Tonight at Isles


You can expect to see the three new Rangers — Nik Antropov, Sean Avery and Derek Morris — on the ice tonight when the Rangers play the Isles. I thought it was a little odd that coach John Tortorella wasn’t out there for the optional practice today, since he’ll be playing them sight unseen tonight, but some of the regulars told me that’s just the way it’s done at the morning skate, even today.

Nice comment earlier from the esteemed Doodie Machetto saying tonight is the practice.

But there is no point in bringing in three players like that with the playoffs on the horizon and then not playing them right away. Your investment begins to — or should — pay off right now if you are the Rangers.

The Islanders brought up forwards Jesse Joensuu, Joel Rechlicz and defensemen Andrew MacDonald and Joe Callahan, before the game.

Any thoughts on the new lines?

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  1. the fishsticks are just loaded with household names

    Rangers need to give the schoolkids a lesson tonight

  2. I hope antropov,morris and avery put up 10 goals each tonight so everyone can stop their crying over prucha

  3. Speaking of Prucha apparently he’s getting first line duty tonight vs Boston. But then again so is Kalinin lol, he paired with Jovo.

  4. Naslund – Gomez – Antropov
    Avery – Dubinsky – Zherdev
    Korpedo – Drury – Callahan
    Sjo – Betts – Orr

    Mara – Morris
    Staal – Roszival
    Redden – Girardi

  5. Naslund – Gomez – Antropov
    Dubinsky – Drury – Zherdev
    Avery – Korpikoski – Callahan
    S – B – O

    just a guess

  6. New Lines will be:

    Dubi- Drury- Antropov
    Cally- Korpi- Avery
    Orr-Betts- Sjostrom

    Mara- Morris

  7. Torts said he may move them around a bit later to see what jells best.

    great to see the 3 new guys in the pre game show

  8. DomivBaumgartner on

    I love how Averys first televised interview is with Giannone. haha. How awkward is that?

  9. you can bet the Ranger PR guy is standing just off camera signaling to Avery “keep it cool and calm”. lol

  10. He most likely apologized to Giannone or bought him dinner or something since this is Sean Avery 2.0.

    Morris said he’s nervous playing in NY? Oh boy. I can just hear the blue seats getting ready on Sunday….

    If anyone’s gonna benefit it’s Antropov as he had to deal with so much media in Toronto; NY is gonna seem like Phoenix to him.

  11. DomivBaumgartner on

    Carcillo playing the coyotes tonight. How amazing is that. He and upshall can go center ice.

  12. Ciao, Prucha!

    Sad that playing in Phoenix is actually more of a hockey exile than playing in real Siberia.

    Go Rangers!

  13. wong is certifiable if he thinks the lighthouse project will ever go through.

    it will be heartbreaking if the isles leave long island the rival wont continue with the Kansas city chiefs.


  15. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    deja- we still got the debbies and philthy. the lighthouse project is gonna be more likely a crackhouse in 5 years

  16. ——————————-
    Chris F. March 5th, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    Ciao, Prucha!

    Sad that playing in Phoenix is actually more of a hockey exile than playing in real Siberia.

    Go Rangers!

    It isn’t as bad as NOT playing in NY under the hyena who used to coach here.

  17. I’d Say the first period is gonna be perty intense !! I ‘m really happy for Dubinsky and Staalsie , watching these 2 youngsters develop is certainly a treat. Having the privilage to see 2 rising stars play night in and night out. These guys hearts are in the right place and along with Cally , we have an pritty special group. Prucha and Dawes are the others I did enclude in this group and add Girardi sometime. The group we have here is our neucleus and like other said too , everyone else is just spare parts…

  18. Mark (the orginal) on

    What a dump this arena is.


    Seems likes it is all Ranger fans tonight.

  19. they need to pressure this mcdonald kid he looks nervous out there.

    go to know hank still has a sense of familiarity with all these odd man rushes coming at him.

  20. Mark (the orginal) March 5th, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    Man Antro is tall, he is towering over guys.

    Wow that move is paying dividends already!!!
    Enjoy watching the Strangers game!

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Jane, I said that tonight was the practice. Too embarassed to type the word “Doodie?” You can call me Mr. Machetto.

    Well, the trade deadline is over, Prucha and Dawes are gone. I’ll miss Prucha and I know he’s going to be a good goal scorer for Phoenix and wherever else he goes.

    And I wasn’t crazy about Morris, Antropov, or Avery. Especially Avery.

    But, it’s all a done deal at this point, so it’s time to just get behind them and hope they play well. Good luck to all three. After watching that first PP, it looks like they’ll need it.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Everytime I see the #33 it only brings me pain. I think of Bruce Driver and Dave Karpa for terribleness. I think of Amonte and savard for traded youth turned great.

  23. can we the ref a penalty for grabbing avery for no reason he was just standing there

  24. What the HECK on

    We still look terrible.

    Antropov-looked alright. He looked pretty slow

    Morris-lost the puck a few too many times. Looked sloppy

    Avery-just the way I like him playing. Although it did seem like he got into an argument with Torts.

  25. Decent period.

    It was awesome to see Aves back. The fans went nuts once he stepped on the ice, and he delivers a sweet hit in return, good stuff.

    Hank saved the day that period, hopefully he doesn’t have to get tested too much.

    And Orr needs to kill Tim Jackoff. I wanna see him get Fedoruk’d.

    Go Rangers !! And Yotes !! Haha Upshall scored for the Yotes, stupid Flowers !

  26. Again, as Mr. Machetto noted earlier this is a practice game. We gotta give new players time to settle down a bit… I don’t think we are plating a bad game over all… up 1-0 after one… seems good to me

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    HEY HEY! I said JANE could call me Mr. Machetto. I’m still Doodie to all of you boneheads.

  28. Antropov is a little slow, but he’s shown some speed in Toronto. He looks slow and a little lost because it’s his first game with us and he is used to playing on a terrible team for the last 9 years.

  29. Doodle, a thousand apologies. My eyes were bleeding from reading all the comments the last few days. I remembered the substance of your words, isn’t that enough glory??

  30. really don’t realize how small our players are until you see ’em next to others.
    isle goal………………sigh!!!
    bad bad bad

  31. it’ll be interesting to see if/when Torts puts a fire under the team’s collective ass.

    a bunch of AHL players are outplaying us so far

  32. HockeymanRangers on

    Looking a little out of sorts, as I brought up earlier this morning they should have had a mandatory practice today. I’m telling you AND NOW THEY JUST SCORED. I’m telling you we have no time to screw around here, we need these 2 points.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    New York Rangers: 1
    Bridgeport Sound Tigers: 1

    Glen Sather: 0
    NYR Fans: -590485907435097340857

  34. i know that our PP is a bit different
    but WHY is our only plan
    doing nothing more than shots from the point????!?!?!?!?

  35. still don’t like it but i’ll eat my words
    a sloppy joe sandwich!
    (commercial can’t come soon enough!)

  36. HockeymanRangers on

    It’s to bad we didn’t have a 4 day break with these new players. Thank you Mr Drury nice, now how about another.


  38. CCCP:

    Adj. 1. DISCOMBOBULATED – having self-possession upset; thrown into confusion; “the hecklers pelted the discombobulated speaker with anything that came to hand”; “looked at each other dumbly, quite disconcerted”

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    HAHAHA. Awesome.

    I was just busting your chops. You’re actually doing a superb job here. What’s your normal beat, the Jets?

  40. They are finally putting antropov in front of the net on the PP was wondering when they would start that

  41. HockeymanRangers on

    Antro reminds me of Charo, man he’s a big dude. He will take some getting used too.

  42. why were girardi and stall on the same side just then and dru is looking alive tonight

  43. Nothing else, I’m going back to my mojito in the 75F breeze … be back in the 3rd for more suffering

  44. HockeymanRangers on

    They should all be skating very strangely when they come back out. Torts BETTER rip them all new ones.

  45. Why don’t they have those silly trivia faces anymore? And why don’t they make some more Bobby Granger commercials? What’s wrong with silly?

  46. Sally
    March 5th, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    Adj. 1. DISCOMBOBULATED – having self-possession upset; thrown into confusion; “the hecklers pelted the discombobulated speaker with anything that came to hand”; “looked at each other dumbly, quite disconcerted”


    sally lol

    thnx for that explanation cause i began to look a little DISCOMBOBULATED myself :P

  47. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    wow- horrible efort. if this is the added grit and intensity we are are screwed. a bunch of sprouts are schoolin us.

  48. on the Yotes radio they’re saying how Pru and Dawes attacking the net rubbed off onto the team and now the whole team is attacking the net. Maloney upcoming.

  49. Not acceptable. Henrik again has kept them in the game. Against this team, with all the call ups, you can’t play like this. They are taking a step back, and that’s not good.

  50. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    yea so dawes is havin a good game? 1 assist? antro shouldve got one before. i do like him and drury so far together. but why is it that our 4th line is the only one that can sustain a forecheck? we better come out and score one early. no more sittin on a 1 goal lead. i know torts wont have that crap, so im confident they’ll get a few more.

  51. Stop showing Z’s stick on TV!!! no way that thing is legal…look at the to curve..

  52. Mark (the orginal) on

    Avery playing smart tonight, but he is a human target, I guess we should expect that the rest of the year.

  53. dawes and prucha are the first line….kind of scary….Go Calgary!! Jokinen 2 goals….BEAT UP the Flyers

  54. Yea, what kind of hair decision is that by Hunter? Worst goatee ever and a heinous bald head.

  55. I don’t think Avery will be the focus of team’s attention as much as he is tonight. Teams will eventually realize that its not a good idea to waste all their energy trying to goad Avery in to losing it.

    This is a case of a bunch of scrub AHLers playing for the worst team in the league, acting like they have something to prove.

  56. you people keep saying that were sucking against ahl-ers but they are attacking their hearts out. they are keeping constant pressure on the rangers so sure they are gonna get shots.

  57. I hate to dwell on this, but how did we not get a draft pick in addition to Morris…luckily he looks good…but geez, three players…active roster spot players too…how tough would you have to negotiate to at least get a draft pick too?

  58. HockeymanRangers on

    The Rangers have more of a reason to be attacking their hearts out against the Fishsticks. It’s now or never at least as far as effort goes. I can understand they still have to gel but effort needs to be 150%.

  59. did anyone see the redic nazzy stick bend on the shot

    it hit the bottom part of his shorts

  60. Can we stop the Phoenix updates please. This is a Rangers blog. Dawes, Prucha and Kalinin have fallen into the abyss of Phoenix. You will not here from them again unless they leave (which they will)

  61. what is wrong with you guys no matter how good or bad these teams have been we always play tight games

  62. GoPruGo, well that was my next argument, that their were no Fritsche updates, so knock yourself out I guess

  63. HockeymanRangers on

    Playing a better 3rd and not just b/c of the scoring. They look like they are setteling down a bit finally at the end of the game, hopefully now for the long haul.

  64. lol I don’t have any Fritsche updates. Phoenix beat Boston 2-1 though (I’ve seen updates from other teams too so that should be ok).

  65. Hey, anyone know who that guy is bumping fists in the locker room with the suit and blue tie? I’ve seen him around the Garden but have no idea who he is…

  66. Mark (the orginal) on

    Beat Colorado and the Islanders, thank God must wins right there. Both new guys played well. Avery played smart, took a penalty but that was bs.

    Lets get someone a regulation win in that Pitt Florida game, no 3 point games.

    Leaf fans must be annoyed they win in Washington tonight with Marty Gerber having a great game.

  67. The suit could be a security guy.

    Poorly played game against a young and talent weak team. The new guys have an excuse, but what about the others? Too many chances for the Isles. We are luck to get the 2. We wouldn’t be lucky if we played this way against Pitt, Florida, Montreal. They need to gel quickly.

  68. Linda 's battle level is spot on on

    Hey gang! WOOOO HOOOO, our boys win and I’m able to ‘chat’ about it with REAL hockey fans instead of the lameassed 13 year olds on the justin tv stream…what a horror!!! Lemme catch up on your posts.

    BTW….that freakin Antropov guy has to be the biggest freakin Ranger since Beukeboom!! Holy crap he looks like they had Callahan standing on Gomez’ shoulders!!

  69. so how many here arent happy the rangers won because their crush on prucha has been hampered by management

  70. onecupin69years on

    I get the feeling if renney was still coaching it would be shoot out time.

  71. Mark (the orginal) on

    GoPruGo- I am sure you called them the strangers back in 94 when they made all those deadline deals that won them the cup.

  72. HockeymanRangers on

    You know I have seen games like this b/f though, I was at a Philly game a couple of years ago. When they had pretty much a full roster of AHL boys, it was a close game also. But as we have said b/f time will tell, Sunday game tells us more of the story.

  73. Linda 's battle level is spot on on

    March 5th, 2009 at 7:39 pm
    antropov will be the intermission interview finally someone who isnt gomez

    That was exactly what I was thinking! Good comment!!

    Hey Sally!! Good to ‘read’ ya! I missed you guys while watching that horrible stream on justin tv.

    Antro the Giant, thats pretty good!

    Doodie, ya made it into bold print in the main column, you’re a star!

    I dont know about you guys, but I seriously was excited to see Aves back. I know just about everyone thinks he’s a horses ass, but I just love how active he is on the ice, always going to the net. Seeing them go after the Isles when Aves went down….it’s good to see them stickin up for each other again.

    Gonna take a few days for the new guys to get in the swing, but it’s just great to look forward to games again. And don’t complain about who they beat, it’s two more points IN REGULATION, 2 games in a row without a shoot out! Look on the bright side, they just might be turning it around!

  74. Acceptable win. I’ve seen most of NYI recent games and they play this way against pretty much everybody- competitively. Sunday will be interesting- but some good things to note: 4 goals, 2 pp, and guys in front of the net- constantly- and I mean OUR guys in front of their net- and BIG guys, too. Team looked a little disorganized at times, but our best players stepped up tonite… “goals drive a man to dream”.

  75. Hank saying that the new system is the reason for the bignames starting to score. basically threw Renney under the bus, and that is good, ’cause it is true that Renney’s scaredy-cat trap held the team back , as some of us on this board have said for a long while.

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes, from now on it’ll be Avery, not the coaching change.

    Ridiculous. The guy couldn’t stay on his feet. He was also partly responsible for both goals against, but let’s ignore that too.

  77. Mark (the orginal) March 5th, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    “GoPruGo- I am sure you called them the strangers back in 94 when they made all those deadline deals that won them the cup.”

    I was 9. I knew maybe 6 names on that team.

  78. I am happy with this win for two reasons:
    1. All of the “big” guys scored. Naslund, Drury, Gomez, Zherdev. That is what they are paid for, and if they do this in Torts’ system, then the Rangers will be exciting the rest of the way.
    2. They won a game they didn’t really play all that well in. Before, they would have lost this game 2-1. Now, they win 4-2. Good thing. Scoring 4 goals when not playing that well is a good thing for this team, and something that is desperately needed.

  79. dg
    who on this blog blasted professor Renney’s system?? Ha Ha!

    Solid win
    Avery looked at home
    Morris solid
    Antropov a little lost
    Hank looked fine
    Gomez, Drury, Naz, redden looked interested
    Nicky Z….starting to roll

    Tonight watched on NHL center ice but put play by play radio on over the internet…much better than Isles announcers and 100 times better than Sam and Joe..who make me sick…only a 1 second delay..I think I’ll listen to Albert and Maloney the rest of the year…hate the MSG team

  80. Hey guys, we got 2 points, take the 2 points.

    First game with a totally revamped lineup, of course it was going to be sloppy. But at this point, a win is a win.

    I think the key focal point is this: who scored?
    Zherdev, Drury, Gomez, Naslund.

    The 3 big money forwards and our best talent all put the puck in the net. That is what we have been asking for all season, and we got it.

    Lets look at the new guys:
    Avery – great game, but I would like to see him get maybe 2 more minutes of ice team. Id like him to get a little bit of PP time.

    Morris – solid game. Big thing is you didnt hear his name too often on tv. I would consider that a Massive upgrade over hearing “Kalinin gives it away” or “Kalinin fails to clear”

    Antropov – i thought he had an ok game. he picked up an assist, but what I was more pleased with is the fact that it seemed like he was typically within a 7 foot radius of the net. Thats where that big body belongs

    Great game by Hank, I thought Gomer and Drury had solid performances, and I loved Zherdev tonight. goal, assist, and immediately jumped in to help out Avery within his first period of playing with the guy. I think that speaks volumes to Zherdev’s character.

  81. kaspar, I was one of the early ones to talk about the Renney system, along with ford, wd40, you, and several others

  82. HockeymanRangers on

    I’m sure Avery will play a better with time. Actually I thought he played a pretty good game tonight for his first game back.
    With Torts style Hank is really going to have to play REAL BIG.

  83. Doodie
    How can you not like Avery?
    Plays hard, skates good, gets involved…this isnt the Renney soft sell anymore..I know Torts has a lot to do with that but give Aves a shot…forget the BS and he’s a pretty good player

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    I was upset about dumping Gartner in 94. Anderson was not worth it.

    Amonte was upsetting too, especially since it was for two Keenan cronies from Chicago. Although, in hindsight, Matteau was probably worth it, even though he went on to score only 11 goals over the next 3 seasons (85 gp).

  85. Good win, but the Rangers got outhit like a mofo. They need to sack up and not get pushed around like that. They also need to finish. Antropov, come on, put it in. But if he keeps getting those chances, he will. And he is huge. Though let’s not forget how big Malikenstein was and he was a sissy.

    Fix the PP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Rangers. Nice to be excited again. And, man, is this team more fun to watch (until they get scared in the 3rd and revert to Renney turtle crap).

  86. Linda 's battle level is spot on on

    Jive, great point about Morris! I think I heard his name maybe 4 times, and the first was when he first stepped on the ice. Definite upgrade over Pepperidge Farms Kalinin!

    Doodie, in now way was I giving all the credit to Aves, just happy he’s back. He looked happy to be there. Wonder if him and Sather planned all this eh??

    Can’t wait til next Thursday! I’m sure by then, the new guys will be well into Torts system and they’ll all be flyin! Lucky for me!!

    You can tell these guys are happy to be out from that less than creative system! And if Hank threw Renney under the bus…oh well! He was left alone out there under that system. A happy goalie is a plus! Can’t see him takin himself out of any more games this year! LOL

  87. HockeymanRangers on

    So Kasper that actually worked I thought about doing that myself. I will have to try that next time.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Did anyone actuall WATCH avery play? He couldn’t stay on his feet! The first goal against was partly because Avery couldn’t get off the ice. The second goal was partly because Avery got caught behind the net, on his ass, and wasn’t there to get back to cover the passback to Comeau for the return to Hillen.

    But yes, let’s get on his jock since he did pretty much nothing tonight.

    Let’s give him al the credit for the win and not the new coach.

  89. Hockeyman
    I’ve tried in the past but the delay was so long it became annoying or confusing..tonight the radio was about a second ahead of the play on the TV…

    I tried Howie Rose but it was Avery and the new guys first game and all he talked about was the Islander AHL guys…and I cannot stand Sam and Joe(they were not on tonite anyway)…but I lost it for the MSG guys this year with their kool-aid announcing…the only thing that intersts me about them going forward is how they go back to praising Avery after blasting him after he left..after praising him last two years

  90. Good riddance to Prucha. From TSN’s Yotes game report:

    Bruins defenceman Zdeno Chara flattened Petr Prucha in the first period, choosing to take out the Coyotes forward instead of keeping the puck in the zone.

  91. HockeymanRangers on

    Doodie give Ave’s a break man, like Kasper said plays hard, skates good, gets involved…

    And you can tell he is playing b/c he loves the game, it’s called passion and that is maybe what he does to the rest of the team.

  92. My 2 cents:

    – Everyone here needs to stop, RIGHT NOW, complaining after wins. At this point, you take them. Every game will be tight. This was a rivalry game, and the Isles played like they had nothing to lose. Most of the rest of the games will be against teams with playoff berths at stake. They will all be tough. The Rangers will give up chances and, GASP, even some goals against. It happens. It’s hockey. Richter had to be magnificent in 1994, behind one of the best Rangers teams ever. That’s hockey people. It’s a heart attack, but it’s entertaining, that’s why we love it.

    – As for tonight specifically: the big guys stepped up. Drury, Gomez, Naslund, Zherdev all played great games. The type of game you’d expect from them all year. But at this point, there are 17 games left, so let’s just hope for 17 more good ones down the stretch here. I thought Redden was pretty good as well.

    – The new guys: Morris looks solid. He can move, he made smart passes, and seems to have a good, hard shot. Antropov isn’t a great skater, which isn’t surprising at his size, but you can still see the potential for some really good things. I love how he out-waited Denis on his chance in the 2nd period, and he was unlucky to have hit the post. I think he’ll knock in 7-10 goals down the stretch here.

    – Avery: I just get so much joy out of watching him play. You can see he’s still trying to get back to 100% just in terms of sharpness, but for his first NHL game since late November, I thought he was good. He wears the sweater with pride, and he still knows how to agitate. Great to see him back.

    – Overall, it’s 2 points. Sunday will be tougher, but I also think the team will be sharper. Everyone should be energized, particularly the new players and Avery, to be back in the Garden for a big matinee against an Original 6 team.

  93. No one has mentioned that Drury actually looks like he has some chemistry with Antropov

  94. Avery aside…Doodie…I do agree that Torts is the best Ranger addition of the year…bar none

    Attacking hockey…anyone read Brooksie’s post article today?

    Defense is better under Torts cause they play more in the other guys end…

    his goes out to our ex- coach……Duh?

  95. HockeymanRangers on

    All teams are going to go after Avery, all players all teams, they are going to go after him.

  96. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    antro the giant? thats a good one. hes an android from the future. hes a t-2000 model.

  97. Pavel – yes, Chara took a penalty there. I’m surprised you didn’t copy/paste the part where they had to scrape Prucha off the ice and he sat out the rest of the game and wasn’t providing energy and making plays and couldn’t get 16 minutes of ice time.

    I’m sure next time you’ll do a better copy/paste job.

  98. July 2nd 2009

    Rangers announce they have signed free agent winger Petr Prucha to a 4 year $16M contract…and they re-sign defenseman Derek Morris to a 6 year $36.5M deal

  99. Doodie Machetto March 5th, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    Yes, from now on it’ll be Avery, not the coaching change.

    Ridiculous. The guy couldn’t stay on his feet. He was also partly responsible for both goals against, but let’s ignore that too.””

    Geez, it was Avery’s first game back after how long of not playing? Give him some slack.

  100. only thing i didnt like was that the 4th line looked great. but the line combos seem to have worked. didnt take torts too long.

  101. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok crew I am out of here, I am content how they played but the obviously still need to get better.
    And let’s hope Antro the Giant continues to crash the net.
    Go Rangers

  102. Kaspar
    March 5th, 2009 at 10:22 pm
    July 2nd 2009

    Rangers announce they have signed free agent winger Petr Prucha to a 4 year $16M contract…and they re-sign defenseman Derek Morris to a 6 year $36.5M deal


    kaspar… welcome back from the future :)

  103. No Pru didn’t get hurt, he surpassed 16:00 in ice time. The guys on the Yotes radio liked his impact.

  104. Wah, Wah! Let me get some formula to feed this cry baby!!

    * *Doodie Machetto*
    March 5th, 2009 at 10:08 pm
    Did anyone actuall WATCH avery play? He couldn’t stay on his feet! The first goal against was partly because Avery couldn’t get off the ice. The second goal was partly because Avery got caught behind the net, on his ass, and wasn’t there to get back to cover the passback to Comeau for the return to Hillen.

    But yes, let’s get on his jock since he did pretty much nothing tonight.

    Let’s give him al the credit for the win and not the new coach.

  105. For a guy who’s played 7 or 8 games since November, Avery was pretty darn good.

    Get your *Doodie* out of your pants, Machetto. I know you’re old, but get off your soap box and get with the game of today. He’s here. He wasn’t as bad as you’re saying. He’s got some skills, especially speed. Yes, he’s not a traditionalist in hockey terms, but he can still play the sport.

    Who are you Don Cherry?

  106. Why does such an average player like Petr Prucha get so much attention on this blog? How come??

  107. CCCP

    Just put the day-in-the-life show on….fell asleep in 13 seconds

    Blue Jax got boinked in Nashville…will the Preds ever die?

  108. “Why does such an average player like Petr Prucha get so much attention on this blog? How come??”

    We all went out with him at least once

  109. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    spam and blow were sayin that prucha took the trade really hard. that sucks, hes a good kid too. hope he does well out there. anyway, ok game, some great individual performances even though we got outworked. but you gotta admit without hank this team would be right next to the isles in the standings. morris seemed to play real good and android and avery seemed ok. the pp was bad a few times but when they set up they did some great things even without scoring i wouldve been happy with alot of the pp work. you gotta think android is gonna pop in like 4-5 especially if he parks his big rhino ass in front of the net. and like someone said before its quite comical at how many garbage goals nazzy gets. he is almost gonna tie jagrs goal production from last year, so im ok with him. overall ok game but they better play much better sunday.

  110. kaspar

    i hear u… it was funny to see him driving in his truck around the Phoenix… too bad there wont be much of that around NY :)

  111. nyranger4life on

    kern: because he was one of the only rangers who actually competed every shift over the last 9+ years. simple as that.

    rob c: exactly.

  112. Kaspar
    March 5th, 2009 at 10:42 pm
    “Why does such an average player like Petr Prucha get so much attention on this blog? How come??”

    We all went out with him at least once


    LOL kaspar u crack me up man… actually i went out with Pruchs twice…but shhh… no tell no one :)

  113. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    for all you guys watching the derek morris story on lifetime- theres a show on the science channel called supermassive black holes comin on!!! then killer asteroids is on next!!!

  114. what was that stat, he led all players in points per game for players averaging under 13 minutes over the past 2 seasons?

    Yeah, he produced as best as he could with how little management gave him.

  115. onecupin69years on

    I’ll bet Prucha , Dubi ,callahan, and hank are popular because you bloggers buy the damn jersey’s with their names on them

  116. Linda 's battle level is spot on on

    ok, since we’re recommending tv shows… on ace of cakes they made a Stanley Cup Wedding cake which is going to be presented to, it looked like 2 capitals fans. DAMN I want a Stanley Cup cake when I get married, and I want Petr Prucha to deliver it! ;-)

    Damn I miss not having the science channel! Discovery is turning into freakin baby central…grrr.

    Lurch was another good nickname for the great behemoth wearing number 80… since we’re on a science tangent (teehee) how aboot TROPEZOID ?!

  117. Kern
    Seriously; prucha became our poster child the last 1-3/4 years under Professor renney…as the offense got worse and worse the kid who put up 31 and 22 goals his first two years played less and less…and that kind of coacjing made less and less sense which led us to Torts…we know he’s not the best player ever but he played with a lotta heart…

    Now we move on….Good luck Pruchs

  118. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    linda- science channel rocks doesnt it!! im divorced so i would like petr prucha to date my ex so she could stop buggin me for money when i pay half my damn check for child support!!

  119. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    watchin the massive black hole show reminds me of antro the android. hes so damn big hes got a small gravity field. dont get to close to him you might become floating space debris goin in orbit around him.

  120. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    linda- its funny theyre playing the theme music from the movie predator on the black hole show!! so dramatic!!

    kaspar- k thanks man

  121. Linda 's battle level is spot on on

    mike, i believe afternoon… we get to see dilbury and his effervescent sidekick ‘circumsized baldie’ head.
    i think they said it was 12 or 1230, meaning 11 or 1130 for me.

    Is wishing your ex on prucha a good thing or a bad thing? maybe redden would be a better choice for her, although I’ve read elsewhere that his woman is supposedly ‘smokin hot’ as you boys like to say!

    LOL @the alley oop comic. Are you the same onecup from the topix rangers talk back??

  122. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    crap i work a double on sunday. im goin to only be able to watch the first 20 minutes. well they played the bruins pretty damn good this year so lets get another win boys!!!

  123. Doodie, the only thing that surpasses our fanboy treatment of Avery is your hatred of him

    To say he played awful and was the cause of both goals and did nothing positive for the team is nothing short of ignorant

    Maybe you are a 70 year old man who despises Avery’s sloppy seconds comment, but the fact of the matter is we are a better team with him on it. Once you learn to accept that, you will stop coming off as an old ignorant man.

  124. Linda 's battle level is spot on on

    time to call comcast and demand the science channel…damn them and their utter lack of customer service in NOT making the nhl center ice package or the nhl network available in this damned area!!!! DAMN THEM AND THEIR LAME EXCUSES!!

    Since Pluto’s not a planet anymore…maybe we can get planetary status for our new man ANTRO!..sounds like he should be an American Gladiator. Now my fiance wants to know why we’re talkin about the science channel on a hockey blog, and I had to explain to him that you are all well rounded individuals!

  125. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    linda- my ex was pretty smokin too. until she got pregnant, then she turned evil too. i could leave the kitchen light on and she would yell at me like i was a P.O.S. no pruchas too nice for her. she’d kill him. ehh maybe orr would be a good matchup for her. hed win but shed probably make him cry

  126. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i hear that linda. if it wasnt for the internet id have basically no hockey whatsoever except fsn midwest which shows blues games and nbc n versus. and i wouldnt get to chat with all you ranger fanatics either. all they like in iowa is beer, farm animals, corn, more beer, college football, more beer, pbr bullriding, nascar, more beer, and fishing(which i dig) so yea. the internet is keeping me sane right now!

  127. Linda 's battle level is spot on on

    mike, didnt know you were married to attila the hun….my sympathies! YIKES, why’d you wanna put Colton through all that? I got it…SATHER! Maybe she’d run him outta the country! ;-)

    Have a good night guys and gals! Hopefully another victory on Sunday, that should make everyone here happy!!

  128. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    good win tonight. Its about time Staal was put on the pp, but that was maybe like 25 seconds. Our big money forwards all scored which is relieving. I lost count of how many times avery ended up falling on the ice lol. That parking cone redden looked god awful once again tonight. His defense was horrid tonight. He wont even poke check the puck away he just STANDS THERE. And i love it when he tries to hit someone, its like hes trying to hug them.

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