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Hi all. Sam Borden here. Carp will be along with a practice report shortly, but while you’re waiting I wanted to mention that we’re debating whether the Rangers should buy or sell at the trade deadline over on FACEOFF. I think the Rangers have to be buyers here, mostly because they just can’t be sellers. Not with a goalie like Lundqvist who automatically makes them a factor in the postseason (and yes, I think they’re getting there).

I’m sure there are plenty on here who think the opposite and I’m sure Carp will be posting his take shortly — one I imagine will be on the other side of my view, if his past comments are any indicator.

Anyway, hope you’ll stop on over to the blog and comment. You can find it here.

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  1. The Rangers will end up buyers because that’s all Sather knows how to be. He’ll bring in a big name to make the general fan population happy and make the playoffs for Dolan. Also, what is he going to sell? Nobody’s buying Rozsival, Redden, Drury or Gomez. We’ll have Avery today, and probably end up with Jay Bow tomorrow. And lose in the first round of the playoffs.

  2. oh and Audioserf I woul bet you that at least a dozen teams would like to have Rozy and half a dozen Gomez

  3. Adam and his Apple on

    getting jbo would be absolutely sick, imagine him and staal manning the blue line for the next 10 plus years!

  4. Wow, Bill Guerin would not only be a detriment to this team now, but a liability for year’s to come both cap wise and talent wise.

    Here’s a guy who’s WAY past his prime and completely unable to play an “up tempo” style.

    What would he contribute besides a half decent wrist shot and an annoying personality?

  5. please sell one of the big 4 please

    i guess that makes 3 being that Redden is untradeable

  6. REPOST:

    Tonight, 3/3, at 9pm EST
    Join hosts Randy Sobel and Steve Karas as they are joined by former
    New York Ranger and current Rangers color commentator Dave Maloney.
    The show starts at 9pm exclusively on Blog Talk Radio at
    email questions or comments at or call in live with questions at 347-884-8692

    wonder what Maloney will say about the Avery situation and possible moves tomorrow… for the record, most of the folks on Ranger Nation want Avery back I think… so either way it will be an interesting radio show…

  7. Fitzy Cheechoo’s been playing 3rd line with no PP time which has caused a big drop-off. I’m with Orr, he fits a need and is young enough (and signed for next year at $3m per) and Torts should be able to fit him on the top 2 lines and in the powerplay.

  8. Fitzy …

    You are exactly right. If Brad Richards and his 7.5 million dollar contract can be moved so could Gomez and Rozy. I admit Drury and Redden are untradeable (they have no-trade clauses anyway), but it drives me crazy when the fans sulk over these contracts that they think are unmoveable. I dont believe they are.

    The only thing stopping Sather from getting big name players now is that every team wants either a Dubi or Staal. Unless the fans are willing to accept that Jay Bo isnt coming here unless Dubi or Staal go the other way, we have to stop dreaming we can get a Pronger or Vinny by trading Voros, Dawes, and Prucha straight up.

    Every big-name trade offer from a rebuilding team starts with a high-value prospect. Thats why i think Antropov is worth the 1st round pick!!! The Rangers suck at drafting anyway, so they mine-as-well get a proven NHL player instead

  9. noonan tough thing is all of them Dru, Gomez, Redden, Rozi and Nas have either no trade or no movement (I’m not sure which ones..) but hopefully Sather can unload one of them…

  10. no way 6 teams want scott gomez at 7M+ a year for five more years. then if there are even few count on some of those teams being blocked by his limited ntc

    roszi might get some interest, but still a lot of money for a #4 defenseman

  11. Unless we can get a Gaborik or Kovalchuk, we should be sellers.

    Unfortunately, NO ONE will take Gomez, Drury, or Redden’s contract, plain and simple.

    If any of those contracts are moveable, they will require the loss of a Staal or Grachev, along with high draft picks and other prospects.. it’s just not worth it for rental players.

    Drury and Redden are easily replaceable, but like I said, no one will take their contract. Gomez is a #1 center, but he needs a #1 winger. Until then, we’re going no where.

  12. I’d add that Avery (although I liked him while he was here) dissapeared after each first round of play-offs. Even though against the Pens he ended up being injured he wasn’t exactly a facor leading up to that.

    That being said…

    He’s neither our saviour, nor the reason we won’t go all the way.

  13. Regarding the Playoffs:

    The Eastern Conference is not that strong and practically every single team has a significant weakness.

    Boston and Washington are the class of the conference right now, but both aren’t as dominant as their record indicates. Team 3-6 have a legit 50/50 shot of moving on to round 2, as I feel they’re all pretty equal.

    Despite the Devils success, I still think they’re very much the same team that’s been built for the regular season the past handful of years and will undoubtedly lose in round 1 or get swept in round 2.

    There’s nothing special about that team and I think they’re peaking too early.

    I’ve also been saying it all year; Boston is playing like the Rangers of 3 years ago. Every single player is having a career year. They have yet to face an adversity. I’d like to see how this teams responds if they go down a game in the playoffs.

    They really don’t have nearly as much talent as Washinton, who I think is the best team in the East. That being said, they’re REAL shaky in net and have some significant holes defensively, even if Mike Green is a stud.

    It will be interesting to see how the playoffs pan out. I think this year, more than any other year, if you get in, you have a shot to go to the finals.

  14. Gaborik is already making 7.5… the Rangers don’t have the cap space this year or next… even if someone takes one of our contracts… we would need to get rid of at least two of them…

  15. UESBlueshirt on

    I think Drury and Redden are the only ones with a full NTC.

    Gomez has a partial NTC.

    Rozi as far as I know has no NTC.

    Out of the players that make more than $1MM a year, Rozi and Naslund are the easiest or least difficult to move. Not to say they will be moved but with no NTC’s along with shorter and less cap-killing contracts, they’re the more likely suspects of being dealt.

    They should be cast as 2nd line/2nd pair players on deeper teams but they get 1st line/1st pair minutes on the Rangers. I’d be willing to sacrifice one or both of them in return for draft picks or mid-level prospects just to free up cap space.

  16. DomivBaumgartner on

    I think we would all love Jay Bouwmeester but I don’t think it is financially capable at this time.

  17. Brandon

    Unfortunately, I’d say that the Devils are the team to beat in the East. Brodeur’s back, Parise is now a legit star, they’re deep and they just knocked off Boston and San Jose a couple weekends ago.

  18. I don’t think anyone here thinks Avery is the savior, but he definitely can be a nice piece to the puzzle. Let’s face it folks, love him or hate him, he is the best at what he does, while adding some offense. If we are planning on getting rid of a big contract at the deadline or in the off season, then there really is no reason to not get him.

  19. nasty with all the rfas we have coming up, plus the ufas we need to fill the spots of… even if we get rid of Rozi and Nas (9 mil) we could still use Avery’s 2 (thus 11) to sign the players we need, plus fill the two roster spots we emptied…

  20. If we had to move anyone to clear space … Columbus is very interested in getting a playmaking center for Nash. They have the cap space and the pressure from the fans (to make the playoffs this year) to make a bold move like trading for Gomez.

    I wouldnt mind getting Huselius back in the deal.

    Then we could afford a big name D-man, maybe Dawes, Girardi and pick for Kaberle

  21. Hockeybasednyc on

    “I think the Rangers have to be buyers here, mostly because they just can’t be sellers. Not with a goalie like Lundqvist who automatically makes them a factor in the postseason (and yes, I think they’re getting there).”

    Sather? is that you?

  22. roszi and naslund dont have ntc i dont think. antropov is a player established to have bad work ethic and marginal production and he is a fa (think ufa) who will surely want more than 3M a year to resign. PASS

    cheecho is playing on the 3rd line b/c for about 2 years now he wasnt producing playing with the best passer in the game. PASS

    try and dump one of the bad contracts (including naslund) for anything, if not do nothing

  23. Riche’

    I will REPOST since you did.

    Remember Avery was a stud in the series versus the sucky Thrashers. Yes he disappeared in Round 2, I agree. But in Round 1 he was on fire. He also goaded Kovalchuk into a fight if I remember. But give him some props for Round 1 at least.

    And whoever said we should get Gaborik (injured more than healthy, always) is just not seeing things right. The cost would be huge and the risks would be huger.

  24. UESBlueshirt on

    I hate to admit it but getting a well rested Brodeur, at least once he knocks some of the rust off, will be a big boost to the Devils. He’s looked flat out gassed the past few seasons and now he might be hitting his peak just as the playoffs roll around.

    However, unlike most Devils teams of the past they’re built on their offense. Parise is having his breakout year and Elias and Gionta turned back the clock a little bit. However, they are an older team at many positions and we’ve already seen them suffer through some injury problems because of that.

    Also, man for man their defense isn’t incredibly deep. It’s somewhat a reverse of their late 90’s team where all the talent was in the back and their forwards were mostly “interchangable parts”.

    I could see them beating the Caps in a series because Brodeur might level the playing field despite the mismatch in scoring talent. The Caps eerily remind me of last year’s Habs with an exciting attacking team that gets undone because their goalie likes to play Jekyll and Hyde with his performances.

    I would think the Bruins would be a tougher test. Thomas has been one of the toughest to crack this year and Chara can be dominant shutdown D that won’t be run over by the size of the Devils forwards (and they have Lucic to counteract that as well). If they swing a deal to get Pronger then they’ll have to jump to the top of the Eastern favorites list.

  25. I think they need to do a bit of tweaking. They can’t get by with the 6 D they have for the playoffs so they need some blueline help. If they can move Kalinin, Voros and Dawes for some size would be my choice. They won’t be able to move the big salaries….not for equal value at least.

  26. Nasty1,

    I hear what you’re saying but we don’t need “some” offense… we need OFFENSE!!!

    Maybe that comes with the new system (believe me I extremely hopeful for that) but until we face a real team I have my doubts.

    We also need a solid D-man.

    Either way I’m on record as not wanting Avery… unless Slats has something else up his sleeve (doubt it).

  27. Derek Morris looks like he is being moved…Maloney is one of Slats guys (ie GM’s who are too kind to really fleece him on a trade).

    Gos this waiting is boring…someone make a move already!!!

  28. What are your guys thoughts on the Havelid trade??

    does it seem that Atlanta should have gotten more??

    Havelid and a prospect for a prospect doesnt seem right to me

  29. Gomez can block 3 teams each year, good chance columbus is one of them as are other teams that lack big center

  30. "Caffeine" Curious on

    Elephant in the room:

    Does anyone know if Avery has gotten any substance abuse help? Was that part of his latest clean-up?

  31. I like that Sather had said they aren’t going to be trading away any of thier young players. Kudos to him for that…now let’s see if he keeps his word on it.

    I agree that the Rangers will not be sellers at the deadline. The players that this team realistically need to “sell” are basically rendered “un-sellable” in todays market. Obviously contracts, and no trade, no movement clauses are the key factors here.

    There was a report from Spectors last night that the club is interested in Marty St louis. First real big name I have seen, with a source that sited the link. Like the idea of Marty playing with Gomez. I think the two can find chemistry together. Problem is, it isn’t happening without either a 1st rounder, or Evgeny Gratchev going the other way. The current club IMO is just not enough of a contender to strip itself of future assets. So, if it’s a 1st and or Gratchev going the other way, I would say hell no! I want to see Gratchev in Ranger Blue. The organization has nothing like him currently in the system. A big body with a great shot that skates like the wind! I wouldn’t be surprised if this kid makes the NHL straight out of Jrs…and I know that is something that the Rangers do not normally do that.

  32. You know it’s a quite deadline when Niclas Havelid and Neil Kuba are getting top billing on TSN…

  33. Somerset – that Debbies/Atlanta trade looks one-sided unless Salmela turns out to be a stud. It looked like the guy the Debbies got with Havelid is a minor league scrapper.

    12 minutes to go……

  34. I just wanted Gaborik as a high profile salary dump– But I know we’re not getting him. Ship off a big contract and a prospect and some picks, grab the gimp, then let him walk July 1st. Bingo! 7.5 Mill in cap room!

    Like I said. Not gonna happen, Minnesota is gonna want 2 or 3 wee little future Gaboriks as compensation.

    But, for all those who talk of dumping salary, do you really think we’ll do it without giving up a prized prospect/ young roster player!?!?!? Only way a team locks into any of our busts is because Grachev/Callahan etc. are also coming along in the deal.

    It’s going to cost us a LOT to get rid of our big guys. Any move percieved as a salary dump will still jeopardize our future.

    GM Glen Sather heads toward the deadline with many needs and not nearly enough salary cap space to fill them all.

    Lacking a power forward, a goal-scoring threat on the wing, a physical presence on the blueline and a power play quarterback with a big shot (oh, you thought that’s what last July was all about), the Rangers have only about $1 million in cap space with which to work.

    Making the task even tougher, the Rangers have few assets of value to offer in exchange for rentals given Sather’s appropriate reluctance to deal top draft picks or prospects for veterans. Sean Avery was picked up off waivers and, if well-behaved, will help shore up some of those issues. But one shouldn’t expect any Blueshirt blockbusters via trade.

  36. Since Slats is doing Hull a favor by picking up Avery, do you think Hull would return the favor by trading for one of our contracts? I don’t know how close Dallas is to the cap, but I wouldn’t mind them taking Redden… since they originally offered him 6m/y…

  37. Pavel that would make getting Avery easier to swallow… I kind of really hope we don’t get him now… make Brooks look like a bit of an idiot there… but in all likelihood he is ours…

  38. PAVEL

    Lol, i don’t think Hull’s running the show anymore, i think it’s the other guy. That would be dreamy though, for them to do us a favor like that. Even though Redden’s been pretty good recently, gotta get him out of here.

    Makes me wish Slats got Souray two season ago. Besides last years injury, he’s having a pretty good year.

  39. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    miked March 3rd, 2009 at 11:52 am

    dawes, voros , kalinin and redden for draft pics and water bottles.

    Are those moldy water bottles?

  40. Here comes the circus… and the rest goes downhill.

    On the bright side, we may get to see our own Reggie Jackson/Billy Martin moment on the Rangers bench soon enough. That’d be entertaining thru the tears.

  41. UESBlueshirt on

    Send Dallas Rozi, they’ve been without Zubov most of the season and could use the blueline help.

  42. I think with the state they’re in, NYR should be sellers before tomorrow’s trade deadline. Get some prospects, some rookies just about to break, so Henrik’s got a good club in front of him heading into what are presumably his best years, rather than rent someone and still not make it past the first round. They’ll actually have to score in the post-season, not win a skills competition after 65 minutes, and how many scorers can they get via trade anyway? I mean, do you really think not making the playoffs could make this season more disappointing?

  43. Maybe we can sign Chris Simon in the off season too! I’m sure he’s rehabilitated after his stint in Russia and would also love to come back to the Rangers. Let’s do it. Then we can really be the Big Top Circus.

  44. Renney & Stimpyrella on

    Just read the press release….

    Sean Avery was shipped from Vogue to Cosmopolitan for some eyeliner, a sun dress, and a gift cert to the Red Door Day spa

  45. I guess it’s ironic that Sean himself is now “sloppy seconds”

    By the way, I’ve got $5 that Torts can take Avery down. Any takers?

  46. Thanks Nasty and Jason…. maybe I won’t get fired today now! Tomorrow is another story!

    Avery Act 2…gonna be interesting to say the least…

  47. Playoffs or not… This team is going to be entertaining as hell to watch!!


  48. UESBlueshirt on

    Are there any other corresponding moves? Like any sort of separation of Aaron Voros from the Rangers organization?

  49. by the way when I said Sather loved Avery someone argued against me…

    read Sather:s comments in that TSN article

    ”Enough is enough. He’s embarrassed himself, he’s embarrassed the [Dallas] organization, he’s embarrassed the league and he’s embarrassed his teammates, who have to look out for him. Send him home. He doesn’t belong in the league.”

    Rangers’ general manager Glen Sather sees Avery as a boost to a struggling Rangers squad and believes that his coach and new acquisition will be able to co-exist.

    ”He doesn’t have the history with Sean that we do,” Sather said on a conference call last week. ”Over time, you learn to love him, just like I do.”

  50. To those who don’t like the move…

    Remember that Tortorella isn’t about to put up with any nonsense from Avery.

    Remember Avery KNOWS this is his last shot at the NHL.

    Also remember that Avery plays EXACTLY the kind of hockey Torts likes.

    I might get tix for the Isles game Thursday…dust off the Avery jersey…

  51. I can hear it now on Sunday: A-VERY! (clap clap) A-VERY! (clap clap).

    Welcome home Sean. Now kick some ass.

  52. Johnny LaRue on

    Does this mean that Sather is a hockey genius? He is going to end up paying Avery pretty much what he wanted to pay him all along. What an sneaky plan. Mwahahaha

  53. wihtout Jagr and Shanny I hope Torts can keep him under control (Torts has been saying he isn’t as fiery as everyone thinks, but here we need it…)

    man I really hope my sister manages to get tix on THurs…

    and actually Sather has him now for less than he offered.. since Rangers are paying 2 and offered three…

  54. wait… what does avery cost us the rest of the year? I know it’s 1.9 mill/yr, but do we currently have cap space for the remainder of his contract this year? Is it 500k?

  55. HAHAHAHHAHA w000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  56. In 23 games with the Stars this season, the Pickering, Ontario native has three goals and seven assists while racking up 77 minutes in penalties.

  57. Been waiting to post until we made our first move

    Avery is back, and I welcome it

    I have to say, it’s goign to be interesting to see how he reacts and the team reacts. He’s not the same person, has some bridges to rebuild with teammates, and has a coach that is more gritty an in your face than he ever was.

    I think if he jsut plays his game, becomes a good teamate, the guys will lvoe him again. And honestly, who gives a F$@K about Vally getting his feelings hurt?

    This only helps, especially if we meet the DEbbies int he first ROund.
    MArty ckoing on a twinkie, classic!!

    Now what else happens today?
    Anyone with predicitons?
    I have no idea who Sather is going after, but who do you think will be gone?
    I say PRucha is staying, Torts likes hime.

    Voros, Dawes, Kalinen if they can get something good in return??

  58. i’m so sick of sports writers that only know how to criticize. bring back Sam Weinman

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