New Rules


“Stay the f*** off the logo.”

The Rangers team logo takes up most of the carpet in the middle of the locker room, and it’s forbidden territory again. That’s one of the changes John Tortorella made yesterday as he took over as the new head coach of the Rangers, the actual comment was made by head trainer Jim Ramsay, aka the enforcer.

“We talked about that,” Tortorella said. “I don’t think you walk on a logo anywhere.”

It’s a tradition followed by a lot of NHL teams, but wasn’t really religiously followed at the Rangers practice facility before a room full of reporters came in to ask players about their first impressions of the new coach. It speaks to Tortorella’s respect for tradition, and is indicative of other changes he made.

He took down the standings and statistics that former coach Tom Renney had in the locker room. He’s organized. He’s the guidence counselor. Paul Mara said it felt like the first day of school and Nigel Dawes mentioned the new rules outlined when he addressed the team earlier this morning.

Tortorella said he didn’t know much about the players he has inherited, didn’t know what the lines had been, hadn’t seen a lot of Rangers games this year and needed to check Henrik Lundqvist’s nickname after saying he was the best goalie in the league.

“Hank, right?”

Tortorella can call him whatever he wants, so long as the Rangers start winning again.


“Losing knocks you down,” Tortorella said. “And listen, I am going to push them, I am going to push them, but you also as a coach have to understand when to be with them and I think this is a time to try to get them to feel decent about themselves. There’d be nothing better than a win but I think its my job to allow them to express themselves and get a little bit of confidence.

“I think they’re a little bit beat up. This reputation that I just kick the hell out of people, it takes on a life of its own. As a coach you better understand what your team is right now as far as how they feel and I think they need to get a little self confidence and we’re going to allow them to work through that and try to get a win.”

Tortorella’s assistant (and assistant GM) Jim Schoenfeld led most of practice, and the new coach said Mike Pelino was off the ice and in a new role as a scout in order to make a clean break from the old staff. Benoit Allaire will still be on the ice for practice.

He wouldn’t address Sean Avery in Hartford, saying it would be tampering.

But his arrival seems to be a relief for a team dogged by losing.

“To play in that building in Madison Square and the logo of the Rangers, are you kidding me? It’s an honor.”

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  1. I got chills reading that first line.

    All I can say is that it’s about time someone in charge felt the same way about this storied franchise that it’s fans (esp. the ones who frequent certain websites) feel.

  2. Thanks for the update, it’s an exciting time to be a fan again and it’s great to get these little insights as the culture of the team changes under the new coaching staff. The audio was a nice bonus!

  3. lol keep up the good work Jane! anymore little tidbits about how Torts has changed the atmosphere is always a good read (i.e. the logo and taking down of posters)

  4. This all sounds great, but it doesnt mean squat if he doesnt start producing some wins! So lets see how they do Wed and Thursday first before we get too excited

  5. Well, this is exciting!! Don’t you all feel like our team is gonna kick some ass tomorrow night?? I mean, Toronto still is the worst in the league in goals against and we have a team that just got it’s coach fired and they are goin’ on the road to play a team that will be blown up in a week. Re-energized, new outlook and a pair of Italian-American boots kicking them in the ass!!! How about three New York Sports teams are coached by Italian-Americans?? Pretty good, ya’ know. Okay, getting ready for all the “Soprano-ish” slang!

  6. Carp or Jane,

    Can you comment on how the new guy will be schooled by the MSG PR MACHINE on what to say, how to say it and what not to say??

    He has a reputation as an emotional, outspoken personality and it seems some of that may need to be “harnessed” when speaking to the media as an employee of the organization. Is there any truth to what we’ve heard in the past about this protocol?

  7. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Can’t wait to see if this change actually works. I’d love to see some inspired hockey for the next month.

  8. Steve Trac, Sec 303 on

    LOL, I am so excited to see what will come in the next few months. I’m not ‘expecting’ anything but can’t wait to see how things change. GO RANGERS and GO TORTS!

  9. No Voros on the ice for practice…seems like Torts does know more about the team then he is letting us know.

  10. I seriously doubt that MSG will be sticking a live mike on Tortorella behind the bench. Ya never know what great stuff it would pick up.

    Get ready to hear the violins and harps playing, and noses sniffling into boxes of tissues when Rosen and Micheletti do their cryfest over Renney’s firing. I can already hear Mich with his “Tom Renney was a good, decent, well-liked man” speech… and Rosen with his “Tom Renney is the type of guy you want for a son-in-law” speech…

    Yeah, guys, but he stunk at coaching.

    John Tortorella is the type of guy you want coaching your hockey team in New York.

  11. Great quotes also on Gross’ blog

    Torts is not keen on rolling 4 rolls all the time
    No trap
    And nobody has been penciled in for a defined role on the team (maybe that means he’ll take Redden and Drury off the PP

    Anyway, those were a few of the things mentioned, but the more I hear, the more i like.

    OH and I know there was a huge debate who handles line changes, the latest blog post says that Torts handles the line changes and PP.

  12. Adam and his Apple on

    so what does torts have to do in order to turn this team around? i dont think he has to do all that much to be honest

    its not like we give up a ton of goals, our goaltending is more than adequate, our PK is tops in the league

    all he needs to fix is the power play and find some cohesion among our forward lines

    as long as we can score a goal or 2 more a game we will be golden and no team will want to play us come playoff time

  13. I understand Pelino is out and for the time being it will be just Torts and Schoenfeld behind the bench.

  14. rocketnyr,

    Saying Renney stunk at coaching isn’t exactly fair. Sather had 4 coaches (including himself) before Renney that made a whopping 0 playoff appearances. Renney brought the Rangers into the playoffs, and even (GASP) won a few series. …just giving credit where credit is due…

  15. I just ran out and checked a co-worker into the cube wall!!!

    I helped her up immediatley…but I am so psyched!!

  16. Kaspar,

    That reminded me of the Rangers Commercial when Prucha checks Bobby Granger into the wall. Prucha didn’t help Granger up tho.

  17. if the SJO fits on

    we finally have a new poll up here.

    anyone going to the game thursday? this will be my first game since that rare win they had against anaheim at the end of jan.

  18. Riche’

    OMG I got chills too!!!!! I EFFNIG LOVE IT!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  19. all good. and btw, for yan, who was spewing conspiracy crap last night about the asst coaches and Sather control, well it was answered today.

    Mike Sullivan is the guy who Torts wants as his asst, but he is working in Tampa, so he is unavailable now.

    so, just as was posted last night, Schony was the best choice as dman coach in the interim on short notice.

    and Pelino has been moved aside as well, just a glorified scout now.

    there is only one person in charge on the bench under Torts, and that’s Torts

  20. If Schoeny & Torts are the only ones behind the bench….do most hockey have 1 head coach & 2 assistants or do some just have 1 HC & 1 AC

  21. Lets hope Prucha gets traded. The guy puts up NO points and has shown nothing. Why do we chant his name at games? He is aweful, just like Drury. The only good players on the team are Callahan, Dawes, Gomez (just for his skating ability), Staal, and Korpikoski. Zherdev too of course, but when you put him on with other guys who suck, what can you expect. You put a team around those guysthat can skate and is willing to work for something, then they will win. The rest of those guys I wouldnt mind never seeing again. Hank and Vally rule by the way.

  22. The guys on NHL live went off about the logo thing…
    EJ Hradek said:

    “If you don’t want people to step on it… GET IT OFF THE DAMN FLOOR!” and

    “Oh, a lot of goals were scored were because people avoided stepping on the logo”

    I’ll tell you why it’s on the floor! So that you MUST AVOID stepping on it at all times… it’s a CONSTANT reminder of this franchise and it’s status as an original six. WALK AROUND IT AT ALL COSTS AND THINK ABOUT WHY YOU HAVE TO!!!

    End of story.

  23. Hradek just lost a lot of my respect with that one.

    I wish Kaspar was in the NHL Live studios so he could give him what for.

  24. what kind of moron coach complains about lack of scoring, and then tells his team to hang back in the neutral zone? or overplays his 4th line in offensive situations? or benches a kid who has scored 30 and 22 goals in this league? or uses guys on the PP point who can’t shoot or won’t shoot

    sorry, Renney defenders, and especially those in the media, you are as clueless as Renney.

  25. Former Ranger Fan on

    You love him now but wait until he has a temper tantrum and tells the Ranger fans to go piss off. LOL!!! This gets better all the time.

  26. February 24th, 2009 at 2:06 pm
    There is no reason Prucha cannot produce as many points as Marty St. Louis.

    Whoa dude!

  27. Hradek misses the point of establishing pride and honor again in the locker room of one of the most popular hockey teams, an Original 6 hockey team. Douche bag!

  28. MAKO
    February 24th, 2009 at 2:19 pm
    Hradek misses the point of establishing pride and honor again in the locker room of one of the most popular hockey teams, an Original 6 hockey team. Douche bag!

    Thats Mr. Douche Bag to you

  29. Pay no mind to EJ Hradek, poor guy so sad his Icedlanders are packing to a BBQ Sauce plant in Kansas City.

  30. Go Torts— Just the respect of the logo goes to show what a class act Torts is,and believe me that isnt any MSG PROMO. This man is what the NYR have needed for a very very long time kinda like the PATTON of coachs never stand still always advance.Whatever Torts does in the next 20 or so games one thing is for sure he will command RESPECT of the franchise and what it means to wear the uniform.Now if we can get rid of Yeti I see a very formidable team in the future

  31. some points. I think Prucha can play but he is not Martin St Louis, he does not skate or handle the puck like St louis, but Prucha can shoot and hustle.

    I have been saying forever they need to roll 4 lines and the 4th line has to be able to put up at least 24 goals and if that was the case they can win consistently without any big guns…

    this team is not winning the cup but they have some talent and they are young. The young guys have not played terrible but no one has broken out.

    forecheck hard and that will get them better scoring opptys. and they have a great goalie so he will have to face some rubber.. the rangers have like the 3rd most shots on goal, so getting shots off is not the problem it is shots with no traffic and from to far out that is the problem…..

  32. Some of you posters need to chill…
    its like your so happy you’d like the feet of Torts.
    The guy hasn’t even coached a game yet, and your treating him like he’s the second coming of the messiah…you know sort of like Blobama

  33. according to zipay these were the d pairings


    ouch wade that must hurt

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    What were the defense pairings?

    And what do you mean Pelino off the ice as a scout? Does that mean he’s not an assistant coach anymore? Or does it mean he was running film to scout their next opponent?

  35. doodie,

    i can read minds. yea a week away but i think him playing there is more about sending a message to wade.

  36. jeffluke
    February 24th, 2009 at 2:23 pm
    hmmm I wonder who renney will be coaching next season?

    The fishsticks

  37. Carp & Jane: You gys are the best and doing a fantastic job

    And all I can say is I fell like its my birthday!!

    Get the F@CK off the Logo, YES!!

    I appreciate Renney and all he did, and he will alwyas get my repsect.

    BUT THANK GOD we Have Torts in here now
    Its exciting and a great sign of things to come, even if this season and possible playoffs turn into a bust, you can see the direction he’s taking already

  38. tortorella is gonna ride Sather’s Folley hard (redden). I see him making statements to reporters trying to light a fire under Wade, he may do the same with Z, drury, and gomez. This will be embarassing for Sather. Sather gets mad at Torts, Torts may not back down….

    quite possibly a very short coaching tenure.

  39. easy on the lovathon. I am sure it will last until about 8 PM Weds.

    The rangers needed a change they got it, Renny is a good coach no matter what all you epxerts say they just needed to move in a new direction…

    If Hollwegg was not a moron the rangers could have beaten Pitt. and if the refs did not suck and you remmebr the sabre game a few years ago and that series the rangers played very well and the sabres were loaded…

    I think Torterrela liked to play vinnyy, st louis, and richards a ton, he will learn the rangers do not have anyone with that ability here presently.

    zherdev and tort should be interesting since zherdev is a kovalev type block head with tons of talent but loves to dance around the ice…

  40. I feel like Torts is going to have the following only Chuck Norris has…

    Tho Torts is greater than Chuck Norris

  41. no, Prucha is not even close to Marty St. Louis, especially in the puckhandling dept. but he is a good hustling winger who can score if his confidence was not shattered by unwarranted, extended rust on the healthy scratch list.

    don’t forget, he even scored a lot with Steve Rucchin as his center. so, he can do it. but he needs PP time and confidence and ice time and the green light to forecheck without the coach benching him

  42. Sounds like Torts is lighting a fire under this bunch. No more 25 mins a night for Dreaden until he proves himself worthy. Virus is driving the Zamboni or making the coffee in the press room and sounds like Prucha might get some PP time if he plays well.
    All is good. Bring on tomorrow night.

  43. “gregoryNYR February 24th, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    Lets hope Prucha gets traded. The guy puts up NO points and has shown nothing. Why do we chant his name at games? He is aweful, just like Drury.”

    I knew that Renney had a spy on this blog. Are you Tommyboy’s brother?

    Real smart comment about Prucha. How about this: let’s see what Prucha does playing on a set line with decent playing time and some power play time, eh? Prucha could be the spark that ignites this team now that the Clueless One is gone.

    That would be great because it would further demonstrate Renney’s inability to recognize talent.

    I really hope that Renney coaches another team next year so all you Renney defenders can watch him take it into the toilet once again.

  44. “Lets hope Prucha gets traded. The guy puts up NO points and has shown nothing. Why do we chant his name at games?”

    I agree with this.

  45. sabres were loaded? what a laugh. the same guy who now is an overpaid bum with the Rangers was then supposedly a great loaded scorer in a different jersey?


  46. “I knew that Renney had a spy on this blog. Are you Tommyboy’s brother?

    Real smart comment about Prucha. How about this: let’s see what Prucha does playing on a set line with decent playing time and some power play time, eh? Prucha could be the spark that ignites this team now that the Clueless One is gone.

    That would be great because it would further demonstrate Renney’s inability to recognize talent.

    I really hope that Renney coaches another team next year so all you Renney defenders can watch him take it into the toilet once again.”

    I agree with this.

    Renney gave him NO CHANCE the past two full seasons. He gets traded to NJ or PITT and we are screwed. Put him with a Parise, Elias, Malkin – he gets 35 goals.

  47. cronkite
    I was not spewing i was just wondering. I am very happy to see that he sent polino away from the team and told him to be a scout,that disproves my theory.
    I cant wait to see how they play, although i think it may take them a couple of games to play to the level where we think they can play. need to get Renney’s system out of their bones completely

  48. Staal Wart February 24th, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    Some of you posters need to chill…
    its like your so happy you’d like the feet of Torts.
    The guy hasn’t even coached a game yet, and your treating him like he’s the second coming of the messiah…you know sort of like Blobama


    That’s funny, and true. I’ve made the same comparison in my own mind last night when I was thinking about this all… Obama freaks really bug me especially before the guy even stepped into office. I guess the same applies there though.

    It’s funny though. CHANGE. HOPE. YES WE CAN.

    It all applies.

  49. All nice posts – but worthless.

    We just canned one of the best coaches at the NHL level – understand that he lost this team. Torts has a good rep, but remember, Renny was not the problem here – last I checked, the GM is the same and the roster has not changed. Until those do, dont expect anything MAGIC from this line-up – they need something more here

  50. Torts visited the Virgin Islands…

    now they’re just called “The Islands”

    I love those things lol

  51. I think everybody is excited TO BE excited. I’m pumped too, if only for the opportunity to enjoy watching hockey again. Don’t know how we’re gonna fare, so we should be a little level-headed with the expectations…

    These next 5-10 games are OUR SEASON

    10 games from now we may be bashing Sather all over again, cause Torts has revealed that it IS the players.

    God, I hope not.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    ““Lets hope Prucha gets traded. The guy puts up NO points and has shown nothing. Why do we chant his name at games?”

    I agree with this.”

    First of all, Prucha hustles his ass of and creates a lot of chances in the offensive zone. But let’s look past that to numbers.

    Prucha has 2 assists in his last 4 games (the only 4 games he’s played in February. That’s greater than or equal to the point production of the following players over their past 4 games:

    1) Callahan
    2) Dawes
    3) Dubinsky
    4) Zherdev
    5) Naslund
    6) Korpikoski
    7) Sjostrom
    8) Voros
    9) Betts
    10) Orr

    So, in other words, the only two forwards that have more points than Prucha in their last 4 games are Gomez and Drury. And Drury has 3 of his 4 points coming from the Islanders game.

    And don’t forget how little icetime Prucha gets when he even gets to play. Even still, only 2 forwards outscored him over their past 4 games.

    Point is, the kid makes things happen when given the chance.

  53. no, I’ll be satisfied if he just holds veteran players accountable. if Torts just does what Renney refused to do, that is, send a clear tough message to Drury, Gomez, Redden, Naslund, etc, then I will say that he is doing the preliminary necessary steps to straighten out the mess.

  54. Sean-

    We want the cup, but we’ll take the playoffs.

    We want goals, but we’ll take heart and determination

    We want a third of the team gone, but we’ll be ok if the coach leaves

  55. sean
    can you point out why renney is one of the best coaches in the NHL level? Did he win anything?

    P.S. dont just say that he took a team that missed the playoffs 7 straight years to the playoffs for 3 straight years cuz even the fishsticks had years when they made the playoffs and won cups. SO please explain to me what makes him a great coach at the NHL level.

  56. I’m sorry but this has disaster written all over it. Typical Sather move, going with the old school, hard nosed Tortorella. There’s a reason the guy hasn’t won anything since Reagan was in office. No matter how much “structure” you add to the locker room, it won’t change the talent on the ice and that talent, barring concentrated, super-human efforts by Drury, Dubinsky and Gomez, is not taking us anywhere beyond the first round. Tortorella gets credit for winning a cup but remember he had St. Louis (at his best), Lecavalier, Boyle and Richards to bark at.

  57. hey Sean, as Renney’s agent, are you getting 5% or ten? huh?

    if you think Renney is “one of the best coaches at the NHL level”, you are either his family, his agent, or a clueless buyer of his sales pitch.

  58. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Let’s spin it this way: 52 goals in 2 seasons with regular ice time

    now we’re into season 2 of diminished ice time and he still hustles his ass off and provides a spark

    He has made an impact. Without his performances of what little time he has played, we’re out of the playoff race.

  59. Guys,

    Not that I have, but how many games did Hradek play in the NHL?

    I am guessing none. So he probably doesn’t have a lot of inner locker room integrity, respect, and whatnot.

    He has good opinions. But you know what they say about opinions.

    Half these color and play by play guys who have never done anything more than be a statistic boy on their high school sports teams can just take their ivory tower attitudes and shove them.

    Their wiseass attitudes are the exact same kind of thing that got Scott Gomez into the current predicament. albeit Gomer has won the Cup. But if I remember correctly, didn’t Messier have some sort of logo issue too?

  60. if Renney was such a great coach, then why oh why did NO ONE hire him as an NHL coach between the time he was fired in Vancouver in 1996 and 2004?

    8 years, and nobody wanted him.

    Hmmmm .

  61. Al,

    Sean has a point. Sather’s had 4 previous coaches–including himself–in his GM tenure here that have taken the Rangers to the playoffs a grand total of 0 times. Tom Renney batted 1.000 in that category.

    That aside, I think we lost a great coach but it was time. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re stuck with a subpar roster unless Donnie Walsh learns the NHL soon.

  62. hey i have two tickets for Saturday nights game vs the avalanche section 412 front row. $35 a ticket i need to get rid of them I will be in the rock at the Seton Hall Pitt game my email is prices are negotiable i just needs get rid of em

  63. PruBelongsOnTheIce

    Obviously you are fond Prucha. Fine.

    I don’t dislike him, I just don’t understand all the praise some people shower on him.

    I have my suspicions that you are actually Prucha.:)

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Matteauonov, how can you say AT BEST he’s an average player when he has already had 30 goal and 20 goal seasons? That says to me AT BEST he’s a 30 goal scorer. That is FAR from an average player. His numbers may seem average compared to the rest of the dregs in this lineup, but he averaged only about 11 minutes of icetime in those 4 games, compared to Naslund (0g, 1a in his past 4 games) who is averaging about 18, WITH time on the powerplay.

    Point is, Prucha AT BEST is a good player, and should be given the chance to be that.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    “if Renney was such a great coach, then why oh why did NO ONE hire him as an NHL coach between the time he was fired in Vancouver in 1996 and 2004?

    8 years, and nobody wanted him.”

    You could say the same thing about Ted Nolan, but Nolan is still definitely a good coach.

  66. Hopefully

    -sabres falter without Miller and Vanek
    -Penguins continue to underachieve
    -Kovalev dissapears, Kostitsyns go to jail, and the rest of the Habs party too hard.
    -Panthers decide to sell at the deadline cause they’re confused about playoff races.
    -Dean Mccammond doesn’t save the Islanders

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    “-Dean Mccammond doesn’t save the Islanders”

    Actually I’m hoping he does. I hope they turn it around and win 75% of their games from here on out.

    That way, they’ll miss the playoffs AND Tavares.

  68. give me a break, NYR351. the playoffs happened because they got HL as their goalie. some coincidence, eh?

    and Renney tried to keep him on the bench, ala Prucha.

    don’t forget, he made Weekes his #1 goalie, and only injuries to weekes gave HL a chance to show his stuff. Renney still said Weekes was his #1 until the second injury, and then the fans made it impossible for him to continue the charade any longer.

  69. “You could say the same thing about Ted Nolan, but Nolan is still definitely a good coach.”

    True enough. But Renney didn’t go and screw his starting goaltender’s wife either.

    “Prucha rode a red hot Jagr. That’s why he had 30 goals.”

    The only time Jagr and Prucha shared ice time was the PP — getting half his goals at even strength, away from Jagr, is no small achievement.

  70. Doodie

    Other than one 30 goal season, it’s pretty average.
    (This argument could go on for months, lol)
    2005-2006 68gp 30g
    2006-2007 79gp 22g
    2007-2008 62gp 7g
    2008-2009 25gp 3g

  71. How Long do you think Torts will last. I give he a couple of years tops. He’ll be great for a while though, until the entire team turns on him. Maybe he has learned a few things over time. Hopefully he proves me wrong, and lasts longer. He knows his stuff, He’s a great hockey man.

  72. Prucha: not Martin St. Louis, but also not worthless. Regardless of where he falls between those two points, one thing was clear–he is much better than Aaron Voros, and for that reason, all of the calls for him to be playing are justified.

  73. It is with great pleasure that I announce our next candidate for President of The United States of America –

    John Tortorella

  74. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Matteauonov February 24th, 2009 at 3:18 pm


    Obviously you are fond Prucha. Fine.

    I don’t dislike him, I just don’t understand all the praise some people shower on him.

    I have my suspicions that you are actually Prucha.:)

    I don’t think Prucha would be typing in English :P
    He’s a high energy player that’s fun to watch. With a chance he’s been productive, blah blah you’ve heard it before. But if it weren’t for Renney inexcusably scratching him, I wouldn’t be coming online to harp about what he can do for the team. I wouldn’t have even been calling for Renney’s head. I would have blamed this team’s troubles solely on the team and Sather. I thought Renney was a great, classy guy until enough became enough with his BS reasons for scratching Prucha (as well as holding the younger guys accountable) during the team’s worst struggles.

  75. Reminds me of the story of Messier’s first day. when he found a jersey laying on the floor and flipped out, and lectured the team on the honor and tradition of wearing that sweater…I like this.

  76. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    and Matteauonov keep in mind he was a 4th liner most of last season, if not scratched for Hollweg 1.0 (voros is 2.0)

  77. Matteauonov and Doodie…let me chime in on Prucha….I too pointed to his decline in production. But the kid has heart, he never quits, always leaves 100% on the ice, and guess what, when given a little more than 5 mins a night, he can actually put some points on the board.

    How much power play time has he had this year? And how has our PP done during that time? I am not saying he is going to put up 20 PPG in a season, but give the kid a chance.

    He has done it before. Yes the league rules have gone from no touch to more touch now…but the kid is still putting up points in his limited ice time.

    And all this is coming from a guy who thought Prucha couldn’t do much for us. After seeing all the dreck we have thrown out on the ice this season, Prucha has been a breath of fresh air on this team of overpaid veterans with zero heart.

    He’s above average in this league…

  78. Riche’
    February 24th, 2009 at 3:27 pm
    The boogie-man checks under his bed for Torts before he goes to sleep.


  79. Those Chuck Norris jokes never get old. Anybody want to recycle some lines from Anchorman? What about Wedding Crashers?

  80. hey i have two tickets for Saturday nights game vs the avalanche section 412 front row. $35 a ticket i need to get rid of them I will be in the rock at the Seton Hall Pitt game my email is prices are negotiable i need to get these as soon as possible

  81. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    jcalz if I didn’t have 4 already I’d jump… but I appreciate seeing people asking fair prices.

  82. although he will not reveal it; John Tortarella has definitive proof of whether the chicken or the egg came first; all he will offer to the world right now is that once known this fact will make things like hockey and 90210 immediatley irrelevant

  83. Anybody catch this from TSN:

    “”Tortorella’s path to the Rangers job was cleared, sources say, because the Lightning gave Tortorella written permission in June to seek other employment and that permission was never revoked.

    But sources say there are still some outstanding issues that have clouded the whole situation, involving other members of the Tampa Bay organization. The Rangers and the Lightning, with the input of the NHL, are attempting to resolve them and while a negotiated settlement is possible, it could well be that formal tampering charges could be filed by the Lightning against the Rangers before all is said and done.

    This may have something to do with Lightning assistant coach Mike Sullivan, who reportedly has a clause in his contract that he could join Tortorella if Tortorella were to be named head coach elsewhere in the NHL. “”

  84. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Torts is so cool they named a new cheese after him today …Torzarella !!! Yeah it is a big deal cuz this guy don’t take crap from anyone…on TSN he kept telling the other panel guys that the triva game sucks!! He sure told Brooksie what he felt during a media scrum!! If his tenure in New york doesn’t last long at least we can have a guy who won’t go down with out a fight!!

    Whos the coach responsible for our #1 Rank Penalty killing? That was out only bright spot. Will Torts use Staal on the Powerplay ? Will he split up Betts and shoey? Does he realize that we always use betts and shoey on in defensive situations? Will Prucha get utilized? Does Redden show more urgency now? After 5 years of Renneys system can the Rangers play a different way!!??

    Talent wise we look weak but come on Carp , Jane too …with the new system by Torts dosn’t a team win by team work not individual talent ? Rangers seem weak in talent but i’d say with almost a full salary cap spent , over priced players or not …we have talent and with this new coach in place , Skeptics like you Carp and others will see what a little bit of “proper ” teaching can do…these players have talent , we just never had the right General in there .

  85. A scene from Rangers Goodfellas:
    Petr. You’re so full of %^&*.
    Even with being scratched, I bet you can

    Prucha puts a water bottle down and tries to ignore RENNEY again.

    Come on. Petr. Come on. Let’s
    see you skate.

    Why don’t you go %^&* yourself.

    Hey, Petr. That’s very good.
    Did you hear, Petr? The kid’s
    got balls. See, the kid’s got
    balls. He’s a good kid. You scratch him and he tells him to go %&* himself.

  86. Torts is so powerful that he made Sam Weinman change from hockey to golf a month ago because he knew that Sam wouldnt ask him the tough questions in the future.

  87. onecupin69years on

    Growing up I went to Catholic school in the Bx. In the lobby of the school was a compass rose cut out of tile , God forbid a nun caught you walking on it.

    Many youth league , High school ,etc .coaches give their hockey players hell for letting the teams jersey touch the locker room floor or stuffed in you hockey bag, It was always hung on a hanger.
    Good For Torts..

  88. Hey Carp,
    Does Torts new rules include the demand to drop the f-bomb?
    Torts is like “you can’t say stay off the logo…its STAY THE F*** OFF THE LOGO!!”

  89. Pru on ice All my life i have been overcharged tickets i know how it feels ha. Im just trying to spread so NYR love ha

  90. Everybody is Torts drunk and that’s fine but you still have this crappy Slats mixture. The part that is really disturbing is Slats finally comes out of his cave to talk and he still believes he has assembled a good team. I don’t think it’s right to bash Renney but I do hope Torts does hold everybody accountable and gives younger guys a chance. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s game and I haven’t had that feeling for a while now.

  91. Great coverage as always from the lohud gang! And great quality audio by the way!

    Excited about the possibility of things turning around, though I’d agree that the main problem with the team wasn’t simply Renney–who’s a class act though perhaps too much of a “professorial” type–the problem is with the line up that Slats handed him.

    Renney did mess with the lines way too much for any chemistry to possibly develop, and his mishandling of Prucha is mystifying.

    That said, looking forward to seeing what Torts brings to the table, and more importantly, what, if anything, Slats is able to do before the trade deadline.

    Don’t know if it’s just denial on his part, but found Slat’s comments that “we’re not up against the cap” very odd and interesting. Hope he’s not totally us in that regard…

    Go Rangers!!!

  92. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    (22figure8)…(hick up) ….w-whooohww , yeahh man what a night last nightt waz , opened up a bottle of Torts and man oh man , perty Drunk on Torts…whoaaa what a night!!
    Imaa still all torts drunk ..(hick up) and whaaaahht a rush , I think im still hammered on Torts , may take a while fer alot of ussss.

  93. I know this seems like a long shot but with the recent speculation of the Habs “cutting ties” with Alex Kovalev, could the Rangers somehow make a move to acquire him?

    Would/Should we want to?

    I’ve been a Ranger fan for awhile and gave up on Alex a long time ago. However, in the last couple of seasons, I’ve been happy to see him in flourish. He’s certainly not the ideal finisher we’re looking for but an arguement can be made he can add more value than the likes of tkachuk or (dare i say) avery.

    I usually only post when I have an opinion but this is something I thought, was worth throwing out there.

  94. Who Needs Lohan on

    Anyone have any thoughts on us trading for Mark Recchi. Should come pretty cheap in terms of what we would have to trade. I know nothing of what his contract looks like, but Im thinking he is a guy that could help us put the puck in the net….




  96. they should have kept Pearn under 3 conditions

    1) he’s only allowed on bench for PKs
    2) he agrees to be the media’s whipping boy after every loss
    3) dyes that stupid vandyke purple or pink

  97. RE: hradek

    i never liked him… he acts as if he’s all knowing hockey guru…that ass doesnt know what original six team is… he’s a typical Fishstick fan!!

    as long as Torts can make this a legit hard working team im ok with anything he says to Rangers fans!!

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    The “he rode a hot Jagr” argument is crap. That’s like saying Jarri Kurri isn’t any good because he rode a hot Gretzky. The point is, even with a great player playing great, you have to still have the tools to put the puck in the net. Just ask Brad Isbister or Marcel Hossa. Hossa had a good 10 games or so on Jagr’s wing, and then he showed his true colors, and I don’t think Isbister ever scored while playing with Jagr, who was a monster down the stretch that they played together.

    But once again, the numbers. Jagr assisted on only 13 of Prucha’s 30 goals in 05-06. I don’t have time to run the numbers for 06-07’s 22, but I imagine it’s an even smaller percentage. Oh, and Prucha also was the leading goalscorer in the NHL for guys averaging under 13 mins of ice time a night in 06-07. Just some food for thought.

    Point is, the guy can score consistently at the NHL level when given enough ice time in situations where he will have the opportunity to succeed (not on the 4th line like 07-08), and on the PP!

  99. Hradek completely disgraced himself during the rundown to the lock-out when on TV he repeatedly cited sources who said the issue was resolved and an agreement between Goddenow and Bettman had been reached. As we all know, 1000% wrong.


    Good post.

  100. Ok, so Prucha gets points with more ice time.. but he’s one hit away from being Lindross’d, he has no two-way ability and he handles the puck like a hot potatoe.

    With that being said, I’ll take him over Voros.

  101. Couple things:

    1. I’m a big Prucha fan, but some of you guys make him out to be Mario Lemiux. I think he can have a solid career in the NHL, but to me, he’ll never be better than a third line player, and I highly doubt he’ll ever recapture the magic of another 30 goal season.

    2. Let the record state, I do still believe this whole mess is glen sather’s fault, but I’ll call a spade a spade and say the right guy to fix the job is Torts — always been a fan and the fact that he came in today and already shook things up a bit is a good sign.

    I still think we’ll get blown out tomorrow night and probably banged around pretty good on Saturday before he begins to right the ship in a couple weeks. Hopefully it won’t be too late.

  102. To say Prucha has no two-way ability is to ignore his willingness to skate hard in all zones and more importantly to hit. Obviously he is not Guy Carbonneau when his team doesn’t have the puck, but he’s not nearly the one-dimensional Petr Klima his critics suggest.

    BTW, he may not be a great stickhandler, but he receives a pass infinitely better and more cleanly than Dawes does, and can throw a good pass too.

  103. Doodie,

    Funny you should bring up Brad Isbister. I was a fan, seriously. I’d rather have him than Aaron Voros. Dude has great hands for a big man and can move. Not great hockey sense, but you’re doing something right if you can stay in the league as long as he has, even if he’s been on every single team in the NHL.

  104. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    This blog has become so depressing and so full of negitivity that this hiring has restored all of your faith in our team again!! ALL HAIL SATHER …finnaly he’s trying to fix what he screwed up and yes there will be changes.

  105. Who Needs Lohan on

    Hearing about Isbisters great hands annoyed me almost about as much as hearing about Tom Poti’s long reach!

  106. with whatever faults kovalev has, he is far better then recci and claude lemuix. stupid comparison. and zherdev has yet to show that he can match kovalev as far as production. he certainly is not as skilled as kovalev. and kovalev is a monster in the playoffs,

    that being said better for kovalev to stay in mtl or go to a contender in the west.

  107. For those of you who doubt Prucha, take a look at the highlights of his goals from the first two seasons on youtube. The kid can create opportunities and bury the puck. He gets his own rebounds consistently and is not afraid to get plastered to make a play.

    He is the only one besides Hank that I want to watch on this team. He is the only one who’s got spark and fight in him. Hopefully Torts will give him an honest chance to prove he belongs in the lineup and on the powerplay.

  108. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    New TV sitcom called Happy Days again…staring Author Tortzarelli and his assistant Jim “chachi” Schoenfeld!!!

    Tortzarelli shows up at practice with the polaski twins and snaps his fingers and yells “drill!!”….all the players run out of the fire exits!!!

  109. Pete, your understanding of sarcasm is astonishing.

    Seriously considering Kovalev, Recchi or Tkachuk? Who are you planning on trading for them? It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to unload some future picks so Sather can avoid screwing up more drafts.

  110. I want to see my two favorite teams square off in the finals some day…the Blue Jax vs Rangers!!!

    Torts salt and pepper beard against Hitchcocks 14 sets of chins

  111. I’ll say one thing for Prucha: he hustles. He came to this team known for that hustle and opportunistic scoring. He is a mediocre passer, but an above average finisher. If he played with an above average passer, he might again score double figures in goals. The problem for him is that there are very few such players on the Rangers. Unless he plays with Zherdev or Dawes, he will seldom get a pass at the right time to do any damage. (Prucha has shown very limited ability to take the puck on his own and make a play to the net). Be it Drury, Gomez, Betts and, unfortunately, Dubinsky or Korpikoski, the Rangers have no center who can pass consistently worth a damn. Everyone talks about the team’s inability to score; I believe that’s tied directly to our inability to pass very well. None–I repeat none– of these guys would be centers on the successful Rangers teams of the pass. Betts would be used strictly on the PK and as a defensive shadow. If we could upgrade the center position on this team, you’d see instant production improvements for Prucha, Dawes, Dubinsky, Korpikoski, and of course Zherdev. Zhedev’s setup of Dawes goal recently in Buffalo is illustrative of what happens when a timely pass is made to a guy who knows how to finish. Too few of those passes this season has translated into a fired coach and a scramble to make the playoffs.

  112. Queer Me! x - Beer Me! on

    Im depressed!! the only reason i became a hockey fan is gone!! oh Tom, how can they do this to u!! Tom was so smart and articulate; i wish i was at least quarter like that. Now, i got nothing to live for! And how could they hire Torts when i specifically said that he will never coach this team!! Oh sweet macaroni and cheese!! But no worries, I have a new man crush, a coach of NJD. I forgot his name but its ok, love does not need name, love comes from within!! Good bye comrades, LETS GO DEVILS!! Fart fart…

  113. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    i was in favor for the release of Renney but how in gods name does Renney get fired and isaiah still has a job with the Knicks. Renney wasn’t accused of sexual harrasment or wasn’t booed consistently at the garden night in and night out. Granted Renney had a good run the past 3 1/2 years atleast give the guy a job like scouting or something…

  114. I love the Prucha discussion as I can’t wait to see what Torts does with him between now and year end. Would most agree that after the next 21 games the Prucha debate will be settled?

    If he’s not in the lineup on the second line or not on the Rangers next year, I don’t know how you’d be able to argue that he’s such a good player as that will be two coaches who weren’t high on him.

    I also don’t 100% buy the argument that playing with Jagr did nothing for Prucha’s production those first two years – case in point, Dubinksy. Good players can do what they do with anybody. I know a bunch of people will go with the infallible argument “Prucha’s awesome see, look at his numbers now” with the flip side being “Renney ruined him”. But if you’re going to tout Prucha as a 30+ goal scoring machine, which isn’t even close to being an average player, then he has to be able to do it with whoever he’s on the ice with – no excuses.

  115. Renny is (was) empathetically NOT a GREAT coach, he was (is) a GOOD coach. This year he hit the ceiling, and has managed to tarnish his legacy because of it. Now people will ask, Did Tom get the NYR to the playoffs for 3yrs or did he simply “ride a hot Jaromir Jager”, who refused to buy all the way into his ‘system’, to get there? We were well on the way to missing the playoffs in Renny’s first Jager-less full season.

    I didn’t hate Tom quite yet, but I had built up a pretty strong dislike or him since around mid-november. He turned my team into the new jersey devels, but he didn’t even manage that correctly. He turned the team into some low-rent expansion team clone of the new jersey devils. Instead of the cult of jaques, we had fiveinthepicture. The evil genius could turn a pack of interchangable forwards into something greater than the sum of their parts, Tom managed to turn them into less. Proof enough is Fritsche, who was an afterthought here, but in minnie under hocky’s version of asmodius himself is scoring left and right.

    You can say that the players are on Sather, and you are right, some of it is, but THIS is the team that Tom wanted. He was player personnel before head coach. He HAD input into who is here this year and who is not. The personalities are gone – the jagers, the shanahans. Everyone has drunk the kool-aide this year, and it’s a poochscrew.

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