Rangers 4-3 over Boston


Welcome to New York Sean, Nik and Derek.

Each of them had a hand in that impressive 4-3 win over the top team in the NHL, the Boston Bruins. But no one was getting cocky about the win. That doesn’t fall into the “right kind of arrogance” attitude being cultivated by new coach John Tortorella.


“It felt good,” said Sean Avery, who set up a goal for Ryan Callahan. “Obviously the two points is real good. On a personal note, it felt good to be at home playing for the fans. Just being here and everything that goes with playing at the Garden.”

Tortorella said he didn’t see the interference call on Avery that turned the last 1:22 into a Boston power play, but he said he liked Avery’s game.

“I think Sean has been pretty effective,” Tortorella said. “This is my first time coaching him, I think he’s an outstanding skater, the power that he has. And he’s really concentrating on trying to stay within himself. That’s so important for Sean Avery. He has a lot of things buzzing around him. From (the media), other teams and everyone in the National Hockey League. Sean needs to battle and keep his concentration. As I said, he can be a big part of this club if he stays that way.”

Antropov had the first goal of the game, and sent Scott Gomez a pass for the second to break a 1-1 tie in the second period. Derek Morris also had an assist on the Gomez goal.


Tortorella recognized the Rangers let down to start the third. Dan Girardi drew blood on a high sticking call with 2.8 seconds to go in the second, and Boston scored twice in the first four minutes of the third to tie it up, 3-3.

I can get used to quotes like these.

“We kind of wet our pants a little bit there and had that look,” Tortorella said.


Marc Staal had a breakaway and his shot ricocheted off the backwall and onto Nikolai Zherdev’s stick for the winning goal.

“It was a good bounce,” Staal said with a wry smile.

After the win, the Rangers got a pizza in the locker room, met some fans and then ran to catch the bus. With a game tomorrow night at Carolina, there is little time to enjoy this one.

Power play scoring, check. Contributions from the additions, check. Checking, check.

The Tortorella era is officially on.

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  1. Scotty 2 Hotty on

    I really like what I see out of Antropov. He goes to the net and drives hard. So far I’m hoping he re-signs with the team in the offseason. I’m liking Morris’s shot from the point also. It is just a matter of time before he lights the lamp on the powerplay. Here’s to hoping Redden or Rozsival gets traded and Morris resigned for 2.5 to 3.25 million in the offseason.

  2. Right on, Jane! Thanks for being so quick to update the blogs (the first, as Rangers Report always seems to be).

    Keep up the great work.


  3. Caps SUCK !!

    Thanks a bunch you losers !

    Ugh, Nyr once again get ZERO help from other teams. Hopefully the Stars can help us out and beat the Habs, cause it looks like these moron Crapitals are gonna lose once again.

    Gotta beat the Canes tomorrow. Staal is gonna have to bully his big bro, and shut his ass down. And Hank is gonna have to be Hank, and save the day once again.

    Go Rangers, Go Avery !!!

  4. Did anyone else notice how Pierre & Eddie never missed a chance to rip a player on the Rangers that make a simple mistake ? Yet when the B’s do it, they barely talk aboot it.

    Jeez, if you hate Nyr, then hate them, but show some fuggin class you losers.

  5. Good win!! I’d like to think Antropov will settle in under the less glaring lights of Broadway, as odd as that sounds. Avery, though I didn’t miss his self promoting BS from last year, is some much needed grit, and fits nicely with Korpi’s speed and Callahan’s energy..a fun line to watch.. A well played game that should be a confidence boost.

  6. The team fell apart again in the third period. This game is probably a loss if Fernandez doesn’t giftwrap it for us.

  7. “We kind of wet our pants a little bit there and had that look,”

    I think that was the look I saw on Renney ALL the time.

    scaredy-pants hockey

  8. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25) on

    After the win, the Rangers got a pizza in the locker room, met some fans and then ran to catch the bus. With a game tomorrow night at Carolina, there is little time to enjoy this one.

    Power play scoring, check. Contributions from the additions, check. Checking, check.

    The Tortorella era is officially on.””

    Good finish to the article, Carp!!

    It’s great to have old-time Ranger hockey once again! I’m loving this!

  9. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25) on

    Phil March 8th, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    What a difference it makes having a real coach behind the bench. LGR!””

    Amen to that, Phil!!

  10. RichtersGirl on

    Orr….if i remember correctly (and i think i do) they were blasting Fernandez more than anyone else so not sure what you are talking about.

  11. Milbury also was saying good things about the Rangers and Avery in particular…and Henrik. I couldn’t believe it.

    Maybe they will go out for ice cream after a win in Carolina tomorrow.

  12. Laurel Babcock on

    Hey, Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25), not for nothing, cause I am a huge fan of Carp’s, as he knows, but this was Jane’s post. And yes, it was a great one.

    Full disclosure: I’m a non-sports colleague of both Carp and Jane, and work behind the scenes on Rangers Report Live (I’m a fan, too). But I just have to give a public shout out to Jane for her outstanding work on this blog.

    I knew Carp would take over for Sam (miss you!) brilliantly, but kudos to Jane for coming in on the back nine (golf ref for you Sam if you’re reading) and doing great.

  13. You know, I for one am sick to death of seeing a good game wasted by putting it on NBC

    Those clowns that are on the mike ( you can’t call them play by play,) because all that they do is jabber at each other through the entire game about trivia, most of which they have no clue as to what they’re talking about. And besides…WHO CARES!!!

    We were lucky to find out anything at all about what was going on with the play by play because they certainly weren’t providing it. And the camera shots…Ye Gads…amateurs.

    I admit that Avery was pretty good out there, but to listen to these two dopes you’d think that he was the only one on the ice. They were salivating over him ( and you know it’s the celebrity status that was talking.)

    Actually, I thought that Redden had another miserable game, and too many of Ranger passes went directly to the sticks of Bruin players And can’t ANYBODY on this club shoot HARD? Boston shooters blasted away, and the Ranger shots were either wide of the net ( most of the time), or ineffective due to timid shooting and passing. And did you
    notice how many passes bounced off of Ranger sticks on the receiving end? THey’ve still got to shake off a lot of that Renney sludge.

  14. Laurel, thanks!
    I know it must be tough to keep us straight with all the tag-teaming on the posts. So I wouldn’t have held it against Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25).

  15. Great post Jane!

    Great game today…we can play
    Dont know how far we can go…maybe as far as Hank can take us?

    But boy is it fun to watch the Rangers again…they now play frickin hockey!!

  16. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Wow, not only was it a close game and a win, but the game was actually exciting? That has to be a mistake…

    How much better is this style of hockey!? There is still the matter of the huge contracts to average players but I’m glad that the games are entertaining enough to make us not think about it for a little while!

  17. Weird stat:

    The Rangers with Antro,Drury, Naz, Cally, Zherdev,Gomez have 6 players with 15 goals +…

    Only Boston, Pitt and Calgy have 7 players with 15 or more goals…

  18. Laurel Babcock on

    Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25)…no sweat bud…And Rangers Report fan, you’re right. Sam Borden has chimed in well, as well.

    Boy, I’ve never really chimed in here before, but theflynn, you’ve captured a complaint of mine for a long time. I know why the league wants it, but network coverage of hockey, um….is not good.
    If it’s not MSG, I’d rather watch with the sound off.

  19. I would love to hear Tort’s comments on Avery’s penalty… pretty weak at that point of the game and something they overlooked for the B’s several times.

  20. A win is a win, another 2 points. Manny Fernandez handed us 3 goals today. But of course we will take it but I still have serious concerns that on April 12 the Rangers [and Sabres] will be going home and not to the playoffs. We need to win 11 or 12 games out of those remaining and looking at the schedule, I just dont know. Their are teams just as desperate as us.

  21. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on


  22. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    try …ANTO80 ..or DUBBIE17 those are pritty cool . You said sorry to me and ya still use it!!??? come on…

  23. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    it would be pritty stuiped if Zherdev got traded instead of Prucha and I changed my name to Prucha25..yeah that would go over pritty well on here…

  24. Good game today. The interference was weak especially cause boston had done the same thing just minutes earlier. The announcers weren’t as slanted as they
    Usually are. Hopefully the guys come out strong in carolina and when I see them thursday in Nashville the are on a great winning streak.

  25. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Carolina up next …Jane have your heard anything about Voros?

  26. Great game today. Did anyone see what happened when Drury got in that scrap at the end of the second? I couldn’t really see from my seat.

  27. sam (not the great weinman) on


    voros hurt his ankle knifing the puck down the ice and shuffleboarding the puck into the corner and squirreling the puck out of the zone.

  28. REPOST that deserves a new life!

    The Idiot Squad

    March 8th, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    OK, we admit it. Frightened Tom did suck and was in fact holding these players back. We have seen the light.

    Sean: I was wrong.

    mhurley: I was wrong.

    JJP: I was wrong.

    Brandon: I was wrong.

    Timbo: I was wrong.

    Gargoyle: I was wrong.

    jerkins perkins: I was wrong.

    Dude1994: I was wrong.

    Tom: I was wrong.


  29. Man I was asleep for the game and my dvr didnt record right stupid daylight savings :(

    and theres no rangers in 60 for it *epic sigh*

    I just went back and read the comments funny there was no Antro bashing today lol. :)

  30. this team is fun to watch now. They got lucky though. fernandez gave them the game. He was terrible. We’ll take though.

  31. Impressive may not be the way I would describe this win but I will take anything especially when it was an exciting game.

    I also hate the NBC folks. When the Rangers were winning 1-0 Pierre was raving about Torts and his way of coaching but when it was 1-1 he was all over Torts for his style. Make up your mind.

  32. Thank you Jane for that updates. Love the audio snips.

    Yes the Tortorella Era has BEGUN!!! Love him that he is so frank. He is a real coach and will teach this team how to play the RIGHT way. I think they were a little shell shocked that they were beating the best team in the east and sat on their “laurels”

    Torts will teach them to battle, will teach them confidence. This is great. Im so happy we have our team back. I wish Sather fired Renney sooner…. who knows where they would be.

  33. I love the up tempo game. In your face, hitting people, 2 guys in on the forecheck. They keep coming at you.

    Antro looked steady. Avery getting his legs under him. Cally looked great. Everyone was buzzing.

    I like what I see.

    BS call on Avery as two guys fighting for puck about 1.5 strides away from them. If that is Dubi or Korpi making that contact, there is no call.

    Hank looked great at some points. But did he let in a soft one? I was watching in a bar with no sound and the TV had some issues during both B’s goals in the 3rd.

    Anyway, I like the grittiness. Yes they gave up a few oddman rushes, but I liked the attack in the O zone.

    Destiny in our hands…we just need to keep up the tempo. In the 3rd we slowed for a bit and it cost us.

    Drury had a solid game too.

  34. Voice of Reason on

    For weeks prior to Renney being let go, there was no hope. To me that was the most disturbing element. However this plays out from here, at least we have hope..

    Let’s go Rangers

  35. Funny
    Since Torts up-temp game has been played we give up less odd man rushes then we used to in the “sit back and invite them to attack us” style by his predecessor

    There hasn’t been one bench minor

    The uptempo game keeps the legs moving both offensively and defensively

    we dont hear that lame “we gotta win a lotta 2-1 game” excuse from the frightened coach

    Three coaches fired recently (Pitt, Ott and NYR) all had people begging them to set the offense free…and stop trapping so much…they all wouldn’t relent..they’re all gone..all three teams now playing better

  36. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    Voice of Reason,

    You really are a voice of reason. We now have significant hope. If we get consistency unlike what we saw early in 3rd and aside from getting handed a few calls from Manny Ramirez, we could potentially beat the upper teams in a playoff series. If we get the conditioning also, who knows if we can wear a team down while not being worn down ourselves.

    Under Renney, I was probably the only moron who thought that one day, magically, Renney was going to change. It’s a shame we waited until Jaro left.

  37. sam (not the great weinman) aka Voice of Treason on

    oops, a few goals from Manny Fernandez.

  38. Torts said he didn’t see the moment that Avery got the interference call. Maybe he was saying that because he didn’t want to tell reporters what he thought before he told Avery.

    Drury said he got into the scrap because he thought David Krejci went for his head during contact a few seconds earlier. Drury said he just reacted on instinct and dropped his gloves. Said it was the first time all season he’s dropped his gloves.

  39. Who Needs Lohan on

    Are our posts going to be off an hour for the next 7 months like last year?? Just sayin…..

  40. The head shot on Drury wasnt as bad as the one on Dubi, I was hopin they were gonna send Orr out, but Girardi stepped it up with the monster hit. NBC is terrible, how are they supposed to attract fans? The Avery/Korp/Cally line is gonna be causing some teams headaches. I’m pumped for this strech and really like our chances. Next Sat/Sun against Philly is really gonna tell us how much better they are.

  41. Glad to see some positive vibes on the blog, although it wasn’t the prettiest win, it was still a win against the top team in the east. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and the playoffs and think Aves and Antro are going to be huge for us.

    Also, Jane, great job and the Bad Brains are the greatest band ever.

  42. Hey guys, I just finished watching the game I DVRed… great game…important 2 points! It was a good test for us and we passed it with flying colors! Gomer, Z and the rest of the team starting to heat up at the right time, I like that. Nice goal by Antro… I think he is a good addition to this team, he is a bit slow, yes, but what he lacks in the speed department he makes it up in his reach and nice soft hands, and definitely SIZE! One thing I didn’t like today is that some of the posters take credit away from the teams great effort in wining the game by saying that Fernandez gave us a gift by letting in couple soft goals…why can’t we be happy and give full marks to our club for beating the top team in the league? I think we played good enough to win the game and that is what we did! It was a 100% team effort and very exciting game to watch! Nobody gave us anything; we came out ready to play and took two points! It’s great to see the Garden come alive again and the real hockey is back to New York once again!

  43. “Laurel Babcock
    March 8th, 2009 at 5:04 pm
    Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25)…no sweat bud…And Rangers Report fan, you’re right. Sam Borden has chimed in well, as well.

    Boy, I’ve never really chimed in here before, but theflynn, you’ve captured a complaint of mine for a long time. I know why the league wants it, but network coverage of hockey, um….is not good.
    If it’s not MSG, I’d rather watch with the sound off.”

    and that, my friends, says it perfectly! Great post Laurel. The voices on the national telecasts of games, be it on NBC or Vs. are just terrible! Now tomorrow we’ll have that crack vs announcing crew talking about pickles, guys ties, and absolutely not a damned thing having to do with the game. They’ll miss face offs, the sound will go out, and they’ll be concentrating the cameras in the crowd or on their lame between the glass reporter while action is going on, GEE JUST LIKE THE NBC TELECAST!

    Bettman is trying his damndest to totally destroy this league a bit more every season. Someone rescue the NHL from these buffoons who have no clue!

  44. Jane McManus
    March 8th, 2009 at 7:28 pm
    Tomorrow! Yeesh.
    And Voros has been practicing even though he was waived.


    girl, why’d ya have to go ruin what WAS an awesome Sunday until that point! LOL!!!

  45. Blown lead in the 3rd, who else was waiting for them to collapse? Good effort today. Can’t wait till tomorrow night even though I might turn the audio down and put on Kenny Albert.

    To all those who went to the Mausoleum the other night, congrats on the “Kansas City” chant.

  46. What happened to LI Joe who used to post here every night about how much of a mistake it would be to bring Avery back to NY ?

    He was a prolly an Icehole fan

    2-0 beeyotch!!

  47. man the hockey rodent is mighty negative these days.

    this team is not winning the cup but they are improving and should make the playoffs and compete….

    if only Dubi could hit the twine!!!!!!!!!

  48. LIQUID
    March 8th, 2009 at 8:15 pm
    What happened to LI Joe who used to post here every night about how much of a mistake it would be to bring Avery back to NY ?

    He was a prolly an Icehole fan

    2-0 beeyotch!!

    Could it be that LIJOE was actually Tom Renney or perhaps he just jumped on the bandwagon of what was really needed for this team and changed his name.

  49. LI Joe, Beer Me! and all the Renney knob-riders are still here… hiding under the dunce hat… they just got nothing to say.

  50. little green men on

    Nice post Jane. I think we have more goals with Tort in the past 3 games than we scored all season under Renney :)

  51. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Rodent is a duche bag. He has a man crush on Peter Prucha and is bitter that he was traded. I loved Prucha,his hustle was infectous unfortunatly, his offensive ability and overall development as a player was ruined by the cluess one,Tom Renney the hyena. If you read what he said it makes you wonder if he even watched the game. The Rangers dominated this game for two periods,there is no doubt about that. Fernandez also made some good saves and Z missed some real good chances in the first as did Avery. All things being equal,the Rangers should have scored at least three goals in the first two periods other than the ones they scored so in my opinion it all evened out at the end.

    All I have to say is that this team is fun to watch again and they CAN SCORE MORE THAN TWO GOALS A GAME, DO YOU HEAR THAT BEER ME! AND THE REST OF THE RENNEY DROOLERS? And we can win those games too. I am under no illusions thinking that they can win the cup because they probably won’t. There are too many holes on the defense( Rdden,Rozy,Girardi to a lesser extent) but I think they now have turned the corner in that they fianlly have a coach that can win and has develpopled young players to help win.

  52. Love ’em or hate ’em, we’re 30 games over 500 with Avery in the line up.Yea that’s right 30 games.

  53. Im going to the Rangers/Flyers game on Saturday in Philly.

    The Rangers are 6-0 @ Philly in games that i’ve been to.

    I’ll be wearing my Leetch Jersey with the “C” proudly !!!

  54. Um…so I understand this is a good game and I really want to see it! Too bad MSG can’t replay the NBC games. Stupid afternoon games while I am skiing; I will have to settle for the highlights I suppose.

    ACDAVIDDC – No, that’s what the Bettman hype-machine wants you to believe. You need to include overtime losses.

  55. I dont think there is anything wrong with being a Renney supporter. He did well for us post-lockout, he slipped this year and got canned … end of story.

    My only problem with firing Renney was … I was afraid that is was gonna backfire and the players would regress. Having only a limited time until the deadline, and then the playoffs, that it would be too much in too little of a time frame. I myself and i think most Renney supporters wouldnt have minded if he got fired in the summer. I just wanted him to change things around and have the team “firing on all cylinders” heading into the playoffs.

    The REAL question is where are all the Antropov haters???

  56. Henrik should have stopped at least one of two 3rd period goals. Can’t complain, however, as Fernandez was a disaster for the Bruins. The Rangers seem to picking up fast torts aggressive attack style play. Puck possession game is working and they appear to be skating faster because the’re less hesitant.

  57. No Country For Old Rangers on

    GREAT post Jane. the MP3s are brilliant

    cant wait for tomorrow night. every game is huge. the only thing that can stop us is a hank injury but no such thing will happen.

  58. Dan Girardi needs to be shot. That one handed high stick was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He looked like he was doing his best impression of Roger Federer’s backhand at the US Open. Its great that he hits, but dear god is his positioning terrible. He gives up so many odd man rushes because he steps up for no apparent reason what so ever. Cut him now.

  59. Hartford Whalerpack on

    Great game. It had to have been the most entertaining game of the season. The guys were flying!

    As for the NBC coverage…aweful. I respect Doc but the other characters just would banter on and on and on. They sucked the life out of a hell of a game.

  60. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    somerset- be careful, u say 1 good thing about renny and ur a no good islander fan. whats more sad, that some people here still reference beer me, jjp, brandon, me, and anyone else who ever had an opinion other than theirs while they clearly stopped posting here for a long time now. im not a renny fan but i acknowledge some good things he did for us and some people just wont give up on it already.

  61. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    “dan girardi needs to be shot”??? people like you need to be shot jonny d.

  62. The Rangers have tough road ahead and all the teams around them keep winning. & of course the league is not going to give them any help, can not even get calls in our own building. Yet, if the Rangers keep playing the way the have, the will win the majority of their games and one or two teams are bound to hit a wall soon.

    I agree, what a difference a coach makes! Also, helps having an agitator who can play & hit (Avery)
    Renny was never going to turn this team around, could not make adjustments ever. Jagr carried this team for 3 years.

  63. Add a few more names:

    1) Rick Carpinello!!!
    2) Greg L!
    3) Doodie pants Machismo
    4) LI Joe
    5) Sundin’s Ghost

    * Hennie
    The Idiot Squad
    March 8th, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    OK, we admit it. Frightened Tom did suck and was in fact holding these players back. We have seen the light.

    Sean: I was wrong.

    mhurley: I was wrong.

    JJP: I was wrong.

    Brandon: I was wrong.

    Timbo: I was wrong.

    Gargoyle: I was wrong.

    jerkins perkins: I was wrong.

    Dude1994: I was wrong.

    Tom: I was wrong.


  64. Rick, I’m sorry but you made the list because the Rangers woes you said were MOSTLY Sather’s. You said they didn’t have enough offensive power and I agree they don’t have the offense to be in the top 10 in the NHL. But they just scored 4 against the best defensive team in the NHL!


  65. Carp what is the deal here on


    It is a condition of your use of the comment features associated with the blogs that you do not: Use the site to
    post or transmit any unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent information of any kind, including without limitation any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any local, state, national or international law. You alone are responsible for the material you post or send. Refer to the Terms of Service.

  66. Spiderpig, no more ski trips when the game is on! LOL. Although I had to listen to Doc’s annoying voice and adjectives all game long.That guy is aweful… Rather be SKIING!!! LOL

  67. It’s so funny. . . .

    This is the second time Avery has come to the Rangers. Each time, bloggers go ape sh*t and cry how bad he is for the team. Oh the chemistry, oh Torts is gonna hate him, oh what a mistake. 30 games over .500.

    Then, guys wanna buy season tickets to the Coyotes because Prucha was treated so poorly (boo hoo). Oh, and we RUINED the future of the team by trading Dawes.

    One thing I haven’t heard enough is how Sather did a GREAT job last week. People wanna kill him for some of his UFA signings. Especially Redden. But I think the players themselves (especially Redden) deserve the fans’ ire more than Sather. Things are turning around right now BECAUSE of Sather. He had the balls to make the moves these last 2 weeks.

    Good job Glen.

  68. if the SJO fits March 9th, 2009 at 6:42 am

    i heard drury ate half of the pizza

    and the other half Voros snatched it and ran away :)

  69. i only now realized that we are running an hour late here… i was gonna yell at my fiancé for waking my ass up too early lol we have to switch the time to officially mark the coming of Torts era!

  70. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25) on


    You’re right. We should give a lot of credit to Sather because the fact that he hired a strong coach like Torts is out of character for him. He knew he had to get a guy to push these players’ buttons. I only wish he fired Renney sooner.

  71. wow this blog has seen better days for sure! where is everyone? come out come out wherever u r people! i guess everything is great now! Renney is gone… Torts is here, Sather was giving all the credit…yeah, maybe there isnt anything to add to this! carp, wrap up the blog…we r done here! lol

  72. Long Time Reader on

    Hi Guys. I’ve been reading this blog and the comments for a long time. I just wanted to chime in about the recent changes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with anyone supporting Tom Renney, and I really agree with what somerset said. I liked Renney, he earned the chance to finish the season, and I don’t think most people would have minded if he was let go this summer.

    That said, I’ve always been a big fan of Torts. So if there was a guy I’d want to see brought in, it was him. I think most of us have been dying for the chance to see him coach this team. I think the spark of Avery coming back and the addition of the new guys could have given this team just enough ‘punch’ to get into the playoffs. 99% of teams that are successful in the playoffs are only as successful as their goalie makes them. I think that’s abundantly clear in NY, and has been for quite some time.

  73. If those guys dont wanna contribute with renney gone… i will
    i think its obvious now torts and the new system are exactly what this team needed and sather for all his bad moves, made some terrific ones last week and it will pay dividends down the stretch

  74. Sather did do a good job in the last two weeks. At the very least, this team has some confidence back, is more exciting to watch, and appear as if they will put up some sort of a fight here, whether they make the playoffs or not.

    That said, Sather’s tenure as a whole has still been a disaster. His horrendous moves far outweigh his smart ones. He still deserves to be fired.

  75. if the SJO fits on

    this blog, IMO, is just for venting purposes. when the rangers are playing poorly, this blog blows up. if you look at the updates that are associated with a loss, the comments pile up. and thats only cause everyone is calling for somebody’s head. now that things are for the most part, going smooth for the team, theres no reason to vent.

  76. Interesting fact:

    The only other time this season where the Rangers had a 3 game win streak (in regulation) was the 1st 5 games of the season.

  77. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Didn’t have time to read any of the post’s so far. But I actually thought Staal wasn’t shooting on net and that was a pass to Zherduv. And if it wasn;t he should have just said it was. Great game, CAN NOT LET UP MUST CONTINUE SAME KIND OF PLAY.

  78. Another one…

    the last time the rangers scored 4 (or more) goals in consecutive games was Oct 10-13, 2008… during the same win streak mentioned in my previous post

  79. sam (not the great weinman) on


    Look at it this way. Renney didnt make us what we were post lockout, it was Jaro. Renney could be an excellent coach with the right ingredients on the right team. His defensive system didnt fit with us, as evidenced by our 3-0 blown lead in game 1 against the Pens last year (aside from the lucky goal). YOu cant play a defensive system with little defense. With Jaromir Jagr and Torts, could you imagine what our team could have done. Jaro scored 53 or something like that under Renney, just imagine. Everyone bashed Jagi for whatever reasons, but did anyone ever think that Renney took the life out of him.

    I think our team can win the Cup this year. If we face a couple rivals like the Bruins, Devils, I can see us rising up to the challenge. To be honest, I want the Bruins just like I wanted the Patriots.

  80. Staal’s shot was a miss. I asked if it was like shooting an airball that someone else dunks in, he laughed and said yes. (Sorry if a basketball analogy on a hockey blog offends anyone.)

    And it’s not just when they play crappy that the blog blows up, trade deadline was pretty good as well.

  81. Great game to watch last night, the new up-tempo hard forechecking certainly makes it easier to watch than the sit-back containment philosophy and it gives the players a bit more speed and confidence in what they are doing.

    Some eejut will stick me on their Renney supporter list probably. My opinion is, he’s a good coach and what we needed at the time but as with most coaches their effectiveness reduces over time unless they adapt to their surroundings. Renney stuck to his guns, the GM let players like Jagr and Avery leave and the team was left looking very ordinary playing Tom’s way. Its good that Slats finally realised it was time for the change and didn’t take the easy route by adding one of his guys behind the bench, and also good that he filled the holes in the team by adding some size and grit to replace the smurfs and (yet another) ineffective Russian defenceman.

  82. onecupin69years on

    Without Manny Fernandes in the bruin net yesterday, I don’t think the results would have been the same.
    but a win is a win.

  83. Johnny D.
    is this the first game you’ve seen this year?
    Girardi should be shot? Come on!
    Don’t forget he plays with Redden, what do you expect.
    have of his shift is covering Reddens boneheaded mistakes

    And some of you bashing the former Renney supporters WTF…
    let it go already…

  84. onecup

    Maybe team will think about using their #1 goalie against us instead of their AHL or back up goalies LOL

  85. Good win yesterday, rather not have given up the 2 goal lead but we came back and got the win in the 3rd, with Staal leading the rush nonetheless.

    The building felt like a playoff game in the last 2 minutes.

  86. Ok, here are my grievances today:

    1)NBC is a disaster for NHL exposure…what will be done to rectify this? The announcers are abominations, the picture is crappy and Pierre Mcguirre may be the most annoying life form on earth

    2)Why the hell are the Canadiens scheduled to play 9 out of 10 at home at this piont of the season??/

    3) Where the hell is Beer Me!

    Thats for starters

  87. KASPER, IMO: in regards to the MTL schdule. NYR share the building with so many other events they get forced out of the garden constantly. For Example, for the next week until Sunday(Flyers the Big East BB tourny is at the garden. Then they have stupid tennis events, dog shows and other stuff that forces us to play a lot of home games in the first 3/4 of the season. I understand your point 100% and it is BS, but the HABS are still going to choke.

  88. MAKO:

    “Maybe team will think about using their #1 goalie against us instead of their AHL or back up goalies LOL”

    Haha nice…

  89. Richard
    Imagin missing the playoffs because of a Dog Show??
    that would be ruff ruff…(insert snare drum here)

  90. UESBlueshirt on

    Almost any sports blog will have more comments when their team is losing than winning. Everyone becomes an expert when the team is struggling (I think almost every regular poster on the blog is guilty of that, myself included) and then they’re willing to go for along for the ride when they’re winning. Nature of the beast.

    Fernandez had some pretty good stats going into yesterday’s game, maybe not the results to match, but solid peripherals nonetheless. Still, having played the day before I’m sure the Bruins are thinking about keeping their core players healthy and rested.

    The top 3 teams in the conference all lost their games this weekend. In one case, the Devils-Isles, I think it’s because the Devils severely underestimated the effort a last place team would put out. In the two other cases, Rangers-Bruins/Pens-Caps, I have to imagine it was due to the higher ranked teams playing against teams that were in a much more desperate situation.

    Very strange how the Rangers and Pens seasons have somewhat mirrored each other. Good starts, followed by extended stretches of inconsistent to extremely poor play. Late season coaching changes that reinvigorate the offense and then trade deadline moves that help bolster weak spots in the lineups.

    If both teams keep this up, I think you’ll see a couple of bottom 4 teams upset the division winners in the 1st round. At this point I wouldn’t mind the Rangers going against the Caps. I could see a couple of shakey outings by Theodore really downing the Caps.

  91. Kasper, if you are a comedian start looking for a new gig…if you are not, do not quit your day job…LOL. I am glad that I left out the circus, who knows where you would have gone with the comedy.

  92. UESBlueshirt
    March 9th, 2009 at 10:06 am
    Everyone becomes an expert when the team is struggling

    That certainly is the case here.

  93. if the SJO fits on

    Kasper – I hated Pierre Macguire when I first saw him. He says some of the stupidest sh*t on air. It makes me think that if a casual hockey fan happens to turn on NBC and Macguire is talking, they will automatically change the channel because of his dumb words and tiny point ass bald head.

    The only way he might be entertaining is if he stood on the ice while Chara aimed for shots at his head.

  94. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Yeah Jane , sorry to rain on yer parade but the Staalsie rush up the ice was not a break away…he skated through 2 defenders and wasn’t even close to a break away..he shot for the net , nice n hard and it happened to come out the other side and Bang , easy goal for Zheerdev!!

    BTW Prucha25 Stop stealing my name and number!!!yeashhh!!!

  95. Stuart
    March 8th, 2009 at 8:16 pm
    man the hockey rodent is mighty negative these days.

    this team is not winning the cup but they are improving and should make the playoffs and compete….


    So the guy is a douchebag because he is stating the truth and what we all know and have said on here over and over again?

    They ARENT going to win the cup this year and we all know that.

    Pretty bad example if you’re gonna call him that.

  96. Greg L.

    Come on man. If the guy has a different username with Zherdev in it then so be it. As long as it doesnt look identical to yours who cares LOL share LOL

  97. i like pierre Maguire. He called out Milbury for his horrible trades over and over. So what if he is goofy. What do you expect from a canadian with one french and one irish name. the Doc is a dork with paraphenalia (i mean mic). Edso is as safe as safe could be. Milbury sucks as a player, as a coach, as a GM and as a commentator. Pierre is the the best of those idiots.

  98. It's Prucha's Nap Time on

    “Anyone still not want Sean Avery back???”

    He’s okay for a 3rd liner, but Callahan is much better. Avery isn’t half as good as some people think. But there’s a large contingent of Ranger fans who’s second favorite “sport” is WWE wrestling and who hate every foreign player, so Avery and his “contributions” are right up these meatheads’ alley.

  99. sam (not the great weinman) on


    we are not going to win the cup this year???

    then what’s the point of attempting to make the playoffs. why not lose every game and try for the number 1 pick in the draft or as good a pick as we can get. what kind of fans are you. the scoring opportunites that we now generate give us a decent chance to score 2+ goals a game. All we need is for Henrik to be great for 2 months and we are champions! A lot of Stanley Cup winners just ride their goalies. That’s all you need, goaltending!

  100. Actually I haven’t made up my mind on avery.

    Pros: he draws attention and makes room for other people on the ice

    Cons: he’s out of position and standing around more than once.

  101. Sam

    Im sure that was directed at me. There are a handful of teams in the NHL that are MUCH better than the NY Rangers. Im not a “bad fan” or being negative when I say that. Just realistic. Do I want to see them win the cup HELL YES. Are they. Sorry no. They still need a tweak here and there.

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