Lithuanian, even though he plays for Russia internationally.


    Kaspar is like Peter Nedved of Canada lol

  2. Yeah, but he’s no Wayne Gretzky of Sweden!

    Nasty 1 – I had the Angry Whopper a bit earlier. So far, so adverse effects like you had.

  3. This woman is a joke and so is her article.

    I love how she paints Avery to be the most evil man in sports. If this how she thinks of him, I wonder what would happen if she actually ever heard about Pronger’s foot stomp on another man’s skate, Simon’s two-handed chop to the midsection of Hollweg, Bertuzzi’s sucker punch assault on Moore, McSorley’s slash to the head of Brashear, etc.

    Do you see a pattern? None of these men were ever assigned to “anger management” while their actions probably warrant it more than Avery’s comments. Yet three out of those four players are currently playing in the NHL without being lambasted half as much as Avery.

    Nobody’s pretending the guy is a saint but let’s at least reserve judgment until he does something out of line. If it is as inevitable as a lot of people would have you believe, it won’t be long so it wouldn’t hurt to give him the benefit of the doubt until then.

  4. That’s one bad bit of hockey writing (not Jane, the other article by The LA Times writer). It’s the standard Avery-cliche rubbish – the same stuff that was coming out of Torts’ mouth on TSN. They get paid to say bad things about Avery. Now Torts knows the reality. He’s a good hockey player than can help his team win. Sounds to me like the LA Times writer still wishes Avery was with the Kings. They must be pretty boring to cover.

  5. That article was awful. I hope she does better with her own beat, because she sure doesn’t have any skill at analyzing another team’s moves.

  6. That article was pure garbage. Avery belongs out of the league for using the term “sloppy seconds”? Give me a break, why would you ever link that kind of crap?

    Sam, please come back. This site has gone downhill very quickly. Zipay has added a daily reader since this type of garbage became part of the site.

  7. I hope she eats some bad chicken and gets food poisoning.

    Aves is playing damn good hockey right now, it’s almost as if he never left, cause he’s playing the same exact way. The thing i was worried aboot was, his agitation wasn’t gonna be that big of a factor in his game since the “Anger Management”, but obviously he’s still the same old Aves.

    Im happy he’s a part of this team for the next three years, and Torts is coaching. Unfortunately you gotta take the bad with the good, and this is all good. The bad ? Redden, Rozi, Dru, Slats. Gomer has been better lately, so he can go either way.

    As long as they keep wining, it’s all good. Go Rangerrrs !

  8. Not Jane’s fault for linking to a story that is out there. Just shows us what the perception of avery is. I agree its a garbage piece. If sloppy seconds is so offended why does she use it as a “playful” play on words throughout the article? Team plays different with avery and ny fans love him, he hasn’t done anything horribly wrong as a ranger so I’m fine with him.

  9. Leetch is god on

    the only decent point she made is how Avery takes the pressure off all his teammates (esp the C), coaches and GM by being the focus of the ignorant media, opposing players, and opposing hockey fans. The detriment is the “avery rules” that the officiating crew use.

  10. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    only thing i found interesting was that she said he made fun of dustins browns lisp.thats kinda messed up im sure if he did that last year to a ranger teammate shanny would whip his ass. glad torts is here to lay the law down. averys a great player and he will help get us in the playoffs so i dont care what he does unless its detrimental to the team.

  11. Not Janes fault, she’s reporting what someone wrote. Its really bad. Has Avery done anything in NY that is villifiable? Let’s see, he put his stick in front of Broduer…what else we have?

  12. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    leetch- yup. slats took alot of focus off him with the avery signing. but as long as the team wins im happy. im not holding any grudge towards sather unless he starts trading prospects and picks away which he didnt really do this deadline. yea i liked prucha but im glad it was him n dawes and not our other young guys. also we get a 2nd round pick for comp with cherrys passing, so we got antro for basically a 3rd pick next year. and i hope sather picks wisely this draft and he did a good job drafting cherry last year but they shouldve found out he was blood dopin or whatever he was doin

  13. That article is an embarassment. Aves plays his ass off every shift which is the most you can ask of any player. Thank goodness Torts likes that in a player and actually has the guts to sit guys that don’t show that effort.

  14. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hey guys go to they got an article on hank and a video on gomez and dubinsky.its pretty cool

  15. I love how bad of a person Avery is according to the NHL, yet he has now somehow become the face of this franchise according to everybody else. This Sunday, NBC is billing the game as “Sean Avery and the Rangers taking on the Flyers”. Obviously I don’t agree with this, as Lundqvist is our franchise player, but it’s just a funny double standard.

    Just shows how sad the state of affairs is for the NHL in terms of marketing when games not involving Crosby and the Pens or Ovechkin and the Caps need to be promoted. I’m surprise they aren’t pumping the game like this: “Tune in and find out if Sean Avery says anything controversial, this Sunday @ noon!”

  16. First of all lets get this right, who published the story just like they’re channel absolutely sucks. Please Bettman bring the NHL back to ESPN, I can not stand Versus can watching and they’re coverage of the NHL and everyone wants to know why the NHL never gets respect. Bring back ESPN, ESPN NHL Tonight was alot better than Versus Hockey Central.
    Second, Lisa Dillman who knows hockey like everyone knows where Jimmy Hoffa is, exactly. She is clueless. Her story would of made sense however a year ago, so it does not surprise me that Versus who does not know hockey has a reporter who reports story a little too late. Tey are a match made in heaven.

  17. “Lisa Dillman is a sports writer for the Los Angeles Times. Her column will appear every other week.”

    Dear Barack Obama,
    I have found the discovered the solution to todays economic problems: There are hard working americans only making minimum wage while a slew of moron’s make 10 times as much to write an article every other week combing everything thats been said in the two weeks prior, and calling themselves “reporters”. Please leave Guantanamo open for the people such as Lisa Dillam who are wasting value money that could be spent feeding the hungry, teaching children, or housing the homeless, but is instead being given to some dope who considers her sumating of other people’s opinion an occupation.
    Johnny B

  18. What is making me sick is how everyone is on FATSO BRODEUR WATCH, I hope he never breaks the records.

  19. I’m not journalist, not do I pretend to have any knowledge of the field. But I can tell that this article is a complete hack.

  20. Yikes what a tool she is.

    Pretty pathetic how she is trying to stir the pot about what Torts said about Avery and made it a point to POINT out that his statement on TSN was taken off of youtube.

  21. It is obvious that Avery is a great hockey player and that most if not all teams in the league wish they could get Avery to play for them the same way he plays for the New York Rangers. We’ll see more articles like that in the future… jealousy and hatred go hand in hand.

  22. Jackets 2 Hawks 0!!!!!

    Did Avery torture children? Did he kill Puppies??

    No..he’s just an idiot at times. If you suspended all the idiots of the world no one would be left but Stephen Hawking…and; although he’s brilliant lets face it…he’s no fun

  23. So…who will be the brave person who will go against the tide and take the guff that goes along with being an individual and speak his mind when all others are against his opinions???

    Who will be the first person to vote for Derek Morris in the poll at the top of this page?

  24. I will say I think Morris is a wild upgrade over Kalinin and I think Morris has played very well. Glad they got him.

  25. I like Morris, he’s a definite upgrade over Kalinin, and does all of the little things…”Solid

  26. You know it’s hard out here for a pimp (Avery)
    When he tryin to get back the respect (you ain’t knowin)
    For the Sloppy seconds and Fat Marty Rule (Avery rule)
    Because a whole lot of bitches talkin sh!t

  27. I rather have Kalinin than Wade “day dreamer” Dreadden… Kalinin was playing very well right after he came back from the injury all the way to when he got traded. It would’ve been interesting to pair him up with Morris since both of them can play steady physical D.

  28. Sather should of made Don Maloney take Redden instead of Kalinin, sounds like a fairer deal to me

  29. Yep. I would rather have had Kalinin stay because he WAS playing well when he came back. Redden had “moments” and I really thought he was starting to play well. But he was dreadful in the Carolina game. Why cant this guy just give it his all every single night. Doesnt even look like he’s trying. JEEEEZE doesnt he feel guilty from all those fat pay checks he’s getting and not playing even CLOSE to what he should be. Waste of money!!!

  30. The internet allows reporters to be lazy — they don’t even have to interview their subject, they just spend 5 minutes googling. Dillman’s article is a perfect example.

    And by the way, the NHLPA did completely cave to the owners due to intense pressure in Canada where the media painted the players as greedy. In reality, the lockout was for the owners to protect themselves from each other and to increase their own franchise value. The Canadian media was in the pocket of the NHL. Too bad more players don’t speak out against the collusion between the union and the NHL. And good thing the lockout solved all the franchise problems and kept the owners from handing out crazy contracts!

  31. $7 million for Redden? Campbell would have been a way better signing (Struds would have been a better signing then Redden! ;-) )

  32. CCCP

    I tried voting for Schoeny but there was no dot for him

    You should do one of those pimp raps for Wade Dubi who is givin back the game to the Hawks tonite

  33. NHL players union is the weakest…its an embarrassment

    If the sh** that was flying around after K-lowe signed Penner ever came out of GMs mouths in Baseball they’d be hauled into court for collusion by the MLBPA the next day

    They were broken in 2004

    From here on in there will be 60-90 players paid superbig bux…the rest would be better off playing on the PGA tour

  34. Spider, I am glad the Angry Whopper is not coming back to haunt you. It can get real ugly. REAL UGLY.

    I am very glad that Avery is back where he belongs. Some things just go well together, like sour dough pretzels and Old Milwaukee Beer, Sean Avery and the New York Rangers. There is no need to analyze it, rather just embrace it. I was all for his return, and if he can keep playing like he is playing, I don’t see any reason why anyone wouldn’t want him on this team. If the line of Avery Gomez Callahan can continue to play and produce like last night, they are just going to have to keep them together. I LOVE what I saw from them. This is a HUGE weekend. Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!

  35. The officials let Avery play his game against Nashville. I mean, that’s no indication or guarantee that it will be that way next game, but Sean was not walking on eggshells, and he suffered no ill will from the zebrae.
    Hope it continues.

  36. opcorner
    March 13th, 2009 at 10:10 pm
    The officials let Avery play his game against Nashville. I mean, that’s no indication or guarantee that it will be that way next game, but Sean was not walking on eggshells, and he suffered no ill will from the zebrae.
    Hope it continues.



    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Its funny how NBC for Sundays game keeps advetising Sean Avery & the Rangers meet the Flyers . As for as this lady, who wrote the article ,sounds like she has a crush on Sean and jealous she hasn’t dated him.

  38. Yeah, this article was relevant. 10 days ago before Avery set foot into Tort’s lockerroom (hopefully off the logo)

  39. RangerRealist on

    First, I must admit that I wasn’t in favor of bringing Avery back. A three year commitment with too many unanswered questions…but, I must say that at least so far, Avery has been a great addition. He’s shown himself to be a very good player, while providing that needed spark in a much more positive way.
    Regarding the Versus article, as others have noted, it’s total trash. It’s like writing a piece about the homeless from the warm comfort of a beach-side condo. Jane should be ‘writing’ for the National Inquirer. They actually encourage writing best used for picking up after the dog.
    Also, I also hate watching hockey on Versus. Their directors absolutely SUCK. Yeah, cut to the guy on the bench while the play is going on. Okay, now cut to the goalie (the guy with the mask), while a scrum is going on at center ice. Not a clue as to what the game is about.
    Versus sucks!

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