Avery skates


Sean Avery already owes Henrik Lundqvist dinner.

At the end of practice, the two had a shootout (that’s it in the pic) with a meal as the wager. The newly re-Rangered Avery needed to make just two goals to win it, but he only got one.

“It’s fun to see him again,” Lundqvist said. “A lot of good times when he played here.”

Avery was back on the ice wearing a blue jersey, and he said walking in that the Rangers feel like coming home. He alternated in a line with Petr Prucha, Nigel Dawes and Lauri Korpikowski. And he could play tomorrow. Late in the 40-minute practice, Rangers coach John Tortorella took Avery aside near the marker board at center ice.

“I don’t want to bombard him,” Tortorella said. “He’s a few days behind as far as the system we play. I just wanted to touch base  with him today it’s probably been a little bit of a ride for him the past 24 hours, so just going over some of our team concepts so day of the game I don’t have to give him so much.”

Here’s Torts on how Avery needs to bring his personality but keep it from being disruptive.


Avery said he was a different person now, but didn’t want to get too explict about the behavior counseling program the NHL compelled him to attend. He did say he was glad to be back with a second chance playing a sport he missed more than he realized he would.

Here’s a clip where he starts by answering the question, Do you feel like a new person?


Avery said he was worried on Sunday whether the Rangers would pick him up. Tortorella had said he wasn’t crazy about Avery while he was a broadcaster for TSN, but Tortorella said he would play with Glen Sather’s pieces and work with Avery. As for his part, Avery said he wanted to prove himself. And he certainly sounded like he wanted to make the most of his second chance with the Rangers.

“To have (hockey) back and have something refreshed inside of me is something I’m extremely grateful for,” Avery said.

But he will still bring it on the ice.

“I think a milder version of Sean Avery is still not that mild,” Avery said.

Other lines were the same as the ones Tortorella has been playing, but if Avery will play that will change. As usual, the coach didn’t tip his hand, saying he’d seen Avery practice for 40 minutes and wasn’t ready to cement anything.


Oh, one more thing. Aaron Voros, apparently unclaimed and still Rangers property, skated with the team this morning.

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  1. If PHX trades Morris then they will be below the Cap Floor.

    Sounds like Mike Barnett may be “sweet-talking” PHX into helping us out with a salary dump to get them above the floor and for us to get a big-time scorer

  2. question… does one have to write “repost” when reposting from last post? :)


    * this poppy seed bagel with lox is just like heaven…better than sex… uummm no, not better but as good :P

  3. anyone hear the ranger pikd up messier, graves, leetch, and mattaue ??? tsn is reporting we shuld be great

    but I will continue to update the earlier post with trade deadline stuff. I don’t know a better way to do this. Suggestions?

  5. Recchi to bruins? YES!

    Sather gets a “WINNER” from me today. Unless he gets Guerin…

  6. speaking of “sloppy seconds” (i hope i wont get suspended from the blog for that line) so, speaking of “sloppy seconds” is that what we going to end up with by 3pm today?

  7. Rick, how about a “new” post on top for trades. In the first response just include the deals that have gone through already.
    This is assuming that there won’t be anything else post-worthy today/tonight, so the new post will stay on top.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m excited to see Jokinen in the playoffs. He’s a really great player to watch. He and Iginla will be a really interesting combination.

    Boston adding Recchi isn’t that big of a deal depending on the return. Same as Montador. Nokelainen isn’t much to part with. And Montador isn’t much of a return.

    I can’t imagine anything of value for Recchi.

  9. ORR’s Right Hand + Redden, Gomez & Drury’s Jaw’s = Freedom !!
    March 4th, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Don’t forget Dubi. He “likes him”.

    One Big Happy Family

  10. Neil could still come here, as well as Antropov

    The longer teams arent willing to bite on that 1st round pick price tag for Antropov, Burke will have to lower the price for him

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Meanwhile, Calgary is REALLY going for it. They added Jokinen and Leopold.

    Big trades for them.

  12. Carpy,

    Can you find out about the report that Tom Renney is home right now in a robe and is watching Gilligan’s Island reruns?

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    “Imagine a helicopter comes out of nowhere and lands on top of MSG, and out comes a man in a blue trench coat with a hockey stick in one hand, and stylish Avery style black glasses.

    And it’s Jagr. And he has come to help out Nyr.”

    Can’t happen this year. He’d have to go through re-entry waivers. That’s pretty much the only reason he’s still in Russia. It’s a zero sum game. Who would be the team that signed him only to lose him for nothing?

  14. LIQUID
    March 4th, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    Can you find out about the report that Tom Renney is home right now in a robe and is watching Gilligan’s Island reruns?


    That made me laugh out loud. Im sure all of us who work in offices around ppl are considered “cookoo” to our co-workers.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, that Recchi return is actually a lot larger than I had expected, even with Boston getting the 2010 2nd rounder.

  16. DomivBaumgartner on


    Any word from the Rangers if they are actually going to make a transaction today?

  17. i learned a new “slang word” today kids. Here it is:

    Which means… rolling on the floor laughing and spinning around! Go ahead…use it if u like. :)

  18. if jagr came back i would jump up and scream at the top of my lungs in the middle of the calculus clas im sitting in

  19. NHL league office on

    some deals are not announced until well past the deadline because they must check out contract details before approval.

    so, you may see some trades announced an hour or so after 3pm

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Guys, it’s not happening. Forget it.

    Even if no one else were to claim him off reentry waivers, he wouldn’t clear them in time to be allowed on the roster for the playoffs.

    Let it go.

    PS, where was all the Jagr love when he was here?




  22. “PS, where was all the Jagr love when he was here?”

    His fat A** s run out of town with the same complaints we have of Drury….emotionless, not a leader, too quiet

  23. what a joke of a deadline day.

    i’ve been listening to the fan 590 all day and the rangers have been mentioned a single time. thats it.

    thanks glen!

  24. ORR …

    yeah, i know, but im still trying to figure out the whole “we wanna get some size into this lineup” quote from Tort’s.

    Since then,

    Voros (6’3-215)
    Reitz (6’1-222)
    Bell (6’4-220) are gone or sent down


    Avery (5’10-195) is in????????

  25. its so funny how everyone is sitting here ripping sather for not doing anything yet then when he does it you guys rip he 6 months later. no matter what he does you guys wont be happy. so maybe doing nothing this time is the answer

  26. I also don’t get all the Jagr love now. I think his output/cost just looks fantastic now compared to the crap we’re getting from Dredden/Blomez/Dreary. But, I still think it was the right thing to let him move on. I don’t think the fact that we made even worse moves suddenly means that Jagr was a good deal.

  27. ORR,

    No I havent. Ive seen her a few times cause I used to be allowed in to the room where players family and friends hang out. Im 24, the quality in that room was outstanding. I wrote that about jagrs gf when we found out jagr was off the team.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Last year all of the biggest deals all went down to the wire. I imagine the same will happen this year.

    Also, there aren’t that many clear sellers because of how close the playoff races are. For instance, if Florida was out of the running, Bouwmeester would be a definite goner.

  29. Forsberg will announce his retirement tonite.

    I always thought it was creepily ironic that he has had these foot problems and Colorado has that “Big-Foot Logo” on the shoulders of their jersey.

    Weird Omen

  30. If Jagr WAS here, we’d be in first place and talked about as a Cup Contender.

    He was Slat’s only solid acquisition in the last decade.

  31. Staal – Redden – Rosizval – Girardi – Mara – Kalinin

    Looks like the Rangers will trade for a 7th defenseman now that Reitz is gone.

    Who will it be? hrmmm

    Reports are Derrick Morris

  32. Its about time For Forsberg…but what a shame; played all-out..initiated body contact while carrying the puck ..great player just riddled by injury

  33. Hmmmm Rangers possibly close to acquiring Derek Morris from whom else…. Don Maloney

  34. Somerset – I was just thinking about that (“we need size.- take avery).. we are small, not overly talented and can do very little for the next 5-6 years. This is why Slats gets ripped and shld be long gone

    Clement just stated the obvious: GMs are not tarding for anything that has a contract life that goes beyond next year.

  35. Derek Morris is a UFA at the end of this season. I wonder who the Rangers will dump for him….

    Also, is Morris better than Reitz ?

  36. “Me thinks Morris won’t be coming alone”

    ….maybe with Kurt Warner for the Jets??

  37. Derek Morris. 5G. 7A. -13. 30 yrs. old. That puts him neck and neck with Orsie for the – lead.

  38. now they deny that Moore has been traded to Chi

    maybe we can still make a deal with them

  39. Guerin to the Isles is the best move the Rangers have made this year. Thank goodness!

  40. TSN says Rangers in the mix for Derrick Morris

    Age: 30
    Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 221 lbs.
    Shoots: Right
    Salary: $3,950,000
    NHL Seasons: 10
    Drafted by Calgary in 1996 (1/13)

    Oct 1, 2002: Calgary Flames traded Derek Morris, Jeff Shantz and Dean McAmmond to the Colorado Avalanche for Chris Drury and Stephane Yelle.

  41. How about Keith Yandle? I would gladly take him…

    Or maybe Carcillo?

    Put Orr and Carcillo and Avery on a line….The “SEEK & DESTROY LINE”

  42. UESBlueshirt on

    Wonder if the Pens realize that scoring isn’t really a problem for them but their D hasn’t been good this year (and just got depleted with Whitney to the Ducks). Maybe they can work on Fleury not giving up bad goals.

    Kunitz is not Marian Hossa
    Guerin is not Ryan Malone of last year

    They could always shed Staal’s contract and make a run at some big name FAs since they’re losing Satan, Fedetenko and Sykora’s contracts after this year. I think Shero is feeling the pressure of trying to avenge last year’s loss but their top competition is a lot stronger this year than last year.

  43. ugh. i can’t stand pierre mcguire.

    i wish someone would cut out his voice box so i didn’t have to listen to his obnoxious voice.

  44. I cant stand Darren Pang. Hes horrible!! Hes still mad cause Ulf Dahlen scored a hat trick aganist him.

  45. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Please stop mentioning carcillo. He sucks and is a piece of garbage. I would rather have voros back.

  46. the Pens have won 4 straight. and they got a great kid in Tangradi in the trade also. they have done quite well. for a mid round pick Guerin is no big deal either way.

  47. DomivBaumgartner on

    I want Malone from Tampa, he’s always in front of the net scoring garbage goals. Maybe he’ll teach the Rangers a lesson about screening.

  48. Face it guys we have know cap space and no one will take our over paid losers. we’re done

    God I hope I’m wrong

  49. Wheres Beuke's? on


    Epic fail but in attitude, spelling, and grammar. Here is to guessing there is something left in the tank.

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