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While we wait for Sean Avery to go through waivers and become a Ranger tomorrow, and while we wait for Glen Sather to become a deadline buyer as if his team is actually one or two players away …

Just wanted to get this out there. For the first time in my hockey life, I agree with Don Cherry … to a point.

Cherry, in case you missed it, is all upset with Alex Ovechkin’s goal celebrations. He compares them to soccer players who rip their shirts off and dance and do all sorts of gyrations after goals. Anyway, I disagree with Cherry’s notion that good Canadian boys don’t act this way. I think that’s his usual Xenophobic stance.

But I don’t like the direction of goal celebrations in hockey, which is, or used to be, the last bastion of sportsmanship in the pro ranks. I love Ovechkin’s enthusiasm, and the entertainment factor. 

I also fear, however, that as players begin to separate themselves from their teammates in celebrating goals, they will become more like NFL wide receivers, doing the me-first, get-away-from-the-pack so I can show off, selfishness thing.

I don’t think Ovechkin is selfish. He’s just having fun. But I would hate for hockey to have to start legislating against dance routines and such, the way the NFL has tried (in vain) to do.

In hockey, there is and will be retribution, too. That will be an ugly moment when the first opponent takes exception to a goal celebration and does a Dale Hunter-Pierre Turgeon (who wasn’t showing off). I have loved in recent years how players on the ice for a goal celebrate together, then go to the bench and bump gloves with all their teammates. That’s hockey. It has never been about Me, Me, Me.

I just hope it never goes that way.



Just visited Steve Zipay’s blog. He made it over to practice, and reports that the Stars have comfirmed that Avery was placed on re-entry waivers (he can be claimed by noon tomorrow, but he won’t be a Ranger in time for practice).

Also, Zipay reports that Eric Reitz does indeed have a broken foot.



Mark Bell was just assigned to Hartford, clearing another roster spot for you-know-who.

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  1. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Am I first???

    Shaun where the heck are you, we have been looking all over for you it’s about time you got back to NY

  2. AO will be the greatest player in history. I’ve never seen a more exciting player who loves the game as much as the fans do.

    As far as I’m concerned, Don Cherry should eat a bag of Richards.

  3. Rick well said! For 99% of the time cherry just likes to hear himself speak. To me he is annoying and whats with those ugly clothes he wears .Those shirts with the hugh collars he must have them made for him from the circus talior/

  4. Mark (the orginal) on

    The Stars placed exiled forward Sean Avery on waivers Monday. The team that claims him, likely the Rangers, would split the remainder of his four-year, $15.5 million contract with the Stars. If no team makes a claim, Dallas would likely return him to the minors. – TSN

  5. Chery just cant stand the fact that a Russian is the best player in the game and that another Russian is the best player on Crosby’s team. The

    i dont think celebration will ever be an issue in hockey and i actually didnt mind the td celebrations in football (it’s entertaining and we are paying money or using our time to be entertained). And as for soccer, the most popular sport in the world, and players and fans enjoy the celebrations after goals (at least I do). What annoys me is when football players freak out after making an ordinary tackle ie after every single play.

  6. Carp

    If AO were Canadian, Cherry would be leading the cheers for his love and passion for the game. Did you ever hear this guy criticize Bernie Nicholls for his act? Or Tiger Williams? Or Mike Foligno? Or Dino Ciccarelli? Glenn Anderson? Theo Fleury?

    This is not even a close call.

  7. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Just curious if the NHL considers eye gauging as serious as “sloppy seconds” I also am wondering what those “classy”
    Stars players are saying about one of their “classy” teamates trying to take someone’s eye out.Are they upset at those type of antics?

  8. Sorry Carp I have to respectfully disagree. His enthusiam for the game is refreshing. Cherry is pissy because his GOD is a whiner known all over the league and AO is clearly the better of the top three players of Malkin & Cindy.

    I can see if ALL players do it. But like great goal scorers of the past Selanne used to throw his glove up in the air and shoot it down with his glove, Jagr used to salute, Domi used to rid his stick like a broome. I mean come on its no big deal. So what if AO throws his body into the glass to celebrate. its not like they are break dancing on the ice or anything. Just good clean fun :)

  9. Listen Rick, you may have a point about it getting too excessive as kids come up and see all the attention he gets, but AO is by far and away the most exciting player the NHL has seen in a long time. Doesn’t he draw in the average hockey fan with his skills, speed and celebrations? It’s good for the game, but not for the jealous rivals in the league hmm Cindy… and Don Cherry should listen to his own advise and tone it down with those flamboyant suits and ties he wears.

    All top athletes get emotional after a nice play:
    Tiger – fist pump
    Gretzky – down on one knee semi-fist pump
    Crosby – cries like a little girl to the refs… etc.

  10. “Chery just cant stand the fact that a Russian is the best player in the game and that another Russian is the best player on Crosby’s team.”

    Wow, that’s the perfect description.

  11. Cindy Crawford on

    I agree Rick. It has always annoyed me and Malkin and cindy arent innocent of this either.

  12. so, assuming Avery will be on board shortly here are my new lines.

    Naslund Gomez Zherdev
    Dubinsky Drury Avery
    Prucha Korpikoski Callahan
    Sjostrom Betts Orr/Dawes

    I’d actually prefer Avery in place of Naslund but I know that’s not going to happen.

  13. i don’t get to watch ovechkin much, but from what i’ve seen, he appears equally excited to celebrate a teammate’s goal

  14. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Cherry is a fool! he cna’t take the fact that someone other thana Canadian is the best player in the league.In fact,he is also upset that a Canadian is not even the second best player in the league.This whole thing from Cherry is about Crosby whinning about the fact that he thinks AO hits late and celebrates too much.

  15. Don Cherry is a complete idiot. If anyone should be complaining about anything it should be his garbage wardrobe. Ovechkin brings fire and passion to the game. Something the little cry baby in Pittsburgh doesnt do. All he does is complain.

    Ovechkin is the true face of the NHL. Why do people have to bash others when they celebrate the fact that they are the best player in the National Hockey League. I love watching him play and applaud his efforts in every game

  16. Please, Cherry is upset that good Canadian boy Cindy Crosby is being outcast by most players in the league and outplayed by evil euro players? Give me a break… even if at times it seems as if AO takes it a little over top with celebration I don’t think he does it because he is selfish… I don’t think AO even knows that word! The kid cant help to love the game so much that every time he scores its like he scores for the first time ever… nothing wrong with that… he gets that way even when other players on the team score… Cherry must’ve missed the way Cindy celebrates his goals… if anyone looks selfish and arrogant it’s the Crosby with hands throwing up, wide open mouth and skates as if he is Mario Lemieux

  17. Rob L. I’d say either Cally or Prucha goes where Avery is and Avery goes where Prucha is, you have 2 lefthanded shots on the wings for the second line and 2 righthanded shots on the wings for the third

  18. AO is a tremendous player and he has teammates around him that make him even better and vice versa. Green, Semin, Backstrom, Nylander are all great compliments to AO. However, if you lived down here like me and are not a Caps fan, you get a little tired of watching the Caps jump around like they just scored the game winning goal of the Stanley Cup Finals after every single goal they score.

    I’m a conservative guy, so it doesn’t appeal to me. Messier putting both arms in the air after a goal is more my taste.

    That being said, Crosby shouldn’t even be commenting on it, sounds to me like Sidney is sour grapes.

    And I like Don Cherry and his outfits.

  19. repost:

    vogs March 2nd, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    One thing is for sure… Torts is going to need bigger, tougher players in order to play the way he wants to.

    Renney was defense, positioning and transition, very little physical play because it most likely got a player out of position.

    He needs more git up front and with Drury, Gomez, Zherdev, Naslund, he isn’t going to get it, he needs more size for his style of hockey to be
    successful on a consistent basis,

    At least that’s my opinion

  20. onecupin69years on

    I think AO is just a goofy rinkrat kid at heart and doesn’t mean to insult the players.

    Does Cherry forget #99 fist pumping on one leg goal after goal?
    Or Tiger Williams riding on his stick?

    I mean the league could institute a delay of game penalty or unsportsmanlike conduct penalty today if they wanted to , just like the Avery standing and waving in front of Broduer was done in a matter of minutes.

    And I think Avery and Ovetchkin both want to win, except they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum.

  21. If Avery comes back- who does he sit next to in the locker room, i’m genuinely curious about this…how does even talk to Dubi, LQ and Vally….

  22. Respectfully disagree. Ovechkin’s celebrations appear to be pure and completely out of his unbridled enthusiasm for the game and his team to me, and not the least bit contrived, such as, for example, Voros slamming the glass (remember when he scored goals for us?).

  23. Vogs – how do you explain Tiger Woods’ fist pump (which is excessive) after he hits big puts?

  24. I notice Don didn’t mention Theo Fleury as a good Canadian boy…

    Act like him? Probably not if anyone remembers his goal celebration in the Finals in 1991.

  25. Don “Sour” Cherry is prejudustice against every european all-star, unless they play for a team of his liking.

  26. It’s incredibly ironic that a guy like Don Cherry, who wears incredibly flamboyant clothes and says controversial things just to stand out and get attention is criticizing a guy because his celebrations stand out and get attention.


  27. Please don’t listen to Eklund. He even says in his latest blog that the Flyers are in on Jay-Bo and we should expect Claude Giroux to be traded for him because Eklund and Martin watched a game from the same sky box and Giroux played well. Whatever you see there, don’t bring it here.

  28. Why should OV get any retribution for goal celebrations when Cindy Crosby hasn’t gotten any retribution for being the third man in on fights and punching guys between the legs? That Crosby’s got some payback coming to him but it’s too bad the league protects him. AO should get the same protection.

  29. UESBlueshirt on

    I don’t think AO’s celebrations will reach anything close to the absurdity of the stuff you see in the NFL. Although it would really crack me up if AO scored a goal and then took a pen from his glove to autograph the puck. Just kidding.

    Hockey has ways to keep players honest for the most part. With the exception of the goalies, anybody is fair game for a big hit.

    And who really listens to Don Cherry? I wonder how he feels about his beloved Bruins being captained by a Slovak that would wipe the ice with almost anybody from his teams.

  30. Yes, it would be really terrible if non-hockey fans were turned on to a game because they could identify a player because they saw his celebrations and, therefore, his face, on their TVs.

    I’m not saying me-first is a good thing, but I don’t think that’s AO’s problem at all. If he was, he would have never signed a mega-deal with the Caps.

    The NHL needs personality. He’s got it. Oh, and the best set of skills the league’s seen since Mr. Gretzky.

    Celebrate on.

  31. Oh booo Don Cherry.

    How could we not expect the same enthusiasm and energy that generated any NHL goal to carry over into a celebration. On the few occasions where I saw something that could have been taken as being in the other team’s face (turco had to growl at a group to get their celebration away from his crease during all-star, voros’s surprised “I scored” to the other teams D-man) it was in-the-moment and not meant to aggravate. As fans we are very sensitive to unfair/unsportmanslike play against our own team and I have never been upset by a display after a goal against.

    I, too, love the group hug and skate past the bench. It’s up to Ovechkin’s teammates whether or not they feel that he’s taking all the credit while they chase him around the ice to be included in the fun.

  32. Agree with Alan

    Ovechkin’s celebrations aren’t contrived. NFL celebrations are staged and pathetic. I understand the slippery-slope argument “If we let Ovie do it then everyone does it, then it becomes contrived….blah, blah” but that is not Ovie’s intention. He loves scoring, he loves winning, and it would be contrived and staged for him NOT to celebrate the way he does. As for the Sid/Ovie conflict, Sid’s pissed cause he feels the league slipping away from him. Unfortunatley, now that Ovie has the spotlight, the detractors are gonna start lining up.

    Cherry’s a Xenophobe. I won’t allow him to have a good point.

  33. Rick

    So do you also agree what he said about AO?
    As disgusting as a comment is and is FAR worse than what Avery said:

    “I’m going to tell you about this guy: He’s got a free ride. He runs at guys, does this stuff,” Cherry said. “I am predicting somebody’s going to get him. And somebody’s going to get him good. There’s somebody out there — some big defenseman is going to be sitting in the weeds. As he cuts across center ice, somebody’s going to cut him in half.”

  34. Three things:

    Cherry is an idiot.

    I hated when Tiger Williams rode his stick until I watched Tie Domi do it with the Rangers.

    The best way to stop football players from those ridiculous dances-after-touchdowns? Make them wear ice skates…

  35. ThisYearsModel on

    I enjoy watching Don Cherry. I don’t always agree with him. I have no problem with his pro-Canadian player opinions. I believe that he is dead wrong on OV. OV plays with such enthusiasm and joy…..he is the only player that I have and will continue to pay to see. I went to the Caps games in LA and Anaheim specifically to watch OV. Even when he didn’t score, he was amazing to watch. Cherry likes to stir the pot, and he is doing that now. The NHL should have made OV the face of the league, or at least the co-face with Crosby. Cherry will be happy because he was able to elicit a reaction. I will take OV all-day, any day and would also take Malkin over Crosby. Crosby is a tremendous talent……I think the other 2 are better.

  36. I do agree that AO’s celebrations are a little over the top.
    But, the greatest players in any sport always seem like they “have been there, done that” when they hit a homerun, score a goal, sink a 3 pointer or score a toachdown.

    I really enjoy hockey because the players don’t go crazy after they score most goals (yes, OT goals are different, but that is a TEAM celebration!) And the is no I in team.

  37. Adam and his Apple on

    you gotta be kidding me? dont turn the NHL into the no fun league (NFL), goal celebrations have been around for so long, cherry makes it like ovechkin is the first guy to jump into the glass after a goal (barnaby anybody?)

    hockey players are different than football players, especially wide receivers who are mostly me first guys anyway, hockey players are some of the most humble and modest guys out there, just because a guy goes crazy after a goal doesnt mean he is any less of a team player

    is this really the topic of discussion? cmon now

  38. “is this really the topic of discussion? cmon now”


    Maybe you didnt read Rick’s title of “SLOW SNOW DAY”

    There is just no action or movement in the league to report about.

  39. Yes, thats a problem with Avery in the locker room. Valiquette seemed to say alot after Avery left, more than the others.

  40. Totally disagree with you, Carp, on Ovechkin. He isn’t trying to draw attention to himself, he just loves playing the game.

    The NHL needs more players like Ovechkin, not less.

  41. Let’s talk about the biggest “Me” player in the league…

    is Avery officially on waivers yet?

    Has Torts told him “You better behave” yet?

  42. Another thing:

    You ever watch Ovie when a teammate scores? he jumps just as high! He speeds over to them and crushes them with enthusiasm.

    Doesn’t strike me as selfish, you?

  43. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    In the words of the imortal Sean Avery, “he’s a minor leaguer,I don’t care what he says”

  44. That’s nice but doesn’t Tortorella actually have to put up some wins either this year or next before you can start patting yourself on the back?




    If you can’t see the difference in the team you’re just being ignorant at this point.

    We’ll probably be patting ourselves on the back for a LONG while, win OR lose. The passion is back.

  45. Squashing individuality and promoting “sameness” and equality is the basic tenet of the Marxist, collectivist mentality, and has its roots in the disgusting “Politically Correct” strangulation of our freedom of speech and how we express ourselves, physically, too.

    Don Cherry is nothing but a GD leftist pig, who wants officials deciding the outcome of games over “celebration” penalties, as we have seen happen numerous times in the NFL and the NCAA.

    All this is ironic, because this is the political movement which panders to people’s EMOTIONS, and dumbs them down to separate them from applying logic, to life situations and candidate electoral choices.

    Just don’t express the emotions that they constantly stoke, is the mantra. Hey, we acquired Jagr from Washington for Carter, let’s take Ovie off their hands for Kalinin. They just can’t afford to have someone who is individualistic and spontaneous and freedom-loving playing hockey in our nation’s capital. What an embarrassment to Pennsylvania Avenue.

  46. Carp I understand your worries, but I don’t think it will ever get that way in the NHL.

    The goal celebrations that happen right now are about enthusiasm and in my opinion are genuine; whereas, what goes down in the NFL is all about Me Me Me and look what I can try to do without getting fined by the NFL penalized in-game.

    I’m not insulted when AO scores a goal and goes a little crazy b/c he isn’t trying to just put the spotlight on how great he is and taunting his opponents, instead it just comes off as excitement, not showmanship. From the interviews I have ‘understood’ of him, AO is not a selfish person or at least doesn’t come off that way.

    He is in no way a T.O. or a Chad “Ocho Cinco”.

  47. i wish everyone played with the intensity and enthusiasm that AO does. cherry is an idiot…someone already said it if AO was canadian he wouldn’t say anything

    as for the trade deadline, i would love to see the rangers get a puck moving dman…is niedermayer available? i know pronger is (wouldn’t mind him either) but what about niedermayer on the PP? how about voros, dawes, and 2nd rd pick for neidermayer? he is an UFA in july so they can’t ask for too much.
    is prucha gonna be moved? i hope not, but he could bring back a decent wing with size…antropov? prucha and future pick for antropov. antropov is huge 6′ 6″ 230.

    zherdev gomez antropov
    naslund drury dubi
    cally korpi sjo
    orr betts bell

    staal neidermayer
    redden roszy
    kalinin mara

  48. MAKO: excellent point about Cherry’s comment being way worse than Avery’s. A comment that basically invites goons to cut down and injure the NHL’s best player is obscene. Far worse than making a funny comment about guys dating your ex-GF. And the WORST part? When someone actually does it, I guarantee they get less than the 6 games Avery got. God, Bettman and Campbell suck.

  49. Yeah and when the news goes up “Avery back with Rangers”

    Marty saying “Oh sh*t” LOL

  50. If I were on a team like Ovechkin with Backstrom, Semin, Nylander, and Mike Green, I’d be celebrating too! Sometimes I feel he goes over the top but that’s why the Hockey Gods allow ‘retribution’.

  51. u couldnt get rob neidermayer for that package. toronto wants a first round pick for antropov…no way u give that up for a guy who has talent but doesnt try every night.

  52. Carp I saw Cheey’s commentary live and I can to a small degree see what he was alluding to. But I feel he is grossly exagerating the meaning. I must agree with many others her, AO is exciting to watch before AND after he scores. And I don’t think it in any way exhibits the “me only” celebrations of the NFL or NBA. THe only time I saw a gesture from AO that might suggest that was the time he got to the bench and then cupped his hand to his eas as if to ask for more. But if I was to take it all in the context of the moment I’d say he was just trying to rev up the crowd. And there is nothing wrong with that. But I will agree with Cherry when he says if it gets out of hand someone will make AO pay. Hey, that’s just hockey.

  53. DanTheRangerFan on

    Good Point Pete…..People dont bring those stupid nonsense not going to happen trade rumors to this blog ….EKLUND is a joke….how do people suscribe to his B.S anyway

  54. Here is what is so funny about Cherry’s comments. Both he and Crosby want to take OV to task for his “Exuberant” celebrations. Yet, both of them conveniently forgot about Crosby celebrating like he won the Stanley Cup when he basically scored into an empty net off of a giveaway by the goalie. Just goes to show, that both Crosby and Cherry are nothing but hypocrites and jealous of the fact that OV is the most complete and dynamic player in the game.

  55. pete,

    everyone says that “can’t get him for that” but when the deal goes down everyone says “wow thats all they gave up” he is a UFA so they really don’t have a strong bargaining position.

    i wouldn’t give up pru and a 1st for antropov either. i would do one or the other. give me the 1st rd picks the rangers have better than antropov in the past 10 years…answer: 1 staal. 1 for 10 is least they know what they get with antropov.

  56. Hate to disagree, Rick. Alex the Great is a true would be a hell of a lot less popular without him. Go down to DC; everyone is proud of the caps there! Who would’ve followed hockey down there in the Bondra days?

    I get your point, it’s just that AO’s celebrations are a function of the hockey excitement in the capital. Even if they seem selfish at times, the Capitals truly are the Ovechkins.

  57. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRIK LUNDQUIST!! I wish you to be healthy and a happy person, and many Vezina Trophy Awards and many many Stanley Cup Rings! LETS GO RANGERS!

  58. “But I will agree with Cherry when he says if it gets out of hand someone will make AO pay. Hey, that’s just hockey.”


    So “intent to injure” the leagues best player is just a part of hockey?

  59. DanTheRangerFan on


    AO could do a soccer celebration for all I care….rip his jersey off and do the can- can until the announcer is finished with his GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

    Come on now…… Lets talk about something that matters cherry is a friggin flamer

  60. The whole Antropov not trying and underachieving thing is a BS reason to not go after him !!!

    The Rangers suck at drafting!! The simple fact that Antropov is better then any 1st round draftee Sather has ever picked for the Rangers says it all.

    Zherdev came over with the same labels … Lazy, Underacheiver, blah, blah, blah. Zherdev played on a crappy Columbus team JUST LIKE Antropov with Toronto. Since then, Zherdev is our only plus player and the most consistent offensive performer

    If Antropov comes here, he will change his game around. His 21G – 25A – 46pts would make him our best goal scorer, and pretty much our top point getter, while only costing us less then a million dollars prorated and probably about 2-3 million or so to resign.

    We need a sizeable winger that can score going into the playoffs

  61. UESBlueshirt on


    Henrik’s only birthday wish is that he wishes you spell his name right.

  62. somerset,

    thanks for making my pint better than i did. you are 100% right about zherdev too! if nik comes here he will give the rangers a HUGE guy WHO CAN sCORE in front of the net on PP. a little better than voros, no?

  63. a vanilla dressing room with no conflict is not necessary to win. if it was, the Rangers under Renney this year would have been runaway winners.

    in many sports including hockey there have been successful teams who did not all get along off the ice.

    it all comes down, as it did the first time Avery was here, to what he brings on the ice. if he can get opponents off their game, and help spice up the Rangers forecheck, then he will be welcomed, even by those players who don’t like him.

  64. How does Don Cherry feel about Crosby sucker punching someone in the taint?? I’ve never seen Ovechkin punch a guy from behind who was already locked up with someone else…

    Crosby is too talented to be such a baby. He should just play and let his numbers speak, because with his childish antics, he looks like a fool.

    Ovechkin is entertaining, fun to watch, and a gritty hard nosed player…. Crosby lacks the toughness Ovechkin has…. and Don Cherry should be a little more open minded.

  65. Right on to the poster who said who cares about Vally. PLEEZZZ he may be ok but lets face it the guy wants to be a sports phsycholigist didnt we just get rid of a coach who was a head case with no b***s. The only reason why Vally got so good is because of Benny otherwise he`d still be a minor leauger(Sean pegged it) I love Torts fire and if Aves can behave BRING HIM ON

  66. I agree with Grapes, Ovechkin is a hotshot showoff, To bad he’s not a Ranger we could use him. As far as Avery goes, it’s gonna be a cool spot when he lands in the dressing room. Sather should strongly suggest that he eat crow. That might make the home coming a little warmer. I really hope he has seriously changed. If not the Rangers don’t need him!

  67. Cherry is a goddamn retard. Someone should really silence that guy. Ovechkin is the BEST thing that has happened to the NHL since Jagr…maybe even Gretzky. Who cares if he celebrates? And who cares if he’s ‘targeted?’ Show me the teams and players aren’t already targeting him. OV is a nasty player in all senses of the terms. And that guy can dish it out just as good as he can take it…and still score.

  68. “sucker punching someone in the taint”

    hahahahahahahahaha. awesome. well, not for the guy punched.

  69. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I love OV what he has done for the Caps is nothing short of a miracle. The Caps are next in line to the Rangers. If the Rangers are not on i watch the Caps and the crazy thing OV does. A LOT OF FUN TO WATCH.

    NOW LETS MOVE ON TO RANGERS NEWS WHERE THE HECK IS AVE’S. I thought we would have heard by now but the again I impateint when it comes down to NY Rangers hockey.

    Oh wait! I hope I don’t have to scold Ave’s that he really needs to behave himself 100%.

  70. DanTheRangerFan on

    Antropov would be a great pick up and I would bet my left nut that torts would get the best hockey possible out of the guy

  71. UESBlueshirt

    right lol… i was too excited when i was typing that up


  72. I don’t really want avery back I would rather have the money to sign the young guys. Also I heard the rangers need to clear cap room.

  73. Torts would motivate Antropov. Unfortunately, he’s going to cost a 1st rounder and he’s a UFA this summer. He’ll make 4m on the open market… so no.

  74. Sundin's Ghost on

    I’ve been watching this sport since the 70s and Ovechkin is the best thing to happen to it since Gretzky. Skill, desire, toughness, excitement… he is everything that’s great about the game.

    Don Cherry is a fat old xenophobic windbag.

  75. UESBlueshirt on

    If they just had a loop of the Leetch spin goal and the 15-20 seconds leading up to Matteau’s goal for 3 hours that would be great.

    Otherwise it’s amazing to see the mugging that used to go on in the “old NHL”, especially during late and close playoff games.

  76. So, I realize that Avery was put on waivers at noon today, and teams have until noon tomorrow to put in a claim for him, and then at that time the team w/ the worst record gets him. But, is there anyway to know in real time before then who has put in a claim for him? In other words, if Pitt has already put in a claim, we’re already out of the running. Is there any way to know this?

  77. Most of those who are “disagreeing” with me are actually agreeing with me. I love Ovechkin. I don’t think he’s over the top … yet.

    I said I just hope he doesn’t start a trend, because you know how people follow the leader. Reggie Jackson started dropping his bat and standing there after home runs, now everybody does it. When NFL WRs started dancing (Billy “White Shoes” Johnson), everybody started doing it. And it became epidemic, and more and more exaggerated and about “ME”.

    I hope hockey never gets to that. But it could if AO and the others start taking it to the next level. I hope that doesn’t happen, OK? And I think Cherry is a bigoted jackass. OK?

    So please don’t disagree with me while you are agreeing with me.

    ps, when Tiger Williams and Tie Domi rode the broom, they were actually daring the opponents to do something about it. Few did.

  78. Does Reitz really have a broken foot? Where is that coming from. What would probably open up some cap space.

  79. DanTheRangerFan on

    They can have that first rounder….we never do anythng good with our picks anyway… There are alot of options but cap needs to be cleared which is where we are stuck. Which all goes back to sathers great plan….ya right I was one of the few who questioned his quick free agent signings when most were jumping on the look who we got wagon…cup here we come………And now look where we are, you got some great players available out there and no cap space cause you picked up 2nd and 3rd liners for 1st liners pay

  80. MAKO

    I’m not advocating intentionally injuring any player for celebrating. I’m just saying if the act of celebrating with your team becomes an act of embarassing the opposition then the history of the game tells me the opposition will retaliate in one fashion or another. Afterall even the gentlemanly Andy Bathgate got his pound of flesh for something he took exception to.

  81. folks, Cherry says that stuff to get a rise out of people. and it obviously works. his money comes from playing the Canada card, and being the anti-euro.

    he does it to get ratings in Canada

    if he just said he loves everybody, and had nothing of conflict to say, then no one would bother to watch his segment on HNIC, and he would be out of a job.

    so, see it for what it is. just his way of trying to generate controversy and ratings.

    he would probably hide his feelings if he thought it would make him money.

  82. Rick, I don’t think anyone else in the league has the talent to compete with AO’s celebrations. ;)

    I remember when Domi scored his first goal for the Rangers.. he rode his stick like a witch on a broom!

  83. eklund reporting the rangers have interest in frolov…thanks captain obvious doesn’t every team have interst in frolov? 6’2″ 26 yr old with 5 20 goals seasons on a bad team.

  84. antropov has underachieved his entire career. yes sather has made some bad draft picks but that is still no reason to give up a 1st round pick for a guy who has never scored more than 26 goals in a season and has had attitude problems every year he has been in the league. and toronto hasnt been terrible his entire career there, so that no excuse either. this team will go nowhere if it doesnt start to develop its own draft picks.

    and while zherdev has a tremendous amount of talent, he still has a lot of work to do to be an elite winger and its no prize to be the best offensive player on the rangers team this year. zherdev and all of our alleged top players besides cally have under-achieved this year offensively. sure some of that was renneys fault but not all of it.

  85. in 86 games with the Rangers, Avery had 23 G and 30 As

    and they were 51-23-12 with him

    and 8-10-3 without him

  86. I find it amusing when people rip on Eklund…right after they’ve visited his site for his latest “information.”

  87. Carp,
    (sorry folks that this is long but i hope you find some useful info)

    1)once in a while i’m not so appreciative of AO’s celebration
    but that’s as far as it goes. and let’s face it, that feeling comes about more so when he scores against the Rangers.
    someone who watches more of him can confirm if he goes to teammates and/or bench afterwards and celebrates with them.

    2) either way
    when you see the intense passion that’s demonstrated on EVERY shift, i usually forgive such an outburst.

    3) btw folks, Cherry didn’t just throw some verbal suckerpunches at AO in favor of sid the kid, in a post-game rant he went nuclear by ripping the Red Wings because they have too many Europeans who don’t fight and bodycheck in a dastardly way. To him that’s why there are empty seats at Red Wings games because people there supposedly miss Probert and fists flying. Cherry didn’t take into account the massive economic downtown of that area as well as fans who are probably jaded to the regular season and saving it up for another playoff berth.
    on a side note,
    i attended a wings game years ago…for calling themselves Hockeytown, there were MANY empty seats in the lower section when the periods started and with 5 to 10 minutes left in the game thousands left early.

    (thanks for sticking around to the end)

  88. Avery’s stats in the lineup are meaningless since the team is completely different and that Jagr dude no longer lives here.


    i went to the CBC site to see what the reaction was to his anti-AO, Sidney kiss up rant.
    I was surprised that as of Sunday night, there were over 30 pages devoted to this and 99% ripped Cherry to shreds over this. and when there mentions of sid, 97% ripped him as a whiner and pointed out other ugly incidents that the “face of the NHL” has done…….

    did not know of sid’s nut punching incident nor his ignoring a face off against Florida in order to jump his opponent.

  90. but they lost with Jagr and without Avery. they were below .500 and outside the playoffs after 57 games in feb ’07 when they added Avery.

    so, they were nowhere with Jagr before Avery arrived. and lost when he was injured, 8-10-3

  91. Can we stop referencing Avery’s impact on LAST YEAR’S TEAM!

    Different players, different coach.

    So many variables have changed, yet too many people think the Avery winning % is an actual tangible predictor of success for this current team.

    He was great last year. we have NO IDEA what’s going to happen this time.

  92. Ovechkin is amazing and Cherry is a muppet. His suits are a representation of his personality: loud, cheap, and desperate for attention. In other words, they’re a warning to not give the idiot the time of day in the first place.

  93. but we know this much. this team needs to forecheck to win, and Torts wants that. and Avery will forecheck. so, from that narrow standpoint, he fits the current system, even if the coach and some players don’t like his antics.

  94. UESBlueshirt on

    To be fair, people point at Avery’s contributions over the 2 seasons he was here.

    Personality issues aside in some ways Avery could be a decent fit for the new style. He skates well and is willing to be aggressive. He doesn’t have the greatest pair of hands but he can put away garbage goals from in front.

    The biggest question I’d have with him is his durability. If there was ever a candidate that tends to get “worn down”, I think Avery would be it. He just doesn’t have the size to constantly battle and stay healthy.

    And where just like where his off-ice antics are a perceived deterrence, even considering his diminished cap hit based on the waiver claim, he might not be worth the roster space and money for next 3 years.

  95. Comparing Avery stats is like saying Torts is 1-4-2 as head coach of the Rangers!!

    3 points in 7 games??

  96. Avery’s contract is no worry because if he is injured, and goes on IR, he goes off the cap, and if he acts up he goes back on behavioral IR and goes off the cap

  97. nice catch sell!!

    Do you think Burke told Sather he was going to claim Avery, and then blackmailed him into taking Bell and giving TO some extra cap space??

    Why the hell would you not at least give him a chance, get rid of Voros instead….

    And simply math says we had him on our roster all week, paying him a portion of his 2.5 milion $$ contract because why……??

  98. What were we missing without Avery in the lineup the past 3 games?

    Tenacious Forechecking?

    We could’ve used some more goals, but Avery is not the answer to that question. His goal scoring abilities are nothing more than a welcome side effect to his gritty style.

    The coaching shakeup has given this team the spark it needs. The Renney Rangers NEEDED Avery. Not this team. He’s no longer a Neccesity.

  99. Hockeyman Rangers on

    We could have used Avery about a month ago, maybe Renny would still have his job???? Ok maybe not, but when the team was down in the dumps (which if they don’t continue with Saturday’s play they still could be) Avery could have been what we needed. Not so sure now, with Tort’s in there I am wondering if we still need him?? But who knows maybe there is another team that will pick him up?? Although I have heard nothing from any team that they might even be interested in him?? So bottom line is we will take him and if he ACTS OUT you know Torts will either sit him or tell Sather to get rid of him asap.

  100. hey Carp or Jane,

    hope you or Jane can get to the bottom of the Bell situation. why wasn’t he, at least, given a shot to play with the team? was it a matter that the Rangers were only allowed to keep him up here so long before making a decision as to where he would be placed?

    (i thought we had enough roster space with Reitz going on IR, even with the possibility of claiming Avery)

    i hope that we lose Voros in some deal by Wednesday. he is just not working out.

  101. why didnt bell get a chance to play here. is sather using omars strategy of stock piling minor league players for no reason

  102. so, let’ see. Bell, who hit and run with his car while drunk, and has never done anything for the Rangers, is welcome

    but Avery, who simply said inappropriate things, and did plenty for the Rangers and their fans, is not welcome


  103. The fact that the NHL condones the prejudiced comments of Cherry and Milbury is already insulting enough. Remember Milbury criticizing Jagr last season because he wasn’t excited enough when he scored? (Jagr replied he wasn’t a kid anymore). Now the talking heads think there is too much European celebration? I seem to remember Matt Barnaby rubbing it in the faces of opposing teams when he scored (although of course he scored far less than Ovechkin.) Don’t Parise & Crosby get pretty excited when they score? Cherry is xenophobic. Promote hockey here and promote hockey internationally — and everyone will be better off.

  104. ThisYearsModel on

    I bet Avery is climbing the walls for the next 24 hours. Either he is a Ranger or anothe NHL team’s property and back in the league. Glad he is nowhere near anyone I know.

  105. jeffluke wrote:

    “March 2nd, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Can we stop referencing Avery’s impact on LAST YEAR’S TEAM!

    Different players, different coach.

    So many variables have changed, yet too many people think the Avery winning % is an actual tangible predictor of success for this current team.

    He was great last year. we have NO IDEA what’s going to happen this time.”

    How else does one predict the effect a player is going to have on an acquiring team other than looking to what that player has done in the past with other teams?? When a team acquires a player who has NEVER played for that organization before, you have to look to what he has done previously, and hope it works out w/ your particular team’s players and coach. With Avery, we have much more to go on because he has played with many of players here and has dealt with the pressure of playing in NY very well. That’s much more than Sather knew when he went out and got: Redden, Gomez, Drury, Fritsche, Rissmiller, Voros, Backman, [insert other failed acquisition here].

    The result of any acquisition is difficult to predict, but Avery’s success in the last two years here is a much better tangible predictor of future success than anyone ever has in a normal acquisition of a new player.

  106. I believe Bell can be recalled after the deadline without having to clear waivers and I expect we’ll see him when the rosters expand for the playoffs…

  107. I don’t believe rosters expand for the playoffs … you can have minor-leaguers up to practice with you when their season ends, but the roster remains set.

  108. # Rick Carpiniello March 2nd, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    jpg, i wrote this the day he was claimed … the intention was for Bell to play for the Wolf Pack. He’s a minor-leaguer.

    Carp’s doing his best Avery impersonation.

  109. so according to eric, avery is headed to pittsburgh and guerin is on his way to the rangers. and we heard it here first.

  110. Pitt could claim him and send him to the minors, right? Or claim him and trade him. They’re trying to catch us and this would keep him out of our hands. Addition by subtraction.

  111. toronto didnt need to bring bell up to clear cap space since he was in the minors and is a ufa at the end of the season. so they save like a hundred grand or so of real money not cap money by the rangers claiming him

    i could care less that bell didnt get a chance, but just another sign that sather really has no plan in place whatsoever

  112. thanks Carp
    for the info

    i recall you saying that but thought that since
    he was hanging around for a while he might have received
    at least one shot during a regular NHL game.

  113. y would anyone in the playoff hunt (except the rangers) take avery? he will be a huge distraction in the locker and will not play well for any other team but the rangers! So what is the point for other teams picking him up? No one will trade for him and the team that picks him up will have to put him back on wavers…

  114. “(…)the intention was for Bell to play for the Wolf Pack. He’s a minor-leaguer.”
    Carp – and this “minor-leaguer” is due to make 2.4M this year… that is why he’s heading to Hartford, then maybe Slats can get something for him.

  115. MAKO, once he’s claimed then that team splits the $$$ with Dallas. Regardless, he’s then property of the team that claims him. Why can’t he be traded after that. Stranger things have happened.

  116. b/c the rules dont allow u to trade someone who u claim on waivers (at least not that season) and avery has a ntc

  117. what can we get for betts outta Chicago? Their pizza sux and the hot dog toppings they use are just strange! :)

  118. idk… Betts is a big asset as far as PK and defense are concerned

    we cant just let him go for nothing

  119. UESBlueshirt on

    I believe the waiver claim and then no-trade clause is part of the CBA. I think it acts as a safeguard against teams picking up players on the cheap and using them as trading chips.

    Re: Avery going to the Pens. If Avery was due to be a free agent or maybe had 1 more year on his deal then I’d say there would be more takers. But he’s got 3 years left on his deal and the Pens have a pretty dicey cap situation of their own. Besides, putting the pucks in the net isn’t a problem for the Pens, it’s keeping them out that is.

  120. buster,

    as per cba any player claimed off re-entry waivers cannot be traded that season…i think he could be traded next year or after july 1.

  121. According to NHLPA rules..or something like the NHLPA, might be the CBA, well anyway, according to the rules once you claim someone off of RE-entry waivers, you cannot trade them for the rest of the season. Which means who ever claims Avery, is stuck with him till next October.

  122. What was the point of claiming Mark Bell if we are just going to send him to Hartford? You can’t tell me that he’s not a better hockey player than Aaron Voros. I think it’s a joke that he’s still on the roster.

  123. Doesn’t matter though. Even if Avery gets claimed by the Pens, we claims he won’t play for them. He’ll be the NHL’s Marbury.

  124. Don Cherry’s a moron. He can take it to where the sun don’t shine for all I’m concerned.

    I think he showed his true colors (pun) at the start of his dumb tirade of racism and realizing his love child (crosbydouche) isn’t actually the best player in the NHL. “Everyone’s getting on Crosby’s back and jumping on the ovechkin bandwagon, so I’m going to defend Crosby.”

    Well excuse me, Mr. Cherry, but Crosby’s DIVING, WHINING, PUNCHES TO THE BAKC OF THE HEAD WHILE HE’s THE THIRD MAN IN ON A FIGHT, are FAR WORSE than the excitement Ovechkin shows when he scores. Ovechkin doesn’t separate himself from his team, he has youthful excitement when he scores. I think this sport needs him to take the attraction/marketability of the game to a younger generation.

    Cherry, stick a colored sock in it.

  125. kph @3:50

    Good post. You’re right.

    Of all the points you made, the one that stands out the most is “[Avery]has dealt with the pressure of playing in NY very well.” You absolutely cannot deny it.

    With Avery we do have a pertinent body of work to draw from, and as you pointed out, it’s statistically more relevent than looking at Redden’s track record in Ottawa and how it translates to the Rangers. But it’s no guarantee, and plenty of posters seem to think that Avery = 72 win % (or whatever the actual number is)

    My post was aimed at the fans who have been championing Avery over the past few weeks as a means of shaking up the team, giving us some life and (at the extreme) maybe altering some of the No Trade Clauses in our fat cat players. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve already had our epiphany with Tort’s style of play.

    We now have coaches who scream at opposing teams and we now give ice time to 170lb players who are first on the scene whenever a teammate needs backup. 3 games is a small sample size, but what little evidence we have shows that this is a MUCH different team.

    If we get Avery, I’ll cheer him on like crazy (mainly because I’m happy he won’t be on an opposing easten conference team in the playoffs) but I’m just a bit hesitant to add a volatile ingredient to what looks like a very promising start to Tort’s team.

    “He [Torts] will learn to love him just like I do.” -Glen Sather

    I hope it works, cause New York is the only success story that Avery has…

  126. why would you want to trade avery though if we got him?

    so we can have arron voros again next year as a “replacement”?

  127. This guy is so good for this game
    “Don Cherry?” Ovechkin said. “What I can say? He’s a funny guy, old guy. He likes old-fashioned hockey, so he don’t like probably my celebrations. He said a lot of stuff about [Atlanta all-star Ilya] Kovalchuk and me, so he …I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about him. He’s not interesting to me. He can say whatever he want. I don’t care about him.”

    When I asked Ovechkin if he was angry about Cherry’s comments, he added: “I just laughed when I saw his suits. He’s funny. In hockey we need someone like that, someone who thinks I’m celebrating like soccer player. Maybe Canadians don’t have soccer teams. Maybe he’s jealous of Russia.”

    It is a ironic that one who dresses like a clown takes offense at a hockey player who stands out for his celebrations. Hypocrite?

    PS: Where’s Beer Me, LI Joe, Brandon, Gargoyle…where those guys go? hahahahah!

  128. Chris March 2nd, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    why would you want to trade avery though if we got him?

    so we can have arron voros again next year as a “replacement”?

    We’re talking about the possibility of another team claiming him then trading him to us.

  129. What are the terms of Betts’ contract? How much would we be clearing? Clearly he’s headed for a very reduced role under Torts and may well be deemed expendable. Would not be surprised to see him go.

  130. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Seems like the Don Cherry talk is almost worn thin on here so now ill say my piece , Don Cherry is calling it like he has for the last 40 years guys. He has ALWAYS disliked show boating and was telling other Canadian kids NOT to do that…You see Ovechkin is the best player in the NHL and to have him represent the league as a goof ball ( all-star game) and his wild crazy goal freak outs , not to mention him leaving his feet and slamming opponets into the boards …that doesn’t look like the role model “us” in Canada want. Wayne Gretzy was a class act and Messier too and to have Crosby acting like that is not good at all either and Don Cherry ripped him awhile back before he was even in the NHL , so yes Sidney has had his verbal beating from Cherry.

    I like Ovechkin better than Crosby because I like OV’s passion and I know hes changing the “new” NHL to a more up beat generation. Don Cherry gets crazy and wears crazy suits and talks too much about the war soldiers …but he has a hockey mind that is truely Canadian and if Ovechkin was Canadian ,DON would say no different..Don Cherry doesn’t have to say stuff for ratings because he has always had a following . Half of you guys on here say hes an idiot …Im not going to say your wrong because your all in titled to your own opinions. Don Cherry was the one who said we should give each team a point and play for the extra point in the shoot out…I actually hate that rule and i didn’t like the stuff he said about Avery ( who is Canadian) Cherry doen’t just bash Russians and other countries he has yapped to his own and has paid for certain outbursts.

    Don Cherry , Alex Ovechkin and Sean Avery …love ’em or hate ’em . They all seem to have thier place and all walk the thin line we call the NHL.

  131. correct me if i’m wrong but Betts is a UFA after this year.
    i’m wondering if Torts feels that with his
    3 units for the penalty kill strategy
    Betts isn’t as necessary as he once was.

  132. If another team claims Avery and wants to trade him to us, they can not do it until after the season ends.

  133. jeffluke:

    I hope it works, cause New York is the only success story that Avery has…


    I would also add “Vogue” internship to the list of success story that Avery has… but i wouldnt mind him back on the team :)

  134. I can see Betts getting dealt for a pick or two, to be used in a package for another deal.

  135. What the heck is going on with Guerin??? He is sitting out again tonight. Why all the mystery?

  136. i hope betts is not traded…he is, with ldqst the biggest reason why the rangers PK is so good. gonna be needed down the road.

    the only rangers signed next year are:

    everyone else is RFA or UFA

  137. whats going on with guerin? i think that the isles had a deal on the table with the caps but the caps couldnt clear the necessary space to make it work. in other words, the isles scratched guerin thinking that the caps would finalize the trade in the morning and it never materialized. the caps still more than likely weren’t going to send roster players to the isles for guerin but rather picks, so they wouldn’t be clearing any cap space to fit guerin in. they might pull the trigger if they can unload more salary but we’ll see what happens.

    we know he’s not going to the flyers but thats about the only thing that i know for certain .

  138. If the last few games are any indication, the Rangers will be spending more time in the offensive zone than what we’re used to. Couple that with fewer penalties called in the playoffs, and Betts’ value for us recedes with only 18 games to go. Sending him packing wouldn’t be that much of a loss at this point.

  139. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    I hope Torts is going to put an end to the line changes in the offensive zone!! When our defense man is standing behind his own net flossing his teeth , then his team mates can sub off…DONT skate like hell in the other teams zone and dump off the puck to one player all your other player sub off!!??? IT RUINS a good scoring oportunity every time!! They treat the offesive zone like its a childs crosswalking …la de da ,,,duh , pass to no one..( as Gomez always does)…DO yer fricken line change anywhere but NOT when you cross the other teams red line!!!! IT DRIVES ME NUTZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

  140. man it would be sweet to have Avery AND Dustin Byfuglien on this team.

    Chicago has to make some sort of big name move if they want to acquire a big name Center … they’re in worse cap trouble then we are right now

  141. No other team is taking Avery,Even if the Pens want him we pick first,so they cant pick him even if they want to.

    Also not only Betts,but there will be 3-4 guys gone by trade deadline.

    I don’t think betts is one of the ones going though.


    and as always there will be that 1 trade we didn’t see coming,But we’re gonna love it.

  142. Hey Carp,
    I was under the impression (and I screwed up by calling it a ‘playoff roster”),
    I thought after the deadline, Teams are allowed an unlimited roster at the NHL level, provided the players are contracted players and on the “50 contract” list:

    “The 23-man roster limit is in place from the conclusion of the preseason until 12:01 am on the day of the NHL’s Trade Deadline. After that teams are allowed to have an unlimited active roster at the NHL level, provided players are signed to one of their 50 contract slots. NHL teams are only allowed to dress a maximum of 20 players – 18 skaters and two goaltenders – for any given game, but those 20 must come from the 23-player active roster.”

    it’s article 16.4 of the CBA:

    “16.4 Active Roster Size; Playing Roster.
    (a) For the 2005/06 League Year and thereafter, there shall be a maximum of
    twenty-three (23) Players on each Club’s Active Roster at any one time, provided, however, that, on the date of each season’s Trade Deadline, a Club’s Active Roster may be increased to any number of Players the Club, in its discretion, so determines, subject to Article 50 hereof. ”

    Am I reading that wrong?

  143. greg l.,

    would you rather they change when the other team is attacking their blue line? or maybe they should just stay on until there is a whistle? i agree it is frustrating when they change and don’t forecheck but c’mon lets think about it first. if the other team knows they will only change when they regroup and set up a breakout then they will get forechecked to death.

  144. UESBlueshirt on

    Hm…a surprise trade that we’d love.

    Sather gets really creative and trades 2003 draft picks so we end up trading Jessiman for Parise or Getzlaf.

  145. Pitt has the rights to Avery before the rangers..they are below us in the standings..

  146. good move for devils and ATl. Atl has a good young D. Devils rightfully are going for it now. They are 1 old team…

    good move for both, the rat is a smart dude.

  147. steve phillips on

    am I mistaken, but didn’t Dolan offer the job to Lou in 2000 before he hired Sather?

    I believe Lou said no thanks, he likes it in NJ

  148. ACD

    Pens pick beofre us…

    1 Islanders
    2 Thrashers
    3 Lightning
    4 Sens
    5 Aves
    6 Yotes
    7 Kings
    8 Leafs
    9 Blues
    10 WIld
    11 Pred
    12 Ducks
    13 Oilers
    14 Jackets
    15 Canes
    16 Sabres
    17 Pens
    18 NYR
    19 Panthers
    20 Nucks
    21 Habs
    22 Flyers
    23 Hawks
    24 Flames
    25 Caps
    26 Devs
    27 Wings
    28 Bruins
    29 Sharks

  149. as far as where the Rangers pick when a player
    re-enters from waivers.

    i thought your placement changes if you previously picked someone in the past.

    if that makes it confusing…

    say the Rangers were in the 9th spot and picked Bell.
    so now, they’d be placed further back in the pack of teams since it already took advantage of a selection.

    (btw, i do not know what place the Rangers were when we got Bell. just throwing a number out there for the helluva it.)

  150. Carp – only 4 moves are allowed it seems, at least after the trade deadline.

    artcil3 13 (L) says:
    (l) During the period following 3:00 p. m. New York time of the fortieth (40th)
    day immediately preceding the final day of the Regular Season no Player may be
    Recalled from Loan to a club of any league affiliated with the NHL, except that:
    (i) A Club may exercise four Recalls from a club or clubs of any
    league affiliated with the NHL, of Player(s) listed on its own
    Reserve List.
    (ii) Players may be Recalled under Article 13.12(m). (M covers emergency recalls)
    (iii) Players may be Recalled upon completion of the regular season
    and playoff schedule of the club to which they were Loaned.”

    This CBA is still confusing me 4 years in.

  151. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    (NYR13) If ya always change there , yes teams will catch on but I was refering to there or center ice , yeah maybe wait for a whistle …Too many good chances are blown away because when the new line comes on they end up right back in there own end anyways …then they finnally get into the other teams zone….there they go changing again!!?? never ending cycle of garbage ,,,I can remeber the russian ‘s circling in there own end as they changed …beutifull.

  152. Hope the Avalanche aren’t so pissed at us from the last game that they pick up Avery!

  153. When in doubt…use TSN. I LOVE CANADA!..except for Don Cherry, and the French Canadians who hate America.

  154. jpg –
    that is a myth regarding you pick someone up and you drop in the waiver order.
    I used to think that myself.
    maybe it used to be that way?

    here’s the specific CBA article, it doesn’t mention it:

    13.19 If only one Club makes a claim for the Player on whom Waivers have been
    requested, such Player shall be transferred to that Club. In the event that more than one Club makes a claim for such Player, he shall be transferred to the claiming Club having earned the lowest percentage of possible points in the League standing at the time of the request for Waivers or, if Waivers are requested outside the playing season, then to the Club having earned the lowest percentage of possible points in the preceding season’s
    schedule of Regular Season Games. If the successful Waiver claim is made before November 1st then the priority shall be determined by the final standing in the League’s Regular Season schedule in the preceding season.

  155. Mark (the orginal) on

    Avery would probably punch Darcy Tucker right in the mouth as soon as he got there HA.

  156. NYRinPHX March 2nd, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    Hope the Avalanche aren’t so pissed at us from the last game that they pick up Avery!

    Doubt it. If they needed an Avery, they would’ve sign Claude Lemiuex a few weeks back. But they passed.

  157. Matt K

    yeah that is where I read the Havelid News. But hasnt broke the story yet, just man loving fatty Marty.

  158. greg,
    i get what you are saying. but, #1 the rangers aren’t good enough to circle while they change. #2 i think it mostly the 4th liners that change the way you suggest (dump and change), and #3 they can easily dump and change 2 forwards while the 3rd forechecks with support from a d man. then as the new players engage in the forecheck the 3rd linemate completes the change.

    i think most of the frsutration you speak of comes from the fact that under renney, the rangers rarely had sustained pressure in the opponents end. so, when they finally get the puck moving forward you would see 5 blueshirst dash for the bench and your (and my) blood pressure went up a notch or 2.
    boring and frustrating…kinda like the renney regime since november.

  159. Yeah I think Pitts can picks waivers first.

    I have a question how do waivers work is it like a fantasy draft? Each team has a certain amount of time to claim him before the next? And do we know as soon as he is claimed or even if the first team claimed him does the line continue until everyone has a chance?

    Also I would not trade Betts. His role maybe reduced but he only makes 600k. Why lose him and weaken the pk? He is good on faceofffs (50% or better) and strong on defense. The kind of center you want for an important pk faceoff or to send out after a goal is scored to squash the opponent with hard forecheck.

  160. Why are the Devils tying to get better defensily? How much better can you get than a F-ing shutout every game!

  161. i think it goes like this…after 24 hours the nhl looks at all the teams who submitted requests to claim a player off of waivers. if its just 1 team, obviously they get him. if more than one, the team lowest in the standings is awarded the player

  162. Mark (the orginal) on

    Jorek- I’m there is some sort of official wavier form that teams faxed to the league, then they see what team with the worst recrod put in the claim, and thats where he goes.

  163. NYRinPHX
    March 2nd, 2009 at 5:44 pm
    Why are the Devils tying to get better defensily? How much better can you get than a F-ing shutout every game!


    HAHAHAHAH and Ole “Fatso” filling up the net :P

  164. thanks Rob E.
    for the info.

    now, in response to another post:
    i was thinking the same thing about Tucker
    and how Avery ripped him verbally.
    Tucker initiated a fight with someone who just came back
    from a shoulder injury and as soon as Mara went after him
    Tucker turtles!!!!!
    there was NO reason for him to start that up. it wasn’t as if it was a playoff series and he was trying to send a “message.”
    granted, Mara could have a bit more discipline since he could have re-injured himself but what a jerk in Tucker.
    (on a side note — i was REALLY disappointed that the Avs got Tucker.)

  165. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    ” aww huh , whaa? ” says the goalie (coming back himself but from injury not contract disputes.) ” Yes Marty , hes back! ..umm and it looks like they are making the playoffs” says the trainer. ” Well they put in that rule for me didn’t they!!??” ..” Yeah but it can’t stop him from piss’n on you!” …” Awww noooo he can’t be back , hes way too stylish and called me fatso …just because I hang out with Luc Robitallie and eat dilissio pizza in my t-shirt all day long!!”

  166. A simple question. Where is the NHLs statement on all of this? It is an absolute JOKE that they can take such a self rightous stand addressing a silly statement “Sloppy seconds” yet they allow this piece of crap xenophobe Cherry trash the best most exciting thing that has happened to hockey. Nobody loves an ignorant xenophobic killjoy. The higher ups at the NHL are such hypocrites and should be ashamed. They should publicly defend Mr. Ovechkin and encourage an apology.

  167. Adam and his apple on

    ok we all know that the great one was a freak and ahead of his time, but imagine ovechkin in the league in the early 80s, hell even the early 90s, he woulda scored well over 100 goals, maybe even close to 200

  168. NYR13 – you are correct re: waivers.

    On a separate note, As for anyone picking up Avery with the intention of dealing him – that is forbidden. UNLESS the team that wants to deal the claimed player first offers him to whichever team(s) they claimed him ahead of:

    “13.20 (b) A Player who has been acquired by Waiver claim shall not be Traded to another Club until the termination of Playoffs of the season in which he was acquired unless he is first offered on the same terms to the Club(s) that entered a claim when Waivers were requested originally and the offer has been refused.”

  169. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    NYR13 yeah too much bad Renney coaching had done me in …tue true.

  170. while Avery’s comments were rude and probably would have led to either a crushing check or beat down from Pheoneuf (sorry for the spelling)
    but they were nowhere near the hysteria they caused.

    i recall Matthew Barnaby talking about on air and saying that he said things just as bad or worse but he kept it on the ice.

    Avery’s problem is that he allowed himself to fall into the trap of giving the media what it wanted. The media knew that he was playing against his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend and couldn’t wait for some sensational-worthy moment. He agreed not to be interviewed, which is what the Stars coach thought, but relented with his little childish statement. The media got what it wanted and won that round.

    btw, interesting that Avery had to go to anger management when no one was physically injured. i imagine Ott won’t have to do that nor any other stick wielding, high elbow hitting player.

  171. Clemmenson: Are you sure Marty’s going to be better then me?
    Sutter: Yeah just watch him

    *Marty skates over to net and falls asleep due to his un-atheltic fatness.*

    *Game starts*


    *Game Ends*

    *4 Hours later, Marty wakes up*

    Marty: What happened?
    Sutter: YOU DID IT!
    Marty: What i do?
    Sutter: You won!
    Marty: someone get me a twinkie.

  172. Avery was a pest with “Mr. Excitement” Tom Renney as coach. Imagine him with a fire under his ass.

  173. Roc March 2nd, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    I feel a big trade on the horizon.

    with who? I feel Toronto getting Bouwmeister and sending Kaberle in return, with Florida sending Kaberle to Boston…but that’s just me.

  174. jpg- I agree with your thoughts. Avery will get his ass kicked in front of the net and no calls will come.
    aAso, players always trash talk to each other.
    I remeber a referee (Wally Harris or Bruce Hood?) saying that Greschner had the dirtiest mouth in scuffles. Will Avery get a penalty for trash talking to a Brashear? No win situation.

    Sloopy seconds cheers?

  175. If we don't get Avery... on

    I think we probably have a deal on the table with the Isles for Billy Guerin. Sather loves Guerin from his Edmonton days, so…

  176. what avery brings to the team is a spark, but torts already provided that. the rangers were good with avery b/c he motivated jagr and henrik to play to their abilities. im not so sure there is that much talent to motivate on the rangers now. maybe henrik plays a little better, but that doesnt solve our scoring woes. dont think gomez is suddenly gonna develop a good shot or naslund will learn to skate fast again

    just my take

  177. Avery does more than Spark a team. He creates lanes. Everyone on the ice is concentrated on “Where’s Avery? , Where’s Avery?” He makes the opponent play out of sync, he makes them take stupid penalties and he creates lanes because everyone’s trying to hit him, to make HIM shut his mouth. He creates room on the ice. He gives us a better chance to rotate on the ice, which Torts wants us to do. Lemme break it down for ya.

    Avery = More Open Space , More Open Space = More Rotation, More Rotation = More Goals. Using the chain rule. Avery = More Goals.

  178. Torts is the spark on the bench, good coach and great leader on the bench during games… Avery is a pest on the ice…torts cant get in player faces… Avery can… teams will hate to play against us which gives us additional advantage… Avery will do what he does best… annoy players on the ice… Avery should be a Ranger just for knocking twinkie lover on his fat ass… if that isn’t one of the best Rangers moments I don’t know what is then… Avery should be a Ranger.

  179. I want Avery back but not if thats the only improvement we make. I’m not saying trading a big time pick or prospect for a rental guy. However making a trade like the Pens/Ducks trade.

  180. inside of the inside info on

    Tomorrow will be Tuesday, March 3rd 2009! i bet my both nutz on that!

  181. Avery is not our Savior? So what, at least, 1. He is a real man; and 2. He comes to play hockey, not whiffle ball (right Chrissy?); and, 3. He is a LEADER. And putting the “C” on someone’s jersey does not make him a leader (right Chrissy?).

    What Avery is, is a piece in a winning puzzle. Everyone is not and cannot be AO. But as part of the supporting cast, Avery brings leadership, heart, chemistry, desire, a dozen intangibles, to go with more ability than at least half the team, as presently constituted.

    Getting rid of Renney and bringing back Avery (if it is finalized) is one hell of a week in New York Rangers history.

  182. Brashear got NOTHING for saying the new NHL is gay. Bettman pounced on the first opportunity to suspend Avery, his first suspension by the way.

  183. Betts to Chicago for Dominic Moore
    I Betts ya

    Dawes and Voros to the Canadiens for Alex Kovalev

    There are your 2 trades

  184. Avery is not a leader, he is a dramaqueen. This team doesn’t need him and we should all thank god if someone else claims him before us.

  185. inside of the inside info on

    joe sakic’s snow blower (fingers not included)and a bag of sloppy seconds for sam rosen and a desk from MSG post game studio.

  186. PuxInOz March 2nd, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    Avery is not a leader, he is a dramaqueen. This team doesn’t need him and we should all thank god if someone else claims him before us.

    And when we don’t and we get pushed around like little girls on the ice, ill blame this on you.
    (See Redden not dropping his gloves Saturday)

  187. It just occurred to me that Bell needed to be demoted by today to make the Wolfpack’s 22 man “clear day” roster to be eligible for the AHL playoffs.

  188. For the amateur cap-ologists, here’s a question for you –

    Assume the Rangers pick Avery up on re-entry waivers. Dallas is now responsible for 1/2 his salary and cap hit for the remaining three years of his contract, as are the Rangers. What would happen in the event that the Rangers decided to buy Avery out after one year?

    Would the Rangers and Dallas both be responsible for 2/3 of his remaining cap hit over 2x the remaining years? Seems strange to me that a team could potentially help another’s cap situation without an exchange of value if that were the case.

  189. nyr13 March 2nd, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    how can betts be traded to chicago for dominic moore? moore plays for toronto

    Just wanted to see who was paying attention! lol

  190. Getting rid of Renney and bringing back Avery (if it is finalized) is one hell of a week in New York Rangers history.


    And when we don’t and we get pushed around like little girls on the ice, ill blame this on you.
    (See Redden not dropping his gloves Saturday)


    youre not too bright, are you?

    Tortorella seems to have a pretty good grasp on his team right now… throwing Avery into the locker room is such a QUESTION MARK.


  191. Dopplerbob March 2nd, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    nyr13 March 2nd, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    how can betts be traded to chicago for dominic moore? moore plays for toronto

    Just wanted to see who was paying attention! lol

    Wasn’t Moore traded yesterday?

  192. # SELL! SELL! SELL! March 2nd, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    From Leaf’s Lunch:

    Toronto Maple Leafs traded Domenic Moore and a 5th to the Minnesota Wild for Benoit Pouliot.


  193. I watched the Ott replay 7 times and I dont see where he “eye gouged” Moen. The suspension is BS. I absolutely believe him when he said “it was an accident”

  194. WTF where are some of you getting your info from??? He is still a member of the Leafs.

  195. We better not trade Betts… because

    Avery is gonna get SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    many penalties. The refs are gonna ream us.

    We’ll need every able body to be a penalty killer.

  196. Boring night for hockey – two of the NHL’s worse go head to head.

    Hope Raycroft gets a SO, he’s one of my goalies on my fantasy roster LOL

  197. those of you complaining about avery not being our savior because he’s not a goal scorer are idiots. he’s not coming here to score goals. he’s coming here to make the rangers a more difficult team to play against and give them some of that identity back.

    they’re going to have to trade for a goal scorer…

  198. shesends…

    the team is already diffcult to play against… we limit shots and chances quite well… Rangers need a goal scorer, if the person added isn’t one its superfluous…

  199. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    watching avs and isles. isles pretty much dominating. wow macammond scored. lol they’ll probably beat them 7-1.

  200. Alright straight out. No “get a goal scorer, get a defenseman”

    Who should we trade for, and who are you giving up?

  201. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on


    couldnt have said it better myself salty, but you know you want to see him toss marty on his ass again!!

  202. Anyone remember Kasparitus’ penguin dive celebration when he was on the Pens after they advanced in the playoffs? Wasn’t after a goal but was pretty funny. Wish fatboy stayed in shape loved that guy :(

  203. I don’t know if anyone has brought this up or not but I just thought I’d throw this out there…I heard or read somewhere that the NHL is considering making a franchise-player-exception to the salary cap. I wonder if that means that all teams get to exclude a certain number of players or players on certain teams that are widely considered to be franchise players. Has anyone else heard this?

  204. dawes, prucha, voros and 1st rd pick to toronto for nik antropov and tomas kaberle

  205. shesends

    no. the idiots are the ones boldly advertising an 18 goal season. I said hgoal scoring is a welcomed side effect to his aggressive play. Those who are pointing out he doesn’t score very much are just reacting to the Avery super fans who seem to believe that 68 goals in 408 games constitutes “great hands.”

  206. Prucha25 March 2nd, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    I don’t know if anyone has brought this up or not but I just thought I’d throw this out there…I heard or read somewhere that the NHL is considering making a franchise-player-exception to the salary cap. I wonder if that means that all teams get to exclude a certain number of players or players on certain teams that are widely considered to be franchise players. Has anyone else heard this?

    ya, but i don’t think it’ll happen. Otherwise teams will sign free agents for “2357239857239857 billion dollars”, and claim them as Franchise players so they don’t have to put them on their salary cap. If it helps anyone it’s the Rangers..who over spend anyway.

  207. nyr13 March 2nd, 2009 at 7:37 pm

    dawes, prucha, voros and 1st rd pick to toronto for nik antropov and tomas kaberle

    at least someone’s paying attention lol.

  208. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    matt-k i like frolov but l.a. needs a goalie and vally wont cut it.

  209. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) March 2nd, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    matt-k i like frolov but l.a. needs a goalie and vally wont cut it.

    We should have kept Montoya. >.<

  210. Avery or no Avery, this Ranger team needs a lot of help making the playoffs. The win Sat. was a step in the right direction but those 2 goalies on Colorado have terrible stats.

  211. Paul March 2nd, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    Avery or no Avery, this Ranger team needs a lot of help making the playoffs. The win Sat. was a step in the right direction but those 2 goalies on Colorado have terrible stats.

    At least we’re beating horrible goalies now. With Renney, everyone turned into Patrick Roy.

  212. Honestly?

    I’d go into sell mode… which means:

    Rozsival for a depth d-man and a 4th.

    Zherdev for a 2nd (or 1st)… since he’s RFA not UFA.

    Try to unload Drury. Gomez is our best center, so unless you’re getting a #1 pivot, no. I know Drury has a NTC, but let’s assume he wanted to be traded… perhaps to LA in a package for Frolov?

    In other words, no “blockbusters” with a Jaybo coming here. SELL SELL SELL!

  213. yeah frolov would be great but the rangers have nobody the kings want…maybe they will take gomez for frolov and doughty..hahaha yeah right

  214. Why Sell, Sell Sell Sell.

    If we sell, Sather’s only going to F up the draft anyway.

  215. jeffluke March 2nd, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    haha matt k.

    who was it in net against Boston? Rask?!!?

    That was Rask? I could’ve sworn it was Ken Dryden.

  216. Yeah i know Matt but alot of people think Torts is going to turn this around quickly. This is the stretch run now to the playoffs and there are teams just as desperate as us to get in. And we have a tough schedule too.

  217. Leetchhalloffame on

    You know that some other team lower in the standings will claim Avery, perhaps not for their own team but to squeeze the Rangers for a player or pick. Nothing goes as planned for NYR.

  218. Marty St Louis? No, he’s another small forward, a better Nigel Dawes, a Brian Gionta. Plus he’s 33. We somebody with size that can score. Like Jagr. Gaborik comes to mind too.

  219. Leetchhalloffame March 2nd, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    You know that some other team lower in the standings will claim Avery, perhaps not for their own team but to squeeze the Rangers for a player or pick. Nothing goes as planned for NYR.

    Once you claim a player from Re Entry Waivers, you can’t trade him to the off season. Look at the CBA waiver rules. The Point is if they claim him, they can’t trade him.

  220. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    sell sell sell, honestly, i would never have guessed youd wanna sell.

  221. ThisYearsModel on

    Gomez and Dawes for Spezza and Neil. Torts will turn Spezza into a 2 way dynamo like he did Vinny.

  222. ThisYearsModel March 2nd, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    Gomez and Dawes for Spezza and Neil. Torts will turn Spezza into a 2 way dynamo like he did Vinny.

    I don’t think Ottawa would do that, but Spezza also said he wanted to be a Ranger. Look up his ESPN interview a few years back. And yes i do think Torts would get him playing both ways.

  223. How long is Reitz out? A broken foot might mean a month, and I liked having him back there. At least he didn’t back down from a fight.

  224. unfortunately Gaborik is only a pipedream, but oh what a sweet sweet pipedream. [sigh]

  225. jeffluke March 2nd, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    unfortunately Gaborik is only a pipedream, but oh what a sweet sweet pipedream. [sigh]

    Yeah…but in July i think it’ll be reality.

  226. Avery is clearly coming to replace Dawes, who is a non-aggressive winger. so that is a big improvement right there.

    if Dawes is not traded this week, I will be shocked

  227. somone said you can trade him, but it has to be to another team that tried to claim him… so if Pitts took him and the Rangers had staked a claim Pitts could try t trade avery to the Rangers… but its a dangerous game…

  228. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    reality? gaborik? by july he’ll be a quadripelagic with no arms and 1 testicle. by august he’ll only be a head with 1 eye.

  229. lomabardi would be great… the guy has an extra gear, true speedster.

    What do you think Gaborik will sign for over the summer? think his injury history wil bring him down to 5-6 mill? We better start dumping….

  230. that’s possible. Lombardi is small as well, but he has more speed than Dawes, and can play C

  231. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    calgary wants dawes huh? ok. they probably want to give us lundmark back

  232. The whole “St.louis to New York” rumor started by Bob McKenzie on NHL live today when he said that it would make sense for him to go play under his former coach again. Personally, I love the idea of having the line: Dubsinky-Gomez-St.louis– But hey, that’s just me. I don’t know what it would take. But if they really wanted him out of there, he ultimately calls the shots because of his no trade clause. Rozsival and a first?

  233. # Agravaine March 2nd, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    somone said you can trade him, but it has to be to another team that tried to claim him… so if Pitts took him and the Rangers had staked a claim Pitts could try t trade avery to the Rangers… but its a dangerous game…

    Nah, you can’t trade him once you claim him off of re-entry waivers until the offseaspn. At least that’s what i’ve heard.

  234. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    lmao jeff. just imagine gaboriks head sitting there on the ice on the pp by the circle just shootin pucks in with his nose

  235. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    isles dominating avs even though its only 2-1. but guerins out, weights out, sillingers out, deepee, jeez avs better win man thats sad

  236. Quick thoughts on a few players:

    Gaborik-I doubt anyone gives him more than one year like Demitria come July 1st; too banged up and risky

    Frolov: I’d love for them to get him but only if none of our Russians go back the other way.

    St. Louis-approaching the wrong side of 30; no thanks

    Lombardi-Gonna take more than Dawes to get

    Vinny L-They’d have to throw in everything including Brett Farve’s key to NYC

    Betts-I can’t see them moving him because who plays 4th line center? Everyone knows who I’d want (duh), but do you really see the Rangers giving it to a rookie this late in the year? Seems very un-Ranger like, but I’d be down.

    And finally Doodie-that’s tough calling Sauer a career AHLer; he’s all of 22. Let the kid show he can stay healthy because he can play. He’s plus-11 this year for the Pack.

  237. BTW, that Gaborik header thing is hilarious; reminds me of Futurama when the crew of Star Trek and The Next Generation were nothing more than heads in a water filled glass bottle.

  238. I heard a couple guys on XM, don’t remember who it was, saying that in the future it would make sense to have 1 franchise player with a big contract and then have everyone else max out at maybe 2 million (I was a couple days ago) but a small number nonetheless. It would make for way easier trades. But it would be under a cap, not restructuring it.

  239. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    “headsave by lundqvist !!! bounces to eye head!!! he rolls, he scores!!!!

  240. Matt K.

    CBA 13.20 b

    A player who has been acquired by Waiver claim shall not be Traded to another Club until the termination of Playoffs of the season in which he was acquired unless he is first offered on the same terms to the Club(s) that entered a claim when Waivers were requested originally and the offer has been refused.

    so I think that means he can be traded to teams that claimed him… or anyone as long a the teams that claimed him rescind their desire….

    and the NHL and NHLPA are wankers for not letting me copy and paste from that document…

  241. did anisimov injur his shoulder on friday night? a friend of mine was at the game, said that artie looked hurt and may have left the ice….true?

  242. If anything i think Sauer might turn into like an Adam Foote. Not “The Guy” but big enough to handle his own.

  243. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    3-1 isles. new guy joensue or somethin scored in his 1st game. my god raycrodt is awful

  244. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    so matt- i dont follow the pack too much, whats up with sangs? is he a bust or what?

  245. “Anyone remember Kasparitus’ penguin dive celebration when he was on the Pens after they advanced in the playoffs? Wasn’t after a goal but was pretty funny. Wish fatboy stayed in shape loved that guy :(”

    Noonan, that was a goal he scored. In OT versus Buffalo in ’01 to win the series. Lemieux called him their “sniper” in the press afterwards… too funny.

  246. you know the funny thing. You really didnt hear about Gaborik until he scored 5 goals against the Rangers. That’s when he was on the map LOL

  247. RangersFanAZ on

    John Tortorella live interview on VS. during the 2nd intermission of tonight’s game. Theres about a minute left in the 2nd period now!

  248. jeffluke-he did get a little banged up at the end of the 3rd BUT played the next night on Saturday and scored in the shootout. He’s a trooper.

    Parenteau actually got hurt on Saturday when a puck hit off the crossbar and nailed him the back of the head below the helmet during warmups. He blacked out for a bit but was ok and held out by the trainers for precautionary reasons.

  249. thanks MikeA

    My friend that went to the game is a die hard Leafs fan. I asked him to scout Artie for me, his scouting report: “I want the Leafs to get that guy”

  250. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) March 2nd, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    so matt- i dont follow the pack too much, whats up with sangs? is he a bust or what?

    Nah..5 goals 33 points 59 games played. You gotta remember though. This is basically his first year playing in Hartford.

  251. eric March 2nd, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    Does anyone think washington will trade ovechekin to the rangers for wade redden?

    Yeah, and then Sather will be fired, and Jesus will come down from the sky and grant us all 3 wishes.

  252. Tort I Taw a Puddy Cat on

    Torts on tv now between periods…Basically thanked this blog for the support, then proceeded to eat some apples and oranges and just crapped a fruit salad…..Amazing!

  253. Del Zotto reminds me ALOT of Leetch. Sanguinetti models himself after Leetch, but he reminds me of Bruce Driver.

  254. RangersFanAZ on

    Here is what Torts said:

    – Victory on Saturday was big for the team, not so much for him
    – Hadn’t watched the Rangers much while with TSN. only watched the game prior. They watch only Canadien teams in Canada!
    – Schoenfeld has been a big help, beginning to form his own opinion of the seam
    – Defense doesn’t start when you don’t have the puck. He wants Rangers to pressure the puck, jam the neutral zone
    – Thought Lundqvist was outstanding on saturday
    – Rangers seem like a quiet team because of the losing. Need to have a certain kind of swagger. “Inflict and not be inflicted upon. Lets take it to the other team.”
    – Seen it happen that when a coach left and a new one comes in its a criticism of the old coach – He doesn’t want that. Does not want to criticize Renney’s philosophy. Coaching is about how you teach your philosophy and how the players grasp it. Thinks his style is fun, demanding, lots of skating.

  255. My 3 wishes

    1: Hit The Mega Millions
    2: Win the Cup every year
    3: 3 more wishes.

  256. Matt K,
    Basically it’s either playing for the Rangers or play in the Juniors for Del Zotto. North American players are not aloud to play in the NHL if they are under 20 years old. However that’s not the case for european players and I fully expect Grachev to be playing in Hartford.

  257. ChrisS March 2nd, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    Matt K,
    Basically it’s either playing for the Rangers or play in the Juniors for Del Zotto. North American players are not aloud to play in the NHL if they are under 20 years old. However that’s not the case for european players and I fully expect Grachev to be playing in Hartford.

    Wow that rule is pretty “gay”. Grachev is “The Steal” of the 2008 draft though.

  258. inside of the inside info on

    Torts on Versus:

    “We will not be a trapping team”

    he also sort of knocked on Renney for the way the team would come out and taste the water first against other teams… torts said that Rangers will basically try to dictate their own play to other teams.

  259. Lmao, i looked up Grachev..he’s a blond Ron Duguay xD
    Long hair flowing in the wind

  260. Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo…The Islanders have a Callahan? WTF… Well..our Cally is better.

  261. As we await on who is coming and going in Ranger country, here is a tidbit- interesting that this season Avery makes a verbal comment how some players in the NHL likes his “sloppy seconds” and what happens next is he gets suspended indefinitely, well how is the NHL allowing the Habs to sign a 3 yr deal to a suspended Michigan State enforcer named Andrew Conboy
    Here is the link:

    Just shows that as long as it affiliates with a Canadien NHL Team than everything gets swept under the rug.

  262. I think Callahan will turn into a 30 goal scorer. He put up 40 goal seasons in the OHL, plus Torts is playing his type of “Crash the net” style.

  263. Wishes:

    1. Ovechkin on Rangers
    2. Green on Rangers
    3. Redden, Drury, Dawes, Voros disappear OFF Rangers. :P Oh and Callahan grows 4 inches.

  264. Nice post Chris S.

    “I am not looking for places to eat – I am here to play hockey.” may be the best quote ever.

  265. good summary Rangersfan, but I add one thing. Torts also said specifically the word “trapping”. he said he does not want a trapping team.

    THAT is separating himself from Renney and is unspoken criticism of Renney, and well deserved and true criticism of Renney.

  266. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    MAKO March 2nd, 2009 at 8:57 pm


    3… Oh and Callahan grows 4 inches.

    Keep that one to yourself :P

  267. Tort I Taw a Puddy Cat on

    I guess I am pretty bored….Wife watching The Bachelor so I went downstairs to the dragons lair and put on the Iceholes/ Lanche game…

    I gotta give Iceholes owner Charles Wang some credit…Guy is out at the game watching his team play after it snowed 12+ inches here on Long Island today….

    On the flip side, when the Rangers are playing, you can sure as well bet that James Dolan is doing bumps off some hookers nips, whilest talking about how great his band is…..


  268. PruBelongsOnTheIce
    March 2nd, 2009 at 9:13 pm
    MAKO March 2nd, 2009 at 8:57 pm
    3… Oh and Callahan grows 4 inches.
    Keep that one to yourself :P


    LOL I meant in height LOL good one

  269. “Oh and Callahan grows 4 inches.
    Keep that one to yourself :P”

    Jesus…..That ain’t right.

  270. 4 inches Eye Head Gaborik…he rolls…HE SCORES!!!!!!! Eye Head Gaborik with the deflection.

  271. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Glen Satan is gonna break some hearts on Wednesday

    please no bill guerin

    please no tkachuk

  272. If Miroslav Satan gets traded to the Devils..Im jumping ship. It’s just way to funny.

  273. Tort I Taw a Puddy Cat on

    Glen Satan already broke our hearts…

    by signing Wade Redden for 6 years at $6.5MM per year…

    and NOT SIGNING Mark Streit for 5 years at $4.1MM per year!!!

    Streit has 24 points on the power play this year alone,,,

    Redden loves watching Lappy smack Dubinsky….

  274. Rob E, thanks for all the CBA primers. The CBA sure has changed since the last time I was doing hockey full-time. Did they have a lockout or something? Hah.

    Great job by all. I especially like the three wishes … the third being for three more wishes.

  275. If Sather signs Gaborik, i’m defiantly starting an “eye-head” chant every game.

  276. Tort I Taw a Puddy Cat on

    Carpz….what type of rumblings are you hearing in regard to Rangers trades??? Give us the scoop!

  277. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I know! Streit is on a GARBAGE team too. There were so many talented, younger puck moving Defensemen out there last summer. streit, campbell, boyle, mccabe the list goes on. and of course good old glen picks the slowest oldest most hopeless coke fiend of a defenseman out there.

    though i’ll admit he has played better under johnny torts, it would have been sort of impossible not to. it’s like saying oh, this guy is not so bad, he’s nicer than hitler.

  278. instead of Rozsival, Redden in should have been Streit, Campbell. Just my opinion.

  279. what i don’t understand is why Mark Streit signed with The Is-landers..he could have made a lot of more somewhere else, and won a lot more.

  280. Streit signed with the fishsticks because they told him they would let him be a top 4 d-man, not just an offensive, pp specialist d-man like the way he was used in MTL.

  281. Yes, we should be in “sell” mode. It’s a joke of a franchise, considering it’s an original 6, and with the economy going down the pooper, the cap is going to go down (2010-2011 = 45m cap, or less), so SELL SELL SELL!

  282. “Oh and Callahan grows 4 inches.”

    The kid is FINE. And my favorite Ranger right now. Him, Z, Mara = DA BOMB!

  283. how can the cap go down? i thought it would logically stay the smae.. i keep hearing it will but it can’t go down can it?

  284. NYR 13—is the clarity of Scott N’s NTC w/ you?

    Niedermeyer has to ask to leave Anaheim…and he won’t

    as for Antropov…the NYR aren’t a serious CUp Contender w/o a clear cut #1 defender in the B.Coburn/J.Bouwmeester/C.Pronger mold…so wasting assets in trade to strengthen the Maple leafs isn’t making much sense.

    Keep the current roster…trade Kalinin for Artukhin
    Gomez for Voracek/Malhotra+_Pick
    Roszival for Penner/ or E.Cole

    and hope that somehow Redden rediscovers his goal scoring touch

    the team has a ton of smaller players and has to think about next seasons cap or completely going all out now…problem is they have almost no way of adding that #1 defender AND that #1 center to do it…so next year it is.

  285. MAKO March 2nd, 2009 at 8:57 pm


    1. Ovechkin on Rangers
    2. Green on Rangers
    3. Redden, Drury, Dawes, Voros disappear OFF Rangers. :P Oh and Callahan grows 4 inches.

    When u say 4 inches, r u talking about height?

  286. eric March 2nd, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    MAKO March 2nd, 2009 at 8:57 pm


    1. Ovechkin on Rangers
    2. Green on Rangers
    3. Redden, Drury, Dawes, Voros disappear OFF Rangers. :P Oh and Callahan grows 4 inches.

    When u say 4 inches, r u talking about height?

    ….PruBelongsOnTheIce said that 2 hours ago…

  287. Ott. GM bryan murray says he has not had one single call about Spezza. he’s had some tire kickers he says, for Neil and Kuba who are ufas.

    but Spezza, who has a 7yr, $49m contract, has not generated one single call

    that tells me guys with big long term deals are not going to be moved

  288. I’d trade for Spezza if we could get rid of a big contract. Seeing as Spezza plays with Heatley and Alferdsson, his production might go down, but he is younger and bigger than most of our “big time” guys right now.

  289. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Oh yeah btw RangersfanAZ . If yer correcting your post you mays well spell Canadians the right way not the way you did , you spelt it as the Montreal Canadiens do . Tsk tsk.

  290. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. March 2nd, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    Oh yeah btw RangersfanAZ . If yer correcting your post you mays well spell Canadians the right way not the way you did , you spelt it as the Montreal Canadiens do . Tsk tsk.

    Actually it is spelt CanadiEns. They use the french spelling since Montreal is a french canadiAn town. The official team name is Les CanadiEns de Montreal, which is why they spell it Montreal CanadiEns. A little heads-up, Do some research next time

  291. Another little tidbit, is that the CH doesn’t stand for Canadian and Habitants, is stands for Club de Hockey Canadien

  292. Actually, Tex Rickard was the first one to call them to Habs doing so in an interview in 24′. Apparently he said that the H stood for Habitants.

  293. Great article on Torts here….|NHL|Home

    “But one thing is for sure. He is not going to placate to the superstar, because when it comes right down to it, players resent that. He will treat Markus Naslund and Chris Drury and Scott Gomez the same way he treats his fourth-line players.”

    “It’s not going to happen in 21 games,” Jim Tortorella said. “They’re fragile right now and Johnny knows it. But he’ll find out soon which players are in and which ones are out.

    “Our society tends to place blame on everybody else, but John won’t let that happen. When the players realize they can’t blame John Tortorella, they’ll realize it’s time to look in the mirror, get their butts in gear and start playing.”

  294. “If he knows he’s wrong, he’ll say he’s sorry. But he’s pretty sure he’s right most of the time.” — Rita Tortorella, mother of Rangers coach John Tortorella

    You gotta love Torts! I am so happy someone like John Tortorella is our head coach. He knows how to coach and how to make players play good hockey for him. I love it!

    thnx for the link MAKO… it was a fun article to read

  295. eric March 2nd, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    RANGERS UPDATE: Rangers have traded Redden and Voros for Malkin and Crosby!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im guessing your bored?

  296. Last year, as the deadline approached, I was encouraged by the fact that Sather had done nothing, and just starting to feel optimistic that he would not get a deal done, when – bang, in comes Backman, who proceeded to play the worst hockey of any regular NHL D, the rest of the regular season. Never have I seen a player so dominate the “Stupid Penalty Minutes” tally sheet. Two-three times per game this cue-ball took dumbass penalties, and I am sure many here remember he had ONE good game, in his time here, ONE! Oh, yes, he stands merely 6-4″, so he shied away from hitting anybody or fighting for the puck in the corners. Some deal that was, Glen. Damn, can you just go fishing without the cell phone for another 36 hours or so – even if it’s just on the Hudson River trolling for tin cans?

    So It is with great trepedation and resignation that I view the final hours, this time around. Hope I am wrong, but no surprise to me if the club gets older. slower, and further obligated to dispatch good, younger players to stay under the cap.

  297. Grachev is a beast. He could be the power forward we need in the near future. I have more hope for him than any of our other prospects.

    The kid doesn’t really like Applebees or Paul Blart Mall Cop, and REALLY hates losing. Sounds like a winner to me. Get this kid a chance.

  298. Lets hope Grachev is from the AO school of goal celebrations – just to pi$$ off Cherry.
    (If i were a Canadian i would be embarrassed that this guy was citing his racist beliefs and selling it as national pride).

    Not much going on considering there is less than 36 hours till the deadline……if i’m Slats i’d be trying to get Cheechoo, i think with his size (and is signed for next year too at $3m) he could fit a need for a big top 6 forward. He’s not been getting much top line time or PP time this season which is why his numbers are down. He’s not going to make us a contender, no-one can do that this year, but he can fit a need on our team.

  299. Anyone willing to throw names up in the air of who WILL get traded? No “who i want rid of”, but who you think Slats WILL trade….

    Mine are:


  300. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    Matt K.
    March 2nd, 2009 at 8:46 pm
    My 3 wishes

    1: Hit The Mega Millions
    2: Win the Cup every year
    3: 3 more wishes.

    matt k- cmon everyone knows from watching aladdin that you cant wish for more wishes. its against the rules man!!! cmon!!!

  301. UKRanger …

    I think Dawes, Sjostrom, Voros, and Girardi may be gone.

    Rissmiller and Bell are big-body, insurance policies come playoff time and may get a chance to play for us if there are injuries.

  302. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    March 2nd, 2009 at 10:57 pm
    Ott. GM bryan murray says he has not had one single call about Spezza. he’s had some tire kickers he says, for Neil and Kuba who are ufas.

    but Spezza, who has a 7yr, $49m contract, has not generated one single call

    that tells me guys with big long term deals are not going to be moved

    deadline- they told me you were good but not that good

  303. eric took a while to respond to Cally’s inches because he had to check and see if it was on that penguins blog he likes so much first…

    so guys… anything happen today?

  304. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    uk ranger- slats already said basically nobody on the team is safe. if he got a good enough offer, anybody on the team could go. if hes gonna trade guys like voros and betts, then were probably not getting anything of value back for them. maybe that case id be happy but dont think slats will make any big deals this year besides avery

  305. fingers still crossed on Avery falling through for us.

    I’d actually love it if no one went for him and he somehow ended up with DAL again…

  306. I have a feeling we are going to get JayBo. Call me crazy, but I just have a gut feeling on this one.

  307. agravaine …

    I dont think any team in a rebuild mode (non-playoff) would take a chance on Avery. Too many young players for him to “corrupt” i guess.

    I think its ridiculous … He was trying to be funny and start a little shit and the league sends him to treatment as if he is an alcoholic woman-beater or something.

    I think if the Rangers get him back at 1.9 million for the next 3 seasons, it will be great. Last year, Sather would have re-signed him for that much anyway but it was Avery who wanted more money and chose to go elsewhere.

    This is a “best-of-both-worlds” scenario for Sather. He gets his sparkplug back AND at a cheaper price then originally.

  308. I dont think Sather is gonna make a big splash. The media will make the Avery move big enough.

    I could see a combination of Dawes, Sjo, and Girardi moved for a solid d-man (Ian White), and some picks.

    Dawes and Sjo are both RFA next year and i dont see them fitting into the budget for next season, Sather should try and get whatever he could for them

  309. Yeah Nasty, but who are we going to have to give up for him? Will they take Rozie for him as part of the deal, because we will definitely need the cap space going forward. And then what youth are they going to want back? Wil they think Prucha helps them for their own playoff run? Or will they want Dubinsky or Staal? (probably). And then don’t forget the Rangers then ahve to find a way to sign Jay-Bo in the off-season.

    I think Jay-Bo would be a great addition to the team but because Florida is still in the thick of this and the Rangers are not one player away it just looks like a recipe for trouble.

  310. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    nasty1- i have a gut feeling too. oh wait thats just the burritos i ate last night

  311. somerset,

    we may sneak into the playoffs but we aren’t a sure bet even for that.. if we get in I sure hope the guys turn it on and run with it, but Avery is not what we need, any more than he is what the Islanders need…

    but he brings attention and fanfare… which actually is what the Isles need. Their games will draw more because of the love/hate of Avery and it will guarantee the team some coverage if they were to go to a new location…

    Fact is we need either a goal scoring wing or a hard hitting d man… Avery is neither of those and unless Sather is adding one of those two positions he should do nothing, that includes Avery for half price…

  312. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    somerset- i agree that at the beginning of the season we couldve used avery and it would make sense back then, but even at half price- no matter how entertaining the guy is, and i do like him as a player, i just feel that hes just not what we need. we need goal scorers and a mean motorscooter d man like pronger. same as the start of the season, same now. avery just isnt nearly enough to be able to call that a move for a cup run, so why bother in the 1st place?

  313. I think Florida would take Rozi and another roster player, possibly Dawes, and somebody from the Pack.

  314. The Isles are not going to take Avery. Snow absolutely despises Avery. I seriously doubt he would pick him up.

  315. Agravaine …

    Thats true, but i dont see them jeopardizing their rebuild plan of “youth and team chemistry” for ticket sales.

    Avery will be a valuable asset for us ESPECIALLY if we run into NJ (which are looking pretty tough right now) in the playoffs.

  316. I think Florida would take Rozi and another roster player, possibly Dawes, and somebody from the Pack.


    That’s it? cmon…

  317. The reason I feel like this about JayBo, is because I think Florida knows he is gone after this season, and they will lose him for nothing. They are still in the thick of things in terms of the playoffs. They are going to want to get at least a decent dman back in return, and Rozi can be a pretty damn dman when he wants to be. They are not going to trade of Jaybo without getting something right back to put in their top 4 D.

  318. Who knows, maybe we have to throw a pick in there for JayBo too. I just have a gut feeling.

  319. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    nasty- if we could get jaybo and horton for rozy, gomez, prucha, and picks, that would be the best trade sather ever made, even if we had to give up a 1st rounder for 2 years

  320. somerset…

    what team chemistry?… the way they are treating their veterans they are just teaching the kids to get out of there asap… they are going to need something that draws attention because it won’t be their team…

    from what I hear the organization is creating a divide just as well as Avery could..

  321. We have a scoring winger …. Prucha. Now that he will be allowed to play.

    We do need some big bodies going into the playoffs, which is why i think Dawes is going to be a goner.

    But there is NO ROOM to make a significant big money trade this late in the season while we still are in playoff contention.

    Players making under 2.5 – 3.0 million will be on the Rangers radar — Avery, Antropov, Ian White, Vermette, Sean O’Donnell, Chris Neil, Kuba, etc.

    I cant imagine the Rangers dismantling (trading a core player) to bring in a big-money UFA next season player

  322. I should say

    I have heard that they are marginalizing the veteran players (and by that I mean even just 27 or 28 year old players) they have meetings that are young guys only and ignore the others… The vets feel they aren’t part of the team practically. indicative of this is the Isles getting rid of their captain… Guerin is just behind Streit for points on the team… and they are going to need someone to be a leader on the team for the young guys…

  323. just a thought on

    St Lou/Malone from tampa for Gomez/Prucha/Bobby S (or number 1) about equal salaries. Tampa gets prospect pick and next year they save about 2 million on cap.

  324. somerset…

    exactly… they shouldn’t disrupt our core, but that includes bringing in Avery… if they are bringing in anyone it should be a hard hitting d man or a scoring winger… if it has to be a lower tiered one than fine but Avery is still neither. He is an agitator and energy guy, and we don’t need him…

  325. I think if Jay-Bo goes its going to be a roster player (to replace him), a prospect and high-round pick in case the roster player blows…maybe a conditional pick based on re-signing him too..

    If that translates to NYR roster then its Roszival, Dubi/AA/Korpi and #1 pick.

  326. The team Chemistry that most of the players have been playing together for Gordon while on the Bridgeport Sound Tigers and now with the big club.

    Of course they are getting rid of their Veterans (they would be shopping out Dug weight too if he wasnt injured) … thats how you rebuild. Snow is only interested in Prospects and Draft Picks NOT Sean Avery. Thats just absurd to even contemplate.

    Now i could see Pitts trying to snatch Avery up since they are lacking grit, but i dont think Crybaby would allow it

  327. Sindy would rather ask AO for a signed photo for his mommy than play with Avery…

  328. Anyone else feel like the big hold up on the Guerin trade with this “mystery team” is being delayed until Sean Avery becomes a Ranger at 12 noon today and a deal between the Isles and Rangers is actually going to happen!?!? You heard it here first boys.

    Team America : Gomez, Drury, Guerin

  329. kris…

    why would the Rangers take both Guerin and Avery? If they plan on taking Guerin anyway there is o reason to hold up… if they take Avery I don’t think they would add Guerin as well…

  330. What the hell is Atlanta thinking by trading Havelid AND a Prospect to NJ for Salmela. It seems that Atlanta could have got some picks back or something. Seems they got short changed??

  331. THN Future Watch

    Comments from Schoenfeld

    1-Evgeny Grachev#19 overall-“the most improved player in the organization from the fall until now”.”he’s much more creative than we thought”.”he’s improving so rapidly our projections for him have changed”

    2-MDZ-#32 overall-“MDZ said his goal is to make the Rangers and not the Canadian WJC team”.”there’s been no downside. He sees, he distributes.he defends”.

    3-AA#48 overall-“smart end to end player”.”has a great attitude that enhances the physical package”.”he needs to improve his shot”.”gung ho player with a mature approach”.

    4-Bobby Sanguinetti-#52 overall–“he’s made the greatest strides of any of the pro players”. the knock against him is his defense but he has been fine in that area, has shown a willingness to get involved physically, still needs to become physically stronger.”

    5-Derek Stephan-“very intelligent player with great quickness and vision who excels at distributing the puck, needs to work at adding grinding to his game and become more adept at puck battles along the boards”

    6-Dane Byers-Suffered torn ACL nine games into the season

    7-Ivan Baranka-Chose a KHL contract

    8-Corey Potter-physical presence who is difficult to play against. Great work ethic

    9-Michael Sauer-Making progress after knee surgery. Smart player. Hard shot. Physical.

    10-David Kveton-Showing good hands and excellent speed,competes in traffic

  332. I think Slats needs to keep Grachev. He needs some evidence to prove he isn’t incompetent. This was a great pick. EVERY team in the NHL is gonna ask for him, but they SHOULD NOT trade him.

  333. Thanks for posting those Schoenfeld comments, lenny. It seems as if the organization stregth at this point is young Dmen –

    Having said that, I would still welcome JBow for some of the combos discussed above (i.e. Prucha, Rozi, Sang/#1)… I would work hard to keep Girardi, I think as he continues to mature, those own zone turnovers will go away and he will be part of a very solid second D pair (both even strength and PP) – and his salry demands will not be ridiculous.

  334. UESBlueshirt on

    I thought I heard the Guerin trade hit an impasse because the Caps needed to clear cap space to bring him in. I still don’t know why the Caps would bring him in as they have enough size and scoring talent up front. Watching them against the Pens the other week on NBC and they noted how they have like only 2 players that are under 6′.

    For arguments sake, let’s just say the Rangers strike a deal for Guerin. I’m not completely against him, yeah he doesn’t solve the elite scorer problem but he brings some help in the size department. If the Isles would take him for Dawes and Voros (probably need to send two roster players for the cap space) how upset would you be?


  335. Riche’, CCCP

    Yeah I found that last night when I was starved for Rangers info. For anyone who didnt see it…

    Its a great read..

    March 2nd, 2009 at 11:24 pm
    Great article on Torts here….|NHL|Home

    “But one thing is for sure. He is not going to placate to the superstar, because when it comes right down to it, players resent that. He will treat Markus Naslund and Chris Drury and Scott Gomez the same way he treats his fourth-line players.”

    “It’s not going to happen in 21 games,” Jim Tortorella said. “They’re fragile right now and Johnny knows it. But he’ll find out soon which players are in and which ones are out.

    “Our society tends to place blame on everybody else, but John won’t let that happen. When the players realize they can’t blame John Tortorella, they’ll realize it’s time to look in the mirror, get their butts in gear and start playing.”

  336. UESBlueshirt on

    Hm, scratch that idea about any of the excess 3rd/4th line wingers for Guerin. I don’t think we have the cap room unless you trade basically all of them.

  337. Good morning kids!!
    Had company over the weekend; watched saturday night but coyuldn’tcheck in too much ( damn freeloaders)I’m news starved….where is Avery at right now??

  338. If/when we claim Avery, dont we still need more size/toughness upfront (esp if we manage to make the playoffs)? In fact, the addition of avery may further the need for more size as he may, uhhhh, cause some “disturbances” on the ice

    I dont know who – Andropov is big but not tough and is way to inconsistent.. maybe if St Louis is coming that huge winger they have (Archukin – sp?) can come with him..

  339. I can’t see a scenario where Avery isn’t a Ranger by 12:00 today. Bell was sent to Hartford for this reason. Sather really loves Avery, he said as much when asked about it after hiring Tortorella. I think he will be a huge help. How great would he have been in the closing minutes of Saturday night’s game?

    Plus, let’s not forget how many timely goals he came up with when he was a Ranger. People seem to just totally forget that Aves does show flashes of having a very good offensive game. I always thought that if he was able to remain healthy, he could be a 25-25-50 guy.

    Personally, I’m really excited about his almost certain return to NY.

  340. we shouldn’t be adding anything… that way we can sign our young guys next year and in the future… if Sather goes for someone it should be an expiring contract that doesn’t cost our youth… good luck with that.. let’s just stand pat

  341. rob…

    I don’t think he has the talent of Dubi and both were helped immensely by playing with Jagr… without a player drawing two men to him Avery is much less effective, and we don’t have that player on this team any more…

  342. Guys, my friend’s Ranger Nation Radio Show will have Dave Maloney on tonight… I am certain he will have plenty to say about trades and whatever happens with Avery tonight…

    call in live with questions at 347-884-8692

    The show can be listened to exclusively on Blog Talk Radio at

    Its on at 9 PM eastern time

  343. Rob C…I’m with you on Avery. There certainly seems to be a revisionist history with some people regarding what he brought to the Rangers. What I remember is a guy who came to play every night…a guy who took the body whenever he could…a guy who got under opponents skin…a guy who showed no small amount of offensive capabilities (pretty good shot) while driving to the net…a guy who actually LOVED being a Ranger and took trips up to the blue seats to mingle with fans. And if the best Avery can do is pop in 15-20 goals while giving us an edge, that still makes him a better deal than some other guys on this team making a ton more money and unlikely to top 25 goals.

  344. I think Dubinsky has much more upside, but that’s because he’s 5 or 6 years younger than Avery. They’re very different players. Dubinsky is much more of a natural center (though he can excel on the wing as well, I think), has more size, and probably has better hands than Avery.

    What I DO believe is that Avery is a better Left Wing option on the third line than Nigel Dawes. I like Dawes, but his isolated flashes of offensive brilliance shouldn’t be enough to keep Sean’s edgy game out of the lineup. That edge is something the Rangers still desperately need. And remember, Avery will go to the front of the net and will score timely goals. Remember the St. Louis game 2 years ago? How about the 2nd goal in Game 2 last year against the Devils?

    I would bet Tortorella puts Avery on the left wing with Korpikoski and Prucha when he arrives. To me, that’s the right move.

  345. I personally welcome Avery back, and I think that Torts can make Avery an even better player. That is just me though. I can definitely see the other side of the argument, but I liked what he brought to the team when he was here, and I would like to have it back.

  346. I agree with you guys on Avery…put away all the BS and this guy can play; skates fast and hard, goes to the net, plays good backchecking game and stix up for his teammates…with all that said…you’d think someone else would take a flyer on him…even one of those teams that play in front of 13,000 people..wouldn’t he add one or two people??

  347. CJP –

    Well said. He most certainly loved being a Ranger. And that pride in the sweater is something Tortorella will certainly appreciate, since he preaches quite a bit about the honor and tradition of being part of an Original Six team. Avery’s crass attitude towards hockey-lovers was always with tongue firmly planted in cheek. This guy loves the game and loves playing for the Rangers. That alone is reason enough to welcome him back.

  348. CJP, your post says it all. To have all that in a player at three years, $6 million is quite a bargain.

  349. Is it me or has this been one of the slowest approaches to the trading deadline in a long time?

  350. Newman
    Its not you
    I stopped checking online Saturday…and then this morning checked in and I cannot believe the lack of movement…I mean except for Havelid…nothing happened in 96 hours

  351. CJP

    also remember a guy who if he loved the Rangers could have been here for the whole season (the Rangers offered three years 12 mil Stars 4 yrs 15.5 mil). A guy who has a target on his back from the league. A guy who can and has been a huge jerk to fans. A guy who got called for penalties unfairly and who would be harassed by other players with no call in his favor. The Rangers are right at the cap, they offered what they could.

    I would love to be wrong, maybe Avery will somehow be a positive catalyst, but if we lose one of our young players because we are tied up by his salary then frankly it isn’t worth it…

    And he didn’t give an edge, the only team he helped against was the Devils… because for some reason he upset Marty… I’d rather see Cally’s skill and Orr’s toughness be more of the direction we go in than Avery’s perceived toughness… the team supported hi when he was here, that is having you mates back… he would piss someone off and put a target on everyone else’s jerseys… that is a hindrance…

    I didn’t like it when he was here, I took a lot of garbage for that fact… but I still haven’t seen anything to change my mind. He should never have been suspended, there should be no Avery rule. I would love to be wrong, and if I am I won’t disappear… we’ll find out at noon what happens.

  352. Newman its driving me crazy…

    don’t get me wrong… skill wise I pick Avery over Dawes as well… and if Dawes is gone then Avery’s contract probably doesn’t hurt signing future kids as much, but I would rather see some players from Hartford getting into the lineup next year than having them blocked…

  353. And btw, my 2c on the Avery situation is this….the NYR needed a new look, a new feel, a new attitude under Renney and Avery might have been that spark. Now with Torts, it’s not as impearative, IMHO. I just think they need him less now that they have this new energy via Torts. I still think they will take Avery if they can get him, but it is less of a slam dunk in terms of a big impact.

    Also, will be hard to tell how Avery helps versus how Torts new system helps.

    BTW if Tkachuk becomes a Ranger I will be livid.

    Last, I am less convinced that the Rangers make a blockbuster deal. It’s not like this team is only one player from the Cup. With Torts now at the helm, he is still figuring out what he has. I don’t think they do anything too drastic. I sure as hell hope they don’t mortgage the future just to try and make the playoffs. That would be stupid. That would also be classic Sather.

  354. With that being said (no blockbuster) I alluded to Sather stupidity but in reality it may very well come down to $. By that I mean, if doing some deal now costs them, say, $2mm but they can get into the playoffs and the 2 home games (max…let’s be honest and realistic) might net them more than $2mm, then Sather and dopey Dolan might want to do the deal. Sad but true I think.

  355. True…if we are building for the future…you might want to stay away from Avery or anyone else who is available today…but; if you are playing for today he would not only help but make games fun to watch again…before sat’day nites game I can’t remember more than 3-4 Rangers games I could actually call exciting games to watch ( the last two Caps games, The Chicago-crooked ref game, the 8-5 loss to Devs…???)

  356. Someone mentioned it above and its one scenario I could see playing out – clearing some cap room by moving Naslund and Prucha to teams that are looking for rentals (Naslund has 1 year left at $4 million) clears out $5.6 million in cap space. While I seriously doubt any of this will happen, one thing the Rangers could do would be to move those two guys to someone looking for some more scoring depth up front, then try to use the space to bring in Lecavelier. Forget St. Louis, he’s 33, if we’re making a big ticket investment let’s go for a truly elite player. The you could talk about moving Roszival plus a prospect and a pick to Florida for Jay Bo but he still would need to be re-signed after this year. But getting both of those guys would likely involve parting with Dubinsky or Staal. Still, you’d be left with an elite #1 center, a true #1 defender and long-term partner for Staal, and Henrik in goal.

    If I’m Sather and I’m trying to make good moves, that’s what I do. Try to unload Prucha and Naslund, try to land Vinnie and JayBo, unload Roszival (nobody will take Redden) and then consider turning around and, if I’ve managed to keep Dubinsky though all this, flip Gomez or Drury to clear space. Then we’d be talking.

  357. “Is it me or has this been one of the slowest approaches to the trading deadline in a long time?”

    Primarily because of the salary cap!!!. The rangers aren’t going to make any big deals because they are strapped with the cap. There is no way the rangers are going to get rid of any of there big contracts because they are bad contracts thanks to that idiot sather.

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