That queasy feeling


Henrik Lundqvist has been fighting a stomach ailment. It’s why he didn’t play on Monday and why he missed the post-game interviews after a win over Boston on Sunday, when he was getting intravenous fluid. Hear the gruesome details and we fumble to understand the ailment.


He still doesn’t know why he was throwing up so much during the game that he needed those fluids. He doesn’t feel sick, he just can’t eat big meals comfortably beginning last week. Lundqvist said he is taking medicine for it now and expects it to clear up.

Does it worry Rangers coach John Tortorella?

“Not for a second,” Tortorella said. He expects Lundqvist will be in goal against Nashville tomorrow.

Nik Antropov didn’t practice today after getting “banged up” in the 3-0 loss to Carolina. Tortorella said he would be ready to go tomorrow as well.

As for the line, Tortorella made his first major switches since taking over. With Antropov out, Aaron Voros played with Chris Drury and Brandon Dubinsky. Sean Avery was on the second line with Scott Gomez and Nikolai Zherdev, and Markus Naslund played with Lauri Korpikoski and Ryan Callahan.

The last line, Fredrik Sjostrom, Blair Betts and Colton Orr, remained intact.

On defense, Paul Mara played with Michal Rozsival and Derek Morris was with Wade Redden.

Avery said he played with Gomez about half the year in his previous stint as a Ranger.

“I think the way he’s coaching this team is you’re going to be rewarded on how you work,” said Avery, who will see more time with the new line if they are played tomorrow as practiced today.

Everyone was asked about being in ninth place in the standings, and everyone issued some form of the “one game at a time” quote. It was an easy fill in the blank.

Hey, it’s Carp. Don’t want to start a whole Phil Rizzuto thing here, but I need to wish a Happy 90th Birthday to Marg Cater, one of our loyal readers north of the border, a serious hockey fan, and the mom of an NHL big shot and long-time friend of this blogger. You go, girl.

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  1. The officials are pathetic as well. I was just reading that one of the refs in a UFC event was really pissed off at himself after a fight, and he said he screwed up, and did a bad job.

    Why cant the NHL refs admit their fuggin mistakes when they screw up. The league lets them get away with screwing teams, it’s sickening.

    And god forbid the players should say something, they lose a bunch of money cause of it, how sad.

  2. Re Lundqvist — stomach flus and food poisonings usually are over pretty quickly. If his has been lasting 10 days, that sounds like something else. Not good.

  3. I told Hank not to eat that Angry Whopper and onion rings, but he insisted he have it. Let that be a lesson to him :)

  4. Danny Devito is making a movie about the life of “Crazy Eddie”. For some reason, I can see it being a great movie. I remember those commercials coming on when I was a kid, and they would be louder than whatever else it was that you were watching at the time, and it would always startle me, but I just couldn’t look away from them.

  5. I hate to say it, but reality is reality.

    Watched a great gmae last night by the Coyotes and Detroit. Detroit got a couple of REALLY llucky bounces which led to their victory. But againm, this is such a superb team that they pounce on those opportunistic breaks and capitalize on them.

    Many of the lesser teams don’t and Rangers almost never do. This is really an inferior club out on the ice no matter what anyone else says. And it is proving so, game after game. As long as they persist in going with those two inadequate and overpaid defensemen, they will never improve. and some of their lesser lights are inferior also.

    I have watched Antropov in his games here so far and am terribly unimpressed. ( Dawes playing for ARizona, skated reasonably well, but he also made some really bad giveaways.

    Prucha was his feisty self, and got a regular shift on the ice.

    I kept switching to the Devils Calgary game ( in my estimation quite possibly the Cup final teams, and saw some really fine hockey. I wouldn’t want to pick the cup winner between these two. And I repeat ( DETROIT GOT VERY LUCKY!)

  6. For those of you who thought Avery’s penalties were selfish, don’t you think Tortorella would punish him instead of rewarding him if that were the case? He’s not on the 2nd line. I’m not saying Avery was right for taking those penalties, but I think everybody is making too big of a deal out of it. You have to give more ice time to the players who energize your team, simple as that.

    Should be interesting to see how Avery and Zherdev work together. I personally would like to see a 2nd/3rd line of Avery, Dubinsky, and Callahan to just overwhelm the other team with energy.

  7. I agree, those penalties were soft. And Torts knows this.

    That loser Forsland was pissing me off, every time Aves took a penalty, he said “Avery continues to hurt his team”

    Yeah, he didn’t say that when Gomez took back to back penalties.

    Everyone hates Avery, that is obvious. Unfortunately this is the only negative aboot getting Aves back. We’re gonna see this happen all the time.

  8. Nasty
    do you remember any of the copy-cats of Crazy eddy’s??

    Like “Uncle Steve” who used to say “CALL 226-4010 THATS 226-4010 TAHNK YOU….I LOVE YOU!!”

  9. Carp,

    Say hi to my almamater (Marist) for me while you’re in Poughkeepsie!!!

    I’m not goning to worry about the other night unless (until) they falter against Nashville. They were not going to win every game going forward. Just not a possibility.

  10. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Naslund on the 3rd line! YES! The slow motherfacka cant keep up. i want to see a naslund-betts-orr line and more sjo up to the 3rd line.

    PLEASE no voros tomorrow.

  11. No Country For Old Rangers on

    *move sjo up to the 3rd line. sorry

    Antrosoft is already hurt? oy vey.

  12. Has Hank seen a doctor other than Jim Ramsay (who’s not one) yet? 10 days of not being able to keep down a heavy meal sounds suspiciously like a gallbladder issue or something other than gastroenteritis. Sounds like our boy needs an ultrasound and some blood work.

  13. “Matteauonov
    March 11th, 2009 at 2:29 pm
    TAHNK YOU I thought that was a russian spelling.”

    That would be ??

  14. Glenn Hall, the hall of famer, used to throw up before every game. Maybe it’s stress.

    A balanced line is a playmaker, a sniper, and a board banger. I can see what Tortorella is trying to do with the cards he’s been handed.

    The Preds are in a fighting mood. Belak scored a TKO over Brashear, landing a solid left that drove him to the ice. (No one can remember when that happened before.) Tootoo may have broken Bradley’s nose, blood all over the ice, and Belak and Erskine slugged it out to a draw. Weber who had fights in the previous three games was not on the undercard.

    Rinne, their sensational rookie goalie, had the flu, so Ellis, the rebound machine, went in, and somehow survived 92 shots by the Caps, 44 on net, 25 blocked, and 23 that missed, only to lose in overtime 2-1.

    Arnott had his bell rung and didn’t return. No word on whether he and Rinne will play.

  15. Kaspar, it won’t allow the Russian letters…. That’s why the ?????? is showing.

  16. The only other time Brashear was knocked out was by Mr Anger Manangement himself….. Chris Simon , back in the minors in the early 90’s.

  17. Babel translator english to lithuanian:

    Colton Orr = Young Paul Newman

    Jordon Tootoo = the hawaiin punch guy (the violent one)

    Kaspar = Young Brad Pitt

  18. What the HECK on

    A couple of things…

    1) I hate what they are doing to fighting right now. I guarantee if this whole non-stage fight rule works out, within the next ten years we will see a rule that completely bans fighting altogether. And even still, there will be no need to players like Colton Orr on our team in the years to come.

    2) Gary Bettman sucks and is the worst thing to happen to hockey in this nation.

    3) Im glad to see Naslund is on the third line. He really has been slow since Torts took over. I can see him being traded at July 1st

    4) With Hank @ 100%, this team might be able to squeeze into that 8th spot.

    5) Without Hank @ 100%, there is no chance for us to make it

    6) I am really not a big fan of Antropov, I feel like he’s way to slow and is generally always out of position. And when he is, he always trys to pull an extra move.

    7) I had the greatest dream last night. Cherepanov was alive and on this team(RIP). Jagr was back here. And Hossa just got traded to this team. They were dominating the Red Wings 5-0 and I was sitting at the game next to Jessica Alba. I’m not sure what could have made it better.

    Its about Cindy Crosby

    9) Avery’s penalties really weren’t that bad. I do not see them as being selfish at all. He was trying to help out the team by getting the puck correct. Do you guys honestly think he was just trying to steal thet puck for his highlight film. And the second one he fell and wanted to take someone out with him like most players do. I’m sure you’ve seen a player fall to the ice when hit and he holds the player that hid him down on the ice.

  19. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    HAHA good one Kaspar…Rick , ya asked what part of the globe im from ….Saskatoon , Saskatchewan and this morning it was -34 celcious with the winds chill at – 50 !!!! Now its getting better and were at -28 C ..more bearable..maybe thats why luc schenn is so tuff!!?

  20. * Kaspar
    March 11th, 2009 at 3:25 pm
    i actually had russian for thank you from babel translator
    it looks like Bbl

    Actually, it looks like this “SPASIBO” :)

  21. “7) I had the greatest dream last night. Cherepanov was alive and on this team(RIP). Jagr was back here. And Hossa just got traded to this team. They were dominating the Red Wings 5-0 and I was sitting at the game next to Jessica Alba. I’m not sure what could have made it better.”

    Sharing the same seat as JA :)

  22. “That Queasy Feeling” – I was expecting this title to describe how it feels watching Redden play with an utter disregard for demonstrating any amount of effort….

  23. What the HECK
    March 11th, 2009 at 4:39 pm
    7) I had the greatest dream last night. Cherepanov was alive and on this team(RIP). Jagr was back here. And Hossa just got traded to this team. They were dominating the Red Wings 5-0 and I was sitting at the game next to Jessica Alba. I’m not sure what could have made it better.


    delete Jessica Alba and insert Megan Fox :P

    Babel translator english to lithuanian

    MAKO = Young Yukon Cornelius

    LOL that made me laugh out loud

  24. What The HECK:

    Nice dream. My dream is tht I am at a Rangers game, it is 1976, and Park and Ratelle are the stars of the game for the Rangers, because they were not traded. The blonde, Agnethe, from ABBA is whispering in my ear that she loves hockey almost as much as she is lusting for me. Rangers beat the Habs, 5-0. I also score multiple times, a bit later in the evening.

  25. What the HECK on

    Unfortunately Im only 20, so 1976 Rangers mean nothing to me.

    I saw it the other day and I knew you guys would like it. How are you enjoying the weather this week? Amazing right?

  26. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    It’s just been incredible. Spring is in the air. Are you down here – which county.

  27. LOL that Hitler/Crosby video is absolutely hilarious! i cant stop laughing! i would still take Jeff Carter over Crosby any day :)

  28. bull dog line on

    i think that would be the whole idea with fighting. making sure there are no colton orr’s in the league. what exactly do guys like orr bring to the table besides fighting? nothing.

  29. What the HECK on

    Palm Beach. Its been a great Spring Break so far. 80 everyday. What county are you?

    Bull Dog,
    Yeah, I guess. But little by little this is going make hockey into soccer on skates. Its malarky.

  30. sucks for hank… Stomach Flu has been going around here in NY for a few weeks.. Thank God I havent gotten it

  31. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    You’re on spring break. I’m over in Collier – about 5 miles from where the GMs are meeting.

  32. bull dog line on

    agree with your comment about soccer on skates.
    the game has already become to european in style and score. eliminating the 2 line pass has made it easier to trap, instead of harder. the NHL needs to go back to most of the old rules, and they must make the goalies equipment smaller. did you see the size of Fernandez’s pants (not that it helped)and Wards pads were huge.

  33. Fruity Cupcake on

    There’s still twenty-seven dollars in my 401K and some change in some old jacket pockets. If we can’t raise $263M, can we take what we DO have and buy a lanai and a satellite dish?

    In the meantime, send Lundqveasy some chicken soup from the Second Avenue Deli and a gastroentorologist. STAT!

  34. What the HECK on

    Would you do me a favor and fly a plane that has a banner on it that says “Dont Ban Fighting from the Hanson Brothers” close to where they are?

    Bull Dog,
    I’m fine with the Europeans playing here, the celebrations, the two line passes, and smaller pads. I’m would honestly be perfectly fine if they switched to an International ice rink instead of the size we have now. The problem is, not only does fighting bring about order and less-stickwork, it also brings a passion to the game. It shows that these players are willing to sacrifice there faces for the fans.

    So why exactly are they stopping fighting? Do the players want it? I doubt it. Do the fans want it? There are a select few fans that don’t like fighting. Fighting is part of the past and the present and should continue on to the future. These players know what could happen if they fight, but they partake anyway. Its all these f’n GMS and Gary Bettman that are destroying the NHL before me eyes.

  35. MAKO,
    Thanks for the rodent article

    The hockey rodent may be the angriest Ranger fan ever….even worse than some of our blog-mates here….

    That article made me want to get rid of my Park, Gilbert, Graves, Richter, Leetch and Ogrodnick cards

  36. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Fruity – the lanai and satellite dish has been working for me! My friends refer to my house as MSG South.

  37. Jane – Why did you post that Sean was on the second line? All the other reporters are saying he was on the first.

  38. bull dog line on

    the style of play has become to european. i have no issue with european players.

  39. Kaspar, isn’t it DiNiro? I think Dinero means money in Spanish. Or maybe it means diner. I’m just glad you did the translation for me.

    ZzZ, wow. I will never, ever mess with somebody from Sask. I think it’s the same temp there on July 4, right?

  40. bull dog line on

    fighting and fighters are for the protection of the star players. i am an old school hockey fan i grew up with hockey in the mid 70’s and 80’s, and fighting was alot more prevalent then. but to many of the fights today are meaningless, a fight to fight. no baring on the game at all. and the fact of the matter is that today’s fighter cant play a lick. i think that is why you are seeing a push to ban it now.

  41. “delete Jessica Alba and insert Megan Fox :P”

    I second that. Alba used to be my number 1, but she’s a tease. Fox is the way to go.

    Id kill to have a night with her. And id do Nyr fans a favor by putting Slats on the top of that list. Sorry Slats, one night with Fox is more important than a life of your screw ups !

    Go Hawks !

  42. The salary era ;

    I just watched TSN talking heads before the Ottawa game…at the end of last year the view of having Spezza-Heatley-Alfie-Fischer under longterm expensive contracts had people talking about them kind of like we talk about the Rangers

    These same guys are all upbeat now because of a couple of young guys on the horizon…Ray Ferraro just said “they have a very bright future”

    When they were a bottom rung playoff team the future was dark…now that they are a non-playoff lottery contender..the future is bright

  43. Pick up the latest Hockey News, great story by Ken Campbell on Sather , ripping him for his record the last 15 years. In that time frame his teams have just 5 winning seasons and have won just 4 playoff rounds.In addition from 1995-2004 only one first round pick had played more than 200 games- can you guess who? the immortal Boyd Devereaux. Not too impressive for a guy the Ranger Media Guide calls “One of the Great Architects in the History of Hockey Management”.Ken Campbells point is that the Hall of Fame was in a such a hurry to induct him post Oiler cup years at age 54 but his resume is empty since then, and if they were voting today his status would be very iffy getting in.

  44. Hey Riche – another Marist grad here, Class of ’06 !

    Enjoy Poughkeepsie Carp, but dont venture too far away from the campus…not the prettiest city in the world..

  45. What the HECK on

    That article was awesome. I miss Pru already. Sather you suck! Thanks for sharing man.

  46. Prucha and Dawes are probably the most overrated smurfs I’ve ever seen. I’m glad we dumped them. Nothing but 3rd liners.

  47. I miss Pruchs as well, it’ nice to see him getting an actual chance. Whether he can score goals the way he used to, or not, he’s still a good player, and seems to always do something while on the ice if he’s not scoring. Hopefully he makes Slats, and Renney look like fools, and goes back to his scoring ways.

    BTW – 1-0, Canes over Hawks. Please Hawks, do Nyr a favor !!!!!

  48. Dan, in all honesty that was one of the better hockey articles I have read in all of my years being a fan. Being someone who has backed prucha and i just loved the way he played, so hard every night it feels good to hear him say how awesome it was to come out and play and hear the crowd chant PRUUUUUU!. Wish him and dawes the best of luck i hate to say it but i hope he kickes our ass’s and makes us wrong about his play.

  49. Hawks had like 5 chances to put this away here…now 1:00 left…and now Hawks take a penalty

  50. What the HECK on

    The way that teams are winning these days were going to have to win the rest of our games to make it to the playoffs

  51. we are not making it. we are not good enough over 15 games to win at least 10. 10-4-1 gets us in maybe 10-5.

    mon pitt will def be in.

    fla car rangers buff 2 spots left.

    keep in mind fla and car play atlanta and tampa down the strecth

    i hope i am dead wrong but i have no faith

  52. I am really suprised that the media finally admits that the Rangers, who for years, do not get the calls. It always sickening to me to see them play at home and get treated like the road team. Maybe, we should expect it on the road, but the home team should always get the benifit of the doubt/
    Colin Campbell is in charge of the officials and he still has sour grapes about getting fired by Rangers.

    Its a joke because, when the Rangers play well, it creates interest in the whole league!

    Stupid NHL seems never to get it right!
    Whether its losing ESPN, using the ridiculous Versus
    never knowing how to promote the greatest sport in the world!

  53. buffalo is not going to make it. Miller is not even skating. he is weeks away from playing again. that leaves one spot.

    either Fla or Canes are going to drop out, and Rangers will get that spot. remember, Canes just missed out the past 2 years by blowing games at the end of the season, and Fla has not even been near the playoffs for many years.

  54. Did anyone see the Canes / Hawks game? I see that the ref called a penalty on Jonathan Toews with only a minute left in the game with the Hawks up 2-1…..Ruttuu scored PP goal with 30 or so seconds remaining to tie it up….


    Was the call on Toews honest???????//

  55. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    If we just start a winning streak then it don’t matter what other teams are doing. Win and colect the 2pts!!!

    Yeah , so cold by tounge stuck to my drivers mirror in my car!!

  56. toews did commit a penalty. carolina was so lucky.. chicago should have had 4 goals at least and the canes goal happened on a hawk player blowing a tire when he could have cleared the puck..

    I am not sure which team wins more games they should never win carolina or montreal.

    the refs give montreal at least 3 games a year so that does not hurt..

  57. The Habs are in because of the six teams fighting for the last 4 spots, they play half of their remaining games against Tampa, Atlanta, Isles, Ottawa and Toronto. Plus they are at home a whole bunch.

    Of the other teams, their schedules are of similar difficulty. The Rangers don’t necessarily have it harder or easier than anyone else, including Florida and Carolina. Problem is that Carolina and the Pens are playing great hockey and will get in, leaving the Rangers, Florida and Sabres for the last spot. Buffalo is without Miller and Florida is withour Horton and McCabe, so that works in our favor. What we will probably see is that this team is good enough to contend for a playoff spot (not the sliding, losing bunch we saw under Renney) but still not good enough to get in. The saving grace is that now that Torts is here there will be a take no prisoners approach, so in the off-season those who do not fit in here will be jettisoned no matter what that takes (and that appears to be starting with Naslund who I guarantee will not be here next year). And when guys with heavy contracts like Redden have to be simply waived, Dolan wil be unhappy and Sather will wind up stepping down as GM. So in the end its all good.

  58. Nix Jessica Alba. Jeter was bangin her and now she is all cold sores.

    Back to hockey:
    Fighting will never be “eliminated” in hockey. It will never be legislated out of hockey. BUT!!! It will diminish considerably, and it will come in the form of LEAGUE CONTRACTION. We are in a depression. It will make the Great Depression look like lost lunch money in comparison. WHEN the league contracts, there should be 18-24 teams (closer to 18). At that point there would be rosters full of NHL caliber players top to bottom. So you would have scraps like the old days. In an 18 team league, you would still have Sean Avery, Mike Richards, Jerome Iginla, Vinny L, etc. But at that point, these guys would be fighting with purpose albeit rarely. And they wouldn’t be these sideshow freaks like Boogard, Fritz, and dare I say Colton Orr. These guys are LOUSY hockey players. And on a PURE hockey level, they are EMBARRASSMENTS.

    And quite frankly, I think contraction would be the best thing to happen to hockey. In more ways than one.

  59. Don't ya know? on

    No player, no coach, no fan, no zamboni driver, no popcorn vendor, no ticket-taker(scanner), no referee can help this franchise win.

    Only a new GM will.

  60. Montreal and Philadelphia will be the two teams on the outside looking in when it’s all said and done.

    That’s really just my vibe right now.

    Tonight — Rangers 2, Nashville 1 (regulation)

    Tell me this isn’t a solid hockey weekend I have on tap:
    Pulling the home and home… Heading to Philly tomorrow night after work, staying over at a friend’s, and then going to the game Saturday afternoon. Taking Amtrak home immediately after the game to play in my usually Saturday skate. Probably going out afterwards, admittedly. Then, back at the Garden in my usual spot for the 12:30 match.

    I plan to go 2-0.

  61. I’ve been saying this on this blog for the past few weeks. The rangers will never amount to anything as long as darth sather is the GM. Darth Sather has no plan, he just likes giving out ridiculous contract’s to mediocre players. The only thing I’m looking forward to is the off season to see if darth sather gets it and dumps a combination of rosival, rerdden, drury or Gomez because if he doesn’t the rangers are going to be mediocre for a long time.

  62. Rangers better have their undies on tite tonite

    Preds will hit them harder than theyve been hit in months

    They are desperate in the playoff hunt as well

  63. Taking a step back and looking at this franchise long-term, it’s really depressing that we’ve gone so long without being a force in this league. The Rangers have an inherent advantage over most other teams in that we are in New York. Even without a financial advantage now due to the salary cap, players generally WANT to be in NY. Yet, our management is so inept, they haven’t even been able to use this to their advantage. The Yankees are a great example of how to use NY to advantage. I know the Yanks can use financial muscle as well b/c there’s no salary cap, but in addition to the money, players rather be with a historic franchise in NYC as opposed to some team in say, Milwaukee or Nashville. There’s plenty to do in NY, the building is packed every night, and if you make it big you make it BIG. It is unbelievable and depressing that the team hasn’t had the smarts to capitalize on this for decades (excepting roughly the 91-94 period). We could be selective, and instead, as tomg said, we bring in mediocre players on ridiculous contracts.

    Sorry for the rant.

  64. Dan

    Thanks for that article. I thought Prucha gave a little rub your face in it to Sather. Sad to see him go. He’s a great kid and a good player. All the best to him in Phoenix.

  65. to those who don’t know already, grachev broke spezza’s scoring record.

    let’s go brampton!

  66. The Yankees are the PRIMARY example of how to destroy the inherent advantage oofferd by New York. For a decade they have been the OLDEST team in all of professional sports, and every year they and their supporters wonder why, with all the big names under contract, they keep receding – from World Champions in 2000 – to World Series Losers – to Division Winners – to “wild card” playoff teams – all the way down the shaft to not making the playoffs in 2008. A consistent, steady decline and erosion eveb with names like Clemens, Randy Johnson, A-Rod, Giambi, Mussina, Pettitte – so many big names on the FA table, and yet they continue to regress.

    I agree, Rangers management is virtually clueless, from player acquistion to retaining wash-out embarrassment players far beyond the time to dispatch them, it is one freakin’ horror show for their fans. But PLEASE – don’t try to pass off the Yankees as “Exhibit A” for how to run a franchise. The Yankees dumb-ass owner was telling his GM to WIN IT ALL, every year, so that the GM was never given a chance to build from within. So that their farm system is almost always barren and the big name guys they bring in are always on the downside, career-wise. This year, Texeira and Sabathia represent two ot the youngest FA’s the Yankees have ever brought in, so maybe they are catching on to the fact that old guys with long-term contracts just drag you down. Imagine – signing an infirm catcher – Posada – to a FOUR YEAR DEAL, at the age of 36! That is the Yankees of the last 10 years for you – about as stupid and impatient a franchise as ever existed. The Rangers should learn from all this myopic Yankees mis-management, but that is asking a lot.

    The Rangers are awful when it comes to management, but the Yankees are the WORST.

  67. What the Heck: “I had the greatest dream last night. Cherepanov was alive and on this team(RIP). Jagr was back here. And Hossa just got traded to this team. They were dominating the Red Wings 5-0 and I was sitting at the game next to Jessica Alba. I’m not sure what could have made it better.”

    You had a dream that Marcel Hossa was back on this team, and you are HAPPY about it? I would have considered it a nightmare…

  68. I’m afraid we are saddled with those contracts – no-one is going to take them on for any price. Roszival is the only one that someone might take a risk on, Gomez’s is too long (and rich) and Redden and Drury don’t look like 6.5 and 7 million dollar men right now.

    Buyouts aren’t exactly feasible as we get hit with 1/3rd the value of the cap hit but for twice the length of the contract. Do you think Darth Sather is going to want a $2m+ cap hit for the next 10 years reminding him about Redden?

    The only way forward is hope that Torts gets them going and playing close to the level expected of them night in, night out. We keep getting glimpses of what these guys are good at, but not every night. Maybe Torts more aggressive style with give them a bit of a confidence boost.

    The good news is that because we’re going to be tight against the cap for the next 3-4 years is that we will be forced to blood a couple of young forwards and d-men each year. I would love to see AA, Grachev and Sanguinetti here next year.

  69. I expect to see a better effort from Redden tonight. If he is miserable I hope Torts brings up someone for the Weekend.

  70. MAKO,

    I got that vibe, too. Prucha finally let out some of that frustration that’s probably been building in him for months. Good for him.

  71. Cloutier Clobbers Salo on

    I like how Torts puts Nassy on the 3rd line and pairs redden with Morris. Not so sure bout having 4 left feet on the blue line but hopefully they move in opposite directions.

  72. Cloutier Clobbers Salo on

    Pavel, what’s your reasoning for that? i could see Girardi Morris working well together.

  73. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25) on

    Pavel March 12th, 2009 at 11:32 am

    Redden needs to be paired with Staal, period.”

    Redden needs to be paired with the bench, period.

  74. I’d equate Staal’s defensive abilities to that of a young Chara.

    Redden had his best days whiled paired with Chara.

    I’m not saying Staal is the offensive threat that Chara is, plus he’s a few inches shorter, BUT Staal is by far, our best d-man.

    When Redden played with Chara, Chara could pick up the slack.. and what happened? Redden contributed offensively.

    Staal could be more offensive some day, but right now he should be paired with Redden because he’s the only one with the skill to pick up the slack, IMO. If it were up to me with this d lineup:

    Staal – Redden
    Mara – Morris
    Rozsival – Girardi

    Call up a 7th and threaten ALL 6 that they will lose their jobs to the callup if they screw up.

  75. Forgot to add:

    Redden became the scapegoat once Chara left because Redden no longer had a good partner.

    Staal – Redden is the logical pairing, which I assumed would be the pairing the second we signed that bum.

  76. Por lo general no se registran los blogs, sin embargo, me gustar?a decir que este mensaje extremadamente me oblig? a tratar de, por lo tanto! de entrada muy bonito.

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