Tortorella sure isn’t Renney


Hey, it’s Carp.

We’re still awaiting the conference call with Glen Sather, and presumably John Tortorella, which now looks like it will be in the early evening.

Obviously there is some compensation issue, although it’s hard to imagine how Tampa Bay can be entitled to anything after firing the coach last June.

We were going to wait to post until after the conference call, but I just want to get a few things out there.

For one, Tortorella is the opposite of Renney in personality and in philosophy.

The man the Rangers (and Glen Sather) should have hired when he was already under contract as their interim coach in 2000 (for the last four games of that season) is fiery, ferocious and at times profane. MSG Network better assign somebody to keep a finger on the “bleep” button for its rink-side microphone.

Here, for example, is a reel of Tortorella highlights.

And if you think this man will want Sean Avery on his team, well, there’s this clip from his most recent job as a TSN analyst.

In terms of on-ice, Renney was safe-safe-safe, whereas Tortorella is a “safe-is-death” guy. So expect more goals, finally, but we won’t know for a while if that will translate into wins or into 7-5 losses. Let’s not forget, Tortorella isn’t bringing any 30-goal scorers with him. He’s stuck with the same roster. So Henrik Lundqvist might want to get ready for some extra work.

But what I liked about Tortorella (who won an AHL championship with Rochester and a Stanley Cup with Tampa Bay, and who was John Muckler’s assistant before Muckler and Neil Smith were fired with four games to go in ’99-00) is how he holds people accountable. He will. He did it in wars with Vincent Lecavalier in Tampa. I remember when he took over for Muckler, how he hollered about the pride an Original Six team should have, how players should take more responsibility when they wear the Rangers uniform, and about how disgraceful he thought the performance of that team had been before the firings.

Renney’s biggest fault wasn’t his system. It was his unwillingness to hold his high-priced stars accountable. That is all about to change.

I’ll be back later with any news on the negotiations with Tampa Bay, and/or Sather’s comments from the conference call.


SORRY, THAT SECOND VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED … but you can read the quote on that page anyway. It pretty much says it all about Tortorella’s feelings for Avery.

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  1. You cant get any more different from Renney than Torts. Interesting move here if this goes through.


    February 23rd, 2009 at 4:32 pm
    On this special day..I will admit for the first time that I am not actually Kaspar.

    I am Karpotsev

  3. If this doesn’t close quickly, Mike Pelino is going to be behind the bench Wednesday by himself with only a goalie coach to consult — which are usually about the weirdest breed of people on the planet.

  4. This is on Hank as much as the lack of goal scoring. He needs to learn how to give up only one goal like he keeps saying he has to do.

    Don’t say that, if you’re never doing it.

    Hopefully this gets him fired up, and officially gets him out of this slump. If he’s not our best player, forget goal scoring.

    Im sure Torts is creaming his pants over the fact that is gonna coach a team with an actual starting goalie, unlike his last couple of Bolts teams.

    Im much more excited to watch NYR hockey now, i don’t know if it’s out of curiosity or just because im happy this moron Renney is out of the picture. Either way, im glad it happened, and i wont have to see his face behind that bench anymore.

    Now i can stop wishing for losses, that makes me a whole hell of a lot happier. Go Rangers !!!

  5. reginald dunlop on

    Is Tom staying with the organization? sure hope so, too good a hockey man to let go….and some of these players better get a stapleremover because Torts will staple their a#$ to the bench….Tom treated the players with the respect that professionals deserve, treated them like men…its too bad they couldnt repay the favor with some effort but I guess millions of dollars to play a game that most of us play for love isnt enough motivation….I guess money doesn’t buy HEART

  6. John Tortorella is a friggin hard-ass … this is what the team needs … his interviews are hysterical … i cant wait if lundqvist lets up like 4 goals what hes gonna say .. “This guy won a gold medal?? pshh .. next question”

  7. DomivBaumgartner on


    How is the conference call going? Interesting to hear how he thinks the current rangers players will fit his system.

  8. I’m really looking forward for the great Peter Prucha debate to be put to rest.

    Either he rises to the occasion or sputters out but one way or another we should have an answer with a new/offensive minded/respected (for now) coach.

  9. Sundin's Ghost on


    I never thought Sather would bring in someone who wasn’t a good company man. Hallelujah. Not that I think the team is going to significantly improve this season, but I think their future just got brighter. It certainly got a whole lot more interesting. I’m thrilled.

  10. Bring in the up tempo and drop the puck. At least if we are losing 7-5 it’s more exciting than watching them lose 1-0 or 2-1.

  11. So then…if its the players; then Torts comes in and continues the renney system just the way it was being played ( Betts in OT ) ; the only difference is he will hold them accountable?

    I doubt it very much gang

    You will see that the heart was there and the system stifled it as surely as Petr Prucha was strangled to death ( analogy only)

  12. Orr, this recent bed- by the Rangers has absolutely nothing to do with Hank. All a goalie can do is keep his GAA around 2, and the rest is up to the team in front of him. He has done that. The goals he has let up are more attributable to defensive breakdowns, odd-man rushes, and rebound goals which should have been cleared by defenders standing there watching the play. If you can’t score 2 goals a game, you deserve to lose. The Rangers haven’t been able to do that.

  13. i’m so sick of hearing about our players

    we lost to the TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS last night

    are you seriously going to argue that our roster is less put-together than theirs? you are a joke if you think that.

    if i recall correctly, we started this season what…9-1?

    what happened since then? did our players regress? yes. renney began holding them all back (especially zherdev) and our players regressed into this slump.

    i’m not saying our roster is great but the players were unmotivated and playing at less than half potential because of their stifling coach.

    so long renney.

  14. I bet this move jumpstarts Prucha’s career. I don’t see why Pelino wasn’t fired. The goalie coach I understand. I am so psyched!!!! I have wanted to kick Redden in the ass for months. Now we got someone who will actually do it!!!!

  15. Carp,

    Can we please get an age requirement to post here while the Rangers go through a changing of the guard?

    It’s needed about as much as the coaching change was.

  16. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Fire Mr Rodgers Renney and bring in a tough coach like Torts and maybe Mess ( long shot ) WOW see . we don’t need a GM , just look at this blog and you will have all yer answers!!

    Yeah even BOB sometimes gets it right , yeah we should pool together and find us a coach or maybe we should make a trade!!!! Come on bloggers whats our next move!!???

  17. Whatever happened to Karpovtsev? He went to Toronto and then maybe the Islanders and disappeared into hockey obscurity. Think about the D back in 1994, it really came down to Leetch and Zubov. They were that good that they made up for a way over the hill Kevin Lowe and Jay Wells. Beuk was Beuk, but pair him with someone other than Leetch and it would have revealed a lot of his problems. Speaking of Seinfeld references the other day, just imagine if they still had Doug Lidster, dead ringer for Jerry.

  18. Havent been around in a couple of days but i`m now singing OH HAPPY DAY !!!!!!!!!!! All we need is Mess as an asst. and we can really weed out the s**t and hold the players accountable to the stature of what it means to be a NYR not the empty promo crap we get from Drury and Gomez to justify their thievery of our cap space. Welcome Torts wish ya never left and I can say it is a new PROUD moment in NYR history

  19. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    this is a good day. We will now have accountability,forchecking pressure,less Betts,Orr,Voros.
    Torts may even make Redden into a man again!

  20. don’t worry reggie. Renney is going back to the Ranger office job he came from, where he can be nice to the secretaries

    disagree, reggie. these “men” want and need tough direction, not soft nanny “respect”

    the best way to respect a player is to get the most out of him, and that includes ripping him and benching him on occasion when needed

    nice guys finish last. or in Renney’s case, don’t finish at all.

  21. Ok, so how about some line combinations for wednesday nights games….realisticly though, you can’t send down the rangers and bring up the wolf pack

  22. This news is the greatest news we have heard in a while. Looking forward to some accountability for the team, but principally for Gomez, Redden, Drury, and Naslund.

    Any chance we may see Betts and Mara get “A”‘s and maybe hold off on the “C” until someone shows that he deserves it?

  23. JOE

    He’s been giving up too many softies lately. It’s like i said, it just pisses me off when he complains that the team cant score goals, and he has to give up one or two goals to win, and he gives up 4 goals, 5 goals, 6, and 7 on some nights, come on.

    He’s having his worst year as a Ranger, it’s not late to change that around, and hopefully he does, along with every other loser on this team, specifically the Vets.


    Pruchs will be gone most likely, so either way the debate will be put to rest.

    Like ive been saying, i don’t care if he’s scoring or not, at least when he’s in the lineup he shows energy, unlike the Vets. Is it that hard for them to show emotion ?

  24. I don’t get the age requirement request …

    I think Prucha is going to get a good shot right off the bat and/or be gone by next Wednesday. Torts will love him and at times be all over him if he stays. But he won’t just be a scratch-scratch-scratch.

  25. You know what?

    I’d like to think that I played a small part in the end of the Renney Error…

    Mission accomplished; now what?

  26. Not Coach related…..
    So, I was right about Rozi, he is going to be the next Bruce Driver. He’s just lucky he has Redden to occupy the fans ire.

  27. Carp – any insight as to the lightning still having rights to torts? WFAN is reporting that they apparently still claim they have right to him and are requiring compensation

  28. You reading/hearing what some of these talking heads say?

    Like “Sather signed guys who play the opposite of Renney’s system”….and means Renney can’t change his system?? Good thing he couldn’t sign Ovechkin heh?

    (no offense Rick) but what do you need to do to write about hockey? Crayons and a pulse?

  29. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I find it laughable that Tampa is asking for compensation for a coach they fired.The fact that they don’t have to pay him anymore is compensation enough! If Buttman holds the Rangers to any compensation at all,he would have again embarrsed the NHL.

    I bet Redden,Drury,Rozy,and Kalinin are some big time bricks right now and hoping the deal falls apart.

  30. Heya Carp…your second link there has been removed by the user. Just thought you should know :)

    ps. let’s go torts!!! light a flame under a team that desperately needs one! :)

  31. Orr, I’m sure he will have a heart-to-heart with each of them.

    Matteaunov, Bruce Driver might be an improvement. You better hope he’s not Dave Karpa (no relation).

  32. I’m getting a little concerned about the Tampa situation. Is this a major sticking point? can the deal fall through over this? carp, any insight?

  33. reginald dunlop on

    guess you’re right em… are obviously more tuned in to professional hockey players than I am…..

  34. Carp,

    What kind of compensation are they wanting? Cash, a player, prospect or picks? Anything other than a very small amount of cash is ridiculous.

  35. First the conference call was at 4. Pushed to 5. Pushed to early evening. What’s going on here? Clearly not a done deal by any stretch and the league office is involved…

  36. little green men on

    Trade deadline isn’t to far away. The whole team will be “trying out” for Tort on Wednesday. Watch how each individual plays. This will show you who wants to be a Ranger and who just wants the money.

  37. alex b

    Amen. It will be so good to hear the coach tell the truth after a bad game, rather than the pablum we’ve been forced to bear. “We gave St. Louis something to think about tonight!” “Atlanta is a good team!” “The effort was there. We didn’t battle.” (Hunh?) “Drastic chanages are not what is a need now.” “Prucha wears down.”

    My all-time favorite? When Renney told the press after the 5-4 loss to Washington in December (blowing a 4-0) that the run-out-the-clock shell costing them the game wasn’t his call or his fault. “They did that. Not me.”

  38. Has to be contractual. We’ll see how good torts’ agent is and how good the lightning lawyers are. Rangers are in the backseat for this one.

  39. Torts line combos and pet names:

    LW: Markus “Get your N-Ass(lund)in gear”
    C: Scott “No More ^%$^% cross ice passes at the blue line” Gomez
    RW: “Stop the twirling this isn’t the ice capades Nic(ole)” Zherdev

    LW: Nigel “Here’s a $20 go buy yourself 6 inches” Dawes
    C: Chris “Stop living off that LLWS Championship” Drury
    RW: Ryan “Angry Leprechaun” Callahan

    LW: Laurie “Isn’t that a woman’s name” Korpikoski
    C: Brandon “Stop crying because you don’t have Jagr anymore” Dubinsky
    RW: Petr “Look out it’s Chris Neil” Prucha

    LW: Freddie “You’ll need to score in regulation because I’m not playing for shoot outs” Sjostrom
    C: Blair “Your Daddy’s not around anymore” Betts
    RW: Colton “Drop the gloves when it counts” Orr

  40. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    I remember that name Bruce Driver.He was supposed to be the guy that replaced Zubov after Colin Campbell ran him out of town.Another brilliant coach in a long line of garbadge coaches this team has been “blessed” with over the years.
    Do you remember Campbell’s Betts? His name was Billy Berg.

  41. if people dont think things will get more ugly hold on.Everyone wants a 2 man forecheck well wait. they have no size, no finishers, no trades to make because of the cap and no help in Hartford. Who is going to win the battles? they are a small team and with the final stretch run coming teams will be on a mission to knock them down and out of the playoffs.Plus Torts will be weeding people out. Point is this season is over, Torts will be getting ready for next season. Playoffs a LONG SHOT!

  42. Why is everyone talking like this is some sort of done deal? It’s not. This strikes me as an unexpected, unforeseen development that could have real ramifications.

  43. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Funny post! How about some names for the dmen.

  44. I cant believe Im saying this.

    Being a Renney hater towards the end of his tenure here, I think he did a great job to help rejuvinate this team from the “pre-lock out state”.

    Also, Im going to hope the best for him in this terrible economy and I hope he finds a good job somewhere and gets to keep it. After last nights loss, you could tell he was done and I think he knew it.

    Speaking about last night, Renney did something that I dont think anyone here has seen before. Gomez + Dubinsky. And it worked out great. They played very well together. Hopefully we see that continue on.

    Good coverage so far Rick. I hope a trade is headed our way.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Do you think Sather can get Harry Howell and Andy Bathgate under contract by the deadline? I’m thinking 5 years each at 4.5 million with NTCs is about in line with our salary cap structure.

  46. Re “Tom treated the players with the respect they deserve” quote, above, well, we may see it differently. I say Renney’s callous treatment of young players, right down the line, was borderline mental cruelty and abusive. I am confident that Tom Renney will never coach again, at the NHL level. He is one s.o.b. who over-compensated for his lack of a viable coaching philosophy by playing head games with some of the brightest young talent in the National Hockey League. Never again will he ruin a young player’s confidence or diminish his skills.

    While the team will have the same look, personnel-wise, and remain at the same ability-level, for awhile, I say this group will pick up a few extra wins from here mid-April, on inspiration and greatly-boosted morale. Hockey will actually become FUN, again, around here.

    This is a great day for the Rangers, following one of the proudests nights in the organization’s history. The 3-9 jersey retirement ceremony was tastefully arranged and flawlessly orchestrated, and my thanks to Andy and Harry, as well as Rangers management for making it such a memorable occasion.

  47. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Actually,if Tampa wants compensation,how about Wade Redden.
    He has a great first pass,and can quaterback the powerplay,sounds like good compensation to me don’t you guys think?

  48. Carp.. Staal is going to be a star, girardi can play also, Mara is fair, and Roszival is soft but they are all much better the Karpovtsev…..

    This team does not have any big time scorers but some of these guys should be mid 2o goal scorers.. you have 9 of them and your d ships in a little and you can score some goals..

    redden has 2 goals and he is the big PP guy, he should have 11 goals…that is a deficit of 9 right there…. if drury, gomez, dubi, dawes, etc each had 4 more goals then you have 24 more there and they are 18th in scoring not 28th…..

  49. Carp, And speaking of “great Ranger defensemen” remember Josh Guvernmont, all 10 games before he was banished to New Haven [ i think that was there farm team at the time]. Fotiu was left exposed in the expansion draft so Guvernmont could be protected.

  50. UESBlueshirt great one hahaha thanks for that

    Kaspar February 23rd, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    Thats alright if the deal for Torts falls through Sather will hire Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Great as well

    And that’s the bottom line, cos Stone Cold said so…

    (glass breaks, queue music)

  51. agree, cakewalk. some of these renney lovers still buy into the slick salesman bs he spouts like the crap he pulled on Prucha, saying he wears down, so he has to be sat out every night.

  52. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Cakewalk –

    Well said.That is exactly the way it is.This guy brown nosed the vets to the very end at the expense of the kids.He unfairly benched players who did not deserve to be benched and never held a single vet accountable except for that one game the he benched Nylander which worked.I don’t believe Renney is a good guy.I think Renney is a survivor.He say anything and do anything to help himself and only himself.His being “nice” to the fans is part and parcell of his wanting to servive no matter what.I think he is a phony!!!

  53. During the player interviews, the players didn’t look sad for Renney, They looked sad cause they know there free pass is gone, and they are gonna get a butt whoopin.

  54. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I just turned on the NHL network, it is a taped version from this morning. But they are saying how nice of a guy Tom Renny is and how good of a coach he is. I have been hearing this a lot lately, how nice of a guy Renney is. Do you know where I am going with this the old saying “nice guys finish last” hmmm interesting.

  55. I hate to break the news, folks, but Renney will still be fouling up the Rangers if he goes back to his old job, which included giving input for the draft.

    more Jessimans to come

  56. ..that’s it! Nikki Fotiu! pefect asst coach, it would be cool to see him behind the Rangers bench..and he can protect Torts when Redden goes at him for being a healthy scratch for the 3rd consecutive game!! You know, that mean Redden stare he gives the ref after LQ gets run.

  57. Cakewalk – so, would you consider Mike Keenan a good coach? And, if so, did he not play games i.e. Kovalev, Leetch…??

    Renney may have had a double-standard- but I think as others have pointed out…he couldn’t sit guys like Redden bc it would make Sather look bad…inconsistent, I’ll grant you that…

  58. The new Tampa management seems to be having trouble. As compensation from the Rangers, I heartily recommend a veteran hockey genius to help them in their future endeavors. Please welcome Glen Sather to Tampa, with the Rangers compliments.

  59. Sources told The Post that GM Glen Sather asked for and recieved permission from the Lightning to talk to their former coach, whose contract runs through the end of this season.

    But Tampa Bay ownership seems to have rescinded that permission, perhaps in an attempt to gain compesnation from the Rangers.

    NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s office has become involved in the situation. As such, Tortorella’s introduction as the Rangers’ next head coach has been placed on hold temporarily.

  60. Carp-

    What happens to the rangers bringing Avery in and allowing him to play in Hartford if Torts has such a view on him? Is all hope lost and they’ll go for Tkatchuk? How is this going to work?

  61. let’s see how Bettman settles this. he wouldn’t know one player from another. you could send them Messier, and he would think he’s still playing

  62. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Paul Broten was an Ok fourth liner.I think he was used as such.Also scored some big goals in the regular season for them especialy that game in Washington that they were down like 5-6 to 0 and came back and won 8-6.On of the best regular season games I’ve ever seen!!!

  63. D pairings:

    LD: Marc “You dont’ want to be remembered as the worst of the brothers” Staal
    RD: Michal “get rid of one of the letters in your name” Rozsival

    LD: “You’re skating like you Wade in quicksand” Redden
    RD: Daniel “my paesano” Girardi

    LD: Dmitri “you’re still in the league?” Kalinin
    RD: Eric “just leave the fighting up to Orr” Reitz

  64. think of the penalties last night.

    there are good penalties and then there are these.

    Redden crosscheck into the opposing teams net really after the whistle blows.

    to many men on the ice.

    voros hooking or highsticking behind the net in the offensive zone..

    then you have a addtl. too many men and the betts blueline area hook.

    there may have been 1 other penalty I missed but sprots fans those are bad penalties and lazy and undisciplined…

    I thank renny for 3 playoffs in a row, I am upset that this team has regressed and his allocation of playing time and the lineup and yes Sather is the real culprit and that is not debateable.

    I can excuse Sather for gomez and Roszival they are productive players not worth the money but deserve to be in the lineup… Rissmiller is a minor but stupid mistake.. Voros same except he gets 3 yrs.(big mistake) but Redden is world calss terrible signing that cannot be excused perios. For me the jury is out on Drury I am holding judgement…

    Redden should not be in the lineup based on what I have seen..

  65. yea i cant see too many teams dying to sign up a coach who prefers a 1-2-2. maybe renney was a calming interest on jagr at first, but this should have been done 3 years ago. jagr, henrik and avery carried renney. his inability to improve the pp the last two years and his terrible job developing young players would have gotten him fired anywhere else. he benefited from working for the worst gm and worst owner in the league.

    i sure hope sather was somehow forced to get torts. sure would be great if redden and drury start riding the pine

  66. I was reading that Torts would take the Rangers coaching job because his daughter is going to graduate school up here in NY.

    After facebooking her, she is a pretty cute blonde….Imagine taking her on a date, and her dad answers the door bell….

    (Door bell rings, John Tortorella opens door)

    Torts: “What the $&#* do you want?”
    Boyfriend: “I am here to take out Brittany to the bowling alley”
    Torts: “Any funny business, and I will throw you down the block like a gutter ball”
    Tort’s Daughter: “Oh daddy……dont be so hard on Petr……hehe…you are so Tom Renney!!!”

  67. dont think renney had anything to do with henrik that was the european scouts (smiths guy from detroit i think). and cally is a fine 3rd liner but we dont need anymore of those. jury is still out on dubinsky, he needs a coach who can help his game thats for sure. the only scouts that should stick around are the swedish guys smith brought over from detroit.

  68. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I’ll again repeat what i said earlier.If Buttman allows this to go past today than he is a disgrace.he nerve of the Tampa ownership demanding comensation for someone they fired no less.If this farce is allowed to stand than the NHL will be cemented as the laughing stock of the sports league.Can you imangine the Jets calling Roger Goddell and asking for compensation from Clevend.He would tell them to take a hike.What makes this even worse is that they gave Sather permission to talk to Torts about the teams coahcing position.What !!

  69. I left Voros out on purpose, I have such contempt for that player. I hope he isn’t given any more minutes.

    He’s right up there on my personal “player on my favorite team to hate” meter with the 2007/08 Mets bullpen.

  70. onecupin69years on

    Why is there Drama with everything the Rangers do?

    Find another coach if the club is going be held hostage and let tampa pay torts for nothing

  71. Alex B – Love the idea of sending over Redden as “compensation”.

    Any idea of whether Torts will change the Captains? It seems to me that the current leaders could stand to change. I would like to see Betts and Mara with “A”‘s . Don’t know who deserves to be Captain, but certainly not Drury.

  72. UES – Well done on the D-men!

    Neil Smith just said there is no chance that Avery will be a ranger with Torts there

  73. Repost.
    The Rangers must be sellers not buyers next week.
    Whether they retire Slats or not … here is a plan for our team.
    Try to dump as many of the current roster players except(the 7 most of us would agree on) for Drafts picks, prospects, buckets of beer or anything else we can get for them.

    Bring up the 3 to 5 players close to being ready from Hartford. Next year bring up the prospects from juniors.. Del Zotto and Gravchev and let them learn at the Nhl level.
    Enough of signing over priced free agents that prohibit the development of our young players. I.E. Voros vs Prucha.
    Get Avery yes get Avery.
    At worst, we see what our young guys can do or get a top draft pick (see Washington trading Jagr and getting Ovechkin as a result. At best, we develop a team that is home grown and shows pride in being a NY Ranger i.e. Reddden et al .

  74. pretty funny: it seems as if the gave Torts permission to talk ABOUT the position but not take it…Huh?

  75. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I think if Avery wants to be here bad enough he’d approach Torts, if Torts is the one that decides his fate. Who knows…

  76. The Rangers NOT getting torts would just SCREAM Rangers “tradition”. It would be so typical. Seems like just yesterday we had Lindros locked up until the NHL overuled in favor of the Flyers… ah, gotta love it.

    We can’t even sign a coach without going into overtime.

  77. I’d rather not have Avery’s $1.9M on my books next season, not when so many young guys on the team need to be re-signed, and when the cap is so hamstrung already. Plus maybe they will be able to rent somebody this year if they decide to buy rather than sell. And if they’re selling, then what’s the point of adding Avery anyway?

  78. Who Needs Lohan on

    Just heard the news, was SO busy with work today. What a nice surprise that was! One thing is for certain, this team will be more fun to watch win or lose. Besides, isnt that what sports is supposed to be? Entertainment! I’d rather be entertained and lose even more than we did than watch that team pussyfoot their way through a season. Good riddance! Here’s to more entertainment boys and girls…….

  79. XM Home Ice just had a great (or sad) stat… 4 teams do not have a 20-goal scorer. Edmonton, Minny, Iceholes and the Rangers.

  80. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Who Needs Lohan

    You are correct! These guys need to enjoy playing hockey again. If they have fun on the ice they will be fun to watch. I hope Torts turns them loose offensively.

  81. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Rick Carpiniello February 23rd, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    I’d rather not have Avery’s $1.9M on my books next season, not when so many young guys on the team need to be re-signed, and when the cap is so hamstrung already. Plus maybe they will be able to rent somebody this year if they decide to buy rather than sell. And if they’re selling, then what’s the point of adding Avery anyway?””

    I agree 100%. We need accountability before Avery!

    I’m guessing the Rangers will have to pay off most of what’s owed on Torts’ contract, right? Any word on how negotiations are going, Carp?

  82. Edmonton is kind of a surpise, they seem to have a lot of talent. Even with a Sheldon Souray QB’ed PP? (sarcasm)

    If Gaborik was healthy he’d have 20.

    Islanders are what they are.

    What’s the Rangers excuse?…oh that’s right he just got canned.

  83. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Rodent is a putz who thinks he’s all knowledgeable about hockey.The way Renney treated Prucha was destructive to this kids career.He did the same thing to Pock..He also did it this year to Fritsche.I said it before and i’ll say it again Renney is a phony
    who has a double standard for Kids Vs. vets.My info comes from Fedor Tyutin.

  84. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    it doesnt matter if tortolini dislikes avery.. sather calls the shots and if he wants avery on the team tort will have to deal with it. I watched the video of this guy he’s def got new york attitude written all over him.

  85. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Carp- what do you mean they messed it up? Didn’t they offer Redden as compensation?

  86. I’d like to thank Tom Renney and Perry Pearn for 3.5 great seasons. I know we all had a lot of issues with them but without them, this team would still be the laughingstock of the league. They helped steer the ship in the right way and I’m forever grateful. I wish Tom nothing but good luck with whatever his next move is.

    Now onto Torts-The only thing that worries me is how is he with developing young players and will he want to clean house of this team and start all over? This team has a good young core and remember there still is AA/Grachev and the two Dmen. What does Torts think of them? Also, will Zherdev be able to handle Torts’s hard ass ways or will he go back to Russia? That’s what concerns me.

    He’s a no nonsense type coach which is good, but I hope he sticks to developing young and doesn’t start bringing in ex-Lightning players to the point of ridiculousness. He usually only roles three lines and sometimes dresses 7 Dmen so this might get Sanguinetti up here.

    Two players who may benefit immensely from him are Prucha/Dawes. He turned St. Louis into a star, MAYBE he can do the same.

  87. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    I don’t see how they can mess it up, though. It sounds like all they really have a right to demand is money for compensation. I hope they haven’t hit a snag.

  88. Who Needs Lohan on

    Definitely! No one can argue that this will light a fire under the team. Whether it translates into wins is a whole another story…

  89. I’m sure hiring a new hard assed coach will temporarily light a fire into our comatose team, but basically the new coach is still stuck with too many locked in overpaid guys who no one will take off our hands. We still have too many undersized forwards who don’t win puck battles and too many “good” players who just can’t put the puck in the net. Sather has killed this team for the near future if we can’t figure out a way to get rid of useless payroll.
    Sather needed to fire himself in addition to Renney.
    Seems like just getting rid of our PP coach, Pearn, will have to be a huge improvent, & a better PP will take us a long way.
    Sorry for Tom but something had to give. At least now if things go bad, Torts will be fun to listen to as he rips anyone & everyone when things go poorly. His ongoing war with Vinny was hilarious, & he deserves full credit for turning him into the star he is now. He’ll either get the sacred cows to perform or hopefully run them off. At least we will have some cause for at least cautious optimism now, instead of dreading the approach of the next game.
    Good luck to Tom and Torts.

  90. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    I think he’s proven what he can do with young players.Tampa did ok when they had a goalie who is in my opinion less of a goalie than LQ.

    Also good point about rolling three lines and seven dmen.I think Sags shoould be brought up asap if he has any semblance of an offensive game.They need to change what has been a big problem on the point now for 4plus years.Plus Sags is a Pizon(sp)

  91. By “messed it up” I mean: What if Tampa Bay’s permission was required and the Rangers didn’t ever get it? Then you might be talking first-rounder as compensation. If that’s the case, you tell Torts to wait until the end of the season and go with Schoenfeld until then. Then you hire Tortorella after his contract expires.

  92. Buttman better settle this . Ej Whatever said that the Bolts are trying to get a pick or a prospect.

    How aboot we just give them Parenteau, maybe they’re gullible enough to look at his AHL stats and think he is as good as Lecavalier.

    It would really suck if this doesn’t get settled by the next game. This is BS, Buttman needs to do what’s right.

    What a bunch of classless pieces . They treat Melrose like garbage, just for benching Stamkos pretty much, and trying to fix a team that’s already fugged up, not to mention the way they treated Dan Boyle. Pretty pathetic.

    It’s too late, they gave permission, for that alone they should not get a god damn thing.

  93. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    If that is indeed the case,than we might be celebrating two fold tonight.I think if Sather f— this up like that, than that is a firable offense and Schony may be the new gm.

  94. who is this good young core you speak of? we have staal,henrik and i guess dubinsky tho there u just gotta go w/potential for now.

    we have maybe four good players in the pipeline(tho not sure what bobby will turn out to be yet).

    cally is a 3rd liner/pker. maybe prucha can regain his form but his offensive skills have been wasting away thanks to major tom. dawes is nothing special.

    as you can see we have very little offensive talent on our team or in the system. sather turned a joke of a farm system into a mediocre one but most of our prospects are like cally. sure they may work hard but that will only do so much for u in the nhl if the offensive skills arent there

  95. Torts often used Andrew Hutchinson as a 7th dman during the Lightning’s glory years. Also, I remember Andre Roy would play like 5 minutes a night so Colton Orr and Steve Valliquette are gonna get to know each other in a whole new way.

    Carp-I also hope they didn’t give up a draft pick or something a la Michele Bergeron. That would be a disgrace.

    Alex-What worries me is that besides the 94 Rangers, the only other team to win a Cup and have less than 10 homegrown players on it was the 04 TBL. They did have Richards, Vinny, and Boyle who all played a lot a la Leetch/Zubov/Kovy.

  96. If this gets messed up this has got to be the most ridiculous mistake during a routine chore since Fredo didn’t fire his gun while Don Corleone bought produce…

  97. getting rid of Sather does not change the bad contracts. getting rid of Sather does not get rid of Dolan either

    the next GM will be another Dolan special

  98. Pete-Yes, a good young core. Henrik, Dubi, Cally, Staal, Girardi, Prucha, Dawes, Korpi, AA, Grachev, Sags, Del Zotto, Hagelin, Stepan.

    That’s pretty good.

  99. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    I don’t think that matters too much.Every cup winning team is different and the core of the Rangers team was home grown.Don’t forget about Richter,Karpovtsev,Nemchinov,and other pieces who were part of that team but were traded later that season for the missing pieces like James Patrick,Tony Amonte,and Darrenn Turcotte.If you add those up,that’s about ten guys I think.

  100. Who Needs Lohan on

    That WOULD be nice Alex! Yes, I think of four major “coaching” reason why things will change.

    1) Top players not held accountable. By top, I mean top paid not top performing.
    2) Rolling 4 lines KILLS the flow of the offensive players. I really believe that we can be a much better scoring team with the current personnel if they get more appopriate minutes.
    3) The “system”. This idea that focusing on D and staying back KILLED our production offensively. I love an aggressive style that believes that the best defense is offensive pressure.
    4) The PP! It cant get any worse right? Prucha on the PP and Staal as well can only help.

    Im just excited for a change. Is it time for the next game yet???

  101. DomivBaumgartner on

    Bring back Patrick Stefan and Jamie Lundmark!!!! They are better than Dawes and Callyhan

  102. Before I get excited I’m gonna take my pre-gym nap and hopefully I don’t wake up and find Sather pulled a folly bigger than anything Esposito or Ferguson did. Then I might have to actually tape tomorrow’s game while I’m at a concert.

  103. When Tom Renney came into the room to tell the players that he was just fired as head coach Petr Prucha walked up to him and said:

    “So who’s the healthy scratch now Tom?”


  104. As per Zipay there is precedent here

    A Torts compensation precedent?
    Michel Bergeron, who was fired as Rangers coach on April 1, 1989, was hired two weeks later to replace Jean Perron as coach of the Quebec Nordiques.

    The Rangers, who would have been obligated to pay Bergeron his salary of about $225,000 for the final year of his contract, were released from that requirement.

    At the time, Rangers GM Phil Esposito said that the terms of Bergeron’s contract allowed him to seek employment elsewhere if he was dismissed and being freed from that commitment “as far as we’re concerned, it’s compensation.”

    This appears to be part of the scenario of the Lightning are seeking from the league in return for Tortorella becoming the Rangers coach and what the league is trying to mediate.

    When Tortorella was fired last June, he had a year remaining on his Tampa contract.

  105. Patrick Brennan on

    This Tortorella deal better be done soon or I’m not going to be sleeping well tonight!

  106. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    By the way,Tom Renney was fired today as coach of the Rangers!

    That felt good typing that.I’m so thrilled that I can start rooting for my team again.

  107. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    It must be a dark day for all the Renneyaide drinking polyana fans on Blueshirt Bulletin today.

  108. One of the commentators on ESPN just said that the problem with the Rangers is Sather and it is time for him to go!! I sure hope Dolan saw that, and that the rest of the press starts to tear Sather a new one.

  109. Most of the media is saying this is all sathers fault.

    They are also saying renney got the short end of the stick, but I think he had to go anyway…

  110. hey Carp,

    as always THANKS for keeping the fans updated.

    as far as the YouTube clip of Tortorella’s tirades
    i think that one news conference where he tells the
    reporter to “get the **** out of here”
    is Larry Brooks.
    anyone else here the exchange and come up with the same thing?

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