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Maybe you’ve seen this already:

NEW YORK (AP) — Former NHL player Ron Duguay plans to play a game each next weekend for the Jersey Rockhoppers and Brooklyn Aces in the first-year Eastern Professional Hockey League.

The 51-year-old Duguay, a 40-goal scorer for the New York Rangers in 1981-82, signed a two-game contract Thursday. He will become the second-oldest player to play in a professional hockey game. In 1997, Gordie Howe took a shift for the Detroit Vipers in the International Hockey League at age 69.

Duguay will play for the Aces on Saturday, March 21, against the Rockhoppers at the Aviator Sports and Recreation Center in Brooklyn. The following day, he will dress for the Rockhoppers against Danbury in West Orange, N.J.

As part of Duguay’s signing, the EPHL will team with Duguay to promote the Madison Square Garden charitable organization, The Garden of Dreams.

Duguay had 274 goals in 860 career games with the Rangers, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles in his NHL career that ended in 1988-89. He last professionally in 2002-03 for the Jacksonville Barracudas in the Atlantic Coast Hockey League.

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  1. Pocklington, what a stand up guy….geez, this makes me dislike Sather even more and I did not think it was possible.

  2. Yes, but it is his money. And there is something pretty cool about loyalty and being a friend (even if Pocklington is the beneficiary).

  3. Mike D (#96) on

    I play at Aviator and have seen the Aces play and practice. Does he realize that these kids will cream the shit out of anyone in the corners? This is the EPHL, not the NHL. I think the Aces had a game-high 9 fights in one of their first games…

    Simply nuts if you ask me.

  4. I went to my first Aces game tonight, and it was against the Rockhoppers. It is a fun little community arena, with a fun little team. They skate hard but all have some flaw that kept them from making it big – too short, bad hands, bad head, bad shot, etc. Aviator was a pain in the ass to get to though by public transit – all told it took me an hour and 45 minutes to get door to door from west 33rd street. And I get there to find that they started the game early. The few fans they had, maybe a few hundred, seemed happy to be there but it is a far cry from the Blue Seats. I was the loudest person yelling stuff and I didn’t even know who most of the players were.

    Also the Aces star goaltender, Eddie Neville, took a bump in the crease and went down awkwardly – he ended up carried off the ice on a backboard not moving all that much. AcesoverBrooklyn.com has some details, apparently he may be alright – fingers crossed. Scary moment.

  5. Say what you want about Sather. The guy is loyal. . . .probably to a fault. Give him credit. His loyalty to Avery allowed him to resign his best player.

  6. Pocklington is a long-time con artist — very suspicious that Sather is still “loyal” to him. How many people are posting bail for Bernie Madoff? Pocklington is a typical con man — apologizes when he gets caught, then goes right back to ripping off people. Very unsavory for Sather to be bailing him out.

  7. >>duh, its NBC… they only announce like every 2 min “avery and the rangers”

    Today’s match is on MSG at 1:00; tomorrow’s is on NBC at 12:30.

  8. ONECUP and CARP,

    Great title and commercial. Nice one both of you. I remember when that commercial came out. Funny stuff.

    Big game today. LGR!!!!

  9. Anyone else read Brooks today?

    Kinda funny how he’s talking about how bad Z has been and how that would make it easier to re-sign him.

    Funny all the guys we would need to re-sign… under the new coach (who should have the say on who stays and who goes) we may not want to sign.

    Dubi for sure but I’m starting to have my doubts about Z. Don’t get me wrong I love the guy but he’s already been benched, demoted to the third line, and is breaking sticks on walls after practice. Sounds iffy to me.

  10. The book on Z before he became a ranger out of Columbus was he took shifts off so I’m not surprised that he has been bench periodically this year.

  11. I’m glad Sather is devoting 100% to the team that pays him. Did John Ferguson bail out Murder Murdoch when he was busted for coke? Sather sucks.

  12. Time for a new entry…

    Is there nothing new from the City of brotherhood love ?
    I dont exspect too many love today from the Flyers anyway:)

    It is going to be a colossal battle….

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