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Hi all, Sam Borden back for a quick interlude. Big game today for sure, and it’ll be interesting to see how quickly the new guys gel with the old. Just wanted to mention that we’re trying to break down just how much better the Rangers got yesterday on the FACEOFF blog. I think we’d all agree they improved – though, as I write over there, I’ll miss Prucha for several reasons – but the money issue is what these moves do for their playoff chances since that’s what counts most.

Come check out the thread right here.


For those going through NHL trade deadline withdrawl, here’s the official summary from NHL.com:

Transactions completed prior to NHL Trading Deadline
Wednesday, 03.04.2009 / 7:25 PM / 2009 Trade Deadline
NEW YORK — NHL clubs made 22 trades, involving 47 players, between 9 a.m., ET, today and the 3 p.m., ET, trading deadline. It marked the sixth consecutive season in which more than 20 trades were completed and a record number of players involved. Following is a list of the transactions:

Anaheim traded LW Travis Moen and D Kent Huskins to San Jose for G Timo Pielmeier, C Nick Bonino and conditional picks.

Anaheim traded C Samuel Pahlsson, D Logan Stephenson and a conditional pick in the 2009 Entry Draft to Chicago for D James Wisniewski and C Petri Kontiola.

Anaheim traded C Eric O’Dell to Atlanta for C Erik Christensen.

Boston traded C Petteri Nokelainen to Anaheim for D Steve Montador.

Boston traded D Matt Lashoff and RW Martins Karsums to Tampa Bay for RW Mark Recchi and Tampa Bay’s 2nd-round pick in the 2010 Entry Draft.

Buffalo traded RW Ales Kotalik to Edmonton for Carolina’s 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft (previously acquired).

Calgary traded C Matthew Lombardi, LW Brandon Prust and its 1st-round pick in the 2009 or 2010 Entry Draft to Phoenix for C Olli Jokinen and Phoenix’s 3rd-round pick in 2009.

Calgary traded D Ryan Wilson, D Lawrence Nycholat and Montreal’s 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft (previously acquired) to Colorado for D Jordan Leopold.

Calgary traded G Kevin Lalande to Columbus for Columbus’ 4th-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft.

Carolina traded RW Justin Williams to Los Angeles for C Patrick O’Sullivan and Calgary’s 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft (previously acquired).

Carolina traded C Patrick O’Sullivan and its 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft to Edmonton for LW Erik Cole and Edmonton’s 5th-round pick in 2009.

Columbus traded G Pascal Leclaire and its 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft to Ottawa for LWAntoine Vermette.

Florida traded D Noah Welch and its 3rd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft to Tampa Bay for D Steve Eminger.

NY Islanders traded RW Bill Guerin to Pittsburgh for a conditional pick in the 2009 Entry Draft.

NY Rangers traded D Dmitri Kalinin, LW Nigel Dawes and RW Petr Prucha to Phoenix for D Derek Morris.

Philadelphia traded LW Scottie Upshall and its 2nd-round pick in the 2011 Entry Draft to Phoenix for LW Daniel Carcillo.

Phoenix traded G Mikael Tellqvist to Buffalo for Buffalo’s 4th-round pick in the 2010 Entry Draft.

Pittsburgh traded D Danny Richmond to St. Louis for D Andy Wozniewski.

San Jose traded D Kyle McLaren to Philadelphia for Philadelphia’s 6th-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft.

Tampa Bay traded G Olaf Kolzig, D Jamie Heward, D Andy Rogers and Carolina’s 4th-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft (previously acquired) to Toronto for D Richard Petiot.

Toronto traded C Nik Antropov to NY Rangers for the Rangers’ 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft and a conditional pick in 2010.

Toronto traded C Dominic Moore to Buffalo for Carolina’s 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft (previously acquired).

There also were four waiver claims:

Toronto claimed G Martin Gerber from Ottawa.

Dallas claimed C Brendan Morrison from Anaheim.

Toronto claimed D Erik Reitz from NY Rangers.

Pittsburgh claimed RW Craig Adams from Chicago.


   Trade Deadline Activity Since 1979-80


   Season   Date                 Trades Players

   1979-80  March 11, 1980     3       5

   1980-81  March 10, 1981     12      22

   1981-82  March 9, 1982      5       11

   1982-83  March 8, 1983      1       1

   1983-84  March 6, 1984      2       2

   1984-85  March 12, 1985     4       7

   1985-86  March 11, 1986     8       14

   1986-87  March 10, 1987     5       9

   1987-88  March 8, 1988      8       12

   1988-89  March 7, 1989      9       21

   1989-90  March 6, 1990      10      16

   1990-91  March 5, 1991      14      33

   1991-92  March 10, 1992     11      22

   1992-93  March 22, 1993     9       14

   1993-94  March 21, 1994     18      35

   1994-95  April 7, 1995      19      32

   1995-96  March 20, 1996     13      21

   1996-97  March 18, 1997     18      35

   1997-98  March 24, 1998     19      38

   1998-99  March 23, 1999     21      30

   1999-00  March 14, 2000     12      23

   2000-01  March 13, 2001     17      31

   2001-02  March 19, 2002     17      35

   2002-03  March 11, 2003     24      46

   2003-04  March 9, 2004      20      32

   2005-06  March 9, 2006      25      40

   2006-07  February 27, 2007  25      44

   2007-08  February 26, 2008  25      45

   2008-09  March 4, 2009      22      47



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  1. I certainly think we improved.

    Are we a Cup contender? No. I don’t think so.

    But I can’t say that the team is not better today than it was on Tuesday.


    If you think we’re talking Prucha too much you should check out the Montreol fans reaction to Gainey standing pat yesterday and then getting toasted by Sabes..

    I heard 4 guys today on the radio complaining about the Pens being able to get Billy Guerin for either a 3-4-5th rnd choice this year..

    They are crying about not getting Billy Guerin

  3. Well, to revise my statement- we don’t know until we see….obviously the moves addressed weaknesses- but we’ll see how well they play out in reality.

    And, Sam the “money issue” is not the playoffs this year, but literally the money we have tied up in a relatively few players…

    If anything, hopefully this allows us to free up cash by not signing some of these guys…

  4. Even if we did improve its not enough. Even if we just get in the playoffs in 7th or 8th. Were just gonna get bounced out in the first round by the two powerhouses of Boston and Washington.

    Secondly the deals that were made I don’t think are going to help us enough. Yes anthro is a big, really big but has had injury problems his whole career. And for a guy who’s going to be standing in front of the net, he’s gonna take a pounding. Much like the treatment Drury gets when he’s there. As for Morris he should help a little on the ice and in the locker room as he was an assistant capt in phx. But the question is how are we going to resign them because there both UFA’s at the end of the year. Morris makes 4 mil this year. Can we honestly afford another overpaid d man. Big Nik makes 2.1 I believe. I’m sure he’s gonna look for an increase. Should be interesting

  5. onecupin69years on

    From a Toronto and and Phoenix point of view- great moves
    Coyotes got 3 for one.

    Better team ? some say yes , some say no,so far only on paper ,they haven’t played a game yet.
    And going by sather’s trading track record with the ranger’s , it won’t make a difference.

    He always trades with the same teams, leafs , coyotes and oilers. its like trading at a dollar store, MAYBE he’ll find something, but crap is crap.

  6. Visited a coyotes blog to see what they think of their new acquisitions. They grabbed this quote about Dawes (admitted they don’t know much because of Renny’s system)

    Dawes = Dawes has offensive intangibles that make him a top candidate for an NHL roster spot. He is a prolific goal scorer with incredible hands, who can make some very good moves at top speed. Dawes is also a very hard worker, and he never hesitates to sacrifice his body to make plays in the slot. (HFfutures analysis)

    Good luck living up to that scouting report Nigel. Your junior days are going to haunt you….

  7. Better yet, who scores more points down the stretch: Jamie Lundmark (2G, 4A in 8 GP since recall) or Scott Gomez? It’s close.

    Honestly, I think the Rangers certainly improved their roster. I’m sad to see Prucha go, but he’ll be given a legitimate opportunity to do well in Phoenix and get a nice contract over the summer. I can see Pittsburgh signing Petr next season (he’ll score 30 with Malkin and Crosby; much like he did with Jagr). He would be a great complimentary player for either of those guys.

    Antropov and Morris address some of the needs this team had heading into the deadline (size and skill up front and on the back end). Both players have been disappointments throughout their careers, hopefully Torts can get their very best down the stretch. The team is still quite far from being a cup contender. However, these additions likely help NYR get into the playoffs and potentially get past the first round – unless its Boston or New Jersey. Who knows? If Lundqvist gets hot, anything can happen; look at Edmonton’s run to the Cup Finals a few years back.

    I’m more interested in seeing what Sather does during the offseason. This might be the most important offseason of the decade for the Rangers – Slats better do a good job.

  8. It’s seriously a question that we will not know the answer to until the end of the season. Yes, Antropov is a huge scoring winger that we so desperately need to stoke our offense. Whether he provides that or not is yet to be determined. What we get in him is a career underachiever, someone who was recently lambasted in public for lack of effort, and a minus player. He should fit right in. It’s not like we traded for someone like Kovalchuk or Ovechkin, who have consistently put up elite numbers, often in spite of a lack of supporting cast. But considering we didn’t really mortgage the future for Antropov, I don’t think it’s a bad move.

    I still say we overpaid for Morris. Elite defenseman can both hit and move the puck. Good defensemen can do either. Judging by Morris stats, namely his lack of points, hits and PIMS, he’s a soft player who can’t move the puck either. That’s an issue. Kalinin is like that, so obviously Maloney wouldn’t go straight up, but throw in Dawes and it should have been a deal. No need to give up Prucha, aside from a salary dump. And if they had to get rid of him for that reason, we should have squeezed a draft pick out of Phoenix as well. I could be wrong on Morris, but I’ve watched a good amount of Phoenix this year, and I haven’t been impressed.

    Are we better that we were a week ago. Probably. Avery is a legit player. Antropov can score. Dawes was scratched. Bell adds size. Morris is better than Kalinin.

  9. Yeah Im not going to make any snap judgements until I see them play for a few games.

    I heard from another blogger that Sather and Burke are going to co-own a JR Canadian team together and that the Reitz, Bell, Antropov for a 2nd rounder were “back door deals”

    Is there any truth to this?

  10. UESBlueshirt on

    I agree with the evaluation that Carp gave after the dust settled yesterday. They got a little better for the rest of the year. If they play better and go on a bit of a streak (or god forbid an absolute tear) it will be tough to accurately discern whether to credit the new players or the new coach/system.

    For example if Antropov starts knocking in goals left and right will it be because they finally got a big bodied forward to clear a path to the net, or is it because the players that are responsible for distributing the puck into high scoring areas are getting comfortable with having the room to set up plays rather than overthinking about their defensive responsibilities?

    We’ve already seen marked improvement in the D as a whole. Does Morris pick up where an improving Kalinin left off?

    I’d say between the two, Antropov has the better odds of being back next year assuming he plays well. If he does not and that 2nd rounder turns into a viable NHL’er then we can cry and moan over letting that one get away. But that is going to be a few years down the road anyway.

    As for the recently departed players, always sad to see a fan favorite go. But while Torts actually kept Prucha in the lineup I think that was due to him not liking Voros’s game at all. Could he have eased Prucha back into a bigger role? Perhaps, but even after a handful of games it was pretty clear that he had his top 6 in mind and I don’t think Prucha would have ever figured into the mix unless an injury.

    And as much as I liked his inspirational play, I like rooting for Cally even more. He might not have had the single season success, but Cally plays an overall better game and he has scored some timely goals in the playoffs.

  11. It’s an upgrade for this year for sure. Dawes & Prucs were energetic, young players but smallish and you never know if they would blossom. Pruc, for sure, benefitted by playing with Jags & Straka in his rookie season. We all loved his energy and temperment, but let’s be honest, with regular ice time, I don’t think Prucs & Dawes will be more than a 20 goal scorer. THe problem with these moves is that these two players are rentals since they R both UFA’s and Sather has strapped the payroll for the next few years. So, since we all know those facts and have “blogged” about it for months, this is the team so if you are all Ranger fans, just root for the sweater!! And pray that in the next year or so, Sather steps down from the helm of this ship and we get someone who can really build a current NHL team here in NYC!!!(hey Lou Lamm, u want the job?)

  12. Sather did what he had to do. Prucha and Dawes are going to help any team they play for. Both are hard workers, both can score, but both are small. I think Dawes will be a real good player soon. Sather figgered they needed size, along the boards so he got it. I really can’t say I know much about the D man except I read he plays soft, Thats all we don’t need. Although the trades I think have made the rangers better. It’s still not not good enough to take this team deep in the playoffs. Also whe will be in the same situation starting next year.

  13. No matter what happens…Sather has to go; he’s scrambling to make up for mistakes…the biggest of which is having absolutley no template…no blueprint

    Forget about bad draft pix..I’ll give him a pass on that but…

    Constant drafts of centers and dee-men and then he builds the parent club with those positions manned forever by huge contracted vets…

    He let the passive-fraidy cat coaching go on too long…should have stopped it last year when the stupididty of the issue really began; after adding Giomez and Drury

    Completely blew an oppurtunity to trade Montoya when the going was good…we already had Hank…

    Did the same thing with Prucha…F***ed up his career and value./..sat back and did nothing about it until he became a throw in…

    and he let Marek Malik go…

    Just kidding

  14. Let’s face it this team was going nowhere fast and something had to be done. Rangers are a better team after replacing Renney with Torts and the moves made this week. Will they win or even contend for the Cup this year? NO! Will they miss Dawes, Prucha or Kalinen? Absolutely NOT! They are all crap and the Wolfpack currently has 10 more great Sather draft choices on the roster to replace them.

  15. “They are all crap and the Wolfpack currently has 10 more great Sather draft choices on the roster to replace them.”



    They got exactly what they needed, other than a true sniper (which wasn’t out there anyway).

    Antropov will plant himself in front of the goalie on the Power Play. What does that mean? Drury doesn’t have to take a beating there anymore. And he can stay in the slot where he belongs. Antropov has good hands in front, unlike a Voros so he can chip in with goals but his sheer size in front of the net will help a ton.

  17. Chris, you do know all of his PP goals with Buffalo came sitting in front of the net right? That is the place that Drury shines, not at the top of the circles or the point, in front of the net.

  18. I am very excited about our chances now. Not to win the Cup, obviously, but having a chance to survive two rounds at least, & if Hank gets HOT, well, who knows.
    Firstly, we played 3 very strong aggressive games under the NEW system, basically deserving of 3 wins with SO MANY more scoring chances than ever before.
    Now add Avery’s speed & intangibles, & how his effort & courage always made the whole team play better in the past. Forget the nonsense, he plays hard, stands up for his mates & is smart enough to know what he needs to do & not do. In spite of appearances, he loves to play hockey & loves being in NY, & wants to succeed. I think he now realizes this & will be the perfect mate.
    Antropov with his size & good hands should create havoc in front of the net and actually FINISH the numerous rebounds the new system is generating.
    Losing the smurfs, Dawes & Pru, regardless of what kind of careers they may ultimately have, is a plus in terms of having bigger guys who can actually WIN one on one battles under this system.
    Morris has to be a big step up from Kalinen, regardless of whether or not he has lived up to his lofty draft status or not. & I’m hopeful will clear guys away from Hank.
    If the new guys don’t prove out, & we don’t resign them, it gives us more flexibility next year which is a plus.
    In my mind, NOW we are a team that will be HARD to play against, & will cause opponents pressure & stress, unlike 2 weeks ago.

  19. That”s a fact Drury scored a wack of goals planted in front. Although he would likely rather be in the slot, can’t blame him for that.

  20. Sather is trying to get a team comprised of former first round draft picks because he is so terrible at drafting

    Morris, Antropov, Bell

  21. I know that this is going to sound like I’m defending Sather and on some level I am. If you look at the trades he made yesturday they were probably the best they could do under the circumstance. If Jay-Bo,Kovalchuck,Hejuk and Gabriok are off he table or are two expensive who was he going to get? Lets be honest Dawes and Prucha probably would have been traded at the draft for picks anyway. Both players were RFA and were due for raises. Prucha was making 1.6 million and lets be honest again has not been the same player since his knee injury. Dawes would have been cheaper be stll would have gotten a raise that the rangers couldn’t afford. The Cabinet is bare when it comes to top level propects espeically with the Death of Cherepanov which in my mind set this team back alot more then people think. Sather trades have not been bad. Other then the Duhman trade and maybe trading Kim Jonnsson.

    HIS FREE AGENT SIGNING HAVE BEEN HORRIBLE!! Since day one other then Rosy(even then he’s over paid now)Almost every free agent he has brought in has been traded or released or sent to the minors before the contract had a chance to expire. You will see Redden and Probably Rosy will not last the length of there contracts.

    Now the drafting: Every scout that was employed the year Hugh Jessiman was drafted except the head european scout, should be fired. How is it that Det,Philly and NJ. Finish in the bottom end of the draft every year and still manage to get stub draft picks.

    Sather gets a finaling grade as a GM no doubt in my mind. However this trade deadline he finally after three years of doing nothing he finally has giving this team a chance to win. For that I’m Happy. For Now!!

  22. We are still Mediocre. But then again I expected that this year. This is a transition year when you think of it. It takes more than a year to develop Championship Chemistry.

  23. DomivBaumgartner on

    tyree March 5th, 2009 at 11:07 am

    We are still Mediocre. But then again I expected that this year. This is a transition year when you think of it. It takes more than a year to develop Championship Chemistry.

    How can you make that statement? I have been saying over and over again without a #1 center and a #1 dman this team won’t be playing well into the playoffs. It’s unfortunate that Sather signed a bunch of roll players to hefty contracts but this team definitely is still a few players from the Cup.

  24. I really think if we can get into the playoffs we can make noise. wash has goalie issues. having lundqvist gives us a big help.

  25. I am happy with the Antropov move. Prucha and Dawes gone, Antropov here. Fine. PP help and scoring help and size help. That works.

    I am less excited about the Morris for Kalinin swap. They have about the same amount of points. Both seem to have potential on the PP but neither has any real success. Yes fine, maybe there is more sandpaper in front of the crease and along the boards. But I don’t like the NY Times quote today that said, “Morris failed to live up to expectations in the NHL….Rangers hope Morris can stabilize a unit prone to defensive lapses and contribute to an underperforming PP. In 57g Morris has 5g and 7a and NO PP GOALS.”

    Then you have Sather saying, “Morris is a good player and will give us a little more bite on the back end. He plays a little offense and a little defense.”

    Sather, WTF are you smoking? With “Little offense.” I wonder how key the word “LITTLE” is? And on the other side, I hope he doesn’t mean, “Plays LITTLE (as in SMALL) on defense.”

    Maybe Morris needs a change of scenery. But this has all the makings of Sather building this up to be a f-ing disaster.

    Time will tell.

  26. I’m mixed on Sather’s draft choices.

    Jessiman bust obviously but look at Lundqvist (7th round).

    Montoya, I don’t think that was such a bad choice given the Rangers didn’t know yet what they had in Lundqvist and I don’t think a goalie in that entire draft is a regular NHL player.

    In recent years, people have been happy with Staal, Cheraponov and the most recent drafts (Sangunetti, Anismov, Grachev, Stepan, Del Zotto).

    Some of the younger guys like Callahan, Dawes, and Prucha were picked up in the 4th, 5th and 8th rounds respectively – not bad. The fact that they are even NHL level players is against the odds.

    Just throwing it out there. I still think the draft is a complete crap shoot outside of the bona fide #1/#2 type picks.

  27. The rangers need to rebuild. The rangers in the off season have to find a way to dump some of the big salaries (gomez, drury, redden, rosival) in order to resign our young players and have a possibilty of getting a big time scorer and defensemen. If sather doesn’t do this in the off season than the rangers are going to be bad for years to come. Actually what the rangers really need to do is get rid of sather but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  28. How can i make what statement? That they are Mediocre? They are and have been all year. It takes time for teams to gel. Turning over your roster every year and hoping for a championship is silly. You need to have stability and slow progression to win championships.

  29. Just throwing it out there. I still think the draft is a complete crap shoot outside of the bona fide #1/#2 type picks.



    I have to agree with you. Sometimes even the top 5 arent really concrete. Look at Yashin and Daigle. Especially Daigle. WOW what a bust he turned out to be. So yeah I competely agree with that…

  30. I think that Mat Duschene will be the stud of this draft and will go 3rd overall.
    Too much pressure on Tavares and the Teddy Bear Hedman. Tavares is going to have a tough time living up too hype but the isles will have to draft him . it is a swing for the fences. Who ever picks third is IMO in the best spot

  31. Mark (the orginal) on

    Hedman will be helped in that he is a d-man, and as long as he plays well on the d-side while learning his offensive game he will be fine. Look at Luke Schenn and Staal, no offensive game yet, but they are both very very good for their age.

  32. Over Evander Kane? Really. Kane looks like a really good player that can do it all. Just needs the right direction in the pros

  33. My fear with Hedman is that he is soft. Doesn’t Hit. He could be Pronger or he could be Kristen Kudroc


    I don’t know crap about Morris, and hate to read he plays soft, but this has got to be a case of addition by subtraction.

    And Dawes was crap. And Pru was easy to love, but not all that.

    Torts won’t let the new guys play like sissies. Neither are guys who can’t get benched.

    This is good, I think.

  35. “he never hesitates to sacrifice his body”

    Ahahaha, could have fuggin fooled me in that Bruins game.

    I think the team has improved, but they’re far from a Cup contender. Unless Torts can bring the best out of Gomer, Nazzy, Dru, Zherdev, Redden, and Rozsival. Then maybe might see a couple of upsets.

    We’ll find out tonight i guess. If we had no problem destroying the crappy Avs, we shouldn’t have a problem destroying the crappy Isles. Actually i hope we win in OT, so the Isles pick up a point.

    With the Sabs winning last night, and Canes, and everyone else, Nyr NEEDS to win. They need a big point streak, and they need it now. Start by winning tonight, then beating the Canes on monday.

  36. Tavares is elite within 15 feet from the net. remarkably average everywhere else. Even though his junior and WJC numbers are fantastic, he may have more of a problem then people think.

    I watched a lot of the team Canada games (WJC) on TSN, and by my count he created 1 goal. The rest were rebounds or one-timers.

    Loved that little American..forget his name… Jordan schroeder?

  37. Schroeder ‘s stock has fallen a lot due to the WJC. he was invisible in the big games and in crunch time. The fact that Tavares knows to go to the net is a good thing though. Most great goal scorers are opportunists. I wish the rangers drafted Eberle last year rather than DZ. He will be an outstanding player for the Oil.

  38. Jagr's Father on

    About the draft busts please lets not forget Patric Stefan a #1 overall pick. Where is he now? last time i seen him he was missing an empty net on a breakaway for Dallas.

  39. I’m looking forward to seeing how they play with a few practices under their belts. I don’t know about Sather’s moves. When he first got here, he wanted a big team and got Lindros. Lately he wanted speed and got smaller. Now he’s back to big. Hang it up Glen, you’re done.

  40. CCCP, sorry I didn’t get back to you on the previous thread. Could you give me a hint?

    Just to clarify my “negativity” for those who took issue with it: If Gomez, Drury and Redden play the way they have for the first 64 games, the Rangers will still lose plenty of 2-1, 3-0, 1-0 (SO) games down the stretch. Antropov and Morris aren’t going to make that big an impact offensively for that to change. And with the race as it is, it surely is not impossible for Rangers to miss the playoffs, even with these changes (or upgrades, for the optimistic).

    I still think the most important move they made is Tortorella.

  41. If sather such a buddy-buddy with Gretz and Maloney, why couldnt we make a deal for Jokinen? Dawes, prucha, kalinen for Morris? Lombardi, Prust (whos NHL total is 2 points) and first rounder for Jokinen? Something tells me even Gretz and Maloney not too fond of Glen! We could’ve thrown in any of our “holy” leaders on top of the three players that went for Morris and even a draft pick for Jokinen…now with Olli in the line-up that is an instant improvement w/o even waiting for any games to know what we got. For all of you who are saying lets wait and see, don’t kid yourselves, u know exactly what is going to happen with the two that came in the trade yesterday. Once a failure, always a failure.

  42. Stefan was a terrible Pick. He wasn’t even close to being the best player. He also had serious Concussion issues in Junior. Atlanta just didnt know what they were doing then.

  43. The rangers will probably need to win about 12 games to solidify a spot in the playoffs. Looking at the rest of their schedule thats very possible. Tonight should be an easy win, they can’t afford to lose the gimmes.

  44. Maybe they have better players, and are better on paper, maybe it even translates on the scoreboard.

    Bottom line, the Rangers are still not a legitimate cup contender, and are not any more of a playoff threat now than they were 1 week ago. That’s what matters, and that means that they are NOT any better today.

    Let’s face it, 2 10-15 goal scorers were replaced with one 20-30 goal scorer. One underachieving defensemen was replaced with another slightly more talented underachieving defensemen. None of them are signed past this year (which we all agree will be a non championship year). Based on that last part alone we are not any better today compared to yesterday.

  45. Few things:

    We need to win 12 of the next 18 games to get into the playoffs. 11 might put us on the fence.

    The Bruins peaked. They’re not getting any better, and they’re not the powerhouse that some of you make them out to be. Rangers 4, Bruins 2 for Sunday.

    Washintong isn’t going anywhere/winning anything with Jose Theodore in net. You can take that to the bank.


    Rangers 5
    Islanders 1

  46. I give Sather good marks on Antropov, Morris, and Avery. Antropov gives them size on the PP and maybe he’s not Lecavalier but the PP is so bad that he can’t make it any worse. Morris is an improvement over Kalinen and the defence has not been that bad at least by the numbers. Avery as usual is the joker, you don’t know what value will come on this wild card. At least now no Bruin rookie goaltender is going to shut out the Rangers without anyone going near him in trying to get him off his game. They will go down kicking and screaming, which has been a missing element. The Bruins are still number one but have slipped a bit. Here’s the difference. The Flyers were banging them all over the ice in their last game, Hartnell in particular was a loose cannon. At some point Chara went over and simply punched him in the face and Hartnell went down like a sack of potatoes. The Flyers won, but the Bruins didn’t leave the ice with their tales between their legs like the Rangers have so many times this year.

    As for Prucha, hated to see him go, and maybe he didn’t get a fair shake, but you can’t get something for nothing and I think from a personal point of view, he needed a change of venue.

  47. oh yeah and another thing about “THE CUP CONTENDER” phrase… u guys can take that phrase, put it in the box, seal it real good and ship it somewhere in the unknown destination! This team is the opposite of that phrase as long as we know that Sather is behind the wheel and Dolan pushes the gas pedal! This is patch me up- make playoffs-earn extra profit-raise the ticket price next season organization… sad but true

  48. Honestly if they make it in, I hope they play another team other than the devils. Its getting boring seeing them both play against each other. Anyone else feel this way?




  50. UESBlueshirt on

    Wow, the 1999 draft was pretty dreadful. Interesting amount of players from the 1st round have now worn a Rangers jersey (or at least been in the organization):

    7 – Manny Maholtra
    8 – Mark Bell
    10 – Nik Antropov
    18 – Dmitri Kalinin
    27 – Scott Gomez

    Looking back over the last decade or so of the draft, since the turn of the century has there been consistent success with 1st round picks. Even then, the 2003 draft stands alone. Some years there is tremendous drop-off after the top 5 or top 10.

  51. It's Prucha's Nap Time on

    “This team is the opposite of that phrase as long as we know that Sather is behind the wheel and Dolan pushes the gas pedal!”

    Why do you even bother posting? There’s no analysis here, there’s no consideration of the situation right now, it’s regurgitating the same old cliches and sky-is-falling whining.

    Then again, somehow Joe Benigno makes a living coughing up thoughtless junk like this, so maybe you have a career in radio ahead of you.

  52. UESBlueshirt on

    Correction to my previous post, that was the 1998 draft. Vinny LeCav was the 1st overall pick that year.

  53. There is a lot that can happen between now and the end of the season.

    A team that can get hot going into the playoffs and win eight of their last ten games, picking up 16 points, can make the playoffs and then anything can happen if they have the goaltending.

    If anything, Sather cleared up room for Torts to get his style of players and for the Rangers to re-sign their RFA’s in the offseason.

  54. I don’t understand the backlash against Sather for his moves yesterday.

    – We got rid of Kalinin (who is terrible), Dawes (who has 1 good game every 8), and Prucha (who never realized his full potential which is not his fault).
    – We got back Avery (for half price), Antropov (6’ 6” scorer who can play the PP), and Morris (much better than Kalinin).

    We didn’t take on any big contracts or any more salary and didn’t trade the farm either. If you don’t think we are better off with Avery, Morris, and Antropov then you just don’t understand hockey. I am not saying this is a long term fix for our goal scoring issues because it’s not, this was a short term fix.

    As much as I loved Prucha’s work ethic and his heart I just don’t see him becoming this 40 goal scorer everyone thinks he is going to be. He is easily taken off the puck and is not strong on his skates. I can see him being a consistent 20 goal scorer but no more.

    If you are angry because Sather didn’t dump a big contract, then put yourself in the shoes of other teams. Why the hell would you take one of our ridiculous contracts on? You would really want Redden, Roszival, Gomez, or Drury at the ridiculous salaries they make???

    Let’s see how we end the season, if Morris or Antropov don’t do anything for us we simply don’t sign em….

  55. So even though it seemed kind of a dull day, more players were traded than ever before on deadline day. Interesting.

  56. It’s Prucha’s Nap Time
    March 5th, 2009 at 12:35 pm
    “This team is the opposite of that phrase as long as we know that Sather is behind the wheel and Dolan pushes the gas pedal!”

    Why do you even bother posting? There’s no analysis here, there’s no consideration of the situation right now, it’s regurgitating the same old cliches and sky-is-falling whining.

    Then again, somehow Joe Benigno makes a living coughing up thoughtless junk like this, so maybe you have a career in radio ahead of you.


    What would u like me to analyze here? The same old crap that is being talked about here on daily basis? Is there anything new to add to the current situation? Tell us, how do YOU see the current situation, maybe we can actually learn something new here.

  57. blame Canada on

    yeah, but some of that sid was a lot of crap by Tor just shuffling names of washed up goalies for draft pick or salary reasons.

    very few name players changed hands. I was shocked that Mtl did nothing, because they are going nowhere with their current team embroiled in scandal, and Price is not right.

  58. The best thing about it is that if our big contract players(Gomer, Dru, Red, Rozi) actually play well into the playoffs and in there under Torts system and with help of Antro & Aves than it should be easier to get rid of them. That would make them tradeable. The more they do in the Playoffs better for the Rangers future.

  59. I think Sather should be smart enough to give the GM responsibilities to someone more capable than himself
    in that capacity. Like some of his players he is overpaid
    and lacks bang for Dolan’s bucks.
    Give us a break Glen and do the right thing, every good general should know when to step aside and let some younger charges do the work.

  60. the Brothers Kostitsyn are linked to organized crime… so is anohter player… they hung out in a bar and bought stuff from guy that was arrested…

  61. so, Maloney brought the smurfs to Ny, and now he is taking them all to the desert. he got 4 smurfs yesterday.

    yes, they can all skate, but come on, the Sharks and Boston and Det and Wash and Calg are all big teams

    name me one team that is smallish that is a top nhl team

    sure the current rules favor the smaller player more than in the past, but it still takes size to go into the corners and get the puck.

    the winnipeg/phoenix team will continue to be a struggling franchise.

  62. jason, I don’t see the need for a seventh D to hang around not playing. We know who’s going to dress every night: Staal, Girardi, Mara, Morris, Roszival and Redden. If they need somebody for a particular game, it’s an hour and a half from Hartford.

  63. Predictions for scoring leaders down the stretch:

    1 Gomez 19 points
    2 Dubi 17
    3 Antropov 14

  64. I was shocked the Habs didn’t do anything as well, and even the Caps. But even more shocking was the Sabres. They got rid of a 2nd round pick for Dominic Moore ??? And then they get that 2nd round pick by trading away Kotalik who can actually help them. Tellqvist isn’t special, he’s not gonna march them into the playoffs, along with Lalime until Miller gets healthy, but c’mon, do they even want to make the playoffs ?

    I think they’re in by a point, or out by a point, but they made some dumb moves.

    The team that did the worst was the Kings. Trading O’Sully AND a 2nd round pick for Justin fuggin Williams. Wow, maybe Sather and the Kings GM switched places for a day, cause that was dumb.

  65. There was nothing to that story in La presse about Habs players being involved with organized crime..

    It was the French press selling papers thats all

    The guys knew criminals, drank in niteclubs with them…..I know criminals…some people on this blog are probably criminals…

    big deal

  66. turcottelives on

    While many people might not be a big fan of Brian Burke, there is one thing that he said in his press conference yesterday that stuck with me. He said that in today’s NHL, teams need to commit to either getting “rapidly better, or rapidly worse.” Brilliant. Also, this is the fundamental difference between a GM like him and one like Sather. His insistence in relying on the free agent market has handcuffed this team for the next five years. We have no money to spend, and will get no high end draft talent, which is a necessity with contracts like ours. Players with entry level salaries that can contribute are now as integral as your biggest point producers. I understand that yesterday’s trades have more to do with freeing up salary and roster spots than anything else, which perpetuates my loathing for glen sather.

    Help us John Torterella… you’re our only hope…

  67. Orr

    There must’ve been something going on with O’sullivan. Some info we don’t know…

    I was all over Buffalo yesterday… they essentialy traded Kotalik for Moore (accounting for the pick swap), and both are UFA’s. I know he’s a Antropov-esque underachiever but they must HATE Kotalik. The worst thing they did yesterday was give Connolly 4.5mil a year over the next 2 years…

    I wonder if I can miss 2 out of every 3 days of work and get a raise??????

  68. UESBlueshirt on

    Who were the goalies that were realistically on the market aside from Lehtonen?

    The Habs, Caps and Flyers I think would all like to go into the playoffs with a sturdier goalie and Buffalo has the Miller injury to deal with.

    But unless they were willing to strengthen the Devils with some talent for Clemmensen (and why would you help a team that you could end up facing at some point the playoffs) it looks like no one except Toronto was going to add a goalie.

  69. turcottelives on

    jeff luke,

    i think you reversed dubinsky’s jersey number and point total…

    …but man, do i hope you’re right…

  70. The Rangers are clearly a better team with Avery, Antropov and Morris in the mix over Kalinin, Prucha and Dawes. They got a lot bigger, much grittier, and way better on defense.

    I don’t know why people think Morris is soft, he is not soft at all! He is a solid two-way defenceman.

    And who cares if these guys don’t play well, they are rentals who will be gone in the summer. Which will leave space for Anisimov and Sanguinetti next season.

  71. turcotte


    just hoping all this ice time pays off, he’s obviously Tort’s pet…

    Thanks for the Burke quote. As I was telling ORR yesterday, I can’t wrap my feeble brain around his moves/intentions. A thousand goalies….
    If you pull 2 Dman can you add an extra keeper?

  72. I very much agree that Sather is to blame for the state of our team today due to his senility.At the beginning he was justifying getting rid of Jags because “we wanted to get younger and faster” but yet he knew what type of game clueless had in mind.He sat and watched as we struggled with his team and Renneys coaching until he gets a brain fart and does the right thing by getting Torts,which I have a good source that tells me it really wasnt his 1st choice but more Dolans.Now we get BIGGER and OLDER with the usual suspects(Drury,Blomez,Redden)still suckin wind.And where are the new cast(Rissmuller,Voros,Kililen,Fritchse) all gone in the land of OZ. How many rebuilds and different styles will this Cybil GM of OUR TEAM put us through. I for one dont accept his backpeddeling B/S to me he is another used car salesman like the last coach. I`m going to the game tonight to that hole in the ground to see my boy Aves and to wear my Pru jersey in memory of someone who played with heart and guts not like the crew we are stuck with now

  73. jeffluke — There must’ve been something going on with O’sullivan. Some info we don’t know.

    O’Sullivan is from Winston-Salem. Carolina had a chance to have a local boy on the roster, but they chose not to. His father is from Canada and was pretty abusive to his son. It got to be a big scandal later in Canada. Slover on the Sporting News suggested it might have been too hard on him to play in Carolina where all the past would come spilling out.

  74. Prucha sucks. Dawes sucks. Kalinin sucks.

    Get over it and move on.

    I find it hard to believe you guys don’t think we are a better team today than we were yesterday.

  75. Sect 407

    Whats the matter didnt Mommy wipe your ass this morning. Only a limp dick dog would even consider the fact that Kid Korageous sucks

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