D-Day (updated)


Just wanted to let you know that Jane is going over to practice today and she will come back with a report on Sean Avery’s return and first practice.

Then throughout the day, as we come across info, or as trades happen we will have updates here.

Redden for Bouwmeester isn’t happening, so don’t get your hopes too high.


Here’s the first one we’ve heard today: Columbus traded Pascal Leclaire and a second-round pick to Ottawa for Antoine Vermette.


The Sporting News is reporting that Chris Pronger has been given a 100 percent promise that he will not be traded today.

Sorry, that should have been “has not been given a 100 percent promise …” but he is not expected to be moved.

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  1. Trade Prucha!! Milan Hejduk would be a great pick. Hes on the books for 4 million next year also. Bring him in to play with drury.

  2. If we give Burke a 1st rounder for Antropov, then Burke should take a salary dump as well.

    Antropov and White for Kalinin and a 1st

  3. yessiree bob on

    we need to go after Kovalchuk–

    Rozsival, Betts, Gomez, and Dawes or Callahan for Kovalchuk and Armstrong.

    Sjostrom, Voros, Parenteau or Pyatt and 3rd rounder for Antropov.

  4. UESBlueshirt on

    I think when it comes to Sather asking to send Kalinin to Leafs, the words “Burke” and “dump” won’t involve salary.

  5. If we give the Maple Leafs a first round pick for Antropov we should give them Rosy also.

  6. I keep seeing this “Trade Betts” commentary here.

    This has to be one of the most disagreed with comments on this blog.

    Great PK guy, great shot blocker, knows how to play defensive hockey, knows where to be on the ice at all times, and one of the lowest priced assets we have. What am I missing people?

    In this new Torts’ system, we need a few guys who have defense-first, smart positional-hockey mentality.

    I am puzzled by the “Trade Betts” comments. Really.

    Someone educate me on this.

  7. Newman,

    I don’t get it becuase we aren’t going to get better for less than Betts either… same with Orr… and under TOrts their lack of offense isn’t so crippling since they see minimal ice time… I would hate to be holding a kid back in those minutes..

    so in short… I don’t get it either

  8. Yeah I went straight to the devils site for that one. UGH. Dont eff with us like that man LOL

    RE: Betts, its obvious that some ppl on here dont know the value of a defensive forward. They all think that the 4th line has to score the same amount of goals as all three LOL

  9. you mean the guy who could not even hit an empty net to clinch a game at MSG recently? you mean the guy who cannot even get his team into the playoffs? or the guy who got swept 4 straight by the Rangers a few years ago?

  10. Newman, Betts ice time has dropped markedly since Torts took over. He has said publicly that he is not a four-line coach and that his top players will get the lion’s share of the ice time. He has also begun using at least three sets of forwards for the PK. In other words, Betts value in the new system is reduced substantially. Moreover, his strong play this season has increased his trade value. At this point in time, we could get more for him that we might otherwise deserve. He’s the epitome right now of buy low, sell high(er).

  11. heres why i think we should trade betts. we all know we dont have a legit scorer and i think the only way we can win is if we have 4 lines who can score. thats why i think we should trade betts.

  12. New Newman,

    Betts is an UFA at the end of the season. Asimonov may be NHL ready next year. Rangers have decent amount of guys who play center or could play if need be –

    Gomez, Dubinsky, Drury, Korpedo, Avery, Mark Bell

    Betts has a big heart, but his skillset for scoring goals is close to zero. His blocked shots this year are down. And his faceoff % this year is marginal.


  14. Redden for Jordan leopold or derek morris anyone to get rid of the awful contract redden has

  15. I have a bad feeling this is going to be one of the worst/most boring deadline days in a long time, I hope I’m wrong and a few GM’s start pulling Mike Milburys!

  16. I’m for keeping Betts, he’s a great PKer and good value for money. He is likely to generate some interest as some of the teams will be looking for someone of his skillset to man their 4th line going into the playoffs. However, if someone is offering a high draft pick or very good prospect Slats should do it and call up Ansimov or Moore.

  17. Jason, there will be plenty of trades today but there won’t be any “blockbusters”. Unfortunately I doubt the Rangers will make any big trades either. I expect Sather to try and bring in a bigger forward and possibly a physical defensemen. By 3 pm the Rangers will make 1 MAYBE 2 trades. AND Redden is here to stay.

  18. No Country For Old Rangers on

    enough with the fake trades you unoriginal bastards

    rangers sign theo fleury to minor league contract

  19. Pavel

    Gaborik and his agent have to be giddy over that connolly contract. Looks like he’ll stay at 7.5 mill.

  20. YEah really
    stop the bull trades already everyone
    It WAS funny yesterday, not its jsut stupid

  21. Please, please, please Glen Sather, trade Betts. Trade him for a player, a prospect, and draft pick, anything. Just get him off this team.

  22. UESBlueshirt on

    Just sent my Sabres friend an over/under for the amount of games Connolly plays the next two years. I took the under of 100.

  23. [10:54am] Just over 4 hours until the trade deadline. Just received a text from a New York source telling me the Rangers are interested in Mark Recchi.

    Source: The Fourth Period

  24. UESBlueshirt on

    The trade I would most want to see..

    Minn trades G Backstrom to Wash for C Backstrom.

  25. Recchi will cost us a lot less but how much more does he have in the tank? I understand he won a cup with the Canes a few years ago after a trade but that was a few years ago.

    I’m with Mako, I don’t get all of this Betts hate. He is a role player and he is comfortable and good in the role he plays. Every team needs them.

  26. Over at thefourthperiod.com they are reporting that the Rangers are interested in Recchi. I think that would be a BIG mistake for the Rangers. Recchi does bring a ton of experience but he doesn’t answer the size or the scoring problems.

  27. 10:57am] Detroit Red Wings are looking for a 3rd line forward. They’re looking at Chris Neil (OTT) and Blair Betts (NYR).

  28. Would you really have Moore over Betts? With his triple as much salary salary? Betts is the one of the few players on our roster that plays up to his contract so please stop this hate b/s.

  29. Jagr's Father on

    I would like to see Antrapov come over but if Sather gives up our 1st rounder he deserves to be shot. This guy can be had for much less and a creative savy GM will be able to pull it off. Dont think Sather is that GM though.

  30. UESBlueshirt on

    Is Dandenault a forward or defense these days? I know on Detroit they used him as both.

  31. UESBlueshirt on

    Does the TB GM realize that even if Sather completely lost his marbles and approved that we don’t have that cap space? Are they letting Esposito run things down there again?

  32. UESBlueshirt

    just wrote my Sabres fan friend:

    “Connolly 2yrs – 9 million! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! that 9 million is going straight to some brain surgeon in Switzerland! (don’t know why I kid, just heard that the rangers are aggressively pursuing mark recchi….)”

  33. what a slap in the face to Tort’s (who says they want to add size to the lineup) and Sather goes out and gets Avery and Recchi

  34. Just a thought on

    I think you won’t see much action until after we see what happened with all waivered people yesterday.

  35. Rangers trade wade redden, david karpa, and igor ulanov for Charlestown Chiefs Hanson bros.

  36. Jagr's Father on

    No way Recchi comes here. He’s 41 why would he want to come to a bubble team that has NO chance of going deep into the playoffs even if they make it. He is a good fit for a team that is built to win now and just needs some fine tuning and leadership. No way he comes here no freakin way.

  37. hey guys, just wanted ti announce the rangers have signed me. im a 20 yr old college student who plays hockey in adult leagues im 6 foot 5 two fifty they needed size and im taking the league minimum.

  38. bull dog line on

    not a betts hater, but his name has come up with chicago and detroit. he is easily replaced, tortorella has allready said that he is going to use his best players on the PK so they dont sit for 2min. plus tortorlla has also said he wants more grit and size on the 3rd and 4th lines, betts brings alot of things, grit isnt one of them.

  39. Thanks for the insight on Betts. I hear some logic. I still think he is more valuable to this team than he would be trying to get something for him.

    Does it help this team to get just a draft pick for him? I mean fine, he is a UFA this year. But what would be the purpose of the trade? Draft picks are a coin flip (at best) anyway.

    The goal in moving Betts would be to just move him and get something for him as he is worth nothing at season’s end? I don’t see how that helps us for the playoffs.

    Can we realistically solve any of our playoff needs by moving him?

  40. bob mckenzie on

    with guys being signed or pulled off the market, there is not much left for the vultures to pick at except the usual suspects and guys already waived or named and sat out

    look for a few minor deals, about 20.

  41. I mean bringing up kids you want them to atleast get a solid amount of minutes, say ten… for what we are paying Betts might as well have him there

  42. UESBlueshirt on

    Yeah JBo to the Flyers would be bad because I think it would actually really help the Panthers if they get the right haul for him.

    Let’s be honest, top 4 in the conference is a long shot for the Rangers so I’m more concerned about what the other bubble teams do than teams that are comfortably ahead of us in the standings.

  43. bull dog line on

    new newman,
    do we realistically solve any of our playoff needs by keeping him? the approach of this team is starting to change, betts really doesn’t fit anymore. to me he would seem to have some value to a team trying to win it all, he could be the role player that he was never aloud to be with the Rangers.(he was overused by renney so he played a bigger role on the rangers than he would on a cup contender.)

  44. Gary Roberts is on waivers not Recchi.

    This is a bad move for the Rangers. Should have signed Shanahan 6 months ago if they were gonna do this…

  45. bulldog line…for once we agree 100%. i think if he is going to go somewhere, it has to be to a Cup contender who wants that role player, PK, faceoffs, defensive forward and are willing to give up something significant.

    i don’t love moving betts for draft picks.

  46. Right Peter. Why would we give up anything for Recchi now while we could have Shanny free. Don’t be stupid Slats!

  47. Jokinen to Flames no word on what Coyotes will get back… but another team needs to be involved to make the cap room for the flames since the yotes don’t want salary back… not official its on the tsn feed

  48. "Caffeine" Curious on

    Betts deserves more fan respect. Sure, he should score more, but he’s a huge contributor to this team. Imagine if we gave up more goals on the PK. Team would have no wins.

  49. czechthemout..... on

    This league has become so boring that even a traditional busy day like dead line day now sucks as well. One trade just awfull.

  50. I love it NHL.com is getting all of their information from TSN. BETTMAN YOU’RE A TOOL!!!!!!!

  51. [11:27am] Just received a heads up that TSN is reporting the Flames are close to acquiring Olli Jokinen from Phoenix.

  52. bob mckenzie on

    the league will hold back announcement of some trades until the NHL Live show begins in a half hour. they are giving a free preview of the NHL Network, and want to make a splash.

  53. I love how people want to get rid of Betts. Saying he isnt good for the new system and we have Anisimov for next year.

    You want Anisimov to replace Betts next year? You really want a young kid playing 8 minutes a game on the 4th line with Orr and Sjostrom or whoever they sign to replace them?

    You dont call up young talent playing 23 minutes a game in Hartford to be your 4th line center int he NHL. That’s retarded.

    Keep Betts, hes 600k a year and one of the best PK’ers and a solid faceoff man. Stop being shortsighted, you dont need superstars on your 4th line. 4th line needs to be cheap and effective to save the cap room for your top 3 lines. Betts hits on ALL of these qualities.

  54. Ageed Caffeine. See what happens to our pk when Betts is gone. He’s the most underated player on the team.

  55. Peter
    March 4th, 2009 at 11:22 am
    Gary Roberts is on waivers not Recchi.

    This is a bad move for the Rangers. Should have signed Shanahan 6 months ago if they were gonna do this…

    Like beating a dead horse

  56. From the fourth period:

    [11:33am] A head scratcher… Rangers have inquired about Martin St. Louis of the Lightning.

  57. bob mckenzie on

    Olli (no d) Jokinen. he had to be traded to a certainty to ever make the playoffs in a 10 year career

    was a huge blunder for phoe

    meanwhile, Fla got better without him


    One guy getting traded isn’t gonna ruin our PK. Avery is a good penalty killer, so it’s not like we’re throwing Orr, or someone who doesn’t kill penalties in his spot.

    Nyr fans are making a big deal over him, like if he goes the whole team defensively fall apart. With all due respect, c’mon, gimme a break. He’s a valuable player, but losing him wont help us, or hurt us.

  59. Something is going on

    [11:33am] A head scratcher… Rangers have inquired about Martin St. Louis of the Lightning.

  60. If Betts wanted to be strictly a defensive player, he should’ve become a defenseman (and a stay at home one at that). Everyone, including the 4th line has to produce offense, especially in the ‘new’ NHL where the PK takes up a substantial amount of playing time. You need that guy who can chip in 10-15 goals a year along with a few shorties. Betts doesn’t give you that whatsoever, nor does he bring an intimidating presence. He isn’t mean, he doesn’t fight. So he blocks shots, whooptie friggin doo. Face it, the only reason he lasted this long on this team is because he was one of Renney’s pets. Any real coach would’ve sent him packing long ago, the way Tortorella hopefully will by 3PM this afternoon. Fanboys, spare me your tears.

  61. Question for all you amateur GM’s:

    when a trade happens and they list “for prospect,or for draft pick,or player to be named later, etc.” How do they then determine who the player will be?

  62. Betts is the longest tenured NYR on the roster right now…who gets that honorable title when he’s gone?

  63. that fits with our lack of size – him and Petr Prucha will take it in turns to stand on each others shoulders..!

  64. Jagr's Father on

    Keith Jones saying if Martin St Louis is available to rangers they should jump on it. Something is brewing i think this one happens. Good player and all but whats he gonna do for our future. I would pass on this one but Sather wont so looks like we got another midget on the team.

  65. The only Blair I wanna see is the snooty beeyotch from “The Facts of Life”….

    The Ny Rangers Blair Betts plays to much like Mrs. Garrett

  66. Phil…our leading scorer has 20 goals (assume 25 in 82g season) and you want Betts to score 15 as our 4th line center? You lost me there.

  67. recchi for dawes would be the same insanity that kept the rangers out of the playoffs for 8 years.

    recchi is 40 + yrs old…dawes is 24, give me a break…….

  68. Anyone want to complain abt St Louis since Torts asked for size and St Louis is 4 foot 2?

  69. Phil,

    So based on what you’re saying, would you say John Madden sucks? He’s only got 6 goals this year. I suppose that one Selke Trophy he won a few years back means nothing then…

    If you actually watch Ranger games and see Betts on the ice expecting a goal, you should probably start watching women’s golf or curling.

    Betts is easily one of the best defensive forwards in the game, and is without a doubt one of the top 4 penalty killers. It’s not his job to score goals! Sure, Renney played him more than he should have, but so far, it seems Torts uses his 4th line properly: use it in spot duty or when you need to throw a tough guy out there..

    This isn’t the late 80’s – early 90’s when a third line player scored 30 goals. Hockey in general has become more tactical and defense oriented, even with the new rule changes. Get over yourself, thinking every Ranger can score 20 goals. Won’t happen.

    Now, if you were to say Gomez should shoot more and pot 20, then I’d say you had a point…

  70. The players from 2005-06

    Henrik, Rozy, Prucha

    I would guess they would be longest tenured NYRs

  71. I told you the day Torts was hired to lok out for Marty St Louis. I am not crazy about it. . . . but Torts is.

  72. BTW here is something I just found out and it shocked me. Colton Orr is a -14, the worst on the team now. That is an eye opener. I love Colton for what he brings but I would not have guessed he was the WORST +/- on the team now.

  73. New Newman, the difference is our top guys can and would normally have more goals. Betts on the other hand could be on a line with Crosby and Malkin and have Scotty Bowman behind the bench and he’d still put up 9 points a year.

  74. blues trade andy wosnieski to pens for danny richmond.

    hmmmm. just learned to NHL’ers names…

  75. Baumer

    Its useless to talk sense to ppl who make no sense. Remember that game where he put on a PK CLINIC!! He blocked 2 shots, broke his stick, blocked another 2 shots and kicked the puck out of the zone. I mean the guy was all over the place. It was highlighted because that series of plays was just outstanding. He plays like that every night its just not highlighted like it was that night. If someone cant see that, then they cant say they are a fan of hockey.

  76. Pittsburgh Acquires

    D Andy Wozniewski
    11:39am et

    St. Louis Acquires

    D Danny Richmond

  77. Phil….last year….Jagr and Drury had 24 each, Shanny had 23, and Gomer had 16….Avery had 15…everyone else had less than 15….and Betts at 4th line center should have 15?? Re-read Baumer 582 please.

  78. [12:03pm] Holy smokes… Martin Gerber is in Toronto. Leafs claim Gerber and Erik Reitz off waivers… Dallas claims Brendan Morrison off waivers… Pittsburgh claims Craig Adams off waivers…

  79. Marty St Louis is what we don’t need. 5’8 ,32 or 33 years old. Remember our division has alot of big teams which is not good for a smaller player, and they is no Vinny on the team to help out Marty.

  80. With Calgarys Giordano out indefinitely shoulder surgery , Leopold is just a renter for the spring

  81. New Newman

    Colton’s +/- is meaningless.

    and anyway he’s right there with betts, sjo, stall, and rozi. They should develop a new “defensive statistic” for 4th line players. +/- is as useless as RBI’s in baseball.

  82. New Newman, I’m aware of how many goals Jagr, Drury, Shanny and Gomer had last year. I’m also aware that they all played under Renney’s dreadful nofense “system”.

    As I said earlier, no matter who Betts plays with, and regardless of who coaches him, he can’t produce offense. He’s the quintessential Renney player — no hands, no intimidation, no nothing. There’s no reason for Torts to keep him, especially when he’s made clear he has no intention of rolling 4 lines. If you’re going to send that 4th line out there a couple of times a period, the least they can do is wreak havoc. When was the last time the 4th line added energy or scored that rare chip-in goal to change a games momentum? Exactly, it just doesn’t happen when “Bettsy” is out there. Lastly, anyone who compares Madden to Betts should consider following a different sport.

  83. Hey (New Newman) I have a wishhh list of who I want us to trade for!!!! Ya wanna know!!!??? Awww come on , ya don’t care ….? Come on…listen ,, it’s perty good!! Fine…then.

    I have a few fantasy lines to brag about just for you Newman!!! Yeah here it is , my new” Lamers Line”

    * Salty Peanutz – New Newman – True fans

  84. I will never understand the hate for Betts or Orr. They do their jobs. With Reitz and Voros waived what the hell else do you want?

    “ANyone else read that the lightning actually tried to offer a straight swap of Marc Staal for Ryan Malone?”

    Funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

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