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Last night’s 3-0 loss in Raleigh was a good example of what I was talking about yesterday. Sometimes the goals scored or allowed don’t add up to the quality of play,or lack thereof.

I thought the Rangers were better in Carolina than they were at home against Boston Sunday. They seemed to tire at the end — and that is going to happen in back-to-backs when you play at that pace and with such ferocity. So the conditioning aspect is a factor … not that they’re out of shape, but that you have to be in much better condition to play this style on consecutive nights.

They made a few glaring mistakes, especially Sean Avery’s two selfish penalties and the defense pair of Michal Rozsival and Wade Redden, which reverted to January form.

But overall, I thought their play in all three zones was better than it was against the Bruins. Unfortuntately, Cam Ward was also somewhat better than that picket fence the Bruins used in goal.

So now they are in ninth, and that will get their, and your, attention. Eighth place to fourth place doesn’t matter. Ninth does.

Some thoughts:

1) Valiquette was very good, especially on the initial save on the first goal rebound that the defense (Rozsical and Redden and Chris Drury) left sitting there for half an hour, and on Eric Staal’s breakaway in the second after Avery’s penalty.

2) I think one of the most promising aspects of this new game heading into the (maybe) playoffs is the physical style the Rangers now play. They hit, hit, hit — led by Ryan Callahan of course — and never let up. I don’t remember the last Rangers team that was this physical.

3) Through two periods, I thought this might be the Rangers best game under Tortorella.

4) Three or four times a Ranger, with the pucks below the hash marks, passed instead of shooting. And that’s how Cam Ward gets a shutout.

5) Versus was, as usual, impossible to watch. No replays. Constantly covering the screen with promos. Closeups of somebody away from the play while something significant is happening around the puck, or after a whistle. You have no idea who is lining up for a faceoff until after the puck drops and Versus decides to put the camera back on the, you know, ice.

6) I love that Verizon commercial where the hockey fan from Philly and the hockey fan from New York get on an elevator together.

7) How about Tortorella pulling his goalie with 2:33 left?

8) I wonder how many games one of these bubble teams is going to have to win down the stretch to get into the tournament.

Here are the official game summary and event summary for last night’s game.

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  1. Avery’s selfish penalties?
    C’mon. Second one especially was an extremely borderline call as a function of driving to the net,something few Rangers have done all year. Try to be a bit objective in your coverage of a player you obviously have a distaste for. You can call the first penalty a “stupid” penalty if you want, but there’s no selfish quality to Avery’s play on the ice — he goes all out every shift. You may dislike his “persona” but there’s no doubting that on the ice he’ll literally sacrifice his spleen for the team.

  2. Rangers need to win 10 out of the 15 unless 2 other teams totally collapse, their schedule has me feeling sick, especially the last 2 weeks.Does not look good for the Blueshirts

  3. Hmm… make the playoffs to be swept by the Devils…. or miss the playoffs and draft the next Jessiman… hmmmmmmmm

  4. Cloutier Clobbers Salo on


    Cloutier Clobbers Salo March 10th, 2009 at 11:56 am

    Here are is my take on the game last night –
    1) John Forslund announcing the game last night – he’s been with the team since 1991 in Hartford – why not bring in a 3rd party announcer. NBC does the same thing, they always bring in Doc Emerick to announce our games. Stop Please

    2)Break up the pair of Roszy/Redden – There were numerous times they were getting beat to the puck and when carolina was skating for pucks in the corner they would beat the tandem and Redden/Roszy both would not hit them into the boards forcing a turnover. Furthermore, they did a horrible time clearing out the front of the net especially on Corvo goal, the puck literally had been in the crease for 3 seconds and Roszy thought it would be a great idea to play in behind of Vally. On the Brind’Amour goal Redden was screening Vally, doesn’t he realize he is not a pain of glass and that the goalie can’t see through him. Maybe he should have stayed with Samasonov and played the body so the sequence didn’t end up in a goal scored for the opposition.

    3)Avery – If I were the head coach I would have benched him in the third period to teach him a lesson about taking stupid penalties. None were as detrimental to the team last night as the retarted leg whip while we were on the PP. He can be great at his game when he plays smart and doesn’t try and be the savior, that is why we have Antropov, Drury, Gomez, Naslund. They will score the goals for us.

    4) The team had no legs and appeared to have concrete boots on instead of ice skates. I mentioned this in the defense paragraph but Carolina was beating us to the puck all night long. We’re lucky that Vally made a couple of big stops on the 3 odd man breaks we gave up, the one to Staal definitely had me on the edge of my couch. I would have thrown Orr out there when Conboy was on the ice and told him to sucker him into a fight, try and ignite the team.

    5) Not enough quality shots or scoring chances. I can’t even remember one scoring chance, someone please remind me.

    6) I am really starting to like the Mara/Morris combo. They both have mean slapshots when they are used and seem to be in sync with each other when on the ice. The one problem I had with them was that either one of them didn’t throw one body check and that’s a big deal considering Torts likes to play an uptempo physical game. They are both over 6’1 and 200lbs. Why not use their weight to their advantage.

  5. Cloutier Clobbers Salo on

    The only positive news this morning is that Horton and McCabe are injured for the Panthers and out for the next couple of weeks……LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!

  6. They are selfish because avery isn’t thinking of the team when he does it.

    An unselfish penalty for example would be drury’s taken in the first period to stop the breakaway

  7. 2 wins 1 loss for the month of March

    You cant stare at the standing at this point, they are what they are and the team just needs to play its game and win at least 8-9 games.

    The rest of the month we have 10 games left:
    Nashville – Winnable

    Philly @ home
    One of these games you would figure will go to us

    Montreal – lets hope the coaching change causes chaos , but a 50/50

    Sabres – we havent beaten them all season, so like the day game stat we are due to win, plus Miller is still out

    Ottowa – Totally beatable

    Wild – Unknown, first time were playing them this season right?


    Penguins – a fight, but beatable

    Devils – We are due to beat the crap out of them, and we are tied in the douche bage Ice challenge, and its our last meeting of the season, and first and only one between Avery and MArty (so the team should be up to the challenge)

    SO Basically this is what we need to do:
    Finish the month of March with 90 points
    12 more points MUST be had – 6 wins out of 10 games left

    TOTALLY possible

    Then in April there’s only 5 games:
    Philly and

    And we’d neeed only win two to have 94 points and a PROBABLE playoff spot.

    So in summation:

    WE NEED 8 wins, probably 9 to make the playoffs out of 15 games left.

    I think Torts is up to the challenge, as is the team

    And who knows they could go on a tear and win 11 or 12 games, who knows, but these are the facts.

    And to be honest if we were comfy with a playoff spot, woudl this even be fun to watch as fans? Sure we’d all be happier KNOWING we were in, but this is the kind of situation where unbeleivable things can happen.

    Good or bad.


    Sorry so long, Carp you need an assistant writer on your staff? hehe

  8. Here’s some dumbass from the Wall Street Journal who live-blogged Sunday’s game. It’s a funny read:

    I broke down the tiebreakers based on Zipay’s blog post earlier. The points in games played between teams is the second tiebreaker after wins; third is goal differential

    Rangers vs. Flyers: 2
    Flyers vs. Rangers: 2
    4 games remaining

    Rangers vs. Canadiens: 0
    Canadiens vs. Rangers: 4
    2 games remaining

    Rangers vs. Hurricanes: 4
    Hurricanes vs. Rangers: 3
    1 game remaining

    Rangers vs. Panthers: 3
    Panthers vs. Rangers: 7
    0 games remaining

    Rangers vs. Penguins: 6
    Penguins vs. Rangers: 6
    1 game remaining

    Rangers vs. Sabres: 1
    Sabres vs. Rangers: 6
    1 game remaining

    Flyers, Penguins, and Hurricanes are still up for grabs.
    Rangers probably lose to the Canadiens due to goal differential.
    Rangers have already lost the tiebreaker to Panthers and Sabres.
    We would probably lose the tiebreakers to the Flyers, Penguins, and Hurricanes if it comes down to goal differential unless we really come on strong.

    I’m surprised that goal differential in games played between the two teams isn’t used before overall goal differential.

  9. Cloutier

    So you’d bench Avery for his penalties but no mention of Gomez’s first period actions?

  10. I blame the conditioning on Renney. With his pansy ass 40 min skates. On that 3 day mini vacation. Torts said they worked on the PP ALL 3 DAYS!!! not 5 min a week.

  11. Zubie, a selfish penalty is when you try to take an additional cheap shot and nullify a power play instead. He knew what he was doing when he rolled into that Hurricane’s leg.

  12. RICK I have no big problem with the NHL commercials, but they practice a double standard. I don’t expect much from the weird looking buttman. He needs to go haunt some other business. Make him the practice goalie ;-)

  13. Carp – Well, the first tiebreaker during the season is games played, which is why the Rangers were ahead of Pittsburgh going into last night’s game. The Rangers had a game in hand, which meant they had a chance to go ahead of Pittsburgh. Now that they are tied in games played and points, Pittsburgh gets the edge by a win.

  14. Carp, I would disagree with your evaluation that the Rangers played better in Carolina than against the Bruins…In the Boston game they generated more scoring chances at all and it was a more entertaining game….Okay Fernandez was terrible but you know you need to have a good position to shoot in order to score…..

  15. Did they return back to NY to have a practice at Tarrytown or did they stay down in Carolina to charter into Nashville from there on Wednesday ???

  16. Not sure either if “selfish” is the correct operative word where avery’s penalties are concerned. As was stated above he was driving to the net on one and went down when he turned. The played who’s legs he “touched” came down like a fallen tree. Hey that’s the “new” NHL. The Rangers pasted up way too many shots from all positions. But I also noticed that the Canes were in good position when a shot was about to be attempted. Thus the player with the puck was forced to hold up. Movement & quicker releases are the key to beating that. Also their time of pocession in the offensive zone was nil for the most part.
    As for games on VS; boys all I can say is at least I get to SEE those so I won’t complain. Even with DirecTV and Center Ice I’m still at the mercy of the local affiliate when the Nothing But Crosby network carries a game. And since it’s college basketball season in KY guess what doesn’t get carried. the only game info I had Sunday was thru the blogs. So please don’t cry about the coverage you can acutally watch.

  17. Richtersgirl on

    Rick – just out of do you think they were better in Carolina than in Boston? I felt like in Boston we had great scoring chances and were very disciplined. I don’t remember more than one good scoring chance in Carolina. Plus there were so many giveaways by the defense last night in addition to exposing just how slow all of our defensman are getting beat to the puck at every opportunity. I felt like there was a lot more passion and fire playing against Boston. More forechecking and focus.

  18. You guys are splitting hairs here – selfish, stupid, whatever. Two penalties in the offensive zone….one of them nullifying a power play. How about…unacceptable?

    This is a tough three game road trip with Nashville playing well too, so you gotta look at the big picture. If they can come away with three points, then they will have done OK; four points and they had a great trip and we can forget about this one.

  19. koala, they flew home. no practice today after back to backs. practice tomorrow then fly to Nashville.
    richtersgirl, i just thought they were better in carolina. i didn’t think they were particularly good vs. Boston, especially the second half of the game. When the coach says “we wet our pants” he doesn’t think they were very disciplined or focused with the lead.
    NICDIP, call it what you will. Avery knew what he was doing. And he took away two Rangers PPS by doing it.

  20. I wish Versus would lose the large score banner covering much of the top quarter of the screen. At one point, I thought the Rangers might have taken a penalty & I kept waiting for the referee to skate out from behind the large Carolina logo. I was even ducking down (as if that would really help!) to see if the ref had both his hands near his waist.

    Why do all of these networks, including the CBC, insist on including a screen-wide banner for the score rather than a small box with teams-score-period-network? Hockey is tough enough to watch… particularly when MSG is still blacking out all of its HD broadcasts.

  21. Thanks Rick for your information..!

    I am watching right now NHLlive and they are interviewing Rob Schick the retired Referee, about some interesting stories…..

  22. Its amazing how watered down the national coverage of hockey is on their National telecasts…you never hear about the Montreol situations regarding French press/ English press, French players/ foreign players, english players/ french press…its as alive as the day but all you get from the TSN, Versus,even HNIC is theat Montreol is a tough place to play because of the history….BS!!

    Its like they love controversey ( drugs, roids, Avery, women) but if it gets into the ethnicity…forget it..they’re three monkeys

    Thats why we shouldnt pay attention to anything any of these geeks say about the Rangers

  23. was tom renney behind the bench last night? this is simply not a playoff team…

    off topic but interesting:
    anyone hear charles wang’s threat to the island? “build it and build it soon or we’re gone.”


    Carp, one of your comments is a joke. You made it to fit your thinking. Last night was not of the best games under Torts so far. We generated fewer scoring opportunities, the only thing that remained consistent was the fact that we could have scored another PP goal on that great Antro tip.

  25. Rick you sound almost as batsh*t as the versus broadcasters when you call Avery’s penalties “selfish.” I agree with NICDIP, you cant even go near the “leg whip” penalty. “Avery knew what he was doing”; gimme a break Rick, your skepticism makes it hard to read this blog every day. A little bit of good skepticism is important to keep perspective but you border on purely negative most of the time. I miss sam.

  26. let’s face it, the Rangers games vs Flyers will determine their fate, because there are 4 of them.

    if they can win 3 out of 4 vs flyers, then they only have to go 6-5 in the other games to make the playoffs

  27. Sather has made his annual trade deadline conference call in which he proclaims how clever his deadline deals are. Then he disappears, the team gets energized for a couple of games, then collapses again. Why? Because Sather has left us with the same mediocre group of overpaid players. Why is he allowed to hide all the time? It was amusing to listen to Tortorella talk about how Sather did the right thing at the deadline by addressing their needs such as size and defense. Hmmm. Isn’t Sather responsible for the lack of size and defense and scoring in the first place? When will Sather retire? Can the media start asking him? It’s a legitimate question.


    good point austin, did not read that first time around.

    avery just got ‘scrizzewed’ is all.

  29. Richtersgirl on

    NICDIP and Austin….Avery could do no wrong for you guys seems like. I wonder what you would be saying if it was Redden that took those two penalties last night?? Bottom line is those two penalties should not have been taken and it was a stupid move by Avery not thinking about the position his team was in. He needs to work on that along with learning to stay on his feet for a minute straight.

  30. 9th place is 9th place…..

    BUT, who really expected the NYR to win after a tough game the day before. They just won 3 in a row. A .750 clip the rest of the way should be better than anyone can ask for. That game had loss written all over it.

    And as for Avery’s “selfish” penalties, realize that it was that scumbag Eaves that he he gave the business to. I thought that was a nice way to remind Eaves that he was pushing his luck. The flop in front of the net (interference) wasn’t really a patented Avery foul. Either he genuinely just fell, or he screwed up his choreographed goalie tormenting move.

    I think he made up for it by coming out of the box with 2 VICIOUS hits right away.

    They team is in 9th right now, but at the rate they were going they would have been in 11th. So keep it in perspective.

  31. I think too many people are blaming Avery. He’s a 3rd line agitator. It was our top 6 that failed to show up last night to score on a piece of crap goalie like Cam Ward.

  32. In case anyones interested:

    Derek Stepan, the Rangers 2nd round pick in last years draft has been on a tear in the WCHA for the 17th ranked Wisconsin Badgers. Stepan, who has played center, and gotten a lot of time on the power play as well as the penalty kill, is second on the team in points with 30 (8 goals 22 assists) and leads all forwards in points. His play of late has lead Wisconsin into the post season push, highlighted by scoring by two absolutely gorgeous shorthanded goals ON THE SAME PENALTY KILL last saturday against the 6th ranked North Dakota team. Stepan has great vision, passes the puck well, skates very well, and seems to be improving greatly on his shot as well. Stepan seems to be ahead of pace compared to Kyle Turris (3rd overall pick in 07 draft), who played for Wisconsin as a freshman last year and is currently in playing for Phoenix. Stepan seems to be more creative and purely talented than, say, Brandon Dubinsky. He still needs to put on a little more bulk for the NHL and there is obviously still a lot of room for improvement, but, it seems the Rangers organization may have hit for once with this draft pick.

  33. haha avery could do no wrong? really? from that one comment? Rick…stop with the grasping speculation; if you want to talk about selfish or dumb penalties (which I will still maintain that the ‘leg whip’ penalty was absolute garbage, and you’d be a fool to argue otherwise) you should analyze gomez and his issues staying out of the box last night.

    So go ahead and tell me how I feel about Avery, I’ll happily defend the only set of nuts this team seems to have outside of Cally/Orr when he’s playing the game that Sather RE-HIRED him to play.

  34. Regardless of whether they were penalties or not, this is expected. Avery has rightfully built up a reputation around the league, and he is never going to get the benefit of the doubt. Those calls will always go against him, and it’s his fault for the type of player he is and the way he’s carried himself.

  35. and by the way, having an opinion is one thing, saying avery ‘knew what he was doing’ is called fabricating facts to suit your opinion. you don’t really know what he was thinking, at all. there’s a difference and line crossed

  36. were Gomez’ penalties any less selfish? he put the Rangers shorthanded twice in the early going, thus giving the Canes the early territorial advantage they wanted to establish

  37. Carpy:

    Don’t get dragged into an exchange with those that disagree with you in the comments section. You’ll go crazy.

    Meanwhile, good for Torts pulling Vally. I don’t understand why that doesn’t happen sooner every time.

    And, yeah, I think Avery’s penalties were selfish, too. Or, if not selfish, stupid.

  38. Richtersgirl on

    Austin you really think that Avery was “playing the game Sather rehired him to do” last night? He did not play well at all last night (and YOU’D be a fool to argue otherwise) and just becuase he made a couple hits when he got out of the penalty box after taking bad penalties, doesnt mean he played well.

  39. bottom line though, Rick. I apologize for coming off as confrontational, I don’t usually post like this. I respect the work you do everyday to keep this blog up and if I truly didn’t care about your opinions I wouldn’t read it.

  40. Austin, if you don’t like carp’s opinion, don’t read it.

    I might not agree with his opinion, but I respect him enough to at least read and think about it.

  41. Austin,
    Chill out dude. We are all entitled to our opinions. I happen to agree with your opinion in this case, but Avery is a guy who does have a track record. In this instance, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. My best evidence that Avery was not being selfish, is that Torts gave him even more Ice time afterward.

    But Rick has a point as well. Let’s see if Avery makes a habit of this, and let’s see how Torts deals with it. Ice time, and Torts reactions will let you know the real story.

  42. Once again Sean Avery causes dissension in the clubhouse…this time the Festivus clubhouse….We didnt need him did we?

    By the way watching Avery play good-bad-or ugly is better than watching all 23 of the guys that played under the Renney system from Oct to Feb…

  43. richtersgirl, i dont know if you noticed but those hits absolutely changed the flow of the game for 3 or 4 shifts. Nowhere did I endorse the idea that he had a good game last night but he DID play his game (BECAUSE THAT’S IT) and you provided the prime example of that, yourself. So call me a fool, I guess?

  44. People will always have different opinions about Sean Avery…It will be interesting to see if he can help the Rangers in the long term…He needs to produce and stay away from some specific element a lot of other players want him to do…just agitating won´t be enough….

    Avery walks on a very thin line..One one side he wants to be the same agitator he was in first tour of duty with the Rangers on the other side he doesn´t want to loose his last chance to play in the NHL the last or second chance given to him by Sather….

  45. And for the record, I think bringing Avery back was a no-brainer. The fans love him, and the team wins. That is NOT subject to debate or opinion.

  46. yessiree bob on

    I am not very happy with Korpikoski.

    I don’t see the energy or jump or much of physicality. He lacks lateral quickness and agility. He looks scared to take a hit. He doesn’t throw big hits himself. If early next season he doesn’t improve in these areas I would like to see him traded.

  47. Korpi is just keeping the seat warm for someone/anyone to take his spot. Insignificant in so many ways.

  48. Richtersgirl on

    Its great to see people get passionate here though….thats what it’s all about! :)

  49. Carp,
    Good points. I actually would blame the loss on these people (in order):
    Rozsival. Bone-headed all night
    Redden. Only marginally better
    Drury. *Captain who?*
    Gomez. Ok, lets do something any day now?

    Avery… 2 bad penalties? They were bad in that they were in the offensive zone. HOWEVER, they wouldn’t have been called against most players. Cole took Girardi down the same way Avery got Eaves, but Cole didn’t get called. On the second call, Avery didn’t actually interfere with anyone because the play was gone and the defensman wasn’t in the play. It’s like a player who accidentally slides into the goalie when the player heads to the opposite end of the ice. Technically, its a penalty! Most times, it’s uncalled (watch Dawes destroy the goalie in Toronto a couple weeks ago).

    Again, your microscope (like the rest of the media and the NHL) is on Avery and if you wanted to blame him for NOT scoring I think that holds more weight in a 2-0 shutout loss (not counting the empty netter) to the hottest team in the NHL.

  50. NHL league meetings of GMs is considering…

    they are going to give 10 min misconducts for players who stage fights right after a faceoff.

    also, they are going to give instigator penalties to guys who start fights after a legal hard bodycheck to a teammate.

  51. No one mentions Naz’s dumb offensive penalty due to being lazy and tired. I think the team ran out of gas and got lazy. Too many penalties the result of not moving feet. Avery took a dumb one but other one in front was marginal. But peeps gotta realize he will get those called against him because of who he is.

    What about z not following corvo to the net after vally made the stop. That was lazy by z, right?

    Fate still in our hands. If we win games, we will be fine.

    Typed from my blackberry, forgive my typos etc.

  52. Ummmm I really dont think Avery meant to do take a penalty, I think he stopped short too quickly and lost his balance. But that’s just me.

  53. A few objective points. first of all carolina has played 1 more game then the rangers so if you look at the standings you need to look at games played also.

    carp, avery selfish penalty!!!!No friggin chance on the roll into the legs that was on purpose, i watched it 3 times avery is not that stupid.

    3rd point there best game so far.. Bunk. there best game was the game they lost to florida, they dominated that game and poof it was lost.

    dubi needs to be taught when to pass and when to shoot, all the rangers need to think and shoot first, they are not creative enough to look for the perfect play, it almost never happens..

    I thought last night they were outplayed for the first time under torterella, no traffic, to many perimeter shots.

    redden had a 3 game or so resurgance but the boston and carolina games were huge steps back for him.. he is a albatross of gigantic proportions……

  54. Carp – you do not need to respond to every ‘poster child’ who says they disagree with you. This guy is arguing about a trip when the other penalty was practically a clothesline in the corner.

    I thought both of Avery’s penalties were undisciplined. He was not a factor last night in helping his team either by agitating or by producing points.

    He in fact hurt his team by taking penalties, causing his team to expend valuable energy (on the second game of b-2-b) to kill off, negating a PP and disrupting any flow the offense had going.

    I think this is what Mr. Tortorella meant by not playing within the expectations.

    Gomez was responsible for this loss – almost entirely.

  55. Mike D (#96) on

    Anyone aside from me think that Naslund is kinda crappy? I don’t remember him being second-rate when he was with Vancouver, but he certainly seems that way now. I can’t say that I either enjoy watching him play or really like him (i.e. Prucha, Jagr, Lunqvist, Avery). He seems pretty dispensable to me.

  56. Carp,

    You don’t need to respond to the posters who agree with you and tell you not to respond to all the posters who disagree with you.

    PS: Jay, what game were you watching?
    The most exciting shift of the game started with Avery getting out of the box. Rozsival was the reason for the loss. And expending valuable energy to kill off Avery’s penalty accounted for about 18 seconds if I recall. A lot of Rangers were ineffective, not just Avery. Drury, Gomez, Naslund, Zherdev, etc… all failed to score on the PP and 4on4 and that’s regardless of Avery’s penalty.

    Watch Rangers in 60 if you forgot some of those details man.

  57. True Fans Bleed RW&B
    I was watching the rangers wet their pants and get shut out.

    There was plenty of blame to go ’round so Gomez doesn’t need to be solely responsible.

    Disagree if you want but don’t tell me what to do. I saw it once – that was enough.

  58. I think Glen Sather needs that “Reset / Overcharge” button that Hillary Clinton tried pawning off on the Russian Minister last week.

  59. Response to:In case anyones interested:

    Derek Stepan, the Rangers 2nd round pick in last years draft has been on a tear in the WCHA for the 17th ranked Wisconsin Badgers. Stepan, who has played center, and gotten a lot of time on the power play as well as the penalty kill, is second on the team in points with 30 (8 goals 22 assists) and leads all forwards in points. His play of late has lead Wisconsin into the post season push, highlighted by scoring by two absolutely gorgeous shorthanded goals ON THE SAME PENALTY KILL last saturday against the 6th ranked North Dakota team. Stepan has great vision, passes the puck well, skates very well, and seems to be improving greatly on his shot as well. Stepan seems to be ahead of pace compared to Kyle Turris (3rd overall pick in 07 draft), who played for Wisconsin as a freshman last year and is currently in playing for Phoenix. Stepan seems to be more creative and purely talented than, say, Brandon Dubinsky. He still needs to put on a little more bulk for the NHL and there is obviously still a lot of room for improvement, but, it seems the Rangers organization may have hit for once with this draft pick.

    I would have to agree with Brett. I saw those goals and they were gorgeous. This kid has talent, Im not saying he is going to be a future superstar, but he will be a solid player for our organization. Thanks for doing the scouting on this one Brett. Hopefully, when he can play this well when hes not with amateurs.

  60. Austin, no worries. Your opinions are always welcome here at the Festivus Blog (I’m not allowed to officially rename it).

    True Fans Bleed, I agree that the Avery who came out of the box was the Avery that makes a difference in a positive way. But there was no Rangers in 60 on the Versus game.

  61. I allways say this team is a lot more fun to watch now. I also agree that they did throw their weight around pretty good last night. But it’s what they didn’t do that bothered me. They didn’t get to the front of the net like they have been. The D were far to willy nilly with the puck in their own end. They lost far to many battles along the boards. They passed when they should have shot to many times. Avery takes two really stupid penalties, then it seems he gets rewarded for it with extra ice time. Gomez was a pylon, as was Antropov. all round they just don’t allways bring it to the rink. Thats the problem.

  62. Ahhh, Carp. I forgot about versus.

    I have a subscription to
    Perhaps its something you can suggest LoHud buy you. It’s about $52 for 6-months. They get every game every night, most games in both regular def and HD. They also archive every game so I can go back and watch (or fastforward to any time point) any game at my leisure.

    I doubt I’m going back to watch last night’s for any reason.

  63. The Rangers should bring in Brian Leetch in the off-season to work with the Defense. In the NFL, they have coaches for every single position…In the NHL, they have coaches for PP,PK, and goalies….

    Leetchie can work with Marc Staal. Staalsy is a great young dmen in the defensive zone and in the neutral zone. But he definitely is lacking in the Offensive zone. I cannot put a finger on it….You see the great two way Dmen are able to straddle the blueline and create space….They know when to jump into a play with the puck and skate closer into the goalie for a better opportunity.

    Maybe the plan eventually will be to pair up Staalsy with a guy like Bobby Sangs or Michael Del Zotto. The result would be that the other side of the Dman pairing with Staal will create a ton of space to open up the ice in the offensive zone. And Staal will be the backstop in case the play comes back the other way.

    As far as Redden & Rozi….they are both horrible. If you put those two on the rink all summer with Bobby Orr, Scott Stevens, Paul Coffey, Brian Leetch, Chris Chelios…they probably would still suck big time.

  64. Rick

    The Rangers did play really good for 2 periods. I thought Zverdev did a terrible job getting back on Carolina’s first goal. Seems he just stood and watched Corvo score. As you pointed out since there are hardly any replays it was hard to analyze but that’s what I saw on the 1 replay they did show.
    Even the Ranger goal that was disallowed there was only one replay and no talk about if it should have been a goal. I thought the puck may have hit the defenders leg and goalpost before it was put in; does that negate the handpass?
    The play by play was bad last night but somewhat better than that guy from Washington that normally does these games.
    It’s obvious Orr can’t keep up with this new pace, he is a step behind the play on every shift.


  65. In regard to Markus Naslund….I do not think he is a Torts type of player. He cannot run with the youngsters in the league and you will rarely see him throwing the body around at all.

    Nazzy is on the books for $4MM next year and then is a UFA so I think the Rangers will try to cut bait with him during the summer and trade him to a more appropriate team.

  66. Liquid,
    It depends on who’s available. For 4million hit, can they replace him with someone better? Hmmmm… i don’t know. I’d like to think so, but its possible.

    Nazy is also the kind of player you dump at the deadline. If the Rangers aren’t going to make noise next season, you’ll probably see him moved Feb/March.

  67. The $4MM from Nazy being gone could go towards contracts for Callahan, Zherdev, Dubinsky, and Staal.

    I was just looking @ some figures….Rozi is getting paid $7MM bux this year and then $4.33MM for the following 3 years….He is a cap hit for $5MM. I think he is tradeable also at $4.33MM a year.

    I want to become an agent to the players who are on the Rangers….what a lucrative job!! front loaded absurd contracts to every piece of crap who can put on a pair of skates

  68. True Fans…

    Nazy is making $5MM this year and $3MM next year….If he plays like this for $5MM, how the fugg is he gonna play next year when is paycheck is 40% less??

  69. It looked like Wade Redden, stationary in front of the net, screened his own goaltender on the second goal. No attempt to block the shot, no attempt to poke check the shooter, just hanging around waiting for something to happen, which did and which put the game out of reach. Five more years of this lazy-ass piece of garbage. I would like to know what it would take to buy out Redden’s contract? This clown is lost out there, and no work ethic to speak of.

  70. Cakewalk

    I think about 30 mil and Jim Dolan’s approval. Don’t think it is going to happen, looks like we are stuck with Redden for awhile.

  71. things to do this summer…

    trade Rosival, buy out Redden.

    then sign Komisarek and Bouwmeister

  72. I think they should abolish the salary cap for next season and restrict all UFA’s to one year deals. The economy is going to continue collapsing and the 2010-2011 cap will be around 40m.

  73. Dubi has got to step up. If you think about it, he’s probably the most disappointing player on the team in regards to offensive stats. Would love to see him break out real soon. He’s got the ability.

  74. Redden has 4 more years on his contract after this season.

    $6.20MM x 4 = $24.8MM

    In 2008-2009, the Rangers are paying Wade Redden $8MM buckeroos. That makes him the highest paid Ranger player this season, tied with Scotty Gomez.

    Thank goodness all of the tv’s in my house are either brand new LCD’s or Plasmas because I probably woulda pulled an Elvis Presely and blasted one of them with a high powered weapon after watching Redden play this year.

  75. please. Dubi is in only his second season. many players have not matured until their third season or more.

    Dubi is never going to be a top scorer. he is more of an all around player who will play hard, tough, block shots, kill penalties, play both C and wing, and be a decent point producer, not great.

  76. Komisarek & Bouwmeister will get a kings ransom in free agency. The Rangers are too strapped to even being close to signing both of them, let alone just one of them.

  77. I disagree that they played better against Carolina than they did against Boston. They played well against Boston. Comitted some dumb penalties in the third period against Boston and gave up the lead but they really went hard to the net. They where attacking well. Did not see that against Carolina. I did not see the urgency against Carolina. They had some problems defensivively in both games but had much better jump against Boston.

  78. Liquid, this was Redden’s first year — we still have him for 5 more years at 6.2 a year…. $31 million left… If we wanna buy him out it’s

    (2/3) * 31 / 10

  79. CaptainAvery on

    CARP- thank you for the on-going great coverage. I doubt you are paid for doing this stuff and some of us really appreciate your efforts.

    The whole team was flat last night. Our best player was probably Valliquette. If that first goal counts, it’s a totally different game though. They seemed to go into Renney mode as the game progressed. They had quite a few chances in front of the net where they should have just fired a shot instead of looking for that perfect setup.

    One more thing- when are we going to get on dubinsky a little bit? Everybody kisses his ass for hustling and hitting, etc but damn, the kid needs to put the puck in the net once in a while. i know he’s young and developing but damn, score a goal.

  80. Dubi and Z showed in the early season that they could work well together. if they could rack up goals with crappy Voros on the wing, then they should be able to score with a better winger


    This shows the value of sports franchises….I have no idea what year it was posted. $263MM to buy the Rangers….maybe we can all pool our cash here.

    Quicker way would be to short the heck out of Cablevision stock (nyse:CVC) and then buy 51% controlling interest when the Dolan’s go belly up.

  82. the way this country is going, with the gov taking over everything, the future will probably be cities owning the teams. with Bloomberg as the Ranger pres and GM. yikes

  83. Rangers can do everything but score … that is a huge issue … they cannot expect to get softies like they did vs. Boston … Ward maybe had to make one excellent save yesterday (Antropov tip), that was it … Rangers hustle, play responsible D but can’t score … Unfortunately, I do not see that changing.

  84. 100% they played better against Canes than Bruins. Avery played great again, he just has to remember he can’t get away with what every other player does. The time on attack by the Avery and Betts lines was the most pressure we had all game. Naz, Z, Antro and Dubi need to find the net bottom line. It falls on the top 6, if your goalies are holding at 2 goals a game and your 3/4 lines are beating up the opponents. It’s your top 6. I’m from Rochester and saw every home game of the Torts 96 calder cup. If you think pulling the goalie with 2 and half left was something theres more to come. He awards ice time for heart and Redden showed some hate all you want, the one goal was bad but there were 3 other guys standing around also. There are players on this team that you can tell want to win and others that have yet to show it and you will be able to tell in the future, Torts won’t bench the way Renny did.

  85. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Tough loss , can’t barley read Ricks post up top with out wincing in pain ….loss was too tuff to take…i’m going to go crawl back under my rock now …see you thursday!!!

  86. True fans

    I loved it…Avery came out after second penalty and was whaling people

    also…Rangers have overcome Avery penalties before; if they have hope at all they will again…there’s nothin new under the sun there

  87. You know what made me think there’s hope for Dubi to be a 30 goal scoring power forward eventually? The play he made on Sunday against Boston, when he laid out on the ice, blocked a shot, then skated coast to coast for a quality shot on goal. It was pretty sweet. When he can finish more consistently, he’ll be a be game-breaker for the Rangers.

  88. You know I was thinking. Since Dubi looks much better on the wing. I’d like to see him: Dubinsky – Gomez – Zherdev.

    And in all honestly. The Rangers really need a bonafide center playmaker. Drury isnt a play maker. Neither is Korpi.

  89. Speed Ranger on

    I disagree w/ you Carp – Win/Loss notwithstanding the Rangers played a tighter, more aggressive game vs the Bruins than the ‘Canes. Rangers were often out of position last night, never could get a decent run going, never could separate themselves from the players covering them.

    ALl year it’s been this way – Rangers play good against good teams, and poorly against poorly ranked teams.

  90. Nashville has been among the best teams in the league since the all-star break at 13-6-1. If they thought Carolina was tough at home, that’s nothing to what is facing them in Music City. Possible break. Their red-hot rookie goalie Rinne is down with the flu and won’t play tonight against the Caps. Ellis, the backup,is about on a level with Fernandez. The Preds leave for a four-day west coast trip after the Rangers so you can bet they’ll pull out all the stops to get those two points at home.

  91. In regards to Redden. We can waive him at the end of the season. No?

    This team is going no where with Redden on our back line. He is slow and useless. If he is this bad now he is not getting any younger or faster over the next 5 years. Eventually he will get waived. We will not make the playoffs this year because whenever he is on the ice he gets smoked at least once and makes a stupid pass or play the leads to a goal. Lets see how he does next game against a faster Nashville team not on back to back nights. Same results I am sure.

    I would not complain or bash any other player on this team. They all play better then Parking Cone #2 (aka Redden). We know where Parking COne #1 is, where he belongs.

  92. Just watched the replay of Canes 1st goal.

    Cullen comes down left wing with Whitney on a two on one…..Redden lone Ranger.

    At the face off circle, Cullen actually attempted to pass the puck to Whitney, the puck hits Redden’s right skate as he lowers himself down to the ice to block the pass…..Puck bounces of skate and lands right back on Cullen’s stick….

    Vally was playing the pass to Whitney which was the right thing, hence why he was all twisted the other way….

    The culprit on the play is Zherdev, who just sat there coasting, instead of picking up the trailer, Corvo, who just tapped the puck home.

    Any time the Rangers are 4 on 4 due to overlapping penalties, I always think the worst. I think they play better on the penalty kill.

  93. the microscope is ON TOP of avery. there itching to call him for penalties and they will continue to do so. is it right? no. has he brought this upon himself? yes.
    although i feel his suspension and witch hunt is absurd, thats another topic.

    regardless of the calls that will never go his way… id STILL take him without second guessing it over 98% of the bums that are currently on this team that has played without any heart or emotion or passion ALL SEASON.

    ill take the good with the bad… especially him getting out of the box and just CRUSHING people.

    throw all that away… and you still gotta score to win games. we did not last night.

    i cant believe the lengths they are gonna go to with fighting and hitting. pretty soon the NHL will be the elite leagues of europe…… BORING. and just to think the rangers are FINALLY physical and exciting to watch.

  94. Richard, they’re not going to waive Redden and eat all of that money … especially when they don’t think he’s played poorly.

    Jason, what do you say we get everybody on the blog to pony up $1 million each and we buy the team?

  95. CARP, How long do you think we have to put up with Redden before he is waivied or bought out. At some point there is an upside to buy him out, right?

    BTW Rick, you are doing a great job and you say things that really start a fire on this blog from time to time. Do you just say things to start the fires or is this how you really think? LOL

  96. Breakdown of Avery penalties-

    Penalty #1) Avery finds himself in front of net with puck, swipes at puck, Ward makes save, as Cally was being held up pursuiting the rebound…..Puck squirts to sideboard, Avery & Eaves go for it, Avery wraps his arm around Eaves to get positioning and Eaves twists around falling to the ice.

    (Avery has to learn to play the puck well before the body when the puck is not at his feet…..This was clearly a penalty for being too aggressive)

    Penalty #2) Rangers go on power play, Gomez has puck behind net, with Avery 4 feet away from him, who was also behind net and awaiting Gomez simple pass. Gomez loses the puck and it goes in front of net to Corvo who has an easy clear out of the zone. Avery tries to stop Corvo but his skate gets caught up with other Cane Dman and he loses his balance….As he was losing his balance, Avery tried to hit Corvo up top but since he was falling it turns out to be a leg whip type of play. Unintentional by Avery but a penalty none the less.

  97. In regard to Rangers disallowed goal-

    Dubi on the ice next to crease. He slid the puck through Cam Wards pads by using his glove. Puck cleanly goes through Wards legs, and does not touch him. Puck stopped at goal line right on the post. Zherdev out battles Canes Dman and tucks the puck in the net. Canes Dman did not touch the puck at all.

    Goal disallowed and 100% correct call.

    (All reviews were viewed frame by frame instant replay)

  98. Carp – did you really say they were better last night than against Boston?

    This team was awful last night! They started off bad and actually got worse as the game wore along. Several things stuck out at me:

    Last night was the Rangers a la Renney:

    1. Blowszival and Redding were downright dreadful last night. After one or two nice games, redding looks like he is reverting back to his pansy self. And Blowsazival – is there any other guy in the league slower than him?

    2. CAN SOMEONE MAKE A PASS? I don’t think I have seen a Ranger game this season where there were more bad passes than last night. It actually got worse as the game went on.

    3. Renney-like powerplay

    4. This team was running around chasing their tails last night. They looked clueless.

    5. Captain Invisible did his best Houdini interpretation. Where was he last night?

  99. Carp – did you really say they were better last night than against Boston?

    This team was awful last night! They started off bad and actually got worse as the game wore along. Several things stuck out at me:

    Last night was the Rangers a la Renney:

    1. Blowszival and Redding were downright dreadful last night. After one or two nice games, redding looks like he is reverting back to his pansy self. And Blowsazival – is there any other guy in the league slower than him?

    2. CAN SOMEONE MAKE A PASS? I don’t think I have seen a Ranger game this season where there were more bad passes than last night. It actually got worse as the game went on.

    3. Renney-like powerplay

    4. This team was running around chasing their tails last night. They looked clueless.

    5. Captain Invisible did his best Houdini interpretation. Where was he last night?

  100. LIQUID

    i don’t think anyone (that i know of) is saying that Dubi
    did NOT make a hand pass
    but the play was not whistled on a hand pass.
    what i’m trying to find out as well as others
    (and since Vs. did such a p*** poor job of explaining it)
    is where there is a rule saying that a goal could be disallowed in this case.
    there was no whistle for a hand pass.
    the hand pass did NOT put the puck in the net.

    the one ref was standing behind the net and called it a goal. i don’t recall what the other ref/linesmen were doing. did the other ref see a hand pass, but he didn’t whistle it so how could it have been disallowed?

    now, i’m not saying that such an early goal would have made the difference but i’m just very curious how it pans out because no one bothered to check and explain.

  101. you know what’s the sad strange thing about this
    team….among many things…
    at the beginning of the season there was so
    much talk about how fast we had become this
    season versus last season
    and that’s why we didn’t want to bring back someone
    like Shanahan because his slowness would only drag us down.
    either our players were not properly conditioned,
    despite of all the talk during the Renney era,
    or something is terribly wrong when one team
    can keep up a fast pace for nearly three periods
    and we seem to slack off.

  102. Won't Make Playoffs on

    9th place for now. Until Ryan Miller comes back to Buffalo for the last 10 games and carries them to a 7-3 record as they zip by us. Maybe on their way past us they can take Chris Drury back. I mean, is there any doubt that if Gomez doesn’t injure Miller, we’re probably sitting in 10th right now?

    Sather counted on the cap going up by five or six million every year. Whoops.

  103. From Zipay:

    The Cherepanov Rule?

    This from the GMs meetings in Naples, Fl., courtesy of TSN and other outlets who were there:

    The NHL will be seeking approval from the NHL Players’ Association to amend the collective bargaining agreement to allow for compensatory draft picks to be awarded in the event of the death of a player.

    Russian prospect Alexei Cherepanov died during a KHL game last October and the Rangers, who selected him in the first round of the 2007 draft, raised the issue with the league. If the NHLPA signs off on it, a team would receive a second-round pick if one of their prospects dies before signing a contract with the NHL club.”

    So if we get a 2nd round pick for Cherepanov’s death… Antropov = free.

  104. It’s only “free” if the conditional pick doesn’t come into play. Speaking of which, did we find out what the conditional pick is yet?

  105. Yea, the conditional pick is a 2010 4th rounder if we make it to either the second round of the playoffs or the ECF.

    We’re either getting 8th, or missing it… so essentially.. Antropov was free. XD

  106. Richard, I don’t make stuff up just to get a reaction. My opinions are wrong sometimes, but they are never contrived.

    I haven’t received $1 million from anybody yet. C’mon guys. Pony up.

  107. Antropov wasn’t free regardless of whether we make the second round this year, because if we get a 2nd rounder for Cherepanov, we then would have had TWO 2nd round picks but for the Antropov trade instead of just one.

  108. onecupin69years on

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the rangers burn out getting into the playoffs, which often happens with teams. The trick is to get hot going into the playoffs and go on a roll.
    So Torts has to get it straight.

  109. This was simply a “schedule loss.” Tough game the day before, then travel, then right back at it. In fact, the Rangers benefitted from Boston playing a tough game with Chicago the day before the Bruins traveled to New York. Most of the time a team will come out “Flat” in that situation. 82 games from October to April will render many team efforts dull and ineffectual, especially when the back-to-back games plus travel syndrome hits home. Look for a bounce-back, next time out.

  110. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Interesting – Bettman whining about the economic situation of the League but the GM Meeting is here at the Ritz Carlton Tiburon Golf Resort with rooms running about $500 per night on up.

  111. GardenFaithfulinFLA
    March 10th, 2009 at 8:21 pm
    Interesting – Bettman whining about the economic situation of the League but the GM Meeting is here at the Ritz Carlton Tiburon Golf Resort with rooms running about $500 per night on up.


    I know a great place where they could meet up next time. It’s a nice and cozy place here in Brooklyn called “Golden Gate Motor Inn” on Shore Parkway! Great place I tell ya… UA Theater right next to it, u could catch a movie or catch a prostitute (and whatever else comes with her) w/o even leaving the room! Great place I tell ya.

  112. “Golden Gate Motor Inn

    Discuss the fighting issue around a nice continental breakfast of kellogs and bagels…no creamer with the coffee just the powdered crap

  113. lol kaspar

    u r catching my drift man… thumbs up :)

    last time, when i was there, i couldn’t remember how I got there… but one thing I remember clear… when i left that place I didn’t have my leather jacket on me and my wallet was missing :) good times!

  114. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Hee – I’m still fighting the urge to go over there to see if I can get Sather to tell me to piss off – but the police might be involved if I do.

  115. GardenFaithfulinFLA
    March 10th, 2009 at 9:03 pm
    We don’t have prostitutes in Naples – we have ‘escorts’.

    In Naples u can call it what u want… in Brooklyn…we keep it real! :P

  116. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    CCCP – that’s one thing I miss about being in NY. Keepin’ it real!

  117. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Pru on the ‘Yotes radio intermission interview. Said he didn’t know why he wasn’t getting playing time in New York but he’s looking forward and is excited to play in Phoenix.

  118. CCCP
    I Saw an interview with Brian Burke…I think he was wearing your leather jacket!!

    Garden Faithful
    Sather would give you an interview as long as he knows you aren’t NY press…everytime he visits Edmonton he talks his A** off, visits FLA blabbers endlessly, goes back to NY and clamps his jaw onto his stogie

  119. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    There was a rock club I used to go to way back when in Brooklyn and I can’t remember the name of it. Saw Southside there a few times.

  120. Kaspar
    March 10th, 2009 at 9:15 pm
    I Saw an interview with Brian Burke…I think he was wearing your leather jacket!!

    that bastard! i hope he wasn’t that prostitute which was in my room that night :)

  121. “that bastard! i hope he wasn’t that prostitute which was in my room that night :)”

    almost lost my Salmon

  122. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    One thing I do like here though – I’ve got the lanai wired so I can watch the games in the pool!

  123. Pittsburgh/Florida – three point game.
    Montreal tied game late in third.
    Buffalo lost.

  124. damn Montreal tied the game in the last minute and then won in OT! Caps – Nashville game is a lot of fun to watch! lost of brutal fights! Preds will be tough to beat…

  125. GardenFaithfulinFLA
    March 10th, 2009 at 9:59 pm
    One thing I do like here though – I’ve got the lanai wired so I can watch the games in the pool!

    i can only listen to the game on the radio when I’m in my bathtub…but can u pee in the pool? i don’t think so… but I can pee in my bathtub…so win!

  126. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    It’s going to be physical the rest of the way with the teams that their facing. It’s going to be a punishing run.

  127. Belak put Brashear on Queer St. Never remember Brash getting KO’D, cut, but never knocked out. He was woozy going to the penalty box and later on the bench was getting first aid from the trainer, who was holding a gauze pad for Brash’s bleeding mouth. Must be the playoff push, ever game a turned on fight after fight. Dont remember seeing this many in different games in years. There were some dandy’s tonight too.

  128. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Brashear get knocked down like that. I know he’s got that nasty left hook that normally does the punishing. He’s still a class act and a good tough guy.

  129. GardenFaithfulinFLA
    March 10th, 2009 at 9:20 pm
    There was a rock club I used to go to way back when in Brooklyn and I can’t remember the name of it. Saw Southside there a few times.

    would that have been L’Amours? I used to go to L’Amours East on Queens Blvd., what a great freakin place!!! Even though my 68 Mustang got stolen from there one night and was found the next day in Greenpoint, I still loved that place. Good times back in the 80’s.

    March 10th, 2009 at 9:59 pm
    One thing I do like here though – I’ve got the lanai wired so I can watch the games in the pool!

    Dude, when I saw the word LANAI, all I could think of was the Golden Girls. thanks for my laugh of the day!!!


    Well men, my hopes of seeing Ortmeyer in Nashville have been dashed because I just found out TODAY,(a bit slow on the uptake) that he was waived in December and is now playin on some team in Milwaukee. GRRRRRR

    I expect Wade “Our hockey hero” Redden to have a masterful game Thursday. He’s due for a monster game, and I could be lucky enough, along with Agravaine, to be in his presence when he has it. If this happens, I’ll comment after they scrape me off the floor of the Sommet Center! WOOOT WOOOOT

  130. Kasp, it’s a weighted lottery system. I’m not sure how it works exactly, but the main gist is this:
    All 14 teams are a part of the lottery, but only the bottom 5 teams have the opportunity to draft first. (There is a rule you can only move up 4 spots, and down 1 spot, at most).

    It’s also weighted funny, but the last place team has about a 48% chance of winning the first draft pick.

  131. Linda – Wow, I can’t believe I never heard that one about Ortmeyer. So that means he is playing with their AHL affiliate, the Admirals, along with Jessiman.

  132. RICK has the review rules on goals changed? Refs sometimes blow a whistle too soon, decide no goal, and are sometimes wrong with no review….. Do you agree with Brooks’ article on the refs and Avery?

  133. The only other time I saw Brashear get KO’d was when Marty McSorley hit him in the head with a stick. . . .

    Just goes to show that every dog has his day. No one wins them all.

    When it comes to heavyweights, Orr is one of the best. I give the kid credit. He worked on his game and is a serviceable 4th liner. I wonder what Torts thinks about Orr. I heard he may sit a game or two from here on out.

  134. Jason, what do you say we get everybody on the blog to pony up $1 million each and we buy the team?

    I agree. This way we could have 263 clueless owners instead of one.

  135. Someone above said Brashear is a class act,yeah right, he is a punk. He has numerous times after fights laughed and cracked his knuckles or rubbed his hands together, mocking the guy he just fought. Yes , I know he has been the no 1 heavyweight in the NHL for awhile but he has suckered guys from time to time too. And let’s not forget the McSorley incident, before that happened with Marty swinging his stick, Brashear a couple of times skated by the Bruins bench and taunted and mocked them flexing his muscles.These tough guys have a code, and its well known by a lot that Brashear does not follow it.

  136. Lets not also forget that Brashear was going after Jagr on a night w/o Orr…thats when Shanny stepped in

    Although I also remember he asked Shanny “You sure?” before dropping the gloves

  137. By the way…all the main hockey sites/networks have nothing but fighting rules stories on them lately…TSN, THN, ESPN, NBC, CBC, …these frickin columnists and talking heads love that crap…The only reason I wish they’d eliminate fighting is just so I dont have to read and hear these clowns salavate over the isssue anymore

  138. And dont forget too, in that same game Brashear ran over the Bruin goalie who I beleive was knocked out for the rest of the season with a knee injury. Sorry cant remember his name. Beleive me I am not saying what Marty did was right but there were alot of factors which led up to that incident that was lost after the game.

  139. Just watched the belak-erskine fight from last night

    Erskine did some good licks in

  140. Spider

    I can’t believe I never heard about that either. I’m so disappointed because he was my fave Ranger. I knew he had gotten hurt earlier in the year and his target date to come back was November/December, and I’d go to the Preds site to see what the latest was. Damn, and he was one of my ‘freebies’ from my fiance lol!!!!

    GardenFaithful…did you ever have to check your weapons at the door at L’Amours? I remember hearing stories from guys who went there that they’d have weapons checks! The one is Queens was a bit more sedate lol. I heard that East was shut down after someone died outside on the street, and that it was made into a furniture store….sooo sad.

    Are you making good use of the lanai today?

    I wish I could blog to you guys during the game, but I don’t think our laptop will be able to handle the stress lol!!!

  141. Brashear is classless. Do any of you remember him sucker punching Ward on his way off the ice after the Shanahan fight?

  142. Paul, Kaspar

    I dont know about that Brashear clock to the head. That never sat right with me. And I’ll probably get flack for it, but I think he embellished it a little. I was cracked in the head during a game in college same side – it was a la Chris Simon chop and Im not as big as Brashear – it knocked me to one knee and I had a head ache but no where near the drama that ensued with him.

    ok ok ok throw the rotten veggies at me now…

  143. No Country For Old Rangers on

    That Brashear/Shannahan fight was amazing. I still can’t believe Jagr is not on the NYR anymore. Sometimes this whole season feels like a surrealistic nightmare.

  144. Good on Slats for seeking — and getting — that compensation pick. It may be a little crude, but a second round pick could be an asset (even if this management squad don’t know squat about drafting).

  145. Regardless of what you think about Avery’s penalties (and for the record I thought the first one was selfish and the “leg sweep” was a bogus call) Tortorella obviously sees something in his game that he likes. If Torts perceived even one of those penalties as selfish, Avery wouldn’t have been on the ice for a PP as well as the last minute of the game.

    Whether you love him or hate him, the bottom line is that Avery has the most jump in his game on the Rangers (along with Callahan). Part of this is due to the fact that he had a nice vacation in the middle of the season and also because that’s the type of player he is. If you recall, one of the reasons that Renney got so much out of Avery in his first go-around in New York is that he made him feel important and put him on the ice in big situations. Avery generally responded.

    Assuming things ended as amicably as the Rangers would have you believe, I wouldn’t be shocked if Tortorella talked to Renney about how to best deal with #16.

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