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Another game, another strong showing with a third-period lead — and another loss. The 2-1 loss to the Panthers tonight led to full-bodied chants of “Fire Sather!”

Jane here. Tortorella said they immediately reviewed Brandon Dubinsky’s non-goal 17 seconds in, and Toronto had the final word so there was no review for him to request. It’s late and I’m going to add some quotes from the principles in this drama. Here is Henrik Lundqvist, I think you can hear how perplexed he is by the losses.


John Tortorella on tonight’s game…“I think we did some really good things. Our pressure was outstanding. I don’t think we were fatigued. Maybe for a few minutes, but I think we controlled the game. I think our weakest moment was our 5 on 3. Other than that, I think we played a hell of a game.”

John Tortorella on the powerplay…“You can’t hate your guys because they’re struggling. Its easy to love them when its going well and then hate them when its going bad. Our best players are going to have to be our best players. And they will. They are going to have every opportunity to get us out of this scoring funk. I think Zherdev has a tremendous amount of talent. On the next 5 on 3, he’ll be back on the ice. They did a lot of good things tonight. We’re just struggling to score and that’s compounded when they score a couple of quick ones on us towards the end of the game when we controlled most of the game for the 60 minutes. As a coach I have to realize how our team is playing and act accordingly.”

Brandon Dubinsky on whether the team is frustrated…“Yes with the fact that we generate so much again and aren’t able to find the net. And no because the way we attacked, the way we pressured, the way our D stepped up and played, the way we move the puck. I thought we did a lot of good things. It is one of those things that you just have to keep at it, keep listening to Torts and it is going to come. We are going to bear down and get it done.”

Henrik Lundqvist with more on the team’s play…“I think, as a team, we have to be perfect now. When you are not scoring, you have to be perfect. It is not only for me but for the whole team. We feel like every mistake can cost us the game, which it has. We have been playing pretty well defensively and offensively we create enough to score at least three or four goals. Today we had a couple of open nets. The puck doesn’t want to go in. I hope it just turns around for us.”


Here are the official game summary and event summary for last night’s game.



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    February 26th, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    Knuckleheads, listen up!

    Too many idiots are not seeing what is happening here. Tonite was good. They played hard and carried the action. THERE ARE ACTUALLY SECOND and THIRD chances being generated. This NEVER took place when Tom the Mild was in charge. EVER! So chill out. And btw, all the nimrods who predicted endless odd man rushes against with this posture of pressuring the puck have been shown to be dead wrong. Florida could get nothing going thru 2 periods. So when the Rangers are actually IN SHAPE, they will be a load. Not a Cup contender, but very very hard to play against. THE OPPOSITE OF RENNEYISM.

    It is a matter of time before they begin to score. The worst problems are currently being fixed——players are freer, and adjusting to it. In other words, they won’t be fined if they’re behind the opposition’s goalline chasing the puck! IT TAKE TIME TO GET RID OF THE RENNEY ANXIETY. They are getting chances——they will be rewarded in time.

    Remember——when goals are scored in tight, you do not have to be Jari Kurri in his prime. If they play this game the rest of the way, getting fitter and more comfortable with the new coach, they will make some noise before the season is over.

    My sense is that they will drop as low as tenth, then make a charge that will likely get them eighth place. Who cares, anyhow? What’s important is that Tom Renney——WHO WAS AFRAID TO ATTACK ATLANTA AND THE ISLANDERS IN HIS OWN BUILDING!!——- is no longer the coach. And his replacement thankfully knows what he is doing.

  2. I’ve gone from mad to feeling bad for these guys. They really did generate a ton of chances tonight, and it’s almost as if there was a force field in front of the net behind the goalie. They’ve got to break through at some point, right?

    So when does Avery get put on re-entry waivers?

  3. Mark (the orginal) on

    It will be interesting after Saturday because the teams above us and behind us will play many games.

    Going into next Thursday games remaining is as follows:
    Montreal 18
    Florida 18
    Carolina 17
    Buffalo 18
    Pittsburgh 17
    Rangers 18

    So it will be pretty even with games remaining by next Thursday.

  4. they are playing hard, they are learning the new system, they are doing many things right, they are just not cashing in the good chances they do generate.

    will they make the playoffs? that depends on who they add this week, and how the Canes, Pens, sabres, etc do the rest of the way

  5. Riguere

    Excellent post. If no offensive chances were being created, despite the dramatic shift to an aggressive uptempo game, then there might be reason to panic. And maybe we all will panic if ten games from now they still are getting one goal per game no matter what.

    But the positives are real. The Panthers were able to get nothing going offensively for forty minutes when the Rangers were at their most aggressive and energetic. So all those who were predicting 5 goals against with Torts in can relax —- I think good things are ahead, after several practices and several more games are in the books.

  6. Renney & Stimpyrella on

    Me thinks that Avery will be put through re-entry tomorrow. It has to be done before the trade deadline is over or Dallas will have to keep him until July 1st.

  7. “What’s important is that Tom Renney——WHO WAS AFRAID TO ATTACK ATLANTA AND THE ISLANDERS IN HIS OWN BUILDING!! ——- is no longer the coach.”

    Yes Rigeure. This is the big point going forward. No more treating every fricking team like theyre the ’85 Oilers.

  8. My sense is that they will drop as low as tenth, then make a charge that will likely get them eighth place. Who cares, anyhow? What’s important is that Tom Renney——WHO WAS AFRAID TO ATTACK ATLANTA AND THE ISLANDERS IN HIS OWN BUILDING!!——- is no longer the coach. And his replacement thankfully knows what he is doing.


    Good post Riggy, so true. I was there tonight and you could cut the tension with a knife. IT WILL PASS.

    The FIRE SATHER chants were LOUD.


  9. repost

    Torts February 26th, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    folks, this is the best thing that could possibly happen. we got rid of the clueless coach. now, all the attention is on Sather’s failures.

    the fans are yelling fire sather. that’s great.

    he knows he has to do something right in the trade market to mollify the fans, so that is good

    next week they will be a better team with several new players

    and if they’re not, and it all blows up, Sather takes the hit

    and that is good

  10. I am hearing that Gomez is gone – he’s being dealt to Edmonton within the next 48 hours and we’ll acquire Cole and Shremp for him and a pick – we’ll then land Tkachcuk and Hinote for a pick and Stepan , and spin around and add Derek Morris for Girardi &Voros or Dawes – if not Dawes , Dawes and Prucha are going to Calgary.
    We’ll also be making a big run at Bouwmeester , who did not impress MSG brass tonite BTW
    We’ll have 4-7 new faces by next Wednesday.
    Trust me.

  11. Riguere- Great post! couldn’t have written it better.

    I think Torts will have this team running nicely (and finishing) for the islanders game with the 4 days off before it.

    I liked a lot of things i saw tonight as well. Mainly the fact that they are exciting to watch. Our forecheck is looking fantastic. The D stepping in to keep plays alive is going to payoff in some goals soon. also loved seeing dubi get a lot of ice time. I hope Torts takes dubi on as a development project, kind of like Vinny L.

  12. Boxcar: Derek Morris for as little as Girardi and Voros? And Edm. would take on Gomez’s contract? I hope you are on to something, but wow….

  13. Mark (the orginal) on

    So Edmonton will take on Gomez at over 7 a year for the next 5 years for Cole who is a ufa and Robbie Schremp who is in the minors, and doesn’t even count towards the Oilers cap.

  14. Edmonton has coveted Gomez since his Jersey days – they must feel he’s just having an off year, which honestly he is. Gomez is a 65-75 point guy and in Emonton, maybe more with that skating surface.

    As for Derek Morris, who is 30 yrs old BTW and has all of 5 gls and 7 assists – we’re not getting Paul Coffey here – we’re getting a 4 Team journeymen.

  15. I cannot imagine how frustrating this game must be for the team. Most of these guys are doing everything one would expect is necessary to win games. Dubinsky had a great game once again on the Rangers’ number one line based on ice time.

    The good news is that the goals will come. The better news is that it seems as though the team can attack while maintaining a strong defensive position.

    In situations such as this, the tendency is to overanalyse. The only critical comment I will make is that the Rangers shooters need to lift the puck. I was sitting right along the goal line and there we’re several times that the opposing goalie was down and the Rangers shooter did not loft it over him!

    VERY frustrating game….

  16. What I want to say will be censored and will not get out, but I absolutely hate this team, I hate the way they are constructed, and I hate Glen Sather.

    In 2007, when we were up with 10+ seconds left in Buffalo, in game 6, about to go up 3-2, I thought we could win the cup.

    In 2008, when Avery scored that goal in game 1 in Pittsburgh, we’re up 3-0, I thought, wow, we have a team that can win the cup.

    In 2009, I know it’s still early and those past teams didn’t run it on yet, but I have no faith. I am looking towards baseball season.

  17. Riguere,

    I understand where you’re coming from.

    But I can’t disrespect Tom Renney in that way. He took the team out of the lockout, that was predicted to finish dead last, and brought them to the playoffs.

    And he was at the head of a team the next two years that was a legitimate contender.

    It seems at this point as if we can give all the credit to Jagr, Shanny, and Straka for leading the way.

    But in no sense was Tom Renney a bad coach for this team. Before him we were an embarrassment.

    Before him, as a now 21 turning 22 year old fan, all I remembered was the ’94 celebration, some Gretzky goals, and a lot of horrible years.

    Blame it on the GM. I want to buy tickets to the next game just to yell “FIRE SATHER” as loud as I can.

  18. If we could trade Gomez for Detleft Schremp just to open the cap space it’s good. If we cant get Rob back also that’d be great.

  19. Gene,

    Everybody pretty much knows that the Rangers aren’t going to win the Cup this year. But going forward with Torts at the helm, we are in such good shape for the years to come that it doesn’t matter. We have much to be happy about.

  20. Hospodar, you just made my night! If prucha goes I will be the happiest ranger fan EVER! He is lousy! Now they just have to get rid of Drury and I’ll be even happier. They are both totally worthless. I just saw part of some special about him on MSG, and he was boasting about how if NY never called he’d still be in his beloved Buffalo. I wish NY never called. Oh, but then he’d be scoring goals, like every other guy who can’t handle the big apple. I’d rather the Rangers bring up everyone from Hartford.

  21. non-ranger trade deadline predictions:
    Tkachuk will go to Boston or San Jose
    Neil will go to the NJ
    Kuba will go to the Detroit or Philly
    Guerin and Witt will go to Washington
    Antropov to Vancouver

  22. What good shape? I’m an optimist, I was 7 when in 1994, so If I need to wait until 2058 I guess I can. I bleed Ranger Blue harder than Giant Blue, or Yankee or Knick blue or whatever.

    I live and die with this team for now, and my profession might prohibit that.

    And we are locked in to Gomer, Dru, Rozy, and that other guy (Redden)) for way to many years. And it worries me.

  23. NESN is reporting that the Bruins are willing to give Ana Phil Kessel, a top prospect, and a 1st or 2nd round pick for Pronger.

    I would not give them Kessel straight up for Pronger

  24. Goals won’t “just come.” haven’t the last year or two put that b.s. theory to bed?

    And when will we face that Hank may may some glorious saves but he also gives up a soft goal almost every night now and is fragile mentally, both in specific games and for long stretches every. season?

    Still enjoying new look team. Suspect crappy defensemen(6,45) may actually play better now they feel less pressure to never make a mistake.


  25. Hospodar,

    Don’t you think it would be counter productive to acquire a scoring power forward in Cole while trading away our best playmaker. Look, I want Gomez gone as much as the next guy, but if we’re going to get rid of him, the Rangers are going to have to take bad another underachieving bad contract. If edmonton really wanted Gomez that badly, It would either be for penner- who’s making 4.25 or for Horcoff who’s making 5.5 starting next year. I would lump Olesz in Florida as a bad contract.

  26. To summarize Eklunds late night post for everyone tomorrow morning.

    Gomez to Florida for Jay Bo… very very interesting even if we cant resign jay bo, we dump gomez which is a miracle

    and he also says that Lecavlier is still a possibility here in NY

    Other than that, the role players seem to be bigger possibilities to NJ, Boston San Jose rather than us

  27. “It is always darkest before the dawn,” the adage goes. This team is playing with heart, spirit, whatever you want to call it. It stands to reason that with a decidedly better man, and better hockey man now at the helm, we will be seeing week-to-week subtle changes and improvement. You cannot upgrade your coaching position, as this team has indisputedly done, and not make marked progress, over time.

    The best we can now hope for, given that this team has zero shot at winning the Cup this year, is that the GM does not mortgage more of the future with another one of his patented, brain-dead
    short-term patching deals, whereby he deals young, upside talent for an old “big name” brick, or two. Of course he is on the phone attempting to do that around the clock, now, through next week’s trade deadline, so the best we can hope for is that he fails to pull the trigger. This is more critical than winning out of the gate for Coach Tortorella, although that would have been sweet.

  28. Can we trade Sather for Matt Millen so that we can at least upgrade to getting a lousy GM in here?

  29. I haven’t seen it mentioned in a post, so I’ll ask the obvious stupid question: Regarding Jane’s second paragraph, about the Dubinsky “non-goal.” What the hell did that mean? Why would Toronto have an option about whether or not it gets reviewed, coincidently, in Toronto? That’s something I’ve never heard of before, plus it sure looked like a good goal to me. Man, we just can’t catch a break.

  30. Disregard part of the previous post. I need my coffee. But, I still don’t understand why it wasn’t reviewed in Toronto.

  31. RR I agree. RICK can you check into that goal. No way Toronto ruled that fast. The ref was wrong. ….The NYR have to shoot high, and learn how to lift the puck with the goalie down. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE, not renney videos and lectures.

  32. I have one suggestion for Torts:

    One day next week in one of your 35 minute practices, put 6 nets out on the ice. On each net, put ShooterTuters on them. Break the guys into groups of 3-4 players. No skating, just each guy within 4-8ft of each other. Just do drills where the guys do quick in close passes, and hit the holes. Rapidly. These guys need to go back to rudimentary, elementary, peewee, fundamental drills.

    Some of these guys are making $7mil and they can’t even shoot a puck!!!

  33. I will be stunned if Sather can make any real trades. If every guy who posts in the bloggosphere knows that Gomez, Drury, & Redden are overpaid underachievers, wouldn’t you think that professional GM’s would realize that as well?

    Gomez, Drury, & Redden have contracts that are untradeable. If Gomez gets traded (because no one even remotely wants the other 2), that GM should be fired before Sather!!!

  34. 2 things for sure
    1)Bowmeester will be a flyer.So for get him.
    2) we will have at least 4 new faces here by wednesday,5 if we get Avery.

  35. If Slats can shift a big contract this deadline it opens up some cap space to get players we need to make the team more of a threat next season. If Gomez is the only one who is interesting buyers he might have to move him in order to go and get a decent winger in the summer. Don’t forget we have 2 good, young centermen in Dubi and AA.

    Looking at the ice time last night Dru/Dubi/Z/Roszi/Redden were Torts 5 “horses”, with Staal/Girardi close behind and the 4th line were down in the 5/6 minutes instead of the 10-12 minutes Renney used to give them.

    I would love to see Torts turn Redden into the defenseman we need to quarterback the PP also. At least he has been shooting and looking a bit more confident in the past 2 games.

    On a final note, i think we will see more by next Thursday. The team has 4 days with no game after the Avs game for Torts to get them working on his style and the GM has time to move some bodies around.

  36. cwgatti – Sather certainly didn’t seem to know that Gomez, Drury and Redden are overpaid underachievers. Maybe we can sucker someone.

  37. NobutSeriously on

    1. We are definitely getting Malkin for Gomez
    2. Drury and Redden for Zetterberg and Lidstrom
    and atleast 3 more new faces…
    fer sure…

  38. Ranger Rick,
    Looked like it was too quick to have been reviewed to me, too. So I asked Torts about it after the game and he said that when the ref came over to talk to him about it, he said the play had already been looked at by Toronto and the goal reversed. He said it wasn’t worth arguing since it was a fait accompli.

  39. Jane – is it me or were 90% of Rangers fans wanting to see Torts get into a huge arguement with the ref? It would have sent a great message to the team – “i got your backs boys” kind of thing?

    I suppose if Toronto had ruled already it would be a hnaging offence?

  40. JANE go look at the replay and see if it was so certain. I say Toronto did not get it right if they even did look. I think the ref lied or Torts misunderstood him. Only the refs or the Panthers could request a review. Check with Toronto , I don’t think they reviewed that in 10 seconds. It takes them 60 seconds to wake up, then review.

  41. one thing is certain…we are still hearing all the same crap after games from the players and the new coach. I’m sick of them sugarcoating everything, please just be honest and say it how it is! I thought Torts would do that but he sounds just like Renney did in the post game.

  42. Well, at least the crowd got their beat your wife Potvin and Potvin sucks chants in. Garden was as lifeless through 2 as I’ve seen in a while.

    Good game overall. Anderson made some great stops. What are you gonna do? Maloney said on radio to expect Parenteau to be called.

  43. Jane, I think I saw you on the Post Game show. Walking out with all the other reporters. I am sure that everyone was down that they lost, but what was the overall mood in the locker room?

  44. I had to work and missed the game. At this point, I’m all for dealing as much as we can, miss the playoffs and start fresh next year. I know Sather probably will do what ever he can to make the playoffs as Dolan sees $$$ and no playoffs = no $$$.

    I’m glad the crowd gave it to Sather, good job.

  45. I think they were disappointed but trying to be optimistic. Couple of them talked about eventually breaking through. I think that’s fine now but if they can’t win one in the next few it’s going to put them right back where they were before the change. That’s my take.

  46. Yeah, I think I have to agree. If they don’t start to see results for the hard work, under the new system, they are going to just go back in to a shell and be a passive team again.

  47. Hey Jane, here is a non hockey related question. If you happen to run in to Jim Ramsey, can you ask him the exact model of the TAG Monaco watch that they presented him with on Howell/Bathgate Night? Ha. I am a big fan of that model watch, and the one they gave him was really nice.

  48. I was there last night. it was so frustrating. someone mentioned earlier they felt as if there was a force field in the goal so nyr couldnt score. i feel that way during the game. we should have had at least 4 tonight. the system makes us much better.

  49. Jane,

    Were you out with larry Brooks after the game? If so I hope we do not start seeing quotes that say “The blog has learned”

    If not, my apologies.

  50. Roll1Line-KropCallyPru on

    They should give the goalies the day off and have virus lay down in front of the net all practice long so guys can work on hitting an otherwise empty net.

  51. They lost the game last night but looked better than they have in a long time. It will take time for the team to shake they Renney-itis but I love being able to watch their games again without falling asleep. I was proud of the effort they put up. I love seeing a hungry hockey team again. Yes, it does look as if there’s a force-field in front of the other team’s net. It’s frustrating.

  52. And if you are right, it is either Gomez or Rozi. Because I heard that if any big names are going out, it is those two.

  53. Could this be the breaking news at noon?
    According to HOCKEYBUZZ.COM
    First off Gomez..

    I mentioned this yesterday in the Buzzcast, but it seems as though the Florida Panthers and Rangers maybe talking regarding Gomez, and that a Gomez for Bouwmeester swap (with conditional picks if Jay Bo were to re-sign in NY, was definitely a possibility. It is interesting to note that the Panthers have long thought about trying to get Scott Gomez for various reasons… The Rangers performance last night, against the Panthers, will not play well in the land of Torts..I have been told that Gomez doesn’t have a straight up NMC…he has to give the Rangers 5 teams that he will not accept a trade to…If that is incorrect, I am sure someone will let me know…

  54. Eklund had Gomez to Phoenix, Edmonton or Florida….so its safe to say he won’t be traded this week!!

    I’ll bet its an Avery announcement.

  55. Also this was posted
    For My Next Jokinen…

    Calgary and Buffalo are in on this for certain, and beyond that I am hearing that the Rangers could be considering swapping Jokinen for Gomez as well…

  56. Roll1Line-KropCallyPru on

    the image of Gomez passing up an opportunity to shoot into an open net 3 feet away is burned into my brain and I don’t know how to get it out!!!!!!!!!

  57. this is my first trade deadline at this blog. I’m guessing there is a body of posters who do nothing but post lies just for the pleasure of having 100 fans franticly search the hockey world? MY NERVES!

  58. Domi28,
    Hockeybuzz…seriously…I can’t even look at that site. I don’t think I have ever seen anything on that site actually happen.

    I like what I see with the team, definitely alot more in your face hockey with lots of scoring chances. When was the last time you saw our beloved Rangers actually get more than 10 good quality scoring chances with 2nd and 3rd opportunities? Florida’s goalie was playing out of his mind.

    I don’t know if I should say this but, can Redden actually play hockey? and I almost hate to say this too but he has been noticeable in a good way…yuck!

    Also, the “fire-Sather” chants are just awesome!
    I was sitting in my living room LMAO last night!

  59. My Seven year old at game last night said “Daddy, I think the Rangers goal song should be No Goal, No Goal, No Goal….” The minds of youth…so appropriate.

  60. Jeff – best thing to do is keep an eye on or only read the ones that mention a valid source and like i said, if its on Eklunds blog either nothing or the opposite will happen.

  61. staal wart

    Past 2 games Redden is playing like a 2.5 mill Dman. Much better than the 500k performance that he had been phoning in all year.

    He’ll never live up to his contract but under Torts he may play well enough so that we can move him next year.

  62. I know that Sather knows more than I do… but there’s nothing that can be done this year… nothing.

    I’m not giving up but IMHO we need to shed… not gain here.

    In july, maybe but for the moment giving up youth in exchange for -insert big name here- wouldn’t be worth it. We need scoring and there’s really not that much of it available.

    I’m not saying darker times haven’t reigned for this club but the outlook is bleak and no number of trades will fix that.


  63. I didn’t see any of last night’s game, and I’m too disgusted by the result to watch Rangers in 60 or even the highlights online. But just seeing the 2-1 scoreline is enough. It really is, people. We have got to get our heads out of the sand here.

    Naslund is old. Gomez cannot be leaned on. Redden sucks. Drury is not a captain. Prucha only scored 30 when he played with Jagr/on the power play. Zherdev has no hockey sense. Nigel Dawes will never score 30 goals. Ryan Callahan will never score 30 goals.

    We have a world class, but fragile goaltender. We have a really, really good young defenseman in Marc Staal. Brandon Dubinsky is a legitimate 2nd line center with 70-80 point potential. Blair Betts is a premiere checking forward.

    Other than that, THIS ROSTER IS AWFUL. And it was constructed by Glen Sather. The chants were warranted last night. This is all his fault.

    Get used to 2-1 losses, everyone. I’m officially labeling 2008-2009 a disaster.

  64. Roll1Line-KropCallyPru on

    Whoever was at the game last night, “FIRE SATHER” rocked my living room. Thank you.

  65. This is not to say that I don’t like what I’m seeing, I think Torts is doin’ great. When he has some say in who stays/goes for more than 2 weeks it’ll be interesting. Just not enough time now.

    Sather waited too long to get him.

  66. No. No. No.

    Keep an positive attitude. This team is going in the right direction. If fans start getting dragged down now, in a week we will hate Torts.

    This team is playing better than they have all season (and arguably the past few). Now is the time to look to the future. We are going to be a powerhouse next season if we can unload even one of the big three contracts (Drury, Gomez, Redden).

    Lets go Rangers.

  67. “KrispyNYR
    This team is playing better than they have all season”

    That’s a bit of a stretch. They have at least won a few games this season.

  68. KrispyNYR – even if Slats got rid of those contracts my worry would be that he would make the same mistakes again. You know like when we wanted a top-line centre and signed 2 2nd line centres.

  69. The 2008-2009 season should have been labeled a disaster long before last nights game. As soon as Jagr and co. departed, and Slither outbid himself to pick up Naslund and Redden, two spineless, washups to atrocious contracts, the season was all but written off.

    How many more chances is Dru going to have in front of the net? How many more times is Gomez going to zip up the ice only to turn it over or shoot it softly into the goalie?

    On top of that, this team needs to go back to the basics and learn how to hit the fricken net. It seems like each game there are at least a dozen quality scoring chances WASTED because of poor accuracy.

    It pains me to say this as a diehard fan, but not making the playoffs (as others have suggested) might be the best thing for this team altogether.

    Sather shocked us all when he hired Torts, but there is NO WAY in the world that he is a) going to admit he mad poor decisions and attempt to trade away Gomez or Redden b) find someone to take on those cap killer contracts.

    This blows.

  70. KrispyNYR

    It is not the Coach’s fault at all with Renney or Tortorella, it is the players who can’t find the net even with all that money they are making. Last night I counted about 4 times that they should of shot the puck higher rather than lower.

  71. Sather blows and nothing will change as long as sather is the GM which at this point appears to be until the day he dies.

  72. Sadly, I also think we’re gonna fumble a bit down the stretch, but I think we’re gonna have a role reversal.

    For a while we were winning unconvincingly and getting thrashed when we lost.

    I think we’re gonna win a few blowouts but continue to suffer through these heart breakers.

    We usually “outshoot” our opponent. Someone here cleverly named them Rangers “shoves on goal.” Last night we ACTUALLY outshot a team. Plenty of high percentage shots and rebounds, but once again, our inability to finish dominated. Given Gomez’s chances, Kovalchuk would’ve had 3. Vanek 4. Ovie would’ve had 1 (he needs 18 shots for 2)

  73. Who cares what we get for Gomez, or to what team the Rangers trade him to, as long as he is not wearing a blueshirt anymore is fine by me.

  74. Hated the outcome. Loved the style & play & effort. I am actually looking forward to watching them now play, instead of dreading it.
    Pressure,crashing the net, rebounds & scoring chances galore.
    The easy chances they are missing are those that average hockey players should be putting away & I feel they will start going in, although it may take the help of a shrink to get these guys to stop squeezing the stick & relax. The opportunities they’re getting in abundance do NOT require a great sniper to NET,& I’m certain goals will be forthcoming.
    Hank’s first goal was a softie, & never did see a good replay of the Dubi non-goal.
    Dare I say that Redden has been playing great, making plays, & being quick & decisive under this system. I am even now optimistic about him!
    Hope the guys don’t get too down & stay the course. Good things are on the way & Hank has been hanging out to dry way LESS under this attacking system, than he had been under our alleged “defensive” system.
    Go Rangers.

  75. I would be really surprised if they traded Gomez. Sather brought him and Drury in to eventually bring a Cup to New York, and I really don’t think they’re ready to abandon that plan yet, no matter how unrealistic it is. Everyone knows how stubborn Sather is.

    I’m not sure if it’s just back luck or what, but Dubinsky can’t finish. I mean come on, how many open nets did he see last night without burying the puck. His hustle was great, but top level players have to finish on opportunities like that 90% of the the time. That being said, I think he’s on his way to finding his game again. Hopefully the rest of the team is also. These one goal leads are probably giving Hank grey hair.

  76. Whatever players are moved, I hope Glen Savior thinks twice apart parting with the good kids here and in Hartford. If you are giving up on a good kid, you better get top notch talent back.

    Earlier up I saw a mention that Parenteau could be called up. I follow Hartford closely, but haven’t gotten to any of the games this year. He has been tearing it up in the AHL. Why wasn’t he given a chance earlier instead of Voros?

    A key problem is that this has been going on for some time and neither the old coaching guard nor the front office did anything to shake things up.

  77. According to the Edmonton Journal the oilers are looking for a top line winger to play alongside Ales Hemsky. I don’t think they want Gomez playing the wing. Scratch that rumor.

  78. “The easy chances they are missing are those that average hockey players should be putting away & I feel they will start going in, although it may take the help of a shrink to get these guys to stop squeezing the stick & relax. The opportunities they’re getting in abundance do NOT require a great sniper to NET.”

    Exactly, Tucson. Your last sentence is especially dead on.

  79. “Good things are on the way & Hank has been hanging out to dry way LESS under this attacking system, than he had been under our alleged “defensive” system.”

    This one is good too!

  80. Fischler's Ghost on

    I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time believing the B-Dubs goal was reviewed in Toronto. You can’t underestimate what a goal 17 seconds would do to the oppposition, and if you count Naslund’s goal, the Panthers play a totally different game if they are down 2 going into the 3rd. Something’s not right….

  81. A little off Topic

    My Fiance got two free, front row seats to last nights Debbies game from her boss, so we went

    And just to note I have NEVER been to a DEbbie game in my NY RANGERS Life

    Anyway, 10 minutes in, I hear the “Potvin sucks” whistle from someone in the crowd, but instead of Potvin the whole crowd chants “RANGERS SUCK”

    Now I hate the DEvils, always have always will, but this is just so pathetic.

    They couldnt even come up with there own thing they had to steal ours?

    It’s jsut goes to show you how pathetic there fans are, and even when they are playing better than us, and have a lead in the standings, they still wory about the Rangers.

    Oh and by the way, the Avs looked HORRIBLE. Ryan Smith did nothing, Darcy Tucker was a gimp the whole night, and Raycroft there goaltender looked liek an AHL Goalie.

    And Fatty made 24 saves and got the shut out, but his saves were all from the perimiter, and the D is what won him the game.

    Anyway, LETS GO RANGERS!!

  82. Hopefully he will look like an overweight 62 year-old politician, not the player Dryden was in his Habs days..!!

  83. Ecklund? Never gets anything right. I used to listen to him on Boomer’s show [Home ice XM radio] and never, never to his predictions come true.

  84. cwgatti February 27th, 2009 at 7:07 am

    I have one suggestion for Torts:

    One day next week in one of your 35 minute practices, put 6 nets out on the ice. On each net, put ShooterTuters on them. Break the guys into groups of 3-4 players. No skating, just each guy within 4-8ft of each other. Just do drills where the guys do quick in close passes, and hit the holes. Rapidly. These guys need to go back to rudimentary, elementary, peewee, fundamental drills.

    Couldn’t have said it better

  85. Eck is saying Gomez to Phoneix? Yeah, right. They are going under quickly with no money. There are hoping to make payroll in the near future. And why would Florida take Gomez with his contract for Jay Bou? Why wouldn’t they pay that money to keep there stud defenseman who is coverted by so many teams.

  86. Isn’t it great having a new coach – how we now have all of this scoring going on???

    I am so glad we got rid of Renny – so now that the team has a new coach, they can score a lot more goals!!!

    See – it isn’t whether we have this system or that system – these guys cant put the puck in the net – they dont have the talent or the youth to do it.

    Renny may seem more and more like a genius because at least with him, early on, we were winning the one goal games. His system, no matter how much of the team he lost the last two months, was built on the premise that with this group of players, that is the only way to win a game.

    Game. Set. Match.

    PS – I love the fact that we got Torts – now we need to get him some players!!!

  87. UES & 22


    and Yes

    Raycroft looke really bad though

    But MArty during Commercial breaks, looks so out of breath it wasnt funny. My fiance siad it to me, and she barely knows who MArty is.

    The Potvin whistle steal though is so sad. F the Devils and all there fans.

    I have a feeling the DEb’s are gonna regret sending Clemmenson down and keeping Weekes

  88. Gomez for JayBo makes absolutely no sense because he’s our best center (I use the word “best” loosely) and we have too many D.

    No one will trade for Gomez. Drury has a stupid NTC. Redden… well I don’t even have to say it.

    Maybe move Rozsival for some cap clearance?

  89. Joe
    February 27th, 2009 at 9:28 am
    Rangers make a trade, to be announced at around noon. Not sure on the details or who is involved.

    I love it when people make bold comments like this and then disappear!!

  90. I’d take Guerin, he’s got size and muscle and can still skate. I’d be hesitant to give them any youth that we’d see come back to haunt us. Maybe Voros? Just kidding, sort of.

    Rozi is the only contract out of the big ones for which there is a liquid market or there aren’t any impediments due to NTC (full or partial). He’s overpaid by probably a $1MM or so for a 2nd pair D and I can’t think of anyone that needs his services that bad to take on his remaining contract but he’s realistically the only one of the long term bloated deals they can move with any sort of ease.

    I’d also start shopping Naslund. His 1 year remaining might make him more palatable to potential trading partners. I don’t think he’s going to fit well with Torts’ system as it looks like he has trouble keeping up.

  91. don’t know if anyone has seen this (or if it even matters because it’s eklund)

    gomez straight up for jay bouwmeester…with some conditional picks for florida if jaybo signs in NY as a UFA

  92. even with 6 teams reportedly having interest in gomez, i still don’t think we can move him.

    i still think id rather ditch captain crap, chris dreary over gomez.

    can anyone tell me why in the world capt crap has a ntc?

    slats needs to just sell and move out all of the dead weight. nothing is happening with this team.

  93. and wher are JOE and ACCADIV or whatever with ther trader isnide info?

    Where you getting this from?
    Oh, your making it up, thats where.

    Dont put SHEET up like that without backing it up

    Put up or shut up
    If you knwo somehting , write it here, if nto then dont write anything

    I hate fake posters

  94. Gene, just curious. Why did you think you’d be censored?

    To those who have it wrong … Toronto can and does review all goals that are even remotely questionable, and the on-ice officials can review any and all goals. The teams CANNOT request a review. This is not the NFL. Also, Toronto has all the angles, some of which may or may not be shown on MSG.

  95. Carp,

    It was too fast. It doesn’t matter if they have all the angles, they didn’t have time review any of them.

    The NFL would have shown multiple replays.

    My opinion…

  96. I don’t care what anyone says, that loss is as much Hank’s fault as it is the teams. Once again he gives up a weak goal.

    Does he realize where the team is in the standings ? He knows they cant score more than one or two, so he cant afford to let in a goal like that.

    Obviously the rest of the team isn’t alone. The Isles scored 4 goals last night against Toskala, we couldn’t get past one, not even in the shootout. Raycroft is probably gonna transform into Roy for the next game, which is always something to look forward to.

    The least they could have done was pick up a point, and they failed to do so. On top of that the Sabs picked up a point in a shootout loss. This is not going well at all.

    The worst part of the game was all the chances we had to make it 2-0, but they couldn’t roof that fuggin puck. Unreal.

  97. Hockeybuzz? Eklund? Are you people kidding?

    And it’s not like Torts is going to publicly say “this team blows,” even if he wants to. He can’t write off the season or crap on the sliver of confidence these guys have left. Expecting fan-level honesty from a coach is absurd.

    I have an idea for the Rangers: stop signing former Patrick division rival players. Lindros, Holik, Gomez, Kaspar, Lafontaine. Blueshirt poison.

  98. Actually, LaFontaine was an excellent pickup until Mike Keane decided that Pat’s hard work and productivity made everybody else look bad. He put an end to that!

  99. The team’s turned a corner and is heading the right direction with Tortorella’s system, but they’re not going to win until they get some goal scorers. I’d happily shed Gomez, Drury, or Rozsival (Rozsival’s been playing a lot better lately, but we have too many defensemen and his contract hurts). Get them the hell out of here, bring in some scoring talent, and hope for the best next season. The Rangers season is over for 2008-2009.

  100. Hey Eklund Says that Ovechkin is very much in play at the deadline. and sources say that the NYR are attached , as is Edmonton and Ottawa!!!!!!!!
    This is real it is an e4!!!!!!

  101. Today’s practice: Plywood up the nets only leaving the top 1/3 of the net open … make each player shoot 30 pucks top shelf from the blueline, then the hashmarks, then up close …

    Then after Saturday have hard skating practices without pucks … Team does seem fatigued the past couple of third periods.

  102. The Devils have always defined themselves in terms of hating the Rangers. I mean, their first arena had 19,040 seats.

    This is sad considering their success. They remind me of the Red Sox and their fans who I’m convinced hate the Yankees more than they like the Red Sox. Sad.

  103. Orr, I’ve said it before, Hank is NOT to blame. You should be able to at least make it to OT with 2 goals against. You can’t expect Hank to give up 1 goal every night and win in a SO. Hank has consistently held up his end of the deal.

  104. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on


    Typical Devils for ya.
    No traditions of their own.
    And they are OBSESSED with us.

  105. Damn. I was just looking at my fantasy team to figure out who to drop for V. Kozlov coming off of IR, and I saw that Marc Staal has been a -11 in the past month. That kinda blows. I hadn’t even noticed. I don’t think a lot of goals are scored while he is on the ice either, which obviously helps the minus side. Can’t drop him though because it’s a keeper league and I know he’ll be good at offense eventually.

  106. Orr, I always support Hank, but the street goes two ways (the wrong way) – that backhander by Booth was an incredibly weak goal and added to the cointinued deflation of the team’s confidence.. that Craig Anderson guy plays out of his mind against the Rangers – we shld be like the Yankees and trade Valley for him, so we dont face himn anymore..

    Drury dumping in the puck on the 5 on 3 was the low point of the game (that was Drury not having his head where is needs to be)…

    I dont think they shld trade Girardi (despite his turnover/period, as pointed out by some others) – he has a fair contract and good upside (on “O” and “D”)

  107. “costanza
    Drury dumping in the puck on the 5 on 3 was the low point of the game (that was Drury not having his head where is needs to be)… ”

    I couldn’t believe that myself, he definitely doesn’t have his head in the game.

  108. pagnotta’s blog at the fourth period says slats has been talking to howson in cbus about gomez.

    my question is, if we do send gomez to cbus, who the hell comes back? i’d wan’t brassard or filatov but neither are available and brassard is on the ir so he can’t be traded anyway. columbus has also been incredibly reluctant to move picks.

  109. Did anyone catch the sather interview when he said Torts style of play is my kind of hockey. You skate and attach. Well glen buddy why did you hire a coach that didn’t play that type of hockey(renney) and why did you bring in players who aren’t suited for that style.The answer is your a moron to think that anyone will buy you BS anymore.Glenn go back towhere ever you live and dream about Gretsky and his teammates since you are in denial and you live in a fantasy land.
    This team has to be sellers at the deadline and have to eat some contracts in the off season.They should let miss rosy go home to play like they did with Kasper. Put deadden in the minors to ride out his career. Who knows with drury the anti capt and gomer.You keep Dubi,Staal,Hank. Everybody else is tradable.

  110. Gomez for Tyutin…once again a Tyutin-based trade provides relief for a less than tolerated player…I kid, I kid.

  111. I have a hard time believing Sather will trade Gomez or Drury right now. It all depends on the rest of the season. Especially when it comes to Redden. If he continues to show what he has the last two games for the rest of the season then he definitely wont be gone.

    read in the post the Rangers scoring chances were 19-9. And most were QUALITY chances.


    Did you watch the game? Im interested to know how you thought they played?

  112. “”KrispyNYR February 27th, 2009 at 10:02 am

    No. No. No.

    Keep an positive attitude. This team is going in the right direction. If fans start getting dragged down now, in a week we will hate Torts.

    This team is playing better than they have all season (and arguably the past few). Now is the time to look to the future. We are going to be a powerhouse next season if we can unload even one of the big three contracts (Drury, Gomez, Redden).

    Lets go Rangers.””

    100% correct.

  113. With all this talk about trading Gomez, he does have a limited movement clause. Does anyone know which team he refuses to go to or is it more of a permission-to-approve any deal?

  114. Roll1Line-KropCallyPru on

    The defensive improvement has to be pointed out as well – I’ve never seen guys stepping back to pick up loose pucks in front of Hank this much under Renney. Unfortunately it only lasted 2 periods. A win tomorrow sends them into a 4-day break on a high note, and they can spend the break getting into shape.

  115. RE Columbus

    jeez, Nash has a decent contract (we aint getting him) .. CLB would love to dump the Pascal Leclair contract ($3.85 thur 11-12) .. Their other questionable deals are: Huselius, $4.75 for 4yrs and Commmodore, $3.75 thru 2012-13.. (not “Redden-bad”, but bad)..

    If it doesnt bring Nash here, I would look elsewhere for a trade partner fro Gomez..

  116. that Joe who posted that fake deal was not me. I am sure there will be some trades by Wed, but I am not predicting when or who.

  117. Only 11 minutes for Prucha last night and no complaints from the Pruca cheerleading squad? If Renny gave those minutes, you would have been all over him. Maybe torts can see what Renny saw? Just asking, not starting a flame war.

  118. “”KrispyNYR February 27th, 2009 at 10:02 am
    No. No. No.
    Keep an positive attitude. This team is going in the right direction. If fans start getting dragged down now, in a week we will hate Torts.
    This team is playing better than they have all season (and arguably the past few). Now is the time to look to the future. We are going to be a powerhouse next season if we can unload even one of the big three contracts (Drury, Gomez, Redden).
    Lets go Rangers.””

    HELL YEAH!!!! I wish they could figure out a way to trade Drury and somehow waive Redden that would clear up almost $14mm but wishful thinking eh?

  119. costanza
    February 27th, 2009 at 12:27 pm
    RE Columbus
    jeez, Nash has a decent contract (we aint getting him) .. CLB would love to dump the Pascal Leclair contract ($3.85 thur 11-12) .. Their other questionable deals are: Huselius, $4.75 for 4yrs and Commmodore, $3.75 thru 2012-13.. (not “Redden-bad”, but bad)..
    If it doesnt bring Nash here, I would look elsewhere for a trade partner fro Gomez..


    Kaspar would go APE if they traded Nash here LOL

  120. Pitt traded Whitney for Kunitz (and a good looking prospect) – Kunitz is a very good player that can spark Pens – just what we needed.

  121. Roll1Line-KropCallyPru on

    Gomez’s best aspect this season has been taking out goalies of teams we’re fighting for a playoff spot with, and he couldn’t even do that right yesterday.

  122. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Matteauonov –
    I was just surprised because I expected to see Prucha more after Torts said some guys were out of shape. He’s getting PP time but the top 2 lines are dominating even strength ice time. I think it will be a little different come Wednesday, if not tomorrow, when Torts sees him in full practices.

    virus got 5 minutes and I don’t think any in the third… and hopefully none from here on out.

  123. “PruBelongsOnTheIce
    virus got 5 minutes and I don’t think any in the third… and hopefully none from here on out.”

    We certainly agree here!

  124. that goal that the Rangers scored was the right way to do it. crash the crease with authority.

    the only thing is that they must practice and work on lifting and scooping close-in shots to the upper part of the net

    too often lately they have had golden chances and did not lift the puck, which just made the goalie’s job easy

    most of these guys have scored at every level, so it is not true to say they cannot do this or that. confidence is a big part of it.

    and I am sure in the next few days they will add a few more forwards with size or grit who will crash the crease more often, like on that goal last night.

  125. Who below us in the standings would take a chance on Avery, and who below us in the standings has the cap space to claim Avery just to screw us?

  126. Matteauonov February 27th, 2009 at 12:30 pm

    Only 11 minutes for Prucha last night and no complaints from the Pruca cheerleading squad? If Renny gave those minutes, you would have been all over him. Maybe torts can see what Renny saw? Just asking, not starting a flame war.””

    No complaints here. At least he isn’t a perpetual healthy scratch and he did get some time on the PP.

  127. JOE

    I know, but still, he should have gotten two shutouts in a row, and he blew it. He lost his “shootout touch”, and he’s still giving up weak goals, which he has been doing for months now. Where they are in the standings, in my opinion is as much his fault as it is his teammates, i know a lot will disagree with me, but his slumps always screw up Nyr, and have for the last three seasons, only difference between now and then, is the fact that he hasn’t been able to shake it, and it’s costing us a shot at making the playoffs.

    Like i said, it’s everyone’s fault.

    And i totally forgot aboot that moron Drury dumping the puck in on a 5 on 3. What an idiot that guy is, who does that ? It’s a shame he’s gonna be here for three more crappy years.

  128. Yeah really
    why would we want Guerin?
    He wont come here

    LEt him go to Nj, there signing all there old players
    Take back Gomer too!

  129. Anyone who expected quick change in the win loss record just because Tortorella is behind the bench is kidding themselves, but hey their a lot more fun to watch win or loose. I hated that Renney system it was just to boring.

  130. I was thinking that too. They could do that. I know Avery and Garth Snow do not like each other at all though. Would he do it out of spite? You never know.

  131. You all who aren’t happy with the team right now have to remember that it will take time for the team to get used to this new system and just be patient with them. Torts hasn’t been coach for a week yet and the two games they played they only had ONE practice with him. The booing at the garden last night I don’t agree with. That won’t help their confidence by doing that.

  132. Prucha25,

    I thought the booing last game was lame myself. They should be given a few more games, then boo if you want.

  133. My “Isle contingent” love Prucha and would take him in a minute as part of their “rebuilding”.. they are as confused as us as to his treatment with the Rangers… Yes, I do think Snow would at least consider it (less than 50% that he actually goes thru with it)

  134. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    is it just me, or is it pretty much the same move that the Rangers shooters fail on in the shootout every time?

    They either stuff it into the goalie or miss the net.

  135. I agree Prucha25, except I think the booing was more out of frustration toward Sather, sort of a “make-some-trades-jackass” sort of plea for action

  136. Guerin has always scored goals around the net, rebounds etc when I have seen him play for the Islanders.

    Yeah I know its been 13 games with out a win. But them booing the players was sh*tty to do.

  137. I wonder if this team will be completely different at the deadline. Maybe no Shoes, Pruchs, and Virus. Maybe Dawes, and Kalinin get dumped. Aves, and Bell come in, and a d-man.

    Cant wait for the deadline, i wanna see what the final team is gonna be for the push to the playoffs.

    Some of you think i might be crazy, but if we do, i want to make 8th, or 7th. I wanna see Nyr vs the B’s or Craps. What’s the point of making the playoffs if you cant beat the best ? Might as well take them on early.

  138. RICK do you know for a fact Toronto reviewed that goal? Not what Tortorella was told by the blind ref.

  139. Pru, PLS don’t get me started on the Rangers “skill” moves in shootouts … Pathetic showing by Dru and Z last game – they shld be banned… Dawes is their best chance (against the leafs it looked like Schonfeld was pushing for Dawes, but Torts went with Drury – likely implanting the “best players must be our best players” mentaility…I was fine with that.. until I saw Drury’s “move”.. yeeesh.

    ..not a huge fan of shotouts, but sometimes they are pretty exciting – unfortunitely this year the shootout had ruined any chance of Tavares to Rangers

  140. The song reminds me of some track by another composer which I really enjoyed listening to … I can not remember which one :0 anybody happens to know who I am looking for?

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