So what happened?


Here’s what I think about the Rangers’ trade deadline day:

In simple terms, they got better for this year, didn’t give up much of the future, and as long as they don’t re-sign either Nik Antropov or Derek Morris, they will have a little more salary cap space this summer for signing Dubinsky, Callahan, Mara and whomever else they really want to keep.

If they do decide to re-sign Antropov or Morris, we will assume that means they played very well over the last 18 games (and the playoffs) and that John Tortorella believes they can finally live up to their billings. Because so far in their careers, neither has. Antropov hasn’t lived up to his size, and Morris hasn’t lived up to anything.

Still, Morris might be the best defenseman on the team right now, today (Staal will be better),and Antropov is a monster (6-6, 230) body with decent hands who should help the power play, and that improves the Rangers because they sure didn’t address their No. 1 need for top-line skill, for offense that a good NHL team must have. Nor were they able to do so, because they have all their money tied up in, well, you know the names.

So, except for Prucha’s upside — and I doubt there really is much upside; I mean is he going to be an small 18-goal scorer; or a 22-goal scorer; or is he going to have trouble getting into and staying in the lineup? — and the second-round pick, I don’t think they gave up much. If Don Maloney proves right on Prucha, and he turns into a legit 30+ goal guy, then that’s different. The second-rounder could be huge if you had another organization making the pick, not this one, not the last decade or so.

Morris, even if he is soft for a big man, and even if he doesn’t do anything for the power play, should be decent defensively. And if he doesn’t knock bodies around, that’s OK, as long as he pushes them out of the crease, even if it’s gently.

Bottom line:  with Tortorella and his fire and his aggressive system, with Avery and his sandpaper style, with the size of Antropov and Morris, the Rangers are better today than they were 10 days ago, two days ago and this morning. While the rest of the East was beefing up for a playoff run, the Rangers didn’t sit pat.

They didn’t get tons better, either. They got the “jam” Tortorella wanted, and some size. They lost some smaller guys, and Eric Reitz and Mark Bell and, even if Voros is still here, he’s not going to be playing much.

They still go nowhere if Gomez and Drury and Redden and Roszival and Zherdev don’t start doing a lot more than they’ve done. They may go nowhere anyway.

As deadlines go, it could have been a lot worse. 


Not sure if I’ll be posting Thursday. Jane is going out to Nassau Coliseum for what should be a very interesting game with all the new faces (they are all expected to play). I will be back Friday morning.

Thanks to all of you for your maniacal interest today. You nearly brought the whole blog crashing down when the two trades happened. You guys are the best. Even the boneheads.

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    * kaspar

    this is typical when it comes to NYR or any NY sport teams for that matter… we are never given any credit for anything… they rather cover us in crap than give any sort of credit at all. I know that Sather isn’t getting much respect around the hockey world, but hey, this is a different team…this is our team now and we should be behind it from now on to the end of the season and playoffs… just like anyone else on here I hope that these moves will work our fine and we can do some damage in the post-season!

  2. yes even the bone heads…

    If anything, I’m looking forward to the stretch run!

    Was not what I had in mind, but it is shake faces, higher expectations, July 1st is a long way away…so lets just run with what we’ve got!

  3. Great job again today Carp!

    Lots more happened on your watch then happened to Sam in the last 18 months!!

    I know your tired but I still want all that practice rink Zamboni info I asked you for three posts ago ( Model, serial# and max-speed on ice and off ice)

  4. Carp; any news on that conditional pick? What did you think of the other trades like the O’Sullivan/Williams/Cole 3-way.

    I’ve been checking the AHL website; the Pack’s new top line of Bell-AA-Paranteau having quite the night!

  5. Just wanted to repost my thoughts, since they are the only chance I had today so far:

    First chance to comment on deadline day; was skiing and traveling back home. I give Sather a thumbs up overall; two good trades. It was obvious that Dawes and Prucha were not fitting in here, but I would have loved to see more of Prucha under Tortorella’s system. It was just a matter of time for him, though. What a surprise that those two went to Phoenix. Antropov becomes our leading scorer (I know, not literally), so that obviously works well, but still, it’s a question of how much our current guys can flourish offensively under Torts’s offensively-tilting scheme. It’s definitely good to have another physical defenseman in Morris who can also play offense.

    Wow, just read too that Retiz was waived. That seems pretty rediculous, but I’m guessing Tortorella wasn’t a big fan, but I liked his hitting and fighting even if it put him slightly out of position. What a waste of a trade.

  6. kaspar, I meant Mr. Bonehead earlier. Sorry. Somebody already posted that info on the Zamboni. Thanks for the kind words.

    Just so you know, Sam Weinman did check in tonight. He was as excited as you guys about the day’s events. Skeptical, of course, but excited. He really misses this blog, even though he’s very happy with his new job.

    MikeA, No news on the conditional pick yet … sure it depends on how far the Rangers go in the playoffs and/or if they re-sign Antropov. What’s that line doing in Hartford?

    I just had lunch.

  7. From AHL website –

    03/04/2009 10:31 AM

    It might be the busiest few days of the American Hockey League season.

    The NHL trade deadline has come and gome, to be followed next week by the AHL’s own Clear Day deadline, when all 29 teams have to submit their 22-man Clear Day lists.

    The 2009 Clear Day deadline is Wednesday, March 11, at 3:00 p.m. ET.

    Only those players listed on a team’s Clear Day roster are eligible to compete in the remainder of the AHL regular season and in the 2009 Calder Cup Playoffs, unless emergency conditions arise as a result of recall, injury or suspension.

    Teams may also add signed junior players or players on amateur tryout contracts after Clear Day, but only once their respective junior or college seasons are complete.

  8. Carp,

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the conditional pick? All I can seem to find is that it’s for 2010.

  9. Carp- you didn’t mention Dawes in your post. He certainly has upside, even though he is small. Also, he has excelled at every level, it was only a matter of time before he excelled here.

  10. flippedturtle on

    Good read Carp you and Jane have been great the last couple weeks. I don’t know much about Morris but we have seen plenty of Antropov and his size and skill is pretty obvious. When he played at the garden he seems to bring an extra effort if playing in the best city in the world keeps him motivated it could be a great pickup.

    Carp/Jane is there any history or friendship between Zherdev and Antropov?

  11. However anybody “views” today’s deals from Sather, I look at the Rangers like this.

    We have a coach who wants to win by scoring goals and being aggressive, not playing “not to lose”.

    We have a coach who wants to hit, scrap, fight and claw to win games. Not “play the system” or “positioning” or “limit the other teams chances”.

    We have a mentality to move forward and attack, not sit back and “choose our spots” or “let the game come to us”, it’s “go get the game”.

    Either way, I like it, and I hope it translates to wins for us.

  12. Flames GM Darryl Sutter

    “”Instead, it’s worth noting that just one first-round draft pick changed hands and only three players with contracts lasting beyond next season were moved.

    “It’s a little bit of a different climate because we’re no different than what’s going on in the world, not knowing what’s going to happen the year after next year,” said Flames GM Darryl Sutter. “I don’t think you’ve seen any long-term deals move yet. Are there any with over one or two years remaining on contracts?

    “Probably not.”

    As if the struggling economy hasn’t already done enough damage – it also managed to suck much of the life out of the NHL’s annual swap meet. Not a single marquee player changed teams.””

    The ice time in Phoenix for Dawes/Prucha is their, coached by Gretzky, line mates with Doan…good luck!

  13. Kaspar

    I was checking out the Yotes site and they still havent updated the players they have traded or acquired today. this was at 8pm LOL

  14. After only having played four games in the AHL with Hartford Wolf Pack and five games with Charlotte Checkers in the ECHL, Jämtin chose to move back to Sweden and signed a two-year deal with the Swedish Elitserien team Linköpings HC.

  15. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    kaspar- i think jamtin was just that. a tryout. hes probably in swden. wasnt it funny that they thought hed be a replacement for avery. then it was voros. lol.

  16. Carp-That line had all 3 goals tonight in a 3-1 win and was +2 with a PPG. Individual stats: AA had 2 G, 1A PA Paraenteau had 3 helpers and Bell has 1 G and 1 A.

    Other stats were Bobby Sags a +1 to go down to -14 and Michael Sauer a +1 to go to +15. Potter didn’t play; maybe he got called up late. AA and PA Parenteau now are tied with 26 Goals each and Paranteau leads with 67 points to AAs 65.

    I hope you have time to enjoy a nice cooked lunch and it isn’t just some sandwich from a 711, you’ve worked hard and provided us with some great info all day. You deserve a great lunch.

    Liquid-the only way Grachev plays for HFD this year is when Brampton gets knocked out of the OHL playoffs but that team is stacked and looking to win it all so if he doesn’t play; no biggie. There’s always Traverse City in August.

    Glad the pick is 10 and not 09 as at least the Rangers have a 1st and 3rd and maybe they can get a 2nd for Rozi..wishful thinking.

  17. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    does anyone think nedved would probably have more points than drury if he wasz signed this year? if not, probably close

  18. Carp you are too much of an optimist for me. Morris is used to 20+ minutes of ice time. Where is he going to get that except at the cost of time Staal and Girardi deserve? Morris will get power play time that deserves to go to Staal. As for Borat, now the Rangers have two lazy former communists instead of one. Swell. Can’t wait.

  19. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    scotty- if it goes to morris instead of redden, then its a win/win, as far as 2 communists? the lazy commie still has more goals than our supposed hard workers and anyone on the team for that matter

  20. Thanks Liquid and Jerkins ( Re: Jamtin)

    The host on TSN intermission ( dont know his name but he looks like Paul Reiser) just made a great point…he said that Anahiem is the new poster boy for how small the window of oppurtunity is for a franchise…when they won the cup it looked like a young dynasty in the making (young guys like Perry-Getzlaf-Macdonald-Penner-Kunitz) and now they’re being scrapped!!

    Hey…wasn’t that Brian Burke screwing all that up and then running away?…I still say Burkes an overrated bully…left vancouver barren….took over Murray-built Ducks…signed free agent Neidemeyer and had Pronger handed to him…

  21. I’m gonna guess and say that Antro is on either the top 2 lines and the 3rd line is Avery-Korpi-Cally just because Antro is a horse and Torts will probably play him in all situations to see what he got.

  22. My take..



    2nd rounder and conditional.

    I’d say Glenny had a good week.

  23. In a way I agree with Rick, not the best, not the worst. I’d rather have had Sather clear cap space for the summer, rather possibly adding to it.

  24. “My take..



    2nd rounder and conditional.

    I’d say Glenny had a good week”

    Hey homerj

    But that could have been Avery-Torts-Bell and Antropov IN
    and only Renney and pix OUT…keeping Pruchs and Dawes…I guess I just dont know enough about Morris to get happy about that deal…it seems like swapping UFA’s and losing two young guys?????

  25. As long as the big 4 prospects are still here then today was a pretty good day. We’ll see how this goes. I would’ve got Satan as insurance but oh well.

  26. Today would have been PERFECT if we could have sent John Giannone to Phoenix for Darren Pang!

  27. Most anaylst feel that there will be movement (bigger salary guys) come draft day. I hope Slats can get rid of some of the contracts by that time, so we can rebuild this team. Overall, it was a good day for us, as we did not lose any of our young kids.

  28. …and I’m not gonna go on and on about Prucha but the year I was really impressed by him was his second year…after scoring 31 as a rookie he lost his PP spot to Shanny; started slowly and still scored 22 goals..that was 2006-07 w/o the Jagr PP assists to pad his stats..I believe he even had close to 30 assists ( his rookie year I dont even think he had 20)…How many Rangers will score 22 this year?

    In 2007-08…you know who…put the fix on him and it continued in increasing ridiculousness this year even when he did produce he’d get sat…

    anyway…I’ll move on now but I’ll still swear if you wrote a thesis on “how to destroy a young player” you would use what happened to Petr Prucha under the Renney/Pearn/Sather management team as your model

  29. happy days are here again on

    “I would’ve got Satan as insurance but oh well.”

    Satan uses Geico

  30. Kaspar….We lost 2 young guys, this is true, but the ceiling for both guys wasn’t really that high. We got significantly better and held onto top prospects Sanguinetti, Del Zotto, Anisimov, and Grachev.

    We didn’t mortgage the future on either of the deals and got better for the stretch run.

  31. PBR…F Panger for losing to the Devils in OT in 1988 I think and knocking us out of playoff contention.

  32. Buff 5-mtl 0

    wow. and after all that talk about Vinny and 100th anniv, the Habs made no moves today, and are not looking good

  33. Mako
    I heard that AO will be fine earlier on NHL on the fly

    Rob L
    I hope you’re right bud…

  34. Rob L it was 21 years ago. Darren Pang sucked his whole career as a player.Freakin Vanbiesbrouck played like crap that night against Quebec! I should know I was at that game. Came home as saw Johnny Mac bury shot OT. Believe me I was pissed! Giannone sucks though!

  35. Carp,

    What are you smocking? The Rangers “…didn’t give up much of the future…”??? Sater gave up Daws 24, Prucha 26 and two draft picks for two rent players who most likely won’t be with the team next season. You are deeper into Sater’s ass then any bit writer covering the rangers. Where is honest Sam?

  36. playoff bound on

    this is a must win tomorrow if the Rangers want to make the playoffs. they’ve got to beat the weak teams because the Canes, Pens, Sabres, Fla are all winning and breathing down the necks of the other teams in the playoff spots

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey Carp, even the boneheads? ESPECIALLY the boneheads.

    “We lost 2 young guys, this is true, but the ceiling for both guys wasn’t really that high”

    How can anyone say Prucha didn’t have a high ceiling when he’s already had a 30 goal season?

  38. “If they do decide to re-sign Antropov or Morris,”

    I hope they let both go, especially Morris. Mara > Morris. Staal will be better than Morris. They got the D on the farm, and Morris costs too much with the big 4 we know about; it makes sense cap-wise.

    MUST re-sign: Staal, Callahan, Dubinsky, Korpikoski (if it ain’t too much) and Z! I think it comes down to what Z and Antropov want in $ regarding a top forward. I’d rather Z.

  39. Wolf

    Why dont you show some respect??? Who knows how how those two draft pics were going to pan out. So Sather took another gamble and lets see how things work out. Hey there is always a chance that either Dawes and Prucha can come back. So again, show a little respect for a man who brought us all up to date information on a crazed day.

  40. “yeah who was it that said Price for his age is better than LQ?”

    perhaps that was doodie. the same guy who said Parise is just lucky

  41. and Carp I will read the rest of the post later playing NHL09 right now

    “the Rangers are better today than they were 10 days ago, two days ago and this morning. ”

    did u steal that from me? haha ;)

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    MAKO, I think you’re talking about me, but I didn’t say Price for his age was better than Hank. Just that Price still has to develop some before it would be fair to compare him to Hank. And even then, he probably won’t be as good.

  43. Playoff bound
    Exactly!…18 games left everytime you play a patsy now you better pound them

    You think we’re crazy? Ever listen to Habs fans? Kovalev, Price, Koivu..every day they win everyone loves them…they lose?…they get crucified…its really hysterical.

    Odds and ends
    Gotta love that Buffalo vintage jersey!

    The trades
    again..I wish i knew more about Morris…just cat wrap my head around that trade being any good for us short term…much less long term?

    I’ll take the chance…hopefully we can get some draft pix back somehow

    ..and the wolf man is attacking Carp while the poor man is eating his lunch?? owww-woooo!

    Nitey night

  44. Staal is still under contract for next season!!!

    Zherdev will get a decent raise

    Dubi, Cally, and Korpi will get minimal raises

    Morris and Antropov will have to play for their contracts

    AA, Potter, Sangs and maybe Parenteau will replace anybody we dont sign

    Our Future is Fine !!!!!

  45. last time I checked, the host of the blog is entitled to have his own opinions too.

    and we know that Carp in his prior years was not a Sather supporter, so those accusations are just false.

  46. The Morris trade was awesome as those players had to go anyways.

    The Nik Antosoft trade for a 2nd and conditional I’m not too cool with but at least Sather is delusional enough to count this team as a contender. And so am I, at least in the East. Lundqvist and Valiquette need to stand tall. And the whole team needs to click. Avery will only help the cause, I PROMISE!

    Call me crazy, but I do not count the Rangers out of the East one bit; they are making the playoffs, but the King better be better and we know the D will be.


  47. Why do you guys care SOOOOOOO much about a 2nd round pick???? We drafted Hugh Jessiman and Al Montoya with 1st round picks!!!!!!!!! At least if we traded the Jessiman pick (ie abortion)we wouldn’t need to face the fact that Zach Parise and Ryan Getzlaf were available and not taken! Thank you Don Maloney. Oh I forgot he is running Phoenix!

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Parise was me more hoping than prognosticating.

    Also, he was drafted after one year at North Dakota. It was definitely a bit of a gamble on Lou’s part.

    On Parise’s team the same year, he was outscored by 9 goals by fringe NHLer Brandon Bochenski.

  49. Doodie –

    I dont know how far back that was so I didnt even know where to look for your explanation. But I remember the two being moderately compared.

    I apologized if I misinterpreted what you said….

  50. Wolf…. if you’re going to insult our gracious blog host…. then at least get the spelling right. There are so many mistakes in that last post i can’t even take you seriously. I’m no Sather fan… but what he gave up was a bench warmer making $1.5 million, and a guy in Dawes that he had to get something for before he fizzled off everyone else’s radar. Antropov i think will thrive in NY, and maybe him and Zherdev might know of each other??

    Regardless they needed a total shake up… they got it… Torts will push them… Avery is back where he belongs, and a 6’6 body never hurts. Salary needed to be cleared anyway so they can address the Zherdev contract situation, and focus on all the RFA’s coming up… Staal/Dubinsky/Callahan oh and by the way… Dawes and Prucha were to be RFA’s too. If you think Dawes is a better player than Antropov… YOU are the one who is smoking some weird stuff.

  51. Our defense is:


    if someone gets hurt between now and the playoffs i guess we call up Potter and Fahey??

    That is the only thing that scares me

  52. bull dog line on

    the rangers shutout the nordiques that night in 1988, just needed a devils loss or tie to get in. still havent forgivin pang for that goal.

  53. Mike D (#96) on

    Okay, I know I am not Kaspar or Doodie or Orr…and apparently I am not the only Mike D posting comments on this blog. I will now be known as “Mike D (#96)”.

    The other Mike D can keep the original Mike D. I am nice like that.

    After all is said and done, I agree with Carp almost a hundred percent. I think we got better with today’s acquisitions. The problem is, we didn’t really address the need for a top goal scorer. Then again, unless you consider Jokinen a real bona fide “goal-scorer”, I am not sure anyone got one. Recchi? Whitney? Carcillo? The only real threat moved was Kotalik. Maybe Guerin. But then again, who knows?

    Let’s face facts: we got 2 experienced rentals for Prucha and Dawes to bring us into the postseason. And we got Avery as a bonus on the side. Regardless of how interesting it’s gonna be to watch the new faces out there, I know I’ll be paying more attention to whether the big guns come through. After all, isn’t this is the time that Drury is “supposed” to shine…Captain Clutch, right?

    (If we don’t get into the playoffs, that’s when heads roll. )

    Let’s hope that they do come through, that Prucha shines in Phoenix (he deserves it), that Antropov scores at least a few and acts as a decent power-play addition (God, we need it). If Morris can play better than Kalinin, I think we at least break even. Prucha was bench-warming anyway.

    Yours truly,
    Mike D (#96)

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Do we know what the conditions on the Antropov pick were?

    And letting Dawes and Prucha go during the summer could’ve led to draft picks for us in return.

  55. PruIsARanger on

    this is ridiculous. I’m done watching for the season. F sather. Pru wanted to say. He wanted to be a Ranger. Since when does size score? Pru has proven himself when given a chance. I’m going to enjoy not watching this team miss the playoffs. GO COYOTES!

  56. bull dog line on

    do you really think someone would sign prucha, and dawes as RFA’s and give up draft picks.
    come on doodie, your better than that.

  57. “Why do you guys care SOOOOOOO much about a 2nd round pick????”

    It’s not just the 2nd round pick it’s the conditional pick. This next draft is STACKED with straightup NHLers. They are all prolly blood doping like Olympic athletes. WE NEEDS THEM!

  58. My stab at the lines:



  59. Mike D (#96)

    I think we were all excited for what Prucha could bring under Torts. The kid was d*cked around for the greater of 2 seasons, especially this one. Like I said a few nights ago. I just wish Torts was their coach sooner so he had a better idea of who should stay and who should go. I would have liked to have seen him play a little more under Torts though.

    Voros can probably kiss his NHL career good bye.

  60. I think trading Pru is going to be the wrong decision in the long run but we’ll seeeee.

  61. “And letting Dawes and Prucha go during the summer could’ve led to draft picks for us in return.”

    did you just drink a handle of Jose Cuervo? Or did someone hack your account?

    We got rid of the cap space we needed to get rid of in order to sign our UFAs and RFas. Forget to include KALININ AND HIS 2MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT in that awesome trade?

    Be happy. There are guys that we need to make room for that are more important, and no draft picks got lost in that trade.

  62. No hype

    Why are you putting Antro on the line with snoozy? Put the monster on the line with Zherdev and Gomez. GIDDYUP!!!!

  63. Hey wolf, nice spelling there. get a clue.

    They weren’t going to sign Dawes or Prucha this summer. So they let them go for two much better guys who they won’t sign this summer. In other words, got help for the last 18 games plus playoffs, got bigger, and will shed salary this summer.

    Do you really think Dawes and Prucha will ever be top-line players?

    Thanks once again to you guys who have my back against attacks like this one. My boneheads.

  64. “They weren’t going to sign Dawes or Prucha this summer. So they let them go for two much better guys who they won’t sign this summer. In other words, got help for the last 18 games plus playoffs, got bigger, and will shed salary this summer.”

    EXACTLY, Mr. Bonehead. What I’ve been saying all along.

  65. Renney devalued the crap out of Prucha, Dawes and others. And the Rangers have been drafting a little better lately, so that 2 did have value.

  66. I hope Sather can move Rozi this offseason that way he can resign Antro along with Dubi/Cally/Zherdev/Korpi.

    7th dman looks like Potter for now. I want to see Michael Sauer get a crack though as he’s been playing great for Hartford. It would also be nice to see a little more of AA this year to help get his feet wet at the NHL level.

  67. Fruity Cupcake on

    Argh. My head hurts. All I can add is that Morris better play with as much heart as Pru.

    Three bodies for one lousy defenseman was too much. EVEN after digesting all the cap crap. Too much. Or maybe I should say “Pru much.”

    I’ll miss ya, kid. Go rack up some points out west. And call Jags. He’ll make you feel better…..

  68. Let’s hope Redden and Morris don’t bump into each other in the locke room and knock each other out of the line-up…

  69. kaspar
    March 4th, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    You think we’re crazy? Ever listen to Habs fans? Kovalev, Price, Koivu..every day they win everyone loves them…they lose?…they get crucified…its really hysterical.



    All I know is that game the Rangers went up 5-0 they barley booed – and let me tell you, when players say the crowd is “like a 7th player for us on the ice” – man that game is a perfect example of that. LOL it was insane. Im still traumatized from it :P

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    “We got rid of the cap space we needed to get rid of in order to sign our UFAs and RFas. Forget to include KALININ AND HIS 2MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT in that awesome trade?”

    Kalinin is UFA at the end of the season. So, his money was coming off the books anyway.

    Prucha and Dawes were RFA. If you tender a qualifying offer (which was unlikely for Prucha), and then they get signed to an offer sheet, you get draft picks in return. Dawes’ qualifying offer would’ve been around 700k. He could get a million in an offer sheet and get us a draft pick in return. What’s the worst case scenario? We send him to Hartford and swallow 700k?

    Instead we got Derek “Second Coming of Malik” Morris. AKA a big defender that doesn’t hit and sucks at offense.

  71. “Three bodies for one lousy defenseman was too much. EVEN after digesting all the cap crap. Too much. Or maybe I should say “Pru much.””

    You really are a fruity cupcake aren’t you? Dawes, Prucha, and Kalinin are off the cap. How much is that? A LOT. DMorris is a RENTAL/UFA. We are going to re-sign the BIG BOYS. GET OVER IT.

  72. LOL Carp crackers make u gain weight! :P

    and yes i por favor very mucho, muchacho.

    see if u know what i am saying now:

    Carp horoshyj maljchik! on lyubit New York Rangers!:P

  73. Wolf – as has been said above, show some respect for the owner of the house.

    Carp/Jane – great job again today, as always.

    I agree, we are better tonight than we were this morning. Sather is trying to walk a fine line between getting better for the short term playoff run, and weakening the team long term by surrendering youth and picks. I think he did ok today. Dawes, well, he was an asset in a trade – best I can say about him. His ceiling was flattening his head – he’s hit it already. Prucha, I’m glad to see him get a hopefully real chance in PHX – he deserves it. We did get a top 4 Dman out of that deal though.

    I’m not wild about giving up two picks for Antropov – I hope the conditional pick tops out at a 4th rounder. Otherwise, a steep price for an inconsistent rental player.

    For you guys minimizing 2nd round picks, they should be the backbone of your team under a well run organization. AA was a 2nd rounder, and we all hope/expect him to be on Broadway next year. We don’t want to be giving those picks away, even though Sather seems not to know what to do with them, prior to this past draft, at least.

  74. MAKO,

    I dont see Dubinsky-Drury-Naslund working very well… if anything maybe Naslund can play LW?

  75. I don’t like losing Reitz though – I liked his snarl. Why didn’t they just put him on IR for the foot, instead of waivers – would have give us more flexibility?

  76. Repost from other thread…

    The big question in my mind is if Sather can miraculously gain some fiscal sense. IMHO not only are Rozi, Redden, Drury and Gomez overpaid, but so is (Blasphemy Alert!) Hank. Sather fell all overhimself throwing money at him, not only the current long term contract at 6.8MM per year, but even the year before at 4.8MM per. No way Hank should be paid more than Brodeur, good as he is he just doesn’t have the track record.

    I’m with MikeA above – Sather has GOT to hold the line on the contract offers to the kids, much as we like them. I see a lot of Messier in Dubi, but at this point he is not worth more than $1.5MM – $1.8MM per year for his next contract. Keep it short, 2-3 years, or even qualify him for one year – let him prove he’s worth the big bux before it gets thrown at him. Z is the best talent on this team, but no way an inconsistent 50-60 point guy gets more than the $3.5MM he’s making now, especially with the future cap reduction.

    Ya know its funny, much as we hate the Debbies, I think most of us respect them. You don’t see Lou having the contract issues Sather does. Guys accept less than market to play for that team, and why? To get parades in a parking lot?? Sather needs to learn fiscal discipline NOW, or we are terminally screwed.

  77. Yeah benny-Remember that AA and Grachev should have been higher but the transfer agreement. I’ve said it before (I’m not even Russian or anything hehe) but if teams are gonna fear drafting talented Russians because of this transfer agreement issue, the Rangers should jump on it and get the most talented player available.

    If they can somehow keep Antropov, their skill level will have jumped up quite a bit.

  78. I have a feeling Torts is gonna stick with Nas-Gomez-Cally, and Korpikoski-Antropov-Z would be badass then Avery-Drury-Dubinksy…Whatever the combos i will take our 9 (on paper) over any other team in the leauge, but come sunday/monday we will know what is there.

  79. PruIsARanger on

    Doodie Machetto March 4th, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    “I’m buying a Prucha Coyotes jersey.”

    Me too

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Dubinsky was a 2nd rounder.

    Just to show you what good 2nd round drafting can get you, a list of some Bruins 2nd rounders:

    Lucic (2006)
    Krejci (2004)
    Bergeron (2003)

    I would trade almost every player on our team for one of those guys.

  81. Leetchhalloffame on

    Buy the Coyotes jersey and move to Phoenix so you can see Prucha score all of his 10 goals next year.

  82. Doodie, I was the biggest Prucha supporter out there but losing him in no way compromises the future of this team. He scored 30 goals 4 years ago playing on a line with Jagr and on the 1st powerplay unit. He was never going to get that kind of ice time again.

    The future of this team is Staal, Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov, Grachev, Del Zotto, and Zherdev.

  83. MikeA

    Yep. I dont remember how high (or how high would he have been) was Cherepanov (RIP) before the transfer agreement bumped him down to 17th?

  84. I don’t see Gomez and Z together. 2 guys who like to carry the puck thru the neutral zone on the same line does not make sense to me. spread them out on 2 lines

  85. PruIsARanger on

    Rob L. March 4th, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    “He scored 30 goals 4 years ago playing…”
    Yes, PLAYING. He makes it happen out there and some nights he’s the only reason the crowd is in the game.

    “The future of this team is Staal, Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov, Grachev, Del Zotto, and Zherdev.”

    … and Drury, Gomez, Redden, and years more of the next comings of crappy D-men and voroses (however you pluralize it… vorosi? voros’? vorosses?…).

  86. howyagonnatellme on

    Seems awful that we’re letting restricted’s walk for nothing ‘cept players we will never be able to resign over free agency… although there wasn’t much of a choice. Too many RFA’s.

    Count me in for a Prucha Coyote jersey. Let’s see how Prucha does against Boston with his new coach tomorrow night.

  87. Anyone going to the Mausoleum for Sunday’s Islanders – Coyotes game? I definitely want to.

  88. crying over Prucha gone, wow. you all still miss Lundmark too?

    i know, we traded cute for ugly. the world is cruel like that.

  89. howyagonnatellme on

    Prucha fell victim to Sather’s insistence on signing overpaid veterans, and Renney’s insistence on playing them.

    We need to respect our own. Prucha is the product of Ranger’s drafting and development, as is Dawes and Dubi and Cally and etc. etc. They may not be the greatest players to ever don a hockey jersey, but they play with heart. Prucha plays with more heart than Drury and Gomez and Redden combined. And that’s why we’re all so sad.

    Plus, rookie seasons: Dubi had 14 goals playing with Jagr at even strength and on the PP. Prucha had 30 playing with Jags only on the PP. I’m not saying Prucha’s a legit 1st liner or anything, but what I AM saying is that Renney never gave him the chance to be anything but a suit and tie.

    We’ll find out what we gave up after the Coyotes get some use out of him.

    I understand WHY the trade was done, because of the RFA’s and such. But I still don’t LIKE it.

  90. onecupin69years on

    What kind of money do you throw at Callahan and Dubinsky?

    These kids better be motivated to produce ,other wise sather will resign them (low) under a mill. and they’ll be next year deadline throw-ins.How long do you wait for them to produce, as long as prucha had? and prucha only lasted this long because of his 30 goal year.

  91. the posters here did not trade Prucha. they supported him and wanted his tormentor, Renney, fired.

    but many of us who wanted a new coach also realize that it is fruitless to dwell on it. we can’t change it, so we make the best out of what we’re dealt.

    I wanted Prucha to stay, but I cannot change it. so I will support the team as it is now constituted. I hope Prucha does well in Phoenix.

  92. howyagonnatellme on

    I’m going, Go Coyotes Go! lol

    I love when people compare a kid who scored 30 goals in his first NHL season to a kid who clearly didn’t.

    We’re all crying over Marc Savard over here, too. Tony Amonte, boo-hoo.

  93. I think Sather did the best job he could. He didn’t give up any top propects or a first round pick. Lets be honest Prucha and Dawes were probably going to be traded at the draft anyway for picks. I think we are in much better shape then we were two days ago.

  94. Hey Vinny V aka Mr. Spelling,

    If you don’t take me seriously – don’t respond to my posts. But if you do respond, do a little math first:
    how is 4 mil(Morris)-1.65(Prucha)-0.5(Daws)-2(Kalinin) equates to the salary clearing?
    BTW 1.5 mil “bench warmer” is actually making 1.65 mil. He has better point per game average of 0.47 in last four seasons then our 7 mil man Scotty “once a Devil never a Ranger” Gomez 0.25 and 5 mil man Chris “X-mass dinner is more important then the team” Drury 0.41 and has bigger heart then these two pussies. 500 G man Daws has been a goal scorer on every level he played and can possibly turn into next Mark Savard or Martin St. Louis.

  95. and you don’t have to like it but to say the Rangers mortgaged their future, like some have stated, just isn’t accurate.

  96. “What kind of money do you throw at Callahan and Dubinsky?”

    I want them both here next year. I think we cleared the cap room for both of them to stay!

    Which is why I said the Rangers had a good day :)

  97. The trade was done more for size and because of Torts rolling primarily 3 lines and a 3rd line of Prucha-Korpi-Dawes isn’t gonna get very far in the playoffs or championship material, plus they need to resign the grittier RFAs like Dubi/Cally/Korpi and Zherdev too.

    BTW, I know it’s only one game, but if Bell continues to look good playing with AA and Parenteau, maybe that can be a very cheap 4th line next year for something like $1.5 million combined. It would free up cap room.

  98. I like that Morris fight. If this guy can do what Brad Stuart did for Detroit last year, then it’s a good move; just play D, be rugged and don’t worry about joining the rush. Just provide the psycho counterpart to Mara and the D is a lot nastier.

  99. MikeA March 4th, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    “a 3rd line of Prucha-Korpi-Dawes isn’t gonna get very far in the playoffs or championship material”

    Prucha-Korpikoski-Avery, on the other hand…

  100. You are spot on Mike A, you only run 3 lines in the playoffs with the forth playing sparingly. That’s not to say that I didn’t like dawes and especially Prucha, but the 9 guys we have now give us a much better chance to do some damage, and if the D can step it up and Hank is Hank, I really like our chances…get hot steal the 4 seed from Philly knock them out first round then get the Devs and let Boston and Caps fight it out…you never know

  101. again Dubinsky has underachieved but he is 22 years old..

    PATIENCE….The rangers have 6 young players who can improve on the roster now; cally, dubi, lori, staal, zherdev(24) and girardi…1/3 of the lineup is 24 or younger and with some upside.

    they felt these guys had more upside then dawes and prucha, mainly because of the size I suspect…

  102. size size size yeah that helps you put the puck in the net more than the other team.

    You all sound like renney.

  103. the idea that Prucha or Dawes would have accepted a small contract from the Rangers is just as perposterous as some team sweeping in and offering either of them a contract in exchange for draft compensation.

    the likely outcome would have been arbitration and the Rangers would end up either way paying for a player they could replace that’s either more intriguing towards the future or less salary against the cap… or both??


  104. I would suspend my DirecTV right now but the Coyotes are on Versus at the end of the month… I guess I’m paying $58 to watch that game.

  105. Avery left once already for more money… and it wasn’t even that much. I like Dubinsky but he hasn’t been playing with it lately… Cally Mara and Staal are awesome, but if they were treated like Prucha was would you still be saying that… or would they have asked to be traded?

  106. Carp,

    Nice strategy – if you have nothing to say to support your opinion, talk about spelling.

    “…They weren’t going to sign Dawes or Prucha this summer. So they let them go for two much better guys who they won’t sign this summer…” Oooo, really!!! Actually they let them go for one wash out, overpaid, UFA, -13, 1 PPP “Power Play Specialist” D.

    Rob L
    “I can’t believe you just compared Nigel Dawes to St. Louis.” Please check back what people were saying about St. Louis when he was riding the pine on Calgary Flames bench

  107. blame Canada on

    it was Renney who had no heart. they showed plenty of that under Torts when trouble broke out last time.

    and it was Renney who ruined Prucha’s career in NY

    place the blame where it belongs

  108. To all the Prucha supporters…

    Dont worry…a Ranger GM will once again draft a guy who scores 50 plus goals in his first two seasons…it happens two or three times every 40 years or so…

  109. I am blaming Renney… and sather for not doing anything sooner… and sather now. But just because renney destroyed Pru’s NYR career doesn’t mean it couldn’t be revived under Torts… it seemed like that was actually happening.

    Renney puts Prucha’s trade value in the cellar and then Sather actually trades him when it’s at an all-time low… when he could be the most valuable to the Rangers.

    So much for loyalty.

  110. Maybe we can just agree with this…

    The next time our illustrious management team dumb-lucks their way into drafting a legitimate goal scorer, who plays his heart out, and then goes about breaking the kids spirit…the next time this happens we don’t wait two years to begin the FIRE chants at MSG…do it right away

  111. So how much cap space did Sather actually clear up?
    I think they were great moves
    Antropov for nothing
    Morris for 6 mil in cap space.
    Morris has never lived up to potenial so, if he does here great, if he doesn;’t that means one of the young d will move up next year – it was a no lose trade

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  112. Renney did waste a lot of cycles on this team, same old go nowhere stuff, repeated ad nauseum. I actually do resent that. I knew the cupboard was bare a year and a half ago when it came to coaching, as did a lot of you here.
    Petr Prucha took a lot of crap from good old Tom, the coach who talked in riddles and made no sense.

  113. ——————————————————
    Fitzy March 4th, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    We have a lot of people here that seem to root for the player, not the team.

    When the team is run by morons, and every move they make
    is crap, you have no choice but to root for individual players, and hope that the dicks eventually go away. Namely, Dolan, Sather, & Renney. One out of three gone isn’t good enough.

    Prucha will be the “surprise story” next season. Suddenly, under Gretzky’s tutelage, and with plenty of PP time, Prucha will revert to his rookie form and score 33 goals, helping Phoenix make the playoffs.

    Confronted by reporters, Sather will shrug his shoulders, sip his bourbon, and take another puff from his Cuban… from his retirement home in California. “Hey, it’s not my problem. Renney screwed with Prucha’s head, not me. I always wanted him to play. Talk to Renney.”

  114. Why wont you all just face it. Prucha did nothing for the NYR. I am sick of everyone loving that loser. Glad he is gone. Of course like everyone else who couldn’t produce on Broadway, he’ll go elsewhere and score 30+ goals. Thats how it is. But singing this guys praises is just flat out dumb and I am soooooo glad he is gone. Thanks for nothing Prucha. I wont be chanting your name when you make your way back to the Garden…I will be BOOing you.

  115. Yeah some good Gretz is doing in Phoenix. They are 2nd to last in the west…He will make Prucha amazing!!! Prucha sux. Face it.

  116. Carp You’re rational take on the trade was insightful. Best Ranger Blog anywhere. Keep up the great work.

  117. gregoryNYR:

    How can you say Prucha did nothing for NYR? The kid played his heart out every night he was given the opportunity, played hard in the corners, and was great in front of the net (where he scored a large majority of his goals his first 2 seasons, and the kind of player the PP needed). Regardless of this, he got 10 minutes a night with not a single minute of PP time he should have been getting. Regardless, you could have probably gotten more for him (and dawes) if another team tried to sign him in the offseason, instead the Rangers get another underperforming (RENTAL) D-man in a complete desperation move for the playoffs, who in their current status is a first round loss team. This is not exactly looking ahead to building a cup contender or our depleted farm system, this was a very short sighted move.

    The only way i see your “prucha did nothing for NYR” statement making any sense is that he was never given the opportunity to do anything for the team the past 2 years. You really think Nik Antropov is that much better? The guy has been playing 1st line and 1st PP unit minutes on a not exactly offensively challenged Maple Leafs team and has 21 goals and 44 points. You really think that if Prucha was given the same amount of playing time he wouldnt put up AT LEAST that many points?

  118. Hey for whoever wanted a Prucha Coyotes jersey; he will be wearing #16 according the the Coyotes website and Nigel gets #14.

  119. I find it humorous that some guys here are more in love with the individual players than the team. You are now gonna cheer for the Phoenix Coyotes?!?!?! Oh!!!! Because they got your precious Petr Prucha & Nigel Dawes?!?! Wow. . . . .

    And you are gonna spend $2xx.xx on an authentic #16 Prucha Coyotes jersey?


    It’s like they traded away your son or something.

    Well, let me tell you: Your sons SUCKED!!!

  120. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    im interested to see how our pp will perform with the new changes in personnel. If we continue to be stagnant and just look for a deflection in front then you can blame the lackluster pp on the players. Im pretty sure perry pearn did not envision his pp like this. hopefully torts keeps the guys cycling and moving in the zone. I just want to hear sammy rosen say “its a power play goalllL!!” more often…

  121. I really liked what Sather did yesterday. I think this will work out this summer too. There will be a little more room July 1.

    And for those guys worried about signing Dubi & Zherdev, neither one of these guys has played themselves into any kind of a mega-money contract. I bet each of their new contracts will be slight raises at best.

  122. gregoryNYR – I truly believe that you have no appreciation for when people do something nice for you in your life. I think you are a grouchy, sad human being and you are going to remain miserable. And stop bolding your name. That only shows that you have some sort of Napoleon complex and need to compensate by making yourself look important.

    cwgatti – I would because I appreciate that kind of hockey.

    Enjoy watching Torts’ system wear down two thirds of our first 2 lines over time. This team would be in 10th place if not for Prucha’s play, and no lower than 4th if he was treated humanely and given an actual chance.

  123. Mark (the orginal) on

    If anyone is interested in a jersey has free shipping and free customization of all jerseys today.

  124. For some reason, this exchange was edited out of yesterday’s conference call:

    Reporter: Hi Glen. Wondering what your plans for Voros are now that he cleared waivers?

    Sather: What? He cleared? No one picked him up? S**T! Uh, I mean, yes, he’s still with the team.

    Reporter: Ummm, soooo what are your plans for Voros?

    Sather: He’s still with the team, yes. (Pause, then muffled in background) Serenity Now…Serenity Now.

  125. crybabys everywhere….wow. Just go to a Yotes forum and get it over with. I dont respect fans that are fans of certain players, not the team. So weak…….

  126. I’ve always been a Rangers fan. But Sather and Renney have destroyed this team and made it no fun to watch. I would have loved to watch a team full of franchise players in Cally, Dubinsky, Prucha, Staal, Girardi and the big names with the Pack 5 years from now and beyond. and mattyaction nobody gives a shit what you think.

  127. You appreciate press box hockey?

    “I could never understand how Prucha was treated so “inhumanely”. I can’t understand why Renney ruined the team and any chance at his own success buy scratching Prucha. He PURPOSELY ruined his own life and everyone else’s by scratching Prucha. How could he be so STUPID!!!” says the typical Prucha diehard.

    Renney ruined his own career by scratching Prucha? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Now i am supposed to believe that Sather was just as blind and stupid because he traded Prucha’s average ass.

    I think I am gonna look forward with this new look team. I am not gonna shed a tear for the average Joes that got traded away yesterday.

  128. Renney ruined Prucha’s career.

    Renney lowered his value, Slither traded him at its lowest, and now he’s going to flourish in the desert and Slither won’t be able to afford him back.

  129. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    March 4th, 2009 at 10:15 pm
    this is ridiculous. I’m done watching for the season. F sather. Pru wanted to say. He wanted to be a Ranger. Since when does size score? Pru has proven himself when given a chance. I’m going to enjoy not watching this team miss the playoffs. GO COYOTES!

    dude- you a ranger fan or a prucha FAN?. i liked prucha too ok, but its not like we traded messier or leetch here. we traded 2 of our dwarfs who never wouldve amounted to much in ny, maybe prucha, but dawes and kalinin off the team, we needed to get rid of someone else to sweeten the deal and who would you rather we got rid of? cally, korpi, AA? now i wish prucha couldve been saved but even torts said we needed size and we have too many non physical forwards on the team. morris is an upgrade over kalinin and is considered a more physical d man. by some of these comments youd think sather gave up a 1st for antro and traded staal del z, and mara for morris! i think sather did an ok job, and id like to kep antro on the team next year and try to deal a big salary off the books to sign our rfas. you gotta remember that with AA, sangs, stepan, del z, and grachev comin up soon, we had to get rid of a few roster spots. and we all wanted kal and dawes off the team.

    so you go root for the coyotes then ok. you go watch them do nothing for the next 5 years if theyre still there by then. my ex wife loved prucha too, she would cheat on me with him she told me if she had the chance but for shits sake man she said yea he too small and gets knocked around all the time. even she could realize that he wasnt fittin in to tortz system either. we needed size and antro’s 21 goals are good enough for me right now. as for morris, hes gotta be better than kal. so

  130. Get over Prucha already! The only way I see all this love for Prucha is if you are a 13 year old girl who thinks he cute. Otherwise, please move along!

  131. What you guys call “prucha love” is really just people liking a team and watching one of the only rookies to burst onto the scene and score 30 then 20 goals get denegrated by a management staff (some are still running the team; running the DelZ’s careers, the Ansimovs careers)

    For the LOVE OF THE TEAM..

  132. Can anyone tell me how to find Petr Prucha? Apparently he turns water into wine and heals the sick….?

    No more mighty midgets, now we have a 6’6″ Russian Tank to park in front of Brodeur/Fleury/Biron & Co and at the other end we have someone who might actually clear our own crease instead of an overpaid defensive liability. Oh, and we also got Avery back to provide some bite and personality.

    Good week in my books. Bring on the Isles tonight.!!

  133. sorry…didnt finish

    What you guys call “prucha love” is really just people liking a team and watching one of the only rookies to burst onto the scene and score 30 then 20 goals get denegrated by a management staff (some are still running the team; running the DelZ’s careers, the Ansimovs careers)

    For the LOVE OF THE TEAM..

    For the love of the team you dont do that to your young players…ruining any value the guy had in a trade…

    wake up! a guy we drafted scored 50 goals in two seasons,..was buried and we wound up “throwing him in” on a trade for a 30YO free agent

    Its not loving a player…Its loving a team mis-managed for far too long

  134. I hope Rozsival can be dumped somehow so we can hang on to Morris and Antropov this summer.

  135. If Torts wanted Prucha to stay, would Sather have kept him?

    I say:

    Torts didn’t really mind one way or another.
    If he REALLY wanted him, maybe Sather would’ve held on, but Torts was on record saying he wanted to get bigger, and the day before the deadline Sather picked up avery (5’10) and waived Voros (6’4 200) and Reitz (6’1 215). Bye Bye Dawes and Prucha.

    The problem with no cap space and Antropov:

    He does well over the last 18 games- .7 ppg or more- we can’t afford him

    He does poorly– below .5 ppg- we hate him. Good riddance.

    He’s uninspiringly mediocre- .5-.7ppg- we get our man!

  136. no, I just have an appreciation for guys that play with heart… the Prucha, David Eckstein type.

    I know what it’s like to be screwed over on a team for a lesser talented, out of shape guy just because they were bigger. I’ll be the first to say the “need for size” is the stupidest argument somebody could make.

    I’m a Yankees fan but I hope if they win it all this year cc fatbathia and aj burnout have nothing to do with it. Do you want to know who I’m looking forward to watch this year? Brett Gardner. Same reasons as above.

    I guess I’m just not a sellout.

  137. I am so glad Prucha is finally gone, I’m so sick and tired of hearing about him from some of you posters. The guy DID HAVE a ceiling, and it wasn’t high at all. He really wasn’t that good and just because he scored 30-goals one season doesn’t mean he would have ever done it again. Let it go already, he’s Wayne’s problem now. Good riddance.

  138. Personally, I am a little sad to see Prucha go, but I also want to see him do well somewhere else with a fresh start. The guy was jerked around here big time. I hope he can find his niche in Phoenix. At least it will be out in the West Coast and it won’t come back to haunt us.

    Again, I have no problem with these moves, and I am definitely taking the clean slate approach.

    Go get ’em boys.

  139. ok after thinking about this rationally (even though i love prucha for his heart and i think abillity. i even named my plant after him because i forgot to tell my roomate to water it and when i get back i watered and it was strong. it was like prucha fighting off renney.) the morris trade was a very good trade for us as long as torts doesnt use the 4th line for more than 5 mins of even strength time. if he does what he says and is a 3 line guy then prucha would get very little time anyway. if morris can push some people around ill take it. i think we have 3 very good lines now.

    i am very excited to see antropov tonight!

  140. Tsn the war room was killing the Rangers especially Matt Barnaby and Jay Feaster. That being said Peter Laviotelle and Bill Clement thought the deals were great. Barnaby is just upset Sather got rid of his ass. He was praising the Buffalo Sabres!!

  141. It would be a great bonding experience for all these new guys to whup up on the Isles tonight. I hope we absolutely crush them.

  142. Only time will tell if Morris and Antropov will help the rangers make the playoffs. This trade to me is no big deal. Sather didn’t give up much to get rental players. Let’s face it, the rangers aren’t winning any stanely cups anytime soon. Atleast I will get a close up look at the new players for the rangers tonight (avery, morris and Antropov)because I will be going to the game. One of my good friends of mine had a extra ticket from one of his neighbors who is a ranger fan.

  143. Carp,
    “They still go nowhere if Gomez and Drury and Redden and Roszival and Zherdev don’t start doing a lot more than they’ve done. They may go nowhere anyway.”

    – You are starting to sound like the hockey rodent with all of yor pessimistic views. The team just made the biggest deadline deal by reacquiring Sean Avery. This guy has the biggest heart and plays with more fire than ANYONE in the NHL,AHL, KHL, PAL, PSAL, or any other HL’s out there.

    Sunday against Boston, we need to give Avery a standing ovation!!!!

  144. I liked Prucha’s effort but I never thought he would be a 30 goal a year scorer again, I think even 20+ might be pushing it. The real tragedy in that whole situation was that the Rangers should have traded him after his second season when his value was considerably higher.

  145. JJP- Great point I would have traded Prucha after the first season. The rangers always seem to hold on to guys until they are worthless. Lundmark,Dube,Malhotra,etc!!

  146. Par for the course… apparently all the Renney lovers are Prucha haters, and they’re all coming out of the closet now to vent their anger over their man-crush getting fired.

    Renney’s career is in the toilet. Over. Done. Kaput. Deal with it. He sucked as a coach and he made this team worse every single year that he was employed here. If he ever gets another head coaching job he will proceed to take that team into the toilet as well, which I will watch with glee. Good riddance.

    Sather was a good match for Renney. Dumb and Dumber. Ten years of incompetence and still no direction for this team. Sather is one of the biggest GM failures in Rangers history. These deals will seal Sather’s fate and he’ll be off to the California Rest Home after this season ends with the team out of the playoffs. Another good riddance.

    Prucha, on the other hand, is going to a team that knows his abilities, knows that he was abused by an idiot coach for 3 seasons, and will use him to suit his skills. He’ll get lots of PP time, and next year at this time you’ll all be crying that he’s not playing here. But at least he’s out of Sather’s noxious influence.

    I wish Prucha and Dawes all the success in the world. I hope they both come back to score many goals against the Rangers down the road. I’ll always root for them and cheer when they do well.

    By the way, if anyone thinks that Antropov is going to be a star here, think of Willie Huber playing offense. Because that’s the best comparison of this overrated lazy forward with no heart. You’ll all be booing him in a month.

  147. For anyone going to miss Prucha, Dawes and Kalinin…take a ride to the Mausoleum on the 8th…now lets get on with it.

  148. I loved Prucha for his work ethic, fearlessness and potential, but we’re not talking about trading away Mario Lemieux here, the guy had a ceiling. I don’t know how long of a career he’s going to have at 170 pounds playing as physical as he does. As much potential as he has, he’ll never be a first line player.

    So, I’m definitely not losing any sleep over him leaving and that’s not to say i didn’t appreciate what he brought to the lineup (when he was given the chance).

  149. Rocket – if you mean worse and worse every year by bring them into the playoffs for the first time since the lock out then we can agree.

    Don’t love Renney but before him this team was a shipwreck. He was good for the time but a change was needed and suprisingly we made a good hire.

  150. If you think we’re talking Prucha too much you should check out the Montreol fans reaction to Gainey standing pat yesterday and then getting toasted by Sabes..

    I heard 4 guys today on the radio complaining about the Pens being able to get Billy Guerin for either a 3-4-5th rnd choice this year..

    They are crying about not getting Billy Guerin

  151. Carp,

    “They still go nowhere if Gomez and Drury and Redden and Roszival and Zherdev don’t start doing a lot more than they’ve done. They may go nowhere anyway.”
    – You are starting to sound like the hockey rodent with all of yor pessimistic views. The team just made the biggest deadline deal by reacquiring Sean Avery. This guy has the biggest heart and plays with more fire than ANYONE in the NHL,AHL, KHL, PAL, PSAL, or any other HL’s out there.

    Sunday against Boston, we need to give Avery a standing ovation!!!!

    Avery will get his standing ovation tonight at the Coliseum by the Garden faithful that take over that place when the Rangers are in town.

  152. Fruity Cupcake on

    Yeah, I’M fruity because like so many others, over three years, I became a Prucha fan. Yet we have people here lamenting the loss of a guy who was here for a handful of games in Rietz.

    Let’s face it, this team makes us ALL a little fruity. LGR and let’s fry the fiststicks tonight!

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