Avalanche at Rangers


Tonight the Rangers host Colorado, and the team had a practice this morning in Greenburgh. John Tortorella worked with some new lines, although in typical Torts fashion he would not confirm that this is the lineup for tonight’s game. He reiterated that he liked Chris Drury and Brandon Dubinsky together, however.


Naslund, Gomez and Zherdev; Dubinsky, Drury and Callahan; Dawes, Korpikoski and Prucha; and Sjostrom, Betts and Orr.

On defense, the pairings are Mara-Kalinin, Roszival-Redden and Staal-Girardi.

Voros, Valiquette, Reitz and Mark Bell are out for tonight’s game.

I spoke to Fredrik Sjostrom, who still has two nasty cuts from a skate to the face. He said the stitches made him look too much like Frankenstein so they took them out and replaced them with some kind of medical glue… hope no one was eating when they read that, sorry to gross you out! He said he feels fine though and is ready to go.

Tortorella said he really missed Sjostrom during the penalty kill on Thursday when he sat out to get a look at Aaron Voros, who you may notice is not playing tonight. Tortorella said the Rangers have only given up nine scoring chances in each of the last two games, a stat he liked.

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  1. Fixed!

    When did Sjostrom take a skate to the face? I didn’t remember it happening last time he played.

  2. Damn almost got in 1st LOL Well its good to see a coach who can see Voros for the human traffic cone he is !!!!!!!! Then he wondered why people called him CLUELESS. Hopefully tonight will be the night we net some and start the March surge. I`d give a penny to know whats in Sathers mind this morning besides a cigar and an afternoon nap

  3. I truely believe that tonight’s their entire season. If they can’t find a way to beat a struggling Avalanche squad there’s no hope. At all.

  4. anyone have a link to a stream for tonights game? nothing on channelsurfing or atdhe. whats the justin.tv page that usually shows games? damn pix 11.

  5. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    we need to see some goals tonight. no excuses tonight. were facing a bad goalie. if we lose this were all but out of playoffs. i cant see avery comin in and gettin us into the playoffs. we’ll need alot more than him but doubt we can do anything else.

  6. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    ryan- atdhe has hockey back on i watched the pens game last night on it. by gametime the game should be on the listing. yesterday early they had no games listed but i checked later on and they had all the games on. so check it later it probably be there and if not try selfacst.com. then search for rags2riches. it’ll bring you to his site he shows ranger games.

  7. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    ryan i know. i like rags but his stream lags sometimes. atdhe will most likely have the game. i cant see them having some but not all games. they already have 2 games listed. should have rangers listed soon or later on.

  8. Yeah those scoring chances stats are a good thing. I really have a good feeling that they will start to go in in bunches. I have a lot of faith in Torts and really loved the way they played the last game. It will pay off, I just know it!!!

  9. The NHL’s worst goalie’s come into MSG and step on the ice and magically transform into Vezina candidates. This isn’t just this year either, it’s been forever. What a curse.

  10. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    orr- i know it sucks. i hate how they play like the 2nd coming of roy. either its that or our guys have to seriously work on accuracy. hank needs to stop the stoppable ones and not worry about the unstoppable ones. its almost like every game he gives up a bad 1 and then its all over. that backhander last game was pathetic. i love hank hes awesome, but if he can stop the easy ones, he’ll be gettin us wins. all the other goalies are outplaying him. if u think about it. with all the chances we had last 2 games, the goalies were playing really well, and even though hanks been good, hes not been as good as the other teams goalie. i also think that whole panthers game was fixed. that whole non goal thing and then gomez not shooting the empty net and then the bad goal by hank. idk, we cant be that bad maybe im just confused as how they couldnt get 2 goals out of all those chances

  11. Voros and SJustrom will be gone at the deadline.

    Avery will take one spot and then we will go from there.

    they really really need to win tonight…

    the Florida loss really really hurts expeciallyy since they should have won..

    Please g-d give us a damn win.

  12. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    stuart- i already prayed to GOD for tonights game last night. lol. yea this game is soo damn important right now for us. we win, we possibly get in the playoffs, we lose, well, were probably toast because we got philthy 4 times, then the bruins twice i think.

  13. Hockey Gods, Chuck Norris, nor Torts can help us …. we need to have a fire sale and begin the purge NOW – I am not really sure how to move those dead contracts w/o giving up some valuable assests – I think that we really need to hold onto Staal and to Dubi – in my mind, all others are expendable (sorry Callahan, I love the hustle dude)

    It should all be on the table, and not just for a 6-week push when we are going to be out of the play offs anyway. the only help the Hockey Gods can give us is if Glen retires and someone takes over who can put a competitive club together.

    Renny looks like a genius for getting them to play so well early in the season – even the mighty Torts cant go out there and score for this crew. They all need a new venue to play in – they need a change of view in order to get confidence back.


  14. A few weeks ago I had made a silent vow to myself not to attend another Rangers game until the current coaching regime was gone. Then someone offered me face value tickets in the blue seats for the game against the Caps and I decided that figured it was worth seeing Ovechkin/Semin/Green.

    So I got tickets for tonight’s game and hope to see the first win of the Torts Era. Anyone else going tonight?

  15. Ryan -rags2riches is being shown at ustream on my2p2.eu. Also someone is noting problems at ustream. Nothing else showing yet.

  16. Anyone know why Valiquette is out or does that just mean that hes not starting? The way it is in the post seems like hes a scratch for the game.

  17. Vally’s still recovering for the 10-2 loss to Dallas. It was just brutal on him.

    As far as Stuart’s comments that Sjostrom and Voros are going to be gone.

    Torts already doesn’t like Voros, but he likes Sjostrom. He likes Sjostrom alot. He missed him on the Penalty Kill with Betts Thursday. Torts won’t let him go. When Avery comes back goodbye Voros.

  18. Zach Parise with two goals in the first. The difference with the Devils and the rangers is that sather and his team are clueless when it comes to drafting. Zach Parise should be a ranger just like green on washington but sather is a moron.

  19. I like the lines stated above. They are the best he could do with what he’s got. Both defence and offence. I hope he leaves them together for a while.

  20. Parise is a superstar. 38 goals.

    and that moron Sather took Hugh (the flop) Jessiman in ’03 five picks before Parise was taken by the Debbies

    aaargh !

  21. Did Sather pass on Parise? Uneffingbelievable.

    Yup, 2003 entry draft…
    NYR 12th pick…Hugh Jessiman
    NJD 17th pick…Zach Parise

    Really would it have mattered? Parise would probably still be in Hartford if we drafted him or traded for a bag of pucks to make room for Redden.

  22. that is why it is hard to have any faith in Ranger drafting either, because the final decision comes from clueless Sather.

    he has a long history of bad picks.

  23. Parise’s 2nd goal was a thing of beauty. Like AO you can tell that when he has the puck he’s got one intention and that’s to score. He’s going to be the biggest gun for the US Olympic team next year, that’s pretty much the only time I’ll root for him.

    Although Chico did say that he’s nipping on the heels of AO in the goal scoring race and he’s 6 goals behind. C’mon Chico that’s almost 10 games worth of production and that’s if AO doesn’t score himself.

    I’ll be in sect 306 tonight. I’ve got a 2 game winning streak at Rangers games going and guess what 2…Carolina and the Caps.

  24. You can 2nd guess choices in every draft since the draft began. Jessiman was a lousy choice, but don’t forget that guys like Sjostrom and Bell were drafted higher than Parise too, albeit in different years.

  25. let’s see. one guys father was solid NHL player, and the other guys father drove him to the rink.

    Hmmmm, who should we pick?

    what a moron.

  26. Bell over Voros, anyone can handle. Bell over an Anisimov promotion is disgusting. Orr over anybody is the Strudwick/Hollweg nightmare revisited. Long way to go before this train pulls out of the station.

  27. I guess Florida is going to be marty’s 100th shutout victim? oh boy, it’s going to be a marty lovefest on all things nhl for the next week.

  28. wait till Avery starts bumping Marty. he’ll flop like a dead fish. he is the biggest diver there is.

    that was great when Avery knocked him on his ass that time.

  29. Has anyone ever taken the Tour of the Garden ?
    I’m in NY next week ( Boston game section 232) & was thinking I’ll do this. Is this worth going or is it just another $18.00 in Dolan’s pocket ?

  30. Tony – I did it on Valentines day and there were no games or anything and they let us in the locker rooms and everything. I personally loved it. I’d say it’s worth it.

  31. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i caught some of the caps bruins game and just in time to see ovie rip a wicked low wrister behind thomas. his shot is like 20mph faster than anyone on our team. and way more accurate. then kessel ties it froma pass from a guy that is playing wing but is a defenseman. lol it doesnt matter the stickboy on that team could score more goals than any of our guys. man were as good as if we get in 7th or 8th. both those teams will make a mockery of us.

  32. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    id like to take a tour of reddens house when he isnt home. i hear his wife is smokin hot


    Please someone come through…

    Drury, Zherdev, Dubi, Naslund,

    I’m talking to you!!!!

  34. Fruity Cupcake on

    Tony, if you have kids, the lockerroom tour IS pretty cool. But as an adult, I’ve seen more of the Garden as a fan. But who knows what or WHO you might see on a game day!

    UESblueshirt, I’ll be in SEC426 as usual, but with my nephew. Hope they can win one for the kid! He’s coming down from Hartford to see the game.

  35. It’s always tough comparing the cross-generational greats. Brodeur vs. Roy vs. Plante vs. Sawchuk. You could start with the Brodeur getting the benefit of shoot out wins but Roy might have had OT wins that were not available to previous generations.

    It’s a bit of a paradox with wins for goalies like wins for pitchers in baseball. Obviously they have the single-most influence on the outcome of a game yet they can’t win without their teammates scoring goals and playing solid D in front of them.

    Given that Marty played behind a pair of HOF quality D in Stevens and Niedermayer (whether Niedermayer gets in is debatable, but he’s probably the best 2-way D after Lidstrom of this generation of players) it is easy to say that a lot of his work was already done for him. Overall, I begrudgingly say he’s top 5, probably top 3 by many measures. Yet, I’m willing to bet his ex-wife probably has him tops on her $^% list.

  36. Fruity Cupcake (kinda funny to type that), most of the games I attend I buy off of a season ticketholder in 421 Row A. I’m going with my father tonight and since we haven’t had many chances to go this season together I decided to pay the extra $ to move down a level.

    Jeez, even the Panthers in the midst of a blowout can net more than the Rangers.

  37. clowns 16 other teams passed on Parise… Not 1..

    SJustrom is a FA at the end of the year and will not be back so why not trade him if you can? He stinks.. Betts is the key to the PK not SJustrom.

    Voros does stink also but that is besides the point..

    NJ scored today when they had empty nets the rangers did not…

    It is staggering how offensively inept the rangers are, look at the players #’s vs previous years or career everyone is down…..

    the devils are OLD.. the only young guys are zajac, parise, and clarkson.. they have about 10 guys over 34 yrs old…

  38. I hate brodeur but he is by far the best goalie off all time no contest.

    brodeur and the devils play so much smarter then the rangers and hate to lose and win about 8 games a yr. they should not and the rangers lose games they should win also…

  39. I’m sad that Bell is not playing. He should replace Dawes. Nigel Dawes has no business on the Rangers, let alone the NHL.

    He undressed an aging Pronger OOO what has he done since?

    Get some bodies to the net. Bell likes to hit too, and he can take a beating and score a garbage goal (like the kind our captain scored 37 of before he got the 2nd worst contract in NHL history).

  40. Jim Matheson of the Edm Journal says the Rangers are sniffing around Tkachuk and Derek Morris

    oh boy, more old guys

  41. Lol, i love how that retard Chico was going on and on aboot Broduer’s 5 period shut out streak, and potentially getting his 100th career shut out, and then BOOM, Cats score. Lol. Idiot should have kept that Gyro in his mouth.

    Sad that Nyr cant score more than one goal, but the Devs score 7. Same old story.

    Either way, gotta pick up two points tonight. Avs suck, but they’re dangerous because Nyr will make them look that way.

    To bad Bell isn’t in the lineup, i was hoping to see what he can do.

  42. that’s a dumb comment. those teams before the Rangers took Jessiman took Fleury, Staal, Horton, Zherdev, vanek, Michalek ,Suter, Coburn, Phaneuf,Kostitsyn, Carter

    so, NONE of them were clueless jokes like Sather

    they all got good quality NHL players except him.

  43. Stuart….

    i have to disagree with you.. Marty is a phenomenal goaltender… but hes still chasing the best one of all time… Just like Tiger Chasing Jacks major records at the moment i reckon….

    your not the best until you surpass the best in the all time books

  44. Just in off the wire — Rangers President and General Manager has just signed Theo Fluery of the now defunct IRISH HOCKEY LEAUGE. According to Sather ” Theo looks to be in good shape and still has some legs under him ” As compensation the league took an old fashioned Irish 7 course meal for Theo, that being a potatoe and a six pack. Sather was very hard in the negotiations but finally caved and made the six pack Guinness and threw in Aron Voros as a speed bump for the local school.

  45. Well I’m heading out to the Garden in a few for the game tonight. If anyone’s at the game tonight I’ll be in sect. 306 row B wearing a white Leetch jersey and Mets hat.

  46. Staal was drafted 12th who were the 11 guys picked before him.. most will never be what Staal will be and your point on Parise was??

    Let’s talk about Jessiman for 10 more years.

    Also morons you root for NJ today they played the panthers or you are more mental midgets that want the rangers to miss the playoffs for some idiotic reason???

  47. so we missed parise… yes it would have been great… how about when we picked up hank and every other team passed him a bunch of times…

    you can go up and down the list over what could have and would have.. fact is you win some you lose some… we should get over the spilled milk and not cry to long over it

  48. Hugh Jessiman being drafted wasn’t as much spilt milk as it was more like an oil tanker spewing oil in the ocean.

    He/the draft was a disaster for the Rangers. When 29 players make it to the NHL, several picked late in the round become stars and our pick doesn’t even excel at the AHL, that is a huge huge problem.

  49. the analogies i get here are excellent: some examples from the past 2 weeks

    “Hugh Jessiman being drafted wasn’t as much spilt milk as it was more like an oil tanker spewing oil in the ocean.”

    “benching zerdev for lack of effort is like putting a band-aid on a hemorrhage”

    “saying that Renny is the best coach the rangers have had in a long time is like saying having hiv is better than cancer”

  50. Linda is technologically frustrated! on

    good evening gentlemen and ladies…
    and thank you mike for the atdhe info

    and THANK YOU CALLY!!!! wooooooooooooot wwwwwwwwwooooooooot

  51. Linda is technologically frustrated! on

    what the hell!!! WOOOOOOOOO Ya blink and ya missed it! who ARE these guys???????

  52. Of course, the one game I give up my season tickets to since I have bronchitis, they start out like this..

    Lets Go Rangers!

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Went to the Devils game today (free tickets from someone I work with, GREAT seats). I took my dad, who is an architect by training and he’s wanted to get out there to see the building. As we watched them utterly destroy the Panthers, he leaned over to me and and said “so this is what a good team looks like?”

    Also, their crowd activity is all stolen from the Rangers. They do the Potvin chant except they say “Rangers suck,” something I’m sure made Dennis Potvin smile today. They also have started chanting “Marty” Like we chant “Henrik.” And they had some jerk dancing with moves like Larry, except he works for them, danced thorughout the entire game giving out t-shirts, and moving from section to section.

    They also stole from the Piles: they have dancers.

    Great start for the Rangers, let’s see if they can keep it up.

  54. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    Doodie, your dad sounds pretty funny. How is the “Rock” or, as some Rangers fans I know call it.. ‘the pebble”?

    We’re getting the Avs feed here, of course they went on about how good of a coach/guy Renney is. These guys are pretty monotone so far, then again, they’ve had nothing to get excited about lol

  55. Kudos to Ryan & Jerkins Perkins for turning me onto atdhe.net…no Ch 11 down here is Philthy-delphia. Thanks guys!

    Who needs a dish?

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s the second time I’ve been there (Game 1 of the playoffs last season being the other). I will say the same thing I said then: When they redo MSG, they better copy as much of the Prudential Center as possible.

  57. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    Guerin traded? Oh my daughter is gonna be furious! Kid grew up a Rangers fan, and some boy brainwashed her to the dark side and she now is a .. i cant even say it!

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Then your daughter should be happy because I’m sure it’ll include a high draft pick.

  59. See, Korpikoski is still off of my fantasy team and he is scoring. Dawes in on my bench, but Prucha is in the lineup of course, since he plays on the power play! This is a Rangers-based team, or else I would not have these guys. I get the rights to all Rangers but have others, as well.


    OH YEAH BABY!!! FU TOM!!!!!!


    And I bet you guys they wont hang back either.

    I knew it!! I just knew it!!!

    TORTS !!!! TORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    HOLY CRAP!!! 4-0! So happy Pru scored!!!! And now the little smirking fool gets one. It’s a cavalcade of pucks!

  62. Renney woulda gone into protect-mode full-on trap after the first goal. And I’m not completely kidding either.

    God I am glad that guy and his fears are gone from this team.

  63. Riquere,

    Exactly what I was about to say. Four goals in one period and right to the end we were putting on great pressure and got a few good shots on goal in the last minute.

    You are absolutely right, Renney would have had us protecting after the first and the second goal probably wouldn’t have even happened.

  64. Tom Renney: “Boys, the unsafest lead in hockey is four goals, so if I see anyone of you behind their goal line from here on out, you’re fined.”

  65. HockeymanRangers on

    These players can’t go thinking the elephant is off their back’s YET. OHH YESSS this helps SO MUCH BUT. They have to keep playing like this for the rest of the season. Then maybe they can say the Ellie the elephant is finally off their backs.

  66. we look incredible. Granted the Avs look like a slow AHL team, but these are the games we absolutely need to win…

    Good aggressive play MAKES stars. Who thought Boston would be this good at the beginning of the season? yeah. NOBODY. But now everyone throws their names around like they were proven stars, Lucic, Krejci, Wheeler. Winning makes stars. If we play like this more often, the league would be talking about how unfair it is that the Rangers have Cally, Korpi, AND dubinsky! Keep it up!

  67. Dubi or not Dubi on

    This is so awesome, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a Rangers game as much as I’m enjoying this one!

    Of course since I have to complain about something (otherwise it doesn’t feel right), Drury is still not good and Rozy is having a rough game.

    Can anybody believe that Redden and Kalinin actually look like a good fit with Torts’s system!?

  68. any news on Guerin??

    is this display because of the opponent? Does any of it have to do with the rangers and they actually can skate?

    Listened to the panther game about 2 sundays ago against the rangers and the florida announcers constantly said the panthers were faster then the rangers!!I think the rangers should have a fast team, am I mistaken?


  69. True fans bleed rw&b on

    See! We told you there would be a difference!

    So now all you renney lovers can shut the hell up again. Torts did in one period what renneygade hadn’t been able to do in almost 2 months.

  70. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    gonna be interesting to see how they play on thursday after they’ve have 4 days indoctrination into the new system and the purging of the ‘trap’ from their minds. They are flyin tonight, and it’d be great if this is a full 60 minutes of hockey from them!

  71. At the game, wow most people just settled in and it’s 2-0.

    I’ve been to the Canes and Caps games as my most recent games, I need to ask Dolan if they can pay me to show up the rest if the season.

  72. Avs are having no luck with their breakout passes. They are constantly on their heels because of the forecheck. Most of our breakouts are starting at the red line! (sure. one period. awful team….but YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!)

    predictions on the final score?


  73. Well it is about time. Great to see Prucha score. Torts said before the game that he was going to give Prucha a wack to give him the opp. to score. well he did score. Now give him the same time you gave the other forwards not 3+ minutes vs 7+ minutes for the other guys.

  74. from tsn:
    A somewhat bizzare chain of events occurred tonight involving New York Islanders forward Bill Guerin.

    Guerin was pulled from the Islanders’ lineup after the warmup, just prior to this evening’s game against the Buffalo Sabres.

    According to a source, Guerin is not hurt and there is a strong belief he was taken off the ice and out of New York’s lineup in order to wait for a trade.

    Guerin, who would be an unrestricted free agent on July 1, has a no-move clause and sources close to the veteran forward say he has not yet been asked to waive it.

    However, it would appear pending his approval, Guerin is on the move.

    Details to follow.

  75. onecupin69years on

    Oh My Gosh, I thought I was ranger classics!

    There’s nothing like a 1st period goal Orgy when you’ve celibate as long as the rangers have

  76. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    thanks Dubiiiii.

    another power play opp! Wow, it sounds kinda quiet there right now!

    Do ya think Drury may actually get one tonite?

  77. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    Examiner, the turnaround has to start SOMEWHERE! Who cares who its against, it’s gonna help them get some offensive confidence back, and that could lead to good things! And here comes another power play. They gotta score on one or two of these eventually lol!

  78. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    and there ya go… drury with a power play goal!!! wooooo freakin hoooooooooooooooooooo!

  79. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    thanks Dubiiiii!

    lets see…who gets next??? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say…..Girardi lol…why not!

  80. In three games, scoring chances are up, and chances against are down. Accident? And to think Renney has (had?) this reputation as a strong defensive coach?

    I’m a little late to the party but posters like ford, true fans, salty, wd40 and others had this coaching situation COMPLETELY figured out long, long ago — more than the media and more than a LOT of knuckleheads on this board.

  81. Our defense is better under Torts than I can remember it being under Renney in quite some time.

  82. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    when the rangers score, these guys just say… “goal” very flatly, it’s kinda weird.

    The colorado commercials have been nothing special yet. Nothing like Mr. Lube from the other night…That monkey guy in the ny lottery commercial is funny.

    Still waiting on that Girardi goal!!!

  83. Really aggresive defense on that top Avs line. Great stuff, and a quick breakout? Are we watching the Red Wings or the Rangers?

  84. subtle change… rangers D finally sliding down to take away the passing lane on 2 on 1’s. never did that under renney this year.

  85. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    Cryin Ryan ruins Hanks shutout…with help from Kalinin lol ;-)

    The dreaded 5 goal lead is now the dreaded 4 goal lead LOL!!


  86. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    February 28th, 2009 at 8:24 pm
    goddammit no SO. 6-5 loss coming up


    LOL!! classic

  87. Dawes has about similar TOI as his linemates (within 45 seconds, they haven’t gotten many shifts).

    As of 90 seconds ago, do you know who led in ice time? Hint: NOT a defensman!

    It was Brandon DUBINSKY!!

  88. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    Dawes!? I totally forgot he was playing! Does that mean I’m having a senior moment or is he that forgettable.

  89. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    ok these announcers where talkin about prucha and how his goal scoring has dried up… but did not mention the fact that he’s been a healthy scratch for MOST of the damned season under renney! DUH

    Dubiiii, any update on Guerin?

  90. My guess for Wed.

    Atleast Dawes and Voros are gone

    Probably Prucha and hopefully one of our “superstars”

  91. From Wikipedia:

    On February 28, 2009, Bill Guerin was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs for Matt Cassel and agreed to a 7-year $70M contract with the Chiefs.

  92. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    holy crap… did anyone else just lose the rangers game and get the wings game?!! wtf!?

  93. Staal looks much better today. More composed and focused. Fourth line is MUCH better with sjo on there.

    Avs are pretty good, great forecheck and some good players… Rangers actually look real competative, even though it’s been a more even period…

  94. dawes is second to last in ice time ahaed of only sjostrom behind orr and betts and we haven’t taken a penalty so the answer is isn’t the pk. i guess his linemates are only about a minute up on him but still our top two aren’t playing well enough to kill the ice time of an extremely capable scoring line(compared two our top two)with dawes and prucha (who i believe can be a 30+ scorer again in this system)

  95. don’t wait for wed, to make any trades,do it tomorrow or monday so they can practice for a few days.

  96. anyone watching the hockey night in canada stuff right now…

    They are saying Jay Bo not moving anywhere… Kari Lehtonen to Philly, St. Louis possibly going to get traded.. they are saying more likely than Lecavlier

  97. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    wow that took forever! putting the old desktop back together tomorrow….hopefully my friend fixed up the hard drive enough for me to be able to watch on nhl.com since they got my money!!

    wings are losing 5-0 to nashville btw.

  98. Prucha’s lack of ice time is directly connected to the invisible Dawes. Keeping Dawes off the ice, where he belongs, unfortunately does the same to Prucha. Would love to see Prucha get some time with Dubinsky and Gomez.

  99. oh also-

    on what I just posted.. Dont you think now with St. Louis possibly moving he might be a good fit here with Torts now?

  100. Chris-
    I don’t think they’ll let Pru go. I think Korpi, Dawes and a prospect (Potter, maybe Sags) are gonna go, Rosie is hangning loose too. No one is going to pick up Gomer, Dru or Dredden. No one. Not on those contracts.

    I think we’ll see avery and maybe, just maybe Antropov. Remember Slats was in Toronto.

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    Look at the ice time- this is what I said after the first game with Torts as coach. He’s not being a three line team, he’s being a two line team. They will fall apart that way.

    They’re up by 4, roll your lines and rest your top guys.

  102. wouldn’t mind Antrapov. How about Ryan Smyth i know he has 3 years left on his cotract but don’t know what he makes. He would be a good man for the anemic PP. Also Guerin traded to a team in the east. team?????

  103. Hockey Buzz on Guerrin

    “He took the skate, was healthy, but is a no show for the warm up and game against Buffalo….

    Updated…Guerin has texted Andy Strickland to tell him that we will all know what is going on with him in the morning…he has left the building.

    Andy has learned that it is NOT NJ or Boston. I found out that it is NOT Philly…

    I am hearing that Washington, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh are all possible.

    Looking into it…

    As Andy Strickland reported, Derek Morris(phoenix) is in the same boat…”

  104. Doodie….

    Youre forgetting that it’s been all PP and no PK, so ice time might not be all accurate… Powerplay is not as tiring as 5 on 5…

  105. Jagr’s Father—

    Antropov is a Jagr look alike (not as good though). Great physics, composure, great shot, and a bit of that european diva-attitude… How about a line with Antropov, Gomez and Callahan? Feels good to me.

  106. Artyukin is a good choice too. I doubt their letting him go though. He is better than people think.

  107. Lets hope toronto bites because he would look good in a Ranger jersey. and about avery yes he does have to go through re entry waivers and other teams will have a chance to pick him up but he will refuse to report to any other team but NY. He wants to play only for the rangers and all the other GM’s know this so they won’t touch him. BTW whats up with Maxim Afinigenov? whats his status

  108. haven’t moticed redden as much as the last two games. just me or is he back yo his good old fashioned awfulness

  109. Afinogenov sucks. He’s more of a no-show than Zherdev. He has 2g/10a/12p in 34 games this year. Not worth it (unless they wanna take back Drury).

  110. Jagrs Father—-

    Yeah, I have thought abought Afinogenov too, he is magic when in mood, but he is too big of a risk with injuries. Totally numb this season. I’d take Antropov over him anyday. How about Rosie and Dawes for Antropov? I could live with that…

  111. Maybe he needs a change of scenery. look what it did for kovalev when he was dealt to the pens. i agree he is alot of flash but he is skilled no question he just needs to be taught disipline. maybe torts can do something with him. Hear the way Maloney and Joe the ass keep on mentioning Smyth. Do they know something? nazzy our first 20 goal man. congrats.

  112. Where are the Renney lover’s?! Who called us out the past two games… reveal yourself! (Riggure, thank you for the props, btw).

    The Avs feed just said this is the first 6-goal game for the Rangers this year… is that true?! Wow.

    Again, Renney lovers, try again!

    Carp, you have some explaining to do too.

  113. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    holy crap what did i miss! yikes high hit on sjo…the guys poor face the past few days!!!

    who scored????

  114. Its his 11th season with 20 or more goals…..(10 in a row)

    Yeah Markus!! (have him in my hockey pool)

  115. you know Nazzy for 4m isnt so bad…. If you gave Jagr 7.5 like he wanted he was never scoring 15


    F Jagr. If he started trying in October instead of September, he’d automatically trigger another $9m salary (only half for cap hit). F Jagr.

  116. Not to nit pick, but awful, dangerous pass by Redden on this last powerplay

    and why is he not dropping his gloves and getting lapierre OFF OF DUBINSKY

  117. surprised by Naslund goal. thought it was another bad angle shot. they’ve reverted to shooting at bad angles again now that they are way ahead. hopefully, Torts gets ’em out of that habit ASAP.

    what is Lappy doing out on the ice? did time just move so quickly and his penalty was over.

    agree with Maloney. Redden needs to drop his gloves and hold on to his man better.

    trade Rozy

  118. Jive
    February 28th, 2009 at 9:28 pm
    Not to nit pick, but awful, dangerous pass by Redden on this last powerplay

    and why is he not dropping his gloves and getting lapierre OFF OF DUBINSKY

    Jive, You’re really going to nit-pick about that?!

    REALLY! They had almost a 14 game losing streak! They’ve had a season long-scoring drought! And that’s what pisses you off tonight…?!

    People! Get excited!! This is OUR team and I love what they are doing now.

  119. didn’t think of it til now.

    two hotheaded Italians coaching.
    imagine being a fly in those locker rooms.

    boys, better go to confession soon.

  120. True Fans—

    I Hear ya.

    I’m feeling goooooooood. Either because of all the wine or the 6-1 lead.

  121. Dubi or not Dubi on

    This team has a personality!!! This may be the best home sporting event I’ve watched since the Rangers knocked the devils out of the playoffs last year at the pebble!

  122. Congrats Tort’s on #1. A blowout to. Wow! I’m goin to get ripped to celebrate. Great game boys!! Keep it up.

  123. Zhervalev,
    Hank vs raycroft? Hank’s punches would be like pucks-they’d go right through raycroft

  124. the King did very good tonight
    but i wouldn’t have given him number one star.

    who was the third star?
    they showed Gomez and Hank during the broadcast.

  125. that’s what they needed. some g d emotion from their coaches. not 3 professors chewing gum and trapping

  126. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    DAMN THIS POS!!!! i miss probably the most exciting 6 minutes of the game!! finally get back and you guys, damnit i am jealous!!! argh!!!!!

    Tucker turtled…gee, what a shocker!

  127. Drury #1 star Hank #2 Gomez #3. whoa thats strange (except hank) and we are buyers 100% sure of that

  128. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    no alex, just an ancient computer that locks up at the worst possible times!!

    don cherry was just goin nuts on europeans, and why is his suit normal?

  129. The Rangers are like that old saying going into March,In like a lion,lets just hope its not out like a lamb…..

  130. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    lol @ Alex, i was a bit lit last night… Don Cherry is NUTS, and at least you dont have a man crush on Dolan or Sather!!!

    e.m.!!! you’re ‘3 professors chewing gum” line has to be one of the best of the night! Kudos!

  131. Linda wishes octomom would disappear on

    kph i was thinking the same thing!

    Well gentlemen and ladies (?) it looks like we are getting our damned team back! they’ve been like those little kids in the indiana jones movie, under that spell, and now they’ve been released by the Godfather and are out of the coma!!! FINALLY!!!!

  132. kph if avery was still on the ice from the previous fights

    more than likely avery would have gotten suspended for life with what he would have done to tucker

  133. i still say we are sellers…
    this was one game folks..and we still need to rid team of Gomez, redden, voros, dawes, kalinin

  134. What happened, I thought we had the worst GM in the world and all our players were thieves?

    Some of our windbag fans who screamed bloody murder during the end of last game almost don’t deserve the talented and tough team Tortorella, Schoenfeld and Sather are going to make.

  135. Forget Drury,Gomez,Rdded,Rozi,Stall,Dubi,Hank,Kalinin,and probiblyCalli,,ORR,SOJO,AND BETTS,
    So who gets traded,or better yet who can we get with what we have left.

  136. please no tkachuk. Let’s throw a bunch of players at Minnesota for Gaborik. He plays , great. He doesn’t, fine, we don’t resign him and have 7.5 mill in cap room. (or 7.5 million in stupid Sather signings)

  137. Gaborik is not cleared to play. he is still practicing half speed. and he is a UFA. and on HNIC they have the Minn game on and they just said that Minn says they are keeping him till the end of the season. he may be available on July 1

  138. thanks joe

    last i had heard, he was scheduled for a physical march 3rd.
    guess not.


    You’re right, but since Torts took over it’s been Rangers vs. the Back of the net. We finally broke through. Let’s beat our sub par opponents and maybe squeak out a few against the good teams and we’ll be in pretty good shape.

  139. no, you’re right on that jeff. he is scheduled for an exam on March 3 to determine if he can then go full speed in practice. that means he is a couple weeks or so away from playing in a game. anyway, he is someone to sign in the summer as a UFA, if it gets to that point.

  140. Good win against a bad team ….. but exactly the type of team that Renney —- allergic to lopsided wins —- would get into a taffy pull with to no happy ending.

    I am calling out Gargoyle, Dude, Beer Me, Timbo, Sean, JJP, Tom, Lobster, Brandon, mike in ia, and all other Renny enablers to explain something.

    Not the win, because it’s just one game. Not the six goals, because who knows about the next game.

    No, I wanna know about the spirit and the energy and the emotion that was generated tonight in that building. The exact type of emotion that your hero Tom “Top Five Coach(excuse me while I puke!) in the NHL” Renny was desperate to cap, to contain, to never let loose.

    The guy who said on national TV (Versus) “No we do not want to get into a run and gun with the Islanders” and “Atlanta is a good team” and “We gave St. Louis something to think about tonight” has in three games, where scoring chances for are WAY UP while scoring chances against are WAY DOWN, been proven by Tortorella to be just as clueless and afraid and idiotic as all his critics thought and argued and convinced …. and those critics thankfully finally won out.

    I welcome any response that Gargoyle, Dude, Beer Me, Timbo, Sean, JJP, Tom, Lobster, Brandon, mike in ia, William wanna make.

  141. “No, I wanna know about the spirit and the energy and the emotion that was generated tonight in that building. The exact type of emotion that your hero Tom “Top Five Coach(excuse me while I puke!) in the NHL” Renny was desperate to cap, to contain, to never let loose.” — wd40

    Thank you wd40, this is EXACTLY the point! The days of yawning during games at MSG are over! The old Ranger fight is back.

    Renney ought to be driving the Zamboni at the Sacred Sisters of the Poor’s rink. Anything higher than that he will mess up bigtime.

  142. Boy, check out this stat:

    “The Rangers are 26-3-2 when they score at least three goals.”

    If we had even an average offense, we’d be pretty much an automatic top 4 team in the east. Oh well, guess we have to play with the cards we’re dealt.

  143. Glen please dont be fooled by this score. The team still need a big time goal scorer. Just an idea but how about Prucha,Ansimov,Delzotto and first round pick for Kovalchuck and Nichlas Havlid? Any thoughts. U have to give to get. Kovalchuck is only 25.

  144. Hey Gargolyle, where are all those 6-4, 5-3 losses you predicted, hunh? Three games in and scoring chances against are down in a big way —— from a team that was “coached” to be defensive first. Explain that please??

    And btw Carp, are you sticking to your story that this is a bottom fourth of the NHL roster?? No question they lack the talent to win a Cup, but bottom fourth?? Come on. I have them solid in the middle of the pack, say 11th or 12th, but clearly a playoff team (for whatever that’s worth)

    And yes I agree that Sather is a lazy bum, but at last they are being coached by a first rate professional and not a terrified bean counter.

  145. czechthemout!!!!! on

    I was at the game with my two daughters tonight.This game was a blast!!!!!!! You see, all you Renneyaide drinkers, this is what it means to have a real coach. Some who said after the last game that he thinks he knows what they are doing wrong at the moment they are in position to score.He said he’d fix it at the next practice.I know it’s one game but he at least fixed it today.This was the best all around game they played this year.Wade Redden is reborn under Torts! Rozy needs to be traded!! he was awfull today.He is way too indicisive and seems like a poor fit for this type of system.

    Again,where are all the Renneyaide drinkers? You guys should be thirlled becuase are you not Rangers fans?

  146. Disgusting! Not the game, but the fact that there are 1/3 as many posts on a good night as on previous bad nights.

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