He’s baaaaaack!


It’s official. Sean Avery was claimed by the Rangers today.

More in a little while.

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  1. NYRanger4Life on

    It will be interesting to see what line they put him on.
    I’m hoping this gets things started in terms of trades… so long Dawes?

  2. It’s going to be an awkward first day back in the locker room, huh? He may have some apologies to hand out (Dubi, Valley, . . . Giannone haha). I wonder if he’ll even try to make amends.

  3. WHAT A SHOCKING DEVELOPEMENT!! Had no idea they were interested ;-)

    Welcome Back Aves!! Play nice with the boys, we don’t want them upset ;-)

    Can’t wait to see him on the ice Thursday, should be fun!

  4. There is gonna be a ton of Rangers fans at the game Thursday against the Islanders, friends are already trying to get tickets. Go Sean!


    And if Voros really was waived, I might run around my office, jumping for joy.

  6. iWannaBeANYR on

    If Avery doesn’t “cross the line”, he can be a very effective player for whatever team he’s on.

    I also had a dream the other night that Aaron Voros got traded, and now he’s been waived. Cool. He tried hard to keep his spot in the lineup, but he never generated offense and he lost too many fights.

  7. Voros for Avery!!!

    I retract my Avery complaints. I’ll take that personnel swap any day. But….now…..who sits? Torts has sat Voros and Sjo so far, and Sjo because he was banged up. Dawes must be done….

  8. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    iWannaBeANYR March 3rd, 2009 at 12:18 pm

    “He tried hard to keep his spot in the lineup”

    Are you sure? I didn’t see effort in ANYTHING that he did.

  9. I think Aves will fit in PERFECT with Torts system. And I absolutely believe what Sather said “He will learn to love him like I do” When Torts sees what an effective attacking style he plays, how fast he is and what a great shot he has, he’ll probably become one of his favorite players.

  10. Poor decision. Sather really has no longterm gameplan for this organization. We should be sellers right now to position ourselves for a run next year and beyond. We have to gain some cap flexibility and lose one or two of the huge contracts we are saddled with. Bringing Avery back does not make us a Cup contender. Plus he is not a team player.

  11. Longtime Lurker on


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    He’s baaaack!

    As expected, the New York Rangers claimed Sean Avery on re-entry waivers today and the super pest is back in the NHL.

    The Rangers are responsible for half of Avery’s remaining contract – another three years with an annual cap hit of $3.875 million. The Dallas Stars are responsible for the other half.

    It is unknown if Avery, who had two goals and one assist in six games with the Hartford Wolf Pack of the AHL, will be in the lineup Thursday against the Islanders.

    This will be Avery’s second tour of duty with the Rangers after spending two years with the Blueshirts under recently fired head coach Tom Renney.

    The 28-year old Avery could get a frosty welcome from current Rangers’ head coach John Tortorella who has stated in the past that he is no fan of Avery’s antics.

    As part of the NHL on TSN panel earlier in the season, Tortorella was highly critical of Avery following his comments about actress Elisha Cuthbert, a former Avery flame and current girlfriend of Flames’ blue liner Dion Phaneuf.

    ”Enough is enough. He’s embarrassed himself, he’s embarrassed the [Dallas] organization, he’s embarrassed the league and he’s embarrassed his teammates, who have to look out for him. Send him home. He doesn’t belong in the league.”

    Rangers’ general manager Glen Sather sees Avery as a boost to a struggling Rangers squad and believes that his coach and new acquisition will be able to co-exist.

    ”He doesn’t have the history with Sean that we do,” Sather said on a conference call last week. ”Over time, you learn to love him, just like I do.”

    In 23 games with the Stars this season, the Pickering, Ontario native has three goals and seven assists while racking up 77 minutes in penalties.

  12. Can’t you hear the echoes from the blue seats already….

    “AV-ERY! (clap, clap), AV-ERY! (clap, clap)”


  13. Most likely the reason why sather brought back avery is because the shit head dolan told sather to get him back in a ranger uniform because he was a fan favorite, period. Sather doesn’t have any game plan. He is a puppet on a string dangling from Dolan’s hand.

  14. Update 12;20 Arron Voros was waived today by the New York Rangers and promptly picked up by the New York Dept of Transportation.In a official statement the director of DOT states Voros will be painted orange and used as a speaking traffic cone MORE TO FOLLOW

  15. Linda it did indeed

    I dind’t want Sean back, but now that he’s here I will support him just as much as I did when he was here the first time…


    The name on the front is a helluva lot more important than the name on the back….

    still waiting for confirmation on Voros…

  16. Yeah Guys if you’re gonna say players are waived or picked up. Please give us all the link you are getting your info from.

  17. Second tome in two weeks that I’ve heard some good news around the Rangers. Welcome back, Sean. Most of us have missed you.

  18. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Longtime Lurker March 3rd, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    “Decrease Text SizeIncrease Text Size
    Text Size”

    Point noted.

  19. I think the Rangers picking Avery up contradicts what Renney said last week that he or any coach really has a say in personnel.

    The comments made by Torts in Dec and by Sather last week show that Sather has not a care in the world as to what his coaches think of players brought in or let go.

    If Torts really didn’t want the guy and it seemed he didn’t with his statement on TSN in Dec then why force it on the same guy he named head coach last week for the next 3+ years?

    Whatever Sather wants, Sather gets… and we suffer for.

  20. Voros is, was, and always will be an inconsequential player for us. Him being waived doesn’t really bring me joy or pain. How do people even care about him that much? How much was his cap hit?


  21. From Larry Brooks…wonder who will sit on Thursday in Avery’s place?


    Page Six Sean is back home again.

    Completing the process outlined and reported exclusively by The Post on Feb. 6, the Rangers today claimed Sean Avery off re-entry waivers, thus bringing the controversial winger back to New York eight tumultuous months after he signed a four-year free agent contract with Dallas.

    The Notorious Mr. Avery, who had been playing for the AHL Wolf Pack since Feb. 14, will rejoin the Blueshirts for tomorrow’s practice. He is expected to make his 2008-09 Blueshirt debut Thursday night at the Coliseum against the Islanders. That would mark his first game as a Ranger since Apr. 29 at the Garden, when he played Game 3 of the Pittsburgh playoff series with a lacerated spleen he sustained on his second shift.

    That would also mark his first game in the NHL since Nov. 30 in Edmonton. Two days later, following the Stars’ morning skate in Calgary, Avery made his now infamous comments pertaining to Elisha Cuthbert and former girlfriends. His “sloppy seconds,” reference earned him a six-game suspension that was followed by admission into the NHL/NHLPA behavioral health program for counseling.

    When Avery completed the program and received clearance to return to the NHL, GM Glen Sather brokered a deal with Dallas under which the Stars assigned the winger to Hartford after clearing waivers with the intent to place him on re-entry at the Rangers’ request. Avery recorded two goals and one assist in eight games with the Wolf Pack before going on re-entry waivers yesterday at noon.

    The Blueshirts and Stars will split the remainder of Avery’s contract that has three years to go at $3.875M per. Both teams will be cap-charged an annual $1,937,5000 for the duration of the deal, with each assessed a pro-rated amount of approximately $420,000 for the remainder of this season.

    The plan to bring Avery back to Broadway was hatched, of course, while Tom Renney was the Rangers’ head coach. John Tortorella, who replaced Renney last Monday, had been hyper critical of Avery while working for TSN in the wake of the incident in Calgary, calling his newest player, “an embarrassment…[who] doesn’t belong in the league.”

    “John doesn’t have the history with Sean that we do,” Sather said last week when asked whether the head coach and prodigal Blueshirt could coexist on Broadway. “Over time he’ll learn to love him like I have.”

    The loving starts at practice tomorrow when Avery, who recorded 56 points (23-30) in 86 games with the Rangers in which the club went 50-23-13 with him in the lineup, rejoins teammates who collectively and retroactively seemed more than happy to see him go and a head coach who wanted him out of the league.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    “Poor decision. Sather really has no longterm gameplan for this organization. We should be sellers right now to position ourselves for a run next year and beyond. We have to gain some cap flexibility and lose one or two of the huge contracts we are saddled with. Bringing Avery back does not make us a Cup contender. Plus he is not a team player.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Just awful decision. Now look, everyone will credit an improved record to Avery’s return, and not to the coaching change. Just like last year they gave Avery the credit, and not Jagr stepping on the gas pedal, even after he admitted that he wasn’t going 100% until the stretch run. Just like the year before when Henrik was slumping all winter and finally started to play well, allowing 2 goals or less for every game out of the last 25 or so except for 2. Also, ignoring the fact that the team’s record was better once Aaron Ward was traded than it was after Sean Avery arrived.

    Or how people in Dallas think it was Avery leaving that improved them, as opposed to Marty Turco finally remembering how to tend goal.

    But yes, it’s one, second/third line player that changed everything in all of those scenarios. Give me a break.

    Great to see Slats is REALLY giving Torts chance! Hey John, come coach here and fix this team. Three games and one 6-1 victory later, tough break John, you’re stuck with a player you absolutely hate.

    Also, say goodbye Prucha, Dubinsky, Dawes, and Zherdev. I hope Avery’s 50 pts are worth it.

  23. Kurt,

    not only did your link not work I don’t know what the DOT has to do with it unless you were posting a pick of a traffic cone…

  24. ANyone think Broduer is pissed off? I’m sure he hopes the Devs don’t see the Rangers in the playoffs now – he’s has admitted that Avery gets in his head.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    “I bet anyone of you would have taken Avery over the summer at $1.9 mil.”

    I would have before we signed Redden, Rozsival, and Voros to such terrible contracts. Now I’d rather have the cap space.

  26. What do you think Avery is worth $$$wise?


    In what year? 2007? 2008?

    In 2009 he’s worth the *league minimum*.

    Think about it, and it’s true.

    We’re getting *ripped off* with Avery at this point.

    No one else wanting him means he could easily be paid the league minimum, if he wasn’t already under contract.

  27. Jagr's Father on

    Just got off the phone with Sean. We will be out tonite in NYC picking up some new sloppy seconds!!!!! All are welcome to join. Give me a call @ 1-800-BEAT FATSO. Welcome back Sean.. Suck down another twinkie Voros.

  28. From November to March this has been one boring, lifeless team…a team w/o passion…us diehards watched and tried to stay awake

    I hope Avery tells Drury to get off his Qualudes and play for his money…or something like that

  29. “Also, say goodbye Prucha, Dubinsky, Dawes, and Zherdev. I hope Avery’s 50 pts are worth it.”

    Yea, Avery’s $1.9mm was going to fully cover the new contracts for Prucha, Dubi, Dawes, and Z

    get a clue..

  30. Avery will be appreciated here for the simple fact that he throws the cross-river rival goalie off his game. To me, and especially if we draw them in the first rnd, this signing was worth it. Torts is a professional coach and made those comments when he was playing ring aroudnt he rosie with TSN analysts. It’s strictly business now and torts knows that.

  31. First Rissmiller now Voros. Another great off season for Sather. Every year he signs guys and either trades them or sends them too the minors.

  32. “I hope Avery’s 50 pts are worth it.”

    50 points from Avery would make him the team’s scoring leader right now. I’ll take it.

  33. What do you think Avery is worth $$$wise?


    In what year? 2007? 2008?

    In 2009 he’s worth the league minimum.

    Sorry, Salty. Incorrect. NEXT.

  34. well Salty has a point… if no one else was goign to take him then there is no reason to pay him above the minimum… that said I guess 2 mil isn’t bad for him but I would need to know what Ruutu, Cheecho and Tootoo are making along with other third line agitators…

  35. Voros on waivers.. Not a shame.

    Rietz- is a shame but hes hurt he would have been a solid #7 so nothing I guess could be done unfortunately…

  36. I cant wait till avery scores a goal and wins a fight and everyone starts kissing his you know what again.

  37. No one else was going to take Avery at 2M/per for 3yrs. If his price was lower, but still above the minimum, presumably someone else would have taken him, so his true market value is likely higher than that.

  38. now we just need to read that Redden’s gone and it’ll be a trifecta on March 3!!! Sorry to see Reitz go, I wonder if more moves are on the horizon…. “whispers to the angels… trade redden trade redden trade redden”

  39. now we have 6 dmen, and one extra forward….Bell coming back up? Trade time?

    I’m getting nervous. Sather can only think about things one dimensionally, while other GM’s are thinking 3 or 4 moves in advance. If it were chess, the talented GM’s would see 2 different checkmates 5-8 moves ahead, while Sather is still calling his knight a “horsey.”

  40. I think hoping a team claims Voros is a pipe dream, but at least Torts GETS IT! Renney CONSTANTLY had that guy with Dubi and Z! What a joke!

  41. Too bad Avery couldn’t have been claimed before the Avs game…so he could do his annual beat-down on Darcy Tucker…Oh well…one armed Mara smacked him up ok I guess

  42. Apparantly Voros has been waived. At least that’s what a report I read talked about.

    Also in the report was stuff about some potential trades.

    For the following players

    Marek Svatos – They want prucha and a pick
    Marc Bergeron – Kalinin and a mid round pick
    Radek Bonk – No ideas
    Derek Morris – Prucha/Kalinen/Voros/Dawes/high pick.


  43. I am guessing that the waiving of Reitz was done to call up Potter or Sangs for the playoff run/playoffs.

  44. UESBlueshirt on

    Well I guess I should thank Voros for providing some entertainment in what was probably his best game for the Rangers, the game vs. the Devils I attended in October. That being said…good luck finding your way back to the NHL.

  45. I liked Reitz as a depth D-man, why was he waived??

    My guess is no one will claim them and they will play for the Wolfpack

  46. Sorry, Salty. Incorrect. NEXT.


    Oh? Really, Rob C? Who else is willing to pay Sean Avery to play in the NHL?

    NO ONE. His value is LEAGUE MINIMUM if no one else wants him.

    While we’re at it Rob C.

    It took all of *THREE GAMES* under Tortorella to do exactly what I predicted (potential to beat the sh1t out of a team on any given night) and you challenged me on it.

    Beating Colorado, or any team 6-1 like that would have NEVER happened under Renney.


  47. UESBlueshirt on

    I would have traded Voros to Florida for the stick that Scott Mellanby used to kill the rat that started the whole plasitc rat craze in 1996.

  48. Reitz was a blue collar no nonsense old-school dman. Problem was, he’s too slow. Both in skating and coverage decisions. Torts’ system is like a giant neon sign pointing out his flaws.

  49. DomivBaumgartner on

    Can’t wait for the Giannone Avery interview. i hope Avery riles him up the same way you see him rile up brodeur.

  50. DomivBaumgartner on

    UESBlueshirt March 3rd, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    I would have traded Voros to Florida for the stick that Scott Mellanby used to kill the rat that started the whole plasitc rat craze in 1996.


  51. Salty,

    His value is actually zero if no one else wants him at any price. How can his value be league minimum if no one is willing to pay him league minimum?

    That said, the fact that only we claimed him on reentry only demonstrates that no one else wanted him for $2M, not that no one else wanted him at all. Surely, some other team would have picked him up if his price were somewhere between league minimum and $2M.

  52. Other names of interest include the New York Rangers’ Aaron Voros and Erik Reitz.

    Rangers No Trade/Movement Clause

    Sean Avery, – NTC [full NTC from July 1 – August 14 of each year; from August 15 until following July 1, Avery gives a list of 10 teams which he will not accept a trade to]

    Chris Drury, NYR – NMC

    Scott Gomez, NYR – NTC [at the end of the each season Gomez gives the Rangers a list of 3 teams he will not accept a trade to]

    Markus Naslund, NYR – NTC

    Wade Redden, NYR – NTC [has 8 teams he will not accept a trade to]

    Michal Rozsival, NYR – NTC [same terms as Wade Redden]

    Not a whole lot of options now…(for the next 48hours)

    You always can (sloppy) second guess a trade/pick up, etc, by who got the better player….Avery for Voros works.

  53. To all you Avery-lovers, always remember that #68, #14, and even #82 (way better that Naslund at this point) were skating up front besides Jesus H. Avery when he helped the team with that 50-23 record..

    He can’t score, he gets hurt, and he’s a locker room cancer. And lest we forget that when it REALLY counts, i.e. the Sabres series on 07 and the Pens series in 08, he is invisible, because in crunch time good teams learn to ignore annoying gnats like Avery, and they in turn do nothing ..

    1.9 mil is way too much as a TOTAL salary..

    Uncle Glen needs to get us a sniper to play with Gomez, not a loud mouth to please the “Experts” in the Blue Seats. If he does that, then I’ll accept this poor man’s poor man’s Claude Lemieux..

  54. Jeffluke
    That had to be the problem with Reitz ( slowness )

    I mean the guy got into scraps his first two games and threw his body around pretty well

  55. If Dominic Moore is looking for $2.5-$3.0mn from the Leafs its hard to see how Avery isn’t worth the $1.9mn the Rangers are spending…. good deal in my book.

  56. The whole team was invisible vs Sabres in 07 and Pens in 08. Can’t lay that one on Avery. No one is claiming he’s going to carry the team on his back a la Messier. But, he’ll help.

  57. Lest we forget that Colorado is in LAST PLACE IN THE WESTERN CONFERENCE. They kicked the second goal into their own net. They had minor-league level goaltending between the pipes. Please.

    I think we need to see more than three games under Tortorella before we start to declare that the Rangers are a dominant force in this league. The month of March will tell us a hell of a lot more about John Tortorella and this hockey club than one game against a crappy opponent.

    In terms of Avery: if you don’t think he’s a better option than Nigel Dawes on the left wing of that third line, I don’t know what to tell you. Avery is more physical, is a better skater, and has the ability to score timely, important goals. The Rangers need his sort of edge, which makes him valuable to the Rangers.

    Was Aaron Voros making the leauge minimum? No. Is Sean Avery a better hockey player than Aaron Voros? Yes.

    I rest my case.

  58. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Any guesses as to what’s in Voros’ severance package?

    I think a Brandon Dubinsky bobblehead and a Sean Avery t-shirt. Maybe Petr Prucha’s tie that he wore in the press box, he won’t need it anymore.

  59. Avery totalled titled the power of the first round series against the Devils and the Thrashers.

    He dissappeared against the Pens? Please, tell me, what Ranger really impressed you in that series? Because I seem to remember getting trounced in 5 games. Aside from Jagr in Game 4, what Blueshirt’s play was worth remembering?

  60. Renney & Stimpyrella on

    In my best Sam Rosen voice:

    “Penalty called….Baumer582 will go!”

  61. Was Aaron Voros making the leauge minimum? No. Is Sean Avery a better hockey player than Aaron Voros? Yes.

    I rest my case.


    Rob wins!

  62. Do you guys think Satan could mesh well with Gomez as the scoring winger?? if we claim him on re-entry waivers it would only cost us 1/2 of his 3.5 million salary (not pro-rated).

    Then that leaves us with some spare wingers to put a deal together for another D-man.

    Maybe Dawes/Sjostrom/picks for Ian White or Derek Morris

  63. Baumer, a lacerated spleen may or may not have had something to do with Avery’s ineffectiveness against the Pens last year in Round 2.

  64. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Jive March 3rd, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    Prucha was in the press box for all but maybe 2 of those games… just saying.

  65. and Jesus, Salty, heaven forbid someone challenges your OPINION. I can tell you for sure that if/when the Rangers get walloped between now and the end of the season, I won’t run to this blog and say “See, Salty, I told you so.”

  66. In one week…goodbye to Renney and Voros
    hello to Tortarella,Avery and yes Petr Prucha allowed out of the doghouse…c’mon!! you’re not excited??

  67. has nothing to do with worth. look at Redden. he is surely not worth his contract, but Sather was basically ignoring last season’s warning signs and bidding against himself.

    and some guys are worth more in a certain city than in another city.

    contract does not equal worth

    some guys are making 600k and giving more and being more valuable than a 6.5m guy

    all GMs are different in how they value guys

  68. Doodie and Salty are dead on.

    Any success the team has is now part of the infamous Avery win%, putting our revitalized team philosophy in the shadows. Sather just showed Torts who’s boss.

    March 3rd, 2009 at 12:49 pm
    I cant wait till avery scores a goal and wins a fight and everyone starts kissing his you know what again.”

    Sather couldn’t have said it better himself, and maybe if he scores 5 goals and wins 5 fights, we can ride our little high all the way to 2011!

    Only positive about NO CAP SPACE is that we see all the kids next year. Hope Grachev isn’t fragile.

    Avery’s fun to watch. But at what cost…Coach? Young guys?
    I keep repeating.. I wanted Avery when RENNEY WAS COACH. No matter how well he does through this stretch run, we can’t measure this deal till we see next years opening night roster. Maybe then I’ll change my mind.

  69. Kaspar …

    When you put it like that… everyone should be happy in Rangerland. haha

  70. Avery suffered a lacerated spleen I think it was the second game of the PENS series. So sorry yeah he played almost the entire game bleeding internally… he wasnt a factor.

  71. Renney & Stimpyrella on

    Talking about #82, Martin Straka….that guy had about 10 chances in the Pitt playoff series last year that he did not bury….Open nets, breakaways, point blank shots….you name it, Marty had a chance to light the lamp and make the series closer than it was….

  72. KPH,

    I’m not really sure what series you watched in 07, but save for a Malik screwup in game 5, the Rangers win that series. The Sabres gave them everything they had and barely escaped in 6 games. There’s little surprise that they got beat by an inferior Sens team in the ECF. They were exhausted.. Avery specifically came out and said “I will make their lives a living hell”, and he did nothing of the sort..


    Yes, most of the team sat and watched the series against Pitt, but aren’t great players not named Jagr supposed to step up if they’re not 40 and old?

    Avery is fun to watch and easy to like, but when it comes down to it, this team needs SEVERAL things more than it needs him. He worked on the Rangers the last couple of years because teams had to worry about Jagr and Shanahan, and to a lesser extent (although we’d kill for the production now) Nylander and Straka.

    We DO NOT HAVE a go to line of offensive players that can be counted on for a goal. I keep saying it, but give this team a sniper a la Kovalchuk or even Pavel Bure in ’02 (pre-major knee injuries) and put him with Gomez, this team is a division winner. But, we don’t have that, so to plug the hole, Sather gets a guy who’s best season was two extra games and 18 goals.

    But hey, the die-hards won’t stop watching now!!!

  73. Yeah, I hate that “Avery win %” too. How about Dallas’ win% with and without him?

    Anyway…any chance Drury, Redden, Rozy & Gomer will join the Sri Lankan Cricket team?

  74. Rob C Apparently, Voros was going to be the Avery replacement. Not even close.

  75. somerset –

    Satan is on regular waivers, not re-entry. If we claimed him, it would be at full price. There’s not enough time left to have him clear waivers, be sent to the AHL, be put on re-entry and then make a deal.

  76. Gomez does not suck. You’re out of your mind. Few guys can skate and pass they way he can now. He just has no one to pass to..

    and if you WATCH the games, you can see why he’d never mesh well with Jagr, Shanahan, or Zherdev in even strength:

    Jagr and Zherdev like to skate the puck in themselves.

    Shanahan can’t skate to begin with..

    A guy like Gomez is useless to them. Give him a sniper and you’ll see.

    ps. i am not Gomez or his best friend, i just think, like anyone in the league, you put him in the right situation, he’ll do well.

  77. My point is, how can you complain about Avery coming back? He is worth $1.9 mil per year. I mean if Prucha is getting $1.6 mil we should be doing cartwheels for Avery at $1.9!!!

    Geez, a fan favorite when he was here last and now guys are crying? A gutless team gets it’s former heartbeat back with Dallas paying half his salary?!?! AND THAT SUCKS?!?!

  78. Love Avery, but realistically, he’s not the messiah on this team. Like Gomez and Drury, he would be a good (and small) role player on a team that had a real first line. If the Rangers had an authentic scoring first line another team had to worry about, then Avery could be very useful. This is more of Sather’s desperation — the incompetent GM who wouldn’t sign Jagr because he had to sign Rissmiller and Voros, both now waived. The dimwitted GM who all of a sudden “loves” Avery — that’s not what he said this summer. The other GMs love to take advantage of our management — he is not only a joke, but a disgrace to New York.

  79. cwgatti,

    See I disagree. I don’t think this team is gutless. They can’t score for sh!t, but they are a good “team” in the grand sense of the word..

    They don’t get pushed around or beaten up, and when guys take runs (like that POS Tucker on Saturday), they have guys who will step up (like Mara did).

    They have plenty of guys who, when goals aren’t there and the team seams listless, will forecheck hard and throw a big hit. They just don’t have the guy who’s gonna be on the ice and score the big goal.

  80. Sean, u broke my heart the first time u left! The circus is baaaack! Welcome home! lol
    i am dying to hear what our beloved announcer are going to sing now that Avery is back! This is just way too much fun for one season!

    Btw, Voros and reitz both got waved… I just saw it on NHL Network

  81. KC,

    Couldn’t have said it better myself..

    although i went to Holy Cross and knew Rissmiller, so I won’t rip him too hard….

  82. Baumer the problem with Gomez is that he is a cancer on the bench and in the locker room. Does everything like a snake and Torts has already figured it out he’s poison, the guys on jersey were ecstatic when he left.

    Shanny can’t skate? seems to be doing pretty well across the river! Better than most of the guys on our team.

  83. I also think this is a bad move in the wrong direction.

    I would have rather paid that money for Shanny.

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