This is NOT a test (updated)


Well, it might be a pop quiz. But it sure isn’t a final exam.

Rest assured, though, John Tortorella’s new system will be in full bloom tonight. Also rest assured that any line combos or personnel decisions the new sheriff employs tonight will not be final or conclusive.

The first lesson: Put the object on the right into the net, which is that red thing with the white mesh all over it, behind the big guy in the Maple Leafs uniform with the mask and all the big equipment.

In order to to that, Lesson 1A is: Chase it, pursue it, attack it, be aggressive for it.

That will be the more interesting drama playing out tonight. How the Rangers play, how they pursue. It will be different than they played all year, or for the last three years. It will look different.

Here is Jane McManus’ story from The Journal News and today.

I am not going way out on the limb and saying it will result in more victories. I still think the Rangers lack true top-level skill. I really do. And I think their defense is middle-of-the-pack. So they will rely on Henrik Lundqvist a lot. More than they have in a while, although his mental strain should be lessened by the idea that his team might be able to overcome any and every goal he allows.

On the obvious personnel issues, it will be interesting to see how Tortorella uses Scott Gomez, Nik Zherdev (they may play together), Chris Drury, Petr Prucha and especially Wade Redden. It will be interesting to see how different the God-awful power play looks (and you are probably hoping that Jim Schoenfeld is smart enough to leave the penalty kill alone).

The fourth line, other than Blair Betts on the PK, is probably going to see a lot less ice time. A lot less. The top guys will see a lot more. A lot more. But each and every one of them will have to earn it. Or they will be sitting next to Colton Orr and Jim Ramsay. But any and all lines that start tonight’s games are subject to change. Immediate change.

It will be different. It will probably be better right off the bat because of the instant spark a coaching change ignites, and because of the bark in Tortorella’s voice and his reputation. Tortorella, though, barely can put names with faces at this point, so to that end, this is a something of an audition for most of the players.

And while he’s here for the long term (we assume), there are some instant decisions that have to be made with the trade deadline and Sean Avery both looming before next Wednesday’s trade and playoff roster deadlines.


I’m asking you guys to do some reporting tonight. I will be at another event and unable to watch the game live. So if you see anything really interesting in the way Torts uses players, or anything drastically different other than the system, do me a favor and toss it in the comments. I will have my laptop, and will be recording the game for viewing later, but I need to be kept up to date. Thanks.



Here’s the info on Mark Bell, claimed off waivers by the Rangers today. Bell is likely headed to Hartford.

Tonight’s lineup: Mara still out, Voros scratched.

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  1. REPOST:

    it was available light and I had snuck to about center ice in the front of the 200 section (my seats were in the last row of the 3002 at the end of the rink behind the banners)
    iso was 400
    aperture was 5.6
    I adjusted the lens speed from 80-125 depending on what light allowed.
    I am going on Thurs I can’t wait!! two games in the same month! and I had bought the tix to Thurs before Sunday’s games so being Torts first game at the Garden is an added bonus…

  2. I Bleed Rangers Blue on


    Will be REAL interesting game to watch tonight, for sure.

    Let’s see how some of the players that had been tied down by Renney (e.g. Prucha) respond when they’re unleashed by Torts.

    Curious, btw, why not one beat reporter though it might be interesting to seek out Prucha for a quote about Renney being given the heave-ho. No?

  3. “The fourth line, other than Blair Betts on the PK, is probably going to see a lot less ice time. A lot less. The top guys will see a lot more. A lot more.”

    Music to my ears. :)

  4. What’s the cap hit for the rest of the year? A signal that more moves are coming? My gues sis that Voros has played his last game for us…

  5. Little confused by the Bell move, hopefully it’s goodbye to Voros. BUT Torts is a self-proclaimed 3 line guy on a team that has previously rolled all 4 lines. Bell’s around to compete with Sjo, betts, and Orr for 7 minutes of ice time? Does Torts often sit enforcers?

  6. Bell ?? Interesting. I wonder if he’s brought in for the Wolf Pack.

    The last thing we need is another 3rd liner that cant score, we have a load of those.

    I just read that the Devs sent Clemmensen to the AHL. Wow, that’s surprising, i think he deserved to stick around instead of Weekes, if god forbid they win the Cup, he should get his name on that thing, cause he saved their year.

    Who knows maybe Lou is considering trading him to the Sabs, Lalime didn’t look good last night, and only has two wins in aboot 11 games, so maybe he can get something.

  7. thats why there is some blur when they are walking down the carpet, but I wanted to use 400 to get better quality and less grain… in hindsight I probably should have used 800 as a happy medium. I would have clearer photos without giving up too much…

    I haven’t looked at my game pics yet, but I kept shooting at 400 with a 125 speed, however the focus kept latching on to the net so I am going to have a certain amount of blur there… but I am going to guess they aren’t as sharp as I generally like. On Thurs I will go back to 1600 iso and probably an aperture of 8 or 11 so I can use a shutter speed of about 250 maybe up to 500 not certain.. it will depend on where my seats are and the available lighting…

    one thing about when the Garden gets redone is it will be a lot more photo friendly… Jersy is so bright I can leave iso on 400 with 11 aperture and still shoot at a 500 speed.

    in the Island I need an 800 speed but can still get similar aperture and speed…

  8. ORR,

    Weekes would have been claimed if sent down no? I thought that’s what the guys on NHL live said.

  9. Orr maybe they will bring Clemmen up for playoffs, but want him to play regularly (which he wont do once Brodeur is solid) he may come back when the AHL season is over…

  10. Torts is a 3 line guy but hes not a first 3 lines guy.

    He already said who else is playing well and being the decisive players on the ice they will get the time. So if the 3rd line is playign like crap and the 4th line is playing great they will be the 3rd line rolled out.

  11. lenny, impressive transcript of the Sather conference call on the previous thread. Where did you get all that?

    I had almost all of those quotes up on this site, but didn’t bother with the transcript. Just interested in where it came from.

  12. Bell scored 25 one season… However, seems like another 3rd or 4th liner… Weird


    Ranger Nation don’t we essentially have 3 3rd lines and a 4th line? L@L

  13. Jim Dowd has been saying all along that the Rangers need more size and grit.

    after reading that Sather post, I think a trade of Dawes to Calgary for someone like dman Adam Pardy is possible.

    he is big, tough, but also a pretty decent player, and just 24

  14. DomivBaumgartner on


    Tell Bell to lay off the liquor. What’s the point of signing a player like Bell. He’s been on 3 teams in 4 years and has had a tumultuous career to say the least.

  15. Can someone copy that live streaming website address here? Damn NHL Network game, not on Center Ice…

  16. Repost:

    Salty, I have to disagree. I don’t think there’s enough talent or size on this roster to kick the crap out of an opponent, whether that’s in terms of the final score, or just physically.


    Wow, please. Some of you love the idea that this team is designed to be a bottom dweller.

    You seriously telling me that we don’t have the talent to destroy teams like the NYI, LAK, PHX, ATL, FLA, and YES, even the POWERHOUSE Toronto?

    It’s so sad what Renney has done here.

    Consider last year, add Jagr, Shanny, Avery. We STILL didn’t have the scoring you all think is “now missing”. Look at the start of the season. We started off great and should have gotten better and better under a GOOD COACH. Instead the team regressed and essentially gave up on the guy.

    I don’t have any delusion of being some ridiculous team. I just think the POTENTIAL is back to from time to time kick the shit out of a lesser team, where under Renney, it seemed we treated even the WEAKEST teams with so much respect and caution.

    Is that hard to understand? Makes a lot of sense to me.

  17. Carp,
    I believe if you claim a player of re-entry waivers you can not send them back down to the minors during the same season. I believe Bell is here to stay. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  18. how obvious is it that bulldog line is the old Bob? once a betts hater always a betts hater. bob, go play in traffic.

    on the clemmensen news, my guess is now weekes is being showcased for a trade. not sure what you get for him, but i cannot see any other reason than to keep clemmensen fresh by keeping him playing on the farm and then trading weekes before next week. but screw the devils.

    hope the offensive sparks get lit tonight but we don’t froget how to play d.

  19. Joe,

    I’m pretty sure you’re right about that. Has to stay on the NHL roster.

    I definitely don’t want to see Betts go…one of the hardest workers and best PK guys in the league. I disagree on Sjo though…I started calling him “Wheels” cus the kid can flat out fly on the ice (remember that goal against Philly back in October?).

  20. Does anyone have any idea how much money Dolan can make (per game at MSG) if the Rangers make it to the playoffs? A lot of people seem to refer to it as the end-all to his machinations — I really don’t think it exceeds $1 million per game but I could be wrong. It’s just seems mind-boggling to think that he doesn’t care how much of his money that Sather has wasted as long as the Rangers get at least 2 home games in the playoffs. What is the break-even point?

  21. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO It feel like the beginning of the season, that is how excited I am about this game tonight.

    GO TORTS GO!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Adding to the Torts facts: John Tortorella can sneeze with his eyes open!!!

    If you have $5 and John Tortorella has $5, John Tortorella has more money than you.

  22. Bell was good with the Hawks then kind of sucked it up once he went to the Sharks. He also hasn’t been the same since the hit-and-run accident. But its for half price so its not that bad.

  23. Go Salty,

    With all the blame that Slats gets (deservedly so) one thing that surely is NOT his fault is lack of scoring

    2007-08 team had: Drury, Gomez, Shanny, Straka, Jagr….2.6 GPG…25th in the league

  24. sorry newman, i’m not bob.
    just stating that betts is going to see his ice time cut, and will have some value on the trade market. so bell could eventually replace him. bell is a much tougher version of betts, with some abillity to score. and i do not dislike betts. i feel he has been overused by renney.

  25. Salty

    100% agreed. I can see if the team was injury ridden or what have you. But its the EXACT same team who went on a 10-2 ripping at the beginning of the season. They CAN dominate. We have seen it when they played Detroit, 3rd pd of SJ, Boston. Torts should watch those games or periods where they just DOMINATED. These players CAN get it done. What about Boston? They dont have any “superstars” Maybe Chara and Savard is a great player. Julien gets the BEST out of them every night well maybe not against the cats in that 2-0 loss LOL

  26. What did he do to Alf?

    Fact: Torts once round house kicked every citizen in Canada with one swift move. When questioned about the kick Torts replied, “Canada is for pussies.”

  27. When the blackhawks were there old awful selves, they tried to create some buzz around bell and arnason. Didn’t work out so well.

  28. at the moment i’m left scratching my head.

    mark bell? really? what the hell? he hasn’t been able to play himself into the nhl in quite sometime right? i know he’s had his off ice incidents but really? mark bell? i don’t see how this helps us much at the moment.

  29. Today is SO AWESOME.

    I still cannot believe RENNEY IS GONE!

    I wonder if he’ll be watching the game and as ORR* put it a while back “crying and throwing pictures of his old team in the fireplace”


    *Ironically, I actually think ORR was referring to Tortarella being the one throwing the pictures (of Lecavalier) into the fire while crying after losing his job.

    god damn, that was really funny.

  30. Torts could sit in the fireplace with the pictures without injury while the pictures turn to smoke and ash.

  31. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    that article says Potvin will return to the Garden tomorrow as radio announcer for the Panthers

  32. Bell….another real problem child oozing with potential.

    Is most effective when playing a very physical style. Has two-way ability and some offensive upside. Owns the versatility to play all forward positions.

    Was expected to put up bigger numbers. A lack of consistent play are at the root of Bell’s problems. Also lacks discipline, on and off the ice.

    Career potential
    Top six forward

    During the 2006 Labour Day weekend, Bell was arrested in the San Jose area for alleged hit and run and driving under the influence.Both are felony offences. His arraignment was set for January 3, 2007. Bell pleaded no contest to drunk driving causing injury and hit-and-run on August 14, 2007. He was to serve six months in jail after completing the 2007-08 hockey season but later told to work in a California jail which he did from June 2nd, 2008 to August 15th, 2008. In addition to his conviction, Bell was placed in Stage 2 of the NHL/NHLPA Substance Abuse Program and was suspended for 15 games by the NHL on September 12, 2007.””

  33. Bell may be the new slot player on the power play. Just checked it out and he had 21 PP points a few years back.

  34. Kaspar February 25th, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Go Salty,

    With all the blame that Slats gets (deservedly so) one thing that surely is NOT his fault is lack of scoring

    2007-08 team had: Drury, Gomez, Shanny, Straka, Jagr….2.6 GPG…25th in the league


    good post, kaspar.

    it kicks the Renney lovers right in the face. it shows that his crappy trap has held them back from scoring even last year with much more firepower

    I am sick of the Renney lovers ignoring the facts.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    They claimed him on reentry waivers. He cannot be assigned to the Wolf Pack without first assing through actual waivers, at which point Toronto could hypothetically reclaim him.

  36. still funny. if you can find the actual quote i’d love to read it.

    whats even funnier is it might have been “laughing” instead of crying…so funny

  37. You can never have too many players. If someone gets hurt we have a player in Hartford with some NHL experience.

    I can’t wait for tonight!!

  38. Lets just hope that they police don’t find him in a seedy motel with a Hooker and an a$$ load of Crack

  39. Bell is probably all about the size issue. Nothing more and nothing less. How many times have people said that the Rangers lack size up front. Is Bell the answer? I highly doubt it, but it didn’t cost anything and he could gotten for half price. Send Voros down to Hartford and all is well. If Bell is a better skater than Voros (I assume he is since he was a former first round pick) then he is already an upgrade.

    Scouring report on Mark Bell according to

    Is most effective when playing a very physical style. Has two-way ability and some offensive upside. Owns the versatility to play all forward positions.

    Was expected to put up bigger numbers. A lack of consistent play are at the root of Bell’s problems. Also lacks discipline, on and off the ice.

    Top six forward.

    If Torts can get him to be a 20 goal scorer and a physical presence, then it is a win.

  40. I was late with the info. That is what happens when you are interrupted mid posting.

    Good job doogie747

  41. Funny you mention Potvin…

    Today is the 30th anniversary of the Potvin cheapshot on Ulf Nilsson that ended the Swede’s season and crippled the Rangers 1979 Stanley Cup chances.

  42. onecupin69years on

    I think mark Bell is insurance in case they don’t get or want Avery.
    What if they have these two guys in the line-up and now they’re creating noise in the O-zone, might be exciting.

    good bye Voros or Betts or prucha or Sjo or Orr etc.all become tradebait

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    My hope is that this means we won’t get Avery.

    Otherwise, I hope the guy works hard in practice and gets on the ice if he is better than 2 of the other forwards in our lineup. If he isn’t, let him ride the pine until training camp and start him in Hartford.

  44. The Mark Bell signing proves my point – WHAT IS SATHER THINKING????

    Check this guys stats – or

    This guy is a Hartford for sure – read the line on on career potential “…Was expected to put up bigger numbers. A lack of consistent play are at the root of Bell’s problems. Also lacks discipline, on and off the ice…”

    Just what we need, a player who lacks consistency!!

    Help Me Hockey Gods!

  45. Bell is not in anyway a replacement for Betts, or I should say he shouldn’t be. Betts is, if not the best, he’s one of the best in the league at doing his job. The checking role is as important as the offensive role. Sather knows that as well as everyone else. If Bell was picked up to replace Betts, it should only be for some 20-30 goal scorer. Bell would then have big shoes to fill.

  46. be carefull one cup,
    if you mention maybe trading betts you will be called bob.
    doodie, bell is unrestricted after this season.

  47. Bell flopped with the Sharks. he got the chance to play LW with Joe Thornton, and he was a dismal disappointment

    the biggest problem I saw with him, besides his off ice problems, is his lack of desire, it does not equal his talent. he does not play like Callahan in the desire dept, he plays more like Naslund as far as floating goes. he is tough, though, and will fight.

    if he could ever put the desire together with his size and ability, he could be a decent player again.

  48. His ## with the Marlies this year are
    2008-09 Regular Season
    Toronto Marlies 56 gp 12g 15a 27pts -5 34pim

    was burke just shedding salary…either or, I would bet he is more of a Voros replacement rather than Betts.

    (I think Betts is a huge asset to this team)

    Sutter: The Flames just lost D-man Giordano long term with a shoulder injury, making Pardy a bit more valuable

    (btw camalari and iginla were sik last night)

  49. By studying the Facial structure of his pet dog and then unraveling the complex DNA strands of 36 breeds of canines John Tortarella not only created a dog that COULD CATCH ITS OWN TAIL..but it also spoke several languages fluently

  50. onecupin69years on

    I don’t make the trades ! don’t blame me!
    But if trading Betts improves the team I’m all for it.
    I don’t have a betts Jersey in my closet or any other current ranger

  51. John Tortorella once broke the land speed record on a bicycle that was missing its chain and the back tire.

  52. “By studying the Facial structure of his pet dog and then unraveling the complex DNA strands of 36 breeds of canines John Tortarella not only created a dog that COULD CATCH ITS OWN TAIL..but it also spoke several languages fluently”

    Hahaha, you put a load of effort into that one. Well done.


    No need to jump to conclusions, for all we know, he’s replacing Avery in Hartford, or he’s just there for some toughness. Im never against having a tough guy down at the farm, gotta keep the youth safe, specifically Artie, and Sangs.

  53. is it weird that i’m so excited for this game that i’m going to make sure i wear clean underwear and cologne when i watch it?

  54. don’t understand getting Bell
    and i wonder what Tortorella thinks about it.
    if he’s going to Hartford
    i wonder (hope?) that it means
    someone from Hartford…Anisimov??!!?
    would be coming our way
    and/or is this some sort of set up
    for March 4???

  55. Rob
    February 25th, 2009 at 1:47 pm
    is it weird that i’m so excited for this game that i’m going to make sure i wear clean underwear and cologne when i watch it?



  56. John Tortorella does not use spell check. If he happens to misspell a word, Oxford will simply change the actual spelling of it.

  57. auntie Renney
    February 25th, 2009 at 1:36 pm

    “Bell flopped with the Sharks. he got the chance to play LW with Joe Thornton, and he was a dismal disappointment”

    yikes. I didn’t know that. That means he doesn’t like tapping tape to tape passes into an open net. It takes a concerted effort to fail next to Thornton.

    I still think we’ll see him as our “holmstrom” in front of the net on the PP. Torts is assuming control of the PP, and the first personel move is to pick up a 3rd/4th liner that’s bigger and more skilled than Voros. Personally I like Cally buzzing around the net, but I think this move may make more sense than sending ol’ hamster modano back out onto the PP

  58. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    maybe he’s just around in case of an injury down the stretch… for convenience more than necessity?

  59. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Ok crew, let’s see if we are praising Tort’s like this next year at ths time, it should be interesting. Hopefully we will be.

  60. Torts will fix the economy and win a Stanley Cup during his current tour as Rangers Head Coach. The economy thing is just an act of good will.

  61. It is a great day for Hockey!!

    Game One for Torts vs the Make Beliefs (sweeeeet redemption)…even better, Torts Turn Around live on TSN…pls somebody put a dirty sock in Pierre McGuires mouth!!

    Cindy Crosby OUT vs the Islanders with a sore “groin”

    Detroit Vs Sharks (key west division match up)

    Brodeus to start Thursday vs Avalanche

  62. claiming bell seems like sather is up to his old tricks, another’s teams scraps and has had a substance abuse problem. sure i dont mind if he is on the 4th line but thats about it.

    i dont see torts playing orr a lot in a game regardless of how the 3rd line plays. betts and sjostrom can kill penalties thats about it. they bring no offense to the table and while they are decent defensively, they

  63. Tom Renney, Jack Bauer & Chuck Norris all failed to get Gomez & Drury to earn their $7MM per year contracts….Torts made the 2 players into huge NHL All-Stars and repeat Stanley Cup Champs.

    (hopefully we can say this in 4 months)

  64. hockeyman…how about let’s see if we’re still praising him this time tomorrow? some people around here might call for his head if the rangers drop tonight’s game.


    makes a lot of sense Salty. I see our roster as nothing special, but with the right coach, an offensive minded ones, we can score some goals and even compete with the bruins and caps. then, maybe hanky will let the mental edge off and be a little better than as of late. that’s where renney is a moron. he was playing a defensive system with no defense. that’s why we could never pound the isles, or the leaves.

  66. i don’t care if they lose tonight

    as long as torts doesn’t say “quite naturally” in the post game interview i’ll be stoked anyway

  67. Those tsn column comments are pretty encouraging. Sounds like Bell is a forward who likes to hit. He’s also got some good size. I like it.

  68. Bell is Voros’ replacement… but how does this work when Avery gets put on re-entry?.. does it mean we’re last in line to get a chance to pick him?

  69. Claims to Avery are based on standings


    Even if a team just claimed someone on re-entry? I thought they had a system in place to put you in back of the line to give other teams a chance to claim.. I wouldn’t mind Avery back, tbh.

  70. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Gooooo Rangers , R A N G E R S !!! whooohooo now lets pound these LEAFS!!! No shoot-out tonight!! Just turning over a new leaf!!! Lets show Torts some emotion tonight ,,,Players as well as us fans!! I can’t stop LAUGHING at these Torts facts..HAHA.

    Some of you guys came up with some great ones..Torts does not sleep, He WAITS……Torts can slam a revolving door….John Tortorella saved 30% by switching to GEICO…..Torterella puts both of his socks on at the same time!…..Some kids piss their name in the snow. Torts can piss his name into concrete….If you have $5 and John Tortorella has $5, John Tortorella has more money than you…..HAHAA

    Torts Could out stare Messier in a staring contest and make Mess look down and away!!

  71. “Torts Could out stare Messier in a staring contest and make Mess look down and away!!”

    Ha haaa!! That’s good!

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    “doodie, bell is unrestricted after this season.”

    Didn’t bother looking into his contract. In that case, I figure the move could serve a couple of purposes:

    1) Bell can’t be Toronto’s lineup tonight.
    2) If he works hard and his addition to the lineup helps the team, good for us.
    3) If he can’t crack the lineup but works hard, maybe they sign him to a tryout next season.

    Point is, they’re getting a pretty cheap free look at a player who once showed a lot of promise who has to be hungry and determined to get his career back on track at this point.

    In any event, they can always just waive him again if he isn’t any good, and he could possibly be reclaimed by the Leafs, a la Jason Krog.

  73. What’s wrong with claiming Bell?!?! Craig MacTavish wasn’t driver of the year either, but I remember him bouncing back and becoming quite a great pro.

    Sather got size and grit for nothing. Give him credit.

  74. I’ve been reading some Leafs fans comments elsewhere and they said they’re glad Bell is getting another shot. He went through rehab and has turned his game around playing for the Marlies this year… he’s just the odd man out.

    He’s young and has 182p in 445g which is a lot better than Voros.. and he hits!

  75. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    HAHA ty Prucha25 ..These 2 were good too by a few funny posters…”Torts can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves….They once made Torts toilet paper, but it wouldn’t take sh!t from anybody”

    How about this …When Torts retires from coaching the Rangers , they raise his SUIT to the rafters!!!! A bronzed Statue is place in the dressing room and treated like a budda!!

    I beLEAF we can win this game!! Leaf are so dead tonight!!
    BET BET BET!!!

  76. That is a tricky situation with Clemmensen. Apparently, he is eligible for waivers, but since he was up on an “emergency” basis, they can send him down freely after they brought him up freely. However, even if they try to bring him back after the trade deadline, another team could claim him but would not be able to use him in the playoffs. That wouldn’t really help that other team too much unless they’re desperate for a fill-in goalie because Clemmensen is going to be UFA. It sounds like a potential for Weekes to have the same role as he did with us two years ago: doing nothing.

    Rick – lenny said he got the transcript from Mitch Beck’s site.

    Guess what? Eklund was actually right this summer about Redden coming to the Rangers! One of his few correct intuitions.

  77. Guys, does anybody else have a problem with MSG2 picture quality from Time Warner Cable? It sucks, it’s not HD and they often put it on some TV Guide channel which is just plain terrible in terms of quality picture, it’s a lot, lot worse than regular SD and always when there is replay the picture dies for a few seconds so watching it like that is just waste of time. Since they own MSG+ why there are Islanders & Devils on that channel in HD while we have to watch it on that crappy TV Guide. It SUCKS.

  78. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Renney on his new team , the Tampa bay lighning…” we keep the games close so we can achieve overtime and quite honestly maybe we can have Vinny and Marty win it in a shoot-out!!” Renney goes on …” I don’t mind being in last place will a good new core of young guys , Stamkos is quite the player and if I can turn him into a blair betts type of player , i know quite honestly that we will win some games! I m sorry Rick tocchet got the axe because of me but with my new assistant Perry Pern here …we can get out of this slide. My last team started the season in a record pace and if we can start our new season next year , im pritty sure we can win some games. ty , our team is really a work in progress but Tampa fans should n’t have to be too patient BECAUSE WITH THE RIGHT COACHING staff we have here , The Lightning will always be in every game ” .

  79. after all the chuck norris tough guy buildup, I’d laugh if we saw Torts wife yelling at him to take out the garbage

    he’d reply, do you mean Redden, or Voros?

  80. from Zipay

    The lines for tonight:

    Dawes-Korpikoski-Prucha (who we predict will play many, many games for Torts)

    Aaron Voros is scratched; Paul Mara, who skated (and in fact, fired a shot that hit Henrik Lundqvist square in the mask from about 20 feet) still needs more time for his shoulder to heal.

    The other major change appears to be on D, which Jim Schoenfeld will run from behind the bench:


    Expect the top four to see plenty of ice….

  81. Renney:

    “I wouldn’t do anyting different, I did it my way.”

    “Glen’s made a terrific hire”

    will post more key nuggets

  82. Gross said that the D pairings switched a lot during the skate but that those were the firmest pairings (the one zip has). I hope staal/ girardi log more ice time…

  83. “Water always finds its level, the rest of the league caught up to us after our good start because that was where we belonged”

  84. Yea keep us posted. I connected to some different 1050.. like a western PA affiliate… how is there no shoutcast stream for the NYC station!?

  85. From my buddy in Toronto on Mark Bell

    I like him…of course, I have him in my keeper pool so anything that gets him into the NHL is good for me :)
    Seriously, he got into Ron Wilson’s doghouse in San Jose….and now that’s he’s the Leafs’ coach, well, he never had a chance here I guess.
    Multiple 20-goal man in Chicago when they had nobody.

  86. Wow, he’s kinda ripping the players, saying the stars were griiping thier sticks too hard and making it harder on themselves than it had to be

  87. “at the end of the day, I couldn’t line the players up, I take responsibility for that (in absence of changes in roster)”

  88. Renney:

    A very classy guy.

    Is the team good? Losing key players.

    Accepts full responsibility.

    Shanny not signed because of Sundin.

  89. on pearn and redden:

    I dont think anything is wrong, he needs time and patience, wades getting his sea legs back from bad experience in OTT

  90. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    LOL “Do you think the players liked you too much?”

    Tom: “I don’t know, maybe”

    waiting to hear about Prucha

  91. on caring too much about players:

    thinks he knows both edge of sword, although he knows he’s considerd a “certain innuendo” (pssy)

  92. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    wont be able to watch the game tonight because of my night class. But before i go ill eat tortelini and wear my rangers sweat shirt LETS GO BLUE!!

  93. it’s just the usual PR bs. he wants another job, so he plays the company line, not knocking anybody, but taking little responsibility for his own failings either.

  94. thanks for keeping us posted guys. At work I can sneak this blog, but not audio…

    much appreciated

  95. Renney on ESPN Radio:
    – He thought he would have more time to turn it around.
    – Understands that it’s a business.
    – He wouldn’t have done too much different, felt the need to be “true to yourself”…have to “author your own work”
    – He felt the hot start was due to having an early start with the season and took advantage of teams finding their own fitness level.
    – He thinly veils that he thinks some of the players are overpaid basically saying you might have the contract but you might only be a 2nd/3rd liner. He used the phrase “overshot the runway” with the personnel.
    – He thinks the departures from last season dropped the talent level on the team. The expectations were high but the talent didn’t quite line up.
    – He said both him and Slats wanted Jagr and Shanny back but they were ultimately unable to work out a contract. He refutes the idea that Shanny thinks he didn’t want him back.
    – He doesn’t think anything is necesarily wrong with Redden, he needs his time to adjust to the NY scene.
    – With regards to Drury and Gomez he thinks their good players but they need to recognize what their roles will be for a championship team.
    – Thinks maybe the players liked him too much.
    – Wants people to know that he’s not always the nice guy and that Torts isn’t always a barking dog.

  96. Renney wants a 5-0 shut out for Hank tonight with chris scotty nazzy zherdev and redden all score

    good closure. goodbye tom.

  97. Typical Renney class. . . . .he will land on his feet for sure.
    He did say they need to be more assertive “up the middle” “bigger on defense”, and “more assertive on the forecheck and backcheck”

  98. Prucha sucks. That’s why he isn’t playing. Now if Torts can turn him around, good for him. But Renney didn’t sit Prucha just to get himself fired. Geez. You would think he was benching Rick Nash.

  99. he seriously said he wants them to win 5-0?

    must’ve learned something from Melrose’s post-firing comments, though he’s taking it a bit far. Classy, but a bit too classy. Story of Renney’s career.

  100. Kay and Le Greca wussed out on the prucha question… two things Renney said that were bothersome (and I dont mind the guy): i) Redden just needs time to adjust to NYC and ii) it is sometimes unfair to expect your $7 million players to play well..

    ..gotta give it to him he is quite articulate.

  101. onecupin69years on

    Tom sounded a wee bit nervous..
    I liked his answer when asked about the P/P,'”overshot the runway” that means crashed to me tom, stop mincing words.. be a MAN.
    Renney-“Incongruous ” really Tom?

    Tom is a 2 cent phony and his act wore thin to the players.
    They yessed him to death and said F you to themselves.
    Go up north to do some things , I heard santa claus is hiring at the north pole .. bye Tom

  102. then why wasn’t Redden benched? he sucks worse than Prucha ever could?

    oh, that’s right, Clueless Tom just said that Redden is a good player

  103. Why would Michael Kay waste time asking Renney about Prucha?

    He’s a role player!!!

    Does he desever to be IN the lineup? Yes, without question.

    Is he an IMACT, high octane, first line player making big money? No, so the average person doesn’t care about him.

  104. I’m sorry, folks. to me he’s not classy. he’s a typical slick salesman who is good with the blarney.


  105. Brandon…

    what we care about (ie the average Ranger fan) is seing the EFFORT of PRucha be rewarded rather than the LAZY play of Voros… don’t you think that by placing emphasis on energy rather than size without action the rest of the players might have moved towards playing with energy…

  106. .. as an aside, “Miracle on Ice” (the one w/Karl Malden) was on some cable station this morning…did Rob McClanahan score every goal in the olympics? Wasnt he awful with the Rangers?

  107. You guys are so psyched on Tortorella. I mean, the change is exciting, but I’m going tyo hold out until they’ve actually played a few games with him behind the bench to start making up my mind about the guy.

  108. Hockeyman Rangers on

    A couple of things that I could see would imporve the Rangers game is precise passing and then when you get to the net or can get a shot off AIM do not just throw it at the net. I was watching Sunday night a lot of the passing was off it’s mark the player would have to work at it to get it to his stick. Shouldn’t have to do that the puck should be right there in stride so they can go right to the net and concentrate on where to put the puck. Yea I know it sounds like this is something a pro should be doing anyway but I kept seeing a lot of passes behind, to far in front. And then they just throw it at the net, BUT they need to PLACE IT. OK if Torts doesn’t work out I will get in there and show em. ha ha.

  109. I thought Renney did well. He really is a class act. I think he understands how things work and I wouldn’t mind if he took a personnel role within the organization. Remember, he had a big part in scouting and drafting a lot of the young talent that we all value so highly now.

  110. no, McClanahan scored one key goal after he had gotten a charley horse, and Herb Brooks called him a pussy for taking his equipment off. it was to fire him up, and the team, and it worked.

  111. Agravaine,

    I’m all for that philosophy, but don’t confuse playing hard with body language. I’m not a Voros guy, but I think he’s playing to the best of his ability, which to be honest, is not very high. He’s just a bad sign. Big body, not much talent.

    With Prucha, I think he’s an NHL player, but let’s be realisitc, he’s a third line player. Renney didn’t get fired b/c of Prucha, and I’ve never seen a third liner strap a team to his back in the playoffs.

    Prucha is a 15-20 guy who skates with reckless abandonment which resonates with us Rangers fans b/c we have that blue collar mentality.

    However, he’s 170 lbs without hands like Martin St. Louis and does indeed disappear from time to time. So, he’s not the saviour, which is why it doesn’t really matter THAT MUCH whether or not he played every night.

    I still want him in over Fritsche or Voros and even Nigel Dawes on most nights.

    I’m in agreement with you guys, but I do think some of you make more of Peter Prucha than he really is.

  112. There’s a guy named Mark who sent us ( here on the blog) a great online site

    I have it saved on my home PC and I’ll send it into the blog when I get home if no one else does first

  113. Guys you know our beloved rangers don’t have the goods!
    Why blame Renney? without considerable player moves this team does not win more than a round or two. You know in your hearts of hearts to be true.
    Also how many times is Hank going to get beat upstairs before he makes an adjustment?

  114. Brandon

    right he probably isn’t going to hit the thirty goal mark… but it is just the energy that many are focusing on… we all got tired of watching some lazy or lackluster play I mean Voros played on the third line why not reward the energy…

    its maybe not Prucha persay but more that Prucha became a symbol of the energy we wanted to see form the lineup and he provided that when he was in…

  115. hockeyman Rangers

    100% agree. Passing execution was ridiculous in the Leafs game. seemed like the 2nd pass on the breakout was always in the skates… I guess that’s what Renney meant by “gripping sticks too tight,” and it seems a little ridiculous to have to preach about fundamentals and execution to 7 million dollar athletes. Bunch of Knoblauchs out there.

  116. why is it that if fans like a certain player, those who don’t always say “he’s not a savior”?

    nobody said he was. but he is capable of scoring some PP goals if given the first PP unit chance and ice time.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, there are a few places you can watch the game online

    Problem is, they’re all technically illegal.

  118. When the boogie man goes to sleep at night he checks under his bed and in the closet for TORTS!

  119. oh no I’m sorry!! what did they say to you… I just couldn’t keep it on my feed was messed up… I thought you said the oppurtunity passed… :(

  120. hey taries. then why give Renney any credit for the past 3 seasons either?

    if the coach has nothing to do with it, and it’s all personnel driven, then he deserves no credit for anything either. you can’t have it both ways

    no, taries, we all know from the glen hanlon and dave lewis and yes, tom renney examples, that the coach DOES have something to do with it.

  121. CWGATTI

    Pruchs sucks ? Yeah, Voros is so much fuggin better he deserved to play over him, and that mouse face Frictshe. It’s not aboot Pruchs playing the way he did his first two years, it’s just the fact that he played his heart out, and at least put up decent numbers. The Vets didn’t do that, they rarely showed up, and if they did, they’d be sure to disappear for the majority of the fuggin game.

    Like i said a million times, that was one reason why Renney was clueless when it came to coaching, whether the kid can score or not, he didn’t take penalties, he threw hits, he left it all on the ice. Voros did , and im sure Torts realizes this.

  122. I thought they were done with it, jus before I hung up they went to me

    I said

    “Hey guys I was gonna touch on Prucha but you already covered it pretty well, but you were talking about poor captains and the need of a “General” to step up, so let me ask if you think Tortorella would ever strip Drury of the C and go back to the Jagr days of all A’s and see who steps up…”

    They pretty much disagreed, understandable… not my first choice of a question really but it was relevant to what they were talking about so I went with it… and yeah I would love to see Drury stripped of the A personally

  123. Fuggin Orr, fuggin Pruch wasn’t playing because he wasn’t fuggin producing. Nobody is comparing him to fuggin Voros, who also sucks.

  124. A caller asked about Prucha and they covered it pretty in depth…ened saying there was probably something behind the scenes they they dont want public

  125. Ag dont worry, I didnt think I was going to get on and I didn’t get to hear it either… but they broadcast it about 5-7 mins after I hung up

  126. So be honest, how much of a tool did I sound like?

    Nervous guy asking about stripping the captain of his letter? People all across manhattan are probably cursing me right now.


  127. ESPN hosts said that it would be disrespectful for the “C” to be ripped off Drury’s chest at this point in the season and that it possibly make his play sink even more like Patrick Elias of the Devils.

    Disrespect is Drury cashing them big-ass checks each week. Management should sit Chris Drury down in the media room and show him video of guys like Jarome Iginla & Brendan Morrow and be like, “THIS IS WHAT WE FREAKIN’ NEED!!!!!”

  128. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I heard it Salty.

    Matteauonov February 25th, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    “Fuggin Orr, fuggin Pruch wasn’t playing because he wasn’t fuggin producing. Nobody is comparing him to fuggin Voros, who also sucks.”

    You can’t score fuggin goals from a fuggin press box.

  129. that’s not what liar Renney said though. he said he scratched Prucha all the time because he “wears down”

    of course, it’s hard to get worn down if you don’t play

  130. For those of you who didnt get the chance to listen, I have taken it upon myself to shed my journalism skills (which are few). I have tried my best to record as much as possible. There were obviously things I missed cause I cant type that fast, but this was the basic gist of the call.

    Here are some quotes and general statements from Renney on the call: (remember some of the quotes arent exact)

    On whether or not he expected this coaching change:
    “Well id like to think im not too naïve, but I realized we had a tough stretch there. Having said that, I would have appreciated been given one more opportunity to turn things around”

    “You have to be true to yourself. From apersonal perspective, I did it my way. I don’t pretend to be something I’m really not. Bottom line is we had a tough stretch.”

    “I think Glen made a terrific hire in Tortorella”

    On what went wrong:
    “I think we were in excellent condition when camp started. We had a real good start to the season”

    “What happened is water always find its level and that is what happened to us.”

    *this implying that their start to the season put expectations on how good they should be

    On PP woes:
    “We might have overshot the runway with respect to what we felt our personnel could do. I think that became heavy on our guys. Trying to do extraordinary things as opposed to trying to keep it simple. It made it difficult for themselves.”

    ON whether or not he thought the team was not that good? Expecting too much?:
    “I think so to a point. You lose Jagr and shanny, avery, malik, straka – You don’t replace those people over night. With that, when expectations are at one level and actual experience is at another – it is the coach’s job to fix it and I take full responsibility for that.”

    On retaining certain players from last year’s team:
    “CBA made it very difficult to commit to players and their demands. By the time we came to grips of what we had and what we needed, it was too late.”

    “Problem is we had to wait too long to make decision.”

    on the Defensive style:
    “4th highest shot total in the league.” – deters naysayers

    on the Blue line concern (redden):
    “I don’t know what went wrong with him. I don’t think anything has, quite honestly. Coming to a new team takes some time and requires some patience to adapt. He is a great guy. He is getting his sea legs back. Wade Redden is going to be a real good player for this team sooner rather than later.”

    on Gomer and drury:
    “They have lots of good hockey in them. They want badly to lead this team to a Stanley cup. They have to recognize what types of players they are and they will be fine. Expectations of a player are awfully high when they are receiving the salaries they are receiving.”

    on whether or not the players liked him too much:
    “Maybe. I did my best to get them goin. I care a lot about the guys I coach. I don’t care if they like me or not, I care if they care about playing and competing.”

    on whether players took advantage of his kindness:
    “I have never been one to expose a player in public and embarrass them. I don’t know that you could be too nice.”

    On coaching change:
    “I think Mr. Dolan and glen gave me every opportunity to get things going. I understand the the move, I don’t agree with it, but I understand it.”

    On players reaction to torts:
    “I thnk the players will react fine. You cant believe everything you read. He will do whatever is right. What you read hear and see isn’t always what you get. I think the guys want badly enough to win that they will tolerate anything to have that happen.”

    on his future plans:
    “I have thought about future. I love coaching, I think I am a head coach quite honestly. I had another discussion with Glen about what I might be able to do internally. If there is anything I can do here internally, I am all for that. If not, no hard feelings and time to move on.”

    on whether or not he is bitter:
    “I don’t harbor bitterness. You gotta move on. Glen was very good. I have been treated very well here. I don’t know anyone who gets treated better than New York Ranger staff. You cant walk away bitter. You can certaintly walk away disappointed, though.”

    on how the rangers can win:
    “Gotta strengthen by getting a little bigger, a little stronger. A guy or two up the middle that can command the game on both ends. Need to be physical. Pressure teams going both ways on the attack and coming back.”

    on the game against Toronto tonight:
    “I am rooting for my team. I hope Chris, Scotty, Nazzy, Redden all score a goal.”

    I feel bad for the guy. I wish things turned out better. Whats even more sad is that he was cleaning out his office when he was on the call with Michael Kay. He sounded dejected and sad.

    I wish him the best – he is a good guy

  131. i heard u salty…you IS famous now!! hey salty, Hollywood just called… they making a movie called ” Captain Tin Man” they want u to play the lead role lol

  132. Salty, You sounded ok, not bad at all. Just don’t give Renny grief for being articulate. :)

    (Kidding, you were fine)

  133. Do you think that Torts may get so mad tonight that instead of a chair… he might throw Wade Redden onto the ice… headfirst… no helmet?

  134. PruBelongsOnTheIce

    He apparently can’t score goals on the ice either, lol. You have to admit Prucha couldn’t hit a buffalo on the a$$ with a bag of rice late last year or early this year.

  135. “In VT? Is Michael Kay syndicated? How far and wide?”

    no…not sydicated;I can actually get FAN and 1050 in up here…better at night than in the day but i gave it a shot; kept turning my car in different directions…

    ESPN local up here is 1390…pretty much sux

  136. hey salty man, i heard you on the radio and you got a sexy voice! huba huba huba! do u have a picture? lets share! mmwaa

  137. Doodie, Bell made slightly over 2.1 mil this year. His cap hit will be somewhere around 500k and is signed thru the end of the year.

  138. Kay isn’t syndicated that I know of. They do play him live on XM now though on the ESPNews station, however it’s still a NY broadcast. But up here in New England you can get 1050 and WFAN depending on where you are and how the reception is that day. Oddly enough, the worse the weather is where I am the better WFAN comes in.

  139. the renny lovers over at bluebulletin are making fun of torts already

    “using nhl09” lines by putting all the best players on the first 2 lines…

    hey maybe its called wanting to score goals

  140. The way I understand it is Bell’s going to Hartford. At least that’s the plan. Which means he has to go through waivers again.

    Orr, can’t you please, please make an effort to keep it clean? And even that f-word you invented, I may have to start cutting that out, too. How difficult is it?

  141. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I remember last year he was seeing a lot of time on the fourth line and a lot of late-season scratches (playoffs)

    Also, last year Prucha played in 62 games. Ryan Hollweg played in 70.

  142. They do play him live on XM now though on the ESPNews station.

    NICE, I was just heard in 2 countries…. theres no replay, is there?

  143. Renney is a FUGGen disgrace. he says that the Rangers getting shots on goal, being 4th, means they did not play too defensive.

    what a fuggen joke.

    most of those shots he cites were from long distance, bad angles with no one going to the net for a tip or a rebound.

    that does NOT constitute aggressive offensive attack. that signifies passive perimeter play.

    he is a trapping liar if he denies that.

    it ain’t about number of shots, it’s about QUALITY of shots

  144. ‘Oddly enough, the worse the weather is where I am the better WFAN comes in.”

    Green Man

    another anamoly; between October and January every year…1050 and FAN come in perfect; then for some reason in feb and straight thru the rest of the year its spotty or nights only

  145. Salty…good job on the radio…I was listening here at work. Definitely a good secondary question since they already talked about the Prucha one.

    And kudos to Kay and LaGreca and 1050 in general. At least Kay makes an EFFORT to do some research and not sound like an idiot when talking about hockey…unlike that moron Francesa.

  146. Kaspar,

    How about this one. When I drive to my girlfriends house I can get 1050 in one direction on occasion but not WFAN. Coming back it’s reversed. Bizarre. Honestly, I’m shocked it even comes in at all up here (Medford, MA a few minutes north of Boston)

    ps- You’re freakin’ hysterical, dude. Half the time I’m just checking the blog to see what you said. Keep up the good work.

  147. and he says they need more size up the middle, so he moves Dubi to the wing, and keps AA on the farm

    and Voros certainly was the size he needed, wasn’t it?

  148. Mark Bell is on the roster now on the NY Rangers official website…..They do not list what # he is…..I wonder if he ask Gravey and Bathgate if he can wear the #9 like he did in Toronto.

  149. CDeck

    Great job thanks!!! Salty sorry I couldnt hear ya here at work. No sound on the computers, no radio.

  150. joe,

    Voros has the size yes but one thing he lacks which is very important to playing hockey is his lack of ability to skate well

  151. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    It was said before but Crosby is out, day to day with a sore groin

    The rumor is, Malkin’s nursing a sore jaw but he’s going to tough it out.

  152. Cdeck…nice one.

    Guys we all know that Renney was the scapegoat. He did a nice job for this team over the past 3 yrs. 3rd winningest Ranger coach and 3 for 3 in making the playoffs after, what, 7 years of nothing?

    I think he is still protecting Sather and the organization to a degree because he wants a job elsewhere and I will bet anyone any amount of $ that he gets one sooner than later. He is a smart guy. Maybe a little too passionless and a bit of a nerd, but he is OK in my book. Don’t get me wrong, he needed to go. He had lost the team.

    But you cannot make chicken salad out of chicken s**t. Sather had filled his sandwich with the latter. And there is Renney still trying to salvage some of the NYRs chances by not saying, “Redden sucks. He is well past his prime. Etc.” He is class. Too bad Sather gave him a deck with too many Jokers and not enough Aces.

    Good luck Tom. It’s not your fault. But it was time to turn the page.

  153. Green Man
    thanks! ( you hearin this guy Carp?)

    December 2007 I drove Down to NY…I remeber it was at a time where Eli Manning was getting crucified on the radio…

    I swear this is true…I lost FAN in the mountains ( center of VT) but picked it up again in White River Jct VT at US91 and listened all the way down to NYC!!!

    Thats never happened again

  154. Mark (the orginal) on

    Hopefully Bell is a player that just goes to Hartford to replace Avery if he is claimed by the Rangers. If they get rid of Voros Bell is fine to have around to be a healthy scratch most nights. Probably jus insurance, but you never know with Sather.

  155. “Green man, any relation to the Day man or Night man?”

    This question from a man named….Doodie

  156. no kidding, jason. that is why I meant with sarcasm that Renney’s favorite, Voros, was big but nothing else.

  157. Salty…good job on the radio…I was listening here at work. Definitely a good secondary question since they already talked about the Prucha one.

    And kudos to Kay and LaGreca and 1050 in general. At least Kay makes an EFFORT to do some research and not sound like an idiot when talking about hockey…unlike that moron Francesa.


    Thanks Rob, I agree, I thought they did a very good job covering everything, they really seemed to know what was going on, I was very surprised they even knew about Prucha.

    I also don’t thikn they “softballed” Renney too much, they asked him some sensitive stuff and even chided him a little about the “opening at TSN”.

  158. Prucha played in 4 Playoff games in 2005 – 2006 and had 1 point. 10 Playoff games in 2006 – 2007 and racked up 1 assist.
    Last year 3 games 0 points.
    Total 1 G 1 Assist (2 points)in 17 games.

    Hollweg played in 4 games in 2005 – 2006, for 1 assist. 2 Games in 2006 – 2007 and 8 last year, for a total of 1 point.

    Total 14 Games, 1 Assist.(1 point).

    So, Prucha has a huge 1 point more than Hollweg did in the playoffs, although Prucha has 3 more games played.

    I just don’t see the big deal about Prucha.

  159. Salty, you were fine on the air.,, in fact they talked about the question for some time after you hung up (I actually think they made a good point about the humility of being stripped of the “C” – La Greca referenced Elias who played poorly after losing the “C” before getting his game back)..

    I think, you just leave drury with the C, at least for now… does the actual letter mean THAT much? the team themselves will know who the “real” leader is.. in the meantime let Drury talk to the refs.

  160. Mark (the orginal) on

    Not sure if this was posted, but if Bell is on the NHL roster from today through the end of the year he is owed 640,243 which is split between the Leafs and Rangers so half is 320,121.50.

  161. Doodie,

    Day Man is my cousin. We defeated the Night Man together but he takes all the credit since he’s the looks. It’s cool though. I’m the brains, the muscle, and wildcard.


    Weird how that happens. I once listen to a Yankee-Red Sox game from Poughkeepsie, NY to the North Shore in MA. I refused to change the station because I didn’t want to listen to the Sox announcers. Magically, the NY broadcast stuck with me the whole way. Though in hindsight listening to Sterling and Waldman may not have been better than listening to the Sox announcers… or say a yeti being mauled by a wood chipper… or Bruce Vilanch.

  162. CARP

    What’s wrong with Fuggin ? It’s basically the same as friggin, with just more emotion. Ive been saying it here for like two years.

    “Disrespect is Drury cashing them big-ass checks each week”

    Yup, doesn’t get more disrespectful than that. Maybe if he can do something decent every game instead of skating around like a moron, then it would be a little better.

  163. “What’s wrong with Fuggin ? It’s basically the same as friggin, ”

    is a short “U” sound or the long “U” sound?
    thats important…long “U” thats OK…short “U” and thats trouble

  164. Thanks costanza, I heard a little of what they were talking about while I was still on the line, glad I spawned some discussion though.

  165. if the SJO fits on



  166. Accountability Carp, accountability.

    When with Torts, do as Torts would do.

    This isn’t the Renney regimen anymore.

  167. Jason
    Ever since we hired Torts; whenever someone at work asks me a question I reply very calmly:

    “What would Torts do?”

  168. On Bell…

    Carp- Curious why you think think Bell is destined for Hartford. The transcript between Sather and Brain Burke doesn’t mention that this is a depth move for the Pack.

    Here’s the quote from Burke on what transpired…

    – On now-former Leafs forward Mark Bell, acquired by the Rangers on waivers today: “Mark was a model citizen for us, never gave us a speck of trouble. Glen Sather asked me about him the other day, asked if Mark could help them, and I said yes.”

    With the recent comments from Renney, and a while back from Sather that the club could use more size up front this sounds like the proto-typical Sather roll of the dice here. Low Risk(if he doesn’t pan out send him down) Moderate reward. <–Big body, that loves the physical game. Was best along the left wall in Chi-town, but has also played C and RW. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bell sticks around some. He is a better skater than Voros is…and if he can return to the player he was in Chicago, the Garden Faithful is going to fall in love with this guy. He is a vicious forechecker, and he sticks up for his teammates. Throw in the additional goal here or there and this guy could be a fan fav in NY. Personally I would like to see what Bell can do on a line with Dubi, and Call on the right side. Could be an exciting trio, and also could be a royal pain in the arse for opposing defenseman…Especially if what we are hearing about Tortorella’s aggressive forechecking system.

    I think this move could signal the end of Aaron Voros in a Rangers sweater, but I hope and pray that it is NOT the end of Colton Orr on Broadway.

    On Renney- Class act till the end. He’s a stand-guy, and has an Adam Graves quality about him. I know people were down on him, and his demeanor in the end was probably the rason for his downfall…But, I wish the guy well. I was still a supporter of him, and I hope the guy kicks butt and takes names wherever he lands.

  169. Renney has class in spades. Read the quotes from the radio interview today – it’s not easy to be so gracious after getting fired from such a public, high profile job.

  170. NYR are 0-6-1 in their last 7 road games, scoring 2 or fewer goals in all 7 games, and have been shutout 3 times


    thanks, Clueless Tom

  171. I havent written this in over a month


    Again even if we lose tonight, Im happy a change of the guard has been completed

    And here’s a few more Tortarisms:

    Torts as Jimmy from Seinfeld:
    Torts is angry. Torts likes to scream. Torts thinks Elanie is sexy.

    If Tortarella hit you with his car, he would just tell the dents in your hood to “Go F THemselves!!”

    IF Larry Brooks and JT were on a fishing trip and JT accidentally hooked Brooksie in the mouth with his lure, and Brooksie started screaming, JT would just tell him to “GET THE F OUT OF HERE!!”

    See ya all tomorrow!

  172. LIQUID February 25th, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Mark Bell is on the roster now on the NY Rangers official website…..They do not list what # he is…..I wonder if he ask Gravey and Bathgate if he can wear the #9 like he did in Toronto.

    Graves would probably give his number away, because well..he’s nice like that. Bathgate on the other hand just got it retired after many years of waiting. I don’t think he’s parting with it any time soon.

  173. Mark (the orginal) on

    Jason- I would assumed Bell was claimed off re-entry waivers if he was sent down by Toronto earlier in the year that would mean he would probably have gone on regular waivers when originally sent down by Toronto.

  174. Mark,

    good call, for some reason I didn’t even realize it and it has no ill effects for the Leafs at all to have to claim 50% on their cap. His contract ends in June and they are WELL below the cap for the year.

  175. I really hope that Renney does get another head coaching job, preferably with a high scoring team.

    Wanna bet on how many weeks it will take before he brings their goals scored down under 2 per game?

    The man is clueless as a coach. I don’t care if he’s Mother Theresa, I want a good coach. You win Cups with tough guys like Keenan and Tortorella, not milquetoast guys like Renney.

    Finally, I can once again say it… Let’s Go Rangers! Let’s Go Prucha! Let’s Go Hank! Torts, coach your ass off!

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