After further review … (AVERY UPDATE)


Hey, it’s Carp. Here is the explanation I got from NHL exec Mike Murphy regarding the review of the disallowed Brandon Dubinsky goal last night.

Murphy said that the call was correct, but the process was not:

“In regards to your questions relating to last nights Ranger – Panther game, here is what happened.

As the on-ice officials were coming together and concluding that Brandon Dubinsky’ stick had made contact with the puck above the height of the cross-bar and that their call on the ice was “no goal”, the play was being looked at both by the Toronto Video Room and by the in arena Video Goal Judge at Madison Square Garden. It was the opinion of both that the call made by the on-ice officials would stand, as there was inconclusive video evidence to overturn this call.

There were, however, a number of errors made in the video review process as it applied to this play. Essentially, there was a communication break down between the on-ice and off-ice officials. The Video Goal Judge failed to sound his horn, signalling the on-ice officials of the need for further video review, and the on-ice officials failed to recognize that the play required official video review and assumed that no further review was necessary. This should never have happened and this play should have been placed under formal video review.

Over the course of the season, the NHL Video Room has overturned very few plays involving pucks that may or may not be high sticked into the net. For the most part, the on-ice officials have the best view of these plays and it is extremely difficult to get a true and accurate perspective of the puck, the crossbar and where the puck makes contact with the stick threw replays. With very few exceptions, the call made by the on-ice officials stands. This is particularly true when more than one on-ice official has a view of the play.

In the end, while there were mistakes made in the process, mistakes that we have taken steps to resolve for the future, we are confident that the correct result was reached.”


WITT-LESS: No Brendan Witt for Thursday’s Rangers game against the Islanders. The NHL just suspended him for five games for an elbow to the head of Toronto’s Niklas Hagman.



The Rangers still have limited tickets available for Casino Night. Here’s the info from the team:
New York, February 27, 2009 – The New York Rangers players and coaches will be decked out in their tuxedos and dealing out a great night of fun at Casino Night on Monday, March 2 at Gotham Hall in Manhattan benefitting the Garden of Dreams Foundation. This exciting night will bring new head coach John Tortorella and the entire Rangers team together with Blueshirt fans for a festive evening in a casino setting to support the Garden of Dreams Foundation, which makes “dreams come true for kids in crisis”.

This full team event, including Rangers Henrik Lundqvist, Chris Drury, and Scott Gomez, will also feature a live and silent auction. For further details, please visit

WHO: The entire 2008-2009 New York Rangers team
WHAT: New York Rangers Casino Night
WHEN: Monday, March 2, 2009 beginning at 7:00 PM
WHERE: Gotham Hall, 1356 Broadway (and 36th Street)



Here is TSN’s story that Sean Avery will go on re-entry waivers Sunday or Monday, which means he could be a Ranger (if no other team claims him) by Tuesday.

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  1. I dont know either way everything happened way to fast for there to have been a correct review in toronto or from the garden video judges.

    The puck went in the net the fans cheered the refs said no goal and that was that they went straight to drop the puck.

    maybe yeah it was a bad goal but the 15 seconds that passed were nowhere near enough time.

  2. great, when we finally possibly score a goal, the system finds a way to mess with us.

    next goal is gonna be called “Distinct kicking motion” a la rachunek

  3. We’re lucky Nazzy’s goal wasn’t overturned due to a ‘distinct kicking motion.’ I don’t think there was one, but the way things are going lately . . .

  4. Hate to say I told you so… but…

    I knew it was too quick to have been reviewed… the refs didn’t even go to the phone. They just went to Torts to explain to him how they were not going to allow it.

  5. Not the refs’ fault. The video review booth’s fault.

    But, as Murphy told me, the consensus was that the evidence was not conclusive enough to overturn the call on the ice, which was “no goal.”

  6. If the video was inconlusive, how can the refs decide no goal right away ???

    I mean it was close but the refs decided right away without any further help no goal…

    It is a little bit weird….!!!!!!

  7. SELL … did you read the explanation? The mistakes were made at MSG. Not in Toronto.
    And the consensus was, once again, that the evidence was not enough to overturn the call on the ice.

  8. # SELL! SELL! SELL! February 27th, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    I know, but I need another reason to blame the NHL, which ultimately makes me want to blame Bettman.

    Blame Renney

  9. Let’s talk trade, guys. I heard that Kings may want to move FROLOV and maybe Pens would like to listen offers for J.STAAL. I’d love to see them both on Broadway. Imagine FROLOV with ZHERDEV in the same lane. Maybe that’d click?
    From the other hand, for J-BO Panthers ask at least 4th D and veteran forward that could help them make a run for the Playoffs. How about ROZSIVAL & DRURY / NASLUND for J-BO? What do you think?

  10. This league is full of morons.

    Remember the Rangers vs Pens game two seasons ago. Matt Cullen shot a puck in the net, and nobody saw it ? The puck literally was shot in and out of the net, and it wasn’t reviewed. Luckily Rozi won it in OT.


    Dru might not want to move to Florida. Maybe LA though, since he has so many friends down there. Get Frolov for him, even though im sure we;ll have to throw a hell of a lot more than Dreary to get him. I doubt he’ll waive his NTC though.

    Gomer needs to get dumped though, hopefully he’s willing to accept a trade, im sure we can get a good enough return.

  11. what fan base? you mean the empty seats that mean no revenue?

    would you buy season tickets because Drury or Naslund joined your team?

  12. joe- I’m a Ranger fan so I’d not pay anything to see Dru or Naz but down there in FL they’re trying to expand the fan base and these players could help them do that, we might not agree but they are considered as top-shelf players in the NHL.

  13. Any clarification on how the ref can call “hooking” or “goalie” interference on Callahan when replays clearly show him looking elsewhere at the time of the supposed infraction?

    How does a ref call a penalty on a play he wasn’t watching?

  14. One more thing. I don’t believe Slats is not considering trading for Frolov or mentioned above Gaborik. As far as we could dump these ridiculous salaries it works for me.

  15. Carp,

    It’s looking like the Rangers truly have limited (if no) options come next Wednesday, unless they purge the roster of the heavy contracts. I have my theories, but that’s what they are theories. What do you see happening?

    Avery returning? I mean, I have a wish list of players I’d like, but the contract math couldn’t add up, esp since our players values have dimished with their inability to score.

    Any thoughts?

  16. murph, I wouldn’t claim Avery … that doesn’t mean Sather won’t. I think his mind is made up already … but I wouldn’t make a single move that will help this season and hurt in the long run, and that is exactly what Avery is. Or Tkachuk or Guerin or any of these rental guys.

    Avery’s contract against the cap next year, even at $1.9, might prevent the Rangers from signing one or two of their own young players. That’s a terrible move.

    We’ll get into the trade deadline stuff more Sunday and beyond.

  17. Rick

    Do you think Sather will take the RFA’s to arbitration to prevent other teams from snatching them up?

  18. Goal or no goal, it shouldn’t have mattered. We should have had another five goals, but things just weren’t going our way.

  19. I hope he does that Mako rather than bothering with the trade deadline… Carp is right anything that helps THIS year but hurts FUTURE years is no good…

  20. I’ve been to their casino night. Its a fantastic time. I went last year and when LQ won the gold medal in the Olympics. I couldnt get near him LOL he was so mobbed with ppl. I tell you I saw Jagr walk in and I was in awe how truly huge he is. I shook his hand it was like I was shaking hands with a polar bear.

    What was funny all the single women there were all errr “decked out” looking for a rich husband LOL

  21. Teams with the most cap space available: Kings, Nashville, PHX, NYI, Toronto, Columbus, Carolina… those teams have at least 6m of space.

    All of our bad contracts are above $6m. Good luck moving Gomez/Drury/Redden without throwing in a bunch of first rounders.

  22. Carp, I think Sather could use the rehab excuse to get Avery off the team and thus no cap hit if his play falls off, and IF he ever does anything again that could be construed negatively, it would give slats the easy excuse to put him back on behavioral health IR and thus off the cap.

  23. Agravaine

    Yeah, like what he did with LQ for that one year. They are ALL up this year. Except Gomez, Drury & Naslund (forwards)

    Staal’s entry contract is up with Girardi’s next year so that is good.

    Ugh and Drury is gonna make $8mm next year?

  24. I could see 2nd rounder, not first being traded

    of course, if they pick more Jessimans and Montoyas, it won’t matter much anyway.

  25. I don’t get all the Avery-hate. Everyone loved him last year. This team is boring as sh*t. Plus, no other team fears playing us. The argument that Avery won’t score 50 goals so he won’t be helpful is ridiculous. That’s obviously not his game. What he will do is throw the other team off, while pumping up his own team.

  26. I’ve always felt that the Refs and Toronto have always enjoyed putting the screws to us. We are NY. That being said, If Sather does anything with any of the “big names” its a huge admition of failure. This is his pet project and if they keep making moves at every turn we are gonna end up going in cirles. Bring Avery back ASAP if he is in good form he can create problems in the offensive zone and hopefully make some space for Zherdev/Dubinsky/Gomez to operate and get more scoring chances. Let Toterella deal with this group for this season and see what happens. And if we miss the playoffs by a long shot then get Sather out before the Draft.

  27. Maybe Sather picked up Bell so he could trade him for Avery if Avery is claimed by another team. Or he could want to trade a player like Dawes just to get him off of the roster. I’m guessing nobody would want Voros with two years left on his contract.

    Here’s an interesting question: If the Rangers (or any other team) claimed Avery for half of his salary with Dallas paying the other half, as well as being charged against their cap, could Dallas then buy out that portion of the salary that they are paying at the 2/3 over six years (so $633,333 per season) during the offseason? I am betting that is possible.

  28. Avery comes with too much baggage. Way too much for the amount of production. Plus Torts isn’t a huge fan of his. Let the coach have a voice in personnel, please.

  29. Spiderpig,

    No they can’t. They no longer own his rights, therefore could not buy his contract out which is no longer theirs. They’re stuck with the 1/2 if he gets claimed on re-entry.

  30. absolutely I want him back. it’s been boring without him.

    and as joe pointed out above, if he acts up and pl;aysmlousy, he can easily be put off the team back into rehab, and he would not count against the cap.

  31. Yeah, but if Avery is fine this year and acts up next year, then maybe you’ve already not signed somebody else because of his $1.9 on the cap. Maybe you’ve already lost a player when he acts up.

    PLUS, the coach doesn’t want him! Why would you force a player on your coach? Why?

  32. If Avery was a 30 goal scorer then great, get him and get him quick but fact is he’s not. He’s never scored more than 18 in one year. This team needs to score goals and he is not a goal scorer.

    Everyone says this team is boring. That’s great but this team has a new coach that runs his team in a fashion that is anything but boring.

    If anyones main argument to get Avery is that this team is boring, please move on.

  33. kph Last year the complexion of the team was different. Meaning Avery worked well with Jagr, Straka and Shanahan. He may not be that good a fit with this year’s roster. Carp is right in that his downside maybe greater than his upside. Re: Last night’s game; Chapter and Verse ( It’s like watching Groundhog’s Day) What Ranger fan when the score was 1-0 didn’t think Florida was going to tie and ultimately win the game. The real problem is most of the players felt the same way and that’s when it becomes a total mind game. We don’t score because we don’t have top notch scorers and we’re a very fragile team.

  34. Because Sather loves Avery that’s why he would force Avery on Torts.

    Btw..Do you think it’s likely another team would pick Avery up, before the Rangers? I would really hate to lose one of our young guys next year b/c of cap probs

  35. I just think everyone’s memories are really short on what Avery added to the team last year. The guy wants to be a Ranger, plays all out, played an entire playoff game last year with a busted spleen, drives opponents insane, and adds offense while doing it. We’re nitpicking over $1.9M for this? This is the team that pays Redden $6M to be a human traffic-cone. Avery is a BARGAIN.

  36. With Avery, we were something like 53-12-10 with him in the lineup.. and that was in a Renney system… Imagine all the room he will create for his linemates in a Torts’ system.

  37. Avery is not going to help this team with the area they need the most help in, scoring. Hopefully another team claims him, just to make Sather look like a tool.

  38. Carp-

    I think your argument about the signing of Avery could mean difficulties signing youngsters next season, however, I also think Avery could ignite something. A change in attitude, if you will.

    I would like to believe that people can change, and that Avery will not be too big of a problem off the ice (in the locker room) and could actually fit right in in the Tort system. With this in mind, I also firmly believe that for Avery to be effective, the Rangers need a new “franchise player”. We need a Kovie/Vinny/Jags-type player or problems will remain. We need a go-to-guy in all departments, Avery could be one in his specific department. One good trade, thats all I ask, Slats!

    Your thoughts?

  39. but all this was worked out long ago. i don’t think any other gm would touch Avery. i mean it’s not like detroit wants him for a cup run…we’re talking about the thrashers, isles, etc. those teams will still want to be able to deal with Slats in the future.

    for some reason Slats loves Avery, thinks he got screwed, and already decided he’s the one to give him that “another chance”

  40. Tortorella is a coach, not a GM. You get the most out of the players you have. I’m sure if he was starting a team from scratch, Torts would not choose Redden, Kalinin, or Voros either, but it is not as if we’re about to ship them off.

    This team already has no chemistry. And by chemistry, I mean on the ice. I don’t care that they make a great book club off of it.

    I think ‘boring’ is just another way of saying that this team plays with no passion, and that Avery is a passionate player, who will bring an edge. Hitting and getting in the other team’s face is contageous, and he’ll do that. In that sense, he’ll help the team, even if he won’t score 30 goals. It’s not just that I want to be entertained by his antics. I want other teams to hate playing the Rangers again.

  41. oh and somewhere sean is giggling because he orchestrated this whole thing perfectly to fix his mistake of leaving in the first place

  42. kph—

    Spot on. I don’t like Avery. I don’t. But I see your point and it makes a lot of sense. Stupid jerks can also be good at their jobs, look at Christian Bale.

  43. Dubiiii

    Brilliant isnt it? He gets the money he asked for and will (maybe) play for the only team he loved to play on…

  44. kph

    what did Avery bring to the team… some disgraceful (albeit funny) behaviour in the playoffs?

    Goals scored becuase the much more skilled Jagr and Dubi were bringing all the attention?

    A reputation for cheapness? Diving?

    What did he bring us (again I didn’t like him first time around so this isn’t being two faced.. you don’t ge thte Aveyr hate? I never understood the fascination… and I didn’t think he should have been suspended for what he said about his gf either, I think Phaneuf shoul have been allowed to handle it)

    Carp is riht if he brings anything this year but at the espense of future resignings of Dubi, Z, Staal, Dan, AA, Del Zotto, Sang, Potter… is it worth it?

  45. Dubi…

    thats right if he wanted to be a Ranger he would have been one… Sather loves him and offered him a contract he said no and found another sap to fill his wallet… if he wnated to be a Ranger he would have, like Mara, taken the lower contract (and his offer from Sather wasn’t nearly like Mara’s… Mara took a pay cut to stay! Avery would merely have gotten a smaller raise…)

  46. Avery never took cheap shots and he certainly wasnt a diver. Ironically, he isnt a dirty player. Now Pronger, SImon, Ruutu etc are DIRTY players.

  47. Aviary--bird in a gilded cage on

    in feb ’07 the Rangers were floundering outside the playoffs. Avery arrived and they immediately took off

    don’t tell me he did not do anything for them

    53-12-10 with him

    below .500 without him

    that says plenty

  48. Sather loves him? This is the same man who called him “A detriment to the team” when he was scorching hot for the Rangers when then went 52-12 when he was on them.

  49. If we still had renney– pick up Avery
    Now that we have Torts– Leave him alone!

    This team is no longer boring. We have all the spark we need in Torts’ new system. Avery adds life to a lackluster lineup, but he’s not a true scoring threat. Plus, in these past 2 games we see how ice time is distributed among 6-7 primary forwards, and given Tort’s previous comments on Avery, he probably won’t fit into his scheme. 1.9 mil for 8 minutes of ice time.


  50. Mark (the orginal) on

    Avery had 15 goals in 57 games last year, and had a great playoff series vs the Devils. Avery didn’t do one awful thing when here with the Rangers. So he screened Marty, and they changed the rule after he did it. You can’t deny the record with Avery in the lineup.

    He also had a great series vs the Devils 3 goals and 2 assists, and was clearly in Marty’s head. I think Sean can help this team, and I hope he does.

  51. if Avery does no more than cause Drury to throw up his hands and ask for a trade, it will have been worth it

  52. “Avery never took cheap shots and he certainly wasnt a diver. Ironically, he isnt a dirty player. Now Pronger, SImon, Ruutu etc are DIRTY players.”

    He’s taken a dive here or there, but he’s never almost killed a player. He ran his mouth. I think the league went WAY TOO FAR by suspending him. It’s not like he called his ex the “c” word.. he was just talking trash for an upcoming game..

    Do you think he’d fight Phaneuf?… No… would he draw a couple penalties? Yes.

    I was convinced that Avery is made for NY several times.. when he knocked fatso on his ass mainly.. when he played with a ruptured spleen… but most of all, one particular play during the NJ series.

    Remember when he was at the net going for a rebound? He jammed at the puck a bit and then I think it was White or Rupp that basically cross-checked him… meanwhile Gomez was right there and had an easy tip-in.

    Avery is good at what he does. Even though he went to Dallas this year and only played 23 games, he had 10 points (3g/7a)… career points he has 177 in 402 games, and he started actually getting points a couple years ago.

    Avery can be a 50 point guy if he wants to. It was obvious he loved NY. Remember when he was injured (wrist)? Did he sit in the press box and mope? Did he get himself in trouble? No. He walked around the 400s having beers and talking to average Joe fans like me.

    I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy. Everyone knew he wouldn’t mesh well with Dallas’ locker room… oh well.. we can get him for half the cap hit and all the entertainment.

  53. Again a new system by itself isn’t enough and I seriously doubt that Avery coupled with that is enough either…

    feels like grasping for straws to me.

    Just because the last time you stood next to a timebomb and it didn’t go off, doesn’t mean that you should hang around them perpetually.

  54. Let’s break down his points as a Ranger.

    06/07: 29 games, 8g/12a/20p (had 28p playing for the Kings in 57 games, bringing him to 48 for the season)
    06/07 playoffs: 1g/4a/5p in 10g

    07/08: 33p in 57 games
    07/08 playoffs: 4g/3a/7p in 8 games.

    Avery had 53 points in 86 games as a Ranger… that’s .62 PPG.

    Avery had 12 points in 18 playoffs games as a Ranger.. that’s .67 PPG.

    Drury had 6 points in 10 games last post season (Gomez had 11p in 10 games).

    Why do people hate Avery? For that kind of production, 1.9m is a STEAL!

  55. Jason

    Have you watched him play for the Rangers? I said he is not KNOWN for diving. Big deal you got the one academy award winning stop, drop and roll video and who was it against, JAGR who could bulldoze through anyone if he wanted to.


    Agreed. I said now that we have Torts, they dont need Avery. We have our spark plug. They need a scorer!!!!!!

  56. Mako…

    see jason’s video for my response to the diving…

    and yes Sather loves him… by the very fact that he is willing to bring him back proves his love… sather wants Avery becuase Avery draws attention therfore attention is away from Sather… it is maybe a love mixed with a loathing… but it is a love nonetheless…

  57. no one is saying that Avery by himself is enough. they will hopefully have a couple of trades also.

    but the current players need to get out of the rut, and adding a little new blood and grit and personality will hopefully wake up the sleeping holdovers

  58. RICK inconclusive,is not even like beyond a reasonable doubt. If they said there was no doubt, then ok. But they didn’t because they were wrong.No way was his stick when contacting the puck over 4 feet in the air. NHL TV is a joke compared to other sports. That was a CYA job. The ref was not very bright making like there was no doubt. Nothing new when it comes to buttman, colon, and their biased refs.

  59. And i beleive when sean left he said it would not be for good that he wanted NY to be his home. The guy helps this team for what ever reason it may be. If we can we should take him back no doubt about it.

  60. look at that goal the Rangers scored last night. THAT is something that Avery does, crash the net. they need more of that.

  61. bklyn, the word inconclusive means exactly that. You can’t tell, either way, without a doubt. It must be conclusive to overturn the call on the ice. So if it’s inconclusive, the call on the ice stands in that case. Same as the NFL.

    And do you really, really, really think the NHL doesn’t want the Rangers to be good, to be in the playoffs? Come on.

  62. avery also got a lot of his points b/c he was playing with jagr. i dont think he will be as effective offensively with the players we have now.

    avery’s greatest value was that he sparked the team mainly jagr and henrik ie they played a lot better after he arrived. maybe the same could happen again tho I dont think sean avery makes this team that much better, like i dont see gomez suddenly learning how to shoot

    bottom line the potential upside doesnt outweigh the negatives like the coach not liking him and the possible cap damage going forward. sure 1.9M shouldnt be a cap handicap but when father time is running your team it can be a killer

  63. SELL! SELL! SELL! February 27th, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    “Avery never took cheap shots and he certainly wasnt a diver. Ironically, he isnt a dirty player. Now Pronger, SImon, Ruutu etc are DIRTY players.”

    He’s taken a dive here or there, but he’s never almost killed a player. He ran his mouth. I think the league went WAY TOO FAR by suspending him. It’s not like he called his ex the “c” word.. he was just talking trash for an upcoming game..

    Avery takes an occasional dive when the team needs to get going, but thats about it. He hasn’t really killed anymore either except for that time in Buffalo where he launched that Defensemen 10 feet into the boards. It was a clean hit though so it was all good. He’s just a trash talker really, but he can get into people’s heads then make them pay for thinking to much.

  64. Mark (the orginal) on

    Even look at the Atlanta series Kovalchuk did nothing, and was so mad that he tried to fight Avery in game 4.

  65. RICK guess you didn’t see last year’s playoffs vs the playpens. I have no doubt the refs are biased. And buttman doesn’t want a team that has a waiting list for season tickets going far, alias the NYR. He’s small minded, likes his small market teams. And he hates Dolan. He’s recommended Sather. I rest my case.

  66. Dolan is suing the league over the website. that does not make the Rangers warm and fuzzy in the league office

  67. Mark (the orginal) on

    Canadiens already down 2-0 in Philly. Hopefully Chicago can take care of Pittsburgh tonight.

  68. Pete,
    Avery got most of his points playing with Jagr? Are we talking about *SEAN* avery and *JAROMIR* Jagr, or different players bro? Avery played, I’m almost positive, 7 games on the same line as Jagr and that was when Straka was hurt. As soon as Straka came back, Avery was back with a combination of Shanahan/Callahan-Gomes/Drury. I’d say maybe you’re referencing Avery’s PP points, but he’d be lucky to have any of those.

    I still wonder how this happened, per ESPN:
    “In Avery’s season and a half with the Rangers, the club was 50-23-13 when he played and 24-35-9 when he was out of the lineup.”


  69. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Sean Avery may be alot of thing,.but when he was a Ranger,he was a winner,there is no denying that fact.He never cheap shots anyone,at least not in his time here.The man played with a ruptured spleen for god sake and still some on here don’t appreciate what he brought to this team when he was here.Does anyone here think that the Rangers would have made the playoffs without him the last two seasons?

  70. onecupin69years on

    Ranger fans have trouble letting go of ex-players-jagr,Shanahan, Avery ,leetch and so on.

  71. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    onecupin69years- I think your wrong on that. I just think most of us fans are greatfull to the players who stood out and made a difference when they were here, and we are gratefull to those players,that’s all. As for Avery,we speak about him now because he may be a Ranger as early as tuesday.

  72. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Are you hearing any rumors surrounding the Rangers as far as possible deals?

  73. Rick, I don’t believe the league office does not want the Rangers in the playoffs. but I do also believe that they are not going to bend over backwards to give them overly friendly consideration on disputed calls either

  74. in my opinion what avery did compared to what someone like bertuzzi or pronger or mcsorely (you get the idea) was nothing. he plays hard, and he plays with emotion. thats what i love, and im sure thats why new yorkers love him. he gets it. avery needs to be let loose though. every coach hes had that has tried to control him, never won. thats what will be interesting if the rangers do pick him up.

    anyone want two tickets for tomorrows game? sec 111

  75. my sister gave them to me for the holidays. she paid 250 for the pair from the ticket exchange. im sick and cant go now, so i think 200 for the pair is reasonable considering.
    my email is for further info.

  76. The more I think about it, despite the one turnover/per period, the rangers shld keep girardi on the “do not trade unless for an incredible deal” list… at this point.

  77. Anyone watching this playoff game right now? (habs,flyers)whats crazy is Biron will probably be run out of Philly. I would love to throw an open ice hit on Komiserik. I hope Dubie levels him next time the Rangers play them.

  78. HockeymanRangers on

    I have a question for some one that knows for sure. Who gets first shot at Avery when he gets put up on waivers?? I am just thinking that I am sure there are a few teams that wouldn’t mind having him for half price. Why do so many of you
    think we will get him???

  79. Ghost of Ching Johnson on

    Yes, I did mean exactly instead of actually.

    Actually, I just took some sleeping meds and now I am retarded, exactly like Sather….heh

  80. February 27th, 2009 at 6:56 pm
    he dived when he was here, it just isn’t immortalized on youtube like that one is… and you don’t remember it because you liked him… just like Penguin fans don’t realize Sidney dives
    that was the most blatantly obvious example, but he dind’t clean up his game when he came here he expanded it… 20 seconds in

  81. How come both you (Rick) and Steve Zipay have exactly the same story? Were you both talking to Murphy at the same time and not giving credit to the other guy or did one of you steal it from the other guy?

  82. i would really like to see bell in the lineup tomorrow along with 2 guys from hartford. get rid of betts orr and sjostrom for a few games and see what happens. yes i know what all of u r gonna say betts is a great pker, well torts used korpi in the games and he seems he can handle it just fine. and orr is a great fighter but we need to score not win fights to be honest none of u can argue with the pt that it doesnt hurt to try.

  83. onecupin69years on

    Alex , I don’t think you understand what I mean, successful teams move on ,why do folks miss jagr and shanahan this year? when a lot of people bitched about the way they played.
    These guys are old past their prime, you have to move on,detroit does, the devils do, why can’t the rangers?

  84. Olga Folkyersef on

    “These guys are old past their prime, you have to move on,detroit does, the devils do, why can’t the rangers?”

    Because Sather just gets more guys that are farther past their prime. The one’s that left just look better by comparison.


  85. onecupin69years on

    I like Avery.. but he’s a liability , the refs will be watching him very closely.. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose a few games because he’s in the box. When a team is desperate like the rangers they chase the bottom dwellers where other teams avoid them.
    The the rangers crave a star..for the first time in years they don’t have a big name guy.

  86. stebe February 27th, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    Any clarification on how the ref can call “hooking” or “goalie” interference on Callahan when replays clearly show him looking elsewhere at the time of the supposed infraction?

    How does a ref call a penalty on a play he wasn’t watching?””

    On that play it looked like the Florida defenseman took his own goalies feet out from under him! I was yelling like a maniac! Callahan never touched the goalie!!!

  87. Mark (the orginal) on

    What a slapper for Malkin to win it ot. Wow Montreal and Pitt go on the road and win huge games, thats awful.

  88. Olga Folkyersef on

    Lundmark is now one goal ahead of Lundqvist.

    Another draft bust. Can’t hang this one on Sather though.

    FIRE SATHER anyway!

  89. Mtl gets 2 pts , philly 1 pt

    Pens win also









    2 teams ain’t a gonna make it

  90. Mark (the orginal) on

    The Rangers have lots of games left with these teams as well:

    4 vs the Flyers (2 Home 2 Road)
    2 vs Montreal (1 Home 1 Road)
    0 vs Florida
    1 vs Buffalo (1 Home)
    2 vs Carolina (2 Road)
    1 vs Pittsburgh (1 Road)

    That is 10 out of the 19 remaining then you throw in 2 vs Boston, and 1 vs the Devils. 1 game vs Minesota who is a playoff game.

    5 games left are must win games
    Vs Colorado
    At Islanders
    At Nashville
    Vs Ottawa
    At Atlanta

  91. Carp I asked this once before without an answer. Perhaps you didn’t see my post. What’s the chance of Avery passing through re-entry without some other team picking him up. It would seem to reason that some other team knowing Sather wants him would pick him up just to get compensation.

  92. Lots of people get bent out of shape about Avery. He does not hurt people, he is not a dirty player.
    I’d rather hear people bitching about @$$holes like Denis Gauthier or that Buffalo Sabres jerk.

    Lots of knobs out there complaining about Avery because they just simply have to complain. It is what they do, because they just follow the crowd.

    I can understand if Tortorella does not want him on the team, though. That is up to him. That would be valid.

  93. ITS QUITE IRONIC that this post is about Avery & the NHL officals mishap.
    only because of the Rangers was there a rule change in the middle of the playoffs last year! In no other sport or other town would such a thing happen. (yes, what Avery did was very unsportsmanlike) yet, I never heard of a rule change during a season, never mind during playoffs.

    Colin Campbell still hates NY because they fired him
    & everyone hates NY
    The Rangers are the only team that gets treated like a road team at home by officials.
    I don;t know if it was a good goal or not last night, but I do know the NHL is a mickey mouse organization
    They do not know how to promote the best sport in the world!
    When the Rangers are contending, it boost interest in hockey everywhere

    Everybody hates the Yankees, but MLB does know what it does for their ratings and how the Yankees draw in every city.

  94. Olga Folkyersef on

    I can’t imagine someone taking a chance on Avery just to screw up Sather. Sather is doing such a wonderful screw-job on the Rangers all by himself. He doesn’t need any help now. It would be like locking the Captain of the Titanic in his cabin for hitting the iceberg.

    The chance of someone actually claiming Avery for themselves seems mighty thin. Most of the teams that pick before the Rangers are probably out of the playoffs anyway and would have no need for him for the next 3 years.

    Sather will definitely take him though. He’s desperate to make the playoffs and he won’t lose anybody for Avery if he claims him. One thing about Sather- he will pick up horsecrap for nothing and hold on to it like it’s gold.

    Like Avery or not, he’s coming back to NY.

  95. carcards
    February 28th, 2009 at 1:25 am
    ITS QUITE IRONIC that this post is about Avery & the NHL officals mishap.
    only because of the Rangers was there a rule change in the middle of the playoffs last year! In no other sport or other town would such a thing happen. (yes, what Avery did was very unsportsmanlike) yet, I never heard of a rule change during a season, never mind during playoffs.

    Cars, I disagree. TO think the NHL has it out for the Rangers is just illogical. The Rangers help the NHL in revenues tremendously. There was concern during the Crosby draft that the league would weight it in favor of the Rangers in order to help them get out of their funk. So this theory is sheer paranoia.

    As to your ideas on Avery, it’s actually the league that hates him. There was no such “rule change.” There was a re-interpretation and elaboration of an existing rule. There was no change. It was that an existing rule was applied to completely new NHL scenario.

    Now that that’s out of the way. The NHL does hate Avery. The aforementioned elaboration of that rule. In addition, they suspended the guy at first indefinitely for words to the media! There are guys getting 2 games for flying elbows (see Jarko Ruutu) and Avery is suspended “indefinitely” which turns into 6 games for words to the media. Might I mention this was Avery’s first, EVER, suspension when guys like Witt (elbowing a player with history of concussions, Hagman) and Ruutu get fewer games and both have histories.

    Make no mistakes about it, the NHL is against Sean Avery, not necessarily the Rangers.

  96. Carcards:

    Yeah, but for some reason the Yankees get all the calls and the Rangers get none.

    Maybe because baseball is an American game and the Yankees have dominated it for 80 years. They are the darlings of MLB.

    Hockey is a Canadian game and the Canadiens are their darlings. To the league office, NY is a nasty, dirty place and the Rangers have too much money to throw around. The Rangers have been getting screwed since the second World War.

  97. True fans
    I know its ilogical, that’s why the NHL has no clue how to promote their sport
    & I was talking about the Avery Incident with Brodeur
    There was no rule before last year. There was no need for one. If a player did that years ago, he would get beat up by the other team
    & during Crosby draft – what did NY get? 0

    The NHL is Canadian and stupid and arrogant. They hate NY and are only out to screw us. They do not look at the total picture. they just do not know how to promote the sport/
    They lose the ESPN contract & go to versus
    when the NBA striked a few years back they did nothing to promote the only sport that was playing
    not even a commercial
    They try to be cute with the bad angles and highlighted puck. Instead of explaning the game to the commom fan
    & list goes on and on

  98. SELL! SELL! SELL! said “With Avery, we were something like 53-12-10 with him in the lineup…”

    Well…we’re 0-1-0 with Jagr out of the lineup, and 31-24-8 with both of them out of the lineup. So let me get this straight, you’re calling for Jagr and Avery back on the team? I agree. But there’s no sense in getting one without the other. Or at least there’s no sense in getting Aves without JJ. After all, the Rangers haven’t won a game with Avery in the lineup and Jagr out…

  99. Good morning,TRADE NEWS,Been checking all kinds of web sites in different cities of hockey teams.First In Columbus there is interest in Gomez, they want a center to center they’re top 2 lines and Sather is close to there GM Scott Howson,BUT the money Gomez is making is the problem.Also BIG interest in Edmonton for a number of players,Prucha,Dawes,and again Gomez.
    It seem that our over paid d-man will all stay here,can you guess why.
    Phoenix d-man Derek mooris could be moved for a young prospect or a high pick,we don’t have a d-man on the roster that Phoenix
    would want.Possibly Mara.
    And lastly there is Colorado,there are a few players there that might fit in here,Ryan Smith has a no trade claus,but could waive it. the problem is they want a 1st round pick and a top prospect in return.
    Hejduk is being show cased too the price,again young prospects and HIGH picks.

  100. Cars,
    & during Crosby draft – what did NY get? 0

    Thank god! If I was a crosby loving doufus like all the idiots in Pittsburgh who don’t realize the kid’s NOT as good as Ovechkin, NOT as good as Malkin, and that he’s just a punk who whines and dives, then I couldn’t live with myself.

  101. think there’d be any interest in nick boynton? spector is reporting that he’s probably played his last game as a panther but didn’t elaborate on why. there’s something up there, maybe we could swing them one of our d in exchange for boynton. he’s better than most of what we’ve got right?

    i still think drury for gaborik would be a nice pick up even if we couldnt re-sign him in the offseason.

  102. On Avery, I don’t care if the players or the coach don’t want him. Composition of the team isn’t their job.

    The players lost all of their rights to voice who they think should be in the dressing room with their terrible play. They get payed a lot of money to play hockey with whoever the coach or management tells them to, be professional and suck it up.

    I was kind of shocked with the Torts/Korpikoski comments and that bleeds into my opinion on Torts/Avery. Torts is taking over a team, there’s only 23 guys on the roster and you don’t know who is on it after two days? That doesn’t impress me much in terms of preparation, particularly for a guy who was looking to get back into coaching and a team that 1) had rumors flying about a coaching change and 2) that he was definitely interested in. Based on that, it makes it hard for me to believe that Torts has any real knowledge about Avery as a player or person and could give a credible answer for why he doesn’t want him.

  103. From Gross’s blog on Wednesday – “I then asked Torts the same thing about Lauri Korpikoski, playing center tonight on the third line though he’s played wing aplenty this season. Torts replied, “I don’t even know who the hell he is.””

    I realize it’s nit picky and you shouldn’t read to far into any one comment in absence of context and tone. Two days in and it appears he doesn’t know who is on the team or what their roles were, like he hasn’t talked to Schoeinfeld at all about who played where. Its not like Korpikoski was a Hartford call up, he had played in 3/4 of the teams games and is definitely one of the Rangers young guns with potential.

  104. “Reports out of Philadelphia indicate that the Flyers may be willing to swap top prospect James van Riemsdyk for Thrashers G Kari Lehtonen. If the deal was actually on the table, the Thrashers would surely have to jump on it”

    Ouch ! Wasn’t he drafted number two overall ? I guess that season was officially a waste. Good thing they didn’t get Kane. That’s what happens when you draft a Rangers fan for a rival team.

  105. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    February 27th, 2009 at 5:53 pm
    If Avery was a 30 goal scorer then great, get him and get him quick but fact is he’s not. He’s never scored more than 18 in one year. This team needs to score goals and he is not a goal scorer.

    Everyone says this team is boring. That’s great but this team has a new coach that runs his team in a fashion that is anything but boring.

    If anyones main argument to get Avery is that this team is boring, please move on.

    i agree completely jason. torts will have this team scorin goals very soon and his max 18 that he scored i think he was on jagrs line so who’s gonna bet he scores maybe 10-15 a year and since the coach dont like him, and hes on a short leash, what huge difference could he make, besides eating up some $$ for saatl, cally, etc..

  106. Sorry, loneranger. I thought I responded to this in another comment … maybe not.

    No other team wants Avery. Most teams feel about him the way Dallas and L.A. feel about him. No other team is going to claim him. I’d be shocked if anybody did.

    If a team thinks it can claim Avery then trade him to the Rangers, they’re going to end up stuck with him. Sather’s not trading for him. At least, that’s my opinion. Sather wants him if he can get him for nothing at half-salary.

  107. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    shesends- i’d love to unload dru on them and even if gabby doesnt resign its still a win/win.

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