Dry pants


At least they’re dry now. Maybe they will remain that way for three periods.

Just wanted to put up a separate pre-game post so you guys have a clean slate for the game. 

The Rangers are 6-4-2 in the second game of back-to-backs this season, but have lost four in a row (at Pittsburgh, at St. Louis, vs. Toronto in OT, and vs. Florida).

You can read Carolina’s game night notes here. You already know about Eric Staal’s four-goal, two-assist game Saturday.

Did you see that Montreal fired coach Guy Carbonneau and GM Bob Gainey took over behind the bench?

Enjoy the Versus telecast.

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  1. WeathermanCraig on

    I’m looking for a website that’s streaming the game tonight since I won’t be able to catch it from work. Anyone privy to this information? If so I’d be grateful. Thanks!

  2. this game isn’t being rebroadcast at all tonight is it? no rangers in 60 or rangers rewind real late? I’m working until 11 and would really like to see the whole thing…

  3. WeathermanCraig on

    Oh… and everytime I see torts now… I just can’t help but think… “We know what we did…. we know what we did… Did ya get that through yawww head Brooksie…????” ;) Big game tonight (yep, just call me “the captain”… “captain obvious” that is…

  4. I feel dirty after watching Versus; not like taking another shower, I mean like incubation chambers and goofy white suits a la The Andromeda Strain and Outbreak. It feels like an automatic road game. In any event, not that surprised about the Montreal thing, they’ve had a lot of ups and downs and there’s always a lot of pressure to win their especially with the 100th season and the moves they made.

    As for tonight, it’s not gonna be easy but LGR!!!!!!!!

  5. WeathermanCraig on

    Anyone know where i can catch a stream of the game online? Anyone? Someone? Please?… A little help down here? ;-)

  6. RangersFanAZ on

    Speaking of enjoying the Versus telecasts, Versus is going to be showing Games 3 & 4 of the Cup Finals this year instead of Games 1 & 2. (NBC is still showing the other games).


    This means that when the Rangers sweep the Sharks in the Cup Finals to win the cup, we’ll all get to witness it on Versus.

  7. Can’t believe Vally is getting the start tonight … it is a huge game … I would play Lundqvist again … I guess since Rangers have game in hand vs. Carolina they do not feel the urgency of this game?

  8. Im ready for the game

    Gym – Check
    Fed – Check
    HD – Check
    Phone off – Check
    GF with her GF’s – CHECK CHECK

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. According to Zipay, Lundqvist has the flu… explains why they went with Valley. He can do it!

  10. Is that link really going to work? I’m stuck at work and will likely miss the first period. Id like to watch the game at my desk.

    Anyone know of a site?

  11. Mike D (#96) on

    God, I hate Versus with a passion.

    That said, we know what we did.

    Good luck boys!

  12. Hmmm

    LQ’s flu 2x in a few months? Dont these guys get flu shots? or is “flu” code for hung over?

    I know in Daneyko’s case it is LOL

  13. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Hey,there is a job opening that the genius Renney should interview for. I personaly hope he gets the Habs job,it will mean one less team in the east that the Rangers will have to compete with next year. Also,we may be able to steal a few of their prospects after Renney ruins them or keeps them in the AHL until they’re 26 years old.

  14. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    marko, i am a dvd trader and get every rangers game from every season. if you need it, i always have it.

  15. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Gametime soon!!!! RANGERSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! LETS ROCK!!!!

  16. I’m also ready for the game…
    Away Jersey- check
    Radio on- check
    HD…VS…Mute- check
    6 pack- check

    lets go Vally

  17. Brandon

    Yep. Its listed and it will work. I watch a few games on there over the weekend.

  18. Alex B

    OMG are you kidding. Renney as the Habs head coach. They would lynch him LOL

  19. 1. MAKO March 9th, 2009 at 6:44 pm
    Im ready for the game
    Gym – Check
    Fed – Check
    HD – Check
    Phone off – Check
    GF with her GF’s – CHECK CHECK
    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    MAKO, r u sure u don’t need a third check next to the GF with Gf’s? :P lol

  20. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I heard that during today’s 5 pm press conference,Torts was asked by Andrew Gross what he did to get the Rangers to step up thier play the last 8 minutes of yesterday’s game. His response to Andrew Gross was “we know what we did”. At that point,Gross had that certain look in his eyes because it turns out the he wet his pants after Torts’ answer.

  21. CCCP
    March 9th, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    MAKO, r u sure u don’t need a third check next to the GF with Gf’s? :P lol


    LMFAO!!! CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. No Hank? Argh. I like Valley, but we need Hank every one of these precious 16 game left. He looked pretty sick (in a good way) yesterday even with the flu. Well, except for Chara’s goal.


  23. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Carp- Did you hear that about Gross today?

  24. Rick

    Yeah it works. That adthe.net site is great. Games are almost always clear and no lag or disruption. Great site when they stream the NHL games.

  25. alex, I hadn’t heard that … but there’s nothing about it on Andrew’s blog, or Zipay’s. I imagine one of them would have mentioned it, if not both.

  26. Has anyone noticed Lundquvist’s play slipping lately?

    As good as this guys is down low, he is just as bad with anything to the glove side. I feel that he is not at “elite” level, and has not been for some time.

  27. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    I agree with you,that’s why I’m glad Valli is in net tonight.If I was Sather,I’d look to move LQ during the draft and free up some cap space.I think if LQ stepped up his play and real good underated players like Redden and Rozy would do much better and be more appreciated than they are.

  28. John Tortorella doesn’t go on the internet, he has every internet site stored in his memory. He refreshes webpages by blinking

    Avery mentioned #2 DRINK!

  29. Mako –

    Funny you mentioned Daneyko – A buddy of mine is doing community service in Morristown NJ for a DUI and while he is there Daneyko is there with him – No joke!! He was embarassed that my buddy recognized him too!! Hilarious!


  30. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    In fact,I think that if Valliquette was our number one goalie instead of LQ Tom Renney would still have his job because he’s one of the best coaches in the league.

  31. Forslund is a good announcer. even though he is the Canes guy. he gives a very clear accurate description of the action with a good voice

  32. MAKO, i think u should have IV bag set up with alcohol in it… Avery thing will be beaten to death tonight

  33. The link is not working for me either! I always watch games here with no problem. Hmmm…

  34. The second feed linked on the MyP2Pforum.eu is the TSN feed. I know you guys will love that. ATDHE has had their hockey streaming shut down by the NHL.

  35. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Can you plaese reach out to your buddy Beer Me! and find out why he doesn’t post here anymore? I really miss his hockey insight.

  36. Thank God, no Joe “Cliche Machine” Beninati tonight. I can live with Forslund and Eddie O. Predictably, Versus made its intro all about Avery. So weak.

  37. I don’t know about the NHL shutting it down… I just watched the last game on this site. Plus, no other links on ATDHE are working.

  38. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Carp- and they also right away defende Carbanuiex.

  39. also i know we have to give hank a little rest but i really think he should be playing tonight against a team thats in 9th and one point behind us.

  40. Gerry

    That is hysterical. I was with an ex of mine at a strip club (satin dolls) and I saw him sitting at the bar. He knew all of the dancers and the manager. Lets just say he was a regular at powdering his nose. It was disturbing how much he went through. But, good guy, he talked hockey with me for a while. I felt really bad for him though… wife & kids & all banged up on that garbage.

    He was listed Sunday’s game as “out with the flu” I think I still have the news paper clipping somewhere.


  41. ah damn right call i guess

    …it wasnt really a pass though more like a hand shot lol

  42. yeah but can you call back a goal after the play for a hand pass??

    the play was never blown dead

  43. its funny how vally is such a big man and he closes the whole between the legs so much faster than hank

  44. mako, i wish you would have let me know yesterday we’d be playin the avery drinking game tonight…all I have is water and 2% milk….grrrr!

    No vocal assault on our ears tonight (no beninati nor emerik) which only means they may actually pay attention to the game tonight!

    i had trouble with atdhe last week, that ustream site someone mentioned last week was pretty good though.

    Nice play Staalsie!

  45. with the justin.tv feeds, don’t pay attention to the chat on the side, its like a bunch of 14 year old boys feeling their oats, pretty lame lol, but the stream is usually ok.

  46. LMAO Linda hope you arent lactose intolerant at all. As weak as 2% is LOL!!!!!

    Avery mention #3 – DRINK!

  47. Funny story about Daneyko, he’s been rumored to be a party animal forever.

    Speaking of, there is a club in Bloomfield where a few of the girls have mentioned that Orr used to be a regular. Not sure if he still goes since he moved north and got married.

  48. AVERY AVERY AVERY… these people might as well just pull his pants down and start pleasing the guy with their mouth… damn

  49. Im so tired of everyone talking about what avery did as being so horrible in relation to hockey and how this is his last chance….what he did has nothing to do with hockey…if you want to talk about all the crazy crap hes done on the ice thats fine but to talk about something off the ice something we’ve all done talked trash about an ex as having something to do with his hockey career is redic.

  50. i bought the 2% to humor the man, he’s a bodybuilder and an AVID label reader lol!!! every now and then i go a little crazy and buy the whole milk! Wish I didnt toss the bottle of sangria! Will we be doing this their next game on versus cuz I’ll make sure I have something zesty here!

    some pace to this game so far! and there is the giant behemoth! Man i cannot wait to see these guys Thursday night!!!

  51. Every time they mention something about Avery that’s not related to the game, take a drink.

  52. Every stream for this game just went down at the same time. The NHL is really cracking down on this.

  53. deja, as I said on topix when it first happened, he was ONLY telling the truth! I mean sheesh, it’s not like he pulled a pronger and tried to decapitate someone! Hypocracy rules in the NHL.

    AND WOW CCCP, that’s some mental image there!!!!

    Wheres Mike in IA?? I am sure his girlfriend’s commercials will air soon!

    AND LMAO @ Renney coaching the Habs, wonder if he’d bring Pearn and Voros with him! HMMM Gomez playin with some Nasty tonight!

  54. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok did the Carolina player run into Gomer stick?? or was I seeing things??

  55. okay, i’m know i’m late here (computer fun!)
    did anyone explain the hand pass call?
    the ref that was standing at the net couldn’t have seen it
    and i’m not sure if the other ref or linesmen mentioned it
    or the Hurricane players called if for him.

  56. HockeymanRangers on

    Trivia question, 2 penality shots in one game, it was probably Cindy b/c he cried.

  57. Im surprised theres been a serious lack of staal v staal talk but that must be hard when you have to mention averys name every other minute.

  58. What the HECK on

    My thought exactly. That money goes to beer! Specifically Nady Ice

  59. weird crowd. they cheered a shot from mid-ice and he gloved it.

    wow! redden in the scrum.
    i guess he learned his lesson.

  60. HAHAHAHAH Rock on Linda!!!!

    Not yet. Im sure we will be before the 1st is over though. No drink like Matt K says. LOL

  61. i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    sick of the Center Ice commercial with (know-nothing)
    pens fan

    if sidney was such a great Canadian he would have
    pulled a Lindros and only played for a team norht of the border!

  62. Kaspar
    March 9th, 2009 at 7:31 pm
    What am I made of Rubles!!!

    this is a small price to pay to watch an exciting team in action!

  63. Actually pulling a Lindros would be refusing to play for tams north of the border until your career is already in the dumps

  64. Im gonna say Tavares is going to pull an anti-lindros. Refuse to play for an American team till Bettman decides he’s not Bud Selig.

  65. did they just say pressure from redden or am I living in the outer limits???

    Z scores again tonight…

  66. Eaves
    what a ****
    he slewfoots Staal and then acts like
    ‘what? i didn’t a thing.”

  67. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Considering that they were shorthanded for a third of the period,It was a good road period. We need to step up our passing game a little. Most of the secondary passes are off of the mark tonight.

  68. What the HECK on

    Wow,they just played Its Always Sunny theme on another commercial. That really upset me.

  69. btw,
    you think we’ve got problems
    Canadians fired their coach today.
    their 100th anniversary vision of hoisting Stanley
    is not looking too good right now.

  70. That non-goal was BS. It was the right call, but since when can you review a missed call ?? The on ice call was a goal, it should have stayed that way. That’s the first time ive seen that happen. Total BS.

    Decent enough period though, Vally was good. Hopefully we can score on this PP, and take the fuggin lead. We need two points badly, and we cant afford to let the Canes pick up a point in this.

    GO RANGERS !!!

  71. What the HECK on

    Matt K,
    I done with your game, not enough drinking.

    Everytime they say something dumb Ill drink.

  72. I have my sports almanac that I swiped off of Biff. Anyone want to know who wins the game? :)

  73. Anyone else feeling really good that the Wolf Pack is in 1st and Grachev just set a new rookie scoring record for his team?

  74. slightly off topic but ann coulter is a scary looking…uh…uh….

    mako, was it you a few weeks bag with that snuggie story??

  75. alex b
    Considering that they were shorthanded for a third of the period,It was a good road period. We need to step up our passing game a little. Most of the secondary passes are off of the mark tonight.

    A good road period? You are right – if they keep this up, they would score 0 goals. “A good road period”

    You sound like the kind of person who likes Renney’s system….. 0 goals, and it’s been a good road period

  76. redden looks like jackson browne!

    and theres rod the bod, and gomer off the the dressing room.

    another pk…lets go boys

  77. Don’t know if it’s already been brought up but does anyone else think its bogus that versus has the carolina play by play guy calling the game? out of all their announcers this should be avoided at all costs it feels like im watching the game on the hurricanes network.

  78. Orr!!
    absolutely agree with you on the goal.

    i’m beginning to dislike this Umbrella PP formation.
    tired of nothing but shots from the point ONLY.

  79. LMAO Sally! Super herpes! The best was creepy dad lyin on the couch in a seductive pose! I ordered one from amazon for my daughter, and once she gets it i have to send her the link to that! Good thing she’s married already and doesnt have to worry about a prom date! She thought Nasty’s story was hysterical.


  80. Rokoucic

    Thanks for the link..it went down but was prepared…all my normal guys got cuttoff by Bettman

  81. damn i leave the room for 30 seconds and the canes scored…damnit to hell!!!

    OMG that goal just sucked…grrrrrrrrrr

  82. Rosival blows, case closed. Let’s see if our great GM can figure a way to get rid of redden and rosival in the off season, that would impress me.

  83. That goal was twice Rozi’s fault. Obviously, the dumb shut off the skater coming at him while in the Canes zone. And then skating back he didn’t pick up anyone… he skates into the crease behind valiquette when he could have (SHOULD have) covered someone (ie. Corvo).

    Damn it Rozsival!

  84. Cloutier Challenges Islanders Bench on

    Rangers didn’t back check and the puck was sitting in the crease for a full 3 seconds which lead to a goal.

  85. No Country For Old Rangers on

    weak goal. even when Redden makes a good play, it’s a bad play.

  86. how was it Z’s fault?
    Redden had the man but didn’t stop the shot.
    then again, Vally’s flop and freeze move
    wasn’t very helpful either.

  87. ok i dont wanna hear ANYONE talkin about the Rangers with retiring numbers/banner raisings when these guys have a banner in the rafters for Staal being in the all star game.

    Make this a damned successful power play!!!

  88. what a “wonderful” crowd.
    so dang smart
    Avery is the bad guy who should be booed

    i could see if we were in Dallas or NJ

  89. Sundin's Ghost on

    Let’s see if any of you have the guts to admit Avery has stunk since coming back.

  90. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Any truth to the rumor that the NHL is signing a multi-year television deal with Animal Planet?

  91. i know you can make a hand pass to get it out of your zone but wasn’t that a hand pass from one Hur to another Hur??

  92. Cloutier Challenges Islanders Bench on

    Our defense is soft. Why didn’t Redden hammer Seidenberg in the corner.

  93. sundin

    can you admit that averys hits there just sparked the play in the last 1.5min?

  94. CaptainAvery on

    how come avery gets a penalty everytime he hits somebody but Rod “i look like a fucking corpse” brind’amour can trip people all day?

  95. man that was a crazy few minutes. jpg…i was just typing that when I saw your post. They did that TWICE! I’m sittin here yellin HAND PASS and my cat thinks I’m nuts!!!

  96. captain cause the refs are just waiting for sean to something remotely close to being a penalty to call it

  97. more video of Avery.
    he should get himself copyrighted
    and force Bettman to pay for all the times he’s exploited.

  98. HockeymanRangers on

    It looked like Ave’s could have gotten another for hitting high.

    Come on, we need to score b/f the end of the 2nd

  99. Mako, i was wonderin what that mist was.

    I swear since Torts has gotten here, Staal has turned it up several notches and is just being THE MAN on d. If only these guys could SCORE damnit!!

  100. No Country For Old Rangers on

    CaptAvery- Rod “i look like a fucking corpse” brind’amour

    haha that’s kinda mean but i love it. he is one of the ugliest guy in the league, especially since mike ricci retired a few years ago.

  101. Linda

    don’t worry
    my whole family thinks i’m nuts when i’m yelling at the screen.
    (nice holiding of the stick on Callahan just now.)

    i tell ’em better for me to get it out of my system then hold it all in and i lose it in a traffic jam some day.

  102. The take down of Girardi by Cole was EXACTLY the take down of Avery on Eaves. The only difference was the names on the jerseys… and apparently that changes the rules of the game.

  103. jpg i love that its freakin 80 down here now cuz i got the windows open and all the quiet southern folks get to hear the crazy new yorker screamin WHAT THE F(*& instead of their tame ROLL TIDE or WAR EAGLE!!

    Torts right now, is just burning holes in their minds! He’s just staring at them, using Jedi mind tricks to get them scoring in the 3rd. And oddly enough, the snuggie could be mistaken for a jedi robe..eh??

  104. this is a tight-checking playoff type game. looks like a 2-1 Ranger win in OT will be necessary

  105. Johnny LaRue on

    Is it me or does there seem like an unusually high number of nice looking chicks at this game?

  106. HockeymanRangers on

    If we don’t score next period we are going to have

    Sponge John Wet Pants.

  107. CaptainAvery on

    SALLY- oh my god. my 4 year old daughter just saw that picture and started crying, thanks alot. hahah

    englebom (sp?) needs to bring back that weird mullet. that made it more tolerable to listen to the nonsense coming out of his mouth.

    what gets me about the VS. guys is that they are all trying to be comedians. they make these bad, half-assed jokes but they all have to laugh so it’s not awkward. horrible.

  108. What the fugg was Rozi doing when that goal was scored ?? He just stands there like a retard while the puck is lying in the god damn crease. He did the same thing in that game against the Isles, when they scored that short handed goal.

    Doesn’t help that Vally gives up a softy.

    They better not get shut out by this fat ass Cam Ward, it’s not the fuggin time to get shut out. They need points, they need two goals, and Vally needs to be perfect.

    No more fuggin mistakes !

    And it’s pretty clear the refs wont give Aves a break. You’d think he called their daughters his sloppy seconds. They call everything on him, but when it happens to someone else, it’s a clean play. Unreal.

  109. ROFLMAO SALLY!!!!! Didn’t they used to call him SIZZLE CHEST back in the 90’s???? That was a great pic!! So ugly he’s attractive in an odd way!!

    Man I don’t like this Bob guy interviewing Staal right now.

    Good eye true fans….nice that the calls go one way eh. Wait for the next hit to the head and see who gets what. I

  110. Sundin's Ghost on

    “Lets see if any of you have the sense NOT to respond to Sudin’s Ghost LOL”

    Don’t blame me that some of you can’t tell the difference between hype and performance. Avery is about 80% former, 20% latter. Ryan Callahan is everything Avery should be and could be.

  111. Linda

    I think he used to be called “Rod the Bod” he had a sick body back in the day.

  112. NY Rangers Examiner on

    There’s no doubt that the league is looking at Avery with a microscope and he has a huge target on him by opposing players and especially by the refs…so Avery needs to play smart

  113. Heck, Huntsville AL.

    Man that guy was a schlub.

    ORR, we gotta get used to that because it is NOT gonna change! It’d be one thing if what he did was against the code, but he called some hollywood sluts his sloppy seconds…sheesh. Get offa your high horse there Count Bettman, and start dishin out meaningful supsensions to guys who INJURE other players, not call some ho’s names!
    Shees I can’t stand holier than Thou people!!

  114. What the HECK on

    Sundin’s Ghost,
    I think Avery could be a second liner, he is much stronger with the puck and drives harder to the net.
    Callahan is more of a workhorse but can’t do the things Avery does. He will always be a third liner, or should be.

    Who do I think plays there role better?
    Callahan for work ethic?
    Avery for grit?
    I still cant decide.

  115. Sizzle Chest? LOL! Did you hear that they stopped paying him $$ when he demanded payment in brains?

    Captain, tell your daughter I’m sorry!

  116. HockeymanRangers on

    We have to come back in this game or __________I am not going to there b/c we are going to come back BIG and give Valley a well deserved win. we con do it.

  117. CCCP March 9th, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    kaspar = Beer Me!

    100% :)

    That explains all the arguments I get into with myself

  118. LMAO @ payment in brains!!! Classic!!

    He’s got a lived in face…unfortunately it was the 82nd Airborn lol

    Ok boys get those pucks in the net damnit!!!!! Keep the good times a rollin so I’m even more amped up for Thursday!

  119. Need more pressure in the middle part of the rink…,Canes are forcing the Rangers wide

  120. dubinsky is playin a hard game tonight…he just HAS to get a goal! he’s really picked it up but is just snakebitten right now! PK come up HUGE now

  121. What the HECK on

    Im all the way down in West Palm Beach. Were the sun is always shining and the air smells like warm rootbeer and the towels are oh so fluffy, where the shiners and the lepers play there ukuleles all day long and anyone on the street will gladly shave your back for a nickel

  122. I know many of you wonder what happened to me. I just want to say that I am doing well. My therapist says that last week and a half I made good progress! He also says that if I keep progressing this way maybe by the start of next season I will be TOTALLY ok with Tom Renney not coaching the Rangers ANYMORE! Also, my therapist recommended that I stay away from hockey as much as possible, so im into golf now, and still trying to figure out the rules of that game! So, I love you guys and miss all of you A LOT! GO TIGER! WHOOOSAA-WHHOOSAA

  123. What the HECK on

    I have to think of a new drinking game.
    My stream is out online and I cant find another stream anywhere? Any help?

  124. LMAO @ HECK!!

    thankfully you guys are keepin the edge off for me or i’d have tossed the snapple bottle thru the tv. SHIIIIITE gomez forgot the puck…grrrr.

  125. “You Redden just standing there” Uhhhh yeah its been the theme of the year…

    Oh Sally….yes it is…. ;) jk

  126. Freaking Drury cant receive a pass for sh!t. He needs to play with a goalie stick that had wider blade… this sux

  127. holy crap…GOD please let dubinsky score! He’s doin it all tonight except putting the puck in. AAARGH

    Mako we were NOT makin fun of him, we called him sizzle chest lol, that is a compliment.

    I swear if Avery got another penalty I’m gonna do something drastic!

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    The team is totally flat. They’re finished tonight.

    Get ready to lose a lot of the 2nd games of back to backs with the way Torts splits up ice time. I mean, just look at all of the lazy stick fouls as proof.

  129. What the HECK on

    No problem, I gotta keep myself entertained somehow. This game is not doing it for me

  130. Avery would be good in that Sprint commercial with roll-over minutes as in “left over seconds”… get it, ha?

  131. deja it doesnt matter, unless the guys intestines are splayed on the ice he is not gonna have a call go his way.

    Damn you naslund!!!! Drurys been kinda quiet (inept lol) tonight. crap 2 seconds left…argh

  132. Linda – well he’s spleen was out there in the playoffs last year and there was no penalty called

  133. My cat, Dubinsky, is sitting on the TV swatting at the puck! I think tonight she might finally get a goal.

  134. Is scott gomez even playing tonight?…I have never seen a “superstar” player making 6 million a year who disappears entirely during games like gomez. If anybody would take himin the offseason, I would trade him for a gatorade bucket.

  135. No Country For Old Rangers on


    truer words never spoken on a VS. telecast

  136. Drury just shot a pass STRAIGHT out of the zone.

    Let that shift be a lesson to all. Avery makes a gorgeous blind pass to numbknutz, and then that ash shoots it straight out of the offensive zone.

    Drury is worthless.

  137. this went from being the avery game to the rod the bod game.

    Him and Chelios kinda resemble each other….and the Blackhawks emblem!!

    Gomez is going for the Hollweg hat trick, wait for it.


  138. Rozival looks like hes playing with eggs in his pockets…his goal? Get out of the game with none broken

  139. i gotta say even though we are losing vally has played great
    and gomer just got slashed hard.

  140. niiiiiiiiiiiiice save Valli!!!

    how bout a penalty on that hit on gomez… AAARGH!!!

    Great analogy Kaspar


    I’m gonna have some Rod the Bod zombie nightmares tonight I just know it. Thanks Linda.

  142. No Country For Old Rangers on

    the bigger gomez’s baldspot gets, the worse at hockey he becomes

  143. did he just say rangers season on the board here i mean yeah were running out of time but this is not win or go home

  144. “the bigger gomez’s baldspot gets, the worse at hockey he becomes”


  145. “the bigger gomez’s baldspot gets, the worse at hockey he becomes”

    quotes for truth

  146. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    it looks like Carp got his wish. We can still come back.

  147. CaptainAvery on

    Naslund looks tired. Maybe Redden smuggled some coke on board last night and they stayed up late talking about the 90s

  148. deja…like Fernandez was yesterday. OH here’s mr slub bbq guy again..

    sally i love that your cat’s name is dubinsky. I wanted to name my dogs (when I have em) Prucha and Toki but the Prucha name has to be reconsidered now lol.

  149. Sally, just watch some nice show with flowers and bunnies before going to bed. Dont forget, you produced that picture!!! LAMO@ gomez’s bald spot! Its a buzz cut lol

    Morris has NOT been terrible. Avery needs to stay on his feet to make a hit cuz you KNOW he’s gonna get called for it sooner or later.

    Torts gamblin with 2 mins left!! WOW

  150. I know what you mean deja. Hard working good skaters. Strong on the puck…

    Lets go Boys!!!!!!

  151. frikkin’ computer froze.
    then again, all i would have been saying
    would be $%$#@%$

  152. Are they really playing “Who Let the Dogs Out”??

    That’s it. I’m done. I’m gonna get drunk and watch Intervention.

    Night everybody!

  153. they have to get one more shot of Avery.
    what a bunch of #@%@#%S
    whatta night!
    and Steak Night got cancelled for this?!?!?!?

  154. Won't Make Playoffs on

    Is anyone really surprised by this? A 3-0 thrashing at the hands of a better team than us. This game looked eerily familiar to the first 3/4 of the season. Despite how much “better” we look under Tortorella, the teams we’re competing with are still superior. The only thing keeping us out of 10th at the end of the season is Gomez taking out Miller.

    9th place here we come!

  155. Anyone want to let me know when Cap’n Crutch is turning into Captain Clutch?! I’ve been waiting since the second round against Buffalo.

    Sundin’s Ghost, you got your wish. Avery’s been ok… but I’ve expected him to do more. He has been playing with Korpi and Cally though, not much there. He also got doomed to Siberia (Drury’s line) late in this game.

    Can I say again that Drury is an absolute waste?! Naslund does look tired, but everyone else seems to be making plays and doing something. Dreary is just dreadful! I hope they strip him of the C this summer if they can’t trade him. He’s an embarrasment.

  156. of all the ice girls in the nhl…’canes got the hottest ones. oh look, a shutout. damn it.

  157. aw freakin balls!!! sonsabitcheeesssss damnit

    Best picture ever Sally!!! I loved the helmet!!!

    I am so pissed about this game. I just wanna break something!!! This is a different type of reaction to a Renney loss. They better have their act together Thursday!! Where’s agravaine been???

    Whoever said they were flat earlier was spot on! Drury was nearly invisible, I honestly think I heard his name 4 times.
    I feel for Dubinsky. He played a tough game, he’s gettin chances! He just has to catch a break soon.

  158. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Not good , needed the points . It was a four point game and we blew it , we aint gonna sulk about this game but it sucks to lose this one …more games to go so no need to kill someone…ahhh relaxxx

  159. Well, obviously they spent all the juice on the Bruins game yesterday. Roszival was horrible; he should be traded in the offseason for cap room. Naslund didn’t do much. Drury went back to being Captain Overrated.

    The ice was horrible too. It makes MSG look like EDM ice.

  160. “Where are all the Tortorella fans now??????”

    OMG you are so sad. Dont you have anything better to do with the brain God gave you? We are all still here with all support. There isnt going to be a mutiny against him.

  161. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Torts is so good he farts goals , just tonight he didn’t have any gas…

  162. not giving up on

    the Canes are hot right now. and this was 2 games in 36 hrs for the Rangers. it happens

  163. shouldnt that goal that didnt count in the 1st count?

    they called it a hand pass..but didn’t it go from dubi’s hand, off the post, then tapped in? doesn’t the post nullify the hand pass??

  164. Points of the game-

    1) too many 1st period penalties. Not good on the 2nd game of a back to back. Tired the teams and disrupts flow in the game.

    2) Barely any odd man rushes. Most of the game, Canes forced Rangers to the perimeter. Cam Ward had a walk in the park tonight.

    3) Drury and Naslund were as useless as the tits on a nun….Antro was invisible for the most part as well.

    4) Ice was really crappy. Bouncing pucks galore.

    5) Rangers defense very slow. Rozi & Redden are garbage again tonight.

    6) Rangers defense do not create any space or spread out ice in offensive zone.

  165. Won't Make Playoffs on

    Easy, CCCP! I gave them a compliment by saying we wouldn’t finish 10th (b/c Gomez took out Ryan Miller). Gomer for MVP!

  166. I have no problem with Torts. Honestly, I hope he rips a few players after this game; Avery-I love him but you can’t take a selfish penalty like that to negate a power play.

  167. Very tough game to lose, but not surprised as the Rangers rarely play well in Carolina for some reason. Carolina had a ton of jump for the entire game, seemed like every guy on that team has a nice set of wheels. Ward swallowed a lot of Ranger shots and the rebounds were quickly swept away by Hurricanes.

    I wonder if the writers in Carolina will preface their columns tomorrow with “Canes win, but Lundqvist didn’t play” – highly doubt it. As I and many have said, a win is a win. Valiquette played really well though.

    Hopefully the Rangers pull one out in Nashville on Thursday because it doesn’t get any easier with the four games after that including: a home and home against Philly, a visit to Montreal, and Buffalo.

  168. Looked like the same old rangers to me. If the only way sather can be fired is the rangers not making the playoffs than I’m all for it.

  169. Lets no minimize Valley’s play. He was great. I just wished he would have grabbed that puck in the crease for the 1st goal

  170. not giving up on

    Rob F. no, if you direct the puck with your hand and the next person to get it is a teammate outside the defensive zone, then it is a hand pass, even if it hits the post, or the boards first.

  171. I saw Torts takin notes…


    Nashville is nasty tough Tootoo and all those other villains

    Everyone is hot too and Montreol fired Carby and play 9 of ten at home

    We could have a problem here

  172. Why does eveyone rip Drury but absolve Gomez?…He is an absolute non-factor on most nights and is the biggest waste of cap space we have next to Wade Redden (who of course is the biggest waste of space in the league)…If we can’t re-sign Betts and Sjostrom (the best penalty killers in NHL) this offseason because off the 6 mil we are wasting on Scott Ghost-Mez it would be an absolute shame. No passion at all tonight by this team, avery had a horrible game and took horrible penalties and Torts or no Torts this power play is just plain broken and we dont have the personnel on this roster to fix it.

  173. HockeymanRangers on

    Let’s keep it together here gang, it’s not the end of the world yet. Think and chat positively.

  174. UESBlueshirt on

    Yeah, the Canes are so much better than us. That’s why we beat them both times at the Garden. We also have a game in hand on them.

    3-0 thrashing? Do you promise to never post here again if they make the playoffs?

  175. The Rosy-Redden pairing needs to be split up.

    Killing off the 3 early penalties zapped the Rangers. They were simply gassed the rest of the way. Not enough scoring chances generated. Plus, Ward didn’t give up a single rebound the entire game.

    More now than ever…Avery is simply a marked man. If he so much as sneeze’s the wrong way…he’s going to the box.

  176. great post Liquid, you pretty much nailed it all.

    Preds will not be an easy game. I don’t think Orts is up with them as of yet, but it’d be nice to see him.

    I’m hoping after whatever Torts gently tells them tonight, they come out flying Thursday and give me lots to cheer aboot. Do you guys think Hank will be between the pipes or do ya think Valli will get the call again?

    I really wish he’d sit redden or roszi for a game or two. I know I sound like a silly girl, but damn those guys are just keystone kops out there.

  177. Chris Drury should thank the Islanders for making his season look slightly better than it’s been. If you take out his production against the Isles (4g and 11pts)…he only has 33 points this season.

  178. If anything retiring two numbers 9s and number 3 should be like +500 karma points.

    Yeah, the Rangers have to go into Montreal and Pitt soon two places they don’t play well in and win. They gotta take care of business against Nashville as well. Hopefully these two days off do them so well.

    Sather’s not getting fired; he’s staying at least 2-4 more years. He’s only 66 now so we have to endure a few more years of him.

  179. you telling me the avery leg roll was a penalty.. god forbid the guy was off balance and fell. you telling me anyone else in the league gets a penalty on that play???

    bad effort.. the d cannot create any offense and have a hard time getting a shot on net.

    1 step back.. bad effort in my opinion…they were outplayed by a soft team…………………….

  180. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Badly played game overall. This team looked it was a Renney team today. All the offensive plays weent away from thge net. Not nearly enough passes to the net. They kept looking for the dmen to shoot the puck off of a pass from the corners and all the shots were blocked. This game was frustrating because when they went to the net in the first they created some good chances. Too many dumb passes and penalties.

    I cannot fully express how much I hate Rozival and Redden!!
    Blowzival was at fault on the first goal and Redden was just not there mentally. Valli gave up a soft second goal too,otherwise played well. This team CANNOT be taken seriously with Blowzival and Redden as the top pair.

    On the positive,I thought Girardi played a very strong game.His best in two months. This was a big game to lose but it’s not the end of the world.

  181. wd40 sucks sucks wont make the playoffs!

    You two clowns are ridiculous. You really are. I hope an asteroid doesn’t hit your house while you’re in bed together, I would never wish harm on anyone like that.

    Speaking of which… 3-0 or 10-2. You pick the loss.

    BTW: How’s Tom Renney, Aaron Voros, Beer Me, and Li Joe these days?! Say hi to everyone for me! thanks. Enjoy the pearls!

  182. Won't Make Playoffs on

    Montreal is a virtual lock for the playoffs. They play 11 of 16 at home where they are 20-6-4 on the season. Refs magically forget how to do their job at that place. They’re making it.

    Pittsburgh is in, too. They have 10 of 15 left at the Igloo. And look at the cushy schedule Gary gave Sindy and the Crybabies.

    So it’s between Florida, Carolina, Buffalo, and us for the last spot. Buffalo is 3-0 against us. Carolina handed it to us tonight. And Florida isn’t going anywhere with that defense and goaltending (as well as timely scoring, a novel concept).

    It was all rainbows and butterflies after Fernandez gave us an own-goal and we get a 1-in-1,000 ricochet off the boards, but this was the real Rangers.

  183. Mako
    I Like Lindas idea of sitting Redden or Rozi…every game I flip-flop over which one I cant stand more..tonite was Rozy…looks like Kramer with his hair on fire out there most of the time

  184. you telling me the avery leg roll was a penalty.. god forbid the guy was off balance and fell. you telling me anyone else in the league gets a penalty on that play???

    C’mon stuart..there is being a fan and being blinded by being a fan…both penalties were obvious and stupid by Avery and I’m sure Torts will say that..sometimes you don’t have to be the pest all the time and that is avery’s biggest flaw.

  185. Roszival needs to go; does he even have a point since Torts took over? They need to get rid of his salary at the draft this year to free up some cap room to resign all the RFAs and Mara and/or Morris.

    There’s no reason a Potter/Sauer/Sanguinetti can’t come in and be a #6 defenseman.

  186. HockeymanRangers on

    Rob L they are not listening. Some of them have ligit complaints but most are just cry babies.

  187. I’ve never been a Drury fan, but he actually seems to be responding pretty well to Tortorella’s system. He’s not a defensive player; Renney just expected him to be one. It’s Gomez who really is still not doing anything. Dubinsky, Zherdev and Staal seem to have really improved under the new coach, but Gomez is still irrelevant. He just doesn’t seem to work well with anyone.
    But in the end, this team just isn’t that good. Sather’s end of season magic tricks are going to go up in smoke, as usual.

  188. Yeah unfortunately no 7th D man for them here to do that.

    Yep cant win all of the time.

  189. Staal is becoming an absolute shut down defenseman and Girardi, while he has his off nights is very steady..If we re-sign Mara and Morris we could trade Rosi before the draft and send Redden to Hartford (I know it will never happen but it should) and bring up Sauer and Sanguinetti and we’d be fine on the backline next year. The important thing is we ship off Gomez and clear up some cap room to get a true sniper for the power play.

  190. Toronto didnt pick up any ground

    Thats good

    Illegal stick penalty called on Spezza in last 2 minutes

    Ron “bags of fun” Wilson callin in the measurement

  191. Tomorrow nights action:

    1)Buff @ Philly…..Gotta root big for Filthy….ouch!
    2)Edmonton @ Montreal….Oilers all the way
    3) Florida @ Pitt…Gotta root for Pitt I think…..With Horton out for a couple of weeks, hopefully the Cats and Sabres start sliding back in the standings.
    4) Iceholes @ Maple Laffs – Root for Iceholes, no Tavares in East please!

    Wednesday – Canes @ Hawks….Lets go Hawks!

  192. not giving up on

    Canes have won 8 of 10 and beat Calgary like they were little leaguers. much worse than this Ranger game. they have been on fire lately,

    so Rangers just have to focus on the next game

  193. HockeymanRangers on

    Thanks, not giving up

    I appreciate some positives here.

    We’ll get them next time.

  194. we need another 3 game winning streak now – bounce right back. Oh and why can’t our defensemen ever get a damn shot through from the point? Always blocked. That’s the next pee wee drill torts needs to work on in practice.

  195. Everyone; let’s not worry about match ups and who gets what points now; this season has now become an NFL season for the Rangers. Since Torts took over they’re 3-2-1 with 15 to go. So like NFL style, to get in they have to go 9-6-0 or something like that.

    Don’t worry about who does what, just root for the Rangers to win.

    Honestly, I was at the Hartford game last night, and if any of the Dmen have a shot to make the club next year, I say Sauer if he can stay healthy. He’s really solid all around and has a pretty good shot.

    Out of the forwards; definitely AA ,he just needs to add a little more muscle and work on his faceoffs but he could play now and be fine, Dupont looked very good, Paranteau is good all around, and Jordan Owens really impressed me. He could be a cheap 4th liner.

  196. sorry, had to catch up on your posts after baking some cranberry oatmeal cookies.

    Mako, drinkin game next Rangers versus game??? Maybe Redden/Roszi based??

    Disappointing NON APPEARANCES by the captain, and naslund, then we have gomez aiming for the hollweg hat trick after playing pretty well since Torts took over. Hopefully this was the last bad game we see. Try to keep the faith.

    Scary how Schoeny looks like Yeti’s younger brother.

  197. Won't Make Playoffs on

    No one is going to take Roszival’s contract. Nobody is going to take Redden’s, Drury’s or Gomez’s for that matter. The cap is going to stay roughly the same this year and probably go down for 2010-11. We are in cap hell. We have $14 million to fill about 10 roster spots. You do the math.

  198. HockeymanRangers on

    I thought the we took to many shots from the points espcially toward the end of the game. Yes we want to get the d involved but the forwards need to work in some good chances.

  199. Dejavu- renneyesque on

    maybe if they play the Avs and isles 15 more times they’ll make the playoffs

  200. “We are in cap hell. We have $14 million to fill about 10 roster spots. You do the math.”

    I’ll take a measly million and I’ll be two guys…so thats 13 left for 8 guys

  201. Maybe I’m crazy but I thought game was pretty competitive- this late in the season in games like this it’s about specialty teams and goaltending. Vally played well- but Ward made no mistakes- that was enough to be the difference. Don’t know about how many more games you can afford to start him- I’m not trying to knock him- its just the facts. On the road you need your goalie to stop EVERY shot he should and some he shouldn’t- maybe Henrik steals us a point on a night like tonite.

  202. Let’s face it folks. I don’t care how you spin it, just look at the history of Darth Sather. The rangers will never come close to winning a cup as long as sather is the gm, reality hurts.

  203. Carp what is the deal here on

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  204. RichtersGirl on

    abindy….I cam remember maybe one decent save that Ward made…It was the Rangers who lost this themselves, Ward really had not much to do with it. Any shots we did take were awful.

  205. I think some of you are insane.

    Tomg. Sather’s built two teams that went to the second round. I think the Rangers were actually better than the Sabres and had Drury not scored with 7.7 left (while Zubrus pulls two Rangers down and out of the play, simultaneously) the Rangers take that series 4-3 and who knows what happens next round against the Senators? Some could even make the point that right after the lockout the Rangers were even better than that team but were decimated by injuries and the Olympics! haha… yea, Sather’s had awful teams here since 2005. Please.

    This one is even better (below…)
    Drury is “KNOWN” as (and not my own opinion, but i’ve heard it many times) one of the best two-way centers in the game! That means he plays defense with a good offensive side. I think he’s a pretty average third-liner. But that point is neither here nor there in proving you’re completely WRONG.

    * kc
    March 9th, 2009 at 9:57 pm
    I’ve never been a Drury fan, but he actually seems to be responding pretty well to Tortorella’s system. He’s not a defensive player;

  206. Don’t Try Colon Cleansing Products Until You’ve Seen This.

    Rangers Poll
    Best Rangers acquisition in the last few weeks?

    * Nik Antropov
    * Derek Morris
    * Sean Avery
    * John Tortorella

    View Results

    Josh, who is 26 and a native of Carmel, graduated from Boston University in 2002 and began working for The Journal News the following Marc

  207. tomg
    March 9th, 2009 at 10:16 pm
    Let’s face it folks. I don’t care how you spin it, just look at the history of Darth Sather. The rangers will never come close to winning a cup as long as sather is the gm, reality hurts.

    and there it is in black and white. honestly, that is our truth, and until our comatose owner gets a clue, or Sather decides its time to ride off to that cigar bar in the northwest territories, we are doomed to that reality! Handcuffed by 4 terrible contracts for the next 4-6 years is not a huge help either. Can you imagine losing out on signing Dubinsky and/or Callahan and/or Staal, and having the zombie quartet still here? That also could be a reality. Lose our hard working, grinding young guys and star in the making (Staal), for the loot robbing 4?

    I have a feeling though, that they bounce back with a really good effort on Thursday, and the home and home with Philly is gonna be some insane hockey! I hope Drury, Redden, Roszival and Gomez decide to show up for those two!

  208. he also played well late, because Torts gave him more ice time in the late going in offensive situations

  209. I said this yesterday, Rangers and Sabres miss the playoffs. I have no problem with Torts, it’s just too late for him to come in and turn this around that quickly, especially without a pure goal scorer to be a game breaker in tight games. Between our difficult schedule, and other teams move favorable schedules this is a tough spot for the Rangers. And the last 2 weeks of the season look ugly with the Devils, Canes, Bruins, Canadiens and Flyers twice that we have to face.

  210. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Your right,this loss was all Sean Avery. He does nothing for this team. The fact that they are 30 games over .500 with him in the lineup is just a coincidence. It was Renney’s genius that was responsible for that record.

    get your head out of your you know what!

  211. ” …. hope an asteroid doesn’t hit your house while you’re in bed together…”

    True Fan’s Trashy Bridge & Tunnel Colors come out. Don’t you know that real fans live in apartments in the city, not houses…

  212. Yep, Drury has a reputation as a good 2 way player. But look at reality — -10 this year and -3 last year playing on top defensive teams! He was -11 in Buffalo when he scored 30 goals! Who cares what his reputation is — he has a good press agent. The reality is that he is mediocre defensively, and had a lot of success on an offense-first Buffalo team that didn’t bother to play defense. Now his true colors are showing — he makes blatant defensive errors every game. As I said, he’s playing better under Tortorella because he’s allowed to play offense instead of defense.

  213. linda,
    I’m sure they will bounce back and probably make the playoffs but that will be as far as that goes for the rangers.

    True blue,
    second round of the playoffs twice in over ten years as a gm.
    That is not a good record.

  214. Rangers looked slower than Carolina. Maybe because it was back to back games. Someone has to tell Zherdev to turn his back and clear the puck. No reason starring at the goal.

  215. Rozsival better get the lead out, he is a real drag lately. Gomez did nothing tonight, Naslund might as well have slept in. Redden made some very good plays. Staal is just looking so confident and dominant, just watching his game go to the next level.

    Was Henrik sick tonight, as I heard? If so, that would be the only reason to play Vally. His flopping on his back on the first goal was really poor. Love…err…LIKE you Vally, but that was not so great.

  216. CaptainAvery on

    Tonight showcased all the flaws and none of the benefits of the tortorella system

  217. “Rangers looked slower than Carolina. Maybe because it was back to back games.”

    Exactly. Renney screwed up their conditioning. They cannot play an attack style in back-to-back games… and we have quit a bit of b2b games coming up… ugh.

  218. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Renney Hangover – backslide into a Renney-esque style of non-play not to lose. Hopefully this will be the last purging of the Renneyade and they can get back to playing again.

  219. Paul March 9th, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    I said this yesterday, Rangers and Sabres miss the playoffs. I have no problem with Torts, it’s just too late for him to come in and turn this around that quickly, especially without a pure goal scorer to be a game breaker in tight games. Between our difficult schedule, and other teams move favorable schedules this is a tough spot for the Rangers. And the last 2 weeks of the season look ugly with the Devils, Canes, Bruins, Canadiens and Flyers twice that we have to face.


    Still don’t know if Florida has more talent up front than we do… Maybe they do and maybe they will get in, but I think we’ll make the playoffs and next years the year to see what Tortorella can do all year… If we had him from the start maybe we coulda gotten more wins throughout the year… Who knows

  220. Nothing too suprising, got no help from the refs, people need to relax, look for a breakout game thursday to get ready for Philly, which is our saving grace playing them 4 more times, 15 games left, this was a minor setback, that first goal counts its a whole different game

  221. RichtersGirl on

    alex b. — I never once said the loss was Averys fault, because it wasnt just him, most of the team was terrible tonight and please stop talking about the Rangers record with Avery…..Avery is a high energy player that can help the energy of the team…yes BUT just as he is not the reason for the losses he is not the reason for the wins.

  222. Sincere question here, are the Rangers as superbly conditioned as I heard some reporter state early in the season? I believed, mainly because I trusted the source (forget where, though).
    Not being negative, but if fatigue from the Boston game had a lot to do with tonight (and I heard lots of people say it did, and that the team was gassed)would that infer that conditioning is not good enough? Or that conditioning is adequate but a style that conserves energy should be used in the first game of a back to back.

  223. topcorner. I think it was Micheletti who said that. I never really believed it when he said it and now with an up tempo coach you can really see that their conditioning level is lacking.

  224. No one in the world is a bigger loser than “wd40 sucks” and his band of trolls.

    They only show up once a month, just like when the broken clock is right.

  225. Thanks Rob L.
    I kind of wondered about it, because there are lots of back to backs for lots of team, not just the Rangers.
    I thought they had enough legs tonight, but wasn’t so crazy about how they did not muck it up in front of the net. I thought that was missing tonight, in a big way. Maybe that is connected to being tired.

    Can’t wait to see them come out hard against Nashville and kick the sn0t out of them, all on the scoreboard, that is.

  226. All Renney drooling losers who did not have the sack to show up when it was being rubbed in your face? Feel free to come in when — as has been true over the past week — it goes the other way.

    For these idiots to come in here tonight only confirms what a pack of snivelling LOSERS they are.

  227. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    how come everyone posts only when we lose? when we win nobodys on here haha

  228. ratelle rules on

    Anyone else notice that “won’t Make the Playoffs” and “wd40 sucks” do not appear until the game is over?? Why are they afraid to post during the game?? Are they scared they will be proved wrong if they show too early?? Pathetic.

  229. mikey mcdick: because it is a non-regulated form of group therapy. Crying in your beer, so to speak, electronically.

  230. I don’t post a lot during games, but have in the past, it just depends. My main wish was granted, i.e. Renney is no longer coach, thankfully. And I don’t lecture people, and I hate being lectured. I’m just really opinionated, and dislike soft soft players like Rozsival. In fact, I think I actually prefer Redden to Rozsival.
    I know I will be flamed, LOL.

  231. ratelle rules on

    Simple question to “won’t make” and “wd40 sucks”:

    Who’s the better coach, Renney or Tortorella?

    Second simple question:

    Are you honestly maintaining that the way this team is playing since 2/23/09 is not better than before? When “we gave St. Louis something to think about tonight” was the national anthem?

  232. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25) on

    Pavel March 9th, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    “Rangers looked slower than Carolina. Maybe because it was back to back games.”

    Exactly. Renney screwed up their conditioning. They cannot play an attack style in back-to-back games… and we have quit a bit of b2b games coming up… ugh.””

    I thought they kept up pretty well in the 3rd period, though. They did keep up the attack. We were just beaten by a better team tonight. That will happen from time to time. Carolina has been hot.

    I do wish Renney got fired months ago, though. We’d be in a lot better position now.

  233. I’ll just repeat what I said at the time of the coaching change: I think the Rangers will fall down to 9th or even 10th for a time over the next ten days, then make a charge the last two weeks that will carry them in to the playoffs by a hair.

    But the bigger picture is far more important —- the building of an ethic and a mind-set with Torts that will ultimately pay huge dividends in critical games down the road when this team is a far more legit contender for playoff success — and even a championship — than it is today.

  234. Sundin’s Ghost, wd40 sucks, and we wont’ make the playoffs ONLY show up here the first 30-60 minutes after a loss.

    I think they are Beer Me, LI Joe, and Brandon.

    Regardless, they’re pathetic.

  235. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25)
    March 9th, 2009 at 11:20 pm
    Pavel March 9th, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    Greg L. is going to whine like a baby that you stole his S/N! wah, wah – Asperger’s child!

  236. The talent level of this team is reflected in the standings. In the event we don’t make the playoffs a change in the GM position should happen and maybe more pro-active players will be here next year. Torts is a pro-active coach but most of the Rangers have been Renneyed to be reactive. I hope they make the playoffs but that’s a false sense of the quality of this team. Sather needs to go and a new regime, along with Torts, can rebuild this team with better all around players.You cant make chicken salad from chicken s*it.

  237. Carp what is the deal here on



    you and your buddies successfully bullied me into stop posting and read only mode

    you have my word of honor.

    as long as i am not talked about i will not be writing here. if i am insulted i will complain to carp under this name calling into play the terms of service

  238. LI Joe.
    Wow man. Ummmm, first thanks for reading all my posts (I guess). Second, if you man’d up and admitted you left because you’re wrong then NOBODY would give you an hell for anything. Third, if you’re going to be that big a baby you and Beer Me were made for each other… sports aren’t for the weak of heart and team’s aren’t for the proud. If it’s going to be like that, be well man. We don’t need ya.

  239. SteveTheBear on

    Alex b – if you’re gonna act like an arse, how about recognizing that 53-24-16 is only near 30 games over .500 with the BS 3 point system. The real record with Avery is 53-40. And if you consider the shootout wins in there, it’s even more diminished. Is the team better with him? I think so. Is it 30 wins better? Hell no. And the penalties he took were absolutely retarded (the first more so than the second).

  240. Carp what is the deal here on

    spider – go to newsday or gross blog

    i can confirm that i am LI Joe.

    you were always one of the best posters here – even the way you handled robby bonfire with some statistical stuff. good luck to you.

  241. Well, alright then, I believe you. You shouldn’t let empty threats bully you into leaving here. I like to read Zipay and Gross when the Rangers are on the road since they have the budget to travel, but I stay here for the vast amount of posters. Thanks for the compliment; sad to see you leave, as too many good posters seem to be doing recently.

  242. Looking at the standings, there are 6 teams fighting for 4 spots. I’m not going to get upset about tonight’s loss just yet, especially after a back to back set and winning a tough physical game against Boston. The wheels could easily fall off Montreal, Buffalo has been racked with injuries, Carolina is currently hot but we have a game in hand, and Pittsburgh’s goaltending has been streaky. Way too many variables. I thought that NY had a decent night, just couldn’t capitalize. Better than those games with Renney where they wouldn’t show up for 40 minutes.

  243. This entire game was a disaster. They drifted right back to their Renney days perimeter game, no aggressiveness by the D, lousy checking by Roszival Redden , and dopey playing by Gomez. If Staal wants PP time on the point, he’d better learn to drop that Roszival wrister shot from the point and learn to drive it. Like Morris. ( Take a few lessons.)

    Watched Kallinin with Arizona, and he was really going strong – looked great. He’s always been ABLE to play, but he just never got around to it with Rangers.

    They made the Canes look like they were moving in warp speed, and were ridiculously out skated for the entire game. It was almost laughable to see Avery as the only real burner in the attack. Everybody else was playing patty cake. This team needs a major overhaul of players this coming off season. Too many softies, and not enough guts.

  244. The guys complaining about losing last night do realize that the Rangers weren’t going to go undefeated for the rest of the season, right? Losses do happen. How about a little perspective and mental toughness.

  245. Richtersgirl on

    Dan — I think everyone should realize that we will be losing before the end of the season. It isnt so much that they lost but it’s how they lost. They looked defeated and there were way too many terribly giveaways again. Not to mention bad penalties and not enough offense and we are back to the team from a month ago.
    I don’t mind losses on occasion, it’s how they play during the game that is the real factor, and they just didnt show up last night.

  246. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Your correct Dan,
    Too many of people on this blog are a pain in the _ss. It is a game someone has to win and someone has to loose that’s why it’s called a game. I certainly hope they make the playoffs but it’s not the end of the world if they don’t. If you enjoy hockey you can still watch whoever is in the play offs. And hope the Rangers do better next year. When the Rangers loose the crying to each other who did or did not do their job is hard to read all the time on this blog.

  247. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Richter girl,
    I thought they palyed a decent game and it could have gone either way for the first 2 periods.

  248. Richtersgirl on

    Really? I thought the Rangers were outplayed and I dont remember one really good scoring chance for them. I feel like the effort they had the 3 games or so before, wasn’t there last night. I dont know if they were tired but something looked off. That was probably one of the easiest shutouts Ward has ever had.

  249. BillyDeeWilliams on

    the entire game i just kept asking myself, “How did Cam Ward win a cup?”…and then he shut them out. disappointing to say the least.

  250. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I can see what your saying, but I thought they weren’t out of it until the second goal. You could very well be right, maybe Torts needs to keep reminding them of his system through out the games.

  251. True fans, I’m flattered by your man crush on me, but I just don’t swing that way.

    I like the press, but it’s just bordering on creepy stalker seeing you reference my name in 80 percent of my posts.

    I’ve made a significant amount of posts about the team since Renney’s departure. The only one who can’t seem to get over the coaching change is you, really.

    Honestly dude, move on.

  252. Hahaha… Brandon,

    I saw your post earlier yesterday where you were like “I haven’t gone anywhere!” It was pretty funny.

    Nonetheless, although we disagree alot i’m glad youre still here.

  253. I defintely wanted our win streak to continue, but the loss
    coming off a Huge win against Boston should put things
    into perspective.

    No one wants to hear the back 2 back games excuse, however
    this NYR team has gone through alot of changes in a very short
    period of time and we shouldn’t be surprised at the slight
    regression of ONE game.

    It’s like anything in life, it’s how you respond to getting
    hurt, hit, losing that defines your character.
    Alot of NYR fans feel very uneasy right now, because we
    really don’t know the character of this team.

    I look at it this way:

    With Torts and his system/personality we stand the best chance
    to get the most out of this team and make the playoffs.

    Big players need to step up consistently and support players
    need to chip in as well or it’s just not going to work.

  254. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    They didn’t have it yesterday. They were outplayed and outhustled from the opening faceoff. Look at all of the lazy penalties as proof.

    Torts ran his top guys too hard against Boston for him to ride them that hard against Carolina. Meanwhile Betts, Sjostrom, and Orr (especially Orr) barely saw the ice last night, at a time when maybe giving our guys a breather could have really helped, like during the middle of the second period.

  255. Glad we can lay that to rest then True Fans. I don’t mind being wrong from time to time and hope that when I am, I’m not banished from the blog for eternity — public ridicule, perhaps.

    I still stand by my convictions on Renney, although I definitely see now that he was part of the problem, even if he wasn’t the problem.

    I expect us to bounce back tomorrow night. Not much room for mistake with so little games to go.

    Can’t blame Vally for the lost last night — 2 GA on the road is good enough for a win — but I expect Henry to finish out the remaining games, as he should, as Martin Brodeur would do.

  256. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Best scoring chance of the night actually was a feed from Morris to Antropov, hit him right on the tape for the redirect. I’m fairly certain that happened on the PP, too. Other than that, I can’t remember a single quality chance (although I didn’t watch the last 10 minutes of the game).

  257. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    I see Vally getting maybe one more start on either the 22nd, 24th, or 26th.

    22nd because it’s the second game of a back to back and it’s against the Sens. 24th because it’s the 3rd game in 4 days, and there are games every other day for the next week. 26th Because it’s right after 3 games in 4 days and it’s against the Thrashers.

  258. Its almost impossible to get a good “fire tortarella” chant going…too many syllables…i tried last night in the living room

  259. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    This year on Vs we are 3-3. On NBC, 1-2. On Pix, 1-0. MSG Plus (Ranger broadcasts): 3-1-1. MSG 2: 4-1, although the 1 was Stars blowout.

    MSG has the balance, which makes it 22-18-7.

  260. turcottelives on

    the reason we’re so awful on national TV is because we need michelleti smuggling performance enhancing drugs to the players while conducting his pregame interviews. sure, JD had one of the most brilliant minds in hockey, but he would NEVER rub “clear” on wade redden’s ass…

  261. We all love Brandon Dubinsky to death, but honestly, he is not a good offensive player. He never seems to go right at the net with a hard shot. With his skating and stick handling abilities, it is baffling how little this guy produces.

    I really hope that he proves me wrong. SOON!

  262. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    kern, part of it is a confidence issue. Last year when he was playing with Jagr he would frequently come in along the boards and drive in to the net. It was a confident power move. Now he isn’t that confident anymore and he is afraid to go to the net hard. He’ll come across the middle and the drag the puck to the outside and hope to wait things out for an opening instead of shooting when he’s in the slot.

  263. Not even the best teams win every game. We will be all right if we can bounce back and win the next one.

    Its a little depressing though when you win 6-1, 4-2, and 4-3 and then go and get shut out 0-3. Lets move on though and hope for the best.

  264. Meh well…

    I hate to say it but out of a play-off spot is where this team deserves to be right now. Not because of their play of late (under Torts) but because of Feb.

    You can’t play like that and win what? Two games all month and expect to be in it.

    If they keep playing as hard as they have since the coaching change, they’ll get in.

    But anyone who thought that they’d go deep got a glimpse of what’s waiting on the other side last night.

    But hey, you never know.

  265. The Rangers have played 3 good games in a row, and then have a so-so game. I will take that ratio any day of the week. If they suck the next few games, then it is time to cry. People are not machines of perfection. I don’t know. I have a different perspective. I have played hockey for many years. Some days things just don’t go your way. As long as the effort is there on a consistent basis, then things will go your way over the marathon of the season. It is impossible to be your best all of the time. No person does it. We have off days. Teams do as well. They had a night that wasn’t their best. If they follow this up with a couple of more performances that are less than inspired, then it is time to worry. If they spend the rest of the season playing really hard but miss the playoffs, then I am still content. They played hard but couldn’t overcome their lack of high-end talent.

    Before Torts, this team had no heart. Now they have heart, so I am willing to be patient over the next couple of weeks. If they don’t make the playoffs, maybe Dolan fires Sather. Then again, maybe a new GM fires Torts, which would suck. I love his style of hockey.

  266. This team looked slow as crap last nite. Rosival and Redden have to be the worst D-Pair in the league, constantly out of position and turning over the puck, can anyone guess how long Torts sticks with this dreadful pair? I like Dubi and all, but this kid has stone hands and looks very indecisive out there, why keep giving him more ice time when its clear he hasnt produced since X-Mas. I would rather see Korpi out there who has a much better shot and knows what to do when he gets the puck.

  267. Cloutier Clobbers Salo on

    Here are is my take on the game last night –

    1) John Forslund announcing the game last night – he’s been with the team since 1991 in Hartford – why not bring in a 3rd party announcer. NBC does the same thing, they always bring in Doc Emerick to announce our games. Stop Please

    2)Break up the pair of Roszy/Redden – There were numerous times they were getting beat to the puck and when carolina was skating for pucks in the corner they would beat the tandem and Redden/Roszy both would not hit them into the boards forcing a turnover. Furthermore, they did a horrible time clearing out the front of the net especially on Corvo goal, the puck literally had been in the crease for 3 seconds and Roszy thought it would be a great idea to play in behind of Vally. On the Brind’Amour goal Redden was screening Vally, doesn’t he realize he is not a pain of glass and that the goalie can’t see through him. Maybe he should have stayed with Samasonov and played the body so the sequence didn’t end up in a goal scored for the opposition.

    3)Avery – If I were the head coach I would have benched him in the third period to teach him a lesson about taking stupid penalties. None were as detrimental to the team last night as the retarted leg whip while we were on the PP. He can be great at his game when he plays smart and doesn’t try and be the savior, that is why we have Antropov, Drury, Gomez, Naslund. They will score the goals for us.

    4) The team had no legs and appeared to have concrete boots on instead of ice skates. I mentioned this in the defense paragraph but Carolina was beating us to the puck all night long. We’re lucky that Vally made a couple of big stops on the 3 odd man breaks we gave up, the one to Staal definitely had me on the edge of my couch. I would have thrown Orr out there when Conboy was on the ice and told him to sucker him into a fight, try and ignite the team.

    5) Not enough quality shots or scoring chances. I can’t even remember one scoring chance, someone please remind me.

    6) I am really starting to like the Mara/Morris combo. They both have mean slapshots when they are used and seem to be in sync with each other when on the ice. The one problem I had with them was that either one of them didn’t throw one body check and that’s a big deal considering Torts likes to play an uptempo physical game. They are both over 6’1 and 200lbs. Why not use their weight to their advantage.

  268. Fischler's Ghost on


    I’m with you brother, Cam Ward is underwhelming to say the least, but when I guess any goalie looks like a superstar when pucks are hitting in the chest from 40 feet out. Vally had a great game last night and deserved a win, too bad he didn’t get any help.

    Here’s to hoping Tootoo thinks he can knuckle down with Orrsy…

  269. Hank should have played last night. Vally was decent, he made some great saves, but he let in two soft goals. I hate when that happens, and that’s how Hank has been during the losing streak, and most of the season. They stop the big shots to keep it 2-0. 3-1, 4-1, etc. but they cant stop the little ones that keep the game tied, or keep the lead.

    That was a must win game, and now since we lost in regulation, we’re in a scary position, and desperately need help from other teams, which we’re not getting. Torts should have had Hank in that game, and Vally in the next at least.

    Getting shut out by Cam Ward was pathetic, but the team looked tired. Im not gonna blame Aves for the loss, the penalties he took, were really soft calls. I wouldn’t complain aboot them, but two games in a row now, the refs have called something against Avery that they didn’t call against someone else from the opposite team.

    Rozi, and Redden were embarrassing. Every time they were on the ice, there was a breakaway, they were slow. Rozi looked like a retard and didn’t know if he was on the ice, or in the middle of a fuggin highway. And Redden looked like he was more interested in meeting that drug dealer than helping out his god damn teammates.

    They better get their together, and start picking up some points, cause that, obviously was a bad loss.

  270. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.”

    Don’t worry, the Islanders will be there soon.

    “Im not gonna blame Aves for the loss, the penalties he took, were really soft calls.”

    I’m not going to blame him either, since the whole team was terrible. But those penalties were not soft at all, especially the stupid penalty he took that made it a 4 on 4 instead of a PP for the penalty he managed to draw.

    As for Mara and Morris, the pair you like, I dislike them quite a bit. Everytime they pass it cross ice it never connects. They can’t ever work up a one timer because the passes always miss. Watch for it in the next game.

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