Just want to start a new thread for the last 40 minutes (plus) of the trade deadline … so we can have all the commentors on the same page.

It had been getting confusing.

So we’ll start here.

2:20: The Islanders’ pick from Pittsburgh could go as high as a third-rounder if the Penguins survive the first round of the playoffs.

2:23: RDS is reporting Chris Neil to the Panthers.

2:28: Don’t know if we included this earlier … Boston also gets a second-round 2010 pick in the Recchi deal.

2:35: NHL Live reporting that Keith Tkachuk was called off the ice briefly during practice in St. Louis today. Earlier, around 1:30 Eastern time, the Sporting News reported that Tkachuk had not yet been asked to waive his no-trade clause. So it’s possible he was called off the ice to be asked if he’d accept a particular trade, or a trade in general. That’s speculation. He may have had to go to the bathroom.

2:46: Reports are that Derek Morris has been dealt. To Rangers? We don’t know.

2:47: Reports: Philly trades Scottie Upshall and a second-round pick for agitator Daniel Carcillo.


2:51: Reportedly, a second-rounder and a conditional pick to Toronto for Antropov.

3:02: Rangers reportedly got Derek Morris from Phoenix.

3:06: Rangers gave up Prucha, Dawes and Kalinin.


I’m going on conference call with Sather now. I may be able to post live. May not. Having technical difficulties. To view the final few trades of the day, click here.

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  1. Mark (the orginal) on

    Very nice Carp, here we go 40 minutes then like Carp said trades will be announced after 3.

  2. So are the Panthers buyers? Will they hold onto Jay Bo? Or just trying to replace Bouwmeester with some NHL level players to continue a playoff push without him?

  3. This trade deadline will mean nothing for the future of the Rangers if they do not rid themselves of either Drury, Gomez, Rosival, or Redden. As long as the Rangers have all 4 of these bums, they will continue to disappoint.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks for doing the new thread Carp.

    I’m surprised Guerin went for so little.

  5. On the Derek Morris talk: he has 12 points this year, he is minus-13 and has taken all of 24 PIMS (while being 220 lbs).. and he is making $3.6 million.. we shld be getting a 1st round pick in return for this guy.

  6. DomivBaumgartner on

    I would love to see one of our big contracts shipped out and we get a STAR in return.

  7. Gaborik- I hope not, one way guy, injury prone and disappears every playoff, even if he is a rental.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, trades will definitely be announced after 3. Hossa wasn’t announced until after the deadline last year and it was the biggest deal of the day.

  9. Any word if Miroslav Satan has cleared waivers or if anyone picked him up? He is a goal scorer, albeit another softie, something the Rangers have been lacking the past 3 years.

  10. DomivBaumgartner on

    Weren’t there like 14 deals by 3pm last year and it continued to pick up? There are only 8 so far. i hope the 3 to 5 hours are action packed.

  11. Contracts are guaranteed but teams can get and injury exception for cap reasons (still have to pay the salary)

  12. Satan cleared waivers and the Rangers have been lacking a system that allows them to score goals, not a true goal scorer. They’ve had tons of those. I think Torts, Avery and some housekeeping were our deadline deals I wouldn’t count on anything else.

  13. We DO NOT want Morris at any price…he thinks he will get 5 million on July 1st….Phoenix will be giving him away in the next 32 minutes…..

  14. I can’t believe the Rangers have done nothing today. But since neither Kaberle or Antropov have been dealt yet, I am holding out hope.

  15. Thanks again Rick for all the updates. You’re doing a bang up job ;) We all appreciate all the hard work you and Jane do!!!!

  16. Thank NYR, I know you can get cap exceptions for injury, but I was just thinking of Gaborik if he did come here (or anywhere) and just continued to play 4 games a season

  17. * Paul
    March 4th, 2009 at 2:28 pm
    Gaborik- I hope not, one way guy, injury prone and disappears every playoff, even if he is a rental. *

    Paul, Gaborik and wild made playoffs only 3 times and he has 12 goals and 22 points in 29 career playoff games… seems pretty good to me.

  18. Its going to take alot more than Dawes to get Pronger. I would throw Gomez in there to.

  19. Just saw Voros at the bus station, headed to the Charlotte Checkers…..I almost feel bad for him….his NHL bubble has been burst, where is his coach renney he says…..

  20. I Bleed Rangers Blue on

    Dept of Nitpicking: Carp – any way for you to list the most recent deals at the top instead of at the bottom?

  21. An unhealthy Gaborik is better than about 90% of the league. Even if he plays 40 games a season he still somehow nets 30 goals. I’d take him in a heartbeat.

  22. dont post eklund rumours. waste of yours and everyones time. philly could never clear the cap to get both of those players.

    i sure hope we dont get morris, he is a bum.

  23. Gaborik, his goals have not been clutch goals in the playoffs ex. game winning or goals that tie games late.

  24. we couldnt afford gaborik unless we moved one of our untradeable players who minnesota would not want. and you dont even know if he will be able to perform this year, he’s played like 7 games

  25. Vancouver trying to catch up to Calgary…..suddenly very active in the Bowmesster chase…they have the cap space, so they could be a last minute dealer

  26. Jagr's Father on

    4.5 or 7 whats the difference its 2 much 4 us anyway and he aint worth that anyway only reason he got that scratch is because his pops is in the tampa organization. let him stay down there the bolts are gonna be bad 4 a loooooooong time.

  27. gaborik had 5 goals against us once…that’s all i need to know…that’s 1/4 the goals our top scorer has all season…IN ONE GAME

  28. Anyone get the feeling that all other GM’s are laughing at Sather right about now.

  29. **18 minutes left**

    Vancouver Bowumester almost a done deal…

    Sather are you out their???

  30. Rangers fired Renney and hired Torts…then they picked up fan favorite Sean Avery for 1/2 his salary. Today they will add a Defensemen within the next 20 minutes.

    Thats all folks!

  31. I would not be too upset if the Rangers didnt make a move…I was really just hoping for one of the big contract guys to go somewhere ( other than Hank I mean)

  32. Morris sounds like an overpaid D man….just what this team needs to complement redden and roszival

  33. I’d love if we pulled of Gaborik because it would mean that either Drury or Gomez are going the other way…or a combo of Naslund and Rozi. Even if Gabby spends the next month in intensive care, i’d do it.

  34. “Anyone get the feeling that all other GM’s are laughing at Sather right about now.”

    No…he did his Avery deal and hasnt made any mistakes at the deadline. Didnt improve the team but didnt hurt it any further than he already has.

    It is possible that adding Torts and Avery was Sathers big moves. No point trading talent for a rental if you dont believe you have a chance of winning the cup.

  35. Jagr's Father on

    not tkachuk lets get nicky from toronto if anything. or just stand pat this year is a loss lets save for the future.

  36. Why, CCCP?

    Rangers have too many unmoveable contracts. They have basically 200K in cap space. Seems be about right.

    * CCCP
    March 4th, 2009 at 2:39 pm
    Is it possible the Rangers aren’t going to make any moves at all? That’ll be very weird

  37. We would have to beat out PHI for Morris since we have such good relations with PHX

  38. Just effing great. Carcillo to the Flyers.

    The battles between him and Avery will be tremendous, though.

  39. Gaborik’s cap hit is 6.33 million. We have approx 4mm in free cap space right?

    We woul donly need to send 2 to 3 million to the Wild to acquire Gaborik

    So please dont get your hopes up thinking if we get him it means we sent 1 or 2 of our awful contracts the other way. All it would take is a Kalinin/Prucha combo.

  40. Sathers Fax Machine jams with 14 minutes left….out of toner….pls fix paper jam….

  41. welcome home! on

    NTV reporting Kovalchuk to the Rangers for Gomez, Dawes, & conditional pick!


  42. Im expecting A move, big or not.


    Expecting or just “wanting”, like a child wants after a new toy…?

  43. We got Voros, Reitz, and Bell’s contracts off of our books, we must have more than 200k of full year cap space

  44. 2nd round pick and a conditional pick

    not terrible i can live with it if he helps out

  45. TSN is reporting second rounder and a conditional pick. Hmm! I say too much already.

  46. “NTV reporting Kovalchuk to the Rangers for Gomez, Dawes, & conditional pick!”


  47. HOLY (sorry Carp), that is frickin’ awesome.

    I LOVE Antropov (no homo). Dude is the second coming of a young Keith Primeau. Absolute MONSTER!

  48. I was just gonna say we have a little over 2 million dollars (Antropov’s Contract)

  49. turcottelives on

    what a waste of a 2nd rounder and conditional pick. antropov sucks. he’s a waste. he’ll never put up more than 50 points in the NHL, hes a free agent at the end of the year. uggh, typical deadline move.

  50. Ha, a second rounder is too much!!?!?!

    This is a team that has one first rounder actually make the team in the past 10 years and you won’t give up a second round pick for a sure thing?

  51. hate the move he is big and soft. he will not be here next year. at least he is playing for a contract

  52. Why are those TSN people making such a big deal about Dominic Moore? The guy hustles on the ice; that’s about it.

  53. someone explain how it is that the pens can give up nothin’ and get some good players……is it because Mario and Sid share a condo with Bettman?

  54. He is a MONSTER

    Position Right Wing
    Shoots Left
    Weight 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
    230 lb (104 kg; 16 st 6 lb)

    Antropov was expected to be drafted early in the 2nd round, but following a dominant season with Kazzinc Torpedo Ust-Kamenogorsk in the second-tier of the Russian Hockey Super League, including an international match against Iceland in which he scored 15 goals and 10 assists, he was drafted 10th overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft.[citation needed] Before going overseas to play hockey in North America, Antropov also played in the Russian Super Liga with Dynamo Moscow.

    When Owen Nolan joined the Maple Leafs in March 2003, Antropov changed his number from #11 (Nolan’s number in San Jose) to #80, the year of his birth. In 2003-04 Leaf coach Pat Quinn formed a line with Joe Nieuwendyk, Alexei Ponikarovsky, and Antropov. This line was dubbed the “Skyline” because of the players’ height.

    During the NHL lock-out of the 2004-05 season he returned to the Russian league and played 36 games split between Ak Bars Kazan and Lokomotiv Yaroslavl.

    Injures felled the Kazakhstani Power forward (ice hockey) however, and he missed significant time during the 2005-06 season. Antropov managed to produce 12 goals and 19 assists for 31 points in 57 games.

    Upon Antropov’s return from injury, he added 15 points in the final ten regular-season games of the 2005-06 NHL season. Antropov finished third on the team in even-strength scoring and also led the Leafs in +/- with a +13 rating.

    In 2006-2007, Antropov typically played alongside team captain Mats Sundin and Ponikarovsky on the top line.

    On June 6 2007, the Maple Leafs announced they had signed Antropov to a two-year contract extension. During a game with the New York Rangers on December 6, 2007, Antropov scored his second career hat-trick and was named the game’s first star. In December 2007, a campaign was launched to encourage fans to vote Antropov as a write-in Candidate the 56th National Hockey League All-Star Game in Atlanta.[1]

    On December 7 2007, Antropov scored his second career NHL hat-trick versus the New York Rangers while on the road, in Madison Square Garden.

    On February 9, 2008 Antropov set a new career high in goals with 19 when he scored in overtime to give the Leafs a 3-2 win, tipping in an Anton Stralman slapshot. He finished the season with 26 goals.

    On March 4, 2009 Antopov was traded to he New York Rangers for a secound round pick and a conditional draft pick.

  55. turcottelives on

    typo, 60 pts. but this is a waste, he doesnt put us over the edge and there goes a valuable draft pick.

  56. Only 10 deals with 5 minutes left… seems I was right that there wouldn’t be too much movement today.

  57. “jason March 4th, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    Antropov isn’t that good… what are they doing?

    Jonathon, I like that deal”

    Oh, I do too but what is NTV? NHL TV? I was just copying a post from a bit higher up.

    Hadn’t heard anything like that talked about.

  58. unless there’s a lot of deals that come up between 3 and 5
    i’m very surprised that sellers didn’t bother to sell
    (i.e. colorado, the isles, kings…)

  59. “I LOVE Antropov (no homo). Dude is the second coming of a young Keith Primeau. Absolute MONSTER!”

    Hahahahaha. Keith Primeau was actually good? Unless you mean a concussed, retired Primeau.. Nik Antropov is everything that Maple Leaf hockey currently is: overrated, overhyped, and one giant letdown.

    Way to waste a pick

  60. the rangers are not trading dawes and prucha for a rental.. If they do Sather is a bigger moron then I thought.

    I trade Betts and Prucha and get picks and or SJustrom.(UFA’s)

    Play dawes and avery and antropov and forget this 4th line crap….

  61. Why? do we need a more useless cap hit? Sather sucks, at least get an impact player instead of giving up a draft pick for something we can live without

  62. Guys don’t panic. Sather did the best he could aside from dumping one of the big 4. Rangers suck at draft pick anyways and didn’t lose a #1 pick at least..

  63. I LOVE Antropov (no homo). Dude is the second coming of a young Keith Primeau. Absolute MONSTER! – Brandon

    Dude, where do you see Primeau…? This is Nik Antropov, do you even know who he is?

    And saying ‘no homo’ makes you more of a homo.

  64. NorthCountryRanger on

    Excellent move Antropov adds size, good hands and he performs well in NY! great move by Slats for once this season.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    That Carcillo to Philly trade is a cap space clearing move.

    Maybe JayBo is next?

    As for the 2nd round pick, if we can resign Antropov for cheap, it won’t be a terrible deal

  66. Another player to keep Anisimov from being an NHL player, great job Glen, we have a better player in Hartford, impeding the youth again way to go dick!

  67. Antrpov sucks…major reason Toronto sucks and he is a free agent…so, we lose two picks for nothing…carcillo to flyers…avery better get ready..

  68. Antropov will be our BEST center. Some attitude problems, but he’s sorta a bigger, more effective, Dubinsky style.

    That said, I’m not sure why you all are freaking out. He’s a rental unless Sather can move a BIG guy and offer him an extension before July 1st.

  69. Morris was traded per NHL Network

    still dont kno where

    hopefully here taking away Redden so we have the cap room we need

  70. will the real antropov haters plz stand up…plz stand up!

    that kid is H U G E ! i’d put him in the middle with Z and Dubi

  71. the pens and coyotes have done the best!!!

    How stupid are you??

    antropov is a rental, not real complicated.

    again I dump the UFA’s they have and get whatever they can back..I keep Dawes he is better then you morons think and is cheap and young.

    bye bye betts, sjustrom, and prucha(I kepp him).. I pass on Morris but if they will take Kalinan and some other crap, WTF…

  72. antro is a rental player. great…

    he’s got size but he’s as soft as the snuggie bear. im still on the fence but im leaning toward this being a lousy pick up if you ask me.

  73. CRANFORD93
    March 4th, 2009 at 2:59 pm
    Zherdev and Antropov are from different countries



    did u ever take history class in your life? i guess not…

  74. Antropov is gone after this year, its a rental, he isnt blocking AA

    Relax complain about no action and then whine when we get the players that are available

  75. Jagr's Father on

    i am satisfied didnt lose much and may have gained a sleeper with nicky sather gets to live

  76. Why trade for someone, when we have a more than capable player on Hartford in AA, not letting the young guys play, great job Slats.

  77. We have not really given much up today, say a few draft picks.

    With all the RFA’s we have this summer, I’m sure we will get a few back.

    ie: Dubinscky and Zherdev, they either sign with us or we get draft picks in return….besides, we needed SIZE…

    Nik Antropov

    6 ft 6 in 230 lb, makes him CLEARLY the biggest Ranger, and slides second into scoring!!!

    **I think we are a wayyyyyyyy better team than what we had 21 days ago!!**

  78. Dawes, Kalinin and Prucha for Morris.

    A bunch of spare parts.

    I’ll take that.

  79. The Yotes are under the cap floor right now with not knowing who went back for Morris

  80. kalinen, dawes and prucha for morris……why give up prucha for this crap. sather is a moron

  81. Morris sucks.

    Sather sucks…this is killing me…man, why do we have to suffer…Morris is a poorer version of Redden.

    Sather should be hung…not fired…hung.

  82. No doubt about it, Antropov makes this team better! No doubt. Antropov, Naslund, Dubinsky (if he stays wing), Zherdev, and Prucha all play the same styles… hybrid E/W + N/S. Antropov can be really effective too, i’m not just not too impressed for the future because he’ll be a UFA July 1st.

    Morris, I don’t know too much about him. But it would seem he’s also a rental, UFA next season too.

    Who gets moved to make space for these guys? Wow. Dubinsky stays wing, bye-bye Dawes… and on Defense? Did they trade a starter for Morris?

  83. we lose dawes, prucha, and kalinan for Morris..

    I do not like that trade at all….Dawes can friggin play…

    A rental……………..

  84. kalinin and dawes are useless….prucha is upsetting.

    i guess he is going to be a free agent in july so why not trade him now. if they want him back they can get him in the summer

  85. Wow. i pretty much called that trade.

    I said Dawes and Kalinin for Morris.

    Adding Prucha was excessive

  86. I hate the retards on here. We just lost 2 RFA’s for an 18 game rental who has pretty terrible numbers this year.

    We also lost a kid (prucha) who played his heart out every night and never got a fair chance, and Kalinen who’s been one of the better defensmen for this team the past 3 weeks. I’m not so impressed by this move. Morris better get here and be GOOD.

    Farewell pruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I hope you pot 40 next year.

  87. UESBlueshirt on

    Weren’t Morris and Drury traded for each other during Drury’s short stint on Calgary?

  88. Can’t believe that you guys are that upset about the Morris deal.

    We traded SPARE PARTS for another LEGIT top 4 defenseman. A very clear upgrade over Kalinin.

    I love Prucha and he’s looked very good the last 3 games, but he’s still a spare part right now.

    Dawes just never got it going this year.

    And Kalinin is Kalinin.

  89. With Avery now in the lineup, I don’t mind dumping Dawes at all…Kalinin for Morris is an upgrade I guess…Including Prucha in the deal is what ruins the deal for us..

    I guess Antropov can take Prucha’s spot if he can switch to a wing

  90. HORRIBLE trades… Sather is the worst GM in the league… I’m sick of this… For every 1 step forward this team takes, they take 2 steps back

  91. Just Terrible, Dawes and Prucha and all we get is Morris, why would you give up that much for a UFA?

  92. HAHAH LOL 3 players for morris?! well, im happy ill never see kalinin in blue more, but Prucha, WTF?!

  93. sather got bent over backwards on the morris deal. horredous trade. we lose offensive depth and dont gain any depth on d

  94. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s upset.

    Morris… 1 year rental.

    BTW: Beer me! Show your face, coward. My point here is that some of the dead weight on this team has FINALLY been cut and it simply couldn’t happen with Renney here (reitz, voros, dawes….ugh!) Gone, finally!

    Why Pruuuuuuuuuuuu went for Morris, beats me.

  95. Sucks that we had to give up Prucha for Morris. I could care less about Dawes and Kalinin.

    Antropov plays both center and right wing.

    So we have:

    Zherdev, Gomez, Antropov
    Dubi, Drury, Naslund
    Avery, Korpi, Callahan
    Orr, Betts, Sjostrom

    Redden, Rozi
    Staal, Girardi
    Morris, Mara

    I think our team is MUCH IMPROVED. Dawes was invisible and Kalinin sucks. Sad to see Prucha go, but it was inevitable. At least he will get a chance in PHO.

  96. Jagr's Father on

    cmon dawes is garbage he is a career 3rd or 4th liner will never score more than 15 goals in a season and he is a puss. good riddens to bad rubish same goes for kalinin he is total shit.

  97. the Pens havent done well? their first trade scored two goals last night moron. Then today traded up a D man and Guerin and gave up pretty much nothing. And Phoneix just did pretty well getting Prucha, Lombardi, Upshall and picks and gave up a 4 line fighter, Morris, and Jokinen who they were gonna loose in the summer anyway

  98. I Bleed Rangers Blue on

    Terrible! How the $#%^ do you give away Pru like that?? Damn you Maloney!

  99. Kalinin was a one year deal with us anyway no????- So it’s not much of a salary help

  100. if prucha is truely gone, it will be the death of me and my ranger faithfulness.

  101. orr,

    to add insult to injury pruchas gf was really hot. 6ft tall weighed 100 lbs. so hooottt. i was soo excited when i saw we got antro and now im mad we got morris. i wrote earlier hes a marginal upgrade and we gave up all of that.

  102. Why does it seem that the other team always gets the best of deadline deals that involve us?

  103. Prucha and Dawes will be 25 goal man
    Morris will either be gone next year or signed to a 5 Million dollar contract


  104. PETR

    :( Dumb trade by Slats, Derek Morris had one good season, he’s garbage.

  105. Sad to see Prucha go. Wish him well and he gets a ton of goals. But not likely on the Yotes.

  106. CCCP you dink, we traded those guys to fit Antropov & Morris salary.

    Sather added a lil more depth but I’d rather have draft picks he dealt.

  107. CCCP you dink, we traded those guys to fit Antropov & Morris salary.

    Sather added a lil more depth but I’d rather have draft picks he dealt.

  108. Bye Pruch’s… hopefully you’ll get a real shot in Phoenix.

    Later, Dawes… my girlfriend was a fan.

    Kalinin… eh. Should’ve never been brought in.

  109. Dawes & Prucha are redundant in the NYR orginization. Look at their minor leagues and you can find the same type player over and over again.

    Prucha’s size and durability will always be an issue. Torts saw that in the first 3 games and that’s why he is gone. at 6-0′-175lbs your not going to make it in the Eastern Conference very long.

    Dawes at 5-8″-180lbs again isn’t going to cut it. P.A. Parenteau will bring you the same size and better scoring.


    can we call up a GM from the ECHL?

  111. Weren’t people complaining about Morris in Phoenix? Laziness issues? Great. And isn’t Antropov supposed to be lazy also? Looks like Tortorella has his work cut out for him — more underachievers that their own teams couldn’t wait to get rid of. But at least Antropov is tall. Congratulations.

  112. Burke better be a wiz at this next draft, in terms of SELLERS he got schooled by Phoenix

  113. you guys act like we gave up the world for morris… kalinin aint all that…dawes is at best invisible on most nights..and prucha…was prucha yeah we all loved him but they obviously didnt it will be nice for pru to finally have a chance to play on a regular be i hope he scores 40.

  114. holy cow it took me 10 minutes to get on here lol!

    Is this morris guy really worth 3 guys? I’m a bit surprised. Not sorry to see Kalinin go,and Dawes has been kinda invisible. I really hope that Prucha thrives in PHX..sad to see him go.

  115. Hope the next time the Rangers play Phoenix, Prucha goes all “Gaborik” on them… LOL

    FU GLENN!!!!!

  116. In relation to the Jokinen deal, how did we give up more than Calgary and got back 3 time less!

  117. Dawes & Prucha are redundant in the NYR orginization. Look at their minor leagues and you can find the same type player over and over again.


    I’m sorry but I don’t think you’ll see another 30g rookie come out of Hartford in the next 10 years.

  118. Why do I love this team when I keep getting Slapped around???
    I feel like a Trailer park Wife

  119. Kalinin and Prucha are both UFAs and Dawes is a RFA. Rangers couldn’t sign them next year even if they wanted to because of the way sather f’ed up the cap!!!

    so, not a big loss (tho i love prucha), cuz he’d be gone next year anyway.

  120. What a positive week for the Rangers! First, we fire Renney, and bring in a viable NHL coach with a Stanley Cup championship on his resume. Then we recycle Sean Avery, our inspirational leader. Then we dump a couple little guys who can play some, plus we dump the WORST puking D since, well, Backman, and bring in a big forward under 30, who can hit and score, plus a top-4 D.

    High marks Glen, good for you, good for the team, good for the fans. We are bigger, more skilled, tougher, smarter – thanks to the new coach, and inspired thanks to the Avery acquisition.

    The New York Rangers have a new lease on life at this time – the start of what is truly their second season.

    VERY ENCOURAGED – my cynicism and pessimism is gone. See, it WAS darkest before the dawn, Welcome to the DAWN. Now let’s win more than our share our hockey games. Hank must be rather pleased, too. He just might be getting more offensive and denfensive support.


  121. Rumor Monger on

    Dawes and kalinin and a mid round pick would have been a more Rangers friendly deal. keep Pru

    should have been able to expect this though, reading between the lines with all the comments from the coach about more size

  122. Jagr's Father on

    Flames and Pens the big winners and the Pens are right up our ass could be major problem. oh well better draft well slats or the lynch mob will be called out for you.

  123. I think we gave up alot for Morris, but in all reality those 3 guys were gone during the summer anyway.

    I do like the 2 pickups though, filled up 2 areas that needed help.
    A better scorer would have been better.. but this is not a cup year for us anyway.

    Stop going crazy over prucha and dawes though, no matter how much people like to to “like” them, they were not coming back with the team UFA/RFA we have to resign next year.

  124. Salty,

    Yeah, Yankees said the same thing about Kevin Maas some years ago and how did that turn out ? You can find quite a few players that do well their first year and then slip off into the darkness.

    Of the three, Kalinin and Prucha weren’t going to be back next season as both are UFA’s and Dawes’ playing time would have decreased dramatically with Sean Avery back.

  125. onecupin69years on

    Antropov slow skater…Sather is forever making trades with the same old teams coyotes , toronto, edmonton.since when does the coyotes have any talent worth getting?
    That franchise in folding or moving.

  126. Antropov will help down stretch! Morris is upgrade over Kalinin. Prucha and Dawes, tons of heart and great Rangers, never will make a huge impact.

  127. Com’on guys think about it Morris is a beast in front of the net, he hits..who cares about Dawes or kilinin. Prucha for him,hell ya.
    Tell ya what with Morris Ant And Avery,are we a tougher more physical team or what.

  128. If Dawes does well, it will be because he is playing out west. I liked him, but he wasn’t really doing anything for this team. They gave him more responsibility and he couldn’t handle it. He may be a good player in the future, but not in the eastern conference. I am more sad to see Prucha go. He played with heart, but this clears the way for Anisimov and Grachev, hopefully. Also, Korpedo is more useful than both Prucha and Dawes. I would have been mad if he were dealt. I think he has more upside than both of the other smurfs.

  129. True Blue 23 on

    To basically get Aves and Antropov for Prucha and Dawes is a good deal… If you just look at Morris for Prucha Dawes and Kalinin then its a different story…

  130. Rumor Monger on

    mad about Prucha, but the Rangers are better than they were last week

    added Avery, Antropov and Morris

    gave up only Pru off the roster who was wanted

  131. Don’t know why everyone is against this- prucha dawes and dmitri were gone next year anyway- this basically cost us a 2nd round pick and we get a top 6 forward

  132. True Blue,

    I agree with you. However, fact is that Sather DID trade all 3 for Morris. If there’s a pick included it makes sense for me.

  133. Think of it in these terms:


    Schoney (as a coach)

    I think its been a successful 2 weeks

  134. Wow, a great day for Phoenix fans, that’s for sure. What an embarrassment of riches they have over there with their youth: Mueller, Turris, Boedker, Tikhonov, Michalek and now Prucha + Dawes. That team is going to be fun to watch in the very near future.

  135. I miss prucha already. he showed the last few games under torts what he was really capable of, i see pruchs/dawes potting 20 a pop next year for phx while morris signs with another team, bad asset management glen. hope that antropov/morris step it up and provide what we need down the stretch.

  136. Incidentally, if Derek Morris is such a bad player then why did Washington, Boston and Philadelphia all want him ? I know Peter Chiarelli, George McPhee and Paul Holmgren all were drinking the “Sather Kool Aid” ! Sometimes reality sucks but you have to deal with it !

  137. Jagr's Father on

    I give Glen a 6 out of a possible ten for todays work. Would have been nice to get some picks considering th depth of the draft but overall we are a better team than we were 24 hours ago. Still not close to being a contender so i will say another second round exit.

  138. Bye Pru – lets hope Morris is the hard-hitting shutdown d-man thats useful in the stretch run. Antropov is a bargain (presumably the other pick rises in value the further we go in the play-offs).

    Dawes and Kalinin are no losses, neither is the 2nd rounder.


    We broke the blog! Techonology doesn’t have anything on us.

  140. short term gain….thats all I can see. But I think we are a much better team than 3 weeks ago….makes the Play Off push more exciting!

    We get a big solid d-man, a monster forward (who is now out 2nd leading scorer), and the NHL’s Superpest in our line up…plus a great coach.

    The summer will be tough enough trying to resign **ALL** the young guns, and we have the potential to gain picks back…

    As the day goes by
    Morris for Kalinen (we win huge)
    Antropov…..dawes/prucha (we still win)

  141. Just to clarify to some people. Prucha is not an UFA after this season, he’s a RFA!

    I’m sick of Sather and his BS moves to bring in washed-up players. The panelists were laughing about it on TSN. I love how the Rangers soley trade with teams like PHX and EDM because of Sather’s EDM connections and Maloney in PHX.

    This team may be upgraded, but they surely are not good enough to get past one of the top 3 teams in the east.

  142. I still think we made out well.

    A bunch of spare parts and a 2nd round pick (likely a 3rd since they get a 3rd if we make the playoffs and a 4th if we don’t for Antro) and another for Morris and Antropov.

    I don’t mind it one bit.

  143. No Country For Old Rangers on

    BAD TRADE! Kalinin for Morris straight up would have been ok. I can understand sending Dawes or Pruchs but BOTH?!? Especially when they make what? 2.5 COMBINED?!? Sather must have overslept during his afternoon nap and woke up in a daze.

    Sather: Let’s trade Prucha and Dawes for Jari Kurri!
    Schoeny: Uh…Glen, Kurri retired years ago.
    Sather: Shut up Mark Messier, I’ll kill you!
    Schoney: I’m not Mark, Glen.

  144. Florida didn’t make a move???? did Neil go???? How much longer can trades trickle in?

  145. You dinks dont get it do you?

    First off – Dawes, Pruchs, Kalinen – these are salary dumps, not an even return on Derek Morris.

    Secondly, these guys were assets, couldve been used to get much better players then the scrubs Sather aquired.

  146. My early take on what we got rid of:

    We had too many 3rd and 4th liners right? Dawes and Prucha gone. Sad about Prucha, neutral about Dawes.

    Kalinin…we all thought he was not worth $2mm and surely not tough at all. Right?

    We gave up a 2nd round pick. Based on the history of the NYR and their draft picks, nothing means crap in the draft with Sather and his idiots doing the scouting. Jessiman in the 1st round ahead of Parise, Lundqvist in the 6th or 7th round. Go figure.

    What we got?

    Antropov is an upgrade over Prucha or Dawes and is much more legitimately a top 6 forward. Plus he gives us some size. I mean I have to admit, last two Toronto games I was noticing Antropov a lot.

    Morris….not sure…don’t know enough. His stats look terrible. Is he a housecleaner in front of the net? I don’t know. Is a good PP guy? I don’t know. (Tony from AZ, where the F are you as our scout out there?)

    At least we didn’t lose our core youth and did not give up too much that wouldn’t have been gone at the end of the year.

    We definitely got a little better. Not sure if we got enough to get to the 2nd round.

    We’ll see.

  147. We gave up too much for Morris .. We really didnt free up enough cap space next yr to justify giving them both Pru and dawes (both of which had some value out there) ..and AND Kalinin, who is a UFA next yr

  148. Hey guys we will probably see Prucha back in a few years seeing as though how Sather likes to bring back the same players 2, 3 & 4 times. When he’s 38 LOL

  149. Gargoyle, gimme a break. Every post you’ve made has been dead wrong. “Renney’s a top five coach.” “With Torts you will see a ton on 5-4, 4-3 losses.” So easy on the personal attacks. Your house is 100% glass.

  150. Derek Morris? Gretzky says his only complaint is when vets with big salaries don’t play hard? Sounds ominous. Sather doesn’t mind not playing to your salary, apparently.
    On the bright side, the fans should be buying tickets galore to get their first look up close at Derek Morris. What a celebrity! He’ll bring the glitz back to the Broadway Blueshirts! Order your Morris jerseys now!

  151. Antropov replaces Prucha and adds size, Morris can’t possibly be worse than Kalinin, and Dawes sucks. I’m alright with today’s trades but I WILL miss Petr. I like the kid a lot and really hope he lights it up out in Phoenix. Best of luck Petr Puck.

  152. Mark (the orginal) on

    Glenn was not going to tender a contract to Prucha after this year. I think you have to offer RFA’s 10% increase on their deal. I could not see Glenn offering Prucha 1.7 next year.

  153. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHhahahahaa!!!!!!!! I knew the site crashed as soon as the Dawes and Prucha trade was made !!! BOOM we broke the SITE!!!!!!!!! SWEET

    Small team got a lil bigggerrr!!!!!1

    upcoming Ranger euro stars :

    * Zherdev
    A A
    Cherapanov ( god rest his soul)

  154. Morris is a stay at home hard hitting defender. He’s not going to light the lamp, but maybe he’ll put people on their ass if they get too close to Hank.

  155. Morris has 24 PIMs in 57 games this yr – either he is really good at not taking penalties or just soft.

    Will Andro and Torts get along? That will be interesting

  156. Morris has 66 hits this year in 57 games and ONE PP POINT. He’s also minus 13 (fits right in with the Rangers)

  157. I’m getting on conference call with Sather now. I will try to post a few live updates, then come back with partial or full transcript later.

    But I am having some technical difficulties. Are you guys having trouble getting in, too?

  158. All you guys crying about Prucha and Dawes – give me a break. They’ve done little or nothing with their chances here. Good riddance! We have 10 more crappy Sather draft choices just like them playing at Hartford.

  159. Jagr's Father on

    Yes 2 playoff goal on aplayoff team give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He has size, he has skill, not the fastest guy coast to coast but still faster than Voros. Maybe a change of venue is just what he needed. Remember when Kovalev was shipped to the Pens? He is rough around the edges but he has the tools to be a very good player if he ditches his lazy ways and show up every game and with Torts as his coach i think his work ethic will improve.

  160. Good deal for Antropov, but we got hosed for Morris. Dawes or Prucha could have stayed

  161. Pretty funny that Torts rotated Avery, Korpikoski, Dawes and Prucha at practice today and now 2 of the 4 are gone.

  162. and to think I was wondering which dumbass team would trade for Antropov all day long. I should have known better

  163. Morris is a free agent at the end of the year, the downside here is very minimal, what am I missing here?

  164. UESBlueshirt on

    Assuming we let our acquistions today walk in the summer and the guys that were waived yesterday we freed up some cash to resign the RFAs and UFAs we probably want to keep.

    Antropov – 2.05
    Voros – 1.00
    Morris – 3.917
    Reitz – 0.500

    That’s 7.467 available for next year. You would think that primarily gets spread out over Zherdev/Dubi/Cally and possibly Mara’s new contracts.

    Keep in mind that’s what’s available for their raises not their total contracts.

  165. Sather – “I wanted to make more deals but with a cap in place it makes it tough to get some of the guys you want”

    Yeah, you are solely responsible for that fail Glen.

  166. Ok Rick!!! Cant wait to hear what that blowhard has to say.

    So mad Prucha is gone!!!!!!!!!

  167. wonder what Tortorella really thinks about these recent moves.
    if he’s for them or just shuts his office door
    shaking his head and cursing cursing cursing
    at what he got himself into.

  168. Dawes has skill… but he has consistently been the most invisible player on the Rangers this season.

    As for Kalinin… he has been playing well recently, but I think the Rangers would rather have Morris anyway because they probably think Kalinin will go back to his old ways sooner or later like he did with Buffalo.

    I like Prucha, but most of us have an irrational attachment to him. He has less than 5 goals and 10 points this season. He’s simply too small and not effective anymore… especially against eastern conference teams with size.

    Don’t know about Antropov… haven’t watched him enough. I don’t think he’s someone to get excited about, although I don’t think he can hurt the Rangers at this point.

    In the end, Sather is probably trying desperately to make the playoffs because he knows the chances of him being fired are much greater if this team fall several spots in the next month.

    Definitely could have been worse, but this team is still far from any kind of competitor.

  169. Someone please clarify this is not true …. but .. someone told me that they were gonna do this trade

    Scott Gomez and Michael Del Zotto … for Ilya Kovalchuk???????????? anyoneeeeeeee??????
    anyone know if its ture

  170. “That’s 7.467 available for next year. You would think that primarily gets spread out over Zherdev/Dubi/Cally and possibly Mara’s new contracts.

    Keep in mind that’s what’s available for their raises not their total contracts.”

    You’re delusional, thats not the cap hit at all, we cleared maybe 3 or 4 million at most.

  171. btw,
    i wasn’t too happy with the streaming coverage on tsn and sportsnet
    but cbc is doing a nice job right now. interviewed Morris a little while ago.

    here’s the link if you want to watch/listen

  172. Interesting statistics:
    For his 10 years in the league Morris played total 7 playoff games ( 2002-03 with Avalanche)
    He’s a playoff beast!

  173. Gargoyle March 4th, 2009 at 3:16 pm
    CCCP you dink, we traded those guys to fit Antropov & Morris salary.
    Sather added a lil more depth but I’d rather have draft picks he dealt.

    Dink? Gargoyle, is there something u r trying to say to me by double posting your comments? I don’t think we were ever introduced properly… hi, im CCCP… I twist mops like you with one arm… any particular reasons I was honored by your attention?

  174. This league has the worst CBA in the history of sports. And the NHLPA is a complete joke. The players would be better off without the players association altogether. Look how the players are victims of crazy coaching, ridiculouse disciplinary standards (Avery, Simon, Pronger), and player swapping. On top of that they have to endure some virtual GM’s need to fit an unjustified multi-million dollar has-been salary into an arbitrary salary cap.

    Antropov is a short term gamble at best. Toronto could’t wait to dump him.

    Sather blew it today. Again.

  175. Gargoyle, even a blind squirrel … or a broken clock …

    Your record to date is pretty laughable.

  176. and this is why i hate glen sather. sorry to see prucha and dawes go. both were blossoming and would have kept the team younger. and we get morris for 18 games. awful trade.

  177. Morris is a right shooting Dman, a veteran who can play with poise in all situations, but he is not a fast skater or a big hitter, although he will get tough on occasion.

    sort of an older, overpaid version of Girardi

  178. jcl206,

    you are right and wrong about prucha. he is an RFA as of july 1. but, if the team who owns his rights do not make a qualifying offer to him (equal to last years salary i believe) he automatically becomes a UFA.

  179. bull dog line on

    avery, antro, and morris. for dawes, prucha, kalin, and 2nd rounder. thihnk the rangers improved today. cant wait forever for dawes, prucha needed a change of scenery and kalinin needed to go. good day for sather.

  180. Love how everybody overexaggerates the value of another team’s players (that the other team wanted to get rid of). Sather didn’t even get rid of any real salary problems. We’re still stuck at the top of the cap — Sather’s moves were meaningless — what a surprise. And it’s not a coincidence that no one else trades with him — he is a joke in the NHL. As usual NJ and Detroit stay smart — they plan their roster well at the beginning. Hope Prucha flourishes in a fresh atmosphere.

  181. Anahiem traded Phalsson, Moen and Huskins in seperate deals…

    Thats Quacktastic!!!

  182. prucha is 6 feet??? what are you smoking? he may be listed ast 6′ but if he is 5’10” thats stretching it

  183. CCCP i’ve posted here before, you must be a janitor cause your intellect is always way behind the other posters here.

    Great post Jay, totally agree that this CBA has made the NHL worse. And yeah Antropov will be boo’d in MSG by April, bank on it.

  184. Best line of the week so far:

    “I twist mops like you with one arm…”


  185. The Ducks are absolutely cleaning house Moen and Pahlsson on top of Kunitz, should have tried to get one of them for Prucha

  186. give me a break about Dawes. he is a soft, opportunistic, floater who plays the perimeter, is no good on the forecheck, and is totally dependent on others to get the puck from the corner. also a mediocre player in the defensive zone

    bad player if you want a gritty team

  187. i hate this MO for our club – trade the guys who lack the size on paper but actually give +100% on the ice. this sucks. miss ya prucha, best of luck. you’ll do fine – ask guys like marc savard. we need team chemistry, not tall guys to reach the premium booze on the top shelf.

    Slats, please go back to Canada. as soon as possible. PLEASE. you’ve now out-NeilSmithed Neil Smith himself. i’m surprised you haven’t thrown in the arena with any of these deals.

  188. Dumping that titless woman Kalinin, makes my week. Firing Renney already made my year!

  189. Are you people serious?

    Nigel Dawes SUCKS!!!! He’s been given ample opportunities and can’t do a damn thing!!

    And as far as Prucha goes, what has he done since ’06 when he was taken off the PP with Jagr? Go ahead, I’ll wait..

    Callahan and the Korpedo are much better options up front. What Sather did was get a much better d-man than Kalinin, and Antropov made Prucha and Dawes useless… Sure, Prucha played hard, but so does Callahan, and do we want to lose him?

    And don’t say Sjostrom, because no one wanted him..

    Bottom line, this is as good a deal as the Rangers can do, because the miracle trade of Gomez or Redden won’t happen. MAYBE a trade involving Rozsival, but that’s it.

    I love those “heart beat” guys that the fans love and then want to lynch the GM when he trades them. Remember todd Harvey? Where is he now? Collecting tolls at the Lincoln Tunnel?

  190. Morris = rental. and Prucha and Dawes had to go at some point… to make some cap space for the bigger boys WE ALL KNOW WE NEED cuz we’re screwed by Blowmez, Drury, and Redden.

    Would you rather have a Staal, Callahan, Mara, etc., or Prucha, Dawes, and one of the above? Think about it…

  191. We definitely got bigger, and Antropov walks in as our highest scorer. Prucha will be missed. He will do well in Phoenix. No big loss over Dawes or Kalinin. We overpaid big time for Morris but I bet Sather included Prucha just to dump salary. That and I’m sure Maloney is well aware of what he brings to the table, which is heart, effort and a good nose for the net.

    So forwards look like: Antropov, Gomez, Zherdev, Drury, Naslund, Dubinsky, Callahan, Korpikoski, Avery, Sjostrom, Betts, Orr, Bell.

    Defense looks like: Mara, Redden, Rozsival, Giradi, Staal, Morris

    Hank and Valli in net.

    That allows room for a 7th defenseman, likely Potter.

    Wow, this is whole new team

  192. “LeBrun (3:48 p.m. ET): Deals are still trickling in past the deadline because of the backup at the fax machine at the NHL’s head office. We hear of a possible three-way trade involving Erik Cole possibly going back to Carolina. More on that later.”

    From ESPN

    Bettman called the fax machine repair service, he has an appointment for next Tuesday 10AM

  193. Slats should have went after Kunitz. He’s looking pretty good with the Pens.

    But then again, for some reason everyone who comes to NY these days, never does that great. Must be a fuggin curse.

    It would be sweet if Antropov can be the opposite and finally break out, and be the dominant center we hoped we would have with Dru, and Gomer.

  194. jack
    March 4th, 2009 at 3:32 pm
    Morris = Redden part II.
    Antrpov = zherdev part II
    Sather should be shot.

    dead on.

    morris is so soft. he’s terrible.

    antro is incredibly frustrating to watch.

    ugh. i hate glen.

  195. Sather has to go ….he sucks …Morris and Antropov will not help … I rather keep Prucha’s and Dawes upside …

  196. Baumer582,

    i agree 100%. prucha was fun to watch and played with tons of heart but he is a free agent to be and was = cally and korpi

  197. the reality is they have no clue what they are doing at the garden. they let a hall of fame point guard rub and touch every female in the building when all evidence was agaisnt him (not to mention doing a lousy job with the resident b ball team). they let a washed up cigar chewing fool who was lucky enough years ago to have a stud farm of young kids with him (you know tgo,mess,coff,etc…) and since then has done nothing remotely successful. you know the old saying if you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results that’s the definition of INSANITY, agreed?

  198. nyr13 March 4th, 2009 at 3:45 pm


    you are right and wrong about prucha. he is an RFA as of july 1. but, if the team who owns his rights do not make a qualifying offer to him (equal to last years salary i believe) he automatically becomes a UFA.

    I believe it’s 10% more than the prior year salary, but what you said can be applied to any RFA. Had Sather not traded Prucha he would have been foolish not to tender him a qualifying offer, because then he could have then traded hum next season(if he didnt really want him), instead of losing him for nothing.

  199. Hahaha, Sather missed out on Patrick O’Sullivan

    We really do have one of the worst GMs.

    Who here has season tix? I’d be pissed as hell to be spending money on this team, what a mess.

  200. BillyDeeWilliams on

    So the question is…when do we get to see these guys play? do they skate tomorrow night? i’m assuming they’ll have to. doesn’t give torts much time to teach them the system

  201. With so many unlikable athletes in sports, sometimes you have to root for what’s best for the good guys (e.g. Prucha).

    New coach or not, it was clear he was never going to be afforded the same chance as other players, for whatever the reasons may be.

    I feel good for him that he can go to another team where he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder every night wondering if every shift is the make or break on whether or not he’ll be in the lineup every night.

    Can’t say the same for Dawes as I thought he never made the most of what was handed to him on a silver platter.

    Best of luck Pru, I look forward to you lighting us up the next time Phoenix visits the Garden.

  202. *Doodie*

    I’m interested in your take on today’s moves. You seem less than thrilled to say the least.

    I know nothing about Antropov (other than his size) & Morris… what’s your perception here?

  203. O’sully was traded in a 3 way deal to EDM.

    I like O’sully. Wanted him here in the summer

  204. tyree March 4th, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    Prucha is 6 ft 175 lbs. Look it up

    That’s not true. I’ve met Prucha. I’m 5’9 185.. He’s shorter than me.

    Leetch was also not 6’1, more like 5’10, and Gomez who I met on 7th Ave after they eliminated NJ last year was my exact height…

    Athletes always lie about their height.

  205. That Morris video highlight didn’t include one video from him playing this year.

  206. Sather doesn’t care who the fans like. He pretends that now he “loves” Avery. He doesn’t care that fans loved Prucha. But now we’re stuck with Avery’s bloated salary as well as every other huge salary Sather is responsible for.
    Why didn’t Sather dump salary? And even if Antropov plays great, we can’t sign him anyway. Sather is so bad on so many levels.
    Derek Morris has never played on a big market team. That usually works well.

  207. I met Prucha on Casino night last year and he IS 6′ and Jagr was everybit of the monster he is.

  208. Ill take the posted stats over hearsay anytime. 6 ft tall is not that tall. it is almost average

  209. Can’t wait to go to the game tomorrow and see a group of people that I could care less about. The only people I actually like on this team are Henrik and Dubinsky. Now with Pru gone and Avery back I don’t know if I care that much anymore.

  210. Prucha is 6 ft 175 lbs. Look it up


    Teams *often* beef up player demo’s… especially smaller guys like Prucha.

    I’m not doubting it says that _somewhere_, but when Prucha first appeared on the scene scoring goals and playing like a big dog, a big deal was made about his size and that he was’t even 6′.

    Funny Prucha memory #218:

    They interviewed him early on on MSG when he was making his name, and some woman asked him something like “So… you seem to like to play like you’re a big guy… how do you manage that?” And he just seemed confused and smiled and said “I AM a big guy!”…. anyone remember that?

  211. I’m gonna try something novel this year, and just see how this plays out. Sucks to let Prucha go, but such is life, not going to pass any judgement until I see a few games

  212. Mako,

    My fault, I met Dawes and said it was Prucha.. So I was wrong there..

    I also met Jagr and Staal, and they are both enormous (Staal was skinny, so if HGH’s it, he’d be gigantic).

  213. Cole back to Carolina

    It’s going to much harder to get in this year than the previous one

  214. Prucha,Dawes,Kilinin,and a 2nd rd pick,LET ME GAT THIS RIGHT for Antropov,and Morris u kidding me GREAT DAY

  215. This has to be a wait and see with these trades. Morris isn’t that big and don’t know if he is a big hitter with only 24 pm. Antro is a head case so lets hope Torts can make it work. Torts better have a degree in Physcology with this bunch of head cases.Avery,Z,Redden ,gomez etc etc etc. I t shopuld be interesting.If it fails misserably maybe just maybe sather goes. I know wishful thinking!

  216. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    too bad about prucha i thought he was really coming into his own under torts system. Dawes sucked he has been expendable since he first came into the league. Kalinin.. garbage.

  217. “But now we’re stuck with Avery’s bloated salary as well as every other huge salary Sather is responsible for.”

    Less than 2 million? I mean he’s no Maxim Affigenov, but come on!

  218. prucha had one good yr everyone needs to relax.. and dawes is too small to do anything other than the shootout.. kalinin f’in blows..

    who would you rather have antropov, avery and morris or prucha dawes and kalinin..

    who gives you the best chance? that’s an easy answer

  219. UESBlueshirt on


    I got their annual numbers from

    I posted their annual salaries, not their cap hits for the remainder of this year which are obviously smaller. I’m not factoring in Dawes, Prucha or Kalinin’s numbers because they’re not on the team anymore.

    Morris and Antropov contracts alone are almost $6MM. Most of the annualized $7.4MM will get spread around the RFAs that I assume the Rangers will keep. For example, Dubi makes about $0.65MM this year. I attribute the money to the raises the RFAs could expect to make because they are guaranteed their base salary from this year + a certain %. So essentially you budget in Dubi or Zherdev or Cally’s current base salary and then deduct whatever raise they get from the $7.4 MM.

    So yes, you’re right they probably net out less than $3-$4MM or more likely less than $2MM when all is said and done. I was simply using the maximum money they would get if they let the new guys walk plus the amount they won’t be on the hook for with Voros/Reitz.

  220. “Prucha,Dawes,Kilinin,and a 2nd rd pick,LET ME GAT THIS RIGHT for Antropov,and Morris u kidding me GREAT DAY” – ACDC

    Great day how? We upgraded our depth a little bit. Thats all. These guys are not even proven playoff guys either.

    The 2nd round pick wouldve been more valuable down the road cause this team is going nowhere.

  221. Dawes – Invisible, small, better youth in Hartford to replace him

    Kalinen – we ALL wanted him gone

    Prucha – We ALL had love for him due to his heart, but come on, he was never goign to be resigned over the summer

    Both these guys are UFA in the summer, so they help with the playoff push, we lose a 2nd round pick, have Avery back, Have Torts has our head coach, and REnney and Pearn are banished

    I hate Sather as much as the next Ranger fan, but it could have been SO MUCH WORSE

    Imagine he traded Dubinsky? Staal? Callahan?

    LEt’s not all turn into little crying bitches about two trades.

    Im pumped for Tomorrow nights game now!!

  222. I’m tell you guys this is a MUCH BETTER,BIGGER,TOUGHER TEAM.
    The days of getting run over and pushed around aer over.

  223. “I’m tell you guys this is a MUCH BETTER,BIGGER,TOUGHER TEAM.
    The days of getting run over and pushed around aer over.”

    Antropov is not that hard to play against for that huge frame, stop making it seem like opposition fears him – they don’t.

    Morris & Avery are sandpaper players, but they are middleweights at best, they also are not as scary as our fanbase will make them out to be.

  224. Yeah couldve been worse, Slats couldve traded Hank and our next 10 first round draft choices, all is okay, dont look at the old grey haired man behind the curtain, …..well said Mikey lol

  225. anyone who is upset about these trades cannot be serious. all 3 players traded were underachievers. what was brought back was size and a little toughness. if this was 2001 sather would have traded dubinsky for morris and cally for antropov.

    they gave up nothing!!! i will miss pruchas heart but thats it!

  226. I would rather not have gotten either because they both suck. RFAs require Compensation if dealt or signed. UFAs dont

  227. tyree March 4th, 2009 at 4:18 pm

    I would rather not have gotten either because they both suck. RFAs require Compensation if dealt or signed. UFAs dont

    yeah but we already determined that prucha was going to be UFA and we all know nobody was offering dawes anything. kalinin=UFA

  228. “anyone who is upset about these trades cannot be serious. all 3 players traded were underachievers. what was brought back was size and a little toughness. if this was 2001 sather would have traded dubinsky for morris and cally for antropov.

    they gave up nothing!!! i will miss pruchas heart but thats it!” – nyr13

    I never expected Dubi or Cally or Staal to be traded thats not the point pee wee.

    They were still assets, Glen used them to add more meiocrity into the team. Depth for sure, but if this is the best he could do I’m ready for a new GM who knows what he’s doing.

  229. flippedturtle on

    I’m on the fence over these trades and will wait to see Antro and Morris play before I pass judgment. I was a huge Prucha fan and wanted him to succeed as much as any player on this team but the reality is we are in a terrible cap situation. My gut tells me we didn’t improve much in skill, improved our size and created a little bit of cap space…..with a huge loss in the heart/passion department.

  230. Gargoyle,

    you honestly think the rangers are worse off today than they were yesterday?

  231. No, they are a little better, no doubt.

    I was hoping for more creativity, and I really have no idea why cause I know Sather is our GM.

    Truth is Cole, Kotalik or Williams wouldve been better than Antropov.

    Never like Derek Morris, very overrated for years, now he’s not even the same as his better days. Steve Montador wouldve been better.

  232. So, Prucha, Dawes and Kalinin are officially off the books, and Antropov and Morris will probably come off during the offseason. That’s more than 10 million in cap relief, which allows the Rangers to re-sign some RFA’s.

    One of Sauer, Sanguinetti or Potter will probably make the team out of camp, and Anisimov will replace Antropov.

    In the end, there is a decent chance we’ll able to re-sign guys like Cally, Dubinsky and Staal… which is fine by me. At least Sather is doing something to try and retain our youth for next year.

  233. cole, kotalik, and williams all underachieving this season too. if they got cole ppl would have said should have gotten antropov. if they got williams they should’ve got kotalik.

    its a crap shoot…morris could be solid, montador i think wasn’t gonna fit with rangers d. i think of redden when i see montador.

  234. So, Prucha, Dawes and Kalinin are officially off the books, and Antropov and Morris will probably come off during the offseason. That’s more than 10 million in cap relief, which allows the Rangers to re-sign some RFA’s.” YK

    Dude 10 million !!!???? Come on man, you’re not even close !

  235. Sather is the worst GM in hockey.

    Worse the Snow.

    The Islanders will be better then the Rangers in 2 years..because they will have youth…we will have Drury, Gomez, Rozy and Redden…2 years older.

    Until Dolan fires Sather or sells the Rangers we will always be medicore.

    Sather is doing this on purpose.

    He knows the moves he makes suck.

    He hates New York and their fans just like Isiah did…but the dolans are the biggest A holes around.

    Worst owners in all sports…even worse than Wang and that is impossible.

  236. In Antropov, Avery, Morris
    out Voros, Kalinen, Prucha, Dawes,

    How are we clearing cap space??? Now or in the summer

    someone explain

  237. Cole & Williams are proven playoff performers, and Kotalik has more goals & assists than Antropov on the PP this season.

    Believe me, those guys are all better than Antropov.

  238. How is it not close? Am I missing something?

    Prucha = ~1.5
    Kalinin = 2.1
    Dawes = .5
    Antropov = 2
    Morris = 4

    That’s about 10 million

  239. YK

    you traded away 4M and received 6M thats all…thats not saving 10M…thats adding 2M

    You forgot about adding Avery’s salary this week as well

  240. The salaries we added are prorated, only cap hit of a few hundred thousand. We loosed up room in the cap for Avery, Antropov, & Morris by letting go of Voros, Reitz, Prucha, Kalinen & Dawes.

  241. The team is improved and at worst, as good as we were before the trade deadline. Like it has been pointed out by other posters, we got Avery for a better deal than we wanted to re-sign him for.
    The new aquisitions allowed us to move players that either people wanted gone, or could care less about anyway, (Kalinin, Dawes.
    And our roster is trimmed down, which Tortorella was gonna do anyway in his system. We had too many forwards and people getting scrathced or not enough playing time.

  242. wesleysniper on

    so gross you do shed appx 10 mill, however when you look at the net it works differently.

    you have 50 million dollar roster hit
    you subtract the appx 5 mill from pru,dawes, and kalinin so you are now at a 45million dollar roster

    then you add the (from what you have)6 million dollar hit from antropov and morris and you are now at 51 million…

    so as of right now you’ve gained 1 million in overall cap hit, but during the summer(july) you would no longer have antro and morris on the books, so their 6 million combined is what you have to play with…

  243. EhhhH! WRONG!

    Prucha was an RFA.

    * Brian:
    Of the three, Kalinin and Prucha weren’t going to be back next season as both are UFA’s and Dawes’ playing time would have decreased dramatically with Sean Avery back.

  244. What’s done is done. Complaining about it here won’t do anything. Fact of the matter is, Prucha’s career will thrive anywhere but here. We should be happy for him.

  245. you guys are so pathetic, I mean its sad to see Dawes and Prucha go, they will both be missed but there was no way they were going to be able to keep them in addition to Korpikoski, Dubinsky, Callahan and Sjostrom for next season. I excepted long ago that Prucha was going to be traded but its sad to see dawes gone, i had a feeling he was going to be traded to make room for a taller player now, and Anisimiov later.

    P.S. I don’t think Avery is going to be a ranger next season, I mean I don’t think it will be something he does, its just they have to get their young guys in the line up and he stands right in the way of that.

  246. Don’t really see how anyone is down on these moves- the only thing of anyone can get worked up about, if they so choose, is the second round pick-

    dawes, kalinin, prucha- not rangers in 2009-2010
    antropov, morris- not rangers in 2009-2010

    you guys don’t think antropov will be top-notch ready to go and show people on a big stage for 18 games that he deserves a big time deal? The upside on him for this last month + is gigantic…

    Barnaby hates the move- Laviolette loves it- I’ll go with Peter

  247. Edward Fulford on

    is the worst GM in hockey.
    Worse the Snow.
    The Islanders will be better then the Rangers in 2 years..because they will have youth…

    we dont have youth? sather did a very good job today. we didnt lose grachev, sangs, del zotto, anisimov, korpikoski, dubinsky, or staal. with avery here dawes was going to get even less time. you can essentially call the morris trade morris for dawes bc i doubt phoenix is going to qualify prucha at 1.6 mil or resign kalinin. morris is the physical defenseman we’ve lacked for awhile. with the antropov move we didnt trade our first, which is a good thing. yea we’ve picked some guys up with our 2nd in recent years but if antropov comes in here and helps this team out then hell yea id do that trade any day of the week. this also frees us up of two RFA’s that we would have had to qualify this offseason. instead we have two UFA’s that will walk away from the team.

    Sather good job today, you said you wanted size you went and got it. good job

  248. Edward Fulford on

    also the rangers inquired about st. louis, but because the price was pretty high sather balked. and i say good job from sather on that one, not jeopardizing our future. i would imagine that any trade for st. louis would have had either grachev sangs or del zotto going the other way, and i wouldnt do that.

    Sather got size
    He got some toughness on defense
    he got a big man for the wing
    traded spare parts
    DIDNT trade the farm
    We still have our top prospects, and our first round pick.

  249. I don’t understand the backlash against Sather for his moves yesterday.

    – We got rid of Kalinin (who is terrible), Dawes (who has 1 good game every 8), and Prucha (who never realized his full potential which is not his fault).

    – We got back Avery (for half price), Antropov (6′ 6″ scorer who can play the PP), and Morris (much better than Kalinin).

    We didn’t take on any big contracts or any more salary and didn’t trade the farm either. If you don’t think we are better off with Avery, Morris, and Antropov then you just don’t understand hockey. I am not saying this is a long term fix for our goal scoring issues because it’s not, this was a short term fix.

    As much as I loved Prucha’s work ethic and his heart I just don’t see him becoming this 40 goal scorer everyone thinks he is going to be. He is easily taken off the puck and is not strong on his skates. I can see him being a consistent 20 goal scorer but no more.

    If you are angry because Sather didn’t dump a big contract, then put yourself in the shoes of other teams. Why the hell would you take one of our ridiculous contracts on? You would really want Redden, Roszival, Gomez, or Drury at the ridiculous salaries they make???

    Let’s see how we end the season, if Morris or Antropov don’t do anything for us we simply don’t sign em….

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