Rangers 4, Bridgeport 2


I don’t want to totally discredit last night’s victory, but this was a pretty bad Islanders team that was so decimated it needed four minor-leaguers who just showed up a couple of hours before game time.

Yes, at this point a win is a win is a win. It is. There are 17 games left and the Rangers need every single point.

And, in fairness, the Islanders are always a tough game for the Rangers because they play a very aggressive style that is even more aggressive when they play the Rangers with nothing to lose. Nothing. But even the Rangers players and John Tortorella said they weren’t really happy with the way they played. Again, at this point, you don’t over-examine. Mark Messier, Mike Keenan, and Glen Sather (when he was Oilers coach) had the theory: Don’t critique the wins. You take the points and move on.

But I am interested to see what happens when this Rangers team, which looks so completely different under the new coaching staff, and with three new players, plays a decent team. Can they score against a top team? Can they win? Can they win a few in a row? And curious to see how it looks when the new players get in a couple of practices, after the old players finally got in a couple of practices with the new coach. This is their team now.

It’s not about me, but I will remind you that I’ve been on this blog since Jan.29. And since then I have seen four wins. One in a shootout over Washington. One over a pathetic Colorado team. Two over the powerhouse Islanders. In that time, I have also seen losses to terrible teams like Toronto and Atlanta and St. Louis.

So excuse me for being skeptical over this two-game winning streak, or for not being convinced that all the changes are going to make for drastically different results. Although I do understand why you might be excited.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1) Nik Zherdev’s goal and his assist were two of the most high-skilled plays I’ve seen in the last month. The shot, off a turnover, found an opening the size of a stamp. The pass, off a collision by two Islanders, went through a defenseman’s legs and onto the stickblade of Scott Gomez, who only had to celebrate.

2) Gomez and Chris Drury have been coming on for a little while now, and are getting better under Tortorella, and if they go, and the Rangers can score three most nights, they will win.

3) The newcomers. Sean Avery was obviously having a tough time staying upright. Maybe that was because of his forced hiatus from hockey. He was a force, though. Nik Antropov had a nice debut, although I think Tortorella will have to push his buttons periodically. I said this before about Derek Morris — soft as he may be for a big man, he’s the Rangers’ best defenseman right now. Nowhere near what he was supposed to be, but better than what the Rangers had.

4) You have to love the pace of the games they play now.

5) When Colton Orr was shaken up, my immediate thought was “Aaron Voros” — the only extra body on the roster. Let’s just say depth isn’t a strength.

6) Markus Naslund’s goal was even weaker than his fight.

7) Sunday’s an NBC game (and Monday a Versus), and you know that that means: Deep analysis you can’t get anywhere else. Like this promotional remark from Mike Milbury:

“It’s always heated when it’s Boston and New York,” MIlbury said. “Whether it’s Yankees-Red Sox, Jets-Pats or Rangers-Bruins, it takes on more meaning. The fans don’t like each other and that often carries over to the players and the teams.”

Yeah, how long did it take you to think of that one, Mike? Spend a lot of time on the internet analyzing and crunching numbers and facts? And do you really think this is still the jump-in-the-stands and beat-somebody-with-his-own-shoe era? Not. Rangers-Bruins ranks about 12th or 15th on the Eastern Conference rivalry list.

Here’s NBC’s Pierre McGuire on the Rangers’ two trades:

“The jury’s out on these. I hope Derek Morris has more than he showed in Phoenix and (Nik) Antropov has always underachieved. I think (Petr) Prucha and (Nigel) Dawes have tremendous upside but if this helps the Rangers make the playoffs, then I’m all for it.”


Here are the official game summary and the event summary from last night’s game.

I’m actually going to be off for a couple of days. I mean, off and actually not working — unlike the 14-hour “day off” when the Rangers made the coaching change, which was my last day off. Jane’s in charge through Sunday.

You guys behave yourselves. And don’t forget to re-set your clocks tomorrow.

Practice update 1:25: Jane here. A few quick bullet points off the Rangers practice. Nikolai Zherdev missed because of a cold, and Aaron Voros played with Markus Naslund and Scott Gomez as John Tortorella worked the same combinations in practice as he did in the game last night.

Last night Sean Avery said he didn’t think he was targeted so today I asked him, “Really?” and he admitted that after having 10 or 15 people tell him he was targeted he guesses he was. But that’s the way he likes to play, he said, so it felt natural to him. Here’s that audio.


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  1. Repost:

    This is just something that I was thinking about late last night. And Im sure Im not alone in this…

    Im not necessarily ‘impressed’ by last nights win, but rather, Im merely ‘satisfied’.

    Why? Because the Rangers skated away with a 4-2 regulation win instead of a 4-2 loss of overtime win/loss.

    Had Renney still been behind the bench, he wouldve immediately had the players sit back on their heels and play defense after Drurys PP goal that put them up 2-1.

    Against a team of young, hungry players, like the Iles, that wouldve been mighty dangerous and would likely result in being down 3-2 late in the 3rd only to let up an empty netter, or to push the game to OT only to go to a skills competition.

    Instead, Torts had them keep pressing the offense, and look where it got us.

    Things arent ‘great’ yet… but I can see them progressing in a positive manner.

  2. From the “Hipshots” Coyotes fan blog…

    “The new kids came in and reenergised the team. Now I know its early (only one game in) but just damn was that exciting to watch. Prucha takes a hell of a lickin and keeps on tickin. I can’t imagine how good that influence will be on the youngsters…

    Prucha was gettin the shit stomped out of him by Chara all night but never let it get to him. The kid is like a jack n the box, you shut the lid on him and he just pops right back up. These new kids sure as hell know how to work the front of the net too…”

  3. Repost:

    Great and exciting game last night; I just watched the Rangers Rewind this morning. I’m so glad they have that back rather than the Rangers in 60 on the following day. Avery did a good job agitating, drawing a penalty, and on offense. Lundqvist looked stellar, even with odd-man rushes, probably because the defensemen played them correctly. As they mentioned on one of the nationally televised games (I think TSN vs. Toronto), it’s strange that he stays so far back in the net, but that seems to work for him. That was a crazy bounce to give us the insurance fourth goal, but it’s another one on the power play, so we’ll take it.

    I’m glad to see such an action-packed game, hopefully it will be 80-90% of the time now rather than 20-30%. It looks like the division is out of reach, but we can still pass the Flyers for fourth with four more games against them. We can also fall into tenth, so they can’t let up for any game.

    No three stars of the game last night? Mine would be Lundqvist, Zherdev, and Comeau. I think the Islanders really miss the presence of the injured Richard Park in their line-up.

    Ha! Briere injured again. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=412671

    Is anyone else not getting the free NHL Network this week? I’m on TWC in Southern Manhattan.

  4. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on


    I think people are misreading what I was saying about Avery last night.

    The guy played well for what I expected of him having not played since November. No doubt about it. I just hate when people bring up that tired Record of Avery in the lineup and Avery out of the lineup. It really cheapens the effort of the team last night. We won that game last night because of good goaltending, a better PP, and Nik Zherdev. Goaltending is almost always there. But the PP and Zherdev I want to give the credit to Torts. Z has been playing very well since Torts showed up, like the defensive burdens of Renney’s terrible system are off his shoulders. And look what Torts is doing for our PP! 4 for 17 since he showed up, 23.5%, with a PP goal in 3 of the 4 games. Although, it was only 2 for 12 before last night, 16.66%. But even that is an improvement over Renney’s 13.8.

    I didn’t notice Morris out on the ice last night, which I think in this case was a good thing since it was his first game after not really getting a chance to practice.

    Antropov is a big guy and he showed that he definitely has hands. But man, that guy is SLOW. He also didn’t really show me much hustle. I hope to see more from him here on out.

    I Agree with what a couple of people have said about Girardi. His game is deteriorating like Tyutin’s was last year. I think it’s a case of trying to do too much. Girardi was good because he never tried to be cute, just made the solid simple play. You never noticed him out there, but he would quietly play a solid game. Now he’s trying to be very physical, trying to get involved on offense, trying to do more in the defensive zone than he should. It’s hurting him.

    I also think Torts’ system is really going to hurt his play. I just don’t think he’s good enough in transition to play this kind of an uptempo system.

  5. Carp,

    First, enjoy the time off – well deserved!

    Second, I think you are spot on with your analysis. I’m guessing maybe 10 guys in the league can make the pass Z made for Gomez’s goal.

    The energy and “attack mentality” is good to see and so refreshing from the turtle crap we used to see under Renney. That they’ve played this new style as well as they have so quickly tells me the guys were dying for a change from Renney’s system.

    Re. the Power Play – we are already seeing consistently better player and puck movement in 4 games than in the past 3 years under the Pearn/Renney regime. If that’s not an indictment of poor coaching, at least concerning the PP, I don’t know what is. Pearn’s next job should be on the roadside selling apples, not in hockey.

  6. Repost:



    Listen, I know people will say that “this is what blogs are for”…they provide a forum for us to critique.

    But it becomes RIDICULOUS when 75% of the comments after a WIN are NEGATIVE. Wake up, people. The NHL is a salary cap league, marked by parity. Furthermore, Rangers/Islanders games will ALWAYS BE CLOSE. Don’t you think Scott Gordon rallied his troops last night, even though they were an inexperienced bunch? Actually, the fact that they were inexperienced made them skate HARDER, because they had something to prove. They were as jacked up as the Rangers, and they were at HOME, in front of just the 5th sellout of the year at the Mausoleum.

    And the Rangers won the game! They hadn’t won a road game in 9 tries. Can we be happy about that? Can we be happy that our big guns produced? Can we be happy that Sean Avery showed up and played an effective game? Antropov got on the scoresheet. Lundqvist was awesome. This was a good, important win.

    Sometimes, I swear, everyone on here forgets there are two teams on the ice. If you wanna watch the Rangers play without any opposition, go to Greenburgh and watch practice.

  7. My favorite part of the Z play was how he constantly checked over his shoulder before committing to Gomez. I think he checked 3 times! Gotta love the on ice awareness and vision.

  8. Carp…Let me guess…You are not in love with Milbury?

    Also, I think reposts happen when a new post comes up while everyone is typing their entry.

    Regarding this recent post Rangers versus Bridgeport…do you think the sarcasm helps? I don’t.

    Everyone, including you Carp, seem to be expecting this team to gel and play together like they have been under this system for 60 games. Give me a break. On the one hand you agree with Doodie that last night’s game was a practice, then on the other hand you are sort of chiding them for being slow and looking out of sorts. You want it both ways?

    Come on. Torts has been at the helm for a whopping total of 4 games. The first two they blew 1 goal leads and lost. They exploded in game 3. They won a game they had to win last night. In that time they got 3 new players, one of whom is public enemy #1 in the NHL right now.

    I say they have done alright over the past 4 and the direction the team is going has improved dramatically.

    Some of the analysis here is similar to the current economic/financial crisis we are witnessing. Everyone wants results yesterday. Everyone wants the future to be clearly written and visible.

    Relax people. I like where we sit right now. I like the direction the team is going. The acquisitions of late plus the new system will take a bunch of games to get used to. Patience!

    And stop being glass half empty people. We are in the playoffs right now if the season ended today and aside from the Devils and the Pens (won 5 straight), no other team in the conference looks dominant right now.

  9. Carp: I love the ripping on the NBC guys. They are insufferable. Rangers-Bruins is about as hot a rivalry as Nashville, and well, anyone. That’s what happens when you’ve got the Debbies, Fishsticks, and Flyers all much closer.

    I’m also dreading the NBC game. I don’t know why, but we always seem to get destroyed in these nationally televised games.

    I am 100% happy with the win last night. It’s like watching a completely different team.

  10. Groin injuries in hockey, let alone any sport that requires moving is a tough one…Briere will not be back on the ice in a Garfield jersey anytime soon

  11. Carp:

    “Why all the reposts? Just curious.”

    Most likely because they were posted in the last thread after this one was posted. So people copied their posts over here so they wouldnt get overlooked.

    And Im with you on Milbury’s (lack of) analysis. The Bruins/Rangers rivalry is about as intense as Rangers/Capitals… its there, but it snot overwhelming

  12. Re: my last post…as far as I am concerned, what happened 5 games ago and beyond is all old news. New coach, new system, new players….the previous games (before the last 4) are meaningless as far as I can tell. It’s as if the governor has been taken out of the engine and the car is free to find its most comfortable speed.

    Let the car go for a little before calling it a clunker.

  13. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, glad someone else noticed Avery’s stability issues.

    As for Milbury, the guy is responsible for some of the worst trades/draft choices in NHL history, (Chara/#2 pick, aka Spezza to Ott for Yashin, Redden to Ott for Berard/Straka, whom they would lose on waivers 22 games into the season, Luongo/Jokinen to FLA for Parrish/Kvasha, drafting Rick DiPietro instead of Dany Heatley or Marion Gaborik) and is a permanent stain on hockey for the shoe incident. He honestly disgusts me.

    Think of what the Islanders could have had: Spezza, Heatley, Redden, Chara, Jokinen, Luongo. That’s basically the Senators starting lineup that got them to the cup finals, substituting Jokinen for Alfredsson, and Luongo for Emery. Looking at their roster in 2006-2007 (when that lineup carried the Sens to the finals), they could have also had Blake, Satan, Kozlov, Poti, and the deadline deals that brought in Smyth and Bergeron. That’s a REALLY good team.

    Oh well.


  14. UESBlueshirt on

    Wow, love the zing to Mad Mike. NY-Boston games tend to have a certain extra kick to them. Although Rangers-Bruins is nowhere near Yankees-Red Sox. A lot of that is due to the fact they haven’t been placed in the same division since before the days of the Patrick/Adams/Norris/Smythe…I think NY’s biggest rival these days across all sports is Philly anyway.

    I’m not going to excuse the Rangers for not beating the likes of ATL, StL and TO, but those first 2 were games where they played not to lose. I think the season reached its low points when they had to fight to the last seconds to score against ATL only after Kovalchuk completely muffed an open net attempt and in StL when Renney called a time out only to have it completely backfire on them. The game against the Leafs was the first of the Torts era and half the players looked confused as to what to do.

    They’ve only had weaker teams to play against thus far, and as much as people want to dismiss the Panthers as a weak team they’re not. They’ve got the most goals from their defense and have a line up full of speedsters.

    No one is proclaiming them as Cup favorites, let alone conference favorites. But they’ve showed signs of improvement in all areas since the coaching change and might find their 2nd wind while some other teams are setting it on cruise control.

  15. Doodie
    Lay off Avery or I’ll have him show up at your house in one of his plaid-short pants-suits that he models…black and gold with black shiney shoes

    Take a break…excellent work these last couple of weeks…I mean it; I heard Zip in between periods on the radio last night….any chance Dave the Rave Maloney interviews you or Jane soon???

  16. “The new kids came in and reenergised the team. Now I know its early (only one game in) but just damn was that exciting to watch. Prucha takes a hell of a lickin and keeps on tickin. I can’t imagine how good that influence will be on the youngsters…

    Prucha was gettin the shit stomped out of him by Chara all night but never let it get to him. The kid is like a jack n the box, you shut the lid on him and he just pops right back up. These new kids sure as hell know how to work the front of the net too…”

    I love Prucha but LOL watch him do that all season long and see how it wears on his body.

    Plus taking yourself out of the play every time you get nailed gets you in trouble. (Kind of like Avery last night getting hit behind his own net, which created an odd-man rush for the Isles where Lundqvist just stood there like a dunce with his 5-hole open and got scored on.

  17. Spent about an hour reading everything I missed last night. I had a “pop-in”

    I thought the first 10-12 min were really intense. Lots of ferocious hitting and crashing the next. Great saves by LQ.

    Man Antropov is HUUUUGE!!! He looked pretty slow in the first two pds. But I did like the fact he was around the net alot.

    I wish Gomez and Drury played the entire season like they did last night. I think the team would have a few more wins if they played like that. Love to FINALLY see them play like that.

    Those 2 goals were Renney’s fault!!

    Z Z Z Z Z Z Z baby!!!! WOW that is all I have to say about the way he played last night. Looking over his shoulder, that pass. Perfect! Under Renney you would probably see them flub that play. Two opposition players crashing into each other. Taking advantage of that opportunity and cashing in on it. Great stuff.

    Rest well Rick!! You deserve it!!!!!!!

  18. I hit send too soon. Avery for his first game back played a VERY smart game. Drew two penalties, had two scoring chances and threw his body around. SO what he couldnt keep his balance…. Im sure he will be fine in another game or so… Glad to have him back!!

  19. Jay, GREAT POINT.

    This league has been, and will always be, plagued by inconsistencies like that.

    What warrants “counseling” more? Methinks it’s the attempt to physically harm another human being, not make fun of your opponent.

    This is why the NHL will never touch the other three sports. Stuff like this makes people want to keep it at an arm’s length.

  20. Downie’s a joke. His rap sheet is now officialy “ridiculous”
    NHL suspension, AHL suspension, ton of borderline hits/plays/meltdowns, and now slashing a ref? Avery would be stoned.

  21. Morris is not even close to being the Rangers best defenseman… He was by reputation 4 years ago, but that is it.

    Staal, Rozy, and even Girardi are better than him at this point. Heck, Mara too with the way he’s played this year.

  22. New Newman. I’m not disagreeing with you. It is better. No doubt. I just need to see them to it against better teams and more consistently. that’s all.

    Kaspar, I’m sure I’ll be a between-periods guest soon. I’ll post it in advance so you can all laugh at me.

    Mako, thanks.

    Rangers Fan, I think less of the current defensemen than you do. And more of Morris, soft and un-offensive as he is.

    I’m out.

  23. The Original Domi28 on

    Jay March 6th, 2009 at 11:22 am

    This is what really pisses me off.

    Downie deliberately slashes a ref.


    Yes he gets a 20 game suspension but no mention of anger mgmt counceling.

    Avery makes a comment – OFF ICE – and is practically run out of the league and must undergo “rehab”.

    Total BS by the NHL (who Campbell??) Total embarassment.

    I believe the AHL hands out the penalty and not the NHL.

  24. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    It’s also because Downie isn’t making headlines. Avery made headlines.

    It’s the minor league, they don’t give a damn.

    Although, I agree that since avery went to anger management, Downie should definitely have to go. I guess the larger point I’m making is that Avery shouldn’t have had to go.

  25. unreal to me that Downie doesnt get a full season suspension for slashing a linesman, I dont care what league it is

  26. Doesn’t surprise me that a player who slashes a reff gets a lesser penalty than a guy who makes some off-color off the ice comments in the Bettman “run” NHL.

    This is the same league that is more concerned with arbitrary hooks and holds than blows to the head, hitting from behind and third man in calls.

  27. your boy Malik on

    Good post Rick – Hah! I was at the “jump-in-the-stands and beat-somebody-with-his-own-shoe” game – and later in Charley-O’s after the game which was almost in lockdown while the furious Ranger fans tried to tip over the Bruins bus…..

  28. The Original Domi28 on

    Not to defend the kid but Downie’s had one tough life, he lost his father at a young age in a car accident and wears a hearing aid because he was severly injured in the accident. His father was taking him to a hockey game.

  29. An observation.

    When Renney was here, it seemed to me that Gomez was given the green light to fly up in and in to the neutral zone and be creative, where none of his line mates were really given that freedom, thus kind of making the whole thing a giant shit show. Since Torts has taken over, it seems all of the players have a lot more freedom, thus making them more affective offensively. I know some of you are probably like, NO CRAP NASTY! But, when I see Gomez creating more offense, and making good plays like this, in this system, it makes me not dislike him. I hate his contract, but I will go out on a limb and say, that if he was able to play in this system all year, he would have at least 15-20 more points than he does right now.

  30. DOMI

    That’s tough for him, but c’mon, that was over 10 years ago or something. Im not trying to be an asshole, but that doesn’t give him the excuse to continue to do stupid .

    He’s a moron, every season it’s something new, and this is a new low for him. I saw a clip of him on youtube where he gets kicked out of the game, and before leaving he throws all of the equipment on the bench on the ice, and i heard he locked one of his teammates in some bathroom, and the kid was stuck there for hours, then there’s the Dean Mccammond incident, and now this.

    Buttman should step in and actually do something aboot this.

  31. All I know is if our top players can play like top players, and these new guys can contribute, we could make some noise in the playoffs. A lot has to happen for that to happen, but I think it can.

  32. I likes Cally on the Wing the last 2 games over what i have seen with Antropov there. I hope the next few games he can keep up

  33. It bodes very well for this team that Hank is starting to play like a top goalie again.
    I think he was just about at his boiling point and is probably happier than most of us that Renney is gone. The new system seems to have energized him. If he continues to make the big save and is focused this team can beat anyone in the eastern conference.

  34. Nasty

    I agree 10000% I kinda said something like that about Drury and Gomez. I dug his goofy smile when he headed back to the bench after his goal off of Z’s beautiful pass.

    I would guarentee they would have at least 5 more wins if those two played like they did last night all season.

  35. I was watching ESPN 2 last night, and can you believe that this RETARD Barnaby says Buffalo will knock Nyr out of the playoffs ???!!! He says, even with the new players Nyr got, they wont make it, and Buffalo will replace them. He says “Buffalo did a great job getting a guy like Moore, who will help them tremendously, and signing Tellqvist to back them up”

    Umm, you IDIOT, Moore SUCKS, he’s having a career year, he’s not worth a 2nd round pick, he WONT help them by becoming one of their top players, and they LOST Kotalik, without getting anything in return, and Miller is INJURED.

    I liked Barny, but seriously, he’s a loser. ESPN needs to fire this guy, cause he knows jack aboot what he’s talking aboot. Send him back to TSN, and let Melrose get the full time job.

  36. Gomez is playing very well. speed with a purpose. He’s faster than any winger we have, but that was a negative for us because his winger’s were worried about their high board defensive responsibility when he inevitably dumped the puck down low. a vicious circle: don’t be too aggressive because he may lose the puck — give him no options…he’s gonna lose the puck.

    Gomez is finally playing like the 4.5 million dollar player that he truly is! oh wait…damnit.

  37. And Orr, I agree as well. I think the burden of the binding chains of the Renney system are finally starting to fully rust and fall to the group in a cloud of dust. The demons have been exorcised my brothers and sisters. Amen!!!!!


  38. Liquid, are you saying I am already building one, or you are? Your response will weight heavily on my next post/response back to you.

  39. “4) You have to love the pace of the games they play now.”

    this is a huge point Carp, renny hockey used to put me to sleep and as soon as the game was tied I assumed the game was lost under renny

  40. one big reason that the Isles got some real good scoring chances was that the new forecheck system was not in sync last night with the new players and line combos.

    with a couple practices I think they will understand it better and be more in position to pin the opponent in their end more often.

    although I was a bit disappointed in the slowness of Antro, which does not lend itself well to a good forecheck.

    also, the dmen, especially Girardi and Redden were caught flat footed too often in that game. they need Schony to work with them on reading plays better and not pinching when there is no support behind them.

  41. Lol@ anybody who said that Z and Gomer wouldnt b good together. Those two are the seemingly the only ones who can keep up with each others skill level. Sure both are the only forwards who can coast to coast the puck to the Offensive zone, but just on a skill level above the ability of everyone else lets them do things ummm OTHER TEAMS top players in the league do, which we all really need.

  42. Not sure about Morris. He seemed OK and I’m thinking it may be nerves etc. I did like the way he responded to a very active Islander forecheck. He did turn it over a few times but he seemed to out-menuever (sp) on many occasions. He also made some very good first passes to start the play.

    Just my view…

  43. Yeah I forget who it was that said both Z and Gomez carry the puck and they should be seperated LOL

  44. dmen have to get used to where their forwards will be on the outlet pass, so it is not surprising that with the new players and combos there was some confusion in making that first pass.

  45. TULRangerFan on

    Scoring 3 goals a game or better can be an amazing thing for the Rangers. I saw something go by on the ticker/crawler yesterday during that postgame show. It said that the Rangers were like 27-5 (includes OT or SO goal) if they scored 3 goals or better. If that’s true, and they average 3 or better for the rest of the season, it should be no problem getting into the playoffs. Of course, what will they do when they get there is another story.

  46. NYRanger4Life


    great read (though i’m only half-way through) and great site!

  47. let’s hope that Sabres and Canes lose tonight. they are 3 pts behind, so losses at home by them would really help the Rangers.

    Calgary plays at Canes, and Phoenix, with the former Rangers, plays at Buffalo.

  48. Brandon, since when is 6 > 20?

    Just wondering where you get your math skills from…?

    * Brandon
    March 6th, 2009 at 12:28 pm
    Doesn’t surprise me that a player who slashes a reff gets a lesser penalty than a guy who makes some off-color off the ice comments in the Bettman “run” NHL.

  49. Shut up and take the 2 points. Thats how I’m looking at it. Wasn’t the best win in the world but if we keep winning we’ll make the playoffs. Odds aren’t in our favor to win a Cup, but making the playoffs another year in a row is something to strive for. Maybe Torts will get us to the Eastern Conference Finals…where of course we could get owned by the Devils… (sigh)

  50. Won't Make Playoffs on

    Since January 1, the Rangers are 3-9-2 vs top 10 teams in the Eastern Conference. But we all think Tortorella, a 3rd line misfit and a career underachiever (Antropov) are going to save this team? Wow.

    91 pts. 9th place. At least Sather will be gone.

  51. There you go Won’t Make Playoffs….trying to be your old optimistic self.

    Go play in traffic you snotnosed punk.

  52. Won’t Make Playoffs
    March 6th, 2009 at 3:14 pm
    Since January 1, the Rangers are 3-9-2 vs top 10 teams in the Eastern Conference. But we all think Tortorella, a 3rd line misfit and a career underachiever (Antropov) are going to save this team? Wow.

    91 pts. 9th place. At least Sather will be gone.

    Sure – Why bother even playing the remaining games???

  53. And Mr. Optimist….please explain to me how the games before Torts took over are relevant to anything going forward?

  54. Won't Make Playoffs on

    Right, because I editorialized the Rangers’ record against those teams since January 1. It’s fact, look it up if you want. I just thought I’d save you the time. I just don’t get why people are so excited about a best case scenario of finishing 7th or 8th and getting waxed in the first round by Boston or New Jersey. If we miss the playoffs, at least there will be some real change.

  55. Won’t Make Playoffs…do you know that only 3 teams in the top 9 in the East are playing above .500 hockey in the past 10 games? So take your sorry ass to another blog you friggin troll.

  56. Won't Make Playoffs on

    “And Mr. Optimist….please explain to me how the games before Torts took over are relevant to anything going forward?”

    Because they’re the same players. We made nothing additions, like we always do. We got names. Derek Morris? Nik Antropov? Really? And stop acting like Tortorella is God, he was the coach of the worst team in the Eastern Conference last year and he had Lecavalier, St. Louis, Boyle, and Brad Richards.

  57. Won’t Make Playoffs….I think you are about 14 yrs old. Here’s how I know: You wrote: “It’s fact, look it up if you want. I just thought I’d save you the time.” It reminds me of what I used to hear about 25 yrs ago when I was that age.

    Do you know what Boston’s record is in their last 10 games? Would it surprise you to know they have won 3 of their last 10? “It’s fact, look it up if you want. I just thought I’d save you the time.”

    Go back to middle school.

  58. Stop trying to guess how many games we will win or lose!!!
    Sit back, relax and enjoy the overpaid show. We are no longer a 0-1, 2-1, hockey team. Torts is an amazing psycho coach who will let them be creative. Seriously, hes the type of coach who MAKES GREAT PLAYERS. Hi, Vinny SUCKED his 1st two seasons after being drafted 1st overall (people calling him a bust). Martin St. who? Was the most unknown player in the league, and is now wat everyunder 6ft forward wants to be. Brad Richards drafted 3rd round. Dan Boyle, great puck moving dman, He let Modin blast his cannon, etc, etc.
    We have GREAT PLAYERS who have played TERRIBLE, and its not fully there fault. Gomez is NJ was a top 5 center with decent small wingers. Drury was known as Mr. Clutch around the entire league. Z can be as good as ANY PLAYER in the league. Dubi, Cally, etc. We are actually loaded with talent and balance, its a matter of putting it together and letting it thrive. Kinda tough to do that in the remainder of the season but if it happens or close to happens, with a hot HANK. NO East Conf team would want to see us in the playoffs.

  59. Won't Make Playoffs on

    I knew what Boston’s record was, thanks. But they’re not competing for a playoff spot. We are. Little bit of a difference. I also think Boston will be out of the playoffs before the Eastern Conference Finals. My point is simply that this team is not good enough. They deserve some credit for beating the teams that they should beat. But with 15 of 17 against teams in the playoffs or just out, nothing I’ve seen from THIS GROUP OF PLAYERS suggests this team will be able to hold off the teams behind us and make the playoffs. There’s still too much dead wood.

  60. why do you guys even respond to that assclown? Just ignore Tom Renney and he will go away.

  61. poster child on

    I get the feeling that the Prucha diehards are now rooting against the Rangers.

    why can’t they root for both teams? I notice that they also are Morris haters because he was traded for their heroes, as though he had any choice in who was traded for him.

    Ranger fans have seen many worse trades over the years yank real Ranger popular heroes out from under them, but they have always stayed true to the blue.

    go ahead, root for Pru, but stay with the Blue. I mean you.

  62. Won't Make Playoffs on

    “NO East Conf team would want to see us in the playoffs.”

    Wow. What a joke. When teams are trying to purposely lose the last game of the season so that they can play us instead of Buffalo or Pittsburgh, you’ll change your tune. Don’t think it happens? See Pittsburgh “resting” its stars in the last game of last season with the #1 seed on the line so that they would play slumping Ottawa in Round 1 instead of Philadelphia.

  63. If the Rangers make the playoffs:

    “Won’t Make Playoffs” changes name to “Going all the WAY!!!”

  64. I think Orr just had the wind knocked out of him,since he was back on the ice.
    The new players looked ok but with being new and learning a new system they did OK.With today and sat for practice Sun should be a better example of there play. At least it’s not borin g renney hockey!!!!!!!!

  65. poster child

    go crawl back under the bridge you came from…. no one here is rooting against the Rangers because Prucha was traded.

  66. Mako you are right. Once I heard the “Boston isn’t trying because they are not fighting for a playoff spot,” ASSCLOWN is exactly what came to mind. Every team wants to be on the skids in the final quarter of the season as they go into the playoffs. That strategy worked perfectly for the Senators last year.

  67. Won't Make Playoffs on

    It’s clear that your passion blinds you to the reality of mediocrity. I will be back next weekend after we get swept by the Flyers. Until then, enjoy raving about our victories over the #15 teams in each conference. Wooo Torts. Wooo Antro. WE ARE HEALED!!

  68. Newman

    The logic that some people come up with I swear its like they have no brains in their heads. LOL I think they stay stupid sh*t on purpose.

  69. Hartford Whalerpack on

    Avery stability issues? Anybody remember watching him last year? Yeah, he threw his body at anything with a pulse, sometimes he knocked ’em down but many times he fell, too. That’s what Avery looks like, flailing around most of the time. I think Avery is friggin awesome, but think back to last year, he falls a lot, that’s what happens when you try and finish every single check.

    Did you see him fall during that spin o rama or the strong arm wrap around the net? Nope.

  70. Won't Make Playoffs on

    Newman, you’re going to have to show me where I said Boston isn’t trying. They’re slumping. But this is a conversation about the playoffs. Boston can play .500 hockey and make the playoffs. We probably cannot. And I see no recent evidence suggesting we’ll beat the stiffer competition in the East. If you can find some, I’d love to hear it.

  71. Won’t make Playoffs:

    You’d get a lot of people here to agree with you, if you changed your tone. But you’re not interested in “agreement” or “hockey discussion” or “making a good point” you’d rather light fires. I’ll see you over on sherdog.com

  72. “But they’re not competing for a playoff spot.”

    competing = trying in my book

  73. Won't Make Playoffs on

    Jeff, my tone is no less moderate than those printing playoff tickets and handing us the #4 seed because we beat the Islanders and Avs, and added a couple of names whose actual production falls far short of their reputations.

    I say we miss the Playoffs. Others disagree. In the end, I am confident that I will be on the correct side of this disagreement.

  74. I think if Henrik plays the rest of the way like he did last night, Rangers will make it for sure.

    he made some key saves in that one.

  75. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    OK, the Downie slash video looks like it was an accident. Reckless, yes, but not like he didn’t like the ref’s call and he whacked him for it.

    So, the anger management thing, I can understand it not being there. In fact, after seeing that video, I feel like that penalty is a bit excessive.

  76. Playoffs:

    I think the recent bubbliness on the blog is more a function of the quality of hockey rather than the Rangers all of a sudden being a contender. Hockey fans like to watch exciting hockey. The Rangers (yes, 4 games is a small sample size) have been playing exciting hockey.

    I believe your point is that you’d rather see us miss the playoffs so that Sather, the big problem, gets the blame. A few weeks ago many people wanted the team to miss the playoffs so that Renney and Sather would get the can, and now, since the Torts hiring, we no longer hear the “please miss the playoffs” line of reasoning.

    Torts MIGHT just be a band-aid that removes blame from Sather…AND making the playoffs will certainly shine the blame in Renney’s direction and provide more cover for Sather.

    That being said. I hope we catch fire, roar into the playoffs and upset someone. Then next year, under Torts, our offense plays well enough to move Gomez at the deadline.(he’s the only big contract that can put up a big enough offensive number). Hell, maybe if Redden has 47 points at next years deadline……

  77. Won’t Make Playoffs is right in some ways. We don’t really know how this team in its new form stacks up against some of the heavy hitters in the East.

    Torts took over the team and we’ve seen this so far.

    vs Toronto: OTL
    vs Toronto: OTL
    vs Florida: Loss
    vs Colorado: Win
    vs Islanders: Win

    None of those teams are cup contenders. While I do believe we will make the playoffs and at least the 2nd round, we need to see how they play in their next couple of games against better teams.

    Regardless of this season, the future is bright.

    Let’s go Rangers!


    The first OTL to Toronto Renney was still around for. Forget about that one.

  79. Zherdev13 (formerly known as Prucha25 on

    “”And do you really think this is still the jump-in-the-stands and beat-somebody-with-his-own-shoe era? Not.””

    I love that line ha haaaa!!!

  80. yeah, but that was a road win, the first one in 9 games on the road, so that is improvement, no matter who it was against.

  81. Joe:

    Very true. However I was there last night and it sure didn’t seem like a road game. :P

  82. Torts took over the team and we’ve seen this so far.

    vs Toronto: OTL
    vs Toronto: OTL
    vs Florida: Loss
    vs Colorado: Win
    vs Islanders: Win

    vs Toronto game Still under Renney
    vs Toronto game Torts 1st game – players still shaking the brain wash off – played more up tempo game
    vs Florida – See above
    vs Colorado – Torts got his point across to his new team. Dominated the game and never sat back on heels. Renney still coach game would have been 6-5 probably
    vs Islander game – New players into the mix, up tempo, some confusion. Torts system implemented and 2 ppg :)

    that is how I see it :)

  83. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    I see us making the playoffs coming down to the wire. I said it from the beginning of the season that we would be scraping to make the playoffs, and I’m not surprised to see that I was right.

    But even if we make the playoffs, don’t expect a finals appearance, not even the conference finals.

  84. We don’t need the rangers to miss the play offs for people to see that sather has been awful…the media has done that enough.

    However, imo, we’ll make the playoffs, yeah we don’t know how the new system will do against better teams, but those better teams (boston) isn’t doing too hot right now.

    I too would love to be the underdog in the playoffs that upsets the dreams of a cup contender. That would be enough for me

  85. MAKO:

    Thats how I see it too. I still think we need to wait until we play some tougher teams to pass complete judgement though.

    I’m just having fun watching this team play. It’s like we’ve been deprived all season lol.

  86. The Esteemed Doodie Machetto on

    They should’ve taken Carlson. Grachev was luck in the third round.

    If Carlson pans out right, imagine both he and Mike Greene on the same team?

  87. Brian Foyles on

    Girardi worries me, and becomes a liability for us when he is paired with our best defenseman and absorbs more play time than he should. I see Morris calming down, learning our system, and becoming one of our better d-men. Possible lining up to the right side of Staal?

  88. Brian Foyles:

    Girardi picked up a lot of horrible habits playing with Redden under Renney’s system. His quality of play isn’t even close to where it has been in past seasons. Hopefully he changes and gets his act together.

  89. some TV playoff news folks


    NBC to Broadcast Games 1 & 2, 5-7 of Stanley Cup Finals, VERSUS to Air Games 3 & 4
    Posted in Uncategorized by stevelepore on March 6th, 2009

    We’ll get to why exactly this is earth-shattering news, to the point where we built it up shortly. Let’s go at it from the start. NBC released it’s PR for the Bruins-Rangers game yesterday, which is what they usually do for the NBC Game of the Week. We took a quick look at it to see if there was anything interesting, and moved on. We went back to it, quite by accident, by clicking on the wrong link. So we decided to read it again, and in this PR, it listed something we hadn’t seen before:

    NBC will also broadcast weekend games throughout the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and up to five Stanley Cup Final games (Games 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7).

    That certainly captured my attention. We immediately E-Mailed Brian Walker of NBC Universal’s crack PR team, who confirmed the situation. Our E-Mail to the NHL hasn’t been answered as of post time, but we will update it once they respond.

    As you all know, since 2000, games 1 & 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals have aired on cable (ESPN or VERSUS) and games 3-7 have aired on broadcast television (ABC or NBC). This is the first major shakeup of the Stanley Cup Finals in a decade, since FOX and ESPN used to randomly split the games. This is a different situation, and we will tell you why we like it.

    We’re totally okay with VERSUS getting two games of the Stanley Cup Final. Unlike NBC, they pay a significant amount of money to broadcast the National Hockey League, and should be rewarded for being the only network to do so. However, I’ve never liked the idea of the series beginning on cable, because it automatically makes it so the series has to build itself up from the bottom (Alas, the first two games of last year’s huge finals NHL-wise couldn’t crack 2 million viewers). This is a huge coup for VERSUS, as they’ll likely benefit from tons of cross-promotion from the NHL and NBC, who will beg viewers to stick with the series to basic cable.

    This is also a good move for NBC. FOX typically used to air Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals from 1995-99, and did pretty well ratings wise, whereas the league struggled to gain momentum with Game 1 airing on cable. Here are the numbers of every Game 1 since 1995, according to Sports Media Watch:

    6/17/95, New Jersey vs. Detroit (FOX): 3.2
    6/4/96, Florida vs. Colorado (FOX): 3.7
    5/31/97, Detroit vs. Philadelphia (FOX): 4.0
    6/9/98, Washington vs. Detroit (FOX): 3.3
    6/8/99, Buffalo vs. Dallas (FOX): 3.4
    5/30/00, Dallas vs. New Jersey (ESPN): 1.5
    5/26/01, New Jersey vs. Colorado (ESPN): 1.4
    6/4/02, Carolina vs. Detroit (ESPN): 2.3
    5/27/03, Anaheim vs. New Jersey (ESPN): 1.4
    5/25/04, Calgary vs. Tampa Bay (ESPN): 1.1
    6/5/06, Edmonton vs. Carolina (OLN): 0.9
    5/28/07, Ottawa vs. Anaheim (VERSUS): 0.6
    5/24/08, Pittsburgh vs. Detroit (VERSUS): 1.8

    As you see, the NHL clearly did better to have the Stanley Cup Finals begin on NBC, introduce all the storylines and players, toss it over to VERSUS for 3 & 4, and then perhaps send it back to NBC for a potential 5-7. You can tell that the only possible negative wrinkle in the deal is that, if a sweep occurs in the Finals, the Cup will be handed out on basic cable. However, we’re willing to cross that bridge when we come to it. A good move for NBC, VERSUS and the NHL all around. Now here’s hoping VERSUS provides some coverage of Games 1 & 2 pre- and post-game, and doesn’t just awkwardly jump into Game 3. Right? Right?

  90. As far as Antro’s speed; the guy is 6’6” and probably like 6’8” on skates so he’s moving fast, he just has a lot of mass to move around (physics!) so it appears he’s slower than a Gomez/Dubi/etc. plus his reach is amazing; watch the second goal when Drury loses the puck; yeah Dubi got it back, but it was all because of Antro’s reach and pressure.

    And yes, if the Rangers play well enough and get into the dance they have a very good shot to be this year’s low seed that takes out 1-2 top seeds with them. That’s what’s great about the NHL, every year some low seed gets sprinkledwith the magic playoff fairy dust and goes on a ridiculous run (see Rangers 79 and 86, Hurricanes 02, Oilers 06, Flyers 08, etc.)

  91. “I’m just having fun watching this team play. It’s like we’ve been deprived all season lol”

    Ugh, couldn’t agree any more. Ive never rooted against Nyr since becoming a fan of the team. This year was really boring, now out of nowhere im energized and actually look forward to the games.

    Winning the Cup is a long shot, but i believe they can do it, if they best players show up for the playoffs. For sure.

  92. MIKEA

    Yup. Nyr has the talent, the only reason why everyone isn’t giving them a chance is because they’re not playing the way they used to play. If they all show up, we can do some serious damage and upset some teams.

    4th place isn’t out of the picture. The Flyers aren’t looking to great these days, same with the Habs, and even the Panthers are slowing down, so Nyr can easily sneak into 4th and get home ice.

    They just have to beat these teams, and get some fuggin points. Those final two games against the Flyers are gonna be huge, hopefully they finish them off in regulation in both.

  93. Nasty

    There was nothing “creative”about what Gomez did. He raced up to the opposing blue line, dumped the puck in and watched the other team immediately bring it out. This was a choreagraphed move by him.

  94. Mike A

    Didnt the Devils win something like 13 or 15 in a row a few years ago going into the playoffs?

  95. If only we had traded Dan Girardi. We would’ve won this game 4-0.

    When is this idiot going to start playing well again?

    He’s been terrible since late November early December.

    Right around the time when Redden’s game went to hell. Guess why that happened? Because Dan Girardi is a horrible player in the 2nd half.

    The sooner we trade him, the better. He still has good value around the league. I sincerely hope Slats moves him at the draft. Pairing him with Staal has seen Staal’s game go to hell recently, too.

    I think we all know that Girardi is the culprit. Torts needs to sit him a few games.

  96. jonathan, I agree. Especially with your point that Girardi’s value is still high league wide vs. his actual performance, so a trade over the summer would be good with me.

    Who knows, maybe in time Tortorella can drag better play from him, but last night was not encouraging

  97. Milbury on Rangers vs Boston game…


    NHL on NBC analyst Mike Milbury is never at a loss for opinions and he has a few thoughts on both the New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins, the participants in Sunday’s NHL on NBC game (12:30 p.m. ET) at Madison Square Garden.

    The Rangers remade themselves on the fly in the past two weeks, starting with the dismissal of coach Tom Renney, who was replaced by the fiery John Tortorella. Then, in the hours leading up to Wednesday’s trade deadline, the team added prodigal son Sean Avery through re-entry waivers and imported Toronto forward Nik Antropov and Phoenix defenseman Derek Morris through separate deals.

    The results have been good so far as the Rangers have put together back-to-back wins and have gained points in three of four games under Tortorella.

    Still, Milbury has a few questions he would like to see the Rangers answer, starting with Sunday’s game against the Bruins:

    * Is the new-found energy under John Totorella sustainable?

    * Can the offense supply enough to be a threat in the postseason?

    * How good a hockey chef is coach Tortorella? He has just six weeks to whip together a team.

    * What about Avery rejoining the Rangers after a League-mandated suspension and anger-management counseling? Milbury believes Avery will be a model citizen in his return to the NHL.

    * Does the Rangers’ defense have the skill to go deep in the playoffs? Unlike many critics, Milbury doesn’t believe a lack of physicality on the blue line will be a detriment. He wants to see if the defenseman can play a more committed, and basic, game.

    The Bruins, who sit first in the Eastern Conference, will also be under Milbury’s microscope. After all, this is a team that has lost nine of its last 12 games and is starting to show some fissures as the playoffs approach, causing some teeth gnashing and hand wringing among the Hub’s hockey faithful.

    Here’s some questions that Milbury has about the Bruins:

    * Can the Bruins start to get big games from their big players again? The team has lost its defensive structure, discipline and goal-scoring confidence in the past month, Milbury says.

    * How will the new additions at the trade deadline — defenseman Steve Montador and forward Mark Recchi — fit in with the club? Milbury says Montador brings depth and toughness on the blue line, while Recchi is a left-handed shot option on the power play, something that coach Claude Julien has done without this season.

    * Did GM Peter Chiarelli do enough at the deadline to address his team’s deficiencies? Right now, Milbury believes that the Bruins GM did what was necessary to bring a spark, but also says that Boston’s present funk is not to be overlooked.

    — Shawn Roarke

  98. Mako-Yean in 06 when the Devils were white hot heading into the playoffs. It can be done. Heck, it’s not mathematically impossible to still win the division. Hope for the best but we a realist.

    I know Girardi’s had a rough year and like 9/10s of the internet are ready to drive Redden/Rozy and even Morris to the airport but this is it; there’s 17 to go and these are our guys. I’d love to see Sauer and Sang up but we gotta root for the 6 D men now and worry about moves this summer.


  99. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on


    Ya even stole the #13 , you had #25 so live with it , if you were any kinda Prucha fan you would keep his number and slightly modify it .

  100. OMG these announcers are obnoxious !!!

    2 – 0 buffalo. 2nd goal deflected off of Dawes and went in.

  101. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Mike A , you always seem to make alot of sense and that bit ya put about Antro , I think Doodie should read it!!! Antro looks slow , hes so huge . Antropov is pritty cool and I think Torts is the right guy to coach him , Torts is NOT a bandaid that Sather used to cover his azz . Tort should be here to stay , to push the players, Media and even us fans….When Torts Burps Sather says excuse me !!!!

  102. I’d love for them to keep Antro and have him one line, Anisimov another, and Grachev on another for a year. It’d be fun.

    We can now vote for the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award; I’m going with Cally this year and Mara as the runner-up.

    Alf Pike from the 1940 team passed away :(

  103. Afinigenov should be traded away from buffalo… talk about a player needing a change of scenery.

  104. MAKO
    Thanks for the gift! Too busy at work today to post much but just read a bunch…good stuff.
    Milbury’s a brute…my buddy is a Nassau cop…did coliseum duty one night late in the Milbury years and got called to a fracas where Milbury clocked some fan…

  105. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Won’t Make Playoffs —- Is that you Beer Me! ? I guess you are so ashamed to show yourself and root against your team that you have to use another posting name.

    As for the game-

    Overall,somewhat helter skelter,but still understandable 3 with the new players and the old players still learning not only the new system,but also having to purge the remnants of Renneyaide from thier brain. Still,were able to do enough to win the game because of the new style of play and the superior play of the King.Team will look and play much better on Sunday! I’m actually looking forward to the Rangers games now for the first time in two season!!!!!

    As for the players—–

    The King– Was his regal self last night.If anyone doubts how much happier the players are now under Torts and his style,listen to the King’s post game comments after last night.

    Staal– Steady if not spectacular.Is the best dman on the team now.

    Girardi– What has happend to him? I know that Renney infected him with his “coaching”.But then compounded the problem by pairing him with Redden and killed this kids sprirt and play. He is now a Torts reclamation project.But it can’t last too long or his trade value will disapear. Still wish they traded him and Betts to Chicago for James Wisnewski who is a real good player and was stolen by the Ducks for Pahlsson.

    Rozy– Had a terrible first period,had me cursing at the tv. Settled down though and was o.k. after that.

    Redden– Wasn’t as good as he’s been the last three games. Needs to step it up again or will get booed.

    Morris– Was not bad considering he just joined the team in the morning. Also,did not hear his name mentioned,for a dman,that’s a good thing.

    Mara– Was his typical steady yet unspectacular self.

    Naslund– Has come alive since the coacing change. Don’t laugh but I think he’s got a shot at 30 now.

    Gomez– No doubt about it,Gomez now fianlly looks like the player he was with the Devils. Also,I’ve heard him on espn radio twice now since the coaching change and I truly believe he not only greatly respects Torts but is also scrared to death of what might happen if he does not play well.

    Zherdev– The Nikki Z of the first 30-35 games is back!!! It looks like the Renney infection is out of his brain!

    Dubi– This kid has done it all except figure out how to score again. Another player who’s offensive game was destroyed by the “coach”.

    Drury– No player has benefited more both mentally and with his game since Torts was brought in. We may yet see the guy who had a real solid career before he came to play for Renney.

    Antropov– looked good for a first game. Would like to see him be more physical and assertive given his tremendous size. I’ve seen what he can do when he takes the body,it is scary how he can bag people around. I think he’ll do well in the next three games or so.

    Avery– Was the same player we all saw the last two seasons. His conditioning is not quite there yet but that will come in about a game or two. That said,he still almost scored and had an assist in the second period.

    Korpi- Was ok,nothing special. Iwould like to see him get a little more lateral speed.

    Cally– It is a rare moment when you can say cally had a bad game. And last night was not that moment. He is consistantly been one of the Rangers best all around players.

    Orr Betts Sjo– They do what they do.

    It’s amazing what can happen when you have a system in place that allows you to score even when you don’t play your last game.

  106. Wow everyone, check this out:

    The Philadelphia Flyers announced that they have nullified the trade on March 4 with the San Jose Sharks in which they acquired defenseman Kyle McLaren in exchange for a sixth round draft pick in 2009. McLaren did not pass his physical, according to club general manager Paul Holmgren.

    McLaren was to be assigned to the Flyers’ American Hockey League affiliate, the Philadelphia Phantoms.

  107. mikeA

    haha, i was just reading that on TSN. I wonder what the injury is? Be funny if it was a “poor pushup score.”

  108. I love it that in a league where fighting is allowed and repeat offenders get 5 games for headhunting, Sean Avery gets mandated anger management and a de facto 3 month suspension from the NHL and his team for mouthing off.

  109. Yea
    and its not like Bettman’s NHL refuses the sponsors money who use violence or bimbos to sell their product…see the commercial with the flyer and Ranger fan getting into the elevator and coming out all beat up? How about the “go daddy” commercials?

    Big joke

  110. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25) on

    jeffluke March 6th, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    Afinigenov should be traded away from buffalo… talk about a player needing a change of scenery.””

    I’d love to have him on the Rangers. He’s another one of my favorite non-Rangers. He’s always fun to watch.

  111. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25) on

    ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. March 6th, 2009 at 7:47 pm


    Ya even stole the #13 , you had #25 so live with it , if you were any kinda Prucha fan you would keep his number and slightly modify it.””

    Sorry about that, Z. I didn’t mean to step on your toes.


  112. Zherdev13 (formerly Prucha25)
    March 6th, 2009 at 9:35 pm
    jeffluke March 6th, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    Afinigenov should be traded away from buffalo… talk about a player needing a change of scenery.””

    I’d love to have him on the Rangers. He’s another one of my favorite non-Rangers. He’s always fun to watch.


    YEAH lets bring another has-been into our “second chance” organization! We should rename this team from New York Rangers to a Red Cross and start giving out free snuggies at every home game :)

  113. anyone else watching nhl network mtl and atlanta game

    armstrong is such a good player, I cant believe pittsburg gave him up…

    I would love to have him on the ragners

  114. Won't Make Playoffs on

    Buffalo rips Phoenix, 5-1.
    Carolina hammers Calgary, 6-1.

    I told you earlier that when the Rangers take the ice on Sunday that they’ll be outside the playoffs. And after we lose to Boston, and streaking Pittsburgh defeats the Ovechkin-less Caps, we’ll be in 10th place. But at least we’ll be more watchable, right?

  115. Hello, I thought I would post a comment and let you know your website layout is really screwed up on the Firefox browser. Seems to work ok on Internet Explorer however. Anyways keep up the good work.

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