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This morning:  Columbus traded Pascal Leclaire and a second-round pick to Ottawa for Antoine Vermette.

12 noon: The Calgary Flames traded D Lawrence Nycholat, D Ryan Wilson and a second-round pick to Colorado for D Jordan Leopold.

 12:08: The St. Louis Blues traded D Andy Wozniewski to Pittsburgh for D Danny Richmond.

12:10: Buffalo traded a fourth-round pick to Phoenix for G Mikael Tellqvist.

12:12: Not a trade, but Toronto just claimed Eric Reitz and his broken foot off waivers from the Rangers.

12:17: According to, the Leafs claimed G Martin Gerber off waivers from Ottawa, and Dallas claimed F Brendan Morrison off waivers from Anaheim.

Also, Pittsburgh claimed F Craig Adams off waivers from Chicago.

12:35 p.m. ESPN’s EJ Hradek (former Journal News writer) is reporting that Calgary is close to acquiring Olli Jokinen from Phoenix for Matt Lombardi and a first-round pick. (Jokinen played for Flames coach Mike Keenan in Florida). UPDATE: TSN is reporting that deal is done. Other reports say that Adrian Aucoin will also be part of the deal, going to Phoenix, which is probably a salary-cap necessity.

12:41: Boston traded Petteri Nokalainen to Anaheim for D Steve Montador, according to TSN.

12:44: is reporting that F Brandon Prust is in the deal going to Phoenix, not Aucoin, and that it is done.

1:08:  We have hit a lull.

1:16: NHL Network is reporting that Dominic Moore is close to being traded from Toronto to Chicago. The Network also said that Jokinen has played more games (780) than any player in NHL history who has never made the playoffs. So this will be his first.

1:26: SportsNet is reporting Recchi to Boston.

1:38: It’s Recchi to Boston; F Matt Lashoff and F Martin Karsums going to Tampa.

1:44 The Moore-to-Chicago deal is reportedly done. Don’t know what’s going to Toronto yet.

1:59: Toronto denies it has traded Moore to Chicago.

RUMORS: Guerin to Penguins, Derek Morris to Rangers. I would caution against getting too excited about that one. We’ll see.

2:11: The Islanders will reportedly get a conditional (fifth-round) draft pick for Guerin, and the quality of the pick is based on how and how long he plays for the Penguins. It probably could go higher or lower.

2:15: NHL Live reporting that Mike Russo is reporting (like a game of telephone) that Marian Gaborik is “in play.”

2:19: The Islanders’ pick could go as high as a third-rounder if Pitt survives first round of the playoffs.

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  1. repost

    New Newman

    Colton’s +/- is meaningless.

    and anyway he’s right there with betts, sjo, staal, and rozi. They should develop a new “defensive statistic” for 4th line players. +/- is as useless as RBI’s in baseball.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Once all the waivers dust settles, things will really get going. Toronto also claimed Gerber from Ottawa.

  3. Isn’t it just a tease to see commercials on a network where the NBA is relegated to secondary network status because there is a hockey game on?

  4. I liked Reitz … I didnt think anyone would claim him with a broken foot.

    Voros doesnt shock me clearing waivers at all

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Reitz was nothing special. I’m not sad to see him go, although, I am sad that we basically gave Fritsche away for nothing.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, good if it stays that way. Bad if it’s because he’s busy trying to make a package of all of our youth for a rental.

  7. [12:19pm] Brief update here on the Leafs. Hearing Antropov has been agreed to as part of a trade. Waiting on details.

    [12:16pm] Update on Flames/Coyotes trade talk… Flames
    want Jokinen, Coyotes apparently could receive Matthew Lombardi and a 1st round pick. There might be more to this… it’s not done yet.

    [12:14pm] More deals on the way, just waiting on details. No news on Pittsburgh’s plans with Miro Satan, who cleared waivers. Meanwhile, keep your eyes on Florida. They’re asking for a heck of a lot for Jay Bouwmeester, but some believe a team will be desperate enough to give in to Florida’s demands. I’m still iffy on that.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    No, that would require movement. He wants Voros to stand in his parking space so no one will park there while he’s gone.

  9. But something tells me that another driver would challenge him for that parking space, Voros would try to fight him, and the other driver would just beat the hell out of him

  10. Toronto picked up Gerber. hmmmmmm

    Could they be packaging Toskala with Antropov? aka Pogge’s the future, we’re gonna tank the rest of the season?

  11. Doodie i hope u r wrong… sather sort of surprised us in his new coach hiring decision… maybe this time around he’ll keep the young blood and make a smart pick trade with some spare parts (dawes, kalinin,fred Sjo)for some stay at home Dman… and maybe some winger

    Antoine Vermette would’ve been nice to get… but he is off to CBJ… kaspars favorite team… he’ll be happy :)

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    “But something tells me that another driver would challenge him for that parking space, Voros would try to fight him, and the other driver would just beat the hell out of him”

    So awesome.

  13. Johnny LaRue on

    Driving around this morning tuning to the so called “sports” radio stations. What a joke. They should just be called the baseball radio stations because that’s all they’ve been talking about since football ended.

  14. [12:23pm] Thrashers are in talks for Kari Lehtonen, Marty Reasoner and Slava Kozlov. I can’t see the Thrashers moving Slava, though… and he has a no-trade clause.
    [12:22pm] Some talk now that Montreal is talking to Phoenix about Derek Morris again. Coyotes are getting calls from more teams now.

  15. Does anyone else thinkits pathetic that ESPN, MSG, MSG @ and all the other sports channels (locally) have absolutely NO COVERAGE of the NHL Trade today?

    YEah I forgot there arent any US Hockey teams.

  16. Reitz … your time here was short and you played hard , fought like a girl and played pritty good .

    We put 2 guys on waivers and both sucked at fighting , maybe Slats treats this like the UFC and when ya lose a fight , your outaa here…

    Maybe that explains why Redden is still here , he won his last fight with some solid punches!!! But then nawww cuz Dubinsky would have been asked to leave a while ago …

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Agra, honest. I can think of 4 or 5 teams off of the top of my head that could’ve used him, even if only temporarily. Then you can waive him when you don’t want him anymore.

    Pru, when Renney gets back he gets to eat his twinkies.

  18. Mikey: what makes that even worse (the lack of coverage) is that a Canadian team hasn’t won the cup in 15 years and we still get no coverage of the locals. Why not show some team practices here and there? It’s not like there’s better stuff on MSG at 11:00 AM.

  19. Mikey,

    Pathetic maybe, but hockey doesn’t get the ratings those stations want around here. As for ESPN…they’re going to continue to market sports that they have the rights to, and I can’t blame them for doing that. Look for more hockey news and talk on ESPN and SportsCenter once they get NHL rights again.

  20. HAHAHAHAHAHAH great graphic Rick. I just dont want Sather to pick what’s lurking behind door #2…

  21. UESBlueshirt on

    From the Edmonton Sun:

    ARLINGTON, Va. – Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin was injured during practice here this morning, his face clenched in pain as he hobbled off the ice.

    Ovechkin was nailed in the right foot by one of his teammates during a shooting drill and immediately staggered over to the bench.

    He was in obvious discomfort as a Capitals trainer feverishly attempted to remove his right skate. Once that was completed, Ovechkin, wearing a skate on his left foot and just a sock on the right, limped to the dressing room followed by concerned Capitals medical staff.

    The extent of the injury is not yet known.

    Ovechkin’s Capitals host the Maple Leafs tomorrow night at the Verizon Center.

  22. With AO potentially having a broken foot…the NY Rangers have just moved to the 7th favorite in the East for the cup

  23. Whats going on?
    No Vinny, No Jokinen, not even a frickin Guerin trade yet???

    The salary cap sucks!!

  24. Dominic Moore’s an interesting case:

    His contract negotiations broke off yesterday cause he was asking for 2-3 Mill! And I don’t think a team is going to grab him as a rental..

  25. It’s hard for E!SPN to cover the NHL trade deadline when they have all of their staff and programming completely invested in three athletes: A-Rod, Tiger and LeBron.

    They’re the Entertainment Tonight of sports reporting. High on drama, low on content.

  26. Kaspar the tsn streaming video… its done but Calgary must have something else to clear some more cap space…

    lombardi prust and first round pick for Jokinene

  27. Sundin's Ghost on

    Does anyone know if this is true or not??! From the Daily News:

    “The Stars remain responsible for half of Avery’s remaining salary, although the Rangers take the entire cap hit – more than $3.8 million in each of the next three seasons.”

    If the Rangers are giving up almost $4 million a year cap space for Avery it is one of the worst deals in this franchise’s HISTORY.

  28. go to and watch the live feed they have everything coming in first they are very up to date… latest trades Steve Montador to Bruins and Olli Jokinen to Flames for Lombardi, another player, and 1st round pick

  29. tsn is saying that jolk to calgary is all but done they just have to work out some money issues

  30. UESBlueshirt on

    I didn’t think the Caps were winning it anyway b/c of their goaltending, which is starting to reveal itself now. Although they have such a comfortable lead in the SE that maybe they’re coasting to the finish line.

  31. Mark (the orginal) on

    TSN guys think the Flames might have to do something else do to salary cap.

  32. Ha Ha…Monty Hall…Hall was a radio analyst for the New York Rangers during the 1958-60 season!

  33. if OV is hurt they may be more willing to take on Guerin. he was rumored there anyway

  34. whats dawes contract. i thought he was signed for a few yrs at less than a mil. no one thinks burke will get a first rounder. brke said hed like a guy who can help now and would rather a porspect over a pick.

  35. FYI, I work in television and worked on shows with former ESPN employees. Word on the street is that the big dogs in Bristol HATE, and I mean HATE, Gary Bettman and the NHL. Maybe they’re bitter about Buttman rejecting their offer a few years back, but apparently they want as little to do with hockey as possible… That makes me quite sad, especially since NHL games have been able to beat NBA games heads up on regular TV (not the biggest upset in ratings, but still not bad)

  36. kaspar

    His 12:50 wake up call is coming soon.
    He’s a notorious “1 snooze button” guy.
    1 o’clock is go time…

    happy about vermette to your jackets?

  37. Look for the Flames to move Adrian Aucoin for cash room…he is a pretty good tough d-man.
    33 years old 6’2″ 210lbs

  38. Wow, what a trade for Calgary. Talk about not sitting and waiting around.

    OJ is a stud.

  39. Antropov is the same thing as Zherdev, just bigger. He’d be a waste of a trade…
    i want to see:
    Redden to Dallas for a draft pick
    Kalinin and Dawes to Chicago for Cam Barker.
    Aaron Voros to Canucks water bottles
    wait until summer and sign Komisarek

  40. gotta be a lot of flames fans sad to see lombardi go.

    Coyotes now have Lisin and Lombardi, arguably the 2 fastest skaters in the game.

  41. Mark (the orginal) on

    I wonder if the Flames even show up to the draft next year, trading away 1 and 2 today, really going for it.

    Sather will be up in 10 minutes, but in all seriousness there has not been much, and maybe now it will start to heat up just a little over 2 hours left.

  42. Jeffluke

    I think Vermete is a little overrated what about you?
    At this point with L:ecalir injured and Mason on fire I guess he can help

    This guy Leclaire tied Hank for shutout lead last year( he played unconcious at times)…I guess Jax are desperate to make playoffs this year…probably would have been better off letting Leclair get back into playing shape and get more for him next year but…

  43. Bettman first, then Sather. We need the sport to be as strong as possible if we want to have a team to root for 25 years from now.

  44. Mark (the orginal) on

    Kaspar- Hasn’t Pascal Leclaire had injury problems his whole career? It is nice to see Columbus go for it they need to get to the playoffs this year.

  45. It’s 1pm, Glen just woke up, by the time he’s done with his “morning” cigar, he still has to get a “light” fish in, which pushes his starting time back til’ at least 3pm. No moves will be made for the blueshirts.

  46. ESPN had an option for $60 mill to carry the NHL games. they DECLINED the option. the league then had no choice but to accept the Versus offer of $70 mill per season for 6 yrs.

  47. UESBlueshirt on

    Maybe the Flames figure they can get their players back from PHX after they fold the franchise.

  48. Mark (the orginal) on

    Wow so we lost to an injured Vessa Toskala the past 2 weeks that makes it even worse.

  49. Acoin can score as well, Calgary needs to park his salary, I think he is an UFA July 1st.

    Olie reunited with Keenan in Calgary

  50. Two hours and counting!! We need to make some moves come on Glen please get us a big time goal scorer.

  51. Kaspar

    Hopefully you’re not writing the same things about Mason next year, “he played unconscious”… as for Vermette, are they gonna morph him into anything other than a 2nd line LW? If not, then it’s intresting to go for depth over a 1st line center. Maybe Morrisson should’ve been given a little audition with Nash.

  52. Why hasn’t the TSN tracker picked up on the big news that
    Toronto has claimed defenseman Erik Reitz from the New York Rangers waiver wire??

  53. I cant believe Toskala was playing injured
    he was unbelievable vs the devs last night..they had to crash the net (literally) to score on him

    So the leafs had Toskala and Kaberle injured by trade-day??

    …and Dominic Moore thinks he’s Igilna all of a sudden

  54. UESBlueshirt on

    I think the miracle would be getting rid of Gomez or Redden and not getting StL.

  55. Kaspar

    Yeah I know. Both goals shouldnt have counted ESPECIALLY the first one. it was such BS.

  56. Patrick, you’ve got to be kidding, right?
    Chris, the miracle would be Redden or Gomez being gone, not St. Louis coming.
    Aucoin, the former Islander, is a pretty good power play guy, too.

  57. i just want o see something hapen i hate the usual sather trading for some guy my dads age at the deadline lets make a big itme move for once

  58. Slats is on his third slice of cake by now. looking through his Banff travel brochures. while the phone rings off the hook, he watches old tapes of the 80’s Oilers

  59. Toskala done? Gerber and Pogge in?

    If Burke makes a move today, it’s gonna be aimed at Tavares or Hedman.

  60. UESBlueshirt March 4th, 2009 at 12:51 pm

    Who would you rather see removed from office, Sather or Bettman?

    Bettman hands down. The damage he’s done to this once proud league is irreparable. He expanded into too many cities just to turn profit from the actual expansion fees, he’s allowed the league to disappear from the media radar, and most of all, has done NOTHING to correct these obvious mistakes…

    If I’m commish tomorrow I do these things:

    1. BEG for a TV deal with ESPN. Bring back National Hockey Night, do whatever it takes to get ESPN to promote the sport. Also, the All-Star game has to go back to NBC or any free channel.

    2. Immediately send the Coyotes back to Winnipeg, send the Panthers to Quebec, and contract AT LEAST four teams to get to 26 or possibly six to get to 24. The talent pool in this league is too thin with this many teams.

    3. Ban NHL players from playing the Olympics. Why? Because then I would make the World Cup a mandatory event every 4 years. Make sure ESPN and NBC show that as well.

    4. Destroy the players union. Players Unions should only exist nowadays to protect older veterans and provide players with means to hang onto their money when they’re older. This isn’t the 50’s when guys like Mickey Mantle made squat. If you need to negotiate a crazy contract and can’t hang onto your millions when you retire, you’re an idiot. Look at the NFL and its success. That’s all thanks to the union being busted.

    5. Get rid of OT losses. In the game of life, when you lose, you LOSE! You shouldn’t get rewarded for being a failure. I know Barack Obama and his cronies would disagree (sorry, had to get a jab in there), but in the real world of sports, when time is up and you have fewer points then your opponent, you LOST. Assuming the shootout stays, Overtime should be only for the playoffs. Just decide the game with a shootout and that’s it.

    5. Work with manufacturers to promote cheaper equipment to get kids to play hockey. When I was a kid in the late 80’s early 90’s, a full set of cheap equipment was maybe $400 bucks. Still not cheap, but manageable. Now it’s impossible to get your kid anything decent without spending a $1000. Make it affordable and you’ll see more American youths playing.

    That’s all I can think of for now. Feel free to disagree, but please don’t take my Obama jab seriously. I don’t like him, or any politician for that matter, but this isn’t the place for an argument over politics.

  61. “Slats is on his third slice of cake by now. looking through his Banff travel brochures. while the phone rings off the hook, he watches old tapes of the 80’s Oilers’

    …and then contacts Kevin Lowe and asks if Tikkanen is available

  62. No, you said Jane is going over to practice today and she will come back with a report on Sean Avery’s return and first practice.
    Good job on trades but curious about practice with #16 back

  63. Hey rick any chance next trade deadline you follow around sather and let us know what he is relly up to on this great day?

  64. Mark (the orginal) on

    Leafs might not win 5 more games this year, which is I am sure all of their fans want at this point.

  65. Ha, on the tail end of the trade deadline and Patrick wants a practice update. Sure, maybe Rick should just flush his cell and laptop down the drain and head straight to practice with a pen and pad to log today’s line combinations, off ice workouts and locker room towel arrangements.

  66. “Torts and Avery had a five-minute teaching session with the markerboard on the glass by the bench at the end of practice…Voros is here, but was spoken to privately near the end of the skate, which suggests that he may have cleared waivers and is headed to Hartford…Avery alternated with Dawes on the third line with Korpikoski and Prucha”

    from zipay on practice

  67. Guys/gals, unless Sather can dump one of the big 4, the best thing he can do is just stand pat and do nothing.

    No need to make an unrealistic run at the Cup by giving up more young talent or future prospects.

    Antropov won’t be worth a first rounder as he’s a UFA. IDK what Frolov’s deal is.. but the Kings would want a lot for him as well.

  68. Patrick, obviously the skate was at 11, and Avery had meetings with Tortorella, and then I’m sure he will have met with the media. Jane will have something soon, no doubt.

    jcalz, follow him where? To the coffee machine? He’s locked up in his office with his player personnel people, and I’m quite sure he wouldn’t let reporters follow him around on deadline day when he won’t even talk to us on a normal day. Much as you guys kid about him, I’m sure he got up a lot earlier than I did today and is working a lot harder than me … and harder than you guys who don’t appear to be working at all today. LOL.

  69. I shut off NHL Live cus it was way too boring and TSN’s internet feed is a million times better…not to mention NHL Live gets their info from TSN.

  70. Nhl network just stated that alex ovechkin got hurt in practice today…no further info yet

  71. car, to be honest ive been on this bord all day during my very important calculus, and accounting classes ha this is more important.

  72. shhh Rick the trick is that we are atleast appearing busy…

    I mean we are clicking rfresh, typing furiously and sitting on the edge of our seats..

  73. Baumer,

    You’re right to certain degree on some of that. I don’t think dissolving the NHLPA is a good idea though. It keeps bargaining power equal.

    Yes, equipment is expensive. I just paid $50 bucks for a new pair of elbow pads yesterday. But you can still get decent gear relatively inexpensively. Just because there are skates that are $600 bucks doesn’t mean you can’t get a good usable pair for under a $100. Funny thing is the new cheap gear is better than the top of the line stuff years ago. My cheapo Bauer Vapor Vs are lighter than my roommates 10 year old Supreme Composites. A set of equipment can still be had for around 500 bucks

  74. Rick
    Can you fill us in on the Zambonis used at the practice facility?

    Models, serial numbers, maximum speed on and off ice etc….

  75. I think Colby has the potential to be a 3rd line 20 g guy or a tuff second iner that grinds and opens up room for the skill guys. He also has leadership abilities. in all honestly I wish the rangers would have went after Hartnall when he was available but Colby or Cole would be nice

  76. Just in case you think Sather is the worst GM ever, always remember Mike Milbury..

    You wanna know how the Isles got rid of Oli Jokinen?

    They traded Jokinen AND ROBERTO LUONGO!!!! to Florida for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha!!!!!!!


    Oli and Luongo started slow, but good lord!

  77. Mark (the orginal) on

    Sather puts in a full days work on the first day of free agency and today.

  78. If PHX trades Morris then they will be below the Cap Floor.

    Sounds like Mike Barnett may be “sweet-talking” PHX into helping us out with a salary dump to get them above the floor and for us to get a big-time scorer

  79. Zipay has some Avery quotes up on his blog and says that Voros will be sent down and the Rangers are expected to pick up a depth D-man.

  80. Kaspar
    March 4th, 2009 at 1:15 pm
    Can you fill us in on the Zambonis used at the practice facility?

    Models, serial numbers, maximum speed on and off ice etc….

    HAHAHAHAHAH Also are they cleaning the ice in a “counter clockwise swirl” LOL

  81. anyone hear Moore to Chicago and us looking for a depth d man? and Gaborik to Pittsburgh… this can’t be right… never mind…

  82. this poppy seed bagel with lox is just like heaven…better than sex… uummm no, not better but as good :P

  83. Mark (the orginal) on

    SO David Hale will be that depth d-man I am sure, have to work with Maloney and the Coyotes.

  84. Kaspar

    Snow Tank 10 ft3 (0.284 m3)
    Overall Height 4 ft. 7 in. (1.45 m)
    Overall Length (with tractor) (depending on tractor used) 9 ft. 2 in. (2.8 m)
    Overall Width 4 ft. 6 in. (1.4 m)
    Rustproof ice making
    water tank capacity 20 gal. (75.7 L)
    Zamboni® Duralite blade
    with disposable stainless
    steel insert 48 in. (121.9 cm)

  85. apparently as of 1pm the flyers and pathers are no longer talking but thats an (e47) so take that where you will

  86. Agravine,

    I’m REALLY hoping PHX comes to the rescue and trades for Gomez. Would make my week!

  87. Baumer … that may have been the worst trade in NHL history, or since Middleton for Hodge.

    That was in the Islanders era when Milbury kept getting No. 1 goalies and trading them.

  88. Rick

    LOL not unless they felt like they were getting probed by aliens LOL

    Are you walking around with your crib notes on your hand again??? HAHAHAHHA

  89. Rick,

    “Much as you guys kid about him, I’m sure he got up a lot earlier than I did today and is working a lot harder than me … and harder than you guys who don’t appear to be working at all today. LOL.”


    But I’m not getting paid to try to make a team better today. We’re only asking that Sather show up 1 day out of the year. Is that too much to ask?

  90. By the way, guys, with the practice update above, do you want to just stay here for trade deadline day updates and things? I mean, instead of putting up another post up top.

  91. id take some straight up rangers speculation right now…just talk about the minor possibility of something happening some allusions to teams talking with us…anyrhing

  92. Someone care to remind me exactly what we traded Dan Fritsche away for? Or why? Or….is there really any good excuse?

  93. Good. That’s easier for me too.

    Looks like another evening lunch for me. If every day was a Rangers coaching change, a Sean Avery claim or a trade deadline, I’d weigh 125 pounds.

  94. Fran-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tock!

  95. i know its a canadian network but i wish tsn would expand beyond the habs maple leafs flames and oilers

  96. from tsn’s deadline blog

    Matthew Barnaby: “… I talked to players in the Western Conference (about the Jokinen deal) and they said ‘Great’… ‘He’s a cancer'” Wow.

    Barnaby: “… they have a very good locker room in Calgary that will probably be able to keep him under control…”

    Interesting, I had no idea Jokinen had locker room problems.

  97. Dominic Moore is an Original Six whore! Puck teasing Chicago probably ends up on Detroit

  98. jeffluke…they were talking about him and how he’s always been the feature guy, but they think he’ll do well in Calgary where Iginla is the main focus.

    side note…Forsberg is announcing his retirement tonight in Denver

  99. side note…Forsberg is announcing his retirement tonight in Denver


    betcha some ppl will still keep him on their fantasy rosters

  100. yeah!!!!! apparently things are getting close with the rangers and derrick morris finally something to talk about

  101. Believe the Morris to the Rangers stuff when I see it.

    NHL live is talking up the LA Kings. I thought they folded when they traded Gretzky. When was the last time they were relevant?

  102. apparently peter foresberg is not in denver and not retiring

    and maybe a done deal bill guirren to the penguins

  103. Slowed right down didn’t it? Hopefully there’s another big one in the last half hour or so. (not you Glen, unless it’s a remarkably elegant, nobel prize winning move.)

  104. Mark (the orginal) on

    Should be a fun last hour. Leafs guys still out there, and Derrick Morris, and who knows about Jay-Bo.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, can you somehow merge this post and the next post on Avery? I didn’t realize that you were still updating this one because Jane had the next post.

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    I only give the Morris stuff any credit because it’s jsut like Slats to deal with one of his cronies.

  107. Don’t forget, there are usually six or eight trades announced well after the deadline, as i’s have to be dotted and t’s crossed. Plus league can’t OK deals until all the cap restrictions are met.

  108. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    derek morris? another – guy for us? can’t we atleast get someone with a positive +/- rating…

  109. I think I would have taken Guerin for a 5th rounder. I would become a 4th if we win a round..I might take that as well.

  110. What do you guys think of Morris?

    Seems to me he’s an aging (30) guy who makes a lot of money and who never lived up to his first-round draft promise. In other words, a typical Rangers pickup. Big name, lesser ability.

  111. You nailed it, Carp. Exactly what I was thinking. They cleared $4MM from the cap, filled it exactly with his salary.

  112. Rick

    To be honest. I would rather Sather do nothing and you hit the nail on the head with him. Or I rather Guerin than Morris.

  113. Mark (the orginal) on

    If Morris comes here he is not coming to be the 7th d-man. I guess Kalinin would be waived or maybe Girardi would go back to Phoenix who knows with Glenn.

  114. Not a Morris fan. Like everone else, I thought he was gonna be hot stuff when he came into the league with the Avs. Nope.

    You nailed it Carp.

  115. Mark (the orginal) on

    Pierre will just throw this in all of our faces if Jay-Bo gets traded. He keeps talking about him all day.

  116. Mark (the orginal) on

    Drew- I dont think Girardi would go, just trying to think of guys that Maloney would want back.

  117. Jagr's Father on

    Wow im psychic called the Guerin Deal 2 days ago and again earlier today, (pats self on back) my next prediction Marty St Louis will be a ranger by 3 u heard it here first.

  118. why rent Morris?

    Go with what they have, they are not winning the cup. Guerin for a 5th rounder is real cheap……

  119. Sending Naslund to PHX could work…they need to limit their $$ spent, and Naslund’s cap hit id $4m next year, but his salary is only $3m.

  120. Derek Morris has 12 points this year, he is minus-13 and has taken all of 24 PIMS (while being 220 lbs).. and he is making $3.6 million.. we shld be getting a 1st round pick in return for taking this guy.

  121. $3.95 million and a complete bust

    I’m getting really nervous that he’s coming here

  122. Why can’t Sather renegotiate Drury and Gomez and Redden or just one or two of those contracts? It can’t be that difficult to make it painfully obvious to them that if they each slash even just 1 MIL a year off their contracts they will have a much better chance of winning a cup. Some sort of arrangement that way needs to be made. Glen must have misjudged the salary cap fluctuation expecting it to keep rising. Can they be that greedy? Gomer and Drury really dont strike me as being so greedy they would rather have their xtra mil a year over a highly increased chance of a stanley cup

  123. once again,
    i ask why do the Rangers give away
    the good while the pens give away, next to nothing.

    obviously, Don Maloney wanted Prucha and Dawes and they’ll probably do better in a more wide open style there and
    he probably did us a favor by taking on Kalinin (although he has looked better lately)
    all we got coming back was Morris. no other players/prospects/draft choices??????

  124. obviously, Sather didn’t think he was going to sign
    Dawes who’s scoring went south this year
    and felt the same with Prucha.
    maybe Tom’s comment about his fragile state got to him.

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