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One of our devoted readers pointed out last night that this is the first time since 1993, when Neil Smith hired Mike Keenan, that the Rangers actually got the best coach available.

Sorry, there are too many comments in the last 48 hours for me to sift through and find out which one of you guys said that — I think it may have been Doodie. And, before I go any further I want to add to what Jane said earlier today. You guys absolutely rocked yesterday. I never thought I could have so much fun working 14 hours on a day off. It was a blast.

But the point is, not only is this the first time the Rangers have actually hired the best coach available since Keenan, but there are tons of similarities in the personalities and the situations.

This, I believe, was a fabulous move. I said in my first days on the blog that if Renney had to go, Tortorella was my choice, the best available. I didn’t believe for a second that Glen Sather would hire him, but this is a great move by Slats … and I’m willing to go on the record with that so if it blows up on him, well, I can’t rip him for it.

I thought Sather, by and large, was really good on the conference call last night, too. He made a lot of sense about this decision, and he had the requisite respect for the men he fired, and it was one of the best moments of his tenure. Of course, we rarely get to talk to him, so you hav eto take that into account.

Now, back to this coaching thing. Here is the column I wrote for The Journal News and today.

Also, Sam Borden and I discuss expectations of Tortorella at our Faceoff blog.

The theme was: when you make a change, you need to change all the way. If you’re firing a chops-breaker, you bring in a players’ coach. If you’re firing a guy who was soft on players, you bring in a tail-kicker to replace him. Otherwise, why make the change?

So, I went back. Roger Neilson’s calm and systematic approach replaced Michel Bergeron’s/Phil Esposito’s fire and chaos. Keenan replaced Neilson and his interim successor Ron Smith. They worked.

The similarities don’t end there, either. Neilson was a defense-first, trap, sit-back, four-lines coach who had a lot of relative success doing it that way. Keenan came in, bold and brash, with a puck-pursuit, aggressive system, and won a Stanley Cup immediately. Don’t count on Tortorella winning any trophies in the near future.

Keenan and Tortorella have a lot in common, but they are not identical, just in case anybody’s drawing that comparison. Keenan came in and started talking about accountability (and winning a championship), and he had plenty of help along those lines having Mark Messier as a captain. Tortorella will hold players’ feet to the fire. He will let them (and us) know when he’s not happy. There won’t be much confusion in that area.

But Tortorella is not as nuts as Keenan could be, either. And not all the nutty things Keenan did were without reason. One of the players he had was a second-year phenom who smoked. Keenan put an end to that quickly, by sitting the player, then sending him to the minors. Worked better than Nicorette. He told one established player he was finished because he lets his teammates down. He made one of his guys fight one of the tough guys from Keenan’s former team, just for the heck of it. But he also almost completely alienated players who were important to him with his constant, unnecessary pushing and prodding. And he decided there were players he just didn’t like, for various personality reasons that no other coach apparently saw in those players.

Tortorella’s most well-known project was Vincent Lecavalier, whom he would call out in public and with whom he would spar in private. And Lecavalier went from a kid with all this upside to an outright star.

I know Tortorella from the last time he was here. I know he’s no Keenan in terms of tyranny, and indeed his fire and brimstone are exaggerated. He doesn’t take any guff from anybody, but he’s not spoiling for a fight, either, and I think he’s better than Keenan when it comes time to gently point a player in the right direction, or to encourage a player in need of encouragement. Or to patiently teach a young player.

Tortorella is probably a better X’s and O’s guy than Keenan, too.

And more capable of surviving in an environment where he works for a strong-headed boss, and that will be a test indeed for the new Rangers coach. He walked in and decided today that Mike Pelino is not an assistant coach. He will use Pelino to help pre-scout opponents, and Pelino may have some other input. But Tortorella made it clear that his assistant coach is Jim Schoenfeld, that Benoit Allaire is the goalie coach, and that is his coaching staff. Pelino will not be on skates at practices, despite Sather’s wishes.

So already it is more interesting than it was yesterday.

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  1. I think we’re just all happy at the sight of change. John T is the best man for the job, so glad we have finally now got our hands on him.

    Keep up the good work with jane, its great to read the blog from the uk. Ranger fan for 10 years now. thank god for the internet and sky sport channels.

  2. I am also excited for the change.. I just want to feel the team is doing everything possible to win and then I will deal with the consequences.

    I hope to see 2 or 3 new players in about a week and then I will be satisfied.I do not expect any blockbusters but they should be able to do some things on the margin…

  3. Love how Tortorella doesn’t kowtow to Sather. My only concern is that Sather will hide behind the big personality of Tortorella and continue to evade the fans, media and consequences of his actions even more. Although it is great that there has been an explosion of venom directed toward Sather from the hockey media. Too bad they didn’t put this kind of pressure on Sather last June.

  4. Too bad they don’t use wood sticks anymore. I remember reading that after a slow start to the 94 season Keenan sawed a little into a stick and smashed it on a crossbar during practice.

    Torts doesn’t seem to play the mind games that Iron Mike used to, particularly with goalies. He worked the ‘Bulin Wall pretty hard but got the pay off. Instead of playing lip service to Henrik’s abilities, I just hope he uses that as a cornerstone of the team’s system rather than making Henrik feel like he has to bail the team out after every mistake.

  5. Carp or Jane,

    Can you comment on how the new guy will be schooled by the MSG PR MACHINE on what to say, how to say it and what not to say??

    He has a reputation as an emotional, outspoken personality and it seems some of that may need to be “harnessed” when speaking to the media as an employee of the organization. Is there any truth to what we’ve heard in the past about this protocol?

    Carp – Great work – Thank you very much.

  6. Rick, you spelled wrong in the 8th from last paragraph of your article….accountability starts with everyone…

  7. Queer Me! x - Beer Me! on


    Im depressed!! the only reason i became a hockey fan is gone!! oh Tom, how can they do this to u!! Tom was so smart and articulate; i wish i was at least quarter like that. Now, i got nothing to live for! And how could they hire Torts when i specifically said that he will never coach this team!! Oh sweet macaroni and cheese!! But no worries, I have a new man crush, a coach of NJD. I forgot his name but its ok, love does not need name, love comes from within!! Good bye comrades, LETS GO DEVILS!! Fart fart…

  8. Hello all— just got a nice phone call that the one and only James Dolans mancrush on Sather is waining. Proof and pretty reasonable proof is Torts hiring which was not Slats original preference.Now see it as you may but this person was the same one who at the time told me Aves would be here within 3 weeks and guess what her words were true.I hope the next call will be to tell me Slats is on his way to some far off land PERMANTLY and we have a new GM. One can only wish

  9. Why can’t Torts pick his own assistant coaches? Won’t it be strange to have his boss Shoney next to him every game (and it is strange to have someone be your boss and your subordinate at the same time)…I realize he’s probably going to use SHoenfields knowledge of the team to help him get to know and understand his players better but, weird… and his other assistant coach is the goalie coach? also strange…I do like how Torts didn’t want Pelino as an assistant like Sather wanted and told him to do whatever else, but why can’t he bring someone of his choosing?

  10. Carp

    I never thought Slats would hire him, too. Slats has never hired anyone like Torts in his long career. I was floored when I heard. But pleasantly surprised. Let’s hope Sather can tone down his ego and let him have the reins.
    Is it possible Slats has woken up and realized that to get a strong coach in here would help restore his legacy? Let’s hope so. I hope there isn’t a blowout on the Avery situation.

  11. I would assume Slats is around as long as Torts is. A new GM would want his own coach, not an incumbent.

  12. Carp I read Torts was rolling with these lines in todays morning practice.
    Whats your take on this? Nothing too different then lines we’ve seen except apparently he had a strong liking for Prucha. I feel like Prucha has been given a golden opportunity here to emerge again. He can definitely flourish in Torts’ system. He could become a quick favorite for him.

  13. the fans entering MSG should be given green eye shades with a Ranger logo, that say in big letters above an X-ed out dollar sign


  14. Jay, I don’t think anybody’s going to be able to tell Tortorella what to say or not say, or when to say it or not say it. Anyway, historically, it hasn’t been that way with the Rangers. That’s been more of a Knicks thing, pre-Walsh and D’Antoni.

    Jason, bingo.

  15. Another funny Keenan memory.

    It must have been the only game they did, but they used to give an in-game mic to the coaches on MSG. This was during a pre-season game versus the Islanders and between whistles toward the end of the game they turned on Keenan’s mic. Al Arbour had just called a time out and then Keenan wanted to call one as well. The ref told him no and you hear Keenan say “You just let Arbour call %^%*in time out”.

    Also, a Mercedes dealership used him in a commercial and he was talking about how great they were giving him a nice new car. When it came time to say the dealership’s address it was somewhere in Wappingers Falls and after saying the address Keenan said “Wappingers Falls, where the hell is Wappingers Falls?”

  16. UES – awesome commercial reference, they should still air it even if Keenan isn’t here…or use Torts now…

  17. Carp,
    Great stuff here. thanks to you and jane for all of your hard work.

    Anything to the story that Lightning assistant coach Mike Sullivan has a clause in his contract that he could join Tortorella if Tortorella were to be named head coach elsewhere in the NHL?

    Wondering if the Tampering stuff goes away if Sullivan remains in Tampa.

  18. Wow, I love that he bounced Pelino; out with the old… if you’re going to change the guard, change them all.

  19. Eklund is reporting that Gomez is available and lots of teams are interseted!

    Damn!!! That means nothing will happen and Gomez will stay.

  20. Disclaimer: I know Eklund is full of crap. It just sucks that he mentioned Gomez, because nothing he rumors EVER comes to fruition, unless of course, the news has already been reported.

    I just want the team dynamics of the Rangers to change, with Drury, Gomez, and Redden gone. We can dream, right?

  21. That’s what I get for proo-reading my post – Carp goes and posts again and starts a whole new thread>>>

    Renny is (was) empathetically NOT a GREAT coach, he was (is) a GOOD coach. This year he hit the ceiling, and has managed to tarnish his legacy because of it. Now people will ask, Did Tom get the NYR to the playoffs for 3yrs or did he simply “ride a hot Jaromir Jager”, who refused to buy all the way into his ‘system’, to get there? We were well on the way to missing the playoffs in Renny’s first Jager-less full season.

    I didn’t hate Tom quite yet, but I had built up a pretty strong dislike or him since around mid-november. He turned my team into the new jersey devels, but he didn’t even manage that correctly. He turned the team into some low-rent expansion team clone of the new jersey devils. Instead of the cult of jaques, we had fiveinthepicture. The evil genius could turn a pack of interchangable forwards into something greater than the sum of their parts, Tom managed to turn them into less. Proof enough is Fritsche, who was an afterthought here, but in minnie under hocky’s version of asmodius himself is scoring left and right.

    You can say that the players are on Sather, and you are right, some of it is, but THIS is the team that Tom wanted. He was player personnel before head coach. He HAD input into who is here this year and who is not. The personalities are gone – the jagers, the shanahans. Everyone has drunk the kool-aide this year, and it’s a poochscrew.

  22. Rick

    Im sure I can speak for the fellas & ladies when I say you guys did a fantastic job getting us all the info when it happened. Im sure it wore you two out. Also, a big thanks for getting it to us on your day off as well. Im really excited for this new change and I have been calling for Torts for over a year now. I think he is just what the Rangers need.

    A second chance to prove themselves starts tomorrow night!!!

    Also Rick, is there any word on what the REAL reason was behind Renney’s obvious dislike for Prucha?

  23. Proof enough is Fritsche, who was an afterthought here, but in minnie under hocky’s version of asmodius himself is scoring left and right.

    I agree that Fritsche had more value than a player like Voros or perhaps even some members of the 4th line on the Rangers, your statement is a bit outrageous. Fritsche is not scoring left and right. He went 9 straight games without a point and minus 3. He has though scored in 2 straight games to give him 2 goals and points in 11 games.

  24. Nasty, I would pick Gomer as he’s the more talented player, IMO.

    There are a lot of Chris Drury’s in the league and very few Gomez’s.

    We don’t need a 6M guy to play penalty kill and dig in the corners.

    Gomez is lightning fast and when on top of his game can really break down opposing team’s defense (i.e. see 2006 playoffs v. Rangers).

  25. Keep Gomez, we don’t have anyone else that move the puck up the ice.

    If it meant bringing in a legit sniper (Kovalchuk, Gaborik) with the cap space cleared up by Drury’s departure then what you’d lose in Drury’s meager offense will be more than made up. And for PK and defensive zone draws we still have Betts, plus Gomez has been far better on draws than Drury this year.

  26. I agree. I would keep Gomez as well. I think I saw Drury show emotion one time this year, and it was in one of the pre season games overseas. After that, he has been so hum drum. Maybe HE doesn’t want to be in NYC? He just looks sooooo carefree and just DEAD! George Romero is casting in his next film, Day of the Dead hockey captain. I think I know who could star in that one ;)

  27. Between Gomez and Drury…I’d let Drury go in a heartbeat. He’s shown during his Rangers’ tenure that he’s neither offensively nor defensively gifted. He doesn’t even win faceoffs at a good clip (a supposed strength). You can get PLENTY of guys in the league who will give you what Drury gives, and for a lot less money.

    I’m no Gomez fan, but he is not so easily replaced. Drury? Nobody would miss him one bit.

    Still waitin for all those clutch goals..

  28. A 3 paragraph post and you pick on one point?!

    Oh wait a sec, you more or less inadvertantly confirmed it:
    “2 goals and points in 11 games” – that’s better than 85% of the guys that were playing for the NYR during the last little slide down the standings, and we’re talking about a guy who couldn’t even get into the lineup here.

  29. “#1: Gomez and Tortorella would have been more fun together than humans should be allowed to have….I was really looking forward to seeing Torts reaction if Gomez came to the bench and yelled at him. Sources had told me long ago that Gomez was taking some internal heat from team people at MSG for taking the coach to task during games on the bench…However, since moving Gomez isn’t that easy we can expect that this will be difficult.”

    I’m really interested to know, is this true at all? DId Gomez flap his mouth to Renney? Renney, the guy who couldnt watch shootouts, probably melted away when challenged. That’s why Gomez would play so much despite his play.

  30. I can’t see too many GM’s wanting to take on a contract like Gomez’s. Although, of our high-priced players he is performing the best (with the exception of Hank).

    If anything i would look at Roszival, Virus, Dawes, Kalinin to be most likely to move (in Virus and Kalinin’s case if anyone wants them for nothing). If we take Avery this week i think we still have $500k under the cap (which is a $2m contract pro-rata), depending on who we send as part of a deal. If i’m another GM i’d be asking about Staal, Korpedo, Girardi, Callahan, Dubi, Ansimov, Grachev or draft picks and Slats may have to give something to get something.

  31. If we can get Vinny, then I say get rid of Gomez, but if we can not get Vinny, I say Keep Gomez and get Kovulchuk. The guy had a slow start on a crap team, but he would probably be a good fit with Gomez. Even though they don’t really like each other, ha.

  32. ThisYearsModel on

    I must admit that I am excited again. I hope Torts succeeds. I love that he will attack and hold players’ feet to the fire.

  33. A rumor I heard a LONG time ago was that Tampa was willing to deal Vinny, but they wanted Staal in return, not Gomez.

    To me, and some might disagree, I would do that in a heart beat.

    Monster, laser shooting 40 goal scorers aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, and while Staal may one day become a top tier defenseman, there are no guarantees versus a sure thing.

  34. Of course, everything I said above is only a reality IF we can move some money around. And that is a big IF.

  35. I do NOT want to trade Staal at all. But if they wanted Staal for Vinny, then they would have to take a high salary from us as well.

  36. tooboo coo

    Renney was not a good coach. At least not at the major professional league level. He may well be superb as a coach of college freshmen, but his mind set was too phlegmatic and lacked the vision of the end point of the game. Oh sure winning is the end game, but how to accomplish this? No one ever defended themselves to a championship series, and the idea of the game is to put more pucks in the net than your opponent. This team was intimidated into scurrying back into their defensive posture at the slightest hint of another team’s attack mode. The result was that they played for most the their games in their own end of the ice. This is OK if you don’t have a human being in the goal, but it insures that you will spend most of your time in your own zone, with an occasional foray…often fruitless. The goals against vs for, and the ineptness of the PP was stark evidence of this.

    Sayonara Tom, nice guy, but as old Leo the Lip once said…”nice guys finish last”.

  37. bbk, i dont want kovalev, tkachuk or recchi. in my opinion this team only should be getting rid of contracts/getting young players. there isnt one star player the rangers could afford with their cap problems or get without trading away prospects/picks that would make that big a difference ie make this years team a cup contender. id be very weary of kovalchuk given his attitude in the past even ignoring the fact that we cant afford him and it would cost a ton ie all of our young talent

    of the terrible 4 gomez is the only one worth keeping around and even he will never live up to that contract. would be fun to see someone like cammalieri on his wing, but for the meantime id use prucha with him and get rid of naslund


  39. i was getting sooooooooo apathetic about this team.
    just soooooooo frustrated by the lack of effort and
    dispassionate play and the constant pounding a square peg
    into a round hole (hats off to the Rodent for that!)

    this happens
    and while i originally considered not watching Wednesday’s
    game due to disgust
    i’m now excited to sit there and see how the team reacts and what combinations there will be and how the power play will be DIFFERENT!! (and no, i don’t expect major miracles!)

    (already warned my wife that my plans have changed… least she’ll know where i’m at….as i tell her, it’s better addicted to hockey than a strip club)

  40. Eklunds rumor was Staal, Duby, Girardi & a pick for Vinny. Total insanity.
    Renney’s system was the square peg/round hole with the players on this roster.
    Coaches like to blame it on poor execution. Sometimes the plan is a turd.
    How the hell can you break out with 5 men below the hashmarks? How many odd man rushes to they get each game?
    Seems like anytime they do get momentum, they’re going for a change.
    Good luck Torts. I think your style will be appreciated by everyone at The Garden.

  41. “it’s better addicted to hockey than a strip club”

    You could always watch hockey AT the stripclub!

    I mean. think about it. Yes you pay a ridiculous cover to not watch the T&A, but if they got a bigscreen TV, you would have sth to do during the commercials, or pretty much anytime fischler is shilling btwn pds on MSG.

    Hottie: Hi honey, wanna dance?

    TBC: OK, there’s a commercial on, but you gotta finish up before the game comes back on.

    Hottie: Private show?
    TBC: No Torts is interviewing this intermission, check with me between the second and third.

  42. As a Ranger fan you are kind of used to mediocrity…I mean we’ve had a few good teams, a few really bad one ( ok more than a few of these)but mostly middle-of-the-road teams….I have never seen one as boring as the one Renney created…and it was him…he tried his best last year to make it this way- but there were some personalities on that team that rose above his perimeter snore-bores…this year he succeeded..
    good bye
    good luck
    good riddance

    If we’re gonna lose lets lose with some passion and fireworks…make this NHL package worth its $169

  43. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Was Renney fired?

    He was.he was!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can root for them again!!!!

    Mhurley,Beer Me!,and the other fools must be in a state of depression.

  44. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Redden already is as he’s practicing with Reitz(who sucks)and Kalini(who Blows) I guess Redden(who swallows) is in the dog house to start.

  45. “of the terrible 4 gomez is the only one worth keeping around and even he will never live up to that contract. would be fun to see someone like cammalieri on his wing, but for the meantime id use prucha with him and get rid of naslund”

    totally agree with Pete on this one.

    Gomez was the top center in NJ. he’s way better than Zubrus, Zajac is a good young C who is having a good season, but this again points out the Renney failure. other teams do better with less talent

  46. remember the game that followed halloween; when Gomez was being interviewed by one of the MSG zombies inbetween periods?

    The guy asked Gomer a question and he responded “maybe you should change that tie…halloween is over” and walked away without answering the question

    Love that

    Torts and Gomer will go at it but there is a long list of coaches who got the best out of him…the list of coaches who didn’t numbers one…and that coach is gone as of yesterday

  47. Gomez is obviously the guy worth keeping, youre blind if you can’t see the talent there.

    Drury could and SHOULD go.

    HOWEVER, ALL players have a clean slate with me as of right now. Renney’s country club is closed. Let’s see who responds to Torts.

  48. call me crazy but i would rather have Drury than Gomez. Blomez is a punk, who constantly turns the puck over, cannot back check, and has that smile on his face even when the Rangers are getting there butts whooped. Plus by trading Gomez you could get more in return. Why the hatred for Naslund, he is going be on pace to score 25 goals, which everyone expected him to get?

  49. Just A thought!! I want the rangers to win every game so when I say what I’m going to say I hope it comes out right. I can see the Rangers kicking some butt the next three games. They are playing some average to below average teams. FLA,Toronto and the Ava’s. Fla being the best of the three. I can see the winning all three and Sather standing pat or making another horrible trade deadline deal like he has done the last three years!! I hope I’m wrong.

  50. onecupin69years on

    lets see how torts manages to motivate the overpaid vets.There’s only so much you can do to them in terms of playing time because their contracts make it hard to move them .
    How does the NHLPA feel about heir Torts?

  51. This is turning out to be one fantastic week. Renney gets fired, Torts is hired and MEGAN FOX is newly single. Cant wait to check my lotto numbers tonight LOL

    Its like that homeless person on the street I gave money to granted all my wishes.

  52. My wish list is simple – 1. Keep ALL the talented, young kids here and in Hartford, for God’s sake don’t dump them in multi-player trades; and, 2. I can’t wait for PERMANENT promotions for Anisimov, Parenteau, Sanguinetti, Potter, and Sauer. What a fabulous young nucleus this team would have if it would hold onto the parent roster young talent, and promote the five mentioned, above, as soon as cap space and veteran trade moves can be accomodated.

    I hope Torts has some input with Sather, in this area. If Sather continues to go out and acquire the Backman’s, Redden’s, and Kalinin’s of the world, Torts could be God Almighty and not win anything here. If the Torts hiring is a prelude to acquiring Tkaczuk or any other downside, nearly finished contingent of old names, the honeymoon will be a short one. No FA signings for five years is my fantasy wish for this team. We don’t need other teams’ refuse pile floaters coming in here every year and gumming it up for deserving kids in Hartford waiting for a shot. We will see, but, going by the record, same old, same old will be the albatross for this team until a better man with sharper judgment becomes GM. Trying to be the Yankees, trying to win with old – big name signing does not work, just ask Yankee fans re 2001-2008.

    Anisimov should be up here NOW, bye bye Betts or whomever. Get this kid up here NOW! 22, big, productive, Wake up RANGERS – the time is NOW for Anisimov. Not two years from now, dammit, anyway.

  53. _Arc
    February 24th, 2009 at 7:36 pm
    CCCP- I think I swallowed my toungue. LMAO

    _Arc u think u swallowed your tongue? You have to be sure about thing like that!! and why would u swallow it anyway? :)

  54. Crimeny the flyers have 4 games in hand on the Rangers. UGH They have to win every single remaining game against them…

  55. I’m reading increasing rumors that Scott Gomez is on the block…. can anyone else confirm/deny this rumor??

  56. “If you had to pick one to stay, Drury or Gomez, who would you pick and why?”

    Drury. Because he’s not Blowmez.

  57. Keep Drury…

    He keeps his eyes on the flies and catches a few with those yawns of his.

    Chris Drury – Better Than Ambien

  58. “I’m reading increasing rumors that Scott Gomez is on the block…. can anyone else confirm/deny this rumor??”

    Packaged with Staal and a #1 pick

  59. Tortorella is lying. He must have watched some Rangers games to know the fourth line and that Redden should be on the third defensie pairing.

  60. Mako thats because we give each other pet names.

    salty i said that yesterday. no booing until they deserve it again.

  61. I love the enthusiasm!
    Carp great job again.
    I have one coment about the line combos
    I know some will not like this but

    Its about time Drury is on the 1st line
    He is the captain and a center.
    Has never been given that responsiblity under Renny
    wheather he lives or dies under Torts is up to him
    but that’s the way it should be.
    Also, never was consistantly a center for Renny
    so his faceoff % dropped
    before he came to Rangers he was in the top 5 in faceoffs in the League!

    I like that Voros is odd man out, he did nothing for this team since the first week of season

    Its fun to be Ranger fan again!!!

  62. I’ve been busy as hell with work and errands all day but I gotta say Torts made a very nice first impression with his don’t step on the logo rule. That’s instant accountability. I have no problem with him not using the 4th line that much as long as Betts/Sjo keep on killing the penalties.

    Cakewalk-f’N A it’s AA time. I wanna know what Torts thinks of these prospects. I’m hoping he can do some nice work with AA/Grachev. These kids our the future Slats/Torts. Let them be.

  63. I wonder if we can dig up any TSN footage of Tortorella ripping on Redden. Probably not, because it has only been popular to do so for the last week or two, I think.

  64. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    Nasty 1
    February 24th, 2009 at 5:38 pm
    If you had to pick one to stay, Drury or Gomez, who would you pick and why?

    nasty id have to go with choice c-blair betts grandma. reason? she can prob kill penalties like her highly skilled grandson, and i hear she makes a mean pot roast. i guess you can say the 14 mill saved from gumby n droopy would go towards paying her and petr pruchas weekly hospital bills and surgerys

  65. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    Chris Drury – Better Than Ambien

    lmao!!!!! sht hes better than 2 ambien, a xanex bar, and a bottle of liquid morphine.

  66. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    carcards- yea its fun now, but then again, its not like torts can get on the ice and score goals for this team. i mean these guys shouldve scored 50 more goals just by accident already. i know we’ll get some more production and a more entertaining team to watch, but without that go-to guy like a jagr, i doubt we do much if we get in the playoffs. its sad that we get this great coach, and he has chris—–nhhkvyugikvhmn ohh crap sry i almost fell asleep saying his name. chris droopy eye drury and flash gordon gomez. i mean cmon unless one of them are traded we have no room for a decent goal scorer for at least a few alot of people said, this move by sather is just distracting everyone from the real problems.

  67. I am happy Torts was named coach but major problems still are here and for the present: no size, no quarterback for the P.P,no crease clearing defenseman, no natural goal scorer, salary cap issues, Redden, Zherdev who has talent but appears to be another Yashin, Daigle or Kovalev [take your pick] and no depth or help in Harford. Like I said yesterday all the hockey people interviewed all day yesterday said there is NO ONE IN HARTFORD READY NOW TO STEP IN AND HELP ON A REGULAR BASIS. I feel bad for Torts because he wants to win.

  68. o and another thing, is it just me or are you guys too harsh on zherdev?? he wasnt borught in here to put up 25 goals and 40 assits, in my opinion… maybe he was just saying.. i think ur expecting too much,

  69. zherdev was brought in her to put up more than 25 goals. that might be too much to expect from him, but lets see what the coaching change does to his game b/c clearly he wasnt working/trying his best in renneys system. hopefully naslund’s game improves as well, seemed like he hated renneys passive game,

    and paul hope you are joking by comparing kovalev w/yashin and daigle. w/out kovalev this team doesnt win the stanley cup in 94 and if he wasnt hurt in 97 playoffs good chance we get another. he goes through slumps for sure but come playoff time he steps up.

  70. Much as I like Pelino, he had become a disciple of Renney’s system and also had to go. Glad T made that decision. I hope Pelino enjoys his new role, good for him.

  71. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    Lev, what did u expect from zherdev? he had 61 points and 26 goals last year on colombus!!! i for one thought hed have at least 30 by seasons end. hes been in the league 3-4 years now and were still waiting for him to develop into that sniper role. he definitely has good moves, great potential, but doesnt have the killer instinct that some players have. i’m sure if hes managed right he could be a high scoring dominant player and maybe its rennys defensive system but hopefully torts can get him and gomez to click because they could be dangerous.

  72. zherdev is my favorite player, my bias is that im russian myself, but im just saying i kind of feel for the guy because since gomez and drury arent putting up the numbers wich they should and have been in the past, and naslund even though he leads team in goals is also struggling, zherdev i feel is being put into limelight.. i certainly do hope he pproduces more, i just dont want expectations to be over the top

  73. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    anybody watchin habs, nucks? halak is havin himself a game and a half. now i dont wanna hear how we need to score more than 3 everynight or we wont win because this guy halak is makin hank look like swiss cheese. hank needs to step up his game too because i doubt were gonna have drastic changes in the statsheet department.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, wasn’t me, but I’m flattered you not only know who I am, but you thought of me.

  75. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    with a name like doodie, i think everyone knows you. just one of those names that stick out buddy. you know like if you wore a big ass nametag at work that read in big bold letters DIPSHIT.

  76. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    now doodie im not callin you one im just tryin to make an example. hope u dont get the wrong idea.

  77. All Hail King Henrik on

    True Fans,

    I posted that survey (the Crosby part, at least) back in Feb when it was released.

    It’s absolutely great that he was voted the biggest whiner, and that it was in a landslide. Take a look at the other winners–Cindy won by a huge margin.

  78. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    bklynblue- jerkins E5 reporting that the rangers will win a cup in the year 1994. i know i know it sounds out there but trust me on it ok

  79. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    this just in- jerkins J11(better than 10 even though it only goes up to 10) the new york rangers will make a trade within the next 2 years. just so you know you heard it here first. also- 29 other teams are supposedly in on the deal

  80. Just now, Eklund is reporting that ESPN will not renew its contract with the NHL,,,,,

    Instead a small red neck station that carries a full slate of programming including Beer Pong, Bull riding, Championship Darts, Deer Hunting and bass masters by the name of OLN will partner with the NHL.

    Eklund is saying that Gary Bettman was quoted, “This will be a mitzvah for NHL as we try to eclipse the thug NBA and Performance enhanced MLB”.

  81. Pete ,Yes, Kovalev was a big part in the 94 playoffs but for all the stardom that was predicted for him, he is inconsistant with all the talent he has. That one big year in Pittsburgh with 40 plus goals and last year, but if you average it out the other years 20-25 goals is his average. And Gainey had to send him away from the Habs last week for a few days. A lot of turmoil up there[not all Kovalev’s fault]

  82. jerkins perkins
    WELL we sure do miss Jagr
    I for one wanted to see him play with Sundin
    now we have neither & Sather is the real problem
    but, lets hope him getting one thing right (hiring Torts)
    leads to another , maybe getting Kovalchuk!

  83. No Country For Old Rangers on

    The Illustrious return of Petr Prucha. Renney is going to shit his pants when Pruchs scores the gw on the powerplay tomorrow night! i havent been this excited about a hockey game since the 1st half of 1st period of game 1 against pitt last year

  84. doodie, i’m always thinking of all you guys. 24/7.

    To all …. those Chuck Norris/Torts jokes are killing me. Love them.

    Also, is anybody a little bothered that Torts is almost exactly like Trots?

  85. Carp, that reminds me about the soviet cocktail. you mix prune juice and vodka. it’s called a “Trotsky”

  86. True Fans Bleed,

    I saw that story a while ago and I’m guessing it doesn’t get any publicity because the NHL is sadly making Cindy Crosbaby the face of the NHL. To be honest, I’m surprised that story was even published since it paints a very poor image of their whiny Golden Boy.

    But we didn’t need that poll to know he is the biggest whiner in the league….I’ve always known that.

  87. Everyone but Pens’ fans and Doc Emerick hate Criesby. The kid has so much talent, but he’s such a whiny pussy. AO is infinitely better to represent the NHL than Cindy.

  88. We all hate him, he’s a whiner and a diver (Avery and Kovalchuk have both put Crosby in his place in those areas). But I can’t believe the NHL players dislike him too! I didn’t know that survey existed!

    …but we all knew Avery was hated within 2 days of his survey.

    Long-live Ao8!!

  89. Still no statement from Renney? The man who would give six thousand words to the opening of a taco stand in Yonkers?

    I hope I’m wrong. But my sense is that, deluded as he is, Tom feels that he has been done an injustice of Biblical proportion (because after all Atlanta is a good team, and we did give St. Louis something to think about) and is waiting for the anger and outrage to ebb before he puts anything on the record.

    Hopefully in time he will see that he enjoyed an incredibly fortunate run after a very good coaching job for the first 75 games of the 05-06 season, and a lot of mess afterwards.

  90. I am very confident that the NY Rangers will pick up S. Avery off of re-entry waivers within 10 days. And it could be sooner.

    First & foremost, Sather’s comments yesterday were a red herring that indicates that Sean is welcomed by him to join the team. Obviously, it will be discussed with Torts after they see what the Rangers will do after playing 3 games in 4 nights (@ TOR, FLA, COL).

    With the trade deadline next Wednesday, Dallas is looking to see if they will get any offers from teams looking to trade for Avery and get something in return as well as off their payroll.

    On the Rangers behalf, they have 21 games to make the playoffs for Sather to save grace with Dolan. And we all know Dolan drools for that playoff gate.

    Rangers have 4 games remaining versus Philly and Avery is the type of guy who matches up well against a guy like Mike Richards. So the road to the playoffs is gonna have to go through the Flyers for the Rangers this year. Rangers also play the Bruins 2x so that is also a good matchup considering that the Bruins are playing good hockey this year.

    We shall see, but this is my prediction. Ofcourse their are teams under the Rangers in the standings who may have their own plans for Sean.

  91. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    as for the Bruins I would love to see a repeat of the St. Patrick’s Day massacre… What’d Avery have, a goal and 3 assists? That was the best game I could have ever gone to.

  92. Paul-Who said no one in Hartford is ready? You mean to tell me that Anisimov is any less ready than Claude Giroux on the Flyers and I say bullsh$t; there’s no reason he can’t be with Zherdev now.

    No one is ready for a first line role, however it’s garbage that AA can’t play 3rd or 4th line, Sauer can’t play 3rd pair, and Sags can’t be a 7th Dman for Torts to run the PP. I felt the same way about Cally as a 3rd liner in 06-07 and they finally called him up and he did great. Ditto for Girardi.

    Zherdev is only 23 years old. He’s not gonna single handedly save the franchise. There’s no reason to get angry at him like the older veterans because he’s still learning his craft after being mistreated and bullied by Doug McClean in Columbus for how many years? He’s gonna b fine.

    I know Rangers fans are very reactionary; it’s part of our psychology because we’ve been screwed over more times than I can count with all the bad trades, bad management, and selfish/arrogant idiots running the show and I’m VERY nervous and praying Sather doesn’t do something dumb this deadline, but we all gotta chill. This team is not gonna win the Cup this year, we have two great Russians, two offensive Dmen, and maybe a Girardi clone in Sauer. It’s not that bad. PATIENCE.

  93. * change Avery signing with Rangers from 10 days to within 7 days. I just read that a player must be on the teams rosters at or before the trade deadline to be eligible for the Playoffs.

  94. Dallas has all the power in this. I hate using dating analogies but this one applies; suppose you wanna break up with your g/f or wife because she’s a headcase knowing full well that she’s going to get with one of your coworkers or colleagues, and legally you have to pay half of her bills. Would you want to do it as quickly as possible just to get it over with, or would you wait to make sure that you were in the position of power?

  95. You can also join the “Wade DRedden Sucks” group on FaceBook. And yeah, (from last post) Messier had a problem with walking on the logo. Interesting that it somewhere along the line (lock-out? New practice facility?) that the players stopped sidestepping it.

    It’s also fascinating that guy has one practice, reassigns one assistant, pairs Redden with Rietz and we’ve become raging Tortaholics. Sheesh! Let’s win some games before we crown him Chuck Norris, m-kay?

  96. I liked Dan Fritsche, wasn’t crying to see him go… but I have to reply to the earlier comment about him scoring ‘left and right’ for the Wild and their equally inept offense… he’s scored 2 goals since being traded… LOOKOUT…


  97. 1) For those who thought that Avery coming to NY now that Renney is gone had best forget that. Slats essentially said without saying that he’s coming to NY if they can get him through the waivers.



  98. I’m a little antsy about the trade deadline. Always am with this team. They’ve been good the last few years but they always have a habbit if kicking their fans in the teeth.
    Sather broke my heart in 2002 when he traded York. I really hope he doesn’t do anything stupid or else it’s gonna be hard for me to stay dedicated to this twam; maybe that means I’ll actually get a better job and move out of NY LOL.

    But yeah, after that trade I still watched, but I really hated both the 02-03 and especially 03-04 teams until post firesale.

    The cap straps him, but it’s not worth doing it just for a quick fix.

  99. Haha. I miss System. A Very cool band. If you like them check out Serj’s solo album ‘Elect The Dead” and the Scars On Broadway album which is Darren and the drummer’s new band. I hope they come back. I’d love to see Torts sing Suite-Pee in Redden’s face.

  100. hahaha, I miss System, I might check out the Serj album, I hated Daron though, I think he ruined the last two system albums by trying to split lead vocals with Serj and his voice and lyrics were a little on the weak side…

    but Serj and Shavo are definitely badass, Daron’s a little girl

  101. change it all!!!!

    it wasn’t good at all…

    even in october it wasn’t that great… come on?

    do it!!!

  102. Everyone should go to Howlings and read the Renney story from Mitch Beck. I don’t want any credit or a pop or anything, this just shows you something about Renney’s true character and hopefully people here will have a little more respect for him and for what he did. Remember, without Renney, there might have been 10 years without playoffs.

    evitageN-Too bad you don’t like Daron. I liked his harmonies with Serge. If you’re into metal and want to hear some crazy stuff go Swedish; Messhugah is the most intense band I’ve heard and Opeth is like if Yes was a death metal band.

  103. MikeA
    Of course we have respect for Renney. Most people really do.
    It is not like respect for the man should be necessarily connected to his ability to do the job. He can’t do the job, that is obvious.
    It has nothing to do with his character. I just don’t get these kind of posts.

  104. topcorner-i get what your’re saying. I think there were some people very tough and insulting on Renney here though. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt this season because of his track record of doing the job the last 3 years, but Sather did what he hadda do and now we have an ass kicker which is cool.

  105. Renney was a great coach for his first 3 years. There is no denying that. He took a team that many regarded as the league’s WORST coming out of the lockout, and made the playoffs every year. I think it is safe to say that Renney’s shelf life just ran out. What was a great philosophy 3 years ago, just became lip service. So, this vitriol directed at Renney is unwarranted if you look at where the NYR are now as opposed to pre-lockout. With that said, it was DEFINITELY time to make a change. And they made the best change they ever could have signing Torts.

    Good luck Tom, you deserved better from your players and GM.

  106. onecupin69years on

    torts may be the best coach on paper, whether or not he’s the best coach for the rangers remains to be seen, he’s got a free pass this year, if they don’t do well he can sather, the players, their place in the standings.

  107. Mark (the orginal) on

    Change had to be made, but Renney did a good job bringing the organization back to respectibility. He was 7 seconds away, and the refs calling a penalty in game 5 vs Buffalo when 2 Rangers get taken down from going home up 3-2 with a chance to go to the ECF. Again change needed to be made because the system was just not working anymore, but I have to give Renney credit.

  108. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I read something kind of interesting lat night. I keep a scrap book on the NY Rangers. And this report was talking about a new season I think it was the 05-06 season. And the reported stated how good Renney was at holding his players accountable, I had to laugh at that.
    What I think should be interesting is how Torts will convert his playing system from Renny’s. And do that and still win games, it’s going to take the guys some time to learn his system.

  109. CARPS:
    One of our devoted readers pointed out last night that this is the first time since 1993, when Neil Smith hired Mike Keenan, that the Rangers actually got the best coach available.

    Sorry, there are too many comments in the last 48 hours for me to sift through and find out which one of you guys said that—I think it may have been Doodie

    Not to steal anyone’s thunder, however I feel I should mention to you CARP that unless I missed something, I recalled I was the one that had mentioned at 2:19pm:

    February 24th, 2009 at 2:19 pm
    Tortorella is like the second cometh of a Mike Keenan.

    Enough said

  110. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Jane or Rick if you can let us know, is Torts completely changing Renny’s system. Or is he going to ease the players into his system. Any idea or has Torts mentioned anything about this????

  111. well. if nothing else, tonight should be interesting.

    on moving gomez or drury: i’d move captn crap in a heartbeat over gomez. i know gomez isn’t a number 1 center but you’re a lunatic if you think drury is closer to a #1 center than gomez..

    can we sell wade redden’s rights on ebay ?

  112. Hockeyman Rangers – According to an interview I watched (I think it was on the site), Torts said that he was going to ease into his system. He wants to build their confidence back up and not overload them with too much right now. So, there isn’t going to be an immediate transition his system. However, I assume that there will be more attacking and pressing right out of the gate.

  113. cwgatti
    February 25th, 2009 at 7:32 am

    Very well said.

    I saw torts on the news last night and he said he’s not going to overload the players with his stuff until they get some confidence. It’s nice to be looking forward to game time tonight. I’ll be watching Redden even more then I’ve been before.

  114. Listen, Is Tortorella the best coach on the market? Yeah, of course he is. But Renney was the fall guy for Sather. Sather’s the one who signed Redden/Gomez/Roszival to contracts that are way over their heads. Even though he didn’t give no-trade clauses to them, he mayas well have, because nobody’s going to pick up those contracts. Is the team talented? Yes. Could Tortorella be the sparkplug they need, Yes. But past this year, what’s going to happen? How do they plan on clearing cap-room for guys like Callahan, Staal, Dubinsky, Zherdev? Getting rid of Aaron Voros and Petr Prucha doesn’t do the trick nearly enough? We all have Glen Sather to thank for this, we rebuilt the team around young talent, and then resorted back to the old Rangers, signing guys for way too much money and not getting half of what they pay for. I’m sorry, bring me back to the days of Jed Ortmeyer again.

  115. Graves09 The HMO line that was the beginning of what I thought would be a bright future in the right direction.All being said some players dont pan out but ya gotta stick with Da Yutes

  116. Flyers have 5 guys with 20 goals…..

    They have another with 17

    and that midget Briere hasn’t played all year

  117. Prucha, to my mind, was in Renney’s doghouse simply because he “lost” the annual “young players are crap” Renney lottery. Tomas Pock is the all-time champion, in this category, for the way he was shuttled between New York and Hartford, and for his absurd “healthy scratch” record, as dog dungies Ozone and Kasparaitis were inserted in his place, for no good reason, other than they were OLD. It didn’t matter that they were completely washed-up. It didn’t matter that Ozone, on glue, or whatever, old, and beset with legal, marital, and substance problems, cost the Rangers all chance as the goat of the series, as they got bounced quickly out of the playoffs the previous spring. The masochistic team of Sather-Renney brought him back, YET AGAIN, to prove that what happened in the spring was not a mirage, and to prove that an old, washed-up guy rates higher than a decent young player, to Rangers hierarchy, no matter how badly he plays.

    You have to understand that Tom Renney is a psychologically sick and demented man with a Freudian hatred and mistrust of young people, for whatever reason only he can say. My guess is HE was some kind of victim in his childhood, that is, taught by an abusive step-parent that young people are no good, but that is just speculation on my part. But rest assured, there is a reason for Tom Renney’s psychosis, which manifests itself, to this day, in the way he abhors younger people and younger athletes.

    Tom Renney is the phony (we all know at least one), who pretends to be Mr. Nice Guy, but who inwardly is tormented by his own short-comings and unhappiness, and over-compensates by picking on someone as the focal point for his outer cruelty. Tom Renney is a mentally cruel and abusive personality, trying to disguise it, but with the conflict of needing to work it out at the same time. Thus, his treatment of Pock, Prucha, et al, as unloved and resented step-children.

    Tom Renney fooled a lot of people into thinking he could coordinate a group of players into a championship team, on the basis of his “pleasing” personality, and his track record which includes coaching a Memorial Cup winner, and I am tremendously impressed by that. But his emotional instability, innately understood by the players, translated into their quitting on him and wanting a real father figure (enter John Tortorella), not an an emotionally-warped psychotic, to lead them to the next level.

    I believe this hockey team will respond well to Tortorella, and give their all, above whatever reasonable expectations we can have for them. This is a catharsis for them, even more than for us, the fans. No question, this is the dawning of a new era in New York Rangers hockey history. The jailer has been deported and the innmates released from their bondage. It should translate into positive accomplishment, before too long.

  118. The more I digest this Tortarella news, I am excited for the breath of fresh air. Drury said, “We are 0-0 and have a 21 game season left.” I like that. Talk is cheap, but still….

    But here is the thing, this team does have some speed up front. Gomer, Cally, Dubi, Sjo, Korpedo, Pru all seem to me to be above average speedsters. The up tempo pace could be good for this team as long as it comes with physicality.

    I know I am setting myself up for disappointment. But at least the team will be more exciting to watch.

  119. Cakewalk….tell us how you really feel about Renney. LOL. But Thomas Pock….the guy has had 5 years of attempts in this league and has not shown d*ck. 100 NHL games, 17 pts, -21. And it’s not like he is a monster physical Dman either. His best stats were his college years at UMass (did he play forward there?) I hear ya on the Renney-anti-youth-movement, but Thomas Pock just doesn’t have it and that was a poor example. Your argument is better suited to Renney sticking with old dogs than letting Thomas Pock play. Just had to clear that up.

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    Cakewalk, that’s a bit too far in my opinion. You want to say he’s a bad coach, fine. You want to say he overplays vets at the expense of youth, fine. To blame it on him being abused as a child, or him being an “emotionally-warped psychotic?”

    Dude, get real.

  121. Cakewalk,
    No offense, but how can anyone read a complete long winded post when the first example you use of Renney’s ignorance is benching Tomas Pock?!?!?! Ummmm. . . .Pock was garbage.

  122. reading everything the players had to say over the last few days. I really believe they wanted him gone. Which I have to agree with Torts statement:
    “Tortorella, who made a point more than once of praising Tom Renney, said he does not want to hear his players blaming the former coach for their problems.

    “If a guy says he’ll be better now because he was held back, I don’t buy that,” he said. “That’s so disrespectful; I don’t want the last coaching staff blamed.”

  123. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    “Tom Renney is the phony (we all know at least one), who pretends to be Mr. Nice Guy, but who inwardly is tormented by his own short-comings and unhappiness, and over-compensates by picking on someone as the focal point for his outer cruelty.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

  124. Only a matter of days?

    Tortorella emphasized that his players would begin operating with a clean slate. And though he could not say so because of league tampering guidelines, that clean slate will apply to Sean Avery, regardless of the opinions Tortorella expressed earlier this season while working for TSN. It’s only a matter of days before Avery returns to Broadway.

  125. Cakewalk,

    After a post like that, I only have one question in response.

    How’d you learn to type in a straight jacket?

    That’s some bizarro convolluted logic from someone who clearly has WAY too much time on their hands to think of such nonsensical b.s.

  126. I went to UMass, watched Pock play live for a few years… Always said to my friends he would never have a real career in the NHL b/c he couldn’t play defense and his offensive skill wouldn’t translate to the NHL.

    I was spot on.

    Here’s a guy who’s signed by the Islanders and can’t even crack the lineup.

    Good stuff Cake, good stuff.

  127. 22figure8 February 25th, 2009 at 8:50 am

    I saw torts on the news last night and he said he’s not going to overload the players with his stuff until they get some confidence. It’s nice to be looking forward to game time tonight. I’ll be watching Redden even more then I’ve been before.”

    That’s good to hear. It was easy to see the team was completely demoralized out there.

    It IS good to be excited about a Ranger game again. I feel the same way.

  128. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I know exactly the feeling about being excited about this team now. Two weeks ago when I got tickets for Saturday’s game I had no idea what to expect. I was hoping Renney would be gone and if not to at least see Prucha playing (and not see Voros) but until Monday I was expecting to be very unhappy there and planning on calling for Renney’s scalp all night. Now I can enjoy the game!

  129. Is torts really Chuck Norris? I am glad we got Torts – a bit surprised, but glad. This makes the Vinny rumors more interesting – that was my first thought when I heard it was definitely Torts taking the job. Do you think Sather really wanted Torts? Read an article from ESPN on the matter of Renny and Sather:

    And No – I am not Renny’s agent nor am I a member of his family. What I have stated in previous posts is Renny is a quality coach who has lost a team that is made of no talent. So, he did loose this team, and he does share some of the resoponsibiity, but not all. Howver, three years, three playoff season into the 2nd round – not bad

    Prucha should be playing, but then again, so should others who were traded last year for this new group = I am not sure even Torts can do anything –

    Vinny in blue – what do you think? And for who??

  130. Taken from Newsday:

    This is what I said Monday on Torts learning from the mistakes he’s made in TB. Smart & humble man to admit he was wrong and taking responsiblity for a FAILED system he had his team play.

    “An up-tempo attack. “I have always liked the pressure game … We’re not trapping. Everybody thinks it’s a defensive system; it’s a transition mechanism. But I’ve got to be careful; I made a major mistake last year with our team in Tampa where I was too aggressive and our D couldn’t handle it and it cost us. I made a huge mistake in not changing that a little bit. I waited too long.””

  131. cakewalk

    I thought you were describing someone from Silence of the Lambs I swear!!

    Last word on Renney ( for me) and then I move on…

    Great job getting some organization into a chaoticly run team…Positive outlook and calm demeanor were keys to limited success of 2005-06 and 2006-07.

    Where I thought he went wrong was last year 2007-08; I thought he had the horses to expand the attack while relying on Hank a little more…nobody cares about Vezina trophies in Detroit..they care about Cups

    I went on theis blog in July/august and said I thought the most important thing about the upcoming season was Renney changing his philosophies…he didnt, he’s gone, good luck to him and thanks for the memories

    Now its a new day

  132. Coaching question for you guys

    Torts freely admits to having a limited knowledge of his personel, we saw a small example yesterday when he verified Henrik’s nickname was “Hank.” So my question is this, when an entire coaching staff gets revamped midseason, who does the new coaching staff turn to for info on player personel? Is Pelino Torts’ only confidant? Sather? I know Torts and his staff are currently reviewing hours of tape (i hope), but I guess I’m just a little concerned with the “getting to know you” period, because the longer he takes to recognize some self-evident truths, the longer it takes for the team to respond.

  133. Sean

    The VL thing has been beaten to death on here. Rangers arent going to take on his $10MM contract with out moving at least 3-4 players. Who do you supposed the holes get filled with?

  134. Carp or anyone PLEASE tell me the three Rangers from 93-94 you are referring to in regards to Mike Keenan. This has become an itch I need to scratch!

  135. Paul Mara’s quote is MOST telling: There’s 21 games left and we’re going to go after it, dictate the play. We had been kind of laying back. Now everybody’s excited.”

    Remember Mara played for Torts in ’00-01.

    This really should be exciting. I cant WAIT for tonight!!!!

  136. Mako
    that Mara quote got me so pumped up I went out to check that same woman from yesterday into the wall…but today she’s got a stun gun…so I just did a little jiggy dance instead

  137. Slats is garbage. He really is. He hires guys like Renney cause he knows if we go against the ropes he can just throw a guy like Renney under the bus. Would he have done this to Pat Quinn he’s good buddy? Never, of course not, thats why he hired lame ducks until now. He had no choice this time.

    We all know and admit the contracts are the worst thing about this curent team. Who’s ultimately and directly responsible for this?

    I think the remaining games will be exciting, especially for other teams. Lots of 4-3, 5-4 losses coming up, and pay attention to how many penalties we get, these guys wont be able to handle the transition, theyre going form one extreme to another and they will be holding, hooking, and tripping just to keep up.

    Good luck my friends.

  138. The Lecav contract is ridonkeydonk…like 100mm over 11 yrs or something….umm, cap is going down probably fellas. And what we have learned is that people come to NYC, get paid big dough, and then laugh all the way to the bank…Dru, Gomer, Redden, Rosy…ahem ahem. Why do we think it would be any different with Lecav. So we lose Gomer and a few others….9 or 10mm per yer for one dude. Come on. He’s not Gretzky in the 80s.

  139. I was just reading spector and they had a link to a guy from Denver who says the Avs’ GM would love to have Drury back, but doubts he’d waive his NTC. :( :( :( :( :( :(

  140. ok I’ll rephrase my question:

    How much ice time do you think Redden gets tonight?

    By this time next week?

  141. Helllllllooooo Newman

    I agree…Isn’t it amazing how everyone blames free agents for our problems but they cant help salavating over every guy who may or may not become available?

    we’re in deep do-do here; I say let the market correct itself over the next year or two and add rookies or cheap guys..not for nothing RJ Umberger has 21 G-damn goals already

  142. goodness me I haven’t been this excited for a game in a loooooooong time! LGR all the way
    the Mara quote is great. i heart him and his lumberjack beard

  143. Hey Carp! hey Jane!

    We need a new post kids…you gave us one every 15 minutes for two days; you just cant cut us off like that; its inhuman



  144. Mike A, I am just stating what all the hockey media said, Eddie O, Mich, Pierre, E.J. and Donnie Pucks. From what they are told no one is ready yet to step in. Not that if there is injuries, of course someone has to come up. But Mich did say Hartford is a very young team even for the minors so hopefully in time some players can get to the next level and step in and help us.I am patient but some people want players who are still learning up here. NHL and AHL, 2 different levels. Lets not have another Malhotra situation.

  145. Just curious, since a lot of you are asking if Tortorella said this or that, and are quoting him from other sources … did you listen to the audio of his news conference yesterday? Jane posted the whole thing, I think.

    I’m just wondering if that’s something you guys use and like? (and if I have to learn how to do it).

  146. I agree…Isn’t it amazing how everyone blames free agents for our problems but they cant help salavating over every guy who may or may not become available?



    Every. Single. Available. Guy.

    Sundin. Kovalchuk. Lecavalier. Tkachuk. Avery. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    All “names”. What I love about Doodie is his league wide knowledge and knows who the young “value” players are around the league. Guys like Zherdev, who I’d personally never even heard of before we got him.

    Enough with the big names. It doesn’t work here.

  147. rick,

    pretty much if y’all post video or audio involving the team and/or coach most of us I think are going to watch/listen to it!!!

    and we’ll appreciate it as well!!

  148. To bash Renney after his tenure here is dumb, Cakewalk. He did lot of good things for this team but his time ran out. With all the Renney bashers calling for his head all year, I always said he wouldn’t be canned unless they lost 10 in a row. I was almost right as 10/12 did it. Yes he rode the veterans too much and I don’t get Redden on the PP but don’t bash the guy after 3 playoffs in a row.

    Go Torts! LGR!

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    Damn, this thread is turning into a Machetto love fest.

    My official positions on the guys Salty listed:

    No, YES!! (but only as a UFA), yes if salary (At least one of Redden, Drury, or Gomez) can go the other way, No, and No.

    But the question of whether I think any of these guys will ever play for the Rangers?

    No, No (because of our cap situation), No, No, and unfortunately yes.

  150. Doodie Machetto on

    Kaspar, that’s what I said yesterday. I know Terrell Owens’ ego was monumentally big but I didn’t realize that it was so large that it had it’s own geographical space, one large enough to fit a hockey rink and the game between the Rangers and Maple Leafs.

  151. DomivBaumgartner on

    Carpy – Is Zipay in T.O. with the team? I need to hear how practice went. I honestly believe Torts can turn this team into a playoff team (cup contender no) and hopefully we’ll get a win streak going.

  152. TO is what Canadians refer to Toronto as…
    they don’t care who Terrell Owens is… CFL is their football.
    Go Argos! Or TiCats!

  153. Yes, the Rangers finally got the best coach but the roster isn’t close to being Stanley Cup caliber. There is no Messier on this roster, there is no Brian Leetch and there definitely isn’t an Adam Graves. I’d say Henrik is more than capable of making people forget Mike Richter but without a true #1 center, without a true #1 defenseman and without a true 30 to 40 goal scorer, how far can this team really go? The problem is that Sather has brought in role players and good second line players from other teams and expected them to be the top guys. He paid them like #1 guys but they aren’t. And in this salary cap era, there isn’t any way to make amends for those mistakes. Torts is going to have to do quite a job to get these guys far into the playoffs. I don’t think it’s possible.

  154. DomivBaumgartner on

    Riche’ February 25th, 2009 at 11:39 am

    TO is what Canadians refer to Toronto as…
    they don’t care who Terrell Owens is… CFL is their football.
    Go Argos! Or TiCats!

    I am a new yorker with relatives in toronto (dual citizenship) who used to have Argos seasons! In the fall/winter I always bleed green.

  155. After watching the Flyers/ Caps last night, their really is no clear cut favorite in the Eastern Conference.

    Obviously, if the Rangers do make it to the playoffs, Torts is gonna have to make them play WAY OVER their heads to even have a chance to sniff deep playoffs.

    That coupled with Hank STANDING ON TOP OF HIS HEAD by going into shutdown goalie mode is our only chance!

  156. Doodie Machetto on

    Richter shook my hand in the 400s, I just wished that I had a pen/marker or a better camera than my phone on me.

    My fiancee was very upset she didn’t go with me since she used to have a big crush on him when she was little.

    I always knew he wasn’t the biggest of guys, but now that I’ve stood next to him, he’s a very small man.

  157. And here is the reference for how the goalie standing on top of his head came about…

    Here’s the skinny, according to the Colorado Springs-based USA Hockey Magazine: The term began with former NHL president Frank Calder in 1918. In the early years of the NHL, goalies were prohibited from falling to the ice to block a shot. Then in 1918 Calder changed the rules. In describing the change, Calder said, “They could stand on their head if they want to.”

    Goalies began making acrobatic saves with virtually every part of their body and every piece of their equipment.

  158. For us to even come close to getting far into the playoffs, Redden, Rozsival, Drury, and Gomez are gonna have to play like they did in 07. They were all awesome that year in the playoffs for their teams. Nazzy is gonna have to show he still has it when it comes to the games that really matter, and Dubi needs to have another good run in the playoffs like he did last year. Obviously Nicky Z’s never been to the playoffs, but hopefully he shows up.

    Point being, this team can do it, it’s gonna be tough, but it’s up to Hank. This team is going nowhere if he continues to play the way he has. He really has to give up less than 3 goals a game.

  159. Agravaine, nice shots.
    Where were you when you shot these ? Was this available light ? Flash ? ISO ? LENS ?
    I’m in NY for the Boston game on the 8th & I’m bringing my camera.

  160. Just my opinion but a lot of us have had so many negative things to say over the last 2 months or so. Let’s all take a deep breath and hope our new coach can do what we all think he can do. These players did not become bad overnight. I believe they were asked to play a game that they didn’t agree with, and weren’t capable or wanted to play. Renney did his job in restoring some dignity to the Rangers but upon letting the heart and soul of the Rangers leave he lost the team. (Jagr=Heart, Shannahan=Soul all the others=scoring) We all know Sather has got to change or leave and now all we can do is hope. Let’s all try to stay positive and let’s see what this team can do. Are they the team from the begining of the year, or are these NHL’ers all gone bad at once. Good luck tonight boys, and don’t worry we the fans will be behind you. Pick it up you like Nike says “Just Do It”

  161. Feels so good that now, on any given night for the rest of the season, there is *actual potential* to beat the everliving sht out of a team.

    I really think the Rangers are going to splurt all over the collective face of TOR tonight. The “offensive release” is 2+ seasons in the making, some of these guys have been dying for this.

  162. Carp, yes,we like audio. Sam used to post funny comments from the locker room by Jagr, Avery, etc. Of course, no one on the current team is funny, so I guess that’s why there hasn’t been any audio this year.

  163. onecupin69years on

    hey does any one think avery is doggin it in hartford so no other nhl team other than the rangers grab him?

  164. Bells been in the minors, not putting up great stats either.

    Just hope he’s ‘better’ after his drunk driving issues and rehab.

  165. Bell is a physical guy. He scored 25 goals the year after the lockout. He has not put up big numbers since.

  166. hmmmmmmmmmm…

    not the aquisition I was hoping for.

    Is this a Tort request? We trying to get bigger? I hope he’s not a Voros part II… the wrath of lame.

  167. Salty, I have to disagree. I don’t think there’s enough talent or size on this roster to kick the crap out of an opponent, whether that’s in terms of the final score, or just physically. Sure, the approach, system and style might be different, but Tortorella cannot undo the mediocrity of the roster Sather constructed. So I ask you, where do you find this potential? You really think now that Torts is behind the bench that the Rangers can just go out there and blow out an opponent, in a road game, no less?

    I have faith he will get more out of Gomez, Zherdev, Dubinsky and Drury. I’m looking forward to seeing LESS of Wade Redden. But unless guys like Dawes and Callahan are actually 30-35 goal scorers who have been disguised and held back by Renney (I don’t think they are), there isn’t more firepower on the ice than there was on Sunday.

    We shall see. I’m looking forward to tonight’s game.

  168. I would think that Voros is done. This guy is just as big and has scored 20+ goals a few times. Later, AV.

  169. Mark Bell made 2.1 Mil this year. Is an UFA next year. His cap hit will be somewhere around 500k for the rest of this year.

  170. Kevin Allen from USA TODAY hockey had mentioned that he believes Avery will go to the Rangers even with the addition of Mark Bell.

  171. Tony,

    it was available light and I had snuck to about center ice in the front of the 200 section (my seats were in the last row of the 3002 at the end of the rink behind the banners)

    iso was 400
    aperture was 5.6
    I adjusted the lens speed from 80-125 depending on what light allowed.

    I am going on Thurs I can’t wait!! two games in the same month! and I had bought the tix to Thurs before Sunday’s games so being Torts first game at the Garden is an added bonus…

  172. No it means Voros and someone else is gone, too many forwards here if Avery is on the way.

    Bell could be dumped in Hartford very easily though.

  173. Bell ?? Interesting. I wonder if he’s brought in for the Wolf Pack.

    The last thing we need is another 3rd liner that cant score, we have a shit load of those.

    I just read that the Devs sent Clemmensen to the AHL. Wow, that’s surprising, i think he deserved to stick around instead of Weekes, if god forbid they win the Cup, he should get his name on that thing, cause he saved their year.

    Who knows maybe Lou is considering trading him to the Sabs, Lalime didn’t look good last night, and only has two wins in aboot 11 games, so maybe he can get something.

  174. Yeah too bad Voros could keep up playing the way he did the first handful of games this season. (Well we could all say that for the team) but he has some great size to him and it can be useful. But, he’s an out of shape bum. GET RID OF HIM!!!!

  175. Salty, I have to disagree. I don’t think there’s enough talent or size on this roster to kick the crap out of an opponent, whether that’s in terms of the final score, or just physically.


    Wow, please. Some of you love the idea that this team is designed to be a bottom dweller.

    You seriously telling me that we don’t have the talent to destroy teams like the NYI, LAK, PHX, ATL, FLA, and YES, even the POWERHOUSE Toronto?

    It’s so sad what Renney has done here.

    Consider last year, add Jagr, Shanny, Avery. We STILL didn’t have the scoring you all think is “now missing”. Look at the start of the season. We started off great and *should have gotten better and better under a GOOD COACH*. Instead the team regressed and essentially gave up on the guy.

    I don’t have any delusion of being some ridiculous team. I just think the POTENTIAL is back to from time to time kick the shit out of a lesser team, where under Renney, it seemed we treated even the WEAKEST teams with so much respect and caution.

    Is that hard to understand? Makes a lot of sense to me.

  176. Cake, you need to understand that the Rangers will never give a guy like Ansimov a shot. They’re going to keep him in Hartford until someone offers a very average deal, and package him with Voros, the worst player on the Rangers.

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