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There were plenty of chants for Sean Avery last Thursday at Nassau Coliseum, but none of them were very friendly. Now he’s returning to Madison Square Garden, where he says he feels at home. We’ll hear if the Rangers fans show him they feel the same way.

Since the game will be on NBC, this litmus test for the Rangers will be seen by a much wider audience, not to mention NHL coaches and players who aren’t playing so crazy early.

Boston is 43-14-9 and represent the best of the NHL, points-wise. But they are 4-4-2 in their last 10. To compare, the Rangers are 33-24-8 and 3-4-3.

Nikolai Zherdev practiced yesterday and should play. Markus Naslund, Chris Drury, Zherdev and Scott Gomez have all scored in the last two games, both wins. Next up is a three-game roadtrip. The Rangers are at Carolina tomorrow, then Nashville Thursday and Philly next Saturday.

Feels way early for a hockey game this morning. Fixing the time stamp is beyond my powers right now, I’ll get IT to help me tomorrow.

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  1. HockeymanRangers on

    I can see the men doing well today, lets hope the outcome is a win. Henrik has to step it up and he has already got us where we are now. With this fast pace and much more OPEN hockey he does he has to play bigger. I hope it will be a fun game to watch. GO BOY’S GETTER DONE.

  2. hey guys!

    This is going to be a great game! Rangers have to jump out to a fast fast start and let the atmosphere of the crowd take charge.

  3. HockeymanRangers on

    Wow Rick Nash unassisted hat trick, against Detroit. First since 1948 or something like that. HA impressive.

  4. just got here. like our pace.
    but wanted to comment on the beginning of the period.
    things happened so quickly that i didn’t see how things blew up so early and Recchi got behind our players
    but i’m sorry
    that was NOT a holding penalty
    and after seeing the replay it didn’t look as
    if Drury should have received ANY penalty.

  5. Glad they bounced back. Great play by callahan to draw the penalty. Keep up the good work boys!

  6. The world sucks! local NBC is not carrying the game. no ranger radio coverage no center ine nothing nada. ann what’s worse MSG doesn’t show any later programing for a replay or even Rangers in 60. Who’s running this country anyway!!

  7. I dont expect a goal from them today, but the Avery-Korpi-Callahan line has looked great today.

    Zherdev playing ok but you can tell hes a bit sick…two missed close range wristers

  8. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok I have decided that I very much dislike these NBC announcers. And prefer to turn the channel inbetween periods that listening to there stupid _ss hockey comments. THEY SUCK AN ARE ANNOYING AS _ELL Sam and Joe are far better than these guys.

  9. Boston is lucky it is still tied. I think they will start to tire out in the middle of the next period.

    Keep those lines rolling. We are looking good.

  10. Yea Mako, caught that. Thought Aves had a few decent shifts there…It’d be out of control if he scored today. Gotta get better on faceoffs, and someone’s gotta finish. I sense a goal or two for the boys in blue in the 2nd. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!

    And by the way..GREAT JOB CARP AND JANE! Haven’t thanked you for the stellar work the past 2 weeks. Almost makes me feel like I’m home!

  11. this is the first game I’m getting to see them on a tv screen since all the changes and man, they look sooooo much better! It’s nice to see them pursuing the puck and not backing off, spending a lot of time in the offensive zone, and looking alive! Hank even looks more ‘relaxed”!!

    Now they just gotta get some pucks in the net and make this a successful Sunday! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOAL!! ANTRO!

  12. I still can’t believe how much fun they are to watch now. Feels like they’re a totally different team.

  13. i swear i hope avery scores today…the freakin roof will blow off the Garden, it’d be outrageous!!

  14. Who Needs Lohan on

    The main difference is now we rely on LQ to make timely saves, not save our ass for an entire period at a time

  15. I swear on my life, when I saw antr00 go back to the bench and change sticks, I had this feeling that he was gonna score. What a beauty of a shot!

  16. DAMN YOU DRURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How can you make a brilliant play with Antro on min and the next shift a BONEHEAD drop pass like that.

  17. at least they havent reverted back to the dark side!!! they keep pluggin away they’ll score again.

  18. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    it’s all good …Torts said we would give up a lil to play his style…Big deal , we ‘ll get another goal or 2 or 3? Under Renneys system then we would be screwed by now…

    Marc Staal is a MONSTER!!!!!!!!! come on pierre , say it!!!!

  19. Orr is a fuggin idiot….U wanna do the right thing…then go after this Lucic…not the teams goon

  20. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Dam Bitz players is from saskatoon , saskatchewan , like me ,,,sick!!! Avery is fastttt !!!

    ANTRO is pritty cool , Looks like we HAVE improved!!

  21. HockeymanRangers on

    Not bad, couple of chances on PP. If they keep this up they should get the W. Really have to watch the give a ways though.

  22. We need to get to the 3rd period with ATLEAST being tied. I think Torts can get the team to come out blazing in the 3rd period

  23. HockeymanRangers on

    Stall needs to grow some facial hair, he has got such a baby face. How can a d-man look so good, it’s not right. Maybe he can’t LOL

  24. We need to get to the 3rd period with ATLEAST a 1 goal lead. I think Torts can get the team to come out blazing in the 3rd period

  25. So he held gomez griped him fell and then pulled the puck under him and nothing. Oh well the boys righted it good job gomez and antro

  26. yea johana, i was thinking the same thing. And the slash earlier on avery…oh well, we gotta expect that. Holy cow a blocked shot!

  27. I missed Sam calling that goal….after this season I will never be sick of hearing “its a power play goal!”


  29. We need to get to the 3rd period with ATLEAST a 2 goal lead. I think Torts can get the team to come out blazing in the 3rd period

  30. HockeymanRangers on

    OH MAN STILL GOT TO PLAY THEM TOUGH RIGHT NOW. Can not let up one milli a inch. haha Not sure what a milli a inch is??? Ok it’s nothing, can’t let up one bit. ha ha

  31. NBC and the league are splitting the ad revenue. NBC pays no rights fee for the games.

  32. I know Linda. Its BETTMAN!!! Doesnt want to show on National TV that Avery got a point and how the crowd cheers for him. RAT FINK!!!!

  33. i am holdin on to the hope that he actually scores in this game…that’d be a nice FU goal to Count Bettman eh!?!

    I swear, the leadership of this league is so freakin inept it drives me crazy!

    boys gotta come out smart and flyin in the 3rd. Don’t let em back in. Big power play to kill, can build off the crowd if they are successful. Should be a great 3rd, and I think their conditioning is now where it should be for them to not have a 10 minute lull!

  34. DanTheRangerFan on

    How does he high stick right there…stupid penalty how about a little control. He was like rubbing his gums to get blood out there thats a double minor

  35. and they get fresh ice to start a period, too.

    oh well, this is where our 2nd in the league PK has to come up big.

  36. This is a disgrace. There’s too much skating and emotion. Plus we’re a 2-1 team. And did you notice there were three Ranger forecheckers below the hashmarks for a second there? Doesn’t Tortorella know that is not allowed? I’m ashamed.

  37. Tom, take a few deep cleansing breathes…thats right, just sit back, relax, and envision Voros, gum, donuts and ice cream. There you go…

  38. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    MIKE MILBURY doughboy….is sure sulking inbetween periods!!! HAHAHAHA yeah hes crying that Tim the tool Thomas isn’t playing …waaa waa , YOU MIKE ..BOSTON is hiding tim because they don’t want him exposed yet…

    They Milbury bashed Oli Jokenen saying hes no leader and called Sundin , Fat…Milbury is an idiot and if Jagr was here he would open his dumb mouth about him too . Milburys sure crying right now HAHAHAHAHA GOOOOO RANGERSSSS!!!

  39. Did you know that Chara is the tallest player in the NHL? Oh wait, they’ve said it like 10 times today

  40. instead of giving Rangers credit for the goals, they are saying it’s all weak goaltending. excuses, excuses

  41. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Time to pour it on ,,who cares if Boston get another goal or 2 , were gonna get 2 more ourselfs!~!!!!!!! NEED points at all costs ..send the league a message and lets Slaughter these Bears and make coats outta thier skins!!! I wanna claw!!! BOSTON THIS AINT NO CELTICS AND YER LUCKY MARCHY HOOPLAAA…YA BRUINS ARE GOING dOWn !!!!!!

  42. This time a few weeks ago I would CRINGE at the site of them with a lead (well HAHAHAHAH when they had a 2 goal lead) going into the 3rd.

    Now, Im cool and calm with Torts.

    When John Tortorella falls in water, John Tortorella doesn’t get wet. Water gets John Tortorella!!!

  43. Johnny LaRue on

    So nice to be able to look forward to watching Ranger games again. Gotta give Sather credit for hiring the right coach, although it took him like a year too long.

  44. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. We need the final buzzer to sound before we start slapping swords here. Not trying to be negative, just realistic. Strong 3rd. Let’s go boys!!!

  45. LMAO@ Mako! Yea the dreaded 2 goal lead back in the days of Renney. Lets go boys!

    And now boston gets a penalty…thats great!!

  46. a bit sloppy here to start the 3rd. They better regroup and play like they did the first two. DAMNIT TO FREAKIN HELL..

  47. wade redden was really covering the angle in case the boston skater wanted to pass it behind the boards to the crowd behind henrik

  48. holy crap, what was redden doing? It’s like I was on the ice for them….oi vey Torts better call a time out soon!

  49. oh yes he was. he was supposed to be the right point man on Chara. look at the replays. #91 on the 2nd goal

  50. this may not be a popular statement but hank’s gotta come up with some big saves. They scored 3 goals for him in the first two periods! Now it’s tied and gettin ugly!!

  51. Who Needs Lohan on

    You can feel the excitement in the announcers voices a s Boston gains the momentum. It sounded like they were announcing Ghandi’s funeral in the Second…

  52. Its ok. They are still in it. I have more faith in this team under Torts than under you know who…..

  53. HockeymanRangers on

    This where we should be ramping it up, these guys played yesterday. What the heck happen?????

  54. The difference in this game is we could ahve went after Chara and we didnt instead we ended up with the other Defensman from Ottawa

  55. Not to be mr. Negativity, but if boston keeps playing like they are I can see them frawing another penalty and scoring again. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  56. damn 6 freakin years! why must we be tortured with his dreadfulness! RETIRE!!! Retire and free us from you’re cluelessness!!!

    How these guys are not attacking Fernandez is beyond me. Every shot the guy looks behind him to see if it went in…can you say lack of confidence! Someone put the damn biscuit behind this guy!!!

  57. Im just stating a fact. Fans are part to blame for it

    Ranger fans were outraged at the thought of spending another 4-5m when we signed gomez and drury to get either Chara or Souray.

    so we wait a yaer and win the wade redden sweepstakes

  58. Chris, i consider that the booby prize…grrrrrr

    Doncha love when Yeti outbids himself for people?? The mind is a terrible thing to waste

  59. Chris

    Are you kidding me? How are we the fans responsible? Do you think Sather/Dolan give a sh*t about us? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  60. Which team played yesterday? So far it’s a B in the 3rd and Fat Sid Fernandez is VERY shaky but no forecheck pressure at all.

  61. Redden is like the ‘which way did he go George’ guy from the cartoons!


  62. HockeymanRangers on

    OK what is the announcers name inbetween the benches. He’s crying b/c we scored a goal. waa haa.

  63. i swear i think thats the first time i’ve heard sjos name all game! NICE HIT Danny!!! It seems as if they’ve awoken from their 14 minute slumber!

  64. Pierre needs milbury to rub his bald damned head! GRRRR

    LETS GO RANGERS!!! Keep attacking!! Play smart!!! NO SHOOTOUT!!!

  65. please don’t let redden procreate! Please let him be the end of the line! Man he is just a freakin zero!

    Do it hank!!!

  66. huge win…another big game tomorrow night, would be really nice to get another regulation win against carolina

  67. damn that was so exciting I almost had my lunch twice!

    I love it when they make me sick because they are entertaining! WOOOO HOOOO!!!

  68. Redden’s giveaway at center ice along the boards was pathetic.

    he can’t even be trusted to dump the puck in deep properly

  69. sam (not the great weinman) on

    did anybody see the penalty as they knifed gomez for an interference noncall and as the puck was shuffleboarded down the ice the interference noncall hit against dubinsky. did anyboyd see how well the puck was heatered and air conditioned down the ice by gomez today??

  70. sam (not the great weinman) on

    also, the way staal squirreled and raccooned the puck down the ice on our final goal!!!!

  71. you said it joe! Dubi just took matters into his own hands with those plays he made!

    This horrible display of ineptitude by Redden HAS to make Torts sit him tomorrow! Reddens the new hockey calamity!

    Man, my heart is still racing!!! It’s a great Sunday! Sunny and warm here in the rocket city, and the boys get a HUGE win!!!! Only thing that could make it better is if Torts banishes Redden for the rest of the season, or, more likely to happen, the man brings me home some ice cream LOL!!!!

  72. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    They will only get better , half these guys are outta shape and Boston took it to us…we ‘ll get better and Torts will get milage out of Drury and Gomez !!! Dumb how they call Avery and not that Bruin on the other play for interference..oh well ZERO points for Boston!!!

  73. this team is so much more exciting under Torts it is great to watch.

    see, Renney, they CAN score goals if you just take off the reins

  74. “Guys! Bruins suck! no wayz we are going to make the playoffs! We got luckyz! Our playerz sucked! waa waa waa.”

    Okay I got all the negative BS out of the way for all those people who like to come on here and be debby downers. Now, Let’s focus on todays huge win and great effort by the Rangers. Tomorrow is going to be another battle with the Hurricanes that I hope this confidence and hussle carries over too!

  75. bull dog line on

    everybody is being used correctly, great job by betts and sjoostrom in the last minute. they are fun to watch again.

  76. LMAO @ sam!!! The ice was tilted in this tilt in the 3rd stanza….


  77. What the FUGG was that call on Avery ?? Totl BS, especially when they missed the same exact penalty aboot a minute or two earlier, when Gomer was interfered with. Pathetic. I cant believe they actually managed to pull off this victory, that 3rd was horrifying.

    I hope Torts doesn’t rip Aves a new one, it was BS, and he shouldn’t have gotten penalized.

    Anyway, besides the fact that they blew a two goal lead, this was a great win. They showed massive character in this one, and Gomer is stepping his game up, and Dru is starting to show a wee bit of leadership. Also good to see Nicky Z scoring in three straight games, perfect !! Also sweet to see Antro with a goal, and two assists in his first two games as a Ranger. Keep it up broseph !

    Nazzy was fuggin dead out there, i didn’t notice him at all today, that’s not good at all.

    And what can you say aboot Hank ? I thought he should have had that goal Chara scored, but he came up huge all game long, and in the final ten or twelve minutes.

    Big game tomorrow, it’s a must win, but these days every game is.


    But more importantly GO RANGERS !!!!!

  78. thanks joey…gettin all that crap outta the way!!!

    I think Moe (milbury) and Schmep (mcguire) are in the truck cutting themselves right now!!!

  79. catch you guys later…gonna go out and enjoy the win and the weather! 4 days til I see the boys in person!!! WOO HOO!!!

  80. tomorrow night is another big one vs the hottest team the last week, Carolina

    that Eric Staal line has really exploded after he got his old pal Eric Cole back. 15 pts last night, 4 goals by Staal

    hopefully little bro Marc Staal can beat big bro Eric tomorrow

  81. good win.

    redden had a bad bad game but they won.

    fernandez did stink.

    the rangers have to come and defend chara or bachuck tommorow.they collapse to low against guys without big shots that is fine….

    dubi does everything except he cannot score!!!!!he is having a zajac season of last year..

  82. It's Prucha's Nap Time on

    So in two games now Avery has fallen down a lot, has been very weak in defensive zone coverage and took two awful penalties late in the games. And yet people who barely understand the game think this guy is the greatest.

    Three more seasons of this, huh?


  83. The Idiot Squad on

    OK, we admit it. Frightened Tom did suck and was in fact holding these players back. We have seen the light.

    Sean: I was wrong.

    mhurley: I was wrong.

    JJP: I was wrong.

    Brandon: I was wrong.

    Timbo: I was wrong.

    Gargoyle: I was wrong.

    jerkins perkins: I was wrong.

    Dude1994: I was wrong.

    Tom: I was wrong.


  84. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Great win!!! Very exciting game.I thought we took it right to one of the best teams in the eastern conference. We still have some bad habits that were scooled to us by Renney that have to be broken. One of those is to learn that you should not sit on the lead which i think they did in the third.

    As for the players,I thought Redden was auwful,so awful in fact he deserves seperate metion. Just a terrible mistake by Sather signing this clown. He needs to rectify this mistake by either buying him out or keeping him down in Hartford.

    Most of the players had a great game today.I think the king gave a rather weak goal to Chara but now he has a much greater margin for error. We scored 4 times today against the number one ranked defense in the league!! Only Renney the moron could think that we are a 2-1 team. But than he said the same thing about all the teams the last 4 seasons.

  85. That ref Jackson has a long record of calls against the Rangers in crunch time. He calls them at the most crucial points in the game, then balances them out after the game is out of reach one way or the other so he won’t look biased.

    There are 4 or 5 refs that shaft the Rangers every time they do a game. Yet never any repercussions from this second-rate league. The league office itself is very biased against NY.

  86. remember folks, Chara has the hardest shot in the league. he can score from the blue line with no screen.

    our goalie was certainly better than theirs. that is for sure

  87. If you cant see what Avery brings to this team

    You cant see

    Slappy Happy Semin ties the game!

  88. It’s Prucha Nap Time

    You keep on complaining about Avery while the Rangers continue to rack up wins with him in the linuep.

    It is what it is my friend!

  89. They are fun to watch again, and it feels good to know they are in capable bench hands at last.

    Tomorrow night is a huge four-point game.

  90. Ford

    Yup. I wasnt nervous. Even when they lost the lead and still have faith they are going to win with Torts.

  91. avery costs $1.9 per yr.. he is a good deal.

    the rangers have some enrgy and fight.

    Korpedo looks like he may become a player.

    staal is the MAN plain and simple……

  92. It's Prucha's Nap Time on

    “If you cant see what Avery brings to this team

    You cant see”

    And you write inane catchphrases about it because you can’t possibly say anything more rational about what Avery brings that magically causes them to win. Because there’s nothing there. Avery just being in the lineup doesn’t make them win. Only a complete moron who believes in rabbits feet and horseshoes would believe that.

  93. to get on Avery’s case because of the penalty call at the end of the game isn’t a great approach to griping about Avery’s play.

    even the NBS announcers were stunned that Avery was called for something that was less than what Ryder did to Gomez.
    so, it’s not as if Avery took a high sticking penalty in the defensive zone to screw us up.

    yes, i would have been much happier if he would have scored today or if his line shows more than energy and get some points on the board, but it’s early.

    it was pointed out that Antropov missed his position at one point that either led to a goal or a good shot on net, and so did Sean. they are new to the system and need to have a better idea of where to be.

    we looked more passive, and got into a shell in the 3rd. hopefully, winning the game and little reinforcement on the system and coaching will rectify the situation.

    right now, with what i have seen so far, i have more faith that that will happen then i did several weeks ago.

  94. “Avery just being in the lineup doesn’t make them win. Only a complete moron who believes in rabbits feet and horseshoes would believe that.”

    I have seen horseshoes and rabbit’s feet…whats not to believe?

  95. Im not a huge fan of Renney but I think the comments such as un-learning bad habits tought by him are a bit out of line. What we are seeing is the Torts go-get-em hockey but normally with that style you run the risk of being out of position and giving up a lot. Im not seeing that. Im seeing a lot of team support and good defense away from the puck. I would say credit need to be given to Renney on teaching them good positioning and a good foundation. I think Torts can bring them to a new level Renney couldn’t but I think props are still in order.

  96. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Ford –

    they are really fun to watch again and I find my self really looking forwrd to watching them. I alrady can’t wait for the Canes game tomorrow.

    The third line looked outstanding today. Korpi is looking better and better every game. I think his scoring improves going forward as well. As he’s been all season,Ryan Callahan is a vital piece to this teams future success! I think he’s get five more and finnish woth 20g this year. Avery is just born to play in N.Y.!! He was great today and almost scored as well. It’s amazing how much he adds to this teams spirit and grit. Staal is awsome and I feel now will really develop to be a complete two way dman. Girardi I feel needs to be moved at the draft for a high round draft pick or prospect. He is just too slow to play this style. If we can move Girardi,Rozy, and Redden, we can than go out and sign JBow and Komiserik,add MDZ and Sauer and have a real mobile and tough defense that can score as well.

    But for now let’s see where this team goes. Certainly it will go alot further than Renney would have ever brought it.

  97. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    With all due respect,I don’t think those comments are out of line and also,nothing that is happening now can in any way be atrributed to anything to what Renney did TO this team. He destroyed their offensive confidence and….. Look I can go on and on about all the crap Renney did but it really does not matter anymore because thankfully,he is GONE!!!!!

    We now have a real coach!

  98. 2-0 with avery in the lineup this season. there’s no way anyone can say he doesn’t impact this team.

  99. The same idiot announcers who today were complimenting Tortarella were the same ones excusing Renney two weeks ago!!…it cant be both ways…but all these loser managerial types ( Mcguirre, Milbury and Olcyk) can’t EVER!! blame a coach…all they can do is compliment coaches which leads to their paradoxical views…praise Renney…praise Torts…it cant be both.

  100. I do have something to show Avery helps.

    Point 1: The second he got on for his first 2-3 shifts, Boston went out of their way to neutralize him. This was another reason why I missed Jagr too. He may have gotten a little slow, but teams gave him some attention that takes the defensive pressure off of other guys.

    Point 2: He hustles, and hustling causes weird “lucky” bounces. Good example: first period, he hustles to get behind the net and with no caution for injury, he attempts a strong hit. The Bruin player easily had a clear out, but fanned on the pass in prep for Avery. The easily clear out pass turned into a turnover which was almost instantly fed in front to a ranger who was stopped by Fernandez.

    Point 3: The jury is still out when it comes to him appreciating his position. But you can tell when he hustled down for that loose puck to get the empty bed he isn’t taking this job for granted. Also, when he had the penalty called on him. His reaction was definately either him holding back emotion or kicking himself for making a dumb play.

    But hey, this game wasn’t all about him. They played great as a team, and that’s the most important thing.

    And now to get everyone to hate me and defend Redden: He may still be getting used to the system. Does anyone remember after today’s performance how “Deer lost in head lights” Gomez looked in the first two games with Torts?

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