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I really wrestled with how I wanted to analyze yesterday’s game. You know why. It was a good win over a good opponent (although Boston has been struggling) in which the Rangers scored four goals, which used to be a week’s worth.

But, you know … 

If John Tortorella thought the Rangers “wet their pants” then how would he describe what Bruins backup goalie Manny Fernandez was doing all day long?

And while I mentioned after the Islanders game that some of the greats of the game live by the “don’t critique the wins” belief, it’s hard not to wonder if the Rangers lose the Boston game 3-1 against an average goalie. Then, how do we judge the way they played if they lose that game 3-1, or even 3-2, allowing the two third-period goals as they did?

So the Rangers go on the road for the next three, still in the tightest and most tenuous of playoff positions. They need to continue to get points (and to prevent their opponents from getting points) the rest of the way. A two-game streak either way can mean the difference between sixth and ninth place.

So, while trying really hard not to be negative over three straight wins against two lousy opponents and one lousy goalie, here’s a review:

1) You’ve got to be happy that the captain is showing a little fire. Chris Drury dropped the gloves after what he perceived to be a cheap shot. He was mad, and mad is good sometimes. I think Drury’s an OK captain, by the way. I know a lot of you guys want him out, or not to wear the C. But I don’t think his leadership is the problem. It’s been his performance on the ice. You can’t lead when you play poorly. You have to maintain a certain excellence before others will follow. Drury’s game is clearly on the rise.

2) The power play isn’t just scoring, but it is also creating. There are more open one-timers being fired per two minutes than there had been for games. Nik Antropov can fire it, but he gets a little Kovalevian sometimes, looking to make a perfect play or perfect shot.

3) I think way too much is being made out of Sean Avery’s return, by everyone. NBC is promoting its next Rangers telecast as “Sean Avery and the Rangers against the Flyers.” For gosh sakes, he’s a third liner. That said, Avery has had a solid impact on both of his games back. And he’s a pretty good hockey player. In other words, he does simple things that all players should do, or don’t do nearly enough, like fire bad-angle shots at the net when the options are limited. He did that twice Sunday, and they resulted in a near-goal and a goal. As for his penalty in the last minute, sorry everybody, but that is the correct call. That was the definition of interference.

4) I love the “donate blood” signs in the penalty boxes at MSG.

5) Boston sure brought out a physical challenge, and the Rangers answered it.

6) The Rangers’ aggressiveness will allow some chances, and we saw that off the opening faceoff, when Drury had to take a penalty to prevent a 2-on-1, and we saw it again on one of Boston’s goals (of course it was Wade Redden trapped pinching).

7) Once again the Rangers allowed a goal shortly after they scored one, a season-long problem. And later, nearly another.

8) Good to see Mark Recchi can still “embellish” with the best of them.

9) I know Pierre McGuire for a long time, and so I don’t feel the way a lot of you do about his work. But it really irritates me when he repeatedly starts his comments with “Edzo …”

So it’s on to Raleigh and Nashville (did you older fans ever think you’d hear that) for the Rangers. Tonight is a Versus game, which means a lot of us will be listening to Kenny Albert and Dave Maloney on the radio.

Here are the official game summary and event summary from yesterday’s game.

I’ll try to check in later.


Sam Borden and I are discussing how A-Rod’s absence will affect the Yankees, over at the Faceoff blog.



Yup, it’s Valiquette in goal tonight. First time since the debacle in Dallas. He beat Carolina Jan. 27, in the win before the big slump began.

CORRECTION: Should read his first start since the 10-2 loss in Dallas. He appeared in relief vs. Flyers.

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B, let’s be fair. I blamed most of the problems on Sather, and I gave him credit for hiring Tortorella and for his trade deadline deals. And I still think they lack top-level scoring. You can’t convince me otherwise by using those four goals yesterday as an example, because if you’d put a garbage can in front of the Boston net instead of Manny Fernandez they would have only scored once.

  2. sam (not the great weinman) on



    we are not going to win the cup this year???

    then what’s the point of attempting to make the playoffs. why not lose every game and try for the number 1 pick in the draft or as good a pick as we can get. what kind of fans are you. the scoring opportunites that we now generate give us a decent chance to score 2+ goals a game. All we need is for Henrik to be great for 2 months and we are champions! A lot of Stanley Cup winners just ride their goalies. That’s all you need, goaltending!

  3. onecupin69years on

    That NBC announcing crew is just awful.
    Wasn’t Fernandez a #1 pick?
    Picking a goalie in the first round doesn’t make much sense to me, they seem that they never work out ,they take years to mature.

  4. 3) I think way too much is being made out of Sean Avery’s return, by everyone. NBC is promoting its next Rangers telecast as “Sean Avery and the Rangers against the Flyers.” For gosh sakes, he’s a third liner. That said, Avery has had a solid impact on both of his games back. And he’s a pretty good hockey player. In other words, he does simple things that all players should do, or don’t do nearly enough, like fire bad-angle shots at the net when the options are limited. He did that twice Sunday, and they resulted in a near-goal and a goal. As for his penalty in the last minute, sorry everybody, but that is the correct call. That was the definition of interference.

    I agree that yes it was a clear penalty by avery on that play. However i don’t think they can call that if they didn’t call it when the same thing happened to gomez a few minutes earlier in the period.

  5. Rick,

    I have to disagree with your assessment. One can take a “negative” view at these 3 wins if they want. But calling the Isles a lousy opponent isn’t fair. This team skated hard and played well against the Rangers. They totally beat the crap out of Brodeur and the Devils. And then beat Phoenix yesterday as well.

    One can wonder what if the Rangers did this or didn’t do this against Boston. Bottom line is, they did it. The only negative I saw was Redden. He made about 3 bad turnovers in his own zone again. The guy’s confidence and decision making has taken a huge hit. Morris had one bad one as well, but that is to be expected until he learns this team.

    The reason why Avery gets that attention is because he is a difference maker. You can’t ignore the Rangers record when he plays versus when he does not. You would be niave to ignore it whether or not he is a “third liner”. That line brought the most energy last game, did they not? They are the ones who will forecheck hard and check guys even harder. That is great.

  6. onecupin69years on

    You don’t need an all star goalie to win the cup, maybe a hot goalie or even an adequate one ,look at Osgood ,if he makes the HOF its because of the cups no his stats.

  7. True Blue 23 on

    can you people cheer for once! who cares that it was manny fernandez in goal? a month ago we couldnt score on Yann Danis! it was a good effort all around yesterday (excluding Redden)… team plays with passion and fire as of late, what more can you ask for? GO RANGERS!

  8. Carp

    Let’s be fair. You grossly overestimated Renney’s chops, you were way behind the curve on how much he had lost the team, and you insisted the roster was in the bottom fourth of the league talent-wise. Not pretty.

  9. Avery gets attention because the NHL is Hypocritical . He sells Headlines because he is entertaining just like T.O.. They bashed him when he was out then sell the shit out of him when he is in.

  10. Yes, it was a great game and a solid W. Yes, we are on a 3 game winning streak…

    But, let’s not forget, this is EXACTLY what Sather wanted to happen. Mask our long term problems (ie the CAP) by bringing in a few mercenaries who, even if they play lights-out, would never fit in long term given our current cap situation.

  11. sam (not the great weinman) on


    I’ve thought you were an excellent guy so far covering the Rangers, but you’re crap today is disgusting.

    First, Sean Avery not only makes plays that every NHLer makes, he also has the speed and body strength to make semi-breakaways happen like he did in the first period. Also, that was not a penalty. It was the definition of fighting for the puck, since he was just about a yard away from it when contact was made. The two penalties you make no mention of were the hits on Dubinsky near the end in the middle of the ice (interference) and the hit on Gomez in the corner in the 3rd (iffy, but more of interference than Sean Avery’s bs call). Obviously, you dont like Sean Avery.

    You also make no mention of the Zdeno shot that Henrik allowed in. Most goaltenders dont allow that in. Yes, it was a hard shot and a bit of a screen, but that’s a stop that’s got to be made. The 3rd goal very well could have also been stopped by a goalie on top of his game. That’s not mentioned either.

  12. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    (Mako) you may say the Rangers wont win the cup…are you so sure??? I smell a lil Islander in you my friend…and I ain’t sharing my name and number with anyone …

    Rangers gonna win the Cup?? HELL YEAH!!! We got a little bit of everything and for all those who disagree …goto http://www.icouldgivearatzazz!!!

  13. onecupin69years on

    true blue 23 –
    We are cheering,that’s how long time ranger fans cheer. They don’t like to get kicked in the teeth so they don’t let down their guard.

  14. “As for his penalty in the last minute, sorry everybody, but that is the correct call. That was the definition of interference.”

    Here’s the problem with that interference call – it’s not that it wasn’t interference. It was and you could probably call interference on many plays in any game. The problem is that you have to have consistency in officiating. When only two minutes before, the refs did not call a Boston player for not only interfering with Gomez by checking him into the boards, they can’t then call Avery for some contact going for the puck by an empty net. That’s where the problem is. The refs just “told” the players by the Gomez non-call that they were letting it go for the end of the game. Players get the signal and know how to play. The same refs can’t then reverse that standard and call the penalty the other way. That’s what drives players and knowledgeable fans crazy

  15. Point number 3 could not be more spot on. Hasn’t every one in the media heard Tortorella speak of his ‘team’ first mentality? It’s frustrating.

    With 16 games left and East Conf 4th-10th teams separated by 7 points it’s going to be playoff mentality early on.

  16. sam (not the great weinman) on

    one cup,

    i did not say you need a great goalie to win. i said all it takes is a goalie like henrik (who has the capabilites) to be great for 2 months.

  17. Although avery has the scoring potential of a third liner, didn’t he play on the first line with jagr and dubie for a while last season? He can play first line minutes

  18. i’m not quite sure I understand how every time this team pulls out a win the theme of the next blog entry is… “yea, we won, but if this didn’t happen and that didn’t happen then it we wouldn’t have won so it doesn’t matter” there are two teams on the ice, not just one. What if fernandez played a better game? what if hank was able to follow the chara shot better? what if the bruins were assessed an interference penalty about 2 min before the avery penalty when the exact same play took place? What if we lost the last faceoff of the game? they might have scored on it… it was that close to going to overtime…

    we beat an islanders team that is playing their hearts out and beating teams above us in the standings and the talk is all about how they aren’t really an nhl team and the win doesn’t really count till we play a better team. then we beat the team with the best record in the east and it shouldn’t count because I can think of 10 “what if’s” that might have changed the game. come on now it’s hockey that holds true for every game and right now we’re getting better.

  19. True Blue 23 on


    i agree i have nothing about critisizm where its needed some people do go overboard though…
    sam (not the great weinman) good point zdeno’s goal should have been stopped….

  20. Carp…I undersatand that the call was correct on Avery. My problem is that they let those plays go all game untill the last min or so. That is not good, the way they call the first shift is how they should call the last.

  21. Fernandez was poor last night – he did a spinorama and kicked it in his own net for Callahan’s goal and just plain lost all positional sense and chased a very wide shot for Zherdev’s goal. Saying that the whole team were positive and it was pressure by players going aggressively to the net that capitalized on the chances.

    All 3 new guys looked better this game than last, and certainly Drury looks a lot better with the 2 big guys on his wings. Powerplay was noticeably faster and constantly looking to shift and change the shooting angles which worked just nicely. Lets hope we can keep this up, a win tonight would make the Flyers look over their shoulder…

  22. sam (not the great weinman), did you read what I wrote? I was complimenting Avery as a pretty good hockey player, not just a sideshow. And I am on record as saying, if I were a coach or a teammate, I would not want this guy on my team. That said, he is and has been a difference maker on the ice. No doubt about it.

    wd40, I still think they lack top-line skill. The overall talent is better after the three new players came in, but I am not convinced they will score enough goals down the stretch or in the playoffs.

  23. Some fans just don't get it. on

    That penalty was text book. Was the previous one on Gomer let go? You bet your ass it was.

    Taking Sean Avery onto your roster comes with a different set of rules. If you didn’t know that, you do now. He’ll take the calls every time. Calls that are marginal against 99% of the league are not when you’re Sean Avery.

    It’s not right. But it was known long before yesterday.

    THAT makes a player a “detriment”. I like his energy, and I would love the guy if he sticks to the straight & narrow approach he’s taken lately. But he’s going to have to stick to that for the next 3 years.

  24. yes, that call might not be made at other stages of the game, but let’s remember that first it’s a one-on-one with nobody else in sight, so both referees and 18,200 people are all watching those two guys, and second, that it’s Avery, and there will always be Avery Rules. He will be watched differently. He has brought that upon himself.

    Chris and marko and others, Let me ask the question in a different way: If the Rangers lost 3-1 yesterday and played exactly the same game, how would you be thinking about it today?

  25. Hartford Whalerpack on

    I really annoyed by the “The Rangers won, but…” stories and comments.

    You’re covering SPORTS…the nature of sports is that happens, you get lucky bounces, you get bad bounces. You get hot goalies and cold ones, good calls and bad. It’s as simple as that.

    And again, to beat a dead horse, since that’s what counts as commenting or blog posts…the NBC coverage was awful.

  26. Sorry, but your incorrect about that penalty. It was a foot race to the puck. Not only that, it especially is not a penalty when a few shifts earlier on nearly an identical player, Scott Gomez was practically picked up on the dot and thrown into the boards. Horrible call.

  27. sam (not the great weinman) on


    For gosh sakes, he’s a third liner. That said, Avery has had a solid impact on both of his games back. And he’s a pretty good hockey player. In other words, he does simple things that all players should do, or don’t do nearly enough, like fire bad-angle shots at the net when the options are limited.

    your comments that he is a 3rd liner and he does simple things… devalue your pretty good hockey player and solid impact. For that matter, there are plenty of pretty good hockey players that dont have the skill, speed and body strength of Avery.

    He did more on our 3rd line yesterday than I saw Chris Drury do most of this season and he’s been with us 2 games. (FYI, I like Drury and think that if paired with right players can be very effective).

    On another note, Zdeno may have offense and a hard shot and is an intimidating presence, but his defense isnt all that great. Anybody agree?

  28. personally I like the way avery is playing right now, but i think it’s obvious that all the buzz about his is holding some things back, and I think eventually he’s going to ease out of that. Yes, some of the things he used to do were out of line, and from stories about his locker room presence his personality started to take a toll of things there too. That said, I’d still like to see a little more of the old sean avery in his game, he’s an agitator, that’s his game, and I hope when some of the media attention wares off he’ll a little more of that fire back.

  29. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Rick…Rick umm the trade deadline is past…and the Rangers lacking top line skill is a mute point . Rangers will score more now that Torts has the boys attacking still when we have the lead , when Renney would go into a defensive shell. So Sorry to disagree but with the talent we have , Boston has and even NJ ..Carp , we aint over our heads here…we can and will compete. You seem to Rank the Ranger down in skill but I know with this new system..scoring wont be a problem like before.

    Naslund ,Antro ,Zhedev ,Dubinsky ,Callahan , and even Gomez and Drury know how to score…lets not be too harsh on our teams talent..we now have a mix of the most assorted character with skills at all types of situations.

    Sam was right about us have\ing a chance at the cup but the statement about Rick post here was plain rude..Come on Sam , your looking a bit stuiped here for bashing Carp.

  30. sam (not the great weinman) on

    The fact that Sean Avery is treated differently in his 1st and 2nd stint as a Ranger and nobody finds this wrong, especially you Carp, is disgusting. Sean has brought this upon himself. Yes, he bit someone and punched someone from behind ending their careers, jumped into the stands like scumbag Bostonians, kicked someone with their skates. Hes done all those heinous acts, of course!

    Referees are supposed to ref a game by the rulebook, not each refereeing crew making up their own interpretations, or using their subjectivity towards certain players. It’s ridiculous. And I dont think that call was directed at Sean Avery. It was just a cheap call meant to screw a NY team against a Boston team while 2 other interference calls against Boston went uncalled just 8 minutes earlier.

  31. I don’t like Drury because his contract is probably the worst in the league. If he was on pace for 37 goals, I’d have a different opinion, but I’d rather give that contract towards a real two-way threat, such as Hossa (Yes, I know Hossa will get 8m/y, just sayin’).

    Drury comes to the defense of his teammates on the ice, which is great, but he’s too mellow for the media and too calm. That was Jagr’s problem. Drury should be an assistant, and a vocal leader such as Mara should get the C. IMO, I see Dubinsky, Staal and Callahan as the future C/As.

  32. if the SJO fits on

    The only reason why NBC is milking the whole Sean Avery return is because casual hockey fans know his name and his antics. Its all part of selling the game, and I’m sure Versus is gonna abuse the subject tonight. All of his offensive chances are result of how hard he works. Besides that, I think you can tell right now is passing game is way off. He seems to throw the puck in areas that wouldn’t benefit the teams transition/offensive game. That’s all gonna change in time, so I expect his game to elevate. He does have a huge amount of energy on the ice that I really didn’t realize until he came back, and everyone else on the team seems to feed off of it.

  33. and carp,

    If they played the same way and lost 3-1 yesterday It would have been because maybe a few of those “what if’s” went the other way. but the bottom line about of play yesterday is that fact that we played to a level that allowed us to have those “what if’s” and we gave ourselves a chance to win. If we had lost, i’d be disappointed, but at this point i’d attribute it to the new coach new additions and new style still meshing together with the old team, and a few unlucky bounces. Hockey is a game of lucky bounces, when you give yourself a chance to let those lucky bounces make a difference for you, you win. When you don’t even give yourself a chance at those lucky bounces, you don’t give yourself a chance to win. A few weeks ago this team did not give itself a chance to win, yesterday they did. I am happy.

  34. sam (not the great weinman) on

    I apologize for the rudeness Carp.

    zzzzzzzzz 13,

    he’s questioned each of our last 3 wins. That can be a good thing, but he has no validity questioning yesterday’s win. It could have been 6-2 Rangers or 6-1 Rangers or 3-2 Rangers or 2-1 Rangers or 2-2 going into OT.

  35. True Blue 23 on

    Pavel when was Drury a 37 goal scorer? he is not that type of player and thats not why they brought him here…

  36. sam, no need to apologize … and again, I don’t want to always be negative, but the point is that I see much improvement yet the Rangers still leave me unconvinced about their legitimacy as a playoff contender.

  37. here is the NHL’s problem…Avery’s penalty at the end was a definite penalty, how come there was no penalty when gomez got slammed into the boards a few minutes earlier when he did not get to the pucky yet…call it both ways or don’t call it at all…this is wht casual fans dont understand the game.

  38. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Sam and Marko , I agree . Those win were hard fought and you can see something very exciting developing here…yessss , sure ya can say what if we lost 3 – 1 instead but….\we didn’t!!! WE SHOWED boston a thing or two and yeah people better start being aware ..because the Rangers are back!!! yeah back !! Sure looks like watching better hockey and MAYBE MANNY FERNADEZ was scared and freaked out at the new Ranger attack?? The only EXCUSES boston has for losing is WE TOOK IT TO ‘EM and beat them!! The better team won .

  39. True Blue 23 on

    my problem with avery’s penalty is what is the player suppose to do when he is going for the puck and the other one is figure skating around it? by the book yes it was a penalty but in reality i think that needs to be changed….

  40. One thing about Macguirre Rick

    he does a nightly “drive time” spot on Montreol Team990; I usually get to hear it ( and look forward to it)…he’s more reserved on the radio

    Its his TV act that is tiresome…he analyzes every meaningless play, he is blatatly two-faced and chicken at calling out coaches…two weeks ago he defended Renney and blasted the players and Sather ( he has been a big Renney supporter for years..he loves philisophical coaches…lots of X’s and O’s)…you just cant come on two weeks later; same team same GM and say that Torts is making a difference w/o being critical of Renney…you have to say it was the right move and he never backtracked from that…we’re listening here; we’re taking notes..dont treat it like you never said it…I lived with idiot Lupica doing that for twenty years and now the national telecasts of the NHL are being poisoned by this clown…he makes Milbury look honest

  41. Marko…I agree with your post completely and elaborate. Not every single win, even by the great teams like San Jose or Detroit, are perfect. Disclaimer: In no way am I comparing this Rangers team to those great hockey teams! I’m sure you can find plenty of flaws in the victories by those teams (ie. opponents top player didn’t play well, bad penalties, fluky goals, lucky bounces, boneheaded plays, etc.). Anyone who thinks Detroit or San Jose or New Jersey totally outplays its opponents for an entire 60 minutes is kidding himself/herself – even the top teams get breaks sometimes.

    Good teams create opportunities and often create the blunders made by their opponents. Good teams find ways to capitalize on chances even when they don’t play their “best” game. We’ve seen a few times this year where the Rangers have outplayed the opponent, but lost because they couldn’t finish or didn’t get the right bounce. There is a lot more to winning hockey games than the simple x’s and o’s. People should quit with the disclaimers and excuses as to why the Rangers shouldn’t have won these games.

    OK so the Rangers beat a Colorado Avalanche team with weak goaltending, and an Islanders team resembling an AHL squad, and a struggling Boston Bruins team with headscratchingly (is that even a word?) bad goaltending. I’m sure you can go down the schedule/results of any club in the NHL and find deficiencies or excuses in their opponents that lead to wins and losses: “We won the game, but Ovechkin didn’t score one against us,” or “It was a close game, but that lucky bounce really helped us out,” or “They took a double-minor in OT and we capitalized.”

    Look, I don’t think this Rangers team is an all-of-a-sudden cup contender or even a guarantee to get out of the first playoff round (if they make it at all), but wins are wins. The Rangers got 6 out of 6 points in the standings over the past three games and played pretty well in doing so. Give the Rangers some credit for adapting pretty well to a completely different style/mindset/system and winning these crucial games.

    The fact that some people in here are disappointed because they beat teams with “disclaimers” should wake up. Every team has a disclaimer in every win and loss and if you don’t believe me, get the Center Ice package and try watching other hockey games.

  42. Drury had 37 goals his last year in Buffalo. Most of the goals were ‘garbage’, but it was his contract year.

    Buffalo really needs a center.. let’s ship them back Drury.

  43. ….and Rick
    Great post by the way ( besides the macguirre thing)…I agree Rangers have not “sold me” on being a playoff team..but it sure is fun to watch them again…if they dont make it at least we have this exciting month of games to watch…much better than it was; and it would be with the other guy running the show looking to “tie” his way into saving his job

  44. PS. Why all the hatred for Pierre Maguire? I’ve learned to completely tune him out 99% of the time, much like Gary McCord in golf broadcasts. These networks employ these buffoons merely to get reactions to their idiotic and uninformed statements. Otherwise, the broadcasts would be completely bland.

  45. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Spank Boston like a new born baby!!!True blue23 …exactly Drury is here for other reasons …we have a team that has a very versitile attack. Carolina OMG is hot right now!!! If we are to lose and we CAN’t afford to lose…we have to win but Carolina is gooooood. So…I know , Mr Carp I know you still don’t believe we are a playoff team so beating Carolina is way outta the question huh>? Lets bet!! I say we get 2 points and we beat this hot team to rollll into Nashville on a high.

    Lets do it ..bet , bet bet bet!!

  46. I think the bottom line is that they’re winning games. We can look at one game and pick it apart… then wait for the next game and pick it apart… but honestly, this club has looked light years better since Torts took over.

    They’re not going to win every game but they’re in them, and it’s exciting to watch.

    2 things:

    A) After giving up the 3-1 lead this team responded and scored a goal. Then held on to win. That would have NEVER happened before.

    B) This is what this team would look like if they had just an average PP all year. Games that would be 3-2 losses are wins with a PP goal or two.

  47. Getting tired of the people on here who continue with the “yeah we won, yeah we have a 3 game winning streak….. but why should we make the playoffs we’re not gonna win a cup”- Tell you what – I’M A HOCKEY FAN, more imprtantly I’M a RANGERS FAN!!!!- Give me entertaining hockey and a glimmer of hope and I’m gonna say “We’re gonna win the Stanley Cup” until the day the fat lady sings! Is’nt that what being a “fan” is all about??? Screw you couch jockey wanna be Managers who overanalyze every frickin play – IT’S HOCKEY ENJOY IT!!!!!! LET”S GO RANGERS!!!!

  48. first of all, it was Ryder of Bos who did the exact same thing to Gomez a while earlier in the left corner, and it was not called. THAT is why that call on Avery was totally bogus.

    if you, as refs, are not going to make a call, then for heavens sake, be consistent.

    and consistent means no matter when in the game it happens, and no matter WHO is doing it.

    players and coaches and pundits are always saying all they want the refs to do is be consistent, and the refs violated that in yesterday’s game.

  49. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Yeah the Rangers are good but …Mike D nice post but ya lost me when ya start covering yer azz saying yeah they prob wont go far or bla bla …Dude what yer saying is very true about the positives ….breath in buddy …breath out…the Rangers will do it …the Rangers will do it..

  50. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Gerry D , whooohooooooo you tell ’em man!!! Sweet , couldn’t have said it better myself .

  51. Also, If Lundqvist gets hot down the stretch and into the playoffs, anything can happen! Year after year, teams ride hot goaltenders deep into the playoffs and even into the Cup Finals. See Giguere in Anaheim, Kiprusoff in Calgary, Ward in Carolina, Roloson in Edmonton, the list goes on and on. This team has potential to go deep, if only because of the fact that Henrik gets hot.

  52. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L.

    I’m a realist man, but I do think the Lundqvist factor can certainly get us deep.

  53. Yeah

    Hank is key…I dont want to jinx him but he’s looking better and better the last 5 or 6 games now

  54. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Staalsie’s play on defense has been awsome!!! The kid is great at getting the puck out and just playing fundamental defense. Watching our young players play is an privilage for me …Losing 3 – 1 against Boston was not an option ..we learnt how to win again and If these guys can have a strong start to the season , i ‘d say time to have a strong finish …

  55. How about this Spin on our recent Win streak agains ineferior opponents-

    1)We beat a weak Colorado squad (who spanked the 4th place in West Blackhawks last night

    2)We beat the AHL Islanders (who spanked the Redhot Devils and chased Brodeur)

    3)We beat the lowly Bruins (who are 1st in the East?)

    What’s the excuse when we beat Carolina tonight? “oh the were due to lose”

  56. Carp,

    Yeah hard to get overly positive. I mean we are not a cup contender by a long shot (but stranger things have happened and sometimes all it take is a unbeatable goalie….)

    But look at it this way. If they play like that (minus the peeing in the pants part) and lose (ex. run into a hot goalie) I would be “ok” with it. That level of hockey is acceptable. Not like the level before. Only one thing I hate more then losing and that’s loosing and not trying.

    Oh and a suggestion to all…I live across the pond so my access to Ranger games are limited so I decided to pop in the ’94 series DVD.Do not, I repeat NOT under any circumstances watch this now!!! And possible for the next few years. Makes you realize how bad we are now; (but oh, how good we were :)

  57. What you guys are forgetting about the avery call was that boston had pulled their goalie…the difference between the avery call and the gomez non-call was that the avery play, if allowed, would have resulted in a scoring chance for the rangers. So while both are technically interference, the ref is more inclined to make the call on avery in that situation.

  58. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Ask ANY coach ,,,any coach in the league…Having Hank as a goalie automaticly puts us as a playoff contender…and that garenteed!! Come on with Hank in net …and if he gets really hot? wow , look out Eastern Conference!!!

  59. I am not going to “Carp” about Ranger wins. I am going to enjoy them.

    of course they are not perfect, and there are no guarantees of how far they will go, or if they will even make it.

    but Carolina, the team the Rangers play tonight, won the Cup 3 years ago with a worse D corps than the Rangers have now, and a rookie goalie.

    their right side Dmen were the illustrious Aaron Ward and Mike Commodore.

    so, it can happen, no matter how remote it seems.

  60. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Hate to say this but blueshirt , your a fool . I can tell you don’t watch alot of game where I watch every single one.

    The boys in 1994 were my favorite , but to say they were so good and we are so bad right now…you should go wash yer mouth out with soap my fellow Ranger fan. Those old foggies I loved in 1994 , barely won it and almost lost it all and was forced to a game 7. Thay Canuck team had alot of heart and thank god we had Leetch score on the wide open net for the first goal!!!

    Lets go Rangers , Let’s go!!

  61. UESBlueshirt on

    let’s start a drinking game for tonight:

    – Take a drink when Avery is mentioned for anything other than his on ice play.

    – Take a drink when the Eric-Marc Staal brotherhood is mentioned.

    Drunk by the first intermission.

  62. if the SJO fits on

    the only reason these idiots claim the rangers have no chance at the cup is because they wanna prove the faithful fans wrong. as long as they are in the playoffs, they have as much as a chance as any team. we’ve seen them beat the top tier teams in this league.

  63. Cloutier Clobbers Salo on

    I was waiting for Milbury to take his shoe off and smack McGuire in the head after Pierre kept telling Iron Mike that his transactions while with the Islanders were some of the worst in NHL history.

  64. jonathan –
    “I agree that yes it was a clear penalty by avery on that play. However i don’t think they can call that if they didn’t call it when the same thing happened to gomez a few minutes earlier in the period”

    Agree 100% … but then again, thats the motto of our league’s officiating, ‘Inconsistency’.

  65. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Yeah i ‘d say we should n’t “carp” on these wins either …hehe

  66. REPOST

    March 9th, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Im sure that was directed at me. There are a handful of teams in the NHL that are MUCH better than the NY Rangers. Im not a “bad fan” or being negative when I say that. Just realistic. Do I want to see them win the cup HELL YES. Are they. Sorry no. They still need a tweak here and there.

    “(Mako) you may say the Rangers wont win the cup…are you so sure??? I smell a lil Islander in you my friend…and I ain’t sharing my name and number with anyone …”

    Yeah Im pretty sure. Like I said on my previous repost. I still think they need a point a game forward and an upgrade from Redden. Its not a bad thing they wont win the cup. It will be a great learning experience for most of the team. Hey like I said… I want them to win the every year if they could.

    Oh and Greg… the pox on you and your ancesters for remotely thinking I have any “Islander fan” in me. You sir are on my sh*t list now. LOL

  67. if the SJO fits on


    i have class from 6-9 tonight. i will have to rely on text updates from my friends. and no rangers in 60 for a second game in a row?! come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Earlier this year when the team was winning, but just barely, everyone said the same thing Carp is saying now.

    Yes, the team looks a hell of a lot better now, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m looking very wrong so far in my Renney-backing, but it’s still only 5 games in for Torts.

    If you question wins earlier in the season when the team was fighting just to win in a shootout, i feel completely fine critiquing them in their wins now. Sure, they’re actually outplaying their opponents more than they used to, but you at least need to be consistent in it all.

  69. There is something about this Rangers team that encourages criticism. Maybe it is the fact that the best players did not return, maybe it is the fact that the current players have zero personality and limited skill. It is hard to really care about this team. Ticket sales are down, merchandise sales are down, fan and media enthusiasm is down, despite a decent record. It’s a terrible time in the economy for the Rangers to have such a bland team, and it shows the management’s inability to understand entertainment value. Tortorella and Avery help, but this team is missing its mojo.

  70. GerryD,

    Just elaborate a more on my ‘word’.

    I was/am Hockey/Ranger fan…. I say was because I was a huge fan (went to most of the games and was blessed with knowing/hanging out with a few players) but now live in Europe. So not much in the way of seeing games. So now if I’m lucky enough I get to see a game. Made me really appreciate it. Give me hockey, give me Rangers and give me hard working hockey and I’m happy. Give me a win? even better! Give me a cup? give me plane tickets.

    I say Hockey because I like that game better then all other games in the world (though im finding out Rugby can be a decent substitute); I say Rangers because I am a fan of the RANGERS first and foremost. Sure i can be fans of certain players, but i am always a Ranger fan first.

    So if i am hearing you correctly, you are saying chill the fuck out…and enjoy good Ranger Hockey! I second that!

  71. shawn,

    thats the one thing i was worried about with all of the back to back games. vally is gonna have to play.

  72. i thought the Avery penalty at the end of the game was CLEARLY interference..while he didnt knock the guy down to the ice, he impeded his movement by giving him a deliberate bump before reaching the puck..thus interfering..

  73. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    SJO fits…exactly!! Stubborn fans wanting to prove us wrong , Sather wrong …just everything. Try to enjoy the ride cuz its only gonna get faster!!!!

    The other team scores on a 2 on 1 …..so? the other team scored a quiky…so? What Torts is saying is , yes we will lose games and get scored on and even lose leads…but in the end …when that final buzzer has gone . You will know that our team played hard and attacked and had a chance to win…we all hate losing and this team now will play even harder if a lead has been surrendered , not fall into a shell and wither away…thats all we ask .

  74. SARGE
    March 9th, 2009 at 12:49 pm
    What you guys are forgetting about the avery call was that boston had pulled their goalie…the difference between the avery call and the gomez non-call was that the avery play, if allowed, would have resulted in a scoring chance for the rangers. So while both are technically interference, the ref is more inclined to make the call on avery in that situation.

    So is it OK for the ref to decide or participate in the ‘outcome’ based on the empty net status?

  75. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Mako , ok ok sorry , islander fan was a little harsh. I take it back . Your saying were a player or two away and we will gain experience from losing this year?

    listen to yerself…you sound like Tom Renney !!! HAAAHAA

  76. Ask ourselves how we would feel if the rangers lost 3-1 yesterday? Hell no, Carp, that’s all we have felt for months. (hahahha “carp on a win” – very clever)

    The Rangers WON. A good game. Signs of life and passion and that cloud of funk that’s been over the entire roster did threaten, but for the first time all season they fought it off! I don’t buy the lack of skill argument. Not for a NY minute. I won’t claim to know what happened to put the whole team in hoser-mode but I do believe that when they are on their game, the Rangers will beat any team.

    The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

  77. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules

    The bottom line is they won. I don’t play the what if the 94 rangers played the 87 Oilers game. They won, no team is perfect. in fact all of them were less perfect then the Rangers team that year.

    Just watch the first 2/3 games of the Devils series. It will remind you what hard working, tough hockey is about. Then watch a game from a few weeks ago. Then come back and apologize for calling me a fool ;)

  78. “NBC is promoting its next Rangers telecast as ‘Sean Avery and the Rangers against the Flyers.'”

    That’s because even someone who doesn’t know the first thing about hockey knows the name ‘Sean Avery’ because of all the publicity he’s received recently. The same way it would be ‘Sidney Crosby and the Penguins against the Flyers,’ because people know the name Sidney Crosby. NBC is just trying to get viewers.

  79. Jay, I agree.

    The refs job is not to decide the outcome of a game. it is to enforce the rules, and his interpretation of them. Do not try to tell me that no less than 70% of all races to loose pucks end with the players bumping a few feet before one of them takes control. At lest with the gomez play earlier the boston defenseman changed his path from a direct path to the puck to turning in to the boards and holding gomez back. In the avery play both players were in a direct path for the puck and their paths met. It’s hockey, it’s a contact sport, and they both WANTED the puck, as opposed to just wanting to make sure the opponent DIDNT get the puck (see the gomez non call minutes earlier). The bottom line is the avery play happens more time in a game than you can count and is not called, therefore the ref’s either interpret it the same way I do… or they are blind. However, it happens in the last minute with an open net and it is called as interference. The ref is being inconsistent and giving the underdog a little bit of hope, which is in every way wrong. the gomez play is irrelevant, except for the fact that it was a little closer to being a penalty. Either way, I am baffled that some people can argue that the ref made the right call.

  80. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    ok fool was again a lil harsh , so ill take it back anywayz ….SO , if that hockey is way more harder fought it is because , umm duh , its the playoffs!! With all that clutching and grabbing it is sure tough hockey to play!!

  81. True Blue 23 on

    thank god i will actually be at the garden next sunday so i dont have to watch a golf broadcaster talk about hockey from a golf course….what a joke!

  82. I’d rather listen to a blackboard grated with fingernails, then listen to McGuire.

  83. I don’t see why people are looking at the Boston win with a mental asterisk. Fernandez played poorly, but the Rangers would have made him look like Ken Dryden a few weeks ago. They are getting bounces and breaks because they are putting up the effort to create them. They are still building confidence.

    Yes, they have plenty of flaws. Unless you are the Red Wings, every team will have flaws with the salary cap in place. Even the Red Wings are having goalie problems. The Rangers are missing that top level talent. No question about that. However, since there is no way of changing that at the moment, this is the team that we have to live with until a change is made. Getting rid of Redden would be the another move in the right direction. Regardless, if the Rangers can get their game together as a team, they have enough parts to make some noise.

    I am wondering if the NHL will be like the NFL in that a hot team at the right moment can win it all even if they have holes in their roster. I would tend to think that 4 rounds of 7 games would tend to weed out the week, but then again, we had Carolina and Edmonton a few years back. I am just enjoying watching a team that actually plays now. I will take the less than perfect wins as long as they keep coming. The 1990 Giants won a less than perfect title. It is still a title.

    At this point, if they can make the second round, it will be a minor victory considering that the team was falling apart so recently. Losing in the first round is the equivalent of flunking out of community college.

  84. UESBlueshirt on

    At the very least NBC could move the game to 1 PM which seems like a much more logical start for any other professional sport.

    They have no pre-game or post-game show and if you’ve seen the programs that proceed the games on NBC I’m sure no one will miss the half hour of a look at local trendy restaurants.

    Secondly, they should include commentators that actually follow the teams that are playing. Maybe go with the home team’s play by play and color guy. Some of them are just as bad or worse than Doc and co. but maybe they can add some more depth to announcing rather than producing the innane chatter that happens on national broadcasts.

    Enough with the in between the glass or interviewing the coach on the bench during breaks. No local coverage of any team that I’ve watched does this. The only other time I see this done during live coverage is when ESPN sometimes interviews baseball managers in the dugouts. If I was a coach I’d be PO’ed to have to do this at any other time than intermission or pre/postgame.

  85. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Tort’s is sooo tough , when he tells Avery to settle down ….Avery listens!!!

  86. kerry fraser on

    “i thought the Avery penalty at the end of the game was CLEARLY interference.”

    but you are ignoring the non-call on Ryder doing the exact same thing just minutes earlier. the same ref ignoring one, and calling the other. be consistent

  87. Billy Dee, at least you have the stones to show up. The other Renny fans were responsible for every other post a few weeks ago, and now they’re almost nowhere to be found, and that is weak and indefensible.

    I took a lot of abuse for calling out Renny before it was the obvious thing to do, but I always showed up, win or lose to take my lumps or land a few. Sad that the Droolers don’t have the stomach to do the same.

  88. No Country For Old Rangers on

    You pessimistic freaks! sometimes i cant believe what i’m reading. NYR is heating up, they are hitting their stride (again) at the perfect time and we are only what 5 games into a new coaching system/playing style. all the right players are scoring/playing better, they just won 3 in a row. i think the NYR can skate with and beat any team in the east. we all know how important goaltending is down the stretch and we have the best in the east. i think we have a great chance to make a deep playoff run here. forget fernandez sucking for a minute, NYR beat the team with the best record in the east. they did this in a day-game where they have been dreadful all season. they scored on the PP, they are tougher, faster, bigger, and better on offense.

    what more can you haters ask for? for players like redden to not turnover the puck? it’s hockey, it happens. why do we hate our own team so much? is it the “tough love” new york mentality? if we beat our kid hard enough maybe he’ll get better grades?

    as ugly as it got with renney down the stretch, i will give him credit for instilling some semblance of defensive responsibility. even when we were losing, we would lose 2-1, 1-0, etc. NYR is among the best defensive teams in the east and now the offense is clearly coming on. i just dont understand how anybody can still have a negative outlook. think of where this team was a month ago.

  89. ARGH GREG!!!

    You’re batting a thousand!! Saying I sound like Tom Renney when I have been calling for his head since last year. On the blueseats blog then here HA. Seriously I dont think they can go all the way with the crew they have as I see it. I really think they need a few upgrades in defense and a scoring winger. They definitely have the coach and goalie to take them all the way though.

    Listen, Im all excited too that they have changed coaches and their play is 180 degrees different than what they have played under YOU KNOW WHO. Im happy about the 3 wins too…
    I think if they keep playing the way they have they CAN go far in the playoffs, not just all the way. BUT again, I hope they prove me wrong and do :) Im all for it.

  90. “but you are ignoring the non-call on Ryder doing the exact same thing just minutes earlier. the same ref ignoring one, and calling the other. be consistent”

    the man in question here in this blog was Avery, I didnt say anything about Ryder..

    It was interference, regardless.

    And I agree..calls should be consistent.

  91. onecupin69years on

    UESBlueshirt-You’re 100% correct.
    They way the networks (2,4,7) presented hockey now and in the past is awful.
    The NHL can’t compete with the spring sports: baseball, basketball ,golf and the nice spring weather, where people go out,nor can it compete against the network programing at night.
    I don’t think hockey will ever be big in the u.S.
    Carp’s worst nightmare is the ranger’s making it past round 2 or better, and eating crow about what he said about the rangers and sather.
    Don’t worry carp you’ll have company.And if they were to win the cup, Sather will have his face on a banner over the ice.
    Imagine glen sather night?

  92. No Country…

    Not sure how my comments were interrupted but pessimistic is the opposite to what I feel. I do think this team is better and more fun to watch. I gave credit to Renney and the defense he taught him (I was shot down by the Renney haters of course.)

    And sometimes all it can take to go the end is a hot goalie. Hank has that potential.

    The only thing im pessimistic about is my job since now I want to watch game which will end 3:30am

  93. no country, you were doin’ OK until you started praising renney for his trap, cuz that’s what it was. it was NOT teaching defensive responsibility. it was teaching passive hockey, neutral zone shinny.

    sorry, but you are dead wrong about Renney. he was a detriment to real 2 way hockey, and got the pink slip he deserved.

  94. Rick,
    Thank you for addressing my question.

    RE: Scoring. I’m just going to paraphrase you ‘There are at least 20 teams with more offensive talent than the Rangers.’ You may have said bottom-3rd, but that was your point.
    FACT: 4.66 goals average in the past 3 games. That includes against the best team in the NHL and the Islanders who shalacked the Devils recently! My point, I think your judgement of the team was occluded by the failures of Tom (thank god he’s gone) Renney.

    I did want to disagree with a couple things you posted today. I think you’re also too critical of Sean Avery. His obstruction/interference was textbook, except there was an EVEN MORE textbook interference on Gomez. Let it go, or call them all. That fact remains.

    You also call Sean Avery a third liner and in the previous breath praise Chris Drury for his captaincy. Some could make the argument that Sean Avery is far superior leader. He goes into the battles, he plays well in the spot-light and clutch. He does more with his skill-set than Drury does.

    So, I make the point, that your beloved Chris Drury should probably be on same 3rd line as Sean Avery. Strip Drury of the C! Dump him as soon as possible. He’s recently putting points on the board, but he’s looked pretty awful ALL season. He and Nigel Dawes are auto-turnovers this year.

    Anyway, I disagree with most of your points but I appreciate your work and what Lohud does here for us!

  95. CDeck- boston dumps the puck and chases, girardi is back for us, a few steps in front of the boston player chasing the puck, as he approaches the puck he all but stops, puts his shoulder in to the oncoming boston forchecker, they bump, and girardi has time to then collect the puck and move with the boston forward off balance. Is this CLEARLY interference?

    The rangers are on a powerplay, your favorite forward aron voros is in front of the next screening the goaltender, he is knocked down 3 or 4 times and being bumped and pushed, he is also bumping and pushing the boston defender back. Is this CLEARLY interference? do you wonder where the non-calls are when this happens?

    My guess is that most would say it is not, and for those who say it is, you must be incredibly frustrated watching it happen on ALMOST every dump and chase play, or something of the sort. and for those who say it is not, guess what? it is more interference than the avery play was.

    now… if it’s the last 2 min of a game, we are on a powerplay, voros is getting pushed around in front of the net, stands up and pushes the defender a few feet back as the puck comes. he is called for interference… the problem would not be that he interfered with the defender, however legal or illegal is was, it would be that the refs blatantly ignored it through the entire game until then.

  96. Ain’t that the truth!

    * wd40
    March 9th, 2009 at 1:39 pm
    Billy Dee, at least you have the stones to show up. The other Renny fans were responsible for every other post a few weeks ago, and now they’re almost nowhere to be found, and that is weak and indefensible.

    I took a lot of abuse for calling out Renny before it was the obvious thing to do, but I always showed up, win or lose to take my lumps or land a few. Sad that the Droolers don’t have the stomach to do the same.

  97. onecupin69years on

    The only thing better than the rangers making the playoffs is the way they lose the playoffs.
    There’s always a defining point in a series that either jettisons a team or sinks a team .
    Remember the sabres and drury’s goal.
    Matteau’s goal.
    Messier’s guarantee.
    That what this team needs.

    the ranger d better start scoring some goals.

  98. Johnny LaRue on

    Maybe a month ago it would have been correct to imply that the poor opposition goaltending gave the Rangers the game, but not yesterday. The Rangers were able to take advantage of the goaltending precisely because of their aggressive offense and willingness to take shots instead of waiting for perfect lanes to open up. Call them garbage goals if you want but the Devils have made “garbage goals” from crashing the net and shooting from anywhere a cornerstone of their success.

  99. For all you people (esp. carp) that think the Rangers are not a playoff contender yet because they are beating minor league teams (isles) and teams that have a night of poor goal tending (B’s) answer me one question –

    How then do you say that any team is a playoff contender right now? The Devils just got spanked by a minor league team (isles) and a so-called non-playoff contender(rangers) just beat the best team in the league (B’s).. Something hear does not sound right. Please help and explain this carp!

  100. Slats,

    And the trap is also about correct positioning away from the puck. And that will help in a more wide open system.

    But I thought Renney was more of a third-man high/turtle kinda guy?

  101. LaRue,
    How many backup goalies and even backup backup goalies did Renney say “stood on their head” or “had a great performance?!”

    “We gave them something to think about.”

    This team, before Torts, was making backup goalie’s look like Patrick Roy and for once they didn’t do that! Give this team their credit.

  102. UESBlueshirt on


    Aaron Voros? I pray for the day when Voros isn’t part of even a hypothetical situation for the Rangers.

  103. onecupin69years on

    There are times when a goalie has a bad game and there are times when the play forces errors.
    yesterday’s game was a combination,
    Fernandez looked foolish on some goals but to be fair , Gomez’s goal was gomez following up, Staal shot the puck at the net an it took a crazy bounce out in front.
    Chara’s goal was a great shot on net,you criticize hank but give the shooter some credit too. when you get the shot on goal good things can happen.

    I’m glad yesterday’s game a tie and a shootout or loss.

  104. Johnny LaRue on

    True Fans, exactly.

    I can’t tell you what a relief it is to see three Rangers cross the opposing blueline and all off them actually stay in the zone to try and score instead of running away to make a change!

  105. Voice of Reason on

    Hey Carp,

    Honestly think your over analyzing yesterday…

    COULDA WOULDA SHOULDA doesn’t mean a thing unless you’re trying to soften the blow of a loss. YES, Fernandez WET HIS PANTS in the second and third period. Watching tape of the first period however will show the Rangers had at least 4 great scoring chances shot wide or high. IF THEY HIT THE NET ON THOSE WHAT WOULDA THE SCORE HAVE BEEN?

    It doesn’t matter, they won a game they had to.

    Regarding Avery’s interference; It was the right call. What angered me was that Ryder had just done worse to Gomez. WHY THAT NON CALL? All Coaches ever say is that they want consistency with the officiating.

    What is apparent, is that while the Team liked Tom Renney, they didn’t try as hard as they’re trying now. Call it the uptempo system, call it a different approach, call it whatever. They now know they have a no nonsense, perform or sit Coach, who practices what he preaches.

  106. We’re beating the teams we SHOULD beat and taking advantage of the better teams when they make mistakes. We’re battling back from the adversity of a coaching change and from spiraling downward in the standings. Are these not all signs of a good Hockey club?

    Listen, Sather f’ed up royally this year, let’s just be glad he’s not Milbury and we still have a shot- just like the other 8 current playoff contenders.

  107. Carp- Are you implying that we’d rather listen to MICHELETTI???? It took me well over a year to be able to finally tolerate turning up the volume since JD left. The guy is a homer— for the ISLANDERS! Failing that he painfully totes the Dolan Compaly Line. Send him back tothe Islan where he belongs. Would much rather listen to Dave Malobey any day and Howie Rose on Sundays. I welcome VS as it is….

  108. Johnny LaRue on

    Thank goodness we no longer have to hear a coach talk about playing “patient” hockey. Blaaah. (the sound of somebody “refunding”)

  109. The Rangers are not a top team, if they make the playoffs
    and get to a second round, I would consider that to be a successful season. If you take the approach of how much a few of the players are getting paid, then I would say that the team under performed. Their top salaried players do not go dollar for dollar in results with other top teams players. Therefore management is to blame for spending money on players who are not talented enough to warrant thier contract amounts. However, I do find the games entertaining now so at least I can watch with hope!
    ConGrats to Carp and Jane for great reporting!

  110. BillyDeeWilliams on


    plain and simple, i’m glad the team found what it needed to get going in the right direction. i obviously would’ve liked to be right about the renney thing, but if they’re gonna win, then i’m gonna enjoy it. i like what i’m seeing again and the past couple games have been enjoyable to watch.

  111. BillyDee.

    I have great respect for that. At the end of the day, we should all want to see this team win the cup. Just because we were individually wrong about something doesn’t mean our goals changed.

    *Li Joe, Brandon, Beer Me,* Etc. Etc… their pride’s hurt. They’re cowards. And you know what, *GOOD RIDDANCE!*

    I’m glad you’re still here.

  112. Oh and on the Avery thing – Avery’s biggest problem off the ice is his biggest strength on the ice. If he can learn to harness his big mouth off the ice – which I think he can with Tort’s take-no-shit-from-anyone mentality – then he’s gonna be one of our best assets because while other teams and the media are focusing their efforts on him, the rest of the team can concentrate on scoring goals.

  113. NBC’s presentation is a disgrace. it starts with a guy on a golf course talking other sports news. it is basically saying to the viewers, “just wait a couple hours till we get this hockey crap outta the way, and we’ll be able to bring you all the real sports you want”

    “and if a horse race is within 2 hours of starting, we’ll cut away from the game and give you every second of the pre-race blather”

    then 4 idiots chide each other about their amusing stories while big hits and action saves are ignored.

    no wonder they are number 4, dead last

  114. “We’re beating the teams we SHOULD beat and taking advantage of the better teams when they make mistakes”


    Right on!! I was going to say the same thing. I have often said to myself when other teams counter on the Rangers mistakes: “oh man, why cant the Rangers do that, or make a play like that.” AT LEAST 10 times a game. Now they are. Its great to see because they have a coach who doesnt have his head up his own a$$. Torts makes them aware, how to counter, attack, all the great things that a great team should have and be.

  115. Rick,

    I would think they played the same game. I realize the score in many games can change with a couple of bounces.

    I could also ask you what if the Rangers had won 5-1 yesterday too?

    The point is that with Torts implementing a more pressured style with the D-men pinching more, you are gonna have higher scoring games from both sides. Rangers could have won 5-1, could have lost 3-1. But they didn’t, they BEAT Boston 4-3. It’s really that simple.

    Again, how can you call the Isles what you did and then sit there as they destroyed New Jersey and Brodeur and won the game after that as well?

  116. In addition, NO TEAM is a sure thing in hockey. Detroit is as close as they come but other than them, any team can be beaten. I mean look at Pitt from last year to this year. Look at how much NJ improved AFTER their goaltender went down. Yet they can still get destroyed by the Isles and even the Kings. Just how it is.

  117. MAKO

    No more Mr. niceguy today heh?

    Dont worry feed me the puck; I’ll bang it home ( or break a dee-mans ankle at least) :)

  118. By the way, they’re showing a replay of the rangers bruins game in its entirety on the NHL network right now..

  119. Hey guys, I was in Detroit for the 8-2 pounding they took at the hands of Columbus. Whoa, what a cool arena. The fans were actually kind of subdued compared to the Garden crowd I’m used to. They were getting crushed, and there were only a few sporadic boos, compared to the Garden where there are chants for Sather’s head when we’re winning.

    Nothing is for sure in the NHL. Detroit looked terrible and the goaltending looked bad for a beer league. There is no way they’re going to get out of the first round with performances like that. If a team if going to go far in the playoffs, they have to have their stuff in order in the playoffs. The whole season up until then means nothing.

  120. NBC must be super excited about having another Ranger game to air next week. The network’s telecast of New York’s victory over Boston drew a 1.0/3 in the 12:30 timeslot, according to Sports Business Daily (reg. required). It’s about even with the comparable Pens-Capitals telecast from last year, and should equal or beat the final 0.8 rating Pittsburgh-Washington drew a year ago. It was tied for the third lowest-rated sports telecast of the weekend, beating out ABC’s college hoops pre-game show and NBC’s coverage of snowboarding, and tied with ABC’s Saturday college basketball coverage and it’s NBA Countdown program.

    The NHL On NBC returns next Sunday with the Rangers hosting the Philadelphia Flyers.



    wow. 3rd lowest.

  121. Joe in DE

    What was the attendance (roughly) looked like plenty of empties when I had it on

  122. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Dont get me wrong, I was 100% with the Renney firing and had been hating him and his style for a long time. I do think that for better or worse, he helped shape this team into a good defensive hockey club. maybe it was just hank playing out of his mind because they do give up a million chances. i think some are undermining renney’s contribution. i love torts and i hate renney but it wasnt all renney then and it’s not all tortorella now.

  123. Kaspar
    March 9th, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    No more Mr. niceguy today heh?

    Dont worry feed me the puck; I’ll bang it home ( or break a dee-mans ankle at least) :)


    LOL yeah Im not a happy camper when my alligence to the team is questioned LOL

    I’ll feed ya the biscut from the corner!!!

  124. Billy Dee, exactly. It’s about the team succeeding and entertaining and believing in themselves.

    If Renny had coached like the current guy is, playing to win, letting his team play by instinct instead of fear, allowing them to build confidence, then I woulda been fine with him staying. But then that is probably like asking a sheep to be a shark — simply not in the man’s DNA to see the game without all that fear. Which is why Im glad we got Mr. Safe is Death now.

  125. according to Zipay-dee-doodah it’s Vally.

    RALEIGH—Steve Valiquette, who was in goal when the Rangers defeated Carolina 3-2 on Jan. 27 at the Garden, will start tonight, the goaltender said after the morning skate. Henrik Lundqvist, who did not skate at RBC Arena, had appeared in 13 straight games

  126. Carp what is the deal here on


    It is a condition of your use of the comment features associated with the blogs that you do not: Use the site to post or transmit any unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent information of any kind, including without limitation any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any local, state, national or international law. You alone are responsible for the material you post or send. Refer to the Terms of Service


    I have great respect for that. At the end of the day, we should all want to see this team win the cup. Just because we were individually wrong about something doesn’t mean our goals changed.

    Li Joe, Brandon, Beer Me, Etc. Etc… their pride’s hurt. They’re cowards. And you know what, GOOD RIDDANCE!

    I’m glad you’re still here.

  127. Carps you have a very negative outlook on things. Prior to Tortorella taking over the Rangers did no score goals against anyone. They squeaked by the Islanders last time with Gomez’s cheap goal by a 2-1 score. Now they score some goals and its because the Islanders are terrible. Last I checked the same Islanders team crushed the great Marty Brodeur and his unbeatable Devils this weekend. Stop being so negative.

  128. I just read Brooks’s article from yesterday about Jagr and Edmonton; it was pretty interesting. Here’s the link in case it wasn’t posted yesterday. http://www.nypost.com/seven/03082009/sports/rangers/jagr_renney_reunion_in_edmonton_possible_158508.htm?page=0
    Also some nice ripping of Dominic Moore, Derek Morris, and Mike Modano.

    Kaspar – To you post way earlier, I thought we only aired grievances on Festivus!

    Is there a YouTube video up of Drury “fighting?”

  129. I am tired of this:

    YEA THE RANGERS WON BUT [insert excuse for recent success here]!


  130. UESBlueshirt-

    Sorry, I had to pick somebody who was easy to envision getting knocked around…

  131. Spiderpig

    thanks for the Brooksie link

    the guy is such a muckraker…but…I like him

    Jags in Oil country? almost as cold as siberia except the women dont have 5 oclock shadow..

    by the way…this blog should be renamed The Festivus Blog!!

  132. if the SJO fits on

    I hear since Tom Renney’s firing, he has started a rap career. His first single goes like this:

    “Blame it in the Pow, P-P-Pow, P-Pow, Power Play”

  133. Um after reading that Jagr article… Why would Jagr want to follow Renney after Jagr hinted to the media that the “system” didnt really allow for offensive production.

  134. voice of treason on

    so, if any of that Brooks story is true, then Jagr is once again a big liar who claimed that he would return to Pitt for league minimum.

    so, if he agreed, with the emphasis on greed, to put a clause into his proposed edm contract that would force Pens to pay $7mill to claim him, then he is as usual a greedy selfish liar who just keeps playing one employer off against another to get his way financially.

    If he does end up with Renney again in EDM, good riddance to both of those losers.

  135. if the SJO fits on

    Also, I just got off of Zipay’s live chat, someone brought up a very good point, and I’ll give him credit for it. His username was Lars on the chat. Figured this might spark a discussion here:

    “Hi Steve…do you find it kind of hippocritical for the NHL to have banished Sean Avery for six games and in essence call him an embarrassment to the league, but then use him to try to sell next week’s national game on NBC as they did yesterday with the tag line “Avery’s Back!”? “

  136. I don’t understand that last question, or some of the others … and obviously some of you don’t want to understand mine … which is fine. No problem.

    See, the thing is, I’m not a fan. That doesn’t mean I root against. I don’t root at all, although with this blog (the Festivus Blog?) it would probably be better for me if they make the playoffs and go far into the playoffs.

    My point is this: I can see great improvement. Tortorella has done a very good job so far. Avery has been everything you could have hoped so far. Antropov and Morris have fit in. They have more overall talent now (and when I was saying they’re in the bottom third of the league, please remember that Dawes, Voros, Kalinin and Reitz were all playing regularly). I just have a hard time really making a sound judgment off a game in which three goals are gift-wrapped and they allow two third-period goals to squander a lead.

    Sometimes goals that go in can hide a bad performance, and sometimes goals that don’t go in hide a good performance. Sometimes you play poorly and win, sometimes you play well and lose. I’m still waiting for the Rangers to play well against a good opponent and win. That’s all.

  137. MAKO
    March 9th, 2009 at 3:09 pm
    Um after reading that Jagr article… Why would Jagr want to follow Renney after Jagr hinted to the media that the “system” didnt really allow for offensive production.

    The point was that before Renney’s firing, Jagr and Edmonton were talking. And, because MacTavish may be in trouble there, Renney (hypothetically) could replace him. So, if Jagr gets out of his Omsk obligation, and Renney somehow replaces CM, the two could end up together again – much to the detriment of Jagr’s point production next season.

  138. What does it take to qualify as a good opponent? i last place islanders team playing their asses off and beating top tier teams? a first place boston team? a colorodo team a few less points than us? playing well is all relative, and in any game how the opponent plays is 50% of how well it looks like we played. The only way to really judge the effectiveness of our team is the final score. If you’re contending that this team does not have the top level scoring it needs, then a good game for this team is a game in which we give ourselves the opportunity to catch a few bounces, and we take advantage of those opportunities. given the new style of play, the new coach, the new players, and what we are working with, I feel like yesterdays game was a prime example of playing well and beating a good team, even if we made a few mistakes.

  139. Carp, they played the Bruins strong for 2 periods. yes, they got outplayed in the 3rd, but that was for 2 reasons. one, because there was a 4 min penalty on Rangers to start the period. and 2, because the Bruins were behind 2 goals going in, they had more incentive and as a good team , had the ability to come back hard in the 3rd.

    that should not discount the Rangers overall effort or accomplishment.

  140. Jay

    Its a comment like this that makes me scratch my head….

    ” If Tom Renney had remained behind the Ranger bench, it’s likely he would have sought to come back to New York ”

    That is why I wondered why he would want to go to Edmonton….

  141. Just wanted to clarify that even though I keep disagreeing with you carp I in no way dislike you or what you’re doing with this blog.

  142. Brandon is STILL here, ha. I’ve been reading the posts, but didn’t get a chance to chime in this weekend as I was pretty much blacked out for most of it, courtesy of the Hoboken St. Patty’s day parade and one too many bloody mary’s at yesterday’s game.

    Anywho, I don’t think the recent 3 game winning streak is the “Told you so” nail in my Renney coffin. The fact of the matter is this team went 1-2 with “Renney’s team” and is now 2-0 with the new team… and we’re talking personnel here.

    That being said, I think many of my posts were often misconstrued and interpreted poorly.

    I absolutely love the new system and have always been a Torts guy. I agree we’re playing better and I agree we’ll probably have more succes in the long run, but I still disagree that Renney was the root of the problem.

    I guess we’ll never really get to know the answer to that question now that this team is remarkably different than it was before.

    Who’s to say we wouldn’t have started to win with guys like avery/antropov/morris instead of kalinin/dawes/voros? Probably not, maybe yes, who knows.

    This team definitely needed a change and so far, Torts is the change we needed. I never said Renney wasn’t to blame at all, but I did say he wasn’t THE only problem.

    Glen still needs to be fired. I’ll give him credit for trying to salvage the season (been in this boat before), but had this team still had Jagr and another part in place of Redden and co. (who’s playing a bit better mind you) I dont think we’d be where we are now… fighting for a playoff spot.

  143. Ant- For the record, Carp and Jane do a phenomenal job here. Go blog at Espn.com

    Carp- I think your trying to envision the “perfect” game. The last time any North American Hockey club played perfect was February 22, 1980 somewhere in the Adirondack Mountains.

    The Rangers will never be perfect. They weren’t in 94 (blew the lead with 7.7 left to Devs) and they’re not now.

  144. give Rangers credit on

    Rangers are playing the hottest team in recent games in the league tonight. they beat Calgary like a rented mule the other night, and then destroyed Tampa.

    and Canes are desperate to get a playoff spot, so there are no excuses for anybody if Rangers win.

    if the Rangers win tonight, I don’t want to see any posts about they won, BUT XXXXXXXXX

  145. Brandon

    Did you see Redden play yesterday? He was AWFUL!!! I was really liking the way he was playing lately. He had a bad game yesterday.

  146. ctrain, thank you. I’m not looking for perfect. I’m trying to judge how much better they are now. that’s all. I think David Cone had a perfect game.

    give Rangers credit, if they lose tonight, will it be “BUT … Valiquette was in goal” …?

  147. Made some really bad passes yesterday. But, has been shooting a lot better and did have some very solid games the last few weeks. Hopefully, just a bad night at the office.

  148. Rick, Sometimes goals that go in hide a bad performance and sometimes goals that dont go in hide a good performance ? OK but WHO`S ON FIRST

  149. Late in the day…a kindler gentler Mako emerges

    Carp you’re doing great..you understand?

  150. i agree that couple of those goals were soft, but at least the team didnt collapse after boston tied it. only way they would have won that game if renney was coach would be if the game went to a shootout.

    also while i have no real problem with avery being back, the hype around him and his conduct on the ice gets a little annoying. it has looked like a few times the past two games that avery has been diving a little bit in efforts to draw penalties,hopefully this wont continue. he also really needs to really learn when to jaw (if at all, i would prefer he didnt), like after the rangers got a power play yesterday he went and said something to someone on the bruins and a little scrum ensued. he is marked for better or worse so the last thing you want to do is give the refs an excuse to give u a penalty.

    carp is right tho, he is a 3rd line player for all intensive purposes, and going forward it will be interesting to see if he can earn the $1.9M that we are paying him (no way he is a $4M a year player)

  151. give Rangers credit on

    I don’t think they will lose. but, if they do, I won’t blame Vally, I will simply write it off to the Canes are hotter right now than anybody

  152. I would just like to point out that Henrik Lundqvist now stands at 29 wins. If he wins his next start and hits 30, he will become the FIRST GOALIE IN NHL history to begin an NHL career with 4 30+ win seasons. Ron Hextall began with 3, then did a stint in the minors, and did not achieve 30 wins that season. So, to sum it up Henrik Lundqvist is on the verge of making NHL history. His next start could be the game history is made. GO RANGERS!!

  153. Kaspar
    March 9th, 2009 at 3:37 pm
    Late in the day…a kindler gentler Mako emerges


    LMAO and I just had a redbull too LOL

    Kaspar – it gives me wings ;)

  154. Cloutier Clobbers Salo on


    I feel for you brother. This is a tough crowd to please, my self included. Anyways, I think as long as you update the blog couple of times a day and keep the discussions going then you have yourself a successful blog. People are open to their own opinion and I do think that this Rangers team is vulnerable to losing in the first round if they finish in the bottom 4 of the 8 teams that make the playoffs.

    Also, must disagree with your statement about winning against teams who have been in the bottom of the league this year. The fact that you are not giving the Rangers enough credit for their win streak isn’t fair at all. They aren’t playing minor league teams (ok well the isles called up 4 players before that game). Someone playing in the NHL is a professional athlete and whether you score 1 or 5 goals on that team, a win is still a win.

    In the new NHL it’s hard to call a string of wins against teams not playing well or struggling a questionable win because with the invention of a shootout a team below you can get a point every night they play.

    Thought I would put more fuel to the fire.

  155. Vinny, in that case:

    Start Vally tonight and against Nashville (regardless of tonight’s outcome).

    Then Saturday, play Lundqvist for a chance to hit #30 IN PHILLY. How great would that be?

  156. give Rangers credit on

    good point, Vinny

    and Renney declared Weekes to be his #1 goalie, even after Henrik had shown his stuff. if not for Henrik, Renney would have long ago been out the door.

  157. Give Rangers

    Hey whats the deal with this Renney/Weekes thing? I read this alot on the blog but I guess I wasnt following all that close in early 2005-06 ( had no center ice package, couldn’t see them unless they were on HNIC and I hand’t heard of this Festivus Blog yet)

    How’d that play out? Renney started Weekes over Hank…but Hank still won 30…what was it forst month or something?

  158. Cloutier Clobbers Salo on

    noonan March 9th, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    Renney gone = team 10 X better

    Playing to win as opposed to playing not to lose

    Renneys team played for the Shootout.

  159. Carp: Look at it this way, no matter which point of view you take, it will always encourage lots of discussion. Personally, while I don’t agree with what everyone on here says (including you at times), it’s still interesting to look at things from different viewpoints.

    A lot of people who criticized Sam did so because he tended to always be politically correct. You, on the other hand, always seem to inject opinion – which I and others definitely appreciate. Too many of the local writers are vanilla and boring, you’re willing to take a stand and battle. Keep it up!

  160. hmm… since it’s statistically certain (barring injury) that Hank will hit 30 wins, does that make him auto on the Vezina nomination list? I know Martha will win it, but I’d like to see Hank nominated again.

  161. Bad move by Torts. This is a must win game, if the Canes win this one, i think we’re either 8th or 9th place.

    This is one Hank NEEDS to play. I don’t like the move at all. It’s not because of Vally’s last start against Dallas. He’s still a pretty reliable backup. We’re playing a team that scored aboot twenty goals in their last three games, and came off a 9-3 rape-fest.

    Either way, hopefully he steps up his game tonight, and does for us what he did two seasons against the Blues.

    The D is also gonna have to step up and make life easy for him.

  162. Cloutier Clobbers Salo on

    Hank will definitely not win the Vezina this year. His play has been too eratic. Plus I think Mason, Brodeur (even though he was injured) and Nabby get the nominations.

  163. Kaspar

    Weekes went down with a deep thigh bruise or something like that… LQ got the call. When Weekes came back Renney still played LQ but called Weekes his #1 LOL

  164. How does Broduer get a nomination ?? He has 10 wins, and odds are he’ll finish with twenty, a little more or less.

    If he gets a nomination, then that would be total BS. If anything Clemmensen should get the nomination before that fat ass.

  165. give Rangers credit on

    kaspar, Renney declared Weekes his #1 goalie. after a couple games, weekes was hurt, so Henrik played a few games, did well, and then Weekes was still declared by Renney to be #1, he played briefly again, then went out injured again. and henrik took over again and never looked back.

    this all happened in the first month or two of that season.

  166. Cloutier Clobbers Salo on

    # ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ?? March 9th, 2009 at 4:01 pm


    It’s probably gonna be either Thomas, Nabokov, or Kiprusoff getting the nomination.

    Nabby got robbed last year. I guess it sucks to not be Canadian, huh ?

    Kipper has been lights out lately, minus the carolina game.

  167. True about the 30 wins but wins today are inflated as you cannot end in ties anymore

  168. Cloutier Clobbers Salo on

    # ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ?? March 9th, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    How does Broduer get a nomination ?? He has 10 wins, and odds are he’ll finish with twenty, a little more or less.

    If he gets a nomination, then that would be total BS. If anything Clemmensen should get the nomination before that fat ass.

    Because Brodeur will break both of Roys records. That unfortunately is why.

  169. I think its a great move putting Vally in net tonight. Each one of the remaining 16 games should be viewed as must wins for the NY Rangers players.

    The move to put Vally in net tonight should :

    1) Give Henrik some rest for the 3 games in 4 days (Thursday @ Nash, Sat/Sun vs Philly)

    2) The Rangers will play with 110% aggressiveness knowing that they do not have Henrik to fall back on as a safety net.

  170. Carp,

    What time is perfect though? I think the Rangers played a strong game in Tort’s second game.

    The BIGGEST thing that came out of beating Boston (besides beating them) are:

    1)Scoring on the PP. And actually getting shots.

    2) Losing a 3rd period lead and then coming back ton win in regulation.

    You keep bringing up the bad goaltending and blowing the lead. OK. How about the 4 MINUTE double minor that started it all? Does that happen normally? Of course not. Point is, things happen and a win is a win. Now an example of a “bad” win would be the 5-2 (I think that was the score) win against Dallas (in Dallas) a couple of years ago. Rangers were severely outplayed and outshot. It seemed like Dallas could have scored 15 goals. If you don’t remember the game, rewatch it.

  171. Leetch is god on

    On Avery, one thing people have really talked about is that all the attention he recieves alleviates pressure on guys like drury and gomez and that makes him a catalyst for the whole team playing better…

  172. Watch the replays again. The Boston defender tried to cut off Avery’s path to the puck. There was mutual contact on that play, a play we see dozens of times every hockey game without a call. You can’t penalize a player for winning a physical battle. If you want to call it by the book, how about they start calling all the interferences when the defender stands up the forechecker on dump-ins. That was a reputation call that not just the Crosbys certianly wouldn’t get, but also the Gagnes and Bergenheims wouldn’t get penalized for either.

  173. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    The GMs are here in town for their meeting. I wonder if I can head over and see if I can get Sather to tell me to ‘piss-off’.

  174. Give Rangers Credit and MAKO

    Thanks for the Renney/Weekes explanation
    Always meant to ask when I read people talking about that here…

    Vally wont embarrass himself outhere tonite I’m certain

    He’s gotta be pumped about the Tort reform going on now too…

  175. If the Rangers lose to the Canes tonight, the Canes will move ahead of NY, FLA, PITT in the standings. Vaulting from 9th to 5th.

    FLA will still have a game in hand as they do not play tonight.

    Pitt would have the tie-breaker (wins) over the NYR.

    So if the NYR lose tonight, for the 1st time this hockey season they will be outside of a playoff spot.

    Yes folks…it’s the true 1st, MUST WIN game of the year.

    Of course we’ll win tonight. So none of that will matter. And then we’ll be in 5th, 3 pts behind the Filthy Flyers who we face 4 more times this season.

    16 to go…and this is getting exciting.

  176. Rick, are you not a hockey fan, or just not a Ranger fan?
    Is our resident blogger….**gasp** an Islander fan at heart?!?!?!

    Well I am a fan, and I agree with your thoughts for the most part.

    I think the Rangers have been playing a significantly better game under Tortorella. They take chances that they would have passed up before and it is resulting in goals. Some of the guys are still hesitant to put the puck on net, but overall its a better game.
    They aren’t perfect, they miss oppurtunities, and give up plenty also. Boston looked like they owned the ice in the 3rd period, and also during parts of the other 2 periods. Fernandez gave the game away and put it on a platter. If it was Thomas in net, who knows, the Rangers still played well enough to steal a win. The point though, is that they are better and more dangerous regardless if it was a good win against a good opponent. 3 weeks ago Boston would have rolled over the Rangers.
    Avery’s interference was as clear cut an interference call as I have ever seen. No one can complain about them calling that. You can complain that they didn’t call the intereference on Gomez but from what I recall it wasn’t as clear cut. Avery stopped going for the puck and his motion was a complete sideways move to knock the Boston player off his path.
    About Avery’s play…he hasn’t been hitting as much as he has been hit, but he’s looked ok. He doesn’t look like he has that same fire. He trully seems like a milder (still not that mild) Sean Avery. To be honest I don’t want a milder Avery on the ice. Mild Avery belongs in the lockerroom.

    Carp and Jane…great job so far.

  177. eddie giacomin on

    the best goalie in the league this year has been rookie Steve Mason of Columbus. 2nd best so far Tim Thomas of Boston

  178. Unbelieveable – now we make excuses for WINNING! Look, in baseball, you wrack up the opposition starter and win the game, you don’t say, “If he had an average game we would have lost.” Must be one hell of a slow news day around town.

  179. Avery after the win tonight if we do win, to Valli, “You can be my minor leaguer anytime.” And then the music from Top Gun will start playing and the credits will roll.

  180. Mike-

    I agree with you. but in the example you gave a defender standing up to a forechecker on dump in and hitting him is a continuation of the play, same as if the forechecker made a pass and was hit a a second or two after he passed the puck. that aside, i still see absolutely no logic or fairness in the avery penalty

  181. “To be honest I don’t want a milder Avery on the ice. Mild Avery belongs in the lockerroom”

    Well said mja_nyr…

    Dont piss off your teammates…thats it

    Screw the opposition ( of course being carefull of the zebras) and screw the league ( go daddy commercials showing T&A paying the bills and sending Avery to counseling?? WTF?)

  182. eddie giacomin on

    2 things pavel. one, Thomas played just as well the past 2 years with little offensive help. and 2, compare him to Fernandez, and you see a big difference.

    also. Thomas has the best save % and GAA in the NHL

  183. Oh he’s tons better than Fernandez, but that’s like saying a hundred dollar bill is worth more than a single.

    I’ve watched many Boston games this year (thank you NHL gamecenter) and Thomas has been an average goalie, for the most part. His stats are great because Boston likes to force you to the outside and you rarely get a quality scoring chance… add in the fact they’ve scored like 80 more goals than they allowed.

    So is he a #1 goalie? Absolutely. Would I take him over Hank? Never.

  184. Thomas played his College hockey up here in VT; he does regular summer clinics and whatnot…a guy I work withs son who plays midget hockey scored on Thomas on a shoot out attempt at the end of the clinic last summer…he was the only kid to beat him

    Every time he watches Thomas on shoot-outs now he yells at the TV “Shoot high-blocker side!”

  185. Vinny – Like noonan said, 30 wins is no great shakes because so many of those, especially for Lundqvist, have come in shootouts. I’m not gonna take the time to look it up, but I’m guessing he wouldn’t have 30 wins in any season without the shootout. It would be close, though.

    Pavel – Brodeur will not even be nominated in a season during which he missed a few months. The records are great and everything, but it’s not gonna cut it. Steve Mason will likely be the Vezina and Calder winner, barring a late surge from Bobby Ryan and a sympathetic vote for Tim Thomas.

  186. I don’t think Hank will win the Vezina (and he shouldn’t). I’d just like him to get the nomination :)

  187. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25) on

    I’ll most likely mute the television and listen to Maloney and Albert. I can’t stand the Versus crew.

  188. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25) on

    The most blatant missed call by the refs was when a Bruin(I can’t remember who) pulled the puck under him right behind the net. The ref was standing right there and didn’t call it. What a joke.

  189. I’m curious, does anyone know what Redden’s stats are in games played under Torts?

  190. And btw, I was at the game yesterday and there were ALOT of missed calls by the refs in the Bruins favor.

  191. Rick, I think you were asking about my second question. It was more of a point than a question.

    The media loves gushing over Drury and being overly critical of Avery. Fact remains though, as hockey players Drury’s done very little more for the Rangers than Avery. And it’s a pretty argument to make that Avery has actually been the better player in NY. He’s won 2 playoff series here. Drury hasn’t done anything yet.

    And if you wanted to discuss both players in terms of failure or their financial responsibility to the team… Avery has had far greater upside as a Ranger.

  192. Redden under Torts:

    TO game: 1 goal, even, 1 sog
    FLA game: 0pts, even, 5 sog
    COL game: 1a, +1, 2 PIM, 1 sog
    NYI game: 0pts, +1, 2 sog
    BOS game: 1a, even, 1 sog

  193. Yea

    The one thing Drury and Aves have in common is they both got knocked out by Chris Neil hits

  194. Angry Whopper on

    Torts – “We kinda pissed our pants”

    What would Renney have said

    “Unfortunately we couldn’t manage our Urination”

  195. Mako –

    Thanks for the stats.

    Don’t want to criticize the Redden bashers, but do you think Redden played so poorly because he was under Renneys system?

    He seems to have picked up his game a bit under torts and in his games under torts is a +2 and has 3 points… not too bad for someone who cam into those games with 19 points in about 60 games

  196. LOL Kaspar.

    Angry Whopper
    I think it would go like this “Quite honestly we couldn’t manage our Urination” LMAO

    Mike Jones
    No Prob. I was curious myself. LOL

  197. As a former NHL awards voter, I’m pretty sure that Brodeur will not get a Vezina nomination this year (although I think the GMs vote for that one).

    As far as my fan-ship. I AM NOT an Islanders fan. I don’t root for anybody anymore. When you get into the newspaper biz, you lose that really quickly. Or most of us do. And if you don’t, then you will when you start dealing with some of the people who run the team you cover (not naming any names here, but you can take a couple of guesses).

    True Fans Bleed … I agree completely on Avery-Drury in dollars and sense.

    Kaspar, great point about the NHL and Go Daddy.

    Garden Faithful, I’d love to see that.

    Orr, love that you’ve switched your name back to the original.

  198. I feel like redden was starting to pick it up a little bit while renny was still in charge. maybe all this attention on the new guys and avery and torts has eased a little of the focus on him, and he definitely has picked it up, but unless i’m mistaken he was really improving the last couple games that renny was here

  199. Rick, i agree completely that Avery’s interference call was indeed interference. However, it shouldnt have been called as the refs allowed play to continue after Ryder clearly interfered with Gomez.

    As a Rangers fan though, you have to realize that Avery is a marked man by the refs and by the other teams, and that if avery does anything close to a penalty it is called. When Lucic had the late hit on Avery yesterday about 5 seconds after the whistle was blown, i thought it should have been a penalty. I know that if Avery had done that, it probably would have been a penalty and would have been blown out of proportion. The league is against him, and us as rangers fans have to get used to avery being penalized for somethings no one else will get penalized for.

    Also, why wasnt there a tripping penalty on Wideman when he blatantly had his stick inside of Gomez’s legs and brought him down by the skates? (this was right before Wideman got injured and while the Rangers were already on the man-advantage). The ref was standing right next to Gomez when he was clearly tripped and no call. What was up with that?

  200. He seemed like he was, but at the same time seems even better under Torts.

    I just wish the Garden fans would leave him alone and stop booing everytime he touches the puck. It’s not helping.

  201. Some random thoughts…

    Tortorella may say “Safe is death” but this club hasn’t faced Washington, Pittsburgh or any team with featuring an offense with a pulse since he has taken the reigns. Carolina just hung a “nine” in 40 minutes on Tampa’s third & fourth goalies on Saturday, so tonight may be interesting.

    Making the Playoffs in 2009 may not really be such a bad thing. If they were starting today, I would make the Devils with Martin Brodeur a large favorite in the East, but after that, who would the Rangers really fear in a best of seven? Boston with Tim Thomas in nets? Pittsburgh & their underachieving group? The Caps who managed recently to lose to the Avs & the Leafs at home in regulation & have little direction?

    Certainly, the Rangers won’t be favored to win any series, but they would have the better goalie in any matchup except New Jersey & if they got in, they would carry some level of momentum along with them.

  202. Carp,

    I gotta say, I’ve loved your blog for the most part, but this post did not sit well. Plenty of others have already pointed out the things that miffed me: Avery, Avery’s penalty, finding a way to be negative about a 3 game winning streak.

    How about this point: by and large, this season, the rangers have made second string goaltenders look like the second coming of Patrick-Friggin-Roy. Sunday, we made Manny Fernandez look like a retarded dog with bacon tied to its tail.

    I was pleased with the win and the way the team played–took guts to bounce back after the 2 goals against in the third.

  203. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    The NHL Network is airing something on the GM Meetings from here at 7 pm.

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