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I’m headed to practice. Figuring that at some point between noon and 1 p.m. there will be some Sean Avery news …

Will update later.

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  1. Yea my fear is Avery blocking young guys in salary and space but Newman is right… I want to see what kind of a spark Torts can give to this team before we start adding to much more…



    ……if we are building for the future…you might want to stay away from Avery or anyone else who is available today…but; if you are playing for today he would not only help but make games fun to watch again…before sat’day nites game I can’t remember more than 3-4 Rangers games I could actually call exciting games to watch ( the last two Caps games, The Chicago-crooked ref game, the 8-5 loss to Devs…???)

  3. Agravaine –

    I respect your opinion regarding Avery. It’s not all positive with him, you’re right. He is, and will always be, a polarizing figure.

    However, I feel he can only add to the Rangers. I don’t see how he would be a block to younger players at $1.9 million per season. That’s not a horrible number for a guy who is quite effective and still on the right side of 30 himself. I look at Gomez, Redden and even moreso our esteemed CAPTAIN, who are making upwards of SEVEN MILLION PER SEASON as roadblocks to signing our good youngsters.

    Let’s not forget that Avery has something to prove now. To his coach, to his teammates, to Bettman, to the hockey world, and perhaps the sports world, too. I think he’ll be motivated and will play great hockey with the Rangers.

  4. I don’t see the rangers making any big trades because they are strapped with the cap situation and there is no way any team would trade for any of the bad contracts they have (gomez, drury, redden,), thanks to sather.

  5. Hey, at least it would make the Rangers more interesting. He would’ve been fun to have had at the Avalanche game.

  6. Kaspar,

    yea I’m thinking of the future, because the guys can’t win this year (although here I would really love to be wrong!!!!!!!!!! :) I think we will get more excitement in the new system and give time for Torts to get used to players…


    it isn’t just hte Rangers, there has been nothing going on…

    Guys, my friend’s Ranger Nation Radio Show will have Dave Maloney on tonight… I am certain he will have plenty to say about trades and whatever happens with Avery tonight…
    call in live with questions at 347-884-8692
    The show can be listened to exclusively on Blog Talk Radio at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nyrnationradio
    Its on at 9 PM eastern time

  7. Jonathan, can you imagine if he had gotten gratuitously involved in the donnybrook at the end of the Avs game he would probably be beginning a 5 or 10 game suspension on Thursday instead of helping us to the playoffs.

    He is a loose cannon and should not be brought back to this team.

  8. That’s because of the salary cap period. it’s not like the pre-cap years when salaries didn’t matter. In today’s cap league teams have to be able to make trades and make them where it can work with there cap situation.

  9. Dear Carp,
    I’m bored as hell in Economics class, please bring back some good news
    Thanks lol

  10. Repost:

    Someone mentioned it above and its one scenario I could see playing out – clearing some cap room by moving Naslund and Prucha to teams that are looking for rentals (Naslund has 1 year left at $4 million) clears out $5.6 million in cap space. While I seriously doubt any of this will happen, one thing the Rangers could do would be to move those two guys to someone looking for some more scoring depth up front, then try to use the space to bring in Lecavelier. Forget St. Louis, he’s 33, if we’re making a big ticket investment let’s go for a truly elite player. The you could talk about moving Roszival plus a prospect and a pick to Florida for Jay Bo but he still would need to be re-signed after this year. But getting both of those guys would likely involve parting with Dubinsky or Staal. Still, you’d be left with an elite #1 center, a true #1 defender and long-term partner for Staal, and Henrik in goal.

    If I’m Sather and I’m trying to make good moves, that’s what I do. Try to unload Prucha and Naslund, try to land Vinnie and JayBo, unload Roszival (nobody will take Redden) and then consider turning around and, if I’ve managed to keep Dubinsky though all this, flip Gomez or Drury to clear space. Then we’d be talking.

  11. Funny how, during the offseason I’m ALWAYS complaining that there’s too much player movement in pro sports, and here I am, a day away from the trade deadline, hoping for some kind of league wide fire sale. All I want is for Sather to be shrewd and farsighted, yet…..AHHHHAHAHAH TRADES!

    Boredom + Immediate Gratification = Trade Deadline Idiot = jeffluke

  12. rob c.

    you’re right Drury and Gomez are blocking cap wise a heck of a lot more than Avery would be and that isn’t Avery’s fault its Sather’s but with the cap possibly going down the Rangers need to keep as much space as possible open. But as far as a spot especially under Torts if Avery is signed and on the roster he may be blocking youngsters, since Torts tightens the bench and Avery will probably join the fight for the second maybe third line (again I don’t mind him replacing Dawes but Dawes is an rfa perhaps Sather lets him go elsewhere and takes a pick, even if not the highest of picks. Then his spot goes to a kid, Avery is signed for three more years.)

    As it stands we have 40 mil cap dollars tied up in 9 players next year… just adding Avery’s 2 mil makes it 42 for 10 with the cap situation we don’t have any space. Sather needs to move a big contract our rfa’s next season that ought to be resigned are Cally, Dubi, Sjo, Korp, Pru and Z… Dawes and Reitz are also RFA’s… UFA’s are Mara, Orr, Valli and Betts… also Kalinin… If we don’t resign Orr we need another tough fighter for a similiar price, same with Valli and a backup goalie; Betts and a solid pker… That leaves two d spots and one forward for kids to fight for… that means Grachev or AA along with Del Z and Sang perhaps? I want to see the kids come up…

    I wish we had pulled someone from Hartford rather than sign Reitz… or someone from Hartford rather than pick up Bell… same logic with Avery…

  13. becuase my post wasn’t long enough… the only type of trade that should be made is expiring contracts that don’t cost many young players or shifting our big contracts since I don’t see that happening I hope Sather’s stays still….

  14. Avery is such a liability at this point.

    -Could disrupt what Tortorella is doing with the team at a CRITICAL time… He just started and is doing VERY WELL… Having to deal with Avery all of a sudden could DESTROY that

    -League will be watching his every single step just LOOKING for a reason to can him

    -NO ONE likes him. Who is going to want to come sign in NY at any discount when they already know Sean Avery will be in the locker room?

    -Avery has been kicked out of 3 of the 4 teams he’s ever been on. There is a REASON for that.

    All this said, I always liked Sean for what he brought to NY his first time. I just don’t think bringing him back is a good idea. At all.

  15. please trade betts away. please trade dawes. bring up bell hoefully get avery. and be able to have 4 lines that can score. i know betts is great on the pk but theres other guys that can do it. avery can help with the pk.

  16. Honestly if nothing big happens other than they pick up Avery. I say trade Voros and Dawes. And to re-sign all our young guys one big salary HAS to be dumped and Im not talking Rozsi because that just isnt enough.

  17. Salty,
    I agree 100%!!!!
    We all know Sather will make all the wrong moves and kill this team for years to come because this has been sather’s MO since he has been a ranger GM.

  18. In a perfect world it would be the right move to dump the 4 bad contracts (drury, Gomez, redden and rosival) but it’s not going to happen.

  19. Salty – Avery didn’t get kicked out of NYR, he took the very generous offer from Brett Hull and co. instead.
    In that situation Slats was right to let him go, at $3.9m per he’s too much cap space compared to the reward of 15-20 goals plus the intangibles.
    Doing it this way, Big D realise their mistake and pay a penalty, Avery comes home, Slats gets his man for less than th $$ he was looking to pay in the first instance….

    I just hope 3 years isn’t too long – lets face it Sean Avery loves NYC more than NYR…its a marriage of convenience.

  20. Am I the only one who thinks that everyone is giving Avery way to much negative credit. Everyone seems to think that Avery being back into the fold is going to cause the world to end I’m sorry but they are already tanking on their own…the last two wins we’ve had have been against the Isles and the Avs two of the worst teams in the league right now. How about we give the guy a chance how quickly we forget what a positive he was for this team when he came over in the trade from the Kings.

  21. Yes, Avery was kicked out of 3/4 teams, but did he ever do anything detrimental to the Rangers?
    We all know our record with him in the lineup.
    We all know he played with a ruptured spleen in the playoffs (he’s .88 PPG as a Ranger in the post season, .62 during the season).
    He roamed the 400s when he was injured to meet with fans and hang out with them (on his own time).

    NYR is his home, and let’s hope no one tries to take him away from us in the next 52 minutes.

  22. Salty – re-read your post (sorry i missed the 3 out of 4 bit).

    I still think he loves NYC and NYR is a convenient marriage for him.

  23. Salty…you are right man. I agree.

    On the other side as someone else pointed out, for the small cap hit and the like, he is a value prospect when you look at Gomer, Drury, etc.

    Tough call. At this point in the season I guess he is a risk worth taking.

    That should just tell you my expectations going forward. Flip a damn coin, 50-50 shot at the playoffs, no more. 25% chance of winning more than 2 games in the postseason. 10% chance of winning a series.

  24. Further, if and when Avery does get in trouble, it will affect the locker room. We just don’t need those distractions.

    You can also bet that Torts will not be the quiet little church mouse about said ‘distractions’ either… unfortunately that will add to the distractions and promote a negative cycle.

  25. career Avery has 400 games and 550 penalties (1144 minutes) that is a penalty a game… pkers need to not take a lot of penalties…

    in 08-09 Avery has not been on the pk
    in 07-08 Avery logged 50 seconds a game on pk… Drury, Betts, Shanny, Straka, Sjo and Cally did most of the pking for forwards.
    in 06-07 Avery got more pk time at 1:41 but he was behind Betts, Cullen, Shanny, Orty and even Marcel Hossa…
    in 05-06 he got 1:12 behind eric Belanger, Craig Conroy, Tom Kostopoulos, Mark Parrish, Jeremy Roenick, Pavol Demitra, Frolov and Jeff Giuliano…

    Betts logs 3 minutes and is our top time in penalty kill… Avery has never been in the top two lines of pk… he is barely in top three pairings… say he can help score some goals and agitate but he isn’t a pker… and why mess with one of the two things that have kept the team afloat (the other being Henrik)

    we need a goal scorer or a big d man… anything else can be got from Hartford and would be superfluous…

  26. I don’t see Torts and Avery meshing well at all. And as others have pointed out, Avery is a marked man. We don’t need that right now as we fight for a playoff spot with less than 20 games left in the season.

    Avery will take attention away from the coach at a time when the team is just started to respond to him.

    It’s a bad move at a bad time on Sather’s part, and I’m not one who tends to jump on the Sather-bashing bandwagon.

  27. March 30th is sure going to be a fun game. Marty is back with the Devils and now Avery is back with the Rangers, most likely. Oh, the fun.

  28. but did he ever do anything detrimental to the Rangers?


    Aside from harassing MSG staff, taking frequent penalties, act as a constant media whore, have rules made up about his acts, and harass his former Ranger teammates upon returning to MSG?

    He’s a good hockey player. But he’s more than just a hockey player. And that’s the problem.

  29. I’d add that Avery (although Iliked him while he was here) dissapeared after each first round of play-offs. Even though against the Pens he ended up being injured he wasn’t exactly a facor leading up to that.

    That being said…

    He’s neither our saviour, nor the reason we won’t go all the way.

  30. Riche’….Avery did disappear in round 2, but he was all over the place versus the sucky Thrashers (nice series Tkachuk)…also remember he goaded Kovalchuk into a fight didn’t he?

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