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So do you think they’ll fire John Tortorella now, or wait until the end of the season?

Obviously I’m kidding, and you could definitely see a difference in the game last night. But you could also see more of the same, and without looking very hard. Just the score tells you, once again, that this team is always going to have trouble piling up goals. I have said it again and again, they lack the front-line skill of most other teams in the NHL. Not to mention the top-two defensemen skills.

So now it’s one regulation win, one shootout win, in the last 15 games. And it’s 14 goals in the 13 non-wins.

Here are the official game summary and event summary for last night’s game, in case you want to check out ice time, etc.

Some thoughts on the latest debacle in Toronto — oh, by the way, that’s three goals in two games against the worst defensive team in the NHL, under two different coaches:

1) It was really interesting, Tortotrella questioning their conditioning. Just one more comparison to Keenan. He demanded that conditioning on a level higher than most coaches, and he wasn’t afraid to honk about it in public.

2) Chris Drury was better. He made a lousy move in the skills competition, and he failed to finish a couple of great chances, but he was better. He screened the goalie on the only goal. Brandon Dubinsky looked pretty good in the new system, too. He will have to be one of their top two forecheckers. But he will need to find his hands around the net, too.

3) The power play was immediately improved. Not just because it scored.

4) The Rangers went for it in the OT, didn’t they?

5) You guys would have gone ape if Renney allowed a tying goal in the third period with his fourth line and sixth defenseman on the ice as Tortorella did. Also, the Rangers had one solid shift after their only goal, then on the next shift Dominic Moore came flying in to create two unbelievably good chances. So that hasn’t changed yet.

6) For some of these overhauls, the Rangers need some practices right now, so starting out this new era with three in four nights isn’t helping one bit. After Saturday, they get a four-day break, through the trade deadline. But after Saturday they have only 18 games left.

7) Tortorella said more than one assistant coach is too much. Which means next year you can count on Mike Sullivan, his guy in Tampa, to be here. It was Sullivan’s contract that held up the announcement Monday, not compensation. At least that’s the way I understand it.

8) Wade Redden scored a goal in Europe, the next game scored one in the United States and 57 short games later he scored another one in North America. Seriously, though, he looked a little better, too. Firing away, joining the play. Marc Staal also.

9) In case you missed it, here were Jacques Martin’s thoughts on trading Jay Bouwmeester at the deadline, although I seriously doubt the Rangers have the assets to get him or the cap space to fit him.

10) Also, in case you missed it, George Vecsey, the great columnist at The Times, had a piece on the 30th anniverasry of the Denis Potvin hit on Ulf Nilsson, which begat the infamous chant. You can read it here. Potvin will be in the building tonight as Florida’s TV analyst. Oh, in the story, I don’t believe Vecsey once used one of the two words in the chant. (NOTE: I’m now finding  you may need a password to get in. I was reading it without a password early this morning).

11) I’d fight Markus Naslund for paychecks.

12) Have I told you what I think of the shootout?


Jane is doing the game tonight. She’ll put up a post before the game. Enjoy.

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  1. REPOST:


    im pissed off today…some a**hole hit my parked car in the morning… i think its a yellow cab… there still yellow paint all the way through the entire passenger door!!

    they better win big tonight or someone will pay for this! lol

  2. re-post


    Lol, so what if he’s on a crap team like the Blues. A) that’s where his family is, i don’t know what world you live in, but not every player in the NHL is in their 20’s. Look at Shanny, he didn’t want to leave NY, not because he loved Nyr, because he didn’t wanna move his family. B) Some players actually have class and want to stick with a team, and at the very least mentor the youth, which he said he’s doing. The Blues aren’t that bad of a team, they’re making a push, but they will fall short. C) He accepted a trade to a 3rd place Thrashers team that looked semi dangerous and had guys like Kovalchuk, Hossa, Kozlov. It was a good move for him. Nobody thought Nyr would destroy them the way they did, and he wasn’t a good fit there. Which finally brings me to the point, he doesn’t wanna make the same mistake AGAIN.

    If the rumors are true that Boston wants him, then that’s where he’ll go, and he’ll do good there.

    Im sure he knows Nyr is gonna need a hell of a lot more than him to have a shot at the Cup.

  3. repost


    Millions of dollars or not. If you are outside of your current work capacity you’re tired. What we have are a bunch of half marathoners that were asked to run a marathon (and score…which is also a bit out of reach…i guess)

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    REPOST (with a little addition, so read it again):

    First of all, for people just looking at the scoreline and saying there was no difference between Sunday and yesterday, you definitely were not watching the game.

    For the first two periods, Toronto wasn’t even in the game. We didn’t just “give them somehting to think about.” They were playing on half the ice surface. The Rangers were completely DOMINANT.

    Now, as for the lack of goal scoring, I’ll admit that some of it is we don’t have the talent to score too many goals. But last night, they were generating GREAT chances, something that they didn’t have too many of under Renney. Now, those chances weren’t put away. Some of it was confidence, some of it was chemistry, some of it was rust.

    Drury had more than his share and couldn’t pull the trigger. That is definitely a confidence issue for him. Going to him in the shootout was a risky move. He scores and he’ll get the confidence back. He misses (and man did he FLOUNDER) and the problem gets worse (something I know Carp hates the SO because of). He really needs to get a goal.

    A couple of times there would be good opportunities but the final passes would just miss. Those happened a lot when Torts was frequently shuffling the lines. Those problems will work themselves out when he keeps units together for more than 3 shifts.

    Petr Prucha was amazing. He had more than a few great opportunies that Petr Prucha of old would have buried. For him, I think it’s just rust. He hasn’t been given free reign in the offensive zone in a while, and hasn’t had many opportunities to shoot in game situations this season. I think in a couple of games he’s going to really start to score some goals. Maybe 5-7 goals over the last 20 games.

    We looked a little tired in the third and a little bit too much like Renney’s team. As for Renney’s team, I think it was just the team falling partly into it’s old ways of being up 1 goal and trying to play it safe, not taking the chances in the offensive zone.

    As for being tired, that’s because we weren’t even a three line team yesterday, we were a two line team. Dawes and Korpikoski did not get enough ice time. Also Reitz wasn’t given enough ice either. Look at the ice time breakdown:

    Callahan: 16:19
    Drury: 21:15
    Dubinksy: 19:56
    Gomez: 21:27
    Naslund: 18:27
    Prucha: 15:45
    Zherdev: 19:37

    Dawes: 12:31
    Korpikoski: 9:46

    Betts: 11:47
    Orr: 6:34
    Sjostrom: 8:31

    If we were a three line team, Dawes and Korpikoski’s ice times should have been closer to Prucha’s. Instead, we became more of a 7 forward team.

    On defense, the same thing happened. Reitz had less than 10 minutes of ice time. LESS THAN 10. I understand Torts wanting to lean on his better players, but that’s basically playing half a game with only 5 defenders.

    That said, if Torts is questioning conditioning, Voros might as well just get used to watching from the press box.

    As for the PP, it did look a lot better, even without Redden scoring. That goal wasn’t the result of anything new other than Redden actually trying and taking a really good shot. The goal wasn’t really built off of the PP, just off of a clean faceoff win, Redden making a good play to keep the puck in the zone, and then Redden taking a great shot. None of that is something that couldn’t have happened with Renney here.

    But the other PPs, they looked a lot better, systematically. Sometimes, they were worse do to vairous personel switches and chemistry issues, people not knowing what their role on the PP would be as a result. But here’s the fundamental difference between the Renney PP and the Torts PP: The Torts PP, once it was set up (and they set it up a lot easier than any PP under Renney) looked like it was going to score. Renney’s PP NEVER looked that way. The players moving themselves to create openings, the cross ice passing instead of just around the perimeter, the work down low and up top to keep the penalty killers honest, the shots from the point, the crashing of the net: it was a big change. Once Torts gets to know which players he likes better and they can practice as units, it will improve from where it was under Renney, DRAMATICALLY.

    I’ll be at the game tonight, but I’m worried about how the team will perform. If he wants to lean on 7 forwards that much, I can’t imagine them having too much in the tank in this game, especially late, especially when the Panthers are a fast, aggressive, hard skating, up tempo team.

  5. Staal Wart
    February 26th, 2009 at 11:12 am
    Doodie I here the phone ringing,
    NBC just fired Pierre, and they want YOU between the glass!!

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, Keith Tkachuk has been in the playoffs 12 times, and the teams he has been on have won exactly 3 playoff series. Also, his scoring in the playoffs is about half of what it is in the regular season. Bottom line, he’s not worth whatever it would take to land him.

  7. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the useless shootout.

    The Rangers absolutely DOMINATED that game for 50 minutes, but the lack of conditioning showed… no problem, that’s something for next year… but Toronto did not deserve that win. They’re terrible and we have no shootout performers.

    The SO is useless. Bring back ties, or winner takes all.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it’s a slow morning for me. And if you want me on staff, I would take the job at triple your (unpaid) salary.

  9. Even though they lost, last night was encouraging. They were moving and shooting on the power play, going hard to the net at even strength, and putting lots of pressure on Toronto’s defense. And it was nice to finally see a power play goal, especially from the six million dollar man.

  10. Hockeyfights.com posted Nazzy’s first and only other “fight” back in 1993. Let’s just say that he looked much better in this one (didn’t even drop the gloves in the first).

    Will be at the game tonight. Can’t wait to chant Potvin Sucks with him in the house. I was there during the 1994 All-Star game skills competition day at MSG where we did it with Potvin on the ice for the ‘old-timers’ game. Awesome.

  11. Carp, great line about fighting Naslund. My wife laughed last night because she said it looked like once Naslund dropped his gloves and grabbed White, his look was like uh, oh, what do i do now?

  12. You know what? You guys should give Potvin an ovation tonight… he is now a Garden icon, a hockey icon, because of the undying chant. Seriously. Imagine life at MSG if you never had the Potvin chant. And he’s accepted it quite well.

    My bad in the original post. I meant “more than one assistant” coach.

  13. You can have Chris Drury. So weak, so disinterested in playing the game with any sort of physical play and definately not a Captain.

    Rozival, Drury, Sjostrom, Dawes, Zherdev and Kalinin can go.


    There is no captian on this team.

    Anisimov would get the call up and play Bell. And strip Drury of the “C”. Nothing against the guy, he just doesn;t deserve to have it.

  14. Nazz is strong enough to tie the guy up though right? and if you watched TSN you’d see that White got a nice face wash from Naz in the corner just before going after him…

  15. I think we’re getting to a point where the shootout should be done away with. Does the NHL really think it’ll lose fans if they get rid of it?

    Last night’s game felt like a really disappointing tie. The Rangers did get a point, but should gave gotten two.

  16. DOODIE

    i agree, he’s not worth it at all.

    DAN LD

    Exactly, they looked better, besides Gomez. It sucks they couldn’t score a single goal in the shootout at least, but for their first game under a new system they did decent. Cant expect much though, gotta stay patient and hope they keep picking up points.

    Problem is, these days every team is picking up at least one point, so you really cant settle for an OT / Shootout loss.

  17. Carp

    I heard Potvin go off about it (the chant) last year…he didnt seem like he takes it so lightly that

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    I like the Potvin chant. It’s a part of team history, like the Rangers Victory Song. I don’t like that it’s done more than once a game (except against the Piles).

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    I suppose if they want to increase the frequency against the Panthers that would be fine too, since Potvin will actually be in the building.

  20. This is a big game tonight. Its a 4 point game in the Standings vs. Florida with 20 games remaining on the aseason.

  21. True Story:

    A man was once stranded on the side of the road after his car ran out of gas. John Tortorella drove by, got out, and looked the man in the eye. The man knew that everything would be fine. Then Torts proceeded to piss into the man’s gas tank and to this very day that man has never had to fill his gas tank up again. That was 14 years ago.

    Couldn’t resist.

    Last one, I promise.

  22. The only time the chant should be done is when he’s in the building, so do it 1000 times tonight if you have to… just not when we’re playing any of the other 28 teams.

  23. Thanks for the link Redden, I looked at the date, thought it was wrong, looked at my watch… How the hell is it Feb 26 already?

  24. Rick

    On an unrelated note about last night. Is anyone ever going to know what the deal was between Prucha & Renney. I was so happy to see him get some good mins last night and on the PP. He really must be thrilled.

    It really must be a personal thing bc Shoney would have told Torts to not play him as much if it was anything else.

  25. should have a rule that only one chant a game tho. goes on way too much.

    prucha needs to get more ice time, cally less in my opinion and id move naslund, not worth 4M
    and korpedo needs to be in better shape, think thats why he stopped playing

  26. I’ll bet most of the people still doing the Potvin chant probably never saw him play. Anybody remember his last game at MSG? All the old ones were brought out: Beat your wife Potvin, beat your wife. Drive a Porsche Potvin and the usual chant. It was a classic night. The chant is old.

  27. Potvin chant needs to be retired. Guy retired 20 YEARS AGO. Let it go. Its not insulting to any Islanders players, and its annoying as hell when the Rangers are playing the other 29 teams and people start it.

    Yea, I’m sure Hank, Gomez, Zherdev, and Prucha really get fired up playing the Panthers when we start a chant about an individual from a different team from when they were 6 years old.

    Get over it.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, one last thing. The 7th defenseman that Torts said he wasn’t going to call up? They already have 7. How did everyone forget Mara so quickly? He’ll be back in less than a week. Then they’ll have 7 on the roster.

  29. Doodie Machetto
    February 26th, 2009 at 11:39 am
    Oh, one last thing. The 7th defenseman that Torts said he wasn’t going to call up? They already have 7. How did everyone forget Mara so quickly? He’ll be back in less than a week. Then they’ll have 7 on the roster.

    It seems JT does not favor Reitz and Mara should step in when he is healthy. I did not like the comment Mara made about his history with Tortorella. Hoping there is no left over ill-will between them.

  30. Realistically speaking, just by analyzing and assessing other teams rosters, where they sit in the standings, and their current financial situation….

    Let’s hear some actual trade projections by some of the knowledgeable hockey people that post here.

    Legit trade proposals only please….Kovalchuk aint coming to NY for Gomez, Rosizval, Prucha, etc etc.

    Also note, Vinny L. will not be traded by the TBL this year to anyone….so you can cross that off the list.

  31. Doodie,

    Maybe we should have our beard growing contest from now until the end of the season, instead of waiting for the playoffs.


  32. cwgatti, the Rangers will not clean out their entire youth for JayBO….thats a guarantee…..we need to score goals up front from top two lines

  33. I would still do that. . . . I think. I just get the feeling that the NEW NYR will need a thuroughbred back on D. I know JBo is a strong skater. Zherdev isn’t gonna last anyway.

    Zherdev, Staal, & Grachev (who is a stud) & a pick

    for JBo

  34. The Potvin chant is difficult to explain to non-New York hockey fans. The first time I took my fiancee to a game she didn’t understand it, but then I told her it’s kind of like how Red Sox fans chant “Yankees Suck” all the time, regardless of the opponent.

    I don’t really say it at games, except games against the Islanders. I have noticed at games vs the Pens people have started to subsititute Crosby for Potvin. Of course there’s the “Maaaaarty!” chant when they score against him. It was great last year during the playoffs, those chants were downright deafening.

    There needs to be something more for the Flyers. The rivarly has simmered down a little bit this decade, but the general thatred that NY and Philly teams and fans have of each other deserves a voice in the stands.

  35. Rob L. Hell no, Anisimov’s played one game…

    Rick, love how you always end with “Oh did I mention I hate the shootout…” hahaha

  36. I still can’t believe Prucha played last night! He got 3rd period minutes and PP minutes.

    Tom Renney should rot in siberia for what he did to that kid.

    All in all though, I’m very excited about the Rangers again.

  37. Legit trade that very well could happen:

    Bobby Sanguinetti

    Not crazy about that idea, but I could see and old and foolish Sather doing it to cover his short term ass.

  38. I think the Potvin chant should remain forever. It’s just one of those things that makes the Garden and the Rangers fans so unique. People can’t believe that you still to it and that makes it cool. It is something no other team in any other sport will ever have. It no longer is hateful or spiteful, it’s just a tradition that unifies the generations of Rangers fans … and when they do it on the road, it’s even better.

    For the last, oh, 25 years, every time I’ve been in the Garden and heard the chant, I’ve said to whomever is sitting next to me, “now it’s an official game.”

    I would hate to see it ever end.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha, good one Nasty. No, I will still hold off for the playoffs. I’ve got a different job than I did last year where I’m not sure the early stages of playoff beard growing would be acceptable to…. so I better have a damn good reason like the playoffs to get in trouble.

  40. I absolutely believe that Zherdev may very well be dealt. Maybe straight up for Tkachuk. Not sure who else.

  41. Tkachuk sucks! He’s like 90 and he’s never done squat in the playoffs.

    Slats needs to bite the bullet and become a seller… a nice draft this year!

  42. cwgatti – The Rangers will not trade Zherdev for Tkachuk…..Also, please note that Keith Tkachuk does not even want to leave the St. Louis area. But if he is going to be uprooted, he will most likely end up in Boston, who has a MUCH better chance to succeed this year.

  43. don’t like playing fantasy GM, but the J-Bo for Staal stuff is off the mark. It’s a zero-sum problem. Any depth we have by grabbing J-Bo is offset by ditching Staal.

  44. Yeah, Doodie, you are right. And doing it now just would not be as much fun. I have off for 2 weeks coming up, and I just figured what better time to just let myself go.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    My trade preference: Do nothing. Don’t buy, we have nothing to sell, and just wait out our terrible contracts.

    If somehow someone wants Redden, Gomez, Drury, or Naslund, we take whatever they offer us, so long as we aren’t adding to our cap space. And I don’t care who goes the other way so long as it isn’t Lundqvist or Staal.

  46. several thoughts from Tortorella’s first game:

    1) liked the flow, liked the pressure type game. more exciting and i would think that the players will like it as well. i think it is going to take a bit of adjustment for some more than others (i.e. Zherdev seemed occasionally hesitant while Staal and Girardi embraced it)

    2) hopefully someone mentions to Torts that Korpikoski got 3 goals in 4 games during this current “down” period and, hopefully, he’ll get more ice time. i think Torts is trying to get a feel for what his top line people can do.

    3) power play looked better but the players still need to react much quicker.

    4) Drury’s attempt during the skills competition. “lousy”?
    man, that stunk so bad it smelled like my backyard after my dogs relieved themselves on a hot summer day. again, i know that Torts was probably doing some check on what his Captain can do, and probably feels that his Captain should contribute on the shootout, but i hope he learns quickly that someone like Sjostrom is more dependable.

    5) as far as conditioning comment, some players seemed a little less get-up-and-go in the 3rd. others seemed okay. even more worried about Gomez’s over-thinking while on the ice. (the next meeting for Torts?)

    6) so much has been written about not having an actual first line sniper, which is true. life could be much different if Marian Hossa loved Broadway plays more than possibly winning a Stanley Cup, but (and i don’t know if this is Renney’s fault due to his system or..) players such as Dubinsky, Dawes and Calahan (and even Korpikoski and Prucha) were expected to contribute more goals to make up for the missing Jagr, Shanahan, Straka and Avery. Remember, this was going to be a New Era?

    7) finally, if we want a Big Man in front of the net during a power play, why not try Orr? seriously. what could it hurt to have a big body there to cause problems? he also had a couple good shots last night as well. n

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, I like how you were trying to find an excuse to be a dirtbag for two weeks. Well done.

  48. I also doubt Florida would trade him to a team they’re directly competing against for a playoff spot. If gets unloaded I think he’ll end up out West. Maybe Anaheim if they unload Pronger to someone else.

    Scratch that, Anaheim just acquired Whitney.

  49. I just finished the Red Wings Game against the San Jose Sharks from last night and after watching the Rangers play the Leafs last night, I need to say…

    Well, it just can get better with Torts on the regimen.;)
    When you see the Wings celebrating their powerplay on the ice, that´s a world of difference..

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    jpg, some good points, but this one I’ll respond to:

    7) finally, if we want a Big Man in front of the net during a power play, why not try Orr? seriously. what could it hurt to have a big body there to cause problems? he also had a couple good shots last night as well.

    A big man is important, but he has to have hands. That’s why Voros sucked in front of the net on the PP. First of all, you need great hands to make deflections. Second, you can screen the goaltender, but if he makes the save (which he likely will), you need the guy in front to have the hands to put home the rebound (aka the Graves special). Orr proved on his two golden chances last night that he definitely does not have hands.

  51. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    I dont see what we can do at the deadline, we have no pieces and too little space. And you cant give up Staal.

    But would anyone here trade Staal for Lecavalier?

  52. Rick,

    I’m with ya on the Potvin chant. Anytime I bring a Rangers virgin to the Garden, I explain the history behind the chant to them and they always think it is the coolest thing that the chant is still ongoing even though he hasn’t played in two decades.



  54. thanks Doodie Machetto.

    as far as my comment and yours regarding Orr on PP:


    don’t get me wrong. i’m impressed that Orr has shown himself to be much more than our resident fighter this year. it was just one of those, might as well might as well, ideas since so much else hasn’t worked. also, for the moment even if all Orr does is occupy the goalie and possibly a defender it would give more room for our other players to move around near the crease for shot and/or rebound. not saying that this idea would work but worth a try since a lot of other things haven’t.

    btw, as far as Voros. just kind of odd how quickly he went out of the gate and then just he (and Dubinsky) flatlined.
    i think we’ll see him tonight to replace someone who slowed down in the 3rd, get one more shot before Bell is used and allow Torts to see what he can/cannot do.

    finally, in regards to the Power Play we used to complain that we never took a shot from the point and now that’s our ONLY PP STRATEGY!!!!!!!!!

    (sorry for another long post)

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    “But would anyone here trade Staal for Lecavalier?”

    I would if the Lightning took back both Redden and one of Gomez and Drury, plus we got a draft pick.

    In other words, in fantasy land.

  56. sorry Doodie Machetto

    thought that your comments were listed on my last post.
    (well, if anyone cares to read ’em they’re several posts or so about mine……..short version, Orr doesn’t have the hands to be on PP in front)

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, I’m with you, I was saying he’s not a good choice for the PP.

    I’m sure they’re going to give Bell a look before they send him down. And if they don’t it was purely a move by Slats to keep him out of the Toronto lineup last night, which would have been a REALLY savvy thing to do (yes, we lost anyway, but that’s really clever nonetheless).

  58. In a few years, Staal will be better than JBo. I don’t understand how some are willing to part with our youth so easily. As far as I’m concerned, the young core of players (plus the prospects coming along — e.g. Grachev, Anisimov, Del Zotto, Sauer, Sanguinetti, etc.) are, and will be, the most entertaining ones to watch. Yes, it’s true, none are Ovechkin, Malkin, or Crosby but all could be good “team” players, and that is what wins in this sport — a team that meshes together will always be greater than the sum of its parts. Go Rangers Go!

  59. BigBadVinny, I don’t want to trade Staal either, but who told you he was going to be better than Jbo? Doc Brown? Do we need roads when Staal is better? This whole sport is a business and a gamble. We don’t know or have control over what is going to happen here.

  60. This team scored 3 or more goals 50% of the time in the first 16 games (in a more aggressive approach) of the season and since then (when they went back into their shell) under Renney only 37%.

    This team is better than dead last in goals scored. They have enough talent to be half way up the pack, believe me. This whole thing about no talent is getting really old. This is the NHL. They have enough to score some goals. Not like a Boston or a Detroit, but enough.

  61. My favorite hockey chant was in College. SUNY Oswego Division III ice hockey (one time national champs)

    Our main purpose in going to games was to give hell to the other team. So if the opposing goalie was Martan Brodour you’d hear
    ” Marty, Marty, Marty….you suck”

    “Brodour, Brodour, brodour, you suck”

    ..All game long and as soon as they let in a goal it was a “its all your fault chant”. I’d rather do that instead of potvin sucks.

  62. Who is up for predictions tonight?

    Im gonna go out on a limb and say the Rangers are gonna win 4-1

    1 ppg Roszi
    1 g Prucha
    1 g Gomez
    1 g Cally

  63. NASTY

    The way it’s been lately, at one time we could have gotten something decent for guys like Jessiwoman, Montoya, Prucha, etc. But now they’re worth garbage. Some people see that and consider trading youth for a guy like Vinny, or J-Bo. That’s the way it goes.

    I cant blame anyone for that. Crappy luck is what it is.

    Who knows, maybe we could have traded Staal, and Dubi, and some other players / picks for Vinny Lecavalier, but didn’t cause we believed they can be stars, but then they turn out to be as good as Poti and Betts, and we look back at the deal and wish we could have taken it.

    Now THAT can be depressing, and make a fan suicidal.

  64. Staal will be a great 2nd pair Dman. JBo is a STUD. Staal is not in the same class. Sorry. Remember: If Sangs, and DelZotto are as good as we think, Staal may become expendable. Seems like there are plenty of young Dmen in the org, but no bona fide STUDS. I am all for JBo. Staal or not.


    Waht the hella re you babbling aboot?

    Did SAther come over your hsoue last night and whisper in your ear?

    Spill the beans brotha!!

  66. I would hate to see the Potvin chant end, but at the same time I guarantee there are many Rangers fans of today’s generation who do it and don’t even know why or who he is.

    I also don’t think the chant belongs at game ceremonies either, it just makes the Rangers fans look classless at times.

    That being said, I still love the chant randomly done during games though.

  67. Who’s Doc Brown? I also think Bouwmeester is somewhat overrated – He just happens to be the flavor of the day.

  68. I would prefer to ignore Tkachuk. The question was probable or likely trades that could happen. I would absolutely trade Zherdev if there is still a market for him.

  69. DomivBaumgartner on

    PuxInOz February 26th, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    My favorite hockey chant was in College. SUNY Oswego Division III ice hockey (one time national champs)

    Our main purpose in going to games was to give hell to the other team. So if the opposing goalie was Martan Brodour you’d hear
    ” Marty, Marty, Marty….you suck”

    “Brodour, Brodour, brodour, you suck”

    ..All game long and as soon as they let in a goal it was a “its all your fault chant”. I’d rather do that instead of potvin sucks.

    Who cares about Div 3 hockey. Thats like going to a high school game in Long Island.

  70. They J-bo “lets keep signing someone else’s free agent even though we’ve been burned so many times before” love fest continues….

    what did I read above? a pick and Grachev and Staal and Zherdev?

    Add a few of the retired numbers banners too so we can get him; call him an oof and run him out of town

  71. JBo is not overrated. He is exactly what Torts system is screaming for. A big, swift, offensively talentd Dman. Think Dan Boyle on steroids. JBo is ELITE.

  72. BTW

    best thing you can do with Zherdev might be to let him sign an offer sheet this summer and take the pick or pix instead…just sayin

  73. The only thing good about Zherdev (and Dubinsky for that matter) is that they are playing themselves into very affordable contracts.

  74. DomivBaumgartner on

    # Rick Carpiniello February 26th, 2009 at 11:58 am

    I think the Potvin chant should remain forever. It’s just one of those things that makes the Garden and the Rangers fans so unique. People can’t believe that you still to it and that makes it cool. It is something no other team in any other sport will ever have. It no longer is hateful or spiteful, it’s just a tradition that unifies the generations of Rangers fans … and when they do it on the road, it’s even better.

    For the last, oh, 25 years, every time I’ve been in the Garden and heard the chant, I’ve said to whomever is sitting next to me, “now it’s an official game.”

    I would hate to see it ever end.

    The chant should be done once the entire game during the first 5 minutes of every game. When Potvin is in the garden or the beloved isles, the chant should be done once every period. I hate hearing “Potvin Sucks” and over again vs teams that it’s irrelevant too. It also gets old really quick.

  75. Who’s Doc Brown? Come on man? Are you serious? Save the clock tower? Huey Lewis and the News. Do you really not know what I am talking about? Roads, where we’re going we don’t need roads.

    Guys? Help me out here and enlighten our friend.

  76. Kaspar,
    That was my “proposal” if I were predicting a trade. I personally wouldn’t trade Grachev just to mortgage the future. In my perfect world, I would accept what I have and keep my kids.

  77. i dont get it… what is this crush everyone has on JayBo? does he really worth Grachev, AA, Staal, Nik, and a pick? talking about giving up half the entire future for a guy that can skate fast and move the puck a bit faster than average…big deal…Staal in a year or two will be much better the JayBo… plus DelZoto and BobyS will be our JayBo… i would instead go for VL or Kovalchuk… Kovalchuk can score at will when his happy…just like Jagr… for those high scoring forwards I would give up few youngsters but not for JayBo

  78. Domiv….

    OK. Besides you missing the point of my post (the chant).

    My only other response to you was my experience in the hockey town in oswego was wayyyy better than watching the rangers this season. With better rivalries too.

    With that said, I’ve very excited to watch tonights game. Go blueshirts

  79. cwgatti

    I agree with keeping kids

    Bite the bullet and live in this mess for now and if at all possible aquire pix that wont hit your payroll for a few years…some RFA offer sheets would help that…unless of course all of ours suck so bad they dont get offers

  80. Even if they could trade for him who says he will want to sign with them after the season? Last night was definetly a change for the Ranger fans . With the team putting pressure with the forecheck and skating hard and by hitting instead of curling away from the hits. The bad part was the same old crap with scoring.There is none.
    I had to watch the game on tsn and it was a pleasure not having to listen to nosen and mc shill talk all night.Maguire was all over gomer and should have been he sucked. He let miss rosi have it too. Then I put on the msg post game and hear mc shill saying how good all these players were with the new system.Please Maguire had it right and said it mc shill and nosen must have BS orders to only say good things even when it’s BS.
    I then went throgh more pain listening to john gianotalent do his interviews. The look Nasland gave him when he asked that stupid question about the game being memorable because he had a fight was priceless.I can’t wait until he asks one of those stupid questions to Torts when he’s in a bad mood. That definetly will be worth watching gianotalent to hear and see that.

  81. PEns just traded Whitney to the ducks for Kunitz,

    Hey Rick, whats the over/under on Pronger being traded. What would it take to get him.

  82. I would be disappointed to see Zherdev get traded before he finished a full season in New York. On the other hand, he’s a UFA at the end of this season and they might not have the money to resign both him and Dubinksi, so it might make sense to move him before the deadline and get soemthing in return instead of just letting him walk. And there’s no way J-bo or Lecavalier are coming to the Rangers. The team doesn’t have the assets to trade for them or the cap space to pay their salaries. Besides, who needs those guys when Avery is coming back?

  83. What is everyone’s obsession with Jay Bouwmeester all of a sudden? You want to trade a ton of young guys for him, and yet he is a free agent in a few months…Please think before you post.

    “Yea! Let’s trade Zherdev, Staal, and a first round pick for a rental player! And then re-sign him for 7 mill a year, totally killing our salary cap!”

    The guy has 31 points this season. Rosi has 29 points and yet he is terrible in fans eyes.

    Bouwmeester stats:
    2008-2009 to date: 29 points
    2007-2008: 37 points
    2006-2007: 42 points

    Roszival stats:
    2008-2009 to date: 29 points
    2007-2008: 38 points
    2006-2007: 40 points

    So explain to me again why you guys want us to trade 6 players plus a zamboni for this guy?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying he isnt good, and he isnt young. Hes still improving and is on an upswing, while Rozi is old and on the downside of his career. However, some of the “trade ideas” people are tossing out there are borderline handicapped.

  84. Upcoming RFAs:

    Mark Bell

  85. Rozi really isn’t that old. He just looks old, ha. I am not saying that we should or shouldn’t trade anyone for Jbo, or anyone for that matter. I am just saying that you never know who is going to turn in to what.

  86. The Potvin chant is immortal. I was tempted to yell it at a high school football game here in Virginia one time when the band played the tune, but I thought better of it. I don’t the folks down here would have understood it.

  87. It is so funny to me that I am the same age as Redden. I look like a HS senior next to that guy.

    And Rozi is only 30, and hardly on the downside of his career. He is playing like he is on the downside for a lot of the season, but for a dman, 30 is pretty much your prime.

  88. Why give away our youth — they (Cally, Dubi, Staal) are the only tradeable players we have, yet are the only ones we have that are worth any value to THIS team. Why give any youth (picks, prospects, or the 1st/2nd year guys) for a shot *this* year. We are not going deep into the playoffs.

    Focus on dumping Redden and Rosival and a Gomez or Drury, and go after J-Bo on July 1st. 2 of those 4 need to go for us to make any splash in July this year, and Spring of next year…

  89. I’d like to keep Zherdev personally, depending on the contract. Not having a breakout year so I dont think he expects more than $3-4million a year but maybe I am wrong. If he wants $5million, let him walk and take the picks.

    I don’t see Pronger coming here. Anaheim just replaced him with Whitney, and they are looking to cut salary. They will probably trade Pronger at the draft, not at the deadline. I think they believe his value will be clearer then. And I do not think they are looking to take Redden or Rosi back from us. So if we did get him, Pronger has anothe ryear on his contract. Where are we hiding all of this salary?

  90. Pronger’s getting up there in years and he’s prone to getting suspended. I feel like that trade would have classic Rangers disaster deal written all over it. The guy is a beast, though. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Rangers end up with Kaberle, but I think that’s a long shot like J-bo.

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    “If Sangs, and DelZotto are as good as we think, Staal may become expendable”

    No one in the organization thinks Sangs is that good. That’s why we went and drafted ANOTHER puck carrying d-man just two years after Sangs was drafted. It’s also why Sangs was passed over by Potter for callups from Hartford. It’s also partly why (I hope, because then there was SOME reason behind it) Sather signed Redden to such a brutal contract.

    MDZ is still in juniors and to me, players in juniors are almost always coin flips.

    As for BigBadVinny: *1.21 jigawatts!!!!*

    And yes, Bouwmeester IS that good, he’s not a flavor of the month player. He will be a top 5 defenseman in the NHL in 2 years. He won’t be the best at defending or the best at offense, but he will be one of the best at each, making him one of the absolute best overall.

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    I wish we had Doc Brown as our coach. He would figure out a way to turn Redden, Drury, Gomez, and Naslund into fuel for a time machine.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    Nashville has 3 SOLID young defenders and a pretty good 4th one in Hamhuis. They’re going to be a very good team if they can get a little more talent up front (Dumont, Legwand, Erat, Arnott, does not a Central Division win).

  94. Pronger is washed up. folks, even Dawes walked around him easily and scored

    he is definitely not worth the return that the Ducks are demanding, which is young talent.

  95. if they want Dawes in return, then fine. they can have him on the first plane. you talk about a soft winger.

  96. We know all about “Potvin sucks,” for 30 years, now. How about “RENNEY SUCKS” for old times sake? Damn, I miss hating him already. LOL.

  97. ignoring that we couldnt afford him that proposal for jbo is terrible for the rangers, we’d have no prospects left at all and he is a ufa who will take the most money.

    not even sather is that dumb (i hope). jbo is good and certainly deserves 6M+ more than redden, but he cant be ur only good defenseman-he needs support in order for him to use his offensive abilities, so u give away staal then jbo is the only good defenseman on the team and that gets us nowhere

    no to tkachuk no to pronger

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    “Staal is the new Pronger”

    If only he was. He doesn’t have the meanness of Pronger, or as good of a shot. But he has much better defensive smarts and is a better stickhandler.

  99. I thought Sanguenetti was putting up some decent numbers in Hartford? I know we don’t have a lot of top end talent down there but you wonder if Sanguenetti not getting some time up in the NHL was due to the old coaching staff.

    Who knows, maybe Sangs style is better fitted for Torts’ system anyway. There are sometimes players that need better talent (NHL vs AHL) to fully exploit their own talent.

    That’s why the Redden signing was, to put it lightly, a curious one to me. If most of your talent in Hartford was on D, why the need to lock up a top 4 D position for so long?

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh yeah, definitely no to JBO, Pronger, Tkachuck, or any other player additions (including Avery), unless it meant shipping out at least 2 of our big three contracts

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    Sangs has OK offensive numbers, but his defensive numbers are terrible. Plus/minus isn’t a legit statistic to really judge a player on, but as a defender, when you have 33 pts and are a -15, something is up, especially when most of your team is a plus or a low minus.

  102. No Country For Old Rangers on

    We cant trade Staaly. He’s going to get better and better and we cant sign Bowmr. anyway so whats the point? Did you see Staal rush the puck shorthanded in OT? If Betts had any skill he would have buried that

  103. What is it about you bloggers that has you in this massive state of denial???. What is about “THIS TEAM IS JUST NOT THAT GOOD” that you don’t understand. Why is there hatred towards Renney instead of the whole team. Torts will do a good job, but he really doens’t have that much talent to work with, thanks to Slats. Our win record at the beginning of the season was an abberation in that we had a weak schedule and Henrik stood on his head, not to mention we were then able to score in the shoot-out. Last year we lost Jagr, Straka, & Shanahan and this year replaced them with Drury, Gomez & Naslund, who are no more that 2nd line support players. Sather has fallen way short in evaluating our current talent. Let’s face it, we’re not going to go deep in the play-offs, so why plan for it by getting players we’ll have no use for. Instead we should carefully build for next year. Size, speed, talent & passion should be on the shopping list. Most important, we need a leader.

  104. Well the +/- rating is a bit disconcerting, but that never stopped Sheldon Souray from getting plenty of ice time and a hefty contract.

    Looking at JBo’s rookie numbers…he was -29 and -15 in first two seasons. The positioning aspect of the game can be taught a lot better than the natural skill of an attacking D.

  105. I Bleed Rangers Blue on

    How much fun was it watching Prucha last night? The kid showed lots of energy and had at least a couple good scoring opportunities. Just a matter of time before he buries the biscuit. Amazing to see him get 15:45 of ice time, right?

  106. No Country For Old Rangers on


    I understand he had his stick lifted but i still think most nhl players finish that play. unless of course they are wearing a rangers jersey

  107. I Bleed Rangers Blue

    I pointed out as well that he averaged :52/shift. Most on the team and much more than any other forward

  108. with the Pens making the trade,

    I still expect the Rangers to make at least 2 trades in the coming days.

    plus the guys like Bell and Avery will probably be here too

  109. DomivBaumgartner on

    PuxInOz February 26th, 2009 at 12:58 pm


    OK. Besides you missing the point of my post (the chant).

    My only other response to you was my experience in the hockey town in oswego was wayyyy better than watching the rangers this season. With better rivalries too.

    With that said, I’ve very excited to watch tonights game. Go blueshirts

    My post was just a joke. I very well indeed did get the point to your post about the cheers.

  110. Staal looked great on that 2-on-1 where he fed Betts. Lot’s of times you see a Dman in an odd man rush and it just “feels” wrong. Great rush, great pass… he looked like he belonged in an offensive position. (Betts was unlucky…or lucky to have his stick lifted, he may have missed anyway)

  111. Doodie I’m with ya on the long post… I’d add:

    faceoffs ughhhh horrible…

    mara back will help the defense obviously… Reitz just isn’t gonna cut it.

    They were super tired in the third…

    give the system time… maybe Sather sholdn’t have waited so long to pull the trigger, I would’ve liked to see what Torts could’ve done if he took over two weeks, a month ago.

  112. I’m guessing Kunitz is going to take fantasy value and a spot on the top line away from Fedotenko who was hot last week. At least I can feel safe dropping him from my fantasy team in favor of activating V. Kozlov. I’m surprised the Penguins would trade Whitney, since he seems like such a key for them, but he did play forward in some games last season, which would suggest to me that he’s not so great at defense, and they have other offensive threats in Letang and Goligoski waiting in the wings. It would seem to me like Anaheim would like to trade Pronger now because they are over the cap, only safe for now because of the bonus and long-term injury replacement cushions.

    Here’s the link: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=268759&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_nhl

  113. can we stop talking about shanny like he was some god. the guy faded away after the all-star break both seasons and he was terrible in the playoffs. he wouldnt last a week under Torts and the pp was bad with him and he demanded big money from the rangers, hell we are still paying him $2M this year…its good thing they moved on

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah but look at the numbers of those guys’ teammates those years. For Bouwmeester’s first year, there were only 3 guys on the team (with at least 20 games played) that were plus players. The whole team was minus, although granted, JBO was lower than the rest. The second year, there was only 1 plus player. And that year Bouwmeester’s minus 15 fit right in with the other high ice time players.

    Not to mention, that was at the NHL level, not the AHL, also not to mention that he was the same age as Sangs is now.

    Souray usually fits right in with the rest of his team too. And he didn’t even hit it big as an offensive defenseman until he was like 27. That’s 6 years from now for Sanguinetti.

    Sangs is by far the lowest minus on his team with the exception of Greg Moore (odd) and who I assume is his defensive partner in Corey Potter.

    I mean, Sanguinetti’s whole scouting report from the time the guy was drafted was that he didn’t know how to play defense.

  115. Doodie Machetto on

    “I understand he had his stick lifted but i still think most nhl players finish that play. unless of course they are wearing a rangers jersey”

    I disagree. I can’t think of a single player in the NHL that can score with their stick in the air and the puck on the ice.

  116. I Bleed Rangers Blue on

    SjotOfRum: Yeah, interesting. What does Torts see that Renney didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t see?

    I know Torts said he didn’t want to comment yet on individuals, but I’m real curious to know his thoughts on Prucha. Then again, Prucha’s ice time last night answers that question. Let’s see if it continues tonight.

    I see both Carp and Zip interviewed Renney. How come neither one thought to ask him, “Tom, so what was the deal with Prucha?”

  117. The Potvin chant is kind of a neat tradition but tired. I’m in my early 30’s, have been a Rangers fan for close to twenty years and couldn’t care less about Potvin or Nilsson. What can I say, I never saw either play live.

    Most people I know who are roughly my age or younger don’t participate when the whistling starts. I’m sure it will die a slow death over time and good riddance, it means nothing to the players or increasingly to fans.

  118. Fischler's Ghost on


    I second that thought on Toots — loved that guy, he and Girardi were underrated as a duo and they definitely fed off each other. Last year, any time a member of the other team was laying on the ice it was usually because Girardi or Tyutin hit ’em.

    As far as putting Orr in front of the net, I mean why not? I can’t be any worse. Maybe we could dress Girardi as the back-up goalie and give Valley some forward gear and let him park his lanky ass in front of the net.

  119. plus minus usually corresponds to what situations the player is used in.

    guys who play as defensive shutdown players will often be minus because they are playing all the time vs the opp top scorers.

    Betts is a minus, even though he does a good job in his role

  120. A couple of times last night defenseman got set up for one timers… loaded up slap shots for 10-20 seconds…all opposing defenseman get into position; goalie gets up and sets himself; even takes a moment to adjust his mask and sip some water…and then comes the shot!

    Felt like jumpin into the TV screen and shooting it myself…

    Evryone at home yells “what the hell are you waiting for?”

    Maybe still waiting coaching staff approval to take a one timer

  121. Jive,
    J Bo is a stud. But, I personally don’t believe the Rangers should give up the farm for him either. I was speculating what MIGHT happen. And I kinda threw a trade out there that I could live with. I was looking for feedback more than anything else.

    I believe the J Bo is exactly what would work in this new system. I am not sure how the NYR could do it.

  122. Anyone who wasnt happy with the way they played last night wasnt watching the game..

    They looked 10x more aggressive than they have in a long time and with time will probably get even better on the offensive side…

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    I actually thought Drury played really well, he just had a hard time finishing. I was yelling at Gomez, Zherdev, and Naslund way more.

    I also yelled at Callahan a lot in the defensive zone: too busy chasing, not enough smarts. And I yelled at Dubinsky to shoot a little more. Drury yelling was more after the fact, like “OH HOW COULD YOU MISS THAT!?!?” or “WTF TERRIBLE SHOOTOUT IDEA WAS THAT?!?!”

  124. No Country For Old Rangers on

    “I disagree. I can’t think of a single player in the NHL that can score with their stick in the air and the puck on the ice.”

    Cute rebuttal but you clearly (and likely intentionally) miss the point.

    Someone who is not a career 4th liner has the presence of mind to anticipate his stick being lifted.

    Someone with more skill, strength, and better positioning keeps his stick on the ice and finishes the play. I can think of plenty of players whose sticks DON’T get lifted in that situation.

  125. Betts knowing what to do when given an oppurtunity to finish on a scoring chance is as likely an occurence as Torts and Brooks going unicef collecting together….

  126. You can’t take too much from one game. I thought the Rangers were a train wreck last night, but after 60 games being asked to completely change the game plan, what would you expect? I will reserve judgement until after the next few games leading up to the trade deadline. They have a bit of a break during the deadline week. A few practices in that time, there should be some continuity. Then we can start ripping these guys again!!!!!

  127. Chris
    February 26th, 2009 at 2:23 pm
    Anyone who wasnt happy with the way they played last night wasnt watching the game..

    I watched the game, and wasn’t exactly happy with the final result. Dejavu all over again!

  128. Torts is step 1. Step 2 is having every player listen to Slayer’s “Reign in Blood”.. the WHOLE album prior to every game and selected tracks between periods.

    That will ensure many Cups for years to come.

  129. I would love to hear Tort’s feeling inside when he sees dancing larry, like homer simpson style. I bet is would be 100% hilarious and 100% politically incorrect :)

  130. Quick question. What happened to Dancing Larry?

    Torts roundhouse kicked him out on to 8th avenue. Sadly, he was hit by a bus with such force that he was fused to the bumper and remains there now making the 8th avenue bus route 12 times per day.

  131. Who’s Doc Brown? Come on man? Are you serious? Save the clock tower? Huey Lewis and the News. Do you really not know what I am talking about? Roads, where we’re going we don’t need roads.

    Guys? Help me out here and enlighten our friend.


    You’d be amazed at kids these days. I was Marty McFly for Halloween this year, NAILED the costume right down to the watch. I even had a Doc Brown with me who NAILED the costume as well. We even had “SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER” printed on blue paper and the Flux Capacitor sketches on scrap paper for good measure.

    You’d be surprised how many people didn’t get it, or never even heard of the movie.

    Luckily, Audrey Hepburn got it.

    (Audrey got it good.)

  132. Damn Salt, you need to send a pic of that. HILARIOUS! Me and my shorter friend are going to be a little bit/ a lot of luck for halloween next year.

  133. I’ve seen Larry at all my games this year. I can’t believe they don’t “HOME OH” him anymore, that always made me laugh. you want all that attention from the Garden for being a joker? Be ready to take the heat there, Larold.

  134. Zherdev was one of the players that was caught in between the old system and the new one. My biggest long running criticism of Zherdev, aside from his indifferent play during this slide, is he tends to opt for the difficult play. He has also been guilty of not getting the puck in deep when he has the last touch before a line change.

    Last night he started to simplify his game at times but old habits die hard. I told my friend that if Torts can get him to play more like Ovechkin and less like Kovalev then we’ll start to see dividends. What I mean by that is whenever AO has the puck he is determined to take it to the net to shoot himself or set someone up. He skates and stickhandles with a purpose. While AO has his fair share of highlight reel goals, not every one he scores are anything exceptional. He just has the killer instinct to make that play that will give him the best possible chance to score.

    I’m willing to buy Torts’ reasoning that Drury is lacking the confidence and pressing. There were some bad bounces and I was a little suspicious about the shoot out choice as well. He doesn’t deke all that well and while he has a reasonably quick release it’s not as much of a breakaway/shoot-out asset as it is during real game play. A lot of Drury’s goal scoring comes from positional play not making the play happen himself.

    Gomez was still stuck in the Renney system. Ironically I think the rushing attack where everyone gets involved will hurt Gomez the most out of the top line players. Renney allowed him be to be the focal point of the rush and last night more than a few times I noticed Gomez hanging back with the D demanding them to pass him the puck so he could wheel it up ice himself. It often resulted in the rush getting stalled as the rest of the attack was already too far ahead. He’s going to need to adjust himself to playing with other attackers on the rush. We all know his in-zone play is the weaker part of his game due to his lack of size and subpar shot. He’s still the best natural playmaker on the team, but he’s going to have to learn to share the puck and improve his play without it as well.

  135. I would trade Sangs in a heart beat. The guy is a liability in his own zone and is most likely a life long all star at the AHL level. I don’t see him ever doing well at the NHL level. Del Zotto is a completely diff story and should be kept.

  136. What angers me is Drury is NOT doing what he WAS doing in Buffalo the season he scored 37…. that year about 30 of his goals were ‘garbage goals’ from juicy rebounds in front… then he rarely does that at all this season and just opts for a slap shot into the goalie’s mid section… and he’s small.

  137. the fact that you could live with that trade proposal for JBo is scary. no player (except maybe ovechkin) is worth our 4/5 top prospects especially not a defenseman who isnt named bobby orr and is going to unrestricted free agency no matter what. even if he was locked up for three years u cant trade ur whole farm system for him. only kids id be willing to give up right now are cally, sanguinettie and dawes

    i like cally but he just shouldnt be on the top two lines

  138. I agree about Gomez. he is a 200 ft player. he wants to go coast to coast with the puck, but then turn it over at the finish

    they say that he is still wanted by some other teams, so I could see him getting traded in the next few days.

  139. Larry was on the escalator with me and my son last week with we played the Islanders. And Dancin Grandma, as someone said was at Sunday’s game. Ron Wilson was watching on Garden Vision, with a big smile.

  140. ThisYearsModel on

    With the Professor gone, I expect that Staal’s game will increase in toughness. Tortorella won’t beat him up for being one step out of position when he is crushing some opposing forward into the boards and glass.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    OK, so long as they didn’t just stop having him there.

    What happened to the Chief anyway?

  142. Wow, Carp, Vito ,that was over 20 years ago! I remember the Hockey News had a story on the front page “Waging War on rowdy Ranger Fans” and sure enough on the bottom left of the cover a picture of Dancin Vito!, shakin his uh, excess weight!

  143. I heard the Chief died several years ago. I’m 28 and thus only started going to games in the early 90’s but he was getting up there in age back then.

  144. The Chief last I heard in living in Florida. According to the book Larry Sloman aka Ratso wrote during the 1979-1980 season the chief was 35 years old then. So now, he’s 65 years old. I guess I am not so bad in math after all!

  145. scorers need space, and the only way to give it to them is to put a tough winger on that line. remember Dave Semenko? he played on LW with Gretzky.

    there is no reason that guys like Bell, Avery, and Orr could not open up some space for the better forwards on the Rangers.

    but they have to be used in that role. not be expected to be scorers or something else.

    their role is to ride shotgun in the corners and front of the net, and create space for the better forwards like Zherdev

  146. I think their is confusion between Chief Dennis Ryan, former NYPD, who died about 2 years ago, He was the Rangers head security official, and Bob Comas,aka The people’s Chief.

  147. Maybe he didn’t die, that’s good. Can’t remember who told me died, but if he’s still alive all the better.

  148. Doodie Machetto on

    “scorers need space, and the only way to give it to them is to put a tough winger on that line.”

    Before the lockout, this was true. But now you don’t need someone tough to create space, you need someone fast to draw defenders since you can’t hook those guys anymore.

  149. and if you don’t have Det type skill, you have to use what you can. and that is tough wingers. even Renney admitted that the team is too small and not tough enough up front.

    dawes creates room for no one. Orr does

  150. After the last game I thought that instead of Dancing Granny, she should be called Whammy Granny…because she “dances”, we lose…

  151. onecupin69years on

    Humpty dumpty rangers are a lot more broken, JT and crew will need a lot more time to fix the patient

    CCCP, last week I hit a guys fender , I left a note with my phone number on it for the guy , he couldn’t believe , now if only what goes around comes around, comes my way,but it won’t.

  152. I remember when the Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994 @ MSG. Yes, I was there, Section 330, Row E…

    And the Chief (referred to as the Peoples chief here) was in his usually area, walking around, but this time he looked like the Chief from the Stop Littering commercials back in the 70’s….He had a tear rolling slowly down his cheek.

    I would assume that the Chief’s man purpose in life had finally been fufilled, as Messier & Co. skating around MSG with the Cup

  153. Metropolit? wow. I wonder if they are going to bring back Jim Dowd, because that is the role that he filled last year

  154. Doodie Machetto on

    I once totalled a car on my way to my overnight shift at work, on Christmas Eve. I left the guy a note too. It was pouring rain too (hence the accident, I hydroplaned and fishtailed at a stop sign) and I put it in a ziplock bag so it would still be there. He just had me buy the car from it at it’s book value (before the accident) and I donated it to charity for a tax right off.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    Two pretty good players. That’s a cap clearing move; they’re making a deal. Martin was in Philly last night. Think they’re getting JBO?

  156. Well Probert the Rangers are lacking both departments. But you don’t need a team that bashes in the brains of everyone to score.

    I agree a little toughness doesn’t hurt to have.

    As much as Crosby and Malkin dazzle with their puck movement the Pens are a lot easier to play against this year because they lost Malone, Roberts, Ruutu and players that were willing to pay the price to score.

    But as much as it helps to have a guy like Milan Lucic charging down the ice, it’s guys like Marc Savard and Phil Kessel that make things happen up in Boston. Last year’s Habs team zipped up the ice and ripped apart defenses last year because they were fast and accurate with their puck movement.

    As for the Rangers Gomez has the ability to keep a defense honest with his speed, but no one has stepped up to take advantage of the time and space he creates. Dubi is pretty solid working the boards and behind the net but rarely does anyone set themselves up in a good scoring area when he manages to control down low. The Rangers might not have a lot of the pure goal scorers but often times they don’t take advantage of the plays that create opportunities. As Torts said in the post-game last night, they just aren’t making that one next play that results in a goal.

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, never mind, Probert pointed out Briere. Forgot about him.

    We should try and pick up Vaananan

  158. So you’re saying that Redden is on a “hotter” scoring streak than Campbell…I knew Slats signed the right guy!

  159. you make my point for me, UES. right, the Pens are so much easier to play against because they are missing the tough wingers they had, and replaced them with washed up softies like Satan.

  160. Zherladev, if our draft class was doing that well they’d be in the NHL right now, like a bunch of those guys already are.

    Our drafting is atrocious. In the past 5 drafts, the only real benefits we have reaped are Dubi, Staal, Korpo and Cally. Only Staal was a first rounder. Anisimov has at least played in one NHL game.

  161. I wonder if Torts is an AHL friendly coach? You guys think he’ll give any of the young guys a look?

  162. Joe in DE, but you have to remember that we haven’t had that many top 5 picks… I know Brendl was one (grr).. I think the other one was in 1965.

    If Slats was smart, he’d let this team tank in 97-04 and become a lottery team… but nooooooo spendspendspend.

  163. and guess who had a lot of input for the Ranger drafts? Tom Renney, that’s who.

    anyone who watched that draft day TV show a few years back that was miked at the Ranger draft table, saw and heard that Renney had more to say along with maloney, than anyone else.

    yes, good drafting and development are the keys to building a good team. and Sather sucks at it because he does not travel and watch prospects, so he is clueless when he is getting bad advice or not.

  164. That’s a point I think some people have overlooked. Renney was with the organization since the beginning of the decade and who knows how much input he had into some of the drafting decisions. Could it be we lucked out on Staal because he was a “name brand” draftee?

  165. Zhervalev
    thanks for the draft pick link

    Frickin Islanders had 7 pix in first 73 spots last year

    Now, they have 5-6 pix in first 60 this year

  166. exactly. if rangers had won that lottery, they would have selected Bing Crosby, instead of Cindy.

  167. And remember even when they traded away youth for vets in the 90’s, the youth turned out to be good players.


    Who was head of scouting and player development back then? Larry Pleau?

  168. I’m playing with myself, mostly.

    in the Nashville Preds system.

    twang that country music, Bubba

  169. onecupin69years
    February 26th, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    CCCP, last week I hit a guys fender , I left a note with my phone number on it for the guy , he couldn’t believe , now if only what goes around comes around, comes my way,but it won’t.

    Onecup, the only thing that f’ing guy left for me is a big dent and a huge yellow mark on the passenger door!! Im pretty sure it was yellow cab… there is a guy that drives the cab lives in my building… ill try to catch him later to see if his car got any dark blue marks lol… if it does, that guy is in for unpleasant the rest of the day lol … I don’t know how I will explain this to him, that dude no speak English at all…I might have to beat his wife too since she is pretty annoying lol

  170. Amonte and Weight turned into a cup.

    Granato and Sandstrom turned into Bernie Nichols which turned into Messier.

    Savard and Norstrom were bad trades.

  171. Jason,

    I suppose the ends justify the means. But the point I was trying to make was at least they drafted good players back then. Since then they’ve really had lousy picks.

    It’s one thing to make a bad trade losing a kid that ends up being a quality NHL player, it’s even worse to not even have the kids to trade in the first place.

  172. those were all craig patrick picks i think. the brendl year was very unfortunate but i think many would have picked brendl there as well. if you look at the first round that year tho the only player who is doing anything in the league besides the sedins are havlat and nick boynton. neither of whom are without their issues. that was a very bad draft year which figures the one time we have a top 5 pick.

    and don maloney was very involved with all of those bad draft picks as well, so sather, renney and maloney are all too blame. us losing maloney was no huge loss, he isnt much better than sather if at all

  173. Wow! I would hope the Rangers are smart and pick up either metropolit or vaananen. The Ewing theory is going in full effect for the Flyers. Briere coming back = will ruin their flow.

  174. Bang on correct Carp – and I am confident that we wont see a huge scoring spree tonight either. Torts can yell, demand, excoriate, etc. etc. – and the players that currently make up the roster will respond with more hustle and grit. But that wont lead to more goals. You either need: a. talent, or b. luck. Right now, this team has neither. And we continue to make signings that make me want to scream – WTF?

    Case in point is signing of Bell – “…his biggest problem is his inconsistency…” – great, god knows we have not seen that here in NY for several years!! I am glad we got Torts, but what we really need is hockey players who know who to score! That begins with a new GM and a completely differet philosophy in signing and then proprerly developing young players.

    Hopefully, the trade deadline will provide some relief from this malise that seems to be the composition of this team. We need some grit and grind up-front – and really, someone other than the current group on the power-play – PLEASE

  175. Tortorella should have the Rangers turned into an offensive dynamo team by tonight, just like Obama has immediately turned the economy around. Oh, never mind.

  176. Bernie Nichols had nothing to do with getting Messier. I could have been in that deal and it still would have been completed. The Oilers couldn’t pay Messier so they had to trade him. Trading Sandstrom and Granato for Bernie was a really bad deal.

  177. Sean
    February 26th, 2009 at 4:27 pm
    Bang on correct Carp – and I am confident that we wont see a huge scoring spree tonight either. Torts can yell, demand, excoriate, etc. etc. – and the players that currently make up the roster will respond with more hustle and grit. But that wont lead to more goals.

    Hustle & grit = Opportunities

    Opportunites = Scoring Chances

    Scoring Chances = MORE GOALS !!!!

    I am going to say that the Flood gates will OPEN TONIGHT !!!

    4 goals+ for the Rangers….I will guarantee it our you will never hear from me again on this blog.

  178. Sandstrom’s first year with the Kings when he put up 89 points are obviously inflated. He played with Gretzky. Bernie Nicholls had 251 points in 126 games with Gretzky.

  179. Thats right Carpy,

    I personally guarantee that the NY Rangers will score ATLEAST 4 goals tonight versus the Florida Panthers and if I am wrong I will walk away from this blog for the season.

    which ofcourse means you will have to go at this alone (but you will have the other 80+ other Ranger nutjob die-hards who post here…hehe)

  180. Sandstrom was a great goal scorer. I just checked his stats. 983 games, 394 goals, 463 assists, 857 points. That’s pretty dam good. Not worth trading him and Granato for an over the hill Nicholls.

  181. kc
    February 26th, 2009 at 4:33 pm
    Tortorella should have the Rangers turned into an offensive dynamo team by tonight, just like Obama has immediately turned the economy around. Oh, never mind.


    i hope NYR is in less of a mess than the Country that Bush left behind to Obama to try and put back together… but that’s a different topic for a different blog :)

  182. We don’t need top 5 pick to get guys in the NHL. Spisa has played well for the Flyers this year, though he was clearly in over his head and needed a little time to develop. He was thrown in the deep end and told swim, which he did and that’s commendable. Viktor Tikhonov was another pick after ours that has proven to be NHL worthy even at a tender age.

    Vannanen would be a great pick up on the cheap. The Rangers need to look ahead to next year and cut salary where they can. He’s a big guy, not a pounder, but reasonably steady D for a budget price. Metropolit blows. DO NOT WANT

  183. Just got word of a free ticket for tonight, AWESOME.

    I’m happy I get to be in the house for Torts first game back and Renney’s first gone.

    I find it fitting, I just hope they can spurt out a win.

    I also hope the Emblem Health teeshirt giveaway is a cool shirt at least, not counting on that one though.

  184. Salty – at least you’re getting something :)

    You guys would think the Rangers would have more giveaway promotions at their games? I mean they don’t need them to lure people in but this is a storied organization we’re talking about. I would think they’d have more giveaways, especially for kids. I still have the things I got from my first Yankees games when I was younger.

  185. i’d say there’s just about a 2% chance that we’re happy on deadline day.

    it’s not like sather is going to be able to move any of the dead weight we have for anyone notable.

    nyr should ship drury to minny for gaborik. at least the dude can score when he’s healthy. plus, they can’t be expecting that big of a return when he’s played a whole 6 games this year. it frees up the logjam we’ve got at center and unloads captn crap. that’s a win win in my book. plus we’d retain gomez who i think might actually return to form with someone like gabby on his wing. then again, i haven’t looked at the salaries so i don’t know how that would hold up.

    redden should be moved for anyone and anything offered.
    voros needs to be dumped as well.
    kalinin needs to also find a new home.

    as far as im concerned, this team has to resign paul mara in the offseason and lose reitz and dimitri if they haven’t already. there has to be an open spot next year for sang / del z / potter / sauer. either way, mara and staal have been our best dmen this year.

  186. Rob L.

    My favorite Ranger was Sandstrom when I was a young/teen. I used to play with his replica Red Titan stick & taped it like him too LOL

  187. $239 for all 41 home games. how are they gonna pay Vinny with puny revenue like that?


    Season Tickets in Tampa: $239

    Blog: KK Hockey By Alanah McGinley

    02/26/09 at 03:51 PM ET | Comments (5)

    From Ira Kaufman at The Tampa Tribune:

    The Tampa Bay Lightning are slashing season-ticket prices by an average of 10 percent for next season, with almost 4,000 seats available at the St. Pete Times Forum for only $239.


    Almost 1,300 upper-level seats have been reclassified to be included in the $239 season-ticket package that averages out to $5.69, plus tax, per game. Nearly 20 percent of the arena’s seats will feature that $239 designation and half-season packages in the same area will cost $149.

  188. Mako, I used to play a white Titan Teemu Selanne stick when I was little. Those and the Koho Revolution Jagr sticks. The curves were HUGE

  189. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Didn’t get a chance to post yesturday so here goes.

    First,I got a kick from some of the Renney droolers glee in that we only scored one goal and lost.The system we played yesturday IS THE SYSTEM CONDUCIVE TO WINNIG THE CUP!We generated more genuine scoring chances in the first two periods last night than the entire month of Feb.Are players are so mentally screwd up from Renneyaide that we are still very tentative while shooting the puck.Give it time and a few better players and we will be fine.

    As for the players–

    Redden- played his best game as a Ranger! That said,I still want him gone.

    Staal- Was by far the best dman last night.Could become a two way force ubder Torts.

    Girardi- Disapointig early on,than got better.I would trade him if the right deal comes along.

    Rozy- Sucked air after the first period.Totaly out of shape for Torts’ sytem.Was not good in the second and third.

    Kalinin- Has been better lately.Was mixed last night.

    Reitz- This guy sucked air after two shifts.He also sucks and should be used as a water boy.

    Gomez- started off well than costantly gave the puck away.Should be better under a coach who will ride him hard.

    Naslund- Very willing but the body seems to no longer be capable to play an up tempo style.

    Z- Started off well in the first,than stopped moving and his play leveled off.He needs to sgoot the damn puck harder and stop trying flip it.

    Drury- Again cannot score.He played o.k. should have scored at least two last night. He did handle the speed of the game well though.

    Dubi- No player has suffered in his development more under Renney than this guy.He is simply afraid to shoot the puck!
    He did look good in everything else he did yesterday.One of the more noticable players.

    Cally- also had a mixed game.Despite the opinion of some here,Cally is someone who scored at every level of hockey he’s played in.Renney the asshole turned him into a checker.I think he can thrive under this sytem as well unless of course he’s trade.

    Korpi- Played well.I would have like to have seen him a little more during the game.

    Dawes- did not do much.I don’t think he’s cut out for this style of play.

    Prucha-was outstanding.He has alot of mental work to do after the deliberate destruction of Tom Renney.

    The Fourth line- As a whole played well and created more offense for them than they have in the last three years.

    The King- was outstanding again.

    In closing,Tom Renney and his entire career here was all about smoke and mirrors! Even his claim that this team was the best conditioned team he’s ever seen is a phony one.Just like he is nothing but a phony!!

  190. Not sure how good Dubinsky was. He’s still awfully gun shy near the net. He’s gotta shoot that puck!

  191. Rangers management probably knows that 1/3 to 1/2 of the fans don’t care about the giveaways…you know who I’m talking about. Do they have enough giveaways for a full house are do they only have a certain number?

    Sure, we could pick up Ossi, but that would probably mean waiving Kalinin or trading him quickly, and Sather probably doesn’t want to do that because Kalinin was signed this season. Even though Kalinin has been better, it would make sense for more maneuverability for trades. Metropolit is signed through next season, so no need for him.

  192. Oh please, the fourth line has created more offense in at least five other games this year than last night. Don’t get too crazy. Dubinsky looked his typical good skating and grittyness, but nothing decent for producing points. Reitz is fine, but needs to learn to play within his limits, like Strudwick did. No backhanding the puck into the zone on a dump-in.

  193. “The Montreal Canadiens have traded forward Steve Begin to the Dallas Stars for defenceman Doug Janik. ” – busy day!

  194. spiderpis why would kalinan affect Vaananen?

    Kalinan is a UFA end of the year and he will not be back…

    Maybe Vaananen stinks, I have no opinion on him ..

    The rangers looked good to me last night, best in a while. Yeah they scored there usual 1 goal but had numerous good chances and need some time to jell with the new plan.

    Dubi needs to shoot all the damn time, he takes to long to get his shot off, stop thinking and react…

    bad call in OT, cally was puchsed but what can you do…

    forecheck forecheck forecheck tonight, a good defense is a pressuring offense…

  195. Jeez Carp.

    With Doc Brown today, and Heady Lamarr yesterday, your blog is turning into a rest-home for old movie lines.

    All I have to say is Romanii Eunt Domum…!

  196. Alex B @ 5:29 pm

    Good post. It was sickening last night hearing Pierre Maguire saying how it was so unfair to Renney to be fired. “A good coach had to be let go because of the mistakes made by his GM.” I want to ask him how many Ranger games he actually watched. He wouldn’t be yapping those words if he was aware of the damage Renney did to a lot of guys on this team.

  197. UES Blueshirt

    The reason that Gomez doesn’t set people up all that well in the attack zone is his tendency to wind up with bugles blaring, skate thru everyone til he reaches the blue line
    ( where his wings are patiently waiting), and then just dumps the puck politely behind the boards, and then they all spend the next minute or so trying to recover the puck. That’s not an attack – that’s a comedy relief! And that’s why he isn’t doing much “setting up”.

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