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We’ll rename the blog for one night, since you guys are so excited.

So here is some stuff from TSN on Tortorella’s debut tonight.

And here is TSN’s report (on the right side of the page) in a preview of Tortorella’s first game, from today’s morning skate. They interview Kubina (who was with Tortorella in Tampa and says that, if the bus leaves at 5 p.m., and you’re there at 4:50, you’re on time; if you’re on time, you’re late. Sounds like Coughlin!). They interview Redden, too.

Also, here is a story about Toronto GM Brian Burke asking an awful lot for Kaberle before the trade deadline.

Once again, Mara remains out, and Voros is expected to be the scratch (along with Bell, presumably).


Finally, here is the official announcement of the Mark Bell acquisition, even though I think he’s going to Hartford:

New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has acquired forward Mark Bell off re-entry waivers from the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Bell, 28, has appeared in 56 games with the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League (AHL) this season, registering 12 goals and 15 assists for 27 points, along with 34 penalty minutes. He ranked fifth on the team in goals (12), sixth in points (27) and seventh in assists (15). He also tied for fourth on the Marlies with five power play goals. Bell recorded a season-high, five-game goal scoring streak from January 14 at Chicago to January 23 at Syracuse. He has registered three multiple-point performances this season, including a two-goal game on January 2 vs. Iowa.

A veteran of seven NHL seasons, Bell skated in 35 games with the Toronto Maple Leafs during the 2007-08 season, registering four goals and six assists for 10 points, along with 60 penalty minutes. He missed 31 games due to injury after sustaining a broken orbital bone on January 3, 2008 at Pittsburgh. He notched a goal in back-to-back games, on April 3, 2008 vs. Ottawa and April 5, 2008 at Montreal, to close out the regular season.

The 6-2, 220-pounder has appeared in 445 career NHL games with the Chicago Blackhawks, San Jose Sharks and Toronto Maple Leafs, registering 87 goals and 95 assists for 182 points, along with 597 penalty minutes. Bell established career-highs in goals (25) and points (48) while skating with Chicago during the 2005-06 season. His 25 goals and 48 points ranked second on the club, while he finished fourth on the team with 23 assists. In 2003-04, he set a career mark with 24 assists and was one of only four Blackhawk players to appear in all 82 games. Bell has skated in nine career NHL playoff contests with Chicago and San Jose. In addition, he has appeared in 117 career AHL games with the Norfolk Admirals and Toronto Marlies, registering 27 goals and 42 assists for 69 points, along with 160 penalty minutes.

Prior to turning professional, Bell spent four seasons with the Ottawa 67’s of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), registering 105 goals and 102 assists for 207 points, along with 291 penalty minutes in 212 games. In his final season with the 67’s, Bell established OHL career-highs with 38 assists, 72 points and 95 penalty minutes, and his 34 goals tied his career-high set during the 1997-98 season. He also appeared in 48 OHL post-season contests with Ottawa, tallying 16 goals and 18 assists for 34 points, along with 35 penalty minutes.

The native of St. Paul’s, Ontario was originally selected as the Chicago Blackhawks first round draft choice, eighth overall, in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. I like that bus rule, well only for teams I root for. Very Tom Coughlin-esque. This is NY, you gotta kick some @ss.

    As for Bell…Sather reclamation project #70. Unless they get rid of Voros why get this guy?

    The only Bell I’d want on my team is the wonderful Kristen Bell from Heroes/Veronica Mars/Forgetting Sara Marshall, but she’s a Red Wings fan anyways :(

  2. Hey Carp – Just wanted to mention that I think you’ve done a terrific job since taking over. Most readers of this blog were big fans of Sam (no one called it “Rangers Report” – – it was “Sam Weinman’s blog”), but you have stepped in more than admirably. Good job – that goes for Jane too of course.

    Also, on this coaching change, no one has any idea how it will turn out of course. And I think its almost too much to ask for a major change in 21 games (other than just based on a shock to the system that this is).

    But one thing is certain at least among the fans: the apathy is gone.

  3. onecupin69years on

    Sometimes a change of scenery and a good coach can sometimes turn around a career.Maybe that’s what bell needs.

    Renney is gone so ,my last thoughts about renney are , I never liked him as a coach ,he reminded me of another weak NY coach Jim Fassel, who’s teams fought on the sidelines , blew big leads in playoff games against the 9ers and Vikes and had a has been gm (acorsi), Fassel was touted as a qb guru and a nice guy who is very bright, he’s still looking for a job.

  4. onecupin69years on

    and if the rangers lose that’s fine, but lose like winners not like loser’s if you catch my drift.be competitive, don’t just show up.

  5. rocketnyr February 25th, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    I really hope that Renney does get another head coaching job, preferably with a high scoring team.

    Wanna bet on how many weeks it will take before he brings their goals scored down under 2 per game?

    The man is clueless as a coach. I don’t care if he’s Mother Theresa, I want a good coach. You win Cups with tough guys like Keenan and Tortorella, not milquetoast guys like Renney.

    Finally, I can once again say it… Let’s Go Rangers! Let’s Go Prucha! Let’s Go Hank! Torts, coach your ass off!

  6. Mark (the orginal) on

    Less then 2 hours to go, can’t wait. Looking forward to pregame the game and post game tonight, and does it get any better that we get 3 games in 4 night here then we can all talk about the trade deadline and Avery for days.

  7. Torts wants them to show up on time for the bus.

    as opposed to Renney who threw young players under the bus.

  8. Bell is a free agent after this season so I don’t see why pick him up just to send him to Hartford. I’m thinking he gets a shot with the big club first.

    When he has it together, he’s big, tough, and can score a few goals.

  9. Bell is clearly Voros’ replacement. He’s 6’3″, can occasionally score, and he hits.

    IMO, this means Slats is working on a package involving Voros, or he plans on waiving Voros if the deal falls through.

  10. I have a feeling we’re gonna give up a lot of odd man rushes. A bit over excited on the forecheck. I also see Redden pinching and getting in some scrums after the whistle. He knows he’s gotta show Tortorella a lot, as everybody’s auditioning for a spot in Tort’s scheme. As Brooks pointed out, he gives out huge ice time to certain players, and hopefully that’s what our GOOD players WANT!

    Regardless of what happens tonight, I’m excited about “entertainment value” returning to Rangers games. Sure, I want to win, but I also watch hockey because at it’s purest, highest form, it’s the greatest sport in the world. Speed, skill, and tenacity. I’ll take 2 out of 3, but I have a tough time rooting for a team that often goes 0 for 3.


  11. a package including voros will get you another voros, that guy has no trade value (not saying you think he does). unless bell is rotating with orr i dont see the value of this pickup

  12. I hope they play like that movie with Keanu Reeves where the bus had to keep going full speed or it would blow up.

  13. Paul

    I was thinking the same thing. If Zherdev keeps sleepwalking through the games as he has recently, he’s going to be the first victim. Hopefully Torts gets his @ss alive and playing hard or he’ll be crying his way out of town!

  14. All I have to say reading through the comments today on the last thread…Some are absolutely side splitting funny

  15. Torts versus a hurricane…

    who wins?

    But… the hurricane is named hurricane Tortorella.


  16. “Day man!
    Fighter of the Night man!
    Champion of the sun!
    You’re a master of karate and friendship…for everyone!”

    you gotta pay the troll toll….. hahaha

  17. thanks Carp and Jane for all your hard work

    just wondering
    as far as Mark Bell
    did Tortorella have any input on this guy
    or is he thinking, ‘What am I gonna with him?’
    and feeling that he may be forced to continue
    to make lemonade out of the crushed lemons Sather
    hands him.

  18. People think I am anti Zherdev but I am not. I just want him to play more consistantly and not look at times like he’s a spectator on the ice. This was his rap in Columbus. WFAN spoke to a member of the media from there, the day before July 4. I was coming home from work early and remember it clearly. He said Zherdev butted heads with Hitchcock, who is a tough coach, and said clearly Zherdev looks too often disinterested on the ice, not a team player, in that he distanced himself from his team mates and could not handle the media there. He has a ton of talent , beleive me I hope Tots can turn him into a star but I just have alot of doubts watching this guy the first 60 games.

  19. i predict that Hank will get a shutout tonight…

    even with the new system.

    How’s that for optimism?

  20. Riche’ Yeah we need Hank to match his shutout count of 10 last year so hopefully he gets 8 more in the next 21 games…

    Rick, they’ve put Mark Bell on the Rangers roster page on rangers.nhl.com


  21. As others have said, I’m actually excited to watch a game for a change. Even if it’s on MSG+, the non HD worse than VS feed.

  22. I predict no dump and dogsh*t hockey!!
    I’d rather see an uptempo fast paced attacking loss than a slow boring 2-1 snoozefest

  23. DomivBaumgartner on

    Hey, Maybe Sam and Joe will be alive in the booth tonight. Not going to lie had to mute the tele volume and listen to Kenny they seemed to be so uninterested in the past 2 games.

  24. Mark (the orginal) on

    Wow no hockey games listed on atdhe.net thats not a good sign. That site has great quality.

  25. Rick. If for some reason you have a problem on channelsurfing.net, go to Justin.tv and go to the sports section. I’m pretty sure someone will be streaming it.

  26. Oh, joy, another Fat-Head journeyman acquisition, but of course it is only the second such acquisition, this month, right Mrs. Reitz? Jesus H. Christ, it NEVER ends with this dolt GM.

    Ok. Glen, you don’t have to promote any kids from the farm for another five years – you made your point, now just go back to you tinker toy, teddy bear, bunny rabbit, rubber duck, and diamond-studded yo yo, and “White Owl” cigar.

  27. will this game be blacked out on NHL Network? I hope its not so I can watch in HD(damn you fios/Dolan) when I get home

  28. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Awesome job. Kudos to Jane also. You are pretty much my lifeline to the Rangers. Thank you!

  29. torts claims he really doesn’t know anything about this team. This should be an interesting game!

  30. sam (not the great weinman) on

    Did you guys hear, Tom Renney said goodbye to all the players, except Petr Prucha, whom he gave a healthy scratch.

  31. on the pregame redden said: (paraphrasing) “[Torts] is gonna do what he can to make me better, and I’m gonna do whatever I can to make me better” (again, paraphrasing)

  32. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hey mako- thanks for the link. i domnt know why atdhe isnt showing hockey tonight. but it was the first time i logged on early to watch and its not there. i dont know anywhere else to watch, and jtv has no ranger channels, so if this dont work do u know any other place to watch? thanks

  33. First game I’ve been excited to watch since about 15 this season. Even then, I knew they were on a down-trend.

    If you don’t believe me, ask *BEER ME,* where is that coward anyway?!

    Pathetic loaf he is. Hahaha… lets go Torterangers!

  34. That’s interesting that Perry Pearn taught Staal, so maybe he did something right!

    (Or Staal just knew so much already coming in)

    Sather on with Giannone after the break!

    OMG, MSG did something right and put the Rangers on MSG+ over the Islanders!

    So many exclaimation points!

  35. Tort is an honest guy? No he’s not.

    Redden said Tort has followed the Rangers this season.

    However, Tort told John G. he hasn’t.

  36. Mark (the orginal) on

    Jerkins perkins- Seems like they will have the game tonight, but I am not entirely sure.

  37. mike, i noticed that too. for a while justin tv also didnt have any rangers. I am hoping my game center live doesnt kill me tonight, but I’ve got the channel surfing one up also (THANKS MAKO!!!)

  38. Sather basically put it all on Renney and said he doesn’t think any of the signings were off the mark

  39. Zhervalev – channelsurfing.net; scroll down a long way to 7:30.

    True Fans – Beer Me! has a new job that doesn’t give him enough time to hang around here.

  40. Hey true fans don’t ask about beer me thats just what he wants.I’m sure he’s on under a different name.


  41. I feel like that interview was all stuff that I already knew, like Sather complaining about the Toronto and Washington games, needing more fire, and Renney losing the team.

  42. well Gianone did tiptoe a bit…he’d like to do another interview one day (and keep his job! lol)

  43. HockeymanRangers on

    CCCP my NHL Network is fine, I am watching it it now. Well not really watching waiting for the game to start.

  44. wish I had the Rangers feed so I can hear what sammy and michelobetti are saying, but this feed on TSN is AWESOME! Mako, you are now one of my heroes! And damn NHL.com..i spent $150 for their game center live online, and i’ve not had a feed for about 20 games, and (well, due to my fred flinstone computer) the games I do get freeze up. I want my damned cash back!!

    They are talkin to Torts and he seems to be a very nice, calm young man ;-) !!! WAAAAAAAAAA HE GOT BLEEPED!!! Right now i am LOVING this man!

  45. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    oh yea! watchin curling online! what could be better, well, besides a Rangers win!!! LETS GO RANGERS!! Damn I can’t stand , what do you guys call him, the circumsized headed pierre maguire??! What a schmeg!

  46. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    roszi and redden as a defensive pairing… WOW that could be very comedic! It’s amazing that Prucha is NOT a healthy scratch! Teehee… I almost miss Virus…NOT

  47. Haha, Pierre McGuire said Rangers fans are going to have to get used to odd-man rushes against; as if they didn’t have that with Renney as coach!

  48. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    sally I pay for that and their screen came up saying the game feed was not available..damn I hate NHL.com!

  49. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    what the hell! naslund involved in fisticuffs!!! HOLY CRAP i’ve seen it all now! GO TORTS!! These lazy arses gotta prove themselves..woo hoo this is gonna be fuuuuun!

  50. Spiderpig February 25th, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    Haha, Pierre McGuire said Rangers fans are going to have to get used to odd-man rushes against; as if they didn’t have that with Renney as coach!””

    I heard him say that and I was yelling at the tv I was so mad.

    I can’t get any online feeds to see this game. :(

  51. Hey guys,
    I found a much cheaper site than NHL.com. it is http://www.hockeystreams.com you can buy a day membership for 3.99, a month for 9.99 or a 3-month for 19.99. You can also buy the HD feed for a couple bucks more, but its pretty much only HD when their at MSG. I’ve been using it for 4 months and it’s great.

    TSN just said thats Naslund’s first fight in 15 years! 2nd of his career.

  52. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    wow drury sprawling on the ice… whens the last time that happened, when he was with buffalo???

  53. My cat (Dubinmsky) i s trying to cuddle my dkeyboard, apologies for typos.

    Linda, that’s weird! faI didn’t have adny problems with the free radio on gamecentert.

  54. ok kiddies – what is different about them? I noticed not shots from the out side. Mostly all from the slot.

  55. Defense getting a lot more involved. Forwards keeping the pressure up in the attack zone and not allowing the other team an easy breakout.

  56. This sure is more exciting!

    Can any of you guys get the channel surfing feed to go full screen? Although I think the quality would be bad then.

  57. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    True Fans, thanks a ton for that info! It’ll save me lotsa money next season…to hell with nhl.com and their no pregame nor postgame, game feed not available crap for $150.

  58. Wow, PK looks even better we might score some SH of our own…ha ha Sjo just dropped the F-bomb.

  59. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    Sally, there have been about 7-10 nights where every game I’ve tried to watch had ONLY radio available, not ONE game did the video feed come through! For the money they charge, that shouldn’t happen.

  60. I hate to say this because it’s only been 11 minutes so far but I really like what I see so far. They’re putting a lot of pressure on the puck and making something happen when they have it and more importantly, when they don’t.

  61. Anytime Linda, I just checked and the 6-month subscription is $50.99 in HD. You could activate that at the beginning of the season and be set through most of the year.

    While hockeystreams.com does NOT have pre- or post- game, they do carry EVERY SINGLE game in the NHL. They also carry many of the other big hockey events (AHL all-star game, the entire day of NHL activities) and I’ve never tried to watch a game that was blacked out.

    Better yet, every game is archived so I’ve opened a game that I’ve missed and watched it through or gone back to see a shootout, fight, etc. Pretty great site.

  62. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    ‘a little bit more into a full court press’ interesting comment there by ron wilson.

    now they gotta get some pucks in the net

  63. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    lol hey mako, that channelsurfing site is cool, thanks. i just heard shoe go ohhh f$%^ after he got the penalty

  64. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    True Fans, i am definitely going to check that out for next season. I can’t get directv where i am (no clear shot of the sky) and even though comcast PROMOTES their NHL package on commercials here, every time we’ve called we are told its not available in this area. But hell I can watch any high school football game lol Damn south!!!

  65. It’s kind of annoying to hear the Canadian announcer keep saying “agaynst,” but the picture quality is a little better than my Slingbox, in that I can actually see the puck. I’d rather listen to Sam & Joe, but I’d also like to see.

  66. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    well they certainly are skating harder! Seems they got a little bit o’ fire in ’em tonight.

    I love listening to the Canadian announcers. I do miss Sam, he just makes me laugh, but the guys tonight are really good. Just shows how much of a sideshow clown that Buffalo dude is~!

  67. Rick, it’s been a pretty dynamic period.

    The TSN play by play just said “nice pace to this one.”

    The Rangers haven’t allowed the leafs to really penetrate down low or get shots from the slot or even really cycle. Maybe that’s what he means? But it has been pretty fast starting from both ends and on out.

  68. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    rick i noticed certain players are skating kinda slow, staal, few forwards. idk they look ok but not really getting any clean shots and not too much open ice the leafs are playin good d

  69. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    thats funny, i thought they actually looked like they were skating harder, but then, maybe lethargic is an upgrade!!! LOL

    You got it Chris!

    Man i still have to catch up on the previous post, it seems you guys were pretty hysterical.

    OOOH hello senators guy! LOL

  70. Rick – I think it’s only lethargic for the Leafs, but that’s just in comparison to the quick Rangers because I don’t think the Leafs are all that slow, except for on their power plays.

  71. The more aggressive pressure on offense has kept the pressure out of the Rangers end. Teams used to be able to skate through the neutral zone at will and take a long time to set up.

  72. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    redden has been redden lol. nothin new with him. forecheck looks good, gomer n nas look off too

  73. LOL my favorite post from the past couple days was the one about Torts being able to win Connect Four in three moves.

  74. We are still the same team….

    Can’t score, can’t complete passes, have defensive lapses…

    Only thing that has changed is that Redden has been more aggressive…and almost cost us.

    Sorry to be pessimistic, but its true. If Renney were behind the bench right now, there would be 1000 ”fire Renney” posts after this showing.

  75. Rangers FORECHECKING!!?!?!? AGGRESSIVELY!?!?!?!?!!


    I like this new team already.

  76. The shots on goal thing isn’t new. We were 4th in the league with shots on goal under Renney…..

  77. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    not overly impressed especially since its torts first game and all, i think a lotta guys couldve been better and given a lil more effort. but torts is messin with the lines way too much already. and we thought tom was bad!

  78. lalalalala and chuck,

    Did you expect them to blow toronto out in the first period?

    Please leave if you’re not a little bit excited about this team. Please leave if you’re not willing to give them at least an entire game to piece together something of an offensive unit, line combinations, defensive pairings, PP unit, etc… Geez.

    And who on here called me a cynic?!

  79. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    well, at least it wasnt painful to watch, as the past 2 months have been. It’s gonna take them a few games to really get set…but at least they are showing some kind of life. He’s had what, one, two practices and now a game? He’s gotta get to ‘know’ these guys, and whoever comes over or up next wednesday.

    At least I looked forward to this game, and hell, gotta see the first home game so NO GYM tomorrow lol!!

  80. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    spider that behind the net cam was scary to watch from that perspective. it gives u kinda a view of what the goalie sees. i hope i never see that again

  81. jerkins perkins(mike in ia)
    February 25th, 2009 at 8:14 pm
    not overly impressed especially since its torts first game and all, i think a lotta guys couldve been better and given a lil more effort. but torts is messin with the lines way too much already. and we thought tom was bad!

    Ummm. Tom Renney has done it for 2.5 seasons. Give Torts at least a couple games to figure it out.

  82. That’s what I’m trying to say. That just cuz Torts is in here doesn’t mean an instant change.

    If a change is to occur, it’s not going to be in 1 game…and that was my point.

  83. Jive
    February 25th, 2009 at 8:15 pm
    Meet the new Rangers.

    Same as the old Rangers.

    Geez. Wow. Patience is a virtue. It’s one period.


  84. HockeymanRangers on

    Yea you can tell the players are not quite sure what they should and shouldn’t be doing. But the are playing much more fast paced, as expected.

    I am just not sure how we are going to respond to Tort’s opposite style as Renny’s????

  85. it seems as if the players still got Tom Renneys voice in the back of the head “TRAP, TRAP, TRAP…THEN BAAM!! WE WIN IN SHOOTOUT!”

  86. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    truefans. they have been playing together for almost a full season and u still are waiting for them to piece together some offense? i know its a new coach but the game is still played the same. the little black thing is supposed to go in the net. yea maybe were a litle impatient but i didnt see the effort i thought id see. maybe they do somethin in the 2nd or 3rd but yea i still see alot of the same mistakes weve been seeing. but at least our pk is still good

  87. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    lmao CCCP! pretty good.

    wow this dude on american idol actually made that coldplay song sound TERRIBLE, and I”m not a coldplay fan!

  88. I think the pace may not be great compared to the caps/flyers game I watched the other day, but the pace was good. I disagree with the Leafs radio guys.

    It definately looked like the rangers were alittle slow to understand their new freedom.

    Carp, one thing Pierre pointed out on tsn is how gomez has already been switched around. He started with zherdev and callahan, but was replaced with drury almost immediately. The next shift with drury clicked better. I think this is interesting just to show how Torts is really playing around with the pairings/lines. I guess it goes with what he said earlier, “When you make a change, you need a fresh start.”

  89. For chrissakes, can the Droolers give this new coach at least a couple of games to make his imprint on these guys??

    (And note how NONE of them chimed in until the period was virtually over.)

  90. Guys guys guys…


    Look at the bright side, the rangers are playing with some passion, and theres some forechecking.

    And who said playing toronto on the road is easy?

    Be patient, not stupid.

  91. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    oh great, torts greatest quiz highlights…wonder if they get him to curse again! that’d be pretty funny.


  92. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    im not sayin that its all gonna turn around at this very instant, i am just saying i didnt see the effort i thought i would. yea you right they are probably nervous, so yea im givin them a few games.

  93. The D pinching in has been the biggest difference and some players are still being a bit cautious.

    Some of the guys are getting thumped, but I think that comes from putting yourself on or near the puck.

    Not a day/night change but I think the penalties have something to do with that. However as I said earlier, the PK is putting pressure on the Leafs and I guarantee we score SH goals the rest of the season.

  94. Favorite thing about Tortorella so far — hardly any time for 4th line — the flow seems much better without them.

  95. wow…idiot poster out in force.
    a 20 minute old coach and morons act like they honestly believed they would see a completely different team.
    did you just become a “fan” in the past week?
    for people who have followed the team more than a week, I definitely see changes. More attack, more on their toes, more forcheck leading to turnovers…good stuff
    Korpedo has been all over…good stuff!

  96. ford
    February 25th, 2009 at 8:21 pm
    For chrissakes, can the Droolers give this new coach at least a couple of games to make his imprint on these guys??

    (And note how NONE of them chimed in until the period was virtually over.)

    Very much agree.

    mikey jenkins, torts find chemistry in lines just after 1 period. Renney couldn’t find the right combination since he had the straka-nylander-jagr line, and you expect Torts to do it instantaneously?

    I’m convinced everyone on here who’s already bashing the Rangers and Torterella is/was a Renney lover.

    I am VERY excited about this team.

  97. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    lol hey mako, youre the man this tsn feed is great. i love watchin these guys over the versus or nbc dorks anyday

  98. Unfortunately, tonight I’m in the world’s worst Lamaze class with my wife. We’re hating life right now. Thanks for the game updates everyone, you’re keeping me sane.

  99. the pace alone has been much quicker. i give it some time. i’m not expecting miracles over night. but there are definitely some differences that you can see.

  100. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    alex t- no. i didnt. i thought overall, it was a good period by most players. good job on the forecheck. just thought some guys looked a little lazy

  101. Condemned for one period? – Not for nothing give them a freakin chance – If Torts was that good he would have never been jobless!

  102. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    oh man mike, HUGE difference between versus/ nbc/ and the TSN guys…I’d take the TSN feed for every game if possible.

    When Mara comes back, do you think different guys will sit on d for a game or two? (Like Redden for a game or two, then maybe Girardi)

  103. GerryD
    February 25th, 2009 at 8:29 pm
    Condemned for one period? – Not for nothing give them a freakin chance – If Torts was that good he would have never been jobless!

    Gerry, not necessarily true.
    After Torterella was fired, wasn’t Melrose fired after just 13 games?! That’s 3 different coaches over, off the top of my head, about 30 game span (over 2 seasons). Maybe that says something about TB and that team mroe than Torteralla’s inability.

  104. Joeybriggs – Almost. Gomez started with Naslund and Zherdev. Now, Zherdev and Callahan have been switched rather than the centers.

    Linda – Yep, Redden was my pick, too.

    I love the Wade DRedden group on Facebook!

  105. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    did dawes have to climb a ladder to make that hit?

    ok, lets see what happens when we get to the halfway point of the period! I think they KNOW they can’t dog it anymore… WOW ORR, was that the first time he’s been on the ice??

  106. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i sure hope redden does but if not then kalinin or reitz. yea linda tsn is great.

  107. Mark (the orginal) on

    I think the only positive with Versus come playoff time they never send any of there own guys to Western Canada to do playoff games so they just show the Canadian feed. Also the NHL Network having Hockey Night in Canada is tremendous.

  108. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    lol spider… were you the one who posted the redden craigslist ad? that was really funny.

    After Prucha, I think Orr may be the happiest Ranger, he may not get the minutes he was getting, but i think he just had a decent shift, a shot or two, and a nice hit…It seemed as if Orr was being held back a bit on the physical stuff.

    Man I really think they score in the 2nd.

  109. Description for this game so far: the best defense is a good offense.

    I’m glad the fourth line is playing because they can generate offense, too. Or at least play i the offensive zone.

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    Great moves by Prucha. He looks fantastic tonight.

    Orr definitely had his best shift of the year, including when he’s scored a goal or registered assists.

  111. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    damn of all the players to have a great chance it has to be colton orr. lol. nice move by pru lets hope somebody breaks the ice and score soon

  112. Linda – No, that was not me. haha

    The Gomez line was skipped in the last group of shifts. It was Betts, Drury, Korpikoski, Betts.

    I hate to say it, but the Olympics commercials with the kids are really endearing. I think the Canadian men’s hockey team has a great shot at winning the gold at home next year.

  113. I like what I’m seeing so far…

    with the better forecheck and keeping the puck more they only allowed 4 shots in the first.

    That’s more the game they should be playing anyway.

  114. Linda – No, that was not me. haha

    The Gomez line was skipped in the last group of shifts. It was Betts, Drury, Korpikoski, Betts. Now Gomez is back.

    I hate to say it, but the Olympics commercials with the kids are really endearing. I think the Canadian men’s hockey team has a great shot at winning the gold at home next year.

  115. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    agreed True… and did you notice Schoeny with Girardi earlier? That showed me something. I’m pretty excited to see what transpires with this team now.

  116. You can tell they’re trying now. I was worried we’d give up scoring chances galore, but 3 shots in the 1st? Not bad.. let’s hope they keep attacking!

  117. uh…. random door just opened on the ice? I guess canadian is about 50 years about in hockey board technology! haha

  118. way more fun to watch that’s for damn sure…

    it’s like they’re playing…

    what’s the word I’m looking for?



  119. This might be the corned beef hash talking, but has anyone else noticed Kalinin in an almost positive light?

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    First full PP. Let’s see what it looks like. I can’t imagine they’ve practiced it much with Torts, so it’s probably just going to be more of the same.

  121. haha. sorry about that post. That’s the last time I type and text at the same time.

    Well, first rangers power play. bets? anyone? anyone?

  122. Chuck
    February 25th, 2009 at 8:44 pm
    This might be the corned beef hash talking, but has anyone else noticed Kalinin in an almost positive light?

    We’ll see. He was lucky he saved his own bacon with that stick-check (on Antropov, i think?). Otherwise he was getting burned for a breakaway not more than 2 minutes ago.

  123. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    Spider I like that commercial too. It’s a lot better than the little bit o luck ones!!!!

    True, that’s all I want to see, them working hard and trying, not what we’ve been visually assaulted with the past 2 months! It may sound lame, and I”m sorry, but I’m looking forward to TOMORROWS game already and this one is only half open, and that’s a good thing! LOL

    HOLY CRAP REDDEN SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    How freakin funny!! Redden from roszival and drury… did you ever think you’d see THAT????

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    What a play by Staal there. Antropov was trying to work past him and the puck was in the air and Staal bats the puck to the corner, then drops Antropov on his ass.

  126. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    who in the blue hell are these guys in Rangers uniforms right now! ARMAGEDDON is upon us…redden with a goal…damn i just saw a pig fly!!!

  127. Jeez, Redden has a pretty decent shot when he rips it off quick. And he’s moving the puck with authority.

  128. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    u can see major difference in the pp already. theres more movement and guys goin to the net

  129. Tom Renney… we don’t miss u at all!! this is not the rangers team from few month back…not even from Sunday… this is a HOCKEY TEAM the way it was meant to be! I know it’s just one game and they didn’t win it yet, but the way they play, they way the pressure the puck says A LOT even from half a game!

  130. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    OUCH poor shoe!

    LOL @ UES and his change we can believe in.

    They may score one more time in this period, and once in the 3rd.

    That was the best 6 minutes of hockey they’ve played in AGES!!!

  131. jerkins perkins(mike in ia)
    February 25th, 2009 at 8:52 pm
    u can see major difference in the pp already. theres more movement and guys goin to the net

    Take it back, mike! You don’t like Torts and this new team!

    Thanks, Alex.
    If Prucha scores, that’s for Renney. Anytime the PP scores, for Pearn.

  132. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    torts- change we can believe in, and if we dont, we can go f ourselves. this message was approved by john tortarella

  133. The coaching staff has already confronted the refs more in half a game than Renney did in three + years.

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    “We haven’t been booing Rozsival recently, have we? Pierre says so”

    Yeah he gets booed, almost as much as Redden. They were booing him a lot during the Howell/Bathgate ceremony too. I didn’t boo him though.

  135. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    LOL Doodie!

    Prucha has to score, and then Zherdev. That’ll be the fu goals for the old regime lol ;-)

  136. They’re also clogging the passing lanes in the neutral zone very well…

    TO can’t generate much speed

  137. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    ford, it’s nice to have coaches who arent afraid to confront the refs. that’s one thing I always felt Renney never really asserted himself with, he hardly ever stuck up for his guys or questioned things. Dont screw with Schoeny, man he’s a hard ass! He’ll be our GM when Yeti falls off the map.

  138. Killing Me Softly on

    I heard Arod is on re-entry waivers. We picked up one juicer (Mark Bell) who no one knows. Why not go for some name recognition?

  139. True Fans Bleed RW&B
    February 25th, 2009 at 8:58 pm
    Where is Tom Renney and what is he doing tonight?

    He is probably assisting Mike D’Antoni at MSG

  140. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hope they can sustain this level of play the next 21 games and into the playoffs. yes i really think these guys are gettin in they just need to keep this up. great game so far. even if they lose, this is what they need to do

  141. Riche,
    I think Naslund was actually being double-shifted because Shjoe is hurt. We’ll see if Shjoje was promoted. I think you might have it backwards.

    “Tom Renney is crying and text messaging with Voros.”

    Hahaha! So true.

  142. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    BIg milestone guys, it’s been nearly 3 periods since the last Too Many Men penalty.”

    awesome post UES, as usual!

  143. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    now we’ll get the sather rip job on tsn…

    LOL @ ford, don’t forget the MEEK shall inherit the earth, AND NOT FORECHECK!!!

  144. HockeymanRangers on

    Wow, I am just coming out of shock, did anyone see that. Redden took a shot and he scored OMG, ha ha ha ha ha aaa wawaw wa I am giddy, and it was a PP. Ok someone says this team has not changed can eat their hats. Nausy’s first fight in 15 years and Redden scores WWWOOOOWWW.

  145. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    lofreakinl @ Mr. Lube ‘are you ready for change’…wow, that’s classic.

    WOW a YETI sighting in Toronto, maybe he’s heading for the yukon territories, never to be heard from agaiiiiin.

  146. Domi28
    February 25th, 2009 at 8:53 pm
    Assignment No.1 The Powerplay. The Result so far Wade Redden 1st goal in 53gms. So far So good.

    Correction: 58 Games

  147. Personally, I think Carp needs to step it up and do a blog update that Redden scored.

    That doesn’t happen every day, month or every other month. That’s NEWS! ;)

  148. haha, redden with more jabs at renney

    “john came in and wants us to be aggressive. we wanted to do that all year but….”

  149. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    Redden still looks like Skeletor! He needs a freakin sandwich and a beer, especially after scoring that goal.

  150. Redden= Christian Bale. hahahah
    I just wish Redden was as animated and passionate…
    they may have the whole coke thing in common though..i’m not sure..

  151. Shoryuken on Wade Redden February 25th, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    sather is like that giant roach from family guy….goooood, gooooood

    more like that old perv who wants to nail chris all the time.

    oh and doesnt shoe look like greased up deaf guy?

  152. Im still in disbelief that A. Redden scored, B. The PP scored, C. Renney and Pearn are actually gone

  153. Redden looks like a hoser.

    Dubiiii – Haha, that’s funny coming from Redden, considering he has sucked, regardless of the coach.

    Linda – Yes, the Mr. Lube advertisement had me laughing, as well.

    TSN analysis of Sather coming up.

  154. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    TRIFECTA OF BAD MANAGEMENT!!!! omg i gotta remember that forever!!!
    Brian Skrudland!! HOLY COW
    Embattled wade redden…teehee…i see a lot of man love for redden here tonight…you naughty boys!

    LOL Spider..great minds think alike..

    WOW Bob McKenzie killin it teehee POOR DRAFTING..yea no duh lol.

    Freakin Cam Janssen, Orr needs to annihilate his ass!

  155. Close, but no cigar. 24th would be in the bottom *seven*, Duthie. Poor Canadian can’t count.

    Ferraro says Sather has bad drafting in the first round (aside from Smyth, Korpikoski, Deveraux, and Staal), bad free agent signings.

    Dreger says the jury is still out on Gomez and Redden.

    McKenzie mentions the bad drafting leading to the chasing in free agency.

  156. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    lol Scott!

    ok, 3rd period will see goals from prucha and zherdev..i just have a feeling!!!

    Cam Janssen = taller Ryan Hollweg

  157. Hey guys, I thought ill drop by to say hello and thank you all for thinking of me. Right now Pearn and I are at “Target” shopping for a new tie so when new job opportunity comes we’ll be ready. After “Target” we decided to stop by the “Red Lobster” to have a dinner. Pearn and I, we just love to sock and those Steamed Snow Crab Legs! We also going to stop by the movie theater to watch a new movie called “Fired Up” should be fun!

  158. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) February 25th, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    prucha25, why did they stop showing nhl games?””

    Someone in the chat room said they got a cease and desist (sp?)notice from the nhl.

  159. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    Sather is his own trifecta, arrogance, ignorance and donald trumps hair for eyebrows

  160. 421 responses! really? I know I’m late to the party how is everyone playing???

    Dubi, Cally, Prucha? Redden has a goal how are Staal Dan and Rozi?

    24 shots on goal and only 12 saves needed this must be awesome!!

  161. i wonder if conditioning is gonna be a factor.

    we’re not used to working this hard through 2 periods.

  162. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    man i just love Schoeny’s interactions with the guys behind the bench. Thats probably the 4th time they’ve shown him talking to a guy and givin him a tap on the back.

  163. Shoryuken on Wade Redden on

    “drury needs to have something good happen for him”

    drury needs to MAKE something good happen, joe

    he’s only being paid a damn ransom

  164. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    dont forget that bag skate they had a few weeks ago.. lol.

    Agravaine, they are interesting in a good way! Can’t wait to see the game tomorrow in front of the home fans they are ‘so nervous’ to play in front of.

    LOL @ Renney & Pearn at Target and Red Lobster. Are they goin to meet Voros and head to Carvel for dessert?

  165. there’s an odd man rush caused by over agressive forechecking. but.. like torts says. we have hank

  166. Wouldn’t mind listening to the Panthers cast tomorrow. Wonder if I can find that…


  167. Hey Linda, thank you for your question. We were supposed to meet Voros at Carvel but few minutes aga he called us up and said that the carvel is out of ice cream! The fat pig Voros ate it all! But its ok, I told him to stay positive and believe in carvel, there will be more ice cream later.

  168. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    lmao @ wakka wakka…fozzy bear?
    “Running a mobile bench”.. interesting.

  169. “Maybe they are tired… they haven’t given this effort all year.”

    Dude I laughed hysterically when I read this and you’re right LOL

  170. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    damn tom, that voros is just out of control. you need to do something about him. rub his tummy and let him know he’s still your bunny.

    what are the odds of redden scoring again? I know someone mentioned he’s not due now until opening night of 2009-10. but humor me.

  171. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    did dawes climb his way out of the goal yet???

    Who called it, was it Riche’ who said they weren’t lookin good a few minutes ago??

  172. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    toronto takes 2 full periods off, is missing a few guys and still its only 1-1. jeez cmon guys score

  173. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    sally, actually Potvin (beats his wife) was not too bad last game. It didn’t suck, and he said some pretty truthful things about the rangers. I’ll check your link out after the game…the bird that powers this laptop cannot provide power for 3 things at once. He needs a brontosaurus burger.

    Ya know what I miss…Renneys gum chewing. We need to send Torts some Trident.

  174. Yeah Linda, he’s not that bad (esp compared to Buffalo!), but I still just plain don’t like listening to him.

  175. Sally
    February 25th, 2009 at 9:44 pm
    Can anyone tell me what the Leafs fans keep chanting? It sounds like “Crosby sucks”?


    this is what Toronto fans actually chant “ Crosbys groin, CHA-CHA-CHOOGA-CHA”

  176. This looks like the same team I have been watching for 60+ games. A coaching change isn’t the only thing this team needs. Some players still need to ride the pine for a game or two and we all know who they are.

  177. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    Shoryuken on Wade Redden
    February 25th, 2009 at 9:42 pm
    Funny if we win in shootout

    OMG I was just thinking that about 10 minutes ago. Would that be a good thing, a bad thing, or just par for the course.

    Ryan Callahan, TSN’s monster of the night. Gotta love it that he’s top 5 in hits. LOVE THAT KID.

  178. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    erkins perkins(mike in ia)
    February 25th, 2009 at 9:48 pm
    linda-god no!!! no more gum chewing!!. have him smoke a stogey on the bench

    no damned stogie..thats a yeti thing.

  179. tomg
    February 25th, 2009 at 9:53 pm
    pretty much the same old rangers, can’t put the puck into the net.

    Deaf, Dumb, Blind?

    If you were deaf you’d still see this team is different.

  180. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    sally, i didnt think crosby HAD a groin! wow,ya learn something new EVERY day.

  181. AGAIN… with this crap.

    Hank must love this… another chance to lose after giving up one frikin goal

  182. Can’t even win it in regulation for the new coach…Pathetic. And Homez eats hot wet sticky ass this guy need a good beating then maybe he will play with some heart. Maybe we should tank the last 20 and play for a lottery pick???? Just a suggestion..

  183. that’s about the 12th time this season that the rangers have had one of those go against them when the D push them into the goal

    for the record, i believe Hank has had 4 go his way this season…


  184. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    haha even with renny gone we still only get to the shootout! sather- its on you!!!!

  185. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    linda- hmmm shootout. yea, that system was really holdin them back let me tell ya.

  186. Pierre just said “Wilson’s explaining to his to Lundqvist’s glove… that’s the strength of his game, avoid the glove.”

    Hahaha. Pierre proved he knows zip, zilch, nada… hey, are YOU Beer Me?!

  187. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    did u see the difference between shootout games played between hank n toskala? amazing

  188. jerkins perkins(mike in ia)
    February 25th, 2009 at 10:06 pm
    linda- hmmm shootout. yea, that system was really holdin them back let me tell ya.

    Are you schizo? You flip-flop like john kerry.

    You bash after first period, praise after second, bash after regulation.

    Not reading your posts anymore, thanks.

  189. Let Redden shoot in the shootout. Time to earn that paycheck u puke!!!!!!1-0 leafs…BAAAAAAAAAAH they SUCK!!!! Call up the wolfpack for the next game!!!!!

  190. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    oi vey!!

    man that just sucks beyond belief!

    they kinda wore down in the 3rd. Drury should NEVER be in the shootout again!! Who has the Gomez voodoo doll?? How many turnovers did he have tonight?

    Disappointing ending but it’s a point. Wonder who’s in the dog house after this game lol.

  191. ugh. dubi has got to shoot earlier.

    prucha had a good game would like to see him play on one of the top two lines tmrw nite. naslund/gomez/cally had very forgettable games

  192. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    wow whattya know?? cant score on 3 breakaways on one of the cheesiest teams in the league. i dont care who coaches this team its fishfood. no goal scorers. did anyone watch dubinsky have 2 great chances and didnt even get a shot off? what happened to him?

  193. Mike D.
    February 25th, 2009 at 10:11 pm
    i hope they lose every single game for the rest of the season

    For what purpose?

    Geez. I was mad at the team for Renney making them suck.

    Some of you people are just angry.

    They were going to lose with Renney, at least now they lose and they look like they care! They try! I was actually upset they lost, I didn’t expect it!! That’s an improvement.

  194. everyone needs to relax…it’s this guy’s first game as coach

    i saw notable improvements in zherdev, gomez, redden

    drury needs to learn out to shoot

    and they are pathetic in shootouts…they couldn’t score on a shooter tutor…drury takes the 1% chance short side move every time, zherdev (with all his skill and hands) lobs it into toskala’s glove

    i have more confidence in tomorrow’s game..florida’s defense sucks under pressure

  195. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    well it’s nice to see them finally get off a real shot by the 3rd round of a shootout. Hopefully we see different shooters next time.

  196. Mark (the orginal) on

    Vesa Toskala beats us in back to back games. The Leafs got 7 points in the series vs us, and the Rangers take 4 that is awful.

  197. Yeah True Fans,

    They played like they wanted to be there at least. They seemed to enjoy themselves more.

  198. As I said before…giving it 5 games before I panic. Seriously, I don’t think our guys are used to working that hard, so that’s why we saw them clam up a bit in the third….they got tired and went into their shell. Still, overall, I thought we played an uptempo game. Please just start scoring!

  199. The loss sucks, but the team does look to have more jump and is clearly pressing harder. Positive signs at least.

    Torts will need some time to work this crew.

  200. Killing Me Softly on

    I give up on this team. Toskala is one of the worst shootout goalies in the league. He makes us look stupid. This team sucks. I’ll never have those 3 hours back

  201. Well think of it this way, every replacement coach this season has lost his first game. Let’s hope it stops there. They played better, much better. Now he has to teach them how to score, it that’s possible.

  202. ok… its just a first game…the team is still in the funk… it’ll take a little time to completely get rid of symptoms of “RENNEY-RRHEA” … they played way better and had plenty of opportunities…so i am not too disappointed

  203. people are really hitting the panic button? toskala stood on his head. twice.

    a bullshit penalty cost us. Carp is right. we just dont have scoring power. we need people who are confident in putting it home.

  204. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    truefans- ok. could care less if u read my posts. its not flipflopping. i tell it like it is. they play good i praise them, they suck, well, you know. and to think against the leafs we cant even score more than 1 for the new coach? cmon truefans, i dont hate the team i hate when they lose, and thats all they freakin do!!!

  205. sam (not the great weinman) on

    improvement in Gomez, are you insane. tom renney smiling. we had more scoring opportunities than usual and less odd man breaks against than usual. just the weasel henry not doing his job in the s/o

  206. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    Well, Tom and Perry are toasting each other right now.

    Disappointing ending. Imagine Dawes NOT in the shootout.
    Did you notice them on the bench, actually breathing heavy. And to think they get to do it all over again tomorrow.

  207. the forecheck was much better until they got tired in the 3rd and they missed some open chances. Kalinin blew a chance that was nicely set up by Dubi..

    Dawes is too smurf. they need to trade him for Chris Neil

  208. sam your a moron.

    your missing the point, its not hanks fault not 1 person could bury one in that shootout

  209. jerkins perkins(mike in ia)
    February 25th, 2009 at 10:17 pm
    truefans- ok. could care less if u read my posts. its not flipflopping. i tell it like it is. they play good i praise them, they suck, well, you know.

    No, you flip-flop. You point out the obvious and think it makes you a brain surgeon.

    Peace man, enjoy the last 20 games.

  210. sam (not the great weinman) on

    why would tom and perry be toasting each other right now. this was an improvement. had torts had as some loser on this board used to call Jaro, yommy yogger, we might have won a stanley cup. our skill level is really lacking.

  211. I love how same and dumb dumb said “Toskala struggles at the shoot out. Advantage Lundqvist”…I knew it was over for us there.

    Nice effort from Redden tonight, a noticeable improvement already. Drury still sux, our Cpt has become a role player.

  212. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    well here’s a positive, most of us are mad again when they lose!

    Seriously what is the success rate when the shooter softly carries the puck to the goalie on the shootout? My guess would be 0%. I’d like to see Callahan and Sjostrom back on the shootouts… and Prucha.

  213. i watched tsn since i couldnt get msg where i am

    boy did they bash gomez..
    they were saying he looked awful all game..he was slow-both thinking and slow speed

    and then prior to the shootout they had a bunch of clips from the game of gomez-turnover after turnover after turnover

    i would not be surprised if he is in the doghouse soon if he isnt traded :)

  214. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    why are people still blaming renny and still talkin about him? yea his system sucks but the players are worse. you watched the game they had 30 somethin shots and numerous chances. until we get some help scoring goals because hard work isnt enough for these guys they need some talent. im not down on torts at all. i know he stepped into a pile of dogshit when he got here and yea its gonna take awhile but after this shitshow, now maybe sather can feel some heat. cause thats where most of it belongs. hopefully we see some people get benched like rozy, gomer, dru. then maybe they get the message

  215. Mark (the orginal) on

    Why doesn’t Naslund just say they quit on Renney not that I care I love that Torts is here.

  216. I missed the game tonight… and sadly it looks like the same result. Can somebody give me a brief synopsis on how the team looked? What did you guys notice different about the play tonight? If you can address it to me, so I can read it, I’d appreciate it. It’s hard to go through 600 messages.

  217. sam (not the great weinman) on

    it’s hanks fault he gave one up in the shootout like he rarely used to. hanks been slipping recently, probably because of the mental fatigue of playing on a team with such little skill.

  218. Naslund saying in the postgame that they did play better because of the new forechecking system, and that will translate into more goals eventually as they learn it better.

  219. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    truefans- i thought u werent reading my posts anymore? yea sorry that i point out obvious stuff im not able to see the future yet. dickwad

  220. you guys are mental……..

    im sorry but something tells me from the great insight a lot of you who decide to make us all a little more stupid with phenomenal NHL insight that about 94% of you have never played competitive hockey in your lives… if youre lucky some of you may actually be your local beer league champions…. its 1 game…. you expect him to come in and lead the rangers to a 9-0 victory…. Renney probably didnt even watch the game… hes either in Vancouver or his head is buried in the sand somewhere…. i was kind of hoping the rangers would part ways with Renney… its a damn shame they had to lose in order to do… if you want your team to lose at any point of any season… youre not a true fan… youre a jackass….. i never want to see the rangers lose….. however at this point the only plus to them losing is the possibility that some of you half whit big mouths will never watch rangers hockey again and we wont have to read some of your mindless posts anymore……

  221. Lousy result, but many more chances than we’ve become used to generating, and not exactly an avalanche of odd man rushes coming the other way. Most importantly, an energy and maybe even an identity may be given the opportunity to emerge.

    It will take time for the transition to take — I was encouraged by a lot of things tonight.

  222. 38-16 in favor of Toronto, on faceoffs tonite, glad to see Gomez showed up, somethings never change.

  223. We have to be patient here. Take it one game at a time. They’ll get better. Torts knows what he’s doing.

  224. Maybe we should give Naslund the C. He gives a way better post-game interview than Chris Dreery. And he got a fighting major tonite!!!! Maybe Drury should drop the gloves once in awhile. Ahhh wishful thinking..this guy has a heart the size of a tadpole.

  225. Linda says Mako is my current hero on

    as someone said earlier we gotta give it at least 5 games, until Torts really knows what he has and what he does not have. Gomez was pretty bad tonight, and whoever said Capn Stonehands, you’re being generous.

    There was some improvement, the conditioning was not there in the 3rd, but I’m sure that is going to change in a hurry. They soooo need someone who can finish.

  226. Some of you in here expected this big transformation overnight? Come on now. Give it a week. Torts has only had one practice with them, I think or not much more.

  227. jimmy

    there was better intensity much better forechecking and clean short shifts. At the end of the game Torts severely tightened the bench going to 5 d (with Reitz benched and Kal getting less time also)

    Betts, Dawes, Orr, Cally and Korp got about five minutes in the third, the others got somewhere form 6-9…

    the team tired in the third but that was because they played a higher energy game

    I hope omeone asks tort sabout faceoff numbers it was bad…

  228. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    jimmy- it was one of those games where our top guys sucked. same as every other game. except now we have a guy who will maybe bench said players and maybe they start scoring again after watching a 22 year old numbnuts from hartford taking his spot

  229. so, i didn’t hear anything.
    what happened to Sjostrom?
    i thought his face was cut and that was it.

    did i hear pierre maguire correctly?
    did he feel that Calahan should have received
    the interference penalty? sheeeeeeeeeeesh!!!!

  230. reginald dunlop on

    you can’t put a dress on a pig….its still a pig…..they cant put the puck in the net…although the effort seemed to pick up and drury was in front of net and moving his feet…….no doubt in my mind they laid down the last two weeks……now who wants that type of player on their team?????????? strip the “C”

  231. i liked a lot of things from tonight
    from the intensity of the forecheck to
    d-men jumping into the play.

    some things were same ol’ same ol’
    such as Rozival giving up shots to play pattycake with the puck near the blueline.
    the power play needs to come up with a Plan B and C
    since Plan A is basically move the puck to the point and let them shoot. if that’s the case why bother having your top line players there since they’re just playing the perimeter and not shooting anyway.

    i don’t know who picked the players for the shootout but Drury was dreadful. what kind of a move was that….move to the left and handed it to the opposing goalie?
    what happened to Sjostrom that he didn’t take part in it?

  232. Why do Dubinsky and Zherdev get free passes?? With their speed and skill, it’s MIND BOGGLING how neither of them produce. Zherdev’s head is up his ying yang and Dubinsky can’t finish a sentence………..Time for these young men to STEP UP!!

  233. Rangers had plenty of chances tonight, but really need to find a way to finish. That’s been their problem all season long and will stay that way, unless someone can finally step up for this team.

  234. Mark (the orginal) on

    For those who didn’t see the post

    Torts liked the eforrt could tell they were tired in the 3rd, some more then others. Hope Redden goals reliefs some of the pressure. Has not thought about a 7th d-man at all. Doesn’t know if Henrik will be in net, has to talk to Benoit Allaire. Asked about Bell, said he doesn’t know him, but they will take a look at him.

  235. if the letters are to change this is how I see it:
    betts-Captain-always is competitive-doesnt score but still seems like a leader..his penalty kill shows his devotion

    mara-Alternate-he has been the hardest working ranger this season and unfortunately is injured but he would be great as an alternate

    dubinsky or lundqvist-alternate 2-very hard working rangers…dubinsky will one day be a captain for the rangers if they dont deal him

  236. if the letters are to change this is how I see it:
    betts-Captain-always is competitive-doesnt score but still seems like a leader..his penalty kill shows his devotion

    mara-Alternate-he has been the hardest working ranger this season and unfortunately is injured but he would be great as an alternate

    dubinsky or lundqvist-alternate 2-very hard working rangers…dubinsky will one day be a captain for the rangers if they dont deal him

  237. Ahhhh that sucks. It’s gonna take time though folks for Torts to get this team going full throttle Tortuga style.

    It also won’t take Torts long at all to realize Drury is GARBAGE.

  238. I enjoyed watching this game!

    I think I’ve said that twice ALL YEAR. First was the game Zherdev tied the game with 7 seconds left (that was when he had a fire to win and be the go to guy, Renney sucked that out of him but it started to show again tonight). The other game I enjoyed was Chicago because the team pulled together.

    Tonight is the third such game. I hope there are many more like this.

    I agree with “..” that many of you must not play if you expected this team to come in and light the lamp for 5-6 or even 7 goals. Not only are they on a losing streak, Torts is still learning who the players are and changing their line assignments. For heaven’s sake, if you are just going to bash them to bash them then go to the Devils board or something.

  239. you can bet that after tomorrow nights game Torts will sit down with sather and they will decide what they need and try to make some moves.

    they need more size and strength for sure. they have better scoring opps when Orr goes to the net than the fancier lines, so that shows that more size and toughness up front is necessary.

    I guess Bell and Avery are stopgap attempts at that

  240. all right good night all… I will be sad not being on here tomorrow its been so fun… but hopefully Torts will earn the big welcome we are going to give him at the Garden tomorrow!!!

    yea we wern’t going to all of a sudden score 7 goals… I just wanted to see the energy level rise, and it did!

  241. All Hail King Henrik on

    The goal-scoring and deflated third period notwithstanding, I thought the Rangers looked an awful lot like the team that took the ice in Prague and continued on to a 10-2-1 start.

    They had a lot of chances, and if they continue to play like that, they will bury some of them. They had the opportunity to score about 4 or 5 garbage goals in the first two periods, but the puck just wasn’t bouncing their way. You’ve gotta give them time under Torts and realize that this roster is still inherently flawed.

    They’re not going to be offensive juggernauts by any means, but if they play with the intensity of the first two periods and crash the net like they did, they’ll score that extra goal or two per game.

    I was pleasently suprised that they did not give up too many odd man rushes while playing that aggressive. Also, not too many defensive zone mistakes, except for the one that cost them the goal.

  242. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    hopefully he doesn’t see reason to put virus in. I read (or heard on TV, I’m tired and can’t remember which) that he told him not to take the scratch personally, he just doesn’t know him. I just hope that he gets to know him in practice and not games!

  243. The energy level definitely increased, but this team isn’t conditioned well enough to be a 3 line team… ugh.

    I have faith in Torts at least changing things around next year… this team is too used to three years of Renney.

  244. I agree True Fans. they say that losing streaks don’t end suddenly, you usually get a point in a good strong close effort to build on, and then step it up a notch in the next game and the winning starts again.

    they showed a lot of good things tonight, especially the forecheck pressure in the first 2 periods, which justifies the fans like me and others on this board who said all along that Renney’s trapping hangback system was part of the problem.

  245. What scares me the most is that players such as Staal, Cally, Dubi, Zherdev, and Korpikowski are easy to trade (even if for crappy draft picks)… but our WORST players… Dreary, Blomez and Redden are completely untradeable!… ugh.

  246. I love all the Renney-bashers trying to rationalize tonight’s effort. Why are you surprised? Really? This is GLEN SATHER’S MESS. Changing the coach cannot change the mediocre roster!!!

    It’s time to give up any and all hope, ladies and gentlemen.

    On July 2nd, 2008, I said (and was not alone) that there was simply not enough scoring or skill on this team. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. NOT A DAMN THING.

    I know all of you bloggers/messageboarders etc. like to bash the MSM, but I’m with them on this whole shebang. Sather is the one to blame here. Was Renney to blame for some of this team’s stuggles? For sure! But the ship was built and staffed by Sather. This guy is a colossal failure. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SCORING! WHEN YOU LOSE MORE THAN 100 TOTAL GOALS AND REPLACE IT WITH LESS THAN 60 ON A TEAM THAT DIDN’T SCORE MUCH IN THE FIRST PLACE, YOU’RE IN DEEP S***!!!

    Salty, this is why I questioned your assertion earlier today that the Rangers would come out and dominate a crappy team like the Leafs. They didn’t. They won’t. You people need to LOOK AT THE ROSTER. Torts can yell and scream all he wants. That won’t turn Nigel Dawes and Ryan Callahan into 30 goal scorers. It won’t make Nikolai Zherdev a smarter hockey player. It won’t add 20 MPH to Scott Gomez’s pathetic wrist shot. It won’t make Markus Naslund 8 years younger.

    This team is screwed. I’m sorry. It’s time to give up. I’m going to bed.

  247. also, it was one of those defensive nights. all 3 eastern games were 1-0 games most of the night. Pens won 1-0, and flyers were 1-0 with a empty net goal in the last 5 seconds making it 2-0

    a win over Fla tomorrow night would be a big lift in the standings

  248. Does anybody know anything about Mark Bell?? Seems like another 3rd line Role-player??

    Different Coach … Same Result …. But WAY more promising and entertaining

  249. I liked a lot of things i saw tonight, especially loved to see 2 guys forechecking! Yes, it was still the same type of result as with renney but you have to remember this was Torts’ first game, and the team is still in a rut. They had one practice to prepare for a game where they were going to play an entirely different system. Give them till next week, with the 4 day break before the fishsticks, to really get things going.


  250. I thought it was a good overall effort tonight. Honestly, I thought Redden had a good game. Aside from his goal, he was good with the puck. Rozsival and Gomez…ugh. Turnover city. I don’t get where you guys blame Lundqvist for the loss. We scored 1 friggin goal. You can’t expect to win in regulation like that.

    Love seeing Prucha win those battles on the boards. He will be productive, just give him time. He was one of the few who still had legs and crazy speed late in the game.

  251. Rob C
    February 25th, 2009 at 11:01 pm
    I love all the Renney-bashers trying to rationalize tonight’s effort.

    nobody’s rationalizing anything.

    Truth of the matter is that Renney has help some of these player regress. It was nice to see Staal, Prucha, and Zherdev all find semblences of offensive games tonight. It was nice to see Redden score a PP goal. It was nice to see Shoenfeld giving Gomez some slack for not performing.

    I did not expect Torterella to come in and make this a cup winning team. I did not even expect him to come in here and pull an Avery (15-5-5 or whatever miracle he pulled).

    I just expected a team who worked hard and looked like they cared. There isn’t going to be a whole lot of scoring from this team… but there wasn’t very much scoring last year when there was Jagr, Straka, Shanahan, and Avery! There wasn’t even that much scoring the year before either.

    Get a grip. Give Torterella a chance. Maybe he’ll even start beating the blues, thrashers, sabres and penguins… huh?!

    Some of you guys are hell-bent on believing this team is a basement dweller. They’re not amazing, no doubt about it. But somehow they went 10-2-1 with the same not so amazing lineup.

  252. Unfortunately, Rob C. is probably mostly right. Torts may be a more aggro coach and the system may be more fun to watch, but the talent level is lacking. It’s that simple.

  253. Zhervalev, I think you will see Dawes traded, but that is no big deal. he needs to go in exchange for a bigger tougher winger.

    if you add Bell, Avery, and a Neil say for Dawes, then you have added 3 more aggressive forwards which makes Torts system work more easily on all lines for all periods.

  254. In Toronto for the game tonight and there were a couple of interesting things to note:

    First of all, Hank was announced as “Henrik Lundfist”. Must have been lost in translation.

    Second of all, Corey Potter was announced as the third scratch of the night after Voros and Mara. Think it was a mix up with Bell since he’s not officially in Hartford yet?

    Third, Torts definitely did some yelling. He could be heard making a (rather loud) comment to Cally when the Leafs tied it up as well as a few times where we thought he may have been lashing out a bit at Drury and Nazzy. Cally’s seemed to be a rare slip up, but with any luck what he’s done with Redden will stick and rub off on Gomez/Drury/the likes.

    Side note: Hank was headed for a shut-out when Drury oddly skated over to Hank’s net and took a sip of his water bottle. A Rangers fan close-by could be heard yelling “Yo Drury, keep your suck to yourself!” Seems he really may have spread the “suck” as, well, we know what happened next. Hope it’s just the 24 hour kind.

  255. All Hail King Henrik on

    Lets lighten it up a little bit…

    Who wins in a fight–John Tortorella or Brent Sutter?

    I’m not sure there are many coaches out there, if any, that could take on Torts in a scrap amid the adrenalin rush of a game.

    In a coaches brawl, who do you think could take Torts?

    I know it’s stupid to discuss, but with Renney being so soft, we all know if it came down to it, he’d have gotten his ass kicked by any other coach in the league. Physically, and probably verbally, too.

  256. new coach same shit team. zherdev sucks gomez is useless and drury in the shootout is a disgrace.

    no playoffs for this crap roster

  257. there is no rationalizing tonight. if there are a couple trades, and then they still don’t make the playoffs, THEN there will be rationalizing.

    in the meantime, it is perfectly accurate to say that the forechecking pressure was much better. the pundits say so, Naslund says so, and we say so.

  258. Forechecking pressure does not equal goals. The only way to win a hockey game is to score goals. In the NHL, you usually need to score more than 1 or 2 per night. This team is not capable of doing that! Care to disagree? LOOK AT THE WHOLE SEASON! 60+ games is a big enough sample size. This team can not score. It’s that simple.

    I never said or expected the Rangers to be a bottom-dweller. I consider myself an optimist, really. But I’m so tired of watching hard work go unrewarded. These guys can forecheck until they’re blue in the face. It doesn’t matter if there isn’t a guy there who can shoot the damn puck into the net. Right now, the Rangers lack capable personnel in that department. Sure, sometimes the puck will go of someone’s backside and go in. Sometimes you’ll run into a goalie who isn’t very focused and will give up a goal or two on some horrible sharp-angle shot. But when the chips are down, this team can’t score. And that’s why it’s worthless to get your hopes up. I guess some of you are content with “building towards the future”. This team is in cap hell. It needs to and is built to win NOW. And it can’t. The season is over.

    Good night and good luck.

  259. no team is just going to hand you a goal scorer. thus, you need to get the goals by committee, by crease crashing with bigger wingers.

    that is what they are going to do.

  260. you’re wrong. 1 game is the sample size. the rest were under a regime that did not play honest offensive hockey, even at home vs Atl, for cripe sake.

  261. trades
    February 25th, 2009 at 11:38 pm
    you’re wrong. 1 game is the sample size. the rest were under a regime that did not play honest offensive hockey, even at home vs Atl, for cripe sake.

    Listen to this guy, Rob. He knows what he speaks.

  262. I don’t know where we stand. I think we will get more production…but we will obviously still be lacking finish. I know that I like Tortorella and that he is a coach who can take a team all the way, while I’m not sure that Renney can (as much as I’ve liked and supported him over the years). What concerns me is Tortorella coaching a team with relatively little offensive ability compared to what he’s had in the past. His style is geared towards offense and if a team just doesn’t have it…well they may score more goals, but it will be few relative to the goals they give up. Where our team stands…believe it or not, I think still remains to be seen. We may just have enough to do it Torts’ way. God I hope so. Changes will come, but they won’t be wholesale. We’d better have something to work with.

  263. trades February 25th, 2009 at 11:33 pm

    no team is just going to hand you a goal scorer. thus, you need to get the goals by committee, by crease crashing with bigger wingers.
    that is what they are going to do.

    i think you’re right trades. steve begin has been a healthy scratch for the habs lately. he would help us i think.

    Torts was pleased with the progress, obviously not the result
    There were some things we saw that we have not seen for a long time
    1) the defense getting invovled more- pinching, shooting and getting shots through
    2) more than one forechecker
    3) more consistant hitting
    4) a PP that moved around

    I still saw some tentative play, but that should start to disappear, once they get that stupid trap mentality out of their minds

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  265. it may take torts a few games/practices to see but i think what it comes down to with this team is that the guys making the most money just arent gonna carry this team. they need scoring help big time and i just dont see how they can get that help given the cap and what youth they have/should be willing to give up.

    forgetting the cap for a second (tho it makes even this absurd idea impossible) think of what it would take to get someone like kovalchuk (who i think is a hell of a player when he wants to be but not someone i want to trust to be the face of the franchise): multiple first round picks, most likely staal b/c he is our only young player who has proven he is for real at this point, then one of the two defenseman or one of the russians…obviously the more picks you give up, etc the lesser players but i think this goes to show that there isnt a trade out there that is gonna get us a bonafide goal scorer w/out depleting our meager farm system.

    erik cole isnt the answer and keith tkachuk certainly isnt and who is gonna give up a 1st round pick for antropov (acquiring this guy has sather written all over it tho, b/c he clearly just needs a change of scenery)

    they should hold pat or sell what they can, maybe see if bell can play on the 4th line instead of stone hands orr-like his work ethic and the fact that he and sjostrom cycle, but cmon u need someone out there who can potentially put in 1/20 shots

  266. right, True Fans and Chris T. they proved tonight that they could forecheck and not give up too much at the defensive end, except they got tired in the 3rd period, and started to hang back some out of old bad habits.

    they will need to get their better players into better condition for more ice time in a more demanding system, so that the 3rd period will be better.

    and the goals will have to come from everyone going hard to the net, especially the at least 3 new guys they will soon have.

  267. Trades:
    and the goals will have to come from everyone going hard to the net, especially the at least 3 new guys they will soon have.

    I just watched the hilights on NHL.com and prucha, drury, and zherdev should have all scored. Now, perhaps that’s confidence at a minimum (and gripping the stick too hard) or maybe that’s a lack of skill. For Prucha and Zherdev, I think it’s just confidence. But if they get that going, they could/should have won tonight 3-1. We’ll see if that becomes a reality in the near future.

    If the Rangers can sustain their first 2-periods of play, they would dominate alot of teams they’ve struggled to play in the last couple weeks.

  268. true fans, yes, Prucha looked much better tonight, because he got some ice time for a change. the only thing missing was the finish, but his hands are good, he just needs confidence for that.

    and Zherdev seems to have lost desire in the past month, mostly due to Renney’s system which tries to turn him into Blair Betts

    I think Z will begin to shake off the Renney doldrums soon and get back to being the offensive force he can be. he needs to shoot more and get fancy less.

  269. they looked better and actually had a semblance of a fore-check. people actually tried to move around a bit on the power play too. but “her style is new but the face is the same.” bottom line is this team can’t score and won’t score until they can change this roster. which will be ohhhh… 4 to 5 years.

  270. also its interesting to note that tortorella was concerned by the lack of conditioning for the team, but when renney was here he was always saying that he thought the rangers were the best conditioned team in the league.

  271. you don’t get it, Billy. it takes a lot more work to play a high pressure forecheck system

    anyone can play Renney’s system where they send only 1 guy in, and everyone else stands in the neutral zone and clogs. THAT does not take as high a level of conditioning.

    also, there will be changes in 4-5 days, not years.

  272. i hope youre right, but i dont think that anyone on this roster is going to become a dynamic scorer in a matter of days.

  273. i hope youre right, but i dont think that anyone on this roster is going to become a dynamic scorer in a matter of days.

    You don’t need a dynamic scorer!

    How easily some of you have forgotten the start of the season! Remember, Zherdev-Dubinsky were really clicking? Remember Dawes and Callahan were coming up with big goals? Remember Naslund and Gomez had a few too?! Drury, geez, he didn’t score for 12 games and they still did it without him! A few different guys produce each night and Hank lets up 2 goals or fewer, and this team MIGHT get back to the hockey they were playing in october.

    How do you people not remember how THAT Rangers team did it?! *ITS THE SAME DAMN TEAM PEOPLE!*

  274. they don’t need to become dynamic scorers. all they have to do is get any 3 out of 18 guys to contribute a goal each night.

    that means by using the forecheck to create turnovers and going hard to the net to bang in rebounds and garbage

  275. e.m.-
    even with theyre great start they still were not scoring. over the first 2months they averaged about 2.6 goals a game. they don’t have a first line player on the team and theory that they can score by committee has not really come to fruition. maybe torts can trigger their offense but remember on the team he had in tampa he had st. louis and lecavalier.

  276. it is very demoralizing when your captain can’t score in eons, he can’t even receive passes right on his tape, he can’t even make a decent move on the shootout, and he is not coming up with those clutch performances he used to be known for.

    he is NOT doing the job at C either in other aspects of the game.

    if Avery drives him out of town, all the better

  277. I don’t think Bell can be sent to Hartford. It’s the whole point of re-entry waivers, to give a player a chance with another team. I think there is some rule about that where the NHL team has to keep him with the big club, but I might be wrong.

  278. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    i was actually really impressed with the effort tonight. We sustained a good forecheck and we did not look stagnant on the power play. Lundqvist made some key saves for us too. Its about time that parking cone redden got a goal, maybe this will elevate his offensive game. Drury needs to step up and be our finisher. This game was really exciting to watch and even though they didn’t get the second point this game had me on the edge of my seat.

  279. All Hail King Henrik on

    Renney interview on Michael Kay:


    I don’t believe this has been posted here yet. Some pretty good stuff in there from Renney. I haven’t listened to the whole interview yet, but in the first 8 minutes or so, he basically says that Drury and Gomez are 2nd and 3rd line players and that a lot of guys are being expected to perform beyond their abilities.

    Also talks about losing Jagr and Shanahan, so I suppose it was Sather who didn’t want Shanny, and not Renney.

  280. Who are they gonna trade for who is a proven goal scorer?? this team has nobody to offer in return!!! Maybe we should give Mike Gartner a call see if he can pull off a Claude Lemeiux????? sp? Whatever…Lets go Yanks!!!!!!

  281. Redden's *STILL* A Thief on

    $2,266,666. per goal.

    I’ve wanted Torts to coach this team for a long time. I think Tom Renney is a terrific coach, but just like it was said somewhere yesterday, the ‘shelf-life’ for NHL coaches just isn’t that long.

    That said, this roster does not have the talent to score goals under any coach, any system, any…anything.

    Zherdev is a joke. I really hope they don’t resign this guy, and if they do, $2mil/1yr. And I really hope there is another winger ahead of him on the depth chart by then. This guy is NOT 1st line talent.

    Don’t even get me started on Gomez.

  282. onecupin69years on

    The ranger’s are a small team, the only big players they recently had were Jagr and Shanahan.
    They constantly get out hustled and out muscled.Dawes, prucha,gomez ,drury, cally, dubi etc
    And when they get close to the net they lose their composure.
    Dubi has chances and can’t put it in.
    The next 3 games will either make or break the season, how they respond to JT(John Tort).
    JT probably has a list of guys he may want and the rest are trash and the guys he would like, but salaries and cap won’t help.
    JT needs the offseason and training camp to reestablish the team.

  283. Redden's STILL A Thief on

    Hey…if you guys get the chance, on TSN.CA there’s a video called “Buying Some Time”. If anyone lives in an area where you have TSN on tv, you may have seen it on Sportscentre.

    The panel discusses Glen Sather. More specifically how horribly a job he’s done. I highly suggest looking for it. Sorry, I don’t think there’s a way to link to it.

    Saddest part: Slats has made TEN 1st round draft picks since he’s been at the helm. TWO have played in the NHL.

  284. I think they did well playing more offensively last night..but Drury..COME ON…Why the hell can’t this guy get it in the net…CHRIST!!!!!!!!

  285. No Hype

    What’s your beef about Dupuis?

    He’s one of the finest penalty killers with a scoring touch in the league. I always thought that one of the stupidest moves Sather made was including him in that trade instead of Marcel Hossa. Ask the Pens what they think of Dupuis.

  286. I am going to be very interested to see what this team looks like as the trade deadline approaches and during the off-season. Tom Renney insinuated that he didn’t really have the right players and that guys were paid beyond their ability. The overpaying thing is all on Sather. However, Renney seemed to have a great deal of input on players brought in. If this team looks drastically different by the time the deadline passes(or look as different as some salaries will allow), we will have a better understanding of how much Renney influenced the look of this team. He may have helped to make his own grave.

  287. I know this was mentioned by an earlier poster, but every replacement coach this season has lost his first game:

    Joel Quenneville (CHI), L 4-3 (Shootout)
    Rick Tocchet (TBL), L 3-2 (Shootout)
    Paul Maurice (CAR), L 5-2
    Cory Clouston (OTT), L 1-0
    Dan Bylsma (PIT), L 3-2 (Shootout)
    John Tortorella (NYR), L 2-1, (Shootout)

    Pretty interesting, I guess the only minus about making the coaching change was timing. Torts does not have any time to even hold back to back full practices with these guys. They probably won’t skate much today and there’s a game Saturday night.

    The one plus is that Torts will get an opportunity to see what he has in games (3 in 4 nights) and practice (3 full days before deadline after Saturday’s game).

    It’s really frustrating that they lost the game last night because Henrik played well and they couldn’t score more than 1 goal. I do think they played more of an attack style and I do think there will be some fairly large personnel changes in the coming days. Should be an interesting conclusion to the season.

  288. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    onecup- i agree. you can see even when e were forechecking like crazy, we got outmuscled and didnt get too many great chances and the ones we got, which were more than in rennys system, we couldnt finish. but honestly that should have nothing to do with tom renny or his system because the players are still taught to score goals, no matter what, and they just cant do it enougfh. i hope torts can change some of the bad habits this team creates for itself and alot of things will come just from breaking some of those bad habits. but i dont think you can make someone a better goal scorer. either you have it or dont, and if you dont, find another profession. we have maybe 1-2 guys that will break 20 goals this year, thats it. and they might not even get that.i thought zherdev was this great talent just waiting to explode and score 30-40 goals, and he may still be that but i dont see it. i think cherry was our best shot at a natural goalscorer and its too bad what happened. that was one move that sather did really well on too. if they can actually find someone to take gomez or drury, even though drury probably wont get a good return, just droppin that salary would be enough and then next year try to get a scoring winger . they dont need dru and gomez. 1 underachiever is enough.

  289. You can aleady see who’s going to thrive under this system and who isn’t. In Renney’s system it was easy for guys without skills to hide. Now it’s not.

    Guys who will thrive:
    Dubinsky (will become a superstar under Torts)
    Drury (maybe)
    Redden, Rozie, Girardi and any defenseman who can jump into the play
    Staal (will thrive in any system)

    Guys who you can’t tell:


    Guys who will wind up on the outs:



  290. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    mike d- u think were gonna make some big changes at the deadline? u think someone wants gomez or drury? i hope so but i think were probably just gonna dump dawes or voros. i dont think we’ll nbe able to move the bigger contracts unless were getting 1 in return. i think we probably get avery though

  291. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Yea I also thought they played with a little more desparation. I also thought a couple of times the just seemed a little lossed. Didn’t know where they should be. As the announcer stated and I agree with, Gomer was trying to do much. I still think one thing they could do better is when they take a shot on goal to take some aim. I swear they just throw it at the net and I think sometimes that’s all you can do and that’s fine but other times you have take a split second and place it. Corners, five hole, stick side??? That’s my opinion.

  292. Doesn’t really matter who’s behind the bench (Renney, Torts, a 4-star general, a 5 year-old) or what system we play (trap, agressive, dump and chase, some weird hybrid), if you don’t have scorers (LEGIT scorers) you don’t win hockey games.

    There’s no possible way to even create more chances in a hockey game. We had as many chances as a good team will ever get, we just don’t have a single player who knows how to put the puck in the net and finish on a regular basis.

    Until we make some ROSTER changes, and somehow land a scorer, it’s going to be new coach, same team, same result the last 20 games…. that’s a FACT!

  293. I took next wed, off to sit around and watch the trade show begin.I think we’re gonna be quite active,and get ALOT TOUGHER.With the knicks PAYING MARBURY 21 MILLION,To sit all year I don’t think the Rangers will have any trouble letting any of there losers go.
    I’m sure we’ll be happer when it’s all said and done.

    Anyone agree….Carp,Jane.?

  294. Look guys, I wanted the win just as much as everyone else did last night. And I was definitely disappointed after the loss, but I am willing to give Torts a few days. Can’t change everything overnight. The team definitely looked to have more life and create more last night. It just sucks that the change was made so late in the season, when every single point is crucial. I do think we will turn this ship around. 20 games left. You figure, at best, we are going to have to go something like 12-8 or 13-7 to make the playoffs. And that still isn’t a certainty. It is going to be tough.

  295. Rob C,
    Amen… I agree 100%. As long as sather is the gm of the rangers, the rangers will never win a cup or even get to the cup finals. I don’t care what system you used because you can’t turn shit into gold. I have no faith that sather will do anything at the trading deadline to turn this team around.

  296. None of you thought he was going to meet players on Tuesday and undo two years of non-offensive hockey did you?

    they played harder ( seemed a little confused at time too) but its a start..fire behind the bench was good to see for once

    The great Lecavlier that everyone wants here finished twenty games below .500 with Torts in their first season together

  297. Good to hear that the Canadian press is heavily criticizing Sather (why they didn’t do that this summer is another question). That kind of pressure could lead to him saving face by resigning — we can hope.
    And now Renney admits not bringing Jagr back was a huge mistake. Well, Omsk is supposedly not financially able to bring him back next year. Jagr at even 50 percent is so much better than Keith Tkachuk — this team is desperate for size, skill, offense and real veteran leadership that can handle NY — who is better than Jagr?

  298. Yeah Canadien press piling on Slats!
    He’d better hope the french press doesn’t get a hold of him
    It could work out for the rangers; even though its a little bit off (no credit for the Jagr deal, he was laughed at by the same Can-press when his only UFA signing in 05-06 was Straka etc etc)

    On TSN last night the idiots even blamed him for Skrudland and Keanne!!!

    I yelled out “what about Hodge for Middleton?”

  299. Well, let’s see…Jagr’s gone on record saying he saves energy at times throughout the season and doesn’t play as hard so he’s ready for March and April. I don’t see Torts being all that pleased with his Number 1 Player taking nights off…and we all know what happens when Jagr isn’t happy.

  300. …besdides, it’s not happening. Jagr is done in NY. If he ever comes back to the NHL it’ll be with some Western Conf. team that scores goals.

  301. Anyone know why Korpi didnt play almost the entire 3rd period and was replaced by the highly offensive minded Betts?

  302. Kaspar – “Two years of non-offensive hockey”? Come on now? We can talk about Renney’s vs. Tortorella’s system all we want, but this is the fact. Last year, the Rangers got out of their malaise because the scorers DID start scoring. Jagr, Avery, Shanahan, Straka, Dubinsky and Drury all stepped up down the stretch. I don’t have stats, but the last two months of last season, the Rangers DID dominate games and scored 3-5 goals per game because they had a roster capable of doing it. Remember the playoffs, particularly the first round against the Devils? The Rangers were able to put pucks in the net in that series, ESPECIALLY when the Devils scored…the Rangers seemingly always came right back. Last night, I was hoping and praying that after Toronto tied the game, that the Rangers could dominate and pop a goal in, and not suffer the indignity of going to OT/shootout against a TERRIBLE TEAM. They couldn’t. They didn’t.

    Listen, I’m not saying Tortorella isn’t a good coach. I consider myself an optimist. I think the Rangers are a very decent team. But goodness they’re frustrating to watch, and they WILL NOT be an elite team or a contender as long as there’s no offense on the roster.

  303. Just out of curiousity — not sure this would ever happen — but, if we had a chance to get Vinny Lecavalier (forget his rocky relationship with torts), but we had to give up Marc Staal, would you do it?

    Personally, I would in a heart beat. As much as I like Marc Staal, and even though I think he’ll be a top 10 D-man in the league in the future, 40 goal scoring monsters are hard to come by, especially ones that are big, competitive and emotionally intact.

    I heard a rumor about this, albeit not that credible a little while ago and was debating with a few guys in my section.


  304. Come on Guys and gals
    That game was a complete 360 from the last game with Renney:

    First off, it’s Torts’ first game in 48 hours, and he’ still evaluating


    Power Play – MOVING – The problem REnney never fixed. Everyone was constantly moving, LOVE IT and we scored!

    Girardi and Staal should be a permanent fixture. THey looked great together except for a few mistakes, but I can see them being our top D pair.

    Drury was VISIBLE and had multiple scoring chances. He’ll start scoring again, dont worry

    NAslund? A fight? That was fantastic. 2nd in his entire career. He’s full of piss and vinegar and ready to win some games. LOVE IT

    All in all that was a much better team effort than anythign the last month so I’m Happy

    Two more games to finish out the month let’s see what we can do.


  305. That game pissed me off last night, that’s the first time in a while ive been pissed over a Ranger game.

    It’s the same old crap, Hank plays great, and his teammates cant back him up. Okay, im willing to not complain that much aboot them not scoring more than one goal, it’s a new system, and they need to get used to it, but it’s the SHOOTOUT !! You cant score ONE GOAL for your goalie. For the love of god, that’s pathetic. I feel bad for Torts, if anything they should have won the game for him. Unbelievable.

    Torts did good on his first game. Maybe he scared Redden into scoring a goal. But his only mistakes were putting Kalinin on the PP, which nearly turned into a shorthanded goal, but he fixed that mistake after that i think, and also putting Dru in the shootout was a mistake.

    Ill tell you one thing, every player played just a little bit different, but Gomez was the same old Gomer. He did nothing, he was horrible. Even Dru was half way decent, but his stone hands couldn’t bury a wide open net, which still makes him suck.

    Blomez HAS TO GO !! He needs to get traded. Slats needs to work something out, and try and move him, cause he is pathetic.

    Tonight needs to be a win, there’s no excuse, they blew the last one, but this one is a fuggin MUST.


  306. I’m sorry but it is still comedy to me that Drury was at some point in his life considered a “big time, clutch goal guy”

    The guy is a fat little sausage

  307. Rob

    They scored 2.6 GPG last year
    They are at 2.5 this year…yea we miss Jagr and Shanny and straks I agree

    Now we’ll see how they respond this year in the last twenty…they may not have the horses but I’m quite certain that the attempt at offense will be there alot more than it has been

    Tortarella’s pressing style offense is night and day in comparison with Renny’s perimeter laid back style…they might not have the guys to do it,…we’ll have to see

  308. Hahahaha, Salty, I totally agree. It’s not like this guy can turn it on and dominate when the game is on the line. Really, he scores “right place, right time” goals. So do guys like Colton Orr and Freddy Sjostrom.

    Drury is a fraud.

  309. DomivBaumgartner on

    Does Drury have a personality? I was watching Fran Healy’s show and he was interviewing Chris. This has to be the most boring, monotone person ever to come into New York sports in a while. I guess his personality translates to his game on the ice.

    Show some fire!!!

  310. At least Z shot the puck. You have a higher chance of scoring when you shoot, opposed to these Charlie Banks wannabe deaks that Naslund and Drury get stoned with every time.

    Come in with a little speed and riffle the puck.

  311. I truthfully don’t know why Orr even bothers watching. To paraphrase the standard Orr post – everyone sucks and they should be traded.

    I try not to read but couldn’t help myself this morning. Uggh, give it up already man.

  312. Buster
    February 26th, 2009 at 9:46 am
    Leetch was a barrel of laughs.


    Can you picture Leetch slapping someone with a pie and then cracking up hysterically?

    I’ve heard Derek Jeter interviwed 3,000 times too and I cant remember one damn thing he ever said

    I love how this board was filled up last year at this time with the “lazy Jags” posts too

  313. I’m a little agravated with redden and will continue to be until he can prove himself in the long term. He comes to a new team and he does ok for the first 3 days. Does nothing from then on. Team gets new coach and he does well. We can’t keep bringing in new coaches so he can get back on track.

    It might of been only 1 game, but I really like torts

  314. ..following up on the “little fat sausage” comment .. any ideas who Torts was speaking about being out of condition for the third period?.. It sounded pretty pointed toward certain individuals as opposed to the whole team.

    Was it me or did Colton Orr have the most “scoring opps/ TOI”.. put him on the PP!!!

  315. onecupin69years on

    One of the things I see is that when Gomez gets the puck in his zone he skates like crazy into the O zone and … that’s it , he’s not going coast to coast , he usualluy loses the puck or gets a shot blocked.
    In Sundays game , Drury has a chance to pick up the puck and either skate with it or pass it and he stands there like a zombie and waited for Gomez to pick it up , which he did and the same old stuff happened.
    But when someone skated with the puck and passed to a speeding gomez , gomez came in and scored, now if I can these things , imagine what the oppsossing scouts and coaches pick up

  316. Who was Tortorella referring to when he said some guys were more tired in the 3rd? Did anyone notice anyone in particular?

  317. just wondering because they’re not skating this morning, and I’m afraid the spare (virus) might be replacing one of those guys. The shame is that with this style of play virus will have a heart attack in the first period.

  318. JJP

    The majority of the team does suck, anyone who disagrees is clueless. Maybe you think Gomer, and Dru are decent but i don’t. Got a problem with my posts, skip my fuggin posts.

    That’s the funny thing aboot this blog, it seems like everyone always says something like “Why do i read your posts, or i try to skip your posts”, lol yeah right, nobody does that. Blogs are meant for complaining, and everyone needs something to complain aboot. Everyone always reads, and everyone never misses a chance to complain.

    And Dru does look like fat sausage.

  319. I hate when Gomez skates in and does that one extra stick handle at the line and draws and offsides. I HATE when players do that, especially when they don’t have anyone right on them.

  320. Kaspar…what did it look like when we were 10-2-1? I can’t even remember, haha! I would imagine it was mostly positive stuff. Though as we know, game 14 was when Valley melted down in Toronto…and then the questions started to be asked…

  321. I had some issues last night but I caught most of the 2nd and all of the 3rd. I really thought they attacked more, more uptempo, more physical, the PP looked really good, they were all moving and passing – they really didnt pass up an opportunity NOT to shoot on the PP.

    You have to give Torts a little bit more time to get used to the players. I mean when Naslund got into that wrestling match – Torts looked up and said “who’s that” He just took on a HUGE project with these guys. They have been used to the same “laid back” system for 3 years.

    Anyone his his post game interview??? He was honest and upfront with everything and it was great to see.

  322. He did make it sound like one of the D-pairs was gassed too. My guess it was every d-man over 26… but I don’t expect any d callups for tonight.

  323. Kasper – it would be nice to find out.

    ..keep an eye on Boumeester tonite, I really view him as the stud young Dman in the league and feel signing Redden was the trade off for getting the opportunity to go after him..

    btw – Naslund he will be invisible tonite

  324. Anyone who tries to draw a valid conclusion after last night’s game is mistaken. You’re guessing. Too small a sample size. Renney-lovers, Renney-haters, Torts-lovers, Team-haters, etc. Go ahead and discuss, but any concrete conclusion drawn after one game is nothing more than a prediction. After 5-10 games, you’re guess may be proven correct…. but please stop with the posturing.

    February 25th, 2009 at 9:23 pm
    i wonder if conditioning is gonna be a factor.

    we’re not used to working this hard through 2 periods.”

    It was. One of the few things we ACTUALLY learned last night. Forwards pressured, defense pinched, both were often confused, we didn’t finish…. New system…1 game…

    Let’s see what happens

  325. i say we sell the team…buy a boat…lets go fishing till next season! Nothing good is gonna come out of this season…the faster it ends the better our prostate be…

  326. So when we win we whine and when we lose we cry…no helpin us!!

    thats what happens when we win one/ lose one for the better part of three years

    All I hope is that we dont give up youth for a Tkachuk or Guerin this week…I’d even keep that little guy, whats his name? oh yeah… Prucha

    On that note: I heard this morning that the Islanders are going to have like 5 or 6 pix in the first two rounds!

    Anyone else hear that?

  327. There was a moment during the TSN broadcast last night when they were discussing the Rangers failed history of signing Devils (Holik, Gomez, MacLean), and one of the dumbasses on there (I think it was McGuire, but am not 100% certain), said the only time that ever worked out was with Bruce Driver, who played well and helped win us a cup in ’94. What a jackass. Did anyone else notice that?

  328. MAKO

    to hang back for 60 minutes? sure we were “the best” conditioned team in the league… and Renney is the best “offensive” coach in the world…
    Also, someone above mentioned Renney for commissioner…NO THANK YOU! Next thing we know every single game will have to be decided in shootouts!

  329. The Rangers were perfectly conditioned to Renney’s style! Sit back till you’re down and then press in the 3rd! The other team has been pressing all game so they need shorter shifts and we look like a bunch Lance Armstrongs… Cause no one had to truly exert themselves through 2 periods! Everytime the puck is in the offensive zone, there was only ONE guy who had to skate ALL THE WAY BACK. The other 2 hung at the high boards/blueline and drifted back.

    Last night we consistently had 2-3 deep as well as pinching D. The team covered waaaaaaaay more mileage than they’re used to.

  330. Adam Z

    I mentioned above that Sather got blamed for Skrudland and Keane too

    Pierre Mcguire is an idiot…My girl and I watched him defend Renney and promote Torts in the same sentance..typical failed coach kissing other coaches buttz

  331. DomivBaumgartner on

    They were conditioned to play a defensive style and not a attacking forechecking style. It’s a big difference when your skating for 60 minutes as opposed to watching the opposition skate circles around you.

  332. Kaspar

    Yep, my buddy at work told me that yesterday. I almost fell out of my chair. And… it looks like the Islanders are going to stay on the Island too. Did anyone see the CG blueprints of what they want to build out there? Im betting Islanders are gonna be a damn good team in a few years.

  333. CCCP
    February 26th, 2009 at 10:20 am

    to hang back for 60 minutes? sure we were “the best” conditioned team in the league… and Renney is the best “offensive” coach in the world…
    Also, someone above mentioned Renney for commissioner…NO THANK YOU! Next thing we know every single game will have to be decided in shootouts!

    CCCP and MAKO

    This is why we had no injuries too

    Expect up temp games and more ionjuries I guess

  334. Brandon is right re the need for roster changes. BUT, the trend, at this time of year for Sather is always junk for junk exchanges, not adding future pieces to a Cup winning puzzle. I mean, come on, who will be added to the parent roster first, Mark Bell or AA? The old junk before young talent joke on us is so old. Torts will be great, I can see the boys respect him and want to do right by him, but Schoenfeld should have been made GM at the same time Torts was hired as coach. What has Schoenfeld been apprenticing for all this time upstairs with Sather, bench coach? It’s nuts!

  335. jason

    Anymore cliché phrases bro?

    Comparing Rangers to Rome is like comparing ice cream to a punch in the nose. One is sweet and delicious… the other… painful and embarrassing

  336. hmm who’s a sniper?

    drury G15 SOG173 SH%.087
    ovechkin G44 SOG392 SH%.112
    vanek G32 SOG164 SH%.195

    Vanek is a TRUE sniper

  337. Did anyone notice the score? And the result? Same old results – Of course you can play an agressive forecheck and press other teams, but when you dont have the PLAYERS who can actually get that little frozen piece of rubber into that net, it really does not matter WHO is coaching –

    Although – you gotta love the Torts passion


  338. MAKO
    February 26th, 2009 at 10:15 am

    Didnt Renney always boast about how the Rangers are “The best conditioned team in the league”

    “I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I’m a little concerned about the conditioning of the club – I thought we were tired in the third period,” the head coach said. “If we’re going to play an attack style, we need to be in shape.”

    Mako they are out of shape from standing around around for the last few weeks

  339. Say what you will about Drury’s contract or not deserving the “C” or being a boring interview – every time I see him bust an opposing team’s powerplay by making them take a penalty due to his work on the pk (like last night) I can’t help liking the guy for his hard work. It’s happened multiple times this year.

    I would put his ability to “see” the ice in both zones up against anyone’s on the team. He’s not a solid finisher but he finds open ice in the offensive zone and makes smart plays on the defensive side.

    I would personally rather keep Drury than Gomez, if the Rangers had to trade one of them at the deadline.

  340. Kaspar

    Perhaps. Yes in Renney’s eyes they were. I read about those drill they had at practice with Torts, stamina and speed drills. They will catch up… I really do have faith this team will turn it around.

  341. Guys Im not disputing anything. Im was being sarcastic when Renney said “we are the most conditioned club in the league” LOL

  342. ORR’s Right Hand + Redden, Gomez & Drury’s Jaw’s = Freedom !!
    February 26th, 2009 at 10:30 am

    I doubt KT wants to come here. He wants to win a Cup, not stroll NYC for 2 months. If he had a brain, he wouldn’t do it.

    Yeah ok Orr… and that is why “KT” as u called him is on the Blues because blues is a number one contender in the league… and that is also why “KT” came to Atlanta few years back… they were a “powerhouse” plz… we don’t need “KT” … hes done… next question!

  343. Guys it was one game…but here are two things I noticed and there are others.

    1. The team looked stuck at points but the power play was moving, and they were firing shots. I almost hate to say this but Reddens shot was great. I really like the idea of putting Zherdev just above the circle on the left, very similar to Kovalchuk in Atlanta, were he scores alot of goals. Its going to take a bit, that was an instant improvement.

    2. I think we are really going to see our defensemen learn to play a more offensive style…I noticed them jumping up constantly esp on the power play and not sitting back. Also in the nuetral zone, on 5 on 5 they stood up between the blue lines…however that being said, its obviously new to them, at times it looked like they weren’t sure of themselves but…I’m sure it will become second nature in time.

    3. If Dubi keeps doing what he’s doing and learns to finish he is going to be a great player for us, and we have to keep in mind its only his second season and his first was with Jagr. Since JJ was taken out of the picture, what could we reasonably expect?

  344. MAKO

    Renney did say so! Of course no one had to try hard with Renney… nothing ever was bad… everything was all good! People slack off? Whatever…people disrespect organization? Who cares? Everyone love Tom because Tom is so positive and such a great gentleman!! BARF!

    And another thing about conditioning… that is exactly why they never played hard for 60 minutes not even for 40 minutes… they were not conditioned that way! The plan was to stay back… wait for goals to happened by themselves and if we give up one or god forbid two…then with ten minutes to go in the game we’ll give the other team something to think about!

  345. *we’re not used to working this hard through 2 periods.*


    True, and this team should have PLENTY PLENTY PLENTY left in the tank for 20+ games…


  346. Anyone see the Drury special on MSG+ right before the pre-game?

    They had his old baseball coach on, and they were asking him if he was surprised to see Drury where he is now, and he was like yeah, *everyone thought he was too small, fat, and slow*.

    Funny how that works.

  347. Doodie Machetto on

    First of all, for people just looking at the scoreline and saying there was no difference between Sunday and yesterday, you definitely were not watching the game.

    For the first two periods, Toronto wasn’t even in the game. They were playing on half the ice surface. The Rangers were completely DOMINANT.

    Now, as for the lack of goal scoring, I’ll admit that some of it is we don’t have the talent to score too many goals. But last night, they were generating GREAT chances, something that they didn’t have too many of under Renney. Now, those chances weren’t put away. Some of it was confidence, some of it was chemistry, some of it was rust.

    Drury had more than his share and couldn’t pull the trigger. That is definitely a confidence issue for him. Going to him in the shootout was a risky move. He scores and he’ll get the confidence back. He misses (and man did he FLOUNDER) and the problem gets worse. He really needs to get a goal.

    A couple of times there would be good opportunities but the final passes would just miss. Those happened a lot when Torts was frequently shuffling the lines. Those problems will work themselves out when he keeps units together for more than 3 shifts.

    Petr Prucha was amazing. He had more than a few great opportunies that Petr Prucha of old would have buried. For him, I think it’s just rust. He hasn’t been given free reign in the offensive zone in a while, and hasn’t had many opportunities to shoot in game situations this season. I think in a couple of games he’s going to really start to score some goals. Maybe 5-7 goals over the last 20 games.

    We looked a little tired in the third and a little bit too much like Renney’s team. As for Renney’s team, I think it was just the team falling partly into it’s old ways of being up 1 goal and trying to play it safe, not taking the chances in the offensive zone.

    As for being tired, that’s because we weren’t even a three line team yesterday, we were a two line team. Dawes and Korpikoski did not get enough ice time. Also Reitz wasn’t given enough ice either. Look at the ice time breakdown:

    Callahan: 16:19
    Drury: 21:15
    Dubinksy: 19:56
    Gomez: 21:27
    Naslund: 18:27
    Prucha: 15:45
    Zherdev: 19:37

    Dawes: 12:31
    Korpikoski: 9:46

    Betts: 11:47
    Orr: 6:34
    Sjostrom: 8:31

    If we were a three line team, Dawes and Korpikoski’s ice times should have been closer to Prucha’s. Instead, we became more of a 7 forward team.

    On defense, the same thing happened. Reitz had less than 10 minutes of ice time. LESS THAN 10. I understand Torts wanting to lean on his better players, but that’s basically playing half a game with only 5 defenders.

    I’ll be at the game tonight, but I’m worried about how the team will perform. If he wants to lean on 7 forwards that much, I can’t imagine them having too much in the tank in this game, especially late, especially when the Panthers are a fast, aggressive, hard skating, up tempo team.

  348. Brandon

    Millions of dollars or not. If you are outside of your current work capacity you’re tired. What we have are a bunch of half marathoners that were asked to run a marathon (and score…which is also a bit out of reach…i guess)

  349. kaspar

    im pissed off today…some a**hole hit my parked car in the morning… i think its a yellow cab… there still yellow paint all the way through the entire passenger door!!

    they better win big tonight or someone will pay for this! lol

  350. CCCP

    Lol, so what if he’s on a crap team like the Blues. A) that’s where his family is, i don’t know what world you live in, but not every player in the NHL is in their 20’s. Look at Shanny, he didn’t want to leave NY, not because he loved Nyr, because he didn’t wanna move his family. B) Some players actually have class and want to stick with a team, and at the very least mentor the youth, which he said he’s doing. The Blues aren’t that bad of a team, they’re making a push, but they will fall short. C) He accepted a trade to a 3rd place Thrashers team that looked semi dangerous and had guys like Kovalchuk, Hossa, Kozlov. It was a good move for him. Nobody thought Nyr would destroy them the way they did, and he wasn’t a good fit there. Which finally brings me to the point, he doesn’t wanna make the same mistake AGAIN.

    If the rumors are true that Boston wants him, then that’s where he’ll go, and he’ll do good there.

    Im sure he knows Nyr is gonna need a hell of a lot more than him to have a shot at the Cup.

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