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  1. This just means that if no one wants these guys at full price then they go to Hartford right???

    Can everyone be recalled in the playoffs if there are injuries w/o being plucked off re-entry waivers by another team??

  2. I think back to earlier in the season when we played Ottawa in Ottawa, and Ruutu had a good game for himself, and was taking cheap shots left and right. If Avery was on the team for that game, it would not have happened. Orr tried to fight him, but he wouldn’t, but Avery probably could have made a difference in that game and many others when we had no fire or passion. I am excited for this, and sure that was only one example, but I am sure we can come up with many just like the Ottawa game.

  3. I wonder how many refreshes this blog will get over the next 24 hours.

    Welcome back, Sean!

  4. somerset. If Voros is waived and nobody claims him he could be sent to Hartford or bought out. If he goes to Hartford and we try to recall him he goes through waivers again regardless of if it’s during the playoffs. At least that’s the way I interpret the rule.

    Anybody have a clue where we stand on cap space given that Voros and Reitz will be off the books tomorrow?

  5. prucha song was awesome on saturday.
    if you haven’t seen the youtube video of the actual band playing it you need to look it up

  6. I really like our chances in the playoffs. The East is Wide open.

    The only team that worries me is Boston.

    WASH- has a terrible goalie

    NJ- doesnt worry me now that we have Avery to get in Marty’s face (but they are the 2nd team to worry about)

    Philly- is falling apart b/c of having to get Briere back into the lineup and their goalies are suspect

    Pitt- obviously has M&C, but i think their team defense and goalie are garbage.

    Montreal- has tons of problems, but hve been playing better

    Florida-Buffalo-Carolina are Florida-Buffalo and Carolina

  7. Look at what Tortorella is saying about Sather on deadline day. “There’s nothing in particular.” “If something pops up”. “He’s trying to improve the team” — oooh, awesome. In other words, Sather has no plan. He is the only GM who can display his incompetence to the hockey world year after year, and just keep ticking along. He doesn’t even know what he is looking for! Maybe his strategy is just to sign guys he remembers from the Allstar game 11 years ago. Or managment has been told that no one is buying merchandise that doesn’t say Avery or Jagr on it. What a genius. And Torts is smart enough to make it clear that he is not remotely responsible for whatever Sather does tomorrow.

  8. there is no actual song with the words pru-cha in it. this is the song played at the garden though

  9. Those who think we are, or can be competitive in the playoffs now are buyers. I still think this team should be sellers and really buck-up with young talent here and at Hartford for a REAL run in the next couple years.

    Look, until they are gone we still have Kalinin, Redden, and Rozsival comprising HALF of our regular blueline. Reality hurts, except when you try to gloss over it to hide in a fantasy world. Just be satisfied with “making the playoffs,” if we do, and focus on not mortgaging the next three years for a failed playoff run, this year, if our not so reckless GM could just do that one season out of every dozen.

  10. they have really played that after prucha scored? on more then one occasion?
    if thats tru thats amazing haha

  11. they have for a few years now i heard it saturday for the first time in a while though

  12. don’t worry. they won’t say in public who they are interested in. they can’t. it would be tampering if they did.

    but they have definitely talked about what they want to add, and it all depends on who is made available by other teams, and their price, as to what gets done

    I don’t expect any blockbuster for the Rangers, just a couple of decent deals.

  13. NO Hype

    With all the folks going to be shwoing up on the board, you’d like SATAN???????

    Mr Great hands, soft as a grape player?

  14. Sather ruined a team that had a legit chance, Scotty Gomez has never been an elite foward and needs to have a 30-40 goal scorer on his line had elias, gionta in jersey jagr last yr, drury is a clutch player and having a bad year, naslund has been on the downside of his career for a few yrs now, same goes to redden, all of these gals are overpaid and put sather in a corner with the salary cap.

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