Rozsival’s done that


Torn labrum in the hip? Michal Rozsival is one player who can relate to Alex Rodriguez and the decision he faces on whether to have surgery for the injury. The Rangers defenseman played with the issue last season and had surgery in the offseason.

“I’m not really into baseball,” Rozsival said. “I’m pretty sure he’ll be alright.”

Rozsival went to Marc Philippon, who has a practice in Colorado and is the same doctor that Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez went to see this week.

“It’s one of the joints with the most pressure if the whole body on that joint so you have to be real careful with it in recovery,” Rozsival said. “The usual time is four to six months.”

The defenseman has played all season for the Rangers and said he felt fine now, even if there is an occasional twinge.

“It’s not painful but its just different feelings in the joint,” Rozsival said.

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  1. For all of you who care – and I know there’s at least one of ya’ – Phish is back tonight with a scary vengeance.

  2. DMB fan here myself, seen them 12 times in concert, seeing them at MSG in April

    I have a soft spot for Rosi, nice post Jane.

  3. Seen them both too, liked them equally!

    I think A-Rod would get less heat visiting ballparks in August (which is when he’d really return)than he would in 4 weeks???

    Go Mets is right…

    ok, I’ll keep my posts about the Rangers… I said my piece.


  4. ahh, that’s why he can only take a shot off the perfect pass at the perfect time from the pefect player… now it all makes sense! (and I like Rosie).. maybe Wadden shld see that same doc – just for the heck of it!

  5. Excellent slant on a topical sports subject, Jane. Now, go out and have urself a good evening!!

  6. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Maybe doctor Philippon can implant a device into Rozy head that could help him make faster decisions on the ice!

  7. I’m more of an Allman Brothers/Derek Trucks Band/Gov’t Mule guy myself but glad to hear Phish is back. Those dudes can play! I love when they do the Halloween shows and cover an entire album. I’m still trying to find their version of Remain in Light by Talking Heads. I’ll be seeing Trey’s Oysterhead band mate Les Claypool of Primus fame in a few weeks; the night the Rangers play Pittsburgh in the Igloo and we all know you can chalk that one up as an L :(

    As for Rozi; the rinks in Czech Repubulic are different and they teach a pass first system over there, so it’s probably a reflex for Rozi to pass as even though he’s been in North America like a dozen years (he played in OHL I think), his adolescent (aka most important developmental) years were spent with a pass first system on rinks with a different configuration so he needs to spends a few years just shootingto get it out of his system.

    Chris-McClaren has really bad knees unfortunately so he probably makes Darien Hatcher look like Mike Gartner.

  8. awwwwww….Zipay had his feelings hurt by big bad Torts, he must miss his Tommy Teddy Bear.

  9. I don’t hate A-Rod personally but the guy is nothing but drama and has turned the Yankees into his own Reality Show.

  10. No Country For Old Rangers on

    wow a thread about a-rod, roszival with comments about dave matthews and phish. could this be any less interesting?

  11. Alf Pike a member of the Rangers 1940 team died at the age of 91!! He died yesturday not sure if anyone saw it on the rangers website. He played in a time when men were men. He fought in WWII and was the also the coach of the rangers for two seasons. I hope the Rangers honor him at the next game. They are very quick to honor the 1994 team. It would be nice to honor a guy from the 1940 team.

  12. I don’t know what Zipay is bitching about over there. John Tortorella is a great story because he’s outspoken and at times confrontational. That means he’s going to be a little bit hostile to the media once in a while, but you’ll have plenty to write about. That has to be better than the opposite (e.g., Renney), where the coach is boring as hell but answers ever question politely.

  13. your boy Malik on

    Now following Prucha in the boxscores – he had an assist last night – and 2 penalties – one a bench minor – must be the carry-over “too many men on the ice” syndrome – happy for Petr that he’s playing a lot!


    Wont make playoffs has been banned from the Rangers Report Blog FOR LIFE.

    Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!!!

  15. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    your boy malik- the prucha penalty was because gretzky was bitchin too much and he got the penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. prucha just served it. but yea i watched that game too i was happy to see him get some good icetime.

  16. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    kern- guess so. trade days over, the rangers are doin ok again, the whole torts thing is about all thats interesting. i guess zip got yelled at by torts. idk im not into all that. i could care less about torts’ attitude. it doesnt amuse me that he does stuff like that, id rather see him yell at some of his players instead. im sure he has too but he better get these guys ready for tommorow because thursdays effort was pathetic. only thing that got us the win was who we had in net, and who they had in net. otherwise we lose that game.

  17. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    mike a- love allman bros!!! good stuff, but what you said about rozy cmon man hes been here playing for years now, he should know when to pass and when to shoot. i noticed a few games ago he was shootin like crazy. im sure it was at the request of the coaching staff but since then hes stopped shooting as much. i think sometimes you have to shoot because theres no lane and why the hell not? right? go for it, but he seems to wanna make the perfect pass and i think hes afraid to shoot sometimes more out of fear that it gets blocked and an oddman rush goes the other way. hes been the least improved player on the pp so far since torts took over. i think it has alot to do with all those shortys against while he was playin the point. so yea hes tentative to shoot but i dont think it has to do with how he learned growin up. hes been here way too long to still be deferring to his pass first mentality. maybe youre right in that his instinct tells him to pass but if thats the case then he must be one slow learner, as hes been in the nhl for over 10 years now

  18. Calgary really didn’t do us any favors last night after they played so well the other night. Nobody did us any favors last night.

    Speaking of great bands to see live, I would have to say that Pearl Jam is probably one of the best live bands I have ever seen. Seen them many times, 3 times at MSG, and they are simply amazing! DMB is great as well.

    A smaller band that is finally starting to get some recognition is Minus the Bear, they are really good live, and their drummer is amazing.

  19. I was at the last Pearl Jam show at MSG in June…

    Eddie Vedder started a Lets Go Rangers chant and dedicated a song to Brian Leetch..

    Of course, he started by saying “This goes out to the great #11 up the, Mr Brian Leetch”

    He corrected himself about 10 minutes later, blaming the wine :)

    Either way, I went bananas..

  20. No one ever does us any favors. LOL. We’re Rangers fans; NOTHING comes easy. Ever (except San Jose in 1994 and Tampa Bay in 07). That was the vow we took when we decided to root for the red, white, and blue diagonal shield. It’s a hard life, I know. Sometimes I think the NHL is like WWE and faked we’re there’s a bunch of old Canadian guys who kinda determine what will happen; (in Vince McMaahon/Canadian voice) “New York? Screeew them. We’re gonna give them the most arrogant idiot GM and have him make them decent enough, but not THAT good…hahahaha Cal-Gary; they’re gonna have a great year and be over with the fans.”

    Ok, maybe not. :)P

  21. I used to think it was pretty cool when the great Chad Smith from the Chili Peppers would play goal at Super Skate; he’s a big hockey fan growing up in Michigan. Seeing him man the same pipes as Giacoman/JD/Richter was pretty cool and him in a Rangers jersey chilling with Brian Leetch was like a crossover of my two favorite things growing up. He’s a great drummer and that band is amazing live. I hope the Chilis end this hiatus in a year or two and can make at least one more album, but until then John Frusciante is doing solo albums and Chad Smith has Chickenfoot with Joe Satriani and the exiled VH boys.

  22. Frusciante is working a lot with my favorite band… The Mars Volta… which happens to be the best band I’ve ever seen live in my life…


  23. Yes, baseball does suck.

    And have you ever seen Andrew W.K. live?

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! One big party.

  24. Baumer, I was @ that show too, that put a huge smile on my face. Pearl Jam is awesome live, they’re such pros. Play like 30 songs a set…they’re back in the studio, so hopefully they’ll be back at the garden soon.

    22 – how do you figure Eddie is a Big D?

    MikeA – i like RCHP’s music better than Pearl Jam, and they’re great live, but you get much more bang for your buck at a PJ show. Last time I saw RHCP they only played like 15 songs the most. But I hope they do something soon, that John Frusciante solo album blows. OK, I’ll end the music blog now.

    Boston tomorrow’s gonna be a big test, and I think a lot of questions will be answered. Hopefully they can keep scoring goals against a good team.


    “The Philadelphia Flyers have nullified the trade they made on March 4 for defenceman Kyle McLaren. The 31-year-old did not pass his physical, according to Flyers GM Paul Holmgren.

    McLaren had been sent to Philadelphia from San Jose in exchange for a sixth round pick at this year’s draft.

    The Saskatchewan native is expected to be sent to the Flyers’ AHL affiliate, the Philadelphia Phantoms.”

  26. No Country For Old Rangers on

    “I’ll be seeing Trey’s Oysterhead band mate Les Claypool of Primus fame in a few weeks; the night the Rangers play Pittsburgh in the Igloo and we all know you can chalk that one up as an L :(”

    MIKE A- my good friends in the band O’DEATH will be opening that show. PLEASE check them out! they will surely blow claypool off the stage. A lot more energy and a lot more fun! I promise you!

    rock and roll!

  27. Chris-Aww man I like his new album; his solo music is much different from RHCPs. I’m into a lot of that 70s prog stuff like Yes/Genesis/King Crimson which is partially where he goes with his solo music. RHCP does only play like 17 songs for 80+ minutes, I think they should go to for like 22-23 area.

    Mars Volta are crazy. I love their bass player, so cerebral. Their old drummer made an EP with Zach de la Rocha from RATM. I like At The Drive In better though so call me an SOB (not Sjo-Betts-orr :)P )

    Back to hockey; Kyle McLaren has had some serious knee injuries and he’s very slow now so that could have had something to do with it.

  28. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Also MIKe A- if you like the proggy stuff, check out they share a violinist with O’DEATH but SKELETONBREATH is a different kind of beast. bass drums violin instrumental trio. dark, heavy, melodic, complex compositions! give them a listen man!

  29. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Wont make the playoff has been banned!!?? How ya know this Kern? It don’t matter what that guy says..I do not wanna miss the playoffs but if we do , YES , at least were watching better hockey and win or lose , miss or make the playoffs…The Rangers will always be Number uno!!!

  30. No Country-Yeah, part of the reason I’m going to that show is because of the Secret Cheifs 3 who play like Mid Eastern style metal; some of those guys used to be in Mr. Bungle (Mike Patton of Faith No More’s original band who are schizo!) but these guys you linked us here to sound pretty cool; like a metal Camper Van Beethoven (the guy from Cracker’s old band)

    Wow, a lot of music talk. BTW Faith No More and Blur are both doing reunions in Europe. Pretty cool stuff. Hopefully they play in the US.

    And hopefully the Rangers come out tomorrow and play the Bruins more like Slayer fans than Dave Matthews fans or we’re in for a long afternoon.

  31. Teenage Arab,

    That’s some F’d up Sh!t

    Teenage Arab
    March 7th, 2009 at 1:40 pm
    McLaren has AIDS

  32. No Country For Old Rangers on

    WOW faith back together? can a bungle re-union be far behind? last i heard patton and spruance HATE each other so that doesnt seem likely yet. i guess that’s what happens when you are in a band together in highschool like bungle.

    then again albarn and coxon hated each other a whole lot and look at them now. secret chiefs are playing john zorn compositions here in SF on tuesday nite. definitely checking that out. check out some live O’DEATH or SKELETONBREATH on you tube to get a sense of how much ass they kick live. great stuff.

    if the NYR come out on sunday like the hockey version of DMB acoustic set, i might have to kill myself

  33. Skeletonbreath was pretty cool… entertaining youtubes on there…

    Juan is an awesome bass player, hard to believe he was in a hair-band in the 80’s!! I loved Jon Theodore with Mars… but their new drummer Thomas Pridgeon is as insane on the kit as anyone out there…

    Omar, Juan and Cedric from Mars are doing a collaboration with Zach Hill and and few other people that comes out in May… El Grupo Nuevo… check out this promo… sounds like it’s going to be pretty good…

  34. Pretty funny how this has turned into a music forum but that’s great, shows we all have many interest outside of hockey. Slow news day. I’ve been following the pack and it looks like Sauer’s really picked up his game. I hope he makes it; he’s had to fight through so many injury problems in his young career.

    No Country-How many Sharks games have you been to? I saw the Sharks play the Flyers in October; it was a really nice arena and Sharks fans are cool people. I even met a Czech Rangers fan and we started talking about Liberec, Sparta, Pilsen, etc.

  35. No Country For Old Rangers on

    cool stuff, looking forward to el grupo. volta is a great band. though i think theodore moving on really hurt them. him and juan were the sickest rhythm section… i saw them at bonaroo in 2005, first row, center stage. one of the top 5 musical experiences of my life for sure. i dont think the volta stuff translates very well to an arena setting. omar is a psychodelic mad scientist. him and frusciante are among my favorite living guitarists.

  36. No Country For Old Rangers on

    MIkE- went to see the sharks dismantle our boys in december. it was not a pretty sight to behold but the shark tank is an amazing to take in a hockey game. i’m just waiting for that NYR/SJ finals

  37. Isles whipping Fatso and the debbies 3-0 in first period. maybe Rangers win looks even better after all vs Isles. they are hot right now.

  38. Id personally like to see petr prucha playing third base for my yankees.
    arod being out for 6 months would be my favorite thing to happen for the yankees since the boone hr in 03

  39. ps looking at some of the music tastes from everyone on here id think we need to inject some youth into the blog lineup geeze.

  40. “ps looking at some of the music tastes from everyone on here id think we need to inject some youth into the blog lineup geeze.”

    what, no Glenn Miller?

    or Ragtime?

  41. deja-What “newer” music do you like? I like a lot of Jazz and Hip Hop too. Hockey, music, and movies are three things I can talk about forever.

    I’m excited for the new Mastadon album next month and also the new MF Doom if anyone ever heard of him. I haven’t checked out the new L.O.G. record but just got the new Beck.

    Rangers/Sharks would be my dream finals; Love the Sharks as my west coast team. All the cool ex-Rangers went to go play for SJ, they have the coolest logo in all of sports, they were the first expansion team I remember in any sport, they made teal cool, and Artus Irbe and comp did the Rangers a huge favor knocking off Detroit in 94, beating the Devils and Vancouver were hard enough.

  42. i cant believe someone said glen miller.

    anyone been on
    if not you should check that out.

  43. Check out Secret Photos on myspace. That is my friend. He is a one man band. Guitar and a drum machine. Has all different sounds. Kind of in the same genre as Minus the Bear and Pinback.

  44. Wow Pinback! They rock! I just dusted off the first album and added a few tracks to my workout mix. They’re a cool band.

  45. Favorite bumper sticker of all time:


    oh and by the way…. Screw A-rod

  46. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    6-2 fishies!!! im watchin on gamecenter. now i dont feel so bad that they gave us a run for our money on thursday. also it was funny in between periods they showin billy jaffe and butch playin rollerhockey against the egg man egg levine and he beat jaffe in a shootout. it was kinda corny but it was funny. jaffes a cool dude. wish we had him instead of joe or gianerd or even troutface

  47. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    March 7th, 2009 at 2:48 pm
    ps looking at some of the music tastes from everyone on here id think we need to inject some youth into the blog lineup geeze.

    i hear that deja- but i still love oldies. but yea i feel ya. just no rap. rap sucks

  48. maybe Avery is already in fatso’s head.

    but seriously, I notice that the Isles are much faster now that they have purged thru deals or injuries all of their slow old players.

  49. Are we still going to call them Bridgeport now, or because they are beating the debbi’s could we get a little respect for our win on Thursday.

  50. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    pavel- kingsx rocks!!! but hendrix was ahead of his time for sure. hendrix had so much talent i could only imagine how influential he couldve been and he was but he was so young man. i like when he started the band of gypsies he started becoming more bluesy, which i like.

  51. Hi Linda. I am Jo, Agravaine’s sister. She wanted me to pass on her e-mail to you its We left NY last night and will be at the game Thursday. So far we have a pretty good group coming.

  52. Music for me is anything except rap and r&b. Range from johnny cash big and rich and reba macintyre to queen styx rush floggin molly and for some new stuff cold play nickelback seether and decembrists and so on. :-)

  53. TiredofSather on

    Top 5 Greatest Bands of All Time (in no particular order)
    1. Buddy Holly and the Crickets
    2. Grateful Dead
    3. Guns N Roses
    4. Cream
    5. Soundgarden

    And yeah, Nickelback and Creed are indeed the biggest garbage on Earth

  54. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i cant believe someone said glen miller.

    anyone been on
    if not you should check that out.

    how bout glen campbell- “like a rhinestone cowboy”!!!!! that was rennys 2nd favorite song right behind neil diamond’s sweet caroline which when by himself would substitute the word caroline for callahan.”sweet callahan! dud dud duh!!!! he tried to use betts and voros name but didnt have enough syllables.

  55. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    my top 5 are pearl jam, pink floyd, jimi hendrix, stp, the bubblegum band” (hollweg, staal and strudwick on guitar hero)
    just kidin on the last one, the last one would have to be a tie between rage against the machine and the killer wombats( my friends’ garage band )

  56. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    actually oasis was awesome but they always get drunk and beat the crap out of each other

  57. I’m sad I really like nickelback. Ok that’s a lie I’m not sad. Top five bands hmmmmm that’s hard. Johnny cash. Styx. Rolling stones. The who. Montgomery gentry. Floggin molly. But then that list can easily change depending ok mood.

  58. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    damn 7-3 thrashing of the debbies today. i actually cheered when bergenheim got the empty net hattrick. sucks brodivas still gonna pass roy for wins though. we need to beat the crap outta the bruins tommorow. that’ll finally give the team the confidence to go into the playoffs knowing they can really do some damage if they play their asses off. you could see dru, gomer, and the rest of the leaders on the team are startin to come around and looks like we’ll be in good shape if they continue to get on the scoresheet. not quite convinced of a posssible cup run but ya never know thats why they play the games. well, im out, see ya tommorow lads and dont forget to fix ya clocks

  59. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    johanna- i love all the groups u mentioned. its hard to pick top 5 when i like so many. depending on mood i guess.

  60. Yeah I think the boys with a win tomorrow prove they are at least second round material maybe third and on. Really I am just happy to have a team that opposing coaches say “qe have to play hard because the rangers are the kind of team tat works hard forwcheck and first to the puck.” plus in the music department OAR crazy game of poker just came to mind
    S a fun one. Ans the fray is a new band I really like.

  61. Ott, NSH, STL, TBL all must win tonight over BUF PHI FLA CAR … and with the win tomorrow which we will move to the 5th position over Montreal Comedians* with 76 points and only two behind 4th place PHI! sweet!

  62. HockeymanRangers on

    Wow Islanders kick’s the devils butts big time, maybe we did play ok Thursday night against them. If the Islanders keep going maybe they can make the playoffs
    next year.

  63. HockeymanRangers on

    What’s the matter with the Detroit fans, are they getting bored with winning???

  64. Creed rules….What a shame that Stapp & Tremonti didnt get along. Hopefully they resurface together one day to make some music again.

  65. “I’m not really into baseball,” Rozsival said. “I’m pretty sure he’ll be alright.”

    Was that taken out of context you clever dog?

  66. >>”What’s the matter with the Detroit fans, are they getting bored with winning???”
    The Detroit fans are tired of watching that sissy European style that the Wings play. They don’t have any Canadian goons to fight. Well, that’s according to Don Cherry.

    >>”i actually cheered when bergenheim got the empty net hattrick.”
    Yeah, I couldn’t help pull for him to get it too. It was very easy to cheer for the Islanders today.

  67. DMB sucks by the way

    Anyone see Marty Brodeur get lit up? LOL why’d that arrogant jackass leave him in there?

    Peeped Weekes! Devils are slipping

  68. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i cant stand this crap. every damn team thats fighting for playoff spots are all winning. this is not lookin good for us. these teams just arent losin games anymore and we got a rough sched.

  69. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    carolina just scored 3 goals in like 2 minutes. great puck movement, speed and forecheck. we better step up and beat bostons ass at home no excuses tommorow. im pissed damnit. were gonna be out of 8th by tonight

  70. Dream Theater is awesome! Liquid Tension Experiment rocks too.

    I really like the new BPA (Brighton Port Authority) album which is Fatboy Slim working with David Byrne, Iggy Pop, Dizzy Rascal, many more.

    If anyone here likes trip hop check out Thievery Corporation from DC; the name says it all they sample different kinds of music from around the world and make this danceable awesomeness. I was at that concert the night of Torts’s first game back.

    I have no problem with DMB but I hate how all his fans call him “Dave” like they’re on a first name basis with him or something.

    I grew up listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Jane’s Addiction/Porno For Pyros, Megadeth, Parliament Funkadelic and then got into Jazz like the great Jaco Pastorious, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock..and then later hip hop like Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, A Tribe Called Quest, MF Doom, Outkast, etc. I love music…..and Rangers hockey!

  71. dont geek out the Rangers will make the playoffs. peep last 2 years. but then again that ‘lazy’ Jagr “who needed to go [to make the team better]” was always a factor…

  72. im 22 and an indie punk rocker most of the stuff i like nobodys probably ever heard of but to name some

    Bad Religion, Ramones, Oasis, Bouncing Souls, Brand New, Four Year Strong, Neutral Milk Hotel

    Im incredibly eclectic I actually have some glen miller vinyl and one Harry Belafonte one lol. I was just joking around at everyone’s love for adult rock up there lol

  73. Dead, moe., Phish (blasting their concert from last night right now), and all the good stuff from Big L to Biggie to Metallica to Wu Tang, Janes AD, Blind Melon, New Deal, Rage, Marley/Tosh, STS9, 311, Beastie Boys, all the good stuff ya know

  74. Listening to a Great band from Leningrad right now.. “The Flaming Home Made Vodka Shotz”…can’t make out a single word but I’m told they are anarchists so I listen…

  75. Indie punk music is cool too; Fugazi, Make-up and all the Dischord stuff, the Canadian band known as F*cked Up, The Ex from The Netherlands, Minutemen, Husker Du, Black Flag, the Weirdos, Bad Brains. Modest Mouse is a cool band. And even though they’re more mainstream I still like Kings of Leon.

    BTW, King’s X rock too!

    Has anyone here ever heard the Red Army metal song? It’s pretty funny, it’s like really over the top metal with a deep voiced vocalist just singing the name of every Russian player from back in the early 90s, he even at one point goes ‘Valerei Ze-le-puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-kin”

  76. Kaspar
    March 7th, 2009 at 8:15 pm
    Listening to a Great band from Leningrad right now.. “The Flaming Home Made Vodka Shotz”…can’t make out a single word but I’m told they are anarchists so I listen…

    kaspar… is the name of the group “Leningrad?”

  77. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    mike a- haha husker du!!! shat i remember them when i was a lil kid.

  78. u guys throwing these band names … more than half of them dont ring any bells for me! i am more into underground music.. GoaTrance, Psybient music… check these artists out… Shpongle, Infected Mushroom, and Younger Brother, just to name a few… for the Dream Theater fans i recommend Infected Mushroom new album “Vicious Delicious”… these guys are great and draw their inspiration from old school heavy metal… their new stuff is very experimental and has Rock/Rap/Trance all mixed together… I have been their fan for the past 10 years!

  79. Apparently Ranger fans have awesome taste in music, I’m surprised at some of the bands that I’m seeing mentioned. Then again, hockey has always been the punk rock of sports. If there are any Ramones fans out there, check out The Hanson Bros. (not the cheezy boy band), it’s the guys from NoMeansNo doing hockey punk.

  80. If WE… The Rangers Fans, could chose who comes and who goes player and management wise the way we chose the music we want to listen to, this world would be a PERFECT PLACE! almost…

  81. MAKO that is not so good for us though… CAR will have 35 wins and 75 points and NYR at 74 points and 33 wins…

  82. CCCP

    I know :( I know. No help, wrong teams getting hot at the wrong times. Glad the Isles pounded the Devs today thought :)

  83. You wanna talk bands here are my top

    In know particular order

  84. Lalime sucks so bad. Watching Buffalo/Ottawa game and the Panther/Blues games -both good games.
    Gomez taking out Ryan Miller 2 weeks ago was huge.

  85. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    thank god at least buff lost. and the debs. acdavidc i would have never guessed your top band would be ac/dc. lol j/k but really? ac/dc? theyre horrible dude. hey to each his own man i liked em when i was younger but damn they are redundant. they have a few good ones but most of their stuff is regurgetated crap i can only listen to when im wasted. ive never heard of van hanland though lol. now van halen theyre good!! as for zeppelin, page was great, plants vouce absolutely made me insane.

  86. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    zeppelin totally bitched outr when they made dyermaker. thats gota be the fruitiest song ever

  87. You know, reading this made me remember how much I loved Bad Brains in high school, and then I went on iTunes and listened to a few of the songs two months ago…
    Does that mean I’ve sold out?
    Anyway, new post.

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