Another backup goalie


Hey, we know the Rangers haven’t had a lot of luck with understudies this year, but this is an opportunity. Backup goalie Dan Ellis starts in place of 6-foot-5 Pekka Rinne, who I am pretty sure the Rangers have never seen before and who is pulling a Lundqvist and sitting out with some sort of ailment.

Good story in Nashville about Steve Sullivan, the ex-Devil who missed 142 games over almost two years with a back injury and has recently returned as the Preds make their playoff push.

But I’m not going to go into all the this-and-thats while the pregame show is on, because, well … I don’t know why.

You ask for it, you got it here on the (Festivus) blog. You wanted a separate post pregame, here it is. Now do your thing below. I’ll check in during the game.

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  1. Thanks for the fresh start Carp. Now if only the Rags could do the same starting tonight…

  2. Rick Carpiniello
    March 12th, 2009 at 7:31 pm

    CCCP, it’s not Straka and it’s not Strudwick. It’s not Shack or Sandstrom or Sanderson or Seiling or Shanahan or Simon or Sator, either. Do you remember Petr Smrek? He was the “thick” kid they got in the Gusarov trade in ‘01. It’s not Smrek, either.
    Rick, u make it very interesting… was he talking about getting Skrudland in his Schneider? :)

  3. HockeymanRangers on

    Yea I wonder how many times have the Rangers been sh__ __t (will not say it) this year with back up goal tenders.
    I’m sure someone has that stat somewhere???

  4. HockeymanRangers on

    Preds announcers are saying that Ellis started against the caps Tuesday night. He played a good game against them the other night.

  5. HockeymanRangers on

    Should we know Hasengfratz from another game??? I probably should know but don’t remember.

  6. nice call mako

    thats the one thing i missed about avery how he was always around the net for rebounds

  7. HOckeymanRangers

    Yeah he was the ref of the Chicago game remember those 11 INSANE calls against the Rangers. the 5 5 on 3’s

  8. Why can’t I listen to the game on NHL gamecenter even? WTF? There is smoke blowing out of my ears right now!

  9. what the hell is this annoying whistling noise that some fan is making in the background? driving me insane

    good penalty nazzy, lets give up a goal to the WORST PP in the league

  10. sweet pete, what’s going on with this tonight? I can’t even get the game on the radio at all.

  11. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    that was all hank hes still sick though, which is why vally shouldve played.

  12. thisyearsmodel on

    Another tremendous defensive display. What the hell is going on with these guys tonight?

  13. HockeymanRangers on

    Zherdy has been giving the puck up a lot lately. Passing to nobody in the Cane game and coughed it up for that goal.

  14. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hockeyman rangers- thats why z is gonna olny get a 100k raise next year, hes awful

  15. Oh great! I found the game on some scratchy AM station just in time to hear “too many men on the ice”… GO FIGURE!

  16. Sally, I have no idea…it’s pretty irritating and I’m about to abandon the search.

    Good luck with it.


  17. Wow Girardi. Yet another reason why I will boo you. I don’t care what people say around here, for the last month and a half, he’s been our worse defenseman. His positioning is complete crap and he has no idea where to be on the ice. At least Redden and Rozsival have some what of an idea of where they should be. I’ve seen Girardi step up to the other blueline off the opening faceoff. Please cut this bum (and for those who ask why I’m saying this, I’ve been saying it since late last year and hes just getting worse. There’s a reason why this guy wasn’t drafted).

  18. Naslund is serving the penalty. I guess he was one step slow in getting off the ice, which has been the norm for him all season. So if he is always 1 step behind the play this season, next season he will be 2 steps behind?

  19. Also, we seem to be just standing around in front of the net this game, like not moving at all.

  20. roszival cant hold the puck at the blue line for shit

    can’t stand him. i honestly prefer redden

  21. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    we look like crap tonight. cmon boys!!!! they dont look like they want a playoff spot. these teams are all outplaying them. and a stupid move by torts to put hank in f hes still sick

  22. Hank gets a glove on it… goal.

    Girardi scores on his own net, goal.

    Please… this is pathetic. Is Antropov playing? Is Drury? Dubi?


  23. CaptainAvery on

    It’s not even fun to watch this team anymore. It is just infuriating, frustrating, and heartbreaking. I don’t know why I bother.

  24. lundqvist has been fine

    do you guys really think he could have stopped the 2nd goal?

    the first one…horrible defensive positioning..they hung him out to dry

  25. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    I hate small market teams and their annoying-ass PA announcers. F you Bettman.

  26. Maybe it’s me but this looks like the same rangers I’ve seen all year. Darth Sather you suck!!!

  27. Starting next season I’m going to count how many goals go off our defenseman. every year!!

  28. Why does Naslund suck so badly all of a sudden ? He wasn’t anything special, but he looks like he doesn’t even wanna be on the ice the last four games. He causes a too many men on the ice penalty, and a retarded interference penalty. Wake up you moron, and step up for the love of god.

    Horrible period. They better wake up and start by scoring a PP goal.

    The Cats, Flyers, and Pens are losing, hopefully all will lose in regulation. But it wont fuggin matter if we don’t pick up two points.

  29. UESBlueshirt on

    I hate to say this but, Let’s Go Islanders and Let’s Go Sabres and Let’s Go Jackets!

  30. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    rob- hank looks out of it dude. what are you talkin about? ya the 2nd one he was not able i guess but the 1st one he was. and he just doesnt look comfortable out there. then again he hasnt been playin like he did the last few years and if he gives up 3 or 4 its almost like an average game for him. i think he really should be playing these crucial games but a healthy vally is better than a sick hank.

  31. tomg,

    I’m with u.

    The coaching change sparked them… for a few… but that’s it. Seems short lived huh?

  32. UESBlueshirt on

    Habs getting pretty outworked by the Isles and their fans are letting them hear it. I’m not so sure the heavy home schedule is an advantage for them if they continue to struggle.

  33. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    mako- i know its still the 1st but the way theyre playing it looks like it could be one of those games. and weve seen way too many of them. hank has to be better and the d corp is horrible. they need to do some trades in the offseason

  34. Riche’,
    15 years of darth sather and if it wasn’t for the strike the rangers would have never made the playoffs once. I wish Dolan would lay off the donuts, get off his fat ass and finally fire Darth Sather because as long as this moron is the GM we will never smell a semi finals or a cup final.

  35. Nashville has 1 less win than the Rangers. Why is everyone under the assumption we are so much better than them?

    WE AREN’T AN ELITE TEAM. Teams like Nashville arent easy wins for us. We have to WORK for them

    Yes I understand its a backup goalie and Bonk and are out, but fans really shouldnt be acting as though the Blueshirts are a class above the Preds.

  36. Mike in IA

    Hey if they players dont want to waive their contracts then we are stuck watching them. Simple as that. I dont think Drury, Redden and Gomez would want to play anywhere else but here. Besides Sather’s ego probably wont allow them to leave.

    UGH its sickening. I really hope Im wrong. But yeah you’re right about the trades. I’d say F it and bring up AA and Grachev, DZ and Sags.

  37. MAKO March 12th, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    Come on guys. There are 2 whole periods left. Its not over yet!!!!

    One of real fans here.
    There is plenty of time.

  38. jerkins – did you not see the reaction save right before the rangers goal? a goalie that’s out of it doesn’t make that save

  39. You can’t defend Henke much on that first goal. He got a piece of it, but maybe if he had a glove hand…or a whole glove side…he would’ve stopped it. Now I’m a Henke fan and maybe he missed it due to his illness, but that is a puck he should stop.

  40. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I wonder if this team could use the services of a high scoring hall of fame right winger about 6’3, 245???

    oh wait we had him and Glen Satan let him go. Good move, what did he ever do for the NYR?

    * Most regular season goals by a Ranger – 54
    * Most regular season points by a Ranger – 123
    * Most regular season PP goals by a Ranger – 24
    * Most regular season shots on goal by a Ranger- 368
    * Most regular season GW goals by a Ranger – 9
    * Most regular season goals by a Ranger RW- 54
    * Most regular season assists by Ranger RW- 69
    * Most regular season points by a Ranger RW-123


  41. I’m torn between wanting the rangers to win and somehow feel if they miss the playoffs Dolan might wake up and see Sather for the fraud that he is and fire him. Looks like we need to call Dolan so he can see the collection of miscreants Sather has insulted the Ranger team with disgrace the Ranger sweater with their pathetic play.

  42. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    well even though it probably was the coach change that sparked them for a few, they still dont play well enough to win and torts is gonna need this season to just get a fel with the players so i wasnt expecting much. i knew the team wasnt playoff caliber. our d is the worst in the league pretty much and they lose us games alot. so when we score only 1-2 our d has to be perfect. they have been playin in torts style a few weeks now so they shouldnt be having problems adjusting still. we just dont have those top players that most teams have. we have some other teams regurgitated crap. how many guys we goit from the farm? 3? duby, cally and hank, staal? thts it.

  43. I don’t care how Dart Sather does it but this moron better find a way to dump a combination of Drury, Gomez, redden and Rosival because if he doesn’t this team will get worse not better.

  44. id rather see drury go before gomez to be honest

    between drury and gomez – drury
    between redden and roszival – both (lol)

  45. No Country For Old Rangers
    March 12th, 2009 at 9:01 pm
    I wonder if this team could use the services of a high scoring hall of fame right winger about 6’3, 245???
    oh wait we had him and Glen Satan let him go. Good move, what did he ever do for the NYR?
    * Most regular season goals by a Ranger – 54
    * Most regular season points by a Ranger – 123
    * Most regular season PP goals by a Ranger – 24
    * Most regular season shots on goal by a Ranger- 368
    * Most regular season GW goals by a Ranger – 9
    * Most regular season goals by a Ranger RW- 54
    * Most regular season assists by Ranger RW- 69
    * Most regular season points by a Ranger RW-123


    Im glad Im not the only one who feels this way….

  46. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    as he should be. hes been crap lately. nazzy should be benched too

  47. HockeymanRangers on

    Drury, Nausland and Redden if Gomer had a goal scorer to pass it to. He might be worth his paycheck the above mention I wouldn’t mind saying GOODBYE.

  48. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    ohh hank!!!!! nice. im sry hank i take it back. just keep makin em!

  49. sure, bench our best offensive forward in favor of the guy who took 2 penalties in the 1st period.

  50. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    man doobs really needs a goal. what is it like 40 games? its gotta be gettin close to that. i think ottawa was the last time he scored

  51. HockeymanRangers on

    Is the Pred’s announcer calling Antro’s name correctly, it sounds like he is saying “on drop off”

  52. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    yea rob. he cseems to have gotten focused and playin better. the 1st he just didnt seem right

  53. i like morris…you don’t notice him out there, and that is a GOOD thing when you’re talking about rangers defensemen

  54. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hockeyman yea he says it wierd. dubinsky doesnt suck he just needs to get a damn goal. hes either got horrible luck or no hands, i think its confidence and bad luck combinedc. but still should have at least 15 by now what he got 7 or 8?

  55. Morris the Cat and his 9 lives brings more offense to the table than Derek Morris…

    Where the hell is the big shot we heard he had 9 years ago in juniors

  56. i’m not concerned with morris’s offensive production

    i want to stop having swiss cheese defense that can’t move the puck out of our own zone

    he provides more stability back there

  57. UESBlueshirt on

    Drury needs to do something else than telegraph his shot from a mile away or take a bit off of it and make it into a change-up.

  58. I don’t understand the benching of Zherdev. A few shifts maybe, but almost half the period? I dunno about that.

  59. HockeymanRangers on

    Don’t it make you wonder what happen to Dubi??? His first year was pretty awesome, yes I know he had Jag’s but he used to work the bds and always always come out with the puck. It really makes you wonder what happened to him.

    Why aren’t these guys hitting tonight they need to start hitting. Come on Ranger WE CAN DO THIS. PLACE the puck on net don’t just throw it.

  60. The only thing wrong with Drury’s last shot is that the goalie saw it the whole way. Good setup, good shot, obody in front????

  61. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    jcalz- i cant find any links anymore they dont stream games anymore it seems and so i just got nhl gamecenterfor 20 bucks for the month. it seems ok so i might get the full subscription next season

  62. HockeymanRangers on

    I am telling you Z gave the puck up at least once this game and a couple in Carolina. Not sure that’s why he’s sitting but maybee.
    I see him out there now.


    New York Royalty

    Stanley Cup Champ
    A Little Arrogant (in a good way)
    Title Machine
    Edmenton Great
    Rangers Savior

  64. Avery the best player on the ice…..

    where are all the schmucks who used to post here that were so against him coming to NY…

    If Avery was not back….I would have rather sat and watched Ugly Betty with battery cables hooked up to my nipples attached to a huge generator

  65. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    ” lundqvist makes it look like a walk in central park with the pooperscooper”!! this guy sucks!!!. wheres sam??

  66. LIQUID,

    I’m here… and one of the ones. If he keeps playing the way he has been I’ll GLADLY admitt I was wrong. Although, one of the reasons was that I was worried about signing others in the off season.

    Not sure how that plays out still. Always an Avery fan before he was gone tho

  67. Bench Z for a few shifts at most, but all period is stupid.

    Cutting off your nose to spite your face…so he turned the puck over, why isnt Nazzy benched for bad penalties? Or Gomer last game for bad penalties? Or Redden for being AWFUL.

    Take away your points leader, most dynamic offensive player, because he had a couple of bad shifts…not smart on Torts part in my opinion..then again what do I know

  68. thisyearsmodel on

    Zherdev benched. Wow. Of course, Renney did that too. When I see Redden, Naslund, Gomez, Drury sitting, I will then be impressed.

  69. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Little known fact about Chris Drury: He hates playing hockey, all he wants is to coach a little league team in Connecticut.

  70. SCORES. HARD WORK RESULTS IN A GOAL. Am really liking this line of Avery Gomez Callahan.

  71. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    There is no doubt that Sean avery is the BEST player on the ice tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Who didn’t want Avery back????? Where are you all???? This guy is the only one playing hard. The only one.

  73. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    drury almost gave a nice chance up by not knowing to go after the puck in the corner.

  74. anyone notice that the puck is riding along the boards where the boards meet the glass a lot in this game?

  75. sure Torts, bench the guy that cant respond to you in English. not impressed, 5 mins maybe, 20 mins??

  76. kph,

    right here… see my post above to LIQUID for an explanation… I still stand by it. But will be happy to say “I was wrong if proved otherwise”

    One other issue I had was the refs and so far I’ve been proven right… they call everything on him… borderline or not.

  77. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Excellent period!! Where are all those hockey mavins who did not want Sean Avery on this team? At least be men and admit your mental folly.

  78. the people that didn’t want avery are the same people bitching about torts benching zherdev for a period

  79. Rozi gets the pass…
    Dreden get the pass….
    Naslund get the pass….
    Zherdev is the one………

  80. I would rather see Marty Straka and his thousand missed chances then watch Naslund and his no hustle lazy ass play

  81. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Staalsie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 sweet , dang wrote it in the other poast , Rick , ya put this one up a lil late eh?

  82. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    Bench Z for a few shifts at most, but all period is stupid.

    Cutting off your nose to spite your face…so he turned the puck over, why isnt Nazzy benched for bad penalties? Or Gomer last game for bad penalties? Or Redden for being AWFUL.

    Take away your points leader, most dynamic offensive player, because he had a couple of bad shifts…not smart on Torts part in my opinion..then again what do I know

    jive- agree that z should be benched a few shifts and that nazzy should sit a few games. redden too. but if you say anything bad about it they call ya a renny lover

  83. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Rob —

    Good point and I like Z alot! He just needs a kick in the ass just like most Russian players for some reason. That being said,I think Torts needs to bench Naslund now in the third and play Z he may come out with fire in his game.

  84. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on


  85. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    jerkins perkins(mike in ia)–

    Who’s Renney?

  86. i really wish people would stop questioning tort’s methods

    just let it go

    this is what happened last period:

    1) the good – we scored 2 goals, have the lead back, limited nashville to 3-4 shots, we have a pp going into the 3rd
    2) the bad – zherdev was benched

    you guys are seriously going to focus on zherdev getting benched? obviously it hurt the team bigtime…

    negative nancies

  87. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    isles winning in the 3rd huh? yea they got some young guys that will hustle their ass off all night. good to have a young team. when ya been around awhile you start doggin it for a paycheck like nazzy and drury

  88. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    crap calgary was down 4-2 in the 3rd and now are leading 5-4 against detroit. damn they are good this year. might contend with the sharks for finals huh?

  89. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Yeah bench our leading scorer and the only guy who assists on all our goals…

  90. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    yeah teach Zherdev not to be creative, tell him to be perfect and never screw up …lets see how many goals we get while we “teach” him a lesson on the bench…

  91. Zherdev shouldn’t have been benched. Wait for him to be even more mopey now. The goal was Girardi’s fault completely.

    Bench Naslund for being awful!

  92. i do agree with an earlier comment that was made

    if avery’s play continues, give him naslund’s A

  93. I do question benching Z too. He’s got to feel picked on a bit at this point, right? I mean, he’s probably looking around at Redden, Naslund, and Roszival and wondering why just he’s being benched since at least he scores once in a while. Not sure that benching him is worth the damage to his confidence.

  94. lol @ you guys thinking that tortorella is going to cradle zherdev’s moody emotions

    i do agree that some other people deserve benching (or deserve it soon if they don’t pick it up), but get over it…we had a good period without him, and i’m sure he’ll be back in the 3rd

  95. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    you cant have it both ways. renny benches zherdev hes a prick and doesnt make the top guys accountable, torts does it and you get, “you cant question torts methods”

  96. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hope so mako. redden looks like a wounded seal in shark infested waters out there. hes just waiting to screw up

  97. i trust tortorella’s judgment much more than renney’s, so in that respect, i can have it both ways

    but i do see what you’re saying

  98. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Benching Z is like yelling at a cat to stop licking itself!!

  99. Mike in IA

    Yep…. they said it right before the pd started. Averaging 5 min a pd… and going down. Staal with the most.

  100. Ellis is technically the backup, but he was starter at the beginning of the season. Rinne is a rookie if i’m not mistaken, and Ellis was decent before Rinne took over.

  101. if zherdev isnt going to play this period, i am turning on torts, im sorry but thats just unfair, and if i was zherdev i’d be pretty effin pissed.

  102. HockeymanRangers on

    Preds announce said this was Elis’s second start in a row. He started against the caps

  103. mikein Iowa…

    I dont care how they say korpikoski…..they should be saying


  104. kinda surprised z isn’t seeing the ice yet

    i would agree now that THIS is excessive

    aves drew a penalty

  105. Listen, I didnt mean to sound like I was looking for something to whine about during a nice Rangers comeback.

    I liked Renney but I was 100% for bringing in Torts.

    I also was 100% for bringing Avery back, wish we had never let him go. Knew he would come back, play well, and look he just drew a penalty.

    That being said, Torts system says push, take chances, let the goalie handle some of the 2 on 1s.

    Z gets a bit careless with the puck, but the guy can THRIVE in Torts’ system. But to start benching him for a period and now 6+ minutes in the 3rd is insane. We need Zherdev for the playoff push, this is not a smart move on Torts part. I just wanted to point that out. That being said, I am VERY pleased with the lead, and we have had a lot of results finally go our way in other games tonight. Really need to wrap up this win and take the 2 points.

  106. i agree that z shouldn’t be benched this period also

    on the topic of z, does anyone think he could be so much dangerous if he moved east/west more than north/south? i feel like he moves laterally too much and that he would be so much dangerous moving forward more

  107. Whatever you guys say…

    They’re not playing good tonight. It looks half assed to me. Especially the new PP.

    Say what you want. I love this team, love Torts, but tonight they’ll be lucky to get a point.



  109. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


  110. riche, the 1st period they sucked, they looked great in the 2nd and so far in the 3rd…what more do you want?

  111. so, if i get superstitious.
    does this mean i have to be eating
    m&m’s the rest of the game?

  112. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    IF I DONT F#@#%##@! SEE ZHERDEV on the ice sooonn im gonna kill Torts!!!

  113. Torts isn’t going to let Z play in this game. He did stuff like this to Fedotenko in Tampa. It ended up working out because Fedotenko played great in the playoffs for them. I’m sure he’ll let Nik know it wasn’t anything personal, but he needs to be more aware at times.

  114. C’mon boys ice it with a PPG. PP has been running at about 25% the past few games.

  115. doodie – z has been benched since the first period for a bad pass that lead to a nashville goal

    naslund just looks lost

  116. well Jane
    hate to get you crossed off of Tortorella’s
    Christmas card list
    he needs to address the state of the power play.

  117. The powerplay is fine. They’ve looked good. Not as good as previous games, but the key is that they move. You can’t just rip shots from the point when they are going to be blocked. As long as they keep moving around and at least attempt to get off a couple shots there when they have the lane, then its fine. I will admit they have been a little too hesitant to shoot on the PP tonight, but they haven’t had much of a problem with it before.

  118. Doodie,

    Zherdev turned the puck over in the 1st by trying to shuffle a pass to the point and the result off the rush the other way was a NSH goal.

    Naslund took a really lazy interference penalty and started out on the 3rd line to start.

  119. STFU already Joe Micheletti….you OCD babbling idiot

    Talking about Zherdev and being benched by Torts….

    Put ur sack on the table and mention how Redden and Naslund shouldnt even be allowed back on the goddamn airplane to go home after the game

  120. i think i just got more reason to go to the game on sunday. if i go ill be there with about 5 friends and we’ll start a WE WANT ZHERDEV chant or just chant something liek that in russian

  121. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hey lets be happy for linda and aggie tonight. they are gettin to watch a win most likely

  122. HockeymanRangers on

    I think, Zerdy gave up the puck at least once in this game and a couple in Cnae land. Not sure anyone agrees is he is just swatting at the puck,instead of heads up passing??

  123. oh, i do like the movement on the power play.
    much MUCH better than the previous stand around like
    orange cones version from the Renney era
    but i still don’t like the over-emphasis on
    getting shots from the point.
    it would be different if we had Blake in his prime.

  124. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on


  125. Doodie Machetto on


    Can we talk about how good Gomez has been since Torts took over? 4 goals and 5 assists in the 7 games that Torts has coached.

  126. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    great win. 2pts. thats all that matters. pp sucks bad though. torts runs it so cmon torts run the damn thing!!!

  127. Nice win, great way to come back after a bad 1st. Gomez-Avery-Cally line was the catalyst. Hank also rebounded from a wobbly 1st.

  128. HockeymanRangers on

    I do have to say these announcers did not beat up the Rangers tonight they called a great game both ways. We should play the Preds more often.

  129. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on


  130. I think people really need to lay off Redden. Is he going to be a Norris Trophy winner? No. We get that. But he’s been better than what he was earlier in the year. Plus it seems like since Torts took over, him and Rozy seem to be actually bumping people a bit, no huge hits but they actually try to finish their checks when they know its safe too. Still not worth the contracts but not as bad as before either.

  131. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    lev, while i think zherdev has been crap lately, he didnt deserve the benching he got. i can think of half a dozen guys who deserved it more

  132. Congratz Hank!!!!!

    That first line looked awesome tonight!!! WOW great chemistry. There you go, I said it LOL

  133. It feels weird winning a game by 2. I’m so used to crapping my pants in the last 2 minutes of a game. I could get used to this.

  134. with his first period assist, Z has 3 goals and 3 assists under Torts

    I think hes been playing good recently.

  135. I am in Cali. got the preds telecast, was Zherdev benched?????

    the rangers played a very good 2nd and 3rd period.. I almost pissed on my self whe bricklayer sjustrom scored the shorty………..

  136. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    shoey had 14 minutes naslund had 9, zherdev 6, redden 16, staal 24. so yea some guys gettin more but aLSO BECAUSE OF THE POWERPLAYS

  137. HockeymanRangers on

    Johnny D he is playing better, but he is not playing any where near good enough as to what we are paying him. He should feel guilty, and give half of his salary to charity.

  138. Doodie Machetto March 12th, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    Naslund was 1st on the line for benching, but he is “the name”
    and older player.
    You can make a case for Drury, Gomez, Redden to be benched at one point or the other.
    Zherdev did not do anything out of the ordinary to deserve it.

  139. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    kph- lol me too.
    jive-its not his offense its his blind passing, giveways and poor d skills. still, i think the 1st period benching was enough.

  140. Anyone catch Hank referring to the “interesting meeting” they had with their coach between the 1st and 2nd? Sounds like they got ripped into.

  141. HockeymanRangers on

    You got it Jerkins, blind passing is why he got benched. And this is not the first game he has done this.

  142. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    kph- hank made 2 great saves. other than that he had an easy night.he gave up as many goals as vally did the other night. only difference is we scored 4. i think he did good but he wasnt a huge factor in the game. still happy to see he can make that big save when we ned him too. its how it should be. i was happy we didnt have to rely on superhuman goaltendin to win a game

  143. HockeymanRangers, I ask for your help and you give me a bad remark, I am sad now I need some Co- I mean what?

  144. Jerkins: what’s your point? Are you questioning whether we’re lucky to have Hank? 30 wins each of his first 4 years. I’d say we’re pretty lucky.

  145. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Listening to Hank you can hear the difference between The way things used to be around here and the way things are now. Hank said “after the first period we had an intersting meeting with our coach,he let us know a few things”

  146. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the Bench!! says Greg L. on

    Yessss!!! We NEEDED these pointz!!! Back in the playoff picture!!! ….OK WTF with this Zherdev benching …ok Torts , I knowww he cost us a goal with his lack luster defensive play…but this guy has won games for us and has chased down players to dive and make the defensive play …Torts said he didn’t watch many Ranger games and need to get to know the players….yo Torts IF YA HAD been watching us all year YOU would see that hes been one of the most consistant Ranger producers and for him to make a bad pass or if hes having a bad game ,,sitting him down and embarrasing OUR leading scorer is ….um …Torts…its Torts!!! That how he is..he mind-screwed Vinny for years and yeah he had sucess with it but to sit him down for that long…come on!!!!

    I have never ever been this upset after a Ranger win!!!Maybe when Jagr got hurt after trying to swipe at Gomez!!

    Yeah Rob , a really big Woody!!

  147. HockeymanRangers on

    Sorry Wadey, but when the season is over would mind taking up another teams cap space.
    Oh and a body check is when you feel your self up, over your entire body. LOL

  148. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hockeyman- yea i know that drives coaches crazy. you can try hard and not score but the coach likes the effort. but when you have the talent zherdev has, you have to be better than that. cally is the opposite. he will thrive on this team because of his work ethic. zherdev is great, no doubt, but seems sloppy at times. it only takes 1 stupid pass or 1 too many moves and boom the play goes the other way and we get scored on. i hope z learns from it. didnt think he needed the whole game being benched but hope torts will bench some other guys the way he did tonight and not just continue rennys trend. anyway i thought our d played good. morris and staal were great and even redden had a good game.

  149. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    By the way,Naslund also had almost no ice time after the first. He is next on the benching list. And if you go by ice time allocation,Redden is also on that list.

  150. Hockeyman Rangers I will find you and put one of my 30 mph “slap shots” into your shins!

  151. HockeymanRangers on

    Troops, that are pissed at Torts for benching Z. Maybe this is what Z needs to get him to LOOK WHERE HE IS PASSING THE PUCK TOO. And obviously help the team in the long run.

  152. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I have to say that Morris was outstanding tonight. Girardi is close to being the player he was most of last season except for that one goof. And Staal once again showed that he is the best Dman on the Rangers. There can be no doubt about that.

    By the way,did I mention how great Sean Avery played tonight?

  153. onecupin69years on

    Zherdev seems to get under the coach’s skin..he was benched by Renney and now by torts..he gave the puck away, but he wasn’t the only guilty party.
    Sometimes they play like their entitled to win without busting their asses,but I think torts got their attention tonite by whipping zherdev.
    I doubt if you’ll see Zherdev in NY next season

  154. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    alex b- yea i saw naslund got 9 total minutes. zherdev 6, redden only 16 with staal gettin 24. morris had 18 i think. staal was excellent tonight. great to see him score too

  155. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    LMAO at the idiot Philly fans after Ovechkin’s poke check. Clearly not a penalty

  156. it is a team game. and the team picked it up after the chewing out and benching, and won the game. THAT is what matters.

    and yes, the accountability is necessary. you don’t make an example out of lesser players, that does no good. the only way to shock the other players is to bench a top player

    and since the same thing happened to him under Hitch, it is obvious that Zherdev does things that the coaches don’t like. plus you don’t know what was said on the bench.

    Avery and Gomez played great. they found a new combo. and they won a big game. that is all that matters.

  157. “What was said in between the first and second pds?”
    Torts: “you know guys, its gonna stay in the room, just gonna keep it in the room”
    which means. They got their asses ripped.

  158. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the Bench!! says Greg L. on

    yeah , Carp says that Morris is our best defenseman but I agree with you (czechthemout!!!) that Staalsie is by far…

    Where good ‘ol New Newman …? I wanna tell him who my top 3 favorite Rangers are!!!

    * #1)Staalsie
    #2 Dubinsky
    #3 Zherdev

  159. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    I thought we’d get our first Torts F-bomb there with that reporter who asked about Zherdev.

  160. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    onecup- no i think zherdev will be here. i think hes got too much potential and hes not gonna command more than 3.5 4 mill tops. hes still just 23 or 24. i think if any coach can get him goin, torts will, but hopefdully zherdev doesnt take this benching too hard and loses confidence.

  161. It is a little annoying how disrespectful Torts is to the media…I mean their questions weren’t out of line, just get over it and answer them! Thats part of his job!

    But on to more important things…Rangers played well and yay for 2 points!

  162. Rob
    March 12th, 2009 at 10:54 pm
    anyone see the torts postgame? i love his style…i respect it
    Shoryuken on Wade Redden

    March 12th, 2009 at 10:54 pm
    I thought we’d get our first Torts F-bomb there with that reporter who asked about Zherdev.


    Yep. I thought he was gonna drop it too. Love his response though… “Uh did you see him on the ice?”

  163. God forbid Torts bench a “kid.” People wanted a coach who holds players accountable, they got one, and now criticize when he finally does so. Zherdev has been coasting for a while now so I can’t say the benching wasn’t deserved. He doesn’t play well in his own end, he doesn’t forecheck, he turns the puck over, and he doesn’t hit – please tell me why he deserves to play? There is a reason why Columbus gave up on this guy!

    Maybe it will give not only Zherdev, but the rest of the team extra motivation to play hard or you’re riding the pine. Expect Naslund to take a seat at some point too.

  164. Yup Avery is our savior alright… to bad we nicknamed Mess the Messiah. Oh-Well… “Lord Our God” isn’t taken right?


  165. Richtersgirl

    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. I mean it was a dumb effin question but them about Zherdev. Get over it. He is raw and real. Just what this team needs.

  166. Rob, tehres a shocker we couldnt have interpreted that… not trying to be rude just pissed at what happened tonight… if he gets back in lineup next game and is on top 2 lines, ill be happy, but if not….well u know…

  167. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    I would have went with “You couldn’t f***ing confirm that he was benched yourself?”

  168. Mike, zherdev has been costing you??? he sure cost you in that bruins game right? he sure cost you in that game against the islanders, he sure cost you beginning of this season and he backchecked on a breakaway and slid down, i bet ur a dubinsky fan

  169. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    bigwin- yea hitchcock, renny and torts all having problems with him suggests that its zherdev not the coaches, i dont know why he got the whole gamed, but he should try playin harder, and playing more of a team game. i notice he likes to try to make plays by himself and 90% of the time he loses it, gets stolen or he realizes that all his teammates are not even in the zone yet or not in good position and makes a bad pass. that other 10% he makes a great play. hes just gotta step up and start learning the coaches system and just play simple and not try to do too much

  170. onecupin69years on

    Mike D. I don’t have a problem with benching Zherdev,but every game he could take his pick one from the drury, gomez ,naslund ,roszival and redden pool.

  171. What is wrong with asking the coach what his reasoning was for benching one of the top scorers on the team?? I think it was a valid point to bring up and some reasoning behind it would have been nice. I’m sure it was cause he gave the puck away and caused the second goal but its always a good perspective to hear from the coach. Guess we wont be hearing much of that anymore.

  172. Longtime reader, first time poster…

    I would def do Deb Placey! I grade female hockey fans on a curve, and she is a 10!

  173. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    richtersgirl- yea i dont know why he does that. i really dont think its funny or anything. maybe once in awhile but to just be a dick for the hell of it i dont know i dont get it. i do like his coaching style though. the whole postgame show antics are freakin stupid to me.

    onecup- a six pack of beert would probably be enough for me to do deb placey

  174. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Torts developed Vinny L from a loafing player with a great amount of talent and potential into the superstar he is today. In fact I think Vinny L was about 22-23 at the time,almost the same age as Z who is now 24. Don’t worry guys Z will be great the next game and Naslund is going to sit along with Redden.


    What kind of a stupid question is “could you confirm that he didn’t play the last two periods?” Lay off of the man,they’re lucky he didn’t go into his “we know what we did ” thing. By the way,are you really MHurley? Be honest now.

  175. Hockeymanrangers said it best about Nicky Z…the guy is making poor offensive zone passes to no one…leading to chances against…Torts will bend his mind to rightness…

    Big Philly double coming up….

    Great games tonite..tried bouncing around…watch the jackets almost blow one against cindy and the Pens, still gave’em a point though…saw a little Philly-Wash and Isl-Habs ( isles should have won in regulation…Price is heating up…Canes almost did it again but Stars held on

  176. fans wanted a coach who can adjust in-game, demands accountability, who chews them out when needed, who shows passion, and who does not do the slick sales routine to the press

    we got all of that. I am COMPLETELY happy with Torts

  177. does any have 2 tickets for sunday they want to sell? preferably in the area of section of 338.

  178. and Canes and Fla both lost, as well as Pit and Mtl and philly

    a good night all the way around

  179. Lev, my post said COAST, not cost. Zherdev has certainly taken shifts off over the past few games (not that other players haven’t), but his seem to be more noticeable. I do think he’s played well in spurts, but he is so inconsistent that it is frustrating. He can go out and make an incredible pass or score a great goal one shift and the next a boneheaded giveaway that ends up in our own net.

    Torts knows what he’s doing with “underachievers.” Look at Vincent Lecavalier – he took the C off his sweater, benched him, and called him out in the media. I’m sure Vinny would credit Torts with helping him become a superstar in this league; the same might go for Martin St. Louis.

    Not to say all of this applies to Zherdev, but maybe he can extract the superstar in Nik that everyone, including you and I, know is there. There is a reason why Nik was a top 5 first round pick a few years back (in a very deep draft, mind you). He has the talent to be a great player in this league and Torts is the guy to help him realize that.

    Naslund also seems to have the same problem – check the game notes, Markus only received just over 9 minutes of ice tonight. Both of these guys need to play better hockey: forecheck, smart passing, up tempo, etc.

    For the record, Dubinsky is not my favorite player. Voros is (that’s a joke).

  180. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Mike D.–

    Vinny has already publicly said that Torst made him the player he is today on numerous occaisions as well as Marty ST’louis.

  181. onecupin69years. I have no problem with benching any of the players you mentioned, although Drury and Gomez have both elevated their play since Torts got here. Naslund saw 9 minutes of ice tonight, which was great!

    There are some problems with benching Redden or Rozsival (keep in mind I’ve been on these guys all year – they’re both terrible:
    (1) Obviously can’t do it in a game
    (2) Torts’ reluctance to carry a seventh defenseman
    (3) Recalling a player from Hartford doesn’t work for several reasons: (a) Potter’s game has dipped and Sanguinetti is not defensively ready to make the jump, especially into an NHL playoff race – it would be unfair to Bobby, (b) The club has a maximum of 4 roster moves after the trade deadline – can’t waste a call-up this early unless there is an injury, (c) Like it or not Redden and Rozsival are probably (I said probably) best equipped to run the PP at this point.

    Unless one of them plays absolutely awful for a long-stretch of games (which happened only under Renney thus far), Redden and Rozsival will play.

  182. Lev – I might have 3 tickets in 418 for you for Sundays game. Season ticket holder here, but we are all young to mid 20s and have a hard time waking up for Sunday NBC games.

    I will know for sure by tomorrow afternoon.

  183. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the Bench!! says Greg L. on

    Philthy Philly lost tonight , lets give these loser another 2 loses!!!!!!!!!!

  184. What if Torts coached Zherdev on some things, expected a change, and sensed something he didn’t like in Zherdev’s response?
    Just guessing, could be a million reasons. Nobody should be blasting the bench boss for anything! Forget about figuring it out, it’s what happens from here on in that matters. I just hope it isn’t the end of the honeymoon, but Niki has a stake in this too so he should suck up whatever it is and get on with it. I’m on his side, he is a great player.

    So come out and play great on Saturday when NYR really need you, Niki.

  185. so after watching both goals the Rangers gave up, and I’m still clueless as to what Girardi was doing. I’ll give him a pass on the 2nd goal because even though it was a stupid play, it happens. On the first goal, I have no idea what he is doing. Watch the video.,2,1011&event=NSH37

    Why is he just like floating? He doesn’t cover anyone and gets caught forgetting about his man. Most of you guys let it slide because he hits, but he does this kinda stuff all the time and it bites the team in the butt.

  186. And as for Zherdev, I wouldn’t say he takes shifts off, its just that he’ll do something amazing on one shift and you expect him to do that every time hes out there. The fact of the matter is he needs to pick his spots, but also make sure he lessens the amount of mistakes he makes/giveaways when hes not out there making a great play. We can’t expect him to pull a highlight reel move every shift, but we also shouldn’t let him slide when he makes a bunch of bad plays.

  187. What a great game! And who said coaching doesn’t matter?! I just love the way they were attacking and crowding the net… what fun to watch them play like this…Avery was on fire and played very well… so much for being useless! Hank was good (did u guys see another head save about 5 minutes into the first period?)He made couple of timely saves and looked confident in net. I liked the way Torts was switching lines on the fly and playing with different pieces… when he does that it look like he does it with purpose and it seem to work great! Under previous regime this would be just like putting mustard on a pickle… don’t look good and don’t taste good either. What I’m trying to say is that this new coaching stuff serves the right style to the players…the way it was meant from the get go… they having fun and look more free and relaxed. With more practice they should only get better from now on! And of course you gotta feel for Niki Z… being chateau de bow wow is ROUGH-ROUGH!

  188. Johnny D,

    Good point… Z is amazing and when he’s not… ordinary. But we expect AMAZING.

    Tough call. Love him but we can’t resign him with others… it’s gonna be a tough off-season.

    I for one kinda wanna keep Andro… we need to keep size and hands. More goals from in tight (garbage) is what we need.

  189. RichtersGirl on

    By the way no I am not Mhurley….I used to sit in the same section as her though but no I am not her.
    Not sure if that was an insult or not….

  190. As much as i used to like Renney, he would not have been able to turn that around like Torts did last night – he also wouldn’t have had the balls to stick Girardi and Staal out there as the #1 pairing with 23/24 mins.

    Nice to see us score a shortie, instead of concede one for a change!! Good one Freddy and Bettsy!

  191. Tough call on Niki Z, I think Torts knows what he is doing with him. Its tough cause he happens to be the first player singled out by Torts, and he was always Renney’s whipping boy too, but I truly think Torts is going in the right direction with him and we will see the dividends. I also think that Torts would sit some D-men(i.e. Rosi or Redden). Buts its tough to do that w/o hamstringing the rest of the backline(since we only carry 6)

  192. Win or lose, the Rangers games are definitely entertaining. Unlike the product that we were subjected to for most of the season. That’s not a knock on Renney, it’s the truth.

  193. DomivBaumgartner on

    Was very impressed with Avery’s game last night. Drove to the net on the first goal and stuffed in the rebound of Gomez shot. On the second goal had a strong forecheck that forced Ellis to play the puck to his back hand side and passed it right to Callahan. He then shot the puck towards the net and Gomez deflected it in. In the third he drew a high stick penalty which dind’t lead to a goal but allowed us to play up a man for 2 minutes.

  194. I called this when Torts came in,that him and Zherdev would bump heads shortly. Zherdev for all the flashes of talent he shows every so often, is lazy and at times lost and disinterested. This was a bad trade Sather made , this guy is trouble. When the FAN interviewed one of the Blue Jacket beat writers in the summer, he said beside looking lazy often , he is not the best team player out there. Until Zherdev plays a consistant 82 game season, i will be on him.

  195. Why would a team give up on a young player, with talent? He scored 26 goals last year. Why trade him? Because Columbus saw a headache coming on, and knew to do the right thing.

  196. UESBlueshirt on

    I think Columbus saw it as a chance to also sure-up their blueline and shed some salary (and they threw in Fritsche) or at least not deal with impending RFA of Zherdev. While he certainly has 1st line natural talent he wasn’t necessarily required to be their go to guy since they already had one with Nash.

    My main gripe with Zherdev is that he often chooses to make the difficult play when a simple pass or dump deeper into the offensive zone will suffice. Case in point his play last night that mostly likely caused him to get benched. He tried to force a pass to the point rather than sending it into the corner to keep the forecheck going. To compound this problem he seems to do it nearly once every game.

    I think Torts has confidence in him but it’s a bit of tough love. It’s no secret that he demands more out of his best players and he considers Z one of the best players. Call it a double standard or whatever, but I don’t think he’s handling him any differently than any other coach has handled him throughout his career.

  197. Gomez is playing sooooo well. He looks and plays like a legitimate point per game guy.

    Well done Scotty

  198. I think Torts knows exactly what he’s doing benching Zherdev. The guy knows how to handle a talented underachiever. Lecavalier is a perfect example. Torts was really tough on him, but made him into the player the brought the cup to Tampa Bay in 2004.

    Redden and Naslund, those guys are what they are and benching them won’t change that. But Z is a young player who’s still developing. It looks like Torts is making a real project of making him into a consistent, elite player.

  199. I agree with whoever above said under Renney they would NEVER have turned that game around.

  200. I was a bit disheartened about how long Z was benched for, but I REALLY trust Torts knows what he is doing. I just wish he would bench Redden LOL

    IN TORTS WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yes it is a Beautiful Ranger Morning!!

    HAPPY FRIDAY the 13th!! LOL

  201. $ for this, $ for that on

    Let Z walk if he wants a raise. He’s restricted so at least we’ll get a pick or two back. Not as much as we ‘paid’ for Ant. But it would end up almost like trading 1 for the other. Or pretty close to it.

    I’d rather the size in Ant. And his ability to play wing/center.

    Resigning both isn’t an option.

  202. UESBlueshirt

    I agree about Nicky Z “choosing” to make difficult plays instead of easy ones…

    I was just talking to my Girlfriend last night as we switched back and forth between The Ranger game and the Pens-Jax game ( ive been watching a lot of Jackets this season..I kind of adopted them as my western team) strikes us clearly every game..its not just Nicky Z that does this its the whole team ( getting better sice you know who left)…the difference between the systems are that everything the Jackets do is “Firm” and “simple” …they clear hard and straight, they pass quickly, they dump and chase in straight lines…everything is “decisive”…the rangers were thinking too much..they make cross ice clearing apsses; their defenseman get “happy feet” every time they get the puck..there is always a moments delay when they try to get rid of it or shoot it…nothing is done as a one timer; they constantly start the other teams rush by making bad back passes in the attacking zone…

    it really is night and day and it really stands out when you switch back and forth

    they are getting out of those habits with Torts but who’s to say it can be un-done on time this year

    Fingers are crossed though


    “He wasn’t happy after the first period,” Gomez said. “It has been a while since I’ve heard a speech like that. We were playing too timid. Nashville had the 2-1 lead and we thought it was over.

    “He let us know what it is going to be like from now on. He lit into all of us. We were feeling sorry for ourselves and he spotted that right away. He called us out. I thought we responded well.”

  204. Ranger Fandom

    Just sit back and let Mr. Tortarella do his thing. He’s on a mission.

    Z will get over his benching, he’s a big boy..

  205. Kaspar

    Yeah. I remember Messier saying, “Its a game of split seconds” You cant think to much. Its a game of reflexes and instincts.

    AO netting his 48 last night. Sweet! Just hope he catches up to Malkin soon. Would like to see him win that scoring title again…

  206. Nice win last nite albeit against another backup goalie, the true test is against Philly this weekend. Avery was great last nite, but like every season he is never consistent and screws up his play with a dumb pass or dumb penalty. He needs to play like he did last nite for the that line to score.

    Dubi is turning into another Jed Ortmeyer, all hustle, hits, decent skater, but has stone hands and cannot score. It baffles me why he is still on the power play, would rather see Korpi out there.

  207. This is how I look at Z’s benching; it’s the same as parenting. Bench him for two shifts and he might do the same thing next week. Bench him for two periods and he’ll remember it two weeks from now and probably never do it again, and if it does, he’ll be grounded for the year and will have to sneak out of his basement windows in the middle of the night to attend parties.

    To be honest, I’m not a HUGE Z guy. I like him, I don’t love him. He’s not Kovalev (not even close). I just want to say that. But, I do think we need him this season. Next season? I don’t know.

    He’s definitely not a Torts player. He’s not physical and he doesn’t do the little things.

    Ironically, Avery is Torts on skates and I bet he’s regretting making those comments about him every day b/c clearly he already loves him, and really, what’s not to love?

    Avery is playing on another planet right now. He’s a little bit more composed which makes him twice as effective.

    And, I think he actually benefited from the time off. A smaller guy like him takes a beating during the year, so he’s fresher then anyone his size would be this time of season.

    It’s okay to have a heterosexual mancrush on the guy, that’s how frickin’ good he is.

  208. Swizzle, did you really compare Dubi to Ortmeyer? Please, on skating ability alone Dubi is twice the player. He has the capabilities to be a scorer; remember he’s still REALLY young.

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