“It’s a bright, glorious, beautiful Ranger morning!!”


That was my favorite comment on the previous thread, from the notoriously funny Kaspar.

He’s right. There’s still some stuff to complain about — especially you Zherdev fans — but last night (and today, Kaspar) is as good as it’s been for the Rangers since, what, the playoff victory over the Devils last year?

Why? Because a road win in Nashville is as good as a road win in Detroit at this point. A win anywhere, at this point. Because seventh place is a lot better than ninth.

Because this game was stamped by John Tortorella, who certified that the “new coach” honeymoon period is over and that this is how it must be and will be from now on. Because Henrik Lundqvist, as crucial a piece of the puzzle as anybody, had a solid game even if he still isn’t having solid food. Because three of the Rangers goal scorers last night were named Avery, Staal and Sjostrom and on a team that really doesn’t have a true sniper, that’s what it will take.

And for so many other reasons, as well.

Tortorella must have peeled the paint off the walls between the first and second periods, must have promised the Rangers that they would either skate hard the last 40 minutes or skate much, much harder today in practice. Whatever, he got their attention and got results. (A while back, I said he’s not exactly like Keenan — and after the game, when he wouldn’t talk about why Nik Zherdev was benched, he proved it; Keenan would have gone off about how he let his teammates down and embarrassed his family).

Now come the Flyers for a home-and-home matinee starting in Philly tomorrow afternoon. The Rangers did the smart thing, too, in staying in Music City overnight. They will practice there this morning and then fly to Philadelphia.

Some observations:

1) Nik Zherdev’s benching wasn’t likely only due to the sloppy back pass in the offensive zone, which led to the rush the other way and the second Nashville goal. Clearly the kid has talent and a pair of hands comparable to few in the league (and fewer on the Rangers). But also, clearly, there is more that he doesn’t do that ticks off coaches. The giveaway was probably just the last straw. Now it’s up to Tortorella to get him back in there and to turn his benching for the last two periods into a positive.

2) Markus Naslund. His minutes diminished, too, especially after he was responsible for a too-many-men penalty. See, the players are responsible for that penalty, but it is up to the coach to prevent it from happening again. All I can say is about Naslund and Zherdev sitting is, with more and more minutes, Ryan Callahan and Sean Avery played better and better. About how many Rangers could you say that this year?

3) Avery. Avery. And more Avery. Forgive me, because I didn’t feel bringing him into this situation was ideal, and I still think it could blow up over the next three seasons. But he has been even better than the biggest Avery fan could have hoped. Better than he was in those two playoff series where he and Lundqvist were the difference. Love him or hate him, he’s a factor … and he’s a pretty good player. Kind of makes me wonder why more players don’t play like that. Not only is he extraordinarily physical, but he’s a great skater and he knows what to do with the puck when he gets it. Why wouldn’t more “role” players go as hard as he does?

4) Ryan Callahan. Maybe he will be the next Avery, even if he’s not as agitating. I thought, even through the darkest weeks before the coaching change, that he was playing terrific. Now he’s off the charts. Maybe Avery can rub off on him. Maybe the additional ice will result in some production to go along with all the other things he does so well. I thought the Gomez goal should have been Callahan’s, but I think if Gomez didn’t tip it ever so slightly he wouldn’t have taken credit for it.

5) Derek Morris has been pretty darn good so far. Nik Antropov a little less so.

6) The goal by Marc Staal — who had another solid game — reminded me of the year they were disallowing all those goals because of the silly, stupid in-the-crease video replays. That goal never would have counted. That year should be erased from memory, especially since Brett Hull scored the Cup winner in the crease. It was like the year baseball umpires were told to call all those balks. Please.

7) Hank’s NHL record. I know it has to be considered that he had more opportunities to win games because of the skills competitions at the end of tied games, but 30 wins in each of his first four seasons is pretty darn good. More important, he’s won four in a row, and he is your beacon of hope for more “bright, glorious, beautiful Ranger mornings.”

Here are the official game summary and event summary from last night’s game.

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  1. First?

    Beautiful indeed, other than the power play, I loved what I saw last night.

    All of you who think Avery doesn’t make a difference are really just wrong. The guy leaves it all on the ice, creates chances, and will score goals and get assists. HE IS A REALLY, REALLY GOOD HOCKEY PLAYER, all the antics aside.

    Can’t wait for this weekend’s battles with Philthy. Should be intense!

    Oh yeah, one other negative…still waiting for Our Fearless Leader Chris Drury to start regularly showing up for these big games.

  2. Nice win last nite albeit against another backup goalie, the true test is against Philly this weekend. Avery was great last nite, but like every season he is never consistent and screws up his play with a dumb pass or dumb penalty. He needs to play like he did last nite for the that line to score. Staal and Callahan were awesome.

    Dubi is turning into another Jed Ortmeyer, all hustle, hits, decent skater, but has stone hands and cannot score. It baffles me why he is still on the power play, would rather see Korpi out there.

  3. Was thrilled when there were rumors Avery would come back to the team. Always loved the way this gu plays. He is the spirit this team should always be.

  4. REPOST:

    This is how I look at Z’s benching; it’s the same as parenting. Bench him for two shifts and he might do the same thing next week. Bench him for two periods and he’ll remember it two weeks from now and probably never do it again, and if it does, he’ll be grounded for the year and will have to sneak out of his basement windows in the middle of the night to attend parties.

    To be honest, I’m not a HUGE Z guy. I like him, I don’t love him. He’s not Kovalev (not even close). I just want to say that. But, I do think we need him this season. Next season? I don’t know.

    He’s definitely not a Torts player. He’s not physical and he doesn’t do the little things.

    Ironically, Avery is Torts on skates and I bet he’s regretting making those comments about him every day b/c clearly he already loves him, and really, what’s not to love?

    Avery is playing on another planet right now. He’s a little bit more composed which makes him twice as effective.

    And, I think he actually benefited from the time off. A smaller guy like him takes a beating during the year, so he’s fresher then anyone his size would be this time of season.

    It’s okay to have a heterosexual mancrush on the guy, that’s how frickin’ good he is.

  5. I hate the “well Hank got 30 wins with the shootout” argument. It’s not his fault they changed the rules. You play with the hand you’re dealt, and he’s been getting full houses his first 4 years.

  6. I dont want to get TOO OVERLY EXCITED BUT I can say I think we are on the way!!!!!!!!!!! To where someplace good I hope as far as work ethic and a coach who knows how and when to use what he has.To Tom and Perry I would like to say ” This doesnt look like Kansas anymore Toto “

  7. Well said, Pavel.

    He doesn’t make the rules, all he can do is play the game. No one is saying Brodeur got to his wins quicker than Roy b/c of the shoot out.

  8. I would like to note that Hank deserves the recognition for having at least 30 wins in each of his first four seasons. I cannot stand these people that claim “well some are shootout wins.” I for one hate the shootout! But, a win is a win, no matter how it was done to get it. Goalie equipment has changed from back in the original six days or for that matter the 80’s? So, does that mean that Patrick Roy does not deserve the credit of being one of the top goalies ever?

    It is all relative and if it were that easy now, well there would be more goalies reaching that mark. A win is a win and he deserves it.

    BTW, Avery had an awesome game last night and I hope he continues to play that way.

  9. “Nice win last nite albeit against another backup goalie,”

    I’m tired of hearing excuses for the Rangers WINNING. There always seems to be some excuse for a W. WELL THIS GUY WAS HURT/THEIR BACKUP GOALIE WAS IN/LUCKY BOUNCES/BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!



  10. I dont like him, but Brodeur deserves all the credit for that record.

    Some people like to point to the shootout as the reason Marty is breaking the record. I guess they conveniently forgot that Broduer had an entire season of his career whiped out by the lockout, whereas Roy never did. Add that season back to Brodeur and he has already passed Roy last season.

  11. I had the Nashville broadcast last night on Center Ice and not once did they even mention Z getting benched. I knew he did… but you figure they wouldve at least mentioned it. Instead, they filled the screen like 10 times with the ‘poll of the night’ which was ‘What is captain Chris Drury’s greatest accomplishment’.

    It was pathetic…

    … and they also said ‘Shanahan shoots, scores!’ when the Cally/Gomez goal happened. *smacks face on keyboard*

  12. A worthwhile research project for someone would be to check out the log of Montreal opponents just before traveling to and playing in Montreal. I think this league has always had a Montreal bias. Last time the Rangers played in Montreal it was the night after playing Pittsburgh in MSG. This time, the Rangers have back-to-back games vs. Philly, then a travel day to Montreal, then, our third game in four days – in Montreal. No way the Rangers will look sharp and play well in this upcoming Montreal game. Damn tired of it. If they could they would just give the Cup to Montreal and go fishing.

  13. Uh, Carp….

    Antropov was “less so”?

    I’ve been wondering if the Ranger front office is not already regretting the loss of those two draft choices. From what I’ve seen of his ply to date, he’s only lisghtly faster than a pregnant walrus.

    But then after all what do you expect when you realize that the word Antropov in Russian means…………………………………………………………………Pedestal.


    damnit, they are charging me 14 bucks for internet, I made a huge post, and it didn’t come through!!! ARGH

    I will check in with you guys later for my little report on the game, but even though its damned cold and icy and rainy here, it IS a glorious day teeheee!!!

  15. if the SJO fits on

    What a goal by Sjostrom!!!

    Even though their PP didn’t come through, that last one they had was fun to watch cause they had the puck the whole time. AMAZING PK last night as well. I would have to say the PK saved the game cause they took some bad penalties. Thank god for Hank, and let’s all hope this record Marty is about to break soon, can one day, in the far future, be broken by Hank. When he’s a Ranger of course!

  16. I can only imagine what would happen if the Rangers had two lines that hot at once. That seems to be the problem with this team throughout the entire year that it’s usually one line or the other doing most of the heavy lifting.

    Right after the deadline it looked like Dubi-Drury-Antro was going to be a force and then they’ve kind of desolved into the background. Antro doesn’t do anything particularly well other than have a decent sense of positioning. He isn’t that swift of a skater, has average hands but doesn’t move or shoot the puck quickly. Add that to the fact that he plays the Malik-style of game for such a big guy. I think Carp pointed out that if the Rangers do re-sign him then it will have meant he played well. Who knows, maybe he gets a couple of big goals these next couple of weeks, I’m undecided but equally unimpressed so far.

    Lost in the Avery and Callahan plaudits is the play of Gomez since Torts took over. He’s had a couple of multipoint games lately and is looking as good as he did in last year’s playoffs. He’s been the best center on draws the entire year. Sure he’s looked disinterested and sloppy at times and he’s taken some dumb penalties but if the Rangers have any shot of getting to the playoffs and making any noise, Gomez will have to continue to be the main motor for the offense.

  17. NY Rangers Examiner on

    I thought Avery and Gomez were the two standout Rangers last night, both playing extremely well. Avery was the spark on the first three goals for the Rangers, though he only was credited with 1 point), Cally was great too and I think we will be seeing more of them together.

    As for Zherdev, How do you think he will respond to his benching for two full periods? He is still a young kid, do you think we will see that poor attitude he had in Columbus Carp? I’m sure he’s upset with being benched, especially after getting an assist on the first goal.

  18. Carp,

    I am like the biggest of Avery fans, or at least one of, and i knew he would be this big of a player just becuase of the passion he has for playing in NY.
    True Story- A friend of mine ran into him downtown coming out of some boutique around January whyile he was in “anger management” My friend asked him if he is coming back to play in NY and Avery responded with Yeh, i hope so, im working on it. Little do you know a month later that whole Stars placing him on waivers and re-entry hoopla started.

  19. Can you really imagine what happened in the locker room of the RANGERS between the first and second period ????

    Torts peeled off the paints of the wall, Avery smashed his locker, Zherdev cried and Lundqvist crumbled to eat a hot dog…

    Can you imagine that would be huge stuff for a movie in Hollywood ?:?

    Can`t wait when they face the Broad Street Bullies this weekend……

  20. Carp

    Great post!! I mentioned last night that Gomez finally found someone he can play with. LOL who knew it would be Avery. That first line was SPECTACULAR last night. I missed how good of a player Avery really is.

    Glad Torts ripped into them last night. And loved what he had to say to the media. Teams take on the personality of their coach and our coach has snarl and bite to him. I reaaaaallllly hope it keeps up.

  21. I love me some Ryan Callahan. Kid is a complete player, and possibly our best overall (aside from Hank). Cally and Z are our only season-long players with a plus rating (Morris, Avery, Antropov, and Anisimov are the only others Even or better, and they kinda don’t count). He’s one of our top scorers, aside from the big guys of Drury (who goes hot/cold), Gomez, and Naslund (and gets 25% less ice time than Gomer and Cap’n). He’s among the league leaders in Hits. He just does it all, and brings energy, heart, and max effort with every shift. Oh, and he’s still young and with a fraction of the salary of others… Awesome, awesome kid.

  22. Why does every reporter in the area have to use the analogy of making paint peel off the walls? I mean really, Carp, Zip, and Gross all said it

  23. Chris in MA
    March 13th, 2009 at 11:26 am

    … and they also said ‘Shanahan shoots, scores!’ when the Cally/Gomez goal happened. smacks face on keyboard


    if Callahan reminded Shanahan to Nashville broadcasters then it’s a great compliment for the Callahan and the Rangers! Lets hope they are right.

  24. What the hell was that whistling sound in the backgroud during the game last night? It was driving me nuts! Did anyone else hear it?

  25. Sounded like when you blow in those plastic straws from the souvenir cup drinks you get. Really annoying. Nashville hockey fans?? Gimme a break.

  26. Maybe Zip was there and he saw it down on the floor of the room and he called his buddies up there in NY that it is really true !:)

  27. sam (not the great weinman) on

    it’s a decent morning to be a ranger fan. i’m happy, but it’s certainly not a glorious ranger morning. Good post Carp, focus somewhat on the positives for a change.

    we’ll see if we can grab 3 or 4 points off the flyers and if we do, then it will be a 25% glorious morning.

  28. 1. DanNYC March 13th, 2009 at 12:28 pm
    Why does every reporter in the area have to use the analogy of making paint peel off the walls? I mean really, Carp, Zip, and Gross all said it


    Maybe that’s what really happened in the locker after first period…paint peeled of the walls and Torts turned into two headed dragon! Or maybe they have a real problem at home with paint peeling of the walls… Hey Carp, I know couple of russkies that could repaint the walls… half price for you. :)

  29. fran, Antropov means “pedestal” in Russian? I speak the language fluently, and you’re wrong.

  30. Dan, sorry. Old hockey terms are hard to break. But I’ll bet there was some peeled or melted paint in that room.

    En route to New Paltz at the moment. I’ll check in tomorrow. It may only be a few sentences and a clean slate for your afternoon-game comments, though.

  31. That was a huge win last night. It sucked that Nicky Z had to get benched for two periods, but he made a bad mistake, hopefully he doesn’t have to get benched again.

    The best part was the Cats, Flyers, and Canes all lost. And the Habs, and Pens lost but got a point. I cant believe the Jackets blew a three goal lead with eight minutes left against the Pens, that just pisses me off. But at least they finished the job in the shootout.

    These next two games are so huge, it’s scary If they win, they can potentially be in a tie for fourth place. They have to beat the Flyers, or at least pick up three points.

    Go Rangers, Go Aves !!!

  32. Z vs. KOVY????

    okay, thought about this since GM Gainey sent Kovalev home for a couple days…..

    with the way that Sather is about reclamation projects
    what are you views in regards to him bringing Kovalev
    back to the Rangers?

    now, i’m not saying i am for this, but with Z sitting in the doghouse last night….and i’m not too positive that he’ll do a mind flip and become the complete player everyone wants because of it
    is Kovy a good fit for the Rangers next year?

    he loved life as a Blueshirt. prospered under a strict coach in Keenan. could he revive himself next season under the MSG roof?

    thought i’d throw that out there for a non-game day discussion.
    see where it goes.

  33. Wow Carp! Did YOU actually say, maybe Avery can rub off on Callahan???? Surprising for you, but couldn’t agree more.

    Forget the antics….Avery can play!!! I don’t care about the off-ice and locker room junk. I think the “disruption thing” is overblown. These guys are pros and should be able to deal with it. And, if you’re going to point to the dumb on-ice lapses, then I would say that’s no worse than a player taking a shift (or period, or game) off with less than an honest effort, although that may not show up in the box score. Cally is well on his way, but the kid can learn a lot from Avery.
    As for the game….good win, great effort. I think a game like that shows you that IMHO, if you could blow this team up and start from scratch, the there are only three and a half untouchables; Hank, Staal and Callihan (the 3) and Betts (the 1/2 – better have a good plan B for what he brings to the game if you don’t keep him).

    PS – No Betts debates please, just my opinion.

  34. Kris, i think your right. That’s exactly what it sounded like.

    Gerry D.. Lets not get crazy here. Avery’ has played a couple of great games. But that does not get him a C. He would have to play like this for years.

  35. Tootoo wasn’t quite the force that his repuation makes him out to be. How did their management let Nashville go through such a talent drain the past couple of years? I have a feeling them, Atlanta and Phoenix are not much longer for this world.

  36. Zherdev is key for the rangers. getting him to play hard and smart, he is there most skilled offensive player by far and he has it in him to play at a high level.

    antropov whacked a open net shot solid off the post last night. he is a enigma and will look great some games and not so good other games.

    gomez has upped his game for weeks now, when he is skating hard he is a very good player…

  37. Coaching matters. The contrast between the way this team is being asked to play now with the slop they were taught three weeks ago is as great as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon.

    It is still amazing to me that the importance of who’s behind the bench was seriously being debated on this board and others for so long. What a pleasure not to read “It doesn’t matter who’s the coach, this team’s roster is so bad that Jesus Christ couldn’t get them to win” every other post.

  38. be a bit of fitting irony if one of the 3 warm weather teams you mentioned head north to Canada.

  39. Jive – “I dont like him, but Brodeur deserves all the credit for that record.”

    I don’t like him either but you think playing 14 years in a team system where he would, most nights, face about 18 shots an dmaybe 3 of them were tough stops. Not taking away from his skill as a top flight goalie, but PAAALLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, I’m gonna puke for days like Hank when they start calling him the greatest goalie of all time!! He’s not!!!!! The Lemaire/Robinson/Burns/Sutter/(insert any Devils coach name here) defense first, trap system won Brodeur a ton of games!!! He can steal games for sure and he did so in playoff times but let’s get a perspective on this guy!!! Great backstopper, but far from the greatest goalie in NHL history!!

  40. Where is New Paltz ??? Is it as famous as Eidengesäß of Germany ???:)

    I can´t find it on any map arund the great northeast:)

  41. Shocked – I thought it was some kind of train whistle that they sell to kids? It was irritating. I thought it was my kid until I finally muted the tv and it stopped.

    Carp great post. I also was not excited about Avery’s return even though I enjoyed his time here the firs time but if this is what he brings most nights I will be very happy. I have said it before this team is now fun to watch again.


  42. I think you have to consider giving Avery the ‘A’ next year … Give Gomez the ‘C’, drop Naslund from captaincy, either give Drury the other ‘A’ or make some excuse and drop the letter off him altogether and give the ‘A’ to either Callahan or Dubinsky …

    Good win last night … sloppy goaltending again, we will take it … next 3 games are huge — Philly twice then Montreal … we will see where they stand after those games.

  43. Awesome game last night, Avery was a beast. Most players turn it up a notch down the stretch, but his intensity is really a step above. One guy like that pushes the whole team.

    I’m waiting to see if Drury does the same. I’ve always thought that with his contract, the Rangers are paying big money for 8 or 9 clutch goals in the playoffs, not the 15 or 20 he’ll put up in the regular season.

  44. Now wait renney would have done the same thing Torts did ,LMFAO. Finally accountability for the players who aren’t playing up to there contracts. But he has to keep going with the benchings like for deadden,miss rosy and drury. Go Rangers and go Torts. We finally have a coach with balls!!!! Now I hope we can dind a few more players with them.
    Now is the make or brake time for the Rangers. This stretch not only is for the playoffs but for jobs next year.Players with no balls need not apply!

  45. Those of you who don’t appreciate how important Zherdev is to this team now, AND going forward, (such as Brandon, on a repost no less!),well, I don’t know what exactly you’re watching. He’s a world class talent who was pathetically misused by the clueless one, Renney — often times on a 3rd line! His linemates have changed constantly. And still, he has shown more puck handling and passing ability than just about anyone on this team over the last 10 years. Give him steady linemates who can finish and his numbers will go through the roof. Despite the benching last night, I sense Torts actually does appreciate the guy and does expect a lot from him — i think that’s precisely why he singled him out. He uses Z in all the big spots, including plenty where Renney was afraid to put him out there. Don’t overreact to last night — if the Rangers have any sense, and I believe of late they do, then Z will be a big part of this team for years to come.

  46. UESBlueshirt on

    As long as the league realizes that not only do you need a decent fanbase but you need good owners that are willing to build support for the team then I don’t care where they relocate the teams.

    Yes, I think Canada should get some teams back. As great as the Rangers-Islanders-Devils rivalries are, I have to imagine the Habs-Nordiques games were even more fierce. Another team in Toronto would probably be welcomed by legions of suffering Leafs fans that just want a new team to frustrate themselves with.

    However unless ownership is committed to really making the franchise part of the community and keeping the fans interest in the team beyond just games then it won’t matter what side of the border the team is on. As much as we can all say that Rangers management has screwed up multiple times with the team on the ice, it’s hard to argue against the Rangers organization endearing themselves to the city of New York. A better quasi-expansion related example is Dallas. They built a hockey culture down there with the sponsoring of youth leagues and making sure the new fans got a better understanding of the game and their franchise has probably more solid support down there than it had in Minny.

    Just look at the number of owners that have had gone to jail and it shows how much of a disregard some people have for not only their own team but the integrity of the league and the sport. If the NHL ever wants to even come close to the other major sports leagues it needs the people who are responsible for the franchises to act a lot more responsibly than they have in the past couple of decades.

  47. the Avery Gomez Callahan new combo really was a great discovery, and would not have happened without the demotion of Naslund after the last game, and the benching of Zherdev last night.

    so, out of turmoil comes some good.

    and the losing by most of the other teams in the race also made it a good night.

    love the way that Torts is taking charge

  48. New Paltz???


    Keep cruising right on up to Saugerties! My beer league team deserves a beat reporter….

    -7:30pm Sunday
    -Wear Blue (a big foam finger is a plus)
    – I’ll point to you when I score (read: fall)

  49. Tortorella got the urgency back into them. Now they have to play with the same style against the Flyers or they wiil make them look really bad like they did on the previous meeting in the afternoon under Renney.

  50. flyers are really dangerous on the PK. they score shorthanded goals like no one else.
    hopefully the Ranger point men will get pucks to the net, not into shin pads.

  51. Carp,

    Now that it’s been a few months of having you doing this beat again, I feel I am ready to chime in.

    I have to say, I did enjoy Sam’s blog posts. He had his own style and it was obvious that he has passion for the game. However, he doesn’t have your experience reporting and doing columns on the Rangers.

    I remember reading your articles in the Journal News while I was growing up, and I always enjoyed your critique of this team. It is truly a pleasure to have you back on the beat, again. It’s nice to read someone other than Larry Brooks who really understands the game, and is does a great job analyzing everything that goes on both on and off the ice.

    So, this is my thank you to you for getting back up on this horse!


  52. fran March 13th, 2009 at 11:35 am
    Uh, Carp….
    Antropov was “less so”?
    I’ve been wondering if the Ranger front office is not already regretting the loss of those two draft choices. From what I’ve seen of his ply to date, he’s only lisghtly faster than a pregnant walrus.
    But then after all what do you expect when you realize that the word Antropov in Russian means…………………………………………………………………Pedestal.

    Fran, where did you dig that out from? Antropov in Russian means Antropov… it’s just a last name… on the other hand “pedestal” in Russian will be ..uumm… let me think… a PEDESTAL! I hope your knowledge of the Russian language doesn’t underline your knowledge of things in general…

  53. It will be interesting to see how Zherdev plays after Torts benching him. When Hitchcock leaned on him last year Zherdev sulked on and off the ice.That’s what led to the trade.

  54. For some reason Drury keeps being used as if he is “the set up guy” instead of how he was used in Buff as the “sniper” or “garbage goal guy”…I trust Torts will figure this out but he’s not a Gomez type who leads rushes and distributes the puck…never was; but Renny used him like that and so far so has Torts..as if he commands the ice

    thats wrong…look at his stats..he’s not an assist guy…you gotta put him infront of the net and get him a briere or a Connely to skate around and cretae…

    I’m not a Drury lover but its like asking that Troll from Detroit Holmstrom to set other guys up…

  55. All hail Avery, If Sean wants a feel good, he will be reading this stuff. I always liked Averys game, it was the off ice stiff I didn’t like. So I was more than a little guarded about his return. I have to admit he was good last night, and I expect he will be better in time.
    I also thought Morris, and staal were very good. Callihan has been great every game for a while now. Since Torts took over the whole team has taken it up a notch. some guys have been up and down, but it’s a lot more fun to watch. The pressure is on, they have to win.

  56. NIK Z is young and needs a coach to mature his thought process as a professional and develope a consistent frame of mind concerning teamwork. I hope Torts can do it, because this kid has a great up-side to his game.
    Be patient with these kids they need good mentors.

  57. Matteauonov March 13th, 2009 at 1:38 pm
    Was Fran maybe thinking of Andropov?


    I don’t think he would know anything about Andropov. And how would Andropov translate into the “pedestal?” Fran in Russian means “im looking for attention” or not :) I’m pleasantly surprised to know that I’m not the only Russian speaking person on here… couple more of Russians here and another revolution is more than possible!

  58. hehe just watched the rangers official post-practice vid on rangers official website; out of curiosity, does anyone know why Gomez have different equipment every single practice? new helmets, last time warrior gloves etc, but i never see him using em in games?? well, well, great game but the RAGS big up AVERY, CALLY; GOMEZ line. peace HANK!

  59. Give Z a chance. Torts won’t give up on him like they did in Columbus, but Z will need to respond. I think a hard nosed coach will do him well like it did for Kovy. The kid is a huge talent, but he needs to learn accountability, and under Torts he will.

  60. I think Hank’s record shouldn’t be diminished in any capacity. Consider baseball’s home run record, Players now benefeit from ALOT more games and at bats then Ruth, Aaron, and Maris had, yet it still counts if the records get broken.
    You’ll have the handful of ‘hockey purists’ and old timers groan, and the Henrik haters(disgruntled and jealous Devil fans??) say the shootouts are the difference, but he is a stellar talent, and a great goaltender, and deserves the accolade. Without Henrik… Ranger fans would take more interest in upcoming drafts and who we could take with the first overall pick!

  61. it is not just the more at bats, Vinny. but also the ball is much livelier than it was in the old days, not to mention the roids

  62. UESBlueshirt on

    Players use practices to break in or try out new equipment. Some players are more fickle than others when it comes to their gear. Remember Leetch wore the same skates and gloves for years for games. I imagine he used different equipment for practices because even half a season’s worth of use probably puts a lot of wear and tear on their stuff.

  63. Kaspar March 13th, 2009 at 2:32 pm
    I’m kinda Russian plus……
    I read Doestoyevsky


    Kinda Russian as in Kaspar the friendly blog guru
    Or kinda Russian as in the friendly blog guru in life outside of the blog?
    just curious :)

  64. Marty Brodeur has also benefeited from the shootout. He’s basically a game away from breaking Roy’s wins record… should that record be tainted as well? A record is a record in my eyes. Regardless of the method, Hank won 30 games 4 years in a row. Bravo.

  65. UES

    Yep. Which player was it that had his skats almost taped together and black spray paint was on it, you can see on the plastic part that holds the blade? Was it Beuke? or Leetch? I forget.

  66. Vinny: I’ll be sure to point that out to Devils fans who are the first to point that out about Henrik

    As if we all didn’t know it haha

  67. koala March 13th, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    Where is New Paltz ??? Is it as famous as Eidengesäß of Germany ???:)

    I can´t find it on any map arund the great northeast:)

    New Paltz is about 75 miles north of NYC and was founded by French Huguenots in the late 1600’s. It is also the home of SUNY New Paltz.

    If you’re there tonight, P and G’s (ask a college kid where pig’s is) used to have a pretty good happy hour on Friday nights.

  68. Kaspar,
    Your definately not as funny as some people think you are. LOL

    That being said, Let’s go Rangers

  69. New Paltz was known as “THE BURN OUT” SUNY college, back in the day. I really like Torts giving more minutes to players who act like they want it. Where are all the SIKIAS (super intelligent know it alls) bashing Betts?

  70. Whatever funk Z and Antro are in they better get it out by this weekend…two games in less than 24 hours against a team we need to be able to beat…if Aves plays like he has he is gonna get Philly to make mistakes all that needs to be done is capitalize.

  71. I have no problem giving a goalie credit for a “real” win in a shootout. Basically, they held the game tied through 65 minutes. Then, the 1-on-1 breakaway is the goalie’s lowest save-percentage type of shot. And one goalie beat the other on 3 super-high-quality scoring chances, so he deserves a win for it. Just the same as if he had made extra saves on breakaways & penalty shots during a game.

  72. the goalie is often MORE responsible for a shootout win than a reg win in which he only stops 20 long bad angle perimeter shots. eh,Brodeur?

  73. Gaborik is going to be a UFA this summer. If MIN doesn’t sign him and we can dump one or more of our big contracts, think we could/should go for him?

  74. TULRangerFan on

    Gaborik is too injury prone. You’d have to get him on the cheap for it to be worth it.

  75. Carp – I’m so sick of hearing about how the shootouts allowed Henrik to get the record…

    I mean…would you say the same about Brodeur’s wins in a season record? Would you say the same about Brodeur breaking the wins record as soon as he is? I assume you would…the game changes, the rules change, which is why there will never be another Gretzky.

    It’s just the way it is.

  76. CCCP

    Where’s your sense of humor?

    Don’t you allow for ” poetic license”?

    Of course that’s not a the meaning of Antropov. ( Actually it means son of Antrop. And if he was a female the name would be Antropova.) Guess I’ll have to really watch myself with you wordsmiths out there.

  77. Kaspar

    Just having a little fun with words and naes. Yes I do know who Andropov was, the Premier prior to Gorbachov, ( and also Gorby’s chief mentor, and father confessor. Too bad he had an untimely death.

  78. Fran

    Is that really you? LOL Tell all the boys to come here and post. I STILL cant get any posts through there…

  79. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Kaspar is slightly Russian because he’s actually Lithuanian, even though he plays for Russia internationally.

  80. 94 pts should get a playoff spot.

    that means Rangers need 8 wins in the remaining 14 games. or even 7-5-2, which is win 7 lose 7, should do it

  81. I’m not a Brodeur fan, but who cares if the shootout inflates his numbers a little. How many SO wins does he have? Let’s face it, the guy is only 36 and he was going to break the wins record regardless of SO wins. I mean, the guy misses 3 months of the season and comes back and pitches two straight shutouts.

  82. “Zherdev, benched for the second and third periods in the 4-2 defeat of the Predators, was on the third line during rushes, along with Lauri Korpikoski and Markus Naslund. ”

    accdg to Zipay

    so, the lines are set for tomorrow.

    Drury was the only guy to miss practice today

  83. MAKO

    Yeah, it’s me.

    None of us can get thru there any more because they went to that Typekey system ( later trsnsposed to “Type Pad” and the whole thing is so screwed up that the blog has become unusable. They ought to go back to the old simple system of log in log out, like the Mets Yankess are still using without any problems. This blog is fun, but there are so many people in it I can’t keep up with them all. And we get some s-t-r-a-n-g-e postings here, by some people with equally odd posting names. ONe thing that I like here is that there are web masters here who keep table on the blog and keep it moving. I do believe that the Post has simply lost interest in theirs and no long bothers to control it.

    I tell you – we had a really good blog there that was going strong right up until the screw up date, which has never been the same since. I still hear from Greg now and then when he’s ashore. But it’s been on ice now for over a month.

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